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Monday 1/30 - Today on the show there was one thing that was trolling peoples minds and that was the executive order Trump signed to keep muslims out of the U.S, better known as the "travel ban" so you know we had to have listeners call up comment on it. And of course Charlamagne gave his daily Donkey of the Day, to no other than the person who is responsible for all this uproar President Donald J. Trump.

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Even so there s a most dangerous morning brought his big day in everybody's, isn't happening to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way. The breakfast rabbi, you use a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Good Morning Angel De Mining designed Charlemagne galleries did of ladders. My lads right back to the work week. Yes, very lively, weaken, there's a man this. What we do know Joe
minutes. Graecia gives every Saturday regarding protest. Let me read protein resided every Saturday that job this does trump inside that executive order that we can have authority would have put on protest at him. Now, it seems like couldn't as long as even president weeds right away these days. It is intended. He hasn't whenever the twentieth has been ten days in playing. So in ten days we ve had to protest them to set. Even a rope, middlemen, the woman's. What was the woman's more for those kind of old from protests wrote it wasn't meant to be a protest, that's not how they were pushing it, but some people hard as part of a protest. It was my women coming together and you yeah, look up, but this additive absolutely protest and the ban on movement everywhere. It's everywhere in Liberia. It's not a ban on Muslims is a muslim ban was delivered.
Love it bell of that affect people's been ban on a monthly basis, it's not a muslim ban, the ban on Muslims Delta like I'm in a movie or bad movie, is something new and at all, as what is going on. This doesn't even seem real. Doesn't it Over the weekend, Angela, you know out in Orlando, for our probable shall to our station out their wonderful five. The beat troubling glued bombs, one of our land, on which we have had a great time at there's headaches, and I got player, entered a discharge It is a good time to wait. It out, I owe you a delay right now, revelations about whether the land was about forty five degrees. It was freezing, it wasn't too nice, but we still have all had other. It was freezing in the land of wasn't eyes and k envy without freezing very freely geomantic. Call for our landowners. Usually, not freedom is a lot less than sixty. Our guard coming back from market even though the web anymore, I'm telling you mouths and we're gonna came the clouded world change,
I will now be able to go, and I am glad that the world has aged. Ok, you argue dogma job in the White House, no mechanical, not the gravity world single blame everything, Marconi Mccone Continent- that Chocolate Blackie already recorded grabbed here that the diamond S age, allegedly world, aim in the same sense organs. Let's get to show cracker front page. What we talked about. You I mean: what else can we talk about what we talking about Donald Trump and his travel ban on seven, a muslim majority nations will discuss with that mean for you and other protest undergoing lines nodded his head is not a travel ban on Muslims is a ban for Muslims. Travellers are being carried out it's all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast Club everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club back to work we good morning a bell has given some front page.
Over we weekend with the problem that every anybody watch, absolutely not get on the words of the emperor. So I know we were in Ireland for the probable. What exactly is the problem of kind of, like the also gave me your best, please, the dog Abraham? Is. Nobody really cares. I didn't you know any ways Nobody is going to mean players can't really play hard as they want to get injured if they get injured than a lose their money. So it's gonna lose, like the funds there is actually no reason for us to have an extra game and Anna fell after you, ve played sixteen seasons. Are sixteen games seventeen games whatever it is, it should be more of a skilled. Competition in no wise, but nothing anybody care No, I will not talk about troop may, I believe in order to start so, there's travel ban happened over the weekend and affected a lot of people that work traveling to some people were in the air on their way to the United States and then got here, and that I did they
background. I get back on the plane and learn about in the countries that this was an old man. Artful is on seven muslim majority nations. Asean someday they're gonna jump had been saying that we plan to do when he became president, and he definitely is doing it. Now I tell you some of the effects of this. The ACL you wrapped up twenty four million dollars and donations as the American Civil Liberties Union. They now normally get donations about one million dollars a year on thy another guy twenty four million in one week in that's how many people are now supporting the american Civil Civil Liberties Union now download chums travel ban. Here are some things that you need to know. I read: a lot of people have been proud nothing at the airport. So if you're traveling- and I know you guys- are traveling today, I would just recommend that you give yourself some extra time is a lot of chaos in the airport. Now, there's a hundred and twenty days, where am I from these nations are not allowed to come into the country. That's area
and I rag Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen in Somalia and listen- all I know is: is it legal? Nobody knows for short is the downstream legally seemed very unconstitutional very and it seems that they are so don't know. What's going on a foreign leaders from around the world have issues with. As the prime Minister of the UK said, we do not agree with this kind of approach. In Germany they called Donald Trump and said that they have their obligated to accept refugees under the Geneva. Can engines in London. They are saying that this ban is shameful and cruel and income. The Prime minister tweeted out that refugees are welcome in Canada, though I'm confused, I delete my Ober or not go. They said all the way. That supporting or supporting and lip was without a racket. I haven't been on social media. We get. I didn't miss. The whole thing must go over this morning. I wonder what overnight overdrive. It would be a so nice and I he was
nice you took. My bags was talking to me all politely kept trying to talk to me on the ride. Like a beautiful data, be it a city yeah. I ask of We do know over. So this I started at the airport at J F K. There were two Iraqis, there were detained at the airport and doesn't seem later, but they should have been detained at all, because the other issue is that people they had their proper work, he's as or visas to be in the United States are being allowed in and that's not who had supposed to effect. So they actually had a whole thing. Where are the taxi workers alliance? Came together, they said that they were not going to be doing any pick. Ups from the air pour for a certain amount of time and offer instead of going along with his whole ban, then decided to go ahead and get rid of surge price in that people know we are available, we're picking up. You know, there'll, be no serried there is a delay. That's because there is a lot of demand. Far cars right now are going to continue to operate, even though the taxi workers alliance,
