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The Plot Thickens ( Is Drake Excused)


Thursday 5/31- Today on the show the plot thickened between the Drake and Pusha T beef after Drake put out a statement defending his "black face photo". Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners are giving Drake a pass for his statement. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a woman that stabbed her 6 year old child several times and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Mrs Haug, has done its job region. The Angela Charlemagne girl cell on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voices aside zones in a day the coveted morning and act in a culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good morning, USA divining it is Today this chair we give her like a Yes, it is showing week. Unless we can so it is definitely show we can. How was your day yesterday? Did you do anything fun? I yet ass? I went into the interview at this source. Sarah, Thailand.
Macmillan like that, and I want to get the anniversary ranking represent thirty or thirty fifth anniversary antagonist, in Bulgaria. Would you do what did I do yesterday? Yes, do much of anything. What did I do? I didn't do it? We anything not just children alive, my mom's pops came oversight was hanging out with them and it gives all day long and we just children relax. I didn't really do Much of anything you re, a the sources. Thirtieth anniversary sometimes you, don't you went out relax. It is the best thing to do. We need to give sometimes is in a jazz yourself just shut up and ready ass. It happened much nothing at all, which was great right and ours, watching allotted beings, things that were unfolding yesterday. I see somebody posted on social media that canyon having a private listening. Party and Wyoming. Well, you knew that. You know that before you signal social media, we all invited. Of course he economy today is having a private listening desolation. Cities.
In our why your ranks impress out to Wyoming Gaze flying, press cease, firing taste make easy flying a bunch of people. I declined. I didn't go I, of course you declining only add you know. I can't go because Add to my guy Michael Keyser, he's having a big burnt. They badge and I gotta make sure they are today and as a very good friend of mine. So damn comes out what to me Maximov tomorrow they will find out all about the M tomorrow and see what's goin over the abattoir, which should be a lot of fun and ask it to show greater from patients will be talking about how we are going to talk about a young women who actually guide you guys out of you said is bad again for these, but please once again be this young woman up. They release the Baddingham footage and were lying. This was in a wild west. Indeed, there is no longer as yes in at the other day to hear it. A daily punch, Interface, crazy said at Actually, she spit on aid. They be the brakes, I'm crazy! I don't want it
to John Ban. I met him yesterday to when I was at the source, if you guys Emma January one. Yes, he was wrongfully jailed at fourteen and the murder of a correction office. I'm sure you guys have seen the pages in the footage, as he was released from jail. Finally, after seventeen years, a beer wrongfully car serrated, I met him. Yesterday, he's gonna be up in the breakfast club next week to talk about that whole situation. Ochre, we look at the shop front pages is next list. Goes to breakfast club Romani warning is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a god. We are. The breakfast club was kinda front, page news now game. One NBA finals is tonight worries verse to calves, as he has already afresh, game was what money night Monday and I even got the weak on the night they aggregate is going on in such a rush job lose you don't want They d cabotage on those of us- and I want to say is that was going to say now that I want to say where's your prediction and how many games
I say the warriors in about five. Ours is a six Warner. Five six, when animals are six leisure because level, Six land is wit courier, so Dugan bill. Loser five! Does that what does whose almighty our let's talk about? This body can put it that was just released. Jersey shore this without? Why would while I see where I went after the problem when I was in high school while would beach, and this incident went viral because self confidence of the bee dancing related on social media? And now the police have released that body cam it's a nightmare clip and it shows the cops giving a breathless. Said to a twenty year old woman, Emily why men and another girl they were questioning them about under age drinking because they found some liquor. Near their beach, blankets. Now, I'm in it looks like she passed the breadth, Eliza TEST, but then she refused to give last name when the police officer asked for it, and this is what happened.
Drink was your last year, we shall be able to have their ondometer yoga zoning Europe's problem fibre in the back he told us about the drop yeah you're about to get you. I tell you what I'll be governed by way past the breadth, Eliza tears then just simply said to him you just MAC as though we were drinking and she wouldn't give her last name because it she under
rest, or do you want the New Comstock brutalizing why women doesn't change Ronnie real soon? Maybe some police reform real quick. They keep your neck. I am much let offices are an administrative duty while they investigate the incident and she was charged by the way it is written. We want an animated deaths due to changes in the desert Madame papers beyond, be any more from now. She was charged with two kinds of aggravated thought in an officer and possession of alcoholism dinner. Was you gotta? Go did you how he's out there you're about to get trapped, and then you also Cunningham assaulted, yeah once again make people got brutalizing young women ideas can be some police reform. I really don't understand how you can hit a woman like that, like that makes no sense. You David anything. You just gotta may that she passed the breath Eliza you wanted to arrest her and there you have Then, if you had a gun, oil of his life was threatened, but you just gotta punchy woman and I will say it is a mighty you're about to get giraffe.
