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MON 8/15 - The Breakfast Club discusses the pros and cons of living with your parents after Joey Bada$$ revealed that he chooses to live with his mother. Charlamagne gives Bob Costas the biggest hee-haw for saying Usain Bolt surpassed Bob Marley in Jamaican fame...which led us to the question: What's the most famous thing out of Jamaica? Bob Marley? Weed? Beef Patties?

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I love you more than words rather sit out from the most prominent. Why do some early morning when I was young, people's choice was busied YO, Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, more than usually mining, Zambia, Charlemagne Guy these data plan. It is my mind back to the work we thought of another work. We need to do more things things you seem borders do Lafrance this man and God being were now. We know. No, he I'm shores in practice that data will dusk use neighbour, but did not a NEO Liberal Europe want include Mov, reasonable dab, dab boys fangs at a good, healthy debate. Last makers, at the hearing you know Bob Carcass was talking about cost. Us immediately was talking
by the same boat and how big it and you make an eye is huge and you may have actually been in Jamaica four years ago, when it was the Olympics in this is literally set down any rights. Have you been to restaurant Someone is amazing, is dubious. Restaurant Deva gap, but bow causes had said that he's bigger than by Molly. Well well. Well. Well deserved. Why did you need to know if you don't want everything to be? I begin to make way for him to be big. Intimate glaze, big Jamaica's restaurant is don't lose the first interactive restaurant that I've ever seen I wanted to make about eight years ago was in Kingston. This is really You could actually order on the table like it was it was. It was interact where you can see food on the table and push the button it you. What further food come off ass again would ever come about of making comes out for domestic about fastened. You say both reference values overcome our values, angels, references are you hurt and J F K Airport when he actually re last night,
make it would be a heavy with indian people at work where they would have brought. They thought it was actually gunshots and shut the airport there they should drop. One include bombs will therefore be an extra secure. Do not act was good saddle. Mine, which is charity, do better saved. Sorry, I don't know my good man. I re won't yesterday Emily out of it at a cook out yesterday had there has been very like a small thing at my house in Avonlea, had anything in my house and have a whole bunch of people over, but it turned into a huge way were big experience and I anticipate it and we will do a hundred feet hundred people know we live now. Ok why everybody knows where I live anyway. If you live in Brooklyn, go I drink. A lot of people know our neighbours that is secret. Bizarre wars. Do members, did you watch power now they left by one. It was at one o clock and Hennessy actually came and set up a He has of he bar in the back yard, a portable bar and footprints Kay.
There was a lot Balkans arrest, the path in food, and then my friends, you arrest I'm burthen also came and got on the grill as well. Dana rollings, ashy Larry was, I quote on quote real master for the day doktor he did a terrible job Deborah, but the residents who was great. So it was quite an experience so said I to everybody who came over yesterday to my house a lot more than I thought, How I think that many people over my out again at one time it was there, I was. I had a people that clean up after themselves. How can Europe which occurred in the garbage, how you just don't narrative party, a party majority, this problem capable of my house not miles? Do this? I've been an odour of God helps us even a clean is not only of the Beverly was supposed to be from one to six, so they set the bar down his six there and people really related rights. No bar is set up and that guys it was over, be glad you guys doing for free in April free broker and also show
everybody debts in Houston? I was out each town Friday night, at during queues and probably one of the biggest clubs I've dj in a long time old, like two thousand people shot. The mister and after that we want to be lived and Saturday I was a San Francisco. San Francisco really loves the breakfast club. Oh yeah, I mean really love. I got to work when I was flying ACT, there was no more agrees with first class, so I had to so myself I was like I'm dealing with absolute. I've never saw myself like this bizarre others. There is going to manage primary a lot of money. They like low wage point in both those places. He added mean it like that exactly I know I figured it front page news eat what we talked about, how we are going to get the day, o k outbreak and he sat down and, of course we do have to talk about the activities and Milwaukee they actually activated the National Guard yesterday to help the Milwaukee. Please,
I meant well tell you what's been going on, it's craziness derive all I m. All keep a lot was get to show crack in its drake. Is one dance yet you ass a bitter breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Now. Let me give you some quick, limping updates. If you watch the Olympics, Michael fails won his twenty third, gold, medal and retired. He says immensely. Ask more team barely be. France was going to miss basketball team. A hundred and eighty seven white horse who most licking Hawes enjoying real like is the sum of education. Ok, that our own starts this week now they called the. Team right now is that of the dream team. The meeting that was saying Also you sambo, have you want to call on the same? Will you say for whose able and probably a terrorist her veil borders on the terror watch list? You saying both becomes the first man to win at three goals and a hundred Miller
without remuneration, intermediaries he's really fast man and he makes it look really easy really remind me of DAS off the incredible Roma live when dad used to run in the father would be like slowdown that this might when basement one, but is much lower than he really runs it that way, but he so tall like ie. Six four was six sixty seven Six five. I know a lot of things viable way to tolerate using is voted nay he looks extra mean in fast. They should put him in a leading to play and avail agent. What's you can catch him? Just don't they just don't want Isaac S? No, then you gotTA thrilled. I guess we're gonna get now what happened at the airport while while he was running apparently a woman said she saw a man with a gun ass when everybody had to evacuate the airport. Thousands of passengers had to leave this happened yesterday. You know us sure thing they were no gunshots via no other witnesses. Nothing has happened, but they still had to search to turn.
