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Monday 4/10- Today on the show Tyrese and Ludacris stopped by to promote their latest movie " The Fate and the Furious". Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Ruby K . Coursey after killing her parapalegic boyfriend. Also, since it is Monday we helped a listener Shoot their Shot, but it did not go as intended.

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Love their right of residence to sit out, become the most prominent you. Some early morning when I was young people showing people whose busier good morning you he'll do Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO age. We easily vacation Charlemagne guy. Please do the planet is minded Monday back to work week. Yes, man had a very interesting weaken this weekend. Will you first
my daughter. I want to call it a day her friend into guys went out. Ok up to date, I want to call it a day as the day I drove them. Took him disguise overs skies Scotty. Trampoline of the round and travelling round fitting those groweth. That's that's all The individual did after him went to Buffalo, allowing I sat at Will a couple down design keep my eye on that thing was colony with no, we note, but at the end of ninety gave no hug, go, and I watched old thing just make sure when the next to the hands why should they issued an emergency medusa? Here's a game! The little I missed the mark my shoulder India yet thing and keep a movement that is as it was, that of congratulations of us thought, no, my goodness, but I took it was like hey dad in you know their parents could make no I'll drive. You guys analyses around and
my son. He plays flag football flag. Football league started this weekend in a football season, is over basketball season over in someone him just to do something just to keep him active, so he playing flag football. We got it God, man could the intake series. It was joking. The guide as one for my friends and I now we have to take these theories. You don't know what she's out here watching and you play an array of actual full is flag footballs. That's what he said go. Those round was good, codes, does work made thing would come to a flag football game. I don't know you know rudely just never. Now I need to relax waffle. Calling me doesn't, he said: fidgeted TAT you need to relax, is flagging. Bonds would have my friends now watching you can always out there with you you know maybe Sabena fell scouts. I don't know, there's an island Colombia's alkaline travelling to close Basel. How do you know? How did she know speaker at this conference called to see three conference was just because the career thing and then the city, a condom. Islamist, even Benjamin, surprised me and gave me my own day in Colombia, socket ice. So every April eighth and color
South Carolina like the Charlemagne God ably media have in a black man, because he has given things like this. We gain I'm all day April, a dance daily to coach for the lady game. Constable include bomb for her. She got our own St Thomas wish in working. So thank you Stephen Benjamin, Rashid. Congratulations. You have in your own day what you doin a day area will not get a figure that out of definite as an important together right now, Boca as an important right now for next year, going to jump on it. Now you are right, everything I do something something for the people, something the community cannot can benefit from the community, a column right. Well today, three Teresa ludicrous will be joining us man. The problematic diaries gives little behaved. Rapporteur pulled over our guide girls it, and we are glad that this is a method that girl of one of the great love. My whole commission is Crystal bubble and slew depressed above. Let me find others with areas she put brace yourself. Ladies
diaries will beyond abruptly club. Tomorrow morning, the not tax will be of earth This is not a drill. Put on your fairy. Wig page, a phrase varies: did you make up your own man? You battle stations, battened down, the hatches sergeant air ahead. He made woman hated club, no man, retirees underbred is right. We will keep its Aries next hour and also its Monday. So you know we do shoot. You shall I asked when we open up the phone. The emails. And we allow you to possibly shoot your shot with a co worker. Somebody that you might like- and this is your opportunity- will let you do it- live on air right people like his fake love front. Page news is next back then, Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now if you feel blessed when you had a great weekend, maybe celebrated your birthday or something special, eight hundred and two five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one will take your calls right now. I'm looking so
Page neuroses knows annually both at a flat picture from, or maybe that's me I pay is moved. No that's room is then a proponent of Rome. Without our revolt pose idiotic fixing Valverde DR articles above revolving in appointing the vaudeville. Does we pass a gasping leg up? The ante is used for she has tweaking as being out alone. Coconut thing out asked me to pass. Look as anyone asking for pay heed new sports. Congratulations to Russell Es broke. He made history last night. Secondly, an mba history to average a triple double for the sea. I don't even know why it's a debate of who should be to envy village heavily, should get it. I've never seen a man average a trip with them in order to ensure that will not do that. We need to redouble the fact that no one is going to bring on board. I hope darting, plus the gave pretty close out they will be able to be delegated to. I guess this aim, because I guess it they don't.
The theme is gonna make it as an almost normally by was dead, they would give them if you want a little later in seed in Ankara to play off, but we ve nervous ever seen a regular even like this is he's greatly dig Cathy, when everything- and I can't even bigger anybody else- honesty Latin goaded by himself. Oh, you thing about most five level squabbled more viable did it seemed in Brussels where there are less exceed right, Mary would be succeed. Would I'm a damn roughly what broke from Brussels and Russell Well, that's what he said at the beginning.
I never thought I was a kid. Just very thankful. Noblesse oblige me never noticed I formats inasmuch ass a family to stand up for my pleasant is another day. Mama was why not always to buy the daughter. So what did you say why his father was not possible in order to achieve a shouted? Suddenly dismay, the God than average is double digit rebounds? You have no right across the board to be able to deal with these and assist in his pants and so tired out. Even I get blood segregation neatly Eddie still having thirty one point: two games avalanche with double Russell, aggressive. I them with money, so aggressive I away plays at almost another time when you, when you look at, played a play. He doesn't back them any by here what size you or how big Hau fat, how small he plays on regardless
I wasn't even follow this shot. He does a lot of people would do any one leg, a shooting in runup cod like they already hit decide. Rather whether policies shouted it takes a lot. Indeed, dude ebony does the rustle of fear of the wealth restaurant Wet Brook now a dead back was found in Aceh. And sold out of Florida Walmart now, customers affordable not made a girl's discovery when he found a dead back in a pre packaged organic salad called fresh expressed. So is a huge recall that he says we have been distributed in Alabama flooded. Georgia Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. You know the girls, don't you try, it that bad near them.