A couple more cases, brutalized away woman is gonna, be simple. His reform, real, quick, my Roma, were arrayed. Now, let's talk about Sarah Huckabee Standards, the white has pressed secretary. She for once got emotional. She was at a press briefing on Wednesday when Benjy he's thirteen years old asked a question. He was working, for a time for kids magazine, they were covering the White House Sports and Fitness Day and hears what Benjy Ass AIR Huckabee Sanders. Well. That's my mental health system about the best friend got shot. We won t be senseless, tried, I think, as a kid, and certainly as apparent there is nothing that can be more terrifying for a kid you go to school and not feel safe. So I'm sorry that you feel that way. This administration takes it seriously and these school safety
given that the president convened is meeting this week again an official meeting to discuss the best ways forward horizons. He got a little bit choked up your good job. Yes, they hear voices. Now. Are you telling me this is usually me, maybe at the sea and if she did Dr Heresies, she did rising crime, because you realize the demonstration that don't damping why shouldn't grab airbases bay, wavering, This issue is getting a low watery eyes and she has kids of our own. So I probably mayor think about that as well. Benefits, of course, do when you get asked what would allow a very safe- and you know I do anything exactly and you know it's interesting, dick sporting goods. They have decided to stop selling assault style rifles back in February. They thought it was. Gonna really hurt them. Well, it turns out there that prices went up by as much as twenty seven percent. After they actually stop. Selling, though the salts thou rifles in high capacity magazines and a number people have started, having with them are said, they're going to shout more because of that policy and their online sales
also went up twenty four percent after that, our right without your front page news I thank you. Miss Yee, eight hundred five hundred five one thousand five one. If you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe this week, is as got you a little crazy. I just want to get some things off. He chest, or maybe you just want to spread some positivity and tell him why you blessed Aidan, five, a viable, no five one hit us up right now is to breakfast locomotive. The Breakfast Club Is it your term to get it off? Your jets are the main from you. Wanna breakfast law allows as the big job with detailed study We do. There was no time everybody. We need a little funny. This morning I read. I wanna play a game, which is only the just me I did we go tell me what you think again Just me, you did Charlemagne. Look like Teresa, we twin is a just me.
Evangelie, wear pants all the time to hide her hairy legs. Is it just me or does mv have feet like Fred Flintstone, Yabba, dabba doo? Is it just me or was everything you just said corny as hell just now just be could just be. Meat is just me ages, down upon the length of the enemy areas that this way Ashley Montague morning Asma. I am glad to be able to wake up one end and got away again going there. I was there are doing all coins very similar. Was everybody. It always does that get that coin are really withdraw all in coins. Yo Yo legged. Remember that Lebanon, thirty. Eight allows this goodwill DR, how you always granular, nor we know this already to have. We may as well make you applied it to show wake up with Dr Under Breakfast club.
Let me add that it may, like London or Sub young Turkey's authors. I don't know, nothin saving lives. Turkey says it is your best wacko gravely let them what about Drake and an explanation? They drop flower. They get into that in the room. A report by Guide IVO Belet, lady believed the good, not acclamation appetite Drake, usually a genuine programme, I guess the low visible at the article. That would be the data the old members, then I always has been anymore. No lady raging land set an explanation did if you the right intention. Above all, I would like I would like to see the full project that he said he was doing. I would like to see that, and maybe they never happen, Vienna, show any right of any the shooting for any statement that it was from a full project. Did they did right, trying to show the odds
if the black people face when they go to disavow away. You gotta go in for Mr Ojeda do that, but I would love to see the full project. Be like looking Eddie was working on a project so maybe and they never finished. It alot of people were normal. That I'd like to see more, like I'd like to see more of a kid, May I just say that world water? How believe him like a less somebody's they re, so that was all ambient air right. Your basket did propose where data other people who have been and who have used black face for other projects before also bear. But you know the exact continue little project. Somebody told me a three Tommy Davidson and save your glove, unlike the movie would bear boyhood. We know exactly what he had. All black faith, unbearable, like so it is the more to project death. All rely, Lahti realise always do forgiving obliged for you. Ve got married dimorphism body. Wearable Radio be jumping out. The window now be mad weblike gambling sodomy
I'm gonna be out in the EU, but that is to be. Where are the reason why you goin in hard because these Drake and you really don't like you got it all- I don't know. I just don't- want everybody to have his name, energy, all attacks, guess what when Halloween comes around it ya, see somebody audio black face some actors celebrity Europe will have a fix. I want you to have the same attitude. I thought he had a reason belie violated in about an hour. You if you were gonna, lie. Jan you'll. Never win get off your chest. My mechanism, that we don't you don't see Agnew celebrities, do desire the women we could have said all that I get upset if ass. Yet a person in black face. I, for any reason why person should ever put on black face. They have away branding there, for example, my birth. If his expert Mason is true. Then I'm not mad at it leg. If he had a It could not remember about evaluating very rapid, we'll get we move. The goalposts celebrities abandoned gave a full explanation if it was for indeed a role for
movie, and his explanation is what it was from two thousand seven love to see can disguise What should I say he completed uprising? Is it he was working on Madrid friend, always dromedary pronounced ones. If that is what measures does it by every celebrity? Everybody uses an excuse, and you still shows us all and if it's true so good, looking woman, but if not, then we got it more things to talk about all right. Get off. My chest is directly ok, my breakfast club phoning down you're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast laughing, but remember this Microsoft, Nay might without making features. Got you gotta talk to my friend. She said she had a dream that I have had the way he about those up to her. To really my
forgotten that are actually working on right now. So what even daydream mean just the amounts to guide the earth? That sounds like you have a do. No definite dream doesn't always mean. Deaf sometimes means a good luck. I lifeless- and I remember that, should happen It? Ok now I just visit it for you, dreams about death and indicate the symbolic ending of dumping, whether it s a phase, a job or a relationship, or it can also indicate an attempted. Solving society or anger directed towards yourself worker murmured, workbook, delivered yeah, they remain you're gonna die. You ok, but I love you. My job em out below this Michael married him.
