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Tuesday 1/ 24 - Today on the show Michael Smith and Jemel Hill speak on their untraditional approach to ESPN Sports Center. Also for the topic of the day we had listeners call up to tell their story of when they were grabbed from their back side after T.I had an untraditional approach from a fan while he performed on stage. As usual Charlamagne gave his daily Donkey of the Day this time to Gwyneth Paltrwow.

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Ok, I love you more than rats rather sit out the most prominent. When you ask Berlin Immortal words, only was young people's choice was busied good morning: U S: Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning Angel Ye Minorities, Charlemagne guide these data plan. It is two years it's Tuesday and if you will live on the east call students a little nor eastern editors, guess who is really nasty.
Wendy, where ninety ninety miles per hour, I have no idea what annoys did I dont know if there was one Noriega mistakes? your garage, I didn't realize it was actually a weather thinking whether was pretty nice and everything else. Now I did you. Yes actually was doing this petty, say Deca. Dna was a ladies night out, so we gotta get someone went ahead and fish and I had a twelve hour. My friends at me was it had been suspended. Thus, in animals we at the club last nobody they cancelled. The Cologne council deity was like, as is too narrow. So much rain, it was light. Let us take it easy web browsing, no free, good food. Now my friends came out now Why does in went on your driving in my coming ass, you re in a new field and wind, but the issue is one of the little bit. You really realise how merciful God be being on absolute God and priorities.
Thing. If you want to immediately ok in Toulouse, there's your keyboard plan and I got a laissez faire removal yesterday, added alike, I was that how was it would hurt does as but it wasn't as bad. I tried at one time a fine. It was kind of painful stopped. And I went this time and actually they have like newer lasers, and they have this air that blows on you as they do the laser hair removal like burns each year. What by widely drawn retirement, value can be permanent. More than that body have a landing step: blue men, There is little to let it go and get waxed every single minded, gurgles and grown hears and use it as a little painful, but she said the fact that you ain't got a shave and all the time we'll get it wax all the time. I should say it makes life amazing just randomly spontaneously go to the beach and not have to worry about getting a wax. That's the worst. When you try to go on vacation in like manner
look at these words. I gotta do this at night on the way that it ever some women are not done. They look with a view to giving another became that honest, Zena I would like at the outset that you think you look assets and try to look when you have you forgetting in a daddy bottoms Jesus Christ confession. I thought about it lays data. We Armenia Wrangle briefly. If we use the full benefit of fellows at it, you know tat. He had a grows under ok yeah. I was gonna get at least, so I never had to shave it again. You don't get in Grozny Annual the Enron here I thought about you. Do that if you want, I gotta. Let me know this place all they do his lazy into young Megan permanent decisions like back and when you get they got my maybe haunt you my. Why have a beard let their rage place? Man from Detroit we hardly isolated if and when all is to be able to lay their removal to thy gonna. U know anything around his face why
then his neck by a man who anymore I'm not a lead lives, it gives cause. May we all go get older age now, with a more debate, grow out, showed a low peppers. Genuine proves diskin, let people improve their that's part of employers, through many lives. My hands are happening now, my hair, but was then you will look domicile. Seventy or Bobby You don't know me about the back of his neck and get out of here by the here, That is what the here he didn't say when they all it may seem like a head. Well, I didn't do it. I can now come to Romeo and Juliet with me is called by the originally I'll get to show cracker now
call Smith in Gmail. Hale will be joining us draw one want to collude bombs from Michael's regimental a set of kids in hers. You cry was the reply given show you in a short years, be any movement sports dinner on February six, it will be to hold to sports and comrade shop it up with us here in the breakfast club. Small for our rights will take with them in a little bit, but we got from pays knows what we talk about. You, yes, we will talk about. What's going on what the hell are we Clinton? What is her next move? Tell you what she's fifty fifty undoing, also doubts rat more controversial as they will tell you about the executive order. He just signed all right, we'll get into all that when we come back here is rearing its needed me. It's Tuesday is the breathless locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the God. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news now. What is not some doing today
where he had much has signed an anti abortion executive order. What that is reinstating the global gag rule on overseas discussions of abortion by individuals and organisations that receive federal funding so forget any kind of federal funding. You're not allowed to discuss any type of not just abortions, but also preventing HIV infection. Condom use any that family planning you're not allowed to discuss that it could give federal funding, Milburgh Donnithorne, Lebanon, the amicable. You are right, This is a rule that basically says that you are not allowed to talk about any type of family planning and other nations. If you get federal funding from the government set of argued where I wanted in the boardroom arguing about about now is these are family play these organisations. They say and organise organisation that talks about HIV, preventing HIV infection ripe to and that the World Health Organisation or the United Nations Population Fund.
The? U S, government, one that supports you and not give you any more funding, because you discuss abortions service provider What is good about the automotive light Brown you wanna, get an abortion rate and but the place it you're getting an abortion from also provides information about condom uses of condoms were right to prevent HIV infection ran to four Emily planning they will not give you any money anymore. So, basically, not only if you provide abortion, but you also disgusting. Like family planning? You just get no money from the government Ahmad. What I know is going to get an African. What is wrong with this tromp guy When you do why? Why why? Why does a guy we're? Why would you kill people, try to prevent and evidently he's very pro life, though each anything any type of any organization has anything to do with providing abortions are deceiving discuss Abortions won't get federal face. One wonders what I don't know. Those same organisations are the same ones that provide cannons and teach you about family planning this autumn
from the conservative. Why do they care? Women get pregnant and a woman what they have an abortion measured be heard decision in her decision solely while use air waffle. What a what double her reproductive organs, Europe, but on all you ve got. You too have impressed with what they have proven in the past has run away. He was actually the first president soon state this global gag rule is that actually abortion ends up going up when things like this happen, because you also aren't discussing you condoms in discussing abstinence, none of those. So what did we do? Make it their mistress pretty when they get the alternate when they get the woman there are no alternative relationship with pregnant gray maker. Keep it did. He go, hide maybe off one island somewhere. What did he do since they don't believe in abortion? I'm sure they do what honest worsening in it.
I would be very beaten under sprayed on these key kaji alternative jobs that we talk about. Hillary Clinton well, according to insider political inside. A Hillary Clinton is fifty fifty on running for mayor of New York City, so she wants to resurrect her political career. Now this guy is, as he owns all these supermarkets, that the restored is foods are those who market jack. I can say that I am cast them a tedious soldier estimate cities. Cats, imitated, I can say, lessening frozen or by any way. According to him, he saying that she's talking about it and he had a discussion. Matera he's gonna actually hold back on whether or not he is When for mayor whence you she let him know. If she's Hillary's, just bored, because you can't run for president and almost win president of the United States of America and going to be mayor of any city. I don't care. If that city is New York, reveal Yang does just now. I dont politics for now is like Michael J.