our complete staff over ceramic, their brain out authority. When it comes to light the Troll administration announced in our so called Christians country people awaited they treat people again everything you need to know as far as human relationships and how to deal with human. You learn agenda, God do the others, as you would have them do. Unto you treat people the way you want to be treated it like a true character of a purse. I pay tribute, can do anything for him in all the leaders, rich power. Be in the White House, a treat. Nepal is this way simply because they can't la yes alot of people who decided to delete Ober and left in response to what has been going. Ah Madonna Champ and this muslim man. They said that they are going to do. Nay one million dollars to the ACL you over the next four years. Noble come back a soothing and only an airy million lire came back and said that they are going to donate money and that's not what they men, blah blah blah. They said: they're gonna, Compton, Saint Drivers, who are impacting by the ban and drivers who are stuck overseas and they said there now standing up for. What's right,
looks like it says. The reaction to the backlash yet is news. It is all of this is just so new to me. I was trying to five minutes thorkel contacts all over the weekend division. We caught a dead letter of some type of banned like this before people say, and President Obama Data is asking questions he said Obama's had to do with, travel to America, not origin from, so our trump is banning Muslims majority muslim countries. President Obama said: if you visit randomly you on a list I don't even know it on me where I think they're my President Barack Obama, what happened where there's a reaction to something that happened with some people, some terrorist they had identified so which is more of a process, but it was never a ban. I think for John a chump is not a reaction to anything. He just decided to do this ban on these. You know these countries and for no no reason is a reaction to soluble. If something happened like these, two men got arrested and they were terrorists and arbitrary, much
but trumps aid, a reaction that things that have happened over the call over the years. But my old thing it is really a threat there really a threat. Let me know when you look at it Was there come from muslim countries? One of the latin American been attacked and, as I said, the other issues it is us abandon people that I leave only allowed to be in this. Aren't you they had their proper visas Evan There is no issues they ve been and still there now allowed to come students, imagine you're a student, that's coming here to study abroad and Europe coming back to school, and now you can't, even You were right. I will talk about us more later, as one in Osaka usable charm. It is more than our. I don't know I haven't. You can use a lift I usually tell him: are you mad eight hundred five, eight, five one and five one if you're upset you need event, call us right now, maybe at a bad week in a bad night, whatever before my eyes, wide open, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us now. It's the breakfast club come on the breakfast club.
We're gonna get rabbits. Eighty one day, while yoga girl you ve, got a little. I bought up. Allow third night, like four girls gone off like I'm, aided, applaud that and not try to tell me why you why you met on purpose global, real Yoda Pablo. Remember you got the cope. Prices would allow Barbara Matera, call a matter great because her Angela say don't use. We usually I'm a full time job. So without me, my brain, you know what else to a unilateral overdrive was muddle similar the more we gotta, but they re Duffy abrogated in everything else. Who knows about an American? We are right now, but you have to feel a little crazy about Ober, going ahead in everybody's, coming together, the taxi work as alliance come and against Donald Trump and this ban, and instead says: hey is a little bit of a delay. We're gonna have any search pricing and they do not participate sound.
Their workers over sent me a message, basically fair, that you know we were for helping people get together and try to know what he thought the bunch a backlash he wasn't before that right allows. This girl is a triumph for the third pillar, where you met or given upper over situation. Why? That's not what I do want to? We can learn from them. Then reach over counting, often as dipping into my pocket, if only a minor role, jobs more man, he continued challenge you to have made an overdrive. It was so nice this morning on behind is, would you very wise and then he came in two minutes, so no seven action with every tetlow who this also with good number one it would seem so am I met your lack of this girl told all the way for perhaps a little too late, and nobody knows,
What I like you too late in the bed. The well did you call her wouldn't leave and I call it off. Those who play what was it Maybe you can then cut off your credibility, modular curling Asia be showing what he had said. Kindly would I usually saved yourself. I listening Maybe malaria? why nobody Larry We re not only the moment, like a guy, like no one may say the rat Bobby Are you sure like Ireland is gonna Teddy Bear Brown allows, is from do or do tell him. I met out what's in their working right, just enough attacks by now, you'll talk about be they ever. You call him a cop, a poem, he's loudly, I followed by the other element. I call him a cobbler Poli, but I wouldn t do for risk weighting that wearing autumn a cop. I didn't really,
not at all. I know is that I'm so he never called you a cup go out the idea. The autonomy taken, nothing guy out of tat, every my guy do away. If we have over two thirds of the like that, I would have out of contact the Czech Emily Deny has my hat. Now is not of. If not of alternative factor is the fact that the police officer there goes wrong and I need the police. I client Nando Debbie, Dj Doppler frisk mad at his retail gave located you do what you do. What does it say? Please opposite yoga, envies ACT if you still our duty rates for ever has in a way around right now. Is that when I was there ever pistol right now, but our right tell them you may eighty five, eighty five one five one of your of such an event call us now is to breakfast logo the breakfast club blast thou about A trumpet is ban, and I will say it like is- is banned even necessary, because
Since nine eleven, a m home, grown white supremacist and in similar ass grim is right. Here have killed more Americans in the in the? U S and danger threatened all islamic consumer. Mr that's why they like a ban even necessary lightwood with was to thread much I mean not a thing. Would, though, this islamic terrorist attacks, one is Many as we saw with nine eleven. If you can prevent that one happening. Do it, but I I don't. I don't get- was happening right now in America at all around we got room is unaware YE, I, yes, we are going to take. I was watching this disturbing video will tell you what happened with this actress, who says that she was drunk and they have video of what she was acting like after also speaking of acting will talk about the sack words and some things that happen there. A lot of actors taken a stand, though, right all our immoral Cuba lots to breakfast cloak more the breakfast club.
Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club the morning back to work week. Now, let's get to the aromas was talk being date rate. Why this is the route towards annually on the breakfast initiatives it almost yeah well, is that nobody was date, rape, forbade we're talking about me should by actors in she reveal that she was dragged. She was celebrating had thirty first birthday and she ended up being hospitalized. They actually have video of what she was looking like before. She went to the hospital check it out. God it's over. I feel it and it angry. Oh, my god, I always knew it. I knew it
wow you're angry. All I really oh, owe I'll be yeah, so put some pompous Slip Durham, Oliver Browser he was actually outside when somebody film this and she says that someone gave her J B. She was out on Wednesday night. You said on the evening of twenty fifth, I went out with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday while having drinks I realise that something was not right, as my behavior was becoming erratic and continued to intensify over the next several hours I've voluntarily went to get professional help. I was informed by the staff that I have been given. G h, be after an overnight stay. I am home and doing well well. She said I would like to extend a big things, a gratitude to the professionals in the hospital, and this is a lesson all young women out there be aware of your surrounding- was early jurisprudential again as a gateway, jug present, they put it in your drank when you're, not looking flavourless, you can't tell you can't smell
nothing, but you know how it happened. Somebody bar her drink or does this? Was you just know she was our friends in that's. Why there's a ladder rules you have to follow like us by they always say: if somebody up to buy you a drink dont, let them go, get they drink and bring it. You used at the bar order, it yourself and take it from the bartender. You never leave your drink. On its end, it is the latter roses because you never know what can happen. So that is a lesson of Burmese. Your born girls or birthdays appeal wrote those used in return she'd been Doin, Jim and drank, and smoking weed some rights. How gaining that she was there. Friends and was able to recognise something was wrong and go to the hospital. But you know that's. It is I'm sure she's embarrassed video footage is now out and about of her out of. I am basically good anyway words, new write anything could happen. I write crisp. In the meantime is no longer letting his friends DR his cars. Now we told you last week about his father thousand dollar Lambeau that was left. Crashed at What a canyon new as the accident! No other cries were involved. Calves, don't know who was begun
the well by Chris Brown does know, and he is of course very angry has. And doesn't have anything and took his car crashed. It left it at the scene of the accident. Now the friendly saying that he was not under the influence he just lost control of the car. We don't ochreous Brown believes that, but in the meantime, he's telling us friends that usually have permission to drive, has caused get em keys back, ok nobody's without a job. Eyes anymore? If you want to do anything wrong, I would you leave the car like all day. I admire me till I was you know: I've only you're Tellin, you ve just lose contributed law control stay there to see whether the Nepalese come off fulfilled our report. He was drunk. He was high erect a car. You got the hell out of here. You probably have my if I ever Lamborghini. Nobody is jiving that car ok, we're Chris got a couple of no critical about five other business friends a number for islamic or so are we friends, no, I mean, if you know, if you know how to drive on the outcome of the eyes, and I know how to drive when I made my friend rob no card as all. Why haven't dynamic, lamborghinis gauze timeframe,
didn't violent if India is no way in Hell, I'm lens of my right arm airline, nobody JAMA, eighty thousand dollar car, ok, on my twenty four hours, democratic oversight over promoting drug you can draw our guy. You could write a maximum. I leave down one as in our somebody over our lift, wherever they gotta go form part about at ease. It included the cause you dreamed about as a kid that manage a good argument about the key European you and your friendly. We all is yet to come to you, and I mean all of you for it to try and asking for a phantom. What have we got death, Alec Spirit, kindness. I see friends, jiving guy you I have you got rouses that wasn't I was wrong. I can afford them right now c mon cylinder, macaws auditor. No, I don't.
Really does anything I take whatever don't don't you describe. Travel include mob, everybody, so charitable says they just kind just cause. You got ensures the Vidal needed Jack. I may tell you you're the just deal when it because they just cause. I gotta shoes, that's an assurance. Erin let's talk about this saga. Words Ashton. Culture set. The tone he opened a show and here's what he's that the muslim Ban that President Tramp has put into place good evening, fellow sag, after a numbers and everyone at home and everyone in air, ports, that by law in my America are a part of the fabric of who we are, and we love you and we welcome you has right after you rob you immigrants, I've dammit heavily on Jan Legend, so had something to say before he introduce allow land hears what he said at the produces Gilda words: Northern Poland,
directly to the president. We reject vision has to be better than that. Our delegation, an executive order that nobody to watch LAO gambler. I've seen it, but it did seem, uniting liner seems like something I wouldn't like. I'm so tired hand about labelling winners who you ok. What do we have less listen. What I've learned from working on moonlight? We see what happened when persecute they followed into themselves and what I was so grateful about in Heaven. Opportunity to play. One was playing a gentleman.
Saw young man folding into himself as a result of the persecution of the community and taken the opportunity to uplift him and tell him that he mattered that he was ok and accept him, and I hope that do a better job at a great rate method: opera That was my highly. He went outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role for his role in the moonlight. He said, like seven cents, I can clear both displayed again lifted the twins evident what I've learned from work in a moonlight. We see what happened when persecute their food into themselves and what I was so grateful about and have an opportunity to play.