Very you guys would have no more reason. I'm just call you guys. I paid the bill I'm off to his eyes. I have wrote a book in brief graduates and it's a book about my life corner in America from Africa went up came whereby army at greater we regain after ok, It is not long. The book Emily love. Then you guys coffee was centred on a bed and a look at ever. I thank you so much guide thank you have allowed, as is very diverse, petty d, get it off each has pity. I worked thirty hours overtime like a document. It makes again I got my check. In short what he wants to do, or you may as well. In other words it and give you are you're hours or what happened iceberg before muttered we work authority There are many were much. Was it check like sixty on it? I'm sorry, Zebra Montana,
I'm an additive, a man, that's a lot of money. Men are designed as bad as I almost zero dollars an hour bird. I was learning what three hundred out with no Ok, so you wanna go to exit sorted out. But thirty hours under review, all the authorities with Oda? So maybe you need to go to your boss and say that this check looks a bit short. Maybe they did some IRAN debate. Well, you better figure it out you better get out of here with us and get on the phone Moran Illegals, Airways, your union, we can give. You know monogram line up our right now. That's enough, however, allows is Lord, MAR get it off it. Yes shut up, Shuttin Magno Matte been trying to lose weight. Actually you know this sounds Mandaue Charlamagne talks, man you going to die too bad. You know why nobody likes the true sir. I know The latter diseases that of diseases that come door
Would you leave me, be a lazy man at very low used about it? So what did you do to lose the way there just watch? What I was a man started at the morgue. Fifty five pounds down and we have really lost too much. Weight is weak, but two days had give get focused again pushed through dropped back here. Man nor congratulating my brother man keep Goin absolutely I thank you for your man. I'd love is the only way to get married or surprise you go to bed. I appreciate it. I remember I know I know a lot of people like later example. Let s go to try to get man, it's gotta be real. I appreciate that my brother, thank you very much and stay whereby a minute ago, about a bloody lose await. Man get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one off
one, if you need to read you can hit us up at any time. You be governments or the way he as we are going to be talking about Drake and the statement that he released about that black face Barroso find out what he had to say all right with you all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive breakfast. You laugh at the worst. Things bow like some old man. You laugh at the words like smoke like certain bags watching, thankfully out of interim re morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela YE shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast cloudless, consider rumours. Let's talk drink the Reul report, Libretto, where everybody is talking about Drake and a black face. Now he has acknowledged that everyone's talking about it and he was the x
the nation posted. He said. I know everyone is enjoying the circus, but I want to clarify this image in question. This was not from a clothing brands, shoot or my music career. This pictures from today, m7 a time in my life, where I was an actor and I was working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get rolls being stereotypes and type cast. The photos represented how african Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment me and my best friend at the time, Mazin Elsadig, who is also an actor from Sudan, we're attempting to use our voice to bring awareness to the issues we've dealt with all the time as black actors at auditions. This was to Highlight- and I raised our frustrations with not always getting up there hands in the industry and to make a point that the struggle for black actors had not changed. Much of a good explanation. We're I'd like to see their project right. Work now know that cv as something or whoever film
Now that he's not a director of producers, so he's an actor and essential as a marginal, or he felt like that about black issues until done serve, and I haven't really seen em this statement for black issue since even in industry, I really don't know I'd love to see it. I mean it's easy: did you say things what went on that when a firing arise? I never know when you have what, if it's not his project, that he directed and produced in some one else, did it and he doesn't have the footage Therefore, it is right now is dragging a definite Joanna gazing out in seven. If somebody did something it didn't work out what if they don't have it all, he wasn't Drake then on Madrid, smart move judgment. No, no, no press would deprive because of whether interviews drink. This may show to ask- and I got out you know now- the great explanation, but no to down seven. You said you were standing a food black issues. He went out and united ravaging Doin it since then Jimmy, but it would be in his best interests to come. A pan explain some things done about some things. I am I right. Le Dennis Gram, silly his dad heads away and on some things now he ended up being a hot topic on
the Williams and here's what Wendy Williams had to say. So you don't write your own music, so anything that you say is not really from your heart. You stupid enough to wear black face with a touch her hands and that a big stupid, cha, cha, cha smile and then what is We hear about. You haven't a baby with stripper by the way in the same song. He also attack drinks dad Dennis because Dennis walk out on Drake Lake we drink was only five, but now Dennis is back and Drakes life and pushes said that the Drake Parades Dennis around instead Harvey suit. When did not bring up a good point. I want to thank the odds of black face it. Will he was full minstrel, cha cha? the lips elegant mother, he was acting, we get it but me eat. I found all right! Well, dad responded. Dennis Grammy said I had come to us who, like Wendy Williams and watch her, show it grew. I may here the game changer, it's very informative. When you listen to a talk host report, a story they ve actually resource and share it with their audience. But this report,
drag raise queen looking be, has checked out of the lane. You know nothing about Draco myself. Do your research before you try and be funny to your seventy nine capacity, audience rue pods your. What are you speak on our name? I lost all respect for you when you say that nobody else museum- I don't know. I guess it bother him, because maybe he watches the cha cha cha. Now, when you go grab medicine on her lap, Weighty Davis band already use well. He said I'm watching the battle closely. I don't know why Jake's dead is mad. All I did was recite pushes lyrics. Ah, jokes aside, I really like see why we suits he's a sharp dresser and that beefsteak Charlie mustache that Jake's dad had
it means that the worst shot out all his men say it was thieves. Do it is to you? Are we really do men? No bad? We got a nice line astute now, speaking of drinks, alleged sign according to sources close to drag their saying that Drake has been cutting text to the women Sophie. The former porn star who people are saying, has a child with a sense that she gave birth and he does plan to take a dna tests, but he D here there is a slight chance. The child is his, so he is going to plan to do that and they are saying that drakes new problem he had planned to reveal everything about new sanctions on must their horror lot up so yeah. That's the word on that and if anybody anybody checked the nay with me when little boy, allegedly Adonis than anybody check and sea of desert registered Ray Guy accompany all by Drake of his trade, mulvaney clothes or any sneakers push. You did say it. I was going to name, had lied in anybody checked. It now
show some show some website, or do they did they now, without even the most obvious thing to do a week. Maybe she did it. Sometimes you I re were am Angela YE and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you loose ye. We got front page news, their chief, I yes, let's talk about down a chump talking about Roseanne Roca internet. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get in some front page news, not tonight the FDA Finals Game one warriors take on the cavaliers sounding. As you know, in tonight wise, Furthermore, as if man, see the warriors and six words and five they drink can squeeze two games with that team. He got up. During his wife is a drink, or is it doing all of my they like to explain that are addressed
Did they go abroad? Can squeeze two players out a little games out a k, a series of the warriors as emu guy? I think he can't stop it later been gay alot eyes at the knees and back, I think, decoupled, worried by my view. We have to be honest with dying albinos. Malibran is exhausted. Ok, unlike last summer, some things to NBA Israeli thinks it uncle seven. Does he think that their side, make more money, get people to watch it more know. Now said. Repsol on and broadside summed up his whole caspars they now, but anyway, what else is online from Vinos? Let's talk about Daniel Trompe has broken his silence. Somebody to say about the whole Roseanne bar scandal? had been her losing her show the whole staff getting fired, nay, tweeted Bob Agora ABC Com, Valerie Jerry to let her know the ABC does not tolerate comments like these may be o them by g? He never called President Donald Jade Shrub to apologise for the horrible statements made and set about me on abc- maybe I just didn't get the cough.
