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Thursday 7/13 - Today on the show we had Terrence J stop by and promote his new show "Safe Word" on MTV and found out some secrets about him and his girlfriend. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to everyone that gassed up Deray Mckesson about his blue vest and Planet of the Apes and Angela helped some listeners out with "Ask Yee".

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MRS you'll wake a whole day. Child region, the annually Charlemagne guy on the planet is respected. Show because this is a voices aside zones in a J W morning, so I didn t want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest you don't you you don't go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go go good morning. Hiv mining is Andy Charlemagne. These didn't play is yes, it's Thursday I'll just be back in a peaceful and we would think and essentially agree peaceful, so now revolt back in God abandoning speaking to evolve. Congratulations to Anthony that works and rebellious had a baby. His various tax regulation regulation too happy. What do you say? Happy pregnant every pregnancy, father, Rodya, congratulations, that's it! You need a boy or girl.
A boy, a boy. The picture tend to figure it out. You know babies, you can't tell me any little. Babies choose what they want to be sorted out. You don't even have a choice. It was decided that later my privilege granted figured it out for himself lag and regulations to Anthony Pye. While we're back I'm back from my aim. We had a great time. I m shouts everybody. Miami our Cistus station, one, two, three, five, the beaten everybody Dounia had an amazing time in Miami lotta. We have my favorite place the broadcast. On the whole, I heard the universe, Miami loved S, duty here, look at all or old and we get is actually broadcast live and the families who said I was half way. I was pretty corner you sings by Tommy. Israel's element: diagnoses, Spiderman, you. How is that? It was a man and wife when developing fight a man yesterday, you know she snuck subway into the movie theater cause she's. So fine, a frugal planning is watching something I think, without bothering them with that women sneaking Addis deficit a movie days. I thought at we do all that. We do want a couple, so I had she S. Life is upon us added far now it is ass himself way. Sandwiches and some are Harvey Sonship vessel, but fundamental good ally, I'm a marvel fanatics of good yesterday was a good. They would go, see, spider man and then I spent all day online arguing with dumb ass kids will. No doubt boys away raises word like you know that that really frustrated me to a certain extent, because it made me realize how much do you ve doesn't know you don't know you been insulted. You probably know, even though it had been a budget greatness eat, so it I was of the conversations yesterday as a canary. Their necks out press conference in what kind of a greater within to fly may lead only double down on. Ladies go at age old days. When we boy again saw me whether or not he met her in the first time, which he did mean a faint, but I don't think you meant it interracial way, but once you know the information- and you know that is a racial slur and you continue to see that you just a dig it well again will help believe, though, that I met as they would as the UK. Is that our sadly, I don't believe you can say now actually gonna be in New York to data. Do in a press conference at the bar Claes in Brooklyn, so are flawed and Mckenna will be in New York City and also shout to mark when he does this real estate.
call and real estate I would say I ve talked about real estate invested in real estate and had invest in real estate. What you need to do and protests, my first home when I was twenty two years old, and I was actually all those calls today and we were talking about real estate refining effort in happy but will actually get there first crib. So there was a lot of people on a foreign. Alot of people had needed, help China, first home and actually investing in realistic. So I had a great call what everybody and at last I think, everybody that a militia to show Craig Front Page news. What we're talking about you, a state of emergency in Nevada, was how you what's going on there. They have declared a state of emergency. Alright, we'll get internet when we come back, keep it lacked, is to breakfast cloak morning. Is future Moscow morning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news story of which sports now are you guys been follow, Alonzo Ball. He had a game yesterday. He did pretty good. He scored thirty six points, but they did plague as to seventy. Six is that it is all pre game. What
didn't wear his baby bees Negus. Yet some Kogi ears on call we saw yesterday was the sum illegal dumping were prepared to much attention to. Some of these are important too much talking like I've, been here in every game, longer baldly value that is sold out every game that he plays. They haven't seen it in years sign away his father. One is for him to be on a Laker, then every baby, exciting for the gay are absolutely vital that the plan Nix added about this gang was he didn't ways BB bees? Nicotine was my colleagues and I will try to figure out. Why switch did so being that he's got very thick, pointing on blame it on issues, guess what it is absolutely at eleven assist other night awareness, B, B b, sneakers, ok, so he'll be fine right, Nellis suck mother s be awards, they were last night, Besmear athlete Russell Westbrook, but ass championship. Performance Kevin do read novels Russell Weber of the best male athletes.
