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Friday 2/3- Superbowl weekend is here, so Envy and Angela Yee flied out to Houston to see the event as well as broadcast from there for the show. During the show, many listeners by to add their comments during segments but who would have thought when Nick Cannon stopped by that he became the subject of the rumor report! Also, Charlamagne gave his Donkey of the Day to some more politics, Kellyanne Conway and Darrell Scott.

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This is always a whole day child these agents, Angela Charlemagne Guy on the planet, is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a J W and act in a culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest,
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO good morning, AIDS, Luigi leanings, Andy Charlemagne again raised interplanetary fraud. Yes, it's Friday, it were broadcast in love from use, did of course vote this week in week out prospect park. So if you're about to leave and a club, I just left the club. Yes, we know you can come join us right now. We have, I haven't seen represent Charlemagne, but they are saying that we will have breakfast for people now. We are endeavouring to have breakfast. We actually, interestingly bounds space by must prevail. Yaller unused, I'm in New York, I'm gonna have breakfast. With the NATO learning. It went very well
this will hopefully will have breakfast now used. It is already crazy. Traffic is a little crazy, but so far seems like everybody's impact. Everybody's peaceful has been a lot of fun. So far I went to I was and am offers when a dilution. Of course, you did a scene, I ran into meat meal in animal. Ok with you, Eddie was able to walk about what it is usual group algae biting off. Now as usual, cruel arousal scene, which aprons Julia I did when I went to the club tonight. Every football play you capacity. Imagine was a mere shown time and see me again and ass. He would have a short time but neighbour I was about and used it so is problematic. Let go alone over the weekend and then, of course, we are prospect park and then, after we broke ass, we turned into a day party all day long, so we gotta be party in day. Yes, a thousand ninety three seven to be reopened
Did you guys behold understand travelling to clothe? Above all, the negative have gone on youth and, as we get done already clear up a bonus for every audio cattle ball very body, but the city I used in an airliner. It really draw. Bwana cooled barbarian guy. There is a lot going on as we leave a lot of parties is made. Is that of the super going off forgot about? It was plain to lay it again. You haven't even mostly Lana farmer. Lady Gaga is performing at half time, so I seen her on the news this morning talking about it for a half time, so we'll be inclusive for everybody. Ok, foreign, frank. You know the last Friday, so bold and using janitor Athens Breast popped up. A white guy. We also owe a guy named judges, told me that now ok, so I don't know what to expect This will have no by lady Gaga Breath left. She keep dead
now that we don't know that that's troops or do you marry phased out the ability to make sound a little distorted, so it will try to fix the distortion, but we got four pages come level. We talk about you If you had to guess not. Talk about gonna drop. We do because we gotta talk about these laws right now that he's trying to change and some things that Barack Obama have put into place. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lock and see. I will be joining us this morning. So what could you with the king to ya, small special guest at a stop at through, but we don't want to say it because we want to make sure that they get here. Alright, alright, That is the purpose locomotive sporting everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club Oskinson front page news now, of course, this Sunday is suitable. Sunday
I don't really care of my giants in play and I feel the same way another year of me and my Dallas cowboys signal home watching this now really excited about to have time perform. It knows a lot elite. I wanna be Lady Gaga North Lahti. We got lady gaga and that they are not particularly one an observer. Our lady Gaga has said that a super bowl Have him so is gonna, be political. When she said it's gonna talk about equal, lady and inclusion. That's better show is about about a halo. You know there was a suitable for the commercials at old miser into pagers when another suitable. Only you could it like dynasty like that, but did not all my Sea Atlanta land, because I feel like this Evelyn, undeserved itself elapsed. Said Tonia than it has been established during her performance is well admit this morning's singer. All single, you know all twenty men. Why should we be exerted barbarians?
there are huge time now that you're, just not your target or so another target. I forty five, eight demo, maybe sixty eight ochre got right. Let's talk about over was Kosovo. Where is he oh, oh, oh birch. I've has stepped down from trumps economic Advisory council. He said that decision included it in a memo to Ober employees, who said he was a distance himself and aware from Anti Muslim executive ordered a tramp had signed last Friday. He said joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda. Any us. Said that it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that's how he has stepped up. Basically, we gave Donald Trump cause I'd look. I support your private. I just can't in public Nobody really affected them. Allow effective a whole lot now there was all or download. So what are you trying to do now? I now Donald Trump and Congress proposing Congress are trying to rescind better rule that was aimed at preventing people with serious mental health problems from buying guns now gun rights. Groups in some measure
advocates say that rule was overly broad and it was a flawed standard and violated people's due process right so pretty much. They got him. My people that do those same background checks and all of that to determine who is eligible to buy. Amazingly making it easier for people in America by ass, easy to get that's not at his legs ass. Not will we need mismanagement deftly now, dear celebrity and chief trump does not. Will we need not? It is more difficult for people to buy Anything that they're their reasoning, the constitution applied to all Americans including disabled Americans, and I'm glad to see that Congress is acting swiftly. Defending monogamy around a lot? I love my right to bear arms. I love my love, my guns, but no. It should be very difficult for people to be able to purchase a weapon so we should be making it easier should leave. You will, but Gunnar That would go right now. The gunboat all right, we'll ask front page news were broadcast. Laugh, you
in ITALY and I in Houston, going over the young in a restaurant. They know their breakfasts weighing another have actually comes here in about an hour so because we want we now, but tell me you bad, eight hundred five, five one or five. What if you're upset and you need event you can all this right now. Maybe you had a bad morning all night. We may regret this, but we do have drinks. We definitely have drink. So if you come in my Paypal, ameliorate, the two, I cannot answer that. That is that of the inward died of I never heard and wake up in the morning. Asthma, HOLLAND, drugged. We want food a new day Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five women's broadcasting live from prospect park if you're in Houston come join us as free, come and hang with us, get some free food and just chill with the breakfast Club each of us into eyes makes our burned anti. I will be going,
the ex outside is the breakfast locomotive, but I didn't want to get a rabbit say. Why don't you go? You ve got a little. I brought up alongside I'd like four girls go an awful. We might like to applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose global real daughter from outside We remember and America these programmes man I haven't got up at three hundred and one hundred chose these old man this treatment and offers many Pentagon exhibited to think about new crazy, but I gotta that, doesn't you don't mess in your minds, are it I was talking to you created before you didn't notice were not alimony without them crazy, but they won't break within. It would look why of another, in it? I thought crazy, why you don't know about and back why you get away. May I hear the white man, but you gotta be flooded Go you write these via the oblong they'll be outside the please val marrow, we'll go Lobo, be safe out. They arose
hello. Is this little to egg? celebrate Mama. I'm not really mad. I'm right disappointed are equally less might have been here, New come at me through, like ig Facebook and they're revise its third visible. Furthermore, why do you mean this year's only February? Third, you love me January far not been last year, goodwill sometime What do you mean? It? Is a boy natives want to smash that sets out. You could tell that Colombia, What were the air? Why? Why do you know you re examining guys I instagram? Well, I'm not trying to meet them on the same day. Come at me
Why, then anybody that's how to kick it to you. I Instagram smash mobilizing Tom. I dare not true for the boys to ground with a new form of communication. You all ass, negroes, ok, people communicate to grandma social media. Nowadays, I ask you things: may people in person did find time as might be alive, and let me tell you something somebody Santa: how did you want Instagram to ascertain how they it's when he had a girl's if you're looking for a serious relationship so about the guy got drunk eyelids? When you have a girl's indiscreet, stop it would you talking about connection when using people in person and meet them and when they see their lot meteorology review. Has we watch leave your husband Mama very unhappy. We were, Therefore, eleven year, I'm thirty one brigade. Do Abominate them, I'm a beatin region around it out you sound and happy. Now he said you know my name back. Yes, you should is, then you should if they manage to which you may want to therapy and work things out.
