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Monday 12/10 - Today on show we had Vic Mensa stop by where e spoke about is controversial comments on XXX Tentacion, is new album "Hooligans" and more. Also, if you didn't know it has been 8 years that "The Breakfast Club" has been going live on air, can you believe it! However, what really got their start was when Ray J called up ranting about Fabolous, so we took it back to that call. We also flashed back to the time Lil Webbie couldn't pronounce any of their names, and it is possible he still may have trouble with it. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to yet another Floridian, this time for farting obnoxiously and then pulling a knife on a man. 

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some body: do a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mornin easily get my knees AMD Charlemagne. Please do not let it is my yes, it's mundane fifty more days until Christmas, this is the most wonderful authority is enjoying every single is officially Christmas to me now, because yesterday,
Christmas tree when, after a political body made him a low late, but you know been busy, you know, but as long as you get it out, it was you got like more than ten days to have the treaty of a dignified can always like the week before our country going to to. Right well over the you guys at a great we can, I had a crazy weaken for assent. Tomorrow You know her to she had winter formal over the weekend, what that's kind, I got really dress up and have a dancing to study called the winter form you through if it appears that no new money to the school were suddenly ass. If she had a went to formal that, I guess again was added to last week's rather take medicine, they get addressed to get her shoes, I had to put the what is it bottoms on shoes, make sure she can walk come to mind at all the stuff that I necessarily didn't want to do. But I had to do all that stuff, but she went and she looks amazing. She had a great time I actually had. What am I DR and just make sure everything was I so we gotta there and back safely, eight issued absent just in case of things ass. He was my friend ass. She does. Boyfriend, but she doesn't
boyfriend by what our friends ass did go to the problem. She went to which parliament to formal and she went. She had an amazing time, Europe with fear garden. You kiss him down a methodical clothes, sometimes in us out galaxies guys now and then so I had my real estate seminar over the weekend when we first set out to do this realistic, seminary There is a get about four five hundred people. We got a thousand people in a building talking about real estate everything you need to know from fixing a credit to We know getting alone, so fine and the property to construction to properly manage made. You name it if you to learn about anything, but real estate when it comes to enact from people are actually do it does not affect cause when people now. This is something that we do. We look at those crazy rent it and we demo himself. It was pretty. Don't you see a lot of people, travels. Was the dramas came to the class over the weekend troubled waters, beard GMO boy brought his beard. It's almost breaks up here with us on the back is clear producer like so she went as well Claudia when as well from over them
in attendance, there was a great name. Then you know Sunday is moving that I do every sentence which are vanity to let you get now. You know why I'm a watch movies on Sundays and my team is a five hour. I don't lose, but without accounts must be. We want. We actually blows nobody around with their new team than two five hundred you wanna watch movies net. We moving idle, so they decided this Sunday at this Sunday. We wise home alone, oh family rights, already noted carcinogen homeowners movie bought away. Would let you jerk a stupid. You moron, like my kids, to learn all these words now for Christmas movie bottle. I wasn't gonna play fortnight is weakened, or did you learn? so nervous right now by this enemy at facts echoed practice at home and they get we're deserted dances. Elisa we note a fortnight. There's you be good. When I met her Bob dances, vital with Diana Volley newspapers after much, they still mercosur
because Motherboard Motel out in Baltimore fry a pc? You, yes, that they have an agreed conversation about? You know mental health. Could my bookshop winning right, Manchets armies out now? though Marilla Moby was out there, and you know this shows a lot of love and bottom was about the more I love and appreciate, and Mortgage state University. Add my daughter's chilean competition today, Julian companies, as we can. How is that my getting to tell network man eating tracks, Can you think track is an all day thing that you got to pull up a lawn chair and just post up and just sit there and do nothing and wait for your daughter's meeting at the only time your blood moves. You have seen nothing until you see me, of this, and I know nothing about Julie. You adored Julian foresaw what dislike page, like my touch gray an unthinkable
That is the only dad's unavailing may delay. This is this? Is gonna be harmed and beautiful thing about stuff like that is, like you know, when you re out, above you wanna say, was up to you as a person like there is a whole different level, respect out of its like negative. Everybody knows describe that's right out of pears, noticed gravel of haven't video children come to nought these whale, even they slew job capable. Six hours says you Eddie, learning studies, cheerleaders, some respect, Abbe rising Elite is that, where, with your sense national unchallenged by our planet and shortly about fighting terror, leading as great baby flips. They do told touches the lives of millions of Euro daughters to less than that didn't. But it says they did so the estimate that I don't know I just gotta show crag and vigour since that will be joining us this morning. Ok, talk HU, a big men Miranda comin up as we yes
Fraud is right and we are proposing as we talk about. I would take a bus, entire brown. I see as a woman who was convicted as a teenager, for putting a man who picture Abbas he she was a victim of sex trafficking, will tell you what the court has to say about her case. We'll get it's all that when we come back, he believed the breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news and any failed beat the bills when you say it with your chest, when you say knees, NFL scores will say: okay, the Browns beat the Panthers two thousand six hundred and twenty packers beat the Falcons three thousand four hundred and twenty two colts beat the Texans two thousand and fourteen he won. Kansas city beat the ravens twenty seven twenty four overtime. The dolphins beat the Patriots three thousand four hundred and thirty three, the giants last killed destroyed her the Redskins forty six things I reckon Iraq is I'm just going to have winter
straight lines with the kind of seventeen two three, the rate of speed to steal it, for twenty one to be, as between fifteen six end tonight in London I beat the Vikings play. This game is one of those goals, but now let me look out and is only too how to finance an amusing one team and then, if the item is anything cowboys did beat the Eagles. That's right: they got a lucky as catch Should the one again by Marco grab a few lucky F gases over two hundred yards pretext down to know who's count on that enjoy away would soon be going too far wondered again are determined to play off on which he brought me. I know it is all the more you love your travelling any have to fly through the Carolinas or even for junior today. Just beware because a lot of flights have been cancelled, say where some went to storm snows arms and the Carolinas they said more than twelve inches of snow fell.