what would it be between we're? Gonna? U Lebron James Deaf Currie Governed eradicated, highly triple double Russia was broke. It allowed figure of the world it was getting out in your resolution. Does that very day I brought forth a Wilson male having their Russell Westbrook. Ok, yeah, that I think we are right now pay a mandate hosted an is he like a cabin to re little upset when he said this famous show dominate the cap and a rat told me he wants to play for the measure and I gotta tell ya: don't you start German or whatever
They will remain lie was making no, everybody else is laughing and they sat there staring straight ahead of interim like a bag, a sullen, vinegar, potato chips. You saw them so you have to get over it. I can't I don't show up people still get upset when they make a decision. They make a choice. It worked out. You wanna Championship day when she why you have said about any jobs like them plenty. Why now alive you at my right, it is held my ring for Ngos like it worked out, and I think they got the ring it any get the regarded as was entering access, but, alas, Why Melissandre Nevada was going on about where they have declared a state of emergency? Could they don't have enough? Marijuana Miranda was only recently legalise back until I first struggle to cool Baldwin avoided them. The issue, then, for the first eighteen month of legalization, the only people that can sell the marijuana wholesale liquor distributors because they had such a fuss over saying that it would cut into their profits. But these distributors aren't keeping up with the demand and I getting licence fast enough. All
but when it gets a marijuana, so right now they have issued a state of emergency. They need some new rules that would allow people to re examine how they distribute the product, because people can get there. We know what I was all did. It was only three places to get marijuana for I was actually DJ grand opening of one and they were having a hard time where they actually made a lot of the edibles there, and it was hard to get a lot of wheat in an alliance with sodium long and the temperature was like a hundred and fourteen agree. So you all nine hundred fourteen degrees waiting for hours and hours now was to get that their we'd is very difficult. If not today, we know all about to get all badger. Gmo marijuana, organic we'd gone areas can be all an unhealthy GMO marijuana job. I get the kind of makes effect, my goodness, the kind of major academic. If my goodness then as front page news, I get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one if you're upset need events, call us up right now or if you feel blast hit us up. Eight on
five eight five one, five one four lines: a wide open call us now is to bring
local morning the breakfast pounding down you're gonna, get it over with you on the breakfast laughing but allows as it was gone audited rolled over on our baby was several the ravages. May I was gonna tell them I'm not gonna cod with worker right now. You did you my boy now not enough about tat boy now, holding out a light. Would you just take it? I know people a dumb you you did in the propaganda you that you used to be my boy while people and is a boy of the railways slur when it comes from a white person to a black man, especially when as a dance boy dates back. You know the way you do you know. What I want is a theme. Energy withdrawing Bethought mass media, which ran on Hold Floyd beaten, lie mapping illegal, beat. I never heard another route of will add a router before May within a lotta another aroun against them other than merely form, and I got a feeling that the one time are one of the really would somebody that he kicked Dickie tonight. I'll win now, no legal way, good God inauthentic Joe GonNa Barton allows is what will be evaded. J J was mandated of justice motorboat mad at what I agree. Heavy lab with you said you get back on nine May running my days earlier, that old mandate- fresh, nay it I will gradually yesterday, but that you feel for it. I did what I had to be winning back on air. The he looked up and down with his lip know how you know you might have been shot messing around and why should we not look at me? Look at all on the gradual, elevated z was mess. What is there a way, I think be likely to give aid throne? I remember there that you feel with abortive got up at any rate around eighty five minutes. I know one thing of a man's Magdalen S. Neck need you'd, look I'm dead July, thus learn that is done. One will afford it can always they may affords run another man of Lord. You should afforded right honestly with amazed that you on your ass, would you do microblogging loud alongside not? Actually, I was gay allows. This will go on common rules in Chicago was submitted, ravages, Bruce merger actors. El Ray songs is geared nor great M, made provocateurs scraper. So I say this because
like I'm doing I'm going home and all of a sudden I pulled off about cars on some random stuff, right, right and mom. My bidding is I'd at its old red lies a tank as it allows were too much and all that- and you know they- let me go because you know I had a loophole mommy and nothing is indeed
Ray the cards like. That knows there by a scare them envy. All nerve is where you shouldn't be no absolutely, but it happens in some of the reasons why they go so hot it, because we are nervous and argue pulled overlapping, mornin. Anybody in this invaluable of at least once a month- and I am I mad when you get lie a magazine- do usually do another. Moreover, if under another, why you pull me with my being it, I'm not afraid I'm not afraid of the cover, they pull me over, I'm afraid of common Ali video that I keep seeing a feeling that that's what makes no that'll be the sauna news in armour plating. Your me all I mean it happens, all always like a veto in over your target out. Yet in the fact that I am aware that thou
Whilst all should to a point where it all of my men was freaking out about it. I'm going out of elite among members, which I got a guy just seen. Falander paranoid. You do not let him those great up does all be cool together. I missed of the eight hundred Friday firewood O five one. If you up such need, even call us up right now, or maybe you feel bless it is up to breakfast locomotive breakfast got wake up. Ass manner bless you wanna hear from you is Johnny of a journey I'll get it off. Each has broke away our day. Why? I just wanted. There are very, very bullets. I dont have a lot, but I have everything because I have a life now and I'll do young kid boys wanted to be in an outer a boxing in everything I say my first box match our study, as I never gave up, and I became an outlet for the last twelve years, but I use that as a plateau to help our veterans and active military gradually. As I have I have been so so, very, very fortunate man I, where people don't ever give opting in you can achieve anything. You want the breakfast club, our beloved of NEO, be under greeted undisputed morning. Talk show ever
you got it right. You got your amazed that love you got a thing. I think we need to get this God. Nobody need to have you come in a studio records are models for over a week located both our there I've, actually a little city, just north of Grand Rapids Major daily pretty, for he could actually do for. Mr, do you old, ongoing Nurmi yet got indefinitely Harry you and I don't take any opportunity you guys are all of this is for free, does want you to know that hello? This is crazy.
I have a job and its economy birth. You want you want. You want to look for new jobs today, Oliver Jabba down, they got a job looking for jobs and try to fix it. Try to get some services. I worked at its observers before our meal or I now and a bottle of Luxembourg word you be goin anywhere. We have no work for you get all you gotta wake up in the morning, good on anything, you made the danish Tapir Young black maverick, no to feel guilty Tell me what you sell. Some flatter me d on is to grow on the dual Amadou, rendering unless they say, wherever there you go come on out of their own making money. I fled summits, you wanna guy, can't get in a decade stealthily, every Eric! You gotta, be doing you right now, and you gave me lower now, which I was the God. You have a black day, Sir Malibu find a job sumac I've, you don't want a job creation for yourself, hello, there's, lots of which has brought us
That's because I've been had been born, and maybe I'm not gonna live got applies. Garda county age of you d be annually, will go with that Some hats review was ok, they dad hats
somebody had together, as the grandpa oblige arranged on his hands. He shouted shut. Our future energy foggy five one on five wonder we got rooms on the way you yes, I set about sailor bath in some things that happened. He finally has admitted that he need some help. I do we have a special guess joining us next, our territories J, formerly of be easy. What support you just gotta, see one of six impossible, easy territory, even though so many different, acting like a man I mean year any as a new showed, a cup that airs tonight, Safeway safer, exactly and Charlemagne. Yoda episode, rightly universe up, so I know what I was on a more, but I definitely do to absorb a safer or I will kick with energy. Next. I was little moves to breakfast locomotive breakfast about this report annually on the breakfast club. Where have you been watching? The defiant when's is a far cry. Jackie series on aid, be, I actually said inviting it last night when I got back from Miami, and you can watch I live in, is beyond a mere right now, but you could see dietary and Eminem talking about the first time that they met the person they met. They did this on. My name is check it out. Eminem comes in bright, yellow, swear, zoo, hoodie, praise. Everything is right. Wow I hit the drama, maybe to reset my name is my name is thus what happened?