Gwynplaine Dealey glad you don't do that after having been fixed time in which I now over presently original already hither right, I'm going to do to make the reader be his pulse present for women, yeah, yeah, yeah, Hillary Clinton, meaning you gotta noise, you gotta be Mare and New York Monument found. Somebody seems beneath her doubts about from the EU, but it is easy to put need dollar may have a New York. What Hillary Clinton in New York now uses almost present in the United States recipe running against MIA de Palacio. If she d say you ve been secretary of state, You been first lady made can be met in New York. They what happens if she loses did a may of NEO Laszlo it'll wool was it like that we Father we get right back nursemaids. Is this what you need to do Hilary just your alternative products because You ve got hacked raised by the Russians. Ok, that's rudeness would put not be for just just take that victory. Your daughter The president will game, I leave you to be met. Our right will s front page when I'm sorry, it tell me why you may.
Eight hundred five, eight firewall no viable. If you're upset, you need event called us right now. Maybe you had a bad night about good morning. Maybe the storm hit you and you don't still don't have power lot of people still don't have power. This morning, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us up right. Now, it's the breast. Come on the breakfast club pool assigned by the solar cell with the other day we gotta play while back down on the problem, and it was so many girls in a Europe where we leave any other browser but really knows dermody drug companies. Lobby girl really does have gone away. Wielded guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were the boreal allows. This aid is moving. So am I mad enemy? I envy high end.
Mining Annie you mad at home, at a mad, because yesterday saw the man on the former when your collar and even murder, people being divisive poor. You know said about an abode in the case of the women's March, and I want the criminal there, because families are you gonna do what he was there, why women only to become together for saying that they want to come together for about a number for black people. Give up my folly or other people prefer for no travel more is, and you know a garner where, without hope has all been people they only to ensure prevention that eleven really matters when it also raise Gustave was a woman's marked. So all types of women decided to come together. It would make the one you running that tell me if the entire making new media places worship.
Marge. Nobody will know about Amabel Autumn here about the women's movement: mainstream media hard by the women's mushroom three women of color to meet Mallory COM of her Linda Sauce, our I didn't hear. I d from mainstream me by our British. I mean I will say this that hopefully in the future now these women, who have these different groups that have come together for the woman's, might now can stand contact and we can all communicate with each other something has happened and I don't know what you're not realizing it when you have those other marches. That's why so easy to dismissed or other marches, because they are individual groups. When everybody comes together, they can't deny it. They got a deal would Andrews am. I am hoping that this just does mean that moving forward in the future, that we can come together and people can learn from this, allows this. My yes, sir, this is what was happening. My brother out of the mouth there. We are amongst corner a Ford three all day, while you matter? Are you going to both jangle this morning?
went about you'd. I am away my baby marble she'd Mama she's, a very good idea. She too good virus pay for women or some banks, but I just by a hundred dollars to be able to say much one night in my kitchen mistakes in the two years old and the next thing you know she thinks he met Sunday, you overtime hours with regard to the video messenger burger bad tempered. Our work will be done about it. You should be good record in May. The magic is a huge
Put yourself aren't jobs point beyond do visitation, visitation things whatever you call it, what you call it a night was got. It was my first outbreak as working towards you stay here. My war have. What I was therefore goes. Even then all grabbed me unless one lesson away if she can't you our job people travelling with me ass. I should be of your not together. She should be viewed in a thousand times. I was here What I mean I didn't get the food for thirty minutes, then now she's back in Norman, so you're not going to see your top of your kids will have to call Bro get the cart on her ass. The same way, she would put the coats on your ass
the boy goddamn fire is why you may eight hundred five, a one off I won't have you upset you need event. Call us now is to breakfast. Locomotor The breakfast club there was Tory lanes when Love morning, everybody dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy we oughta breakfast, you got noted. We finally got bad imbues yawned and avoid banning Boogie Bigshot vows back. We have noticed a couple of changes and playlists drake fake love. That's right in all have great happen in a more finely little late boy. We catch enough for now tell me that we simply these records for two years back back. Do you know whatever your listenin to now will be planned Veolan two years in rotation on radio, nay we're moving on up now we have some people from ESPN joined us this morning, Michael sniffing Gmail holds in my favor personality, probably probably my two favorite personal These must be kept safe and encourage everyone, but I,
hidden, her the watches and the related moving sports dinner or February six, so that we can do with them. If I loved a low micromanagement yoga, they are very, very lack. Why Mary unapologetically black by simple, like at all by love me and Anon. Yes, they have made in chains entire assimilated, honey as Piana Jimmy? I didn't notice before this. I will you sitting at home and you watching tv news here mighty, though menaces society reference to America, Skate Ani of Vienna. Well, then, I think we got a kid. It's heavy body which is gonna They will be ninety duenna, absolutely the right one. Yeah rooms and away. Yes, we are going to talk about title they have reached a new deal, would tell you I'm coming: that jail is worth and who is with us, also Remy man. She shares some variant. Why should a news Emily opens up to share her story for other people who might be going through the same thing? Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back Cuba lockers,
breakfast locomotive the breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we other breathless cloud away Bryce until his tired of hearing exchange. I you know, I don't know where we're getting NATO changes have been made to the musical plainly now rightly It's one of those kids room of the Sakharov Prize Bob did the toy annually on the breakfast webs brain announced yesterday that they have acquired at thirty three percent ownership stake entitles the own one third of tidal now, and they spent two hundred mill and for that, for that deal Robin clues. Basel juicy Sean Carter, Emily title is where the six hundred million davies for inward fifty the infinite I don't spent lie that their easy sold. Thirty two percent:
quadrupled is money. That's crazy, old man. I write so there have been some issues that title, so the value of title is surprising. For some people there was some issues were princess estate in them streaming and his catalogue. There was the measures buccaneers, album. It was supposed to be a title exclusive permanently, but then it was in. There was some issues with the little Wayne Album and Bird man suing title for that all kinds of things, but last April titles it announced they have three million paying subscribers and forty I presented subscribers, pay for the price year premium. Twenty dollar per month subscription. Some people do say, though, that J C their title hasn't did its number than that they really have about a hundred and fifty thousand describe, as nobody really know give a damn may quadrupled is money that the problem include positively ghetto the mossy projects, black privileges
choice, form dammit old, is, will not lose heart initial sprint. This means they have access to those artists that are part. Ownership have ownership stakes intitle. This is over. Twenty artisan. Have ownership stake so for Sprint seems like a pretty It's always a wonder. I a lot of yellow piece it to an absolutely data, in a jam ilusha unfilled, blossoming issue back from alcohol. Here we don't know, what's going to happen with that's, but now what's the big deal, so congratulations for that city all right in a Remy MA, had some very sad unfortunate news. If you guys watch love, hip hop or I saw the post that she put up, she said first, thank you to everyone that sent their congrats as well as condolences. This was a hard time for me and my husband, and we thought long and hard before deciding to share this part of our lives with you all. I was totally against it, but in a fit of crying Papoose
you are not the only one going through this? We will get through it made me realize how many women, like myself, experienced the same thing and don't have a strong partner by their side to say it will be all right now. Here is what happened Why is this painting by sorted out? The tells me I'm having exotic pregnancy, the baby, this for me inside Phillipines Hoofs, so we can save the baby by adopted. Also tells me that I can any move prejudices natural areas already about reversing figured out Palmer's laws, then that I will give him the child. A he's been ask reverses almost daily met me yelled, watching their love, modelled on loving about beyond all love. Might actually
