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1/11/19 - Today on the show we had our favorite political pundit Angela Rye, stop by where she gave us the tea about the "Government Shut Down". Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to yet another Floridian and this time it was because a teacher smeared feces at park, disrupting child's birthday party after workplace dispute. Moreover, its Freaky Freaky Friday so we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners participated in a open relationship after Ronnie and Shamari discussed their pros cons of exploring it themselves. 

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I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that one. Because of the little dress. I The advances in the season of my path cast in charge would be vs. I sit down with some of the women I admire most for into conversations about the journey of live and survival. Listen for free, only unspotted by beginning Marge, twelve with new. It deserves every Thursday embarrassing day? Thurston hosted a ghastly respect for we have Did conversations around the power of genetics, downloading ex episode. Pharmacogenomics now and learned with experts have to say about how genetics can play a role in our response to medication and the future of precision medicine, farmer cogent
precision. Medicine is supposed to take us directly to their drug. That's gonna, be impact actionable important for our help, listen to spit on the radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your bag. This is your wake a whole day, job region, the Angela Charlemagne girl cell on a planet, is why respect issue, because this is a voices aside zones in a day the coveted morning so and act in a culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest in USA, albeit without delay,.
As everything Charlemagne is late, I'm assuming the Amazon as soon as I got to get back after a vacation. A whole week has been a whole. We get where you gotta get back together. He was in the early years our love. He flew back. What time is slightly, but Brad yesterday and happy birthday to marry J belies today? Is the queen of here pops birthday, so happy birthday, M J B, yes, happy birthday, Mary, nothing without about last night, yes, yesterday I went to a screening Kevin Hearts, new movie the upside and then as that by future screening for his documentary as well as a movie night last night I was features so by the time I left. The obstacles are actually cover her. It was a surprise guess I had to introduce him before the movie which was dealt. It was people that it was as their screening. They didn't know you be there and then popped up, and when he went to the front they just
dollar job pose. The asker is tell a job. It was funny what was his reply. It was funny he just was laughing knocker. Very was second method will be in the movie goody Ets, is re remake of another movie and its based on a true story of you know what you know what it's about man is, but this man is a play. My brain grandstand and Kevin Heart is good a job to kind of optional rely president Obiang again, not just pushed him around. You know them either gout guided the Paraplegia keys. I go really really wealthy man Kevin I just got out of jail and he's on parole and east has to get a job is the guardian here. So you have to kind of sea to see how the two of them end up teaching each other didn't think so over several years is more serious role. It is but it's burning to ok, there's a lot of funding funny place to obey it's definitely and and Kevin. I was saying this when he introduced that it's a different type, a roving
Myths has comedy, but it's more of a drama, dramaturgy drama, yielding to hold to be We can then, when you got low nagging injuries like I do like low back pain that you're gonna put you notice. The oil is when you back for me, It is too early to go to the Union of the Commonwealth no you two things. One is keeping your feet warm in your head, warm room. You're gonna have a video You got a deal to examine your honeymoon, but his right leg, inexact get comfortable, is regularly gases regularly. Yes, I can see this guy here upon the budget. It is limited to the back door, take it back now to tie grow type, cheese, stylists game. It aside, I forgot we'll put it back on this guy area. Right will ask you to show cracker front pages. Are we talking about when we talk about
young lady that went missing and everybody thought tat. It was gonna, be the worse and she just finally turn back up. What are you? What happened with Jimmy Class is national trafficking awareness due to yesterday ronicky. Yes, it is alright. What get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotor life, as it does a lesson in Texas. In case you, dare I say you noticed, disguise possess backward jabbered back on joining everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall mean to go. We are the breakfast clarify writer, you mister Roger, and I welcome two minutes ago. You, Mr Maroni, we're looking for a page news that even a watch the inefficient immortal, you would say now you want to stay with countless funny. Could Odell out here, looking all sexy flexi in math.
Cause I'm wherever you then, to give on the be fond of taxing. Ok, how right well, this week in its use- play the colts the charges later, Patriots Burma's Eagle, take on the saints and am cow girl take on a random. Then you can call him whatever you want with the interplay of Gaza, because we have you all to modulate away players in the second round again, to LOS Angeles, You guys are in play out what else the guy you were led What about the NFL, since you brought it? I've never been to season since Kylam Cabinet has now played any still doesn't have a job and In reply to that, no team, as even contacted ham and used to watch the Charlemagne, but have you don't shut up you you and they will have all year long knowledge and humane in the play ass? You know
they're gonna stay cap and where the bleacher report states that there was an anonymous survey conducted by the athletic, and they did ask some of the players. Eighty five defensive benefit players from twenty five different means, if they believe they colleague cabinet should be playing, and ninety five percent of them said yes, only two players that he should have beyond the failed and the remaining two said no In addition, they also as who should be replace rife and in a number one ensues lads of quarterback that they believe that Catalan happening should replace the leg borders of the Jacksonville Jaguar. And Nathan Payment of the Oakland Raiders others have agreed at an end avail and calling cabin still wants to play. Washing now. Watch, ok, The car, as might has always been my large right. I re end there Dallas, sports, castor, said this. He was Johannsen was reporting but the Arizona Cardinals hiring they hide head. Coach cliff clings, bet, cliff kings, berry,
even though kings very has no NFL experience and he just got fight as coach a Texas technically allowing moving record and we're Del Hansen had to say about that higher, but a lot of criticism of the he's gonna cardinals hiring of kings very of their new coach like kings, bury fits all the criteria to be a head coach. You, the NFL he's it offers a genius, peas, young and his white. There have been six new coaches hired so far, all white and two coaches of color. They are replacing people don't understand how kings very can have a losing recorded Texas to know, and I have experience and get one of the thirty two nfl jobs I re now. This is his way of pointing out how raises the NFL teams are when it comes hiring coaches in addition, Adele hands and acknowledges the fact there why privilege has helped him allowed as well. I've had a lover object. My life been fired from eight of and moved up every time and I M arrogant enough to tell you, I think, channel weight with right to give me another chance. But I M the product of white privilege in America:
and I ve never denied that. I wasn't either then a shocking statement, the Foundation of America is whiteness. We know that we can give you a certain provisions, certainly up and most every situations why they moved, and I guess it is now quite often that we hear why present in that position at its divide, privilege that he's in that position, that guy actually really good to come. Some showed at his wife can help what he's also really good big idea. I'm talking about our right now, Damer realized. If you guys member this story, she was missing. She vanished and October fifteen and that same her parents who also found dead in their home. This was in north western Wisconsin, while she was is found, and the person Christian Casinos Kosinski was at home there. The evening, someone knock on the door when she opened it. She recognised that it was fifteen year old, Jamie Class. So what happened? trying to trying to figure out everything that happened where she was. They haven't release of those details, but they did take her to the hospital and a suspect was arrested. Ten minutes later, some shore at some point will hear what actually happened,
night at our parents were killed, and, while I was now and then ass he's been found today of national trafficking awareness Day bottle with her right will as front page news. Did it all future, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up right now. Maybe had a bad night or bad morning or you just need to vent a little bit. Eight hundred and five five one or five one get it off your chances to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club is your job to get it off your just whether your man one, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of allows this maybe but from basely practically all of you in a minute butterfly gun the boy? Lee Charlemagne gotta be a butterfly thought, was locked up now got up,
so you are mad cow, yeah yeah. I guess I've got up this morning to use the back. Some never stood now. What's gonna stay you take the war You know the local situation that, on about how I hate, when the budget at the tail how's your dogma, rallies unavailable. It's only never use other toilet paper and instead of replacing the raw they meet. A low carbon and AIDS is put the next volatile they pay for like on top of this thing or something or you are no doubt aware, beheld the local border each morning, I'm gonna forget all about my wallet. While they do, but one, the well when it finds that chancellor would be pursued. But my lab. I gotta go live, but above all, as a new path, you didn't put the Tipp it would you say you put the tissue and you ll see better and less costly was mad. As this one and failures reports deserve interface monopoly,
I'm alive the bag at all rod and by the way they were due to new ideas that I welcome your mouth, you surely would make no sense butterfly, withdraw to follow you Get yourself? Incomplete but a fly you phone is likely to go. You still smoking early in the morning. I still wigan a big enough that the governments are also risks. We're gonna go up in Lisbon well, then I met, but any away can I shot on my boy to dinner. Was almost no drugs, as judge all Margarets Guy Butterfly area shouted out, otherwise that shook him is dead, all right draw political. I bought variety. Achieving it is. My sad duty is out there the whole team over here, because what you are my the girl. I want you to wash your hands before you go to work today, touch with people, children, a fish. Ok that places good man.
