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Wednesday 6/28 - Today on the show we had Vince Staples come by where he spoke about his recent album, supporting Bow Wow, getting suspended from school for wearing a Jeezy shirt and more. Also, "Donkey of the Day” went to Kodak Black or better known as “Weed Whacker Black” as Charlamagne likes to say because of his response to the backlash he received from his prior comments about black women. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during Ask Yee, especially one listener that was involved in a love triangle. 

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Order of business or for some other reason you really care about. Is the only one who made this morning. You yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning easily ye many designed Charlemagne guarantees that a bloody guess. What day it is just what is Wednesday tomorrow is my boy day: God damn it drop. One include bombs that my daughter ass night and then you always have a holiday week in Africa. Yes, absolutely start! Yesterday, I guess I don't know what happened in the studio, but before you guys got here, are the tears were missing boxes and things were thrown everywhere, reacts, unshaven, love and her party last night they composed of that they shoot a poster. Becker I made them, they took a picture more or less are full of that war was taken down. My step was ombudsman picture and, put it back. I think some of those who use lovin over Dj Self Prince Udo, your lovin ammonia, send any one in five eleven April. Whenever Medusas he said do, is s desk build all over in his room NEWS Hennessy they was food. There is during sounds like love. Anybody so finally go. You know start really be. Indeed yourself. We used to be role with their work. Very creams, glide run with their wagons crew, squatter ruin in his brain lass, lady, that you it wasn't the creep squad. He was a silhouette
papoose last little gate of good company and a wrapper Jackie, I'm a juggler, isn't it on Kashmir, the other, what the other from New York that whenever we undertake Greece and Jack Way, is very different from those outlined our homes. I wish I was better than eleven will methodically. The party was on Sunday that wasn't Sunday morning, you're through their borders, for your fish is wanted to go to dinner. To this restaurant. She led the director. With cloth. We had to make arrangements somewhere else and ass always interesting, because she's nigh now and she wanted to get dressed up on my knees, just looking at her like a real life, absolutely Lord have mercy, and now more years, you'll be eighteen, that's right! What kind of food ass you like? it's a pretty. She just wanted to go to despair. Restaurants, you, like the guy real good friend track, but Madame
I thought you wanted to make a name. We use you'll be eighty tv, they get old of ass, they grow so fat man in nine years. I really enjoy meet forties late forties,
got a really really enjoy manage our enjoy much each and every day you guys are so big. So you refer. You know I d gone before uniting twenty one years ago before you know they got graduated in new right. You have to pay. If palliatives right mercy really joined a moment, metal thinking, you re in joy the moment, that's exactly what we are moments that go back over absolute enjoy the yes, I was out in your town in Brooklyn mean oh, you are regularly. I won't let you said you were gonna Whitley networks of woodlands, which is a restaurant. Although I had a great amazing tat, s really find very trendy the musical pop, and it was really a debate about how to music was having again. There was a reason at first and then I just enjoyed it, for it was. It was just a door. Wrestler upstairs downstairs was Dose Mighty proposed last night to you. That's me
his girlfriend, so it was. There was a dope of it. I had a good time last night, Bathsheba come to Brooklyn Mara you're right is to traffic, is growing, rob monocles. Barbara got to tell me if he had the internet last night, who does like I knew it would started a great conversation, a great discussion. Ok, hats are still when I don't have a conversation about that this morning. We got time. Actually I didn't see it. Last night I was at home my from Paden what we talked about. We are going to talk about that three cups in Chicago that are related to the fatal shooting of Le Climbing Donna. What happened to them and what's up
they'll, imagine being in jail and not knowing that you bear with only one dollar, you could have been out NASA, damn sure you're dumber. I will get into that when we come back. His negroes bad amendments tabled view this morning are right. As the purposeful kimono everybody Gary Becker moves, you be fine frugal stage. I envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast clubs Ginsu front page news thousand great news. It looks like Phil Jackson Index will part ways always there for them. That thing things I get a lot better shut up. You're say that every time you bring in a new GM, I knew something like automatic trash Oh, I know Jackson was trash. The next the driest verge of illicit IVO Jackson did was coming put more transparent, operative gobbled pod. I've been sitting near. Nobody came to pick up what along, but now it has not taken a transatlantic chest. please take a little off the tap and we got a fixed armantrout affecting to fix things three years. So what letter,
like a literally year, the Knicks tragic Euro trash without the need for continued to be dragged along. The midst can make money when the odd trash, that's the problem, with mixed the factor that God in his pact, even when their trash. If he's too, if you can get money offer products, you don't really care that brought about enough. That's the probable clean always was a great warrior. Word: Norway's great! Oh! Yes, oh yes, travel abroad, James Gettest after I get a Kevin Durrant get a dream on rhythmically Thomson me, you gotta, be fine envy, while gay marriage, Yorkshireman yeah that'll be fine. Oh, why don't play of come around every day? You never know what happened. Step is new. Kid from France might be the new carry urban areas, semi point that complements the politically renaissance. You I don't know, I'm sure Carmelo wanna go I'll show he was to have a short comment. I want to go to New York City luggage. Pleasing Breton obligation is to some reserves as good as their lit up by these three offices. Yesterday, Chicago Police Department offices have been indicted on conspiracy obstruction and this kind that that's all over the shooting of Lochlann Mcdonald and twenty foreseen now, just to refresh you guys if this kid at this case they gave all kinds of fuss reports, plus false information, they'd incorrect, any false information and they didn't locate an enemy three witnesses to the shooting. Those accounts had contradicted their false reports. Now dad can video footage did show that the climate Ghana wish tat while he was running away from officers- and he was only seventeen years old, he was shot sixteen times by opposite Jason. Vandyck Danzig Vandyke is now awaiting trial, but there's three officers who conspired immediately after the shooting to conceal the true facts of what happens if they had been indicted being issued in other than a cover up to begin with, because we saw it on video. We saw exactly what happened you shall manipulate. Will we actually saw you shut me sixteen times with nothing but yea, recital twenty point seen, but the DAS Cambodia wasn't release until November. Twenty fifteen quickly chose above do those enjoyed in his bed.