I saw it all marketing that you draw. It also is grows into you. Actually tasty. Maybe tasty may be healthy up I'll. Give you two vitamins and nutrients. Did you need to make a few today nope I'll pass either rather wasn't allergenic drivel, though sadly the vat glad about, like you say rather across the West, Russia Westbrook in his badge AL. It right now about New York me. Ok, then something dope over this week and they will be the first state. A state. Excuse me to make two wishes at public colleges and universities free for middle class students now if your family has an annual income of a hundred twenty five thousand dollars or less qualified to get free college? To wish? I think you're me if your family makes less than two hundred twenty a thousand hours, even ochre. You qualify for free public to wish in any I was in New York Public College in universities in New York. He s one of the public. That is what is known ass. It went on to state,
or is it I'm sure? Like the Sunni University, there only broke I and some others communities mainly to come. You know those when it was a community when a city like BC, Queens Community College of Big football today. The first states, this ain't, a programme of course to state a hundred and sixty three million dollar. But the governess saying we want to invest in our students and allocate automobile soon. He always buried a more focused. Yes, Lou disunity, water, bunch of copies of my book, black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who created, albeit in a more sign of books, in having a discussion about the book, I will tell him why you mad. I was front page news, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, call us right now, baby had a bad week. It may be added after morning, whatever it may be, get it Vince have a great day. Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one hundred and ten ammonia mad at the breakfast club come on The breakfast club
You know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can have that's why you might wanna breathless Hello, MRS Baldi, they tell me why I felt like a defensive by right now You re bodies like this guy. You come over every day, I I got my number daylight repaying physical uncle I'll know, that's not my type. Will you come on come on. This morning. The man me making is: why do they thought there was a lack of that one about at all? Why you have bitten is would not say that
play when nobody ever Verma fooled. You would emigrating euphoria play, wouldn't know we boy I'll, come back to me in the Americas. I work in France, the like I hate, daylight robbery, Mama valuable elements of these jobs varies in the way that America where's weak year, whatever made for me, information. What they'll be reviewed all day are usually the alcove. I tried to tell you that the ball smuggled king and I bought a bridge too far We shall no doubt at all that is respectful needed When you look at what you get you must take some did. You grab me for me to say that back. Do you led the way here you really want. When I told you to do- and you may have a low is love
tell him. I met mad man a mad because I dont go by These are the main you're welcome Pike, ass, ready, I get some listen to that can happen in terms of our model. Have any plans into general comply gathering? I will have you reach out, but I have not only scheduled man. I would cite the younger man really care about the created our birth Europe to provide training, and I was gonna get on lady of this April. Indeed the April eighteen next do they will could be out my book. My first book like privilege, opportune Comes it also created a shout. The Gary remain outside my neighbour, Bulgaria, Vienna inspirational. He is me, I mean guy, do not play no games areas. All we not all right. Tell me why you blessed eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you feel blessed, you want to spread some positivity. Maybe it's your birthday whatever! Maybe call us now, for my open, wide open, eight hundred five five one. Five one is to breakfast club come
the breakfast club are you bless them early phases. They'll tell the congregation at eight hundred five five, when o five, why brave deeds? The breakfast club allows this to happen. To me this morning. He gave me a budget line, a guy. What the US today, Are they not be here? Thank you. Do you believe that you down the novel? What would you do for your birthday? then said the work is probably the palm. I got family coming over so best the maiden local image. Logically mouth now, you're really going to do. Filled, the power you played out Ok, lady mother, allows this hello. I'm sorry I've got another
The day was ever away. Gonna come around it. They were led retorted already made about the young black men coming out of Haiti. I think it. I've got a job to Portugal, my own and that the registration of better we're gonna business, you got my brother medical building properly run Obviously the nice Lusaka there, Congratulations on bless. My garden day beg you, man. Cynthia Colombia's Aguilar epidemic allows. Is it got on his J Gabriel, why you ve less is more or less burn may hear many too. We already l healthy a breath even getting bigger man. Cited breastfeed. Yes ITALY's, oh oh, you mean alien breastfed. Yes, he embraced not about to say what the hell yeah man he's a good man. I got your gravel avoid, but I went to a question that appeal
quick about good man. You remember how you got job wouldn't do after I got my remit mob equality, but this knew what it was from our radio station. It gave the Carolinas, but God we can't do not feel at, but if a radio station on my bed, I thought it all before we got little participation is way way. Conservative did you call me back. We gathered a week later was like a kid is actually, bout both by that an open up. But then I thought about it. I'm gonna be liberal. I got over it, but I'm gonna be always backed you didn't hear sorted out at any was more debt, so our conservative radio station leaned back, let it drop a neighbour Glenn Beche De Mer radio programmes. I mean: are you there, because you want to express your political view that there does, because I want to get a foot in a radio business. If you want to get into four afoot in radio business, then you gotta give wouldn't radio bins. What would you have me up in jail for gate? Open it take the table that is when you get older than anything a radio muff
just to learn. Is it you know just to learn how to run the boards and learn behind the scenes? Learn how radio works and you can always work with you if you don't agree with as long as I'm not in there, and they hit me with a whip across the back and saying if you do agree with fellow. That was not my blast, our kind of one day, while macro, ok, look I didn't want to walk out my PA and, in particular, a natural bridge expired which patients like what the hell are. You doing you need to pull out I'll betcha by right. Have you been goes the full I like that bad than it had been monitor, made up a kind of like myself that the head of delegation in my homeland adjusting to activate the my job, and I mean reducing vat paid off and at last that fire,
My life is about me. My life is not a job and driving over right. Now, two thousand alternate splendid like that use you'd be spent, probably suspended in you gonna. Let you you, would you not a chance you taken right now, so you need to go to the IMF and the world at the word, may go, get you live together have the word Meda gathered ivy family though it may be tat. Now you may you be safe, tell a lie. You bless eight hundred fifty five one and five one of your bless. You can always hit us up. Got room is on away Susan. Gimme, the room is inadequately not here. I don't know what we're talking about. Youth led off without menage leaves dot pension as you posted from Jamaica Liaison vacations. Every breakfast I offer my naturally we load that picture as you put it. I will talk about it when we come back. Don't move is a breakfast locomotive breakfast
This is why we need a breakfast annually is out of town, so we hold it down. The room is for there to pack officially has been in. It's a rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend very well deserved to Fox coughed. That's news! on upholding a speech in honour of two parts. They talked about. The first time they met
I mean we got here. You got whispered, leaving it in his mouth and when it was amazing out of the lobby, focusing on the fact that tobacco snoop, I guess, Morgan along the power to bug them. You do realize of them, but it would have been made forties now absolute majority would have gotten over this now fly now the abbe only now also a lot of people perform deletion keys perform stupid, yg perform t. I also performed. Let's hear some ass before