Let me go back and I want to have no gentleman cycling, two daughters, sunlight Damn Odin watched and nobody will. You can still have kids and I'm gonna tell you. Somebody just sent me a text message, one of our friends in the room and am he said if you went through the same thing twice and his son is now seventy say my wife only has one Phillipines who as well don't believe that hears prove any said. It happened twice. They tell my wife. She would never have a baby, they were wrong and then he said Dj Khalid voice more, you know all twenty five percent of women who are pregnant usually will lose the baby. You know we are five children thank God we had out you'll, do pretty fast offers for pretty fast, like no problems. It was easy to burst with easy when we had the fifth child. My wife, after about three months, passed many tat. You should really tell people, let you you are paying for the first time ass. If he believes the right person
So after nine weeks nobody came with me I'll tell you my guys want. My wife was pregnant and I told you don't put some of this to closest friends and family, and then we wind up having a miscarriage. It was. We went to the doctor and there was no heartbeat it was is crazy because you really plan on having a child only of Roger I mean that was in between and then we had asked for. You got superstore drop on a gloomy laughter on demand, firm mammoth. Now we got out on demand raised this point. We thought we talk about in mass been but people you're pregnant is weak, but sitting good luck in owed it miscarriages crazy. Don't love everybody that has a child out there. How much of a blessing it is cause is shrinking. People have problems in so many women it you know. So I haven't had not what people died for Remy yeah keep on trying keep ongoing. You know because it dad. It is something that does happen. A latin and as some people there
went through that, just like in the past midnight powerful. It's always saying right, big numbers watching this man, love is out of, is talking roomy, do it there drop one include Bob's, papoose them makes you want to be a better you keep mix. You'll remember game had is neither they wish. It echoes, as I am sure, a very difficult thing to have to come out and here with their bloody. When there is a lot of people, they came elites who in appreciate her sharing her her story. Dimples does it all was in terms of food, it ok. An attempt at a disadvantage and assure you don't fit the profile of a person there can talk, you do any situation would pass, definitely was taught me a woman through their situation. Let our right now there is a higher, have released some dash camp put it and that was Cincinnati. Bangles defensive, Backpack man Jones getting arrested earlier this month, gotta rested on January. There mother think any was a reservoir Assad, disorderly conduct and other charges
spit on a nurse after he was arrested in Cincinnati. Downtown entered under age old Illuminati District here is the audio whether sounded like that of majority? Does not ours To my mind, you didn't you, is that a more driver goodbye
today, the bundling Manhattan and winning back where jobs is Illuminati broke could drag my Jones, you have been under somebody's Yoda Maiden name, I don't know more tat lot him, but not a drop of bankers. Davy S, you an apology. After that, and usually they dont commitment to play a goes through quite system, and I bet they apologize. They said we are extremely disappointed with Adams behaviour. They behaviour in the video is not what we expect from my players. The club is aware: Adam S, birth, nature's own apology. However, we also offer an apology to the public and sue I loyal fancy. They could suspend him for the start of next season. Under the player conduct policy after enlargement, Turning to vaccinate statement because you may not expect from other players, but you expect from Adam Pack May Joan then we'll have exerted on brain is absolutely operate. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room- all right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back from a European Sports Centre, the newest co host NEWS House, Michael Smith and Gmail, You have an existing gmail used to have a so called heard, but they're moving to sports in assigning starting February six
was reanimate sex with me morning. Everybody you see to envy easily yea Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club because this prestigious inability Europe from its peons Noah's was yet they did no calls us, namely show that sports are smart. Our group supports the Michael's knows pulse was fortunately european would show called isn't this. What am I like? My dear Watson, Heaton Harris simply because we also their black or lightly society will come to America. Reference love referendum that double purpose of espionage, I say there were not trying to be black me. We are glad that this is the right move. Now we just wanted to just be our selves and where we first got the show, and is
when they change the name over from numbers, never lie? We made sort of unofficial but official pact that if we gonna go elsewhere, you we're gonna, do it our way, and so that was a true representation of who we weren't here sports honour launches the Frick starts on February. Exactly four years tone. We lost his inertia and we have been begging to do something for years beyond tv, but people thought all you know too young by people who think too much alike. There will be new television rights geniuses in producing so anyway, but once we got the park is I we don't have on our free time for free, so if they want to take it from the dinner like wanna, take it so be we don't do it our way to develop points or a tv show, is an earth and passports and occur. From the same philosophy is, I would not be us, and others have said. Where they are worth talking to me. We really on a lotta levels in the people I watch as they relate to die
ya know your was depending that would work done for anything whether the pie, Cathy, we really want to work for me. Haven't that an example of alternate dorias. You know we kind of came up around the same time, an industry in I was working in Boston tomatoes in a land or at the time I came yesterday in about two years before she died. But we always maintain a relationship from afar. You notice keep tabs on each other supporting each other, and then we started What time or camp was in Bristol Connecticut together we just started here. Are we to have conversations about sports. There would go off in the social topics, relationship conversations reaches vibe may we should find a way to put this on television all radio, so we just for begging and begging. Every nine in somebody will put us on the fill in here and there. But you know it's like a couple years, but here we are, yeah. Look. We always tell people that. Are we definitely a testing Sometimes you just win the war of attrition right
it was a lot of people. They came in. For me as being in is just funny I'm, a big believer that everything happens for a reason a like at the time. It may seem like a closed door and all those times their people said no to witness they always specifically the moderate all who want the jump off. Does Are we going to jump off? I wouldn't even though a jump really museum. The girl you have one is that right, I got a job is not exaggerate great data. The bad news is never does not get multiple definition of football. The automated highly depressed we know or maybe we wanted, then the wind for you. There are particular dont about anybody and they didn't when for him. I thought it would be hilarity. Cobblers have not been champions in the social media,
to see people are used, as you rightly on our coasts, and may I wanted the ultimate fan apocalypse that I'm gonna cowboys versus the patriot trees, yellow. I can see that just like some hunger gaze with these two fair basis which, like each other alive, and I got the press yesterday. Logan I'm watching their land, a pack of the amendment we could be to fuck. You pack of beat us just to go. Do that none of this respectful Could we divide that event a visa? Did you ever think we're gonna be falchions patriots? I did No! No! You know about my MA preview. The big was packers jet, lemme argue I about Roger about produces. Thankfully me by what caused it. Everybody was picking the patriot
but nobody did Nirvana becomingly, no one! No gas, no glory! Somebody got to think outside the box. We camping Patria seals that wasn't. Gonna have women, Hopefully, we will use the argument that prices and how many of you will be broken, no biology we need a bigger whether cowboys issue do what they do me. Why? why can't we react? I believe my second, you didn't believe me and I'm alive. So I know about me doing you now. Oh faded grown up a d joy of me, fifty years of the arising, fifty partly right now, but has made like fifty year the same Canada bearable disappointing verbosity only the lie as we lose the cause of the week before
agreed bay. They had the wind to actually when a debate or wherever they lost their last three, like only they would fight forgot away to back up in a play off and in you know, sort of their season in the way the imprison praising the piglets dealer Seahawks such article little alarming. My three hours when it does make that developing conventional another. Now we need to do to win here our money on device. I ask you: what did he do? Went to win next year? Call us I'm out of them. Like it it s, not one who knows how to place out of don't have enough time to make the play that he did not fit everybody legally binding good enough to win yet then, of course, you just assume that Dac is gonna. Take another step, be more mature and more experienced, and I'd like to see what happens. What happens with this tony run over? You know, just in general, I guess we'll somebody actually jump up in tray for him,
be that could be another avenue for the cowboys go home their thing and you could pick a definition of what a desire is needed. Under that involves a lot of criticism about job outcomes you in here and what does the jack? What did it? I need to do to make it what do I need to do is really being out? I got it. Big deal now not like that. I don't like you know they ve been on abode of the big, not alleys down the main. It was easy, storyline low operative. They lost the game combat like that. We gonna win. Always the drop in those pants, as he was thing about their bodily, yet elite have ever so down in it. You know that was a fortunate. They did learn that you can create that kind of distraction, even though, as the dumb distraction, but in the media? In anything else, you know you just k, create that kind of distraction.