I love you too butterfly sowed the stocks out the dairy and keep making their fish. What our queens You got me, you will give me your email me up we're gonna come. I gotta get one of large business people's support Molotov drive, you early was jap without you, I adore try would have says you're good, I'm down there lived a deal you gotta, relax, we're happy Everybody got her alive and well when we're talking about, get rid of our Goliath environment. Our jelly I'd have banned companies that want to scream out what am I bet thereby when the catholic Church, when I thought about a gambler Georgia. Now, where were we I now with the girl, but a black woman fell with a red that actually arrive by arguing we are not, I agree with the draft, but I do think that all Kelly should be entry point for a broader conversation about just the abuses of of of young children and women pay,
you know those in evidently but my problem, Baker. Why what's happening where Kelly effort with these a battleground think they all about calling it calling it all out across the border. I will be getting in the way we think are equally that already got the boy he wanted to make it a real thing in the affair. To guess why people, which is why you can point the catholic church baby, don't talk about the church, you gotta talk about the charges, the Bishop very long Valliere, everybody about the fact that a little girl begin to spoke, we're gonna catholic church. Don't try to put on the white people where we're cleaning up the black backyard. That's gonna finish like me. Are you gonna do about your allow right now missing it like I used to clean up the black backyard drive that would you do before you have a low for non of writing. My girl up goodbye,
This guy's Greece should give it all of it says eight hundred five, a viable, no fire. One of you need divinities up now with the breakfast locomotive breakfast your time to get it off your jets. Are the young man from you wonder breakfast on your mind, she was gone on aerial quiet, storm voice, as Eu Sandel AIR is Chancellor. I wanted or New year's resolution one. I was one of the main one being the world of work on this area needs. I want you, together like how much much. Why do we want you to call you back, and I want to give a shadow mother resolutions- I'm sorry mothers birthday today, my brother's Bert
one day, a mortal logos right here tomorrow, as they happen, clans catacombs I'm making people I'm not gonna just be bite, is advised that he gave us he's right. I do need to be on time, actually does need to see them and the way we make up an idea. We don't need to pull his goddamn pants up you're forty plushy is all your forty plus years. All you should be wow. That's why I'm late you realize you been does late. I'm all do you suppose the wake up, even early exact, do otherwise the liking already Roma grow. Away until another name Jersey, Let me speak to a happy boy. They just go blob lies, handle going to buy one Andy Jessica good morning, happy birthday. Is it written. You write in London, what is ethically. What is what does He needs to do for his new year's resolution. The truth you better get killed
design, invest now Y know what one of my resolution this year was. The willingly accepted things that I can that change our control. Ok, so you can't control whether natural or killed with me. I always am I making making you not kill him is eaten about you some very comfortable. Are you all right? I'm gettin, ready for work or budget and around that you lay down linked blink twice. If you need help mom you're right, tell you mosey, Herblay guns, joking shoving, I want you guys have added birthday Mama. Thanks guys come at the right alone, we should aim at the We work in the morning, God. I've already got lots of such a big fan of all three that just crazy, but I wanted to talk about a little bit about that. Our Kelly situation,
a more thought when you talk about alive so earlier. The mother she release defaming basically saying that the documents are being in a documentary would painting her legacy, but I don't agree with that. I think the thing that's really taken away his legacy is the fact that we cannot buy or dreamer movie, except for the album nothing, but a number that was valid major. We by our colleague. We can't we there's been removing. Could I wouldn't know, look for trying to find dragon because they don't have the least calling these criminals they lack the bar? No, I get! No, no! You can't. You had never looked egg. These young people have no idea who she is. If we can ask dream where music, that's what donor legacy. Neither do I wonder what the remainder fanatically. I have no idea blame bury hackers in her uncle which who ran blackmail record. That's whose fault it is that we can actually use it, but he won't after you know us. Question, and it s got the first item, but not the nuts another. They haven't alone of resettlement here than on four. After aiming at
no it s, only my younger days, that's crazy, that that's why they get I'm so happy. I got to thinking we'll drop wonderful both for our if there are no doubts, because our problem, earlier on, every one nineteen sixty three Forty is a Edward. I love you. I love you so much when it better say everything the website I make a reasonable hour. I get it Future is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time that we got rumors on the way It. Took him at all these things as started off with our colleague. Now has a strange daughter has broken her silence will tell you what she had to say. Tell her father, alright, we'll get it tonight when we come back, keep it locked at the breakfast club the morning, so breakfast club.
Morning, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club, muskets aromas. Let's talk all Kelly at the Reul report carries a strange daughter has spoken out about him, so aptly Kelly a k, a bookoo abbeys is put a message on Instagram, it's a pretty long message, so you should read the whole thing if you have the opportunity to do so, but she said before I start I We need to be now that I am speaking from the heart. Nothing I say I do not say is too heard any party reading or affected by this to the people there fell. I should be speaking up against. Everything that's going on right now. I just want you all understand that devastated is an understatement all that I feel. Currently she said I do holidays of my silence to all that is happening comes off as careless and she praise for others.
