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Tears Galore (Plastic Cup Boys and Michael Ealy Interview)


Today on the show we had the Plastic Cup Boys Will Spank Horton and Na'im Lynn where they spoke about New Special And Docu-series, Na'im's Acne, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart + More. Also Charlamagne, gave “Donkey of the Day” to a UK Couple Sues Fertility Clinic After Giving Birth To Black Baby Due To Embryo Mix Up. Also, we had Michael Ealy stop by and he spoke about his  New Movie 'The Intruder', Evil Roles In Film, Independent Productions and More.

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe say some model is about. Good morning new be by Angela YE minuses earlier in the week. It is thereby yes, it is. It is. I'm excited pagoda grazing week into I gotta be tonight for of rose First Albion Virginia for ass best. I don't know what is called up its outcome. Average but I love relished, Panada a huge festival out in Virginia and of course I went to school that here too.
A city in Hampton so I'll, be out dagger party tonight with Michael Vick was also that area of Virginia so be with him. Then I'm doing something in the wider music says something in the water music vessel ego, After that, I'm heading out to Atlanta, where I'm doing a seminar to people in a later that want to learn about real estate. I think we got close to a thousand people attending, so it's gonna be a lot of We gotta be talking about real estate, had a gain get well through Willis real estate, whether its flipping but its having tenets. So if you are more information, is it of my Instagram lobby in Atlanta on Saturday away getting ready for the promised began. He ordered approach, we have prom yeah, we will be providing prom dresses for young. Ladies who are going to the prom were going to have makeup. We have sued the balky of Shoedazzle and, yes, let me borrow a few cars to go to the prom and so yeah. So that's going to be
I always damn. I love doing this because the girls get the car they get a shop for free, open and go through dresses will have style. Is there to help you out to pick the right just for you to wear a problem? So one of them? as on Sunday. I want to be part of economic growth. Can I hope, these girls, you wanna, go Genesis so I got you he's gonna come in a nutshell. The summit address I'll, be back right. Good, that's gonna, be in Brooklyn I was, I was humble crazy. Yesterday, I say humble extorted, stutter and I know what to say so. Mama. In a minute deed that many these door and my phone rings so. What's the number I didn't know when you see what I see numbers, I don't know, I don't pick up, I just don't, but I picked up and it's woman's voice, domestic dj him there was somebody says, dj envy, let his eyes name and nobody s rubbing, call not just envy the dj envy, unlike a night, yes This is marriages. Blush oh dear may, blast businesslike,
hello Matthew. The dj was going on. Like yes, there's like this marriage, obliged as like high rate, I thought a study. We know that the level of the add a high because, like you say without energy, said earlier, this is due to this detail which definitely to that guy I have a new record. I would like to send you a new record. I said: ok, gives me feature knowledge in ozone or towards my first single. So I want to give it to you for some light. Wow livestock issue me to excuse me, I said, stop play with me gotta play that real player is more than a thousand years. I got the very day oblige a bullock applicable, that's right, so it's a worldwide exclusive. I guess we'll get into it after room is this morning. I'm excited about the record is dope so shocked me Dubai away, when I say go out, was like stars tat. I was better and a large? Maybe two weeks now, get into a right. Now, that's that's about get. It is very they buy. Now. This is marriages blots feature in nice. No
Has it worldwide exclusive? If you know Marietta hidden, Honour, Instagram major blazes is exciting. This is a great rectify. Friday is to breakfast club. Come on. Let's go, Mary Jane blockage. Now, as Erika was tough laugh at yesterday without a shop in India due to store, and I got a phone call and it was like music Dj Mps marriages blossom like yeah I dislike MRS Dj remotely Demiurge about distorts dotterine, but she says she sent over the wrecked. The record is crazy to shout to marriage, oblige we'll get it back on if you missed it, but now the skins of front page news now, last night the spurs force a game, seventy in one twenty one old. Three, they tied the series three three,
No, I dont understand last last night, the the draft draft. The giants had the six pick right. So we is a bunch of people, as you know, embodies expected the joy to pick up a jury. Unspeakable quarterback me Indiana Jones NEWS from a school called look right. Dog, is a basketball school level of football school. There was no highlights honesty and no nothing. It people, honesty and I don't know why they picked this kid. Eddie you're football fan. You know I will we put this gate. Actually, you do know why we picked this kid because it's a giants, wealth, I don't know, maybe to work out. I don't know, but it sounds bad. Like a horrible pig, but there are some carbon. Is he had seen the giant be adjoins? What are you talking about you? Yes, I think about it Another teenager this high school senior in New Orleans has gotten except the two one hundred and fifteen colleges and has been offered almost.
Four million dollars and scholarship money. So congratulations to aunt when at last she said she feel happy that you can go to college because basically shall be the first in her family to do that. Well, yes, oh that's a record breaking number of schools to get accepted and noticed this amazing. Congratulations to address this definitely Sunday night shows people that they can. As fires word ratings. All right now there was a terrible accident in as a car was stuck in traffic near Denver. They said our runaway semi ploughed into stab trafficking, and there was a fiery crash that crash included a dozen cars and three semis. They said multiple people were killed at least six people were, but allies with injuries during that crash? That happened on innocent seventy that happened yesterday. The driver,
SAM. I was among those people who were injured. When I had a runaway similar. Did you pass out? Did he gave a stroke? Do you have a heart attack and fall asleep like I was a semi drug is run and breathlessly yet unclear what happened, but maybe things tat, maybe the brakes malfunction. Who knows what happened, but they said there was a fire that was extinguished, investigate that China work out who was in each car, so they can identify the people so so so so so really sad now another day a lot of people have been talking about, of course, is Joe Biden. The former vice president is running for president. I was one of the best kept secret because I think everybody knew he was about announced that he was running wrote and, of course, Donald Trump has had a lot of things to say about him already damage chums already. Given him a nickname. Mrs Macneil he's calling him sleepy Joe Sleepy Joe, and is he said he was gonna, call him something else the rhymes with sleepy, but he felt that it would be inappropriate.
Another thing that's happening is Anita Hell, he has apologised. Joe Biden has apologised for his treatment of need a hill before and basically you know when she was going. All of that all trials and tribulations that she was undergoing she heaved. This was very, I guess and they get the right word to use, for this very were just cheetah terribly mocha is making those accusations, and now he has apologised for that, so other people fairly and anyhow herself has not for given him until this real changes made in the treatment of women- and you know what the whole me to movement and everything so we'll give you more information, in the next front. Page news now right as front page news and forget Michael eagerly will be joining Us Act of Michael early as an inflict intruder jackets. I will talk to him and also to plastic cut boys, those that that's the crew with Kevin Hard,
We join in more than just a crew of seven out of comedians breakin, namely the individuals on they all lay before they were until I was gonna. Can I can I get internet all out? That's has taught us that the crudest wit, Kevin Heart knew just jump surely people's name so welcome. Charlemagne was happening ass. The word was going on the above long. Data must obviously game. Last may drop recluse Basel vigilant as widely landlady nonsense, but I was in game. There was great. Mythic is applauding revealed. Infinity war was better, but we can argue on Monday, for then everybody unseen budget so, not everywhere. Yesterday in New York, New Jersey, what I always am, I everyone has seen you talk in Spanish, but anyway, I'm not focus on these matters to country in the world. A yoke opponent you guys where everyone revolves around the outcome was Thursday. Lebanon is still below lay ass. If it's ok
one is that not long ago when the number one move in a country on Sunday and Aluminium Romano kind of rendering gets a lot of you like neurotic. Newman owner and it was- I don't care the USA arrive at nice of you just eight hundred. Fifty one thousand and fifty one, if you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe at a bad night or bad morning, or maybe you ready for the weekend when pressing positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, five one hears us up right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest here, I've used them a lady man, even Wicked Adrienne, his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty six t. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station.
Granted that damage in very bad in its the story of mine Urge for the true. This is somebody a co production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty. Wherever you get your pocket. This is somebody's. Try somebody desires to know why I desire to know what happened the monk Listen to somebody on the Iheart Radio, Apt Apple podcast, wherever you get your broadcasts doesn't matter black. We want to hear from you till I was there. Is life might from Cincinnati? Get off it just broke out. You gotta, wait mob goin out by Denmark. Mad as well are a bridgehead using a neighbour of the aid, Jack Jack Odin thought
an hour day. You call your big booty. They worry going now right now. I believe you, why not Djibouti going to somebody's jacket is everything that there will be only too bewildered. They got money that does not work like that ain't, gonna, Billy, thou, my brother allows is seven prosecutor of each s. You never go up one. You know I've been game like a guy denied the barber clouds. Don't tell him nothing like this company. Did you know he hated him build ten years like new journey of marble, they don't understand. How do you see a jet worthwhile? Yes, my boy Lahti. Most had gone on me to work there right now,
me too. I felt the same weight as more now. They wanted a watch last night case as it is going to be easy. I'm a cab driver Well I'll, be out. Obama we have shown coming down in Vienna happened, make a lot of money. Though they go. Wait I get away it happen. It go back. You might be no doubt wake well. At least you gotta see endgame open at every everything is day. You know it can happen, evaporate get tough, we gonna be. There but we can't was going haven't for Rail Festival College between
I am going to be a lot of love spray. Just like a coach Ella, her vetoes everyone. You have the disease, Russia. There was one of those little brown. Oh, I want to hear you every day after day you that big, I know, took in the bath over the thought. Epic word, because it was what take potential. I may add, opened a problem of them. It is about New York vans, you know what they do. They were they watch these drafts. People get drafted the boom they did at the Crystal Forthinketh interests have ended up being, being, don't again engineer demand for New York when they would pay. There was good, they do not have always blame it. Don't matter, let discounts biggest gout be now be privatized, able to point to the secretariat, who you too big
actually, no job all out who it was, it was illegally low pay. We ask that we ask. Is that other quarterback full when I get busy for you, people, I'm telling you what is our big getting off your chest? Eight hundred father, five one or fire when we needed a quart of Agnes we didn't you just call us right now is to breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast is yours My way why you elaborate ways. I don't quite know you all every time something come out. What made you only got. Applause from the left.