In terms of what they need a mean offer our now probably help ranging around out there team, but they don't got some growin up to do. No more, we will do is what we are more. What Michael Smith in Gmail he'll come on up next on a replica of local anywhere come on. Don't want body next door with come see me morning. Everybody is the key. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have Michael Smith in Gmail, hail the new, also to six p M sports centres, not in February six mythology Now we wanted an ear. Vienna were tried, it changes. Can I watch. You have resumed I get the reference number of bodies, not me mom in the MID Watson is Joe to seek it only yes, paean trotted changes, no, they would have any memo are, or even an icon. That is often with a pop references. Are a movie court they never now than ever happen. There were producers who discouraged
early on, but we never listened. Not yet we try to be us and not to mention. There are plenty of people well established people who make their, president? Never I never got. I had this obviously no disrespect to him, but I they all time like Our times I watch charisma. Now nobody saying unease very good and considered icon and our business, but nobody tells him that, and so yeah me MIKE, and I would just who stubborn and we just ignored anybody who thought that maybe they wouldn't understand. Movie quota. That and whilst I well look of you, if you have a saying boomerang, that's your problem has been the brutal. Moreover, minerals, polluters get better being yourself and not just to get the heart, and I was like this is what I think this is how I speak. This is how I would speak to her, and the main issue is built on two friends talking samarcand changes, which of course was the way I'll talk to her just to make some audio comfortable like what we're thing
pretty is plenty understandable, unrelated to everybody. Don't get all references were, maybe that's it just as value to go and catch up. I feel like I was presented. A change they won't know o among ok, people, have asked for the concern, but no it's not like we're goin. For long. Let that happen. They came up with the rise in Sunday. We thought not only I don't like hey, we want a whole Sportscenter. They asked us to table with more tenor, just which it up and we said yes only. We could continue doing what we're doing and it will. I would ask you to come. Everyone is out of date and does it all No, not really no man ever think no like when they ask you like Can we laughed? I think, therefore, that we got abroad, because we were thinking they wanted us to come over there, and you highlights in disorder the traditional Sportscenter that I think you know mostly. Rub on, but airline like we want you to literally do what you do
he's an earth which is almost like we're picking up his in hers and just transplanting it at six o clock you fellows, who felt the trunk for companies we basically got a record the distribution network, pretty miser, they seem like it's almost professional sport is, though, that whether their traditionally yes right. You know usually does a lotta highlights his interview, but it does now where we going. I may we gotta evolve with the times and another you see we ve got vamp held at night he's, you know, put his stamp on. You know his board centre at night and it may asking us to do the same thing in six to the entrance in time to become alone at the piano is built for conversation. I mean it's not like a lot of you know daytime lobby there now we have the ruler highlights four inevitably structure. We bought and paid us for years Jason was grown up. All our members goes through a Scot like black person there now Stephen Smith and his. U, guy there champion in by drug is really not that of the battalion on European issues
Have you ever noticed there, but I think he has been in the starlight. You know company woman, but I guess I will sound our way, but when it comes to you know all camera diversity thy may we where the leader in our industry might by far and is not just you have like people, that our on air is the positions you have made it. You know you have carry being as for dinner, you have my can I you know during our thing in the commentaries bathed in also in pop culture. You have no money, though, in his day in a different way, like are also different. Now do. You have, as I was saying, people of color on air, but you have them in really powerful position where we're in charge of our are caught him from the extent of like what we want to do, creative and what we want to say that they raise on anyway.
