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Valentines Day overrated?


Its Valentines Day, so you know we had to open the phone lines to discuss it, primarily if its overrated or not. According to Charlamagne it is only overrated to people that do not have someone in their life, in fact he made everyone who talks negative about Valentines Day Donkey of the Day. Also, Malcolm Gladwell joined us today to discuss his thoughts about the current President and more.

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages, took all we ve got no point. His prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club. Say some good. You you'll do go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Angela, ye be here to second. What sort of a police did a pleasure. It is to see the happy Balin sellers everybody out there today today is Valentine's day. Ivy balance of these all love with all the happy couples who happy damn you lonely again this year, data single yet again this year no Mean Valentine's day. Everybody out, I'm sure somebody who try to encourage orientated everything's gonna be ok, really will be, but today the lower. Yes, when you do want somebody, you know have nobody. That's a single man in single Ladys at air is balanced,
days and made up holiday. They always made up holiday. Is why Charles the raid on the parade of those of us who are unhappy relations, whether that Single bay, I think so? What are you talking about the Meda by allowing you don't have to feel bad just because it trying? I told ya, somebody with no draw to me. There is nothing wrong with as some people s single by choice, and it is wedded hugger Rochelle to everybody that key lesson. I taped alpine CAS the case. The crew we had over seven hundred people. Both shells are totally sold out. It was so crazy, editor people away. Amazing. Amazing time. Last night we talked about our relationship for about a good hour. Now have is a cry not increase, I held that tear and I did not cry
that should give us uprising. Michael billions came through drugs. Now you Michael giving them Michael billions in his wife, came through to show support and show love. Also little more came Buffalo Loma she actually saying and perform forever at the end of a number of couple three and destroy. Clearly a lawnmower. I've been wanting to Michael is Greece. She killed, we had such an amazing time last night. I guess. He was sold out. We are so much love so much support. It shows what can be about our forty minutes, both shows with for two hours and a half comedians came on after inches, came out and showed love so shall to rip Michael whose shouted Carolines shall to career mercury. Is we put all this together? She handled merchandise last night she handles think again had encountered Carolines the world famous Karlov. Yes yoke. It was
an amazing they lotta couples came, there was single people. Girl came with their friends fell his case we know together. It was if, if our fellow gathered reality and, together with you, What the funny thing is is fellers came with their girl and they may be asking like, so she in vaccine it? How can I guess about? Like other people, ask me: how do you get some help? Ideal people in Asia that if you try to get to absolutely caught well, they got court, but they did needed to know it or is it possible that their way out is is, as is their wives gonna forgive ago, forget if it gives so we went to the holding of of I think we shall Amy Donkey today. They might do When I was a young man was aiming Amy doggedly plain: is Charlemagne? Is there one friend that if you will you certainly say you wanted to commit suicide. Don't call him, does he believe how alone? Let me get my record I'm doing enough now.
Yes, it is not true of my tightly. I might tell you to relax you dumb ass. I'm not dumb knock on sugar coated. Anything to me last night, I don't go say, get the recorded. Do not go into that. Come on. Stop I wish to speak and I wish I could have made it a sound like a great. Am I to do a demo lip service with arms yesterday and then I had to do a book club meeting fry the book from a book club. This meant, which is easier, raise misadventures of were black girl, but I do wish I could have made it. Unfortunately, yesterday was damp pack pneumonia earthly with sleep and get upset at the fact there, because they really they lose out money. I don't know what it at some point yesterday just sit in on me and I hate that I don't give a damn about now, really pissed off, because Adele when you five, not even better than Solange a the tape, damn joy, the bed and eliminate in I was pissed off yesterday too, would you be approved I can't do that to my gothic, the crew. They just hang me. I was upset about democratic rules. Given New York J, seven years he cut his salary for joy,
didn't have to, and in ages cut a little governess he has been producing and what you biggest loading of game pansies. He was injured any produce for that. When you make an minimum league minimal me was bus, an asshole nation aim was shy and you have to produce annual goin out. Both you can't even better, oh gee that keeps Odell Becum out of trouble at least will keep you here. You know, so you can help guide Odell, but you Katy would keep God O Dell. You wanna go on about what I'm ok body. The old bull wait. What is shared still on, so maybe you have a shroud ideas may lose resonate aided anywhere else. There is the picture, my egg, even though it is our own clothes. Maybe China get them off the boat. Think about banishing have been unable to begin with play off game. You two Oji, you gotta football. You posed to tell dad I'm look. This is a good idea. Period now was to value I like the crew, I'm not mad dog boy. Why should value you now
use, an amazingly on the football field, release ledger value, be you can babysitter? Dublin just came back from injury within himself together. Well, I wish him luck or whatever team he plays, while always imperfect, crows, good God do railroad good gap. Our right I paid knows what we talk about, where we're going to think about the missing who collects clean leader, who was found shot dead, whose very to him who they think they did it It's all that when we come back keep elapsed, breakfast locomotive. Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club and I forgot to mention Malcolm Gladwell- also will be joining us. This morning. One of my favorite authors drop one of clues bombs from Malcolm Gladwell. If you are not familiar with the name, what you should be for sure you're familiar with his book, the outliers are. The tipping point are David and Goliath for blank he'll be here, was gonna hair cut our yesterday at the bar
shop in on Bob. I tell her we interviewed in, and we any view and he was so excited pulled out all his books he's a watermelon bob right, but the aim is so excited about Malcolm Gladwin, Malcolm is Malcolm, has written a lot of books with an old billions of books. A lot of people live by his thoughts. Absolutely my guy we're lookin so front page new note. No, no, no, she said no one knew store. Hits it one story: you haven't, we do dormitory. I, MR by the K, K, K. Yes well, apparently they found it a conclusion. And leader, Frank and corn from Missouri. He was shot in the head while he was asleep and now there saying that they have to investigate his widow, Melissa, an ant corner and had twenty four year old Son Edward fingers in junior they ve been charged with first degree murder tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse. So they are saying that his wife and steps and are the ones that kills him as he
slept Mary, said his wife and steps on one of the watch blackish and he would have a register of fate whenever Blackie model allows damages, got fed up, Melissa posted in her face. Pays Friday saying that her husband was missing and please, if anyone's he's anything call the police, then she said she was looking for a new room. Listen man they want they want to watch empire. They want to in securing a lan on man they wanna watch obligation here, come this guy being defined police or food aid has got fed up now, claiming to police Melissa did admit Please any view that her son had shot her husband and that she had helped to clean up the blood and conceal the murder Ah, because someone is in the big John who I will not repeat what dead jungle music in that Laguna sizes COM, ass. A man now said the stereo that of you immediately scenarios right here: that's not the music Sandusky Jerry Sandusky son has now been tried with sexually assaulted. Children Jeffrey while thought any leave her thither, as you always had the bad?
