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Teyana Taylor Interview to What Are the Rules to 3 Somes?


Friday 3/13 - Today on the show we had one of our favorite couples, Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert stop by where they talked about her new album "KTSE", and threesomes, why not on this Freaky Friday. Moreover, when it comes to threesomes do you think certain rules apply? well we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought. Also, Charalmagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a burglar that got stuck in Vancouver Escape Room, but panics and calls 911. 

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Order of business world where the mother very soon the captain is only one Aim- was reviewed: USA, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning Angel Ye Minorities, Andy Charlemagne again these to the planet is fraud is ready to weaken, is here today is Roddy right, you're saying I don't love little bare there be. Yesterday, you gotta terribly Friday at three. Only yesterday at three forty
Illogical yesterday had an emergency session out, amongst others I haven't. I haven't been in like global alone obligation to you haven't been unlike towards. Could the week before she was on vacation statute, but is needed to get back into euros I simply want to tear down the haitian stuff like talks, because you could call He wanted to know what did you call the shots based, not in court? Well, don't you let me cite invests animated front page news this morning. My praise knew the room was both both women are immediately add topic. Also, was my game and lose my therapy was lit yesterday? Was it there for them? about legal and I personally about their ways that confidence Here is how the isolated Blake Hey Marsili, like MRS A handle, how you do it is curious that wouldn't be MRS L B, that daddy's a doctor yellow these a mercy it I like how closely arms carries. You know, that's what I think Burbage Barney Car, my there
I bet worded Boncour when I walk in may walk, You sit down you immediately, just that Europe is a high. As you say, I am that of Navigator Barney DNA memory. Just I'm going to see my mother does not affect well. Let's, let's I dig deeper into that What what are you doing that it is that you ve never sent you there listening. Did you ever say my name either none of them thinking about it. I've never heard our call. My name is, I think, a very impersonal. Now it is actually very personal, we're not only without these jangling anonymous to each other. When we know we know of each of them each other. Yet we we know where we're going to meet every week derive. What's he added sailor in mind, simple will be joining us this morning. Chaotic at the mouth keep death aim energy, you know tat, will kick it with them: a low, belated and weed out front pages. What what? What else are we to more besides? own Charlemagne. I mean, I think, that's gonna, be the topic huge story for us.
About Charlemagne, and this alleged rate case. That doesn't it will I may as well. It is looking into the next keep largest breakfast Leavenworth morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast cloudless kitten, some front page news: Srinagar, Charlemagne Leonard. Yes, history is clear home as it involves one of our house on the breakfast club. Can we believe, for all of the information to come out of where we could report it, but it has been announced that there was a seventeen year old rate case against Leonard Milvey, a Charlemagne, and that case will not be reopened. Now he was arrested back in two thousand one on suspicion of raping a fifteen year old girl back in two thousand to Leonard MC helping a plea agreement and he guilty to the letters of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The rape charge was dismissed and that case cannot be, reopen now. According to the prosecutor,
South Carolina LAW is clear that once a defendant, enters pre negotiations and apply agreement is accepted by the court. To process requires a state to honour the agreements States persecution has ended and the dismiss charge against Mister Mc Caskey will not be resurrected and cooperate with authorities. Yes, dissipated in multiple interviews and submitted a dna testing right sexual assault charge was dismissed. Now shall acre. Elinor Mikhail attorney said he never had sexual relations or any physical contact with the accused. And even provided DNA to prove it. So that's it to estimate that I know a lot of people were waiting for us to speak on it and there is all the facts of what we know, this France, everybody involved in it in all victims of sexual assault, but those are the facts of my situation: right. So Larry, I am sure, will talk more about it later now, Elon Musk, has found himself. A new philanthropic campaign is actually going to be.
Being all of the people who don't have clean water in their homes and Flint Michigan. He said, please consider this a commitment that I will fund. Fixing the water and any house in Flint that has water contamination. FDA level no kidding. So we say: Flint Twitter users can reply to his with their ppm and p p beats has results if they do exceed better. Limits, he will send someone to install a what a filter. He also has an email address, Flint at ex dot com, and he said that's gonna start work being an you can now go. Email therewith that information. If you need to get clean, what in your home, they said there most homes we do have safeguarded by many in the city, have lost faith in the government's test results, so he's gonna or as a weekend and fled to provide filters to houses need them. I don't they would be an addition enough to Eu Law must relaunch. Musk is like the real life Bruce Wayne Yea weapons.
The submarine. No. No, no. You said he what was in the summary with it. He ever really send agents and about our timidly deny God you got that he did send. It causes illegal In my view, the real life Ruth way- maybe they don't be surprised us here run around about my costume. Would ban will be right, but that is your front page news. Far right now, when we come back, get it off, he just eight hundred feet. The five one o five one. If you need to visit us up right now, maybe a pistol about Can you just want to get it off my chest, or maybe one is principles eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest is the breakfast club good morning. The breakfast club pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda. You wanna breakfast laughing, but they will allow there's more. Nicole Nicaraguan morning now, how are you guys go good?
What's a moment. Tell you I'm mad, I'm just mad because of court. Of course, I drove five hours to go off work for two days and I get there and I'm done with a substitute judge and with my case, and so she had to dismiss it for which State send it because she's up in there, then I have to go back again before I got the real judge. That judge was a social worker and You look a little lost and send me that's not fair, don't put nobody up there that something they was all of the laws wasting your time right. Anyway. I would What are you accused of eleven acute we're going to court or violate the law. The father now. Allow me to be very shy, and how can you not isn't role reversal? You leave the other way around. This is either strain. We had the job of old time of birth up until five and find out of battery that is they have a ban and we got a dna tat. You
Bob and immediately you got a cursory alarm because he was in the military and he bookmark Paypal. They may wish to leave trade. You don't answer the second far from it, I wonder whether that is ridiculous, covering almost say for you, what I think everybody a child need both parents when a child deadly needs is moderate. I'm sorry Mama already Today, my boy, you pray for you will always have a child is taken from the morning. It is our home from California, you guys be early. Maybe you is more than that. I know now. Particularly now, unfortunately we'll get it over just well leave They were boys began to day than a role and we they give us that I'd bar five Bren agreed.