Opening up the white woman. Now is his fingers, thousands of ancient inability guy. That's why woman did a lot of her fingers white woman. Does some serious news was gone out of Louisiana? about a they said. There was historic rain, paralyzed much of Louisiana and the South eastern part of Louisiana, and actually four people have died and twenty thousand people have been rescued. One of my friends asked you was at my house yesterday, he's from Baton Rouge, so he's trying to go back home today to help out. He said everything out. There is terrible. If you guys saw the video put it in the car and house is horrible It's going on in back rooms. Some people are like, I don't even understand how is it possible nominal, thereby bills their home had to be rescued, may have one thousand rescued s life, a lot of people present for you right now. I'm a walkie Miss Connell a working mother weekend Emma while he started off pretty crazy already- and you know they said they were. Tension
things and five homicides. As the weekend started and the tension was actually buy. A cap who shouted I'd man, they said he refused to put his gun down. This happened in the Sherman Park area of milk okey and then there were some loose. Going on in writing in all kinds of things. There was car overturn. Businesses were torched fires everywhere gunfire all of that after the fatal, please shooting now, according to the Milwaukee Police Department, they are saying that that shooting was justified because the man did have a gun, He was running and they tell them put the gun down. People right now are assisting in the clean up of the area, so people are saying that getting out of their kind. Cleaning up. They want to show that they are picking up trash that their own people. I do the same and try to help out. Governor did activate the National Guard to assist the Milwaukee Police Department upon request from the sheriff and after into the mayor as well, but everything seems calm down, but you know, if you need more,
and you can always go to be one hundred also. They also that China Key Piece unity and the key word is peace, and I gotta be one hundred outcome if you're in Milwaukee are prejudicial to aggravate dimensional girdles and then share o clock Joe clogging up, go Tom, if I've ever seen, one ok, please lunacy Solemn Blackie, while he like love, International God gone right, will ask for it, page news. That's tell long. Are you mad? Eight hundred father fifty one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent cordless right now. Maybe somebody pissed you off maybe had a bad weekend a bad morning. You just want to get some things off your chest. Eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one Fifty one call us right now is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club,
because we want to get round the tell you, I'm gonna, keep along sunlight bottle, pull out certain I'd. Like four girls gone off with me, and I made it applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you man the breadth of global, real Farrah, maverick good practice, dreaded Bryce became burglar by what a big boy the ban on as you cut from Canada. I know that you are look at it. I don't care about them. Are other cousin, Gordo, either Berkeley bill. They sound level colleague, Negro Canadian didn't stand a chance again see the Japan, Elena United European Parliament the action we had about it, but it can't be they men, but there was and furthermore, I did have a relative running away with two Africans: inane we're off from Africa as it allows this
When I say I call on the ball walking, I wanna talk about point on till the monument Mamma had become Walkie Polly. And they ll be on our guard against all air Super Brandon had gone on. Another he thought about the true by the veil, mental feel about a police, He will read it all. He had fallen in the parity with colleagues, mother gave fighting is back and the boy came through his chair. He didn't have a felony red reality. P w. He was born the folly or I may add a month, but within a month on, a big charge was bought by charges. They also have a situation where the more or less parent thing about being gone already, really how glad the mothers and then they'll give the money then I'll take them all, and we have a wonder why now more than twenty eight years old they face in fifty years,
video their money that mob corner out he calling fully they job carried out. We why people with racist Facebook painted a heat they will be here. They gotta find you alone where you embody or illegal. You know how they thought. What I mean, without their body came on his cops or hopefully we can see exactly what happened. Out of control in Milwaukee police. Anything like this share share of club and they all want to clowns, because I hate will finish your clock on CNN here, go tom that hate blindly black and white, that Inter party body but I know who you are and be saving a wicked people go if they want more information. If they want to get involved, you can go to. We ve one hundred dot. Ok, maybe I'm gonna go and find more information. There. All right
I tell him what you may eight hundred five, eight five one five one of your obsession need event. You got all this at any time now the epitome of tell him. Are you mad cow? Just now that I was. There is a lot of time, young lady from the war whose pistol absolutely is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club, There was gives yours we don't morning. Every body is dj envy into Louie Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club analysed. Big Jerky, I watch anything that has to do with deliverance weather is table. Tat is not ass. The Ex swimmin volleyball some sport that ivy looking and I would have water polo. I want your edges agency. I d like to see competition election methods on this one guy and I like arm definite, no track alike attack is dragging swimming credible happily Missy Basketball, yet I'll go to address the matter. This is like
beauty, is a foregone conclusion that the USA is going through the other day. I know what it's like: nobody of this or now's the competition is better but no have you been dogged by all other deals? Look like WMD eighties, all all other males, even the world, except for the. U S look like WMD eighteen, they play like them. You may now trail of Aden figures I see heard about it. It was on during the Olympics last night, but I saw the trailer online because everybody was suddenly about them would be hidden figures and is very inspiring, is actually based on a Tuesday area, hasn't been told them so now for all my ladys out there. This is definitely a go hashtag goals. Ok, it's brilliant Africa! american women who made space travel possible,
Sorry they needed to be tough because it actually change the world tied to remain in the room, but I watch anything that has no Monet. Phrase. Intervenes ass in multinational UK about lag is utterly delay found. What the whole point of this movie weighs about. Women working at NASA reminded him believe it possible Langleys Data Middle Erle: I don't get the job because I wore a skirt. I gotta, because I wear a glass load, you know is one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Right, we haven't, got a fat as I'm sure that whatever get Vienna Movie dated sit might have done and pleaded It turned out the watch, the movie, they will preside over areas January, but you gotta make you put it on your calendar now. What is it about again in January and by the way you like this by Amby Corral, actually did all the music for the movie. You can hear some of the new songs in the trail to her cousin overboard termagant.
They have not any east field in dreams. Jades. You have no idea what you're doing a little but ass repairs. Maybe your grandparents ok give a government have not aid at all. Either vampire fell right. Now, when we come back here, we got some room was full of people. Yes, we are going to talk about. May I go big shine and now kid Cutty has somehow and thrown into the mix of DNA. I go filing for divorce, I'll tell you what he had to say: visa twitter and I have great news from over. We gonna can others allotted things as very heavy and difficult to talk. That's in the news, but now he has some good things to discuss far as weddings that took place over the weekend, all right we'll get to that. When we come back, keep laughed to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club The report is the Reul report libretto gloss over the weekend. Somebody pulled up an old sweet bag. He caddy and
treated it. Basically, the tweet was saying that you heard him I'll, kill you killed. That was you talk to work. A curry is really good friends with them. Managing echo was married to ochre. So that's why he put that I've he's really good friends with him As I already got, the genius follow Craven a solid base. Leaving ago were now he was. Is produce for him. They will. I basically do ourselves, another woman and I'll kill you, our Iowa. What happened after that is, I guess he may. I go for lacy needed to defend herself, okay and she took to swear to explain. Why happens. He said. Never let a man just suspect you in any way he jumped ship a long time ago. He went be the victim, and I let his bids ass, assume the role she also went on to say that I only cheated myself so glad to be free from other drugs, depression and confrontation.
