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Hey, it's been Henry and Marcus. Hosts of the last podcast on the left are shows dedicated to uncovering hilariously horrifying stuff and now we're only on Spotify joy. If you want, obviously we never force anyone to just blindly joy bad, be crazy, but if you like stories about doomsday call to do exactly that and more please, on Spotify Visit, Spotify Dotcom, slash last podcast to listen, free my name, is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet back outside of Chicago police station. There What you hear on the news that Courtney got shot the rolled himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true.
Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your broadcasts. Even the most dangerous morning is paying everybody businessmen and it gives me the rainbow rubbing the wrong way round. We buy you a Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Moon and eventually mining. These Andy Charlemagne, guys please to the planet, is right here. The weekend is absolutely here I mean I will move this weekend to be excited about. I don't know this fight tomorrow is something to be excited about where you think it's going to last elsewhere. Bounds no way, you know flow me what is going to beat the dog visas com, a great green and intervene in a veto, dig if you think otherwise, because you probably have been the boxing ring and sparred with professional boxes. It's a totally different sides in whatever kind of Griggs gone Goin to employ May with the greatest defensive fight about our own. Only way Floyd remotely, which would never happen, loses fight. If he's lost his step tremendously, or we make a huge mistake- which I doubt he trains and he's always change, he doesn't drink, he continues to work ass. A he's, ok, he's eight muse, good, isn't kind of Macgregor he's getting really high, though take everything is idiotic out, become a brig also used to hitting people nowadays, professional, largely where we watched is for professional bodies that afford Floyd may, whether forty nine times who barely land punches on hymns, what the hell is kind of a gradual how'd. You like to point out anything to fight were ass, a third or fourth round to be home. I give it said something that I think third or fourth backs the heading out to fight tonight, I'll be out there the whole weaken. I wasn't go when I was actually planning a trip to go to Kuba. Like you know, I really can't the opposite of what a Cuban is. We can I really wanted to go to Kuba. I heard he was beautiful. Heard is I'd really old, the old feeling, the old soul, old cars, and I was played a trip to go to Kuba and then they call me last minute with the bag and add you were gonna Vegas five weeks now known, oh, what a Vegas next week in, but I'm so can cover them to go to Kuba, would rob really book. My trip and everything Cuba was going to Cuba was excited about going to Cuba images goin ago. I was in for anything now. It is me in the way, but he's gotta go to Cuban, really take pictures and really enjoyed a coach of Cuba before aid denies from ETA have again half as many sites that I got away with a big bad ass, happy ass, a baby, I'm sorry baby, we're gonna have to make a deal. You turn it down in nice life experience for his work, ass white. I can't go to Cuba another. We get oh iraqi, about zooming on eleven on admission to the council, and now you know what I'm excited about today. They are lowering whole food prices. I was actually that's gotta. Hopefully that went on twitter and asked how they posted about Amazon Amazon took over how foods bread- and they said they gonna clothes on Monday and therefore its first order of business will be to make some items more affordable, Kris Humphries is really expensive, very expensive, but they don't have great staff. Guess I made a me this us to Knowledge Greystoke, which trash now stay very rarely with areas where they may they gonna lower prices without compromising. Hopefully, I long held
The committee put your eyes standards, thereby to stamp organic on every day. I was thinking I e, we oughta juice bar. We know how expensive organic is the regular stuff. You know where their regulations- and let me what qualifies as organic is so loosely. Sometimes it doesn't even mad at sea wriggle. Give me all. I really organically, I think as always the way they regulate it. You just have to really look into it by some things can pass as organic date for reasons that you wouldn't think a white woman no referred a hair is organic in general, but I wanted to refer to certain weasel gives real Haiti see organic some freak dangerously gm alive and are now I got organic here, the Knocker. I look at the show crack a front page news, but without money we are going to talk about the power ball winner, one person who has come forward. Ok, we'll get it to all that when we come back, keep elected from some purpose of tomorrow morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club, but skins
Page news. Let's talk about the Power Board winner. Yes, the parable winner from Massachusetts Right ending, yes, mistook Mavis outlines the act. When I even heard that I favour lackman woman, like I told you, you knows, you're gonna name is made less she's fifty three years out he's a mother of two and she is single because her ex husband once he had eggs has been anyway, but he has. He got killed in a freak accident. Had a bus stop just last year, Jake's somebody lost control of the truck crashed into the best at anchor into him, as well as Bugsy, welcome problem. Regular live with anyone know now see. Is that lucky when, as you work at a medical entity quit her job. Yesterday morning after claiming the winning ticket she's gonna get more. and three hundred and thirty six million dollars after the dragoon agreed by all means available with emergencies that I go find your way. Woman. A letter robotic digitally she picked awaiting them is based on the birthdays
family members she's only fifty three of those. You know that all did you. Have you see, I'm a guy as our here's, what you had to say. Arlene market night and I leave with a guy Rogers at the Glee fireman and we just haven't, walked out, and he said I bet you. Somebody want with these numbers has birthdays and I went Yeah, I know is eminently me is: does the pipeline have always had in numbers than I put my long ago. I hope I have them I hope that we will not forget because Wine is a fanatic alone, while its new data, I always way somebody that fifty three, the debt owed is trying to sum up. It is there that is oh and nothing wrong with? Is nothing wrong? Aging aging is a privilege that a lot of people don't get. You need to hear the way from my pancakes. Getting free issue. Salute yourself. I may not only girls like an old woman, she's, no woman, GINO,
a little reverse that anybody over twenty five Odin could needed what it is about, whether we are going to be fifty three ladys, definitely on what it is, what it is like stop it. Ok, I get it out now calling on all white women and two things he's a category of women who point in ITALY for airlines. Latterly look she's to use. We didn't free pancakes it out. Six EU citizens give free baggage that I have some effect. If our rights so by Hurricane Harvey. Yes, that hurricane is expected to bring as many as thirty five inches of rain and that's gonna be in Texas. So right now was Christie, they're saying Harvey could make landfill there in the mayor has issued a voluntary evacuation order, alot of people. Our clearing the shelves of different stars like Walmart, because it's gonna get those sandbags their concerned, of course, about flooding. As this storm is building strength in the Gulf of Mexico, so there be multiple hazards and so be careful you are flying appear in Texas, says, be very aware of what is about to happen.