Male in it. I have heard decisions by less than it is now working on a instagram is Pappy time to try something big like snatcher stood alone. This is just an amount that a Baker outer youth and about what a minute. Allows young man, I gotta, say I'm mad, because every has the nerve How, then do your York Giants CUP on the same table man is in doubt cowboy fan. Don't please where you the neck, elevated at the time. When I got my Alice cowboys revenue overheads, who wears cowboys, is cowboys at the same place. Much I sought to see their own accounts, Bosnia from home. At my girls, and again like him and me I raised them, do we? Actually? There was an issue that will mean night. I would you exactly. Norway's girl, you bad aided by the fire, bottle five. One matter fact right now, if you're blessed call us up until this, why your blessing,
I do not just blessed blessed in highly favoured s right. Way. I is pay day. It could be a great day for nobody else. Am I mad celebrate your bless right now? It's all about balance. Wretchedness righteousness tell us about some positivity in your life is to breakfast glow morning, the breakfast club It was with his kind. Are you bless than highly freely veil the congregation at eight hundred vibrate, five, five, one brave deeds, the breakfast club above ground? I got two beautiful children of feudal day. You gotta keep people the matter about this My brain man alone may use their blood. Brother baggy allows this often come up with them. Oh man tell me why you blow job we're mad at me.
The main political Angela he wants to live a paper bag. I wake me every morning, my beautiful shoot it. I could go to my maiden job do you like, but I respect it. Them and I got good friends round me method, highly favourable at every day and fitted Beth want Breakfast Club, that's good, open you guys a joke? You'd be attitude, I loved their level of peace and we, Charlemagne, favorite, jazz, late, young, John Charlemagne. Get your job urges honest way, show yesterday leaders making new, yet you see too footage yesterday, on a boy yeah day. Dammit I heard you killed did, though, Yeah yeah! You got your day. God knows I'm coming there. You go and tell us that they you bless ass, he was bid and that you are enormous B yes, big. I check shall a guy we'll go down but speed. You're a yeah Charlemagne.
I see you don't want that stink, but you fart on people buys I'm trying to make it out the hood cuz that's going to make my mama proud. I ain't, never hey grandma, but I made a couple grand. I don't want to take your hand out rather be a helping hand, so I hustle for mine, and if it wasn't for time to struggle, then I wouldn't be here but Sandy's rhymes. Luckily, I'm a young texting chasing his prime I ain't trying to be at redlights waving a sign, I'm on probation right now, fighting the crime, and I don't want to be a victim of a cop with a nine. Since two thousand and fourteen I've been dialing your line, so I just turned twenty three. I know times be fun, millions hear me, but I'm trying to be a site today eyes. Guys. You just rowing mood, Airbus, I've been highly, are everywhere, tries man, I'm here I'm here I'm bless, I'm living man. You know! Yes, God bless. You I've, always Charlemagne, a guy, You young, just South Zoe, Dallas Zoe dollars is doubtless combat. His wife was that we now know that though it out, but they have
We gotTa Michael Video, everybody We have prospects. This right is undoubtedly breakfast. My daddy's came to pass. A saga was avenue I'm cool a name. I only know catching a viable him, a tat very thing. As you know, four years into the breakfast room, so your promise bhutanese nobody thy area while you show bless this mornin brother man after blessed, is to be alive. I'm able to see a new day, I'm here my dog and me, and we ever since right! Now you some change. They have something someone. I would know what we don't be like what we have always done away you what we talked about as though it will you gotta over the pit, longboat and dirty burs man is how to make sure you know how rock and focused well wrath. When we talk about it. What is it with you about the eighty issues, a k, we're going to discuss two people who have as their issues right now? One of them is Frank Ocean way
Frank Daddy, I'm all right. Fine. I will be cut back people access to breakfast locomotive YE, the breakfast. Collateral damage We are now hearing love prospect, part now agreed by the workers, as they didn't bring speak as one of the key here. What's going on, they just watch lists, but you can't We must, and I radioactive wireless internet. It may be that we still have a guy breakthroughs right, no breakfast area that is underway. Oh yeah, yeah yeah fall but actually very time. Member jolly Brow and Charlie's Ronicky Doone doubtful about as your whenever you're going to get there we have here, but there is no breakfast we're gonna, be here all day, long of course, after his mother take a nap come back, as is a day party here all day long. So come back and join us in anybody S leaving a club broadcast last become shut.