our day in the first few. And it's about being in the studio that song wasn't the greatest song when it came out, but it came out with the video, so you saw the visual at the same time the video had you. You could not like that song, when he saw the visual when I thought about the doll copyright was at his dope. If I lay what I'm happy, what I like about you would have. Video was also noted that you know I actually sisler side by actually met Eminem a long time ago, and I used to work for booting himself when he came out with back, as I remember when they were even shopping, eminence demo, they gave to everybody and nobody was signed in Macedonia. They were like he's a white wrapper. Nobody wants to sign a white wrapper, MR rights. As soon as I saw tat, I was really happy and excited, and so I thought it was great though emanations acted J, but if you haven't seen the defiant was may show ya check that out now. Shale above has apologize and said that he needs help. He said he's an attic whose hit rock bottom. He said I am deeply ashamed of my behaviour and I make no
excuses. That said, my outright disrespect for authority is problematic, to say the least and completely destructive to say the words it's a new low, a low, I hope, is a battle. Now, there's video of Shiloh getting arrested, they city verbally, assaulted and officer. He told him that his wife watches porn fantasized about african american penis, his part of which I am above had to say by the way, does a great and so he's down and Savannah didn't arrested by white person. He proudly was Dario type in thinking. That is why guy don't like black men with no black people, so to tell him that your wife fantasizes about blood princes great great insult by now, he went on at these vanities department and he told another blacklist officer that he was gonna go to hell because
skin color and he said that the officer was races because a black man arrested me for being white check it up Now, isn't it acclivity and unpopular opinion, but I don't think I'll above being races, I think he was drunk and I think he was trying to say black people a catching Helen going to Hell under this immigration, and he was also trying to say, cops are going to have a widow treating people, especially black people, and you trying to tell the black up- and you shouldn't be treating me like this, because I'm one of the white people who gives even said Deborah bade me said the president doesn't give everybody you and you a written wiper than it does give em, but I do think he was drunk and all over the place,
way. I do say they coppers races, because a black man arrested me for being white yet another. My god did not hear you're going to help because of your blushed definitely need. Why pointed at them? If? U S a video at the black officer and say you're gonna help especially askin, because he's a cop whose or black cop who he feels shouldn't, be treating him that way. I gotta get inside white personal care, I'm not gonna, interpret wish I'll above meant, I mean they seen in each of them. Not many times is quoted. What he said I read it verbatim needed says right here: it has a man who s in me for being white way as its aim of the last night doesn't things that he do to marry? You need help rotary severally protested against the killing of unarmed black men,
but clearly he's drunk any says he has hit about him and he's an adequate and help in he apologized Rhadomancer the year. That is your room. Really work is not stupid in the bottom of your little by little bottle is always right. You find a way out of something like this. We will not have a pretty good. That's what I call gave all you twenty to hold on to you, but I will we come back. Servants J will be joining us with you give it to me as a new show on MTV tonight, call safe, Wurzel terrorism. When we come back, don't move is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We got us pursue, guess
build its executive producer tear J terrorism. Nor would I would back before you that a new show on tonight year were yes cemented idea them to be had to why I appreciate a man. I was crazy. Charlemagne was on it actually, so some most of the tree What has been happening is because a hymn amber rose, going crazy, Joe, was to celebrity France against each other. They play a bunch, indifferent games and the goal is to make the other person use the safer la detectors. Honestly, we got every language. We have everything designed to make you tap Alan Usual, most importantly executive producer. Yet so it was. Your idea is having to intervene on. This was one they brought to me. So I have an overall whenever you ve so do and every one of us adjoining producing and hosting and acts and indifferent shows across both platform, so so tat they bring. Mr Zasada Bruno stuff
this won't. Yet this is a really good ideas, but on a show for awhile- and we partner with and is told me of, the show was innocent. You can't you come over here. You know I love the product, So I actually really nice at even having got uncomfortable. Oh, I don't ever feel like. Has to be a hard thing to do all a year to see like unknown of I've. Never seen chair is on course to accomplish you know. Yes, although sponsorships tavern eyes, you Nazareth Avenue, thereby day man was like tat. Nike covers, I took safer, but I gotta know either comedian and they got in those a game show, but you also know that people eyes sometimes don't realize was going on and when you put that out there, even if they later on
ECHO with job we're playing a game is too late. Most people are gonna, get it and our industry. I think that he really. I hope that in Africa Love buys everybody so sensitive nowadays, you know you send out once we in your career could be over sodas game. As I said, this is a rare, exact illiteracy and everything is world, were revers, safeguard other with a sexual show to add to terrorist J was in a bedroom with some was a sexual showed no nine these days any have saved our reality so between towns and Germany that girlfriend ok, South Carolina finest. That's what I've got. My right now tat. I had a model that those who show tat live in a good light. Now, models model years longer model. Now I survived somehow I survived. How is dead, I mean you have grown in evolved and in the right way. Now you know you kimonos show so many times you discover your eye. It needed to bring our southern again and the? U r o girlfriend. I got
the word about clean. Were Oda, salvo renowned, understand a happy placement of focused only shows you know so united, we would use shining MTV right now, you're gonna make you don't just get mom no don't shows out there and I'm just excited about the work. Now you are creeping around to govern, for a while. What is required is a guy legally integration. You don't want people to know like when you are not China put it out there. You know what to say. This is my girlfriend Cosenza, therefore, that you have to say the least by what you have before you actually at the world know about it. You know. So when did you guys say? Ok, it's time for me to just as it was like most lead. You know someplace all it, and you feel you know confident about it. You know Sandy, you feel like even goes out on the blogs and people start common action cause no matter what it is, no matter who you dig, they going compassion and then once you fill Ok I'll do what they say. We salad das wound. It's ok to come up, there's u biggest beds ledges stabilizing you when you have so much going on which a career with produces shows and movies is thanks,