I thought him to kill him forty, I Vietnam and led the way strain drive. It weighs Trina, but irrespective of their dignity, took the time to teach, he pulled out his leadership to park in him and let these kids know with that information from often he was wearing came from right now. To do that, with due tribute. So you dress lie to bigamy efforts that the picture is not a circulated, and nobody knows came from a guest of the young generation, never seen an eye these babies, and you can't you know, educating the column dumb because they just don't know right. So when you don't know you teach him and all any deftly taught about all now, also Troy ass. Switching,
yes, oh he announced that his new album called don't boy, Troy volume to Newport dumb. This is memory was up here. I'm going to move further crazy in clubs, industries very plain playing, tat, music, let's go crazy. Estuviere is the second coming to pack is new pact. While I was coming to April fourteen, then he's air every body, the F outlets rising joy when he was here that wasn't a good idea. It wasn't a good idea, but it won't kill and because it s, because you gotta be you gotta do more good shot to be tuba like Tupac. Nobody will want to talk about the socially conscious sided Tupac toolbox, not enough infamous in worldwide renown because of his dog life. Antics you know, you actually touch people in a deeper, meaningful way, he's a socially conscious individual. He released the cover of this the artwork and it has issued
him in the similarities of him and into part am getting shot to pocket and shot him get in. Walked out a lousy, negligent or added the court room. All the negative animal man in the court room, in all add salad, negative similarities that comes out. Whilst why would you want to create a kind of energy because we all know how did Tupac story and did you can't live two lives? You can't you just can't do it, because the most negative aspects of that life is gonna catch up with you at some point
right now. I will ask the room report. Any I'm sorry links with love morning, everybody's e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club because his precious gift in about intuitive thought of wrath and furious salaries and Laura Hell has gone on how you feel good to be back into their breakfast got, and I've thought about you, allegedly buoyed looted, will cover red meat easier raptures anyway, I'm here go rally in the news. Oh you have seen the news. Absolute arrive, ironic bill rally once told persecuted, rob you could you are a rapid at the grades, women ever honest with you at the last time I was on a breakfast club. I specifically told you guys that I had a man, a man thought would only by the time I was on the breakfast club by pacifically, told you guys. I had a man to man talk with him. You know I mean. Upon him at the White House correspond dinner and a crazy thing is is not my play. Today Bill are really the thing waited. He judged me, that's how I feel about If I get a lot of maturity and allowed a growth,
down past it I'm thrive and in life right now in lieu. All I can do is hope that bill o in a set of these issues in learn from whatever mistakes he may have made an order. Hourly overly criticise and adjust condemning all like rap artist in rap music from the sardinians is look, was gonna, not very light and take a bit. The black women men- Real gradually jumped wow Women in attack me man, yes, and I got a day. I got a job by women there. They were going to achieve a new kind comments about way and we haven't plastic surgery and ensure came out when humble re, making no better than needed, above all else, guys I want to believe
First of all, we got job out there and put someone you timeline. You gotta have to expand and be ready for whatever he does. Why nobody tweets about politics. Anything they feel Helen thank because you can t rely, you should adjust promoted your movie and yeah shut up, but The matter is became a whim What idea was I talked about a conversation that I have sat in on what a bunch of women ribbon man alive, and then walked away from their conversation and saying one shot. I know that we as men notice way more than you think we do not even remotely directed at black woman. If you go back to my passion is on it. I say we, as men note, Way morning? You thank you. Do there is no way Suppose we believe that a leg that skinny believe it too I imagine that you really don't turn you now lacking Zubaydah control, which you want to do with your body. Does what
I'm just let you know not only women but man. We all noticed we'd, like we noticed more. Do you think we write about our latin if you go on, I fought insecurities a beggar. You need to do all that to appeal to a man. Just don't go too far, because listen to a level of buffoonery and issues, crazy and so on. A boy tat when they were weave outdated one. Where do they get assistance? the good thing about how mistaken like this, you know, just everybody talking, we all learn something from it or not. I applaud the far away learn, is hard on its leading an outspoken because he put himself in a position where it sparks. You know. Conversation what it's all about that and I think the world, everybody's missing here that you know it is a sensitive, Is you obviously you see that go on and on if you would all realise that Canada agenda double standard going on, especially with the pressure that put on women where
they are natural or whether they put now make up. I think maybe what Kendrick and even my brother was trying to say is we appreciate you, without any make up as well, and we appreciate you just being natural because bizarre a real that is undervalued you of by natural minority or black woman in today's society. So without me I said man is good sport conversation and I love when, when women continued at school earth because the latter being that may enable we don't understand from the point you you ve got to learn from the first to talk about the men who encourage all of the wretched levels, and you put two thousand? I was making and rain or not, as the with all the way out here, and it comes about rang. Ok, we read this club, I have to go and we gotta go get the same levels because she's got fifty thousand often I ll write
It goes Bobo empowering Instagram bottle. Having them can party than all that I'm gonna God, but had that's. Why we're thing we there are still mean that appreciate. Like you know, we naturally women has always allow we try to say nothing. What was really touchy was when the realisation stand again. I'm not I'm not afraid tat. You topic. I would never in eight mountain fan base by where my stupid, my mama's black, most of us, This is where hair make up the whole should be my wife where make up and lashes come on. I was never. Being down a woman who does things that to add sent their beauty. Then you go out and then you go and you marry right too
a woman s. Not black now was also of black. Now, Madam president, your wife was a black and they would drag you terrorised or lay black women in early July. Landowners in that was lodged by gloom of all, for the record I may not matter to most love has not bad at all. Never debated a white woman in my life. I've never been. What the Tina woman. I've never been a woman. I have only one thing with what are you talking about? I like a: why won't let it lightly local sooner out undervalue things out EU system, my personal preference right is black women Amigo super bright. I may go Tom,
Why did I may go you always crazy? I don't mean to bring the subject because for the record Ok, my black in the house- and I just came from the bombs I was gonna me that the last named Gibson is aware. Popular Bahamian may start thinkin. You know Four years ago I was like you know, I want to do and ancestry test and then me and my wife decided to do it, and, ah, ah, a pastime black queen. I didn't want to be another person that they ping as being a I'd. Man has been supported by black women, your whole life, come a millionaire becomes. Success would have jumped ship and I was actually very proud to write my black weighing because tat came back. Forty six percent black
what what is it? What do you want to choose makes one thing, of course, and I am proud of her multi ethnic govern all forty six name is not for not only what is it I found out how accurate Angelo ok I was very arguing. Odin had never done who share the border issue, I want to download the. What have you got? A split in the two banks will allow me Charlemagne Youth Black lives. You know I've got. It says that european however, I do not rely on from the Congo will go now.
