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Monday 5/7 - Today on the show we had family to the show Styles P, where he spoke on his 9th studio album, Black Love show he has with his wife, and more. Also, Donald Glover dropped a new music video "This is America" and his visuals had everyone talking, but what did they stand for? So we opened up the phone lines to see how our listeners interpreted the video. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that robbed a bank, goes to prison, gets out, just to rob the same bank the next day. 

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Jarvis Masters and steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death for almost thirty years. Innocent people on the early uncovered evidence blasters those claims of innocence. I will work They you be. The judge on dear governing the pond. Canst goes like this. Dear governor heart, radio, an apple podcast or wherever you get your pod casts.
This is your wake a whole day, job visa. Again, the Angela you showed me the guy on the planet is why respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so called through more. Do you want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good morning, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo go go, go, go, go go good morning. Angel DE mining is Andy Charlemagne Guy these data plan. It is mine. Yes, it's Monday back to work week. Tonight is hello. Hollywood Halloween, rent
that government met Gallus Hollywood, we'd tomatoes when they all dressed up and I would trigger tree born waiting. I was reading an article about about how is so gentle people to go to the meadow and a lot of people are going. This year rose is crucial. They all region can afford myself. It's. My guess is hard to find itself in some people get a tailor made, but it is, as with Anna went to our who was the editor as at anti vulgar over such a long time. I guess he has to personally approve every single person comes if you bring in a gas have to prove that person and then she does proceeding arrangements, and then she also as far as the red carpet is like a whole order of when you are allowed to go on the red carpet, so she picks and chooses allow who goes when in some people get and issues very stressful. When you go there is one big mean girl Party be exactly ass. It seems I gotta get well
thus had agreed. We can add a wonderful, weaken, started off an income tax ticket, sucking thereby decided do shows positing, will actually go to to conduct Turkey Derby money on negro deeds of vanilla, daddy. I see my way modern round the lady had his front page news day on the consecutive. That's it must centre was for baseball game from off. While for your role, Jack's any we went to see the Yankees play and then at second, so so he loves car shows or Sunday was a bunch of cash, was going on in Jersey. Judges draw two budget our souls and he was. He was very excited. So my He was very busy. What about you guys begins. I did a piano class. TAT, a glass and now is for the women's sat in a shadow backward join as they came out, so that was banned. and then I got sick and I was sick, they out of the enemy the house. I was laid in a bed all day and unfair. I'm feeling a little better sickness in the morning or just regular sickness, irregular sickness, acting as somebody who works here when sick for a few days- and I think
that some of those germ cell at because I had the same things: got a really bad, so I throw us fatigues. Ok, I can get out of bed will not yours, also a yard of. If we give that did nothing. I want clear why people are we give little Odette allowed? No another home binging Netflix, watching dear wife, you will mind. Oh my god did that I set out to download Levick ass. He put out a video over the weekend as well as doing Saturday Night live and it was amazing, a deadly water video. You haven't discussions about the video I thought visually was a great piece of art, but I gotta questions question. They also dealt with are supposed to do. I suppose you mean you think, is both ethnic. You absolutely stay outside about. Everybody got all these different meanings of what they thought. The video the video video was, I fully share out. You should have a white man should not live you who enjoy themselves having a good time any like optics of a black man. Do any good with dark. We can discuss talk. He was supposed to be America when he said this is America. You can't you black
about us here, I'm showing enormous come about, but we got four pages we talking about. We are going to talk about the consecutively. Nanda ya think there was no black people at the Kentucky Derby bullets. Are you a great story about what happened over the weekend? Installs peel be joining us this morning. Should move? Is the brightest kimono had we are? The breakfast club was cancelled front page news. Ba recap: players Game for warriors beat the pelicans one, eighty, ninety two, but also the right to speak as one hundred eighty seven at night, the celtic split sixes and can play the rafters. Now we want to start you that's what the context with the consecutive there'll be a woman from us in Texas actually bet eighty dollars at the Kentucky Derby and one one point: two million dollars. She did. This pick five wager and she PIG justified and when the Kentucky Derby, but she also selected the winners of or for reasons that led up to the main event so off I've of them and she went one point: two million dollar. While so congratulations to her, she doesn't be identified with this picture of her. Yes, he is a black women, so she met odor horses or was it guess she said she actually did studies faded away and was able to make decisions by. She said even that's, never ashore shot anyway, so she was able to pick off I've winner nor congratulate her river yellow you probably what was written before I've been going and water is what I would only go to a horseman thought. Maybe I will let you? U endeavour pause for this, a lot of fun. You gotta pick traffic data who comes in for a second or third who comes first, a secular, whether it's it's it's a lotta, disallowed afore. I did what I want to comment on what they have a really fun. When you win too I without much better people right. You have been one law. No great should be an elaborate sport. I right now Donald Trump. Now he was speaking at an area convention in Dallas, and he had this to say about the result of Congo, where praising him applicant has reached another all history records on. I was out of our because you're, probably right up all my african American. We went from eleven to twenty two in one way by the weight of night and real data like you can go, look on CNN media and they have a headline out transfers claim about african american support happened. Like he's just making up statistics, it says that the eleven percent boosts is based on polling. Only black men, for what it's, where here in a port under deport less than two hundred black men and they were selected, the people have to pull were actually selected now down. A chump is also making some the rats on what he has to do in order for this country to be great, here's what he had to say singer building walls, but we need much more money, would do the job. We're gonna do their job and we may have to closer per country to get this right because we have a country, we don't. You can't allow people to pour into our country. We have to have borders of Europe, a butcher's, you don't have a country, we have a country or we do not know what is all on a big blood Alina pretty much shorter. Their me was all on a blue blood alone in various regions. We know we have a country or we don't now. I gotta give you guys is update on the eco allow contaminated Romain letter, all still cell fire. One person has died now, that's our friends battalion an unidentified present in California, and I told him of a hundred and twenty one. People and twenty five states have been sick. So just may show you stay away from Romain. Let us right now we call our confuses me. Can we tell people still with Roma live, but do we encourage ass eaten? So what's what? What is it? Is it the letters? I do you wanna, let alone it is the duty of the european people but old. When people imagine how dont hires you to do, that is allowed, we would have got was in contact with bottles, we shouldn't be dirty bottles, but should be clean coal out on everything. Whether you want to believe in that ok, I without backs area normally those in the attendance of animals which includes cows and pig.