God. Save a lot of people can learn that we must stop having this also conversations that no Warhol more cohesion a really gone yet again, that it is an attempt by a man who, by the way, I have that under the same umbrella, nobody has ever come in and dared argue with us or trotted checkers when it tower opinions when it comes to was going on in society, sports in society intersect way to all of us to avoid it and will take the peasants. I was but anybody's calibre conversation when it comes. You know that was gone. Are unaware that I want to languages? Would you mouth like you know back all, raise politics, those who, as you nobody ever now now I mean it s why women I mean especially now more than ever, given their political time that we live in, and I think that has been kind of a misnomer about european overall thing, because it is associated with Disney and is considered a corporate. I think those is justice idea that all nobody, a white? You know the tunnel limit, the different air
You guys you know going in terms of subjects, but they were really not at a place where we can. We can do that more because whether we want to talk about it or not, athletes are dragging us into these. Conversations may call incorporated forced a national conversation on these and we were big, not very good journalists. If we didn't cover talk about, there's no you're out of your way, yeah alleys, though even beyond that it is like the athletes themselves, have become so much more vocal. In the last I say five years that if you're in sports media in sports commentary and particular you have to be able to address it, I remember reading people feel like some people feel exploit them, politics should it makes and their people. Oh so wise? These games begin to get away from everywhere that everyone is there, a member who only want to their maker com when they want to be protected from having to face reality? Was they gone on. A people are saying that we keep thirty, tell Anonymous in terms of how the world, how do you want the world to remain so in a way? We, nevertheless, that the sport
did it makes though from Mohamad. I leave the run that the olympic thought of the black laugh is embrowned. We appear foreign escape. Would you have that you have that privilege you can escape from this? reality not just for a lot of but what is the reality for at least allow Teresa that at least a speaking because they realized it could be done? They can be next that their their destiny Freeze their position than notoriety fame does not protect them from systemic racism. The brutality wherever case. Maybe what do you think about Floyd animals? Not We want to talk about cajole when it wasn't that come to avoid got old projection. Are you using a boycott somebody? You didn't listen to iron out. In Lisbon, a lotta people were on a boy, gardener, yeah, good name,
hours. I've got, namely Belgium, another Nirvana with President Lech. Now I'm in love with Floyd long. I mean it will lose more fascinating to me. Is that people that want to criticise him now or done with joy, because That did so. Where were you when he was being women, never out like mad necessarily like when it comes to him in and and obviously being associated with a level of of controversy in it. This is not new, so you know. Mean that we have to wait our business at least, and I ll show you guys have to do until we have the compartmentalize a little bit because on one of them who'd you gonna get the car. We put you. May you that a black day for a bastard look if you are into any form of entertainment, you are going to be compromises of some way. If you listen occurs, brown, if you join, I think we will have not really
At all I mean I've got thrown upon a radio that own rather than you don't like the way to do it totally understand, but we are making whether we gotta movies and is not to give some may I we had a ladder display, remarked paisley athlete nor by was done about that right. So it s like their best is, unfortunately, is how we have to live in our society, so yeah. For me for being a Donald Trump duration. Do you do you you? Don't you that's what we think about floor? I don't think a buffalo outright, nothing rough Lloyd in any capacity whatsoever, including this mythical fight with him economy greater. But in this instance, if you was to be used up private business for affordable like? I don't. I don't give him enough credibility, our assigned him. The credibility that Donald Trump does our without any political unity
These are somebody I even where they can all in all of them. That is generally, I was in advance Youtube. You sell your soul, be merged. We get more with Michael Smith in Gmail here. When we come back, don't go anywhere we'll find out. They superbowl picks, keep a lacklustre breakfast locomotive. We re Serbia with black beetles. Everybody is envy annually Charlemagne girl breakfast global talk, image, mill, Hill and Michael Psmith S P, and now you watch your step about predictions. I got a letter I gotta pay It's me because I'm putting any day now, this is where a lot of reasons, one of which I want to see ragged they'll, have to hand the trophy to Robert Cravat. Nobody ever that has been so because I thought that this measure was them. You know what- and I just think that that would be just the story- come in all the way full circle
one in spite of that he got the gaubert border. Nobody cares wanting amnesia ominous. I know I think it look surprised certainly, I know come under it and, in addition, I just I just feel like state is gonna overcome overcome their help, and you know right now. I've its efficacy. Rigour, and maybe I right here- and I do think that sound the play our role around they're gonna pick it at the right time, like glass last play off. It felt like they were sort of running out again, a little bit and I'll blamed and one for the record. I know there was a very convenient excuse. Some people use, but they just seen condom mentally a little tired, I think having those rivalry with it with a cask. Yes, liberality of the rifle we are having. This, I think, is losing in some respects might have been the best thing you know forward
I don't get it. I will say God if they will win and asked us more hopeful them predictive cause. Can you imagine, in the slander needs a any being. Seventy three winds up three. Why this year, even again with direct anymore Our goal must be found a man under those conditions in this room. Last year too, we shall remain. Women is that, while I was right there ugly little, words Bookstore Monogamy minority. We might claim that has blamed. What does it matter? Gonna make me river, their fans are just ass. He could have killed them going right. They have done I'm glad you have become car? Do the other men seek out a lot like? Not nor name any name would even his musket baby carriages. So it is our name any more than the better. I think anymore. You're still seem often taken railway, Negative actions, despite play
several men in our spook- everything you through by here that our common action, one about who we gotta get my bringing my last question- is every epic, indifferent team boy. You know that's my team every year cause I'm not like. You know the biggest I'll have a team, so this year depict the lions you picked alive, lie wait a minute how many of our letter that you gimme Group about the judge? Granted Eliza leads me to believe I know, but you will. You went out on a limb, yeah dates. We do want to say. I will come from a desire to know anything boy, how epic ideas and I'm a let you guys dictated Nobody knows me off the bean pair like rang, like nobody ever the giants. As we are now taking into consideration the world. No, no!
I will willingly. I will I will do neither am I gonna do much to suggest that should become a brown. Canongate theme know that dark. Will you know that well terrible, be buccaneers? of our national governments, like the guy and a levelling down of Isabella came very closely. I gotta go higher than you can get them on and on the ground floor say I knew it. We will do a lady raising. We appreciate you drive, only last year before that Wales is exemplary. Sixty six, zero, six p m check it out is to breakfast global adopting Grandma Grandaddy, trying to figure out why did song sounds all familiar adzuma, oh Baxter! They smiley my face. Oh Tom, we wanted. My plays bags there Oh, you know that I'm the only one uncle Roger
Bob Logic, they laugh. I don't know. I'm just saying that on over Adria MILAN allows rain those aren't they also hours late? I guess you re living environment. We got an old towards no bank, does exactly what he got therefrom, how you know drugs? What are you drinking and though they are very. What do we all share same Katy? Would an orgy of this a whole down they wanted to play, is like a guy grandparent in daddy's and Mama's au fait Young. I can people in here what you know these signs milk, you better let's get the room without around when I click my house and there you go.
Go gas at the Reul report, Libretto club salami facing for years in jail, and that is worth felony gun possession. I thought they dropped those Georgia's I'm confused. Whether Ella candidate has given him to felonies possession of an assault weapon and being a fell in possession of a firearm. He was also charged with a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property. They submitted. The guns in his house was importantly stolen from a cop car, a war or disorder. Could I was I dunno is going about this coming fight against Chris Brown, but I could see exactly why soldier would have a gunshot. You know I gotta Erythema gonzo's. Really you never got right, less happy happy. That makes it at celebrate life. I write and less do there right now with amigos. They actually just recently freestyle a children's bug: Lama, Lama, rapid German, oh boy, s, eyes,
at that time is now I go. Pinzon, listen well, Mamma Joam restore mom. Love love of moment, baby tat. The man was the moon tomorrow. At the moment, the muffled Mamma Mamma Mamma going nuts, an animal Who is an animal within the? U S is also the ok to various anyone issued somebody moment. Other children, somebody near represents roughly one issue somebody's moment they redwood gentleman who arrived in seven gang being in Jesus Christ anyway, the meagre groups- I don't think that's within, I don't think I should do
he's just change the whole meaning of the children's dockyard. Cagey book I ride tee. I was a little perturbed. The other day was performing and lovely song whatever you like, but just because he I think whatever you like doesn't mean you can really have whatever you like us. Never everybody, ok, some guy, I guess felt like it was ok for him. To touch t eyes: dairy air. While he was performing immeasurably over yes, inheres would happen. So
if they do it in the form of a that came out of a good neighbour goods, the USA, that vacuum cleaner, whatever you like that, but we will have a good time and say that I really am rather less attention to the day. We sat because you can do it and it was late in the day when it can be when it has been my now not backed up by now, we are lacking, yet it could do. We do now I came avenue tat when I try to issues pack, your majesty, trying to show you the utmost respect. Ok, I'm a day's empty eyes grown up a lap Imagine a lady AOI slab dead man on site is definitely the right as it was then video. I watch him think about a situation he looked around like I'd know. Yes,
man is ground. Somebody me to come here that is front row. The guy was sorry tip. Well I'm Angela YE, and that is you are rumours I wonder about that play what's here earlier. This situation were NASH request right, so you you you, you won't you somewhere adieu grab you as you turn around and is some big the only power both guide notable maskos. What do you do? What do you say? Friends depends one whit myself only mob people's gay, now thumb guided by the end, it may these members were big guy just touch my that way. It would include issues regularly. Would I we just had to women's much candid going around gravity? What are these? they have your tiny What about your by yourself periodic pale diesel me just left to Jim
The is little ass. The chocolate done desire, Look I'm sure. That's all you got to have all you while you won't, let you won't be body so bottom up their job will be bad. It's me Bobby grouting. This has happened even wider guy Grandaddy, Beaver Grammar, and there is one of those very using ignored. Their meagre webdriver, failings me. I've been surrounded by a group of hay lane before they demanded demanded that I acknowledge them, because one of them said I was cute and thick and kept warm, they surrounded me, and I mean they demanded that I acknowledge their compliment and they do yes. I was back at that meeting and I might as well. We had a woman's most like everyone walked out the club and a guy Grammy smack romance as they do in Boston. You remember what you do.