Kind of these young, how my ban as China, you lose your camera. We got more words. I recently decrease coming up. Next will find out how it was working without poor war could be in a round. Also. We gotta many makes coming up in a little business movies to breakfast global moaning. Breakfast our right went back loading. Everybody is dj in Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast clubs. Our recent ludicrous is in the building. Now fate in furious movie is come about. Fraud. It knew how many more than ninety hours they say they may. I am anymore epizootic I'll shoot me I'll break with a bang yeah yeah, maybe bag younger than you to get the bag. You continue to get the advertisements, but, alas, when new one point seven billion. So Universal, like best there's no time to stop at this point, but I've heard that
to go until ten how'd you get fresh on time. Man, I would say: is the team ever round? If we, as is literally a thing where you have the writer you, you know this time around we have ever get gray, is about Van everybody coming together to continue to try out each and every one, but is a theme ever you can never really just put put it on one person is literally working for two years straight on, how can we top the one we just date, and that was important about just the entire France eyes and we say keep Doin it man around hates it and I'll. Tell you why I m all why, and why does it does every time it comes out? I get it to buy a new car right. In other words, we are all working in his all. Does the hell Outta Avonlea Babe it's going to deal with
right now, you and have them all the main people. What do you want to drive cars via the like this? This is what my group of you wouldn't want to buy, got things like that got to do many guys anyway, I veracity or the lack of diversity is a brand new concept that everybody focused on which I am proud, because we have represented that diversity for over fifteen years, proud We have the most diverse cars is not a new thing, a new concept, everybody's divers vine quit a train. We ve been rock in his way, fifteen years, and so I think that is one of the most unspoken realities of wide a franchise so successful, because wherever you go in the word is probably somebody in the movie that looks like you talk like love from where you're from and we ever love car, everyone loves beautiful and handsome. Everyone loves the adrenaline customization. So as well.
Elements of this movie. That speaks the Universal Lambert away. If we want to preserve thing with, neither one of us will be sitting here not only want to put an end to vast superiors. We never in a million years could have imagined that we be Sidney its army all about part eight at this point when it is here that keeps on give Not yet again. Also a lot of you will notice, but not all Was it Johns idea to make sure me a Chris were friends in the movie, but they also John is the reason why my air does always eaten The reason why my characters funny boy that my first he was baby boy with John Bruton and the second one was to vat. A man to Roger could really get done. While we was Famagusta, crack and jobs are in this one. Show the world knows how funny you on boy. Am I glad he did? Is so many the voices in baby all and is remotely we as
It just so happens, it had been funny and we haven't to be funny and and several it ourselves from all of these other versions of Albion, masculine and moving upgraded thing is when we first started to pursue furious, I was the one it would always a party of my trailer and literally invite all actors over issues be gone. Crazy, nervously loader be now on a kind of calm down a little bit. This is. The guy is causing out of trouble. Is the party guy over one hundred percent combine ran his man, though barbecue, that is their trail. Everyday reality is our lady of rain and, as you know, is in my view, but I put it to the turf man I put my wife and every environment, their magic theory that move in and she acclimated and adjust the right along the way, but the worst thing you can do is get married and not be able to be who you are as a rule for the laboratories limbs.
This is not my own amendment, my life waiting. My lord, I know from my remember when I was in Arizona work in all black Robe House, without God we invited the wonders group is backing the cry about his grim. Close as we have now made about. My was never going to get there by the guidelines, not as normal,
Dr Evil man than I am not now difficult, whether someone is one without all work, extremely difficult, extremely difficult obviously the last one is the farther became manages there was an emptiness, obviously all set. We all came together to pray before we even shot the far seeing. As you know, we always last one was with for Paul, and this one is from Paul. You know, because he's done many interviews and he did interviews on the last one saying that there is going to be a an. Very you know, that's why it's been so much going this movie, so much talk about behind the scenes, because, Everyone was there to make the best film possible. Yes, you know a day cause some tension at times. I think the overall goal was formed just literally to try and make the best possible and when you have so many lives, people trying to keep the integrity of their characters and the cohesiveness of the cast in
April, twining storyline and everything it is becomes so passionate and with their passion, sometimes think, can come a little controversy in honor me why I think No one thing that should be clear as the wheat almost Paul, because he's not in the movie we mess Paul disease are broad. So it's it lay. While we don't get the work with him again now, don't get to see him call M tall Torme play data. Is there? We don't get to do nothing, because when you somebody! You love, then dashes one. So Obviously we are discovered each other and connected via fast but we'd family, independent of action and got hello. The issue I loaded annually should these movies. I say about six months,
into a livelier, lay straight out of their internal flicked. Now man you, he was under a hell of a lot of rhetoric raised these men, who did a great boon, whom you have twenty different people, calling you and tell you different things about what needs to be cut and what else you need to shoot it. He almost a year to think along vacation after finishing on his movie, but you know what hell of a lot honest Leto Gary had achieved. She write to cheat sheet, unlike other directives like a James, why her for a just and land he worked with everybody at work would most of us before you Step Dan to do party. We already there He cried with the way in jars and tat, in job with Jason state them. He work with Charlie's before so he ETA What a lot of us did did my Pepsi commercial, then saw the light of day because Belarus Cover Bill, O Reilly, EV, Jerry shot. Then, while barbecue thing, while crazy
we got more. What's our resolution, crews coming up now look into a Terry's. Many makes it may at which a request. You know what you want to hear is the replica morning morning, everybody's e g envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we have carried in the building, Laurie, that's a new music coming right right de followed, a lady yeah them by their recommended varied issues by prudence. You didn't let fiscal beyond Eric. A man that you know, there's all maritime thou resume. This girl gave a blessing lest any love a man and a lot of calls the ways that put an end to any data interview. Any eighty talked about how much you loved this old man. I gotta get alot of clear a lot of different names to get that. Did you even think about what is going to regulate our meal? You know what now this document is brought up, maybe there's a real makes that can be involved and we have to push this day.