We gave our queens and early he got arrested for stealing from Zaire is still a quote from a store and he entered a police officer and had some burglary tools as well. That's what he was charged with, but he was sitting in bikers Island that, knowing that history, two thousand dollar bill was reduced to one dollar and actually his legal aid. Lawyers were making appearances in court without him, and he just didn't know that has been evident allegories and they are for six months. Knowing could have been out at a boyfriend minority was gone for good. I was doing the legal aid society lawyers he soon. The commissioner is doing Rikers Island for unlawful incarceration and restrain of liberty. The only reason he got out with somebody you didn't even know who worked in the jail paid, his
one dollar bill. Why why you can't blame mental? Nobody, although shouldn't you be out of it, and I have never told that we get this. We should get paperwork everytime, Lloyd S going to change your mail. You haven't jargon is therefore could possibly happen. Bank, you wasn't braided tells me I was wanting to dogma coolly on live from where, according to him very indifferent about what happened now. Ok, right will s front page news. Get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one! If you up such need event heated up right now, maybe you want to vote, may be pissed off or maybe you feel bless me. One person positively can number eight hundred five, eight five one or far one call us out right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. I got away God s manner black. We want to hear from you what I've Alex
now anyone's Kelly. Their visa, more men and Alexander, shoot, unisex names. You matter, you owe you you upset this morning, you, Madam said a blessed which were nah Blaise, Aldo younger. I was acting up and go, but please do not the apple, but otherwise I'm glad I was not act that bad Ruby, Ma the daughter of wrangling, I've been on his hand, I know about. He gave network tat, always you I'll. Do she uses it? He had always been ending agriculture. Plough now. Do you have twenty four? I knew I never got a good being. You pick your switch no not like? Why are you being out that enough? What because a sneaking around. Yes right, you got it right. You gonna beat him out of what is known as the suck India.
We're all gonna open because you live were heard. This birth, though now you go around the cover of the US right icy, get beating like every day. He might do bad, though, like I've got with them, when I will be and what I was not my mom in Managua with you,
try and urge you got it might try and her dad you gotta. Do it out of the data that you never know the logos doors sneaking around these low boil. The azure penises next thing you know, you're, is no ash grander, worse pieties when you get it, I think I have. Rather, I assisted descent around you and even do anything, but you get a beating cause. They gotta be. Two thousand only arise to happen to me all the time that whoever that needed, a chess, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. One of your absurdity debate is up now or, if you feel bless call us is to breakfast locomotive breakfast toning down to breakfast club jury. What was earning more from North Carolina rose up man you met this morning. A male court unblurred were murdered by a failure, for the outer word had accommodates with his blade watchword. Aldermen
within a bad bargain. Oakum I'm on equipment down, went over how to get back to the door and we heard about a farm and accommodation. You know she s so many young people around us, but nobody ever done before, and we can only take a radio when I get you know get money is employed, but we'd love. All principle is why Don t we would according Bertha against it right back yard. people come another view a guy. You know you ve got to be a community that keep you know ever beg for older people continue their help. Now, always with a better keep another nobody will have to buy at all, not Israel mammogram. I would always tell me man: is it? Take you money, won't man right right as evil or feeling like I've held out a lot of people at the airport when it turning their backs up in an upward and put them back. Tat held them about? But I see people ever loved you all
does not the boy. Did you talk about as you dont want the younger generation from there like a book online. I just might not enough Iphone, updated money taken without places, but it won't keep you do. Don't we
the proposed murder her to further that a stable man is, will take another money. Won't man, it is bright, yellow, green, free from South Carolina. Why you? Madam? I had you kid. A fire like an apple core programme, what these cables free out of the communities in South Carolina and basically article is a black day outside and making a grave eyes on fire. I make honour all right: we have to make them a wholesale true in everything benefit the people on this than I don't. Wanna have a birth with our help as they make what I want to help this method, and they gave us this money. Fifty thousand sixteen. I graduated pilots and then every day, and they certainly given to both. For now we just that money can there waiting for Norway Oblast. Maybe we need to put our blossom in the green. Your mom
on my way to put them on whether they are rock. You may now that we are trying to get the money way is has nothing to do with the leader of one or two years ago. Three great black people were tyres, are late, payments are giving money, moon autonomy would represent alcoholic importer, mobilizing and intel income above their bright. Now not aware, TAT can be done without will turn up very year data around we can get the money regarding nobody around them. Could you also nobody? Would it
Damn you we go about all those that are. We gonna do as you gotta make up and no matter what were you Mary? Did it all future aid or divided laboured overboard? You may need to visit callers. You feel Blair's called as though you were doubled was annoyed. Yes, this took about Joe Button. What happened with that? Any view with the meagre he explains in will tell you all the details are seldom are autumn was on Wendy Williams find out what he had to talk about when it comes to can, though, he cried ass yet and the rest of the Canadians re all a morgue. You belong to breakfast locomotive breakfast report. Well, this clip from everyday struggle has gone viral ever Joe Button. Indeedy academics interviewing are attempting to interview them egos. Lotta me from it. What actually have
behind the scenes it made this interview so awkward, here's where Joe Button had to say about the initial, a handshake with Kwairyo, my only question was: why do we want to talk to me goes on to stand there huge stars at the moment, but I've never seen a good me goes interview. Mingles is down. I've never met these gentlemen. I go to say they are going to quails had led by an agency to system is ignored, nor Nan thought gone on mighty, just not saying it's on leaving a hand leaving handier Levin had none They set out. Yeah. I heard none of them shook his hand, but that's good. They had that same energy. You always got to have that same energy when you report somebody that you don't deal with right, well then after that he details what happened prior to this quorum interview? He said he ran into p, found quality control that mainly from quality control of them. This would only ran into p at the mall and here's. What Joe Button said happen
lives? Only dry interview was going on and now pay the gentlemen- and I just saw this morning. It had a conversation with desire to interrupt the interview and you owe me a jolt off this morning. They all ILO Yachting today what we did, This morning, at one you're energy, I don't wanna talk about Europe. S minds are now. It seemed like I've just positioned, mingles, so yeah have this gentleman in Iraq and say that we won't talk about Bulgaria anymore. It s. My wanted him right on out of here, but there in combination, would fain him that morning, in combination with you didn't hear, given us, they asked again I'm cool. let us be clear, Joe, is lame and Joe my garbage always lame for editing p. Interrupting the interview out. I don't agree. What editing interview simple because you didn't come off in the bath light. All those interviews you you have seen from the breakfast club went out of God tight with me from Venus eager to Frederick STAR attitude, but I would never live because his whack bird man, you can't say what you want about people and don't you will flex. I added it. Let me finish scenario.