Oh yeah adjustment of you'd make a great harm, will be windy. One day, I'm due to Jerry Sandusky as the former Penn state Assistant for posts. There was convicted of sexually assaulting young boys his son, Jeffrey S, the dusky forty one now faces fourteen criminal counts. It actually inquiry sexual abuse, child pornography and corruption of minors for alleged crimes between twenty thirteen and twenty. Sixteen, he s one of his victims, and there was two teenage girl victims was under sixteen at the time of the abuse that crazy or fruit, nor far too far from the tree of culture. Clearly, allow me only does it has the same, which should at his kind of crazy idea, is that in the blood of the distortion is adapted Jefferson's S. He is one of Jerry, six adapted children and then he used molest them into the Doktor Chilton wasn't thereby restoring our part of the story, the lonely sort of all too far from the tree he learned from daddy. Learn from daddy to Sunnyside dusky ass, the sequel.
Tell if you just gave me a horror movie Sandusky than usual son in Sandusky, the sequel. I am scared all right. Well, that's front page. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now for miles wide, open again: aid under fire, five one o five one call us now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. You know what makes you mad with which in actual fact that's why you may want to private club allows. Is yours are both in every way possible Without doubt the animal hey baby down, I mean it would be rather than they are volumes. Realistically, I thought you know that The document I thought I told you, I know- love your brothers, of course, how we go about it TAT day These are my brother
The reason why I'm mad cuz- I can't never catch, tell him what I'm glad and I'm glad that the income tax check did not come out yet the boy! Why me why? I forgot all about you know that you got up, they will want to be best Valentine's day ever talk with water only too well. I've got a better you could do to validate, which I now put job now don't live through your screen. The knight of the big allows is dismissed, were the Hollywood. Cellarway maverick, I'm saying alone is valid. Some of them will you gotta leave you here to work. You gotta deep voice. For now. Game and call nobody in Lisbon or Sweden. There is nobody here, you fear live.
Man, I'm on my way to work right now, displaying the dogma that task manager takes the here and now I think I just wanna bet it must have my brow was made. I love you. Baby teller come home coming, baby, was it all in Armenia to marry. You better get for somebody else, no one. In five hour day I deal with what they know. Sometimes don't be a my power to retire early. May we always again. They remember you better, be kind of a guideline to meet in the colony young man. They don't everything is the Avonlea suited the day I found in the day the Spirit of the day allow. Tell them I'm dead
five men and boys marry a favorite dj, shut automotive body. I would go and our guy anyway deaf to pedophile that's death, racist violence and make it our shared. Something which could I noticed tat showed me always rereading the Bible, solemn. Maybe you know that in Genesis at the war, various twenty six and twenty seven, it testified ideas of female image of God or those who said, God created man. His image calling his likeness with you guys. Image came male and female yea, absolutely wall, an eminent god. What nobody? about a female image of God. Everybody only talk about a male image of God, but without a female is no life, so Bible clearly testified ideas to guide the male image of God and a female image of many people downloading, I believe, all nimitti Gaza at the moment, all right, just black put about again an eastern bloc
why its balance as they can. You are black or now amounting to unblock the l, a marginal black about her mind, Abbe, sweet Easter level for Easter Easter is actually more of a sexual holiday valentine's day. S word a whole thing about Eastern derive from cause people used to paint their bodies and then they would play hide and go for indicate. So whatever you found, you had to have sex woods of a man. If I may make a man and a woman, I found a woman's. You have to have sex with a woman and that's why Bunny represents Easter, because bodies represent sexual for reaches. I saw that long independently. On a number of independent on black woman of his day, Delaware. You glad now, eight Finally, why you glad it's otherwise, you blow honest, rightly to let our both employment and creating a kind of articles. Two hundred I liked it highly Faye would call me call us now: that's right, ADA do five a five. What or five one. If you bless inheriting, please don't call everything, but I feel so blessed be single minded valentine. They know you, don't don't you do it
just got a bad relationship. Bad know, there's nothing like getting out of its car, they ship of finally havin some freedom and sometimes time yourself, and if we allow either nice of you have somebody, but is not the biggest deal in the world, our right to breakfast locomotive breakfast damage. Gagging now you are, you bless. The nightly freely have failed the congregation at eight hundred vibrate five, five. One brave deeds: the breakfast club, hello, there's you said this morning, Am I mad at one law? You follow my lead. My oh yeah Bombay, I'm doing very black or white so blows moment I just got out for dollar and even grave all benefit and I have an amazing man. So I am super, but that's what I said about you, Bunny and a man
ouch a man out regarding arguing that my baby are you. Are you blogger, in black and white again they have beautiful planet, doesn't Gallagher and play you go hello, there's your body So how are you feeling blessed this water man? You know I am by you will ask world will be her love you got a Valentine's day broke yes, mangled have allowed was, is dotted Domini, you feel a blessed this morning brought by you bless. Weighing up the way to be a man, I'm trying to help you out of the privileged beer, but thank God for life, always Valentine's day boy you going. I lay down on vertical, where the day, with all the day before that for years, and that is a failure, but would not it, but you don't have a guy, you don't have a mangoes, don't matter I gotta Ranger. Will we not do they got you got you got? You listen, never gets it. Appoint life we have focused
Besides you go in there and you are You know you may mobile validates above all not meet up. Ok, Loca right! Thank you, all right, we'll having Valentine's day to everybody out they. Hopefully you enjoy each day, and you know just remember you woke up this morning, so you should feel blessed Mademoiselle de Madam page, you know today is a damn. I'm lonely again this year day and is also psychic awaited day as well as can be. I want a lot of women to prove all sides exactly right. What we got rooms runaway levy around today with nothing to do with terrorism, news about Playboy magazine also and you're wondering about little Yankees seed will tell you how much it costs them to have those rainbow grills in his mouth, all right, all immoral! Keep allotted to breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club shots of revolt tv. Once again, if you missed me and missed it, we taped out podcast last night, it was alive. Podcast revolt is actually airing it tonight. At ten p m. So if you want to check that out tonight, it's him eastern time on revolt tv you can see us lie, will see, is taken up, ass, pretty cool, pretty cool problem, the coup Robin Cook, Bosnia to people who are promoting watching away? I know I have seen it well for an all Of course. It's valentines happy Valentine us everybody out the I'm happy psychological win, the happy. Damn! I'm lonely again this year day after the people watching I'm about to die away my annually Valentine's day, capsule collection, Doha and please suddenly huge herself in a year
Sweater of cute segregate yourself from all a single people that they could only want to do is try to reign on your parade and say things like today's just a devil day today, just the other day yeah, I would single out, There is also the day before payday. If you get paid You gotta, has on the legal and also include a Valentine's day make. So let me know you. Your favorite valentines r B wreck is a hip hop records. Are you really taken requests ending their mom write them down as people eat me now, not forgetting about, or somebody said every what about it hit me the method. Mary ain't, no bigger than a room number people mothers. What's your dad instrumental too early for Turkey, that Bobby will make, if you think him only now relax audacity embodied in today s debate is weighing up. Don't settling tell about new ok about new relax, I'm all right off, I remember one year, I didn't I didn't Valentine's day mix tape and I was. I have different ideas on twitter and ass. It must be a favor song and we made a mistake out of it, and each song had a person by local is cute,
let's get the Roma are still lack of about the report on the breakfast club. Where, yesterday we played you some disturbing audio and this Didi Bab Ronicky than an station in the Saint Louis area, which, by the way He does yes on a few different stations am frequencies. Would you on twenty two July will say bad here was the original audio that we played of what he had to say about walk of lucky with it said that Wacko wiped his himself with the downloads from T shirt walked off. He took a good crap President Elect shirt, and you think the Trump has done anything to this man, Trump probably do more for this black, then Obama we're done for the Prob ly Community, opinion, of course, think about,