And rally Durham at that airport. They got about seven inches of snow yesterday. They say they could be a total of twelve to twenty inches by today. So just be careful. There are alot of people, don't have power almost dad's who went into forty five thousand customers and North Carolina, twenty twenty five thousand in South Carolina. We are right now, let's talk about, enjoy your brown remember her story. She was forced into prostitution, and now she is serving a life prison sentence for killing a man that that was about to shoot her. She was convicted as its in Asia, for shooting a man who picked her up. Lousy was the victim of sex trafficking. Reality had posts. Ed. Imagine at the age of sixteen being sex trafficked by a pimp pimp named cut throat after data being repeatedly drugs and raped by different men. You are purchased by forty three year old child predator, who took you to his home to you you for sex,
you end up finding enough courage to fight back, ensued and kill him? Your you're arrested as a result, chiding convicted convicted as an adult and sentenced to life in prison? That is the story of Toy Brown. Now the court did find that she will have to fifty one years before she is released after going through. All of that at the age of sixteen July has served fifty one years before she is really so. They are gonna, be doing a march for her the women's rights, a nasty gonna, be supporting her and other sex trafficking victims. That's gonna, be happening on January. Ninety was you, ve been in jail for over two years already people sought at me facing live documentary that came out in twenty years, It's always felt like this is the case. People in pushing the line. I think that's an honest there was you would give would put for so long at the age of sixteen I mean she said she I can in self defence, but the court to say in it. She shot its money from his wild and drove his choice. They like Walmart somebody argued ass. She went to the out with the intention of robbing him, but if you look
to the kiss, you never had a legit shot like she was born with feed alcohol syndrome. Nevadas table home life like it's, a lot affected led her beautiful did you see within and she shouldn't be sustained and life in prison as he was a juvenile time is running out because they said mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles violates the U S constitution, but their argument in response to that is that she is not serving life, so blessed front. Page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe you had a bad weekend or bad morning or maybe want to spread some positivity eight hundred and five eight. One thousand and fifty get it off. Your chest is to breakfast Logan the breakfast club Is it your time to get it off the agenda? The email from you on the breakfast law allow there is more to be Jerry, was around
I urge you all like five minutes ago, given information about a real. If they glass money mover shop unbundling, I would call it a fond out, then information again. Could I caught the end in what you say you want to talk. Radio now lay right when I was, so I bought a two class was Saturday last every hour. I are you guys doing it again, because I have been trying to get into real estate and they have like gold informers like three in the morning. We have those seminars in a city like the Sheraton Hotel, like Dan Marrow yeah. Nobody bothers. I was like our doubts now is fitting out, as I know it, but It was ninety nine dollars. No, it was more than another one. I think next year in a new year, so just follow me on Instagram in and I'll give you keep you updated all right. Hello. This is going on is both personal proclaimed was brown it was gone. All males, gonna, u dont go on at breakfast club. I just want to give a shot out on my way home. On the way to work the warriors want
level was an aim, must not be called to a large group is still don't let it get down, because my lover, and I want to start out my pants for my cheap sober, I'm a camera tat. We ve been film and I got to pass the always come out. The film retains the shot after J Tony, my boy, green tea, visa, the children tat all my camera crew I got news for you, you big Nemo morning. You beg of you, I will oversee sure, did, allows as indeed do some of which, as a man of girl, you, dont archaeology, and only known you cared a boy. Yes told me that she Brenda gave berry and I need five on where to go, and we should give you a great something. That's where everyone you jaw gave you we'd MA Why did she? Would you wanna get what a guy it again
Then you could do about dead. You know, since you wanted the organic instead, GMO Sheepskin Dodo you and given that, as you see this coming year, it is about that clearly as you not even a full blown full blown lesbian. She likes gay ass. I get out get what the issue is, that you can complete. That's all you're, not immediately yeah baby I know it have now you open. If I realize you go for Am I just want to add your tongue action in that year, modelled on Zaire, Mamma is there it is. This argument features of cloud column early yoga drive around in a military, but they were yoga. As for you, follow going in and have a lower our guard that goes on Obviously we got no technology, both Elden ability would avoid ok here, but as a kind of Britain every minute of my birthday a few days ago,
and I was wondering if you follow me, I do radio unfriendly them militate in print I don't know how to parliament's birthday. My mother was on the phone. I call for his hand. He has won t you happy belated birthday in army. No, we appreciate everyday Did you do for a country by death, a MAC given your followed just because there were ok I'll follow? You did not know, but you may not be interested. You now say I withdrew my time. The Blair, you ain't even said. I make it look you you and your page I make this look easy. Easy is a requirement. Is by regular item. We check it out, as this is something that I want to give my energy in times you I have that you'll kill me in a future dynamic. You work the right Did the related. Thank you for your comment. You know my guy, but you have a good week I'll. Remember our future
eight hundred five, a viable, no fire. One of you need a very two sub now is to breakfast club kimono breakfast pounding down. You're gonna, get you wanna breakfast blessing, but allows this again get her features a lodging, What's going on, I just one God for everything. I do You can't do much. Numa became panic, amateur lily. We live in a weapon. Now we're living in television on but you do I: u! Masturbating birth, now get off work, trying to find a way to we're. Gonna get out of this. What's goin on other either Vienna shouted up with this.
The boys were. We try to talk to you. A gaze imminent. You guys are living in a shout there right now. You're, ok, there was the plan Johnny you to talk about it. Somebody to try to get it to work or your heels. Oilfields year. Older, I'm confused allows theirs. We would remind you that we will be getting a lot better. Maybe there, as I thought on my way now. Look at the other trading at one sold out I won't be on below it again, but enough food that is given I really really allows is through the was broken ravages. Wow look up the fact that you gotta believe given pre, add up like a lot of things No, I was worried.
Free ads for meek, mill's album. He says it meek, mill's, album is not album of the year. What free ads are we giving me now Mona LISA Come Yahoo; I have our joy that my leg you might they rise. It was better for define neither more garage was better than that from our money. You want me to do I've only got us. A meat meal is Devlin accommodation for outward well, meaning it does the council have given. I have it pains me. I got a better one. I like the vessel victory like nips now. Am I well know those rather over those of our that net, that I can you know that relates to me that I feel I get information from the ragged energy from a mean we argue energy in like different things, but I, like me, thou know what it fails. You got that is now out of the Taliban workers, either of you again
a blue. What are you Talkin about our dive and who have a view Macneil commercial on Radio Atlantic paid for what I mean by now? I know a guy putting it out the idea you did what they a name copy: so you may we didn't. You may did an interview. They are putting it up again. Yes, we argue we, like you beg you will call it ever talk about what I like. My daily about everything in love, our mission to get it off it. As eight hundred thriving five one o five. One of you need event you get. It is about any term that you ve got rooms and away, yes, Welcome home today, reggae eye diseases die, would tell you who just finally tat bag down in Jamaica. Also, oh Mamma versus bow. I had this beef stew, Oh my goodness, I will get into that. Next. Keep unlocked the breakfast by promoting the breakfast
wanting everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club muskets. These rumours about you, feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where both your bandstand was released from prison. He had a ten year prison sentence, but he was released after seven years in February to them. Eleven. He was found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm and conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute. Two years later, it does did throw out the gun charge and reduce the prison sentence to seven years. He is back in Jamaica. They said he was being harass, allow on the plain people wanting to take pictures, so he really just one or two go home and slide away from having what will he has no idea about this new social media air, but as a new thing to him, the pot of one plain and went away, but he got they found out nearby Wanna take pictured. Let's go lie. Booze. You gave up for the ground. I want to begin
my my way we're trying to get me to go to Jamaica this week to go see boojum perform. I told her. She was bug, it hasn't. Weighty, goes its rivals, Let me alone are drowned later. We allow the driveway or certain places by Iccat deadly can come back here, but will be able to vote in certain places. Chaos in right now, do you know how crazy that would be in Hebrew, thereby he? How MECCA for the most record for the in Jamaica ass? How Huey is that he's here for him to be home. You know everybody out it get get get a picture for grandma gram gone confuse, including with the difficult and stupid. I right now Talk about little Mama verses, bow wow, how this beef happened. I saw its rending and this is, because of growing up hip hop Atlanta. Now it all started with Bower China's at low mama up on a blind date, so we got a playfully okay, be in in Atlanta inches know me. We have an important personage. You should meet in the business we just making too
and makes us all into a big old sol. Jonathan me, away as which are drawn, is that no one, I blog, as you can see all gone, is meeting. Ok, you're gonna come into new, ok! Well here is bow after this having a conversation. Basically, I tell him a guy BT that she was too to be going on a blind date with that she's easy long, dongle me mom. She allowed a mountaineer enshrining and you to come a New York under look. I've got a lot of New York City. Would you only Lama Messner when I got going on which you owe me
I would note together, want em all grow out, never tell someone, they will be smash and one of my home grows in a week low moment. Ass, much people there, undoubtedly like well little Mamma has of course ass. She sharing responded, here's what she said. You know that in all the years that I've ever known you- you may never know me in a week so to even give the sea advice like. Oh, you know, and we Europeans more importantly, I even misleading anybody to believe that I wanted you to come to New York for us to do why I was wondering You want to commit suicide one day you crazy, he's gone crazy idea. I come from a ground that environment that I'll try to bring you to and we don T be show we create in content. Oh Mamma is absolutely right. Now I need to grow a man like no one, man should have all economy a human nor low mama. Your whole life like well maybe door, ended a buzz like that's why I refused even hope my home grows up. Would anybody because I'm not gonna, be reached?