Get to the end of the interview. A GEO button felt, like things had to be done, and let's get an arrogant our rp, so we can talk some people who actually want to be spoken to remedy. Arrogant as it was going to speak about. It, I can give to about me goes it is in my day job Joe's my guy, but why didn't you have that energy when Migos was sitting right there? Why you didn't tell him they were arrogant and why you didn't tell him get the F out with it was sitting there. I want that same energy when the artist is sitting in your face, and I think it's very lame that you edited quality control out p into did the interview that our view that already abbe yes, it is important for us to do any disorder. Edited our pay, interrupted. The interview impede old him. The discharge
talk about low, Jani and Joe agreed that he would stop dogma. Lujan Maguire added that up in a way that just now you just do it out of it about well, listen. I thought there. What he was saying was a was figure that even into the interview I'm going to just added their pride ass it we can continue with any view yeah. That's what you make deploying eyes density to forget that we have other rooms he gets riders talk about this thing is very wide, very pattered to edit somebody. You know whether the checking you, whether natural you can't say what you want about people and then edit demanded and viewed as laying out one always complexes security like if they do it in any of you. Nobody should be able to jump in a military interview and say anything they make an economy,
all right now. Let's talk about, you must become a priority for my deep. They are going to be having a funeral for him tomorrow in New York City and that is gonna be open to the public. So if you want to pay our respects from two to five, that you are able to go ahead and do that's it, that's gonna be in New York City at Frank E Campbell, which is popularly known as the funeral if you want to say your final goodbyes I write and the Martens prodigy Lamar Odom made it to the Wendy William Show, as actually gonna be hearing today and talked about his past with addiction, and he talked about a car diversion and how he had a great relationship about car, dashi em, but hasn't really. Sir. Can see him here is what people got as an exclusive clip from that Wendy, William. So look if she came back into your life right now said I let were nor sisterhood I'll be the best for both of us. Gas of Cuba, distance
lost rob. You said you miss him where we will close when's the last time you talk to want to telephone minute. I guess maybe because our sister too much I have no app. No, no idea rob leg. You got her, have toy nothing. Do you now. Did you know pilot availing of what as I go right, we would call you a rather Lovejoy brother in law. No more meshes, ok cool they. She still spacing. Maybe we're really tight with each other every month. In all like you act like you, sorry, lama me in her got the same last name. Not you are right. Lots of things it hurt the family and hurt herself told him. I was tryin himself plus what I was trying to lose weight Lamar. You wouldn't statement that I crack would be all right that Roma Report morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, a great moved very great week. My birthday to Mama dotted work. There was yesterday vacation commoner, oh God is great. God is absolutely powdery. Everything seems somewhat aside: I'm getting old
yesterday I was looking for money all over the house, I'm searching. Why will you give her money put money on ahead money and you can't remember well aware putting an end and now I'm starting to blame you bomb, like maybe, was guided Bab. Does this, maybe with his person, maybe with percent of something around Last November, I lost the money you depressed there was, it was, was not a bright emblem. Pissed off I get in the car Start drive and abruptly. I realized the money's in my body, if I went in and so my peoples in Brooklyn, you know it Let's get some front page news,
in some great news, it looks like feel Jackson is about here, looks like he will be leaving the New York makes it. I'm so excited about the unhappy for village, America. The Knicks was human rights into the law of an age and being a GM wooden legs and just taken years of your life was killed in the area of the hour mellow relieved and makes no links with Chile. Mellow unanimously increase every young, so they really affected, but have you? No god bless, although run were leaving your burner yard you for your life when you leave him external and their little about these three offices. You yesterday, Chicago Police Department offices have been indicted. That's on conspiracy, obstruction and miss kinds like this is offer the shooting and killing of the quiet Mcdonald, who was only seventeen years old. He was shot sixteen times by operator Jason Van Dyke. By the way, these events egg is being charged with six council. Firstly, remoter efficient misconduct and sixteen counts of aggravated battery he's awaiting trial right now, but these three other officers conspired immediately after the shooting to conceal the true facts of the events surrounding the killing of the climate down. They did not report the correct information may fail to locate and any of you three witnesses to the shooting and those accounts of those three witnesses day contradict. Therefore
three Let us talk about some dumb news and I feel bad of this gas from queens right. Yes, he spent six months in jail conceded in no. His bell was one dollar. Yes, he actually got arrested. For stealing a call from Zara Annie was in jail. Is bill was fifty thousand dollars. He had a pub illegal aid society lawyer and apparently they never told them that the judge, a few days after that lowered his bail to one dollar. Nobody from Rikers told him. He had no idea. They said his lawyers were going to court without him and making appearances are just not reporting back to him that his bill got reduce. So he was
equally sitting there for six months. For no reason, I don't see why he is blame in anybody, but himself by who else is supposed to know about your bill other than you. You get the paperwork. Every male female young bromide innovating, give him his paper. Work are what I didn't ask man, a man at a boyfriend. May he didn't want to leave your bail is dollar and you just sit near you wanna, be too early. The lawyers were going to court on his back and they just never told them that his bill, that line it if he had a boyfriend eastward what its wooden. Well, I guess it's why neither nor gonna like leave leading outside a Jew, because you might not have had no place to go awry jail, might have been an idle recreational spot, form three meals a day, a place to sleep for employees who later going now, not enough. He had a great time put Luke, who laid only live for cocaine, and shall you don't know that cold came in the shower mean right. My rice, ok
It is our right well as front page news now when we come back we'll take it with Vince Staple Young God, Vince tables he's got into our market. Big fish theory of migrants tables a lotta, reasoner migrants, they movements tables, he don't buy his tongue not at every time. On iran- and we seem to have their say energy about any and every thing all the time he's a guide us stand by his words, and I like people as they embody words with a lot of people and not in a body word nodded, rightly Santa Deaf Chamber. Little kid you wouldn't will become back. Israel is frightened, breakfast locomotive, owning everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a special get in the building goes by the name of Vince. Staple sides gave GM from curve, we gotta get him some water we handle by. What do you know? I never gave a mobile ass was right, whether measure on I've been no breakfast and no nothing no laughing at you, gotta giusto. He doggie right now.