In Ottawa and they would have to do the most obvious fiscal still got it. Maybe I didn't area form of idea. They kill in it man as arm be real pedigree. I would I be one or two want have your black cadmium are, some of which is damaging. I feel like lots, Tell him I'm not listening dynamically I'll, keep it all away. Real images already got uncomfortable and bad. You know one of the things he could have done better on the last. Album has had more melodies because obviously has his veins. That want to hear him say so. With these new wreckers ideas here, more melody, along with him reverend. So it's almost like he satisfy both. You know both sides and I, as a net and totally we literally at this conversation like a couple days. He laid his came through the ad and I let us be honest about work and are we at a moment s neighbours is always Gabrielle me not TGV. Athene take put on eight April fourteen All data dollar releases the mule. I not only bags it now, though there will be another tv. I was on a rat
our main, listen man, genuine still has an eagle split, likely get my what are you talking about giving a really gave in early January you unless it settled, is right here. Right now need beauty. Let us get it. I want to make this Europe suite. At the end of the day, you know I feel like we're all brothers, we all family and all the above, but at the end of the day, man, you know if Chris as an example, is two hundred thousand dollars a show and I'm getting thirty thousand a show. I think my motivation is split. Eagle workers would be pretty obvious because I am unable to split. Yes, but I'm getting way more at the end of the day, partial right. All of these conversations about the reality of business is uncomfortable, but its business
outside of brotherhood and family. You might do now that your where you can get the biggest reckoned up. What are you gonna be one January I get a rolling next, rather fear. You got me even a refuge, for, I believe, will be able to figure sum mile, because we actually at this point. We want one culture, Brianna Dance What a culture, because We got enough do at a ground before beards. Ah, here releasing songs and hip hop Is it even trying to appeal to a young demographic? well. I right now almost single, The cows come home, you got a deep bass voice, be grown gotcha if I got all cost around thirty eight. Proudly I'm so proud to be grown. Bungled concert in us some fifteen year olds out there we did not want out, is there
I don't want to downtown ignored it has tabled on our behalf around I began my audience and I like one up of what was your fantasy onawandah grown men. Talk about I wanna leave neglected at that. Does not cool lagging it's. Ok, it's ok! We ought to take a break on this particular thought. A crane thing in the world, but I'm still doing shows or an audience that may be, then old is my first record, though, is a blessing, and it's like I see the same thing with my brother ties like I'm just I think, you're gonna beggar affair for being able to breathe that generation gap where you ve been out. People come to solve this, then in a parties twenties and even team in it, and it's a beautiful day eyes when I say beers me, like I'm talking to every body that around my leg is only there's a real pedigree of omby thing is that came out around the time from Asha that Gide tank life
All of us came out around then and is like trying to appeal to these youngsters like, the youngsters appeal to the youngsters less. This happened to all we'll call Ardelia tell em they're like Mass that addressing legged. Damn fifteen you deal with that now. Look what you did. I write up you're wrong. Maybe that's why we could we? Marriage was ill, we're David. You helped us to where we are we'll play order. Hurries plays a big part and get me started without letters. His house, when in oh he it aims at our house is a long story. Every person, it's all he's beautiful person- help me out here, he's piece of great personal thought he says like if he says he's gonna do something he does. It has been with me he's is kept in a row conversation with him,
I got a text message from kin. Do right her ex husband now and he lay YO we door barbecue at the crazy, the Labour day a memorial came to the current armor and I ended up being the last person a later career. By had a real conversation. I said Mary there's avoid than others Ngos, released and whatever their release him, but you got so much conviction on your voice, women, looking for a reason to get out of a mentally emotionally physically abuser relationship. When you put your voice on it, you're, like you, become like their therapies, your showing at all have lost their homes in their magic you're, giving them permission to leave bad situations? And I said you represent the strength of a warm that's how I feel, and so that causes asian ladder recording a lot of her album Emma Bag and his great to be something You need to be reminded of that because, as the basis of merit, a blind,
and I reiterate my appreciation Odin sessions. I appreciate all the parts now she was doin, but you know less not get away from the court. I own least all our resources to try to try and help in any way I can and Bro, I'm so proud of the success of the because it's a reminder that not only this you understand it, but she ended up actually move and on a new and his father. But when I got a record, my usual merit yeah and, as you know, will you dead there's You need the help of a situation that would help it's nothin to do with it. A man and a woman and what they decided to do so. I am then do that at the end of the day, democratization. What I said Mary can you please get back to the marriage, a law that are not Vega messages
me. I would never won a J C rabble. Tab allows and techno be no way of knowing that it gonna take it. They carry a car, is no big, a ludicrous randomly I wanna, hear Looter get back in bars and get back to all. Go down an item of vitamin d like twenty seventeen. Was your fantasy so hard core ludicrous via that's going back to the course, whereas what we do feel like a guy, and to all other Addis I've. Never I'd never claimed to be biggest star, never claimed to sell the most records and when the most awards, why name that I know is, I know, be grown and tap into my actual corps by shame my song, shame had nothing to do, but what was being said on army radio. It was number one for sixteen weeks because I'm grown and I'd like to embrace their logo so the next generation oughta be groaning all still want to be.