It is going to be winds of at least of one hundred and eleven miles per hour by the time it hits the Middle Texas Coast and that's going to happen. Late or early tomorrow. Ok, all right! Well, front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe at a bad. Bad morning, or maybe you feel, bless whatever it may be, get it off. You just call us right eight hundred five, a five one, o five one is to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda. You wanna Breakfast Leslie, but immediately irregular of each has brought about by dawn and gather. Didn't you don't get the jargon? got. You think you got out night, Ninety nine point drawback along
as we did. They take advantage of people like what you remember that what had happened in New York, they would do the same thing when it would have storm in New York, and we had a big black out and gases. Look closely will do the same thing as it should be illegal tat. You do evil, read it is: keep everything regular into bad Pontiac like day. Ninety nine storms were like a difference. In the same thing, the people up an appraisal of nuns. Our remember was enough Brooklyn and it was selling gas for ten dollars. A gallon of what people did was. They would just cut the law or raw people from for gas and sell them on a corner, and then you can you could you need a gas ages? Buzz then if I lived in a place where a hurricane was about behave in I'm right there with those same people, I'd be thinking YO, we can make some money, I think about it. life. Less people think hello, this girl, what of bread, ran to get it off just broke. I gotta tell ya, got ya wanna bet.
We live in a Europe that the radio interview that guy what a letter you for your birthday Mona every day, while yet body go with Larry Nemo mean you almost seven use chrome with breathless clung to him any day ass. He did. I rode back yesterday that merely semi aside, as somebody posted it boy that that is a very big idea about Portugal. Am I right. I got bored I beg you bra Adolph ripple like like night Poem America Data, We will not always found no longer existed before out of the robot Maybe I can see you're having a rat and nowhere did in view of what we re talking about. You do go ribaut drums like tat, we didn't give you consent, no lubrication, nothing! Just straight in no warning. You even ask me goodness, grab I'm offended when is grace's all right. Get it off your chest, eight hundred and five, eight hundred and forty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to
stop right now or if you feel blessed call us up to breakfast club, Good go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you, allow this yet have got their former J Donovan from the seven five, seven or eight or forget it off, which has brought this on black, because I'm a twenty year homeowner I had a great secure jobs. I got a beautiful wife. I got two beautiful children, and I woke up this morning. Everybody will got his mind you I owe you, go that may sound like a ball into me. My brother absolutely dominate desire. Randall, we have a bright morning. Noise erected dysfunction at an early age. I hello who this powerful lobby they murmured get her features, lighted,
We want a pr. Am. I may remind you call on our colleague last year, eighty falling behind the ground behind backing goblet valued go again, and I got upon myself. I want to get my girl bought upon doing here, because I want a tank, That kind of thing you gonna have to another. We appreciate your life together bull. this is the birthday was happy birthday. Fanny virtue is ever going to name, ok, got you Mamma Mamma, you in my view it is allowed MA, am out there. Do you? U allows there. Is your idea of community a good morning snag man? I must tell me, do you know
and we know you data Camino, more joke. You did. The other day was corny whack, not Aragon growth. In my name, and I heard that name and caused job, I thought candy bars chips and drink out of my room. They call me magnetic outside the port ever dorm. Bodega here is my open up will want to meet people. I not get. Girls are a twenty day, one chocolate year, silver at all, not at all tramp on condoms tuna back than here every ratified the snow, the silver! I know that you will get your money gotta be spelt out in the world of paper yard.
No thank you that you're hurt or more for more and more a kangaroo articles on it. You will be able to hold your incredibly right. One of all, the stuff of creating new stuff you'll, come to think about a contractual aliens, not that bad, no what'd. I do ferko beg you just now and you should never do stand me. Nevertheless, downtime Senor do comedy our level another one. Is you standing up anyway, sit down every time you get a chance. Anita says his neck. Maybe I take out the rest of his coming now. It s not accommodate us. Horrible's whacked drown. Eleanor does cause gotta wasting my time. Those two seconds of my life did. I can't get back. I can't get about Agnes. They work on his craft for a wife and back when I was a serious and he used to call their initial argues that I wear problem. One thing, he was calling himself a snack before being a snack was a popular thing to call you get it just eight hundred
five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent that you've got rooms on the way jealous. You are of J Leno, you just gotta brand new car and they only made five hundred of these say France, Montana Amphitheatre, but I know you love s on one now, there's a remix coming. We got a little preview for you. Ok, we'll get into all that. When we come back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are, the breakfast club- did usage ethical, more confirm that a dam was supposed to be listened to backwards were yet was in the room, that's ok! But yes, Well, let's get through mistakes. Element is about the report on the breakfast.
carry, has done a new remakes and that is for friends maintain as unforgettable. I know everybody loves Amazon, so she tweet air, a preview of very mixed and she's on the hook, check it out In essence, terrible automobile, Would you suavely washes Maria carry vocally right now sound terrible is sounds areas had does allow everyone likes, you hide is, but it doesn't sound. Terrible. Many terrible horrible and tragedy is strong or any thing moroccan by the way tat we should put our previews and twenty. Seventeen is not their serious dropped. The whole thing, nothing no way of letting people know is coming Roger Leginn there you can
I would take away her legacy. Suavely washes are vocally right now I welcome our magazine shall come on guys printed gonna turn down Maria carry on the she ain't gonna you got it coming. Gotta governor yu needs vocals MRI carry vocals who'd. You want right now, honestly, vs swelling all right now? Let's just do this when she has a new song out as well called look what you made me do, and so can hear in the beginning of the son. I'm sure you can guess who she's talking about check it out. I don't like your cell stage, the role you may mean the fool, like you,
don't like your perfect crime, how you laugh when you lie, so you can hear your tilted stage and making her look like the Fool I think we may be pushing is what our nose? You don't know all. I know many most things, so I just heard or trash that was found on the sole generic pop out. His hunger sounded like ninety nine early down. I see actually sample. That's an absence sexy. That's what, at the end of his own right cause she's dead. My right she's a large number of all right now that could be a reference to the phone conversation that was taped. I don't know, oh dear
it was put up. Tell you there's a bad. Tell us working people are so excited. She has an incredible swift. These fan base area and in fact, the way this is rolling it out for people to be able to buy tickets to her concerts. What she's doing is nobody's ever done this before, but she's teamed up with a team, swift and live nation and whether doing is you buy. If you go on her website and you actually buy certain things like merchandise or you miss. Whilst the video, then you get me up in lines about tickets, moved backwards, would have allowed the scout Brazil, people that are going on line just time by chance it take as you have to? U have to other bats. You have to go to tell it of tat. Calm you have to register, then you get to the Porto. Where you can pick a city where you want to see show, and then you engage in unique activities that advances your spot in line. So you buy some things why, by her music butter videos, and then you get moved up when he was going to buy tickets to listen her all got along you not known elicited onto sixty four mud. Whatever remake. That was dressed SAM.