somebody embodied eight youtube own mouth. Thirty five, I got. No, let us imagine how we ve had ignored loans to be. You know when and like it just you know had its on. My right now want to build an empire, one or two you know create opportunities like as an executive produce. I want to create, shows that make people laugh make laugh one, but also create jobs, and- and find the next version of me and make sure you know make the same mistakes in his career than I did so vessel focuses relentless. Thank you think he made Listen to me my into club referred. We decided in the face of it. If you didn't fit for less than tears, those still do damage. I do I haven't seen you must all had a body like me. Yells order meet O early suit thou,
We would all young you. While you were really was eighty vizir. Why is it then at least fabricate arrested and you never had to get arrested red with our we'd, be their bill, not reviewed and make sure things? But I mean you just as a man. You know you grow some of those things in a right. Now she is focusing on the work and focusing on a craftsman. You notice this commodity, show as ITALY, where they were aware. Put not a new Jersey sort has begun. Those are Viacom umbrella near which it would be too for so long in a false anonymous will guarantee with a weird, be an empty viviani one. You know I mean right now: I gotta go squad, christen, cart, you put together like autocratic, he notes of people and and and most saw his vision on my eye. I want to get with that glad to put on a jersey, a sort of stuff they dont were empty. Reach one like it nominal who Santa he's just recruiting like high level talent? You know ludicrous golf fear factory omen
it's just you get big names to the table and so on. It is good to be reported back here now, looking to Stephen him. Ah M S bogus You know right before we have a way with easy. UNESCO and the taxpayers of absolute our clothes email. We DAS, as they want you know, was the let's hosting Now we come now lay you could stay at, like whatever nonsense. Day we buy. It has been there from day to day the mansion house. J is here you want, and I let him eight hundred five, a five on file body as new show safer on tonight. We'll talk more about that when we come back so don't move is too broad, global morning. The breakfast club,
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Terence J inability to every time. I see terrorism automatically bigger one of six in part. You just gotta stay one warmly about six imports and eighty as a new show call C4 these executive producer in host on MTV. What sounds a commotion at eleven thirty right out? Well in our own tv news career, you D, formerly one of these early mortal six importer- is what everybody Jos fast, which is fine. It isn't just pass their whole long period of my life, their color. We want any news three and a half years aware, as I did when I say from Safeway Vega gladdened really. Could you got other projects come into an argument that alma I'm in Louisiana right now? Shooting the show call: are you the one and in a moment we wrapped that are from another movie in August? So
is back to back me, which is we just granted among other than the last movie dude, while a Cathy and if it really having, as you know, that you should have felt like that, it's it's for a small budget, meanest under three main dollar, much it s. So when you do nine million dollars at the Box office and a you have all the residual sales of of the tv deals and all of the ancillary platforms they happen after that make a lot of considerable maltreated another with which I could keep onto a nose, hyper movies to lagoon facing know. We have a strategy that Europe would monitor it and make it work in a successful Europe. What are really produce food and keeping go for me as like, if I may be enough of film like unless it's like you know a big big movie, I want to produce it and create opportunities. So when I do perfect match is like I, I call Cassie, no Cassa think adult can be in a movie and and and ass I was stagnant. Does your woman did manage those like that? As you say, look I can be in a movie I gotta leading lady face. Why can I not just I just started to Ngos like right around zyobites of shooting, but now she was. She don't call me the opinion I went out as they workers in Bulgaria, as we would wish to do. Every summer looks with some european. I do you without wasting mile around only those and do that, above all, I, unlike the museum, W Nazism checks, the lad I going you good bye. She stockings on excite affirm, plus articles are already noted game. Just I'm happy. She do well, and I,
to a really bad break up like like four years ago, and I want to talk to will Psmith lightly drink music. Please I shut up really girly, you know, will always got like the good schools. A was like. You want to walk in a room with a woman. It makes you feel. exponentially stronger than you are in an aside s land, so light proud, such as you feel stronger women in something nest as though the lessons Doll ILO me from here was no fog in May, with J that have no way of failed and sprang, or how can it had ever met? Ok that I wouldn't let them movie. That's your family August. It's it's! A Christmas will always wanted that will be holiday, fell so, Sir, it's a holiday based film and described at home. My writing see Roanoke a very intimate wit. I so that a the process. May I didn't love, you never tell stories, and I love the feeling of of People coming out of the theatre and being like was fun. I took people out, we had a guitar unless they take advice from guide like age in big Tigger
He told you for so long is still take advice from outside is all Asia was candlelight. Travelling Asia was like a layer, whatever more harm, suspend a lot more time. Its aid and saying is like still a big home to me, said his day as bath Armenia. Here what you are talking about, how yeah fine here too struggles early? I knew what you do, what you find a different agenda on clean now and clean now I got the Kalis in Colorado: go broke now, listen you told about before you the skin disease, that J I was echoed. We all because we were seen it like. It is now it caused the like. All my body, you know say like whenever I get stress you wait Can you get a big video? I somewhere? It's like I, me. You know, sir, so you But you still got to watch out and watch. I got to just watch what I eat. You know I'm saying like to eat, or what are you suggesting to eat?
