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To Kneel or Not to Kneel?


Monday 9/25 - After our Celebrity in Chief Donald Trump had a lot to say about the NBA and especially the NFL teams for protesting the Colin Kaepernick way during the National Anthem, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about it. Moreover, because Donald Trump was so active on Twitter this weekend with his comments, you know Charlamagne had to give him "Donkey of the Day". Also, Dr.Oz visited us and spoke about his health documentary, what foods are bad for you and more.

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Angela Charlemagne. The garb of a rapid club rates and the voice of a culture wash like means is one of my baby shows just because I always keep your young but their bare on paper there you know their listening through the back door Why are you in the morning? It was a de la concur with knowledge accident. Please thought the work good job right. It was a delay in here used its after my goodness strategy,
good Morning, USA Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning, Angela, you D. They shot in guy who did a planet is minded pressure. This is one day. You know what the delayed. Yes, it I'm thinking about dies. I started a year delay. This slight second delay, like just a second and you know: radio is a game. Inches says something say hello, see here, but we not had related problems loud and vague, is I'd, do lay right there.
Whole body yesterday, so I had to leave a lonely to some similar Vegas. I leave after the show today, Vegas out a good time and are already music festival was amazing. Had a great time. Did you guys and joint challenge? Our uninjured, I already merely for the law if it at the start of the holiday season, have the same complaints every year. It is not enough. Hip hop represent, especially Bobby and no more genre music in the world? You know what it was. I think that this year, in particular the second the eye radio me the festival they put have eggs one. Might I fear that very end, and I was good and with an eye to wait at that time- maybe they're, probably no one, John Room music in the world the dialogue, radio Federal probably represent, but that's me Benjamin got and part of it They try to do all these different genres of music so that you can get exposed dipper things, so the country music, is rag. Music is music, there's hip hop a hip hop is
no more armies Iowa. We introduced a big shot. Diarrhoea, music festival. We weren't, along with a young man named Thomas Wreck Oil, Thomas Red, is suggesting the ape a file I actually West is that too can't you think he currently have the number one in the country, but little thing that hit me out in a fragmented, Logan, more sober like healthier. We would thus introducing Bigshot Rybody forty three I've known you next report, but I'm just gonna gate he's just completely for corporate later on I would be more honest. Don't I get more as we had Amigos issue of French Montana removal stab locality, lead the debate the data show on and then a weakened, I guess they gave us five and said: you're gonna be put them that within our remit, the breadth of those three three in order to enable them to date, comfortable french Amigos, an elite colleague yeah. I had some technical difficulties. While we are waiting to introduce big shine.
You know me to date. Ok, you guys, went and went on his the risers, where we were going to film two deaths, but we was both a walk and talk and bring bigs onto the stage and then do that somethin That's one sided his days, all the way back stays and others that I had to run in my heels, upstairs across days down the steps back up to the rather's, because it can find you Listen, listen! He like now. I was with them and they told me to wait right here and in view of our laws in these areas, What position did you should it took me? bilateral Ajax issued its recent review. Do whatever they adopted an inanimate, whereas Ebby Asylum, where there is our main, should it took me you took me, should it took lies? Speaking of in the attic any or we can watch any football as we can. So I don't have any football school shut up your giant laws yesterday. That's why you I did try to act like you, feed protest and knock it off Is there not a clue in three?
or another. He was added margining forbear, I'm sorry for both Gaza? When you teams, only three I'd be boy guiding to feed into Dunaway, where we will be giving the aids in front page news on what's going on in the NFL right now are get into all that when we come back, keep a the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy we oughta breakfast Club has given some front page news now. I dont really Any reason to this cause, because are we all taken these mass shut up? would not be saying that of your giants, weren't, no, three right away! Ok, but guy like you to take anything for your personal gain. Why don't you our mother, the NFL play over the weekend. I didn't watch it, but here are some of the scores: jaguars beat the ravens. Forty four seven bills beat the Broncos two thousand six hundred and sixty money laundering. I gotta think they'll. I didn't mean it made me- do remember, dated Jaguars holiday when engaged as yet not
browns lost to the code. Three thousand one hundred and twenty eight, the Texans lost the patriots, three thousand six hundred and thirty three he goes. Yes, they be the joint twenty seven. Twenty four Redskins beat. The rate is twenty. Seven. Ten pack is our know. How to pack has came. They were losing their one, twenty seven, twenty four in tonight and Monday night football. The cowboys think on the card, as you know, parliament largely aroma of on board that lets. You know I'll, let you know soon. The game is over tomorrow tonight. Rather, if our boy guided in that never talk about all the team is taken any further serpent. Items remarks as Canada lead all of this and to happenings recently. Now everybody is with each other against Donald Trump here's. What Donald Trump had to say about the NFL would love to see one of these folders when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son
a big job, the veiled right now. The way double is old. Betty Jesus Christ away Devil middle now. There are, of course, a ladder responses after that, never the craft and the New England Patriots ahead of the New England. Patriots said dead. He, even though he is actually friends with Donald Trump and typically supportive of him, said he couldn't stand by while the president label to any player who Niels during the national anthem, a son of a bitch. You said, I am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president. Are players are intelligent, thoughtful? and care deeply about our community, and I support their rights are peacefully effect. Social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impact for now down a chump was asked for. Time later, and he basically didn't really, as you just said, he's a good friend of mine and he's welcome to do whatever he once now. Rather get down from the NFL put out a statement as well. He said the NFL players in our
The NFL in our players are at our best when we can help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture. There is no. Better example than the amazing response from our clubs and players to the terrible natural as we have experienced over the last month. Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL our great game in all of our players and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players. He sent in our communities now this, let us build over into the NBA staff, carry you know the goals they worry were invited to the White House, but apparently they were hesitating on whether or not they should go now. Here's what stuff curry to say not just now, after that
someone on Twitter is going to the White House is considered a great honour for a championship. Teams deaf curry, is hesitating. Therefore, imitation is withdrawn, is it not. He wasn't going to arouse Burg. All these own is an athlete speaking out against from now, but why was this dear breaking point from the the land from the muslim men deck at all? If you please and sell them on the campaign driver Mexicans among the women, the jewish people, why was this everyone's right because it was insulting them would exert We talk about the NFL, but would end the players and call them sons of bitches ones of ratings. On Tuesday when all of a sudden, the owners went to speak out on a list of things that Donald Trump has done, the warrant outrageous very low on listen list to me. It is very, very like a planetary been calling Donald Trump a bomb in refusing noted a wide, how this very long with the thing, Donald Trump and then got real a brandy caught him about me, said you burn staff, carry already said he ain't going. So therefore I ain't and by going to the way has where the great honour, and so you showed up array,