We need these are our friends that we ask. We ever little cliff that we were the breath me by your by Europe. Eight four. As there were, your Fresno will tell the gang broker, What did you very much of a tv circle just ass marble? Do we have a group of tax data there I know? Well, we know we went around a little girl. I told everyone that we got through the phone yesterday. However, one today Mercosur, now a gang gang jostle record, is to play a bag later very oh Don't you know it's on the Youtube ogre Mattel in our food? It aren't you Mamma, we knows on Youtube. To beg. You know, allows is in jail Jeanne dilemma able simply to have each has room the morning. The morning do just been alone,
went down again. Cod the shop, and I got a kind back as I gotta trial for custody of my daughter next week, My lawyer stacks, which was crazy, no one can always be worse. We wish you luck, man in court gave a motto. Every day we shall remain Montague, Annetta, Shoulder challenge bearing cannon would do so, not always just better Killin would so this there are even of competition are not my dress and is trying to do and we lay down. You know Charlemagne more sassy. Now we're targeting shirt was therefore the boy had nothing to do with s Gaza. Ok, I do have a low sago items that these average I'm gonna lose levels, but I'm here get off my chest. Aid
did five a via one, o five one. It is up to breakfast level moment a breakfast got wake up, man or black. We want to hear from you tell us this year four million a day. Mammography chess, ok for earlier Salamanca, repacked about gender equality. Well being, sick leave that hold. You probably think, that's a white one. They don't give a damn about black people, so we don't want it quality there, certain roles for men, there certain roles for women and that's what I'm not You speak while black women on this one, but I respect you hoping you
and I was this man. Didn't you take my view. Mohammed dinner features bright, danish garlic, you're, just not a question of mere Ya'Ll among young. I thought of it. Do you like your female amateur with me? I got a seventeen year old, daughter, single Bob, and I wish you know last put on birth. It's all a lot of my party to tell me I'm giving her permission. I have found a way that is you don't ever boyfriend, but you know I got that on the block of you, don't go to the movies Daddy, don't you worry about daddy? I work right now right you're in love with her mother, above all. I personally am in openness, thoughtless May Hagen, don't let you know that a thirteen year old organised a sixteen year old cameras in my house right, but you know I was s plan to have these discussions with your daughter early on yeah, you have to use a single father figure. You Mamma right. The fact is, though, he wants to make sure it is
solomons- you live would mean majority. If not, are you not do let her nose? You bring me boys in his eyes. You might have done nothing preventative measures, so I leave you. Pull out was worn out. I broke the ball back about. Why did you put her? I'm not even have the facts you gotta call you gotta, do you know you got a girl? I think at big, that you are being a real. Is there and I respect all real isn't there would like? We were all delusional align ourselves and we don't think I doubted that have an extremely I've insect was a mighty Diana. This Italian, as he sees only seventeen I did, he tell you, see the virgins review with wherever you. Yes, I only wish to say is that you say if I use on our next, she gave me the conversation out. How would I go about condom? You not say because birth Control Non stop Stds, that is too fragmented, Andrew well good, without always terrible about a hundred percent effective back what you gonna do, what you gonna do every!
What am I gonna? Do it has again and again that an ongoing and allow me a man with a conversation with a man's allocate their load, keep low lives or my daughter's neck and will do all we can do in common? Is that when I was seventeen thousand college? You not, though, what can you really do not even at home there we can double. We can only hope to contain it for as long as we absolute I may set at you learn knows you could come and talk to you about anything. Instead of being scared to tell you the truth, because you're making happier likes you kid Is there anything more men gotta be a delusion or, like our mothers, have sex our grandmothers have sex our daughters as our aunt have sex we're married and have an echo somebody's gotta get the reality of life. I'm not mad at you as you know, this you could talk to you about anything, beginning anxiety, I canceled Animal my daughter ten into our, whereby devil to not well my daughters. Seen- and I worry about their, but nothing is
you have raised is able for Kiley soon and we all, even if there is nothing you can do about it to age. We see you, you know. I went away from home alone. Tat we ve been traditionally runaway. People are libraries and then laid low neighbors. You go to a museum educate game. You know when she goes is pursued s when I actually leaved breakfast Lebanon going ahead, Braga Different Virginia everybody, everybody arriving our rooms and away yes to Cassie, it's gonna get out of jail, but an attack. It's not gonna happen anytime soon. Also hi. There was a rumour that Nicky manoeuvres by car to be a five thousand dollar gift basket, was how you, according to say about that. I will get into all that when we come back, you locked the breakfast logo morning, a breakfast prodded. Thirteen did I mean anything. Anybody in his room, yeah really
I still believe in light of the battle of nice are not paid out through better because music appear on the fifteenth of when today's Friday, the thirteenth, so Sundays fifteenth so direst relieved him guy, resolutely Jason Voorhees, the cutting a big chunk out of our tax and absolute money. Yet Sancho gotcha all right well, gets aromas? This talk Arap is getting arrested at the Reul report, Libretto club. Well, why d is facing a felony laboratories was from an incident that happened back in May at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas, for I am a man, approached him and asked for a picture, but why these crew was I get out of here and there I took a wiser then that he's not a real celebrity. That my for pigs and tell them out a real celebrity. That's when wise retaliated by snapping his chain off his neck chain fell on the ground.
And then on video. They see why g picking up the pendant these it is value between three and nine thousand dollars why'd. You then took off so the man did so and he's out there doing. Why D, because he said that. Why These goons beat him up a forest netting, his jewellery. He went at least two hundred and fifty thousand dollars amazingly why'd, you proved and white right bodies that I'm not a real celebrity, I'm goddamn friggin chain around it may at about. You can get mad Somebody tells you know for a picture. You, nine somebody's agnostic roots EU back, but you can't stand. That is not a realistic. Is there's a celebrity value? Not there really happened would distort zones, but every effort, it's o problem. Above all, I did get turned himself in on Thursday yesterday and then he actually was released on bail. You ve got a real celebrities is ago. He said. There's no rising reminds me. I re Lester but Emmy nominees ends and some of your favorites were nominated now for outstanding
many theories. What do you think's win? Bury Atlanta blackish somebody so that marvelous, MRS Mysel Silicon Valley, a break. Biochemist. Smet curb your enthusiasm are global actors. Unbridgeable can be submitted in very, very good, but I M going black his language, a landed very good too, but I gotta go blackish antelope heavier enthusiasm ass. I watched the news even occur, pineal men, as does black, is his deafening great. Of their land, and I love this. Let me know somebody really like this last season of manner, but I loved gush grounded towards our. I am. Outstanding Dromedaries drama series. I already know what you're going to say. Only the Americans, the crown game had thrown the handmaids tail. Stranger things. This is ass or West World WAR I guess it doesn't go in and out came a throne of his joke. Environmental was down every day. Is the last comments, a game of Brown, the nominations, ISA Ray is nominated for outstanding, led actors in a comedy series by her role on insecure down, a clever also got a nominee
in four outstanding standing, led actor in a comedy series. He's up against Anthony Anderson and Larry David and easier raise up against trivial. Is Russia blackish also, could also John Legend might get his e got. Remember he was on the breakfast club talking about getting an eagle because he got his first nomination for his role in Jesus Christ. Superstar live in concert here, the flat back to Windsor. Legend was on the breakfast club talking about potentially getting an eagle tat. You want to walk away from it. You got something you're aiming the aim of violence is aiming for a better? I won't be mad if I got a numbing it'd, be nice amene wages. Something on television is eligible hard to create. From that perspective, don't like, when you know I am, I can win Emmy now, because if you'd start thinkin, I dead than you think that's when you go astray creatively, if you starting and more, how can I went on a wharf? It is, I think, if you goin, thinking. I need to make this amazing. Then the words will come
Even though Jesus was Black Donald, ending a little black man when I am, if a plan jeez, I daresay you, nobody guys. It's a Emmy, Grammy, Asker and Tony thought. I think the reason I gave em used because it was Jesus. Now you know when you walk unscreened somebody and you a pamphlet Jesus, you don't doorways or have you see that something Jesus nominated by Emmy, you gotta gonna! Do it if you want to get a shadowy at least now, but it s also, so he performed the night before and still came in mourning on analysing the rifle before Miss Radioset. Already back he's a profession, absolute now, Chrissy ADS it had thirteen nominations for Jesus Christ superstar this morning, John Guide to Emmy nominations. If he wins, he will complete his eager and my spike team. It will probably be moved, but it's ok, I feel proud.