So we don't know what happened between the two. They were only married for eleven months. You made it adds genes for only eleven months. Apparently Things in work out. She has found for divorce kid Cutty was by. His own sweet being repose city said. The funny thing is being spent needs these bum bitches and these corn bar, as any words we too busy. Can better mute, cuddies I've used. May I go to Hell is going on here. Articles Barbaik Sharp Venus. Rowan inhabitants. So came no. What's going on. I do now, though, after this happens, and I go posted a picture herself holding up both finger and wearing a t shirt, a big Sean holding up his middle finger out of you guys are there Exactly I said it was cover. Hobble drive you every vote tv. You can see. Pigs, forging agent in order by the window too much be shown gets a new Becky area are what is something like a Becky. I knew of bank charges, another area that are so posted a new son on Twitter, like a rough song, Claude New balance between it. It's a big shine
He retreated, perhaps seminal everything. The song explain how she feels about her boo. Another two days in favour, because I believe that these are your baby. If you are so swaying I'll tell you before I don't know it was their bad thought on a well meaning, no time to be making no sound about no man into your walk. There now get married, relax may bigshot it's another other. Every year, she's a lucky admire there area. On a Friday night. Now you no yellow my oars. Now spanish she's bands, let him get away
now you gotta know very well what I got over your vision by nobody, nobler growth Ashley. As far as we know, is that the first, when he was in no way to know the faint Ashley? Actually I mentioned before they start Iliescu about a song about her and everything good Murphy to repeating it, their rooms, ass, lovely, no national blood up right now is another great news. Over the weekend Kevin I got married on Saturday. You actually took a we get off that work. They got married, I'm here to show right. After closure, so congratulations to them
Otho Re J M Princess LAB guy married on Friday level. Examiner raging, preserve love. You were supposed to be there, but you didn't show up. Envy allows one region wedding ahead. Prior engagement are continually go, DJ, rages, widen had another, all rage is done for breakfast club right region was our first breakfast club guest ever and I'm not talking about the fall call when he called in and threatening fabulous would anal. You know, Saddam penetration penetration that by here he was our first guess. You're ever every They brandy was a bridesmaid, you saying the first dance and the game was one of the groomsmen for Re J as well through my guy radioactive other days, Macintosh outraging, I congratulated the rest. I will begin I've engagements. By allowing got engaged over the weekend. Also so congrats
Listen to the fact that we are hoping to pass through the human factor and often include bombs, does not love love, I'm areas only when they say it takes years. You put up her ring in front of the Eiffel Tower and seeing how is it you me? We know us ass by himself as a big boy. That is your mind, is widely spread them love in the room, a report we tried now it's gonna be, Mr Y, know well jails. Nova. Somebody you mentioned earlier that I was last week has got there to help people get married, all its elements of our humanity. No, when these of you can you can we, you're about knowing that too much money to wait. A few you lay, then you dont, let alone will really whereby, with fifteen years rain arise when we come back, we got front page news. We talk about use. Let's talk about other the unrest. That's going on in Milwaukee will give you an update on that also ban arose, and I Louisiana terrible, terrible flooding, will tell you about an update Anna. What you
the darker all, I m all keep latticed breakfast club. It Joe S up straight controllers to breakfast locomotive. Morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club back to work. We blueskins and front page news now. If you want the Olympics, like I do you realize you say about, is really really fast. That's right either. Meda, when three gold medals and a hundred metre race, congratulations to him in Jamaica, Michael felt one is the third gold medal and he says he's retiring about I feel that we need this elude Justin in to just and gatling is a consistent number two.
But he could be a number one used in the USA Boat era. Things like he's from America. We need to drive when include barf, adjusting Galifron Darwin. He supposed to do with, given that silver metal, variable silver, still great congratulate ethanol was great, and especially when you're completely gives a mighty. Like you say, boat is like losing shared measures and join marry. You played an era which somebody who was just special air ass. It happens. There are also means basketball. Team owner was going with them as basketball team. They beat France barely one huh. Ninety seven now knock out round starts this week for afghan women. Often oh Don T put on a burglar plays with Tony blogger, more, the owl, Ok, no by getting a bunch got five NBA. Please now yeah now definitely been a competitive game. Now, let's talk about the National Guard involve walking. I e, where forest. Second night but terrorism violent protests in Milwaukee over this happened after the police shooting of an african american man at least two people were injured
those shots were fired, one victim was sat and worse to a hospital an arm and vehicle. A police officer was also injured. The death of silversmith is how this aspect he was twenty three years of protesters, studies towards him This is after that happen they towards down a gas station. They were in cars, they do Iraq's at police officers. They said during the first that approach as they were for officers, there were injured and seventeen people were arrested after this all went down on Saturday. Those protests did start again on Sunday is that it peacefully, and I then people said chanting in a first they were calling for peace and it just gotta
bit crazy out there. Now they have called the National Guard, they are activated, but they haven't been deployed yet so it all going to depend on what happens next autumn. Stillwell and golden awoke uniform if we receive, is dotted still while another more days have calm down. It was basically two nights. Nearly should allow two peoples, two lovely bananas values, but they were marching in from the police station and others also, please about a camera footed. So they said, Smith was holding a handgun during the encounter and the officer did she after he failed to comply with orders to put the gun down now Smith's sister has, can I can barely nail said that he should have been taste of anything. We want everybody to fail. Our pain, a budgetary baton, share of your gusher club me. Won't you couldn't wait, We ve done in God and hunt black people, Haiti, animals in it, tell us about the dead. Floods in Louisiana by a rescue efforts, our intention, There are historic reigns. There were
in Baton, Rouge Louisiana. The rain has eased now, but they're still going to continue to be flooding more than ten thousand people were in shelters or spend more than twenty thousand people were rescued across South Louisiana to Baton Rouge. Hence it is a major events, location in the downtown area, and they are opening that Sunday as a shelf. They open that Sunday as a shelter because of all the evacuees that are there. Why people have been reported dead. There was at its worst. Five inches of rain. Since, where I Well, I M almost Tonia story about his father had to be rescued and his father had actually left his mother remain soda follows, say go with his advisers. They ve. Never, you can come that chick medicine. As soon as they have boats are unable to rescue people and a lot of different areas because they have some areas of dry land. So once you the dry land, I was
voting tomorrow anyway, so it has been very difficult to rescue people who are stranded on all sides that is granted Renault enormities, who have no place to go. Pemberley God bless you write home. He was living in thy ruined enough. Would you get for running a happy home all right on that front, page news. Now when we come back, shouted Jovi, bad ass. He was on show on Friday and he stopped about living with his mommy. I beg listlessly, you still it would. You must do mom those young selling too much ragged and making an arrow is dear. How chaotic every should lie of joy live in what is MA come on I'll. Never, how listen, listen! Listen! My mom been me and my mouse is almost five years old and I do not know she didn't adds that now. That is ninety five, almost those guys they were largely. So the question is eight hundred five, eight five one five one. Do you still live, which your parents and what are the pros?