Families and the women who have been affected by her fathers actions uncle viewed by his over him. Look at us do is as Ex wife sticking up for him, and I don't you just dogmatic guy busy at those you said. If any the genial and young ladys amuse were talkin about musically. Are you there? the town who care the bodies Miliband used at a time like this. I may leg see clearly had a lot of issues of always trying to protect him in all about, and maybe that's not completely over for her because he has children with as he was married to him. Better somalis drama that she's gone through. I dont know how people react to that issue also says she won't oculina. Kids life, which is crazy to me to us, is the evidence that him from seeing his kids. I was them presume, adored observes she goes on to say, I'm fine in ITALY for my own personal reasonings and for all my family has endured in regards to him his life decisions and his last name. It has been year, since my siblings- and I have seen- and I have spoken to him in regard to my mother- she put his Amy
The names and more has not seen or spoken to my father in years, so she goes on to let people know that they would never and don't support or be a pint of anything that he's doing so, just given you what his own daughter has to say about her father ass. She did say that we should be speaking up against him. Room comments about she's. A real time is about my of his crimes, rice, as you said, that also doesn't help other people who want to come for it. So the way that you speaking about his family, the motorway. Nobody cares about I'll. Tell you musical genius in a situation like this, because most of his art is a reflection of his crimes. Rice, as you said that us it doesn't help other people who want to come for it. So the way they just about his family and the inner mom, the brothers, whatever she said that is now by the p. Who might wanna come for, but I scared to speak out bestial, so stop attacking the family. I write, so that's what she had to say now,
Remember when I was going to the survival of our Kelly Doc, you Series, who is supposed to do a q and a moderate, appear to moderate a panel, and then there was a gun threat that was founded in everybody, had to value The building? Yes, yes, swerve am, I pity, has located the person of interest moves that gun threats. That is done now, Russell, that's the person of interests, and he is a business associate of our Kelly. So please do one is beaten about the threats that were found in to the data. That is also I mean, whatever number they tracked down and then led to him, so they about China contact him to find out. What's going on. In the meantime, Lady Gaga has pulled her son with our colleagues from Itunes and I'm she's, so I stand by anyone who has ever been the victim of sexual assault, so that song is not available anymore. I'll, be all right he's cute now, but I do wonder why she overworked. Let me begin with me. She literally just worked wouldn't what like four years ago,
but as long as you think they long after the marriage to earlier lagged aroma without about our, Diana Roma, but a lot of truth without about I'll, tell you why we need a lot of people didn't see in death like this documentary everything about it. She D, J, C D, like a lot of people, did it, but there was a whole tate like I'm a cop. I'll. Get you a long time. They offer the holes like they were whole marriage certificate. Like a moment now, the song is called, do what you want with my body, and so she said that you know she said ass. She still had infer says the chamber. There occurred in her own life and she did a very long posters, Well, if I want to know why did she do the to begin with? Why would you do anything with sexual saw what our Kelly with the reputation Roger we, as has been well Kiki Palmer, who is a former quote student of our Kelly, actually posted on Instagram as he addresses that is well. She said just finished surviving our colleagues I spent the last hour crying
as a student of our Kelly's? For the first time I was in having been around his light and understanding the obstacles you overcame as a child to actually be birth into the musical genius. He is today also put others do the same darkness. He was running from the most his heart. Anything to accept. So she goes on to say, she's standing by her sisters and she said we have to be good to each other, not all of us except the light, but those of us that do must be respond. Ok, I guess you can you can be man when he was thought overnight. He's gotta be happy that they finally opened up right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report more right. Thank you! As you know, when we come back, we have front page news that we talk about. You. Are we going to talk about their bases and the money that he had to pay to cover up. His alleged affair will give you more details. Debases the FAO there is a year of Amazon when they saw in thirty seven billion dollars is getting divorced. All right, we'll get internet next, keep a likeness to breakfast locomotive,
Everybody is De J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news. Fellas thought supports us, talk sports now and a fair play off this weekend. Lesser makes the predictions Chiefs verse the colts, I'm goin she's what you get caught? Ok, he would you get chiefs Rocard cowboys verse. The rams are more rams. Would you go you rams? but you guys I'm not acknowledge all. We are all aware when you know that I'm a Dallas cowboys fanatic, some go with you for the cap was. You might think this on that emotionally invested in the day, the cowboys like I used to be ok, all right: I'm not emotionally invested adios animals. Ok, maybe just a little bit of lay advise. You know you figure array of, I wasn't emotional when they would lose and when it will lose out this accepting it can really served in a footpath when it unless you cried, I wanna play autumn dislike on Jake. I hope that they do good over ramps. No more of my gavel, they Jerry Jones New. Yet they are different.
Million data yet really did it brings of little use of its right of pages. I got the Patriots big guy, I'm gonna go at the painting Ptolemy, Chided pagers! Nobody really truly bet against a patron. I get what charted look good in the Eagle sayings, I hate to say I gotta go legal saints your mind, things go wash the eagles our fullest about their early, knock it off to save them all washed. The eagle they gonna avenge the laws that they took against the Eagles early, the shading wash d, the Eagles eagerly amiable Ireland. Ninety played in all its policy our right now. You talk about you from Ireland, secular Jeff, bays those he is threatening the Enquirer, because it a story that broke on his secret relationship with alarm Sanchez. As you know, their faces is separated from his wife. After twenty five years he put out a statement
now saying that he put that out because he knew the story was about breaking the Enquirer. You not people went to get ahead of a story, so they put it out fires what that's exactly what they're saying he did and According to the Enquirer, he was made aware of the story and try to buy it from the outlet before it actually hit the news dance, but that actually didn't wear our privilege of vessels can bosomed. I know you gonna name your power of its and oppose the food. I didn't sell it all now on. There also saying that Europe faces way spending a lot of money to spend time with Lauren Antennas and whatever projects that he was working on like a super bowl commercial other things like that he would make. Their Lawrence answers was included in the production teams and he would always insist that she hired as well? They also have some text messages that Jeff bases with Dolores answers now report. At least he was so excited that she was dating that richest man that she was sending screenshots of her messages.
And our friends in one of her friends is the one that actually sent it to the Enquirer. That's what you can do things like that. I they also have a picture. Is of some very racy images? new picture is when pictures of him short list said you know what I want. I want to get a little drunk with you tonight, not falling down just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you, listen and laugh. I basically what to be with you meet. Less sexy for response. I wanna play in with the best, and I went on listening to you in a wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have a right of appeal. Man at an early relate struck out. Play it. We ve got to do the people which is legally caress it at some away when he says I don't wanna be falling down to just a little drunk at that. I want to talk.
I would add that there is actually a very old man, is always right that you wanted to have basis because they create these. You do you want you want it up when we all want to be able to build with you, you wanna, sit down a bit, gives low risk elude rocket being taken in play like to marry the paper and has cost must want to know where to food. I wouldn't soldier basis. What do you want out? What you were you? Gotten paid you gotta give up, have, unfortunately, the boys you could about four billion and got it we want a debate, as you say that he was already separated when he started dating, clearly you wanted the informational, yet gray summit I bore me. Reviling remain as your that, while why nobody said the other families Oh yeah, that's alarm. How would I would have ass love? I'm John! It maybe there's a face. Those hit the parliament a lot of money. I gotta lotta credibility of this through this inquiry, cut it out women, I want inquiries appraisal gunfire. Would you mind otherness back pocket just to say here you think he would just do that? Yes, no
right now right well as front page news now, when we come back as planned, with each other like day, although it has almost anathema. Why should we believe what they told me I'd like to have it anyway, when we come back, Angela Rights will be joining us. Ok would Angel arrive, funded if YO questions eight hundred five five little browser first appearance at EU forests are probably a hundred s old talks in politics. When we come back immortal moves to breakfast locomotive. What the morning everybody's d, J, envy annually me, the guy, we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in the building. Yes, his errand! You arrive renewing happy new year, be Now I didn't have the true did you are running a little late because you have a full. So, in my view see? Ok, ok, all right! Don't don't tell me again and it's I don't know how to do. It makes me nervous origin early. I just had to try to prevent, as it was with him.
Well I'm glad you guys you got here my last year. I apologise for my authority. We were having nice. I hear conversation because I think that people, just when I have a week, just cause they one long luxurious here or something like that, but it is a protective hairstyle to protect your curls edge. Our fright at this point, you yeah and when you're on tv or other things in your styling inherent putting those a heat products here. All the time is not good for you here does not find you gotta, give it a break up and that's what I call roles a lot of the time to work on these issues have been different under they're gonna, try and got cut is down in like three phases How did stored, though in his tufto is Thomas Eve we can make it is taken up it may sound. When I was a hair, you really really dry. I know I asked them how they wouldn't you like. Malta, moved United nor a theory. At any rate, they say they peoples, we Yeah, I'm still wanted his estate
stop it stop low subway drain raises alone. Because in this way we do it from shooting down here today was renewed from say, let's make to what it was when we go to his ear. So let's not talk about his joke with data but less happy. I wonder if you need any legitimacy Now he might you may have to be very important.