Well, they rely on where we can discuss this morning, but all you haven't, we will I loved, to show solidarity as far as taken in me, but you know now it's time to do the work and have the same solidarity when it comes to supporting each other financial level, because all about economic empowerment. As far as I'm concerned Nino, some people are here. We are what we all want equality, but we will never be looked at as equals in either raises. Why does want to support my own? No one is. I want my support me black business, black banking, all black eye writing taken in don't worry about. It looks good and make people feel good, but I'm in it. No one thing that make us actually good I'll be right. Imagine our absolutely all right well as front page news, not get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one of five one of your upsetting you debate. It is up right now- may had a bad weaken horrible weekend. If you want to vent- or maybe you feel blush one is present positively. On Monday, eight hundred five, eight five one o five one call us right now is to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast? Is it your time to get it off the agenda, the email or black from you on the breakfast lunch hello? This is a modest personally, I don't think we somehow get it off it s arm sober. They saw. My driver man, the other day this female comes into the car, and she, just Audiogonewild Wild bird life alone of all businesslike year. Yeah, my vagina be a genetic made. Flow stupor merit my german com. I wonder how much is that you must think it. Ok, the thought by then above I know I really want to know play engineer, be mandatory and opportune talking to you alone of all later,
You will allow me, I might wanna know, do beam already told later. While you were air hassling, I wasn't he or she would literally loud like here. So you know I went to sleep with China, be it. You now know tat my period lacking where you can use medicine and in a gentleman a drugstore gotta from register then have examined. I'm not gonna lie now tat. About again a period that no big deal that happens every month by using my vagina eighteen des Angelo, weird little better understand? Why would someone mulatto, notably through a hole in the wall, came out of the blue, told him about the? Maybe she was sure I'm and talk to somebody to give an opinion on what could possibly making overjoyed at NASA like a text. Conversation is someone you, like is sitting right. There were concerned about aging situation Valley, I've been rode out, wouldn't go
Do you know about these things? You know that I'm in tat moment I mean you, remember, maybe see returned to town you off on purpose, and usually girls can look your God until we need. Did these thanks, her embryology, salad, you gotta think me, but why It was a box and values the Disease thank you, Sir, the Charlemagne. What is a guy? What is think D look like I'm just curious, age. What a hunchback low solemn pebble bade, usually from Queens DR nice cause. You none of saying DJ. All night long comes in airily in the morning. Having been home to take a shower does use Louis brother. What is they d? Look like great right. Get it off. Each has eight hundred Bobby five. What I found, what, if you're upset you call as of right now the breakfast locomotion the breakfast club
Is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you wanna breakfast, hello, viable, vague, woke me up a blog about a craving for my probably went below it back. Are you? Are you talk about grab anyway? yeah man get out of here. Larry lose while removal of blindness tv wonder down on his knees. Do you want to look down on the use of means tv wondered when they are not all I thought about that will mean that you will wait, aren't clearly about it at all. There is a real concern when they ask him why he was down. He was. He was a new and you would praying that's why he was above need already body peeved his game, a guarantee you when they ask him why he Neil he goes out in Neil. I prayed a guarantee roadway low by yes, there are a lot of we ate grace. We would have
but we did they bought their great damage. I never maniac very light from Florida Gray, the area by removing all around them with greater economic or get it off. Each has eight five, a five one, o five one, even governments runaway yes, I said where J Kali went on Twitter and you know they call, it doesn't tweet allow anymore any law. He had a lot of things to say about it, players even mention the breakfast club broker we're getting through. That when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast plus gets rumours listed Dame dash the Reul report, whose glove rather than delighted? A few days ago, Damon DAS was allegedly auctioning off his sneak. A collection some are doubly plaques from Rockefeller on Ebay. I'm looking at what These items are going for. One of them is already up to sixty sixth
in dollars is just a plaque reason about framed and all platinum record. Our luck, accuracy wasn't one would want to see. Ace come at anyway. The thing is a diamond ass. Isn't the person whose actually auctioning these items up is like sneakers there, either Black is all kinds of pictures. Is the camera and come home with me all of that all these plaques memorabilia now here is what diamond s head Pavia Instagram, and I got a call from can yesterday you so you do just so you know I got all over the of all over the place, and sometimes I lose track of my stuff- and I guess He was in the storage for like thirteen years like they said they try to get in touch with me, but they spoke to my lawyer, but I lawyers frequently. I guess they all my life for eighteen thousand names have somebody came up. I do wish it would be a little more respect which are lying on the oxen and my
thing Day, my lawyer, with Ivy League, I am arguing, keeps owner. Furthermore, drop articles above named ask how the great jam on the presentation of a woman number two. Nobody cares about the clean like if you know what the truth is and you decide to become, will know what the truth is esf getting on Instagram and try to exclaim everybody. What really happened. Nobody cares about the true from the lad went attained by this person shoe the Susie and other staff is actually going to really come out. I'm looking at the prices. So, yes, he asked skull hundred pairs of sneakers in a most of whom are exclusive, like you can't get any of light, the Rockefeller, Although air force, one different color they have made one or ones is, it is a crazy collection of malaria. Instead of selling, though you should give more ways for lots of people in need right now, especially in writing. As somebody is nineteen and ass doing it exists in arms. I am I am. I think my name's I want to present rather sneaker the rhythm of the things to be given all the way right now specially well people and are in need from the Caribbean. The Texas Florida it'll save my that person.
Having given them away national Glenn. I right now. Can. I know they are in need of some diversity. Katy Perry's in place, but Brian is about to sign the trying to get Charlie Puth on board, but the problem is: is they don't have any type of Firstly, on the show and ABC believes there must be some type of racial diversity on a panel. Does anybody know any blood new arousing Eritrea to get lion overdue That's gonna be very costly, so they still China get that work that out, but now there also take meetings to try Carter, who manages artists like John Legend, Nellie, Megan trainer Miguel, Lady Gaga Annie's. Also, one of the initial big investors and spat. If I so that China glad that down, because they also feel like, I won't be as pricey as say, Lionel Richie. Well, I'm glad some why people in the covered, brooms and american idol thinking about other races, Arena J Call was answered over the weekend he said, got mad issued a tweeted over the months or years was either military, but I did.