what did a car now no pros and cons of living, which apparently grown asked me? I find it meant that more often, as my brother and I moved out as soon as I graduated were even in college, I was done. My brother stayed at home four way. Long- and I am I mad to this day still does- is I'm a burglar. You get laundry a built in baby, sit if you have a job here, but you gotta learn independence at some point. You love someone. You live you gotta, gardens and know what it feels like to pay your bills to pay all ran a pay, your mortgage. Whatever it is you your child, an your baby. Man lives there. That's a bit much but joy that, as is very young, build them babysit abroad. Joy, bad as around his yes, he is very young and he can afford to move out of he wants to. But no he needs to feel that that energy depending on your he's, also, probably always on the road? She doesn't know major hasn't gotten around again the house yet because he's travelling so much it might not make sense for him to do there right now. She makes a bit so good the village a moment it
How did it happen? The queen's their blue would have been no homework. We. How would you feel so good go regularly which I can live with you? I wish them up here the only guy we only bad, as did other say his man lives with him up here my mom Katy miles over the weekend. She could she police bow. I live in the basement of man's out that sound about right now, our parliament in the basement mother. You know what made me leave automobiles yossi those groups that saw, it would make me say I gotta get my big ass up and go figure is around making eight dollars an hour. I think Ed I want to deny the colonial circulated to TAT and I will not got me a low foreign, abominable apartment in Colombia. Ok, I got about my mom. Has gotta tell see no scrubbed ass would mean do were eight hundred. Five, eight five, what all five one! That is the question. Do you still live at all which appearance? What other prose? What other kinds call us out right now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
that was sorry lays we say it morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, never he's join as we ve been talking about Joey bad ass. He stepped through a Friday and its about living with his mom. We have a clip of it, you still it which Emma do, many lousy little mud ragged and make it even more narrowly dear. How chaotic every should lie of joy live in what it ma am. Can never how listen? Listen? Isn't me and my mom been just me and my mouse is. I was five years old and I do not know she denied that now that is ninety five almost causing more loudly and that a question is eight Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one do you live with your mom? The? What are the pros and cons of living with MOM Dukes well my mom's, of course, as my mother laws days, what has been asked for different reasons: money. I would love
If my mom stay with me, she will cook Jamaica. Why did you do to me you're, like a terrible lawyer, why you said you would love your mom, which they would you? That's not the question it be. Would you love to stay with your mom now, did you a grown ass man grown ass men not stay with their parents, now joy, better load that recovery young guy, but
This man lives at him, though, if his place, and he has his man living with him. Ok, if you fan bills and Eve in old paid for the house and all that does a little bit differently about you could school fifty fifty which marshy pay. Have you that's your mom. No now, when you joy better, I'm just a muddle, you had grown ass men who still which mom you know you'll never moved out to have you got a feud essence of independence. You gotta go to pay your bill of languages is bang you baby. I guess the land has set man, you can't even yellow green lab because Mommy another room we're going out. Everything still see knows Grove videotaping that level, but also in the present side of my boys right and I don't live at home on my parents, Jose disguise real Montagnier tells you knows, goes well. Maybe get up on my house. Go give me a little apartment in Colombia. Alkaline they re might have been like by way of them about making a dozen out at the time did matter. I was out of my house and about free. I one law, ragged couch tv they used to sit on the floor. Ok, an amateur,
We struggled to advise and no they embraced s struggle allow allow what's up now, amazing that which it was, of course, however much I have no problem with powder. You may I'm twenty three literally my gold, I'm an engineer I graduated might go upstairs two thousand and then move on Canada supply in a manner that, as the platinum demanded that an eye brother S inhabited seventy leave their home way later than I almost into hundreds of about thirty thousand Almond engineer AUS out, but nothing has been body are gonna with my girl. Do you think it's a girl in your parents house now all like, I said the only com? Is you got up on a place where you know you get what you pay the rent the? How do you know you ve been in the back? a car. What's the big deal? Yes men, I gonna, do you consider it a bills at home? Now, let's I hate, listen to contribute son now losing money or a car, very winning car insurance.
A car accident, do stuff around the House dog. Of course you make your ring copies the food make it, though account the boy you like, I will get all my friends are all bombed. The Argo they don't save any money, they don't they just literally literally live week to week. I'm saving my money. I got a business plan. I have no shame I like your planet, you gotta play you added the patio Bela either contributor those something to the bells, and you say that in Mamma the stairs hello this is, in the latter Gabrielle Innovation Marlborough Dolliver, my mother love, and I was seventeen, but you know what I'm gonna do. You should lay dead, it was cool and not to leave early in. You know now, look back and things like that, but I just think that would all of that has gone on a thing didn't of people and make it about two, so I deem it normally have all the things like to that. They really need. After about green washing machines, you gotta just told him off the ledge and see if they can fly many days and then, when I left the college has seventeen I never looked back went to school
that I got a job gamma play struggle for a long time, but you know it was a great, get that for me, a great for me to be independent and builds car to build a sense of independence was sometimes you need a little help, get yourself ground to get yourself together, seed or stop behind. So many people stop behind because they just want to jump out o Neill like a man, my kids will always have their room in my house into lad that they good Listen to give me Robert Green's, but she said. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the corner and break your way out and that's the best way to be successful, or even the book of Daymond John just put out the power of broke. Eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five. Would you comfortable living with your mom? Is that cool? Do you live with your mom? problems, is the occurrence call us up. Right now is to breakfast locomotive
was grounded courtesy Charlemagne, the guy I was this see thousands sign. It made me move out of my Mama house when I was about twenty twenty alone: twenty twenty one years old, you not I'm saying that song Right Dave and I was working at the rate of fish and make an eight thousand now thinking to myself. Almost in IRAN, not save money. Remo, do you know that no gets your up staff sitting in the pan the side of you boys right and go that you made to create the same situation. He has in his mom, had the whole rest of it when he first came in those rights. Only leave that you know what I'm rigidity, always at his own group out before you and me before me out only religion. Monday morning, there's moved to Atlantic Germane to pre had his mom and I don't believe that you know what I'm ready he always at his own career by high before you made before me. I made a brilliant Monday's when there's more to Atlantic germane to pre. Had a man in the house at all other always egotism together to our Magala. You get yourself together. My kids could stay in a criminal. I don't care just get yourself together. You dont want to stop behind ass thought about her. I hated it even though I gotta early hour.