We must identify very on my right now imagine paid today. Socrates prefers that yes armchairs my based issue. This is all part of become unfettered aids. The longest government set down in history. There have been twenty shut down since nineteen seventy six. This is probably the first time, I'm at least in a long time that the government will be shut down, because the president had an emotional tantrum about a physical bury them makes no sense right to keep people out of this country who have the legal right right to seek asylum here. I am so bothered by what is happening when I'm going through T say at the airport and ya know I don't love tee ass. They based on my own experience of, and I understand it, is one person
I have been apologize into the workers like they're going to work every day it was not without being guaranteed a paycheck when we talked about this other day off line that sure they still will eventually get pay, I'm going there like all of them. If your furlough is nine, it wasn't guaranteed by the Senate, just passed a bill that whether your followed or your deemed an essential work or you will get paid. The challenge I have is people alive all their money paid eventually, but if you live paycheck to pay check, Revengefully is not ok. You, gotta get a job in a pan bill had now. You know how long this day long and they ran up on your mortgage, your rank or whatever it is that you have to do. Are you gonna get a break you gotta? Do you have to eat in and that the other thing to Donald Trump, who is or was the landlord at some point him say, like all they'll be ok, he knows that he wasn't
if anybody a path Monterey Bay made because in a wonderful way alone, would give Somalia proud, if they know they were putting one about the little period. Labour is no more money I gave them or that the real question to me, one of the things that I really encourage biogas does it mean that they get paid sooner at some of the members of Congress have been putting our statement saying I'm uncomfortable receiving my check while you're not giddy your your money either, and I think it s the right thing to do this. The right tone, but somebody has to start feed me spoke I was reading today the FDA Food inspection gap, as is often about that, as I was thinkin about because they can expect the food so that people can get sick. Ro may lead an angel and just happen now, unnatural and whatever nobody would know of a good level. That is a good laws and wheeled on the
our second only to go mitya everybody everything they did. I think about how it affects every single person. Even if you're, not the person, that's not getting a pay tax. It does affect you. If you're going to get up in the UK and are going to have any say last night that he was gone, he was little sign off to stop it temporarily, so that people can you pay. Did you say to less than I see that? But maybe you did. I didn't see him last night. I was this speaking in nor ok, but I will say I have severe trust issues with Donald Trump because he says one thing on twitter: one thing in a public statement: one thing: when the press s him a question, one thing and overlap as meaning you just never know what to believe the bottom line is. He should sign the bill that this in its past ensure that folks who are for a low meaning, they were told they don't need to come to work in this. Ensure workers still give hey there we'll go right. They only anyway that the people can override his decision or does not pass. I have for the people can't, but the cynic
and always pass a veto. Proof can always best meet up with legislation. That's the way to override different everywhere. I haven't done as yet I that we had. We should ask the thin it. We should consider today to outdo two to four three one to Wednesday is
bedtime billing. My job is to repeat his phone data leads up. You have you have the comment. If that's the way to engage, I think that so many of us have been trained to believe that voting is the first and only step in engagement, and this is really not by him being able to declare it like a state of emergency emergency. So there was a bill passed in. I believe it was the seventies that, with kind of all the halt, the ability of the president to use a national declaration of emergency on four issues like this, and I think they he doesn't understand his own limitations. I we all know he chauvelin with just basic understanding of civic I'm, so I think that the debt that it's gonna be substantially curtailed, especially given the checks and balances that exist. I mean Congress, especially now, because the Democrats have taken over the house. So I think that that is something that we have less to be concerned about. There is some
fodder about him, using funds that exists for national natural disasters like him rating those funds. The congressmen who chairs homeland Security Binny Thomson just issued a state was saying you cannot read those funds for this. This is not a natural disaster at all. It's not a you know. I don't like their false narrative that is putting out there about what why we need a wall and trying to scare people into thinking that there are these dangerous people that are bringing drugs across the border over Aaron murderers in the leg is ridiculous. I know dad really really dangerous. It is. It is dangerous, especially because people will not read like they won't read to know. This is the truth. I think I'm also encouraged by if there is a silver lining back about this. There are a number of people polled over fifty percent. Who believe that this is not one, not something we should be doing, and to understand that this is Donald Trump doing. This is not the way you
now. This is not how you show people compromise. I think the other thing we should be concerned about four kids watching this behaviour is like this is not how you should behave as an adult or as a profession of UK. Do this s. Call you guessed it home to spend it like. It's ridiculous. President is not a good example. He is not a good example week. We do need cross border screwed or which is not the war. Will. Let me talk about their will become back stronger border security. Also legal ass about is time. What would we go Jim will become out. We don't talk about it as an MP too, to remove you realize what you got more. What will we come back? No go anywhere. Is the breakfast logo morning
morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club, Angela Raw, is still in a building a solemn, and you asked about border control. We may we do need stronger border security or yes, so, a few years back the house in us in our work and diligently to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. We need immigration reform period, the number of people who are waiting and how long there waiting it takes too long. The costs associated all of it and we only talk about border security- is the way in which you go about border security. We need border security at the northern and southern
orders. We need land ports of entry. You know a sea ports. We need all of that secure whether we're talking about from terrorism from people coming in and not. You know not just thinking asylum just seeking entry illegally, of course, but the ways in which you control that narrative and talk about it, I'm factually as we are all very important. I think the other thing that folks have to remember it's become a wedge issue for black and brown communities and I'm struggling to understand why black folks don't understand that we in we're immigrants to right, there's been a big myth that this is just a brown issue and is not is black and brown asian? Why do you think we're comes the shutdown getting getting the ending of should be. Both parties have some responsibility, I'm yeah, but I think that as far as I've I can see Democrats and well, meaning conservatives are doing their parts. They need and engaged thoughtful partner in the president.