healthier foods man I just. I was eating a lot of red meat. I was eating pork and, and just so you, milk, I drink a lot of milk, and so I had to eliminate all those things for my diet. So now I don't need any pork. I don't drink, any milk try to drink more water, more salad, and for me it's just I just I don't get a lot of sleep and I don't get really well, I'm always a fast food or some you know ripping and running up and down the coast. So are, is I gotta. Let you just slow my body down with which we want to get a visa logo endorsement sought song by MID April. Fourth included illegal. It's it's only like one percent of the population is such a small, but it was not even like the government or any private organisations have big when they give invisible happy. I would I have to invest money into it, and then you get a spokesperson aggregate sue, but now a me I'm just at a place, lounges, more confident, a mosque in so
doesn't matter like. Even if a man and I'll break, or whatever is light, is whatever in us and you on tv, everyday you'd be like the programmes both for the foregoing, show some kid at school radically like going to school later on tv, all the data they got. They Winnie Harlow is don't like you and I see her billboards like she inspires me he's because of how confident you know she is. I think that's what it's about. You know his Bobby accompany me. Asking we got more terrorism when we come back, don't go anywhere is to breakfast locomotive. Sorting, everybody is the J Envy Angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Terrorist J is still in a building gear. We told about your girlfriend it. How do you mean added you? First, kick it too much governed Jan? Oh, I am so glad to find ok. So so, like surely, as we saw, I bought like my dream house, like a house, did I always wanted to blast our bodies crib
I have a house party right and so disarm on Single Fred, my manager, Single Schaefer Single they all my whole cruising. We like YO, we bought their savage someone bought the tear boil, for we are literally that we are in a circle that our awful want housewarming party right. Any jazz works issues. Presidency from theory, theory comes here which add, and I look like I own. Oh yeah, two's imo on that right and somebody took her purse at the party. Some drunk girl s grabs. Her purse is fighting whose Craig you feel like you, I like you I was it was. It was like journey the BT war laughing. I was there for years. You ve never exactly so much for proposed by accident, as so she was I yo, whose you know I need to see. The camera sea were happening, so she came to the crib Siberia. Daddy almost came back either you don't take up her hair ironed out at grand. I would definitely duties so homes. Is we travel? It is we figure who grow came. We call a girl. She got to, oh my god. Oh rather on Earth Gimme, she comes back around with the purse figured out began, but at some of the just figured out she's from South Carolina Carolina, you, you know and then receive less dive, Mestre wedding, Belthrop, YO right now we just handymen answer as she's younger than me to address those like the good thing is I sheep were no pressure. You rushing goes. We noted you for the low fat and you never know when we got these first bulldogs. So, like no pressure on a wedding or case, I think it s the best way we re just gonna. Do we got dogs umbrella? Who gets the dogs were got two of them iraqi? We are
had to figure out. How does go work so will you that, as we try not to do so that they can stay together, so we ass they together? Why they tear fall in love, quick, nine of our doubt when I think he has a couple of times, because local tax measures that would deal a back and be like. I wasn't really love how you
because every single, like all forms of car we ve had a long journey together. We have but ye. As far as I love life Qana like properly Latin already like we can probably thought morton- and you know like we pulled me with stakes love, then he called his excellent stay out of this attitude life. They must oversee your. Let you know that funny. I mistakes I feel like me, how far we Goin has multiple inversely member went in to say this, because this is binding, I say, may pass another underwear and
Somebody in someone else's anywhere is one that using the house might have been made to land latitudes. It's all me out of the EU. We was at the house. Have those truth or another thing you do in educating and paper, Miss USA, PAN European Tour, the executive producer of Monsieur saying that happen I'll Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey. Do like a big overall deal with where I am GM, William Morris and Select Steve's like one of the big dogs in charge and ass, my friend! Well, you know, I did think like amazing and inasmuch as I will make that as regards may they aggregate headache, as he's had to be a cap airline point to re, had seen. I got away in my home city dorsal fin as we take place. We got she wrote last year. So, yes, I just want the employees to the next and morally sugar foxes, though we own a second year, hosted a twice and executive producer twice as so, yet it s a really first ass. If I was a great majority, I felt I still having an cowhide care so like even when we did a safe world, we call weighing can was a YO care, I'm executive, bruised, arbiter. Nolan.
Play was not arbiter. Like case I'm, like aren't, you feel much Margie endorse a user yeah, whatever I'm doin I'll beat air and safer, more awakens Damien doesn't Chris La La, like almost everybody on the show was just like you will come to it, and so that was I wanted to force our really real, as I hope I can really do this evening- has issued our relationships with our going is a ludicrous while
YO and it was so funny because he poured out the lot. Attacks are right and Kelly role in surprise. Guess LAO, as you know, in L a four day had no additional see Kaliko Kelly was out of the country, comes out so Kelly's reading. All the questions for the lie, detect it's alive and Kelly's light. Yo. Have you had exotic thoughts about ludicrous him, lousy? How not never thought about my tat, your allotted Tennessee. She had seen it as they used to work. Whitley Mary. I don't want a radio station load, a shaggy all them, so I may just the show was so much holding mellow wanted. It will rise of God help me, but it's good to see. Like best friends I dab Yoda like let loose have edge anodyne flipped on Lulli was. I did you watch the scene and our wish she show. You know that I'm ass, they sat away. He's gonna, be out again on Sunday will be able to see Lala again and power with a full frontal. He showed us already Georgia over the issue of the word than those from episode to make him a heart. Jimmy dont say ways when it is not surprising whereby knows more than ways comes out. Edges wows out both well well check out safe word tonight. Of course, Thursdays executive Produce Ed hose eleven thirty p m on MTV. We appreciate for joy for automatic MTV great agreement with this.
he's going to write YO, can we do your book as a movie lit by actually yeah the lot of you there you taken a means of us will be analysed very well. Are you have you will apply only known, reducing because grew writers were all right. When was the last or farmers Jerry is the breakfast club good morning morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are. The breakfast club was kids. These rumours that talk Joey bad ass, the Reul report, the breakfast Sally Bad, asked if it got any view at Montreal Eddie, and he was talking about Jaycees poor for four album which, by the way he loves the abbot me said it's great and hears. What has he had to say, that inspiring Jay ass, the like ours at all,
yeah. No, I was aspirations and nobody could tell you know said, was put pressure on these. Oh geez, in the game like they know, would they gotta tell them about now? this young jewelry banners common now talking about this before he got the chance to talk about ninety on, but it is what it is now we ready, so we have a producer and one of our duties came an essay. You should give joy bad ass donkey today ripe for those comment- and I was I well Madame through the air- could be true. Methane, any inspired the whole out, but I'm sure jig its inspiration from a lot of different sources. Why bad away, leaving out of nine jelly bad ass, tat nation cell he's definitely familiar with music, they both from Brooklyn now what's wrong. I think I will say Joys Joey, Molly mega bad as road dope, Israel, socially conscious of an. I will say that his pride, dead wrong. Like the stuff Jamie got more than you ever learn. Joy. I get twenty Ms Oj, these forty seven around show. You ve been on Egypt, badges
black empowerment and they won't. I therefore many things that we don't know about their relationship with each other, so maybe he does valet something on that album made him feel like that's when we had our com is, as you know, and the reason why really bad as didn't science, Iraq nation was because he said he wanted to be jazzy, be more Can one day I mean that's right into the deal must become Now, how can only be talking about socially conscious that we can only be talking about the black comic Joey's? Better? Definitely, no, who married beyond financial jabers, often about that alongside exactly so. That's where joys little off from jail, but I may we just don't now so there what their relationship is, but that's what he says: that's how he feels over Iraq das in he is saying sorry. his whole family, and that's because they warned him to stay away from black China and other reasons. Why none of the car dashing that agendas have spoken out.