I turned around. He was big and I said you're welcome. Please give me a gown game, the game, and you are right when we were treated like about about dogs they got up. Yes is going to go into Rogers NEWS coming from the congregation don't you ever do to being granted a a little bit of a mess adult club, bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey other day is a new wife, your dog you today for to day January, twenty four goals:
the growing of pouch of always remembered? I dont get it. There reserve two types of people, those who do something stupid in those who are stupid either way you will get the credit you deserve. Okay, now one of powder was getting the credit she deserves for doing something stupid this morning, when a partner with the founder of the lifestyle publication, goop g, o o p disgusting name for anything. Ok, it actually sounds like acute nickname for value discharge. Slew dollar women out there. And into the breadth of club this morning with a little group in their Panama, God bless you. Thank you for listening. Ok now goop is a website that has known for giving out controversial and unproven health advice in the pathway of TAT had been if it's a valuable steaming declined to you, two recent group, and told his readers that wing broad causes cancer. Now I'm not die is grade a weed in the dispensary, but vaginal steaming
in the uterus and wearing brows causes. Chances sounds like alternative facts to me. Ok and in fact, alternative fact check as have been cut the point is that there is no scientific evidence to back up any annals claims when of powder was now offering some new advice to women. The Jake ok, put Jane then you're vagina for better sex in overall, well being now, what the hell is it Jake was. Ok. Is the egg made a j like Jade Stone, alot of people use Jade stones Jane, said bless whatever it touches is supposed to balance sheet nerves. People keep a little and in their pocket for blessings, different colours, a J mean different thing. I have a date chain. You have a j chain. Beth, it won't. Jade have been the most highly esteemed. Stone in China throughout recorded history and is valued for his beauty and powers of healing and protection annually ease have Asian. I decided to make jade eggs for you, vagina. Ok, a goop informs
Reader is dead, jade eggs were used by queens and concubines to stay in shape for emperors and our ideal for Detox Dave. They increase orgasms the use of the jaded vaginal muscle tone or more balance in feminine energy, what the hell is feminine image now I read it. I don't know if I should be giving doggy to the consumer or the hospital okay, never been one and not the house. Look good partner was selling these eggs for sixty six dollars and are currently sought out, but acts alternative fact. Checkers acre aid as a warning that the health claims patrols site give are making are actually bs? Ok, they say be real Jane for that pay, sixty six, that without a low, but they did that that the actual you no doubt to the saying that this is obvious. They actually said unsubstantiated.
As ever knows that and something I didn't say, I work at the execution of a solid difficult did. I didn't want to touch it, but the eggs may even pose some health risk. Ok, in fact, that the gene Gunter she'll obedience. She says that the claimed to jade eggs can balance hormones is quite simply biologically impossible. She continues dead, pelvic floor exercises that key goals- ok, she's, pelvic flogging, says the king Gos can help with incontinent offer now stand right. Yes, another difficult work. For that is gravel. When you re giggles can help would incontinence and even gives Congo orgasms for some women, but they cannot change almost ten Gunter ends by saying, as for female energy, she's gonna colleges and she doesn't even know what that is. Ok, oh engine Gunter also send for the ride
innovation that women sleep. What a J D Epinay vaginas. She would like to point out that Jade is pours which could allow bacteria to get inside and so to a could act like a full might. An object capable of harbouring are transmitting infectious agent, making it a risk factor. Bacterial virgin noses are toxic shock syndrome. So basically did jaded increases your chances of having some view a badge and discharge on your panny minor. Listen. I understand that Joe Vagina may have some miles on it. Ok, the wear and tear, but nothing a little virginal rejuvenation can solve. People keep jade, phoned in their pockets to receive blessings of you Jade and you'll be JANET. That means you think your poor needs a prayer right now. If you have used your vagina so much did you feel you need to call a path, the pray for some raw I miss you, your vagina in some way shape or form- I'm not Donald Trump, I'm not part of the Trump administration. So I'm not here to tell you what to do with your reproductive organs. In fact, no man should tell a woman what to do with their reproductive organs.