I'm understanding that this is not about a Wallace deal or paper night, like you really have to move the needle on this at the campaign. Promise is already violated because Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall. Supposedly rainbows mega does not paying for the wall. The reason the government has shut down is because he expects for taxpayers to pay for this. Any claims that he's gonna recoup the funds by re revising a trade deal and there's no compromise, and you saying that, basically, you went the five point: seven billion dollars in s it yeah he's not gonna compromise on that? Don't want you to governments. What does is it like ask him that
you are you all right glad to oppress covers. Ask Anders. I don't even think he understands compromises like all or nothing like. This is the way that I want. You should give me this. I will give you if you give me this warm and giving diversity visas back as one of the things that is it s, not a good compromise, because, as I'm Nancy blowsy artfully said- and I agree with her, the wall is immoral. So that means is a non starter we have. It have to shift. The starting place is something that makes sense for everybody. In essence, users on the very important due to good is walls. Just a token food re election Of course, there are not even at me, we were talking impeachment before the holidays, and now it seemed like that slow down, but you know that I am always second piece you speaking out in reaching the. I have a question about that Michael Cohen, re, testifying now and their comparing like this hoping were downtown cause. I'm I'm wondering leg with with him go in for it in speaking his truth about what really happened. Now that he's not glamour by Donald Trump anymore. What is the effective that gonna be like canvas lead
sit down a chump, something happening to him even being in these areas, or can we have recently? I know you're like I'm ready to resolve yes and no, for whatever reason there are a number of Democrats who believe that impeachment would be bad for them politically. The argument is that it would take up so much oxygen. I think, as we all know, just as this investigation has, it would take up so much oxygen for them politically. You witten here about the successes they have in passing. Legislation in moving in
on other aspects of oversight for this administration. So I understand why they say they don't love the idea of impeachment. I also think actively. We have an obligation to demonstrate that this president has abused his power, that there are several people in their administration who abuse their power, that the campaign violated the law and so did the transition team. They can do that by not thing impeachment, but by going through the oversight process, you all know there are substantial changes in Congress within the democratic alone. There are now fifty five members of the congressional black hawk is the largest CBC ever thirty. Nine members of the congressional hispanic Caucus large largest hd. Ever what does that mean? For oversight of this President congressmen, Eliza Cummings is now the chair of the Oversight Government Reform Committee Congress in the waters became the first black person woman ever
to chair financial services, homeland securities, Binny Thomson wing go on and on all of these folks can oversee this administration and the abuses. I think that's where we start army on Noah obviously want to see him gone. I do not want to see him continue. Another day, another gotta, you love to our outlook of reaching a mature them, a good boy. Little crash member air told you dig all of you white militant groups on the ground. We rightly point out. We just talked about his government set down him. Rationing burning means there are eight hundred thousand other people who are our vocation and burning in his careless, as he is, I think, is just as commissioner responsible for us to have that position so of Amerika. The programme is to be voted for who fell back at the moment. The geisha, which was your question to about nine, we'll call it there's a russian, was just indicted that was in the room with Donald Trump Junior man. Afore right like this, these questions have to be answered.
I know that America Vanity adamant in America the right line. I don't ever guys we really to rebuild what a million people go would do. Maybe now has my I know young. I say black folks are conspiracy. There is so much, but I am, they will not have the same feelings about what happened, we allowed mag of paraphernalia idea tat. We, Maybe I don't know but I am wearing his kindly accounts or do anything at all. Now, as I just I don't believe it I'm not sold on that, and so I do think we have a large stone cover with impeachment space. We should make sure that we understand what happened with the mother restoration. Before we talk of each me. They were already may be enough. There and we re at Cypher S, though, like you said with others, Democrats and people are coloured. Actually in office? Now, here political clout and Angela arise here, eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you got a question, maybe you need something cleared up or something
I don't know, maybe you just one small good Angela, Romania was what would you like to see our inaction as a ranch everyone around like women, Angela Ray you smoke? nine. Is that all right that I did not in your private firewood firewood angel arises? The breakfast locomotive pointing everybody, is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Angela right in the building and were taken. You calls eight hundred five five one or five one more small goody are allows this, as does the lay there was our Mama Magna Carta pronounce your name, but you gotta coarser from his raw earthly. I wanted to thank her but keep an eye on already acquired an republican neck that wanted ironed out of her. Does she think that dumper eventually gonna play?
we can give in and fund this wall. I don't because the position is that the wall is immoral right in that people have a legal right to seek asylum, so that's already a law on the books. I don't think this is the point of compromise that I don't think this is a point where they'll bend. I don't think it ever hurts to call your members of Congress. The number is two hundred and two two thousand two hundred and twenty four we want to want to make sure they don't break to make sure they know you all are supporting them. The vast majority, the country right now does not support the ship they shut down, but they also don't support the was. I think it never her saying courage or members and tell them to stand strong into keep fighting for what they know is right. Pillows is able to gear it girlish Courson for age Laura who, in these
political ties in with the social climate? I've thought about a lot about how to make my line of work more relevant to the conversation and have even started thinking about transitioning into politics. So my question is: what would you consider step? One of the first few step in making their transition from a question and is a great question I think, is so important for folks to understand. The only experience you have to have in writing for political office is that that of your own personal story, so everything that makes you passionate about wanting to run for office about wanting to support candidates about wanting to get involved. That's really! Ah, you need. I think that if you have certain issues that your passionate about telling people what those issues are which our positions are on those issues so that you can start to gain support is also important. Knowing what office you want to run
or how much it costs normally to run, have a Canada Z in that particular spaces. Super super important so getting started is with nor what local offices are available win with those elections be whose I'm about to retire. Maybe you could not takes body on and take oversee. That's already, I'm going to be vacant. Those are all good places to start. We area are you from Saint Paul, Minnesota AIR and I'm sure You already know there is out of the first somali woman, second muslim woman, to run for Congo. And when is Rummy, is firm. Your space, your state, so I think there is as open opportunity for you to go and make history farewell. Thank you so much ass, you ever since I was a man. Doesn't for an office that's available yet may will appoint somebody. There are a lot of times, especially people resign or retire to where they just the place and when to fill in or they do a special election. We should talk while one positive thing. It is being stated and reported in several publications that Senator commonly Harris is going to announce her presidential
bid on? Might like looking the lad? Did you say that? Because out, what can I do for you? of his January. Twenty nineteen democratic do have no potential candidates. The next president, reelection is next year that would seem normal nobody's announced it so that it makes sense that Elizabeth and he also announced that a presidential Exploratory committee and I think we're gonna- have delayed tons of candidates. What I was need so many people like. I think that with a problem which would Hilary like people were divided so divided, was between arousing that what it is all about, a candid is an issue we think about how not there was no one spoke ass. Anything I just got. It was met. Martineau Mally Sanders, Hilary Joint, been worn, went over these years. I can they like Elizabeth weren't, I like her, but what I would encourage buys active, although they didn't have a happy ending the president,
oh election for Republicans in twenty six January, how big day for debate stage word hours so, even though they ended up with somebody crazy as the one to blame Russia, I think that it will be good for us to really believe to go into presidential term with a presidential election with the idea that it doesn't belong to any one is anybody's game is not short. Time is not your tie, legless. See what happens, I think actually can be really healthy for the party. I don't do us all. A look up, we'll go to become look, could be no further than the sea, so amazing zero like a quarry, bugger off I'm so what's he of course, Booker announces Eric holder is supposed to be announcing. Bernie Sanders is talking about a Joe Biden is talking about it, and so there are a number of other potential, it and I think it'll just be a good opportunity for about a wholly everybody. Now taxes obeyed,
all right, we can. There has been discussion and I am just the name. You know insects get we talk. A lot is vermin it with that. I'm really frustrated about the beta thing, and I will tell you why Badal loss to tear crews by eleven percentage points, Stacy, Abrams and Andrew Guillaume, or within thousands of votes, tens of thousands of votes from their opponents in any discussion about Stacy and Andrew run from Could they black wooden? There's that, while obeyed it's gotta, be dope PAMELA common customs this a good permit, Harold. Obviously, MR, why beta people like him We want a ride. Like my wonder why they like him, please charismatic, ok, I'm here I'm like I don't know. I think I am. I issued war that
the Navy had he drew out. The auditing accommodated to get nationally would be would be discarded I too am ovary buddy, you're gonna, be my job, nor has the people have indicated that they are interested in running to you. I feel like maybe not All right. Yeah, that's good at work work to her, so we really just had a ton of speaking engagements and people are always so mad that I be posted so late. I can't go so we wanted to make sure people had a full listing of dates. It's busy season for many of us, starting around Martin Luther King Day, right to black history month in the top of women's history month. So it's at or let people know how I'mma be in your state. I always appreciate your support, so we want to make sure people so motivated, not just inspired where is bet motivated to work well and then go to the website and look at the dates and Instagram is on the ground to see the date that only by Angela Ride dot com, but also at Angelo at Amsterdam, because you can see them back again.