I do not oppose last night, oh, you poor laughter right to be combated Imagine me a what have you seen a movie it no gave their lives is about our model of eleven. Just noted, I'm smarter than you are. Water. How would I have opposed the reels boiler? Why would I have a duty to people com in raw tobacco? We also owe me list of colleagues on earth. I don't know what you think. Now I want to say I want to say rest in peace in Iraq. A raccoon rest in peace to the wasps! Ok, ok allows this is MAC. Rags improvement was broken off each ass. Well, I grow much as well as provisional measures. Whilst all appreciate upon the beggar respiration back an enormous you go! Oh, you may be Plato Exclusive Marian now this morning, gettin married, we don't get their back on after the rumours that we definitely appreciated
Oh yeah well get my hand and go on Friday. The moon is a good one and breakfast ye and beat me on another. Nowhere about amending, Let them be absolute men, thereby at their fine without oil. In a movie, Julia Movie make our man that how you do you might do it to my brother Whom might don't do that, you have it What's was with the dog we dogma whacking. You talk actually we're not talking about minorities. India, being two dogs, but I knew the dog behind you. Oughta have dogs in the studio you guys we're broke that smoking understand people some term Mary Bow fail.
How many firms was very happy bride or Software Bureau of teachers? What's that three in the morning, Where were calling you guys? Are you only have a fairly with some guys that ban? What are ya been trying to do through what we do, but we don't you go locked up or some now now. Do you guys guys here? Did you got the anger? No, How did you thank you very much? Wine, ok you're young man and I will end here. Maybe I have no clue what these people are. I know who they are but I have no wish to go about Teresa. I'm sure you saw a black man more than one of the eventual even enjoying my hobby,
will you be reunited hanging out, forgetting my boardman? Ensuring arrested of nor kind is well. Ok. Bernard at Bernard he's, a even by the new youth that our new member, it are breakfast I would rather not have full logger gonna get the discount I'm down and for local yeah now arising. Thank you, I have a great Brad Merla. How are you my stress, our guys? What's the matter Mary, so then they will feel like every die every day. I'd be they always tell me like. I will make the perfect way by and never get anywhere there was a girl you did at the worthy, the telephones, medical relating to make the perfect husbands bears. Why not the rest of us?
that about you. Do you and your macaroni jeez trash like? Why wouldn't allow don't you may not allow macaroni and Jerry? I bring about body on great vagina. So perfect, igniting as it does the incompetent magazines our breath We have any blessed on the patent ambush, Bottle knows he said breath not great want to go out there. We can actively away. You said when you say that, like John bled, the detailed meaning your reverence cool, but at the bottom and law, that's where I gotta listen, I know a you. Try, Christian mingle. Now, maybe we should just now you'll find a railway, maybe baby I mean will you go. We ve never had a problem here.
If you like dogs, you got no Patterson, damn that was in everything and are now have we not boy urban? May I think my problem and you know New York, I, love me. I was there a hall imbroglio Asia. Where did you go? I don't know if you do. You know why you try to stay with me. I don't know what you're lying here you gotta get from living, Audio data was arranged then gave out wonder why does just started trend in what is a google fails to stop what you're doing Google Vinos for Vinci's Easter egg, so Google Dana's it then click on the infinity. Gauntlet is an event disease to game. I saw them until you goodly right now. A lot of hard look at. Why well why you have no idea. What's going on my computer right now Google's? Why is the desire to click on to go to further to go out? It just started shortages,
crazy Irma La La revisiting, yes, imagine that you want to continue your education was the best way to do. It were allegedly lying about applying to Harvard, How would you may allow Minos made thou woman's carbon advocating disappeared? Is never his things Magnus our right, get it off a chess animal and don't forget next out a plastic. Will be joining us now. Aim in Spain cannot forget married blast. You have an exclusive featuring knowledge. It autonomous status to breakfast locomotive breakfast. We need data to snap his finger, they make Taylor Swift, no single go away. More Everybody is again J M who stay LOS Angeles. I mean the guy we are. The breakfast club was kids at home. Is less talk black China?
building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where Black Santa yesterday had talked about trying to change things up and go to Harvard, and that was the programme. The online programmes, suppose posted after the couple of last couple of years. You guys have been given a perspective of I am from the media and people closer to me. I've been bullied human, he ate manipulated and discredit as a mom. Looking I gotta lotta. My actions M, reflecting in realising that confusion is a serious thing I have caused an. I am we're going to be the best me but lack China doesn't define Angelo White as president at thirty I'm overwhelmed with the blessings I have being a mother of two amazing children. I don't talk on things often, but I promise you guys more of me Angelo White perspective. Thank you for years of endless love, you support for me is a blessing and that's when she wrote that reveal that she's been accepted to take a harbor course and is looking forward to new beginnings,
Well, Harvard issued out a statement. They said that they have not admitted her, nor provided an acceptance letter to a person Amiens in a white bear. They said that you know it's just a guess not have Turning now there's been even more news that came out were around this apparently there was a person name, Kristen, Emily Ano and that prison refer to himself as a soul. The media, Renaissance man and his pitch is. We will help you take this online programme. That everyone is doing now to add attended Harvard to their brand Skynet rebranding So you can say I went to Harvard the team will complete all the course work for you, and it's, as all you have to do, is take one test. We will provide you the steady guide and then take credit for the programme you can go in. The harbor camp is take a picture with a Harvard hoodie on you, composed updates on your snapchat and Instagram, ordering the course cost twenty to fifty, and then it's a thousand dollars extra for the
to complete the entire course for you. So you pay and people to help you frightened her. Yes, TAT was a data snapped his fingers enabler. China's application go away. So is no degree. None at all. Allow well see they hadn't taken the course it ass. He was a thing she was about to. Ok, which others you will pay. If somebody to take all the cold out, we don't know that for sure could they have not confirm posted all? You know that resign did confirm that her people did, they D confirmed they receive that emu, but they said that they never hired him milk and that she decided to take their course on her own. After all, and Christian DE confirm that as well They understand why I like there's no future for it, not to mention you right along ass captain. Body. No, you line. I look like a cloud and is it just another example of people want to look like they had no one, something that actually doors something go due to work. I Raina Espionage Anti. I trying to sign Dwayne Wade, reportedly as an analyse they both won him make sense right, so they are buying and they're gonna pitched to him so that he can actually be an
Listen, I want to start as soon as the current mba playoffs lamentable. At that of adult. I Alan faster. You know him. One of the co founders of big ball, a brand by the FBI, is investigating him. We gave you some of this information. Alonzo boy has distanced himself from the bewildering covering up his tattoo. According to official paperwork, Alonzo is suing Alan Foster. For damages in excess of two million dollars and for funds taken by him from Big Bala brand to purchase assets in Ethiopia. They said it was stolen funds, Apparently he was also engaged in fraudulent activity. In his past he was sentenced to over seven years in prison back in two thousand. To male fried in money laundering. That was one million dollars that was taken from seventy different investors according to loans Obama lawsuits
None of that information was disclosed to the family upon going into business with him. So now he is under investigation by the FBI for fraud, so can't do wrong. Okay, Kodak Black! He was in New York tonight well last night, and tonight he's supposed to have a show as well, but things didn't go God, you will now be told you about. All kinds of issues has been having on the road. The feds did also raise his tour by sets out of a Washington D venue where he was performing well now the show for tonight has been cancelled and there's gonna be refunds itself. You bought tickets for his New York City show tonight, that's not gonna happen. And last night the venue was changed when the Hammerstein ballroom it was changed over to United Palace, so people that had tickets for that were instructed to go there. So I heard they did still sell a lot of tickets, like five thousand tickets were sold for Kodak Black, so nothing is stopping him on his grind right now,
John Singleton, is in a coma now originally they said he had a stroke, but it turns out that joke was way more serious and his family first revealed. They said it was a major stroke and he is in a coma, so that was after he returned from Costa Rica last week. Is it had experienced some problems with his legs? He checked himself into the hospital in La Then he separate US drug in his hospital room, well crazy at a stroke, I'll know how to do this, it is is, is there I mean? Is Are you going to do when you get to a certain age as a pretty pretty regular? Okay, we all want to be healthy, but the reality of the situation is, you know you get all done things happen, and this is one of those times where Something happened is young problem if it is over these for these only low, but it happens, scary he's fifty one. Yes, anyone but it's a major stroke and he is in a coma. So wasn't just a minus joke, as originally had been reported pray for johnsing with an absolute yet how nobody they're gonna, be about to help him in Europe, be able to pull
I will say: don't you know when I hear things like that. I much rather hear about stories like that rather not hear anything, but if I want to hear story about something like that, I rather hear that if somebody got shot, you're, not the only problem with that, as is now, you know, my legs thought her in this. I hear you say leg now. My leg is her: a momentum for countries which are most I'd think like them, some fifty when I'm pretty and other I do not think about like them now and I know not what now must be naive. Forty year old man I hit program. Like my legs, her Mattel started stuff darn. Otherwise it hurt and everyone is early, two halves. Yes, I write well I'm Angela YE and that is your room of opponents of jumping in those early days, Grove adjusted, you said I agree with you know: nobody HORIZON our I never got off from pesos. Nixy, yes, will be talking about Joe Biden in his ran, for the presidency will tell you what Donald Trump had to say about him, as well as Anita the woman who had the accusations against justice, Clarence Thomas and what he had to say about her treatment.