not really. I know your modem big fish there, but I want to ask you what you did to bugs allies. Ami Mohammed thing I found one within staples, thinks it was I I didn't really expect much to be honest. Auto movies is trash. I feel like it's kind of low key to Are you not alarm about his treasures of a moratorium We legal. I re in my earlier movies, like that they does one. It will get justice. You gotta be there or like even Light Sarah carve you're gonna beat. Are you gonna be there for cyclists value? What my email address issues like the actor was was always try this. However, what I look like to reiterate here: he was, he was hard. When are you gonna Meno pockets packages of extra rivalry When did the newly reopens David Sink, the lyrics by Yaquita found a better take to where you look like you? Actually, there is it. Is it true that they put snow dogs voice in a way tat? Had the categories, shouts and voiced offers no light like
was. It was therefore bathrobe boilerplate. Oh my I can talk, you're gonna Cotonou idea, Some say I was, I invite my work, but in May either you look like a weirdo in his life, you know when you not there, if local harder our credit, cuz they going to make it with best for the movie, and I already was best for like two legacy and I'll read it when I was a kid that before erase all day pass, A big part in what they were doing with that movie and let me fuck that a lot of conversation with Miss Lot more respect for the person I feel like when they are among them from the talent themselves, and it was not the director stuff. You won't do if you'd understand I'm adding like spend time with rice
An autobiography did you written in its based on what the frank you I'm a movie was hauled. I was now waterfalls, while in last year s laugh, but also what he will do better than his relationship with different women. It's like kind of that aspect of his three different marriages- and I was kind of it was focused on something out- are already was afraid of the whole time. I don't know anything about Frankie Lyman, but I can appreciate the movies I walked. Line when he was like the doors movie, even if I dont know memories blow Mihail. While I regimes you like my story, no five. I bees, even though there is not a real for real classic ass, a movie big. First beer, you said your peering into the fridge borders. Wraps ecosystem, explain it
I fear that our maybe I made earlier than I ever say no ecosystem, maybe actually remould conclusion. I think that was a review about Gaza. Almost we can say that it is only right that we don't cut out is sound. We go, and I say that what I take from. If you look at our rapporteur for his ball, I mean time. A low are really is illegal and lay a magazine. Ass by magazine years. They governing regime I will say I mean it is a lot to do that slots a lot of things, but you know what I make my music is like. It is whatever you want it to be listen to me not enough cardinal point of listening music and I will be passed ass days right now, music, but it has listened to you now you like you like it. If you
Oh you don't but is up her love Authority Anna. I try my best. It is crazy Lou. You know I was a innovating like a better word. Every time I want to do so more resources, I we got Vince staples in the building, of course, from Compton West Coast, Addis nationality. The sound is different, electromotive reduction on a sound like The thing I have a temple muted got causes Lyrics Army Armenia is yours. If you think about our Auburn, ass, aware, where's calls busy started by August of care, for my also most gave the Roma problem again and taken in and do you know cradle scar, packed in my work, Why clearly, like the relay where's calls them up they saw their level not in those from the trade in Chicago who's. Gonna invented, Techno mules again
music, as we know today today we downgraded now without it, kicked black people out every was alone. Was they may some? So it has caused a lot of pressure, and then you come back to your roots and a is used to appoint like to be real doll. That came out. I told you the last time I want to know right now. You would have another guy coming on so when it comes down to it, like I said when I was just trying to make something going on propyl, what I know about- and I hope you know the most about that and that's the kind of music I like, but that's what I listen to. If I just wanted to make it, My version of it shot Isla de facto I came down, wanna be less than light when what do you hate each other, but it's funny like I begin. The mouse ran a measure from the most wearing a row. You need to give it can I get you out of your schedule bitter? What are you will? Let me say: I want you to talk about Bosnia.
I didn't kill him on this. Album me, I'm like Abbe over our borders. It is raining me every day to day lives not about their lie. Hidden you nobody's about their life, for the most part does push it out. They know industry is pushing. It was ass. We sell that draw me. A lively battle is examined. His black traumas rank selling conjugal, more intelligent goals, Ellen fell in a celebration ass, though in Lahti to kids, and I listened in it it s not the rationale behind was now kid. You have a bizarre that you have a lot of these keys. Does that talking about drugs? All it is the sole that, when I go out played out what they want me to put this money will not let you in court, relates to that you'll get your worldview amendment. Seven rating they'll do not talk every day.