We're talking about one block at a greasy blame her son of a bitch, but it says you should not for your support for Donald Trump, a walk, a flock of show. Why not tell you what you black bastard? Let me where from short, then you'd rather grab it off me you'll be dead son of a bitch walkin around you, gotta Mcgreevy, anodyne anywhere, and, like I told you yesterday, you never would have races. Crackers like Gaza raises credit. Absolute well whacking us and say he's gonna pearl outlets. Tv sets in my face and here how by bombing has now respond. Did he said he will stop, calling him a greasy anywhere. You feel take the final vote of Israel. I'll. Never again, may not apologise going, but until then he is what it is about. A racist. I dont like that. No good reason burbage, as not hatred in the community hatred for the blacks for him in his actions, and he can talk killing people who killing captain Joe in practice, but I can't he said that I was just
back of recalling, because I'm not but a white cracker. I just want equal treatment. When did walk of luggage. Talk about killing cubs White be what a medium them that there is a difference is not white. Be. Would crackers ever raises or maybe you had talking. Ok, it's a different! Isn't gonna go but I hope that others attention makes people say that he needs to be off the radio. Now What does when you can't generalised this difference between all why people in racist crackers, like that man re death, I really like say gravity. Is it about six collar? Like us, Eu Craig, I have greater. They are right. Just in time for Valentine's day, for all you guys out there that maybe have nothin to do boy is back. If you remember, there was appeared a time where they were doing, thing? Knew no nudity at all? Well now, thereby
to being naked, they said the results just weren't there, good now, they're back in a gay baby. The new issues the available. Now you can download and unlighted everything has nudity back back in while I may play a boy when I got social media like you know better than they would say every article exactly replay, boyhood articles like nowadays you really do replay wherefore article. You have social media, you could see something neck in any time you want. Now you have no twenty five zero San Cooper. Is now in charge. Is the chief creative officer any that a letter from the editor- and he said, is the new play boy philosophy, so he said on Twitter. I said that the removal of notably from them magazine with amidst happy set out in the first to admit that the way in which the magazine portray nudity was dated by removing entirely was a mistake. Nudity was never the problem, because nudity isn't a problem today, we're taking
I, then it back, and we claiming who we are travelling to food law, for you have two main wondered offender in Riga. Now lies doesn't like long as you have no can get. An erection he'll be alive today gives erected, is launching a debate on the right there You have a low reality. If you guys I'm on the Grammy's, did you see his teeth? Ass, girls, yeah it's growls. Well, he is talking about exit, Lee how much he paid for it. How much you think those costs they were. White, blue and yellow diamonds, red rubies and green emerald. Each tooth was a different jewel of argument, Burger thirty five thousand dollars he paid in order to get that. Then the older people, like clowning lawyers like we didn't used to where girls and argon others do stuff, and we would at eight. I got to get me a case as I hear that, Amerika what it takes to nursing
now, as regards the target italian commerce, very eyes and all kind of committee, I want to conclude by thanking thrown aside a Babby. What is there was wag because no other old music also, Actually, rather were a beta dang. It takes you eat commercial, no, The murder of Anna now very ironic are far more than six months with GMO who had it takes to commercial policy loaded. It Although european cholera Adjustment- yes, I saw it on you nor did the view of our new to this Edam Runnin around talk. I just that What's funny, they will use him for that, just because you know not at all music. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report and all right. Thank you. Miss you! When we come back, we got front page news. Are we talking about we are gonna, be sucking a vow dairy Sandusky, then now is being heard. With something very similar to what is daddy was charged with all right, we'll get into it. When we come back, he locked preface locomotive,
what me Michael, very bad mood Valentine's day, not for that that was not done promoting everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news, thousands news. The New York giant release Victor crews, why that's animals large media player, last seven years. The Victor cruiser probably get picked up by liked Patriot for the cowboys somebody was actually will contain a horde of war title next year. Light was by their bad. That's all I'm! Yes it s an hour. Rather you were goddess would seem you play for unless it's two pages I was in your browser. You ain't really right inform you should be happy there. Man don't go to a winner are rife. Are you guys in when it yet don't that out there? away of the crude, but I would still be remembered in New York giant if he knew probably babysit, Odell Beckham Jr, Becum Junior, but now you want to go on about widow, The more mature player who got a sou lowering couldn't the young boy with the died, hey off double that of it
keep mugged both you can't even from not faded. National young dug out policy which would would withdraw. You can play staff it. Now, let's get to the K K K. Yes, the K K K were as self proclaimed. Leader from his area coup, clicks, Cleon, leader investigators, He was shot in the head as he was sleeping in his bed, and now they are saying that his wife and her son his depths. And Pa Edward thinkers and Junior had been charged with first degree To this end, there frank and corn body was found along the beach river by a family. Who was our fishing police determine he was shot before dawn in his bed and then he would take. Into the river and his stepson at Jenkinson's vehicle now Melissa, on a positive note on her facebook page saying that her husband was missing and please, if anyone he's anything called the police, then she said she was looking for. A new room may sound like a case of our divided. You know you father, the head of the coop clambered mom and sign want to watch black Asia Empire in secure Lana, listened Bigshot, new, album and father just good man. Now
photo, I know of one country and where it when voting on. The website shows him on the complex gland website, so them in a white, hooded, robe in front of a burning cross with imaginary men. They K, K, K, mustn't defeat, communist socialist, Anti God Anti white anti american enemies within our own borders. He's dead. They both aid, only law that karma they don't know, was murdered. Now they saying that it was his widow and her sign that did it. If you had a head of the admitted that her son killed him a head of the household and you also a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and your kids and your wife want to watch blackish or something like that. Miss all in payment. Ok, can make a big in love em on the tv the storm of memorial library. So, needless to say and asked yes, one a very sound ascii sons, he has six adapted children,
the way Jerry's hands ass gave. Your remember is the former Penn State Assistant football coach that is convicted of sexually assaulted, young boy penetration state univer. Now his forty one year old Son, Jeffrey Sandusky, faces fourteen criminal counts, including solicitation sexual use child pornography and corruption of minors for crimes between the use of thirteen and twenty. Sixteen. It was too teenage whereas in one was under sixteen at the time the food no fault evolve. Materially, what did you expect yeah? My account Is tat what the geologist beg you probably with culture and that household it may say they dusky was molest them under the Dublin kid at one point a man like I can totally see. Being a culture that asshole. He lives in rural areas. After these that were flows for the rest of their life potentially from this work, last front page news now when we come back but saw balances,
Valentine Valentine's day. Everybody is the thing right was that you have people out here. Warner rain on the love was parade, which me you got these people out of sight. Things like it's just another day which it is not necessary to day. That's why you got a rain on the love of praise. I mean it's a nice, but it is not the end of the world. Not only knows this, not just not just another day is a day for love was as they put. Those was were unhappy. Stable relationships expressed their love. You know we do it every day, but ground out there that damage man tat. He now play somebody Teddy Peter. You can listen, let s be room. Now,
Thirdly, that special day you see some such personal for your lay. Let you go, you make us feel wanting more men. Take it to get a milkshake can only get to a girl of day. You go one notional, sellers girl absolute more now. Is that what you like? As you look at all the data on death row, somebody love you bout, dammit, don't let these single people rain on your parade, amazing people just another day is now. Let me is really it is lobby is what do you say tat of being then, with somebody loves you, you can start. They ain't only death, all you need it, love is on by was somebody load. You back typical Ewing, under by loving you back, you wanna tell me, is just another day: relax
eight hundred you guys have you I mean I don't know about you. Do you know what I think about a genuine debate is related to the moon. Is our age. We could you not linger? No bad, London, bingo lady. You need to upgrade your beyond the catalogue. Carelessness single later this month, open I'm ok now, but I was maybe, but when mainly Bethink and strong, there's nothing to be ashamed for who got skinny, which still has sympathy red people. Today, what oh five, what is valid as they override it. If you think Valentine's day is overrated, call us up right now and you better be cautious and be careful when you call up here, eight hundred to five a five one or five one, no, not yet magic, Meda, finally, Five one old five one and use its technical before we get on with their Bobby Womack relaxing It is reviewed they Valentine's day is overrated. Call us up right now would love to hear from you to breakfast LE monde.