So maybe the combination, I'd call. I in living memory is animal feces areas and that is very true, isn't discuss. The railways on Monday morning is now demanding to taste as we need to have back in ruminant ease their teeth ass. He called me: that's the problem cowed, but all in all, I was rolling should eat wine quality with the other institutions. On my basic commode, goodness, gracious fates, that's front. Page news is, but always on your mind, like that, the first thing on your mobile phone call out. What are the core like our design is one of the call I will call I derive from get it off your chest, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. If you're upset you need divinities up right now. Maybe you want to talk about, but this morning, maybe that's what you told us, what you just just don't want to do, and you just want to get a little bit or maybe you feel, bless and want to spread some positivity eight hundred five, a five point five billion is up now was to breakfast club kimono, breakfast toning down dominated objects. You wanna breakfast closely, but allows this Yoda dislike rugged Murray.
what's a broker a features, when they got no Nego marcher today, a matter on which I have wider birthday may as Monday soda body piss me off here, give you some time. In fact, you know they're gonna would thereby birthday. I mean I'm if any are every morning support job in this matter, and I would argue with my wife my journey. I love you baby. She did the downward first, I may not have you do Judy? hello. There is a real Andrew Steve stay, what's up bro get. I'm just trying to give a shout out to Molly, We were always we get about. She do A broken teacher shouted soda fears. Twenty. We had a conversation, they need a lot of help with a occasional what appeared- and I just wanted raising awareness for them so that they could get the necessary help. Serbia can help to jack
It is argued that a future absolutely album. Would you would you? What do you suggest? I haven't had a conversation with them. They did, of course, when he's always at issue and they like getting their support. A lot of other schools you're getting back the back in Sweden when your funding or companies open them out but big empty regular are not given that that a month ago- and I think in our kids that most of these schools ruefully I'll get a job, and you need to go back on a desire conversation s, orders, aid and forget a solution in guiding. I'm sorry, I couldn't even articulating please try to allow this is ready for that Freddie. May you mad at American Ottawa, you mad american idol, ready man. and I watched the robe is better.
Say you got a long time ago. I know I seen they was doing the prince covers last night, so I turned it on man. I had to turn it off. They didn't friends bug last night. Why would you even watch american idol man? It's all about the floor and I think you'd enjoy the four with Diddy and the guy that don't need no pump on Dj Khaled and Meghan Trainor. That's a good show hello, this child, one share delay was problem brother get it over just You got a beautiful families eagerly, but you'd Europe. After looking at a pace while ensuring that believe, America, an american three on does the mouse outlets
I was out where you get paid, urge you give you she longer apart, and you get free Bagley Attain area, you'll get a seat. No, you have you got a really really. You are preserved wagon. I guess set out of the window. Clearly you as long as you check in twenty four hours before the Bible off you go, you gotta, go see a lot more than mere man. I got you a random facie love when you got letters. A b, c d demonstrated you gotta year long as you longest. If you before, beeper be thirty, two sixty why you got retorted the agency's. You gonna show to the airport twenty four hours in advance and you didn't checking that you gotta check it s. What the hell are you you baby girl, be thirty would be section. Twenty four hours in advance you get a great seed on itself was flame, is getting off just eight hundred five, a five minute: five, when you need than it is now to breakfast club alimony Breakfast got wake up ass, a man of lastly, J would quite gone all morning clapped their morning brought his club underwater mine was certainly the future. Some high handed out that right now,
though I think that a couple of things get off my about problem. You know we're fine epidemic, and heroin, but there is a new epidemic on the rise and no one is talking about you're gonna need them is the fort my efforts, Are you not a video game? He gave a big dave. Ok, what about an intervention what were you gonna? Take? You gotta take his game away, sometimes value system away, far away to either some clearly here and all we have one three or four years ago you right. They they warn me, it came in a way that you know, I'm just wonder What our appearance, the one now here with their children, who I think that the board now while we are like, isn't anything new like we didn't girl being addicted, Nintendo, insanely Genesis and play station and Xbox. Are you do a limited time on in my area over before they will? Let me ask: why is it that is over
that is our playing out. Those boards, basketball, even athletes, starting quarterback, fortieth about being LULU. Do the Lebanese, I'm not gonna. Tell him! I love! You got a certain model in the week to be able to play Lofoten, but is also knows I was press, all the kids daunted, their friends are doing it in talking to each other or the phones. What a plan that will have an orderly arcane give me some time in a minute I'll be like employees whom, anyway Daily Board of lobbying in a manner that serve as long as he's, not in that mess it up in school or he's not going out to practice little by little matter, though time as you watching you stores and in a minute to be all about how I got one more, you do, like I'm afraid, to avoid this was my back away at how they girlfriend and then you have to pay for them to take their girlfriends our own day. Let us pay for it about eight years Valentine's day it. I feel like I'm. They little girl, we got. I'm always one happened, poured out the com or to use it.
Are they getting M presence is well when he has his birthday in all of that you have yeah, ok if no might well Barbaik. If so, why Megan. Do what George around and also pay of what a joy gotta work for that too little money when he was the one he was disciplines or when it does have run out. Gemmill Obray for do indifferent things. Let Basel give him exploiting their own. The mouth the thing he's eat. I the point all you gotta do is now you gotta do tell you D, J, a bigger pavement self. They don't deserve a writer, and these are raising into be ever spent four mandate. You go. I say you guys have a great day practice. You did all future as eight hundred five, a firewall or phone, you be governments or the way I mean. Let's talk about how this game Dino a k, a downer, clever and a new songs that he they viewed in particular. This is
Erica as long as well as his appearance on Saturday night live all right, we'll get into all that when we come back you, the largest group of global, more dreadful warning, everybody used e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We all the breakfast club was considerable. The score us skin into town of with his cloak gave me no one, and I would say down above those of you want to get into the sea you wanna get out. I want the money will go girl there. It was a big weekend fired Donna collaborate as he was. Saturday night live but also put out two new songs and a new video, for this is America. That was a very viral now when he was on Saturday night live with the opening monologue. He also talks about how he acts had turned down check it out, eventually, is an honour to be housings set as an all you know, instead of just auditioning, for which I did twice,
that's, not a joke, I'm just still pissed. I right so, They was. They would ahead down government, as he did hasn't very memorable skits over the weekend now he I in addition, while that less out of with this, get that he did with Kanye West when notwithstanding was but of Congo s now, it's a rendition of the movie, a quiet place, which is a horror films and in it
on a lever, is reading candies, controversial tweets, but every time they talk, someone gets taken away check it out, watched ass, we have just absolutely necessary, gets killed. My son you, oh god, oh god, oh god, you please get from the brilliant alongside yea place, flawless high level messaging. Oh, we have only limited threadbare labs around as we also described by social media. There was talk most important. We focus and want to be, as I was brilliant, especially you seen unmoved acquired with irate. Now. Can I tweeted any put crying laughing faces in fire emerges. Alongside of that videos gets, I guess he thought it was funny as well known others get. They did. Was amigos going to therapy check it out sorted alternative determined to give work to protect double that my shoulder, she looked almost wherever it occurs. In a moment with a bit of small states, there was trouble land. I love it. I never did they promote unbearably. Are ya gotta universal worker? Right now, because all you comes is about their brain is meant to have win, is more for love, but she got away.