The matter back, though yesterday Recite went down because of an extreme amount of fan activity. So we wanted to hear what the news thoroughly disappointed fought on a new deals with look all right, all right Hey, let out got a brand new cry. There's only five hundred of these made Erika. That is a very rare. Five hundred five thousand dollar twenty seventeen forward GDP, for it only made five of these cars, though there were sixty eight hundred people. glad to buy them. They carmaker, of course, was very choosy, for It said we don't want people to buy it and flip it. We don't amputated put them in a museum somewhere. We want them out on the street. There drowned Leno got his. And on that and another collaboration happening a Leah and Matt cosmetics. Yes MA cosmetics doing first, they did to rally hence any ethnic immunize doing something and now a Leah is gonna, have a MAC, cosmetics, collateral Alexander. How did a little Elise, even though, like what they put out a good course Lutterworth were required.
As a whole campaign that her fans did about two years ago. It was an elite for MAC Petition, unchanged at Org. They were twenty six thousand people to sign a petition alone like magic, my vote because of their campaign. They have an elite inspired, I mean, I think everyone knows she didn't pick, but since by a lesser that collection is gonna, be released next summer. The sixtyth anniversary of all is the effort he has sixteen years. Raisins passed away seem like logo. I re, while I'm Angela yea, and that is your room arising in the long term, will unite. Us, exceeds a lot of our members here, an elite nine on the radio and stopping to pay for the call, my now wife, until as I know, Sixteen years alone, mellow outrage, I was in my own eke. Yes, I got some are no I'll drop into some of those algae alone. Play on the radio that aliyah had passed and I stopped at a pay phone at a gas station to call all right. Well, thank you for those rummaging. You are
morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are. The breakfast club was given some front page news now tell him about my answer. I just want to know you now year: she does he just one seven hundred, maybe I was I thought so. This border land use wife, also products, you gotta, why dont be accessed Massachusetts. She went to seven hundred and eighty million dollar power by jackpot by things dead, grenades. Add. Yesterday morning she worked at a medical center. She's gonna take home about three hundred thirty six even after taxes, here's what you had to say at night and highly relevant skyrocketed. We firemen and we just haven't, worked out, and you say I bet you someone these days away Yeah, I know is eminently me, is a pipeline and always has been in numbers, and I put my long ago. I hope I have them. I have that you go to. Let because wine is a fine. Now
Who is this person she trusts so much behind. of our dig it out, he told her you just why does friendly to family now? So bad way. This is the largest wind on a single ticket. In. U S history now they did say there was Think for her to come forward so quickly. According to some experts are saying what a lot of people do is they set up a trust and then they have a trusty except the winnings. protect their anonymity because when you come for it like that, all these people are coming at you for investments in never those dangerous really never figured there's. No. She doesn't. I told you yesterday that it probably was all why woman one the lottery could guess who winded majority at a time she's not Well, why woman? You wouldn't recognise that woman on her name tomorrow, as you heard, what name Mavis the Naval, in all other, only those like at all why one would all know what the union murmur nasty did choose a lump sum instead of thirty payments over twenty nine years, and so they say nice things, you need to do that if a team of professionals are financially
hi, there an account and all of that even estate planning a whale of the documents. That is something should happen to her about this. To take it, I told you guys, just yesterday, said about: seventy percent of our lottery winners. End up going brushes negotiable within five years, for me a lump sum, she's gonna end up with three hundred Six million government should have been a million dollars a year until guys and kids die. Her kids, kids die should be I've, hopefully she'll. Be fine, yes right and just be careful if your travelling this week, and by the way, because there are some life threatening rainfall they liked having Rainfall Father's expected in Texas, as many as thirty five inches of, rain, hurricanes, Steve Harvey right. It's not a thief. Harvey are has the internet started, making silly means it would put in lagged Michael Jordan, face on the state of Texas. Could you know you don't take nothing serious online? I haven't seen bottleneck in mountain areas. More thorough when it's how you guys this data Florida did something they haven't done since they reinstated the death penalty back in nineteen. Seventy six for the first time,
however, they have executed a white man for killing a black man. Mark essay was executed by lethal inject. For two racially motivated premeditated murders. One of them was when he killed Robert Lee Booker, who, after he shot he shouted racial slowly. And that's why you killed and then kill them and the other victim was white and his vanity and presented himself as a woman, the time of his death. He had hired him for oral sex and enchanted six times after discovering his gender. So for the first time ever, Florida has executed a white man for killing a black victim. By contrast, at least eighteen black men have been executed for killing white. items. In the last four decades there was very little radon about the north. Well as front page news. Now when we come back, let's talk shippers, yes, Smith was on. Show yes, and I would thank you for giving you fried legit. What's it mean when I'm only one love kills or gas Love kills and we were talking Atocha Smith. Is she would say well as paid audio just listening to you?
talk about the strippers in everything like there's, some women back probably handle that lifestyle and not get caught up. Like you look at Amber rose, you look at black China. They d pretty well for themselves. Rightly, hey I used to be a strip, are ok. So I understand I was just surviving, but I got out of the clock. I know my path could have been different, so but in the form of eight hundred five, a five one o five one would do in stripper survival stories to small s. Have you survive? Did you make it up out? script clog the latter girls they script, because it's me stored in a lot of them script to pay their way to school and what not out I want to Haiti stores. I, like you, know gotta talk about party be, who was a triple? Who has made it out? We gotta talk about Eve was a triple who made it out. We, I personally know women who used to be shippers and are now have yet to do anything. Some real liability, I do
Some are not real life diamond from play. A clever about diamond. I got Linsey Maguire Ojo as a german member diamond was a script. Man, players cleverness! You went on to be a news anchor. I know a couple, a young lady. I was a mood who did just that? No, you do what I'm saying I know a couple: young Ladys would be just that real life. I will add ons five, a five one, no five when we doing stripper survival stories. This morning, are you sure Are you sure you know somebody close to you? Maybe a wife. You now you success, commissioner, and you do well now to strip a thing. Is behind you, eight hundred five. If I want to follow call us up right now and I guess we'll take men, Costa Rica, freedom, men. Ain t no survey, no black Sheep, India also, but I don't know how you know. No black ship and Elzevir Dunham is to break this.