will rainy night, and I feel the same way I feel is. I lie irregularities but me, and that is that, unlike nope all my friends and horrible nope no sign my friends. If you listen, not cool, I gotta go. Somebody up on a day, a blinding and then say something like that. Now, Chief Keef turns out that he has more marquise them even knew he has five kids, but according to court documents that pity he got. He actually has a far more children under the age of five. Ok, what do? What were the car as nine altogether? They have different those who are all seeking child support. So they said all of these things now mean that he has to pay each woman. Five hundred sixty four dollars in town support per month, starting in January, A man was free. Ninety, okay, when you go round anybody, did you see her height? I want a clue, viable, JP, listen I'll, be given they're gonna money in a cave, Ology didn't I gave money, schools expensive, not those young lady Polly than big on all of you,
You really want twenty grandma were according to his court documents. He says he. May about nine thousand dollars a month. Any has nine thousand dollars in expenses as well will get another job ass. A lot for it is under the aid. Five of a union of jobs. I write. Angela YE, and that is your room. A report are, I think, you machinery will we combat. We got front page news when we talk about. We are going to be talking about this, whether if you plan to be travelling just be where's If you're going through North Carolina right, we'll get internet, will we come back? He unlocked the breakfast locomotive breathless close your morning, so now would be to say what you back on me on December. Twenty five an apple man on the epic journey to discover who he was born to be the bridge. Would two worlds alchemy unimpeded. Where December twenty first home is calling rate. Morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club just getting some front page news. Somebody was mad. I didn't see the Bengals score ice I'll, say the Bengals score. First, in football, the chargers beat the Bengals
two thousand six hundred and twenty one. The jets beat the bills. Four thousand seven hundred and twenty three, the browns beat the Panthers two thousand six hundred and twenty two packers beat the Falcons three thousand four hundred and twenty Cole street to Texas two thousand four hundred and twenty one Kansas City beat the twenty seven, twenty four dolphins beat the patriots. Three thousand four hundred and thirty three New Orleans saints beat the buccaneers two thousand. Eight hundred and forty The giants killed squashed pulverize the Redskins, forty sixteen. Why do you not believe like they like five and ten May? I reckon would not five minutes in actually what is five and have been eight or forty, five and eight forty nine has been to break with twenty fourteen. The lions beat the car NOS seventeen to three. The rate is be to steal it before twenty one. The beers beat around fifteen six lady airs Scrabble bears the Rams fifteen six and in our Pat Warner, the Cowboys B
legal, twenty nine twenty three year, Pa Bwana, how does the eminently nonsense? Number one in the end of the east, draw political, downtown, Dallas Cowboys every gotta be diverse, aiming to leave last. We certainly want and sense of sand. Jane, and it is from economic at a good sense and night. The vikings take on a Seahawks Monet football. What else it's off about why? This aim is a new discovery that may allow you to eat anything that you weren't without gaining way trash, there's resources. They say they found a single Jean Claude, our can one was removed and mice. Those words are able to high fat diet without gaining. Anyway, even when they ate of ridiculous amounts. They Phil didn't gain anyway, so right now they saying they that might now work in humans. They don't know yet, but there is hope that inhibit that same gene in humans could help addressed that obesity epidemic and lead to new drugs. Three problems diabetes. They said we know a lot of people started to lose weight or even control their weight for a number of different reasons. The findings in this study
developing a pill which we target. The function of I came when Emily may result in weight. Loss of trash, stop playing with lifelike unloaded aside, for its probably makes you organs breakdown early, you don't gay weight which would be dead by age. Thirty, one Aurelio No, what the side effects are still in the early stages by people are hopeful that this can help people who actually over each and have die of it. The problem I believe right now talk about the weather. If you live in the Carolinas right now, you already know it's been a snow storm there and even in Virginia right now there is a Wednesday morning, an effect until today, after today, are there there was one weather related death. It was reported in North Carolina as a result of the snow storm over the weekend. Alot of flights are cancelled in about two hundred, and fifty thousand cuts the North Carolina. Two hundred twenty five thousand customers in South Carolina have lost power, so people is designed to get that together. So just so, you know, if you have any travelled lands Mesa. You check ahead of me and make sure those five
are going out our rights and, last but not least, James, Alex Fields, junior. You know him as the white supremacist who ran his car into had their higher from this jar. Little bill they were when they were having a whole Charlottesville of white supremacist. Marching was, I had a hair was one of the protesters. There were actually protesting against hate and That's when he rammed into her and murdered her so right now he has been found guilty of draw political bond for justice. Gravel burn the possibility of life in prison any could still get the death penalty and a federal trial on hate crimes. Heart disease sentencing hearing is scheduled for two years stowed our creator of cargo on duty. I drop one includes bombs were just love and stuff like this happens. Right right have no mercy on his prejudice, saw her. Our right will as front page news now when we come back, VIC Men's will be joining us, isn't open!