Oh me goes get cause. I was really funding to them in therapy. I write sowed clever, also put out. This is America. He perform their Annie also performed another song on Saturday night, lively debuted soon, as I Saturday, and this is Erica, and he did a video this America and that went viral check out some of that That will not only be to happen now. The man I got, I gotta go yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, we don T have to
totally out of sound gelatin video- and you know it has ad lib some twenty months as a bad boy. J B slim Jimmy quaver, an young thug as well, will arguing with its old listening orders about is this video. Could I thought visually was great reminded me that old, ecstasy, video, what you see is what you get your remember, the armament up, but when I first saw the video did make me feel good I beg you, I don't think you should have had a white man should not a black people who are enjoying themselves having a good time. I didn't like the objects of him. We are doing to follow. You is reinforcing the negative stereotypes of black men be inviolate in the name of a black on black crime, especially if you say- and this is America often overlooked- show some balance, because no black people shooting down Churchill's. What in eighteen, forty, seven imagining problem is largely white men with eighteen. Forty seven today show me the whole totality of America. Now, don't you think has added in really look at it. That way- and I know a lot of people had different interpretations of the video, but I liked it as he was representing America and when he did
Sudan, at which was reminiscent of what happened interests in South Carolina which treat home Guglielmo Bird Flu is right, and that was such a vow to me was the most powerful moment in the whole entire video should look. I don't even look at it like it was a black man doing it. I just looked at it like, because he was a wizard America White us out. Louis. I seen you ass. My me: is it a matter of better with him or that it was a black man? It was about a representing, as we all know what happened in actuality. Like. I, you know all about you. What the internet from all alive, you will lead to job losses in open, Eliza went, but I must add my about that the allowing a lot of different perspectives. What I'm afraid he told me that, oh no, I represent a, we believe you will get paid off, killing each other and in Amerika, ultimately Tarzan S. Are we so busy singing and dancing? Why so? Many of us it getting killed indiscreet by each other, but no several different way and I'm gonna get. There were different interpretations. He wanted us to absolute, although the dancing and singing a distraction from what's going on around us and was so busy paying attention to that, we don't see what's happening in the background which in the video what happened in the background and the video
got a guy in voice, is welcome path, phases in the video and I got a gun got me to go well, but you started with nine and eighty forty seven and ultimately got taken away. I was doubtless dope symbol of vision, very problematic. Provocative visual may play a full version and restart the mixed up with the full version later. If you have it, I know, but I'm Angela Year, that is your room report and we should discuss what to listen at this point. We are there So I love you, different interpretations and video so deftly go see if you have any echoes we'll talk about it in eight o clock out, but up next bows p will be joining us, don't move as to breakfast cloak morning, pointing everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We got us to guess, inability espouse be by going at a very difficult? We were talking about Gaza, tweets tadpoles, do we say middle age? Fat is hard to get rid of its. Not a bug is wig is where's. That is, I guess, we're. U is goes one spyware, you middle.
you called love, handle the era really man for a little front. Pouch, like doing God love hand is like an absolute character like you know there s no get away which a frame is no good, but the love him. Those is just as strong as they caught at the bar labelling for people. Like me, I too, like I, never have six back, I allowed you. I could get a nice, for, though I get a nice were packed the agony for its money, thereby data, but I actually believe just because you gave this though died a gig shall be modem. I am with all those who have lost on income. Aid is correcting describing their manner differently than women when it comes to putting our weight to day. I has it we don't. Even think of guys is being as self conscious about it as we are cause for us. You know it's a big. Are we gave way? Firstly, because they allergies, pregnant or motorways meal back her
like a kind and when you bending down you start check, and I will go all the way down here. You hurt my shoulder by her arm. I shoulda Gallo authorizing into the wagon monsieur you stretch of you work out. Missing cartilage saw I workin out languages. Thug. Lagging than I really like light? months later, I'm a middle aged man like citizens or the bags together like we're gonna die is still dodo. Advised overdoes will keep me look a regular macho about feel like they poured work. Now is a lot of people looks definitely, but you I owe you want to wake up feeling great honey want to wake up, be it your best. You know feel great. Thankfully the created as you up and use with a good energy. You know, you know the day brings. What were you haven't? I have a man, I'm so case, yours, alluvial, Album and Lucy. There isn't really gave the Uk Thou INA. Obviously I speak I see you on a gram in black.
