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Tuesday 11/21- Today on the show we had the cast of the Netflix Series "She Gotta Have It" stop by where they spoke about the show, which turned into a conversation about women being able to have just as many sex partners as men. Moreover, we did a rewind of when Maury Povich came to visit and when newly wed Keyshia Kaior came to visit. Also, we did a rewind of the time Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to himself because once upon a time he condoned"rape culture".

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Even so. We also spoke this morning an order of the day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the ruler. Rubbing the wrong way was badly by falling down. You're gonna, get it off each other. You may want to breakfast, but as this is Johnny Ola Johnny I'll get it off each has wrote. I why I'd say why I just want to say a very, very bullets. I don't have a lot. But I have everything because I have life now when I was a young kid always wanted to be an announcer a boxing and every since I see my first boxing match and all the sudden
I never gave off and I became an answer for the last twelve years, but I use that as a plateau to help our veterans and active Jerry Graff me and I had I been so so very, very fortunate man. I swear people don't ever give opting in you can achieved anything. You want the breakfast club. I doubt that the army or the undisputed undisputed morning talks ever you got it right, you guys you're amazing. I love you guys, everybody! I think we need to get the God. Nobody need to have you come in the studio records are models for over and we locate above our there, I've actually a little city just north of Grand rapids. You get down pretty, for he could actually do from. Mr. Do you old ordering Nurmi? Yet in that way here you and I don't like any opportunity you guys are all of this is for free, does want you to know that they produce alone. Is the old was for a moment.
Rub programmer. Let you do what you gotta do. I know what you call for a man. You call any future shaggy cabra. Basically, man prepared, may yo heavily yeah, I'm alive rather more bitter matrimonial at this girl. I am this battle for you and I want the best no, my name away and I'm a real mean I'm at the business away deftly a drunk. I would tell you that my main wait. A deadly drugs in the task of this world are worthy of you said you'd be about Shorty the gay and Algeria will lead to greater, was accredit broke out? Well, while five ninety eight, but I'm worried about you name no way knows about the AL. You know my name, you no more important uneasily data may with their gratitude. I regret about it. Either
now that my blood I can put his girl for these, are you about six five? Ninety eight creative globally either? I only their mother, It is our main ideas that you thought dating a guy like their five. Many greatest. Nobody even try to get it off. Each has eighty five, eighty five One thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now with the breakfast club good morning, your time to get it off the agenda. The email from you wanna breakfast on your last January, you mad when they travel like people. You hardly are you don't know it lab whereby the, and that requires that nobody knows anything. Why dreaming? What is he doing now by even less again worn out a pal? You don't argue to come waiting like family puncture among them together,
the inclusion in the whole family functions suicides Igbo, LAB about what Will you Mamma, oh yeah, Mary, getting married? hey man, you can still be his object in be man. You got another big item. Another bully got amazed that they now have age. You know mobile Fatima three single morning a morning out, will you how's everything out babbled left at one another? Forty three world really dine female, and I have briefly to procure dream- and I woke up this morning and I only have a man of local regional Jimmy you blind you did. Then it would have a giant us all as it did. The guy have said that you and protecting our probably you didn't, know Yannick Animal stupid. Now I've only been Doin here good twenty six, ten and thirteen oblige your mommy asking I've got collar
He knows where we do not help get it up yet. Are you? Are you not completely yes, you say I am blab was all right. You have a stick or dog estate male, I'm I'm sorry to hear, but I'm sure others, since it has been enhanced right here. No knife and make them like. I told you bless you that'll take this disaster have always wanted to know where I live. People walk around in the street right, enable and black about. How do they know where they go in and is no cracks? Industry in winter, curbs, the thickest or liquids think doesn't it If there's a cardiac as they want, they know when a walk like the GPA cancelling all get here in your hearing it more sensitive Ah well enough, but I was do not let the best baby blessing to you absolutely UK, absolute unblest. Did you happy you thanks a lot of you every morning day mom appreciate the support we see if I say that,
why you say that you do all right? What do you mean but there was a little boy yeah? You know what you're gonna do. I'm gonna go, get it off in chess, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. If you upset you need a visa or if you feel bless you two separate is the breakfast locomotive breakfast everybody is the DE envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got a in the building, our guy back Morey, more and more people die on. Since my work, in the reference to walk and all tat, if you decide shame it. If I go into kitchen, where is he I go to these I've Luton parties in New York, sometimes and in others meat guys who have known all my life, but you know they are associated with me. So all
Wanna do is talk to my wife because she she's one of their people, but I'm not because I do this dress. She stopped according to them, so what I do is I go into the kitchen and everybody loves me and there you Donald Trump, actually use the pit. Ideas yeah way back in a day. I know he didn't want to write it up without here's. A years ago I used to do this so called a current affair. Remember we remain so what happened was, was right in the middle of his big divorce with events and any I see and Marlowe maples on the sly and all that kind of stuff- and he was on the under the New York posed every single day right, we love to do so Where is about all that has occurred affair did all that stuff their credibility he'd be all over O. My Lord, he every not eating his trunk fatigue. At this point, I would hope so I may and hopes
about the thing is he's made it a cause of his to bash the media? No matter what part of the media you're in he? He just wants to make his people feel like everything is fake news near and so on, and guess what I saw polio day. Forty six percent of the people think Media signal, fake news. I mean it is a lot of them. I can't speak for like me at the summit in places that he's calling out like CNN rights, but it is a lot of fake news at their shores new within an absolute and guess what he's promoted. That fact and how you like any research at odds and bribed a ban and ban and goes out there with bright Barton all that stuff and starts feed, not as internet stuff from people who you ve never seen up and our pencil in their lives now you mad at Donald Trump kind of like ran for president before you. Could you provocateur rain now.
Robbing it ran array or I don't think so. You don't know I didn't you know the boy at the pig pay cut. I do not know when there are too many experiences that how does it for you to leave the judgment behind when you're on the satellite you a why women who identifies as a black woman and you can you imagine, the candor scan and olive got on our thought. She was nuts randomly she I said. Are you know I told her. I said you know you don't color is not skin deep rooted deeper than that woman's trying to be The african American he's from Germany she's a white german woman, died away more views than we have had on Facebook of any other guests. Really here on the morrow you tube channel. I got this guy
we call him the sperm, an terminator yeah. He has given his sperm to twenty four different women and he's got twenty nine babies out there and he is in their lives, and we also bring on five of women's in all the lives. All his love He says he is given a sperm. Do you mean had set with them are donated his sperm, mostly in a cup, but some times. The old fashioned way right, I had- and I was prepared to really just jump on its guy right, what the heck it and he is a kind of an infectious personality and eye color like them. I know a thing was over, you lay waiting for someone, I may exist Not only that, I guess because he teaches he teaches in college what does indeed biology
it is a college professor out. Why we're can I tell you- and so maybe these people think well maybe I'll get a smart kid out of this. But don't you think, I'm meeting all these different people has made you not be judgment because, on the one hand, type of consent on not Jody conceived, notion and then you'll meet them, and then you like, oh exactly some, some of it, you know, look always believe, even though, for instance, I do the paternity stories or I do the law detector stories. I believe every single story is unique in its own way, and so that's You know that's what I hang my head on and that's why I M kind of excited with every one of these two I dont get bored. I don't consents answered the window, you surprise, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah. I mean I'm still waiting for that big story happen. This happen once where the woman accuses the Guy of Vienna Father ever twins and he's the rather of one, but not the other. Would it she's got to he'll have found out that the second daddy girl.