Radio, but nobody, but nobody is. This- is different. It is different. You write a were in everybody right, the same aspect because I've been a year you talk about. I just what the council is. Also my internet closer ties TAT S really where it is based. Arthur and they get a real venue. Yoda ravines I to be honest. I also know records none at all, but also allow Russia to eighteen hundred to three thousand Seas is which is weird to me. But it's light is real spurs foot, something ok do that, but they can do something akin also may be in the club. Every night I may regulating the script club Maybe, but I really know what is thy everybody everybody gotta differ. You know part is in itself an identity and is happy to be able to do something. We must open our managers make music Armada position aware I can Loki do whatever I want. whatever regular want. If, if I do, a right that is about people is my music, if you, if you are, if you like you like you, I'm in us off, are you listening to me because of the time
everywhere and put his arm? No one is allowed to you. I would do it. Ok, that's why we have more within stables. Will we come back? We gotta talk about his system being shot a couple of times and also. be a suspended from school for wearing a young GC teacher. I have a right now, let's get into a joint off his arm. This is called big fish in the breakfast. Welcome on cloning, everybody is the key envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have been staples in the building. Is a new album, big fish. Theory Charlemagne. You settle down to Africa, withdrawing what you say you never let a low bow, you'd effort at the g7 alone are alarming Angie. So we got a conversation. I hardly care vanished nomads. He sure they were suspended eyes. Louis governments then ended all thing about jobs in my time have their mandatory mama may for high school. Miss Browning suspended been enormous, groundless Africa business. But if is very,
really lowered it. What are you a big railways? We oughta hastening life will be gone where foes ivy. I hate that bitch you got far should kick autonomy that school about put us all, along with other lines. You like a juvenile probation We had to go to do with our place me. They were random people. She was trash, I'm their lady life is tries right, algae living organisms, European herself not too, we can enabling all capital with far away where Thus I you know I gotta have five eleven right there, so I use a line because I love your Jesus. Why didn't you could give you about? love about year. Bow was hard. I'm tired, baggily low bow with horror, and I was half railways. In turn, Bolivia, Isn t- I know Bob was, anxiety and Jason, was how Renaissance House are gonna, be an aggressive in areas where the bow with a budget of Norway and how you can possibly like sham us. Thirty,
shad MOSS? Who does things like post fake private jets? Not as long as I already know that, like that I do not myself a little bow. The TIM Calgene with sharp dongle menachem cover outmoded calls. You argue, respect beggar. Does Cuba furtherance of wills move more leverage with a hard as rebels threat? Was there was a man about you, gotta Canada, nor acting wolves movies, though, would rob animals live Miami and didn't give you idiot trash digitally
How are you did you? Never never was it. You will take years all we, U heart, ass, thrown back, and I wonder why we value when you who is they D Day, wasn't value while always these on a par with me, was not agreeing drew on the main when the EU was grown ass man right now, we welcome China, user giant it that's what I'm saying you I mean. I do not me. If not. If your keys want a wise blue, closer to wiggles Ewing on Iraq, would it is not about everybody? Got ass, thou wilt almost made fast slaps row the preferable god he ain't, no, like our nomads geeky. What am I locked? The flowers? it rests brazen we want. I don't want to night may also time is hard, but I think that's right here. Only my guys. It now gives you the flower hard for you who did not want to do. Other arguments
but I may say so that farmers business soldiers we got rid staples in the building, of course, from Compton West Coast artists, know YE elephant, Gilligan Boy authors who, having kids, get you reference already, the Lucchese back. Why bad you talking about everything able, but as soon as for me alarming a kid I denounced as arbiter of Islam, say: I'm alone gives a mighty pregnant leave now Mama bear the house. I leave me alone, Amazon's Anti right now, that's hard to your mom about the homework God. She's areas pay my grandaddy to talk that none of his gaze Mamma said came home. It was I which only arm in a bad though, as we know question you can wait it has raised. When are you gonna, be they as big a marble abusing their plan? All humanity suited my nephew s, use p, bad guy, not little lemme go to jail. You were there did you.
yeah yeah I am within belie me. Why are they gonna say, are followed up, prepare for this type of that? When I was a kid, you had a phone like a chart relaxed his sharp eyes have authority. I ninety five they got into. That's all you have you got Instagram call on at the bare comic educate, magnification miles the harming lot mother, how we will take your mama, however drama? So he D Ass, the Hermes. I was observing how you bid you like better to you later then evasive life? Now? May he care brow? He don't know nobody. Would you mean you don't know? No better say you do better to you. Your grown ass may a hidden. To you ass far ass. They oppose keeping faith. No that's what I'm saying it's not my time right now. There are important, though, when they like seventy low light positively jasmine laws and go to jail.
Oh, dear God, you owed about you used to do the Danube, your uncle's, nobody old, although Dominium libraries lead you now, Mamma Mamma would look when you can hear me outstripping schooler nodded Mattel, I'm at home. I misunderstood me: Mamma will come of their tripping, I've gotta work. She don't call my daddy and somebody going to jail. You firms So I was a bad ass, Craig Ass, I was I my mama gone. Believe me over everybody, and I was using that you call my daddy I don't call me out the house unless I'm gonna go to jail analysis, lobbies that a wheel slow, my leaving the house and less on further go to jail, is now no problem that illegally allow and how to see and do some crazy details like magma pairs, motor lobbies of cognitive, LUCA, must have after Maastricht. I shall Shoes we are here. We ve got account alarming, would not allow me to write down. It is but his right. industry landmark them legal matter, a lot of people, model armies is right. There, lobbies, Carson already about Lama, picking I'll, be bought a waters. Cuba, guy
people blah blah her already allow market Zagreb known about everybody, be able talk, everybody a day and see meeting people. Then people over there. Are there, while in others this thing is you set out, is no mere Ferber, he's our german and also some sorts and around old, or do John laboratories Jean? I bet she didn't. I should admit this morning. I think what you like, between like three d, like to dance, You should put our own letter split over. She will you now want to Macedonia's use? Not only did I get asked, no sound like a spice one single beyond it wisely spite wanted. It is number one and I will give you gotta original plan. History may leg falling back on it ass. He had a house is raising a k, a lousy, hardiest Mohammed got they. How head and a whole face tat whole with a hood everywhere, blah blah an astute. I struggled to try to keep taking
If no one about that- and I been homey like crazy, how was I e, where they are born? I lose is with the been, is like love one needs as with the business, but they got the best case in a whirl. Oh God beat up to make data apart natural, when I don't got so as rule because you don't have so that investors that it was even look at why G lodging wanted even more successful, most important Mozart, then a rapid, and it s got no matter what he wrapped about. No matter what he save. still the gangway meaning and found the same as that of praise and clearly make an essay music for over ten years. Believe I know we were. We rise, go demonstrating in project an entire thirty in an arm and a p boys and call flames we make in the same kind of music ever instead appraising. The fact that I had a vision is dug, grew at that again bring you gotta Council pleasant, be increasingly opposition and travel to some better, like you want to say hello,
I want to share with you now. Listen before you leave. We need a sixty. You know it only you're, gonna, get for drivers, love, Edra, hurry moreover, the right now get it. If the Breton slogan boy, the breakfast club, oh no morning, everybody's breakfast clout. You know what my son is grounded right. I grant Amazon right and others have a look snapped, pulls the single statute, but his brow clearly at another phones. Lately he either founded, grounded or you are. You might only use somebody else, phone and log in his account or maybe as an Ipad or something was grounded for it. You know when you get to the age so back to your mommy and daddy got a gold around of fatal.