Logically, we are talking about a lot of stuff five, so figments when we come back, don't move to breakfast club morning and everybody is D J envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast. We got a special guess about in the rack, big man, so those are welcome back like a great movement. I am more muscle ass communities. He wasn't his cherry. Well, why celebrities natural environment and eyes? Is nice and found it? Wasn't it you have used. The egg is more when you will go to may you how this call allows is actually not that code to me Let us not ashikaga, you know I gotta ill. Coal is very warm and you know me bless when I am happy to be alive everytime. I remind myself of that. That makes me happy nosey gratitude. The idea of regret
Tunisia, where you can have real joy, which we assign about your frame of mind. You know, don't work thanks again for donating to change which aims at last and that we saw you that's down and we know it. It's a big deal you when we talk about mental health because of a glowing in Chicago with your an organization is well such a big deal. Now I mean I can't even go into specific, but it's like my family's going through some stuff right now. On that front, you know themselves like is something it couldn't be more relevant to me. Are you calling you come out the symbol, forty side, you name it Hooligans, and you know what the white man thinks. When I look at you got there that's how we grew up. You know in a from place, car hire part at the gate park. Hooligans. You know that that's just what it was, and so at there were a couple energies on their project. The judge remind me a lot of that and arm and in general, our
wanted to make music that could touch on Sir Pelleas pillars of my experience and my personality and really speak directly to them. So I was thinking about being a kid in Vienna. You know, a lot of things have changed, but also a lot of things haven't changed. You know I've been this person, the person that I am for a long time, since I been being a hooligan, such as growin up an arm and becoming man. You know them Santa try to hold onto the things it. The excited me in and made me move when I was a kid and apply them to begin and adopt. How did that? those things help you with an adult, though, would have the what have they? Don't beneficial anymore than a lot of underpinned by other. I think someone
do you know all the violence in things like that doesn't benefit. You know. I was a big part of me being a kid, but you still got to have an outlet for that energy. You know what I'm saying, because it's like my whole life is that I was I was programmed in that way and when I started to read Bell hooks, that's when I peep game and was like you know, starting to dissect and breakdown. Why I was violent and here in her talk about like black masculinity, male masculinity, and you know how the traditional avenues of being a mere were taken from a black man in America. You know all the way back from the boat and slavery in then, up through you know, reconstruction, and it was only black women work and in black men, were you know so black mad, and your own new ways of feeling man You're gonna be in a mad because they weren't able to beat a bread when a so you know, star plan
as news again, you know also the invariable violent air. So yeah I mean I'm a couple years back. I really started to dissect that but as I am still growing. You know in and trying to grow out of those things, but about a violence. Free two thousand eight to put your today. Twenty eight also greatly. I'm way that we were taught to be masculine was complete word, especially no. Definitely amid it's like you think about it. It is, is bananas we think about actually like given in a fight with somebody. Because they look in your directs issuer Mon Ami, like vials night, light like what you look in. That is a real thing that has started hall bites. You know able bad for you my now, because it will you. I people definitely do provoke me boy It's also on you notable is also Emma CORE is like whether or not I decide dilemma. Be provoked. Now it's not let them you got that.
How at an end, and that could be difficult, uniting all Haljan Abed, I've been grown alot recently with that noise. Is lies in our lab bickering and are let us that that's not the energy I want in my life, you know it's just let those things come my way as they will, but you know not be reactionary about the value from neck with a lot of people would take a shot at you recently in words, you from saying you know what I don't need to reply on ya Wanna got off the internet. I was like a favor. Now you know it's like. I would like. First of all, Just don't Otto had a band with to be like to be engaging with all these people. I don't know that are pretty much just like shadows, to me, that not even real people to me you know, and as always, in a net these different positive internet. Attack in me and in my own number and ads,
when our lie and arm people around me told me. First of all, give off the internet get up Instagram, whether you know, especially when you're drunk dear me out, like you know what you write a sprightly get off. We hear this is not benefit in me in autumn there what his back the exact scar. We need to explain yourself with that, though. The door was certain parts of it that I wanted to explain. You notice, when, when it initially started to just kind of flare up or whatever but you know, as as as it progressed, a nose is more more in a net revelations and all these different things I didn't, I didn't feel like I needed to us,
lay myself, because I recognise that it wasn't about anything that I would say, and it wasn't about the truth of anything I had said it was just that you know I'll hit some people in the soft spot in the tender area. You know me, but it was because the brother got killed right. You understood so with the line worth all at Meda, and his mom was into nothing else but of into my house all part of it. You know the thing was to let people didn't actually see it right here the army that actually know what is going on in May in ages all ahead licence at his day, so a lot of people only all headline last actually reached out to his mother. Personally, though, you know cause, we preach tape, those things I dunno she'll be there. You know at the end of the day. I do think that the conversation you know of sand that that I was trying to bring up
that idea I bring up, is a super necessary conversation? Maybe the way of going about it. You know who was not the best for the time, but I think the cup section is one that had to be had. You know them sand and talking about violence against women and just some sergeant in her part, but particularly Violence against women me. I had a lot of people on a low reach out to me, and you know- and thank me for that, but the you not a man, these are allowed in a net. The peanut gallery can be vicious. We get more if it means that when we come back, we gotta talk more about their Bt Cypher S. Also, Over the breakfast loved morning, purporting everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club figments, who is here now. We were talking about your Bt Syphon, you Talkin about execs excellency on what did you say to his man?
I just reached out, you know them say in an arm apologize. Her because I didn't know she would be in attendance, like, I say when I was online, I was out. I wouldn't walk back any of my statements because what I There I met, you know not think some more truth came to light, not long after you know them say about the whole situation. That situation is just it's just for me to learn and grow from me because, like as when I spoke to you, you know my initial entirely surrounding it. I always been somebody with no filter. You know what I'm saying always been somebody to just say what it is they feel in in Layman's terms, I mean blunt and- I always have felt like. I could never be wrong in doing that, because I was telling the truth now, if I was lying,
and I'm also not. Somebody is too proud to apologize, recognize when I'm wrong and I mean, but I always felt that I was telling the truth. Then you know why I hold my time or or why change the way? I'm saying something, and I recognize that you know The man being deceased complicates things absolutely all over our messages loss, one, how you will love like you never met, they lost a family member, any loss of friends, later by the dogma, you not of sand and, to be honest, it is like. I think, more mentality was so informed by like where I come from, that I was like death is really no.
So you think that you got out my ass. You did when you numb toward even only way and have the way, but you see someone Devereux you that it was just like way. Not only not I'm saying like that, this is very normal. Last to Us- and you know it ended up, but we see there so much the light. We make jokes about as you know, them say like books, you understand the value of a good. I remember when you press academics over his gun, The man was irregular. You didn't like him make for of no one hundred percent one hundred percent. You goggled words, I'm you know them, sir, but I decided to say that like I was quite numb too to death because, unlike well, you know a nor lotta young Gazelle had at last they liked them were not doing. You know nothing to deserve it me and were not put in this type of energy into the earth, but somewhat- answer realised through the thing you know after said, and you don't have to go back and