I get those Israel's every time you make everything where others always waiting. I get those whose lives every time I need time every it does every wander away, while I am on these may be given Loki hydride ripest castile, tasty game sack on stamps attitude. She farthing planning gaining, we add to tat. Now we must proceed in Haiti is called upon to do some days came closer price. You can say you can go back to cope with these. Come you make everything others always ways. I get those goosebumps every time. I need time every time you not every time and express my eyes when it rains Taiwan, as we like eyes when it came in Palestine when they take and hands and oppress time when it will be like when a team, I would express my commendation. You ve been examined, let alone a thin residual, infallibility taking giant tat. They fell down piper picture pepper. Psychic pick you tryin to get me to plot the shame posit putting out the damaged shall my hugely happens. I argued that we always get those these months every time I need time. Every time we do not vote,
every time the breakfast club morning, everybody, Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, THA guy, we oughta breakfast club how fitting radical play fifty cent pimp and we talked about. It is all right. Europe has done, necessarily have pimps, envy I'll homes have camps, prostitute people who sell Poohpooh, not show it broken by right. Will you know better than I do? I were asking about strippers. Survival? We want to hear your best trip a survival stores. All you are extremely, but you made it out you successful. Now we want to hear from you on what is comes from. This comes from Tarsus Mvoo Laana show. Yesterday they got the movie common on tv. One is weakened when love king on the Monday Monday Willis must play a clip of accommodation
it is listening to you guys talk about this strippers and everything like there's. Some women back probably handle that lifestyle and not get caught up. Like you look at Amber rose, you look at black China, they d pretty well for themselves. Rightly hey! I used to be a strip or ok. So I understand I was just surviving, but I got out of the clock. I know my path could have been different arise. Oh it's organ stripper, sir. I stories like hardy, be who was an extra eve extra book? Just a minute aim, but you're right. They occupy amber growth, but we don't know black That is a viable way. We don't have a body, we don't know, go back, we don't get. The jury is still out on whether obliged simply pity by Armenia. I know women in real life who used to be. Strippers, and they got into media. Not aired news. Acres in you would never know. When I was in college. They were given a less goes shocking to me when I found outburst of love, those conniston of course, in a former, allows this journey
Jamie now you worshipper yet, but we just opening advance now God Nobles yeah. They are right now tell us tell us what do you do now when you that at the club a brief go deeper. Now Margaret went out entirely and a right to hide going today after I graduated wind coming and some should pursue a cloud than under. I wanted to make some money and get our data. A little over a year got out would be allowed back. My associates increment, That is an I'm goin back for my bachelor and the same thing happened You may recall an ominous down about like a lot about how much wanted it Megan area you think I was out of TAT Many idle. Allow may well over. You know twenty thousand You know enough to keep the language you spend. It advances become here, you know management.
The only way we got the stigma on a thin, not always through every you buy it. About how you my little twenty nine thirty fell. Resale right. You had a plan and you start to it in you. Doing good in life now salute to you, but I beg you mom. I let them get that Channing Tatum used to be a step. Mr Varela. Railway. Those differ in real life is like videos him all over the internet. We lose a shepherd, the guy from. Will you not a listing Frederick used to be a year, you gather West ever Frederick the government. I listened to Mr Potu, where you go good at Youtube video that you wanted to see the lady Gaga the EAST Germany, it was a giddy- was engaged, so he is gay and used it ass. The men Mars go to define our colleagues in attaining the cool. When I hear about these people had turned into teaches us to allow this aid is currently where Kimberly Brow. Now you used to be a shepherd yeah yeah their way, I usually in South Carolina, tell me how you know even a clam, what we just urban areas,
I don't want to think of the crowd item. I make name Colombia child in writing. Google got thrown back on the fate of I can't think of it. Why are you going to close down air or maybe you do now right now, our airlines. Lotta, ok, mocha, matter ballot worthy goal of Andorra now about three years and say you know hey out of me. I was rubbing thin sarka liner and her one morning the guy was like he couldn't you to write. A facial ended with an iron,
I know I will listen to you, God we went on in Colombia Yon whose demand Colombia's argument, but I've got a smack of your lives. They take the here to restrict club because you know you're going to celebrate. Bagley in I had a girlfriend that will make a cartoon drowsiness occur or Melancolia lay back then you'll make up and put it up, and you know what they will get money that way. If, whilst thanking Goble made under five, a five one or farmer would to construe Perceval stories, Hollister Brighton It was the breakfast local morning morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, we're taking your call. Right now, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one we're talking strippers survive, story that came from a guest? I was here yesterday, fascist myth, yes and she used to be a strip it, but she made it out and now see successful, she's direct and she producing at a lotta people can't handle it may have to mentally be able to handle that life. So when I want
at undig. I think I love, as you say, that you have to be mutually able to handed out life, but I think we were seeing, as you have to have a plan like just certain things you can do for ever like movies, to have those teachers to say you can't sell dope verbal does. The same thing was given because guess what you gonna get. Oh, yeah! That's why she's there mentally John, because you have to be able to walk away from it. Even though you could you make your money, you gonna be able to say this. Is this temporary? So did you call hundred five, a five one o five one are: you are hello, is this layer it? Well, we're just urban aim there too. Now, let's go. My goodness I lost my god. It would accuse the now. Would you like a why our ideas, as we said it, Not that I don't words correctly faster, but nobody knew no Mama, I'm right there now, are you where they had to walk away? but you there was a hard, you to walk away from their many and varied yet
I have is that making money the one at that no god I would paying like that, What did you stop? You always had landed. You wanted to go, be a nurse plan but and then the money with really there, but this back and like without them, for example, by great when the market, Palau out and the money got funny. That, though I didn't know the market following affected as criminals- They would be that I have many. This ban you ever and a day when the work at mankind phone calls, the death of a discreet me, growth tat, had to start in our net Nighttime Dansellon lobby, Mauritania, and I get do a lot more to suggest that nobody, things about their God drag. You said used to work in a day for working people, We need rules on the market.