A hotline enjoyed executed. Why you, king of another, trumpeted twenty percent tax on ensuring a wandering no declared that government over the mexican people are lacking up right now, I'd poison at all. They put our tax on. Well, let's get it aromas. This talk, Frank Ocean. The report annually on the breakfast club, where they think Frank Ocean is having some daddy, is Germany about for a daddy by his father, Father says it Frank Ocean, smeared, his good name by saying that he was a big, an outbreak, oceans, Daddy's cabin Cooksey, any further deepening and lastly, because Brink Ocean motor Tumblr laws were a tumbler message. Last summer after the Orlando massacre, he accused his dad of using a homophobic sir. He said when he was a kid. I was sick years old when I heard my dad call our transgender wages a where they ran maggot while, as he dragged me
out of a neighbourhood Dinah saying we wouldn't be sir, because she was dirty now, according to Frank oceans, dad this theory is bs, damn. It is financial opportunities he is now doing for ports, point five million dollars in damage dodges by the dummy about Frank, said. The lower the daddy and a more daddy issue stories beyond says other Matthew knows, has spoken out. He congratulated beyond, say here's what he said in a post. Thank you for your blessings. You will wishes on the happiest grandfather world where delicious. Yes, you do yet in quite a bank, then you know about this pregnancy before the rest of the world, but he did not stir now. Matthew knows actually did an interview with the insider. He said I was shot. Let me tell you, happen? I got a first text and I was a wise person saying congratulations and I got a second text from one of my students at Texas feathered and I was like what are you talking
and they told him to go to the web and that's when he found out about the pregnancy all mean that the Gnoles family is fully aware who can't keep secrets in November that, after its veto, puddle tell daddy after we had not now grant adding or total world, we got a secret. He then spoke to his cause her and asked how she was doing and they had a long conversation a one for a daughter, dad conversation, you said, but I'm not going to tell you all of that is very proud and happy he said, but with J endless. Tell me to say: Rinaldo, you nothing bad. You can't keep a secret restless grandkids, though it is a little early media things they'll be granted regard me right. Chris Brown intelligibly is despite scale happening where, going back and forth now, with some messages. Uninstall I am I hears what so boy had to say. May I say, signed a contract with a boxing match. Weak though we re no Chris Brown, so we can now move
Now I got you been to Holyfield training. I got my contract sign for the fight. What you waiting on tell me how much I don't care. Noma lawyers by Chris Brown add to say the council. Would you son that's it, then the whole not some Yes, only fancies you everything in a book. Please help foster now. You know what me about these negroes right before right before Chris Bramble deck live. He said this. Got me you, ok boys gone down. He said finagle mute on you How do you know any definition of mute, It is an issue to be quite within what you put three or four more poster lately taken daddy is irrational things you need to get off his chaff, always irrational orders were low, emotional, actually take a truly feel intimate
I was delighted about Bergmann shopping, five hundred songs, absolutely not He certainly was not that. Would you was wake about how you re dead. When am I bought today on thousands of all cast. Many music were released. Five hundred zones this year has TAT, cost many connections, now just barrels, you does it not as different when you see yards first, you said Burma a matter that I really think it up, but if it costs money and young money combined in his own island tar, BT in Wayne Olympia with that. Yes, we ready to Pat Battle production by many fresh, I'm with all our absolute with violent may record absolutely now inevitable. Respect on that Catalan.
Oh yeah, that's your rumour report. Alright beg you miss ye will become back. We got the king in a South Sea warning everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club or let him come about week. What are the latter problem? Super were Why you did you run of all new joint? Like I'm running a covenant neighbour, I thought I was going to go back to the European Union. Other out man, a great our legislative system reflects and was gone and our country right out- and you know Now- is the time to make data kind of body were well. I mean all of the things they could see you to take place in the community may mean we can. We can bear witness to the castle atrocities that are going on right now and
not be affected and effected an artist. You know that's the way it will the voice. You know who the voice of the community so we'll fix it. Then we supposed to use It's going to be the voice of those who I got a voice to speak for themselves, which you have been doing a lot. I love the open letter that you ve been doing model also in and basically calling people has. Sometimes I just felt like they shouldn't be political. And they don't wanna, make it right and they don't their role models, but at the end of the day, people do look to you as an example. If they admire you in your music true, but I will break there, every orders you noise, do you know the responsibility or the obligation to do the. Only if you passionate about all this is something that you did you Jimmy. Will really like care about. Just even if you don't wanna, be political like just you know, just also learn to go. Against, you know you're gonna guest, not they are less matter. Conversation appear about when you did open a little way that autonomous
he before here, would have been better if it wasn't one there, the other accommodation before able my wasn't. It was, and I mean I understand I understand in libya- you mean like the heart. Is there will be more difficult? Failing that I had to do in and in my I guess me me me me meet me. Oh my journey taken taken must stand aware that no say what good is a really do. Consider steel, upon Amr in our right and our they did. That correction is that, You know saying: ok, will it turned it? tell it, though you away now, you know there is, is it lay? What was the one and only what are you doing in reason? It ahead reasoning. It was probably is because it was a really also addressed to him that it was the people who follow. You notice I like use, is as illegal. You know whether we set their responsibility, and that is people who
it was just like she said it in. I just want to make sure that they know they as a community and we met. We can't can't. We can go further I grew Deca before you even said it I said t. I need to call him out because of you going to publicly make that statement. Somebody got to publicly denounce, I mean Imagine you I'm the one. You know you know who pretty might last speaker for broke out of time. You know that the first thing that has been said that we cannot, I could imagine agonies right is, is it is critical light? like I was on the role and Martin Show of Tv Waterway in Washington DC right after I think it was a step. Miss? You know racism daisies sunlight, then they will my brother, what you weren't even prepared for that question is given the tab says that he can make a proper state made ratify or so light. So I d like a thing like a week after the death win that the next day they can explain, came
Thirdly, I am your debt pointless. Caroline may you know as a partner. May you see as it is a free use? I'm taking you stay right here I mean I don't see no legal directly down against it. But still you know everything I said was said it out alone. You know, then it away as a is I other people when her would have whenever a platforms have you smoke NICE Box was there will be any Are they led a view which was both be focused? My statement I mean is tat everybody down the ladder, people with no- and I know this way- you know I'd taken
Personally I may I understand you know the mayor we go. Have we gone defend as it out right due to take their right or wrong? I understand we applaud the actual happen all day when you will perform in the jail delight changed a lot more time it there. I think about it. I've got remain unchanged and I watched you think about it. Joy doctor, you looked around innovative good judgment because you know it's all out. Oh my god, you know. Where do you keep that Canada, Marinos, our lamby there, you know jump.
When a fan Canna doing you know that women available Macaulay been able Mcgowan illegal. Well, you know you, men ever tell you about. I thought about it: Obama! Let it drop the Fourtou report. There is no mere let its american wet years already knows where I may one day, because if you do not know what the between engaging Violeta, I'm going from town and they imagine translate well To be honest with you, I really get. No I don't no objection nor no desire to go there. You know their way at all. First of all this is going to be a meeting and I'm going to be involved with it. I'm going to lose. Somebody in the meeting is smarter than me cinema gate target lose Minister, Fair, occur ambassador YO somebody to come in here and do not translate this political jargon radically.