In our view, better nominated thread for this next part B. It bear with me he said, try to be a senior prescribing if you loved it, don't put all that pressure on your album. Ready, one just drop and repeat- and in case you miss that interview. Here's the parties referring to, You just change your mind or the time because I may have and song. That I think is poverty. Then I won't we later I do another song and, as I always is one and then I have to have so many other people here, as people have been, you really man assuming a right now also said same ones, who speak out against today are the same ones that deny to qualify man a job because he took a stand against injustice, your eyes transit to average. As money for the league in its owners as godless. Every player, defiance, curse and now today, but the real power Some? U deciding to not what's he asked recommended hiring a third party investigator approved by the NFL people sosius in a cap, was denied a job unfairly as punishment for his stance. So that's one of his
suggesting what Annabel Andronicus trumped tell him. You will not the watch and and people who are in support of island cabotage telling people, not the wives of somebody, not know me what a gate as noble one number to US decoded. Gaudy is absolutely right. Jake holds absolutely right kind of have to go make music, I do not. Labour rights. Trying to make you make songs that you don't want to make in China. Maybe take you into a more commercials. Is more pop space like just go in the studio and make music she had to do her at it and keep it organic listen Atlanta going to come in, I kind of the sun. I can go ahead and be the whole entire thread. Firm, J call on his twitter. If you hear everything had to say about the NFL in solutions and sponsors, and wit, could be done. He thing is not an expert in these things, but this is his suggestions are right, the movie it. I told you all the time I'm gonna go get em over this week, but it is now the highest grossing horror, films of all time it may four hundred and seventy eight million dollars worldwide economic occurs to me that movie it so much. Eighty five million dollars, so they were ready made. Quite a bit of money of this move,
as a matter of our to by clouds that has gone social media from twitted answer plenty of clouds of these gave him a panel biogas Gimme another person on Twitter Gucci main. He said he wants to release a mix, every other day next year he says that he is going to go one hundred percent independent and twenty eighteen villages book, solitude merit? Who'd? You spoke in a I was out Lee Travellin Eddie afterwards. Already in this is the very salary. He knows you're into reading. Well, I'm Angela and that is your room, a reports, morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta Bretton Woods NEWS to you- show positive and positive you? How do you notice information? You positive? You I've seen a billboard I one hundred have as yet. I sure you find out today. You tell them. You gotta, be of no more than a billboard. I one hundred are usually adulation security. This is number one.
Now one until I get you anything confirmation, all ITALY, a coordinator, I e she's, never out of yet another one on a billboard. How one hundred m away till I get some more complementary regulations: Caddy rat toga Mozart, Let's get some of those kids for paying most now now come. As you know, has been we. Finally, I want to know about gotta be now, though, I do not want to know my right now, but we don't know yet we need me. I got my imagination, but let me inform you did everything you ok good right, now, let's talk about Carmelo Anthony he's been traded to o k c for three high play is in a middle school player Congress, delays to Carmelo Anthony and again my mix will suck for ten more years. You are you. Are you favouring an you, be more optimistic, more optimistic we'll have nobody would there's nobody. We end up with fingers. Yoga Ottawa Junior came back. I gotta make low pieces the jargon built around. Maybe nice little.
Is always there is that we talk about three eyes grew plays a middle school. We have nothing all I know it congratulates. The commission meets land local, almost city now would Russell was broken. Paul George, I don't know how it is going to work out. What, if it does work out they'll go through what the converse final place. He hath, not He seems nodded watch any fell over a week, and so I really don't have any scores. I do know what's going on. Yes, tell people it's gonna what happened over a week. It would I enough damage and had made these remarks when you love to see one of these followers, when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a a job, the veiled right now now damage champ, says great, are for our national anthem. Standing with lacked arms is good. Yelling is not exactly what
that's why I think it was some real sucker, stuff foot adamantly footing to become an idea lack an arms are even stand in the locker room. If Donald Trump says kneeling is what agitates him then do what agitates him don't try to Both sides have already decided on Sunday sought an earth teams already had been in the process of doing so. It doesn't even across your Margaret. You should have been viewed even want to lock your arms guardian Neil do look at it differently, though you know, like some people feel like I'm gonna nail as some people like the guy Pittsburgh gets, did anything like he east. What he deserved three tours and monitor he felt respect, don't hand. So people are going to do it. If we do not invest, not a protest, the letter, I do what everybody else doing dude is agitating people do. It is getting people the attention to the issue that we're trying to get people to focus on. Ok, police brutality. The issue would try to get people to focus on injustice of african mechanism. Twenty we can focus on in kneeling. It was bringing out attention, got their Neil. I right now
and other news staff curry was discussing whether or not there he would meet and if they gonna plans to go to the White House, the gold estate warriors and hears what Stuff Korea. But that does not just be sure what don't tell us you know coming if you're not going to stand down a chump of course disengage. And before he could not show up, even though we already said he wasn't going, he said going to the White House It is a great honour for championship seems to have. Curry. Is hesitating, therefore, invitation is withdrawn, aright What are we gonna get Romagna. Yet, let's talk about eight on five, eight, five, one or five one. What do you think about the protests yesterday now Charlemagne? What do you think
the show solidarity, but now it's time to do the work and have the same solidarity when it comes to supporting each other on a financial level, because it's all a body Megan Palm and as far as I'm concerned, we all want equality, but the truth is we wouldn't ever be looked at as equal than either racist. Why does one call my own. I support me black business, black banking, all black everything taken in these great it looks good and makes you feel good, but I'm in doing things that make us actually good. That's it isn't it things my boy s, what I think is the thing you know, and I know allotted and a fair play? Is a protest in it taken a need, but what is the real and there were actually doing is. Are we protest into bring awareness of what why we protest, because if we us into everybody protests we not watch NFL. Should we not go to the games shoot you know like what is them the reason, we we're to do this all together That's what now we ve been, and I think that protest peacefully. Anybody who decides to protest, you figure out what is the way in which it the protests- I'm not gonna tell you how to do it or how not to do it. If you feel
This is how I want to express myself- and I know what my messages and its clear to me. Then you do that that's why you know sleuth Magog, my cabinet, Colin Colony, the come out and speak right now, because I feel like a lot of a lot of What he kneeled for in the first place is being lost. And my whole calling king a job thing like you know: ass. They would cap, but I'm mad Dana with CAP, because I won't care banana phelim sandlewood cat, because cap made a stand for black rifle who are facing enjoy. This in America, the hands at apologies. I just feel like the original reason why he kneeled is being lost in train nation in all. It is less boycott the NFL stuff right but he didn't feel that an end because it out, I don't think a lot of teams are picking them up. So now are we stand and cap in
You know right. Well, these teams are not picking him up because he's still a good quarterback. He has he's a second string and he's better than some of the quarterbacks that are starting right now. The only reason I was able to get a job in the NFL is because I know Colin is on you than NFL money to bring things back to our community. That's all I'm concerned about right. Now, like I said when it comes to equality, we will never be looked at as equals in the eyes of races, so I'll write asking for equality for the White Devils, I just want to support my own, and I want my own support me. Perry advantage can be ok with their protest in the rat. Well, with the rallies in Charlottesville from White supremacist, then he should be ok with people protesting peacefully is about those are fine gentleman in Charlottesville than these fine gentlemen as well, but I love the protest simply because this issue of salad parity, but you know is not just about. The one thing they make. You feel good thing that look we gotta do things tat, make us actually good, ok or aid. Budget Five hundred a five one hundred fibre would take will take when we come back in and what a rustle Simmons equal
a bunch of what was his statement will get there for you, I don't want to have to point out, as I don't wanna misquote him. Ok, eight hundred fathoms. I want to five. One call us up right now is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast good morning. Bodies is J, Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne, a guy we oughta breakfast club now we're Talkin the NFL, of course, but a weekend there were many protests: people very critical over some people. Saying that everybody should it took me that people that they didn't like the lock arms thing, what what did you guys think shallowest old you show in, like the log arms thing you know, I don't even like staying in the locker room would definitely because I'm a disruptive- and if I noted Donald Trump does not like meeting Ni Amadou exactly what agitated Donald and when I saw him tweet outdated, he likes to play. Is lagging arms? I'm never.