I've got to get to know you ve been doing Moorish over twenty years. Not I remember well, for you go every five talking of the members of the executive a year more got about two more years earlier. I hang it up our. I always schedule persisted living two years and Guys it NBC keep cell. In my show I and so the telephone number one of its got. It's got believe it or not. This is why, you know about research, already a reality in all his stuff. It drives them Craig, with my show, because the older I get the you're my audience, and so nobody can figure that out. I can figure it out because that's the themes that I I use like the paternal doesn't lie. Detective doesn't how to control kids, it's drama man, it's it's all the great shakespearian thieves, its lust and betrayal.
All these classic themes that everybody wants to know about. We have more and more you when we come back. Don't move is the breakfast club the morning The breakfast club, pointing everybody, is easy: envy Angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have more report which, in the building now Maria, how accurate out a lot of technical. Could you guys takes us? Democracy no said he just took one have ridden protein. Oh, are you kidding me? Are you kid? Male, accurate is well it's not as accurate as the paternity to arrive. But it's over. Ninety percent of the EU that we haven't, you could be nervous, then fill wanted to let you can be telling the truth can be nearer retains awaiting my boy Ralph.
Offers the guy Ralph barberries the guy who comes on my shoulders. He does it administering the lighted vector. Does he says? Look I give this test three different times. I don't just do at one time. I do it three times and being nervous. Does it affect the test? Several gonna beat it ass though they say really that's gonna, be believes that they lied, run and then take the tests, and it said that they will be. They all the only thing, I think what happens? Is these guys who are cheating on their on their significant others, and I think they come on. The show and then they find out that they lied? They know they're gonna pale fail the task. They think that they can start all over again with the girl. That's what they think, even though the girl will take him back
Nobody you say to somebody who says this woman came minds, he's done. Twelve paternity tat still hasn't found about she's a whole. I think that woman is brave and I've been shoes, courageous because she has to suck her embarrassment and humiliation, because all she wants to do is find a father for that child that she has to raise herself should have, their sperm? You got bring all right on the main people say that sometimes at that summit you guess that you exploit them. How do you feel about critics percentage point for me, this is what I said about. Let's say is paternity test, but say a guy had not been in. Life for these kids and now, all of a sudden, he shown to be the father and there's a chance that he will get into the life of these kids. So you can stay. I exploit them all the time, but I know the chances are that child being successful are much better. If there are two parents in his in his,
her life that, oh I swear. I say and I get it all the time from from critics and media people, but you know something: it's it's the media, people who say I'm exploiting people on think that ever media or the upheaval exploit everything on core. That's what they do as we do. We pay everything. What are we doing here were? What am I do? I don't know I've always wanted more when I hardly wine and I'm going to you, because I want to be heard by people out there watch my show Minos a point. I would like to thank the Harvey why things Doyle come out and everybody or talk about you know to people accusing him anything, no actual concern you just exploiting their story, exactly they're, paying no more papers a thing. How come you then a Gomorrah movie. You know that only the only wholly I ever did believe it or not. Tyler Perry call me a big Medea big happy family attack.
It's! My dear has me, I mean he's plan Medea and he has beyond the show, because somebody is doubting whether a weather Medea is. The guy is the Father of Medea child right. He builds a Mean Tyler, who, by the way, he's got this studio and where me, you think we're in the middle of Hollywood. I mean it is the most amazing studio and he is rebuilt to exact. Do the exact feeling of myself rarely the entire set, because she comes on, I read I'm afraid the result. It's the wrong result and Medea runs off the stage it goes to the couch in the back. Falls down starts! Go Like you been watching my
show for years and the and the great thing about it was highly says, scheduled for, like a half a day, shoot eighty hours stuff like that. How many times are they gonna? Do it you so good? at one time. That said, goodbye rap see MRI thing, while black pseudo, oh yeah, yeah. I've done that, but I got more a movie like a movie where about your life or about my lot, even that Brazil Short and I got fun fiction and will be like a couple goes on. I am sure, somebody's paste. A movie occurring, we're gonna comedy where you're the father bad hello, yeah, that's great Charlotte's! I always tell people, you know, I'm the father of some, but not men now or Social sit down. Are you doing that show? Because you want people to thought like taking you more seriously.
No it's it's me. It is the way I can the way you all do it with Facebook and Youtube, and things like that. They are unique segments not on my shoulder and and for all those people who do everything on their devices They can get this kind of new unique segments only on that only on you, two younger fan base. If that you have, of course he listened to so many theories everyday, where I am sure, as something really feel stay with you and stay in your head. Had you managed to clear hedges people gone through their struggle, or I enquire about them, and we have a connection. All the producers keep in touch with every single guests that they produce, and so, therefore, if there is a problem over the, for instance, if I say look we're going to set up
counselling for you back home. I make sure that the producers follow up on that and by the way I also get a lotta return. Guessed right. I mean you know. First, thereon fears the classic. Okay, the guy accuses the woman of cheating on him, and that is not the father of the big comes on. Do the whole thing, I do a lot attack to test and a paternity test. She hasn't cheated on him. He is the father and they and guess what six months later, she has figured it out, it was he who is cheating all I'm comin back on the show. I want him to take the lighted director dazzle and, of course, he fails way than we do a lot of it. You stay away from legs there in tackling? I don't do religion, politics do most with that. I mean there's a not channels for that kind of stuff are not forgotten. You do that on the Social sit down here. How do you would you think if they did of American
have you seen a lot of different administering. I think it's absolutely paralyzed. I think it's just those worse. I grew up in Washington D C, so I'm kind of a local kid and around government most of my life and I remembered when everybody said: ok, I want this not a guide say I want that an innate sit down, they have a drink and they meet in the middle and somethin would get done. Do no more, that's it it's the worse. When I avoided by the way which, by the way is the reason Donald Trump is present, a great is because of the absolute prostration of the american people that nothing gets. You regret. And were dropped. I did vote for him. Why didn't I tell you. I voted for this report, which, in the building that is as yet sequoias season. You are not made where every tool, congratulations, ridiculous,
I really outstanding told you about right. In fact, there is big event in Hell do you know the ceremony and they said they would you want to go? I said, no, I'm not going up there. Why is it because If I go anywhere were nominated for some, we never win. You guys go have a good time, so we didn't win. I did that one too years and years ago I had a production company and not produced short documentary after nine, eleven or police officer in New York, and rather fire officer, both died and nine allows called twin towers and it was nominated for an academy war and the guy who directed and produced it, formerly funding, Rob port he says will come will go to the Oscars. I said I'm not going to the Oscars EAST has wisely because
I go. I know you won't win, so I didn't go and they one. Why are we won the asker? And so ever since then I said I ain't goin any award ceremony. I don't believe it. This, in my view, be nominated every year fast and in Tokyo. You know, I want to tell you something: people who run those things. He's in things they look on my Oh yeah, no less than the labelling issue a man. It's ridiculous that bother you, years and years ago, when I was doing occur in a fair and rub Rupert Murdoch, he was the head of Fox Way Well, he s kind of his eyes are now used to say you said, look we're not in this to win a war were in the wind viewers and that's the way I look absolute were. What do you think about these allegations now against all these high powered,
producers and how he weighed round these stories you heard about for years. You know I Harvey was a tough guy to deal with. I didn't know anything about his relationships with women, but I knew he had the reputation of being a screamer and stuff like that, and I am not surprised because there's there the culture out there, especially when I was younger. When you know, if a woman wanted to get a job in a certain entertain men position or news position, a wait till the news people come out. We will have the countervailing obeyed labour casting couch, wouldn't lose business. I right in thinking about bill, O Reilly and other settlements that he had you nurse who feel anything. You want to tell us more about her guardian of by the way it did. I'm Tellin you right now. I started thinking about it.