Fourth with the internet, nautilus, nor are they gonna put me off some game. You know he was like empathy, you know what's, which is a word that, always reference, but sometimes you know things and you need to actually like remembered it. You know them. You know like remind yourself, you might have learned some information. You know, and I realise that sometimes it would be hard to give to have empathy for someone else until you, you need got to have empathy for you or, whereas, when I first said in the in the rat- you know I wasn't haven't any empathy for Mab, whereas I was like I was. I was seeing no manatee him. You know them sad because I was like the things that you know that the young man had did were wow. You know, and I wasn't trying
see the cutest trying to see any humanity in him. You know until it was like I needed God to have empathy for me. You know me do you feel like you wanted to apologize? Anybody who may be offended by Miguel Emily friend to his mother, yes to his mother. Yes, I mean everything else. You know, I think alighted egos and there is nothing like if somebody like with the guy some guy who was closed, the excess of lay all vague. No, we will see, we see you there. Said our lady. They have what I beg for you to distil blackmail and fight with each other. I've gotta ego Emma them ass. I don't have any gum, I mean I just don't be. Leave in these. But you gotta know what I mean it was you doesn't like your man guy doing out there? What do you want to possess a deadly understand? Why whether upset- and I have from the rib- I'm just like you- Know- good. I like you have to be that we make it
you don't have to do you know you got a role was really do you, but also all gonna write he How can we now where he said? I know you know what it is. Is that a lot of these other guys? You know what I'm saying that and the way that the way they approached it Yeah energy was different. When I saw you in person, you not unfair, and already rare, already re was going on there, and so I'm not go apologize. To get me the other night? No, no, no one undefined nobody dares. We don't have time for that. That's not even was goin on out here we ve grown ass. Men is not high school, not fight like that. How can we sit here for a second personnel
I didn't like about Palestine, because I know you went there and I was looking at how Markleham my Hilda out for his remarks about Palestine. So I'm sure you have a whole different knowledge of what's happening with Palestine, Israel, because you ve been there. So can you speak on that and which, when you think about what happened to Michael Michael, Michael Myers, he'll. I met him in Palestine actually to see MARC Lamont Hill, be going through this controversy based on his statements around the Palestine Israel. It is not at all surprising, you know what I'm saying when I was flying back from Palestine. You got to go through TEL Aviv. You know I had a book on palestine- and I had a series of arm, like maybe three or four souvenir plates and ashtrays and stuff when I'm an airport, they call my name on it in a calm and I'm thinkin. I left something that solidarity. I saw my bet, the woman
about me like, yet we found this book in your bag, says How is that? How do you even know about Palestine? How do you even know about that? And does this it really dawned upon me how much they were trying to erase Palestine, from the memory of you know of any one. So why is this did the Mark Lamont Hills and investments and care about so much. I'm not appointed like desert his own, were you should get up all day Mammy. My hunger had told me. Some years ago before I went, she was like pastime ass. My palace, partners like the biggest human rights violation about time. You know San and I mean it. Wasn't it allow with their that our
realized how how severe was? What else did you see what you did was seen it through your eyes? Raina saw some crazy. I was in a refugee camp right across out across the warm in close to Bethlehem, outsider Jerusalem's, car IDA Refugee Camp and on our rooftop where the water tank was kept for a son building as on walking through the even just the stairs. He gets a roof. Remind me a lot of the projects you know, I'm saying it was, I mean, is basically identical to some project, but even more dilapidated yeah I mean, and so I get to the rooftop them have rationed water. They can only have a sudden, my water per week, som looking in this water tank ended. As these swimming worms in you now and then that's my left and then I look to the right and you know,
Maybe a hundred metres away from the wall. The separates Israel and Palestine built by Israel, and I can see is just rolling green pastures and like perfect buildings from this slight jewish settlement, and it looked like the capital and hunger games. You know they had a half a limp, Dick swimming pool over there, and I'm just looking in this in this water tank with these worms and why weren't rushing is rash and you know them, sir, and these people, you know they have their blood, is in this land. What I'm saying they just across the wall that that land used to belong to them. You know what I'm saying until it was taken from them through violence, and that was that was that was wild to me. I also went down starting street. You know in a city, car Hebron, where, if you were passed any you couldn't even go down
so they would. They will stop us and in our tour guy would talk to, and you know that speaking another language to they be like? No? No, no and then you know, a Sadler got out of the truck ran up on us and he was like point blank. He was like well, you see and come down the street because Arabs come and they make terrorist attack. So no Arabs on this street that street Jews only and as a vessel. That's a little bit of a different brand of racism than one that I've experienced. You know them said Member being historian United policy. Him me up in their bill. What you doin on the North Sea, which is beyond saw, sir, you fear me
There was a little bit. It was slightly more coded. You know, then, just like your black. You cannot be on this street and I mean wasted things like that is hard to believe stay. Quiet about, Uncas is just it. Screams led Jim crow me or hooligans comes out next week when some forty four some fourteen next Friday, we channel pick it up and we appreciate you could join us from our procedure. Right is the breakfast club is big men's morning. Everybody is T J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club good morning. Good morning was happening. Is tat season for Holiday party time. Go for I may holiday parties are exhausted. But when you look at when you look at just scheduling, you realize you have to go to like three mm, Victoria holiday parties there, like you, know places that you get checks that that's a little exhaust Now you don't realize angle, it does not.
Just now when once who over two million are ready, I gotta know already party man, I'm just upload and review of the homage all and we go over witnesses for three hours a day. I do have a tree of life. Not agility bodies is a bunch of Angolan like that. Like you said Ozma for five and a couple of checks on me, don't you realize that is too cold and allegedly Atlantic Wreckers Halliday Party? By the way, I think I got a contact. Hikers was Khalifa within a right behind me, smoking and adding smoke anything better. I definitely left the offender like damn did I vote just now, and an is very, is very tiring for me not to have to leave thousand go to these tables so late at night. Right because I have two comments on both baby told that I need to get remove, was thwarted old people cotonou your feet, carnival no man man's as technical term for podiatrist age, I'm looking for good dieters in New Jersey area, that of my Christmas further, the myself. I won't get these two cause. You career that point too, like they burn like if anything touches
you will always have been my feet like they know a guy calling on both baby tools. Some ready to get him remove. My Christmas present the mother shoes. Those walls are like. I have no idea, I don't even where she was to have been so it s my Christmas gift to myself and Marina for not attending increases. Finally, this year I'm getting started I wonder if I like, I said I went over the Atlantic mechanism and I went to the Xbox Holiday Party. Also, you Daphne gotta go to tourism. Then you can go to Atlantic scenario to anybody else's. You're crazy, I got him, we remain when I order you make sure these sources of income united as well, because I was in for the weekend, which normally I'm that from annex a source of income problem too The Atlantic Tibet establish the guys, but its value ass. It had been there. Are you know? Why didn't you know? Why didn't come? You know check this allegedly
now next out, of course, this little breakfast club show has been on air for one lousy, breakfast club eight years long. If you ask me, we ve been to a bunch of trials and tribulations. Crazy, guess, crazy. Situations where we come back or next hour will literally On ages, eight years man we're gonna get off some of this stuff. That is classic breakfast club material. I've gotta be some terrible record book. Me eight years for a black ermine morning, so I realise that he might bring about all urban want to show the New York City that have come in the correct and we were naturally syndicated mouse alone. What ninety plus markedly plus market is a long time ago urban Minnesota beyond in New York the longest running. Was it a level problem had loved doktor drain eleven Duncan Jane Eyre document. We are, we beat them as far as time is concerned, so
I salute to love a ok. That's what we're gonna do that love loving with Jean eight years last. The next item is not allowed to do I remember a combination of like you, wanna go. Monica was element on what you got. Five five dollar for one hour for animal, do ridden wrestling. For I D. Do you do good, inaugurating known as self destruct we got room was coming to me yesterday, by Gabrielle Union Enduing way. They were on Oprah operates a station on and they discussing their new baby him will tell you what Dwayne we had to say about some comments that were very hurtful.