everything that happened as they want to stay quiet because in thinking about the best interests of his daughter of the reality just type in a restaurant or maybe maybe- but they also want to make sure that, for the sake of his daughter, cosy does have a daughter that he wants to make sure he is able to be able to see and have type of arrangement in agreement with Brazil. For that reason there, like we're just gonna, tell and hold back and stay away from all of this. Now, according other reports. Black china- and this was Tim is has been trying to get her own revenge. And see what you guys think about this so right before all of his head, in the whole drama that happen with him such shaming black China and putting at those pictures of her a jeweler came to Black China's ass. He had seven pieces, a jewelry. She was told to pick one as it now the jeweler left, all of them, so Blac Chyna could mall everything over figure it out, and then that's
the drama happened now they said that she only return three pieces of dead jewelry. So now the jeweler is saying that you have to give that stuff back. It was an offer you in they when everything back, and he said he tried to contact her several times, she's not responding, and she also to go ahead and charge a significant amount of money on his card for some of the jewellery as well, you need, but right, that's what I want to ask you: does you need to give them yes absolutely to give all the jury absent when I only that has not given it back yet, but he also war as some of the items when they went to you wanna be done, you worry tennis bracelets did you say What have you done with Iraq will be done by robbing gave him all his stuff back there right cause background. I there was video him looking at it. I guess he did? I don't know, I don't know exactly what happened, but he is remorseful for things that he put on line. He is sorry about that. But she's gotta give that jewellery back right, don't be petty era and it was built cause bees
they and I was yesterday he turns eighty and he went on Twitter and he said help me celebrate the Big Otto. By doing something came for someone else today and it went a little bit, crazy on on Twitter, his dimensions, weren't somebody said, is knocking somebody and raping them considered nice many said, while at your bread, they let me give my boss this drink. So I can go and celebrate noble? Somebody said I will I'll avoid drugging and raping dozens of women, flower garden, mumble fuddled. That will cause these teams still doesn't really they should stay or socially lay way. I why Why? Why why? Why are constantly? Do they dodgy bill? Avonlea suffered enough and fly may whether an cannon Macgregor, this pre fight press tour, crazy. They ran surrounds, oh by the way Drake introduced Oliver festivities and they have it of him and kind of Macgregor in the holding room before everything went down. Well, a little crazy, and here is some more and they definitely hyping up this fight and making people. I'm going say this. In the autumn,
They would definitely rooting for kind of Macgregor and they were booing Flay may weather, but it was a ladder iris flags in the audience, but here kind of sad onstage where does he live, My guys are proof of your Dr Jones. You're gonna screw bygone days. What are you doing drew about those guys. You can't even room. By the way. Who may well have been bad guys, and they wonder I mean I can never think of a time of. Let me without a whole crowd with their always against, and I think it may be differently abruptly. I write in Egypt. The boy the situation double down on the dance boy dance here, it is You knew you dance me now say something the first time and I think he had racial intend when he said it. The first time you know, but when you say
again, knowing how people feel about it needs to be well? You know I was due to me as a kind of Macgregor is actually for a saying things that are racially insensitive occur in. Oh, so, like back in twenty five teen, he was about to fight a brazilian fighter. They, though he said if this was a different time. I would invade his five on horseback and kill anyone. There was not fit to work any US I really want to turn his availeth into a Reebok sweatshop avoiding over. They racially insensitive things as well, but it makes me makes a mockery of the employed, as their passing is raises many times before so I don't know man lay his way. I'm gonna be in Berlin ends of buying lays tonight. I will see what happens there. I'm Angela YE That's your rumour report. All right! Thank you. Miss just think. I didn't think about at some point.
So I don't have to prove you can read everybody I mean just because up it just to do with staff should do a generalised that about the deaths that like right. That's what I would do I come out to date is redo teleprompter at they, like innovators, get under way. To carry them. They went to re, emphasising like under pressure sitting. There have been a really want, a man who does combat sport for living. Does a man bogs more? Maybe you and speaking in front of people is He's an army, this programme of a project that has been you from getting really want it to be. That's what I want put why would you be good? Why did you kill everybody's nobody new and nobody can use that against. You anymore proved care the numbers in a big girl. He cares. you have now played at audio. Didn't Alexander and you nobody gave you don't care embodied in gas mask getting collar reminded the has reached us, does
boy, you think it be your domain at all. Right, please, gentlemen. I would love that what the convent Reagan payday blessed fight floor. Now, how do we get it all getting? We all know about the situation Happened yesterday on social media. Between like the Re Mc Caskey In- will be Goldberg and planted the aims we need to talk about a full after downloading sounds cell left I was born and I don T care about breakfast. Ok, dog you today, but thirty July. Thirteen goes to everyone who gathered up the re murkison think that the eighth wearing a blue vest on the planet in a poster had anything to do with him now asked
social media started circulate in a picture of the planet in a posting asking does planet of April to have racially coded messages. They said the deposed the head: black live the symbolism and wanted to obtain on a blue ass. If you know you re moccasin activists than you know He always has on a blue vest. Let me describe the poster: okay, it Caesar and his crew and if everything off of which seems to be military or some type of law enforcement and other monkey's who are down with the military and law enforcement and on Caesars sides. It was a ape in a blue vest. Well, when social media got involved in started pudding sauce on the situation, it started and they re too, was going on it cause there tweet, given the history of rendering black people is apes. I'm offended and appalled by the lack of consciousness and Hollywood has planted at eight before that, we were deleted by de re? It had fourteen hundred, we re tweets in two thousand seven hundred and seventy six likes and over five hundred comments No in this era, nobody cares about the true from the lie more entertaining alive.