In a way back to zero happen. I think I think I'm in nuclear energy that you know what to do our job. I'm telling everybody in our business, they began to think about you think about it. If you think about it now I've never been in that kind of thing about water, but on the other side, no hope. I know that is true. Important compromise position. You do you have that men are coming forward in saying that they too have been sexually harassed and assaulted, hasn't Haven't you? maybe they are where you got all these years, more how'd you get this. Shall I mean I think, I'm an. I think, I'm in the clear there are really am I I you know I was for in the hiring position. I would Who is the guy warning to be hired was
ever in the iron position, but do you think would happen to have you anything now? All I think it's already happened. I dont use toast amid, I think, you're, not I don't it's a company or survive. I really don't think they'll sell off it piecemeal. The television division will be sold off the movie the library or be sold all accept that it'll be gone within the biggest around the advocate the biggest around I'll. Do it I'll ask? Don't you like they're going at him? The lady went out like a bill card visa, though the council he's been well, the fire thereabout five cases out there and apparently there instigators in New York or look at it. An hour later, looking pretty new allegations like everything, and you know what women has spoken out about book has been the case spoken about having waiting in the past people, take it seriously at first and now we're starting to take those things more seriously. What do you think about this leads me to think? What do you think the hashtag
that means. That is, I think that a lot of women have been put in situations where they feel like they ve been compound as they feel like its intimidating intimidating somebody in a position of power does something to you and you feel like. If you speak about it, you get blackboard, you might never get it began, people won't believe you and it did happen to allow two different women. I think it's great that people feel like they can express themselves and have their voice and put those stories out their size. You thank you. A positive thing and it is. We have ability to to evolve. A celebrity that people actually knew to be alone roasted gotta go when you really know the person. I talk to my wife about it, because you know she was there back in the day when you Conny Chung, when she was coming up in a news. Harvey sexually assaulted. Communist now he's no. But but I asked her about her experiences and she's as unimportant in the book. I did a while, but but knowing my wife, she got around it this way. Are you kidding me
Not that good look at me. I don't want a beer and she was one of the boys. I mean she would just throw it back at you guys got it wouldn t. I think a lot of it is how you handle. It is unfortunate that it does happen, but I do feel a guy's was sometimes just put it out there and see. If how you re actually as you know, but then there is the worst situations when you're trying to get on and you're getting promise things, and you end up in a hotel room or alone body and then suddenly worse thing about the only does the worst thing about the wisest thing was the honeypot thing the honey! You don't know about the honey, so ok, I'm going to we're going to talk about a script? Come to my hotel room with my assistant, a woman, the woman go to the assistant goes up there and then she leaves Now the woman is alone with, in other words, you gone up is he would have been alone right to begin with, and then now you feel I haven't
no honey pot alone in the article in the Balkans is taking situation. No, it sweet gonna! Let you know here. This is very interesting. We got. We got this situation here with a script. We have a when assistant with you right, then ok, then assistant leaves you buy yourself a premeditated It was already I wanted you to Russia, Turkey, and what about the assistant has clearly Dana. Well, there's all this all out there come out, we appreciate you for doing nothing. You know you're appeal, a pale thanks, more Neither does now that I got Sorry, my love is lousy. You about a twenty Amazon allies. I gotta depends on how much at both costly and what is more, the breakfast club the morning.
The bread for one and everybody is the J envy angels. Ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we have. The cast of Netflix is she's got to have been a movie classics. Equally, joint see that I have was actually I think right now, in particular, is a great time, for it is not like there's a commanding habits. He has to see the first episode right or wrong. And there will be a classic movie in itself. Does the whole premise of it is women instead of a man with all these. If lovers- and they are pretty much know the situation right right, that's exactly are you now it's weird, how things time out, but here we are- and I thank you- to use a little female empowerment in the ether to combat all there. The conversation about harassment. You even guys will go for this. Like do you think, there's a lot of people in relationships now, like a woman whose, like I'm dating
and sleeping with native amend the only thing woman you re on overthrow daisy regular long ago. You describe it either you such positive Pollard I am sexual rights right, yeah like when it came out, Eighty six. There were no labels for England, have no shortage of labels for sexual. If you guys it now, you don't think that this could potentially happen. Its other can potentially happen. Issues is, is it going to fly and for how long is it can be? A bad thing is gonna, be something that becomes part of our fabric. It's just a matter of putting it out there addressing it. I think it's happening. It's just not being addressed
fan sexuality that exactly what it sounds like. You know, you're saying: hey era, the various questions like what is a very well balanced. I shall always in reference to now. Ascribing like a homosexual heterosexual, it's more open than all of the greedy yeah. I know is very panoramic shot yeah. You got you when I think about it. The reason guys who you I dating and you guys can give a little background on who your character is and what it represents cause. I think every woman can say man if I could just put these three guys together. I have the perfect. I. Thus, if you pay most did right, there are play a play Blagden Ferris bag, Liza Regional Airlines this is much more to point out. You not, they Mars brings out the door. It in no learn and Mars Canada's care. What people? to say about a man. You know he's from noise from Brooklyn and in
he's a man of the people, man of the neighborhood in and he's an artist he's, a hustler yeah like five side hustles. You know I'm saying and and his, gosh, you, sir, you know Conner! bring love enlightened, but you know I shall know they're like that used. Do you still have home in his Mama There's a home would assist the prize for green project, would make a woman would be paying sexual is a good thing that you something useful or motionlessly. I think it's all of the above, I think, is the recognition that you can't get everything you want from one person. I think that's what Europe's us up when we're dating when you're like. Oh, this person has to be all these things like no one's meant to be that source in recognition of that, and yet for knowledge. Fortunately, sex is definitely you know like having added. She is not static. Trailer then I am sure that whatever, but today, eighty twenty ruling
We do not go get everything from you know what I think about the other two guys and when you came to the town, bless fires where nobody will become. Let him have it. I was well I'm I'm Clio. Anthony I play grew Childs Greer. Is Greece all about sixty five issues, the dude legacy, for example, discriminate. He likes things at a pretty. He likes women at a pretty lies close at a pretty he's themselves, a pretty man, so heavy bring that elements in all his life of just the exotic and the idea. The atypical and unjust, see sexy phone number, the illusion of a natural sexual, very much better Yet I am very much in adversity. Definitely that's a guy sexual physical relationship more, you think, very starts up as a big he grows, but I,
That's! Where network comes from a I'm lumberyard bashing, I play a play. Jamie Overstreet and Jamie's is a conservative freak You know he's not just the stuff sure he's the kind of guy that dumb, like anchor and so go daddy. You is that these diseases is successful. Man who came through the hood and gone through all the dead and basically decided that he wanted more for himself his family and unfortunately, love found its way you know that and he's got a situation already, a marriage, not a situation.