For Mamma was Monday night air and cook me for the reason you denied Haiti's because you step in our early created the man you ought to day. I gave you that, since of independence that sense of going and having to make a dollar on your own. Knowing that you're responsible for your rank, you're responsible for your light bill, your is possible. If you eat, you need a man. Bills, character allows is Mary Leslie, you labelling, which a mom. Yes, I did howdy. Less he's! Ok, oh I'm! Twenty, I'm sorry, I'm a single mom! I gotta go an hour. Among other things, I had my privacy cedar and you had building babysitter, which might be right out. We wish, you know, go baby daddy it when you know that their money, then? He up many argues myself at six month later
gotta go programme? Madame EU bonds work, but today the most girls and women in their lives is where the money goes. A living organism will sell he does deadly sounds like a loser. Machinery Mildenheim, like things, are going. Ok, you got a plan to get up here, just gone for growth and jobs. Are you not open, then, what's out there, you go to bed baby. Thank out hello. This air would go around it wants. I want to use a language of Rome or you know, and we are proud to evacuate rather than were covered you don't you can't move back everything I had to go back with. Burma is a little bit. He must have, together with the council, I never do it become all you'll be home. You know it all. Above all, I believe that it was better out immediately, not gonna colored beverages over Taiwan begin out on your own language, autonomy, Yemen,
What it feels like to pay bills, pay rent man, I said, get out on your own. When your prepare, your forces have to get out make sure you said make sure you know what you're doing I stay with my mom I'll still be staying with my mom's right now I love you. I enjoyed it. Before broke my message aiming to talk about living on which a moms used to live in homage Emma notion. Not at all it's against the law, but I do now when you move up at all when all by eighteen remain unmoved. Why won't you there? You go. You remember my fate. Get me outweigh the car on the way you mark my words, Would you in that situation? my view is the table you that double Baha I was using yeah, and you know you got a surname man. You know your movie, you sure, like a big rusty, but you ve had your Mama's. They get your big rusty, but when you over twenty is apparent, doesn't you become a big rusty by arresting vandeveer rusty but be rough? He asked
I never had a role. Rusty ass was the model historic as most story of living, which apparent, but a majority view adult life. Never taking responsibility for your actions is so cool said no one ever ok. Today apparent out of your grown ass may go learned from independence. No, if you like Paper pay rent. Sometimes you just gotta take the fourth day. You don't need a rapid, a staircase, dammit and always have Does he know, scrubbing tobacco. My my gun right, our I e we got room was coming up yes, but about John Legend. Yet since we things to say about how his wife, crazy t, gonna, actually manage to make him fall in love with her also rob card, as yet in black China. What is going on with their show will give. An update on what their show is. Gonna look like, and Chris Brown in quite with his baby, mom NEA Goose, tell you what happened in court, who got the win ochre all immoral. Keep a lot is to Breakfast Rogliano go anyway
with annually on the breakfast club, Mister lorry still gonna get genuine We are talking about an arrival. Chris Brown was in court and that is battling for custody of daughter royalty, Whitney a goose man and it looks like he's dead Lee came out on tap in this case. Now he actually gonna, get reimbursed you're, not gonna, believe this arrived. So according to sources that are connected because Brown see NEA Goose Mines is struck out on every request regarding custody of theirs. The Euro Georgia's, you went to full the just and noted that she went his brown humanity visitation nope. She to deny Chris Browns mother the right to see the child nope. She went to Chris Baroness emitted yard test. They said no to that. Well, now judge us said you are gonna keep on having to in custody. He gets her twelve days a month and
When she had actually filed her documents, she wanted to get correspond to pay. The twenty does now, as for her lawyer, while she lost so bad, they judge said that she's not in does it have money, anchors, Braungart, credit, I've never been drop. One called love. Chris Brown dammit I like to hear about guy, eaten some justice in no fraternity court situation right now. Let me just right now she gets twenty five hundred dollars a month. He was trying to get sixteen thousand now. She has dismissed her support it is in fact, no man a dead woman, Mr Gonna men for years, and that jobs support system, Geiger Ispra, ask ourselves in our website. They waited at twenty five hundred dollars. A man should be nine for nerves he has allowed in enough if she has a job and everything primarily I work now at the end of the data, you do want to make sure that your daughter is dang someplace in a safe environment because she does have their daughter, the rest of the month, so Sorry I'll do the right thing. He paper a birthday party so I gotta give a little more than one behind it,
I rarely met of you'd, know. She's cause he's taking care of her child is now like he's not taken care to low growth. Now, like you not punctually mine logo close to show you your toys and organised or pay of abruptly born, but I'm sorry, what are we gonna Loomis? Really knowing I live, we'll be all right. You don't wanna went about our already. We don't know we don't know, but I'm just saying in general, you want to make sure that their money and they have a bit, and you can do it- you want to make sure you don't live in some place. Safe social issues are a giant ledge, and this is really cute. Talk about his wife and how she managed to get ahead, That is how crazy tv man is too rain him in- and he said it was her text, messages and foam. Is it actually made him fall in love with her? He said: the digital romance. They tried to keep in touch in the early days they weren't together enough because they both were traveling doing their own thing. They met on this. It is music, video and two thousand seven and they got engaged for you later in two thousand and eleven a case that I fell in love with you over the phone because she's good, but those when I didn't Forty character is at the beginning of our relationship. We were too,
thing. Allow myself to your sense of humor. We would talk on the phone and I started to fall in love. How engaging in a widow witty and funny she is, and that I think that's when I really sad. As you know, this was the kind of person I wanted to be around a life. I think the very sweet that is true. You can tell a lot about a person's personality and crazy. Does he live he has a lot of personalities. He seems like a very funny from person to be around. I write. I always power. Last night re already know, thank God. Take you guys don't happy, but that is not at all as they drove when include Marshall, God and what he did or power laugh. I see a rally nodded the words I hate somebody and vague admin Lara aftermath. Barbecue as though we were all might in power, and we would like thank God. This does happen, cause? There's somebody on Estonia. We cannot stand That's what he just said. We just that love I tweet. That last night. When somebody would, I guess so, raises the USA outline what that what does racists about that- and I say nothing about recent, no matter where we insist that I hate this adds is annoying yes,