And go take a picture as it is not only in the hassle so lay You know there, and they let you know, even if it is a little bit of companies. No, there is no role within down anybody, no matter how different you, opinions may be in and try to see how you can work together to make some progression, but we must be addressed first, a formal zeal, the dishes, trick for hurtful comments that were made on the care pay because if it don't all come to the table and try to move Megan it. Before. We must have a mutual respect for one another, as my gain even can work on. Two things are at issue and we do have this mutual respect for one another, so we must do to further home, say so web as well, use only you know, Durned campaign was, with day by day, must be addressed before us. There you talk about good over me. Are you as you know, this that's my
don't come about. We have their gaze, I do other through the civil rights has been engages in their regions, but it seems identities happens in open for people criticising him night. Not at all being on the same side is him. Is he attacked you and that's it you as his enemy? There he imagined first look at him where he say about a vat in order that we may have a definite either by people who I am. I feel that we feel happy Google earth. As their own it I just feel like this is crazy type. I can't you just gotta their meetings that he's been having it thinks he's been tweeting and the policies that China put into place. You knows disheartened really, don't you know, try to be optimistic As you know, the the whole. What is most they and right woman I dealt with. I met you, ok, we're safe to say I was right, You know me in you notice the outer people who say they voted for me:
man. I him. Can you noticed easy bit, but one thing about it: man, If I am a firm believer today, is our unease in control of hours ago, some weeks ago, having if this is to happen, what did I know is it is everything that I know and eat go intervene as something. However, we went in there now you ve got another grandma. Now an olive branch me, I ain't got a brave. What happened to your hand, university is bigoted. Big it in here having it allow these eleven. We got more with the outcome, but let's keep alive to breakfast plug the breakfast. You happen to our modest or broken club. Charlemagne got here now Can you walk through the? Why are we got two european building? I envy you gotta question for your brethren that you look at it.
Och Obama's, saying that when Donald Trump comes into seemed, like he's, gettin stop done whether it positive or whatever it is we would like. Rock Obama was little. Not as a global rather than a lot executive board is. Do you think if I put it, let me man is the beyond his with you. I believe in anything you do. I don't care what it is in this country. You go help more support and a better time do it As a white me, I don't give a damn what you do. You live animals pier you know that, whatever media they go stand animal supported until they can support it, more n n. You know four hours we just no hair the complexion for the connection. We just got the automatic know it. When it comes to write, you know, just actions and decisions? Amy. I understand they looked like they did you get it
the pendulum swings so far in his direction. In addition now you're gonna, let it drop. You said you, you now had better you're on your way to the better. Here, do you feel like you? Can losing an undefined, and a little bit now make up what we see in them. You know it's a coffin I'm still in the nebula. You it what it is. Information I got. I think I am a pessimist anyway. You know things worth air year, I'm cynical as it is known as bait, Peter be foolish of tat. I refuse to believe that the ashes do without everything we ve seen. You come to rank and may not be favourably. Will land Poland people on a car that only leave you a person? Is there? I mean those things that I do echo here. Let me there's no thought of lad you sometimes by light, if somebody I've seen here, ok and in it with our hello, I'm assuming
so buoyant he's gonna reveal the EU fully. Does it have you. There are people who feel like wait a minute. We don't know useful, wait a minute. Let's give em watching you get. Nothing has changed. What you may not is noted the outer you, you foolish you both. So one of the problems that the British are you not Sadly, we you like that there's a market with their I'm with it. But what do you mean? Or now, when you say you the number to dream? I'm ok had a nightmare. I think is self explanatory they get me. You know if you can. I go now
for me ray anybody know either you gonna, be you know the dream, America, you know by our peace we all get along. I may now, and I really necessarily they did, that that their voice or or that their spirit, the pushes forward progression. In spite of chain- or you can get- you know, used the same energy and also offers to become a nightmare. Absolute. Can we talk about your role on visas when the brakes? Now her urging you re an attorney before you got a pseudo? absolutely not just gonna love, applicable means and go to any of the others with a breakfast club identical. Maybe
Maybe a year women awhile Gimme, another Yama do the same thing: get will get them decimated by you. Man put right, going, ok arise there. Let's talk about RO, on on the brakes that you bring an attorney one hundred things. Did you have to study for that Gaza? again. No, the law pretty well me boom boom ship without living memory. I ain't rivers, but I didn't really like something comes near me he'll come back on tv. We make. We met reasons, black inspiration,
black family. We were a little damage, our view that we might have been, as are alone- and I was not at that time- you ok created- is premature, head I'm getting together. What would that be? Ok now why, when I come back out how the baby Dorothy with debate not only a baby girls phenomenon issues, a wonder and joy to behold. Like a different person online and everything would have had a happy its yeah man. She she's she's, definitely a joy. You know me if our has been extreme pleasure from from day one
Are you? Are you? Do you appreciate this one more because they are those that are gonna, find every guy you guys the baby is day. Oh no, I know they ve been their little by little brother, my mama, to rank the chosen. Really I mean all the matured, Jesse stream blessings in eight days they make a different part of me better individually. Let you know death dealing with each of them makes a different pardon me them. It is my oldest birthday, messiahs birthday today Neither is emptying megabytes per family. I'm gonna get you guys go yet again, noticing symbolic.
If you shoot me and not them, you are not a g right. It's either me saying you know we could kill each other, but not the ring. Now, one of you say: if you shoot me and not them, you are not a g right. Me saying you know we could kill each other, but not the real enemy, a mockery, ok, there's nobody was they'll, be like The majority of light awry Niger is, I know, I'm just saying you know, there's still pay You know that if you, if you so quickly to you, know Turkey, You you all your brother. Would you all the thing you community your house all your family. Again, something that really wants to extinguish you for real avenue, out of you had to do a young young, this check a kitty put out. I didn't make a scene light. The single currency,
I got my listen, I know you know I get an appreciable problem and not just don't one may now me like Burma who had heard you? We Amigo protects right, Dick the know how and know how to add. I could go to bed we right now. I would, furthermore, nor in America, but our aid and bring about everything and hip hop like there's been. You know, obviously distracts have always been part of her path as well sure my when somebody comes at you like that. Are you supposed to show me that ignore it, but that's all right now. I'm goddamn ignoring arrangement, see I would he ignored its ongoing different here waiting Goin back then you would enjoy. The freedom is very difficult case. You know me they allowed a determining factors. It appears. So what was the vulnerable? You know who would involve the validity of these clings. You knows I am. I entered the pears
with what go, and only today, you know one of their life is a time and a place where we have what I have a and if I get these go alone, they will be impeded there. Some. So I guess negativity if I go out there in the time is too much in this gets into the incident news headline, interrupts business and other areas while trying to break myself into Then it is not a bad. It's not a good time for me to make this lake or made you replied away. You development, they marry hygiene was an instinct lively. The extent without any thought or strategy apply to smash everything go. I would come conversation coming up with the ip. When I keep telling you about his other project. If you have not heard t either of project, you are really really sleep it. It is reflecting the current have that were in musically and one of my favorite record not to add Mr Forrest Track or now miss call, I believe, the angels.