Was playing a gentleman who saw young man folding into himself as a result of the persecution of the community and taken the opportunity to uplift him and tell him that he mattered that he was ok and accept him. And I hope that we do a better job was nervous man. That was a beautiful moving speech and it was very personal for him because he ass he converted to Islam, and it was difficult for me to tell his family and after La Maleagans stole my muslim brothers. This is what I am been talking about data chums ban all morning and just to update you guys. Starbucks actually is going to be giving our job to a number of people that have been banned and number of refugees. So they said they are going to do that. In addition to that air Bambi, offering free housing to travellers who are impacted by the immigration band. As well. When you go to school books, nasty, would you name is say Allah up for you right, dynamic
and when you call me a bit of time you laughing Mohammed anyway, that is you, a rumour report manually. Our I thank your monsieur and next is front page would say about Donald Trump. His bands and all that I'd want to everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news now this week it was the probable I didn't see it. We were Billy out their working. But what's the problem see the skills events. I really can't see anything I think dodgeball competition. They add- and I was kind of confusion as a kind of several plays an improbable kindness is also game. So the best paid either in the area and receivers ABC Several when needed I don't know if I do not support the report, and I know who that is one of its own people. It would all well out of it. There are no damn probable nobody on borders with NATO by thinking about no damn probable, only what it was
Don't even think was on a k whenever it is spent only ball people care about. As we give the so ball and abolish zero today, even smaller, whereas it well. Let's talk about Donald Trump right down a chamber even talking about this. Everybody has been talking about this. Protesting all we again, chum, sign and executive order. Borrowing people from seven seven different places from coming to the United States, and now there's a class action lawsuit because he's saying that refugees are allowed to come here and it's gonna take place for the next ninety days and as from seven predominantly muslim countries, the court has decided that people who are stuck in. They ve been detained and other activists groups. They found the class action lawsuit, and that is because, as illegal they said in nineteen sixty five years, a law that ban discrimination and immigration based on national origin, and these people are coming here. They should not be discriminated against so spent a mess at the airport. We love and being sent back home people
they have. These is their visas, I'm being honoured, so we'll see what happens, but there's a lot of lawsuits right now and I thought is on. The news is a lad of lawyers in the airport that are working to help people That is a maiden at all about now. To me that a media can still fear and people the way to act, and you would think Muslim experimental blown people up in America every day, but since nine eleven home on white supremacist have killed more Americans in the in the. U S in islamic terrorism You can prevent another. Nine eleven by all means do it, but it seems that if you're going to save eyes and establish grimace medium he's not in our own back yard. The haglund out and reboot immigrants derives from one religious group absent damage and has called for a total, incomplete, shut down of Muslims entering the United States or celebrity achieve Donald Trump keeping promises dammit now, what did not a muslim day? No one aboard the brain Muslims, not a Muslim, and if the ban on Muslims you remembered it would have a little were left. I was confused with overly was going over there I saw what happened is that there was that the taxi alive?
and they came together and they said that they're not gonna be picking up. Any passenger is basically coming together if anybody from the airport, as a protest to what's going on with Donald Trump is doing. Everybody has joined this ban, except for Ober Goober, actually got rid of surge price Instead, they might be a delay and as coming to pick you up, but they did not participate in this, so Basically, what happened now lived has donated a million dollars over the next four years to the american civil liberties in August Ripley wide there without give, for nobody. Is people stuck at the airport bright, regular every? people are trying to get home, chidden they want to write a man to stand did did the ban, which it would have always looking for those people who have always saying I wanna go Those motions we only for one hour before now under which a foreigner wasn t, but they need a good and, if thou it at one ill, but you saying see natives level, we can make some bread of this fund. As that is the way that people have often times. I show that they are protesting, something
Good morning remedies nettle withdrawal is so now you may now. I know why don't you help me with my back rarely hurry. You would be so nice to me. Talking Mihail out right no one of its own shut, the hell up, I'm nap, I'm away in the word what he was doing, such a beautiful day in a city to day my death allowed body you to set my goodness our right well as front page news that when we come back, eight Audrey, five hundred eighty five one o five one. Now we all heard the Chris Brown story, let his friend hold his Lamborghini five hundred thousand Lamborghini his friend allegedly lost control and erected total the car, so we ask and eight hundred the five one off. I won't have you ever. Let your friend borrow your car and it went back. Not all of us, who drive me several times. Yes, vote for people It happens you're a month ago, eagles. You know. Yes, you elected you for an odious. Irregular carbon maybe even depends all different days. You gotta know your friends
from him and that's a good way to not have a friend anymore. I let them borrow your car and they bring it back in. Something is messed up right again accident or they don't tell you only the accident. You can really be tumor novice his have you a drink in the alliance here, but I tell you that happened to me what you know. I don't necessarily care will find out what happened we ye will we combat like here now I mean if, if you're my friend, that means you know where I live in your my home and you wanna say you'll want to take the car in a bar to conceal what are they gonna agony and they can avoid even pay adaptable to get a failing to audit dj and remain untitled. Ask us an obstinate thinking about it, and we look at the end, driving cars, not an I'm thinking about the answer. They ll drop of blood and plasma call. I have never said, be careful. It's a half a million dollar phantoms and discreet like they HANS, is ensure you have a car, you gotta enjoy com. One of those people are by somebody's gonna, look at it now have by, and I were caught a bust. My as our open
only when it when you wanted, if you would only a good clothes when all regions the umbrella grow it have, men are still got good, close feel even a classical value. Damn right, I got class is where the obvious genes in the OJ we are. I came out of it dawn. Waxy has dawned. Is nice people any all day a week? You know what I didn't know. You were you're good clothes in the autumn day after day person, you are a juvenile slow motion morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club ravages, join us we're talking about what happened Chris Brown AIR. He owned a Lamborghini events adores about a found now a vehicle far away in his friend, totalled it allegedly lost control and now to come. Absolutely positively card, so I ask and do you let your friends borrow your car and if you have was there ever a problem now you you got a little problem I would like a month ago, two months, a couple of issues when time unless somebody home my car, while I was at a town and apple
and ended up getting into an accident. That was pretty bad hats, but my car in a shop they could not pay them. Doktor boss. I ended up having to pay and I really don't talk to that person. So much I don't think it really depends on what kind of car you got. I don't have half a million dollars. It's not even about that. It's about! Okay! You messed up my car. You were driving it. You asked to use it now. You pay today, now Yo Yo, YO, Yo Devilish, debated that whatever you do, don't tell me, you can pay and then just recently went to my friend while we had powerhouse concert in New York. They way. Diamond, I try to get to the concept of that's cool, because I was running late and they got by somebody? Has now wasn't really mad about that? I'm fine! I'm happy. Did they were ok, but I still gotta get it. Take care of you for in fine answer situation as a prime example, because you let you for an old you gotta get into it again to erect and ninety campaigns that look. They got no break near. I mean in its nest s m the main thing, but you know a lot of my friends are no data can afford the vehicle, but if they want to drive it only want to go out with a girl or whatever may
I don't have a promise run down in these fleda cars. Would you guiding the you gotta goes? You got a phantom, you gotta put two guys you gotta catheters, Only goes you got. Climber without you got now my message to what others You gotta, learn sewage who Islam orders slyly marriage you got was a snow. Had a rafe, you got a raft. Does the same goal is the same Bring me everyone else. You know, I'm not telling you eight hundred five, a firewall or five one hello, this for a while, so popular man has gone up again, Man was ordered, his boy was goin out. Now you have a borrow your car accord.