Corporate delegations and at night, with bellboy witness you'd be agreed, registered nursed gives plunge back from I'm sure you stay in attaining guys individually, when all one hell oh this again young, You ain't gonna, do nothing to the person who can agent Mulder No, I don't know. Maybe we're always is to banana name Megan Princess Are you cohesion? Yet I am now like a case. Nobody Bunny ok, I waited you strip baby, don't worry gay! Those around my God bundle up to Freaking in ok! Now what do you do now? I'm a bystander unilateralism. Bye got twelve kids gas company and they don't care of their business
maybe daddy between a queen who, as you have in a job as you feel like? Ok, so you were made it out of a boy they made it out. You just gotta gonna promotion, and that is what he was doing. What I guess I with my clothes, are we don't want just you're in gaol baby right. You know I M saying: is new but you know my life did come to a big thought up. When I raised my time you now, As you know, a lot of things maintain and take care of him and provide for her. I will give you four would take care you a business or for food should put a bullet in the line, should be managed and possibly own rights
Why do I make a balance sheet of the carbon from Mcdonald List, for biogas is rather burgers when he talked about before I'm alive, who is in Houston and how to make whenever they like, retire from stepping by she said she enjoys where she dies alone lie has gone, I d be a body or about it. Let me go going right here upon the mind, you don't tell me, you used to scrape law, not now colony, I want to get a real familiar about. Well, Mamma, how girl and altogether and family redeemable I don't wanna go man. There are no use to dance army, nor should have witnessed Repellor along the desert, and nobody knows our most I'll call Turkey in Europe together in ass, he saw a great man, I'm happy for knowledge. I was eager to early days ago, all apple t, gonna, walk on a global scale.
Oh? But you know Jijiu One told you like old argument. If he knows you don't know how I feel about over there my address areas, MCA host Lip service manages passed away and two days ago. So that's why he sent his condolences so again our condolences to GCSE famine. Absolutely no Gigi was there so tat. He was ready to face a magic city through the freeze measures used mention in the budget. Rapporteur she's been she wasn't. I let him step as they actually use the silhouette of her body for two chains. Tour of joy was absolutely right as Eve about is a guide trained in in classical dance He really can dance. I can do all kinds of things, so she actually still teaches Paul dancing classes on side as well. Ok, all right! Well Do we have a moral tourist? Yes, the moral of story is all successes really use. Having a predetermined, plain and carrying it out so faithfully over a long period of time. So, like anybody s in these circumstances,
fell in dope was scribbling. You does that have to have a long term plan, because you know you can't do either one little thing fell down now we are rooms on away yes, Viagra. Talking about. I share what is his responds to these herpes losses will tell you why you one of them tossed out by right wing To all that, when we come back, he belongs to breakfast club. The moment we are the breakfast club. Let's get to the Sole Kendrick Lamar Report, whose glove Mars, but through MTV News, get ready for the bee. Amaze he's performing any nominated for eight awards, and that goes down on Sunday. Here's what he had to say about his album, damn being played in reverse order. Like at the weekend outcome came out You can't listed out backwards. He plays as for force story even a better rhythm? Now as one
favours rhythms and temples within home. Some that we definitely premeditated I'll, be understood. You see that There is about plainer album from these back to the frightened Britain, France back, and he has now confirm that you actually do and all people online. Talking about that, maybe like a week to have it. I came. I now always wonder who was the high person that sat around his head. You know what that citizens backwards. I don't know I got one. I wonder how it will find things like that, because you know an artist put together track listing in sequence, have what their size it gonna, be it that's a big deal as far as telling a story and how you went to Adam to flow rush. It does make sure look at last week on our Miss duck worse when you listen to it is. Basically, you know what what if I'd never existed, are in a disease of these things have happened and I wouldn't have existed but he's here. Then it goes into rested for years, but I can't I have to say about the story necessary changes. I think they have failed, initial right, listen from the top
to the vital measures to combat this aggression, and is this two, no dna and exposing who really I've known. You listen followed from the back in this. This is most of them duality and end. The contrast of the intricate were both of these pieces are wire Davis dilemma top three times a year: I gotta listen to it. I actually saw that before when people, when it first came out so now I gotta we do a cause. I was that it was just a theory. Removal made up our right now, Kobe Bryant is challenging. People, humans conglomerates, he D Etre, also step up at the Mama mentality challenge he went on in Sudan. many said: I'd challenge your record label to revolutionize the music program at Centennial high school. So he went to enhance a Compton schools, music programme, Jaso talons. A lot of other athletes and artists as well. So what did you put your money for the rules on me? I mean it could be or it could be. You know maybe that by the school and do an apparent who knows
God's gadget. Primarily this is his own initiative that he has I'm not mad at it. In a year, he's in Harare retired. You need things to do, but you know you still have to remember that people are still very active and there are other lie scraps it. So when they get time dost thou by clarity, so telling of athletes to step up another way. He told a time as I challenge you to make the all MBA first team next season. Member mentality is the Hashtag Corbies board. There is a lot to retire talk like he's, making a lot of what you ve done. It you gotta do things based off where he sat in his life, which is called the mentality them the member mentality. I guess it's basically like do something incredible. Please do like dad body challenge like it all abandoned in in in work out, so many some, the dude is call me too big for the big three. lovely, you could be a coach. Just like Alan and consequently, now he's a captain of the team.
Now. In the cap hours captain played on other play. All it did play pleaded the first two games three games in about you know I can't really tired and Emily higher. Let him have a minute people, you, My bed like, if you are too big to be like they play already hit elbows like would opposite look out playful form, but you ghastly to hardly play. What am I gonna wanna play which play too rough had? Did you just compare clue to Allen? Iverson? No, play I can pay a clue to personal data as Butch in people in certain people on a continental, yadda, yadda clodagh me, I'm no blame them while the clue not only play basketball with anybody will not a professional who comes in full basketball gear, notepad mouthpieces elbow beds, ass, Magog, LU, LU, very there is another very seriously and if you ever have a chance to take him out or play against him, Their professional thing way to save the day is gonna be performing on Saturday night live on the seas and premier he's going to serve as the musical guess you Norman.