Here's what, as is being set by the White House in response to our getting fired. He simply pointing out the buyer the president's pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying that the most horrible things about this president, Nobody addresses is it? Where was Bob Iger's apology to the White House Staff, Regimental Hill, calling the president and anyone associated with him a white supremacist? This is a double stand. That the present speaking about no one is defending our comments there inappropriate, but that's what the that he was making. So is all about him when I don't think I've. U will get it man I saw something. Yesterday was attacking bill market bill more cod. Nano trumpet orangutan am, I guess not. I monkeys herbaceous learn that had been against black movers of you call that our aid and landed of the eight ask her had a baby and rosy. I wished An essay say she didn't even know their valuing Jarrod was black. Did you see that explanation, as he gave
Well, when I thought of pigs to our country like what you look around I'm dying away, she didn't look. Black Sheila worry actually could pass for another as well. I right now. The other explanation ASEAN gave was that she was on ambient in so that was why she wrote those things on social media. Ambien has since released to stay. Meant. They said people of all races, religions and nationalities work as animal feed as their parent company every day to improve the lives of people around the world, while all pharmaceutical treatments has side effects of racism, is not known side effect of any of our medication solely went people to know. If you take Ambien, that's not going to make you racist, rigorous, look of our Mona,
but I feel I she's aware of who Valerie Jarrett is, if you think about what I got: Beverly Rodya, unlimited black right at a Adam, believe that she didn't know that are valid, but ere it up here and about our first I'm referring to a black person. The monkish did into Dumbarton sooner model. You did, it arouses helping out consequences and what is gonna happen to everybody on the shelf as they do You know it is a leg we said before. They are the latter writers and people, they have lost their jobs and there are still in shock right now time. Arnold who is rose ends Ex husband. Also, the actor said he knew This is all going to happen. He said I had a feeling. This is going to happen when I first heard Roseanne was coming back when I read it social media and the very beginning, and I saw ass. He was so into the conspiracies Deaf Donald Trump and see and how far gone she was in the it's a gate and Hilary Pedophile and Obama was born here. He said she was a birthday. And how crazy that was as knew. This would not end well out of his eyes and a little too we could they knew who world there was when they got there were so you have to build
consequences, arose as actions. You Erwin from him I used to play with all a crocodile out, an as yet. Nobody without having to check with the sting rate is right when you say that you are surprised when you're, Don T I killed by thing where you weren't surprise hours hours upright, stop it, I'm sticking to date and lines of thinking mouth. By going to analyze mouth. I thought it had been a lie in or crocodile about a stingray sting, you little store, and I didn't want to deprive hidden got killed by some wild animal. I'm he had a rotating. I canceled pursued Erreth stopping Foundress Africa through in order to get a bit with my right, Clara, Belle S, front page news we come back listed. You cause us over the phone lines. Eight hundred five, eight five, one o five, one less toiled Drake in black face. Now he lit a police state this is the reason why he was in black face was because of what you he says there. It's a picture from two thousand
then, where he was an actor and working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get rose being stereotyped and TAT S all right. Is that a good, use view: do you excuse drink now? Eight hundred five, a firewall why. What do you need more information ass to question open up? The former US talk? Is the breakfast locomotive always Biagi morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we the breakfast club we're talking Drake in black, face eight hundred five, a firewall or five yesterday, he released a statement of why he was dressed in black face, and what did he say you? His explanation is that he was working back in two thousand seven on a project that was about young black actor, struggling to get roles in being stereotyped in tat cats salaries. It was representing how african Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment or isolate. Ask an eight hundred five, a fire.