who is mommy, so I grounded him. So you know phone, no basketball, no football. No! None of that. I was a great segue out of bad and boujee, then, because of my family, wasn't that bougie? When I get to talk back to my mama, my daddy go upside. My damn head is rounding grabbing my ass you take a bath, afterward slap. You have signed a phase crowd you for our, and your sign could talk to your wife, crazy, but learn puts man's on your boy that that is a beast hated veneration taxes. Abuses is yes, I miss bands to being grounded. He then respond now you may get on UK be job with the white man candle. Ok, what's the oddest play them less considerable minister Lala?
with Angela, listen, whether Wendy Williams and she talks about whether or not she is planning to get two boys. Here's what you had to say: I'm not you know, marriages are tough and you that we all know that is fill what ups and downs in it has gone through a time right now, but him- and I are the best of friends and on one commitment is to our son. I don't know what the future holds. It was a birthday. Three days ago suing was posted. Harry said I look at you and this breathin, it's hard to believe. Another year has passed, you are, is
for now is ever before sending birthday wishes to my earth. Atlanta love. You happy related born into markets to LA la la la LA. Let me tell you something allows now plans, you know, allow now plan for her work and now you know she glow and you can t just she just elevated to another level at just the right time. You have noticed that when like when you Placidia girls been done wrong, then they just looking at your good. That's what you said here: man, don't let yourself go and by the way I am myself for this new season of power Lala will again have a sexy and you will get to see more of land borders while our stars again, yes, episode for by the waves and mellow for like in every picture member door, would you pulled due to mellow like every picture? Posting Pictures are ever birthday, melodrama include bombs and mellow man Amro. How about that? That's what they need to be together them? really do mean that that saying you don't know what you, God till it's gone
it's not how it used to be, and that's when you really realign or we shall listen, we every tenderly lose and sometimes we already had. We all need that scares and time. Sometimes woman, who's, gonna, put to fear gardeners realised that aim and those are the in the meantime Carmelo is pitching a political reality shall be a weekly half hour. So I've come out Anthony discussing issues with other celebrities who our civic minded and they're gonna go to meetings and valleys and so on, and so Why so that's pilot? plan. They said that he has pits the shouts of IDA Hbo and had a cable networks. How shall I guess, a column cabinet type of vehicle, but I wouldn't look there's a lot of good unless the common European include bombs Carmelo covered all like in pictures of la line. Pulsing pigs allow. You played defence against the negroes, as it should ask the look of Alma little play no deepens the Van Dam on. I know it are they yours. When now, let's go
We have seen this headline about lilacs. Changing phone numbers version laxity will become a woman put saw, it may not be guaranteed a headline, no OECD. Nowhere. I show you my right now. Leninist, yes, Oriana Alex actually has a noble, fresh or because they were in the pool making out of the hole and speeches. By the way she looks so happy. Incredible people, the figure it out now from the research that I've been doing. It seems like his name, is Hassan Jimmy, I'm so Toyota AIR, his family's worth one point: five billion dollars. I know it because in reality it is. a building day. What lackeys just kiss him that it is not worth. Do you see, we are lacking a regular Perceval jury on. I guess nobody unless they were more to Billy ass. He feels like you know what I got time for that were not really. I write anyway, you Joe
Thank you. Having a great time together, he was spotted previously with Naomi Campbell by looks like that's over within, perhaps as him. There were other people that people dawn in the mix, because we don't know for sure who it is. You can see pictures of the two of em. I was the guy beer, daddy. I don't able to getting level. How can you be reopened and I'm a kiss told when I'm acute told you and I could go and accused prince? I'm gonna kick told and turn the gathered have many friends for needs away about many of them and then, when you got that kind of money you started princes embedded. I re anchor the bramble. What had happened If I put the made us here is what offset had to say about Chris Brown I be no smoke about nobody. When I re so easy. Basically, there is no be viewed on my no smoke. I write. I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour reports all right. Thank you. Miss ye shall have I yes, we given about do man only my young brother code, I blog become an affront cartesian. Unlike that war would go boy.
All right. You show you what I wouldn't. Let me it isn't: teachable mom, ok I'll get internet. Next, we come back equal access to breakfast locomotive, donkey of a day to being a little bit of a mess like a dog for bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. Then donkey other day is a new way. Yes dog you today, for which they June twenty April, the young Kodak Black. Let the record show I enjoy code. I black music people like to say young kodigas, mumble, rabble unknown agree. I think he actually be snapping, but that's just my opinion. What do reason goat? I blog- is given doggie two days because early it is weak quota, told socio media. What kind of woman he prefers lives here, The chief bearable sound really lie like black.