But an aircraft by Laval, Bobo, gardener guy, you got out while we're gonna call. You call me a cigarette other work programme. The cigarette of course you'd. Let you for all the Newport car that DR regular cause don't count in this situation to resign. Allow me to list them when I am also going to kill me anytime anything. We want that. You know what I went through to get it fixed you now, Spencer. That is one point you feel like I'm eyes. What is by nuclear does not have to pay, but not for never. Would I have my nineteen eighty six other core light blue. I would I would never let nobody Babo Communism LAD. Knocking allow me now. Did you filthy rich? You lie here. I am far from field to work hard at work. I won't even notice is now working, but now I know I have a another option allows this. I run
I'm calling from Maryland Maryland help me rod, help help me wrong. Do you like that you're? Yet I did and I think a lot of women do this. I let my boy, far like last year. I was at work ass. He told my plans for us into a tree in the neighborhood menu. Let the theme and call the police I gotta be felt guilty and pull them there. I was driving before me. Yeah and you ain't. Take that's a large room. That's why you think now. Are you not? You know rather die now, absolutely not smile. You keep my parents happy, though, that what the first and last time any boyfriend pointed out you and I don't a five one, o five one. Would you let your friend borrow your car and, if you have do you have whores
or is callers right now is to breakfast locomotive you liked about easy and these kind college right now we are to be worth something that was Drake would fake love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Now we're ask an eight hundred five, a fire. What oh five one do you let your friends borrow your car that it came at a Chris Brown. He had a five hundred thousand dollar Lamborghini events. In order to do this, the level with the doors going up here likes fobs, The only way, I'm letting somebody bomb or following two thousand dollar Kai, the vine noted they can afford a five that when thousand dollars card, meaning that they drive is gone. Something happens to it, they can afford to pay, did that the Bologna insurance by vehicle, that whatever is about, go up national, go up. If you getting at Romania, it happens, immunity is what it is. If not is what it is. I think that's our drive to tat
who catalogs align ever seen a truck contain with two hundred and fifty thousand miles on ad is allow hokey. Anybody can drive that you could write a noble cause. I don't even want to just somebody s his car. Just in case something happens. I got wanted them cause that only I can drive anyway. That's the beauty of you know, haven't a ghetto car went and got it. You gotta hit to dive in two thousand and tapped and rubbed dashboard words. Thought I mean if you for anyone who out I, how believe you, Emily Bobby. I would draw everyone In brief, I have a million dollar vehicles. Yes, at the end of the year, and my words, what call you let you drive? It was the jeep summit. I may have no doors, we got hot, a jeep,
Da Vinci ringlets nine years, I'm saying without broke the God now asking about you, let your friends boy, you can manage. Amr keep him out of it. The day were tabulate I'll. Ever all girl all require you to work by german Aqaba. Eight year life all car bomb. They don't want everybody laughed a little over all call. One time I get a phone call within a minute. I got into an accurate travelling used, was rated, go open, a door rent a car in an agreement. Put pressure upon it like nothing happened, oh yes or no to it are now the programme with a man who did you stay with her logic? They would have to direct, ah let their around two thousand and thirteen, and I thought,
where about without oak. Ok, while someone, let's be clear, I did toto my Ex boyfriend Kinshasa and, simply goodness gracious the answer in a sea of right. I definite answer you you draw. What am I vehicles before? I think we'll call was our nay we on our main anti and share to that, let you drive a car, but you don't even know you may say I don't buy it now. What caused it I'll? Let you drive the rolls Royce. Z, How long are you he had to placate Russia, which has even workers, do not work? You were, as I would like to bring to keep out. We don't write air sea and I can see by that kind of go some way right after our notion of you. That said the only certainty I need you to make better life choices that next time you get all that I found his driver to Jersey. Ok, give it to the Africans. You'll make you'll make about twenty thirty thousand dollars, my goodness, ok out our nervous thou like located, but
on the wider issue alone all learn way. People learn, along with whose is it shall be paid, shows you have a little friend drive your car more UK. I get dollar six inch. I let her we're out my car to go to the store that were set in the living room with their family. What are they suddenly here? This loud noise? No one she drove my card through her driveway through the wall in the garage Nor can be that big. The judge. What's that I'd pay back together, but requires not back, is ass to your friend, kindness, you're cool, my goodness. We're gonna call one children's unless they must in all right? My argue there was the moral of the story is embedded in me.