Only do the relevant I've had. It was celebrated commercial, commercial advantages they give a company can afford a Turkey celebrate commercial, I've already white may a Kyoto, the Andes that try to reign on people for re. As that we have a young lady and allow wishing Emma Jessica, page lanterns Debo. Thank you, we call on top and sat down a ford. I know you think they is overrated ideal. I do Nothing will I'm married were not always go that way. Even when I was doing like I used to be like every Friday thing are like once on one side, like this one time at the air operators is a prime example love when a guide treats you bad from the start, meaning that he never was celebrated Valentine. Would you you just normalized that kind of behavior you used to hide my ip address, my flower satellite tackle it like I do now. I like
so tat. You are generally Valentine's day like red balloons everywhere and while I was already so even John than you want, you want to go to Frankie's foreign pop and radical got. I do see. She don't want like it's easy presence. Once you wanna go out to spend time ahead. About four million have been frank, and I love the more than now. You think those are these alright it it's not that it's overweighted, you gotta. What situation applies had gone through. How can I get my by Valentine's day it That's the way you also have to take into so today. It is not a day for me in the bag. I'm sorry it annual foreign jeweller bird Jesus Christ. What I'm saying I believe, so you know you don't want to move on. If it's all right, he just he passed away. Here, the browser will be glad to meet new people.
We'll get shot. He got shot They are he passed away. He got killed, though it's always hide it. I've told you can't say that everyone always just that people think it's just another day. I personally think it to another day decided, but I'm not commence, not everyone. That in your network, they love. What are you doing? All I'm saying because you don't have a Valentine's day doesn't mean a single and lonely. You see she's gone through somethin she's in mourning, slew dollar women around the ruins out, which argue over Figo. Consider Russia allows this cease. Mimi, is that line and above that now meaning one at all with the breakfast club way thou do they overrated, Alright What are you doing today? I'm getting really work out? If we are ever, I want to say our while May Ok Norma allows is I'm a David
from Indianapolis. Indiana agents. Are you have me what'd? They argued very you guys got four years as I read you crack bed, you baby every day. How are you about I read about now? they found planned overrated. I think it is overrated for disabled people ha by guaranteeing dried, knew. We would not be carried the day is not over. It is not a single one of the things we will always remain on operate. Thank you MA am you do I'll go allows? There's one maybe you woods, organ balancing bathing Valentine's day is overrated. I am able to read it, but I'm lonely. You have you anything today now I love you re own is blocked. You ain't got no body it. You
It is nearly always lolonois, above all my boyfriend. He and my baby right now. You are not alone. Lays down your temporary Valentine S, autonomy that noble multiple targeted way, men make sure you have a good dated morning, my brother, so let me ask you a question: are you want only a may grow today? Are you arm launch here? We saw to it. You have to go and you may you gotta go on. You may go. So are you so usually side? Chick awareness day is today and decided regime day of the morrow, but you got a job on it. Yesterday a man I mad at play. A mammoth did the girl marrying like here today now: Irma Viral balloon just one below why? Why am I
it may be. Paying my re read me damn it. May I beg you love it. May I love our listeners. We got the best, who is in the world? You hear me eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one with Talkin Valentine's, happy Valentine's, everybody out there. If you think
once these overrated call us right now we love to hear from you is to bring the programme out. I was.
We are the breakfast club now They have you Valentine's day to everybody out. There yes were asking.
People feel like Valentine's day. Use overran. Alot of people is mostly single people, know ye said it didn't she thus angle, you cause, you still got she's still won't. Listen, I'm just pointing out the fact that, just because you're, a single today is not the end, the world. It is just February what's it all sounds good, but I'm Tellin you man, Valentine's day when you start and in social media, don't make no better when you start the in autumn flowers and will lose posted on a gram and all Snapchat that loneliness goals that Amber Opera is gonna happen. I just want to tell all the allowed. They don't go rain and our people for re just because you single today I mind business rivalling, oh god, then good to say, cheaper tedious. Hello there. How did I do he said very complex Gomorrah using balance as these? Already now that's nice to you, to. Could you want a knife relationship right? That's right!