May the dragoon imposed by the jar legendary gotta nights, while people had ever done it you gotta nominee. Jesus Christ was gathered D, Artagnan wars and anomalies that would Jesus forward era intricacy six nine. He cannot get out because he's a flight risk according to the judge, so there's no bear for two Cassie. They were in court. Yes, asking the Jesse, let him out on bail for when he was around for an outstanding work in Texas, where he allegedly choked a teenager and the mob. He told the judges learn. Lesson. Must behind bars were the days that he needs to support his mom and other family members, but the jet said negative. They sets Akashi with was Europe and he didn't appear to be taking this Texas case very seriously, so no bail. He will remain locked up until his hearing, which is July Twentieth, and that's when I get extradited to tax. You don't tell me, I told you I was present in the chamber to go to court it. No! I just came
because the door was open and arrested, I always liked of unused in new areas in the EU have been taken as an item to you. So you won't be locked up in using yeah ass got up and he doesn't like twentieth Nobel amused and don't you would have assembly has got us a right were literally right there may again, that's your rumour report now, right now, where we come back to you on sale in a modern sharper will be joining us, will kick it with them. Of course she hasn't. Do our mouth all talked about all that same energy, the name, her snow, moves to breakfast locomotive more than ever He is the jack you. You are due to the magazine: brags, oh my god, The morning guys, the J envy shall remain a guy anti and we are the breakfast club earlier rigorous investigation about animals ever they back back out, got it a bit. I love down.
Now? Don't you like you, but I love I love it. The large sums, nothing wrong with the album. I think that is the language versions. In no way, I'm sure I making them more promises army with them drop I wrote to have the link ready you and you know why is that I'm not doing no more promises. No more is coming next week in the next become it'll come up. I make Mademoiselle no, it is beyond me. Why don't you love about it? If you don't like what what's was as a musician? Wouldn't you if you seen what I post on my page of pushy, I think he were did everything perfectly. He was like you know you got the demo. I'd is in. You know I live with, these workers. You noticed very vulnerable for me. You nonsense, very vulnerable, very personal. So living with their in, like expressing myself to my music and through this album that would. I fell in love with so
at the last minute? It might be an extra raw, more three, your eggs sample or eighteen and business like it was a lot of stuff. I read the last anyway so different as before. You had to submit the album ahead of time in wait for it to come out and whatever, but now it's like a put it out and uploaded in it That immediately is like you, knowing when you wake up the morning to harm, come out, and you hear completely different elbow. They are even worse. I made you know it was about my mom and Juni, and like the doubters, indifferent things like that. Any of you notice was only one verse rugged, sadly, or as members Well, Juny, like you know they are gradually item by God. I was heard Mcgowan's I've away, you don't like it. You gotta run Mamma Mamma daughter. Now, guy behaved like a record it what it is made. You know you have business different than different them way, exact like used our the second verse. When you get into the record, you know things will happen like
our one verse. I just don't know how I feel about going to make up for the gradual belong Gunnar gonna make a God love, not love me a flag. There should be last passing learning. I can't tell you, JANET Jackson because it will go good. I thought you would you d better, go ask you when you a genuine louisbourg measure, we have our own, thereby evaluate Viana. Do together, there's gonna be a main value prince, but, as you have video so did exactly the New York. They suitably do your rooms you don't get it.
Those issued a video today was not with Jean Valjean Video today, but I came here so I was vexed. My work is ok and the work care. Work is carried out her lawyers to grow who'd, you might, we will resolve, as one of my mom was solid. Thirty minutes were enlarged. She was not pay me no more, but that she was in a calm in an isolated obviously models? They were alive. They, unlike Juny the cat, Did you have a conversation with our afterwards wages when it came to my sister, came through in a close you like what would sound as the cap me. No was a little early for their cup.
Yeah, but the names are rather, they can't walk ass. A cat is in regard to this. I was a kid: they leaped boy now, she's they work. Do you think they worded? Everyone says as much as I would nevertheless pasta Instagram out of your sight, where the women, with second about how her daughter took the cat to her grandmother had with their did. You see that Poland owe their daughter, overhead, the man, then she was gonna, her grandmother has, and the daughter heard the man seconds her dad like he whispered, I'm a kill that cat later and she died boy. Do you reckon about her? Can you be so sure tat with her in her grandmothers house and then the grandmother was like YO. We know, why did you let her bring a cat and she asked her daughter. Why did you bring the cash you they could? is that he's gonna catch like anything, would do more than the global judo. Never wasn't there.