The moral of the story is friends, no led friends, DR half a million dollar cause. You know why? Because I want you to still be my friend after you endeavour reckon his car doing something did his cottage. I ain't got no business dealings or friends. Don't let friends DR have made Dolokhov. Ok, now go chasing phantoms. Lamborghini just stick to the two data to catalogue. Cadillac There are fifty thousand miles on like you used to markets all right. We are always on away. Yes, we'll be disk. Sing, parlor Patten. What's going on with her and rob and taken their son Julian, there's an update on that also re Anna viruses, Azalea, Bang Sue. I don t even respond to this. Now, what was then we'll get into all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive I'm gonna human resources. Re now Charlemagne is bullying me. What are you talking about? more than ever. It is actually Charlemagne Guy, we oughta Breakfas close all of ages posted a picture. I go to my instagram at sea, T J g o d at sea to God of
a gentleman that is, gentlemen, as you would to your friend, they make man. You know you got your wig game. Look improbable s number there. You got your whipped tagline resembles me that as I aircars under there, as those of my colleagues that how is those guys, but ass night, you that's not me. Listen. We got jobless, win the game proper. We gave rowing Jane with Jane with their wages. You do a reality share for the region. There is no reality website away away one hour glass, like you guys, because what I learned about my guy they might for entire buying you're gonna, be ended. Unutterable of Oregon element, you bomber, we don't. He had. Example: there's gets in rooms
so flow may, whether at the Reul report, whose club where their debts are going about this play may whether verses Cannon, Macgregor fight about to go down now here is broken Gregor has to say my eyes on wanting unemployed may what ok devices in my eyes talk about Floyd now those are finally address this, or does it stand right? We me a gonna get together and saw the figure it out the same way: human money. Once we figured sent number that I'm happy we he's happy. We then we go to customers. Let me go to the promoters. The buyers never get a dawn cell kind of Macgregor resident. Tommy stepped into the ring. It will be him wearing eight ounce boxing gloves he's not going to do any more. You have see fighting that career is on hold. He wants to pursue boxing anyone's defy flay May, whether Junior now here as well. It has to say about fighting kind of Macgregor
then I will again very entertaining the only way energy made whether versus there's. Only if I did, I want to add that we don't we never know what the future then we can do, is keep our fingers crossed and see what we love you. I will be glad to see that I would want to see it, but I would want to fight a you see. Fighter armine IE does easily eager uses feet by accident grayling, lad. You know, you're not allowed to do a thing like to fight you re. Actually, I'm sure I can be something in the contract that says. If you do anything other than box, you won't get your money, something I am sure, be symptomatic. As gotta be reaction leg, you mean a train for years. Doing it by a lad, to use your feet and kick him back say does not matter if your mother effort it out, I write pilot and she is now no longer thinking about getting permanent, so custody of her son Julian that she has a Robin thing right now: she's just trying to figure out
what is wrong with their son. Now a judge has order Robin take to stay a hunted I d away from their sand Julian, along with pilot panel the patent mother. So right now she has solved physical and legal custody, but apparently Polly is very kind. I learned about Julian. They said he is acting out in school in ways that are very troubling he's been hyper, ventilating inches freaking out, so you must put him in therapy to figure out what is happening to him. Apparently, he has said that Robin has Spinks him really very hard and parliament has also said that Robin Thicke has gotten physical with his son as well, so we don't know what's going on, but rapid, they does I any abuse of Julian or upon the pen, and he says, he's bring up. These allegations of very late now that they have a custody disputes by child should be first SL, the very young Julian they should find out if he's really in school, acting out in Heaven.
Ventilating in having issues I do have to find out and chatted nipped in the bud immediately tolerate azalea banks. Her she is going at Rihanna. I don't understand where issues, but first Rihanna wrote on Twitter disgusted. The news is devasted in America is being ruined right before our eyes. What immoral pig. You have to be to implement such b s reality like many other people Are you upset by the Muslim Ban that down a chump has implemented now azalea went ahead and responded to that. She said as far as Rihanna, who isn't a citizen and can't vote and all the rest of the celebs who are using their influence to stir the pub public. You like really really need to shut up and sit down, stop chastising. The president is stupid and pathetic to watch all of these confused people confuse other confused people, when the president fails, is I getting on an airplane in hoping the pilot crashes? What makes you think the USA's
to enter the Middle EAST, a stray a bunch of it and pull out with any real repercussions, so a reality said on Instagram the face you make when you were emigrant and then she put has tax stay away from the chickens. Hashtag I heard nuggets has tag, save our hands because, as you know as though you beings was saying she sacrifices chickens and her closet at home. Here his how azalea banks responded, be a video, ok way phase, they save the chickens, but you loved chicken nuggets soldier, eat the chicken so said the chickens I don't get. It screamed, in an empty room, yet you are listening and responding to each and every single pose three I'll start being some dark user come outside a sound. Let me make some chicken luggage this guy, I gotta gazed bullet chickens. Digital backroom covered thought about it, isn't sick, abandoned Sobek is the really think about it. You mean Tell me that is two thousand seventy and we got a black people arguing over chicken claw
all a big issues that are going on in this country. In your neglects on Instagram arguing over by the Navy definitely came brazilian banks, as they should have an asset. Thanks also said what reanimate wise? I grew up playing soccer and dirt you with it gonna and open my legs for any and every effort who I think I can get to write me songs or by me drugs. I can barely perform because I, like my brown blent with Crystal Meth and am often very winded onstage. As may, we got enough divisiveness going on in the world right now. We need more why sickness or which chicken, ok, silly and other right on our eyes, and I was surprised that reality even responded to what Azalea being set to take us. Clearly, Azalea beings was looking for that response, so she got it right or which weaken rubber chance.