Arms again of alma player. I now never logging off again, simply because knowledge from says he likes that he thinks the show unity imo God there and I'm a do what I know agitates him and has taken a need during the National if Perry right now when attempts waded out, they had already did that. I guess I was his way of thinking is family. This enamelled and forward does should another crossed. My no common cabinet have already taken a mean he's taken in me because you just that African Americans are facing. You know that taking the knee is what is bothering peoples will take the need all lack arms, don't stay in the locker room. If you hold protests, protests will act We protest and, however, they want to know. Mobile protest and for what? What are we protest in? For that? That's the thing like this: that's what's lost right now why protest about we taken any dead for too long, as did I feel like the dimness reason. Carling cabinet actually need it would have been lost in his whole. Let boycott the annex a thing to read the Neck Island cabotage NEO did because of policing justice and injustices, injustice that African Americans are facing here in
and I think that we cannot lose sight of that. But I would tell ya Somethin man all want equality, but we will never be looked at as equals in the eyes of races. So I just present want to support my own- and I want my own support me- black business, black banking, all black everything taken in these great it looks good. It makes you will feel good, but I'm into doing things tat make us actually good, because today's all new day, an all out, everybody counted yesterday's for who Ni Ni, Odin who didn't Neil? What about today, How are we going to be good today, and I think it's ridiculous that tram says a player should be fired or suspended proposed testing. You have every single right to protest. Everybody has been protesting and expressing themselves peacefully and that's part of what our route lie. Liberties are supposed to be able to help. Countries have also been exerted whenever you please, I agree in or another thing lemme go the whole hog. Darn thing you can't protest in a way that makes the person you are protesting comfortable. I guess that right now to protest
with you- know certain things, so that was the end of our play as you, so that they are unified. All the players stand together right where we would have taken me like us exceedingly that that's my opinion. They are unified. All play stand together right by our group that take any like. I think, stating that that's my opinion body I agree to unify the ogre me. I feel kind of you a hypocritical goes missing had taken leave them. We still watching NFL football. We not supposed to watch football we learned about going got Mandeville now go, but I will blogger The Meda look outward Lula guarantee alchemy, and we know why I did not want you. Your pc is I'd. I mean I'm a boycott, it is we can so, but less culture formats allows this might end up being someone bought cinema boffin. We stop there,
be that as it may suffer. What do you think it approaches? Yesterday I mean like, I think, what the birthplace of dawn is really don't put. People have the tendency of losing sight of what happened between allowing happening. This was because all justice has gone on in the world. Yes, I get like people understand about. The flag has led to the anthem as everything do, black people losing their lives. I mean he's deftly being black Box by the end of its not bid and that's why I'm in Lisbon of Disease back on our common cabinet to get a job, because I know he'll use that money to put back in our communities, but when the car cabin and gives a job and innovation that isn't the issue. The issue the injustice that he has been protesting against the whites of demeanour, partly that's gonna, does way longer garlic happening not having a job in another hour. I thank you for your call, eight hundred The five one and five one would taken you calls. What do you think it a protest yesterday? Call us up right
the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club with taking your calls, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. What do you think of the protest yesterday, of course, the NFL Nfl Game yesterday lot of people throat people were mad at people were lacking arms and wanted to see more people. Take knees were taken. You calls eight hundred feet, the five one. Five one hour, Russell Simmons had something to say he put it out on Twitter. What did he say? He is lacking. I'm staying the lack room, hiding it for bitches, I'm sorry, I'm so upset Debbie's. He have so. We know our black lives matter. I regret my choice of words, but a coach coming and saying we don't want to be politicize is not supporting your brother. Are black lies. I absolutely agree. You don't wanna be politicize that money. We make no sense man, you cannot make the people at your protest. Uncomfortable you go, I beg of you are approaching. Protest or the weight of the whole point of protest, making deputed you're, protecting uncomfortable and of this without solidarity from the to play it yesterday, I mailed, but now
It is time to do the work and have the same solidarity when it comes to supporting each other on a financial financial level, because in a word to Jesse Financial Freedom is only oh well, let's go to the forum hello. This is a case What did you think it a protest yesterday, my opinion, I think another backbone away and when I get that their time you I'll make it up. They believe it, but I really think the matter. Cancer is much more than that. Came you a I can tell you privileges shown right now. Let me explain some new. My love colleague, cabinet kneeled cut of the injustices that I've met? African Americans are facing in his country the unarmed, the killing of unarmed black men in his country at the hands of the police. Many times we see police officers, you found not guilty parties he's heinous acts, so you probably We can understand what I mean. Encourage you to be a little bit more human and put your feet in somebody else's shoe sometime. I recognise the pain that other community
the feeling that our George another came. They met a finnish little finish. I guess I didn't like really now dragged back reason why there are new away. Kneeling on the earth, but I know that fire had boy, though not in agreement, I've been doing or what he had not been doing. Why not got back here for a long time without away had nothing to do your colleague cabinet originally kneeled because of the injustice that Americans are facing at the hands of Napoleon his country, like I say, I'm getting lost so Caitlin noted Caitlin said it has been thus cause she's looking at it now as okay. This is in protest up Donald Trump, but the troll. In any event, in eighty four, Nicole, Caitlin and calendar reason Kalen field like because when you watch these godlike trump, they never acknowledged would call and cabinet kneeled foreign of our fleet. They rank seem like that is being disrespectful to fly. They never in knowledge. What college governing newborn Fourthly, what you the unjust that african irregular facing a diameter Poli, but let us go to. We'll call hello this, along with some of you, were talking about
Relatives yesterday and interfere. What do you think you are bigger ball about with big thing you don't have banned like about that. You gotta get back earth that they got. People have died for the planet, you're gonna be in one respect. The you're gonna be united at one. We, the people by the people of Zimbabwe, Yogi Dogma, respect somewhat regional level, total police officers to respect black last today. Believe me. I don't know Europe back you're, a big guy down. Why do you come back to them as requested by a parliamentary question? Do you understand what I'm a company with new? And fourthly, black pepper police brutality? So what So why are you scream and respect the flag? You care about of a piece of cloth? More than a black life appeared, the people live in Amerika. That's what you mean like all I've matter, what you mean it in a black my lab at once. If, of course, no one has one simple question: if you walk down the street, you had a fire extinguisher right and you saw American