And unlike Molly you- you might be in love with somebody, but then you find love some rousing. That's usually not supposed to happen, but when it does it does you can't really decide in does that lobby has when no let em they go through some emotional in that case the perfect situation or like. If you already got a woman, the Danes, my leg, no little got three other. Do like a great idea rattling. It's only ideal when it's when it's a thought, but when you deal with the emotion when you deal with a heart and you he falls for Basically, it is like it that that's it's it's so real, though you know. Do you in a situation as other people got think about you know, especially those in ok is one. I was you can't just. Why would I deal because it is great that you have in only a cake and eat it too, and I think with the real issues there people relate to, and hopefully we can bring certain things, people's minds, Figaro
go to avoid one can truly be a lovely to feed the other woman. Are you ever really in lower? I can eventually you choose right now, I've friends, I have friends who are definitely Polly amorous, and I know this. I know it takes a lot of scheduling and discipline, and Ngos, though I feel like the irony of it, is that action requires a lot of sites like it's. It's a three structure, but freedom always requires discipline. A of maintenance polygamy over the land. Without those aware what you know. That question is like saying you know: can you only what love one of your You know that there is a question that the earth de level you children, You build your woman for our right. You didn't like another woman, comes in a big news. You may level, but it could just be loved. To could just be a feeling of something new majority
abandoning their feelings, feelings if you're hurting someone else, it's a bit it's a very emotional of every touchy subject. That's why she's gotta have sown poisonous between seventeen, because it brings all these things the mine and then you can go through. We got more what the castle he's gotta have a we come back to it all over to breakfast locomotive, three bodies: d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club was talking with the chasm she's gotta have it you never do under way Please no, the darling, if you answer rate. What's most importantly, you is it fine put it in order right and fine stability or attraction. Where order, would you put that in probably know attractions last I always my husband is, incidentally handsome the only way we can do that by only one. Did I always found them all and he calls me all the time about alma exercise gets guys. I shouldn't.
Miguel probably find first, I never really cared about stability either like member first being married? He believed in I just want to provide for my wife and out of my way but you got a lot more about imagine. How can we do this together, lying gimme, rigorous out together? Fine stability and then a taxi anything further guidelines is interested. If you had to put those three order, had guys rank ass. You go look right. Let's go after hours that mother, but an earlier that the losses in the looks is the attraction. That's the initial. Ok, that's! Regarding the dismal yes M, everything else done upon then we'll wig by good, like if you serious about you personally bombs hears about woman, yes, she's gotta grandma attention is, I was after that and then
That's you gonna have in some sense in her head. Just validate you talk to her, you can have a conversation, is not just a pretty face and she's got carrying. Should I be giving, should I be thoughtful? Are you instead of a three day. Those are the qualities that make up one thing, lebanon- is totally different. Right now is a mere attraction. First, you give us the hello. That you put that lagging behind and never let them alive attracted version. I guess it was fun and want to duration and fund if you're not able to mobilise our common after mine- and you got your own thing, then, let's have I'm not running marijuana build anything legs long term. At this point- and that is why I have made it clear that we are definitely is about being
How did the somewhat action first again, but but but this is not about being attracted like I'm attracted you because you look good, I'm attracted, like echoes I've, been attracted to some women there, my family, my yo, for Real Amargosa, some about? Do you hate, you feel it. I would say we see somebody you catch a vibe, catcher energy. You know, I think attraction is more than just oh. I see somebody and I'm trying to them. You catch a vibe catch, some with energy and you're gonna make me laugh, may say, and we can't just you know, cause there's gonna be ties where we, you know we ain't. We is not. When you get in a long term relationship you, I have a sex all the time, every single day, your pay in down. Like me, look man when you get when you, when you d, you know saying who has any better than made a long time and people would like people who are see the magazine. Oh my dear Emma, I admire their love, you know,
they tell me they lie yeoman. Where you get deepen. It is like a If it comes less about your policies is about us about half an hour, homey survive and I find there ever somebody to do life with you know embrace case together and do all the things that I will say that is male privileged privileges being ugly, instil a beautiful woman. Yeah. We guy think it's because you nobleman noted a fool is gonna, be on her like White, right now, something that I think that has always go that is exactly what you said. I think attraction is deaf I've. I agree. I felt like attraction is alive and I can say for me or me: intelligence was always like like intelligence and humor got me every time
you know like every day, for you don't wanna, be cue to answer for you. You look like you can spend some brilliant. My highly, by which I mean don't think like borders for the woman in the world, but it can also be used to produce they send out was the inspiration quoting my answer. I got you dont want to use. The same goes out to me because you me that he was ugly he's really Q Magnum radiated level, notably regarding he's, got this to show those, while the latter good conversations, though, because year, feel like women emotionally can't dude, discarded dinosaurs. Where did like he's your mostly she'll, get caught up in love, every single one of you that it'll be may seem like no strings attached.
Definitely a no strings attached attempt, but it gets complicated but because I think for guys allotted I daresay I would never do. That can never be me. In particular, this is a little tacky might be laying bare when, when dude and another do cause, I yet ads, the phone with him right a guy like me, you have my point. My point is, people are doing as people who are doing it. That's just not transparent is not transparent about it. Like you know, you're, not the only one people just start taking the next step to be like your fate, you not the only one in the rostrum- has come about changing the season between these guys they all day, and we made sure that the collars were dead. Don't lie make sure it was clear that it was the rules when you have multiple sex partners. You have to change the seats.