I do about it will get into debt, and now, if you missed it, I was telling you guys. Yesterday I was in a data shop in a merry t boz? I didn't know it was Mary J Blige. I thought it started and I thought it was a lie, but it was really her. She said she has some new music. She went to give it to the breakfast club as an exclusive. So here it is right now, Now is marriages blast feature in nice school thrive in the breakfast club, kimono, I'm Robert Evans. Who's to bind the bastards, and it could happen here. I spent a lot of my career in my time writing about fascism and searching authoritarianism in the world, and I am generally pretty bummed out as a result so enjoy I have two thousand nineteen. I travelled the world looking for hope and I found it in what you might consider to be an unlikely place. Northeastern Syria, a place called Russia when you heard this place referred to in its people, referred to in the news there generally called just the car
What I found in Russia in the summer of two thousand nineteen was somewhat stranger in so much more revolutionary than the story of a group of people valiantly battling against ISIS. Instead, I the story of the war in Syria, that you haven't seen on the news: the story of an idealistic dream that had the unlikely chance to flower in the dry flame, racked plains of Northeast Syria? I murmured Evans and this is the women's war listen to the women's war on the eye, heart, radio, app Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast,
There is now a new record realities. It all goes right. Ok, I like that when I make it so it our motto: Managua you're all right! Well, let's get some front page news that asperse force a game; seventy be denied his last night once wants you to want all three two series is tied at three three articles, both within it on your greatest system in all about Gabor that'll, my hearty afford the games them and with the din Vanessa, to our number to see also the giants? If you're a giant fan picked up their New Jones quarterback from Duke so crazy to even have any holiday me to show any highlights, and I don't understand why y'all are suffocating on that picture of that man might be cooked at me and MIKE Ballout. Just really remind me. It was a Niger drafted nobody. I saw a man and he came to New York and ball. They really boy d had a good year or two in any got engine couplets
didn't really Bordeaux, along with mingled, with the potential author abbot didn't work immediately. They felt like this guy would have been in the second round the second round. They can pick him up a second round easily there. I don't know you, how would you should put out a cowboy firewood Zena get a guy chance. You should overburdened by them. Now. What I forgot you well, let's talk about you so bad and he has recently announced his twenty twenty run for president and has been a lot of drama since that there has been some good some bad. So let's talk about what Donald Trump had to say of fine being asked about Joe Biden as his. Well. I think we'll call him sleepy Joe cuz. I've known him for a while and he's a pretty sleepy guy. He's not going to be able to deal with the presidency. I will tell you that's a different level of energy and, frankly, intelligence, so I thought a refer to him as be jail because a lot of people wanted me to change the word sleepy to something else that rhymes with it does that make sense deal. As I see it, I guess
yeah we're going into the race is not going to be able to do the job I raised it. Ass. A damage have had to say about that, but they did say that. He has been asking his advisers about Joe Biden, prospects, non staff and its weeded out. I believe it will be crazy, Bernie Sanders versus Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists run against maybe the best economy and the history of our three and many other great thing Religio by another lot. Of course it is a job out. Another had hired Simone Sanders as his twenty twenty presidential campaign. It is well worth interrupting as an old with Bernie Sanders in twenty. Sixteen and ass would job twenty, the twenty twenty one. Twenty three twenty more once said that the democratic world the need to be led by white men now face he carried white men leading the Democratic Party by It was your own way may know any animal about bad enough said he doesn't have Obama's endorsement yet because he's the former vice president, but he said that
Obama, doesn't want to do that prematurely. He wants to wait cycles. I'm not gonna, wanna mode of American. Together me, I wouldn't focused on my Joe Biden, social the thing that he know about Joe Biden and he has said and done some very questionable things. I keep telling you that he actually wrote the nineties or crime bill anyway, said in reference to President Obama, you got the first sort of mainstream african American who is articulate and bright and clean. So bro ISM Israel and he was a white guy standing next to the cool blogger, but Joe got a lot of questions, and almost eight, is- can help. Him is another thing that being brought up as his treatment of Anita held during Justice, Clara Thomas's Senate confirmation, hearings and Joe Biden did say that he regrets the way that she was treated during that now I need a hell did say they did speak, but she said that she is unconvinced that he accepts the harm that he caused when he presided over a congressional hearing. During that confirmation process back and ninety ninety one she said, I cannot be satisfied by simply say
I'm sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and a real accountability and real purpose. So she said she can support a Joe Biden until he takes responsibility for his actions and that she troubled by allegations that he touch women in ways. Made them uncomfortable and it also when it comes to Joe Biden. No, have you know the great small sand is out there blackened for you? Ok, you need to be the front line than journal questions yourself. You don't say If you talk to me like the eternal who headed up Bernie Sanders campaign, meaning tell you exactly why she's supporting Bernie I write I want, I won't be able to say the same thing, but I won't go to answer these questions that we have on his own and not just in some own idea on the front line to answer these questions about Anita Hill- and you know I will show you the evidence about the right back in the day. Amongst other things, I'm sure you'll have to answer those questions and then I'm going to take it easy on NATO. I right now a couple is: fighting, kinetic epidemic
clinic because the facility gave them the wrong embryos, and now they have a baby, that's different array. Then they are. Then they are. The husband and wife now live in the UK as they gained a shocking mixup has left them with uncertainties regarding their second boy The only way we will be, they might have thought about it. I was the background was lay back when we have great. They said the lad had invited attackers. And by right, either Finally, why why not lead title? What are their names are? Doktor? Was I'm not going local boys. Out of the name- and I don't know it doesn't I don't think they ve? they'll. Do they. I wasn't it s even in way today, since there has been a way, I don't think they wanna put their name out there. You disappointed that day. It's not say within aim is disappointed. I did a little blood baby grows up to be great. Ok, we're gonna, be question, though, because I think about it, you eat away, the baby comes how in a baby's black- and it was the first thing you a big
who is she not exactly not an hour, but what is the reason why this even happening with an embryo makes there was a frozen embryo using the husband, sperm and eggs from a donor that they chose. So I wasn't like somebody cheated, would also isn't what it will be bored it would appear so the pigmentation. I will know that, would I had their name. I am probably didn't wanna put themselves out there because they don't want to make it a big deal for the baby, what we gotta low blog baby to fortune and fertility clinic doom of Rio Group Sometimes you go to a hotel, secular, whirled, away betterment. They give you a free upbraiding that we want a sweet. If we fail to president nobody ever rads with people. Ask them questions when they go out with the baby asking whose down my god there where's, the mother, had an affair ready, absolutely Josiana blinds. I guess is the blood side too. There worried about what happened to the sperm that they gave to the clinic where's that they want.
If his body was illegal, proteins striking. We give broad righted. Thank you. You you welcome. Now, where we come back in a plastic boys we join. Am I correct name comedians? I will kick it with them. When we come back at all, at this level morning. The breakfast club body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast Galapagos, pursue, guess and abandon the plastic up boys break in the aim was our fellows was area good? Well, congratulations on the Netflix Special now all day long overdue can address creature. We avoided that exactly stand up. What is essential and we of what that was on ethnic starting from coming censured and shouted the Netflix. Ok, though, are familiar with Netflix many of us Netflix at a check, a different thing.