lag or find a black personal fly, which one would you up You know that you're going up, would you may reply If you can have you can say that, sir, if you can say that you would out the black person over the flag didn't have not them even argue about what we discuss and rain it only if all authority can. I ask you a question. You also know that people have the right to peacefully protests and express themselves boomed, but why worry for Opel is familiar with? The report is still KIA. Peaceful way to brand is not against the flag per se or a song, its villages. They represent a bring attention and bring to light something that you care about children, more macabre. You will you not. I get it What I mean is older people, but are we
We can do a man in his eyes ass. He was about having this conversation, man actually thinking it's alive, Morton. I care about a damn, flagged Charlemagne. We got talking in case. You want a complaint. Okay, we opened the former for people to give their opinions and appreciated calls does just so stinky so like us, while always have. You would have one question if you walk in industry- and you had about acting issue- and you saw me flying off line a blackboard and I'll find you could only put out one which would you too, if you even cause eight, I think about that. You Craig Ass, Craig of White, does, of course, we do, they showed to try to explain for people like Caitlin who had no idea what was going on and hopefully we can get through to a lot of people that might not what's going on in only seed, a certain way salute rat brother garlic governing atop, the colonists, we're gonna talk island. Exactly what I just said, and that is that colleagues have become out his beak soon and reasoning needs to come on his big soon, because people have gotten why he near reason inexact lilies is
We say we seen it. We see what the collar she had. No idea she noted was for this reason she totally forgotten and asked what happened in the messages be amiss is being lost, love allow want garland, get a job and innovative, but- not the reason he knew. Where do I go right? My right now, a boy got manifesto, say nothin with chemicals we wanted to get a job, is deep enough We gotta remember why garlic have been ignored and, fourthly, right all right well now now our rules on away that Africa the government of the way you. Yes, we are going to talk about tee I and tiny. So their divorce is off. That's how you were tiny had to say in response to our people, saying that they are
Chile back together, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, you belong in all forget next hour. Doktor ass will be joining us at all. Moves to breakfast Logan Luigi Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club of homelessness, all home with his clothes were daisy, did in any view a BBC. Last week any had some things to say about the presidency. He went, in the president's by name here's what he had to say about just how divisive everything is here.
Scam? Look at him like man is a joke. I can say with all due respect, what would our disrespect yeah they? I just think this you know is not a very sophisticated man is especially when it comes to the ideas of note into everyone's free. No one is very period, as does just as it is a fact. We link some kind away. So if you owe press a certain people, everyone's endanger were never will be freed, it there's always be. A community of people are going to present. The people cares, whereas adds ain't, he had to say, and this BBC interview, if I'm being no press, you This big mansion with all these four uncommon inside their desk gonna happiness.
How life is so on the on the just a practical level that just makes sense on a spiritual, comic level, if we all children of god- and we are all brothers and sisters- and at some point, if you are doing that too rub it in their can't less. That is also referred to We all combination of actual, not all, might not what people say things like Trump cards and division. You know a lot of mine that simply because the world is always gonna be divide is all it will be good and evil is all it would be right and wrong, just as some people are wearing it on your sleeve. Now I re now. These title has also announced the third annual benefit concert. That's gonna be happening on October, seventeen in Brooklyn at the Barclays and that's gonna benefit the victims of the recent. Jason from Hurricane Harvey Irma, Maria and also the earthquake that recently struck Mexico is also hosted by Andy. I'd seen as so, the official line up has not
Been revealed. Dagmar drop include above anymore. I found tiny anti. I their divorce is not happening, as of now they have caused off their divorce, so she wants to make it clear that that does not. In that they are one hundred percent back together. Now she tell this to Wendy Williams, I am still married, and I doubt if we go so she said she doesn't want false press stories to overshadow the intense of the interview that you did with Wendy, which is about ticket sales for escape Is that what was the purpose of her interview with Wendy Williams, but it turned into the whole thereabout together now they are living back together again, so I guess they're gonna see what's gonna happen to us. Doesn't I like to hear how pleased me both absolutely
all right now, Jennifer Lopez has announced yesterday she is donating one million dollars of her personal money to relief efforts for porter. We go after Hurricane Maria hits now, as she said that important so does need our help. Is it my cousins and I, in all of our family, still haven't been able to hear from all of our family over there? We are concerned for them and for everyone on the island. She said that she and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, are goin to garner support for Portugal caribbean relief efforts as well as a reasonable wriggled, EU asteroids or enamoured down Francais anything about border recall at all like not even a little bit sing it all out nothing right and I'm talking my guy crazy lyrics to he actually sent me a link, I'm going to post it for relief efforts at they are doing a rock steady for life, so I'll post that, for you, guys also has actually has a house. There he said he's. Not even sure of his house is still there right now and easy actually gonna be over there tomorrow to find out
he can do to help importer because they will keep you updated on. What's going on the porter legal as well, I write new couple alert, Scott Dizzy and Sofia, Richie hoodies scourges, Is Courtney Cardassians on those guards as refugees, Lionel Riches daughter she's only nineteen nineteen years old. He is there. No agreement on the court of auditors offer you write. Well, there you have it the kissing, passionately and these thirty five right he's. Thirty, four yeah! That's crazy! Conceive! Nineteen years early years yet had denied rumours that they were dating just back in May by now? It turns out that they are. Out nobody ever heard of the thirty four, your mangled due to maintain your woman, except for mentorship, raise her. I agree that scatterings. What do you talk to maintain your about it? I was gonna with guidance, man he's he's been off. Megan Ali's music references. Unama men about, namely Ali's TV, show that you can't even relate to at all
I want to talk to grow too. She was a regular dubious and she had no idea would know me with that kind of fella. You dated nineteen euro for a second of Minerva, dated amazing you how their possible, as we are you right now pass above all means there are you talking about. I don't mean recently Wayne was recently whereby of data. That may be new number. Why you just don't things out there like that, Maybe I'm wrong is cries, goodness gracious back. Now there is every weekend like wouldn't even come from our I well.