Well, I guess she died. Thanks guys data. You say they know you guys. I didn't say I didn't say I say nothing about it in a way. We could be any way they nothin about Beth Nothin somebody couldn't with the jail so magnetism. We got shall rise, thou gay, we added somebody got her reason to show. We are bare video games, jangling kill, buddy boy, for we don't know what it is, but anyway I buy that because fifty cent where's tweeting in instigating about his new b I met, show I don't love you guys saw. The Instagram posed a mini debit. This exciting. Now he put yesterday. Power is no joke. When you see be a mess, you gonna be like what the f you got his hotel. Fifty not be enough should be fine allocated revolts, even if you had that you can see the picture that posted as well not be immeasurably imo. She beheld, and if I may, I should like you to give us a mighty from Illinois, like all these is consulting with people who actually
I'm sorry. I suppose it a couple of days ago, Lhasa. This is the last time on posting about this tilling it's going on air. It makes the streets shake again, my rounds are highly ads. You easily put up another picture there. You know one of designer Miami, then it landed right. I right where that is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you! Monsieur Charlemagne! Yes, we given it don't do a meter commentator name bar causes the common front. I'm a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you! Monsieur Charlemagne. Yes, we given it don't do a meter commentators involve costs as the common foreign and irrigation. We need to have a word with him. This is opportunity to teach. Ok look up, yes, internet. When we come back, keep it laugh at the breakfast locomotive.
Donkey gavel dont! You today for Monday August fifteenth gold, the legendary sports cast in host the Olympic Games. Bob cost is now box this is a vampire, ladies and gentlemen, whether we know it, and that is a few vampires walking among us. We need to be aware of them now corral Kevin cost. Replied, say Jack Van, a White nod and Bob Cost is all these individuals are day walking vampires, who have looked exact the same since I was a child, but that is where anything nice, I have to say about Bob Cost is TAT day because last night and watching your report after you saying vote, one is
Third consecutive olympic gold medal and a hundred me to dance drop. One include Bartleby sailboat, watching bobcats report on then he said something that I and many others didn't agree which was here earlier. You heard me saying all tell us when he sure is a most famous parsonage of Asia. The only person over complex would be a great mom Marley Movement. Apologies to all of you ready fans. Things involves as even outdistanced Marley. The weighty and distance feel. Ok ladies and gentlemen, the prime example of being a prisoner of the moment and in aid social media. When you are prisoner in a moment, if you'll be, as is not counted swiftly, it can spread all around the world with. Thankfully, this is one of those times when social media collectively told Bob Cost is the shut. The effort was singing after you, these moments to preserve culture in teach, because if we leave it at that, Some people would try to rewrite the history books. First of all, I don't understand why Bob cause this round need even compare the fame between you saying boat in the late
by Molly. It's an athlete in a musician. Have we in America ever compared to feign between the bronze aims in Bianti? Did we ever do? Have my vagina, Michael Jackson? No, I don't think we did because these two different field- we know you say a boat- is huge in Jamaica. Lass Olympics thousand twelve. We was actually in Jamaica when you Sambo ran in the final of the island eggs in the whole island shut town, like literally stopped Are you saying, boat delay in the airport until I raise was over when a country stops for you you're a big deal but come on you same boat, surpassing Bob Molly, this tablet. Ok, kid listen to me. You say body when three consecutive Olympics that's a big deal Obama, It's all over. Seventy million record today may be more while Molly was the voice of a revolution. Ok, a socio political figure who bought leaders from Jamaica's political factions who had beef together, onstage
and made them whole hand while he played his music, Google Bob Molly's one love. One piece concert to see what I'm talking about. Ok, we live in an era when it is nobody powerful enough. The judge, our room and fifty cent to shake hands with each other. Meanwhile, in Bali, with Latvia, warring politicians making peace, no disrespect, these able, but tracking do. In fact, when you talk about, Molly talking about a man, is still ingrained in the culture of every thing. What, then, is created? in anywhere you, USA, you prodigal see about Molly T shirt, by Molly, magnet on somebody refrigerator by Molly S, freshness somebody's car. Can anyone about Molly Funeral, but then Prime Minister Edward Sega said and on paraphrasing Bob was an experience such american direction to mind his part of the collective consciousness of the nation. I would say of the world now we all know Jamaica is a dangerous place, regardless of who you are and what your stature is. Okay, you can buy, barley got his house ran into once and got shot, but you know the rumor is. That was an attempt on his life that was politically motivated and he still perform
Marge make a concert two days later, when they asked him why he said, because the people who are trying to make this world worse aren't taken a day off. How can I Haven't you tat story to? Let you know Bob Molly might be the only famous Jamaican who others you may would never rob. Ok, I don't even they would touch members of Bob family. Ok right can others I can say that probably night, you saying Father had been robbed, and you say as has been robbed in Jamaica, could be wrong, but I don't think that would happen about Molly doesn't even more perspective. We use it is era understand by Molly seventy four point: nine million Facebook fans you saying boat has seventeen point. Five million. Do you see the different shit man anything away from using both use the main, but Bob Cost is Bob Molly. He is not and he doesn't have to be. We shouldn't even be making this comparison, no point intended, but these guys run into different lanes you saying boat as do a lot more than when track It could even be mentioned in the same breath and Bob Marley he's got a step it up. On the activism front, saying we are to compete, any athlete or any
Tina and America Mohammedan Ali, because a man he was outside it a ring. Yes, you saying borders when in gold medals, but have you changed the world because that will by Molly did Bob Cost is god bless. You say embolden everything done on that on what you got a lot of work to do after drag the the ever compared to the late great Marley. Please give Bob COS some of the small sounds and Hamilton. Please. You now Yeah, just the play white devils advocate. I could argue that you say more might be to six or seven, Miss thing from Japan, Jamaica period, which would also go by Molly for Cinema same Mock is coffee