Given that we will hold a special area we soon. I suppose that's where we know I wouldn't like sooner or later, but hopefully mercy is I've. Always they asked me to do it on old cab. Horse network doesn't have a cab as no net. Where did you know that this Barcelona, without Madame Du Launy Miller. That'll do is a dark use. Very though your do. We have a document is also tourists wonderfully, not the dogs. Well sure Netflix. Ok, I now we still aim in fast buses gadget me only. We just can't read like this. Don't see! That's what it may setting disagree near. We disagree where they, my plastic cowboys,
our committee has always been three or four. What I include go before you, Joey. Is that he's the hopes when we go to a care beta toward us, the crew? We all colleagues of the plants cowboys which no buys Mackenzie assistant was was wanes. Title was present It is on this sensitive, their negative assessment of some. I didn't get the by the way you were negative assistance, not always thought mouse will know. Just what are you saying that they make is Mr Miguel. Mister MC you haven't got a trainer, barber, the barber of argument, if asian Intergroup, the photographer wing races, but it is one of the darkest areas covering the monumental gods. We did a hundred and seventy five dates. Amos is come a based on my nose scandal, which carries like him recover.
The scandal in any known, seen how he's a consistency with Korea. If everything goes, there really Angelo reels when you look it ah Kelly once again. We have these. Malaysia have personal life. That was a scandal for him. How I cheated, That's all I want to say was that I love you. I guess you know you know like his face was gonna stay. The same is no cell is the same things, because we want him talk about how to think seriously, though, like you,
Let me point out that we have now heard no posted on imposing losing it s about oppose knows about the drop I gotta get out, before you know that the work we do not as yet, but you know, he's real big on internet. So as the area. So we know we, member I'm not a began to say some do guys, learn from other guys mistakes I do not believe I was given that now the Uk Labour said those who was lost and more solid majority behind our heads of early to Momo show me just so. You know hesitate to stay low
No, you are you mad at every year and that their home, for you guys with a belated haven't they all you be, would allow data we can. I would I told Mister, likely, don't eat my writing, the more you may well, you guys have so many things to talk about as it does. He like realitas funnier than anything, could ever be right, looking to everything which Jesse's smile at happening most Jesse. You know, you know you have a nightmares, but the attack round My name is people about what a mother
that's a big nightmare that you probably have a nightmare: that of Baghdad. He under easy ride a bit him back into their than a play on words. And they re usually leading to draw dialogue. May I say that Are you nuts about? How are you my husband, you John, how Alikes Matthew, although no jobs on a long term too, were really talking about what is? May I call you, Spain
most of us will be organised. A meeting will once again have members. Are you willing to do so? We got off the ground as it did not. He was like you'd, like so also with the tongue. No Mary you, Cool flattering by its flattering. Go mad
My original big, daddy, saucy pencil, rightly Grandma's the data we need on your Kemal supporters. May we need our own families to come out now coming into existence benevolent has now, or should we be there as well? We hope that in principle we got all the plastic boys bacon aim. We come back, nobody has to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club was talking with where's the CUP boys spanking. I may hear Charlemagne read you, the deregulation runs will remain one Elizabeth. You have lost one that was my plus one applause We ask those linear scissors birthday, porticoes go away to blind Mises man. You can't kill me the last many Dinah. Do this like three months in advance as Iraq needs much and want to beat it they're gonna, calving, Naser, macaroni and three things
recycle it? Now you mean impressed with none it hanging about the envy of the corner. He acts. I must exert as I live. I didn't really known and about advancing the pigeon. Then I see those medical help make known its back on its own cannot just be another branch is so you big time now say that the problem with which I do like dollar very If the committee is Radio put in the work and went in and beaten would have Instagram almost four fifteen seconds. That gets you all the attention both in your last right needs great jokes. Eighteen years me thank you- are on your doubts. We will base its only stories about your name in college that used have roasting like battle all day. More will we get to the point where it wouldn't started to somebody, cracked? It was made.
Arose, badges gouts, dumping I wouldn't go to get going and why not is not is doing the mess will be about mob musket him. He got to movement. Ass. Roger is right. None ass thy eyes diagram. I want to fight the Algeria. We're gonna get close enough to get the largest dna agony, real bad. What did he say you over the German? You call me biomass to fly like we do we get all these dreadful, headed yeah. Well, that's been careful wow.
Will you go? Do that the person with the bad guys don't get hurt us no more along in their mouths? When you got my mother knows no. Ninety nine of this thing, not is what gives man when Jerry YO said. He said, I'm gonna display any bided, better protest, the flag, Oda National anthem Maybe I can't I can't even no money. No more the guy. You see that when there is in fact of the matter, I go to a power game one game every year. There are you listening to me now. I don't have a team I was long ago was over the patriotism of epidemic.
Tom Tom S, mother, you play, you are operating on a mega hat and his goddamn longer Bela checking if Donald Trump main you didn't radio cowboys naive now. Mangoes is, though, that we have adopted is only that you guys getting into your personal lives to rest was noble bout. It begin becomes the families are our homes, all it s debating there. We got going on and I think the they put more said Tom who, like me, spend Joey curved other guy. They break out a little bit. So it's gonna go look follows the around me buddy. Why you about to cry now to my old elementary school dislike felt was where I came from. I came from little a number kid name. Cried you ma they are almost cried rob the abominable require a lie, but why did I know you said what am adhesives mentioned
no, it was understood. Them has been the elementary school I was. I was gonna walk to the image of God is another good of you to equal Macleod. Monoplane idea is kind of like a creek autonomous worry one or two nice real job, they were further, it was, you know, maybe would fight he was willing to manufacture. In writing the joy of negligence, and you shall have it. Why did you cry? He was born here? I'd really, rather, as we are aware that a chronometer obesity
cried on school, the rock. Nor were found, allow our boy somewhere around now know what is being, now in a crowd on the help member had it now, I know what one women she got back to in all the major, my ok with rock, which you have like, ah I think- and I don't know how I drive a review. Gaza, boys and non Grata Ground Father died and lagging see my convenient alcoholic whereby gale I never see liking it and they may find me order tat s all I agree now I have been about how to get ready to act. The movie here. Why don't you go, but I want to know how you live, and I think that it is simply to people's struggle with
These are the rebel ice one. I want to pull out a pair of little help me help you my God, what happened I start to use the budget from products are used, as black soap is number one thing you have added because usually Pv Acme they get out of nowhere, do not touch your face value, not picture faced, gotta scars and it just makes it worse. So even now, like my face, together with the back of her having measures the journey had he was whitewashed. Glasgow's there, the dark, color washed loves, can irritated s lot of stuff at is used in my hand circular. That's why,
The dark following the needs for waiting clinical clinically, don't over thousands of my name, you exit, saint, why that funny, almost crime is a worthy may go thing words because exiting the medicine like greasy. Had me, medicine is wrong. I was almost no skin, so you know that you, when you got Bob you gotTa Jacqueline. I don't know we got more with the plastic up boys when we come back as the breakfast club, the J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club was talking with the plastic up boys
Can I make a shadowy so until you get those guys pilot Mafia, the six year programme, what you doin nothin, What job now shown Cooper? This outcome put his girl Turner. She was next morning the whole basque body, LISA my bed net know. Somebody like you need everything you have said that bad covers, look maybe in tune
how about you you wanted. We all do the dog easier. The cover a large EU scandal that happened over to pursue, like you cover like one care, was getting into a cat. You talk about doing a thing with Billy your life is like there I'll. Do it all. You ever come out and say how happy I am that Michael blacks and squatted, though, because they were. And for real, very worrying migrants. Pissing me off his business on Fraser, Magna Captain like Hell, let alone you know you can't you beaten at their horse and then my say something about him and then went care respond, he responded nor here and he called I'd leap out any guy made visible. I drove you. Come there, somebody there's! No, you know you can come back. Have you want? they might hold think would be. A man was he's lying here.
Follow me, one is degree, never make heritage we can no longer, and then it was a party in Miami that there might be supposed to causes a birthday party and he said that kept got him off the party have known about. It was weighing the kick MIKE. While the boy regular, because we don't need no cause carbon hosted by myself, You never know calls upon you gotta look a few figures birthday, but he wasn't set it up cabin or nothing by the way. Did all how did your area wood, to ask his thing at all hours. Mattie quit may make a statement covers so good at addressing social Wilna dressing, any issue and gay. He could. He had the opportunity to make people feel differently about things, the whiskey Many a chose not do it out like you. Should he see them? Why every any view everything to be about that so decide,
whenever we also mulberry, also didn't have enough time to prepare a routine promoting for. You may ask that our meetings, the ETA Malta in Ghana, but a respectable- I even think about, incidentally, but I've got a perspective because it offers and then care broke down. Those- and I admit I was talking to make. It was also Jara knows what here when I was new solar cells and obtain no things he was seaward would not directed towards gay people. Called you worked in years could arise there lingo we have only about two percent in an ambulance. Maybe I shouldn't trot. Better my old trees and delete delete everything look into those monies like the man. I want you like the man. I wonder whether you get you in trouble. What once lots eczema signal?
you gonna do about why we gotta go see. Other documents that are now here by their debts is those Warner and commanded by now you know it's crazy. I've never been a bigger Kelly Van like that, and I was one of the people I thought I'd take back in the day and the barbershop we nomes, there's like I've, been nor typewritten I'm all Kelly was I've been speaking out against Angeli Emil. And hide in plain sight where there was a then what a number of earlier all himself the pie piper like I've, been seeing what it was. I have been a big our colleague I gotta crazy. I interviewed renamed the warm before right. You don't look like you know, it would seem ass, so he did. A united is our custom and there are Kelly Data Remix on his own and put a very so near so wrapped. He got off his case. He would be the case. Two thousand eight ye did is Remix a sailor.