One o five one. Does this excuse Drake for dressing in black phase? That is the question you what you dick, I beg you still up poor decision. I do. I think Jake is cancelled over this, follow suit and video project that he was working on eleven years ago. Now. I don't think that I do think he should be embarrassed about it. I think it was a bad decision at, but he was a lot younger and if indeed it was for a project, you know we would love to hear from the director of said Friday. It was for the project, Otto. I don't have a problem with it if it was actually binding pilot bad to see, and it was doing something to talk about actors in Hollywood and getting roles, and that was the reason why he was doing it in I understand, and I get it was he did for purpose any. Did it too to open up awareness, but now this is the thing you you and I know that when people get in trouble, they say would ever have to say to get their fire of DAS, and if that is the case, then ass though some never do. We have to have different companies,
we're getting showman mounted the explanation. In fact, nothing only explanation he could have, but if your black, you can't just popped out in black freeze we need the naughty, a tent He'd know why and of your white. You shouldn't be in black face at all and if you'll buy Rachel I drink. If you're really complicated endeavoured excuse him. No, because you gotta get these Joseph too I've, even if he had half a black face thinkers. I've never been, would really be a deadly nice. Looking just take a look at our comprise now. Well there you know we gotta get these jobs. Often when you let a pic like that live would know context. You gonna get these jobs, but I would say no drink, relieves the statement he sent into data. Seventy was trying to prove a point discretion when this problem of black actors, I would just ask Drake on his press run when he when he goes out any screech. You know what black causes. Have you been standing up for lately I, what black causative you miss them a fourth since you ve been in the industry, since you felt that strongly about it in two thousand and seven Let me to have been a lot of more serious black issues happening the past decade. Right
in and we haven't heard much have we. I haven't I mean I operate, we have, and I mean I think, all idea deathly on is innovative Vista, Bothy, kindred deadly. I would first of all really see. Never drink. That I was just you know, is something something new. For me to hear him standing up for black issues, for let's go to the phone allows this money. For an income running a Brittany. We talk about, drew dressed in black trees. What he thinks, I think, is an excuse. For example, I heard a statement I think, of the tape faith in our little way, but out of evaluating, even if there was the custody really wants to open it up and shine awareness to black act, as happened in hot in Hollywood, go out any sign that lie before it was.
We now in the way. The way a word, I would have actually a lot better if he would have made a really huge rigour instead of making this whole apology segment. Ok, I guess he probably am hurt him alive. There. People were having such things to say about than he understood how damaging their image could be year. Jamal was eyebrow, which often dregs is he excuse you forgive us year. Do forgive drag man. I'm begging me to explain the operating out of my life
apart believe. Even after you know, he was an active back in the day. For me on a big big white dove anymore. I mean it. Is that only make things all, but, as you know, a push you to your priority was very effective. Diffracted he's explaining himself. We got a guy. You know what I've heard of you now z dreadfully map even explain himself tat. He would give their press priceless cut their presence on the present. My surprise, surprise: Shipwrecks Amazonia congressmen look grave. Eighty five, a five little firewood talk can drink. Of course he was dressed in black face. He leave releasing statement explaining. Why do you forgive him for his statement? Do you excuse Drake now that you heard a statement? If you haven't what's I'm not going back, and I just want to know why until done serve any withstand enough, a black actors, but nobody is inhuman on. I can recall Edric standing up for too many black causes. So I want our correct me if I'm wrong lady Mammy Rodya hopping about art and sterling being killed and am even on tight with ties Dep, where he talks about cats, shooting us even causing killing people with their arms up in your main focus is China harm? As
They did you a whole entire thing about us and sterling and calling America second home and filling disheartened ocean. All in scares we talked about is what is needed is a few times in our three books. Did you speak about this directly reference blackness indulgence round? It is impossible to ignore the relationship between black and brown communities in law enforcement, because it is strange that strange as it was decades oh, no, I'm begins here life as a hashtag, yet the trend of being reduced to one continues sort of good. You didn't want aid or Drouet Froggy, five, one o five one. The breakfast locomotive promoting everybody, you D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club good morning now we're talking Drake in black face. Now he released a statement. In said. The reason he was wearing black face was because of what you eyes in two thousand serve any was an actor. He was working on a project about young black actors struggling to get rules being stereotyped entitled there I'm not mad declination got I don't idols I don't see what other explanation you could add, but you know like I said you can't just pop out in black face. I
you denoting intent, and why and of your white, you shouldn't be a black faces, If you buy Rachel, I drink it really complicated and also led directly. So the next celebrity we see in black. Could it happens every year on how the way you better, this kind of understanding on which we are all these are white person phase and drank it. I've white saw once again you're better he's: gonna understandings it out. What would I have white have black person? They had themselves as blanket I'd, be black no one drink identify this, I'm united would have they we'd know I think I've wanted to really make? Does one in a revenge is black on where the let's drink, as black dog world with him, is like? I don't know what he did to fight them, so you had been invited the black jewish man, but I think that one of the reasons people were so up in arms when they saw him in the black face. Could they weren't shore I would now can we know drink by ratio. We now really saw a drink identified as well that guy ratio on black ok then, if I were my asian culture as well, but I consider myself a black woman,
like to know. You know you demanded blackmail. That's gotta. Warlords allows this boy b on the browser. Already. Good day. What was supper? You already point one when you say that you already I read it out again and went away. You don't get! No bad, you know could will we would? There were all black movement was going on with the Kaepernick and everything. Not only that because he tried to justify show tells me there push your teeth east, the morning battle when and by the way they now we're getting and on everybody was desired. Rebounded state, in effect, drink was beginning that picture removed for the past two days why you did not picture remove path today? That is just something you for a project. I was trying to use China enlightened, They try to bring attention to the awareness of black people in our decision that would have whatever. Why would you could not picked remove deprive cover they lack? Is high and I know what the owner is, thereby innovative as if it is not, then is not the right now
people down. There is nothing. Maybe he regrets the decision made eleven years ago I may be taken out accounts I will you now that you are really Bobby allows this Genji William Day was abroad, talk and drink. Some black trees it released a statement. Do forgive him. Do excuse me for a statement of everybody goes to shovel what you say. A thing is now you don't even believe in this struggle that We think that he was representing. I mean I'm not saying I don't believe in it, because it's not that it wasn't there. He has proved a minute on that, his emotion than I feel about it and how he looked at it. I just want to see the project. I want to make sure that this prize, because one We all know when it is. Finally exactly you make an excuse possible d, let being slide, and hopefully it was lively. Don't reason will lead it right When you throw me a little bit of uniform Gotham YA, got something going to Rio. Yes, I'm saying you cite Julia pay.