Of is how you doing word, I'm like there's no way he could be done on this Album the our a setback, The governing browse the internet. I think as odd is you and you always so especially when you, when you become a bit man are you start Devil endowment into other things. You get older, you get more mature, you very. Think about what you say like when I was young. I was more free, Wilma, but there's sometimes you just one feel free which our aunt I decide. This one, I particularly said, All the g host because I felt like I was gonna- be hosted a gangsters and a gentleman on this won't like an enemy, and I was just host to some of them. give up our continent, That's all Is it lower figures? I am old. The young the conscious again. Stay just like somebody who, I guess, appreciates lyricism Addison,
Are you way better now than I did like years ago? But you really are against an agenda men. They re is the true his way to define unbelief so yeah personality at their most wrappers, one on nerves. So the most part, was most of them were raised to some degree they gonna. Sadly the streets always had they done one thing I was blessed: that's why help me, along with the juice game. I always from the game for a joint one pupil than on the genuine that Austria now all thug, like raise right mama. My parents did a good job, just streets figurative, another waste. sounds, but they doesn't point, especially our society. I was taught to say: please take you home door, pick a bag for neighbours. Adjusts strategists, you all amount be courteous. As my grandma was a man of your money. Won't you know me I feel, like you always run a fine balance in life. Is I'm not gonna cut for bout? That's my daily does my daily questions with unbalanced and peace daily lay daily daily, because
I do tell me: listen, I'm shot out to see the ring on home. worker, told me one day and stuck stubbornly years ago. He told me balance is never straight. The active being balanced is when you balance just straight. I'm always working. about them. I do not go up and down and when you You all the way up something to bring you down with you all the way down. So I'm going to bring you up, so I just try to appreciate it. Both try to learn how to work with oil. Oh my daily thing changes in the dead I balanced spread them. Whoa here for me again, most likely breathing. Is you looking for it all? I was the balance. I think that they just made use of a quest for really find out in in a piece without really thinking about every like I'm, greedy, innocent like I like nice, things like spend money. I like to live life
ass by also inflicts Xilai live life. Sloan appreciate, Asia just the human body to human mine, energy and both at the same time. You know you I'm a rabble. I, like nice, things reduce? I like nice thing so sometimes is harder: do both Some just be honest. What with him well for me with myself, sometimes like I want, multi new upon I'm afraid, I'm gonna be like I just want to be. A multi millionaire gets his billion within an hour, it is like we know we got a feed, a community and asked the what was an employed. So Sometimes you got to balance out with within yourself. I cannot make them both for it and I do both. If not, which one is it won't like universities, I think that's mama. because because I really wonder, I think upon partner over here to your your on my work, They will. We have a shot out for a brain. Just paraphrased uses for
I've heard they were, we have some for me, some as bigger any of us and what we even trying to do. I just legislate on in the future, is gonna be crazy. with a new g for health workers. I feel like the one thing we will need to go into a kind of look at. Why do we not for people get his bread? they're gonna be the daily quest, but what do we do if people, whereas others ages, a low, but it s from Lobo of everybody? We be cool, now agree with me, because who asked me they will wait. Would you say when your biggest achievements and I was Heaven be involved with the juice by it. Greater rigour- you gets a really see people good day that are affected by you, you having sent in a community that is benefiting them and making them feel better about just their bodies and the changes that they're making. Those like we do. was she braced at a table were women. I because
we do is going to require a whole family to be in it, because when you don't, we feel go because one deadlines, we say not kiss everybody when I'm ready- and I definitely love money- oh and like to be involved in business, Can a joy without family You can't enjoy anything well pretty much good health and then you can spread people don't spread. Money is much. Spread their health in our last longer size, Conny easier. I guess what, is horrible about in a bad, because you know is free, so free thing to smoke spray sample and they feel that a balance in there and when you see the way will come in. You is a lot to learn a lot about and so leaving madness. like overwhelming, to be belie wow. I have a Why people? I love me, caps Levin, cops we have a mormon. Crowds of luggage is bogged down to to just, and you know what we do.
Therefore, what we doin it knows about the family by just take it. self take care. You fairly figure care. You community. Are we about balance like us? I think the one thing I have his way with a healthy they dislike you they'd! You can't be hip hop cool pop Whatever you do it like. Now we go rules, means and judging you, we say, live your life, which is dollar balance in any decide to take a people. S does suggest a main focus. I we got more was Thursday when we come back, keep alive is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast club morning. Everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast clubs, thou peas, in a building ye S, education, wife, ass. You guys, Black love, I shouted black low shuttles network,
daddy, I'm so my next week or something it views the next week you never dns areas, maglev eggs, the second season of it by your services. This on its own, is really really don't shows about. Black loverlike arm Davis was on season. One arm. It is about couple many trials and tribulations viagra. They landed Jane Golden, like love, ya, think her flint, her Frank was on Grant hill. To me: it is. Israel is actually really dope. A railroad, though, shall surprised Nikola, because we was a year. We believe that there are different types of consumers. Go, don't you oh darling only wanted it wasn t our exit. Could I will not? Look at you. Twitter Michael, cannot stand still got a slight him multi level, we enjoy Not it was really cool out. Why do you always funny before we call this? I want season when my wife is out of jail. The show is honest open. Then it came about
it's gone crazy. I was gone I think how to show is more to try to help out young boy couples and, I repeat, the producers at a shows out o the Tommy and call me I think He was focusing in on how black people, besides Obama, is like if you're, not Obama, them is no such thing as black love, and I think that was the driving force. Make sure they show what's happening in the black community. Has a very incredible show is real. Dope proudly beyond it. what about when you want to be left alone,. And the camera was call you know it was. It was an it was like Maybe there are very few session and alone because his leg, you talk to somebody who only want to know some day you kind of two gotta tell story to and yourself in be real, because you kind of China be a form of two to the young couple. there is a lot of struggles were when you out
I'm a married, but I don't say everybody has to be married and I'm a front. I don't cuz, I don't know even know who invented marriage. Beyonce I know an nay John think we got married back then is so I think, is a beautiful. I got married, my wife wanted to, and I don't want my son it thank you bastard grown up get a woman, you don't a man. I was days when my pop saw me so just being on the show for me, which is pretty darkness, was you know, I'm saying it was cool the beef unaverred and be made. You want to grow old, like you know, when you ended when you in the streets. Are you young? I don't care what game. It is bull. Puzzlin in music and all? U you definitely. You know wanted. Do you think they have your fun, but you don't want to grow old and alone and never have companionship will be used or not. Unless you really want to do that like lashes choice by like for me fashion our oh, you know, I'm weird out of there
average person really deal with me or be able to take my ways on how I'm about so. It's kind of like I've, been with this woman on no kids. For me genuine leader, the jerk part of me to examine part like you know, is unique. If you these somebody to various I'm somebody who need some money, the buried alive. But we did you put ads. You said you'd tree hug it at a beat you with the branch. Definitely definitely patriarch, assisted the wrong. They treat hug. You play these people with those who live in a healthy lifestyle who feel like. I want to be normal and not be judge Google you're vegan everything. I know I will leather Slayer, I, like you, don't owe me it in that the beef the light so my liking I would love the work with Peter when daylight I explained to my men when they ask I, like I love Peter overstated. Was a day. What is about Laguna me, but Somebody wound from will never understand Peters message,
need worried about what they got to tell you kid when they go outside absolute, so I say like Maginnis Peter highs. people like us. From where we from so they be able to buy. His was happening here is was happening. Here is how we bridged again. because if you want to take a beings, you let us not take care of human bs. Then we could take you all be there. Human beings gone to stand. We need to take, if all be just as I did hear they, animals have more rights than we do not look lad in August, Agatha love what they do and I follow. Unlike our followed, each weeds married. They saw Sometimes it's, though, as a brown man, I shouldn't look at PETE and not mad at them. One of my dad The animals is holding, it was got you cross the animal. If you let me, do you also looking be like ours? They believed with the pallid Peter had I wish they knew somewhat to social issues.