More units Laredo milieu followed Susie. Almost there Doha. Ninety rather like the inks. Rather it is actually I'm eluded some stuff, ninth Bryce appreciated as good, I now we got room is unaware you down and looking at ways of bats. It be ok, Chicago yeah Five anything on detergents lay in Atlanta yeah. You got there, sometimes even anything, overlaps all carrying a city when you're there, taxing what Angela have Ado part of his speech on close our on fire. Listen none of it I'm happy, I'm awry Angela I'll, introduce you to say that we are now. We are rumours runaway. Yes, I talk about net Cannon and Damon Dash verses, cheesy and foxy brown. Rumours. Norway will guarantee that when we come back door moves to breakfast locomotive
with Angela glow. Listen, congratulations and it looks like glass and I do us antenna income, Bela D, get married ass, good, Robin Cook. Bombs would undoubtedly drastic consequences. Yes, he proposed back in November. Where the APOLLO, while he was before me with, did set and big I married already so it as though congratulations to the two of them. I was gonna stories online I sallow came was there of course, Jim Jones is therefore easy game. So the February Enone Hammer on no need to waste any time you know them. Eighty woods, together for a long time you propose now get may make no contract with all, is well worth our right now, let's get into this, how they can. And diamonds ass interview that happen. Nanda Cannon has his own. I guess he's been japanese interviews
cannons corner can aims class Uganda's S ear and he sat down with diamond ash and his class and posted a clip. The first episode is with diamond S and they discuss a number of things, including Gm Foxy. Brow he was really trying to get some information? Has people are trying to say that that's easy was with Patsy and when she was an aids that have already said that. That's not true, as this issue is old extra years ago, but here's how it went down. What age was foxy browser yogi, don't beat around the Bush say what you I'm just me. My back went out. What are you insinuate? I'm not as good as you add at I've got Bugsy with legs. Sixteen deserves a sound like all of you when we leave this seems like you got a question for J Ass came. I got to do with that
that was all nay Mummy. Why even try to insinuate no dealer fog Zuzu than age, where I was two point: nepotism posted Dame S, arrest, suck, efficacy, China get J jammed up. Those who exert fifty cents had they show should be called two seconds. Chatting class. I just thought I was you. Egg is very well aware. We had- and I just saw Dave too literally deciding like two days ago, but that was Conny enables more. So It was colony on mixed, possibly even try to ask that question to get them out a day within, like even day, was trying to bring it back. To lay right, I'm going to ask you what you, what it is you want out, why even put at an atmosphere for what yeah actually was researching that when I say that began. I do see their foxy had said that. Never happy in Asia than a while ago, a long time ago? So I guess, is
whatever reason. Hadn t even get him. If I don't even know whose name I have no clue how I right now arab Gaddi is saying that he's gonna have a murder, ink series of murder and everything will be told the good, the bad everything with my murdering tv series, I'm taking my time because it has to be- perfect, but the shore it's coming. They have not yet released, announced the release date, but show you guys want to see them It is a lot of dimensions that emerging cooled. Barbara got him here from it and congratulations to logic. He has announced that he is doing his first ever novel. It's called supermarket. He said supermarket is upon us Pre autumn. Debut novel. Now the link is in his bio. If you guys want to check that out, he said he showing the way, that we are the rat pack, a more than just a music fans that we are lovers of offer.
Of entertainment. Thank you for allowing me on this journey. I have kept you in the dark with this book is really about, and from now, until its release, I'm so excited to dive in it. Introduce you to this universe. I've create Frigida book. I don't know much about it because he has really given much. You know but yeah, I guess he said, riding a few pages of a script for the incredible true story, or everybody or everybody with special by creating entire world from cupboards to cover, for my fans to explore. Is a dream come true, so it has to be some type of world that he's created is called supermarket armies had this isn't just characters on a paid, so much of it is me and because that I thank you for your love and support a more drew, rather than I have ever been for any of Lobbies- music well, just letting in house again now you can go ahead and provided that book and support and what I love that he said. Let's put our phones down for a little while pick some books up and experience
together, that we can discuss in great detail. I love that cuz, you not read books all the time. I know you do to Shiloh me, so I think it's a great thing. All right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report. Alright Schallibaum! Yes, even adults! Do you no matter what we really need to be very, very, very caution. And you will be very aware of these tired tears that exists is turd terrorist, her tears and exists in America, as do too you just before after our Gary terrorists, win I will inform you about these Tartarus. Ok, Soares, we'll get it at next. Keep it lacked is to breakfast locomotive. Make sure you tell him to watch out for Florida. Man with the craziest people in America come from the Bronx, and all of you are
applause. A man had tapped and eighty emperor very strange reason given too much money. Florida matters a respite after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute is present life police arrested, Lando man we're talking of amending the breakfast club, bridging Nokia. There would Charlemagne the guy on the war Yogi Menu Gideon. Well, do. Why did you? Let me get him like this because they keep doing things like this are a donkey today. For Friday January eleven goes to a substitute teacher at a school and Sarah sort of Flora name, the carbon. Now it's twenty nineteen and nothing has changed when it comes to the sunshine state. If you knew tat a breakfast club, name. Charlemagne got a king, Anko Charlotte, the youngest Allah always tell you. The craziest pupil in America come from the Bronx in all of Florida. Initially, Yet today is just a fresh reminder of twenty nineteen that floor to offload now have the car like I told you the sums substitute teaching, for whatever reason she added dispute would to schools prints
Heather was allegedly upset. The schools principle was set to have a birthday party at a particular venue device you in question was the pavilion and are for park I don't know what have they have against the principle, our principles, daughter, Heather, a substitute teach. You decided to be a party pooper literally I've got a factor team would report. Please all eight of these picnic tables here at birth or family part had to be replaced after a woman spread human waste and fecal matter all over the wood as a form of pay back a mixture of urine and feces, and she added in a big cup, the nasty vandalism caused the county more than twenty three hundred dollars for clean up
replacing tables and grills and reimbursing and rescheduling a birthday party set for the pavilion later that morning, it only took the Sarasota County Sheriff's office, a few days to track down and arrest Heather Carpenter. The forty two year old is charged with felony criminal mischief turns out carpenter as a substitute teacher at Filippi Shores Elementary school. According to arrest, paperwork carpenter wasn't happy with how the principle handled a professional complaint she made at the end of November, the Sarasota woman admitted to investigators. She smeared the feces with the goal of spoiling the birthday party planned at the park. That day of celebration was for the principle, daughter, official, say, carpenter is no longer a substitute and kept volunteer at any district schools. Well, this investigation is active. You think otherwise, with this the sugar honey eyes teeth. Ok, now, Oh boy, we shall remain nameless. We used to have a real problem, beaten people up, so he went to anger management as part of his probation for beaten people ups? Whenever you wanted to be people up and steady would resort to fighting with?
what I mean by tat needs as wax is created. I didn't see him. What I mean by that is, if he had a beef, would someone he would cut your car seat. Open it put Dingle berries in the cushions glad your house and put a couple chocolate delights in you: sneakers I'm on it I remember he had an issue which is next door neighbour in the next day was roommate. You know let him in the house, so my guy put by truffles, enables couch cushion. What's a bet, travel turd Have never understood why a room was now a debt because he had to live there too. I write to me. The story is, is Some real live turn terrorists out here and have the carbon is clearly wanted it. My thing is heavily I believe the principal why we sought the attack indicates could have essentially what you were doing. Bus brain but my dollar would a picnic tabled in grilled this park nodded he had who be affected by these rusty nugget. I mean show you put rectum warriors on the grounds that means everybody's Burgo, an indulgent fudge, babies on them. Why do they did a kids? Ok, what is something else?