Bob impeccable hygiene. Are you can't be raggedy ages for mean impeccable hygiene guarantee the garbage, is to have you got kind of Senegal vaginal. What am only likes to sleep with guys in orbit what age limit oh did acts by now. Now she has a lot of rules. Milo these are one that all in her head and my journal and stop them is limiting third thing: I'm getting on the good thing about being given as the great family leisure hours fairly owed. My family was, in my view, we are the only ones who have you been eyes appropriately age, appropriate. We got more what the cost of cheese I have a we come back to don't move as to breakfast locomotive breakfast, Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club was talking with the costs of she's gotta. Have it solemnly? How are the word
by good Ameer Ali I'll. Look like that lie ahead. As we look like a lot and I was working with him- he's a legit. I always The is spite court side, not an escaped like that's that's by take that's by and then put him on a film sat and that's what you got that high energy is very fast in furious. He still such an artist, which Yet with a lot of directors who have had his experience like normal Bigelow Jaded, the commander like what are we doing today, a spite came in every day. You know with his enemy. In your life. I got a match it. You know any keep keeps you. Those cause he's dislike now don't get today. We're doin this new, like, ok, ok, ok, ok, so go memorized is cocoa. Who go? Let's go the lessons you learn on set with a man. Just like you come up every day like a game, elevates on a daily basis just being around him and his I'm not really like to his warrant issues of that you get around somebody might buy. There is more
look on. All of this will nobly, since our tells you ready it talks about it. So bad, I thought about it. It's all right. Do it if it solves. What have you know? That's friends! That's right! That's my favorite! Like edition of the update life Malta has France, one of them ass. It used to be a roommate one of the most severe were made. Her Taipei friend used to be over me and then her around the way, friend labour, China? Lane was one of my favorite and I thought the thousand one my favorite storylines like Ashley dealing with black girl body issues, because no one everyone just things were like I'm confident and allow myself at all times. You know the noblest friends, r, r, r everything and are at the end there not judgmental
not because sometimes if you have a friend and you like, ok, I'm thinkin without having guys me later, we got it's hot yet because there's no reason You know somebody in real life that was like that character. Would you think that she had issue she's a freak? You knows you, the sex, adequately Nor can, I hope you haven't cholera, Debbie names and end they'll be names for, and I will mean that in twenty seven p, there's gonna be something we're gonna be like. Are you crazy, like em agenda around the authority, but I think again when addressing things that are actually happening in just like people come on closet for other things become in the closet with this issue, because people Nobody! I gotta men, do you ever get magazine, you sate up, guys, don't get prosecuted,
you ve got an odour elegant, do that lay at each other and if we were together one day for you when you have this may equally giants of the old and the new energy to do now longer than that, because you think is now, it is not only on its work and how he had, but twenty eight years ago, so mean blow up what I do think it is very kind of you. Then aid. When all you that's what I will say this, because I felt lagging I've seen the whole series and I do not see any concepts of condoms. That are on the right side table. So anyone watching there is now a condom. Wrappers, I'm no good. I want you to look at. Why do people care about stuff like I've met? It is one that is not correct like it's just not like you just said, we are not in a space where we just like
walk in and Bio MIKE, I yeah suited not relating advise you to have it, on the contrary, will be a special legal, Lubeck Eliza. You guys got a lot of my last question what is she's got have where is it fit into like this new black Hollywood black? That big within think we're and in in film and television iconic, yeah she's, you know she's one of our only she's one of our always aromatic icons like I was driving about it. The other day I was like Cleopatra Jones he Brown, no le darling, maybe hunger, often loved you're gonna, make me his character from loved ones, but we don't have many any time. Anyone like you know, what's it near insecure, I'm like this, because we only have two shows, whereas the chocolate black in its money. That's the only reason I point of compare think there's just right now, there's just to sell. You know we happen to be a part of electric. In more more more more more didn't. I
Is your views on relationships and kind of them the I guess the motto for what a woman is and what a man is while you were filming, is your views to me for me, when I try to do is just look at Jane, Jane through its point of view, not worry about these guys, my finger, I think spike so kind you may be purposely shot it now, as I never saw you feel released. Until. I tell you what I was always also dismantle legs anybody else in his movie. I would never see these guys are my passport a whole week. You know what I'm done in the company of assembly that so I didn't really have to think about what's going on with their, but did it change your views in real life? Just doing this in coming across a character like no other died likely the project in makes it makes you think. Maybe thinking then you know you can have your opinions about it. But when did I make a final decision on how I felt no cause? I'm Connell's await not
well received by the people as elsewhere, but personally I didn't change. My views have always had a mentality that you know you do you and if we're communicating and- and you got things to do- over here this part of town. You can be gone out because you know of an industry, we are sometimes it went away for months at a time you take care of yourself and be safe. When I see you, then we'll have some fun and we just so. You know let it let it let a ride until a layer of late payment above, your plan should be of in OECD adding and we will keep a real with each other and no one gets hurt. I did wonder, When do you stop playing with the girls they used? I like in a girl, and then you like, you know that we need to use is like me, you want to show that it is these very will soon and then as competitive as high to think it like. You know. They also want to make sure there the wine they are the best the eagle.