I was very proud of, and I thought of the workers, but I think I made it. My boy am among women are over. I thought I'd better than I came. All I put the get on a driver. I went to sleep. Oh my god. Forgive me by looking. I guess they gotta got on with our new working. The girl you in yours, bull and I were you- got your mom. Something in everyday magic can take. My math is weak in values. Hands day just then that can have a chance to see her during the week. No allows is about five days, Nor was it alright. It could you ain't nobody nods and overbearing, because I don't want them all they want to. What a good and you dating want demos, bearing a is it this is gonna, be sadly
more with a far, but they do want them all know. Who is asking you for a kind of big round about all that they want? They give the increasing gave you just watch applicant you'd have called areas and they go again housed Valentine S day, able, with the one you loves. My goodness allows is returning to chop drive away, It's a travel we talk about these values, are, they already know is not, may allow the med by prejudice, but a woman. So what tat physical Antipater Jake an event. Like your angle, I, like dying Golden CUP, about Africa behind you may come about through. Don't do what you said is absolutely right. Good April right around the corner. Right you old men, are attacks, returned varied and involve about at the angular hair at the UK letter. What a candy large array ya mean. Do you mind round by the way? I love you brother, like we'll talk about it,
some Angela yourself today, is Valentine's day, happy birthday Valentine's day. There's a lot is happening right: environment of the Heavens. Have you, draw birthday of railways right because every year, Valentine's day celebrates another year, so it is that both sides days birthdays. How are they to everybody out there? Now a lot of people think they Valentines is overrated age. Lee said this morning, as she feels is colonel ridicule. You will you not single, no Moines, we let our sympathise with anybody. I hear them. I want them. I feel bad. Today's. I don't think you should feel bad. If your single is just another day Georgia Vander automobile the zoo, my boyfriend isn't live here, so I have two and I have to work: are they actually hostess at the factory songs and I gotta do estate farm packages if you're really no one would relieve line value. Who knows a name. However, if you listen and you better surprisingly day, ok,
because I'm hearing a lot is single, indiscriminate annually and that's not how she may sound and lately so unique. I've tried everything good man who will resort back to single woman mentality, quick fast and in a hurry. You don't want that, Sir, alright, I'm guessing money today. Does it s an exile? learning away. Everybody wanted to book everything for to day. I know I would urgently boyfriend and I wasn't it down and Angela all meat, as you have done an event which raises the night I am going to be. My ass in New York City wait her before she gets from drank and a little tray and lower the Buddha Judge nuclear. Do you deserve it? We re all values you gotta get. You haven't lived there. Maybe gas company no way no not your vehicle fall, asleep, z, anatomy is Jason availability and in
I also want to say man on similar dollar, tragic, that the weight of an executive role, slew dollar, tragic, that their celebrating a true love to date, which is food, You may be you no single now, but you'll catch mad discounts on the chocolate made. His enemy has run enemy nice. It is the air we happen to deny. That was nice. No, then, their gentler, who told me that wasn't mouths. Does that sound? I shouted out the fire girls. You did. I shouted out their true low food The note at the house can be discounts on chocolate. Tomorrow, my master, you jerk. Yeah Luther vowed. Tat drove me, love to know right now Well, we are rules on away. Yes, I said about the grand: he's. Do they have a history of racism? That's how you some certain numbers and see what you think in also as tweet salons put out has since been deleted and China
the ugly he's gonna be back in the garden. Would tell you how this happened smoker and we'll get into all that when we come back as the breakfast logo, more breakfast sore remains. What love morning everybody's dj envy, Angela YE charlemagne- God we automatically Valentine's day, sauntering lanes, love it is it's a room with a sword. The Grammy's erases aghast at the Reul report was glad to have now might have an issue with the Grammy's now see its weeded out a link to Frank Oceans, Tumblr oppose that It was about the Grammy's, giving the twenty sixteen awarded the swift, nineteen, eighty nine over Kendrick Lamar's to pimp a butterfly than sheets weeded out, and she s is deleted this tweet. They have only been too
back when, as in the last twenty years for album of the year, there have been over two hundred black artists who have perform only two black winners in the last twenty years. Now, no one who got on our behalf up now. The two days in the ground Fifty nine year history there's only been eleven black artists who have won album of the year. Also Algarve, one whom armada just to give you guys those Whereas I write. Meanwhile, there has been a positive effect for some artist chance. The wrapper his specifies dreams have been up more than two point: two percent after the Grammy's. An addition said that a tribe called quest the song. We, the people that they perform during the Grammy's wish dreams. Four hundred and forty, I'm percent more than before the award. I wonder Trump support is not a song Santo like Speaking from the mine state of somebody who wants Muslims out of the country and gay people on managing down, attempts had ever heard it near, but I'm done because I was wondering now body was performed and I was like, I hope, deepens the innocent like satire, so to speak, rife, and
was sitting around yesterday, saying to myself how cool is to Grammy's all cuz, there's absolutely positively. No way Adele should have won album of the year now. Y'all know I'm a Pinkett Smith, one from those cardisoma Beyonce staying but come on Adele, but twenty five as Norway, knave good, eliminate, stated the table. I was gonna play this clip, but Emily, let's get this clip ready because they go. I am actually waiting on this whole because a verses, Adele controversy and here's what the game had to say about Adele. This is now open another site, it's not ailing, she deserved and why she's on another level, you know a man. I think at this point a deal probably knows that the seas are only competition or why there are probably knows I mean in the US and China deals are only We ain't got no competition, we gotta
I do not like the others. You really don't have anything opportunity, nobody and allow the round, and I'm not going to be good, though the talents out talented. But would you pay to go to one of those who are they can't IBM sums? Uniformity is beyond Adele? Have I not matter Adele detail family guy like you, Bianca fanciful fan. Look at the performances of the Grammy's Adele is unseasoned chicken. You eat it. In one of them is just get me boy, you put an aid that want to compare them, so they just such a different artists are useful. I don't want a distinctive, unplanned shared about major, perhaps to be a headset Come more closely. I write the further black bachelor right. Finally is going to be Rachel. The battles and illegal happened. It's really hat were there. Yes, it's really happening. They announced it.
The new vat in the right will be resident like leaves where they have a black bachelor. I wasn't whatever happens my native vision, a level. What is it that thirteen floating seasoning bill? Yours is a bigger, there's, never been a blank and hears it in season by people get kicked out like the first two weeks on about Loretta single people. Looking for relations grass, I can name millions of right now today on Valentine. They lay like me. I didn't know many black bachelor s, White Bachelor S, yellow bachelor S, idea in his speech today. Nine might actually what we really active support. We really have to go out and support, because the ratings dip they never do it again. So we really have to one important thing: he's gonna pigsties that thirty one you're out attorney from Dallas says he's the first ever black led in the history of the battle or the bachelor rapidly in to support that there's and seasoned twenty one. The latter forest black things than I will put my support in another, the bachelor it will be when you got a wise man is Thinkest problem, not a more important things out there. You know what you think.
They had never really worth the bachelor or the bachelor nuclear J. I was doing something for entertainment, weakly and the bachelor within it. When I tell you people when I won't even know who we waited knows, I re went crew and I've never seen people go crazy. Always it already is irreversible will meet with their lead. Our given our words and in introducing performers older everybody is Amy fell. I write Charles ugly, we'll be allowed back in the building at Madison Square Garden in the near future? How did this happen where there was a peace talks between the Danes, dull and honour the next and Charles Oakley, the player from it. Ex who we all know that ejected from the game dragged out and was arrested and charged now the enemy Commissioner and Adam Silver said it's beyond is heartening to see situations involving members of the NBA family, like the one that occurred at Madison Square Garden this past week. Oh, he said that he met with Charles Oakley. He met the Michael J. Was on the phone also met with James Dolen
I guess they were very apologetic about the incident about the com. Is that made about the negative effect on the Knicks organization in the NBA, and so so we are hoping that Mr Oakley will returned to Madison Square Garden as James doling guests in the near Michael Jordan was on it for a lot of you will know, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley, a real good, free alleys. Now they use security that was, he was. He was Michael Jordan. Security at once ass, a gamble together. All the time they always going here is about all that in the end, if not just enough, the ledge also gleaned building Georgia should have to pay for tickets become into medicines. We have our doubts echo moment as beyond disrespectful a man should be able, you should have a seat at the garden array, were
Angela YE? And that is your room, a report from our right? Thank you. I was born and Don T Devil. I've gotta. Let Godspeed do me this morning and get this word up. Oh boy, don't you They for Tuesday February Fourteenth Valentine's day. You know. On this day we recognise a few types of people. Of course, those of us who have all booze bays our wives, husbands, girlfriends boyfriends, the ones amongst us in society who are in. Be loving, stable relationships these days for us the lovers if not act like being in love is a great thing. What Teddy pinned digress say what you say.