At the haze I wasn't out and talk about cat and circling thousands are given about the private and that touch. You never know, moreover, that the cobbler my daughter like that, like you, know all of those it Do you have as you go, I wasn't like. Ok, the town guards finances conversations as you go like what parents, Vienna, monsieur Magenta Jackson, favorite song, on middle gonna love me when you saw the night you come Where did you learn and told you a song she like? He was Kiki I made no end of the day. My feelings, allergy, like giggle, like giggling, of younger gratitude. You may leave alone, regarding legal. What do they jaded? You have an essential point this out yet so this is the last backing here or there were how it is that which are major. You said you could hear. I can hear it again. Looking back, the fellow was
Then she be doin you. How do I shut up? yeah, Oh, my dear you, please could you said it was a song natural. Hoping they put on the album did that song down one in Meda talking about Roseanne? I would like to suck at one point at one point I remember when they was discussing it because they they were trying to figure out the direction if it was going to be like more sexy or dance or street like before date cuz. She got a bunch of records before they had picked the direction I'm like. Please, whatever direction just don't take that one off, but they put like a little what you called on it that kind of made her mad, but it's still two meals I was gonna like hurt that I, like the somewhat like
so like today. I see like that. The lasers and I say, buddy candlelight brought it now. You know issues like when I heard it all cuz. What that is the lay the tag beginning the beginning, but my main man of Roma, who do so when you were a sample, came Roman, bring in its future in a low voice, come on in a sample cut off Zalm like now get the weary was Doin with China, but I just like they could have kept it too, because, like the lady was coming, maybe I could have been will be more tat by. Air, like us all, is bigger than just like that is not about like not like an lasers like big. In turn down a little even on start vocals like if you wanted to have a whole bunch of them and began his own? Do what you want to do, but, like
the middle Emma vocals in his coming through the vocals, in my view, is thy rags. Inside baseball games, there's no general political movement has not known, as does round was the lay the beans on social trashed activity with a nervous like the sample. So how you came in Nazareth Peewee, they definitely haven't you even ass loud ass. They would we aren't bees. Are we lose you when you bought in the kind of recognition is it could have done with the laser. I just was a vibrating here. Is I imagined it only was needed. We got de on its heels in mind shovel. When we come back, don't move as the breakfast look morning. Breakfast everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have tea on a table in a modern shampoo in a building. Now in this
Three way you exposed Latinus or Lord, no, you open up your your life to the world in a major way. What why do this attitude at joint? I decided to do do I guess I just like you know the hearing you no seven is by that is that of white were all about Oliver was what is mere anybody else, all my love this kind of sovereign zone is, I just want to get more, create if you nomes in another typical. What already doing you know, would seventy times they up a notch like how many have a heads up acted at like so I know a guy aims are needed
body. Now we know now that, as I expect, we will write another woman like I'm. Usually I solemnly said about what I do not know how many men have no less aid would be. The third point is that what you do? Don't we
That being said, it was a very good job in the body and like make a written answer to give people the prospect of aside these because sobbing completely different from somebody that we just buzz down. If we have any good somewhere, what unites items that would you not Adam Adams, soundbites Gulf, dirty word about what I'm saying. How would that conversation? The first anniversary I that comes with a broader by you alone and overcome it, was gonna. Buy me, ok, how's about like a lot more like grounds. You know it's crazy. I really like. I really believe that aim It is our job, as I just you know,
We played a visa ban, come already that was down you're, going to get some gods Axel with delays. Could the appetite clip came out now everybody ideas like why you do want to do it all you shot their aid in running, I'm not I'm busy. I got it not a say and, like they say, did you could you did the voice? I she did the voice, no died. We doing legal. My daughter was funding on my desk. Don't believe that, like it just what she did was I didn't expect that we had a great night. We already has some we had going on, we already in the hotel and Amy in this walks out combat shouting. By their land, and I didn't have a card, so I didn't have you guys, got Yale, just random Argo from looking down. Thank you, my shoes off to lie with the. What did you do online?
Momsey, I known it is worried that we waited aggregated data about what you are making so boy saved. Like some boys, don't shout boy Linda bigger than I am DORA the explorer I got poor Diego here with me. You ve got the bomb bay, the book back, everything everything, but what I feel is boring more. While the story is ages. Funny how like the ten people that was made out of the million people were actually enjoy dissolve. It was like all, that's crazy.
We women are due to save their marriages. I baby I'll do anything a vessel to save anything. I do what I want to do on a more serious note honestly, like what I do to keep any being in line with our love like focus on how to be a better me now. As far as my sexual is and what I want to do. That's me his desk, never addled into anything sexual to keep. My man this is crazy. Regardless is never even before that there are even comes enough, so baby were given a threesome It was never that rain. I'm saying I also feel I give sexes or you crazy before you Mary I just boyfriend Grover, like was nags. Like That is very much a five year. You know home Did we like ivy terms and terrorism? We need less. Try, please listen to a guy. We homey travel Joam. Well, might Even now the man who say it like that, but I would say a light. It'll be like also love her girls, be like awesome. Will you better?
stairhead like any be light we? If this, there's a natural reactionaries to be now, then we could. This have had no everyday thing. I d say that's what people started was like. They were like every day dear, I was using thrice a fantasy that she created without modalities. Was it the deal was there any Bartleby Asiana anybody we Vienna Glove and everything is my allow anything he was so now a girl our goal super hard drive a deeper archive, there's Oman. Soon the girl comes in a room, the modest, sweat rainforest. I'm having you didn't like this is set up. When did you wouldn't even the set out by it was like? I thought she was more so in HU there women like terawatt, but
to be in love with a woman's body and not even like some girls. They say I'll go gay for her wish. They really don't want to do nothing day with her, but they just want to stare and put on a wall type of thing. You know I'm and it's like when it was that I thought maybe she's just entertaining that someone right now, we can think give a guy like that is. Is women Davis like go to you know it happened in when I look up and ask them? What are you and then they went along comes in soon. He does you leave me out to do it wasn't Oki key rang like we want to see new idea and one night. It wasn't easy on any Marshall within a wider here before you, gotta go back. It was funny because at that we actually why your life we're not it. We will come back to the hotel, she does. She would come back legitimate.
I was a la la la like to say that it. She was hanging around and gave them on never gonna put Muslim in a position at like, like I'm not like her you, know that there are a lot of people hit me up all the time in about three and rules and like how can I get my grow to do a threesome or women want to ask. I want to do at the recent One question was already is this bizarre came out because I got me a lot of begging me, but he's crazy. That's all around like this you're right about, like the woman is supposed to pick the other woman right. You say now: man is really love your day. No businesses were- and this is why can't you may rule. Is Islam bless? You made it now. Some girls words like ok, he can't intercourse with the other one
oh yeah, I'm not gonna, something that I may be did us. That goes without saying that using handing out now, I'm not going to say now with our work- oh god, not yet another together models is. He goes back so that employees, by Yos bags, animal we're announcing the river which leaves Bellevue years, would go home in a parlous dahomey gives or whatever you want to delete light had a time a girl want to lead a fantasy cool. We just give Dorado should language it. I was crazy. I feel what you say in oak. His aunt for advice, like other girls, personal, do anything you want to do now. Do nothing to don't do it? Don't do no reason to keep me all right. You bondage bond vote, I'm saying like you, gotta know you the need in a no at whatever it is like an awakening? planet. That's what like I used to be that we I get him in the beginning. It was just like