Exactly thirsty about their good good lemonade. Hassan, nay, Lord, have mercy what I'm saying, maybe nobody doin, but what about where we went about doctors rain? Our devise, having done her interview on Wendy Williams, in bringing up things- I don't know the details and when I hear the denials about their web of your, not its normal results, did mean drains apologize phone you see the Michel lame Elite. Ahmad, like Tunisia, lay more vulnerable like an indefinitely. Both of Ghana came back right, so is this, like I don't know, maybe ensure that we have like selective morality depending on how much we like a horse riding on this. This guy had a cab ways. Man anyway abate, the youngest here I can't
trees governments, like the pages like Tom Brady, but now you're right. I don't like him the more I don't like this. The thing right now. I don't like that. Every by trying to compare to other people like the Elvis stuff, like one was had a young wife nor less to listen, that is wrong and then learn Harvey one this time. Last of all the stuff is wrong, but we should not get a pass. You don't say were disposed to go to jail and apples. Oh yeah. Oh they shouldn't go to give this personal good year is still a bad thing for me, I'm black eyes for that. Hold ourselves to a higher standard, I'm not worried about with some miles you don't we gotta do what we supposed to do and I have to have legal costs history, we got a crisis like I'm, worried that they don't use
How long is wrong attitude that it and let's get a document on a crush hours more than John across that Islam? People should not be same it. These personal goad in this position go at all. I wanted you to follow it was you that when they say cod, he talked about drug in Robin people. Why she not in jail and bill, can be withdrawn. If you like bills and java drugging in, raping greater right and don't forget the raping part, I got before Bozrah me. You day she got before Gucci Wash out she drug. You did mothers. Let part of you watched it will work.
Two hours ago, and only on nice. Now it's late use an older, remote sleeping used to say out loud that legally recognised, ABC, arrogant, long term loans. We beg midday, you go now. You re going away. As I see it, emotional. I never told me no good you. Why did you you wipe from a long term evaluate all the watch rule, but it was still my lad. Accusation drop Nazism. I'm thinking this budget has dropped. What April? Oh, I'm other people like the eldest of legal happening. Had a young wife nor Lester listen all day is wrong or in La Harvey. Why Stein, or is of all it
We all get Argentina, promote documentary on grounds that want it doesn't show on Sunday the twenty Eightth at the grandma City. You uneasy. More fully saddlers Saturday Felicity was an enormous amount of money money. You'll, be these glasses I got me a month s main veda I gotta go we need to have the last word. You appreciate you guys adjoining users, baby name, Elise is the biggest locomotion.
A morning everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast glad and we hear Friday, maybe still called freezing in the studio Willie. Where have you ever like icicles, happily, Avenger then Jane Day. I saw her last night, though that was it. I thought it was really good was an excellent. It was excellent, are just don't know how amongst I'm still have a lot of mixed emotions? I have a letter, you know different feelings. Gale from one syllable, Kinder Bypath which will at? Why was it why
was a better more gravely early. When you think that we can confirm is perhaps a hundred now. I don't know why I would ask its goal was to accommodate the reul report was well. That's, like hang a Wednesday died, his own church. Now, after you did a Sunday service echoed Charlotte according to people magazine, is that can to make his spiritual path a permanent one. They saying that he wants to start its own Kurds and that's because of an increase passion surrounding his spade and he was to share their fate with other people. He went his kids to be raised in faith and the best way to do that to live out his own fate? I don't think so. I mean, I think, that you can. You know I have faith in, you can worship and you can give Lord guy without actually building a charge. He wants to do what you do you not a pastor. Can you just build a charge? Why can't you did UK and let us build a charter think of this like then, you want to be a lawyer that you can do to think that you have to get the profitable had a name. Had it may do it, he would been became. A man
process do all. You can say that it is a process it is the very elderly out of the is he gonna be a past? Was he just Medea s? Getting maybe maybe consuming incendiary air and your happiness is working. Every nerve is building a chosen. You know you have actual path has written a cold ass. It seems like that. Use them. We don't service, Edward, you gotta kangaroo checks. Would I will go to the charter? Will I want to check out Sunday service in a minute just think is inspirational music, positive news. It gives you a good feeling we chose otherwise to without carrying absolutely ok, Matthew, nausea. Are going about this destinies chow musical. That he's doing right. The first thing I thought, when I heard about it, was the Ladys involved, well He said we have directly and indirectly spoken to that only Beyonce, Kelly, Rowland and Michela or their representatives, but also some of the former members of the group we've given them the opportunity to be as much as involved as they would like, or have as little involvement as they would like. So that's going to be survivor, the destiny's child musical. What did go to that?
you know, there's one Emma, I once he biggest fear, but as a fair man. I don't know how Bianchi is with her dad, but one of my fears, damn my daughter's all my kids discover don't no effort, meaning that logic, but they won t you fear, is a goal. Support Matthew knows Bianca get mad at me. Other rights, one of our biggest very, like a kid, don't really effort you like that leg in I don't do anything with. I got the dog, What does he do play one simple question, because once you know daddy, I love my dad I'll see that play an that's, not what I M doing it about their legs. Could what did we do it in a view about my daughter dares to what are you talking about a man who knows that the projectionist using this evening is the script is not finished yet, but he doesn't expecting. You know that a push back them. It is Madison you're on your way to school. I love you. He said that play is often his perspective, not their prospects. The girls very young when they got into this business. So a lot of this aid. Don't we and they did Emily understandable time
the bio play of sorts it's about destinies, yet about their come up yet come out point of view. I'll? Go see that I didn't, which I know what it was like? A bet death each he's coming where he sat ass, a lad, wasn't getting the attention because destiny TAT was kind of consuming the families of the musical takes you through the ups and downs of a family as well as destinies towns. And now you are no doubt deadly check that, as until my kids alone again, if they listened a lovely ass about your fears that little, let's hope you dont have this fair crops have been called to. Tarry kills home after release of these tapes. Now Terry kill place where the Kansas City cheese, but they have suspended him from all team activities right now and that's because of these tapes that we're really
they were recorded by his fiance Christs Crystal as an insurance policy and then passed on to a friend who gave its case he tv in Kansas City. They say they believe is recording, was made in early March and as previously reported, they were the subject of a child abuse invested. Into which involved there three year old, they were reports that he had a separate from a broken arm and he has what happened on. Those audio takes he's inside of you and you say that he respects you, but it's not it's not as a guide its terrify. He is terror. You need to be clarified to work both air. He told his fiancee, you may be terrified me to listen to What does he say about their view? Terrified me too. Scared of
he's a dynamic. So we wanted to say I come back down right and then he started crying and then you are like stuff so sir said so by Russia, so growing so crying right, and then he kept brine because he was scared, he's terrified Amy, what you grab onto him somehow or he fell one of the two do nothing. Then why does say? Why does a lot of them lying about what happened? Why would you want your woman to Sri Lanka? I fear, losing my woman with only reasons you would leave vows on foreign Elinor. She need be terrified and the last piece of this requiting tax about him punching their son in the chest and now some This investigation that brought back up and you're about to lose the now I really want you to say and think about it, because I wrote for you against red, detective and cps people and they said time and time again that
literally have saying daddy which you do when you start crying. What are you doing? You make an open up his arms and new functions in the chest and then, if he gets in trouble, you get the bailed out how old is old, Larry? Oh, my goodness, I write so right now, like I said he has been barred, indefinite leave him all team activities, not a general manager said we were deeply disturbed by what we heard on the record, a conversation we would deeply concerned now. I was there. We have great concern for a crystal. We are greatly concerned by tiring, but our main focus. Our main concern is with the young. And keep my diary is the fastest man and Anna fail. If I'm not mistaken, things nickname is cheetah. Somethin, like that is still going to be a contract somewhere is only twenty five years that these, when it it s. By He was in the end if, as would outweigh the NFL words big hurry when I'm annually, and that is your room- a report shadowy, yes or even a donkey to this couple? In the? U K debt is not appreciate their blessings on his fire Friday and we need,
the common affirming the congregation we'd like to have a war within policed. I will get next keep unlocked the breakfast club component. Thank you. I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey. There needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't give that aid today. Well, sharing these people from your town. Ok, don't you today for Friday April, twenty six goes to a couple from the UK that is fighting a Connecticut Fertility clinic in court. They say the facility gave them the wrong embryo and they wound of giving birth to a baby of another race, are really hate when people don't appreciate their blesses. Ok, nothing pisses me off more than people who don't appreciate the opportunities that God has given them. Ok, see discover from the UK this
His Connecticut Fertility Clinic Anna brother by the name of Doktor Melvin Thornton Tropical, involve a moment Thornton their claiming the shocking mix up has left him with haunting uncertainties regarding their second warning, now go into the New York Daily NEWS. This couple visited a clinic in twenty fifteen because they were struggling to conceive and fraud embryos using the husband, sperm and eggs from a donut. He specifically chosen a customer, the child, not their own. If you can build a base, be able to build a baby okay, I don't see the problem. Well, the wife, by the grace of God, the woman eventually became pregnant with the couple's second child, the young lad, didn't resemble his older brother whatsoever and had much darker skin pigmentation than either Father genetic mother are therefore assign. Ajay aid is why couple had add a black little baby. Now I don't know what the return policy is on babies. What discover wasn't pleased with this law black blessing, I write done.