Travel all the way around the world twice before the truth is even putting on his shoes. Now, if you were paying attention, you may have noticed me to say that the tweet was deleted. Why would the tweet deleted well because og Goldberg must have gotten wind of this situation and she addressed it on the view. Yesterday, let's hear it prominent black lives matter activist Deray Mckesson accused filmmakers of personally mocking him by dressing up one slash, eight in a blue vest, which he's been known to. You need to go back and watch the nineteen sixty eight original and check out what the apes were wearing. This has nothing to do with you. This is a moving that was about. Happens, one mankind doesn't pay attention to environment too.
How we treat animals and each other that's what that will was about it at the end of the moving when their ride around its that's. What the movie was about the way your south does it not they about this situation, the avian blue veterans, nineteen sixty eight will be his right he's just like then yeah, prima yeah, and everybody gas in the area is wrong. Gave you the thing about life is when you have presented with accurate information, factual information at. Whatever you believed, then, if you're in we'll intelligent person. You must be forced to change your retrograde. In our divided at it was to all planted in the eighth from nineteen. Sixty eight, my planet of the apes started with the mob Wahlberg found that timber it, I believe, pretty cool movie and acquire franchise. I love. Ok, I will be, in food and feed on Friday, vehement unwise bags, the west.
Spider movie in this trilogy. But I had no idea that in the original one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight film, it was a number of a with blue vest on, but now I know and knowing is half the battle, it's my person? He is tweeted out. The would be if you have something to say. I'm here, I think he's sick that before you was presented with this, have made you gonna sound like you wanted smoke, ok, satellite, but at bay. you know once he realized we'll be was saying after being presented with the information that will be delivered, he tweeted out. After speaking with more people about the history of the firm. I deleted the tweet and they tweeted out now. The planet of the apes poster postern toys. I was contacted by false within Hollywood, who thought there was an issue installs tweets well ray all those folks within Hollywood Ledger down around path. Ok, You re should know better than the trust within Hollywood, but I respect the re becoming the present with correct information. He corrected himself when I've I know information. I changed my mind. What do you do? Ok in my book, black
the job of principle and the principle is get people to credit, they deserve being stupid, including yourself. It's ok not to know, but when you learn through to correct with the knowledge you obtain dont double down on the dumbness. What kind of a Gregg okay. So I applaud Play with changing is mine and leaned tweets, but he's only press. That's correct and himself in this situation. I haven't seen it people will put in fuel on fire correct themselves and need not have the same in and you did you have when you think you're right that you have we ve been proven wrong. Ok, we have to stop Screamin fire in crowded movie If you don't know what that phrase means is a popular metaphor for the principal problem creating unnecessary panic and that's exactly what are you people within Hollywood? You, Hollywood, folks, Hollywood folks, allowing the re him into black glad, Madame Movement were being marked on the planet of the eighth cover. Please all those folks who get the array of the biggest helpless, you ve really got somebody he to have been corrected himself yesterday right.
the right thing when presented with new information are. I thank you for that. Get a Dana up nexus. Ask IE eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you got a question for IE. I now relationship was whatever be may be to up. She helped me. I would all your problems are onto wide open. Eight hundred five, eight five five. One is the breakfast cloak morning the breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, now it serve as IE eight hundred five five one five one. If you need some relationship advise you can call her allows. This was requested for you I'll get. My question is a aren't. They have their way while our family or about the Lambert Thick here, and we have some kid he definitely like to on the other way. The far as happiness
if we now only catch him technically more in baby will check where he barely every day as far back as beg and I've never actually got any evidence. Even when I got a girl they'll build that likewise for him I'll. I don't know him by me your number, if all hell they would say, I don't know him, that's crazy value. They would do. I don't know where he bit longer authority that he's helping me work on my dad. Album idea had a strong, though he carefully that way out and their worth. I just got a mortgage twelve o clock in the morning and I you are like you did the completed the lot fell. anyway the last couple of months, he went out to Miami and I've been found out. He little check out of my army Toma, though, under by complete yomei completely overwhelmed like I don't wanna be, which are more like. I just don't want to be conceded to live by uniform. They would have devoured, maintain and I'll be quantified in here, though, by the way,
my time right now. I am you. Have two lovely children will only be on a key because you know a weapon gonna be there are not their MIKE, is, though beyond their power, but under relegate away from him, and he told them like. I don't want to be with you like. I did lessons breaker, let's move out on that movie right all users trip and right now is gonna, be ok, bigger bike, if all other pad and I'm be cool after a week or a couple days like I'm really through which you like how do I do play have no be here all I am I gonna get away from you do what you said you were gonna, do a move. You can't you say you then move and stay there and then- and I do not mean that takes time like that's eggs eagerly puts a thirty day loaded fairly low pleasure. Pleasure. Thirty days puts at thirty days notice in a move because it seems like you
If you really want to do it, you would do a trust me like if you felt like I'm always want to be here. You would not be there especially. We have the means to do that if you gotta put it very high. If you lose money because you didn't put it better days notice in and you still got a paper who cares ethic its own place, shrill lamb hour, I would in fact, like you, wanted to leave you because you didn t want to get away from me like right now like her. I like I want to move away at I'm always said I want to move on dominant, actually led my way we have in my power, and I guess you know that care of it on my own way. He felt like this without who had. First of all, if you really want to be done with him and through with him you and even need to be in a house that you have all those memories in together anyway, get you a fresh start, get a nice beautiful new place. You get another nice new house and start all over again. You gotta do right thanks. You seem, like you just be a real passive agree. High agreeable. I do fear we guy history, a cave in every baby. I'm path that beyond players, they that your hearts, because even the pirates, any other good father, look at you trying to talk yourself into now. Moving now under fire, you could get a part of that whereby we are core wanna, be like hey, remember our field. I want to be with you look because I wanted to have heard on like that, but I don't want to know. I pay I really were qualify, but I just don't want to be written you when he's meted out to these other women in here he doesn't match as then. He said
Oh, my god, you eat the library, but thank you. Gonna have been calling for like the how we try to get some advice from. You ok, well, I might have undergone I'm you. If you decide if you're staying. That's your fault, you right here, I am, I gotcha arrogant, lack man. You look all right as key eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you need some advice and relationship advice call you right now to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now we're in the middle of as key. If any relationship advice you can call ye right now allows this. I've brought me a Brittany wish, of course, to for YE backlash and I've been waiting with my body or a bow here here