Do you like? I want to try, it is, but which can be able to speak. Where's your somewhere, we unit within this is like. I just wanted a line only to Brazil via low Bedloe join. We gonna do that made a lighted candle finish on her Ok, then what they want they give to him is. I did in Sweden. Had a discussion is naturally he didn't. She couldn't get him. It was like. I haven't my wife, that's when it was time. If you know he could not do farm animals nor visitors, like any my wife, like you know she understanding. What did you think, I'm only those I'll kill that your name like a case that one three. We ve raised quite beyond all social media play together this year. Is that really the Imo Mercedes to foot at the foot of the gas If you do get a three way, though I just don't think you should beware,
about you another girl. I is went over to look at them to get what about when I grow in combating the euro. He a feed he came to. After this. He ever forget about that. You're, there lay Tiana other girls. In two thousand and eleven why do you wish you Mamma? I think I've been divided by his. I think people think that you know guys want to do as they like their cheating or is called sharing. And it is not there and, as I honestly, the times that we have done it like is always been mean him making love. You know. What am I to introduce this old work of Northern Ireland are introduced this three way: Plato, everybody is the J Envy, Angela YE Follow me to God. We are the breakfast Club Tiana tail in mind. Shampooer inability and tat was a conversation with kindness, and could we heard a conversation, push details about how without compensation would kindly when you call kindly about bow Are you still speaking to you right now
may we we family one thing about. It is like yeas like tell us? Somebody like yon do to fix it because Tiana is little yea. All me, if you don't fix it, you know get the push steed You know I'm Zan, Ricky and J Porn on those all my brothers but everybody go down align, everybody gets the call. You know it. I mean as respect well, I'm just passionate museums and is like me, I've been up here, probably out of You x really only two times for records like that's an issue for me and then look like all like are you even there and as I don't get it was not We want me up here, but I'm tired of being up here all these didn't have anything to do with my music, but I'm just about my like having such a long break like that at seven came out had already been like seventy, they get the proper push that deserve like this software marvelous
like yours, you gotta be perfect. I can't afford. I have a lumber record. I can't afford its way too many apple. I M gonna have seven minutes my I need. The old and he said, and many long set a minute long record like Perry. So I will just more nerve. Is an honest that Europe does not listening. Pussy listen to me. The right by other governments know exactly how it all out album was short and sweep of people. I don't know HU. I never heard of meat. They would the people that know me it has been like good AB met when it met, is awaited, or using. You will give me twenty two minutes. One thing from help: how do they also have another Avons thin instead as like? This is the incomplete about this? Is that, like the incorrect arab woman, here's a correct Ambrose, not that I just wanted, or records to be extended, you know
if I'd like to other exit, what's going on album beside It was his more so I know how I am and on the same way like I met a reality when she did the James Joint or album We fought them and it was like one verse in one hook, and I know the field of Azerbaijan, more like this, I need this any more. You know I've, always though I was also bears over me to turn around and the like the whole album. That's all resolve, as is like now, I see with people's frustration. Come from you know I'm saying and in these three she's consistency? Guy I'll? Let you know single happening at a single one meal, like problem for years, go by another problem, and it is only twenty three minutes like it. Just wasn't enough. My only problem with the rollout is what I just thought it needed radio. I need feel like radio serum really got behind the radio they needed a proper like old school like
same old needed singles. I needed all animal visual art is people like when you see me they want to see me. You hear me enough, especially like what the bathing or all like the visually have to say. What's going on in our attention span is so short in this generation as like they wanted in some time. You gotta see the video honesty song more out her represent. I wasn't really cool. I don't even like date until I thought a video hitting out easy. Do you like? Ok, when we really talk it was a year we gunshot push enemy Peter, I knew was like me and Pusher laid down a line in the day, he treaty, my album, it was like yeah? I'm doing my arm onto a gnaws me Cutty got one. It was overwhelming and it was. I ledges baby, don't bother me an airline up like I got more rapid, already scare from then enable use ignited, don't be crazy by you the best batch bees bag
The sole angle for I was all like me, you dumb say novels called it, but at that point look at the is the project saw me really Barbie, considering Muslim, more album. It was the wiring project. However far albums ten arms twenty alms. I did not know that it wasn't gonna, be a role that is fine. The single individual was resumed I agree to do a lot of show that I d love to go. You have a single candidate, allow whenever one eyed performer beads experience like I'll, have the new Obama I'd. I thought that when we were getting closer and closer Lego was that will Single video did design the next thing. You know the outcome is out this no visuals, like I'm, not about to look like I was. I was like old, I'm ok. That, like I know what I mean, I don't I'm synod somewhere by their hunting on its head. Job album. You know we know the lira decision. Examining it with building a body is, I understand we call uranium was going because I've is answerable for so long, and I appreciate my talent. So to him, as I did, you know,
it's like. What's in me, I'm like I'm sure they're big underground, but I still got it to prove your me. Like you, some visuals, like I'm cool with their yellow, all lap approved. I got sovereign, like does legend You mean that the drop these projects right now got the job project. Ever again, I do seventy eight, songs, pudding, violence like I possessed when I see the frustrating, I get it right in arms in all and all of the people's opinions. There was did. I was already kind of like saying, but none of the less problem, is not only a deadly issue that Josiana me radio rangy do eyes, shouted Tiana in a modern simpered for joining us pick up her Agnes out. Right now is to breakfast Cloacam Morning one away. The breakfast club of tone and Jackson goes our real good on their record.
Accident must now real good on their rebel will see an uneasy does go up. Ok without a desk, ORB Albert Habits and he will get to the room. Was there? I was told chairs to rattle, with his close to ass. The wrapper did an interview with windy city life cause. You know he does us. I had the fiftieth anniversary Special Olympics taking place in Chicago what he's doing the concept for it with a shared, Monkey Robinson and more. That happens on July twenty first well, sat down and talked about Congo West come into Chicago to work on their album together. He said that's gonna happen. This may take it out. Cairo was is worthwhile. This image of like in ass, a free man in the industry, and I just always like him for that loved. His music is creativity, beloved his voice loved, his fearlessness and so working on I am working with him on his arms, is crazy, but having
Tell me that he wants to produce mile The Chicago work remains so he's gonna come here, and I work with you and your staff here. There's Monti Organ Organ in Chicago, I beg of you, Jackie with Kanye West needs. You needed the smell, some fresh Chicago. I think that Congo, air, we'll hit him and it'll, be like Gug Med, camera phone light flashed in your face when you and sunken place. I think those exactly needs help. So now he s a tax about his recent engagement with went viral. Here's what he had to say about that girl, never got a chance to have a quite moment or have any like real discussion on how we are going to announce it till the world or if we would announce it to the world, how much we wanted the will to be in the, but because of how much, in a lot of publications in Gaza, blogs that out how much accessibility to have to my life. To my friends,