I guess I'll always tells you never go to war with someone who gives the of less than you and clearly have the carbon and on give it f, anyone can get it: men, women and children. If she got beef which you and all your gettin, but beans aright every body, it is body, flogging, all fanny FUCK, you can eat chocolate. Bananas everybody simply because I got be for one person, I'm Tellin, you don't go to war with somebody who gives it s less than you especially erect amorium now either has been charged with. Their degree, felony, mischief and property damage and is no way she can be in population would other prisoners, because what of discharge tears decided to let it go frightened turtles loose in a prison. Do you We want a corn massacre, unwanted correctional facilities, think about it flawed Please give have commented the biggest here, worsted work. What are you going question so for Hudsucker?
We in your guys, your friends, you know ter terrorist, so he does. He does he put on a flawed and pick it up, never ass if it was human faces could have been dogged visas. I don't know what kind of visas it was outcomes using coming here, and I do not. Personally, I don't know what kind of visas have always use aka unanimously, just assumed is the zoom in his hours as indeed pick it up? Are you going to do I'm just saying you gonna go to a prison in arms and a national one but a choice. You always gas more deck outs gets a downright I'm pretty regular out of a third use in a very by any dietary need a mile at me. I gotta love, my goodness me tired museum well. I've gotta have fish within this morning. I am a regular protegee, always take account of how well you're doing as far as your diet, I'd, never look. A mobile phone as discrimination isn't looks normal down for the car arrive at the text. You how right guys her. I welcome that
thank you, but I don't get it now. A weaker lobbies turd less open up the phone lines, eight hundred what you call me flew basis: It pays their data eight hundred five, a viable. Five one less talk open, marriage is now Ronnie in Sumatra, love who they were on the jail yesterday and we talked about over relationships oak marriages in this is what they said. Will it hard eyes and says we're thinking about doing it open relationship? We know you guys, did it Would you tell them now don't go anywhere in the world over the very Lord Bog, no wise words there, because at the end of the day, I feel like it strengthen our bar, like everybody's gonna, go through challenges and obstacles, but when you able to overcome those challenges and and MT even better after that, like I felt like it was, the experience was worth it My my area, but I'm not gonna, be able to make it through some like their direct route. Is that this outbreak mama,
so one of the foremost eight hundred five, eight five one o five one. Are you and open relationship open marriage? Has it work for you? What tell what they owe? Isn't that right and fraud? So you don't forget forgave. Forgive me right, Relations is a topic that is again no, but we did our leader had a beat very command died. I knows the first Friday since we ve been active work, but our anti fraud as you go there. We go around eight hundred five about one which all get open marriages, open relationship. Has it worked for you? If it has called us up, we will actually lead to know you success stories. We want to know your horror stories hit us up. Right now is to breakfast club morning. Breakfast morning, everybody
is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are. The breakfast club is fraud, as you know, the very fragile forgive our talk in open marriages and upper relationship. This conversation comes from Ronnie Infirmary, devote when we hear they talk about the open relationship. Nobody appear more in that I'm not I'm, not a saddle believe in and out ass, an adult for myself. I have been involved in it and our own save me, but you would give it to him any success. Following the worries about open relationships. Most of the time when I hear about it, didn't and well, but That is what I've heard and pleasure. Like a view due to over you started, and religious Angela you'd have to renew your vowed altogether could have not in devout baby enough. Is enough, other git remade to your woman. Again, a dead in the vows worded law allow for God on J from you James. You know over leisure right now. I am yogi, as you know, and as you know about it,
you know about it. When we actually high school, we had. We been noised article twenty four years, though we ve been open and honest with each other, so that by work we just tell each other what we do in our time. So you that beyond He let another may as mash wife, and you call if you are not a hypocrite, a lot of people like the good. That figure is just an active, not love. She got gonna, be with discards, I would say so you re about to go down, no say all. Moreover, Well, I'm a man immediate, like gas, but no less come back home again, yeah we'll come you don't ask, was he's doing right, you don't ask it would. Do you? me why not currently we only we. Actually we talk about it we're making love no as part of your sex life. As the allow another nor did over. What do you mean and I d be with another woman together I may do we do we do that yeah
world around day, like I said we just open in August and we feel like we should do that because that that eliminates of cheating on each other, because we're so sexually driven long as well. Honest, it'll work up. Land is glad. I reckon I feel I were examined you most junior situation than I would have. A big iii takes. Many takes women. They all share, on the other day- and I do mean we both do we, but she does a day when a man I do my meal with whom I do not think anyone. If I didn't, we share, we'll make it go, see me and my wife, which is contained in a growing as people in being better people learning to be rather more motion at least wrong, that guy there in open relationship with committee women I share, but I told you so that you know say is good at their feet. Like is this other ways too low a valve and push yourself open and all is open relations to allow this I don't care, I spend twenty more about this. Welcome all possible. What's happened, relationships open marriages. Are you in one may laugh the epic I love
information should remain loyalty and turkey to be organically love. You got it, it's not a rule, not me. I think people lose all things and it should be again. I should be allowed to talk up people, but I just don't because I want to people to mine. If your wife is is again in science, by somebody else. You'd allow, I think, should be allowed to do she wore as long as she generally want to deal only with Thursday. Ok, how long do you want to know about it? I know about it and I know loud it obviously amounting to allow us to make, as they should be really now, you know shows truly were to stay alive If they do come on any of my wife is a tough loyalty. Do loyalty called natural because should be told you can't nobody could I'm nigger? I think you should. Naturally do you love what you re talking about, anyway. I won't be what you want. You get married and you met those vows. You are making an organic natural commitment to be faithful to this woman. What s! True now
web withdrew, wifey, so good ass. She falls in love with him home from Amazonia what'd. You do show me how to do there you go raggedy. So I looked at a right to start right looks at a right. You ever looked at a right in what the title of this book how does a slower look out anything at all. What we're talking about right now when I'm assented to use my bungay our eyebrows, I was lost more than a story, guys tangle modest, listen, you do it works for you and your relations zone. I had a judge wherever it is whatever it is, that you do decide: thou Mesa, both parties, I agreeing to participate and that you're honest was they'd. I would consult what you ve done it before, like Ronnie devote his wife. What was the wife name? Maria because you know Mary stems from our naked, they data and agree with, and I did it didn't like it. So the grass is not always green on those that I see they say, may they relationships jungle?
yeah. They moulded dart together. They feel bad about nodded at some points that may be so, but we'll better. Yes, I think about Eve. Harvey find out what had him belying sighed ass. He had no idea that this was coming all right, we'll get into that. When we come back to breakfast locomotive d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club was gets. It is wrong to talk Steve Hearty about The toy annually on the breakfast yet does Steve Harvey his show Steve might be coming to an end at NBC at other renewed of one of the well. He said they made an announcement a couple of weeks ago that they wanted to give Kelly clerks in some of them works a here's what he had to say when they made that announcement
about was until they made an announcement a couple weeks ago that they wanted to all give Kelly Clarkson the owned and operated pvc networks, less mass lot, sighed ass. He does in quite a hundred percent, no everything that's going on, but that might be at NBC. That particular Network Wales. I mean very signed a show for another year, but I guess they invested in Kelly. Clog censure would be more really buying Kelly, show leg density, gotta, put Kelly on their properties made to see. If we go, though some yes was the appeal state, any Asia, Baghdad was less Jasper then asked him of his past jab. So he said he said I worked at Ford Motor Company. I used to play its part plugs in eighteen hundred Indians a day that's stressful, telling jokes, that's pretty cool rhythm of anybody, data smiling or juggling odor figures. Lee Harvey show May or may not be coming back a man of well or wind remain.