Did a dna test and the results show that the youngest child is not biologically related to the dad. Now I know what you're thinking this woman had a blackberry on the side: He was getting those low, Debbie, vanilla, Christmas tree, cakes mass to smithereens by some Anthony Joshua. Brother in the UK, but no it s not the case. A right is fertility clinic in Connecticut, simply give them the wrong order. This happens every day at fast food restaurants around the country that aren't chick fil, a okay, because those angels walking amongst amongst us called chick fil, a employees with never, but now this couple of suing because they say they live a constant nagging. Facilitating fear that these mysteries, firm Dona will realise what happened and come claim custody of their black little baby Jesus Christ got damage from understandable or what I don't understand. This couple saying that deciduous has left a family vulnerable, the ignorant and cruel harassment from judgmental strangers.
Radio barrage daily. We question the suspicions regarding who did shod real Father is and whether or not the mother had an affair with a dark night now understand all claims, but I'm still given is covered donkey today, simply because this couple is not appreciate their blessing. I read your oath once said one of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life. Is it because we were because we become ungrateful? Okay, we let what was once a miracle become common, to us. Ok, you are letting this miracle seem com into you. Ok, we get so accustomed to God, goodness it becomes a routine right. This couple is so privileged and they don't even staying at God, gave them better than they ordered are: God gave them more than making hand who have you ever checked into a hotel in the hotel, decided to give you a free of great ok, you're, a one bedroom and any tell you Haven, T put you in a sweet ye. I see this happening you all the time you check at the airport on airline and in all of a sudden, you get a free up. Great first class yeah,
yes, mountains gave a broader base Medina Medallion Member, either way you still free up, or even you don't complain about those upbraid. Ok, you complain that you a blessed with something better than what you ordered. That is my issued. This couple from the UK gets. Maternity, to raise a low king. Ok, if I had to rewrite the blinds I this is, I would rewrite it. Why raise aunt man when you can raise black there's nothing wrong with that man great character, he came to an end game. What he's not the king will kindly? Ok, you shouldn't be so in the hospital you should be saying. Thank you gratitude should be added to arrive, the words. The good brother Wily plaque is beautiful. Black is called, ok, listen couple in the! U K, learn appreciate what you have offered aim makes you appreciate, which you had a right. You got to ten should raise the prince of the motor appreciate that black little baby, given ungrateful guy, gallantly UK the biggest here, please
The only problem is people keep coming up to them and sainted your wife. She don't you We live in a little strange at war ain't. Nobody woken up the people just say in it. Demographic, family and friends Bobby think that adoption it could be adopted? that's what they want is a you know what we wanted a black. We do. We did this on purpose. Riley one was a black lobby, they want, and why do we have W black low baby that eleven countries will elaborate is doing this. For years, is man come on average pleasant right? What are you for adultery day up? Next, we have asked, poor, Michael early, joining us this morning, the angel I saw mega early was I ask you real and briskly, and only item eight there. Yesterday, yes Loca they positive picture Michael Iliad Negro in these Brooklyn streets.
Working with him. Next, don't move the debate around? Wasn't it Michael? You leave the complex napoleon. Why are you hating? I got out terrorism is railway. To talk in just came to I, just can't united as one might be lights can dogskin some big boy say it's the breakfast, a hooker, the breakfast club morning, everybody's d, J M. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We got a special guess in about endeavour. Michael early welcome was of ya, then a minute gotta know flicked the insurer coming out our does you little this weekend. I thought a trail the intruder, the beginning a flag? They show me the home or we really yes it better be applied to us. There is ok areas, there is definitely is. Is this movie at a different delivers right, yeah was originally called motivated seller, and this also threatening does it not that none of you didn't whether flip my house totally
really undreamt of real estate. Independent Film, Robert Smith, bill? now, let me than men both point one billion with the delegation, Oh my god. Oh my god, oh yeah yeah, you know you know dia my people, dare we so yeah here he. Finally, as this film is wise, upset independence, Sony picked it up last year and you know, is its army, which is fairly really good about this. When you said when you say when people used to say independent, I don't really think about this. When I first heard independent, I'm thinkin a bunch of movies apple type movies out there. That's what people think when I assume independent now as this is there's nothing independent about this built. It seemed like nobody was wasted,
No money was spared. This seems like a fool, production, Suzanne and look like oh, it looks like the white mandate and I think that the matter very much was done very well. I mean you know, look that the budget was was not. You know. I mean barbershop costs more about last night, cause more things like a man Cosmo, it's you know it was done I had a budget in when you have an independent everybody's there, because they want to be at any rate describe them. As I love, yeah everybody was like I want. I want to be here. You know what that's doing now that you mention that it's independent, I think about. Also you guys shot mostly in the house like a lot of that. Oh, my god. You sell, observe that do yeah that they're dead,
has one one major location. I think we spent and like five six weeks shrewdness this film and we spent literally five in like today's in their house, and it was like from day, one in that how good it was inevitable. We have long been. There is like a swamp in the front yard was ours? Is the Vancouver vehicle it'll be in an ill? small, but it is, you have to stay and thousands and hotel. Lately I've been on those move, whether we actually had a hotel room. You know about ten minutes away, gradual gay. So let's give some of the plan that we can give ok, but I want to go through them of because We gotta low screener, but we can't get it to this morning and I want to say I haven't been paying attention to anything that was goin on during two thousand and nine. Alas, the movie grow earlier, but is really guys. Oh just give us the premise of it so basic
you know Megan good night play this young couple named Scott and Annie and were like buying our first house right. You know everybody. This is this a tradition all across world. You get together you by your first how's, your dry stated very expensive. Beautiful house, yes, I think we did at another level, another level, but it's the same thing you don't mean it is technically the same thing where the three hundred thousand dollars house at three million dollars house when trying to start a family and ultimately the previous owner and I'll play by Dennis Quaid. Who I mean I know I can't wait for you to see it like this dude. Is just terrifying goody does go where we things off. He's he's terrify. You know he just. He has a connection to this house that were not aware of right and so. He's having a hard time letting go and an ego is creating a issue because I got boundaries. Obviously you know my characters
he's, a magazine, glass, half full type. We in that very soon nice, that's why you fell in love with her. He understands where she's coming from an sometimes they may right. You know very protective of this list was due to, and so I just did just kind of escalates from near. Our call for the character is: is you as an actual purse, because in the movie this guy, is scared of guns, he doesn't like guns, he doesn't want to be around guns. Are you like that? It will now do you I'm a lot like Scott and I'm kind of a pessimist. You know and and and I don't trust people ever trust issues with people, but but ultimately, I'm a lot like Scott up until we get to that gun argument. What I mean- and you know it's it's a. I don't necessarily believe that you know guns are always the answer.