Mozilla YE, and that is your room, a report I was born and Don T Devil dog you today for Monday, Septimus. Twenty fifth goes to your celebrity. In chief Donald J Tromp, I could literally gift of God Donkey today every day. In fact, our producers to make a special donkey today, Intro, whenever I do give him donkey any day. Now, not o J They have the jackass had arguments, characters on toward it is. We can offer the NFL in NBA, less thought what the NBA on if current golden voice, their curry? When I say Golden deftly talking about the color of his skin a case of key areas be the color of dirty urine, but he's a stand of guy and went out.
The golden stay wars will be attending the White House and celebration of their NBA titles tested this not just be travelling to whose bombs the gray damning now not come into play. What you Donald done! I'd want. Allow me to play with negative influences. Like you. Ok, your house is on the block Ali adults. Would Saint tell the kids to stay away from Mr Trump Don't go to all men, Donna's house you go over there, you bought all want me to say well done replied on toward a guy did a white ass is considered a great honour for championship. Teen Steph, curry, had its aim, therefore, invitation is withdrawn. Donna. Do you think? I care. Did you tell me, I'm not invited after I told you I wasn't coming it. Wasn't it
who draw out at a girl, indiscreet and integral rejects them, and then cars it around until that you're not really anyway, as would Donald Trump did. Just half crazed have key that chick celebrity and chief Donald J at the guy trying to grab a bite of pom pom. Okay, Donald Trump is the guy who comes to the club and when you realize he can't get in because he can't afford to or because of the dress code, he starts hating on the club and the party carbon anyway, is work in it: girls in an unborn children. Their excuse me, Mr President, but I are you from outside of the club. You can't even get it now, as the Lebanon We have also had this to say about the NFL in players who had chosen to follow common companies lead in meal going in national anthem, the protests against the injustices that African Americans are facing at the hands of the police. Can he can we already had safely when you loved him? one of these ETA followers, when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch the veiled right now he's gotta be the white
level is Billy the questioner simply. We move away from feels about the protest that are going on in the NFL If you will walking down the street, would a fire extinguisher and you saw black whereas on fire near american flag or fine, you can only put out one which would you choose simple question. If you have the even think but the question. The problem is in the protests and internationally avenue problem. Is your own hated bigotry toward black people? Let me days em our job is uniting the birth of America any uniting the worth of America. I don't mind when people say dollar Europe is causing division, because life is always going to be division. We acknowledge, like what is divided before Trump. Our trump did was: make people be more open about it? Ok, I'm fine! I would rather know exactly where you stand, who has always gonna be good and evil is always gonna be rain. Wrong is always gonna, be God Satan and right now, all we are witnessing, is people picking sides and I'm fine with that, because good people of all walks of life naturally will gravity
what gravitate towards each other. And finally, we will all realise that we are all we need. Please give dominate. From the biggest the obvious, a resident death and some are you guys- are surely back the so when we come back to, he's all right. Thank you, for I don't get it. That when we come back doubt that will be joining us now. You know that's our resident death and some are you. Gotta show me back the so when we come back to us, is the breakfast One morning everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club, we gotta pursue guest In a building our resident dapper, some you guys this- is you only that rather than What about that night, believing that we show the Doktor Otto story of a ship? I remain who raised our stage yet again. Ok, you have me again to renew your daddy to bend over and above this he did. I hadda clinkers Kobe afterwards, Why were you two fingers directly jams lie? You also know that where there is a doctor's used to
it was a rattle exams is to get a second opinion matters because it feels band. I don't know if I will let you know my boy that if the coffee nowadays is you have to have a, but food can fix it. Bookkeepers I've read the book in ten years. I have seven, ties bestsellers, I love written box house by only to do, but I stopped right now I was doing the job is needed and I still am, but but I also realise that size advance much to so much new information about specific problems. They can t get treated with foods. There was the right time to put it together in a bucket. Years ago. We all knew fool is important, but we couldn't treated like a medicine when you open. Grocery store, you walk into a pharmacy right and that the activity for me, you got anything on camera big, but then all the main things you complain about fatigue I wanna give your food fringes for that for losing weight for feeling more energy for for not having pain the book and better all the things we currently struggle with, and then I thought I
what I can make a dual food plan and give the recipes that are where's the book. We don't have a darn. It we're getting you what I'm talking about Charlemagne it is not that I don't have the those created familiar tat best seller genetic engineering has been. Do you have that used by people come in other time and they asked me like we're. Gonna do. Should I get because I'm executor, I'm sick. I, like you come in and we have a cold remedy to them. But what it is is it changes people's whole lives like people have high blood pressure and they'll come to the Jews by and be like what should I be having because? And it really will
your whole language kingdom lay ample whose or introduce bar. When someone asked you for of some of her blood pressure. You give him two things probably give real vegetables which have potassium as opposed to salty, stop the? U lofty always get salt rising to brush potassium is the antidote to it and you give them real food which relaxing them, because it gently will do that in both those things have an effective pressure. So when you see when we talk about your juice bar human people, I thought I could not get used medications every man, you not treating gunshots what's with the juice bar, but but for chronic ailments. That plague is dated there for women when they go to a deeper period of the dead and the month right that when they re masturbation, these be vitamins help with p M ass, my own, when I think of Asia, that value True. If you have a problem, the make must be by MS biting fuzziness movies. It get you there.