Bullshit he's gone. Ay, ay, ok, right here, right now how, in the meantime has been having panic attacks. Apparently, after these surviving, our Kelly Ducky Series aired, they said. One attack was so serious that he actually had to get treatment at a hospital and he's had a lot more house visits from doctors at his home, as well as their according to reports. The episodes are triggered by the overwhelming backlash that he's getting from celebrities and from the general public, and he can't believe how the tables have turned people are now believing his accusers. Isn't is a difference between as somebody who had panic getting that its existence between having a panic and anxiety attack in being upset, because you absolutely did something wrong. A packet of health is absolutely dead wrong and you imagine if your nurse and all Kelly comes in and you gotta help me, could you really don't might not want to what you had a job is, but it's a job as to where he sitting right, dad he's having a panic attack, and you really thinking you propagate panic attacks it.
Thousands of euros. Only ya, don't accusations NASA Nuclear Super fast, changing I'll. Take you at your ensures. Like goodness, I write a letter about Terry crews and tar re. That's alright with us on this. I Kelly documentary the Jackie theories and Terry crews was supposed to appear the tour ratio buddy cancelled. His appearance on ECHO show because now they're bringing to light on these accusations against, while one women talking about. I tore re saying that he actually harassed her. Now the woman is named Danny issues and make up artists, and she said that he made an appropriate and unwanted remarks about her sex life. She also put out some conversations that they had Visa instant VD aims.
See. I guess you heard him do an interview and he was talking about how we wines the end of your mama miles. Jones Rob include Marshall Modules and, as she goes on to talk about, you know what happened with. As she said. She had accepted apology at the time it and set it in a boat. It was ok to move on, but you said you can't be a sexual bitter and go around shaming other predator snow subspecies sexual brought well you gonna move sexual harassment. Yes, basically, it was conversations were very uncomfortable and she D aimed him. I'm surprised you speaking out, I'm sure I'm not the only girl. You have verbally harassed, you're, lucky that I know how to say: go f yourself with a smile and I'm not going to say had anything about how many times you asked me to have sex or ask how it would be to have sex with me. A few other people I know said the same. About you be careful out there. He responded. I love you. I was always kidding, but I'm sorry I was being stupid. I should have kept my mouth shut up,
What is it there is treating uncomfortable conversation and being a sexual predatory depends on what you say, I'm sure you and you- and this is a worrying when compared to our Kelly, would you now I went to convey this too. I Kelly, but he goes on to say, I've learned a lot watching this happen. That way, I teased, who is no longer funny to me, had no idea how rampant it is and how much it gets in a working women's way and how, with contributing to a well: environment, a beatin. I hate that I'm not playing like that with you or any when any more. I knew I was playing an aggressive game with you and I thought you knew I was coming I am, but I wouldn't put you or me in that position again I was stupid Adam. That is, and I feel bad about it, a new grown up in a bomb cordially in a coach you wait. A rhetoric toward women has always been trash right, yeah, it's those are the faculties apologizing for AIDS is passed. About an hour longer, I was that shouldn't mean something funny: seventeen pretty clothes that wasn't so I there was never a notary.
I know dad it's who slew Danny Danny, then the homey. Actually I re sell he they release if they meant anything variable the Jeddak about it now, but you know we don't. I had this has affected Danny him, but he went on Russia as it was when he was a bitter. If we want an overview of what she sang is triggered things because she heard him going and unhappy wine Steen. She heard all of those things, so I may her fellow. How are you going to not somebody in you ve done those things allegedly boost illegible, Danny School there, no, no Danny Danny other than my maker closer than you make up If you do, I make no opportunities for some very negative light up, so they don't do make up for that. Make up the Sami, we're gonna Lindsays you're, making that we said well. I don't know where that is, I don't know, do may go, but I do do adhesion Doo, Doo Father. She Adobe has make up man Latham us are actually was when I did, if these said was towards
the finnish beady centre of it. Even if I am going to challenge you to do the fresh face child We must combat all make no major when we make ourselves you wake up Jimmy something white right now. Nobody Matvey is right that we should get a sultan going to toss. You see it in her maiden Germans hours you take over the water comes along and force of water nonsense that yeah headline doesn't match your face, You got no dna neck echoed saddles, sometimes negative. Let alone was I read stuff. I make up what well may I come in on your right, knock it off yeah assaulted documents are just as the amount I don't like your heads or where it was going on over knock it off, but Lucy low out it should have now. I would thank you for those Roma reports. Is that MAC I fancy everybody would be Frontier Diego anything
there you go revolt will see tomorrow, everybody else. It's marriage obliges birthday, I want to collude bombs would acquainted hip belides. Let me know you have one of the greatest performers odd is able to walk up, saying that a goddamn are. Let me know you are able to marriage and oblige every day you enemy with joy, our goal, but we want the form one of my life monthly riddle. Yarborough is promoting favorite, Mcmurphy remarried liberalizing about time and probably be happy, but I mean go from like you know, in my life, a lie at having to choose between Iraq and guidelines and her fast songs and as rare for me with the item, but sometimes I only like when I do those by Mary somehow fastest I love that then I've eleven when you do this thing and break down in our little of all, is getting mixed right. Now, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one happy birthday. Marriage blog is the breakfast locomotive J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now shout to Angela Rye for joining us this morning. Food look at my sister
always a pleasure when she comes on people so interrupting the wife. You will reactions, though, but You realize that the roller chain is really realty people going to like it to people not going to like it for people just going to be on the fence. Now all politics in particular people get super passionate and disrespect adding politics, and when I wouldn't want the politics of anything in life. Let you happy would have really enjoy Laura View. That really does like going forward. Ledges, don't have anything to say it recognises the right of an entire is about like, if you don't agree with where she agrees with people, go crazy. Absolutely will shop, hope for joining us. We deftly appreciate and I'm glad to hear that senator Kemal Harris Common. Campbell Harris is up possibly gonna. Another nomination, I'm one of king one of the king s nomination for brothers recanted next Monday, that'll be interesting. There above all the data, do it our baby. Never I write a lot of people pushed back on even given Martin Luther King Jr that holiday right rest in peace
our he was wanted old people so that Molly moved announced on that day, they could put a lot of people say mainly the coup de before Globe. Races really gonna be go crazy. What was the only flies promoters uses picture of what applies to share a common? I forgot you, none of them are we combat positive dodo moves to breakfast locomotive. Now you got a positive note for people I do have a positive, no man. This is just something that I encourage everybody to do, because it's Friday and you got a couple of days- just sit back and you know just just kick in and you know do so Research, on whatever it is. You want to do some research. I do some studying the reason I'm saying, although that is because the highest form of ignorance, it rejects something you know nothing about. I've been critical yonder either from Zagreb and I'm Donal phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP. On the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one episode at a time.
Put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home. We're gonna get all our special guess: friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond cast fake doctors, real friends when Second Donald on the high heart, radio up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS, deepen whirl New Hampshire on the side of it hi highway, the hills witness a light in the sky. The craft hovering above a field thought that was the end of their story too, years later, under Hypnosis David Lee. That there is more that night. So what had they forgotten the strange case, a Betty and Barney Hill. This season on strange arrivals, culprit, of heart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen
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