I will get into the next. He belongs to breakfast locomotives morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE! Are you ok, so I was singing oh, what goes on what was happening? Well, let's get to these rumours that Turkey be. The rule. Report was glove work, Heidi, be she had to go to court on Friday. Remember telling you the judge was saying if she didn't show up to court. Then he was going to put out an arrest warrant for her. Well, fortunately, for her, they release it with no bail and they don't think she's a flight risk, of course, and that's because others protective orders for these alleged victims at Cardiff be, can have contact with The bartender debts he allegedly had. I threatened and attacked okay. Well, one good thing that happened while she was leaving quite she found out about her Grammy nominations, of course, the proper rats he was there and they info
Turn says that's ass. He found out how many nominations she had five Markham. Nobody, energy mood, I didn't know, Google alerts only vote was he was working at a court. So maybe the news just came out. Ravages told us how to get even looked at that. Yet all you know you can your phone and court. True right. I want need to step up when somebody comes out We should have some good news for immediately now. Dimension greatness LAO! Congratulations to her. Now that, in the meantime weeded out after I miss clarity, so he misses his wife drop uncle. Otherwise it would you put your wife. I personally, it doesn't seem like Heidi- is miss him too much right now, right now, yes, she's Bobby angry. She was performing motor sport, Chicago's jingle Bat and here's how she changed the lyrics No, not really
vote the news that pressure on she is to be a better human beings. Sometimes women have to put the fear of God and US men in order for us. I grant you wouldn't for your garden, offers no ears. Mellow mill finger at the jungle in New York City was, he said his name but yeah. That's what he's going to do now. Some people think is helping was far publicity, the whole marriage and this whole splitting up. Here's what you had to say about that. We never did anything for visiting ventured thing. I've couldn't warmer career for publicity, dumb ass is being at the envy. I have my daughter, you know I learned a lot. I really know nothing. Much thunder music and stream and you know my husband of me he may be wiser. He let me My eyes were a lot of things and even though we know together any more uniform saying like there's a guy, I learned a lot
talking, like is always motto: asset in in cardio, two, twenty four twenty five years ago. Yes, we'll be fine, they gotta lotta life whenever they decide to do to assign them love caught email. I suppose you know just what everybody high quality I love Cati, whatever make. I don't even know what we're goin to make her feel this corral. We can't some cheating I'm annually on annual brats your room, a report: I'm telling you, I believe, if you, even if you, if you find them if you love somebody another learning on your knees, white, male or female, when it is minor ones, That's when you got it, you know Patricia got him never ducats, and if it's ten times does allow much depends on the time period. I write all right. Maybe we got seldom every government away now we just did
Numerous! Don't you today, as you are a donkey that dog eat dog, Charlotte minority. I need you to get my floated into already low floor to start enough too weak with a bang We talk about a flouted. How far I will get into that makes people access to breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning, so now would be the same file. Always the best way to watch tv live on demand more than fifty channels. You love like the each one, be eighty and, of course, revolt best part followers twenty thousand a find out for yourself. Free trial, no credit card needed text, breakfast seven, four, four, five! Six! make sure you tell him to watch out for Florida. Man with the craziest people in America come from the Bronx, and all of you are a donkey
Lord a man had cap and eighty emperor very strange reason given too much money, and that is a respite. After getting rid of the border with home in an attempt to electrocute is present life police arrested, Lando man without amending the breadth of club bridging the other day with Charlemagne Guy on the way you keep Menu Gideon Don't you today from Monday December to go to a thirty seven year old woman from the great a flawed, a name. She nedda event was indeed you Jesse customize donkey today, Intro produced by tail haze, a funds as t drop include both the tale right there that intro captures the essence of flawed as crazy perfectly. What does your uncle shall always say? his pupil in America come from the Bronx in all a flawed at this point does not an opinion. It science- I have all the facts, evidence to back it up in his morning. I have even further proof to prove my point now: when is the law as time you have forty in front someone
envy whenever they fire from someone. Besides, my wife is yes, to most people when you live any farther from some within deafening, but in the last few days Loud, wouldn't you another accident is now a prodigious anyway. As you. It acted in a wet five never came out, but is now sometimes sound alone. Juicy person do things like that because number one I don't fart in my clothes, I'm a groan. A man who doesn't why she's jeez too often thought of what my clothes The two are grown as mainland fought in front of people because who to how it before in front of my love, my wife, before it in front of you know right in front of my wife is sexy. So I would never. That there, because I wanted to get me a fortnight, your friends who decided this respect, our love, all my friends would have. Forty is all I have no reason to just be sitting near having a conversation with images fought in front of him. I think I'm a little more civilised, Natur Filmy, not dimension. I think of me
fought in front of another man is a form of learning. Why would a man one another man? No, it is ass. Males like ok is because that ask ass gas. That flat is a fairer more when it, affords in front of another man. He is releasing chemical substance into the environment that, if the behaviour of other men. Okay, so when a man was in front of another man is flourishing and is the end why did I want you and your genes, I'm saying all to say out of fort. In front of other people, which some people like that, it wasn't a flawed, it don't have their problem will case. Some people thought anywhere at any time with zero regard of who is around two here are smell there, ass cyber. I think who fought on the plan should be considered terrorist. I think they should be treated like bomb threads and plan should make emergency landings. Whenever someone thought on the plane is no window, there can be. No doubt you are really fighting on top of people when you wanna play as a different level, a disrespectful, and I think it should be considered in the sole but back to shed a Wilson. She net standing in line at a dollar general in this happened must go to embassy. Six. Would report, please outlawed
What is behind bars after police say she passed gas at a Dana Beach dollar store and pull the knife on a man who complained about it. Thirty seven year old shoe Nedda Yvette, Wilson, reportedly pass gas while waiting in line at a doll general Sunday night and upset a nearby customer. The offended cos more and then got into an argument, and that's what Wilson allegedly pulled a small folding knife out of her purse and told the victim she was going to get him She walked away from the area but was found by deputies a short time later. The mind attaining a flawed in those Robin Marble floor. Flawed stuff, like that sounds Normandy, arbitrary arrest of was not so much NASH in that it was a on a chair, aggravated assault associated deadly weapon without intend to kill, had no data was a without intent to kill Georgia, but it was only a wishing to with a with intent to kill charge them. To be a misprint, but then again it is flawed, because I would there are some went out. Another human, I'm gonna get you. I hate powered me with intent to kill I'm gonna catch.
That means we are trying to give them worth stomach problems than the one. She was experiencing in their life. Now it's gonna be varied. For she, admitted to beat this case because the whole thing was recorded. We actually have audio of the whole lot occasion. This may be disturbing for those of us who hate to hear the sound of another person's faeces scream for help. You do Oh, that's! All farts are right now that lesson for judges pieces of faces in your stomach screen and to be led out all far to scream for help. Ok, if you speak fluent Flageolets, ok You are an asp whisperer than you know, far translate to help with now see off fart sound like held next Armenia burthen bought. You wanna, hear now help I'm telling you see now: here's exclusive audio ocean, Nedda Wilson, who got into an odd asian at dollar general, because somebody was complaining about her.