Things. I know I'm about to go work out and no okay. This is a good one for me to get. You know that the revived gonna get myself together and I really don't ever get sick and I felt a party that is because, in my diet, foggy just usage must work at a good about the Cathy makes a difference, orange and figuring to of his mouth next year, a bucket of here now community what the hell's everybody even talking about it. What did you do you see the documentary gather show now, wouldn't I take it that the document written into food and what the hell is provocatively couple things? First of all, it does highlight that government is influenced quite a bit. It's by financial incentives from lobbyists in from people by their way into the graces. We have things like your food pyramids, which maybe get painted. They certainly stormy had been by manufacturers of things like milk and meat Aromatic S, milk and meat. I just want to have an objective honest that tell me what I spoke to do: charts, not ones that maybe
employees and its. It is interesting to hear the accusations can allow my couldn't outdated, but there are conditions about the fact that milk is a problem for kids and who should be eating other animals, milk or drinking rather, and that meat as it is a problem causing heart disease, and I do think that it's better, if you not eating meat, if you have heart disease but milk, so that the data milk is really mixed, you is very difficult to say that milk is bad for kids or for adults. Frankly button it, there are solid gold. You say it's a problem so used little left. Think ok, yeah! You do some articles saying good. Some are causing bad. It is true that a lot of the articles in his good were funded by industry, which makes you low concern Yahoo, but you re not fair to hammer type but Cathay. One thing: when: U S government provides tax incentives for foods. In this case, you're you're allowed to promote whole sectors of our food. You can promote meat or promote milk as an industry member and that some of our governments are at once
no. But if you have heart disease, you really want to get promoted the meat and maybe not when we know that the saturated pattern issue so we went on, I think, pull the gunman out is that we want to have decisions made by us an end, not information forced down our throats mean toward dump I do it when in fact, we not even sure with honesty offered one of you made to drive the eet meeting. New people really are making a cloned meat and they put on steroids in the chemicals into meat like we're. Making its way with digital they'll, kill him and still point I guess you know, and I've got to fight over this. I really do think the label Gm Foods, as you should now, if you don't care about it advocates to meet, I dont think that there's lotta hormones in him, but I do worry about the statute- is that which is at a very discernible problem in some places them a heart surgery. You have first hand, so I don't give a free passport
we're gonna send fair about all these things, but what I would do the shows year is deconstruct food. I wanna get under the hood of this. I've got the thread of the heads of the three biggest project in producing country, pray do produce Thyssen, and I thought that there was bone Evans, which is that much of the top by five point after that, hopefully yeah they saw that offers. I. What do you guys to be honest for this? First of all, is the coroner chicken is not a problem that one of the accusation, though, just made recently, and why should you like, though, God damn big? Now, as in the world is huge me, I'm gonna get shot, they grow twice ass, big inhabitants. How do you make that happen? That stated, I do think these guys are here in us there. We'll copies. I mentioned are making organic chicken know all that
the way they do. Love their factory farming practices, it'll dry prices down to a lot of stuff people get cheaper. So I think there's the innocent people voting with their pockets three times a day, and they don't once the stuff we would get a MAC increase, balloon expos yon that met makin she's, U staff artificial colouring it! These guys heard all the complaints of arms and America babe discharge using tumor again in spices that have yellow color soon as that of colouring yellow collars, because the coloring does cause me able changing some kids than rockets upper. Why bother vaguely nutritional value and makin tease anyway? What do you think you could make the recent moms you make back issues that should be respectful? Is that their needs? You don't have a lot of time. They will have a lot of money and the kids like this girl trifecta there, but you can make back and shoes with Burma squash with real cheese with it. Then you get it now that the macaroni girl, because because, like that right, an eruption put that in their that's a little help. Your version- it's not the worst and to give the kids or you can given that was withheld,
vegetables next to it, and I will come with a combination of aid and I want to be its dictator on food choices, but don't be a dollar trumbull foods, but I want people and now that the beast LATCH Initiative, a choice that the don't take much more time view maker, if you make your butter squash all over the weekend right Criminal, Frazier and just grab him out of the impasse in the pan. It'll take you to see him at a time, as bacon packages. We got more without two thousand. We come back, don't move. Is the breakfast locomotive warning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club we're talking a doctor as easier ye. Anybody in this are you dont personally, like of course people at a guy on who liked shaming heavy women. Salazar remains at a time like this. When I view one yes, I don't like women to be healthy. They at you he would be held there. You don't shave out there. There are people watching do shame women of him down. I don't know I like you would be healthier to AIDS. Has people to their fate
they're gonna die all kinds new article, I don't doubt has not got one way. Act like when your heavy, that's not a greater risk, so you think, because the only fact that put you at risk to fatten your belly if you got big thighs or bat wings that doesn't cost you He may lose date here and there, but who cares? You don't have a show that people are going to do that they might even allow bigger last way, and now they learn that journey. I tell his collar somebody that my actually discouraging for sure hurts them and also its nobody wants to be heavy bright if their heavy there's the couldn't most provocative. Idioms overhead was with women I really do like, and Algeria Rosa. I like a lot and on the show, she's illicit, I had been abused. The child. I didn't want to see my sexuality so for her was a protector mechanism. The Shi Ite fat Recover, but not every Genji, was speaking on behalf of a lot of women who do it. For that reason, little didn't wanna be seen through the hide now she's lost wish was great and I am a big fan of hers. I believe measures when she spoke out of some guy knows more common than that, and I think we need to respect the fact that people
the wherever their journey is but telling people that their heads when they should know it already is worse than we do a lot of women. Don't go a doktor. Could you go in there that away themselves? themselves, and the nurse goes she's to sixteen in enabling the waiting room turns around you should look more, cannot naked with yellow gown. I westerner right. Though, because they were, maybe you know as they already it as a cat? That's it they tearing with all these different livelier appointment about things that they can actually change. How must stop making excuses and go try to change people who suffer from depression is all it is not really. The lot decibels, medication that guy's my line with joy to people, warfare out, because the why my dear
you. Don't have to worry about why you're, but of course, is why not be adopted? Diagnosis, their heavies obvious historic as an example, the poop and our gut probably deter determines that the obesity in some people lived there you take rats. Massive amount of money of a food came out of food, but you put different bacteria in their guts. Guess what you get one summer, fat, some skinny. So it is a sperm. It be done right now in humans, we're thinking, then peoples thus poop upturned put in heavy people, see that makes a difference what yeah, because we had her poop. You outsource digestion, your poop doesn't does does that is made by bacteria in your gut digesting your food, so some people may have bacteria that naturally makes them thinner, said it putting their bacteria and serious and in rats it works in ruins and say it works. So it could This thing called Ackerman seo. It's a bacterium. May we eat that cranberries in which seems to help with infections and all and again it might be one of the reasons in everything up with calories
Look we may be able to change how you absorb your food and that I shall send differ messages. Your body no hold on the fat. So yes is too many calories, but questions why twenty cows that gotta figure out, and I had a big when it comes to messaging. Instead of giving will all of these reasons why they are fat? Give them reasons why it's it's it's good, not to be fair. I think they know why, I really tone the benefits of I I think the best thing to do is to make it easy for them to do the right thing if you make it easier for they'll, come along with you. So when I take away all the food you want to eat and don't give anything back, that's not helping you much. May I give you food you did you might love so much? You eat him every day and oh by the way, you'll get guinea eating them, work your better eating them that works and most people who you guys probably also have ass. Yet the station in shape the way you are you're, bikers who wouldn't really The workers are working at the work. Yet here we working in every dont think about it. Every minute of every day, I don't know you,