Joe by now, I just don't know how to break it off with them. I've been trying over and over again by way he just not having any as a girlfriend right now. Ok, so you been his side. Chink in working in his arms is any as a government. Ah I wouldn't say: I'm I'm not his back. He has a girlfriend and you're sleeping with whom I was below. Ramble bore, ok, but knowing as a grove and now you decide to you right, you re so you think that if you break up with him that what's going
and you think you'll get fired. I don't think I'll get fire began by his brother doesn't know. I don't think I'll, be awkward, of course, he's gonna dialogue. We were so where you got a break up. You listen for five or six years. You made a decision to sleep which was raised, which is wise to have those workplace relationships, because when things don't work out, it is a little bit awkward, but eventually, if you guys above mature enough you'll get over, he has a girlfriend anyway. I know by clearly doesn't care- and you clearly being here- ok, so it is what it is, but I'm just saying first of all, go in their time. You have a girlfriend decision, not feel comfortable. Doing is any more, but make sure do you want to stay there or do you feel like you want to get out of here? I wanna get out of there. Ok, where I suggest this start looking for another job may show you get a great recommendation from him today may show you guys and things on good terms and don't try to put a mobile ass. I do anything crazy cause. You're both were involved. There is nonsense. You will relationship as long as you don't do anything like tat of fire. You were shot him
demote you or anything like that and in the meantime let him know that you are going to be looking for another job and you would appreciate if you would give you a great recommendation, Banco. Ok, good luck at my luck, all right, ass YE, eight hundred five, a firewall or five, or, if you like, for you so bad, for whom new control or at any time nobody rooms on the way you are. I wasn't. We were just talking about side, six, that suck about the show real side. Six of Charlotte North Carolina we're going to talk about what they say about their role in these men's lives. Talker are, I will get into all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast club communing with well recently data Piggy Smith. Just didn't interviewing, you know they promoting girls job. I think they're gonna come up here to at some point manner burmese and as she taught
by the way, while we were on vacation, I was in New Orleans and I got a chance to sit down with the chasm gross. If that was really exciting. For me, you shoot em over yes, other movies, really funny reduce their movie authority. To decide to from yours is the seems, still a mirage, he's a break out star this, because she's she's really the funny as one. On your role, but she did a great job of include positive reaction. I do you think it is a happy about that to pack movie here's what she had to say. You know what made it even or painful. As those guys know me, we leave them business together So I know that they knew how to reach for me and thus not to say that I would have participated in it either, but it was just across the board I thought it was just handled in a very disrespectful way. You know it. San and if you really saying your honouring a man's legacy and honour his legacy and if you don't have the story fall back until you do
The interesting is no. I remember didn't made post pictures of data packets move onto sit tight. And the like, the guy who play to bargain everything, did I say, meteor ship. I remember it. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but I write now there is another new show coming out call girls side, six of Charlotte that everybody has been talking about. Social media went easy when people saw this logic membrane had a chance to sit down with some of the women and try to clear up. I guess some misconceptions now: the idea for the show started with the song called side chick by MRS Seven up why four they did a video to promote the song and they said it took off and they put a casting on social, media and bad to castings with the girl showed up and that's when they chose the cask members. Now here's what they had to say about the difference between being side take- and I guess and people look at them as prostitutes- prostitutes share your mistake. The the home was already read.
This is why this is better than fund for twenty everyday, absolutely sides: eggs have no morals, no value, no integrity, they really don't wanna. Besides, it's does what he can keep your mouth cloak release. These lady seem like they pass such ecstacy like Day Dayton, the question, otherwise an age limit. To being aside. She cares what they said. I yet the village of ashes headphones on, some have argued. serious relationships and we're done and by anytime, I think of them and meet a man. I always think of another be slightly is always innovation, if you are a man in Charlotte in one of these women on your show, is still your side chick. You are not listening to the signs that, God is trying to tell you. God is trying to tell you something and you are not listening. If you think that you, this is gonna work out, visual, gravel, ass, origami on drugs run ok area now woody. Since, in her pretty interesting interview with the Hollywood reporter, he took away from filling the
some filming the HANS fellow people fail to do this interview and its words about various things, his first arrest he talked about who he is too. twenty one and he was jaywalking. He didn't have it his idea on him and that's when the cap's land him and made him as well and he went to jail and they left him up some more and they had six counts against him before it was all said and done now he talked about turning down hunger games twice, he said you have any idea would be that big, but I didn't think it was a good part. I was wrong, it was a terrific part and it was a terrific thing. He said he ass. It turned out and so will be twice also and the same person iter. I'm into doing hunger games actually talked him into doing that and wouldn't take no for an answer, and then he discusses his very publicized force them that happen. He said he was at a bar in London and these girls came up to him and said so. You want to take a walk on the wild side and he said I guess I do and that's when he got in the car and other girls
hi with him, and basically one of the women was paparazzi and they so that story- and it came out a news of the world. Only thing was he had a girlfriend who was now his wife and she found out about it He said that he knew that she just basically had so much compassion because when it all came out and she found out the details, you said that must be really hard for you to have. This is exposed, and he said, aware that showed him just how much compassion she had an how, even though she was upset, she still forgave him and there still together. Now and what about white Man cage later where women can jump? You gotta the whole entire article, but goblets woody arouses, we lovely, didn't want me ganja, but he's noble king would by now I had nothing to do another with random, but I saw a bull came and Spiderman homecoming yesterday dramatically with Basel balking would by looking with mine of religion, and he needs to be respected as such, mufflers Achan they do. I wish was Navy, was with both came up by we start with the last mile.
You know the authority stored negatively lie behind those blood of a chill out of a chair by the chair landfill Where's your blood come from. I thought about that. Today. When I saw balkan war you go away. My blood will come of her. No, I thought about the fact that it is going to watch this movie. Shut up bulky would go saddle. King would lie in envies numbering of vacuum within a movie with him in eighteen. Seventy six, you haven't, you ever get anywhere movies busier in a way the right role Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report
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