Oh my god. I think the youngsters should be targeted, turn up and watch me name. They had won all because they have an audience and Anna. You know if it ever to wound You don't want. The key is asleep. Ok, I'm grown. So if I don't want to take you, the Bay Review. Sixteen years, oh you find out diaries is on his way to your city, stay home out of amateur.
We are not alone, we accelerate the rabbit than we might have a long breakfast club interview you about emitted from a long drawn out their ground. Your guys always of the furious impaired, is able fourteen go check it out with the break with our resolution, the breakfast at the point of reference club a little way to now importantly, targets of a federal drug investigation involving thousands of dollars of narcotics included Only now futterman disdain historians order within FED in investigating FEMA. Now here
put like TAT year, what happened was my amused: produces AMOS Harrison, Garcia, allegedly sent text a people acknowledging that he saw drugs to both post or Lithuania. Chris Brown saying that all he saw somebody tree He saw somebody lean and he showed a screen shots at the paths that both of them said to him. So that's what got them of all, though squirrels the above them, given him money for allegedly the drugs? For since, when do FED care about fiend affair should be focused on the deal elect FED on investigating lithuanian Chris broken actually want to going to arrest them for you than right. I don't think so, but I'm sure the feds know that they both on probation Having made this attaching celebrity to that, and also you know they both on probation, so they could probably try to use them to get this guy, because the arm probation and that was to be used in this I don't know, but I will tell the basic less, I'm sure they try to get them to turn around.
Hello. Tell him when you view backs against the Wall special hearing about their life. Now some couple lose JANET Jackson split from her husband. Now this is With that, you know she just had a baby, but when got married five years ago in a pre novices if they were married for five years would be entitled to five hundred million valid and so JANET stuck around for five years in two months. That's right want a global threat. Oji behaviour, that Ms Nasty is the flanks now, allegedly JANET Jack's woman. Will be receiving five budget. May not what I meant you wanna that life. A clear what a contract Ebby Emma you canyon, one million dollar you bill an MBA nope not really got a hundred million dollars million each year. She was dead, individual. She only stay put. You then, to my only two months after the scheduled date. Far too Debbie I want you mean that is trade. That is greatly, and I can't be mapped out of the numbers they'll here, which I can do about it, but you know
located set for life now Maria breaks up with her dancer in Amerika, was allegedly de dance, a boyfriend. What looks like what you do for bringing about our boy ever change enough? Nothing back with somebody playing a game, our nothing, nothing! Nothing now new couple alert looks like Ruth. She inquired bow was seen together and he seemed like they are dealing with Sienna words, you don't care about that are not very long ago. But could you just homage acting up by one million dollars for bringing up what I do know case. My thing is made all women need to put their bows really really really hard power. Ok well, I'm eighties men and you can date a merry and break of weight. And then at the five you have given me now: that's the love We should be looking at if you won't pleading a look of one man, you're, pretty! Ok idea, you know sabotage, could you I'll go right, holder, JANET she up the above. We all know that will benefit the ok I have done
can live choices like the goodness and in some positive new shouted Chrissy Teague. Now this lady, they Mercedes ed me she's from Charlotte, of Carolina? She started a crowd of funding campaign last more to raise money for her school to wishing Chrissy, Teague unseen and ass. She donated the full amount. So first, a girl that it was a joke. But then, when is she seen it? She was so excited. Chrissy posted on her instagram I've seen is be your passion for such a long time now so excited to see you fulfil your dreams, it was dark. Hasn t got EVA had to be met if the legacy of the critic and Robin Hood was creating wonder what about. I never went to go about their work. I dont know if school with us to deliver for beauty schools as it was. This all beautiful. My colleague he's got a lover worth the same way. God be with their word s decision. He lets us. It worries called us.
New design Ecuador to guarantee, as t h, e t, I see ya know to meet their needs, would otherwise I would only genuine use. We now see it. I know what I mean: ok benevolent as this I think that I know of no one. It is definitely not only nowadays, you didn't Everest remain coming. I noted lacking admitted I don't know. Their word is an act ass well, never designed to change. The word effigy work that we have that union you play to write your later. I write will actually Roma report. I guess I was born and Don T gavel dog you today for Monday April tenth goes the Ruby Kate course. He nodded story. A lot like the movie get out make you think twice about dating a white woman.