You know, as you see to film, you know, you'll see that you know there comes a time when you have to kind of compromise. We're gonna shoot you. What did I do not go away God I visited. How did they were going to present this way you'd only because- Like, I believe in the love attraction. You know you gonna think positive thing, the energy issue you back out of their work being a peasant. Firstly, in Lisbon, Now, don't some, perhaps perhaps pessimism wrong, I'm a real! It's ok right and and I'm am aware that you know, regardless of my expectations, I have to understand that people don't look at things away. I do yards in people, don't you know if you don't think, I'm talented Ok, then I'll matter, you don't like it. I know what I can do. I know what I can do. I know my work. I think I know what I'm gonna do, but I can't expect thereby to feel the same way
If I get all I that the biggest thing I have to, let go the expectations yet from other people and why isn't it free where was wearing freeing when you stop seeking approval era movies. Do you like to watch these the railways in hers? You know mega made a good point. She actually is a huge fan of this particular John. I didn't love it until I got into it with the perfect got and obviously I stepped into it in in the villain s role and playing the sociopaths, so that was you did a great job darling. I would argue here. I know I actually who played like I do any good sociopath yeah, I feel like I feel I can say, is people thought I want to kill Gabrielle, a joint being Mary Jane. I was like I always they always leading to sell anything like that. Perfect guy Magna Carta Info colored girl go he got decided it suits. You need for that,
I, like the genre Romagna made. A good point, is the only genre. Where you will put yourself in a life and death circumstance, and I thought about that. But it is very true. Every every time you in a thriller, typically your life is on the line and it begs the question: Genre itself begs the question: what would you do if this was you tat way lay in a bag? I, yes, he do unequivocally. Why so far, year after year. Ok, you noted the good thing about being a baggage were no. You are not the moral compass, right, you have no limitation, like oftentimes. A hero is limited by his morals. Is the law alias there's things they hold you back from being free in the villain is, is is somewhat
fine in his and honestly, as you see in this movie, as you see in the dark night, a good villain can really really make a move. I we got more Michael ailing, where we come back door. Is the breakfast club Morning morning, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club. We too have Michael early in the buildings in a new flick intruder. Charlemagne is hard to get. This has been still arose out of Use Bert. Yes, when you're playing a sociopath when I played Carter, imperfect guy, I my wife You just go to Hell. When I came back, she was like, I could see it use. I just go, go away and I left for like four day really by myself. Would you go both the holder regarding which I would like vacation. Yet it is clear
like the ocean- and I find very peaceful and tranquil- and so I was just like I just needed to be- you know there and I won't be too far away- is the little ones. So I don't want to cover for a couple of days which is weird to Beata like hotel yourself, you see like couples and stuff like tat, kids in families in couples by, like you, don't like on earth, honeymoon in already feeling a little crazy, fundamentally likely he looking out over there. Looking at you like what you do by you say it is gonna like this is really weird. I think I will go back to the rules to be. I must making friends. Sometimes when you go places I buy yourself, people do talk to you. Now here to a certain extent by you know, after that I won't talk to me, but I needed complete motor silent back. That's definitely definitely and disturb place may feel Spirit leave your body I did really is weird. I dared yeah. I was doing it
The killer anywhere, where I remember one amateur, exactly united, have really glad he's gotta, let it all go yet. I they arose that you ve turned out cause you like this is too like I can't too intense for me. I can't go from this too, that I never scared. Take I mean I think, for color. Girls was probably the most trouble, asian I've had about taking a will gather african American Army, no one's ever its white. Where I live on, look I'm never watched a great movie birthday. The tough goddamn will be to what is a tough play.
You know, there's a tough play and in an obviously that the dramatic scene of you know what happened. We by William kids mean that that just takes it to a whole other level, and I was really terrified of taken on their remember the time I asked my mom is she would be ok. Is I didn't want it? I never wanted to disappointed gone now, but, like I never wanted it to disappoint her too, and so it was very important for her to my kind of say. Ok, too, that if she had said I really don't want you to do it probably would not have done. Is that that's how much she met a she gave a blessing. She did. You know, and I told him my angle, which, as you know, I feel like I can
shed light on PTSD and in the trauma of war, and she she and she understood a respected that and she said no was like a religious personal. She worth a movie sheeting, wash them it's funny, because when I read Sidney Protease book in a measure may she you know he talked about never wanting to disappoint his parents. Now that was kind of what drove him in his career path in everything, and so I think I I took that on myself now. At the same time, I have no a creative any inside me that that makes me want to challenge myself, and so you know I did perfect. Guy was all about taking that romantic come the image and turning it always has re and say it: don't don't label me in that way when it was made me look at your caregiver calibre difficult back in the day I was a boy PTSD trauma. You know the pain
Then he probably have from the war. He was reached, retina pain or the people that are now looking at it like now you know how long it will disregard exactly that. That's what I was China, China put out there, because I had seen and done so much research on soldiers coming back in the trauma that they go through over there I mean when you walk, witness kids being murdered. I may come back from that and be normal. You don't owe me buy, it could have been. You could have been me, it could be any one of us that went away and came back in that's why Kimberly leaves his character so she's going what people all she's going through with a call secondary PTSD and that's when your loved ones are. Your caretakers are deeply affected by what you're going
and so she did not even how to handle because she's just she in her mind I was gone. The she was hoping in wishing for me to combat your Anna shows how we dismiss people, mental health issue. All of you to draw the guy is a crazy, drunk every fucking here, and you know the feed outweigh Gandhi liking. Just as I hated not only lies can guide us only. You and I know, duskier bread ever had travelled rebel dusted. Grubs, though handle tromp, everyday low cry, we'll need terribly, we string. Melanin makes a strong any role that you decided not to do that. You were Gretna sit down
it is therefore an m in their roles. Writing it. But I've also grown immature to a point where I am confident that was mine is mine is to go off roles as it is by guess: oh yeah, Look I just taken a body there. I didn't really. What have I done? Cottage showed it. I. You really believe that we really need to see more work will have my beautiful. A black man like me on a robber confined to film. We know who we want. That's what I love. One thing that I love about the icy definitely fights for me, but he also is aware that you know the bodies that are built. Is you know you can supersede somebody's etiquette nor of Burma and you not met not while I'm in no mood like the intruder, a guy like to support needed because they have a black ass. Could we always do that? Was a black have supported this black funded by producers?
This is the reason why we should be making hundred million dollars. You know very well, thank you for joining us. Michael, really know what is it you look about this we may? Third, may I re we came to release it. We could fit is waiting, it was green or for it I'm a guy. I want you to be happy. I'm negative Peter was greener for someone who you're, ok, regarding Bang Bang Blossom taken on forty minutes in right now I gotta see Brazzaville. There has been very I'm almost done. You will have a say what happened? Not only enough from ideology. Lanky, every Meissner, crag as he cries Illinois movies, is not desirable. Envy him. He must I crying a crowd or creed. Did you cried the dog? I did you see dog now nobody seemed out you say dog,
good. I'm about the head. You git, yes, the HIV, tangible guy. We thought you might not have read the book in due course. The movie with a dog, Rome agonizing. I give a shadow. My man was a horse because he kill their father. Didn't you do each we should not do you think that will be caught, though you gave it a grin and agony. I gotta go to give f. Why would I wasn't in a movie about anybody? Is driving? You can buy figures. Do not. I would you name feet like use reason flight you, and even though only answer who's gonna die during an intruder. It's it's it's not! in tears so much so unequal and Agatha Cry monitor either I went to mankind with another. Michael really is the breakfast club
the breakfast club, We urgently need a clear lesson, well acquainted body. That means Adams out so sad. I too schoolboy you just on the breakfast club, as well yesterday, nominally by around his long awaited, pass top album, summation young download that and take our interview. Do you wear schoolboy q, our right now when
William Sea has rebooted her after Show Youtube Series, since that do it out again on wednesday- and he spoke about having to be careful, how you guys remember there are allegations that cabin Hunter her soon to be ex husband. I tried to poison her and cops, are actually call to the house in January with that Anonymous Tipp. Well, here's what you had to say on her after show when she was given some cupcakes Roman who won I cant do happen to a room. The woman who gave me we'll know she told me that were cupcakes I saw in the box. It's a cupcakes from the coptic manners getting jersey like a logic place, so I know they're not poisonous thinking to share them with the crow. I will say it. I was always Wendy's thing, though she would never eat things that people gave her because she was always afraid of the killer and should always think anyone's sending her food. China poisoners, who say that a lot for she had forgotten already nodded depends, depends who scented action at all. It all depends what
All these years, the killer allegedly was her ex wife. Why are you calling do the is always doing too much and he's from Brownsville? Let us talk about a little known as Ex he's gonna be making a guess, appearance at stage coach with Billy Razor so that was days will have three day festival and Country Festival that's gonna, be young, for there are literally raised stereotype, doomed Bobby boys. Don't do that as well, because, as this is gonna be the first time they perform Oda in fact the odds, how road live for the first time at that country, music, festival, hole
to the old, rude little knowledge about the realise how conservative the country already their guardians they need. You boot virus we'll be there, and I think that some have crossed over. I mean it within a country charts as well even wanted to know who was day better Yahoo. That doesn't mean the fanned country on his very, very, very concerned to be buried in I get and they like out you a certain way, rather than be like me, copy black, fairly re Cyrus posted a picture of a billboard. It says: congratulations, Billy, RE, Cyrus Number, one billboard hot one hundred billboards dreaming sounds too worldwide. He stopped by their scientists think his to think loners axing young Keogh. Who did the beat? I guess take horse of the autumn rallies and I would not have this time without loners, x and coo EE. So congratulations to that trio's inevitably stage