Fighting in the line exclusive audio from what happened and in general is here you alright, we'll Kurtz. And a good thing when smell are led by you that is in jail because you wanted to cut somebody because she cut the cheese. Please use and that it was in the biggest here all right I'll. Take you for a donkey today, so you ll, never accidentally fighting at an impasse, the boy, but I think, when you get older, you bought Gisela loosen desire to control you flageolets. Oh I get it. Sometimes you don't know that sometimes use knees and you fight by accident that advice about devilish needs afforded a disaster, but don't be this accidently fine, I can. I can feel it coming
the film of reaffirming our right. Well when we come back. Of course, we built on his radio eight years this one. This were so we don't play back. Some of our great sin best moments, and maybe not so great comrade eyes to keep alive I, the breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Yea show them that we are the breakfast clamour vote. If you know the road going on, I guess and a faint guess, you're right around, while hullo unroll right now? Look, I'm warning guys would telling you that the anniversary, of this show we ve been on air for years. Does You ve gotta, be some time a record as far as Urban morning showed is concerned. I think it is absolutely you know I remember when we first had to meet in, we would try to think of a name of the breakfast club, because
with many different aims, to put a bunch of different bodies aimed lot according aims of the three amendments out in the morning, I wanted Illuminati in the mountain Illuminati into mourning, warranted nearly we're. Not even now stop it's what else. The three guy anyway. My maiden arm is kind of embarrassment like two not sit, so nobody would. I never heard that add up, then, are you ready Those whose never happens, but anyway, I remember we know we first started to show, wasn't doing so. Well and at times. Like anything out you not to say, and I don't even know it existed- gave his radio, I don't give a television like you have to give things at least a year or so to see if it works. But I remember we know we would do in a show- and you know we have a big window in here that when people went by- and I just remember that some the eggs
it is worth looking at a window anymore when it won't bite ages. Workshops like eyes about to be read about its earliest asian country dozy. Somebody like Robin includes bombs were Mama catalogue Jack. I will do my best. Finding mentality is a shoutout lad, a legit, my guy shout the caddy. Put this together, but it was. The game is limited, he's been looking grim, shouted she's been pasting together. Looking grim and then we got a phone call from a friend and ally call with rage. I don't think that he met the calls for now he did what he asked the class. I just came from Vegas and I was on my way to work in some economies a YO rages got into a fight with fab bright, and so I was like really. I was talking about aid during the rumour reply, but I didn't have all the details raging hurt. He had his guy Billy day. Billy J hit me and said rage able the call in you think about what happened. What are you put a little more than perfected, though we had been on for a year, but we were attacked.
In a very aggressively grows, we didn't have any more motion was no money promotion, but you know nothing by all. We had was so every time you would do interview and we would do all kinds and we were posing. Allow radio was actually our first interview ever not this fact, but raging actually coming in the studio. He was off. First ever energy, you all correct interview. A year later he yet in the landscape lobbyists played effort that that call now saw them. What am I jus levy would well read when are we lie not regard as we lie there? Ok, so I dont Curs, but these excuse, my language, put you not say: do you ever, you wanna be love. Who ever you want to love? I didn't mean it like that. I just meant you would you want to pit respect me in the money we got said about waste outside? Are we just made three hundred
in that respect me back you up a gear for preparing a wake up in the basement. You put them in advance on the sand is, if you got, five number could send a picture of it, face. Why now now? How can they do? Let me as you so this is what happened because you didn't like me. You don't like what he was saying. I on Twitter, like big eyes, look don't disrespect may approve, like that. I play Pollyanna one mother, piano every bade us, my big. We worked together for what you think I just came over their single farm. You got me twisted. I'm always over here. Remember where we re read your cars employ every guys guys only as a guy are we live in a thousand only having waited guy pining for me right now, I had a honey was outside move right, nail, he'd, never left occur
geared up a marriage to call up early. So when you read and what did he do not, then he fell back a visa He didn't check this out. No disrespect like shouts of my big go daddy because he tried the really big right. Look. They will just go in and all of you- and you know it was off point again shark, heavy heart because he comedian a family nor comedian, my home, he saved his life when he would deny lay his wife was threatened. Burma other goals and other homey saved his life. For how dare you we wish the disrespectful to me. You know, I'm fan says what it was. When I see him, I would put forward a pity. He tried to say don't touch me, and this is the right, but I got a bad detain tonight. I've got a mother.
Palm wholesale leave arrested me handcuff, looked up with me to tell the king, I give unheard of me alive. Now they might go and get a body does offer. I say I'm cool, they were cut me. I gave you not upset. I looked out form nobody in any, so did bad at all his people are. Did he hit you at all? Not look my don't play respect me. Don't come to the West Coast, so he LAS Vegas. Drop. It differs back me. We are sad, had what'd you. If you will no doubt my worried me. Listen you caught out right now. We're gonna fall right now he tell you what it is because he no not take home. We design is proper. Econ apologise on the breakfast club may be living knew no doubt my toes right right next door. You call up to the breakfast club and apologize for his actions
play. It meant, I think I think, sounding a went around here do cares about the way they Marianna I gave a railway held out agility, another they were going to jail, know as well as this will have the right everybody's told me: the calm down, I'm back at the crib I've got kicked out at palms. I went back to the palms. Listen, my home growth is both a cheap billy. You gotta Ninety seven GDP, don't you know when you come into your twenty four square. Listen! Twenty thousand square foot with Interpol outdoor put into a backup, awkward, an outdoor back to port, what a gardener obeyed ages when can I see no way he angle be able to understand is all about from going without data
getting too I may they will never. Let me ask you something: you know their fabs hills around on twitter. Others call me leave let that Roma Lamborghini for your video lay. That's my were asked clue you carry out renewables voices outside and I'm gonna be in humble whip now by a poor, Mamma whipped up about the show. What mark
it looks like and about the war. We money. Is there anything? We don't want any headway on the right. You know only. This was why I don't give up nothing, making money, making good progress. I create my own tv shows all my party's pay for my previous pay for a pinch before everyone about which you could come to mind and see you understand it all is surely may know me, that's my big home Mamma we way back, so he now when I put him on the give him the exclusion and I'm a point doing you. I think you know what it is Charlotte may Nasmyth. Were you gonna get a breakfast clerk He got apologize. I ran away was ready to call them face rail
we'll get you love? The radio is locked up today, those most from regos, most omit gone down brother, where he put his mare. Yeah. You re, it has fallen over so mad, like annulment. Maiden when I thought I was the last mile. I fear you listen if anybody thought about me, but I'm a map him in the face, and I say you know what you tell you: why Ok squashed is then it's over now, because we believe that this crisis could we warming glasses, Charlemagne envy Angela, he aplomb issue how fat com appeal, I apologise to the breakfast club apologize to believe that we in Europe are not six, those voices outside
My group will recall that we gotta busy. We re these games with me and I like visualize, so you re back at home, ass Master, Zadig, Evanna learning is going back on these areas, manual labor found and they don't say that we always glad rabies ethical and I will give up we'll do then. Let me live in every hour. Love you! Let me be backed up by a you know: I'm upset everybody is going down a year with the money paid out, for it would have done the report on the look out, love your. Let me go could be a positive, and I please thank you, didn't want to five point, one of your envy you may, where he calmly got day.
The apologizing arriving too now right. We cannot tomorrow. I hope I didn't use too much per family. I hope you really are no got in they'll notice. I live we because that is the better coming up in a few minutes, not learning, because this got me twisted up a poor. My what I'm here, I'm authorities the solid May Yokohama cooped up in a Cadillac trucker. We got back backing and wherever we think his cool we met him now ray. I want you to help me. You may go my man, but right now we ve got when you re varies with me.