The fat may drop one clues bombs, what a lovely day and don't let nobody rowing. You dated eight, because we all know Sir Isaac, Newton, love, energy and love energy that energy is never lost. Described, is merely transfer from one party to the next and all Today you have old people who want a rain on your Valentine's day parade you know, type! I'm talking about those vow entire day is just another day. Folks, this dog- dedicated to them all in miserable ass, single men and miserable ass, single women. I know why you think, maybe you add somebody with things didn't work out. Maybe a significant other guys think EU, maybe a girl cheated on. You may be achieved on your girls. He decided the colloquy. I don't know why you think what a day, but does not my problem. Ok, those of us who somebody shouldn't be: ok!
I don't want you got. Somebody shouldn't be in won't be concerned about those in our society who single, is their facebook status? Ok, ladys! If you wanna lover relationship, if you got someone segregate yourself, from the single today. Did you How say segregate yourself from the single today? Ok, listen to me people! Segregation was a great concept. I would Paulie executed and should have been based on behaviour, not race, and all that a dive, there is nothing wrong with a little segregation. Ok, let me myself and I crowd congregate amongst themselves. I, oh, oh, oh you don't know me myself in our ground, his own ADA women who used to be you realize they van, but they claim they can't feel beyond, say like they used to because she marionette these. See that myself and our ground took avowed from now on. It will not be their own best friends say away from them. Ok,
what they woke up this morning within hooking, eight camels EMA dream at devising. Only Q Bab in the video me self, denying us all. I got enough what I found out in NATO The crowd took about from now will be more best friend had avowed work enough for you and his farm Allentown. How are they being your best friend, hey, miss me myself and I are you and you're all bets Ringle beyond social media today, watching the love as having a grand old time just remember: ain't no need to cry, and I can't I can't be too hard on a lot of y'all because for some of y'all is not your fault, you know You said you might have a no good man. He did you dirty one in which thought
are you in love, used to treat me like a fact that are you could be like the young lady who cod of last Thou in centre man got shot and killed? Ok things happen it's all going to circumvent the lead to people sitting around listening to music you dress, Laguna, broken heart, you know, you know I'm good you to embed all by yourself a gamble. We hid his knife kings that with the wife, I'm cool, but I sympathise with you know for a fact. But that smoking- and I do I do I do I really do. Ok, I want ya to keep all had negative single broken the energy to you. From tomorrow what region, I was about broken hearted you. I don't go rain unknown people who have some ones parade, ok, not it. A thing called gallons gal. Untied the euro legit- I just heard about that, he was a yesterday, but it was Imagine what are you MA showed me this, because she knows what amuses our husband, ok and ghastly
and gallant died. They started as a fictional holiday on path and recreation of you'll know a gallant I'd. These is usually February, thirteen and his when women get together and celebrate the joys of female friendship. They do things like seen. Cupcakes themselves in a cupcakes will say things like. I love me, ok! The yeoman tell you why devalues be if it be because you wouldn't be celebrating the joys of female friendship on around Valentine's day, if you had me, as women are destined to male home girls Valentine's day gives talking about happy gallanter. They because they really want to be doing, is by no means something, but they can't because got. Nobody not all, but you look at me. Look a truly want better you're adieu what is grave face? I love you. I sympathise with all single people because I don't want I don't know what to circumstances. Oughta lead you to be single, but I need you. The hell out of our way to be ok.
Let alone keeping negativity inability to sell the day is not Just another day is only just another day if you single and have no one to call your valentine. So please, let us lovers. Cook I write celebrate gallon go. Do yoga finds them to take your mind off. What does love was adorned, don't be a joy kill and for all you people, I dare say Valentine's day just another day. You need to realise that the day has just thought: it. Ok you fine now when new realities that they you don't have. Nobody Why not we're, not realities that in May that really know said in until later it get worse. It gets worse at the breakfast room. Bad by new. But when the sun starts to set off Trust me if you think your lonely now just waiting time date hated body. Bobby
It can only use weapons longer work, please volleys single lonely, miserable gallant eyes. They celebrate mass people who want to be joy kills, but those enjoying Valentine's day. Some of the smooth sounds of the hamiltones. I don't be too hard on him. Just came along with him. You
and having Valentine's day data messenger later ha ha ha ha around when you, unless you want to spread love. Relegating me mad at you. You need to be on his way, you must think of the show me going on, and I know you got me very happy and stabilizes? You know Andrews Non be busy. I have a very busy schedule during the week celebrate things under weekend: Scrabble, you jerk, Nora, already You ve been a donkey of the budgetary burn. You flowers, Dmitri songs, that is Jason sense. Deaf to the women
every summer with another boy, usually boyfriend, you better get down. You know, what's good for you, as has happened before, where it at all this movie before our eyes.
We'll take you for a dusky over the browser. Eighty five, eighty five, what oh five! Whenever we combat we haven't off it s, going to be to build any goes by the name of that. Allow Malcolm Bland will only have limited envy the assess all you lonely people out. There was trotting enlightenment empower you this morning. We will shift gears and little bit glow lonely. You know, since it was always the planet boyfriend better, get it now. What does Israel has just tat way? Then the breakfast
that was also conversions morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall remain a god. We are the breakfast club because at present as in the building one on one of my favorite offers. You I'm sure you ve read the tipping point David and Goliath. Far blank guard, most famous one outliers three may Malcolm Gladwell, is merely the good morning wanting face. My birthday could tell the third I heard it all came. It was like five. Without their with wax page amendment. Anybody haven't Saxon December. Ok, Nothing's give him, maybe sounds about right now, I've read your book. The tipping point in its described that magic moment when an idea turned to social behaviour, crosses a threshold tip spread like wildfire fire. I feel I weren't miss that right now flagrantly asked. Tipping point. No there's something!
crazy going on in this country. I feel like people woke up. We had an easy for eight years, and now we ve suddenly had wake up it's kind of I was watching these videos of town Hall Meetings, these Republican comes when go home to their districts and its right is like the whole day. Ever seen this. They, though, used to twelve twenty people. Sleepily, you know asking questions and people are just going crazy. Sort of fantastic quickly? The dollar troubled, the tipping point for the country, the election France will. Allow me, I think something and that there is something that is hugely significant. Going on with people are being forced to serve a figure what they believe in and within four right work. A lot of people are locally. It has been building for a while. I think you know you. You look What was going on with black lives matter of the law,
couple of years. People have been that process of getting woken up has been predates. Donald Trump mean I remember, I was one of them. I strong feeling when people really getting outrage about police shootings nonetheless tears. I thought this was the best things that I had happened in his country in years, because police shootings have liked had been going on for generations, and nobody said anything. Finally, people wait a minute. This should not happen by so I was so incredibly ah heartened by that finally were like saying we care shouldn't go on record, as we have to add. I feel like dad had energy has fed into the Donald Trump. Action and is creating some even more significant. On the flip side. What do you think? The tipping point was for? I guess
Point disenfranchise why white people who voted for Donald Trump like life for the Donald Trump supporter we D, wait for them. What is that you know? What I would vote for. Reality shows thought me near me people always dismiss this the lobby were angry about having a lot the Brenner radios and arab woman is the only as the as the successor I met is a point at which, sadly, certain Americans, demand one of their own. I would like a white male authority now. Let me ask you this time our knowledge recently in talking about how Hillary Clinton, him to release these audio recordings? He had downloads using the end word and is being racist and all of that. But he said he and do it because it in one of her pupils, families any other felt like it when it matter, we already herds things down from said still Mr President, do you think that any it could happen that would matter to change people's minds before that election like if those audiotape would have come out that it would attains people per se, tens or you think it was just.