Lay there I have imposed post them. One page then I may have opposed them want to pay, is already at patty minimize. Oh now we could be like IP to care about us see what they. talking about, was that's a great idea lagoon owners and Asia hire me. I think big companies have to start to be cooperation. also. We, as the people have to make them take responsibility. They should they take responsibility and we as more time hurtful have the take response. Virility alone had a better ourselves as a community. I was in an audacious out regional bullshit I'll each on both sides because then is like You know, because when you think of if you are poor white, if you are poor white man, I'm sorry you kid shrewd overturn a crap has is over you like you right in the same boat. So in our thinking
his conall and at no. So as our go about my decision, namely that you are right that I got there are the slightest idea out of town mixing so now go asked me to take the alcove allows eyes sprawl you nine year. What of yes, he said just the way. This is my most recent one in its among last hours. I didn t pay a couple weeks ago to know about their call. An echo baggy, a pretty pretty Those are both for those Duncan Muslim produced on it. The anvil fiddles. if a deuce curb the names on Gmos in organic produce, you know one nickleby have any busy at the play for you before you pick them all. He has a whole. China beats autonomy. of a planet they were ever like all ever ever soon got out bid to give my like a year like. So I Mustn t do me a lot, but I think this is a good thing, in my view, be twenty this month
He taught me using when I told him I yesterday on a thing I sense only one day and it was so made hip hop so understandable you told me I've innovation by scientists that much duration up and down caught him. My question is clear: as the difference between us, like you right, I gotta, be they got their from three six, though definite reducing that is dead. All that happened. So you know, you sure you can bet Oda, I believe so. I think so too. I believe I've always wanted to do that, and I think I'm accomplishing it unanimous I've given more mature Sometimes I'm manages aggressive is I want to be Vienna are really have a far left. My dog, I got thing about really go
like they come on. Eight you to go so frozen. Berries lay like this have is currently stuff. You say: dollar defamed get the head, because a gun to your head could possibly bloated fame right out of it still humble my life ass, a fact as hardest by our answer. Is that a fact? But they are not a fat hundred dollars, you gotta, give the less it in a harsher say it like a word rap. Do let's say, as other revenue is reading any young, these crazy he's, not humble, and you could somehow manager might be telling, and I'm in a way is not. the growth of your calm. So my blow your brain library, lotta, get it right across another. No, your writings, you ended its. They humble might be right back to the point
we got most Salisbury when we come back manifestly get into his new single heat of the night is to breakfast club good morning morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast clubs, Thoust peace here, ie, just ass p, I've known you. Quite some time, and one thing people would be surprised to know is that you are very frugal and that you, like me, shop, the outlets all the time I'll through when I'm free would I go about it and never. They owe stars be his way because in enable does her on this issue was frugal. She's not frugal were all lay like nice. Things, though but on all mine, not getting it. Oh awaited Watson, sale or just like, Like you know like safe and sound nice that I like that's, really expensive and I just kind of one it I got to think about if I'm gonna get it in
I can only say that I really sit down and think about who they sometimes, like. I say to myself on the honest with you about the Stalinist did at they somebody's according to deal in style on it was hired by myself. I say widen is being let talk about youth House really back home Eleanor like sores like just be from Kosovo was bored. I got thing where you poor you for the who and I truly come from gods, kings and queens. So I do that you know I like the look great and feel good, and I was born before, or sometimes you have to think leg is. That is there really worth because I also live next? a bunch of million a memo being poor is dude in a building
Why was I had to be, and they told me I tip the best. Was, I want a bug in like by what is a hockey team. Nba doo doo created the building a in that, but then I also learned. Oh here about how bodies lead they walk around with may where we had achieved genes are there. repair jeez, maybe three Nyc when breakers three, Nigger is, and he did that day by day week by week we buy we than a scenario. Let go my we want about the gun on a jet. go here, bring a whole free rein. His whole family on his family, jet may, I say, invoke at bay to be let alone amount. We understand my appreciation because we tear, but that could add- and no I said, Willie Mays, who a bigger we understand. How do we know how lonely re here anyway? So if I were to do- and I will want to get a good too- and so I will give you a good to begin right. I understand it more.
bag back and was at your own videos in that country. it yourself and be like I oughta, be like over. The caribbean plan was renewed. Oughta. Give you Why did I haven't parachute average demonstrate tat. There's another they re like. I have an army in one pants, Romagna whack you. When we look back like a magical affinities, things I'm a fan of you're kidding slim fit. I am against hygiene like when he laughed feel offended. If I go to the store and they go skinny jeez, I play oundle lymph it going on out? There slim fit well, you know I mean if I got a wig hooliganism it has also for me, I don't I'm all you know me. I think the new generation as wisely since I knocked out gun budgets, something he had done when a wiggle
I don't want it- should have regulated yours, Jimmie, Dale S, fat man with a guy like that. I certainly do like night I'm, so you go back and listen to your own music and west as video think about like ok, I do one thing I appreciate is being able Music, for that loom and its debts. Does all young we're gonna send in common a game in b, bad boy by he came in a game now bear boy loose from Yonkers like does that's like a star we within itself no by never say Yok, there was a share the south, and then we just took it and we came when an aggression and we still had twenty is laid wealth twenty some years later We would have been a great debate. Man started on our group, Chet me how vain may die. Chaz Raw movement and notice has come
We allow you beat. I don't work so happy in error by dot. I was dismayed, but I wasn't, I will just say in a bad mood. Label was so competitive at that time. I just thought lyrically he would like to emphasise, and jumped out the window. He ate a maze of nice and staff own Let me give some clear MA am stammered, tell ya somethin really like too often listen, my two partners- oh my- equals where one so, where one of it in Only feel personally, besides, like Rocky, king, whose U Abner lad for my ever. Only big is nicer than me. That's it I feel you entitled to your feelings, m c I'll rip busy. I am the m C m c by you. and on the embassy. The M sees love are
I'm not going to sell a bunch of records, I'm not going to be to pop in this. I'm not the flashiest, I'm not even the best at the flashy stuff and when it comes to street, lyricism makes Whitcomb just as the gang and net lane is nobody better than me. Nobody, You can't really find somebody. You will go YO Don't saw with, I live the meagre absorbed rigorous respect. My lyricism I would ask you, but always wanted to Mozart. Underwriters free styles is, you is too lax in bed. gone for math afflict sixty minutes, a phone right over the cream instrument. Here I was crazy people. That is like an amazing Frida. Yeah, yeah, I was amazing, was amazing- have formed this led to a lot people censor the very too which are and is now like people being a studio together. Like you, I think I think, is really great when you actually into studio cause. The vibes is more divide.