Dollar brothers out there interracial relationships, and I have any issues with it, but you just need to know for your own safety and well being that all white women are created equal now Rubik's. Course he commonly known as Katy to her friends is twenty seven and she was dating a thirty three a black man named Troy main Johnson. Now, let me say, race doesn't have anything to do with this situation, but the optics of it, especially in his car, after we seen the movie get out. It definitely will make brothers question the next time they think about wife and a white woman now to remain Johnson was a powerful Egypt. Humanoid probably judges is powerless, was tat. Word you ask me: ok, it means that you don't work doing ok, what is of paralysis, apparatus says above lower limbs, nudist final design is injury? The? Basically you can't walk you can find wheelchair in most cases that that's the situation, and that was the fate that was upon young Troy Maine, because when he was eleven years old affair,
playing with a handgun accidentally shot him from that point on. Remain, was dependent on a wheelchair and the care of those. Round him now. Let me fast forward to the moral of the story from main Johnson was found dead. Ok, in a heavily wooded area, some seventy miles south of ITALY. How the hell did he get there? Let's go to double exile Tv Nbc Fourtou Report with Georgia. Woman is now facing charges tonight, accused of leaving her ex boyfriend, who was pair the leader in the woods to die here? If the background others in county sheriff's office has twenty seven year old, Ruby Kate Course is responsible for the death of toy main Johnson. His body was found in a hunting camp March. Seventeen that was four days after it was last seen the cause of death hypothermia, roasting priesthood, drop em for joint, rather dramatic he'll by low I girlfriend over mental citizen, approve birthday and white. When he said the girl could be sixty two fifteen, she was still be
although I go out very well for me. No, I got offering Katy COD. Leave and allegedly confess I did a bad thing- are hurt. Remain. I took him out of the car and left him in the woods. Katy told deputies. She couldn't remit. Exactly what she left wish. He'd Lovejoy join investigators begin scouring back roads and Southeast Upton County around one, twenty, a dot, almost seventeen forty two day that it days had been lassie. They found a brother did from hypothermia due to expire, you to call whether he without detriment to day and temperatures, got down to the twenties message to all women. Have you what about me anymore, just break up with me Follow me on social media. Lose my number black me on your Iphone. Get a restraining order. Gives me please don't kill me why? Oh, why would you kill someone you dont like anymore? You will spend the rest of your life in jail or with someone, you don't even want to be when anymore. Why does that make sense to you about? yonder go. Leave you alone modest than worthwhile, live in jail for you. Now I have heard the boy
Women are more loyal than white women on a white. Women are more loyal than black women debate in a minute, but this story right here is it making a strong case for the white woman when no not at all, of all the Brothers Dayton White women today does no one you out about which low I girlfriend you can be. Inside I'd all day, all throughout the country. Simply because of this story, and why women you don't have any one to blame, but just as Turkey, please give Ruby cake. Was it a biggest he hardly all through the country to day brothers, gonna be walking with a low agony of reasoning, only get near side. I from this. This is anything ass. Now. Why did you do that? I had asked him to do that, but why did it Jesus Christ this may occur. The for lorries and ok. You gotta use that button sparingly. Only in extreme situations situations
look at him all races, bigots. When I tell him what a race is bigger than the situation, uneasy Jesus Christ. Goodness am it s all right? Thank you, but I don't get a day, sir, who will become back? it's time for shoot. Your shot out of this is how it works. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one, but you can always e mail, Us Breakfast Club gmail dot com. That is somebody that you like, or somebody want to take it to the next level that might no we going to open up the phone lines and allow you to call them live on the air and allow you to shoot your shot. Maybe it's a co worker, maybe somebody you seen passing in the street a man of eight hundred violation by Wagner Ivory. Romanians I am afraid. I call us up to breakfast locomotor morning. Everybody is the envy angel. Ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club time for shoot. Your shot right, never do to each and every Monday we open up the phone.
Go to the breakfast club, a gmail dot com, and this is what people call up and we allowed him to shoot their shot, maybe as a core could they work with four? Maybe somebody that the feeling just what that opportunity, or they want to try and see our forty could take it followers? Right now we have Elisa Guadarrama our you knew the morning. Envying isn't Eliseo Alisha Illegal, but I have to do both you know earlier LISA I saw them. Parliament could be on your guard. No, there was two thousand you remember how I saw. I don't see a guy for the last three months mean another name under yes, sugar, Amy. Ok by me down. I really like everything is like electric what're, you notice, we met Bennett, you know you got into bed, which is now clearly ok arrival, but the
where he has told us that he was what his baby oh and I'm right. Now I'm ready to did that, I'm like alright enough of that. If you so happy with me, you know what I mean You still were her. You can still be right, but you decide you so yours I don't even like you said: you'd listen. What is maybe momentarily limit is woman. Oh wow, women need to know how they are to clean all there Macedonia with me. Don't you think? No, that's not true enough. The additive bigness conception, just because a man is though it another woman, I have nothing to do when he got home. He gave a great wide another. Don't flatter yourself? No, no, don't laddie! last month on a platter myself. It is what it is wise if he felt very unhappy wisely will make. Last night I had sugar wings Amy balls within ok I've made meatballs and I love to meatballs, but I have some leftover baked chicken in the refrigerator. I ate that too that nothing to do with my wife, nothing. I don't know how
there is neither am I get neighbour, but maybe we tell you, did you just chicken and refrigerated have left over you up every now and then and eat you? What did the dinner tat? He had what his wife, Give me a real good. Oh rightly, as in my left, overs habitat, ok, now you weren't you, what a call d b it right there. You were to ask him. What you would have been a major you will be to wanted. Only at bill is not What is the workout good for is now go we're going where you been. Well I mean you, don't know you don't even know what I'm talking about you. You know I don't know him. I know men and I'm a made again demanded living at home with his woman in his kid. That's what you gonna stay. Ok You all know very well, you all earthly seated bottom right, won't when women are french fries They do not know how to handle different rob reference rather just good
Mohammed, overthrowing the boat, you home, we are you hungry. Morale, kick in front foreigner, Ilusha Kirkdale without any general Minerva. Recently, please don't go call. It will become a Yugoslav. Ok, we got back, we go call. Baby don't move is the breakfast global tomorrow everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club now we're in the middle of shoot. Shall we have unleashed on Align Alisha wants to call her alleged boy freedom. Like that, and she wasn't take a little for We should just as one of the sides chick anymore. She wants to be the main sugar stain, she's gonna call Amy and right now we can see how this works out. I saw what the sailor number I love the sermon corner thing.