how long's that life has been around seventy seven years. Forty three season who is avoiding vary from man and its outcome posted by Ryan Gosling, so that is going to air? On September, 30th and Netflix has announced Def Comedy jam special that they're going to be doing. They announced that they will be airing a death, M, twenty fifth anniversary, is better. That's gonna happen as far as enemies. heavy? It is on their like days, pal cabin heights of any had his bill Bellamy. Secondly, entertainer MIKE apps and all of them oh and knock over his back this week. Nor closer to my first Netflix narco fretwork. You will give the deaf champing some roamed about Eve drop. One. A cool bombs were deaf coming twenty five years, Jesus Prize a lot of great black comedians I've gotten put on because their common German, you just jump out day with the White Man's novels White Man, it is now waited, sir, I think what spanish latino cuban spending
stay away. People behind you, weren't, a Russia, now wants to get one of these herpes lawsuits at the roan out because he says the woman suing. Him has no proof that he actually gave her. Many things. Are twenty million dollar lost through the woman says that he gave her a general herpes back in April? Now he said a previous section. Partner very well may have already infected her. He also says that he did knows nothing about whether she had been tested prior to the alleged set. We will encounter. She could have gotten that std afterward she could have before. He also said that assumed the risk of getting Herpes by having casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and or or lose a reason that, when I do Goin already saying that as easy as it would. Thus any doesn't I'm tellin you right now.
The? U N, jamais debris in the studio. I don't want to hear about. We have in Europe. These are no confessions three. Now, besides, this good defence get someone Herpes and you say well, you know why you assume that risk, because you had casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and on our assets, use protectors You know what a good defences when somebody says I gave them Arby's Otto had ever of examiner, even though we met it. If you give some men and ass tv, can you say well, it's your fault, Now you gave Zeta. No. Does that fair as that right is presently? No? If you go, you have Herpes and you have sex with me and I get it now you in trouble. Absolutely you got it, oh that as this, let me now come on man. You can do it Can I do to act, and I could not have enough d d n not inform you. I guess, like that's criminal, that is grim and bandwidth. You
I write well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report. Kid just give me a reason be got her reason. We don't know, and I needed, I'm Tellin, you re going. I just closed that. The Roma report, Nay confessions, three daddy. The type of confession I wanna hear over no beat broke, thou be, may not know, beat, does fire enough for you to just tell world you got Herpes as a huge made. We gotta think this one through. Ok, I will be kind of fire. No one is not at all I saw it all right, we'll take a lot of passion in his room. I guess we given your donkey to Wednesday, DAS. To come to the front of the congregation we like to have a world are pleased that a pass him at this winter. Thank you.
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the song to divide up the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. You today for Friday August. Twenty fifth goes to Stacy, not really sure like black twitter is slipping or so which are made, are busy yesterday. I maybe having paid attention, because I have seen blackfooted destroy people for less than what Stacy dashed yesterday. Maybe you miss did, or maybe we are finally getting to the point. Not society will we just don't give certain people attention, but I do so the God Donkey today, every day and in this segment I give people to credit they deserve being stupid and when a person invites us to throw a petty party in their mentions on their behalf, who we do not accept the invitation now
Stacy dash. We all sort a phenomenal programme, black girls, rock debates he presented to us earlier this week, travelling to clues bombs. We saw the great except his beast. Actually Maxie water gave it to show when she was presented with the sole. Show humanitarian award. Now I made my nine year old daughter, sit down with me and listen to this beach, because Queen Maxine Waters is simply a great representation of what a black woman should be. What, when a woman, have that kind of experience that can only come with living Maxine Waters has you have just shut up and listen? I don't understand how any women, especially our common good here would queen Maxine Waters had to say a black girls rock and disagree with it on any level. A portion of what we actually wanted to see if it was not by the love and respect shown to me by black women. Those rights
weighing ultra conservative, all right, haters trade, they would have may believe unto black onto confrontational onto up and who disrespectful of them now I know, I'm simply a strong black one. May we have power we have if we can things that others have told us. We can't do care. How big you, hi. You think you are. If you come from, I'm coming for you, I am it troubling clues bombs, Queen Maxie, inspiring that not empowering. How did that not reaches soul and energy is barely make. You want to go on and conquer the world, especially if you're, a black woman well off
women and aggravated equal, because Stacy DAS tweeted out and linked to Maxie Water speech what the caption. This is, how you spend a corrupt media buffoon, sucking her late in life. Fifteen minutes later, I'm China under an anchor. I'm just trying to understand how I agree with all those things you I'm trying to understand what it is He dashed is done in our life debt compared to anything. Maxie waters has done in her face Dad rear highlight include an appearance in Kenya. Was his offer down video, firstly, the Single Ladys Clue Anna Job on Fox NEWS. She are both okay and dumping. A than clueless, can forget about Lucy, Multimodal ass Hollywood. Ok, none of that. None of that is at a real impact on people's lives, Queen Maxine. what is has dedicated our life to service the others, but want to compare recipes up is trying to figure out. How could any black woman have a problem of White Maxie, Waterside Stacy dashed
do not get love and respect from black women. Do not look at yourself, as is grown black woman. Do you not have power and influence? Maybe you feel, like you don't Maxine say said you are me and I am U. Stacy, unless trains ratio and don't I via the black woman. I don't see how you could take offence to any. It is, maybe was the shot Maxine. Took it to argue conservatives, the right wing, the outright Aid is, but none of those titles, those positions you took in life. She trump, no pun, intended your black woman. This ok in Maxine is not Jason. Fifteen minutes of fame she's been rewarded and celebrated for years of service to her people she's getting her flowers. While she is still allowed dismount and staff to respect we should be giving. I shall discuss the homage wish you'd be paying to those who have fought for us all. Easy is maybe they dashed just jealous, because you know you will never get
celebrated by your own people in that manner. You will never be a black girl who ran to close. You will get to be in a black girl who rocks is. If you start smoking, then you would be a black euro does rock, but that's not the point. The point is, I often fail, as is, is he puts being a conservative republican or will be in a woman, and I actually feel like it's too late to tell you this daisy dash, but no more Where life takes you no matter what political party I'll be in a pot of gold. Forget who you are and where you came from, please give Is he dares to biggest? He hardly In our view, Believe Alan, that having a petty party and Stacy dashes comments like I was a big story. I know you can make him. Do it tell him we're gonna. Do I'm just a heavy off again in her twitter handle at Real Stacy DAS. All I'm saying is you called Queen Maxie, a buffoon and Carter core of corrupt in says, he's just sucking her.