energy is day a little more innovation do as there in a daisy that a little more feminine else no advantage to competitive. This is a little more. I think. Maybe it s a big reason why people are so. Copper they not in the same room. Make an everyday age lawyer was back in a night, is like you walk in, and you say year was up to everybody: cool is respectful, but is, What are you gonna feel attention in a room? You can feel attention goin to lay a clue mixture. but you're not saying you see, you see the mob in a movie. Hey you see these as for moving already see day, is more light. I fear we, ladies joints in only these plants, unwieldy, busy and I think that competitive things what made the nineties really like edgy, like this. He chauvelin,
this each government screw it man. I need a mammoth task. Peachy hostess outright now right now go get a police is the breakfast club? Yes, the breakfast taunting everybody is the easy envy. Italy ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club morning baskets and, moreover, that's all about the Roma report annually on the breakfast club. Well, I read this article, so you don't have to tell my women have come forward with I Kelly sex abuse allegations notices on beds feed and they have detailed their stories. One women is, namely that Martinez and another woman has not been identified. Her name is just quote an and she still there. I guess with our Kelly now now, as it says, he was approaching
he was only seventeen years hour by hour Kelly. She met him at avenue. Sarah Maud anna- to fully aware that she was under age. Has age of consent in Florida is eighteen, but he still took her virginity now she said he had on her on five different occasion, and she also, now the other women mother is speaking out, stories are the other women whose not identified it's her. Mom that speaking out and do not identifying herself to protect the others- children that she has, but she said being so It is, not the answer. It's time she said, I want my child home. She said she had spoken to her daughter in three months and believe as ensure Well, she said. I don't know what hold he has on her, but her last words: me was don't ever give up on me. The thing is, I don't know of any of these women in telling the truth, but I have no reason not to believe them based on our Kelly's history, not having gap right. So the younger girl, the young girl, and it still living with. I can Kelly she actually,
Our colleague he offered her job as his personal assistant and her mom was very wary of it, but she told him that in his past that step Yosemite give people a chance, so she said I said: ok as he became his assistant ought through that I'm her being as assistance. You still lived at home by then later she announced that she was moving to Atlanta with our kellynch. You about twenty to twenty three other times. It couldn't really tell her. She couldn't. She was a grown up, And flesh down the toilet believe Kelly Inbox I'll kill you just go and you're like the cancelling all can always careful. Interoperable cares. Little girl give him the tag. Mew Kelly campaign is going on and they have managed to get a couple. His shows so that an innocent people boycott and his music like tat down JANUS able economies, but I just want to say, come join as retiring. Ladies and gentlemen, I write down below in London. We ought not dimension
found you, I didn't plan I'll, give it a path. Twenty years ago, we d by retire, bigger at all, can I add, out, understand the holding of she's twenty years or candid about it. I'm gonna do any two: twenty they handled grandma door at any age. Lightest is no age. My dad will, Graham you right now, every asked. Are you got a final phones and she loved them some dungeons. We haven't seen her in a call in IRAN on our knees. You know what a leash on nobody will say. Yes to really what can you do when you leave the house to go to work? I do whatever you have to do. You can have a with you. Twenty four seven souci disaster It got believe again. What can you do want market? All again, you know a lot of here's. My would you like that, but I mean unless you have them with you change you, twenty four, seven kids are going to do what they gonna do: probably never got an as yet. I knew what you uncle. Nobody plotting, follow. Kelly's management team has released a statement. I Kelly has close friendship. The number of women who are strong, independent, happy well cared for and free to come and go as they please and fifty We deny the many dark descriptions put forth. My nails,
It is a liars who had their own agenda for seeking profit and fame. All of the women too. It is by the current media answer, are legal adults of sound mind and body with their own free will law enforcement officials in Atlantic Chicago Private We have made a wellness visited check on the women in question and found nothing to cause alot everybody who still support Margo. You disappoint still chronic, of Kelly any by doesn't on his team. They you're all going to hell and only believe in her ok, which of course, some way go. So my rights humped an angle be right in your life trying to protect their media. Ok, adventures, infinity war has already made one billion dollars. It only took eleven days for that. It's a matter. Nor was this movie, I'm billion dollars deadbeats at the previous record by star wars. The force awakens was made it to the one billion dollar mark in twelve days. so everybody infinitely worse at every year that everybody thought the model cinematic universe, all live, you dont demolishing demanded universe, just started problem. Could a black man and the material has an open in China? So it's gonna make even more when that happened.
I seen blackmail that I see once more Jordan, though something I'll Kelly, darted into infinity world. I write a model that is no way out give us he's out. I who had given a dog to mend argued dated they had gone to a brother name, Marquis cosine Louis now. This is a very prime example of why we really do need prison reform, an actual legitimate Reform we'll talk about a flat rate is next people access to breakfast locomotive but of the day
Democrats have been gone. A bit of a mixed diet is all for Britain. I've been called a lot of my twenty two year. Donkey other day is a new way. What's wrong with you this morning. Up, let me do my job, don't you today for Monday my seventh goes to a forty year old brother, nay, more Chico, Sunny Louis now, Marquis goes from Cleveland, ladies and gentlemen, and he just got out of prison. Michael serve. Thirty months in prison have depleting guilty to robbing a banking November twenty fifteen. It was released April eleventh when on this path to that he was indicted on a single China Bank robbery. Yes, Marquis call came home and rob a bank again now. I know what you're thinking Charlemagne ass light banks gear robbed every day be while key goes a career bank robber it that's the delays, each also be ok. I would agree with these big robberies alike, nor the bank robbers you have seen before. Marquis goes very familiar with the banking got indicted for Robin Teresa Monkey was familiar with. It is not because he has an account there now, because the other relative worked there, not because a bank in his town and he's been to a million times. The reason is very familiar with this bay is because, if the exact same bank that he robbed back in twenty fifty you're me right, mechanical sunny laws was indicted onto therefore rob a bank and that bank, with this same exact bank, he went to prison for robbing in twenty fifteen now. This is why we give his midterms presidential elections, local elections I'll give the demographic Publican independent. They not talking about prison reform. Then I'm not interested. Ok. Prisons are supposed to be correctional facilities and less implement things in prison that actually correct people are. I demanded thirty months. India has yet been able to get I education and learning trade, egg spirituality, and while you was in there and a trade he learned, he should have been able to should have been able to get him. I had some way when he came home and this is proof that prison isn't working. Ok, we need a more effective penal system, but the reality of they have no reason to rehabilitate prisoners, because in the words of God Chris Rock the money is in the cure. The money is in a treatment. Why would I want you to get probably rehabilitated when I have invested in a private prison and I need to fill ok, big business baby? I would encourage all of you that when you are voting in mid term does she have to Canada to avoid talking about prison reformed, and maybe we need to talk about that candidate. Ok, because we are trying to reform criminals. All you gotta do is come, oh retards or life of crime and probably harm you are someone you love when you dont, probably rehabilitate someone stories. Like Michael happen, our idea in the return him back to a life of crime are returning back to the scene of the crime. Literally please Laramie, Mug, Marquis, Cosine Louis two biggest. Ah, ah, ah you stupid mother die you Tom, I mean Jesus Christ pick another bank, my leg and I'd be crazy by low brilliant raise. Why? Because, nor would anticipate you will go back and rather stay in work being worth if he was a little, my careful because little more care, they say lightning