No way almost does the mobile anything I see I see I see what matters is growth? I wasn't no went off now, it's all about the pseudo. What's walkin draken blackberries, what do you think they'll? I drank a glance at his air. I really do feel I would love to see the project that he was working they're all com. Is it yet exactly because it s the birth lighted at all, where I was Doin there, but this is what I mean by hiding that is the true people eat. It amounts to saying we want to see the project. I'm not saying I lie, I don't want to see
no more because LA youth, the watch Aubrey, Graham you know all the grand they live on the other day by Allah there, oh boy, he became famous. You know it. You know in here poppy now dead, though I would really like to see the party that he was workin out because he was working with everybody. Begged me, if I really dont know where private he was talking about, but I will have to pay us all rather low. More far, I beg you Mamma. Thank you. Gotta have a blessing you to know what the moral of the story gas more than a story, a job at a height of kind. I understand it when it comes to the next level who puts on blackberries. Ok, I'm one I wanna buy Laplante breaks and we put a reason. Why should I explanation? Ok, that's all I'm saying right. Well, you ve got rooms on away. Yes, that's what had happened, isn't good news but you better wrapper, who actually gave somebody a brand new car, ok or it will get us.
That when we come back, you believe is the breakfast club. The most virtuous clerks question is: is the first time that a press release it have been released in the middle of a rat them? Yes, I am sent back right there on social media is, isn't gonna Grange? Do we, The rapporteur continue have ever this pavement airily a press release that you were not a press statement and then continued around. I was thinking about that was taken, should he have just rap their part in his them in an inn. Of crime. I don't have you could per day, you know now. What do you do you Jerry, Another recognise after a statement has been released. Explaining something somebody's in and out of Gaza. Drake gotta. You gotta get a log back. Is that compose me? I keep moving, sometimes best to keep a moment before you will gather, get sitting room is most of the media. Would
with an killing his club, where BT has announced yesterday some of the performance it will be taken. This stage at the BT awards are gonna, be still announcing, but Nicky Menage is remains in now, Monet, her alone, and the meagre both so so far. Those are the people they have announced, amongst others, and the bees? Your words will be an allay of course. As you are now a dj call, it has the most nominations, with six the glamour as five and that's gonna air on Sunday June, twenty fourth, it's gonna- be live longer, so Abbe out there are offset. Remember you got really bad car accident. A commoner weeks ago and scarlet wrecked, he told his green dies challenger either swerving to avoid hitting a crack hid in the road where the good Samir then, who actually have been walking to work when he saw offset climbing out of the car
help them out, and now I've set has given him a brand new car. I hate. While you are pretty leaders or social media who was saying things like all, he did bottom are ultimately what was wrong with Germany's and automatic, regardless of what was aware of earlier. Happily, he was walking the male walking before now you got a nice bray. I guess the Bremen even item and yo which opened the box. He got nothin you gotta carving, killing off the job, I'm a big because you got it not enough not to have tomorrow how had a car ready or not, but is a great gesture, and I don't know exactly what he did, but he did at the outset did have to go to them. But all- and I guess I don't love- you drove him to the hospital, though, what happened, but he gave him a brand new car and acknowledged ass. It has probably bottle asset. Again he look of fuels to initiate a video hd. Look like an old going over there. You gonna have to me. I can have this fall on. Clearly, you dont have a license. I write well look at a material
That means that look like whack Ben Timmins antenna shade. It looks like they were an acute relationship. She was posed in him, you seem really excited they would dating and finally put it and the world that the speculation, but now updating candle Jenner according to paid six so that quickly, Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia seventy six. Their figures has moved on from tonight to a candle JANET after leaving championship dream good. Gotta go now. I guess you incurs Louis Grech again. I have to say about that now you know tenacity. Brother went on social media and wrote never met before in my life days after you break my sister's heart. You do. This Both are light on her talking fake news about MRS had quote doing car dashi, and is you cheat on her with a jenner and then he said Donovan miserable for rookie of the year. In order does not for want of her. Usually when they need it did the one, and only when a championship ready,
which one one with the faint Lamar Odom one one. Would it Lakers near what the other de Rossa name Country House and one with the calves release he trash can agendas other basketball placed before she did a blade Griffin most recently. I recall that when this little book or even the truth and then, as you also reportedly dated Jordan collection as well, so there you have it. I re Brigitte Nelson at the fifty four and you remember her too, used to date. Flame of slave an old woman about further she's fifty four, she sought services to ex sure baby she's having a baby pregnant, I announced it and see captain it Emily getting larger and Brigitte Nelson Baby Bomb, and she also played in one hour, if you guys remember so, she already has four sends her stands at thirty four, twenty. Twenty five and twenty three and now she is fifty four years alone.
You want to do that. You, when you're vagina, fifty four years old, warehouses elegiac, since he has had a baby, why they do a lot Helstone Big, should it be allowed to be residency? The congratulations and upgrading of the lot guide like the date of one individual, a big issue de clubs, or could we won't be pregnant women? We get a lot of unwanted, really like a lot of guys, like the beetle known how with a lady. You, you are on their way back to day. She would like sixty redone anyway, I'm annually and around in your room, a report on european measures. Therefore, from the use of resources usually moneylender unable for you when you left some engine allay my twenties and she was in her already. Oh, I thought you had We can adjust exaggeration already sixty at all and those with no one woman. It got me. Nepal, mute all useless, but are there was cold, would go into menopause long time, and you told me that as it may, I can. Make it up. All right. Well, thank you for those rumors
we give you don't get too close, sixty or woman a young Lady Memorial Villa Gomes a day in Asia, Russia and other matters. She's a murderer, almost mutter, we'll talk about of weapon I'll keep a blacklist breakfast locomotion a bad guy you or what? ass time went on talking today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey of breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. He has not here today for Thursday made. Thirty first goes. Who authority for your name was an aim? Tell us the more you. Go Memorial, Vila, Gomes, ok, nine immoral appeared in court to day because he stabbed her six year old Son six times what a knife say that three times ass now.