Record breath as they was Adam at the empty decay. Radioman brief clue, my home by Charlemagne. Angela YE. May you know men off to project our sails little to the system. This is something I and afford. The solemn named? I believe this blue. They will really be tabling a badly really pretty bush. When these people, we then appear the bravery of real gathered.
You think I haven't damned may want to pursue them. You do I mean we're, not gonna, do what I can go to the community. Only keep me her policy. Happily publicly support enlargement towards becoming a bombing air Mecum take immediate issue. It is believed that they give us some indication of where they get a super mag focus just at your age, no black tangle, my dear right, supremacy, bagasse thank each other brain can only lead to stop messing concentration. Perpetuation mean they created, bring me here. What do you want? A backward looking candidate just stay, you d like to see him, and you can see me in what I believe what movie Minnesota breadth of quote from one of my favorite recognised the project. I believe by t. I go check that title right now. I have you got a court of appeal in existence. Do you how she do too?
What's she doing is good? Is it you do? What I say is no big. You know she's the working week, I'll get a new product here. She work. There's? U organ Oh no, you listen! They allow me is that the job with no time had but with which she turned. I did let him move Mary Nosair right in Once again, we have like like a core group, he knows a day. We gotta you standing firm. You know she stand of him. Should you do know time is leading now I mean this listeners yellow less I'm not hold in my place away. No, no chance! shall play is decent man. You know do as you don't, if is, if it if he stopped to be. If he ceases to me. For business Day, and she ll feel that in her pocket,
would be the lesson of thugs who another ever talk about good to us the project was better and he won't let nobody takes these serious because the transition was too fat like know. We know that is socially gods. They check it out further further. First, listen. I've been if you are in a conversation with conversationally, been on for a while? you can go back to The new national anthem, foam, the paperwork project you can go Lambie. I have several records that a dishes using maybe like one on each album, better dresses whatever is going on at the time it just that you just you rather hear about the money. You know that's what you rather listen to and it wasn't the most workers, but is not about a transition from me in
don't care who take what seriously don't just listen to the music and appreciate the message or not like I really don't care how you feel about me personally, this of no is of no interest to me. You know those air and their people always Spain, you to only be one way absolutely, in life, but I'm a diverse individual can do all that. It is really about my eye. Where is it easy? A family man is the travel. Easy is a tough guy. Is your lady neighbour em? All over now were that is our real enough there, a beach aware, kiss your girl and go to Easy and you know to the real and then I'll a Moloch own old. Only late is our real. I know how I believe I know you probably know, really really came a country was somebody who can After all these qualities it the way I do at present
circulate myself, would have natural in the hay compromise my integrity as a gangster. What is real? stated in Israel. Ok, this is me. If, as the timing at you They do this generation would allow Malcolm little will become economic. We don't want to hear him talk nettled at, but the thing is The reason they are we in a position is is is because something inside of us pushes us to a point where we showed them even against their best interest was right, I even against a better judgment, even if they say now, I'm and anyway, to get that ain't. What it is all right where we going to push and we going to keep pushing and then fine Where can I get a role which it now you know and as well. We do so. I'm not staying. Night, were in about what the gout are gonna bet YA stay open. I weren't by what I am talking about, because that is the path
nor has the dough areas as set out in the open. That is that you did. The timing right now is some dinner is most needed, a kind of his leg you have to put, as somebody out of the way we had this to me I cannot say that the most important thing that we have proper representation in the things that need to be the main. Deliver God would be doing bad. And this is one of the things that need to be done and are being done as it may this. How do you deal and is totally left this is from a father my. How do you deal which adored date, What is that like how long you can you can she got uncle You mean a man to be honest with you,
got to look at it like look bro as long as you around me, and if she happy with you, I'm going to be happy with you, but don't think we going to be screw like when your It is noted. What have you got to call you dont? Can you walk now to be like tat? I mean. I don't even know what do broke. Oh no, Maybe Sir Mister our idea is proud, it, its predecessor, Sir anything, As we say in vain him, nor did it because, when he became gardening every now and said, I want to be a wrapper now he'll. What have you got, A meme air, listen! I don't want no boys,
Men are penalised, jailbreak agenda will be out of which are really buddy, I believe, can be the first one, the brig she's a woman like that. Like us, I'm a woman's gambling out there, He'll embarrassment, otherwise it may be added to Vienna Juno carriers Sylvan at man at least. We are brothers, real brothers. I've got to accept that differences love each other through that through no matter what that's how I feel, We appreciate the apple join us amen, I appreciate that you give the egg were never never never mind yet you valuable above you assignment. We appreciate privacy journeys. Of terms. Thank you guys for
We really do is messiahs birthday. I love you. There are thousands of nine illegal check their private. I will go to appreciate the support measures for Trans leave may go out of riding, yet we actually one already outcome and all over the place. As on all of us, I got it, you need help in so many ways title. Ok, you know listen that today you are aware we urge you to listen to your music, but I prefer you go to title four Nager. Our parliament have an era. Even the album with exclusively the bill Josie, did a very was wondering about that bit about it. Do the other one is the title. Get a piece of two hundred million do is actually is undermine other evaluation. The two hundred was worth there, which makes
regulations in years the proper percentages breakdown, is it pertains to that six hundred million data it s a brandy vocabulary. Did as a money makes, you ought to speak better you know I am raising, as do awaited the day. Where do we really? Because everyone expects when you say word of the days and better call me today tomorrow, and I welcome it I'm never going to live work and we learn the lesson learned. We less. We was omnipotent and this was it agreed use. Mobile told me this week is agreed and reaches me. Just then they might pincers tweet that he put out above, like history, was agreed near many omnipotence enemy everywhere. Now, no one of omnipresent. No word of God