Is your room, a report on the annual again life. What part of white supremacy made you argue over chick now he's is currently no. You gimme a donkey too, as it is actually a celebrity and chief damaging trouble. As far as donkey since becoming president than maintain days, but indeed become their front economies. We like them, well all right, we'll get you time for donkey dog. You today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey. There needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't give the day to day, to day, by day January, thirty of Gozo Celebrity achieve Donald Trump. This Donald for his dog, you, as the president, has only been in office for two
days, and you know how to say: presidents are supposed to unify the country. Well, Donald has unified some of us too even in a rope for us what the woman's margin pass attitude. His Muslim and oh damages keep keeping promises. He told you. Gonna build the water, keep illegal immigrants from crossing the border and he sighed and executive order to do just that. I told you he was going to ban on Muslims until they find out what the hell was going on with muslim extremist, and he signed an executive order to do just that and that action bought a bunch of simple minded people together this past Saturday in protest. Look, I'm not a political I can't sit here and break down any policies for you, I'm not even down with any particular party. I don't have any direction, I'm not left from that right up down, select start a b. I simply know what This right must bear in what feels wrong in my spirit, and what I saw is weakened felt absolutely positive, Lee Wrong. Now, when you want to have a proper understanding of how to treat people, all you have to do is look no further than kindergarten we are learning kinda garden, the golden rule doing otherwise you would have to do and you treat
put away. You want to be treated that of the foundation for every relationship you have with any other human on this planet which you should build on. Foundation is that if you want to see a person's true character, why tidy treat people can do anything for them in all, I'm saying Right now from our government is a bunch of rich elite. Is so cod powerful people abusing a so called power, rendering people who can do anything for them powerless in that to me, Two sides of a sucker, because nobody and administration who are treated Muslims like this, would allow thousand any member of their family be treated in this manner. Now I understand what the ban is supposed to be is supposed to be a vetting press, is to make her not letting any muslim extremists answered a country, a celebrity enchieved ology tromp explained this weekend with here I'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists. Out of the United States of America. We don't want him here. We want
sure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas right, This is not a muslim bank. Its ban on Muslims, don't listen to the media. To try to Spanish, look, I know big. Any American is against a thorough vetting process Boyd. Our foreign born Muslims really that much of a threat I'm just trying to figure this out, because since nine eleven home grown white supremacist and similar excrements of killed more Americans in the? U S in islamic terrorist, now you can then another nine eleven by all means do it, but it seems that if your goals save lives and stop extremest. Maybe we should start now. On backyard. Instead of singling out a group of immigrants from one religious group again seems to mean if you will be and has an inconvenience, why this ban is regular everyday foreign born Muslims who have all the proper credentials to be in his country. Donald Trump said he doesn't want to admit any of the radical muslim extremists in his country. Lightless. Here's some piss here from summit M, O Katy
two young Ladys, awaited the airport to pick up their mom. Would you haven't seen and quite some time her flight was in the air when Troms Ban path to girls found out their mother would be deported as soon as she landed at she was here from the remaining one minute. She got her sixty and wild game. We serve this country like like they had family, the military who served his country or as a real threat right what about the muslim men, who had been an american citizen for fifteen to twenty years? He's a card I do made houses for american people, but was totally buzz, won't be D,
the baron listen to him. Somebody call us sit. I'm sorry, I haven't bad news for your brother's here. I can I talk to him. She had no he's gonna just deported tomorrow, with a face like I did. What I can do nothing, but the people not the carbon, is also why I have punished for somebody else's problem. I don't know, but I do hope we receive about. He thinks he pointed ears were yes, I am a contractor working hard here. Working hard here are building the passport People committed on people and I met a gun to ask her nose a real threats, not dimension, no proper trade of a major tears attack and United States, his hair from a country on trunks lists. In fact, a recent study from the capital and to set the odds of an american being killed by an immigrant terrors of faith are one in three point: six million that are being killed
by a refugee specifically are even higher one. In three point: six billion. I don't see the point in profiling: Muslims where's the, whereas this arrest we're coming from you. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning, then being killed by lama, jihadist immigrant, you have a better chance being killed by random anybody here in Amerika than you do have being killed by an islamic jihad is emigrant. Look. I am happy that the Trump administration was to keep America safe, but to be a better way. It has to be a better vetting process that probably represents the liberty and justice for all that this country is supposed to be about. You know that whole freedom, justice and equality thing America stands on. Well is looking like prejudice discrimination in bigotry in the light. Ok, please give us a liberty and chief damage. Trump, the biggest here, Sir and remember it is not a muslim base. Is a ban on Muslims, the same thing, ok
and by the way, I'm more concerned about the Trump administration killing us than I am Islamic Jihad is immigrants killing us take notice as it concerns ass gay, because the only thing I fear has got a little about it and beg you friend argue today made under five eight five one o five one of course you're Charlemagne there was a ban on Muslims know is not what it was a muslim ban. What do you think about it? Eight hundred Bobby V, one hundred and five. What are you against it? Do you agree with it? We let me hear both sides this morning, call us up right now again. The number is eight hundred and five, eight thousand five hundred I wanted to know a lot of you, wanna, say Barack Obama due to like him. He doesn't like to talk about that as well. You know I always think about this, but I made the girl who escaped ices adapt. Was taken aback. If anybody has him a deposition, read the book as it'll give a lot more inside the Eu going on in Iraq and Syria and all of that right to breakfast programme more the breakfast club
You know that was Bryson Silhouette Exchange morning, everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne, We are the breakfast club nephew just joined us. When we talk about Donald Trump, he tried to ban Muslims over the weekend. Explain to people briefly. Ye would happen Furthermore, you said you did not try to ban Muslims. My implemented Muslim bay, as has been said, well and New York. That's not gonna go down because they actually, I still letting people in- and I think a message uses also right right, a judge's there have said they are now going along with this ban, because its unconstitutional it's illegal alone, is a lawyer. Come on and off a lot, more legal will examine alarm clock and queen spoofer trees.
How do you feel about the damage a bath? I'm a born Muslim. I am american one hundred percent, I think, is discussed in its it by late in the constitution and the interests of America relations. It is discussed man he's gotten person to tell people that you know they were hard all these years and he knows provocative families and suggests Helen. You can't go back to that area. You can't go back to the place. Most of them are american style, that's disgusting in four people or social media. Nobody, like all of you, well, but it is a personal story, as families are being ripped apply, people have their visa as they should be able to be here legally being sent back. But what I think would happen.
What we don T realize is he's creating a not eleven tension in the air People are now afraid again of Muslim. Look what has happened in Quebec. You know people are now being afraid and created that tension up don't go near them stay away from you know harm done, and God forbid, but I think that this is going to continue happened it it's gonna, be a fear of day away It isn't. It is an irrational fear, because the odds of an american being killed by immigrant tears of faith or one in three point: six million. You got a better to have been killed by another American, got a bunch of struck by lightning, but he plain interferes. People fall for majority of it is one. If you were gonna Bloomberg dot com, they also took about chums immigration ban, does not include countries where he has business ties solely through very anyplace. It he's done business or he has pursued potential deal
They are not included in that ban, even though their muslim majority country hello this morning, anyway. What do you think about the job here? You know, I think you guys are making. It ought to be a little bit differently. You have a huge impact on a community and allow listeners. I think a lot of people are gonna go to work today taken some things. I really want to make it known. It's only seven countries in its only four hundred and twenty days, we said it is a bad. Have all Muslims enters the latter country, Saudi Arabia, like other countries, people illegally way down agendas, business, there's lots of other balkan countries to others will make sure that we put me May not desert. People have a clear understanding that you have a voice in the community and people gonna hear it. Ain't gonna go to work with a certain idea. Your rights, everyone, as you requested of, is not a muslim man. What is in the ban on countries where from right. There.