you want a maid and you get up in the morning. It was two glasses of stopping you off to work, and you think about that and I'm of automated about the Jim I gotta go to majority voting. Yes new automate certain stuff, I get a nose, an easy by sat down meeting your life for people overweight. They think they have to think every second at every minute, all kinds of acts that everything even the out every day and if, as their asses EP elections, there enable AIDS lay the reason why we did the Jews by was. Does he wanted something healthy, but you'll see a fight against by appearances by other leave your neighbor had in order to go find something? How can I wrote my bike from New York to monitor one year, parliament to deal with some friends and I hit queens and I went the entire way through queens abroad that I love, I didn't see. A fresh foods did right and I know that
Who stands there? I just a road that I took didn't happen had any at all a bedroom, see nobody right money bags either now or don't play outside no more as one of the problems to feel like it S. Four kids is a big issue and that's actually intended for twitter, with its one exception to the rule of activity, because you cannot exercise audible, be city, You lose weight based on eating better you keep your way down by exercising of kids are the exception. As you know, seven euros from can burn so many calories they can't put weight on and we, let them play we. I may play days for there's gotta be coordinated. You guys all know that you do not taking a beer for kids, dude friends house for twenty two play date when things at forty five minutes to get him there is not worth it. May I extend my kid whose parties other than Jersey is telling his glass I'd better, get back. Let's get out of the house to combat those dark. We can only get thereby we appreciate you for joining us. As always our resident doctor in yours. To back the risk for can fix it pick it up. Systemic many thanks, you ve got room was on away. Yes, we're gonna be taken about somebody who is saying
by to her career as a performer, because she wants to concentrate on her and save her marriage. The breakfast voting, everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club, thus gives enormous, has taught us the report on the breakfast club, where the male accuse him, who is ended as your exposed him to her bees as saying that the two of them had sex and a career towns. Bat and allay, now. You are for the challenge, then, with s explanation, and the other women. One of the other women who is also filing document says that she has not devils your identity, but she said she did get Herpes from our share and she said her twins were still born as a result of that Herpes
so she said that is a direct candle. Well well. Well. Well, well, well, well, well, well, each other before still born of herbs and know that load at ease judges that it is a direct consequence of giving birth while infected with Herpes neighbours eyes. Data does not true without just would like to know more information on that subject. You babies born still Wonka the Hermes. This is as her out. Jason's, I don't know, I don't know it's a fact that that can happen to you, though I want to see the guide at accuse us of universities. I really do want to seem to afforded each out, I'm really them really serious about it. I not say my Braxton is going through. Our fifth and final album bluebird of happiness and that's coming out September, twenty nine for more viable. This is, to be her last album. Now she is going to continue to rise songs by the artist, but she said: that there has been some issues with her marriage just because of her pursuing career. She said my husband and I worked very close together. It's really
I do know. Not only did we worked together, he's my baby, daddy and we ve been together forever he's my best friend. It's a lot of things to discuss and argue about. She said she focused on a career, over the last several years, and sometimes at her, is far behind in her priorities. You had this it s. My job will ruin. I know mom, that's my home. I always want to keep my home a sanctuary and somewhere, safe I just for me, but for my husband and my kid will bring, The music idle if I'm like a common ground between doing music and being right, they both in this chamber this where she s down any songs, bad people. So maybe she just feels like she doesn't want to have to put our albums and her own and go Andorra and support those album road, but she still gonna be in the business just not in that same way and they invest a decision that she wants to do more power to her. I rang Ferrucci was on Wednesday and she talked about it just her body, because you small, as you haven't, had any enhancements had anything done, but she has been tempted. Here's what she said.
Little US booty Anna. I posted back as it was the season finale of clause. So one instead of a low tease. You now and I got a lotta backlash for it, Are you going to cave in now? I have thought about getting my boobs done, which I'm not going to do, because you know I have a young female audience men, I wonder we lay a message to embrace yourself, then also it's like you put all this stuff into your body. You don't know how you bodies gonorrhea. Color, Mario Fine, just away, she is karate. You cannot tell people to embrace this of you. Surgery and still embrasure so was he said ass? He might have been met terror younger audience, though we're ok as we are, you dont have to enhance yourself, which is why she's not going through, but she is also concerned about how your body will react to things in it is always a risk when you have a kind of surgery. So if she felt like that's not what she wants to Somebody wants to get surgery, I should be fine to it, but ass
oh she's, encouraging people not necessarily, though we see so many celebrities that are doing it in these girls are following self sufficient somebody does not do and insane it's ok. I don't like that. Right is both ways. You can do what you wanted to which a body, but you don't have to live up to this ideal, that people put out there and given to that press to have a blow with Ivy Oda. Boss There is, though, you have you don't want to get in. You have you do when you give. You will find out commercial handling by many cases where she was things when those pictures came out of her with her elbow booty picture is people where it sees it. Making fun of her. Because of an saying, oh you get this done. You should get that done. Is he saying like caving in to that Israel still put it on a new born you and you bought job on our own candle recruits Laura. I write NASCAR own Where are they when it comes to this whole, take a knee anthem protests. Well, it turns out that according to certain owners in that car. They said anybody now. This is Richard petty
who owns richer, petty, most parties, that anyone who refuses to stand for the national anthem should be forced to leave their countries at anybody that don't stand up for the anthem ought to be. The country period, while got him whether at the United States now another honor which, until just at any protests from the sea members, would to arrive on a greyhound bus. He said so many people, lies for it, this is America now. Here is what down a chump had to take us just an hour ago. He responded soon as cars remarks. Said so proud of NASCAR and its supporters in fans. They won't put up a disrespecting. Our country are our flag it loud and clear. Many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday, which was a small percentage of total. These are fans who demands that for our flag. The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with. Race is about respect for our country, flag and national anthem, and if must respect this, crazies as it has nothing to do with race, but he's very supportive of white supremacist being able to voice their opinion and expand
themselves, but as soon as certain people went to protest, the injustices against black people in this we, then it's a problem or does the problem is what I'm insane? People have forgotten, A common was kneeling in the first place. We have to get everybody back. Our message like this shouldn't be a protest against the NFL. Should protests against the injustices, black, brown people face in this country, especially at the hands of the police. That is the reason. Colin kneel in the first place we had the young lady called in this morning. You, don't even know why they will broaden GINO closure, no clothes. You can log aims, ok for some people to express themselves and for other people they shouldn't be allowed to adjust, sounds ridiculous array, and last but not least, as do something fun erika bad. Do I go lax and have a challenge going on depending on They you, like cats, are you like penis, you can picking, your previous. I write check it out.
Came a reopen rotten, reaffirming how they dared not powerful mental publicly called does not. For my wife cover about his work would have asked for a pretty penny. Seventeen may share you listen to the uncensored version of what you would do for you, penis or further vagina. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report,
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