they weave. Ok, then almost a jerk sauce There are, then, almost they jerk checking and then weakens Talking about you, safe mode, okay and honestly, jamaican ready I've goat might be What you say both for the seventh most famous thing: Jamaica, that's all I'm saying. Red shapes a banner ads gripe was up there. That's all I'm saying I use a body it about Molly, and you saying Mr Brok is God: are you still got? We check sauce good jobs, all teeth, all jerk, big news, I'll be mad, may be made out in Egypt eager, oh god,
by that I mean these up down on anyone. Regulations on Zimbabwe guileless does not examine what not Bob causes. Not you saying for their Bob causes made that silly, Canada listless over the form of eight hundred five, eight five one or far one call us up right now who it was most famous thing. I did you make, as you say, in both the most famous thing. That is a question of rootless refrain. We don't want just anybody to call up. We need they can cause. You don't understand worldwide brethren. Ok, we need also navigate Jamaican, because you know that don't gotta do what do about. Why So I want you to know. I need to know what I do know five, eight five, what oh five one call us up right, you're making call up. We don't want to hear from you, Americans, okay, we want give me the jamaican american brethren in making an utility Are you saying that those are the ones who know aright, eight hundred
I've, aid, five, one or family? I think I can only say both is Hussein. The most Emil data TAT both able member of Athos. We don't you think you say the pros famous thing out of Jamaica call us right now. Eight hundred five, eight five one and five one is the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club- How Jeremiah would we morning everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club, we're talking make it right. Now was the most famous thing I did you make it is it you said, but that is the question of tat. It would have came from UK from Bob causes last night saying that Bob Molly, you say board has surpassed Bob Marley is five. Being most famous person from Jamaica ever and I you know, have the dispute that, because I feel like not only that inaccurate.
I don't even know you say: boy is top ten most fame being from Jamaica. I gotta go Bob Molly Mock is gone right. We we'd absolute. Jacques sauce, their source jerked shaky dirt chicken. Ok, my man dj self. It me up instead dance all music as a whole. Pretending to be Jamaica for a long time. You say about deadly, more famous lads. Cartel is definitely in somebody thereby got down onto it, but the thing while I've gotta national policy point of view from the bronze pretending to be Jamaica for a long time. You say about deftly. More famous lads. Cuts out is definitely in somebody's. Advise got down onto it, but the thing while I've got tat is now famous all around the world. They are based on national problem is more than just in Jamaica. Ok, somebody avi, eighty alone toward is it the movie shot is reviewed. The tat. Is all animals around the world that fact that old and cross?
when the government, I dont, think their people that I jamaican ego than cress like that we eat a real. They can restaurants, disabled, no problem and golden. I am today what I would say the two men and re nephew, nor is able who probably more Appleton Romans it make. You approve RAM year, more humane and make other things with that. But I am saying that over program that re nephew about curry go leader are we going? I won't say you say about, cannot accept, you say both in the top ten but he's gonna tied, would like hurry, go say, and I use right under like jerk seeking dance hall and inquiry. Go you saying, you're not evade man, but you know I was able to make a they are known to have. Some of the fast is runners in the world. That is one thing to make. It is known for their about any damn car jerk them. Can you heard him? Will you so much is food they threw up here? people. My everyday bowed use Ain T says it all:
bad news items like you jerk and takes place to hide the symphony very company. Are you don't go there which organ you same bodeguita, most famous thing to Jamaica? Well, I guess right now, yes, but I've got to have caught the land, as is about money. They must sit down. You know who I am alarm, but will begin on absolutely ok, What about jerk chicken is jerk chicken, more famous dunno absolute, enable them Jerry taken tracks undecided, a road? Well, yes, of course, I don't think I hear you gonna hafta but you might know how you feel motors famous everybody law, young, the sea, and then all the that populated,
you just say: people want Eu Sambo out. They'll have no use the union when it came in eight hundred Friday, Firewater five one. What's the most famous thing out of Jamaica is it you say both call is now facing the lack of any man. Just one in the eliminates woke aggressive. Well It was a bit of on king at a dance hall morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. There were talking what's the matter, famous thing out of Jim make it is it you saying bolt and is coming from bow causes. Last may say that you say about has surpassed by Molly, which is just blasphemous. You say about his great phenomenal. We ve been in Jamaica when he's been run in the Olympics in this country. Just stops for dismay, but Molly, he is not I'm telling you, I think, as other things from Jamaica, that more famous than famous than Usain period I mean, like I said it already mark- is garbage we'd, jerk, sauce, jerk chicken.
Myself, say: Dance hall, music, dj, rancid, Aki insult fish, now, looking from Jamaica, Jamaica, just jamaican jamaican products, these are all born, Brandon may not billions in Miss Was the jamaican, always while its biggest mom without management measures to make it no no he's not even to obtain names from their make, no you think you're going to have. Let you take take Maybe you'd give the Jamaica fabric Luckily you make it fell. Please array these rethink its root. What about areas Kingston Montego Bay, What about Santa was the result of judgment. Santa like Debbie. Beware knows and ended up being to make a stand on a deadly sandals. The footwear is definitely bigoted. Usa, bone, Jamaica, volcanic and flag. Maybe flags, pretty big number one is Molly without question Bobby. The social pillar
go revolutionary, yoga God they don't make. A lot of all allows is jack. Jackie, what's the most miss they gotta Jamaica, if you say about, is definitely Bob Marley First Shore, absolutely what else is more famous from Jamaica, jerk chicken, reckless you're, not remain so current go even cargo carried guy, he again again argues office. Now the cocoa bread, you say, Is a boat is number ten on the top ten of more carbon thing becomes in Jamaica, ever hello, theirs. It thereby reality colleague, lotta mercy had definitely correct. You think about is on the right track, though he has the means and the heart to become like I'm gonna, take a greater ambassador, he gathered round of man? Are you has its about on the market?