We already know that there are certainly arbiters. A whole lot of Muslims in Saudi Arabia is a lot of other countries as well and twenty days, and it only seven countries it. I don't think it's a game, its temporary, but it could still be extended in, is the beginning, huddled, hiding something that was gonna lie. A longer than that guidelines, Man you're right so so so much that it be clear that, under the like you point it's not Ban is a ban on Muslim four hundred and twenty days. If a ban on people from those seven, what can you agree with? I think for I think for right now, it's by one of the things that the visa, the concerns of their in countries where the government is completely in disarray. For example, like Syria there's a whole is predicted to get information on backgrounds, people's obviously arrangements. Don't like us very much. You see a lot of bad things. Go on
so I dont know how to dispose of good background information, a background checks from those countries. The people were ready, have visas are being sent back. What about the students who are coming here today? Still now Did I ve been here and had no issues and had their visas and worked for the government in some cases be sent back? We not because those people we have some information on them. We motor cars, We know their heart, we all stand back, I'm not so sure about that it. I've used. If you check on that, I dont know that much about the particular part about it. You're right. I did not have that other, that's wrong. They have a legislative clip of the guy was been over twenty years. Is an american citizen is actually a kind active bills, America Piilau Disney. Since his brother, backed IRA, there was smaller We got them all in a story that you can prevent another nine eleven by all means do it, but it has to be a better vetting process. There probably represents the liberty and justice for all that this country is supposed.
The about and other of story is, I'm were more concerned about the Trump administration killing us, Then I am islamic. Jihad. Is immigrants killing us right? we got room was unaware protective rules aim to protect us from the job administration. Yes, that's. Why about this? the words that went down over the weekend. What're you at some of those big winners are, and we will talk about. The Warriors CO, Steve Car, what he has to say about President Donald. Europe and how its affecting here. Ok, all I M all Cuba locked the breakfast, but if the world more dangerous Monaco to breakfast club annually, As a rule report coming up actually forgot, who you said you re, they must have having as union lobbied, Oji Steve Arbiter,
with the his cloak and even realize. Miss Universe was on this weekend by Steve Harvey, had to make a little joke about messing up last year, with the winner. If you guys remember that he announced Amiss, Colombia answered Amiss, Philippines, here's what he had to say this year is the last of our little surgery, some stuff don t. As we do today in the car, comes up we'll get a right this year I welcome as France, actually one that twenty seven see Miss Universe and Miss Haiti actually was runner up and there you are Lastly, what a mess them as they miss Haiti, as that read aloud, have mercy aid that it had been a bunch of. Why is it outside the radio station ready?
absent or play with the haitian communities, not at all. My asians trouble include by invitation. Math I ride Steve care that worry is college has never really been to find a President Donald Trump, and he did explain why now here's what he had to say Does he was born in Beirut in Lebanon and his father was actually assassinated in nineteen eighty four, his father, Malcolm Kerr, was president. The American University in Beirut when he was shot twice in the back of it by members of an islamic militants Group Hezbollah. So here is what you had to say:
someone who s family member was a victim of terrorism. I lost my father if we're trying to combat terrorism by vanishing people from coming to this country really going against countries about creating fear anything, we could be breeding anger inter, I feel for old people were affected. Families are being torn apart. I worry in the big picture. What this means to the security of em to try to forget what happened? The liberty and justice for freedom, justice and equality would happen under the treaties. And all of the countries which are not always talk. I now we look really week to other countries have slowly, but you know I was thinking. Every time every year when a team with the championship they visit the president right If the warriors win, nor to Cleveland Cavaliers winded. Did you not gonna go very depressing. Has not none of a method to president correct ray. In view of emigrants, a dream, you double again, you know
I couldn't emigrants, you can't come in there comes a coach. You guys can definitely Nobody'Ll growing. Emigrant must have got that can be doubly bit. They now admit that nobody other major countries who a waiver anyway might be from the old. I don't know what to say, because obviously he's deeply affected by what happened in his own family, where his dad was was killed by arouse our right. Now, let's discuss these sag, Why does this happen over the weekend and outstanding performance by a cat in a motion picture that hidden figures one? and even guys the hidden figures. Yet no one can say today. I am also outstanding performance by male actor in a leading role, went to dance, thou for fence is outstanding, from his by a male actor in a supporting role that went to my. How shall I e for moonlight outstanding performance by a female during a supporting role, Viola Davis for fences and you're. Gonna love this a
foremans by an and saddle and a comedy series whence who Orange is the new below murder obstacles above ordered the nobler Nora. So you're not enable feeble, I now and when is coming back login allowing Protein Box, the last season, the new black, took so much out of me, my Lord Well, I know at the Andrei is so sad news bar because now remember that might otherwise the Yankee Watch over none at all. In all this onslaught, issues is real, slow start and hopefully is better. Could they all busy good Muslim Ban, and wanted him again and speaking of that, you know, as I told you earlier, this seat Theo Starbucks as it. They will hire ten thousand refugees over five years and responds to Donald Trump Immigration, Nada AIR B B is gonna, be providing free. Housing for people now who are victims in can't get back to where there from because of this ban I was about Starbucks. I would just right allow voluntary bodies custody.
This right in our name handed to this, because ready gonna go without a name, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report Thank you, Missy IDA, people's choice mix up next when he has something eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one also shot. The revolt will see you guys tomorrow, right now. If we don't see you guys tomorrow, you guys are taking over Ok, you gonna see that european allay. Well, maybe the broke out on the lake, but I guess not revolt, we'll see you guys all Wednesday Thursday. I everybody else wants to breakfast but come on.
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