Never guided because it if you do not get out in Indonesia and I've got things like thing. I think it's but is this really her taken three? Do this most of them in the one person I see only one for my salary, so it's like she's, probably sleeping with these three guys as much as she would probably sleep well right, but she's just get in He is given all the flavors of rang. You don't say it as opposed to monitor closely as rich as do we think about it from from physical and she's coming from purely emotional, and so that what you know,
Can I come in from purely muslim? Gotta have ok my proposal, which you may be heard made when it always very warm water were made to all we all pull together. Yellow was ugly Germany. If I were to ask what we d like to do is run a drain on an outcome we presented thanks avenues, national as Israel will go for breakfast, Is there a gang? Don't you or or don't you
time for don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today by got the donkey they need to be done at the breakfast club. Please don't give today today gets dont. You today goes to me. Charlemagne God now the reason is going to me because I consider myself a pretty thoughtful guy. I pay attention what's going on in the world for the most part, but something is hate me Oda. A year, or so it has been heavy on my spirit all week. I feel against actually and morally America is declining as a society, I feel people are being morally honest, any more moral, moral honesty to made, regardless of what you believe, regardless of your room. Of your religion, regardless of your political party. You are able to. Something right or wrong. We no buys ok. For example, you knows you're awake military veteran and you love America born. You see people taken in during the national anthem and then when you
told wired why they are doing it doing it because of the injustice that African Americans are facing in this country to have a police. If you are morally honour to yourself, you will say I understand Even if you don't agree with the way they are protesting, you understand why they are protesting, that being morally honest, ok, being Morley, design is, as economic damage is, being judged, speculative military and disregard and flag because they hate America. Now why my giving myself donkey today, because I feel stupid, but I am just now, realizing that a lot of US man in America have been raised on rape culture for tomorrow I'm real Cogia Houssain, wavering culture, rape of women. Are. You don't, but, as I have learned, what real culture is? Let me read the definition. For you rate culture is a sociological concept used to describe as setting in which rape is proof seven normalize due to society's attitude by gender and sexuality rape, culture perpetuated through the use of massage
the language and objectification a women's bodies in the glamour rotation of sexual violence. My brothers- and we are being morally honest with ourselves. You are certain aid like I am you born in the late and eighties are oh did in that you were absolutely positively raised on rape, culture. I feel bad and extreme We doubt that I didn't realize this earlier in my life, I don't care if it was freak need, Miami Memorial Weekend, Myrtle Beach black by go weaken. It was never normal Phil. You can grab a woman's ass just because his fat and she's got on biogas Davy duty was never normal to grab a woman's breasted because you know you saw and doctors he's nothing, but a g thang video when the girl is playing volleyball and they ran up behind her and pulled her bikini top off. If you have a mimic that kind
save your. It wasn't normal. If you have, you are in a fraternity and you ever had women come over and you got them high and got them drunk. You know that hole ain't, no fun. If the homies can't have none mentality, you and the rest of your friend ran a train on a girl, my brother, that wasn't normal. It was rape, culture, okay, movies, like a revenge of the nerds and kids. Member states will gather to have sex with passed out. Women are dress up as other people in order to trick the woman I have sex with them. That was right, culture, metal, portuguese, I'm a sneak up late, Portuguese, when it was drilling holes in the wall in people in girls, I got home. In college would be hidden six from the bag and in another home by would come in and thought hidden from the back. Ratner, consent we would get drunk and how women they would get inebriated, and then we would sleep with them. I'm sorry, I'm above all that was right. Call Jael. I look at some of the things I used to say to women in. If IRAN breakfast Club like Bro use, while on the one hand
Are these sexual allegations common out over the past couple years from bill caused me to hobby wisely and Louis? He k, I don't know if you cut on older, but I'm looking at them like why type of revision been normalized, and I think it's because a lot of brothers don't think they doing anything wrong because it's been a common theme in our lives for too long. I don't know if you cuz, I'm asked listening, no one more and not have any discussion wire, rape, culture with guys because ass we who was Mindy start having conversations about rape culture with each other? That's why we don't learn anything and it's so normalized to us that we make excuses about why we do what we do have done. We done that. That's what the whole Don't blame in thing comes into play and you know there's just no excuse. By what the woman war. What times you that your house is all about accountability, we are in the age of accountability and if we are being personally accountable and being morally honest, we just have to admit that we were raised on rape culture and it was wrong. Ok, we were absolute.
We are absolutely at eight in the age of accountability and if you're not holding yourself personally accountable, the universe will hold you accountable, because we see all these people who have been doing during the dark all these years being brought to light, and I would just encourage everyone to stop being morally honest and just admit raids on is pervasive rape culture, but we can unlearn oughta, be as we have learned and make things better moving forward, and it's not like you will have been trying to tell us this for years. You just haven't been listening. Okay, I was once part of the problem, but now I want to be part of the solution in the first step. To that solution is recognizing that you can't hear what we don't reveal and what we need to reveal and be morally honest about as men as that, a lot of US men in America with raised on rape, culture, okay and I truly feel stupid. Ok for not come into their solar simply, you Charlemagne, God biggest sharply. the breakfast club
Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got his purse of gas in the building of her. She should carry. Are you about money? like our rail bag of money, as your poses a mighty. Taking me my hunger literally technology, that is jobs document for foreign, I mean you think it possible that the lobsters may have possibly go ahead and we figured the black regularly You have to answer that question Charlemagne. J and be was she's there, people respect ghetto, love more available data from the girl from what we ve been over me. Like you know, I love you. Transit Baker relate to have more, probably because of his whole background in areas like as something
they tell us how you guys met Percival established our early. How did you meet Gucci me? Ok, good! You laptop. It was two thousand ninety thousand ten and he saw me the double exile magazine. I was, I can Andy model at a year and he reached out to me- and I was like who is this girl, I'm coming out next week? I got this video want to shoot, make sure you broke her, so I mean a regional. Like? I don't do. No video that I didn't billion. I didn't know him so anyway, a long story short she book me. I did the video we met and that's how it all started. I read book, you say when I first saw you he said he told you you can be my wife and allow guy food is produced a good game to say right. I don't believe him. Obviously you know, and I judged him based on how people perceived him from the internet as like whatever, but the guy was charming. He was a gentleman. He opened a door, he held my hand.
I was like so shocked and so surprised when you're scared efforts could recall Gucci men boogeyman rashly back, then you are under a low Tarifa was scared him at all, not at all, because he didn't show me that I never saw that side of him. Like I said I sought on the internet, but when I met the guy ill I was like he sold differ the gucci you guys are seeing today. That's the gucci met your urges that charming personnel we heard rumors when it when he got lots of he gave you two million dollars so arose. We note with Roma dollars and you flip descended suited to seek the truth it yesterday. And he gave me some money came onto a lot more. What would you do you? Someone will do we now have no doubt, You know, I invested the money, I started some businesses and everything I did. I spoke to him about Ngos. I go for it, and I did, and Edward said now is that cosmetics line, though ways trainers
my cosmetic line? I had an oh nine another ten when she got locked them, two thousand thirteen. So no, I didn't have anything to do with Asma. I started the way strain when he got law I want me to wait coming in and out of jail a lot of times I was getting shot, but that was a little long special made. You say you know what I'ma hold him down. It was the worst time for him like he was looking at about twenty years. We wasn't sure how much time he was going to get, and in my heart I couldn't walk away from him. I knew he needed me not only to just support him, but he needed guidance, and I felt like I had.
To be there for this man to make him a better person. You're out, you know, do you have three kids in Jamaica reminds one of those were absolutely not, and I'm glad you expedite Charlotte Charlemagne, because I came to America when I was ten, though a lot of people, I think at all, from the from what I've seen on internet. She came here when she was seventeen eighteen left all the kids in Jamaica to be what is wrapper guy absolutely everything, was assisted us it s. The assisted has started that Malaysia, you haven't you, I don't have a sister, I dont have a sister Tanya and I were friends and united straight up. You know we are referred to each other as this, but she's, not my sister, though she was ordered their comic this room, you believe, allegedly honestly, I don't think Tanya started it. We ve been told that the day we got married that blogs or being paid to discredit our wedding, to discredit me and to discredit our marriage.