Late in life minutes. I mean Jesus Christ. What time a the morning is time. What Irena over it on the EAST coast is the east coast. ok, is eight or nine a m. I mean you up, you haven't had oatmeal, yet He drank egregious just flat. Over the real these days you mentioned and say some thirty two getting ready for another clueless and maybe going low petty party lazy dashes mentioned this morning. I think the clown emerges very fitting just go to add then she does. Twitter pagans has put the clown emerged in her mentions all day, long Master Charlemagne and die we're paying but a donkey today. Now we come back. Let's have some fun with this. It's Friday, eight five, a five. What or five one have you? Oh, no, no, no, no let me now. I love you know what you didn't. Do I'll write you Eddie. Yes,
fraud is a: u dont, their regular gave. No have you ever dated so boring. You are a shame to take in public are ripe. Eight hundred classy five, one five. When I remember Charlemagne till it- and I know solemn may not know story right. We ve been doing the breakfast club seven years, our right. Yes, I used to be a savage audio knees, Greece, we know, but I am of Faithful, married men not started this very I do actually mean tell you. I don't know about. Neither the office that it is the mask office dissolving may want those with a lovely lady in the lovely lady would not easily say what
here is a large element to come upstairs everything they didn't have to be in the Garden Giralamo Uni, because this news, a bathroom it would by the way by which, by the way, I would confirm nor historian tools you every day, let's just say up to store, was drool about, like we would day many went right, you smashed but another match the innocent and trying to move welfare. They knew Charlemagne. We blame you, don't have my plane, seamen rounded up. She did not want to bring Europe any body to see. I'm all job massed in the capital came at your firm, no denial, castings. Actually Abbe No, you can't come, as is the case. The bathrooms he's a no go further in this dream. You the guy, but I'm sure we ve odd dated somebody.
I've been with the money that we were shamed, weeding when people to know so. Therefore, I would invite him around our friends, family or anything. So, let's take it away from Charlemagne. Eight hundred froggy fry one five would have you ever did. Keep someone that you were a shame to take in public or ashamed to take upstairs in your apartment. Eight eight hundred five, eight five one five one call us up right now. Have you ever dated someone? You are shame to take in public call. Us now is to breakfast lagoon. The breakfast club morning we bodies DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club ravages Joe, as well. Asking have you ever. Did someone. You were a shame to take in public now. Ye yes have. Maybe somebody that you just in monitoring I mean I have always made the best choices, but I don't know that I've ever been ashamed until afterwards at another, the ribbon and shamed in advance by love. Blinded, you, I wouldn't say, love buy it ever retrospect. Is crazy,
but I'm gonna to think of anybody- have ever been ashamed of. They know of your arm worry if you're ashamed of a person than you're not really dating them. You just having sex with Denmark's shows a you. Let them come over your creep crew creep. Did you send ammonia away like of your? If, if you actually like somebody and up to date, dim you're, not ashamed of them, well Two Charlemagne know about them: not me, never mean two opposite. Where mean as figures from public. No I've never listen up what to say one of the main ten years, and even when I was merely louder given what I was doing dirt sleep and what other chicks I was craven hello, public without us now have you ever been denied sleeping with somebody that you did, because you know you can't make fun of no avail, every single body of ever gotten. Currently a man's always denies a sound Gaza. He slept with because, Could I
a lot of fat force need de does call him fat force, nor could they or their their overweight in a night. You know you got, you do. Have you no fat, nine In fact, you know fat there are real pretty faces. Would he dates a lot of factories and for our Riley wax alone? Allow this more now you have a date. Is someone you ashamed to taking public Yeah look how big Oliver, you thought you'd be led by our top bushmeat girl. Why will you bigger. Thirdly, all leave our mother. Why? What is it that you use guy? You know mathematics through you, I didn't like nothing about should I met on the online data so, for my whole life, man he's great good became on. Above all, the way from our group is very soon
What does you smell like when she got dig a big woman on the bus ride? I write if that were approved, the steady and I'll. Never not before we can offer my family, so anyway, so she came to the online or has now happened, limits were dead or alive method to man though you buy on the eve of the twenty one days, no. I don't. I don't want to marry my right now about what you gonna be here, and I do not mind. I did that we went on. We try to go on digs right, we're going to the movies, but they were not very thinking a body like yours. I can't be things up.
The girl, I'm not gonna, have a German with both of them thought it over. There are people watched on their herd. she won't allow? Nobody will go along with that. In every other data. Someone you assume its to public man. The lonely and I'll be watching he was. He was pretty big. We can never do indeed global market together. What, but, anyway, that market is over cause. You got the job attitude, he always all ten and there's no such thing as commonplace. everything right her eyes and they didn't have a bearing on. It was the waiter she behaved o Abu, absolutely look. I beg you will have no problem, utilise and may be a true loud and embarrassed.
Eight hundred throbbing, five, one o five- would have you ever data someone. You ashamed to take in public call. Us now is to breakfast local. More morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club is fraud. As you know, what that means is really really really now I ask you to have you ever dated someone that you were ashamed to take in public allows this have you ever there is someone you assume its income public? Who is other guy that I He was not alcoholic. Why, by we win anywhere with how be shot and aware like on an out and out of Gaza outlet. Long way, the guy you mean anew at Dayton. Somebody I see that our voting like we were gopher outlay, were. I would do anything my prayer now, ok, is it wonderingly? It wasn't that he was really
the other guy, indeed, with a drunk rose. You know, I will write to him for their money. Go you d know drunk bastard, basically, is what you tellin us I mean Basically, the timing is sort of like that by evil archaic wherever they live every day, the alcohol it would got into the way- and I would just like my mother- as the way and become like that with the barn that really moment How much did numbers money? Did you get out of Broadway? some or all you gotta. I rented aid Energy house right now about keeping a lot. I can tell me my suit you. Chosen a. What am I to do in our health benefits,
Why does this area while guys yours and I could tell what I ask of you- you made a sound like a good job that you met. You like I used to work there out has been officially beg you Mamma guerrilla regulations. Regulations. Congratulations are in order for that right near hello. This don't worry, I think they're Jacksonville now do everything. someone, you are ashamed to take in public who are I'll, see you now he will make up the bologna dating back. Ok, you straight tidying up the walk right, I wanna go. He made love all, let it be rolled back. I must know what they're gonna do in her mouth,
Clearly the monopoly great, but I can't take it word. Only greatly by analyzing the games you handle eyebrows and I think where big guy, what was born. On the one hand, you made it so you continue to talk to her, though after that I mean we're. Talking, I do therefore little Y Y, you does it literally Our position is you that doctor clear, then let it but then somebody don't work better with better thing ball out, so you found the money. Looks good. Animal game was all point why are you a man all right at the moment, is the merger lower out of me, but I didn't you put away, saying tat the man tat. I was
plan- I mean the moral of the story, the view shamed saying about probably shouldn't do it does- is to choose to demand. So Mabel people's hearts, people- something things are so ugly. The acute, though now we are always on the way and that we are going to talk about Jesse Williams, more problems with him in his strange wife would tell you which he say now and then get ready for this kind of Macgregor fly. May whether junior fight I'll give you some more infamy, All right. I will get into all that when we come back, he it at the breakfast global morning Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. Now, let's get to the rumours talk, mystical, with Angela. His cloak mythical is asking the judge to please lower his band amount. He has two million dollars ban, that's what he's locked up with any sane!