omnipotent, it only of unlimited power, but so are nowhere. You say everywhere. That is unnecessarily mean powerful means light. There we were ok. We write on the omnipotent I've got an omnipotent and then the furs and in the first who had included up. Oh my g, but is apoplectic Eleanor Danny, you may damage that night. You can do that like now, you'll get it needs. Nobody is as broad a apoplectic is enraged beyond the ability to speak. I will use a key in your mama's boy Yea apoplectic graduate Y know
for every week, when you do the wording and into allow born ass people who know what man out alone for use, do that used to go at the lab and do landlady adding get apoplectic with us. Now, while we are on the table, help. I agreed with the morning I was. That's right. That's the way was used, what about it? is the e g envy gains? Will ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club in love in Houston, Superbowl and is packed in nearby than they were passed. Bagpipe broadcasting life will be joining everybody. No forget we live my way. I think people are ordering. I just remind whether Georgia we will money for food food relating to Turkey
it is no added so which are that we try to fix that anything has embraced forgetting regional sidewise, the right way. Its aromas out. Oh, it's easy, believing hey! It's off into the peoples, must get into the reul report the breakfast when devising and has a higher their real life, a levy up, hope and that is to fix his Emmy. Yet apparently he's been having his issues related to institute and in our meeting when downloads in the home. And he made about asian men being able to take a woman and so on. So quite so that women's name is Judy Smith she's there. A life person who the show was based on scandals based on both the evolving sixty year old, triple Oji, Steve Hobbes. Heart is always in the right place,
the comedian Jago understand that I don't many die to tell me is that there is not a local high. Nobody to explain to you why he had done. That's that's what he's gonna do. Let's have apparently on sixty people matter, know who we're ok So the lad? I believe nobody cares. What are you going to make my dad's, unfortunately, for her somebody broke into your house, and it took two hundred thousand dollars worth of staff. Gonna have to get a security system with cameras to cover everything is hiring twenty four seven security guards, but when she's there and from At a time of surprise. You don't have that guy before other Charlemagne does, and I know I do- I got Cameron I gave his senses, I got all types is thereby trap door. I got my love how dynamic, but you know when I first got my alarm, they tell me, don't wait to get other.
Until something happens, you gotta do this before. Sometimes people wait to something happen, I got my living in that. Then you gotta be proactive, very open need military, predatory which sends a body of Mickey. I don't know I mean merely gold, you to stop me. Are you all right? I don't. Let me come back and get most of us as a model of your mother. When you don't do that on me, I want to set out a big shot by the way. Is Adam came out at midnight. That reality is that in a very bathers innovations out this morning I read about it. I get already exist, came out at midnight Loanga, giving an almost on a right and a bottle of good or maybe nobody ever Eminem, Eminem, spitting great movement have been on a bigger against all the school is real good, which represents around you
Today, Jake was performing and landed arab. You guys that has video footage by Travis Guy runs on Thursdays and he fell into a hall. Did you guys you that bosses ass, so he actually ended up refunding? Everybody has worked very hard to say during our performance A wider drink is ever more than this However, you have read that there was not. There was a homicide. Has he hasn't bear, as is like a blow up that was supposed to out of these days, and apparently Scott missed it. Jumped into the hall with a prob ly. Why that is random old enjoyed stage? Yeah was ended.
As it is very much. The elderly weren't around a big depositors show who is legally resident bro For my part, it is only logical Then he told me my studio in New York. Talking, oh my show tat. I don't find a hole in the days to fall into writing regulated now. Will you please? everybody's that here we are broadcasting live plants we are less than we have in a good time.
Lastly, I was born and I don T mean tat dog you today for Friday February. Third, the double donkey. Could you take this echoing echo? Come as well as the wizard of OZ fix me. Ok, now, created April Friday, vague way there is a double dog. Promise you wake up every day and I'm like. I hope I don't have to give donkey to any one from the Trump administration on any a trump support. Because it's drain at this point, but I have a segment do dog you today and we need donkeys. Just so happens, then Trump administration. This support is provided m o I got to it in the day for us to pass the doubts
of Cleveland Ohio not is past who was talking to Donald Trump this week and he said this to jump off. We We can tackle some of the top gang intricate forces, they reached out to me because me within their respective. No one ever said. I agree that the principle of the candle ghastly do you know about it? Isn't lower their body, count we're coming so wicked to solve the problem with this a ministry to various each other. They want to work with dissidents believing this legislature. They didn't believe it. He told drop dead those top gang restart the heavenly wanted to help the President stop the violence in Chicago. But, like me, tromp allies. He was lying. Ok when he's too to get impressed on the line he tweeted out, not gain thoughts, foremost, Greek.
There are now community activists, my bad, no harm disrespect intended alma, foremost Greek. I myself then Pratt path. Doubts got was on Fox. Towards a cargo in and when asked if he spoke Tom Gang does. He said this, though there are no gang leaders offering to reduce the body count in exchange for federal funds. Now talking, buck, creating jobs and before we start talking about all these other things before we able to implement them, we need to reduce debt by come. Oh hi, pastor, Darrell, Scott told me: it was a lack of sleep that caused him to tell President Trump by gangs. Would trade a lower body count for more federal dollars? the narrow, scattered what my father will call a job: ass, negro. Ok, being on blame is live on a lack of sleep at all no path does, God was suffering from a lack of sleep, but I note a negro shore is tight. Lame. Ass, light ass past now. My second donkey goes to the woman who coined the term alternative facts: the counselor.