ivy are AIR every surpass mark is guy. What about our eggs, Sammy, Salah dialogue? Serbia, is pretty bad. I go for because livid colors gets them all about and that other there, like a thorough funny, I looked shovel, might be more poverty and you save the big I do, but I do feel like a people turn their backs on shabby got to commercial, but you're right do you say, is on the right track, but you know he's on the right track, but he's got an earlier crappy favour. How have you thought that yet meet the current deeper? He paper In reality, it gives us the tragedy, autism, Crowley's Regular America's you, John Major major man, I'm a doubling metabolism ignore with average my browser, another guy, we're not gonna want Renard Metal,
the grounds and when I Renard Renard, my name is not actually knocked. You are not. While I'm graduated children. Was bigger, caused him first, payment thing to Jamaica, more famous thing is five scarred tell I do now? Legendary wasn't make ends you make good, oh, but these are people who are trained sin, Jamaica, animals, their biggest thing in Jamaica, but also transcend around the world founding bogged down there, but also trim if your name is Trevor? That's big as a big Jamaica name driver. No, Donovan man down over the big names, a shop was the model. Or the greatness of a man is not now much wealthy acquired, but in his integrity and his ability those around him positively. That was a quote from Bali and nobody from you Not many. People in the world period have done it better than Bob Marley rest in peace to delete rebar Molly. Even I was coming up yes, but how about this
We were telling about this movie that Jennifer Lopez is starring in about Griselda Blanco. Will tell you about some lawsuits that might be coming out of this going to be a huge deal, so I'm excited for it. Also, the game has a new song out, and people are buzzing about. Who are three ideas that game smashed Jamaican Bob's legacy- that was pretty bigoted a movie call running now, when all we did together to rising peas. My brain rice, PS might beat, is gradually that's latino S. Also yeah you're right, I dread lax. Dialogue. Here you write their reason. I gotta give the rights and privileges Megan so could rise. Please don't make jamaican spare. They make spanish I continue to God that every mail in space may mean
Margo, rumours all away as the breathless global born aghast at the reul report. Libretto club, Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend Sophia Richie, I'm sure you guys This is a them out to get their holding hands. Show her she's a mad, owes you actually Lionel, which his daughter also and eager limit upset, because he felt like his fans. I just go into hard. They have Aladdin harsh things to say about her, so he posted on his instagram. Basically that of his fancy said if you it's funny to our representatives, Instagram, I'm gonna make my instagram pray then, if you guys don't stop the hey, this is getting out of hand. If you guys are really and you wouldn't be so means a people that I like. I raised in a Gomes responded if you can handle the hate, then step posting pages of your girl.
And allowed doesn't say to say, been you already noted your fan go while allowing you, girls, a web host. No social media should be special between you. Two only dumpy manager fans they levy, especially when your girlfriend Jane with two seasons. Ok Visibility, planes been read, the life would post away now, Justin Bieber, respect The Selena Gomez is plenty to see people. They use me for attention and still try to point the finger. This way. Sad, ah love issues is wanting to see girl. I've smashed and fingered want attention Batman funny. I happened to them. Seventeen years old or Selena Gomez away now his girlfriend or nowhere Richie, I write so. Pretty girl, those denied their seventeen or eighteen let us turn out to. I got a check on that slant him like the tiger, and I love Kai scoop regarding any real, no correct Asia with the caribbean adverse lies you look it up, but I've been doing is that's when I make sure nobody knows about the euro from the lad went attainment jargon why you didn't designed age girl just in
and, in the meantime, Rob Kardashian M Black China there upcoming reality, so people are saying that all they do is arguing that basically, the basis of the show duskily argue about things like his diet. They argue over social media and archive. Money. An infant was vastly may argue Are you ok, you know he's been dieting. Heavy should die to die. Ok, when you got a fat boyfriend, even argue over things like land, they think you re looking at thy strategy, nay from bats. If she says he is actually seventeen years old and how does Justin are they would is easy. Twenty two new alchemy, Google so giving the same flag. We gave tiger entangled with NATO College in a cab. Same exact, landed just and should get our aim. The game has put out a new song, and a lot of people are talking about it. Since we are talking about the car dash genes in everything like that's for disposal, do she turned eighteen, it about
about my they now will you read short Landy. Oh he ok years Marcia zero Layton into you dated four. Now more tat. I see Landy red shirt, so here is a clip of the song from the game that everyone's talkin about can't say. Lovable, like mass coins, will never things that matter, because my flossy showing the pastor of three continents, always any efforts to be kind dashi ends. So it has to be because the rest of my generous true, I would have to be Courtney Kind. Clearly right, coming Courtney came in a closet. Coming to my milk, at a minimum rates is Jenner chosen, always Jim Genoa likeable would, but I raise actually talking about the three of them.
Would you put them in the soft law not drop on the coup was a game. He did ass, hot ass and I'll show you not only present in the world that can say tat, but he only present and openly said. If you gotta give Miss price era and as some bad news vacation I pollyanna now, You're saying that her strange has been at heart. Well is so abusive, violent and diabolical that he's planning to kill their unborn child. She said he's been planning to harm and doktor pregnancy by engaging in certain underhanded, an unusual kind at that would trigger a myth. Carried so she's. Only five months pregnant saying that he would always Kirshner yeah demeanor and that he also had a multiple women, including a former baby Mamma, and she said that both she and Ed have multiple firearms as she does feel unsafe, and she once him to turn over all his guns to her. Why does she just jump? Do him allegedly wanting the Kyoto Baby,
I don't know what I mean. If we have one abortion for us, then she would have like some reason. This aid, I would just say, he's gonna, get on- will be selling or kill you acquainted families his. I actually posted on Instagram and said that nothing happened to your sneaky ass besetting you got the story of edged doing in saying horrible things and she goes on to say, sounds like you can get the sympathy. You will die far from the interview and had to cook up a b s story. And that is your room. A report I Mozilla ye would beg you miss you shouted out fairly at revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next year. What he has something eight hundred five eight five one Faubourg requesting is to breakfast locomotive
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