he doesn't have any money. People around him, don't have that money, so he's gonna be stuck in jail. His lawyer is saying that he is innocent. We told you he's being accused. Of raping a woman, he is willing to get an electric man. Electronic monetary go to rehab whatever, yes, you to get out of jail. He also said his work as a wrapper means. People recognize him. So even if you try to flee couldn't get very far so he can get the death penalty. by the way of his king Gos had drawn and he's convict. Greece is misguided. You have as a sexual assault charge. I just don't see him making it They must think again in his life. Unless you know, I don't know, what we now know. What happens that was you have is our plays out. So was the judge decides to lower that now, Jesse Williams, his wife, his strange wife had been having a back and forth him in Erin. She saying that he and her- and he is not a good Other he's not involved enough his apparent while he has responded so that the reason why she gets to be at home with the kids is because he works. She has a privilege of state.
She has the privilege of being a stay at home with the full time nanny? And yes, to work every day, so that's why he's not there as much as he would like to be, and since they split up he said that when he faced times a kiss you answer the phone and when she does answer she leaves a tv on to distract the kids Annie says the only aggression. Children have witnesses when she yells at him. He said that she even one time repeatedly slammed the front door and his leg, while yelling at him I'll do the one low situations where you know Jim. He watched his wife to stay at home and take care but now using it against her in a court of law, knock lotta guy. Do that you want live to would do. I guess he was responding to what she had to say about him not being around enough saying that will marking the reason you around is because you are staying home up, so you have that luxury our right now, let's disgusted by going down as we can even any Pangaea when you talk to young sports said that he doesn't think that Macgregor will be able to put up much of a fight. He said, there's no way he will be
it's a land, a meaningful punch unfold. How could he no professional experience and bad thing I got no chance in this fight. He said it could be very boring now also went on say that he would not be purchasing this fight and he said that you be better off. In five Eagle eye, can fight against Canelo avarice? I agree with him on every single point in us. I know people people who watch actually watch Bogdan would never Am I to say kind of Macgregor well, for me. What is unable to be close? Let you out embarrassed that suck finances! Ok, because you know that guy is gonna, as ninety nine dollars in ninety vice and jewish right, and so what they are saying. Is it that events Danzig make and the United States alone about five hundred million dollars ornaments for that's? Ok, that right is gonna from the twenty thousand t mobile arena and what they saying is that the fight is forecast to generate seven hundred million dollars worldwide and some
their aggressive estimates are saying that they could even make a billion dollars office more than other their last fights have made period as a manufacturer kind Gregor the most venue tickets. But when his fate has been is under eighteen million dollars, where you have sea fight. What kind of Macgregor Joe They got him whenever Magala money to the minutes of this, a fight for casual watches of boxing. To be led by the? U s he fancied. I guess you find that together, you know and the Associated Association of Rings, high positions are a little bit concerned. I told you guys this account two weeks ago, that the gloves are gonna be a downs gloves. Instead of these standard towns gloves, which is the normal rule for back, there is money for a way it would be published last what s the normal for boxes. That way more than a hundred and thirty five pounds now Aidan gloves comes with less patting so that works in favour said of kind of Macgregor because its eyes used to not fighting with those heavy gloves fly, may why they don't be too highlighted at boy is seven around implies that
I have just arrived man in my lab Canada Gregor look bad idea. Now I may whether winds he were beats Rocky Marciano, forty, nine and oh Career record Santa Forty, nine and a half the only way that we are voting on the half hour. I am for prints, oh and by the way you guys went away that may, whether Britain's Macgregor its tomorrow at nine eastern six specific live on paper per view, so make sure you use your remote. You can order now on Verizon Fios files. If you wanna see flow, may whether and Conor Mcgregor face off it's one of the most anticipated fight in history, only one of them will reign. Two kings collide the king of the ring God they have to write. What was on undergo the no right I gotta bring browser before. I say this, though, by the way prince is
Are we doing a sign of the times cancer? They had their film sign of the times. You know, I'm a big prince man and Aunt Adeline Acquire by Showtime is again a premiere on September. Sixteen it's the first time in more than a desk decade that that film will be seen it was directed by prince. It's gonna air here and it was never issued on dvd. So that's a big deal all right, I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report, our high I'm Laura Vander Camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast. and the author of several time management books, I most of them Did I hurt media's newest podcast? The new corner office in the show we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the occasion, an hour's are more flexible than in the past. Listen over that first cup of coffee, and I promise You'Ll- learn something useful, listen to the new corner office. Everywhere on the I hurt. Radio up apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast,
We could all use a little distraction and positivity right now, so six pack, castings most popular, shows, got together to create a playlist of episodes that make a smile. It's called the best of stuff, from episodes of stuff, you should know like how Djinn Hansen worked and how grass works guess how grass works too. You missed in history. Class classics like be contrary, history of spam and the American Hippo Ranch plan. It's got solved mysteries from stuff. They don't want you to know like is their Assyria killer on the: U S border and months, these episodes from stuff to blow your mind like an exploration, mythological, sleep demons and possible scientific explanations for these paranormal encounters and our favorite episodes from tech stuff. Waning. The technology behind everything from light sabres to podcasting end from my form show brain stuff answer burning questions about five minutes. Like did. Pirates really talk like that and why,
two books smell so good? It's the best of stuff look for the best Duff on thy radio up apple pod or wherever you get your pod casts and Hey Stacy felt their stay kind and stay curious.
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