Yes, they are most about even after right now, you think looms which were from the stage. Cohesion are doing. A video withstand cultural, for the song is well now t paying has to take a little break from music. He went on his instagram pays to post a video that says under his doctor's orders. He has to take a break. Doesn't permanently damages vocal accords. The truth of the matter is the danger myself, an alone, I will show you a few pains in other words, not only to the doktor and the raised ITALY that you know the road I was gonna start on permanent damage to my he's, got some tea pangs, auto toward authority propane. But why do you that ought to be used as a signal to the other two and I'm sure it's a lot of state, to wit, vocal, It's always miserably Zadig isn't brain. I write well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report safer,
now, I'm shots Mary J, Blige, Mary, J, Blige called me yesterday. Surprise. I see the number come up on my phone. I didn't know what it was and she was like. Is this dj only and I was like what does he say: hey hey fair hours lay guy years, and I had this marriage blush and I started studying grabbed. It really dig, it was her, but it was a and she actually has a new recognition, but ass you go on shore with nozzle. I want to bring this record for marriage. Obliged not fear Jones is called deriving. Is for all your uncle. The ok, we're very excited about this glass right numerically makes now has enabled Where Mary makes me, I guess a myriad of ammonium nitrate, everybody, the data which employ marital when it Would you and I wanted to hear, yellow ever agree? We know saying about to be a soup authority in these creasy. You know with our from Memphis little battle. Friday
you gotTa Rousseau voice? No by we have noted the guy. You know a drop articles above a year, but ok, ok, that unless we don't know marriages arise not mad at it. Now, let's do it is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building. Storm salts are now using his new movie sprinter right. Yes, I saw the movies Brent Anchor absent see it and it was amazing. So I dont want to give away too much so store. You give away when she went away and then we'll talk about. It is a story of a young boy. I'm seventeen year old kid point, making a transition moment from high school to a man. Adult was a story of a boy whose mom leaves, when he seven to come to the: U S to work as a nurse they on a visa, also returning two years in its ten years later,
has returned, she can't leave an arm cassese less than she can't get it acts in America, in others will do immigration thing goes on its no in the larger sensitive stories. Young boy things he began only run fast enough can only make the national team if it can only achieve on the track. Maybe you have a chance of getting back to his mother, but is also a story of ignoring the use in the post. You seen bull world sprinters no summoned to some is high school kids. There so fast is like they can see. The potentially pickin make it does one second faster internet domain the terrain of old and some of the great so that world changes once people see. You know that you have the potential to provide actually in the movie. By the way, though, now, I was in Jamaica one year and nay, it was during the Olympics in its like air out at the airport. Everything shut down
we know you say what about the Roma everything like day the whole airport doubt no security land? No, not thereby just sat on through wanting insane run like in them in the mid other city and in half way tree is like is like times square a fall in pigs and not on the traffic salespeople Middle street. Play a track is a bad thing Do people look at track the way I think of some black kids in America? Look at hip hop like they look at it at their way. Out of this circumstances, yeah, I think definitely has definitely has been, isn't avenue and has been an avenue for a lot of people. Too kind of you know take himself through school professionally and in other avenues. Track has been a major. It's a powerhouse effect would not only been great athletes, but it said in effect on upon us, the conscientious lifting people NASDAQ. I know it was important for you to kind of break these stereotypes have what we used to seeing when you see a movie in Jamaica, you think of shatters, and you think of things like that and for you
o, though this was a totally different type, a movie you don't see anything happening like people gain sat or anything like that. In this be so. Why is it important that you too shall decided to make her here? Because you know the thing is: is not like stereotypes, the in some element of truth. What would be the stereotype right, but when that's all that you sure rely on it becomes what you imagine. Everything is an and everyone is living. This extreme live or die situation that you kind of emerging. In our mean it's just showing a regular family showing the obstacles of his you'd being in is not like. If he doesn't winder race, he's gonna die. No, it's it's. What he does when there is. Maybe we can get his family back together is a simpler obstacles. I think a lot of us humans are going through more realistically and I think if we can show that an odd characters. I have this and an once and simplicity. That's kind of what makes a story a bit more radical. You know, mom in Jamaica, men is also story about asking the internet a man we know enough to make amends for imports
has not obey. You know you like imagine there mom is gone for ten years. What do you think the dad is doing in Jamaica? If you had to imagine the moment, Within a few years he's been in America pending approval blood. You make a man like every other man, but I think the assembly will be here again and aim with a lot of other women ashore on we play on non under. You don't owe me replay another assumption on an arm this young boy, whose one unwise moment not coming back and thinking. Maybe that's his dad on his daddy suffering, is on demons, trying to be faithful, Blackburn husband. I try I dont being what do you like nature hanging by just trying to be happy, but I dare devil right, but also a missing is family missing his life's was showing a farm it s, trying to be as cohesive as possible because of the dynamics of economy, immigration, etc. There, their separate
I don't mean as import. I saw normalize it sought so much so that our lead actor deal earlier. Who plays? I came sharp in his own life story, is so similar to that of the characters, whereas both of his parents left when the UK and the U S when he was like five seven and he was raised my grandparents Anna and when we made this film when we shot the final sequence in LOS Angeles on his way to LOS Angeles he's went to fly. To reconnect with is that for the first time in a long time- probably over decades, we just it are premier in London in February, and we travelled there and his momentum at airport at first time they reconnected in person in seventeen year phase that were telling a story about a kid whose living this it's such a normalizing systems and even our actors, life is even more extreme. In terms of
have a family separation. So it's like a simple thing that is very normalize across the globe, and I thought it was worth looking at bottom emotionally affects. Why aren't you make us offers were like? This is a new thing like Elisa Motto, always not new. In my life, I got no further than we would have had to pay relays. Anyways always Jamaica relating to small ways is eager to make ends meet
audience had been released. I honestly it's: it's has been going on for a long time in all the charms which is our national high school, I can feel chairmanships is over one hundred years old and I'm pretty much every major great track athlete. That's Commoter Jamaica's pass through their hooting, you seen an auditor everyone and, I think, a big part of it. Yes, it's probably location and something to do a diet and something to genetic spending. It has a lot to do with coaching. We have the best sprinting coaches in the world, as well as addressing those investment and so on, put into track and finding athletes from the seventies coming forward not only to have national talent. They built an infrastructure to find a talent and kind of on it, so that we do well in its own national pride in their a hunt for the next you saying Box will be always amid a few of them.
I'm a documented them in studying to try to create a realistic current you represent in many challenges? good, jamaican, make an phrase and teach them how to say right and work might have passed by just a little bit disallow somethin watch out anyway. Lhasa, me don't know it was it he had now is an entire. There is on the up next time in its next time man is gonna, listen, tell em Emma bleach blades there's a oblige me: bleeds demand, erected, a movies granted that you become my brother's morning, everybody's d, J Envy, Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club now shout to Michael eagerly for joining us this morning. You may make sure yeah support the intruder. S rod, intruder directed Mama may die, tailor it don't Camacho next week do come not next Friday.
Maximum onto a screen afford some time next week. None one, because the honest, my man and number two is a movie that is fully funded by black people, You know where we go to a movie. Didn't we make all these other movie than all other production companies, millions and millions of dollars. We need to start support now, in that way. So not only then will we have a great black cats am I made in his queen. It is actually funded fully by black people. When that just leg with on the movie sprinter, we were just talking about through a storm software which is really dove to support these movies, that's so set out to them again. Also for coming through shall we had today and classical boys. He had the plastic boys who to have a special, that's going to be on Netflix as well and Imma, go see them on Sunday, I'm going to see them before, he's, gonna say the movies Brent Asia, Caribbean movie anyway, all kinds of different aware that all the different film festivals- but you know I just shows a different side of jamaica- were used to the shop.
Then the hide. It is common knowledge that, but this is a different type, a movie, absolutely an arm to night and will be in Virginia. Anybody to seven hundred and fifty seven MLB out at eight o Ferrell as soon as huge festival out there this weekend, some the water festival I'll be done. I am actually doing a party with Michael vehicles from the area so wish to be a lot of fun and- and sadly, we do in our real estate seminar in Atlanta last. So if you want to come on through the event bright, you know which is really trying to teach people about real estate. We started from the big an open them with credit, helping them lend is hard money lenders. Conventional land is fine and agents and hope They could get a house and start some investments and make somebody outside of what they do, and I will see you guys I am so Maisie and I want to shout I'd. Send my drink fresh Jews team during first used outcome that produce business. That allies were really started.
Pick up, it only live like a little bit over a month ago, and we may find ourselves in a lot of places. Now lad arrest arise as part of a mixed. Drink menu are still, but also in some. Some other restaurant is either a state of fry suppress. Do so, I wonder shut up, everybody that's been ordering fringing first use that com, so they could support the movement, but their delicious as well. So just wanted to thank everybody, for that is, A journey looking very familiar, latticed steps involved in this, but if been occupying a lot of my time lately. So, but it's worth it and I love it and I have produced in the fridge every day you go. Will Charlemagne? Yes, sir? positive note. Yes, man. I saw in game last night. It's a great movie. I'm actually going back to my offer to determine NAM taken my daughter, because only my life and I went last night, but I want to tell everyone out there. My positive note is simply this: please remember that doctor strange.
The endgame fourteen million six hundred and five times, and he didn't spoil any of it, be like doktor strange as we. Those oil is until at least two ok, let people find their Roger Raccoon, died on narrow, forever there is no political, yonder, Syria, isn't it. Treat whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast Cholera Java. I didn't just find fear in violence. I found hope a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series, the women's war, listen to the women's war on the eye, heart, radio, app apple podcast, or ever you get your podcast
I am also Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses, spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy, it's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part gasped
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