Now, when I heard that I know it wouldn't go well, but I didn't say what he meant He was trying to say you know like dogskin girls, but instead he said black girls see when you say: dogskin girls, you talking complexion as approach when we talk in black girls, you talk in a hoarse voice as also different, but it is one entity you don't want. No drama with in this era is black women? You don't want those problems, you
no. What use land is on social media until you pass off a group of black women and the nice warm like to boot. Angular bees on your black ass. Now, encoded Black got attacked. Eden, apologise in fact double down on double down on the comments which I don't mind right away, because you said it, you said it. Ok, venetian clarification! Call if you feel like you need to explain in more cool but of desert. You said in on it and has exactly will code I black day when he went back on social media to address all the backlash was receiving less here it s about time. Mass lay down a lie. Rebels allow black african Americans, but our light beaches, ally, yellow home, so asthma premises model you paying these grazing. Why could I blackfellow lawn equipment? Are you didn't? You could tell me working on the law and I am not first and foremost, all a black woman. I know in talks on a daily basis, don't give a damn if quota black as chicken phenomenon,
It will be Ale K without code. I black desiring their love, but just because black women don't want you, doesn't mean they won't get on social media and slander. The hell out of you, okay- and you don't want that. Don't no way to escape this land of black women is the mute, the words Ashley, problematic and Trey. if they don't work, then only other option to delete, delete. All your social media accounts but I'll be lame right. What happened actual cordite black beard yesterday and that's why he's gettin dog you today because, like I've been saying all morning in reference to various topics, stand on your work? I am so sick people not having the same energy at all times how you got no one's lad. The scene of saving you, but as save energy are you go through sounded like this right politically,
You only destiny. Anima com is much like my baby. My yellow does my premise: lawnmowers, hedges code. I gotta blogger or to do said, I'm just so somehow right, Mary Guy men to do a job. Then he tweeted, I could take criticism on. Do not give enough about the whole black re chinese thing and were just in a situation, has tag as GMO Demi. So I'm deactivating, look I'll, have a problem with a person apologizing to defend his long. It is sincere which, most of the time, the art it is trying to stop the backlash I'll have a problem with a person double down on their rhetoric either, because I love and beware the same energy. You can be honest in wrong or would I don't respect is when people write code accurate?
ok, get on social media and take this l from black women are right. I didn't delete my account when I pity Women are red, Montana, didn't delete his cavity pitch black women of the? U can't delete your these are right. Please give young coda black. The biggest see her. This growth Thank you for that doggie today, up next ask ye eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice, call you right now, she'll put you live on the air and help you with your problems again Five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one quarry right now is the breakfast club come on in the breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are. The breakfast club is ascii, eight hundred, Five, one or far one allows this document into modern Morgan was, of course, a feeble. For a long time almost. Three years
Do those who turn my wife had an affair with a fine, the minor destroyed me and then a couple years later after that and I had an affair with somebody, you know I never Candide for what happened when I kind of love with the other woman, and she was gonna crazy. She did what she did. You make money, however, do not how I met her. What he did to make money I want a board was bought. You know about him So is there a cloth or something I don't know, I guess so. We are women, we're, gonna go for the first time we met no started out and the next thing you know, on the other, to hang out with me a work in China's almost daily thing and then for almost we will go out and see each other on the back, and I kind fell in love with her
You want me to leave my wife. She stopped doing what you were doing for a long time and I couldn't leave my life. I have kids and I love my wife, but there was something wrong you for a while. Why did you do the right thing? and the ceiling on your wife is not doing the right thing just so you know now. I know that deadlines jobs here I've been trying to stay with my family and don't do the right thing. I know I did the wrong thing all along very well, but At the point where I really I really fall in love with a girl. she made me happy. We could like nobody ever. I ever did before, and she thought you may be good, I wouldn't be my wife area and we stopped each other. Now it's been over a year. I dont idea That really is that thinking about her, but you love your wife. I want my finally, one of her to do my best friend and my partner, but there
some issues that have gone on in my relationship with my wife that I wish, anything that we could say that you know diaper Sunday that your dog fixable, you know were, I think, are less and less that with the fact that she cheated on you had an affair. You clearly have still not been given her. For that you felt like going and having an affair yourself, would help give you more again piece of mine for staying outside it, Ok, but then you actually ended up really lacking somebody us and you don't have the same issues with his women that you have which away you cheat. With these women, she's asides, Hague yards have fun together and you guys don't have a history of things that you have to deal with the true ok. the real issue- is that you never actually fix things with your wife. You say that you love her. You don't want to leave her. You don't want to leave your family, but there's a lot of things that I still have never ever resolved. Does she know that you're at an affair and so on This entails away about that and it seems like you guys, baby, don't trust each other short
so there I mean. Listen, probably part of the reason why you loved this other women is because she's an escape from the reality of your life with your wife and it probably still is that, because I'm sure what you and your wife, you guys don't get along yet, like you used to you argue all the time you don't trust each other at your relationship is broken and you guys haven't worked on fixing that you can't just move day after day after day and try to mass something that never ever gonna fix. Is you just put a bandied on it, but is never healed route? Would we ve tried to you are working on it or someplace? she's unwilling to do when she now set up what she says: you're gonna boundaries You know about a year without close with an I ll. Have you guys, gonna see professional help robustly really and tried to do some merit helping, but that didn't work out now. She refuses to go to don't bullshit me,
Ok, I will say this cause. I know a lot of people have been in a situation where they ve had affairs. They stay together and it let's take a long time for their forgiveness process to start a. But if you guys don't forgive each other you'll never be able to move on, and if you don't stop to establish church was takes a really long time. In a lot of patience, you won't be able to move on either so early on the server, and I did for you refer to about two years ago, but I did for you The girl going online anger had prevented me from from from you know he is. Unfortunately, this is gonna, be like I'm a much longer conversation for us to have they went on. I just give you my email address, so we can talk more about it online, but it does seem like this is something that could take potentially years effects and if you have the patience for that then you guys have to try to really stick it out, but you key blame each other for things you can't keep bringing up the past in order to move on to the future.