the strike twice in the same place is kind of I go back and doing the same thinkers. Who would anticipate dollars? It will actually go back little even further from late every door you go into the Gaza before now. Please don't leave. Little is now say, isn't it up to you under is like having said on that thing you should buy it. I'm saying this is like having sex with shooting girls club and been goin down immediately. Is thought given our, or was that that that is not to say you know why? Because how do you put that to go out on you? I don't know why they balancing they run. You would have to do it by you if he shut the clever within safe, came back and extinguish the global begin. I would understand, but you gotta go no shot. We can't get a pregnancy by immediately good, honest argument or, as you're still, maybe I don't know what I mean is that as a backlash what's she imagined? I learn much about reminded us that are made available now. I know our colleague unequal logic. I write begging for adults of the day now ADA Jute five, a five one, o five one less talk, Donal the love. Of course he released his video over to weaken this is America was played a record to fly, we gotta technically play when we come back, would play? Will you boy now? Can we get some plainer? I will play it now. What we want to know what? What what did you interpret front videos? What did you interpret from the video eight hundred
Put it in the video the individual. No way who armed in making these videos I will play when we come to play when we come back eight hundred five, a five one or five one- is to breakfast logo on their ways. Childish game be no with this is America morning. we is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're all about the video you just released it over the weekend very powerful viral? What is what, how did you interpret this video heard them? yeah, and I'm glad ass tat, which you eat. What what did you think I am Did it as he was representing what America is, which is we get distracted by things dancing in those are the videos and things that go viral cause. You said city was a part with the cell phone to which he references also, but is bigger. is happening in this world that get brushed under the in the background, because we're so distracted by the entertainment that we see. But whereas I that is well, I took it ass. He was being caught, him call America era
the quiet, seeing it in a biased, so joyful in Seoul, soul fallen so happy, and this has also representative- this am Chasin South Carolina, shooting unitary regular. If our dream of an English shooting require it made, it seem like he was America representing the shooting of America, and also I took it the same way as you did. As far as you know, we are so distracted from the dance everything is going well, we forget about the big problems in Athens. That was the whole concept of him running from the problems at the Inn and other, with their guns being created better than the people they may shades. Put a special clause for the someone comes in wasted away, we care more about guns, and and gun lies in people being able to have guys and we do about the people that are getting killed, yeah, listen, I'll, think either one or the wrong at our visually was greatly reminded me that oh ecstasy, video, what you see is what you get, but when I first saw the video it did not make me feel good. You not think he should have had a white man should not a black people were enjoying themselves having a good time. I didn't like the objects of him as a black man doin. It if I let you was reinforcing the negative
Their time of black men be violating the narrative of black on black crime. Bessler's. You saying this is America over and over, like let's show some balance right. Has no black people shooting down church folks with an AK? Forty seven right, the mass shooting problem is largely white men with the AK. Forty seven so show me the whole totality of America. double didn't like him, shooting down all alive you. What did the inn run from all? Why people, let that chocolate thing over underlies is one time is hanging. I can add that the point of it being him with it. He was the person therewith entertaining because it was his songs. I guess he was carrying out all the different act I do not think that most of America is smart enough to get that especially White America, because we as black people, we can the deeper meaning. What if your white new watching videos are easier, the budget and worship. Imagine where does that's what it does look like from NASA, because when I first seen it not initiate a music seated on a level with Alice, you know exactly what let's go to farmers now, let this this this guy talk alone. How are you a moment now were added? You interpret the video now
had to watch a video a million times because it is so intriguing and its soul but and either. So I too think I'm just saying blowing my mind when I saw the video for me. It is stated that exact what is going on. Is this? Like always serious thing, are going online in America, people dying you don't I mean I'm an but yet were focusing on the wrong thing. You know like how you dancing- and it's just like all this and everything is happening, but body really putting focused on that. Nowhere about, like you know, the latest dances and all this kind of their, whereas you so engineer by his dancing to the while you were watching you ok limits out this gave me an hour ago. not only did he there, he killed in their beds, and I know that a glove it could do. I was like any of you. Gotta have a six bags exert over anyway that hello this what them?
hello are far below there. What did you do? Attitudes are, but video, ok, I loved, blubber I loved, shouted Gambino, but that video disturb me as anyway way he gone down the I I wasn't expecting that I love is art and everything, but FEMA. So much blood came a real life battle, really the man. You could be your and my entertainment, armaments I agree with you. I wish you would add a white, a white man shoot down the quiet because it people going to be no charge into a gay. Forty, seven out of the white as has been done by why you going to make you avoid them, we and I hundred percent, agree with you Charlemagne, because I merely thought a bill, a roof, but guess what I look at the common utterly that Youtube, video and allowed a white people are taking it. Black on black violent. That's what I'm telling you I would have! Also giant being I'm Tellin, you wipe you almost seated deeper meaning. Why do the knowledge of the narrative of black all black crime, Agnes, like death. They may see and choose nets,
nobody's zigzag, nobody's supposed him. When I first seen it it was all scrambles snippet out in here the music and I'm watching unlike, but how would he should another, and then I had a bad. Nobody opposed a meaningless using. Why does my problem is? Why Jerry we proposed to me when I give it to play and incite wine. I little a person gun down
I don't understand why didn't run from the web? You will again like what we protect the model. We have radio eight hundred five, a five. What oh five one? How did you interpret the video call us now is to breakfast club the morning morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club, never just joined us, we're talking Donald Glove as new video. This is America, and how did you interpret the videoed ass? We ask and hello is. This is the third day, sir? How did you interpret the video the same way? I could see the Maghreb grimace governments, you got caught, people, probably modest profit margin. So what's the point, this wipe us all at the camp which Plain Logan Moonfleet. It's pretty much like beginning with video German, sits up of playing orchestra, video blacker and they got up she's about. Does a privileged everyone up. I want to do it. Why put off and then make sure they have a perfect the further the dream of privilege and always perfect world. Only one shade was Donald Trump doing the bidding of the white men and that's why the individual white May was chasing of dogs. You, the last letter to her lover, who is about to become less what was cutting the principal cause. I don't know what a moment ago I mean you're on your way out. My salary is a little breathing excited. I am, though, excited about the data on labour lean back. You know at every day the conduit their path. We believe the rapporteur that we could be reading, for I mean watching the video. I was proud to fight the damn thing every day ever get away area in a video like we can be proud when he got around the entire black. Why haven't became a measure that really that really felt you know tell he lit up that? Why that when people they have