Saying that if you feel like you needed Jade egg reopen job, then maybe you didn't put your vagina through a little too much. Ok, I'm off or rejuvenation out of a job. I just don't think Jane Egg, is the interior design? You d know enough is preying on you. Women's need rejuvenate Java. John is just to make a profit, listen Ladys when it comes to think and things and you have a China, now go Jason jaded. Just stick to deal dozing tampons you used to. Kay, please give quintet Pedro too sweet sound inhabitants. You We yeah, all right. I fell away about this because I was young about those pills in the back of doubling their will. Exert magazine magna those opposed to make Europeans big. Every time you do an x,
That is Poland. Alma pain is when it was soft last year, where a victim of yes answered people plan on you need the want. A big penis dislike boon of brain up. He was the devil title clean afresh, her vagina, ok, I work in your bed now ripe goes go to our right. Well, regulated. Get a big about speaking about tat. Eighty five, eighty five one on five one: what do you do if you mining a business a man grab your now. Clearly. This is a unisex topic of maybe a few. The vote is that it has been for the women and do that only together by the way are their tyres ya. Do you may well be lying idle, just grab you in this
comes from anywhere community methods. Variety. I was performing the other night alone form in whatever you like a guy when ransacked and his ass Lizzie Audio our rice or eight hundred have a five one o firewood. What do you do if a guy grab your ass? It happened to me. I said I wasn't in club in Boston. I just finished DJ. I was walking down the guy grab, my ass, a cassette figures that beaten on about Tat means is tat when you look at me, and I, like you, said what you did. Look him by anyway. She had women's is thereby that, alas, for women I feel like is naturally that don't touch was not yours, but it will be weight of a stranger. Did it when I was mad jaws I'll. Have your man? Are you a woman right? Eight hundred five, eight five,
we're? How good my ass may you mining over? This is not some doing. You keep your hands to yourself. A guy grabs you're, not a regular guile being up in all. Yes, why you gotta have side too demanding, because it is loomed area, low, perverted waffle code, faint. What do you think you do know is that I hope I describe what kind of man you won't ATLAS say. As I say Solomon, I grab your way. What are you doing? Colleagues are, I might add, to paste every morning here on the breadth of criminal law, Mary man. I am I mad. I'm tired of you advances, sir. You know it eight hundred five, a fire one phone call us now. The breakfast locomotive The breakfast club Kanye West. With all falls down morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we're asking if you're minding your business you're walking down the street
you doing whatever and somebody gradual. As what do you do tell what do you do? You read my ass when I'm walking down you make unwanted advances towards me. It depends on what gender you are now. Have you, a woman, I'm going to tell you keeping yourself could, I believe in equality, must keep you have yourself. You grab a married man, s okay, now right creep arise, gusting for Iep. Ok, I don't want your thing woman, for I thought my ass. This is why we are so could have what I'm gonna say. No, it is a big black burly diesel me I'm a poor, my pants down, and I must say that all you got that all you got those top our fault way. Young man, let's go if you go down Let's do it ready down. Do what is going on I'm going to write, I know my work, ok,
my my gay people out. They give it a shot. Newsy, Morgan industry. You heard what he said, give it a shot, also your sexual harassment. What about you easily who grabs mass, just a man of a man value ass. If Emma NICE Ass, he guessed slapped. Ok, whatever the female grabs. Ethical, hey, Ma Nice, as is at issue, is the alarming does alarming. Here. Ok do stuff like that equality. Not you got a whistle We have always argued about whether the right was written. No man grabber, as does she know, death rate culture right in that area. Buried him around with a guy in that happens, Cassio get his as beat our. You think that, although their solemnly don't I had a situation before, don't touch my photos, my Allah, the guy's mask a visa
we show that. Let us laugh, but always all regional he'd have a good deed in pretty good, and I let a brick unbiased is a good idea. If you a man and you grab my unwanted, does rape culture of your woman and you grab my ass. An unwanted. Does rape coach, ok, I'm holding body accountable. Now, definitely nobody should be doing at below this good envy Charlemagne and a lot more mortgage would carry you organize industry in a big black burly guy dreads diesel gravity. What do you do? What do you do? Cacus? Oh I'm gonna run about straight up. You running that you will give him around. I'm not gonna get to do not only job along this path. Now right you walk about history in somebody grabs your as what do you do, man, a woman to different scenarios? What do you do now and then walking down the bow of the Club one day and some sick? I don't know that
rise when they do tat. I have no idea what he looked at me and about that. For me, I got into a like gold on your life by armed by I said. Are you not bury both your mother ever again and now? Is it even if a guy does it than if a woman does it? Also goodbye, he loved, then you don't do pay dont about good man. Looks man grabs, yes, but he's good. Looking is ok and its lack of all good. If you wanted to be re, coaching we're fleet play grabbing. Yes, my window Images, Alamo garbage! Yes, it's fine! Ok, that's not the way to works. Hallows is free from Atlanta.
As lead. Now you from land guy, walk down the street grabs you, as what do you do I'll lay at Bay outcome from behind my back with my whole and wipe out of that man? So loud everybody out here, you don't know I don't know you don't know what about inside my way, what about real bad when women talk like that, though, because you have the right energy, but I would hate to see you get beaten by which is wrong I'm having, but that is why back not understand that part of it, because you just put your hands on somebody Why are you grab? My life is not like you such my arm. You not had the my hand you're such a part. That cover has not been, though, that you have no rights. Let me add a woman, as do you ever man opened and grab a year, but it has been decided that europeans- I didn't want to do anything like that. But where do you have the right of doing that? We were right.
Eight hundred Roma. He, but I have to save energy, went out drop my day. That's all you got ok now you wanna grandma. As what do I know foreplay now, let's go for a real thing. Now, young man I wouldn't want that save energy. Whatever is what do we do? It said, okay, this is what I want about how important backfire backslapping right now, the breakfast local border, e g, envy age, Louie, Charlemagne, God we oughta breakfast club, taking it- calls eight hundred five a viable file, What do you do when a guy grab jazz work it out, Let me just grab it not, as is this is for many women because tee I was at a conference in the night and somebody gravity either in a millimeter form, its yes, hello, confuse adverse visibility.
Now? What are you do? Eight hundred foggy firewood firewood allows. This was going on at worldwide level, the Moral Y know. What do you do you walking honesty worldwide? a guy grabs. Yes, it was a lie that should go down as a violation. Now nothing is the grab your boy, the Apache, by like you just don't know somebody you ve made it known bravely in obeying, had any copy idea. He snapped Revoir ACT. That is because of this
oh boy, yeah play around like that. He doesn't know for legitimate about amongst friends, like Germany said he I would have been the old here. It would have been altercation disrespectful. That you'd like to be clear that what happens if a woman grab fraught region as May in the club, the culture, exactly you seemed to like showed me said, don't catch, nothing that ensures that we will have no problem in our lab is a modest you were away. They can sloppy as they can't coffee. We not slap in either, but I say that we hope will be will be swept aside bed together and you do some stupid like That's because we play around like that joke around, but we know not violate one another like that unanimously. Would you saying, as could be gay amongst friends, animated envy, you got any applying gravity tat his bed, you allow me die
producer, uneasy blotted out, ok, whatever I tried again super anyway and then another present company. I don't really know that well and he tries to join in a game and grab somebody's got in the circle. Brew, you're, circled Europe Thus there is a God of Rosa revenge and intelligent way to change jobs. Jovan I gave you know where you go, you can it. When I get him anywhere, not pleaded, I wrote you can't jumper beetle can begin you gotta be down at the beginning of a low. Allow was a day mama brightening they Brittany. What do you do? You will grant issue somebody grab? Yes, we always allow worthy that by a fight about, but whenever we find out how he found a follow up. Report
but then he was buried by about one billion. I I can't you in the middle of it by either of you should have been tat. You should have told you. I do not feel so bad for women. Like decadence now lets you can took her, but in Bulgaria the point men should not be doing it it was their duty of our friends should not be mad about having to defend her EL. Commissioner, Madam, is certainly going to begin with right. It was the moral restored. The moral of the story is: have you a man and a Morgan vanished written? You grab my ass. I'm a grab your job. I want tat same any put in a grab my ass in a you grab, my penis watch, your mouth young man. I'm a try. You ok grab
but you go on the young man. Screamin indiscreet talk about ah yeah, we got us a body that does Charlemagne and militarist pre paid. The right is angle the made in that this may bring to save energy, and he took the grab my ass. What his job now, alright, ok, yeah, Ultimate s, gay people from grab my figure. It has encouraged incorrectly them everything. In a time when you walk into my really Let me offer a wireless random. Go go, go go! the aid own Lord have mercy on four. Probably don't you more random acts grab ass in amongst men and land. At least I thought it would change the daughter of the king, why do you
dodgy was amazing. Random companies we have rightly gave the grab going on in the land and the way he asked me, I gotta get back Reset Michel spoken, where that she has released in response to everybody up in arms, about her performing it down a chance inauguration. Nosey did yesterday, that's what she saved all right, all right, more keep? It lacked the breakfast locomotive during what it was all that it is the one I set out in our exchange of exactly. Can we exchanged for another record? Please, since we switch another playlists told me you, however, you have you don't pick the music and I appeal to my makes broke a less exchange change, something out powers. There beat at hand to that kind of stuff with power, I will ask it to the room: was a soccer set Michelle?