They were then elect him, no matter what had happened in the past. But he did what really really interesting. Show me. The question is how much other stuff that has come out on the sky, that is outrageous that doesn't seem to make a bit of difference is already that the mountain of at writer would that addition, Thing of him using men. Word have pushed him over the top, maybe maybe in his in one sense- and that is that I feel it people after their take him out with him, physically time about Random bought up by it. I feel, like a lot of people in the Republican Party were really particularly eventually. Christians were really really close to saying, maybe have to wash my hands this guy, and maybe they just need a one more little bit of evidence that just suggested this is the He is, as opposed to just some random comment. He happened to have made on tv, so I think that might have
and also it made a made a difference in getting me the real problem on November forth, with a lot of Democrats didn't vote, and that made emit might have made a difference in getting a lot of Democrats to vote, to say This is a heinous individual and we have to. We have to exercise our vote on election day. So I you know means to possible no, but I kind of which she had. He had let that out if it exists, let's see it now. I still want to hear now so the download from have a tipping point. I think you know funny. Every time I go out with I had lunch you today with some very powerful media figure. I love that Powerful boys, like you, know through it, with some guy who knows what's up, and he was too king, about either capes out there. That would be even more damaging. Now is that Are these urban legends? Is it real? I don't know, but I said I feel like therein there is a point where absolutely I think I may. I think, people and recovery,
in Congress already holding your nose. I mean they're there going along with them. They think they can get their agenda, threw him of in a lower taxes on which people and whatever else they want. But there is a point even they have to say enough is enough. Enough of someone who has been ready. The allies new quickly explain the concept of being an outline that bookies talks about. You know things like persistence and lock and how culture shapes you and all of them, all the other kind of factors that can turn someone who is relatively ordinary into something that someone someone extraordinary, and here you can buy ten books than a question that was my kind of shot at it is really. To do, but even in David and Goliath you know you talk about. Challenges think about how the cooling disadvantages, what it means to be discriminated against himself from setbacks, disabilities do you feel like we have any advantages right now
with the current administration, and here we see race and planned, have come about full for discovering how to fight where discovering. Oh community were discussing all kinds of things that like instead have been left a been Doin for years I been, I said, I might second seat visions, history. I have four apis, those about the civil rights movement and I'm going back to the early days. The ship to the fifties ethically What really is really interesting to me is so these are people who are living in the south in a segregated environment. They have no power zero about rights and their staff being from scratch and trying to make national new society at of craziness and bigotry, and how do you do that when you have no power, we ve got up we're up against a very, very powerful set of the face of enemies. We gotta learn some of those. We have to go. I can look at the people who who started the fight? Sixty,
twenty years ago and learn from them. I got more Malcolm Gladwell. When we come back, keep alive the breakfast locomotion, I would call it for free Everybody is e g envy Angel YE shall arena God we are the breakfast club we have often I'll, come Gladwell into building shadowy, because in a white supremacy you may see white supremacy new positions of power. I feel like that that also breathe inferiority complex is very body of yeah. You know I mean ETA, about our new attorney General Mr Sessions Lula days in these. My man in these guys are there just outweighs the maybe the load, man and wife, the rooms as it. I think that's exactly what he is deep down. It is a disease inferiority or I think it reminds us about. Is not over
even well meaning why people in his country wanna do is they always want to say a battle for civil rights is over. They always want to talk about it like it's in the past, so they what they want is some sense of so they hold up AMOS events in american history. The brown too soon In any event, if all the civil rights activation sixty four angle bill, glamorize those events and they'll say that's when we solve the problem and his whole point was that's a complete misreading of history those are the solution. They are through the beginning there there they lay the groundwork for all kinds of necessary work. The battles over, and the most important thing we have to do is to remind well meaning Americans that look. It's that you can't solve these problems in a generation right by and you can't talk about them in the past tense and that's what to me people accessions. When he's when our turn,
General is essentially an old school white southern segregationist right when that is just a reminder, look the battles that were taking place in the fifties are gonna have to take place again in twenty seven to twenty. Eighteen can push this stuff into the path. I think they ask you if you could ask God one question: what would the course to me who element, as stated in the publication of LE evident I'd like it. If he had any regrets that level. Is that a good answer Ah yes madame. I love I'd like to know whether it was another reason. I ask this because you know you look a god and you say he does everything for reason. He everything that was built on work such as have any regrets at others want to know that if this figure out a kingdom too don't worry, has got now
I guess I would. I would ask God where her is running out of patience with us. You know how many there were about to end soon, I'm sorry but I promise you like so many people keep telling me that and they like a volley signs, that the world is coming, who, in an atmosphere of years specialty, followed by yeah, I'm not, I I am at root and I'm always group in an optimist. So I'm I'm, I'm gonna say that out that things are coming to an end and he soon coup Jim is that he read your books. You gotta do is favoured all yours fade out like the greatest moment of my life, and I wasn't thinking only I was co good. He was, I knew he was buried knows a phantom. I like it. I mean I have. There's like one day a year when I get to pretend I'm cool. That was the day I tweeted it out. A picture of goods and holding up like David and writers, I am, I gonna guys just how it I haven't spoken to hear he, but I you know like thrill debates and we had little
We love on twitter. Nobody no goal constable of White, privileged, you sure, like privileges, something as exclusive the wife. You know, but I do feel that the thing about privilege, particularly in this country, is it is incredibly persistent so that when people have ah, though, the when people acquire privilege it, really really hard are difficult, or they really really good at holding onto it by an they structure. Institute chickens and laws and systems so that they do after surrender that privilege as the ones you understand. How durable principle is you you realize that there are real historical patterns so because by people were originally in his country? The people who held on almost all privilege they still hold onto allowed at note, not exclusively, but it's different than it was fifty years ago. But do is.
Ill and entrenched body a privilege in this country, which is just is the same way which has existed for generations, and every time there is any kind of of of activity in. In Congress about making new laws about taxes is something she you look below the surface. You will see that people who have privileged are finding way to extend their privilege. One more generate a lot of times. I feel like we're not privy to a lot of those conversations. I think a lot of times that privilege is taught from generation to generation two generations, when there are many different ways in which people achieve kind of special status, and in a hopefully were in a world where inherited privilege will slowly over time, shrink and other kinds will get us a chance to flourish.