I ask you a hundred five, a firewall or fire one. If you got a course for YE common now is to breakfast club morning, everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are, the breakfast club is turf. Ask ye, allows this haven't anyone's delta. Jessica was ever you so my question is I'm ground. We haven't been married a year, yet we have together to build the children, but I guess I felt that being happy at all on the marriage way. Now you know what currently living with his mom I'm clause we can afford. I know your current right now, just right now and in I've tried to talk to him and tell him things that I mean you know air and I'll get nowhere with candidates were track, and I guess I don't know to do any more. I want to leave.
Like right now. My only current other option is a shelter with my two children, I told him that he called me no more. I can't believe I'm taking the gives away from you and I'm gonna put them in their situation, and I wanted to be like I'm thing this marriage because of my kids, like along with them, but I just don't know what else to do. Why Jessica? Why did you guys get married in the first place because it has even been a year yet I am asked them about it. On We wanted to get married the right thing to do. Yeah wise and things like tat. I was so wasn't because you were in love. I don't think I couldn't even tell you that for me, I wanted out one. To be because we were in love on his part. I myself,
ok, but you are in love, you love him! That's why I'm area now this whole time did you guys get married? Well, you living with his man the whole time. No, we were thing out with my family and their ones like them, the end of my pregnancy, my second child, We moved in cool with whose mind how a girl with Ebay Railways, you with this situation that you guys have been in sounds extremely stressful and that even with your relationship with each other, but the fact that you guys have even had your own space to be your own family without having to deal with his mom with your family, and just over any relationship- and I think that I have a couple of friends, one of my best friends when seafarers guy married her husband's mother was living with them, and that puts such a strain on the relationship and it wasn t she moved out that they were able to actually have a
happier time together and even most recently went to my friends, her and her husband were having a tough time because they were living in a really small apartment with their children. They had dogs and everything, but they ended up getting a place with more space and it actually help save their relationship because sometimes when you're on top of each other- and you have other people involved and interfering with the relationship that are really kind of arms at all about stress, so you guys have even had a chance to develop their right relationship with each other, because this is too much and Bob sue me outside factors, and thing, the main thing that you guys needs to do? Would you agree that is alot living with his mom and having them with your family? I think the main thing you guys needs to decide is: how can we figure out as a family for us again? I'm sure financially is just before you guys as well, which is the number one reason the couples break up his finances. So You guys need to figure out. What can we do to get ourselves in a better position so that we can buy whatever dated is cause? I love to give myself something to look forward to we
to have our own plays in four months and guys have to work towards that goal, because the only way that is compatible work is, if you figure out how you can move out from under somebody else's roof and operate as a function of family and law, Each other has even been a year yet, and I haven't even had any alone time, of course, so the man ass figure out. How can we get out of his moms house and work on our relationship without it being and in the end, an up underneath other people arriving you don't mind the lug. Thank you all right gee I don't? U froggy firewall or far wonder you got rules runaway yes, How about bill can be yet another trial is coming up, will tell you about that and we'll talk about the fast and the furious franchise find out who might be leaving for the next
Installments all right we'll get into that when we come back to breakfast global, nor about the annually on the breakfast we're having very recently did in any view, eighteen votes against, he was looking back on. Winning the best act is ask her back in two thousand Susie was the first women of color soon, a word, and she had dedicated that away to every nameless faces woman, a color that now has a chance because his door has been open, but its ban were fifteen years and still no other women of color has taken home that statue now she said despite all the bad she said she now things wow. That moment really meant nothing. It meant nothing. I thought it meant something, but I think it meant nothing. She said she felt profoundly her and sat in there. by the women has one that no other black women since then in two thousand. To
right, so that is highly bury in teen Bob. Now, let's talk about the BT awards. The ratings were actually down this year down. Nineteen percent appeal Only they're saying during that time the BT awards had what is it three for seven rating, so that means it was Five point: eight million viewers across the nine different networks that it was on. Ok, so BT out of two point, four and another couple million came from other me. As your words are you mean how many debates have media reports on million and in all comes on everything else? I am tv to empty v. Lay all of our continent were sl that so great down nineteen percent, but power so had prepared that same. Season for premier. So actually power did pretty well or probably
time? It was the second most watch show on premier, cable plus people watch tv in so many different ways. Now, my dear brother, watching videos on laptops and all gonna come also is done now, as you did on two eleven. Never one on twitter, though it was long s name length every year. Isn't it right away Rodriguez from the fastened. The furious said that she may not be back for the next part of the franchise she's had F. Eight is out digitally today, I hope obeyed I had to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one hour. I just might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise. That's what she was a lady animal you're on her Instagram cheaply, lady and moving again. they all. Have you ever seen a fast and fear is in my life in evil people love it, and it makes a lot of the issue is that it's been a greater right, and I am grateful for the opportunity this man's and studio provided over the years that we don't know exactly what
you saying as lacking as far as women and the franchise under its own agenda, one person who never will gladly rather late, but they did. I have tried to at least them all parties compared to their male coastal areas. Like me, you know the rat, Jason state them and die retirees Gibson. So you know maybe she's like YO, Let's give the women a little something a machine. Tat watch the union was never seen, any of us would have to travel to cold, but our refer when anyone talking about. Mr Radwan, does our God? Oh you know she was talking about the women getting lever. What do you do? I remember that doesn't make any sense I write ongoing theme with how we buried talking about black women and the asker than she's, the only black woman to everyone best actress era, bill, Cosby be the time I built Cosby in the meantime is due back in court now this time it's in California for allegedly molesting a fifteen year old at the playboy.
in more than forty years ago? So after that as to how that happen soon, seventeenth, which, according to prosecutors, they're gonna, be seeking a reach out. For that case, he now have. It has case it. He s, happy appear in court for as well. All right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report. Thank you. Miss ye now, revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, let me know what you want to hear at DJ: Envy Yonah Graham
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