we will always remember well, Cosette Michel is continuing to get backlash and that is for performing at Donald Charms inauguration, and she has release some material to address the situation she put out. A song called still american. What's more like a poet,
like poetry, I guess he's doing a poetry. Album should willows, although bloodline man she needed the food. No political genius is the name of the album, so I took out a little piece of which he has released. I'm the black song spitefully won't sing. I am the black voice inauguration how's ring. I am the black sheep disguising the scared wolf. No, I'm the black elephant in the Red Room scared shook Whitehouse invites me, you call me there come I'm the butterfly growing from histories cocoon mantle with God. As my gun, he provides the life support, I'm dying thinking his tongue church folks mean I clap at our sing of our song.
For J C. Now you say you lost one hour and be for Deaf Chandler Chamorro proclaim, but spike won't pay me a quote from cooked Lynn. Lord have mercy on under Okra ship Michel, crazy machine unwitting did most bloggers, then she could think of which is bogan. Word damsels, yacht and drove his woman created because I generally Volker blogger work. Reset Michel management team released a statement. Percent Michel decides to create conversation and chaos, but the poetry albums he entitled with her infamously quaint phrase, no political genius. She invites listeners stat bickering, and start listening to each other's point of view. We must not have a little good use of the rhythm people have said. We want political geniuses bridge the gap would trouble. I taught the trunk Nut Crochet Michel now she said she sent me a cassette. God bless the late and painted with these celebrity jobs with Derek aunties dedicated to women's rights. So she went to take a stab at holding hands with America and starting some
dialogue, only they mega make does bogan workers. Ship Michel did blacken the atom Safari Samuel to it. We got law regardless of our enemies. Additional amir was far. I am the black son spike leave on sing. I am the black voice and observation bells rang, I'm the black sheep disguising the scared, wolf. No, I'm the black elephants or nothing shook. I'd house invites me you call me there come I'm the butterfly desiring with God S mighty, revise the life support, I'm thinking his two hopes mean I clap, but I think there are some projects do not. You say you are indeed ships to follow. You guys, guys from New York Why don't you lied unity? It can you put to sea
the little blood java, Safari and reset monsieur Robert include bother them. It will bring people together. We will be presenting gauge whether you dogmas talkin, about music waiting, all musically to get cash. I write workers be instantly here where Cosette Michel has to say Mitchell. The whole situation beloved at all to array empty logical zone is off them. I can't see posted what can I say except dank you Lloyd. It's been a long time this single life, and I thank you for your prayers and kind. Words of hope, God has sent me true love for all of you. Waiting on love, don't give up, keep God first, and he would see that you meet your match, has TAT, God is, ah yes, thousand body, can we go out and see later words. Not long ombudsman female single phrase, he fought his legs were. Congratulations to end, see lady actually posted a picture on the ground drunken called love empty light.
And will you live in? Go women out? There is hope that can happen at any aid. O g m c, like I write Maria CARE, in the meantime is working on some new music and apparently she's recorded a song with wide g over the weekend, Paul Mariah bury now she's helping. This will be an anthem for women who are trying to overcome a harsh break up. Why we, always they break up songs, know any last sergeant break outside any songs to have sex to you need all those urban you'd go breakup zone. That way for when you go and do something you have a break up play as what you got was the fall one Mylife? Ok, it's only Tony Baxter call me you go out only be an break. My heart, I re Remy Man- we discuss this earlier this morning and I prayers go out to Remy. Ma am Papoose, I'm Leavin hip hop last night and she also posted on Instagram. She reveal that she did suffer aims
carriage. She wasn t pregnant and hears. What happened was preceded by saw. The doktor tells me I'm having exotic pregnancy the baby, as for me, inside your fellow beings. Hoops, so we can save the baby by adopted. Also tells me that I can have prejudices natural areas already about diversity with another figure. I promise laws then that I will give him The child, a he's been asking me: voices almost daily met me goblet, really mob absolute ambassador minutes all special last night. Why we I'd kid? I watch in love and nobody wants to see that the goodness into Mister Oliver in this vein.
Areas real moments when we imagine post. Thank you to everyone that Cynthia congrats as well as condolences. This was a hard time for me and my husband and be thought long and hard before deciding to share this part of our lives with you all. I was totally against it, but in a fit of crime pep who said you are not the only one going through this we will get through it made me realize how many women, like myself expiry the same thing and dont. Have a strong partner by their side to say will be our right argue with alarming appropriate financial players can be. Anything anymore loud and have up you don't realize people really go through that, like I said, twenty five percent of women who are pregnant actually lose the child and an evil. Winwood me what you know: five children after the fourth chow it's easy for us. We just bargain baby come out. Is that simple, but for the fifth one we actually had a miscarriage, and it was sad because we know we told people how'd, you like we were exciting and then, and yet is how people there we wanted adopted. It was no heart be which like which means heartbeat like there's no harm
in you realize that a lot of people go to a lot of women go to a debt of a child is, is such a blessing and you just beat you gotta, be so grateful if you do have or you but to have children. I want, and I regret it actually sent a text when this there any said he said I picked it up papoose of his son. He said I will do the same thing twice. My son is now seven. My wife only has one for lobbying swoop as well, and he said there is proof that you know you can't always believe what the doctors say. He said twice. It happen. They told my. Why shall never a baby, they were wrong and then he said DJ cowardly snorting of granting away it. Do you have to switch to music? It is I get come on. Foot somewhat beat we'll have to be down. While we talk about this later, If it moves on, you mean pattern, room you'll, be fine, I'm sure you ve got him showed. Oh God bless your would have another. When I had another one, I had little baby Brooklyn right after that, one so and she's. Unless you fellas Andy gonna happen, beach of
dramatically, but remember care with the argonauts show that in Yellow Latin have up I'm tired of the beef mixed report can only be forgotten. Who am Angela YE embodying a rumour report. You would probably have a poultry you like this damage report now right,
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