As if you notice it all habits spiraled, while we were getting married on the tv who we're gonna pay blogs for that those periods, man, people are evil. Agile, you just don't know it's. It's so they are earlier than the right now everybody agrees gave I did I did, but I didn't believe like I'm does have a resolution. I not I don't you did. You really do believe in a little now because he's married me Madame, I don't believe it. I M an I'm listening to his response and he's like her calm and he's living, usually when people get upset under daylight man lying, you, gonna sit behind me, Do you think that having your wedding on television did make you like, because what happens is when people see that people want to go ahead and try to like make the worse out of any? and bring up all kinds of claims. In you know, absolutely miserable time for other Piana, like that, damn. We would just your relationship, goals,
Today. Now we get married today, all ya come for me what these abandoned children in Jamaica and they photoshop for kids, Gucci and a middle. It was an online. What can can I enjoy my husband a couple hours before your star with me, because you have good you and I both have children. You know we do and it's a situation where I am proud to be a mother, but at the same time I needed to be private. I don't want the kids in the limelight. I don't want a month's social media. I need them to go to school and suggests be children in all its never situation where there are left with my mom, they all of us, and we have a blended family and we have fun in a spoiled and they have been raised in the debate. There was the wedding because that's how went as far as oh, she left the kids. Kids. Can you know absolutely all
and you say you have to make a time. So I don't think you'll probably problem naturally, but I'm awake kid and will you will really make it now and again I development into an arms is to give up their megawatts yet again to bring this issue from Jamaica. Would you really do make I'm really not a cocktail and jerked chicken that demand the issue of our good you're, big them back in the day, not elegantly, There is also room that that goes. You didn't It is my most progress of delight at moments. Brother, worn away from all this by there was our best manner. The wedding Islam and his younger brother was not there, but ya got eyes gucci. By now, families overrated arise again about the leg there. When I hear Mr Laboulaye okay- and I feel like that- and sometimes you have family and you'll have a frightening closer to the friend than you are you yeah? She doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything
but like the family, you like call you a good. You got married and I, like your decided ya, made those choices dead. Annetta, add our wedding. We we wanted everyone at our wedding to be positive. We don't want any activity there. We didn't want anyone that didn't. Surely love was we'd, we didn't care about anyone else's feelings, but our own is our wedding. We we are allowed to be selfish on that day and we won at our ceremony to be filled with love. That's what a wedding is it's about love that we got more with Keyshia Ka'Oir. When we come back, don't move it. The breakfast club good morning
voting bodies, the jury, Envy Angela, you show me the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have key. She get your in the building. Charlemagne does want when first additional, whenever we not would open while bees he came up with that idea and we kind of went along with it because, as you know, ten seventeen is a big day. For you know, if he's not drop an album, is the mix tape a concert, something for his fans stall? We wanted the ban to be a part of the wedding and then BT also thought it would be cool to show the wedding, but also that the two analyses the entire. When that wasn't, the entire wedding was yeah. You have their reception in the lead up so much more most most expensive, gifted together. Both lavish give he's seen checks I seen diamond, was my car, the Re February. Was it and again for the guests are from the gas o this Nicholas Ear, Pierre by good for you, people choosing yeah, I got the key and when she got the loud without any post
you re alone, above those giving each day. I offer ridge, you'd irish friends, as it is that you series of the wedding. Are you guys gonna do more television or are you like I at this point I dont know I, you know everybody has the stuff what reality shows, but if it's not a thing, I do decide to do which and I will come to a decision together. I know he ain't doin it which has been, but I haven't, thought I'd. I want to see how this working hours before I get caught up in all that's. So what do you think that? Would you say that some of the positive and one of them of their negatives, of having your wedding on television, a positive, is you get to share with people and baby? You know you put him in your world. For that moment, the negativity was they hate. It was so much hate behind.
I and I was really shocked. I didn't expect that I knew that hate would come, but not the day of the wedding, and I like I said people are being paid to to discredit us and to just do these evil things, but at the end of the day, I can't even fine I'm not like hurt and terrified it's ok. You got the bashers or do whatever you want go ahead because or union is so strong. You know we ve been through the worst. It can't get! No worse than that me man, being in a maximum security risen is in jail. Is he was in a real prison where it even to me to the bathroom one day to strip search me, it's so strict! That's the biggest prison in Terry highlights the. If you're gonna get the chair, that's where you can also was. It was wroth, so weak inmates were dying every day. I would call down there and can even get gucci and of the responses he ain't dead. He good, but he can't talk to you right now. The this is
was rough. So the little belittling and all the hate that they're doing does it doesn't come. So we went through Helen back and we're ok, so keep painting if you need for you or even Kai resources. Rule of earth and always crazy about that- I dont know Kyar. I didn't know anything about her until that day. I mean, of course, that right of my neck, Back when I was shocked, the migrant women are familiar to you, but I heard that She doesn't like Trina, so I'm wondering if it's because she saw treating in the wedding, I'm not I'm really not sure. What did I do to you Ma'Am for you to come at me like this big, the kids suffering and never it and what's weird, is my family to make our so upset because I take care of all of them. You know I feed them. I build them houses
Cars take care of my little cousins and airline there so angry in order mad already- and I have also read now- we don T know about girls. Both are losing no real guy. One large signal nowhere do not load was now a guy is she's that vote to put food on them at all. It was a good model amendment.
I want to use, as a matter of you said the good year we see now, you always knew we thing made. Him finally reveal it adds to the world. I feel like he's a grown man and he decided he wanted to change his life. You don't have to walk around upset everyday you're, ok, you're, happy tokay to be happy. Like I told him, I said it's ok for me to love. You allow me to love you because allotted time you have these gangs as they go into battle, sherry, bringing us icon like broke down to him. Like I love you, you need to come home to me and I want you to be a better person for yourself in order for it to be a better man for me, and we just spoke everyday about it until thought. You know people I always jail talk, but, unlike I see it, this man is changing and when he came home it was confirmation in the book of a couple times. You loved him, could you low further, or you told the butler did I twitter it? Then he went on you. Wouldn't you put on ice yeah
in ways about that, that was a crazy day crazy moment. I was shocked that I saw him going through his rant, but I didn't expect him to come for me because I was the angel, unlike the baby, my when he did that. Unlike what is wrong with you, you know and he started Screamin undefined and I hung up the phone, but immediately after he was like I'm so sorry, I love you by then two days after tat, he went to prison, so he was just going through so much and I just I honestly felt like that sentence changed. What use are prosecuted people forget
now because they know you was going through it. I forgave him immediately. I think everything he did. He didn't really do it. Intention in this book is very open and about the drug use. My address was out of his mind was the lean you know and what's crazy I've never seen him take the lean. He would hide it from me nothing he did. He showed it to me rolling, never seen him drink, I mean I knew he was doing it, but he respected me so much tat. He had all that stuff from me, because I am not that woman that in a sit here and watch you just damage your life, I'm gonna be like you can't do that. This is right in all. I feel like that's another reason why he respects me so much more because it's like I I'll tell him you, I'm not a yes meant him. You gotta do better babe. I love you fix this for you please. Now lotta people talk about how you doesn't rehab people. Do you feel a very good you was kind of actually may be in the end, the very thing, a positive thing for him, because a dig him off the guys have him sit down. About his life somewhere and come out here?