Whilst celebrity achieve Kelly Car not Kelly and was going to interview Thursday would MSNBC Chris Matthews and she defended President Travel Ban related to this The majority muslim countries. At one point car we made a reference to our regular effigies. She described as the masterminds behind the bowling green massacre. Let's hear it, I bet it's brand new information. The pizza that President Obama had a six month ban on the iraqi Refugees programme after two Iraqis came here to this We were radicalized and there were the master masterminds behind the bowling green massacre, one another because doing a covered. Ok, Kelly. I go away whether their multiple didn't know about the Bowling Green Moscow, because I didn't get covered most. You wouldn't know about the bowling green massacre because it didn't happen. There has never been attacked. The attack and bowling Green Kentucky carried out by iraqi refugees in any one else. Pardon me that is impressed by Kelly. In Conway the ability to spit alternative facts like the actual facts- and I know
did you. I mean she's, a council of war to president, so you would assume she's telling the truth. So she says something about the bowling green massacre. If you don't know that never happened in the moment, you just gonna so she's telling the truth, because the council took a celebrity in chief and she use that to our advantage. But at this point you just have to know that when you and if you and Jellia Conway, you have to have an alternative fact check on deck. Look man job, creation, having shown improved their indeed the legion of doom. I don't know what else did they do? They have to do to convince you located elimination of various groups is in your face. The lives NATO to countries in your face. The weighty and jive hate bruises in your face, the total dishes Not at liberty, justice and freedom, this country's dance? For than you, your face? A total disregard for the constitution is in your face. Supremacy is in your face if you vote for this administration, and you are disappointed with the alternative facts- detail in a blatant disregard. They show for people civil liberties in you, either delusional. Rod image. You made a mistake. A maybe if the lion a bid to so you agree with what other lies in big it still please get passed down
I can tell you ain't, got away two biggest, he hardly I shall limit value for their delicate David S. Sound is terrible, is, is that it might involve. We actually have also violated the net, is: does this disgusting Roger S, got going on small scale, local communities yoga. You did what was your good for breakfast to get a better Braga. Every motion are right, but is as you know, a tap forgive ranking, and finally I would ask everybody idea. I know we got them rake than any breaks. It is one guy whoop. No, you look like a perennial. Unlike a free growth, what I say: rooms together with free domain Beethoven thing: it's you. I know he's a free, are you know that you ok?
anything we're at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. Where is the craziest place? You had sex? That's what we wanted a lot of people having sex this weekend for Super bowl Yes, there is about wearing a cowboy outfit with out, whereas this coming through? What did you? I always said this story. What did you see this morning? The job Somebody must act in a strange place now. Actually indicators was companies laser we descended audible, gotcha anybody, the indicators by becoming young last second is gratefully indefinitely, but now the weird subway or the way solely with Marie Louise with about we get a lot of people again it in and you gotta get anyway. You think a lot of one day stairs, which is asking what the craziest place you ever had sex call us down to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club. There was he inquired cheesy beyond, say morning. Everybody is e g envy, Angela YE shall I mean God we oughta breakfast club. So it's Friday sitting,
what that means is framed in rangoon. We have as its open producer in the buildings. Super producers do some very It was an abrupt, yet sort is my going it's always Michael any answer me. Are you the Amazon before we didn't afraid you Friday Ruggles, you do a you know. Ok, we're losing! I I ok say they're. Just tell me, I found this. Well. You know I was it. I wasn't there for a reform process which is picked out. The red the bees daddy like have enough. Never its opening up. Are you anyway, my recipes and not much already?
so we ask in this brief review figure Friday we want to know, is the craziest place you had sex before night will in no freak? I know everybody that I think that your lady do we not mere manhood's. Almost ten years now, Urundi, we didn't where we data before we were married, and I would say to you- and I will raise with the credit plays- might have been, though, is a problem swimming pool got like Santa Rosa, we kind of snuck in now, granted it out loud, so his case, over place, and will it work you nervous about market? Not? Will I think we made it so great is because you know is peoples
now some kind of a round opposing China hurry up and get the risk, and I waited and waited media urge you all now. Can I went Oki ass familiar to prolong this unless it is white still floating around over my son out and subtle sex on top of your brain Viejo? Now, don't you know in the studio, but not on the web. Address was not yet a call to mind about you. He was greatly pussy s. Edgy raises place many things they did with the place is not ready to act. Is it a bow recommended, whereas in the ocean- and oh here is never gets it, it acts as a thought. What is only vaginas battle just reminded us, not good us all waters actually good for your vagina does. It is now You know that is going to have reopened had the best feeling like. I think something that, like second, the ocean is overrated and see it as well
you say you have acted like a views that have been made who's your bathtub in the what is going on up in your vagina and then you haven't like Queefs everything's up your vagina. Is there what about you? I never really had sex with a crazy place like that. I mean the craziest place that I can think of is like when I was younger. I used to sneak in the mud now wife's parents house, which was they had a ranch now home, so we can add sixteen seventeen years old lady was in the next room. I don't know our parents have so much confidence in early may. Trumpet of Roma would like letter, who really just a jeweler. Maybe they will. I use a lame musical. Nobody, even I was there. I just knew God interview the honour and the morning is gonna grave right. I think the black eight Object Bobby FAB Little flower, where we want to know what the way she has wags. What? watch. Your vagina will concentrate a warm salt water whenever you feel it seems sensation give giving great relief and prevent further
multiplication of bacteria Okays software, never those issues. What is good for the vagina? Ok That is the issue of water in your vagina like in the ocean, is, is not a good feeling, I'm keeping away. I live in line. I now have no region of you ever do to cheat. I'm all right. All right is to represent the model.
Even in those eleven swear gained access by the Duma and just doing Mamma do needs more injured. None may Sandra some slammer down, lays down on your love and unknown slacking bags our lives and do more than just doing so. Why do we need to do more than just now? You know a station gonna like download. I know I know a guy define ass, plain ass. They say so that drives come down on your love when unknown slacking
bags out more dangerous, mourners, dang, the breakfast Club, the way another one. We grass meal, made your joy to give all can understand less sad, a superpower last July. Twenty three thousand hours, then, is because of a sea of their hennessy like equipment. They noticed a free, tagged may pay by God. Grant may way point that, whereas that can celebrate stay another day, boy gas attitude on none of your stomach flat flat. Adding of all was tat.
I needed all right now, lousy. I had drama girl now right now I would never got chair when we talk about you'd. Only one another that is one day of years is just me. Is it just me, is this cell so good? I should never afraid he's just me. Is it just me this cell? So I should never know you working day and night to get a college degree their nobody'd, it doesn't even know your free ride. Yoni do tell me right
Dublin gagging know. You'd do not never put a pleasure you, you know that you may go, and you know what it was when the kind you gotta run it happy at a wire is trying to come it they died. Bag live while, even let me slash on its your boss gets on sound, cannot even tell you straight to pass tat, can fit of. Persia is one day of yeah. She is just, may is a just may this cell, so good, I should never afraid is just me. Is it just me this cell? So I should never enough
what you're gonna that was gathered for free morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club now Fridays. You know what that means is frankly freaky. Nobody else within me. Man avoided a damn echoing to juggle goin on red rag. You we can't help it man, I will ask it: was the craziest place you ever had sex now's itobad is here produce a super producer. He said he had sex in the public, who were all about its around son and I did not think there was a day with that. We had the political anyway and citizen Railway solemnly and was at his wife's house. Not I'm gonna industries play. That's not my wife apparent how easily was an ocean with the sole war. Clearly, you didn't have your wife's screaming and nothing.