without their immediately before I could even really get up and make a toes. There was on shade on everything so recently that way: oh yeah immediately, may she gonna wanna shy away from the public and have more moments to yourself, but as an artist, it gave me a lot too to work with causes. Show me how small but perspective but I have with the little information they get about my life I was about to shy away from the public if you go into the public at all, unless you planned, like sitting yeah all day long. When you go, the public you ll, have interaction with the public and even of you not regarding message with somebody else. He bewildered absolutely s. I guess somebody's must assented and how to that even work or is it he posted for in, could oppose it only a page and in tat. Somebody tag shade rumour border learned and it is possible. We are right now, the shah, Mccoy, there's more information on what both sides are saying. As far as Silesia, Cordon, his ex girlfriend you guys cell, her face, look like when someone broke into the home and pistol wiped her according to
her side of the story. Now we also have the name one one call here is that first call while he is the call when she's first talking about somebody breaking into the home brokered about how the guy with american jewelry about where weapons Bob Dimension, man, you're gonna, get me in the face of new market opening, accompanied by a boy Anyone, ok, that's kind of anyone need medical attention. You said you were hidden ahead. You need medical and when I came on the ball, I didn't know about a sound scary and then she talks about her ex boyfriend. The Shah Mccoy and has he thinks he's involved? I care about about my boyfriend who, after life they set me up. I don't care, I wouldn't like a day, women, do not want all your guy. I right now
there's more information to. Apparently there is at least three incidents over the past year for that house. They lived in Georgia and now the sham acquire called the police on Duty Thea back in July, of twenty seventeen when the Cubs got there, they said that he was standing in front of a large amount of her clothing. Any claim they were having issues they broke up after she accused him of cheating on her. He also said that he had some jewellery that she wouldn't give back. He said that jewel often loan them high end jewelry items to wear for events, and she some of these items and had not returned them. He s further multiple times, but he added. We turn them and then he goes on to say that he was concerned that she would make false accusations about him. He said did that he was trying to be very careful about, being around her, given the climate of domestic abuse in his profession. So this case there saying could be relevant since deletion says that whoever broke into a house and Pistol Webster demanded, very
specific items of jewellery, that's why she feels like he is responsible and she has the police, as you heard in those name among closets, he feels that he's responsible. She also says that Abraham surveillance cameras and singing and perhaps get some information from their Jesus Christ? pray of all parties involved in that situation. I hope they data figured out how to love figure it out and I hope they get through. I write Kennedy B, we told you yesterday then Nicky Manassas of five thousand dollar give basket rows of girls gangs Willard birth of culture, while shrew cardenio. Not true, if I've, those that guess Hollywood, unlike posted the story and she just wrote not true, she responded True, so I don't. I was not always easy. Never let all I was invited them now. Listen, it's the em! All she said was not true. He also bear no matter they
make it and put a guard on it. Did you put a corner? You damn right, I'll put it in your name on what I did. I think, maybe not Bevin Bianti. Ask if you want to send a message which I tabled. Regarding your. You dare monopolies, and your name on when I bid us into Millions Bevin Bianti. Ask if you want to send a message, would it that's why typed in the message I wanted to say: oh you say yes, You didn't know you. I think the card and is in a car. But I take us a car you, yes, it is inside the message on bed bath and beyond. Cut it out meta by their coffee. I will write what do they say they keyboard people over sixty five thousand dollar gift that was yours, outboard just found out about without without me that I actually did their level card or those who live in those where they can call the storing track and achieve envy really centre was my government, they machine. I said Cardio Maxie, Cosy Rachel. Those special edition judge, said: pre convertible car seat
Whilst I will let you said yesterday, glass autograph describing read me begun in even have information to see posted on social media Odin patients actually similar recognising our area, even though it wait will look. Cauzee Maxie call reaches those eyes gently at pre. Eighty five convertible at its destination. They should have, as I have already seen after she wants. You got a broad tax by taxes, safe of chemotherapy, bright eggs, brats execute messy requested. I brought economic the text for babies Zella everywhere, where right I re were Angela YE and that's your room, a report I gotta tell you have been NBC, but I'll tell you later grimace. What's about it in a minute in you know, you know what we were talking about. The recent Euro if, as you don't know me now know, you're out before we tease before we take on an elaborate, was yes? Yes, you look a little. Eleven does redone redoubt thing. Ok, he likes to redo had another. I have you and I'm gonna, tell you what do what pottery mahogany. Actually is
I agree, but I gotta hear listen, listen! Don't we allow don't laugh at me, but would you be interested in doing some paid posts fashion, Nova men. There was grateful to imagine open my eyes. Look a gradual do impressionable, there's! No one! Certainly our joy! I know you do need your rational hijacked enumerated. I think there are benefits. Clubs do fashion, know about due to women's allude. Amanda gather breakfast Club Code Ration overlooking Irma S. Alright, there's no book, almost glass, Norton bashing. Nobody, a YO ass, have to do with the change. Go away to genes fiddle my but good I'm does. Have you been opened much potential payola man, Madam president, whether music, you mean you want in the room, I envy yes out, those it. I like d,
I like girls to air, was it that you did say that don't lie that wasn't there you didn't late hours out of cancer, guys gross. Furthermore, astronomy stop we given your dog into dog? Going to a young man in Vancouver Island thing, I've ever give a dog in Anybody Vancouver when he by the gate at this more now right, we'll get its own. When we come back to the lab salivating, is the breakfast club Gomorrah Don T Devil dog you today, for Friday July, third teeth gold derive
Lord LAW now rise from Vancouver, odd thing. I've ever given someone from Vancouver Donkey two days. What his man may now be a first, don't call me on net, I'm doin this almost eight years, my memories trash now who are they elect? Gabe rooms. Anybody has remembered an escape from you now, but I biggest x is it like saw now what I've been an escape route coverage, unemployment, brigades videophone after they put you in a room and you gotta do- is different clues. You gotta figure out into room to be able to get out, isn't like thought. I've had died as it was gory another you can't die in this thing is not that it, but then you just gotTa Mabel escape again. When I worked game, I've never done that that I can remember been illegal hollowing room that you walk, doing people a jump in auditing and grab and you had a high in house will escape us on how the avenues, cable, naga or enormous go to cape eating. Fox, twelve, to get a little explanation or what to escape from. Actually is you and some friends or maybe coworkers or place inside of a room filled with clues about how to get out then you're good,
a certain amount of time to make it out of the room open. The movies The antibodies difficulty levels is enough: some fourteen, some for older people, some fakirs, likely I really difficult to get out of. Yes, if you care for somebody come did you? Yes, I know my anxiety would go to the roof and an escape route as why refuse to paper. Rescare me, I don't do. Horror will without undue roller coasters is in sound Zadig escape rooms of my thingy they'll gay only escape Roma would be in it. This room with tiny to meagre Latasha and sometimes Candia perform now back to the days okey awry award LA reward last sucks did escaped escaping escape rooms. I would no wise subsidy escaping escape rooms by let's go to keep you tv foxglove again for the report. A burglar to call nine one one to get out of an escape room business, because after breaking in he couldn't get out deputy, say I warn law is the suspect they say he got into trouble when he tried to get out
the door knobs and then panicked and called nine one. One deputy say he told dispatch that his home. Being burglarized but gave an address that doesn't exist, so they responded to the business here. They are going from escape room to escape room deputy, say by the time they got to the strip. Mall war law was out of blood get theirs. They saw him toss a phone that belong to the business and there's no, gaping, that loud you breaking and entering no one will use breakin into Ryan. Did everything right in this situation. If I was in an escape Roman, I did not get out. I will now, when one till I would call now. I want to break every being I dead ass. The only reason why I have given dog you today is because, if you want to commit a burglary, you should attempt major burglary as easy as possible. In and out, did you not read too big a sign on the building essayed escape experience? What did you think that was it? Does?