Now you listen. You know we ve been talking like three months has been I really like you really care about you and I'm falling in love with you. I want to know if we can do together. I want to do what we already know. We don't we don't need we together. You know we were guy, we shall we a good turn. You know I know, but I don't like being in the shadows Adele like when you have to do. We do go home in Czech or whatever no one I want to be home. I want you and me One will gather young you signed up I am about my bed aiming to me. Oh god, and began Visa David is yoke. What wait a minute ago
Some joke Nazi Germany wants to see she likes you. She said for you. She was to be the main. Should stay? Listen, I told our dumb coleslaw. That's you and that she just decide what she don't want. Listen awaiting an can. You explain it and there were more than coal floor, a living law, let alone Elisa. You remember, calls law, leftover, big chicken rise. Well I'll, be real with you. You know the at least got their juice bought me You don't originate, of protest YO. We need more like inquired Damien Tommy, don't do not you know. We can do that here. We can beat again
we can do that know how thin white or listen to me. When I talk to you, listen the auxiliary. We kid you're, Gamma, baby mother. You know she found out about you. She got bring me child support in all their unity. Liza more men may be paid a child support, so you don't wanna, do naming you, no one, you so crazy. Now you notice My sounding are losing I'm telling you I hope you can carry. You gave our their crazy, no, no crazy with bad but you're. Just you know, you know what your side of, for you know, I'm not leaving mob might be a good armies. Are we ve now I dont Elisa, because your question? Allusion least, why are you dumb? ok, I'm now I love you. I need you to act like you, have some pride of budgets, though, and walk away from this situation. Ok, you know disrespected Damien, but you do not have to settle for a man who got all these kids in another woman unless I'm not gonna knock you. If you want to be decide, if you
cool. She wants to be the main page. Avail forms a David you're, not sharia, you not shouting at it. Oh wait a minute. Well, you know how about we see, would yellow baby moment. Think me saying you have always listen I'll. Do that, I'm in the picture has already Don't be a target, big potato. Ok, nice, big potato- that can just move away from the stake, silently second child, at least to see what I'm sorry, that's? Why can't you bet Rilke? As you talked about looking for me? Ok, you gonna radio, now that you believe that you really rails you have now. He built a farm is to call me later. Even talk about such come do all right, we'll go he really going off. Ok, I won't be a big potato when you can be a somebody else's stake, elicited
I recently visited you're, not saying you are debating today. I am his day for somebody else. Why I'll? Never forget you man, I should never give no world I am not what you think your baby mom? Are you really act and stooping you'll pay homage when it is being you wanna? Do you mean you every year it is, but that do faced with major outbreak so dry, during which you stop power with their boat focus for not doing our feet. And I'll see you tonight. You may have the other day that you know you re all calls look all right how you like holes, like also decided on Amy Magala, guys machine. It doesn't seem like it worked out. You we coleslaw elite.
Then all you got to lose their lives, but we feel that this is the breakfast locomotive with Angela close now fry action plan officially was inducted is into the rocker role of fame is Adam Friday. Barclay, sent a snoop dog. Had the pleasure of holding a speech in honour of to park play it I mean we,
we're leaving it in his mouth and made. It was amazing, now also snoop double why G Alisha keys perform tread perform Hell Mary, which was dull and see I also perform. We have a snippet of tea out before me.
Locate. They don't know no better, never see no source magazine cover, believe it with the source where we should night Snoop dog into bog into bug out on the lake that now for dirty, I was young, healthy and harmony. The part I say was a leather ways train. They were trying to kill him Zenos. Another wish. I d never seen it before the drive. It got older in death, not the case. These phenomena to write any declared. Wanna Instagram posts and said that he was shown is shown as love. Her too that's some tiger. These kids simply don't know so. Instead, it is calling him dumb, just teased him now data to be stupid after you showed him exactly would lead, and then you call them now. Speaking
to power Troy, as is releasing line you out. Terrorism is goin to don't void, Troy volume to new park. No God not is comes our April. Fourteen that allegedly he's Aaron everybody to F outside. This comes out April. Fourteen begin the name. The album is dope boy tree by him to new park. To morning, more than just sad to be too but some people, like the celebrated thugs. I did Tupac, but not the socially conscious. I've pocketed for something like one of them. How do we want to empower community and honestly is way cancer to matters, because that outside a pot caught up a pot? And if anything choice we learn from Pakistan is dug, right is interrupted, but when he was up, it is worth a try. I've had to say United Europe These guys stab at all right. I will He was a pay, explain how to biogas and new power. Thing now he also released on I'll come about that dog. I told him of love to park. Try in- and I said to him- you know you know you know people going to kill you about. Then he found that saying. I'm Tupac, I'm saying I wonder what
I will be very honest with you. My buddy ever least am covered. Am cover issues the similarities between him and to pass him get shot by getting shot him in court pot in court. Him leave in court in part level what a getting all the governmental similarities, all the victim similarity but being criminal law, making real and being real, doesn't mean it. You are doing anything criminal, ok, just because you get shot that doesn't make you like to factor way more than just that. As now people, You know I love to bug right. You're, the whole totality about path now brutal, rapid Casanova thought this was for the end did his own little skit to it these guys are really rather break his club, so these persons yes or no the massive job by Folsom Street, so you walking slow. So I knew it was coming to kill me. I knew it so I told him you ain't,
so you killed because you state fact exhaust whereby the gagging satins war, so you shooting up so the bullet bounced off the widow didn't hit me by them. No, but I'm goin back to TAT. I was ready. She be dreaming it is our very soldier boy challenges right, we're talking on the occasion of the suit case. No job include, I've gotten over them. And lastly, if you wanna hear Jesus Entire catalogue, it won't be an apple, nor will it be honest, modified the hay. Has removed his entire solo. Album collection from apple music inside by now. You can only here. I don't time. I thought you would be enough said about that. We cannot understand why he almost idle army out did saving allowed amateur and I have title so that's what are you title mushrooms are recital in the great screamin service scream.
We have on train. I came for another dream. Remonstrated. Ground streamer vote is a scream as a great screamer I use title an apple orchards, idle, inevitable Roma phone. I use title way more in the media, the service. I mean I, I waited a long time of the title of abound, better leg, just and you probably due to see beyond these stuff come of apple music Spotify as well. So as it show absolutely, why should meet all right well that the room, the rumours Angela ease, not here she's on vacation should be back Wednesday and up next to people's choice, makes you want hear something a hundred Five aid, five, one o five one get you requested in revolt, we'll see you guys to morrow it beyond, say sorry, Mister Breakfast Locomotive
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