in really resonated with me and I'll get people you oughta greatly when I was a little by little bit about you know about my boy why people at, unlike the video to both of you, wanna hole of children, can be no the black beacon of hope. Just one of the other deadly other way: women as it does a deadly other. Why won't happen? I don't get enough good about their poor. We wrote a few years ago saying you. He was used whiteness, a minor body slowdown bumpy breaks, silent about everyday abandoned that you know the people of why in every everywhere else, have we actually proud? I repented adopted a proud you going, don't don't you go nationhood and my people a video of a black macular, much black, you! Don't you dig up lots. Newcomer! Stop hello! This money was Kelly, I'm from Indiana coming from Indiana. How did you interpret the video watching the ATA watches over time? I get understanding about, but it may perceive only when I first watch the video. I will just be a thing, and that was exactly what we watch it and when we got the message that we get even distracted by pop culture exactly he said. The important message is what really funny about public Mamma the other day about the actual issue on the buffet create the duration and the work of an about calling it the people at the top of the investigative what's goin on weaker. We just hold a lot about the wagon dog does, while Love Donald, global scale on us and no to con. You pleased I was that was genes downgrading the other thing to doubt, people that are tweeting this morning that I noticed in the background, but the pale white horse that everybody will redouble language, but the pale horse in the background followed by a police car I was that was doubtless dope. Symbolism would open Helen drawn is even if I were, the kids are honest. Alfonse any says: that's a sally. That power is because you know how to be mistaking cellphones, for guns will remain, as an authority was visually great. I just wish you would have a white man should not apply view, especially
why? You know because you know I don't like the antics of him as a black man, do an edifice that you would reinforce the negative stereotypes of black men being violet and inactive black on black crime, and we all know it. I know black people shooting down charge for when in eighteen. Forty seven to mass shootin problem is largely white men with eighteen, forty seven. So I did what you showed me. The whole totality of amerika- and I doubt we didn't like him- shooting down all the black people and they run from a marble why people account right that chop, a fly opened, Eliza, went out or check out the video. If you haven't seen it re radio thing to different jewels area provocative now you ve got. It was on the way, our moral of the story. You did more now to my story. I wasn't a moral. No art is completely subject that will give up to the viewer, to judge whether or not it has merit an interpreter. How you want exactly different thing and that's why I think it's a great piece of work right now. We are about to take that data Pink Smith. She has a new shall coming and she's gonna be talkin to wealth and its ex wife, among some other people, when women who she had beef wit- and we don't even know it. Fears are right, we'll get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast locomotive. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, but today the day data Picket Smith has her new shell coming out is gonna, be on Facebook White is an original show with speeches her
mom and her daughter. Willow is called the red table talk now. The project you said has been an intense journey towards my healing and my need for more authenticity from within myself. This is a year of growth. For me is I take terrifying steps. Are my personal freedom through experiences? what's raise a day data picket Smith has her new show coming out, is gonna, be on Facebook watches in a regional show, with speeches her mom and her daughter willow. It's called the red table talk now the project Surely this is the first time I'm sitting down to talk about our journey and I have been closed It's you live in. The house I picked out here is my house, Will you marry me, but they always been good
I think I will say she goes by the house. They do fairly bladder know about always, if your own, to what they had to say they weren't always good on various revenue watching his show. Simply because I want to see our talk show works on on a platform like Facebook, man, dimension of opinion of wood, remould gorgeously no moment what she said. I came to Facebook whites because discussions and process can continue even after the airing of an episode, so its every Wednesday am. She said, after the Monday Earrings, every tabletop Abbe having Facebook live conversations where we can engage in the process of together in real time now. In addition, yourselves squashes, some beef that she had, but a real union who even knew this beef was happening. New here's what you had to say. I have a really touching episode: Gabrielle Union, where we have a kind of us. We have really had been on the best of times for seventeen years and we have a reconciliation. We couldn't even remember why others want everybody out in order if you'd be from was somebody and nobody no job even is now relief
you ve never seen years, you can keep daddy is. Do we not have a job to have amongst each other, yellow, really private for not letting anywhere haves and have nots? Easy has broken his silence over recently getting arrested. He posted grateful and blessed to be free and safe would you be in Copenhagen tonight doing what I love most embarrassed and upset yet it beyond words about the incident, but, above all, I'm so effing grateful they? Let me go crazies experience of my life awful night with a lot of bad luck and some even worse decisions, like, I said, I'm grateful as ever to be a free man back on tour performing for the future. Luigi the idea was never look. Ok round is a ghastly fight you guys who of physical education as usual cocaine we should do. I right click dashing looks like her interest in Thompson. I back together again, they were spread it out to eat together according to close friends and us weekly, they said that they are for. We back together and she's a lot less upset about what he did to her than everyone else is Chloe. We like the world is again
trust and no one in the world is supporting trust in and she still in love with him. But a tool to the matter is you know too was the groaning Chloe? They got no see them as you Jake. I can't let you go just yet. I gotta just in camera time. Are you aware that the play ass, though it was crazy, is that the girl you cheated with was sitting in those play of tickets before she was I guess draw boy slowly was having a baby and I am waiting for instruction usage. You can be your friend dough. I write caught. I black is writing a book in jail. He tweeted I'm excited by this book. I'm writing I'm ready for the world to read it. So we don't know anymore details about it by weakening whom that it has to do with correct blacks life, which had been a little bit crazy. So far, and I got to say congratulations to Jordan spark than her husband, Dana Isaiah. They actually welcome their first child Dana. Atomic Junior according to people magazine see a Marie inquiry. Hardwigg welcomes a baby girl as well so congrats, nations to them. They have already have a six year olds.
And so now they have a little girl added to their families mooted in and congratulations in a given ass. She put ads who videos over the weekend also timely and by beatings. The two visuals for those songs came out. as well over the weekend, and I d like to record to say today in America My goodness all right. Thank you for that room for next to people's choice mix. Let me know what you want to hear. Revolt will see tomorrow. Everybody, We got to start off with this. Is America Here's something good is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I heart radio, each we aspire to bringing the Good NEWS, the silver lining, the glass half full, because there is good happening everywhere. Every day we just need to Fourth and share it. Here, something good. It's a short daily show that offers positive stories, helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day, listen to hear something good. On the I hurt, radio apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite chose, subscribed now
a glass of twenty twenty. We know things have been kind of out of the ordinary lately, you're, not gonna, get the graduation Sarah. So I hurt radio found some people to write commencement speeches. Just for you, John Legend, Hillary Clinton into over twenty of your favorite from DJ college coach can have you come back to haunt us into. I hardly knew from Minsk. Speeches drop me fifty, I harmonious Sunday may. Seventy across all radio stations brought to you by two readings, taking the class of twenty twenty valedictorian to another,
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