that a person, absolutely you know, he's been locked up several times and it didn't rehab him before, but it did this time like I said this was theory. It wasn't you just gonna Fulton County jail, urine a maximum security prison inmates are dying every day your facing twenty years. You have your career, you have your woman at home, which is so it was like now you have to choose and I felt we prayed so much and acts got to help us and if I got said all our prayers and your risk. Your return favour is to change. I feel like that's really what happened now, all our union. What does gucci that you know have, and what do you have that he doesn't like what do ya?
each other to make yourself the complete unit? Gucci super intelligent and he's super smart. So am I I think we both just bring everything to the table. We have a household of two incomes. You know I do everything for him as a wife should do. I cook I pack his bags like clean up. You know I just I feel like everything as a man. He should do. He does in everything, as a wife should do. I do so. We just makes it even better good. Was indian woman, oh yeah absolute and take care of my man, honey gas than I wash his back? If I mean we got more wikis Uk Ka'Oir, we come back, don't move to breakfast club good morning, breakfast voting everybody he's the J envy. Angela ye shall remain guy. We are the breakfast club. We have key. She chaos in the building now follow me. People say that is easy to forgive the Milanese where lackeys like, if he was the God forbid, do some dark with another woman
Would it be the forgive because he is good? You may not know this woman. I like I said I love Gucci, but I dont, I'm not gonna sit down, allow anyone to dismiss them. As you know, I have morals and principles and I'm a woman, I'm a mother, I'm a daughter- and I have to respect myself so and in order to wait for me, and to respect you gotta respect yourself so long that unless they are allowed to do anything because nobody retarded sometime and can be more retarded some time, we have a low lapse and judge and say that we make one little Miss tat it made. A lot of mistakes is supposed to learn. If Emma now as then, I trust him so much now. I don't have to worry about sometimes you gotta go, do a lad. You heard him. How do you know
to me my how do you know when you are made of completely change rehabilitated, and you know you know I write by you feeling that woman insulation, like you, know like, even if these on a road and I'm not there, I don't have to get up and think he work any good and asked what a marriages, You feel that way, don't get mad or not know their prenuptial agreement in place. Now, there's that we only learn, I mean the mantra, my what his whole alive and eyes. And I would add that we need a premium as rules with a view to bring all of it. Everything everything is cars and after that that was after norm for Hallo, although we are together- oh nine or two thousand
then what are you? What are you doing here is longer than that, but what's crazy, as at the beginning of the one who wanted to give me all of his money eyes, I said I dont want he offered. You want to give me so much my his eyes they run away. I want you to as I dont want Orange One, because I didn't need it. First of all, I was doing so well for myself, one too I'm not here, for you and your locked up again. We don't know how much time he was gonna get. I wanted to secure him and make sure he would be o k for. However, long time he was gonna get so I didn't take adult or a believer you you got money, you don't have every measure to protect you, your your interests show any allowed. My mom talk to me about it to bite again, it's like what we ve been through and how our finances a set of now it
That makes sense of relief. Was the Pope cloudy? I maintain such such good shape. If you like, the college, make a fool. I don't got that food everyday. Ok, I probably talk like that. When I, when we're in Atlanta Asia, we do it on Sunday now used to be our day, but from Monday, through cited at all known Salazar fruits, we don't play that were the ugly, I do have a strict diet. Yes, I make sure we have a strict data. We worked out five to six days a week. I was to die with those kill. Any Jamaica, simply discipline, I literally couldna food and only meet it because it took me a while to get here, though this wasn't nothing new, like I've been workin out like five years, but when Gucci got locked up, that's when I changed my whole die got so skinny and obsessed with it till I looked think seriously, and I had the like catch myself so now I finally understand my body and finally
understand when I can eat to maintain my weight. It took a while, but I got in your Gucci settlement of book, I'm still trying to forget that we lose and Julia to get up and work out to go yet they have a time where they get up. Every morning. Let's say six m, so we had a whole schedule. The gathers I would get at the same time with him. I would take the kids school come back home work out, he's working at the same time he shower. I shower twelve o clock, one o clock. He pause, you talk about our work, I would talk about our lunch and we did that every day I yeah every days, though his time would go by faster and so he's not like. I did all of that on her to get his mind oak is, I don't want him India to getting any trouble to getting more time, so I kind of judges.
All those things, and I would lie down there to see him and he's been visitation of five six hours and I just sit there with it. Then you could tell you really work amount because you saw him on the would be in addition to the first two months he lost like forty pounds was. He was detox all that stomach was Lee. It wasn't. Even that is hard to get off me because it constipated. They don't go to the boundary forward in a book. Ass are all of that was constipation forty pounds ass. He went and liked to ninety and then the other fifty he had to work
hard for that, would goods Megan remedy? Would you give him when he was constipated? Looked he wouldn't like us? Anyone tell me you wouldn't tell me he was hiding all of this for me like an end when I would bet a house in Atlanta and I'm coming over its Duffy's he's told me now. You said he would pour the lean in fruit punch. The trick me and I go. What if I tasted they'll come on now, is that when you read about that you didn't know, I know I can. I knew everything and he was riding the book from jail and he would make me the sheets, because I heard someone say you didn't write his book. That's absolutely fall. He wrote page by even if you re,
easy it's in his own language, own words. He wrote that book age by patient mailed it and then I would merely to the people of printed. Will you have a concern that when you was indiscreet, their people would come after you, but they knew you'd. Like the close personal now drawn up in Jamaica, eyewitness, my dad be enlarged, saw horse rankings, Saint Thomas, I saw an end. That's another reason, I'm so protective over the children, because his own finds that amount to be murdered. So I kind o been through that life. So I understand him, you know nothing. He did scared me. I was never scared of him. You want some time he's going to it. I would fly to Atlanta like your what was wrong, which talked him. You know. I don't fear that type of causes
I've seen it as a young child growin up, and I just one always protect him? Sometimes I feel like I'm his security. No, and I can do nothing like if people come on him. I'm like you know, but no reason you Father Youtube and funny you yeah. He arm. He was coming home one night and they were outside waiting in the bushes for him to walk in and they shot him in his head. So we were inside. Oh you, then we love you make a week later after Rio. Scared for the method of earlier ball with my mom is like we gotta go. We can't stay here, but he was wealthy, though they would rob him in enlarges, they finally murdered him. How do you get over that trauma? I have you I'm over it, I'm ok when she reminds me so much of him. So it's like everything that which has done in the past. I forgive him, I'm all witted fight. If somebody do something
You and you have to defend something that defend as we look forward to see a more to show we procedure for joining US camera. For you to write a book. I wanna hear more. I wonder rightly so, because my life, were accused. Uk all day is the breakfast club gamble
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