got a sex doin outside I'm, not gonna lie to you, but either way you gotta do some research before you just break in the places places. Ok, you had a phone right, Google your friend find out what their escape experience these before you just go breaking and entering into places you can't get out of, because if you would go would a little, you would have realised that the room he was then called Chill line is a quick would a panic door. Tat is always unlocked the kill. Yes, this game but Ryan at a panic attack before using it, and he Now will one four times from inside they kill room and by the time he figured figured out, there was a panic door pull had arrived and Ryan was still on the premises and he was taken into custody and confessed to the crime. All right he's been charged with second degree: burglary. Poor guy could escape to escape on a long arm of the please you re award lotta busy obvious sucks, the beautiful
that's pretty foreign different clothes you gotta do to get as it is. Thus gear is not like the lights go all day that I can manage and kill you. They give you different clothes. You gotta figure out how to get out, and usually it was a team daughter took her friends like ten of woman We how to get out of pity, for why would I want to be in place, does go and call my anxiety and withdrew known if your class to phobic not enough for you as a room. How big is it I guess ass? It is this studio now I'm cool Senegal and I gotta get out there. We got up we'll, take you for a donkey of Dane now, let's talk tea on it, in a mind sharpening up here earlier talking about three sums: an hour they were here. This is what they said. Some girls words like ok, he can have intercourse with it. The one but is are you I'm not gonna, something that did us. That goes without saying: oh, isn't it out? Now I'm not going J now without her
our, oh god, not you're, gonna, nobody dominated the other models. Is he goes back. Those employed by Yos bad example. But a question is eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you guys have had three sons out there are they had three some rules. That is the question. I know other rules, because I read this burg: three cents for couples who want to know more by Ladys by their rules or whatever the female would have a girl, a wife or fiancee is having they're. The ones sets the rule and rules vary based on what it is a relic of his. U yours, significant other and a woman. The new rules would be different. If it is you into random right, I'm sure, and then, if as two guys in a girl, maybe the rules are different for that we are told rules, put, from the very can only imagine with raised an asteroid fight would look like my goodness eight hundred fathoms firewater landline or are they are rules that recent easy when you got a panacea, cop blisters
that backlit wouldn't say yesterday. What he would do if it was coming on items have been taken out of context. We have no idea on the way over that occurs x. You just say I did in the context of the conflict is one thing and I think that a good night scenario pay what my son I missed. It promised so cute so good night last week. I think that's what it's worth living alright, what five father firewater five one all their rules so a threesome. We have learned from Charlemagne because their role again don't good. A cynical right is the breakfast locomotor life is not a contract, the breakfast was thrown away a morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club good morning. Navvy just joined us, we're talking Some of this morning, this conversation comes from Tiana tail in mind: comfort, The show earlier in this is what they said. Some girls were there like. Ok, he can have intercourse with the other one, but is: are you
are going to say that us that goes without saying that using data. Now I'm not going J. Now with our immediate. What out? Oh god, yet again, the models is he bought, those that exist for you by your bags animal. So I dont get five a five one or five one, all their rules at the recent. Now you you book about her. Yes, how did you read this book because I had around. I shall live service. All cattle, maybe she's an author and a writer, penthouse, and so the rules are. The woman is supposed to choose It's gonna be that their party involved and of Nobody does anything that they're not comfortable with us. He can't contact her outside of the threesome. So as really up to whenever you want to do so, so they can't go off and have their whole own thing and then be like ok, we're all a big happy family doesn't work like that. I'm usually not a great idea for it to be somebody that you're really close with so I either has
the money that too casually no or perhaps John PIC somebody up together. There was to be down, of course, use protection, and personally, I think it's a good idea for the guide to finish on her and then up to you guys to decide whether or not he can have intercourse with the other woman or not. You guys us to make rules about kissing. In general, I was a kissing for the man in the third party woman is not. That idea on his arrogance and real experience is down. Billina have no goddamn book, you gonna, let you disapprove present narrative an empire The women out there that I haven't. The reasons are two men involved or three men or three women. These rules apply to you guys. Whoever is in the couple. The person that is on you know deciding the one and makes the rules when his women in a man and then if a man was viewed at a man, he should be able to pick up another novelty, composition, gluttony, valid reason. You have all my life now, but in general, you have one alone, would you would you haven't you elitism? Would you have? Theirs was one
our demand that room beyond. Would you out alone nor our mouth, my evil might be killed slightly fragile alcoves if his penises bigoted Whoso, oh, maybe failing to men we talk about the other. What is going to follow these brain hello, NEO, hello, hello! There was a gone on. Rose, the Teresa broke that debt level the asylum, even the guy's penis, can't be bigger than shut. Only about now Programmes argued that one. We're going to have to live with the birth. And what are you gonna do about? It now hangs out with dementias. Ok, yeah! You know me, you don't want you. Women feel insecure, Adele,
about it. There were merrier merely upon our lifestyle, bow whatever. Maybe you get so much nor any funny? We just talk to Charlemagne. He said if it demands penises to bigger, would bother him Charlemagne inside. I did say that Numerical Thorpe law we do is we got the audio was through their new guys. You comfortable you gotta be kidding me. Why did we do by my brother needs are by no means that people are we dealt with so many people. This we're running around your visa, Eight hundred five, a five one file when we just as if their rules, a threesome scholars. Now is the privilege gloves morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just join us, we spoke to Emma
and shovel Indiana Taylor this morning would talking about three sums, and this is what they said. Some girls words like. Ok, he can't intercourse with the other one, but is: are you I've got something to bid us that goes without. That goes without saying: no it out now, I'm going to do now with oh god not yet another together models is, he goes back, though there is employed by Yos bad example. So we ask and eight hundred five a firewall firewall or their rules to three. So you have a threesome envy. Your wife fell What does he wanted it now? You know to cause. You know when in a threesome, is girl on girl action in a girl on guy action, so our guy on Guy Gaia in my case it would be girl, girl action. So my whole thing is: you know a girl prob, it's well, I'm gonna buy woman, does eat Botz bedded in Maine Rice array of my wife is moulding Gerda, his female? I love you.
Wages are low about. We get to the same point. Another anyone asked the woman to show you how to That is impossible. You don't ever do now. You now do agree. I mentioned I mean how to probably do that, but they would never be able to do it as good as a woman but the truth of the matter is my ego, too fragile, volatile, unanimous their Otto. I don't think I'm at the point. My life walk outta me in a room with another woman in my wife, and I now know I'll being so. What about you you? Now? I don't want to have it museum, but as I am that attracted to women physically, so there by Willy what happened to me. Ok, I'm a very one on ones. I propose that even when I watch porn is always like a man and a leg is always to people about we're. Not nobody does and is. Very room is always like romantic love story. The logging in Vienna, Marduk hello, there's more relaxed the morning arose that Mama new. My boyfriend's had held taboo and only they I failed. Nokia, ok, Nokia, seen as a decent.
We all know what about. Also you let your boyfriend do or allow another one, oh wow, so what me no, I think hissing is more intimate than others. Sexual activity to you that a man put his mouth on. Not only the giant lives were not our regular lips. Here we are about being competition with better I am now my boyfriend trouble. Cool, but does not like a doll back riding Match box block the incompetent Pie Eden Competition under. Why now I will congrats Mama legume. Second, That's why you always wins hello, you're, pretty Marcela, who this kid, talking about rules, three sums in the afternoon which a minimum yeah I derived and what are the rules? All other, though, if we act of the plank where we want this tree, What are you gonna go hand like law like you know her
nowhere, whatever name did all around the text, What would have been about like not abide by it? be a woman that I have chosen? There's no contact between them. But that lie or that eyebrows we're gonna, be extremely. You said no more, how do you agree? How do you figure out with a magic Congo raw Marguerite? What you meant by normal, bought out of it the World Yoga, do whatever you want in the bedroom, their wicked. What have we want? A barren guys like if you guys from the point of warning a brief, and they are free level- have already like me hey. I had him that way, though. We have our way. We already there. Oh yeah level, but I knew Kennedy in her bed and stuff. Well, I mean after him not you are, as you know, though ill.