Great now world for blackmail. You are black me, amalgam February, my cousin. Have I always. How do you know it's always up in the air? And what will you would you consider black river table? pretty much the same way. We talk about any kind of cultural privilege. If pupil to a community that that's real that create things that is full of joy. That has a heritage Additionally, then you not a form of, and you can access that world and you're not afraid of scared of it are shamed at it. You have privilege is your version, is in sports were talking about my heritage moment throughout indian sprinting wires so mean I'm a little give his where it lay out outcomes with, and I can't I can't and has an opportunity to talk about Jamaica and you think about yes, so with what is
theres many recommendations for why Jamaican completely dominate through other spending. One explanation, though, is simply that, if you have, if you look at the history of jamaican athletics, a series of transcendent runners in the sixty, seventies and eighties. When you have that kind of tradition, what that means is if where a seven year old and you let it reminded in your growing up in Kingston. You have a model for how it works. Look at you! It's not it's it's more than it is racial? It's like you know that someone who grew up down the street from you was capable of running nine. Six. Two and a hundred meters. You know it is not just an abstract possibility. It's a real thing. You watch this guy on the track, write something with you. No staff starts launching.
He's Sedley everyone is you watch contrast when they are launching threes from so far downtown method, his battle, I haven't, I wanna do it, but it's still it's like everyone's Alderson as well. It is possible to routinely forty footers, yet we may have taken this way and I am happy that you're leave taking the shot. Somebody up is by you. Take this, and so I say to make it and make a concrete rights concrete. When you see somebody demonstrate doing it final question: is there anything in your books? You don't believe anymore Latham? thought you you told me, you had some things. You don't believe in air of bother me everything. Well, here's the question: here's the thing there has to be, because you have to keep changing I never was there last night because even more strongly now we could sit down with them. Some go through and I could stay here. How I thinking is change, but if you can't do that about, that you wrote ten or fifteen years ago.
You're, not alive right. You have to Absolutely there. I think their minds about things that not every two years ago. I would you work more now than just a blogger, but you got another big books, sort of which a minister after I've done this second season in my pocket, was the carpet Camelot. Oh ok, I don't follow modern. Well, when all social media he's at Gladwell on Twitter, the other you haven't Granby now to all that? Well, Magua will go pick up all his words man. A tipping point. Blank outliers, David alive with dogs are a big The thing that he's written about really are a testament to the time we're in right now, they have, but we oppose Did you join us? Banks is really don't make. You don't make it last time mark on trying to amendment in the morning.
On balance. I bet I didn't you strong and single you gotta work all day I Sadie magazine single sauce. Thank goodness. Fingers are omitted. Everybody's Fiji envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast Club HIV just received a huge package appear everything like so many died ass it when there is a big ass, outta the heart shaped floral arrangement, a bridge and put on the grounds that it how send it is. You already know that your boyfriend You better do some good you can be, would resolve the buggy better. Do some now, it's time I don't think them. Flowers, gaunt gotta, the union become entirely browborough. If you know what I know, I'm just saying she will be, would resolve the May, what you and your father, I am hosting something for him for his inertia two main playboy this right so as to permit a drinks Aladdin oh and all the women on the show will be there's gonna, be during century songs and you'd think sentinel
shape. Walking. Flowers is gonna, be enough tangles all I think this is another bouquet is likely to bouquet. I better get your booty. Dumpling pays he's in boxes and she you and I did a good job in town. If you know it, I know tat. Gets aromas, assortment cannon is the rumor report breakfast Club, but we told you yesterday that Nick Cannon was quitting his job in NBC because he feels like he got some back last after he made some jokes on a recent Showtime special he was here. Which America's got eminent embassy the best and its upcoming but I cannot see myself returning were according to network insiders, they were belies cited by what they can said they said they never threatened to fire him and they also setting as a contract. So he would
and to legal problems if we try to follow through with his threat to actually step down so misgiving coin? I guess his Anal Few legally cat neglect learned a contact. Nego does AIDS is a over your stand of special treatment a special already aired, like if you don't do that, you said it did it before the special aid that we really would tune in to see what the joke was right. You know. Well, Now, maybe really wasn't he wrote a long post about it said think he really was upset that ambition, an issue cause, I guess in his kind like he supposed to run by anything that he says about the network before he does it This stand up in Manhattan, did it didn't run by them So where do you get this news from the day was long fire? They were upset any that overly dramatic. I have no idea, maybe somebody's lying. Who knows, I have no idea Birdman has shared that there's going to be a new rich gang project and that release date he has a put out on it's going to be April. 15Th. That's when the new rich gang project is going to drop you for the picture of him,
and young Burg on Instagram and with the hashtag risking two April fifteenth by man. Young was originally coordinator. They got rid of him. I think my risk Mister Mc Manawyddan and he never was signed with any paperwork or anything? then you'll have to adopt. Yes, I am maybe they're, not maybe a collaborative effort. I am always you for new young dog music. I enjoy the thugs music, even though he wants to talk to me like see now now you remember like a picture of you down before, after that, he positiveness anyone. Torture me well Valentine police like it's, Bobby Brown is supposed to be mad about a Babby, Christina Bio Pick, that's coming tv. One is doing this by a pig picture. Jim Mckinney is gonna play Whitney Houston and they're saying that they also gonna have vicar facts as Pat Houston, which is,
because in his eye about Bobby Pistol, took his number one wide by Christine Anita buy up it s interesting story, I don't understand attic. They think it is due by all pigs, Maggie Clarity that raising supposedly down with it so and they don't need Babby Brown said I mean she's gone, I don't mean to say that, but you know they their net. But the rights to the project. So what are you having in? Do that, like obviously like rhymes bio paths, to lie behind the earlier Bio pay a girl with a laugh at twenty down that he wanted that to happen. A girls, for twenty two years. The whole it's has be about. Tragedy has grown problems start Whitney past. I want my money. I don't even origin is involved in this somehow has even been yes I think, of a terrible who did I bought the rights who, within the network, doesn't have to clear any
and you know anybody- can do a movie about anybody turn one the terrible idea, Do we want to know to allow our big? I write a book about anybody, s we're gonna meet me. I literally unauthorized and somebody read the hand if you know which do a body Christina by a big bang. It always works better if you have the family law, because obviously they have the best story. Absolutely insight and the best information might be answer is valid, to perform a cartel a pregnancy is not going to stop her from before me, but just in case ok, they said that as long as she's healthy she's going to perform in case he's not there, everybody involved is still gonna get paid, and I guess that's the insurance policy that you So, even if you are given up your time and whatever work began, say saving a date and working you still get paid, even if some half a semi than she can perform beyond ages, do take a page out of Adele spoken just stand in the middle of the stage and saying no do anything out just then with the microphone in sing. Now gazed exactly no flexibility, a superpower, since they want a front on you,
and like you using special effects de grandes, no idea what I will never be as a superpower that was telecom, MRS Telecom nieces and her being telepath made all that possible special effects. No, when I share leaned back now would be the mind. No was our brain it at a local. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report right now.
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