Most Graham, would you Mamma the next room she be stupid to do any day now, right wingers goes into full laws alone. It is valid. I was the greatest buzz. Yes, insects, tat. We get that right now my pleasure. The supermarket I think one another girl, yes, actually sex. What another girl will yet chapel what I would at all what I was doing. My father's tables you're. Next, it approaches are used. The cucumbers data that are scrapped. Now the waste of a good debt Astoria could be so much better view than the supermarkets in a protest section unit you come, you carry a step, Would you to the supermarket? Oh yeah, used to every These grandpa time will ever know her right. Big mama, always straps hello. This We must enable they want
I was crazy place you had sex when the among our God Our committee are Columbus, Ohio, everything, ok, I like would go with my wife- was decorated I wonder whether we can understand in all of them May we went on large man. We ignore families of vapour, though about Martin about They were more one girl, I'm already pursued by voting on the report by war minute man you're both support one another border guard, your window, porch aboard very wicked.
The more we have arrived at a better time to have, and we always in your- would like too little chance on the report. Have incentives will gradually by? Why? Don't you not applaud? You know a lot of pain, but I got on a par with wider Paul. You don't have any noticeable chats go to have excellent report now, you'll, never see to check out the yacht stuck together, like no other administrations. Now you marry guys bar you marry guys here so does. Do you guys know have sex increase places once you get married anymore, millions out here with tragic problem. Now about, you broke every a cobra bode. Well, it turns out tat. My God, man, further model, may golly? I don't make, I don't make a decent living and we have an excellent airport. Ok,
I ve been away a man we have sex and our kings I'd better, very exciting assets in a nice Charlemagne kings. You should try. It very excited, ass, excellent. I vow like: make a nice out. Mother was above the story, the story, is not focus on the location focused on affinities. Our right So, in a way when we talk about the second Donald Trump viruses, honest swashing negative would tell you what is going on with these two days gone back and point to our rights to breakfast locomotive issue May, God we oughta breakfast Club now Charlemagne. Yah, yah yah, yah yah, that is young. Lady came up to me. She said she came here specifically for you. She was a big girl she way over to on its adds a K.
In the bill. How darwish careless about? I was a five six. Five six two hundred beautiful beautiful, came ass it over to us. He said you know everything about big people. She said you always talk about big people, just take me to see you today. I want big people to be healthy. You know, being fat is not healthy. I don't know why you keep lying to people saying you know, embrace yourself cuz the doctor going to tell you something totally different, so you might as well tell big people to get in. With Rob S got excited about it again. Take us getting people can be unhappy is what we have here is a common sense fact that people at a big have higher helper, stop it, but if she would afford you, I think you do what what what I'm not going to grow back. What's wrong with you now as it gives this budget. Is that the gaelic Taylor? I need you to have the same energy coming to see Charlemagne as you do to go see every Jim in boosting, ok,. Save energy. We won't jam its brain, ok have naked and his here what s right now, let's get that arose but Indra
with an killing his club, listen making what why, ladies chairs or this Why, then, is not here for Roma report? You got the story about the new girl who got pregnant, we have already explained in also it's when you know it's crazy about. You know that now he found out on social media because that attacking him, congratulations! No! I thought. Thus they always do very well. Your daddy issue, how'd you find out where I was engaged make.
How'd you find out where I work aimed at social media, say ways than that of couple of weeks ago way. What happened? Medicine man like act, because it allows me stuff in everything I had a kind of gets out of control- goodies possible due to blow level check on asylum of low levels got too crazy. Just there happen to be, I had to spend a couple of data has been over the holidays or look a little more serious right when you were decisive, medicine stuff on China, beyond homeopathic style. Now, like unlisted, we went from thirty three pillars: a data like three, some of em Jimmy. Oh boy remembered array, a hundred percent. Now, when you did, when you found out, you were having a baby, was the first person Utile Social media, about his club, because the way up, when you find out why I had to be quiet about it for the first, you know for the first time around
Limiting you know you be, will neither my mom's Northern Ireland, as does what it was really but they once everything was good in you know your start. Talking about eight it right I got out. I got out actually before hold first trimester everything, so we had to do it that way, but it is what it is. It's a beautiful thing. We always want to celebrate life. Absolute, congratulations again, region! Now. Let's talk about Daniel, trompe l somewhere, it's for arnaults, whites and anger, and that is because of the low ratings he's saying of the acquaintance. Here's what damage and had to say- and they heard a big big movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger to take my place, and we know how that turned out the rating one right down the tubes? It's been a total disaster and I want to his prey for Ronald. If we can for those ratings. That's why I love is at odds with bands that today you down
great idea, one of these which jobs you take over TB, because this is an expert in ratings, and I dig over your job and people can finally comfortably again all that said. I download show me the way by his rating because he has the lowest ratings of a president ever Coming now, Yaller Business Point Donald Trump. Without the national prayer breakfast right, a new guide and pray for coordinated ratings. Come on come on president, your prayer, you voted without legs. Like I about water problem Why does nobody, but I I re enticing backward- had to pull a gun on somebody we heard about this. Guy ties. Gags league exit,
earlier process, thereby showed up at his door Miami and tiresome breakfast lamb during this phase for the guy was lying? Now you serve just there so that in China I could open the door with a gun in his hand and ordered him to leave the building now according to take anything. Listen. You don't have a supposed to get past the charity and get up to my door, Betty Magnum I do a crazy has ever happens. Unanimity you'd do. I started gone crazy. In the hotel rooms they. Never. I like the crib, the crib gates and stuff, but like in the hotel room that some people just don't know like where the wholesale begin so excited it does is tell that does not comply. Daisies avidly, you got a major hotels
air. Be ambient air tight menage has guy Rob recently does said giving me, nor do they make Nick Absolute won't stop back abroad. That was his own makes. Only them slide. Meeks ordered either. I'm gonna come you do you will? Let me come to my stuff when you do your computer, when you know that when you wake up, are you supposed to get yes tat bag? Like say you guys, president? Now me, that's all parts of our, however breaker end on good break, I know, but that's what would you do? I ask your boss back, that's negative outlets are reared goods leg, whatever, you and dad we're alone that I gave you from my grandmother. You whatever gave these was to keep the Ladys in all my good, basically you say in any girl: did you have a beer? Would you get those met? Absolute,
Ok, you know you would make where we got back was gives it a big woods. Outmoded Katy, don't go anywhere to breakfast locomotive
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