Yes, dad you must have each year he was born I know you're wondering why what could a six year old have done to get stabbed six times? I thought about this because I don't like to rush to judgment, because some of these kids is bad azz up. Okay, but what could I do to get stabbed in times, of course, in a perfect world, the correct answer would be nothing but guess what we not live in a perfect world in this oh, that we live in no more. You village, Gomes that she stabbed her six year old Son six times because he deserved it. Life go to cagey, W H, NBC, Fourtou Report, police. Perhaps the worst part of this story that mother told police her little Ex Rural boy deserve to be stabbed. Thirty four year old, Memorial via Gomes, has another mug shot she's charged with intentionally trying to kill her son even trying to strangle his fourteen month old, baby brother, police, a Saturday night, a woman here, the Agate Heights apartments called nine one one when her six.
Old neighbour, ran to her yelling that his mother was trying to kill him police got him to a hospital, then found Vigo mask. Mood in blood in a back bedroom holding the baby. The baby was treated for choke marks on its throat and has tested positive for math the little boy possibly had a puncture, liver and long via Gomes has a history of assault. Do you and drug possession, That's very happy here and that you notice scenario boy didn't deserve his dad. Your boy deserve to come out of the womb of a better human, be I'd ethics Oh boy deserve delivered a family that actually cares about his well being at six year old boy. There they have a mother with and struggling with anger and substance abuse issues, her youngest had meth system because clearly Memorial was using met when she was pregnant? What our youngest child that little boy didn't deserve to get stabbed AEGIS deserved better than you, please give no more made the biggest obsolete
by the way the it is getting what she deserves, which is charged for attempted murder, assault and criminal mystery ass. She should all right, thank you I don't get today when we come back, ask ye eight hundred and five eight thousand and fifty one What if you got a question for you in a relationship, advice of any type of advice call ye right now it is up to breakfast locomotive. T J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast Club Tarifa, ask a ye, allows this war animals. I wish, of course, to FEMA Carnegie Hall. Furthermore, you slow down these are matters that you know it sounds crazy. They figure for nine years, and you want to propose ok, everybody's different as evening. She would prefer to have you propose and in public around people. I wish you'd. Rather it must be the two of you alone of all onward grooming. Ok, so,
Where is your first day we are to promote good ol man, you and all families you gotta me down. I want you to propose there, you better, not noble our mobile, I'm kidding, I'm kidding I raised so I think something like this. If you as she's, very close to her family- and you know she will want them to be there as well. There's some place like a rest, IRAN or a location. There is meaningful for you. Guys in your relationship is causes more Adam is more about the thought than anything else like what would be something that she some place there. She loves their family loves. There is gonna, be conducive to you being able to have some privacy and be able to have her. Family there's. There was not a whole bunch of view, no other random people where you can propose, what's a meaningful place, obligatory to only one or two remember his name.
Ok? Is there any bank coming up like a birthday or anything where you know you guys get together, so it doesn't seem so obvious that was so. You gonna do it. Don't worry! I already got out. Ok, so before you do it at her sisters, burnt they'd dinner may show you talk to her sister, because you know sometimes someone Nazism. It may be actually really nice or system. I love that you should talk to her sister about it in planet and let her know best the plan, so she can work with these. Are you not doing everything yourself? You gonna somebody to be a runner and go back and forth in maybe play something from here and set. You know up the cake or whatever it is caused a distraction make sure she's there. Until I make sure her nails are done, you know so she could take that picture of leaving their as women. We think of but you're just talk. Theirs is sister and do it at their rights running and do it under the guys that it's her sisters
there you guys are all getting together, you're going to dinner at a restaurant ass, she loves and bang. Adam Good LAD. Let us not the when she says yes and send us a video, so we proposed post it. Ok, all right! fifty eight hundred five, a five one fire. One of you got of course, for for YE colony was to breakfast club good on board Everybody is the envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of g o this Jerry Jerry was, of course, if the Ebro mean that girl in her ear that are out everything get a five years. I've never work in a base. Grayish our job losses, Quit ok says you basically life as being in the house, and I haven't a job or is it that she's, not passionate about anything, is not being passed through that further away? So what did she tell you there? She was doing her life, bettering nothing I after your worker bank, or saw it as they do in cooking. Budgeted Earl do a job.