Goodness lead times and to let the records show that none of that have never been as well, but you didn't call, but that did not happen in a magazine. Fab never did. Club here in parliament are glue redoubled in about a family man of Italian played Rabelais water, yell plagues everytime. You play people think it's brand new, Jane. What do you really want to do? I owe you a lot of nice. They did. It was threats of rape. You know is allowed a lot of things. I wouldn't fly now right now right round my Riyadh also now guy Yoke, if thou thyself. Also we have one well yeah. What is it today we celebrate in eight years of the brain. I don't I was glad when his radio man after eight years and which is planned back of some of our favorite moments from among the path hd year they re day and if you remember, beat I from married. I tell me that was their highest posts of the home,
tell your year the lot of higher than one very viral away. I think that's when the station said mother you say. I said this stage and not something that was our efforts. Club can really really be our first real viral momentum and we had a lot of content online. Up until I pointed out are: firstly, real. And after that he was very embarrassed about anyway. I just went to put that out there. He actually just kind of went into a shell yeah. Well, maybe he doesn't help Webby came, as well, and we did it. Anyone know where we got a few well as well, be invisible webby. Actually, after breakfast lobby drops, but a breakfast loves you don't Rob saw it as we know. The odyssey hell, I'm Sheila, Dj Amby Charlemagne Angela YE would ever let us hear his drops Visa as of again sorry MA? Am I gonna move them be redeployed guard our girl, what shut up? You out an odious me where, but it's really a fabulous service. We George W door what I do rather, what I don't I've done, my girl data.
The answer as early as are ye data, every air, the g as solemn, again, half my all of us. Mine they they envy ass, though Ye Asylum eyeing, the God they Day Lee Daily How are these I envy adamantly asylum may again what I shut up you out know. Nobody has me waited three of Babylon. Savage Swedes out are you. Would be thy every Angela gay I saw your main saw earlier made out. I got whence I thereby lack solemn made other say almost solemn May, the God sailor, man a gold in the air, come on you're ready, though another. What are what above me where, but it's weird John said Swedes I'll have you taken, it would data every avenue DE as saw you make the God. This is the best.
Of club. They were never got it all eight years later. They know I never never never really got it's. Why am I? realising that where we have finally whether beat when a game the trial drops I just realized a double. God you solemn gay bottle. It has one reason their job at a you know, you can call me homophobia that you call gay way too much to be considered homophobic. Ok, I think I will There's some about eight years may we appreciate a lotta Webby interview laid on biogas. Some time later on in the on going to watch, wanted old Webby breath is going to be left alone. I guess what I really- and I was just recently lacking where these in the bathtub thing, and Christmas song that was her love drop, one goes above what everyone organically hidden anonymity, got baptized ever it's out the web, the outright now we got room was unaware of Adobe. Yes, we are going to talk about the king of iron, Who is that? Whose claiming that title? What's up
saying it and how people are waiting in all right, we'll get internet makes people access to breakfast locomotive, some breakfast with Angela Club in Bulgaria our union in TWAIN Wade were on over his own network? They had especially over at home Gabrielle Union, to wait in their new baby. That came on Saturday night and here's where Dwayne Wade had to say about the hurtful comments from animals. Hurstwood thing was once we had a baby. And everyone started talk about. Why is she in the bed? Maybe washing again all why she agonizing just had a baby, and this light once again is in a paper on educated on the process and in why why we decided to go skiing schemes? Will thou baby came out? hurray well, yeah I mean and Gabriel Union was explaining herself and then they were criticising our four kissing her own baby. But you know
regulations to them, because it's a beautiful moment, I am there very excited everything has been very vocal about miscarriages that she had today, so she finally made a happy and let them be I did not oppose the drop articles, both joy waiting, congratulation castle to them as well. You ninety was posting a lotta pictures and, of course you should be exe. This is what she's dead as a baby. I really am Lorenzo up. You will care, like Hollywood through the process of their process leg, but she might have been, uncle about it too, for other people that want to do something to show them how to do a cause. She was very open about what was going on. So you know, I think, that's helpful. But who might not know about it by people way in and have no idea. So just let her live are Michelle I am speaking of the own network. You know her and TAT Johnson. They had their own ashore, on their tat, less Michel through well, it turns out
Two of them are no longer going to get married. All know what happened. Yes, she posted there things. Yes, it didn't work out. She said the hearing that needs to take place is a must. She said I don't want to another relationship blessings to him. His family and ministry hashtag fearless. Yes, I somehow there and work out. How is the surest along the shore where or how? Many of us all to show air Billina? I'm not sure. If it's over but it was just the two of them in their p together couples there. Absolutely establish allows us dinner together, did show must have gone Gotta get the issue of Roma shorted. They emanate can get back together at a later time. You know I right now Jack Queens, I said that he is the king of be here's what he said about Rota comical I'll, be right. Ladies generation, on this day when I came in there and then did not matter people in on this. At some people, Chris Brown should have their title. He responded by posting on his instagram
sorry, I'm leaving all the iron be love now tank weighed in well and he did not agree with. That is that if you can't go into the studio by yourself and make a hit record you're, not my king dancing a better life you're, not my king. I appreciate the town now here, but we are using this where a king way to lose the any US said that our Kelly is the king of army. Tie This also commented House way how the way we are reacting. Let me put you up on: what's really move in this ain't hip hop. You can't come in his day, get hot for a year and then try and though there were. King around I'm a keep. It is tat which you another person there was out he's out. Chris Brown and tray songs are two of the kings and they ve been run. Is so. What are they? Gonna money, though my degenerated generation is actually had. A double majority are going to ask generation adds a holiday, also positive video and things went a little left as he with policing, Bonnie yeah. That but may I say, there's three kings of army there's one, so twenty million on his first out now ballet
I wanna go jacket. Oh I'm not that labour, the cell Army from Chicago what happened four vile reality than go to bed by creating everything he was barely. Somebody, please would you say, presented in the military, but excuse me are you. Value is died out, by which I mean that we will do that. Would only what I will say: you're gonna need off, it's gotta be a generation or they know, because you got Marvin, Gaye Stevie, wonder recharging. Better design is generation evaporate now disintegration area. For now I are nobody say, number Miguel. Let me go. Let me draw monocles Bob begun by other reasons, and I will say of the past ten years were maybe fifty Mcgillicuddy the two Beth Army records. I think I'm doin in F, you back to sleep, the dirty version.
Chris Brown commitment, embedded acres wreck. Nothing reach about king of this generation is Chris Christmas all over. Seventy four me roused by the light of high sounding wondering records eagles all across the boy, outing obey touching my talent tat. It might be made Ellen critically the nice discussion for people to be having so gladly having this discussion me author agenda, we consider urgently this generation no no way now also women Jack up beyond the breakfast copy was talking about his mom getting married over the weak, and he did go to the wedding said he wasn't gonna. Think as you. It want to detract from her big day, but he did you. A hundred thousand dollars, and you can see he do it on the floor, Well, the wedding: what saw did your Mama dance through Jack, with whatever as you may have to prevent the king. Aren't you gonna be all right all right, I'm Angela yea, and that is your rumour report- are right. Let's get into the mix it with a start, a mixed up with some border free LA cod
when we come back our deadlock, that about a balancing act, we worried me. Sharia law is really from the bronze right now. That's why you're, making only seven because lies change, make sound crazy. I write what you do Just now was disgusting. I write about that is my community right now revolt. I see them all. If I know what you gonna do about it at the tail pathway is light. Pigmented pathways you just released the purpose. Lloyd, where's your mornings will never be the same body. You back on me on December. Twenty five join our common on the epic journey to discover who he was born to be the bridge would in two worlds: alchemy, it is everywhere December. Twenty first home is calling rate a pity. Thirty high everyone, its Katy correct. I use my podcast next question. As a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right. There's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why
we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer Meantime we're going to stay focused on around a virus talking to the experts. Can really understand. What's going on, I know, so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list to next question on the eye. Radio app apple podcast or wherever you get your favorite show We want you to know that we are here, for you
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