Get there get there cuz I mean we're having sex, I feel like sex is free. It is what it is we are you the protected. May we are not going around now willow, random organ gag. Nowhere do that ochre beg your mama yo our arrival. Was its historic, the moral of the story the rules is whatever you may get as long as everybody's comfortable with was happening and an agreement having a good time. That's all that matters and minutes a month is uncomfortable, has got to stop. Building but you were rooms on yes, that's find our former mba player is getting divorced after fourteen years already to all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast. The morning morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club, thus gets it aromas. Let's talk a newbie tissue
about the war annually on the breakfast. Habibi has a new digital series coming as cod famously arrested. It's gonna be on their bt, you to China, as well as BT, dot com, and it actually start. Onto lie, seventeenth and its celebrities hugging about their wild arrest stories, like Orlando Brown at the hard. For Heaven help happy land at the window, benzene, always with arms, and he s a man from basketball, wives, Elysees and six
and Wrapper Mise. Either games like about their arrest check out a little clip from what that's gonna sound like over. My name is mass. My name is a name for my eye was famously arrested for why smack into how this famous leave arrested for my baby, my soul in the Doha round, there are weapons Georgie Triple Homeless, they ran to tear gas and everything. Can I at least put my own? I would like to say that I love that idea drop recluse, but you and I could not wait to watch my uncle Ok, we do like famously in charity start losing. Why you didn't, you makes a call to be arrested. Does it make you re use, and you re, like you or eighteen MA, makes people want a baby to be Iceland,
is like watch an undeniable Mozilla love. What do the things that already happens? Path? Reason we watch like him. I can't download anything. That's ongoing legume a reward. You gotta us! It would give you put your money. You ought copyright! You watch live pity allies. Pity is great lack that lack of raw I made out listing in Asia TV show, God bless, you could be embedded in Us Emma Jane. I need an airline giving it well. This it's going about, their less advanced shall The guidelines were arrested, are you? Are you gonna be other she'll? Never, he was a rest them and we are going to talk about what happened, because this case is not going to be reopened and will give you the details from what I have from the report. Now Seventeen year obey case against Charlemagne, Acre Leonard Larry Micheletti was arrested on suspicion of raping a fifteen year old girl back in two thousand one and was charged with second degree criminal sex.
Will conduct with a minor. However, back in two thousand, Leonard Macao, be made a plea agreement and he pleaded due to the lesser charge that charge with contributing to the delinquency of a minor that rape charge was dismissed, the womb recently said she wants to reopen a criminal case, but that case cannot be reopened. The seeds prattle. You sure, has ended their dismiss charge against Mister Micawber not be resurrected, also occur. To deny Maccabees attorney more than seventeen years, gosh. I was accused of a sexual assault. He never had sexual relations or any physical contact with the accuser and even provided DNA to prove it so for people saying that he took a plea oh for rape. It was not that there is actually no contact, no sexual nations DNA proved that there was no type of contact with the accuser. However, he did plead guilty to contributing to
delinquency of a minor, because you had a party and provided liquor and she was drinking and only fifteen years old I write again and its unfortunate, You know, something's happened by Jeremy was not the person that actually attacked this woman my hope and prayers for healing and support and for those involved in all victims of sexual assault. Yes, of course, I write and let's talk of a woman is going to be directing anew Marvel movie. They marbles duties. Studios has hired Kate shortly. And to be doing, the forthcoming black widow movies dying, Schuyler Johannsen, so she's gonna be the first female directed to do, on her body, are doing to stand alone, a black widow move. You should know these things I think I read in a five hour or, but I did was in short, it will go and do it. I will call you back
captain marbles another hired a female directed to lead the new film all on her Ottawa job to mobile muso dogged model is one of our free regarded in the mobile universe, cow Danvers, so, basically at the Yes, all Vienna Thea visited now now, by the end of a ventures that symbol that came up with similar Jackson's phone, I was kept a model for basically was gonna happen in the next video is a white woman. Is no common save the day, so I thought at other I seen by path. Isn't it a movie where the white Man save the day rebel. Now, I'm kidding I'm glad to see that in this area. Mary Day belied. She has a new song ass. You posted I've, been in the studio working on new music and was excited to share a little bit with you all. I had a year of so many up and down and have come at the other side within renewed spirit and a fresh perspective. On entering my next time, there with an open, mind and heart only is where I am right now and I couldn't keep it to myself any longer. So sad adds a marriage. She has been through
and here is part of her song called only love me, Mary, Amber dogs about right the model allows rise. A diet of tropical Basel to clean it has also emerged, is even a little place. Man I like that are still she'll. Have we not give married a Kurdish? You deserve a shilling version of a statue you have certainly well I gotta get married. We will go beyond say another. Look at major black enough to look at me. I feel I should be happy when I look at Mary, like she married a blind as you gotta start, but I agree with you because you are
walk a faint oil yea. I got you got together. I re. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report. All right. Thank you. Miss ye shall to revolt, we'll see you guys or Monday. Everybody else shovel, who came near there was little Kim's birthday and of Europe on Friday, I throw a bank soulless, do or little care, and it was a little Jim's Boy day will also fix version of the can I get a drop moment. You know it s been a lesson we play for two thousand and four or five days dreaded jump me outside the radio station and it was actually a little Kim's boy data these it out of a boy
fortunately drop, one of whose Buffalo Jump deriving from Monday. Britain can live again. Let me makes them into your favorite Kim, joint or Kim feature eight hundred five, five one of our labour little cancer is the breakfast club. I got one Kamali you all needed to hinder. The broadcast candidates talk what I want with blue Joe brandy and marking Craig wash em in the pot brothers that law. We are the world's number one podcast for everything cannabis. Now the podcast cannabis talk wanna one. We all share a passion for entertaining and educating the cannabis community will be discussing the pros and cons of all. These cannabis, including new laws and regulations, listen the candidates wanna. One on the heart, radio, app apple, app apple, podcast or wherever you get your podcast.
A class twenty twenty we'd know things have been super weird lately were bombed the graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write. You Clinton speeches divergent he's, a very good she's into over twenty one of your favorite sprung Dj College to coach K, Abbe, one back to all, say you're all here, to give him the wisdom that we could almost right now, listen to our radios. Newport has commencement creatures drop, make tee for my heart radioactive and Sunday may. Seventy us all. I heard radio station with support from a twenty twenty census shape your future start here.
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