Here the issue? The issue is more about the fact that is hard to be with somebody who doesn't have motivation in life, and you know that of your work hired in doing all of those things as he's not bring anything to the table, as he doesn't know what she was to do. That's kind of unattractive obey me The other thing is: is that other things going on in her life? Is she going through something like mentally as she depressed about anything anything affecting her? That he's feeling? Ok? Well, what are you gonna do? Can you be with somebody that country with just sit in a house where you take care of everything that is being done with respect hurry here. That's what it sounds like you know and is
and is not even just about finances are, though, that's an important thing too, but is also about motivation. Who wants to be with somebody that has no motivation in life? Are I saw? What actually might be good is for you to start taking here everything let her get out, get her own space have to pay her own bills and then maybe she'll be research. Maybe it'll be a wake up call for her, but you can't just be that at the time I write very good. That allows is visible in the news. Was growth for you, but you did you wait a related break completely give up. I thought with for a whole year fairly recently do better by, but he was a whole life, while our preferred Mary in There- and I don't know-
how to get that over so he's, just not processing that he says he's your still in the learning stay! For how much money do you need to get from a person you're ready to make this bar or not and when he says about buying a home, both of your names are beyond home better that way, but money renovate just you know I would say this genies and I I agree that a lot of eyes people are on the same page as far as when they and to get married as far as purchasing a home if you're not comfortable with moving into a moment until you guys a merry, then don't do that? and let him know I'm not comfortable with that- we can still be together by until we decide to make his cousin buying a home together with somebody is a big decision. You know and marriages importance who you so, if you're not come too, about something, then something telling you don't do it investor intuition and
Then I don't know for him like what his restriction is. I know a lot of people are nervous. Cause marriage is forever that's what it's supposed to be. You know any, as seems like, he has some red since, but he doesn't have any reservations about going into this big process of buying a house which If things don't go right? That is a hard thing. Have to divvy everything up and figure out. What are we gonna do and move out. So on is so what so it looks like he wants to be with you but maybe marriage is scary to him, but he about you know if you have learned how much you up there. But yeah, maybe they like, I don't wanna buy a house in. So we finish this learning that you say we have to get down, because that's a big commitment for me as well, so we're gonna make that commitment them needs to go all the way. At the end. I really just kind of leaves it on him. You know it's up to you. It visible, really went, and you really want to be with me. If you're not sure you want to be with me, then we should end by home together re as their love. You still want to be
view, and so, when you feel like you're ready, then we can get back on discussing there's because don't do anything that you're not comfortable with Islanders a YO, YO and congrats your son. ASCII eight hundred five hundred and eighty five thousand one hundred and five when they got rooms in a way. Yes, Jimmy Kimmel is under fire now find out who he is defending. That has people furious, I will get into all that when we come back, you lock is the breakfast programme on the bad Angela eat breakfast. Yes, people are set about where Jimmy came, I had to say in defence of a rosy and now he's weeded out what at the river. The answer is indefensible, but angrily attacking a woman who is obviously not well, does no good for anyone. Please take a breath. Member that mental health issues are real, and I know shuttle June and probably use and compel
Jimmy shut up. My no no it nothing about Roseanne and has shown us yet mental illness issues at that will be the excuse for this not envisage you'd, be showing racism and bigotry to utter all life. Not do I agree that racism is a mental condition, absolutely They will then, is mentally ill, and I would ask you make him I had to say on a show last night, this first in the show, is also its last, which is a huge blow to busy? I mean we don't have much round this network or open. The NBA finals goes eleven games. This we're still airing America's funniest home video, whose it was very bigley head for a visa. And we need to hear me out because Roseanne is gone, doesn't mean. Show has to go to show, must go on have an idea that I think makes this work for everyone. What do you think about continuing and renaming it Dan after her? Ass. Miss Rebecca was done today still need Roseanne on the show we have a new Rosanna shows you die. They said Zeb
name it and continue, but I guess I mean she's the star of the, shall I don't know if it could really go on ass, a so Yo Jimmy you to have the common on Everything brother brother. Sometimes you just sit out please. There were many ended. Tiny also said and he s, wife tiny, also said that she thinks ABC went too far by cancelling Roseanne. Now she said she was bombed to hear a been cancelled because of that sweet that Roseanne posted by she did say that she heard worse and she would have preferred that ABC take a different route. So she said it also. More about the innocent people they got fired. You see, I know about this to our neighbours in this area, not only inside all going on. As you say, it is more about the other people I got fired beyond. All people knew what they were getting in bed when they know Rosanna raises they know Rosanna the big it she shown its history before. I don't feel sorry for the alarming arrived. This way that we can move forward before we wipe out now and quite ass she and was on the cap.
The paper today and every one was talking about her meeting with Donald Trump now is a statement on meeting with him. She said I would like to thank president from for his time this afternoon. It is our hope that the president will grant clemency to miss Alice Marie Johnson, who is being a life sentence for a first time nonviolent drug offence. We are apt to mystic about Miss Johnson's future and hope that she- and so many like her, will get a second chance at life. So, according to sources, the meeting that she had would Donald Trump when extremely well and now she's going to meet with Jerry Cushioning. So we'll see what happens with that now. If she does get their young woman out of jail was the meeting worth it. Can we give flag everybody when they go meet would trouble, she actually get gets dead done. Then every celebrity should go in bequest, something and then the Vienna John positive picture. Also, of course, with him a cheese rate meeting we can conduct Sheila.
You're late anyway came to data about prison, reform and sentence. I feel like he did, and he will probably great was. She was just to say you could come, it will meet. Women are more likely to come anyway. That's the thing nuclear! That's when it ain't gonna get down yonder reality sigh. I told you yesterday. I said that he's a celebrity sabena who celebrity achieve he unjust, the language of other celebrities. Politicians, talking to him is, like speaking, a foreign language, so you gotta go get liberties departs, isn't gonna talk to some level, not only Langer Competition Series or something clearly, if it gets done, who wants to me which round the when it will get there which granted I write well I'm Angela yea, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you will see. When we come back, we got the people's choice mix. Let me know what you wanna hear at dj everyone. Requesting my now with the breakfast locomotive. Do you know what it feels like to? Angel diaper while wearing one does sweaty face twitch. When someone says you ve got the pregnancy glove, I it's Katy,
fellow Mamma and host of Katie's crib a podcast where we have open and honest conversations about what is really like to be apparent. This season we ve got powerhouse gas like Amerika Pereira and Gabrielle Union, its real moms, real talk, real tired season, three from ears on Thursday night First, listen to Katie's Craventy on the radioactive apple podcast or wherever you get your pack a class twenty twenty no things have been super. Weird lately were robbed of a graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write you continent speeches are legit, he's a very good she's into over twenty of your favorite sprung. Dj college coach Abbe one off to also they're all here to give me the wisdom that we could always right now. This entire radios, Newport has commencement creatures drop, make a team from thy heart, ready lack ends and they may seventy us all. I heard radio station in partnership with the twenty twenty census. Shame your future start here
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