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Monday 12.17 - Today on the show we had Von DeCarlo stop by and explained her New Book ‘Speak Fluent Man’, her relationship with Patrice O'Neal and new comedy endeavors. Also, we had Brianna Perry stop by where she spoke about 'Fortune Cookie' EP, Miami sisterhood, Love & Hip-Hop and more. Also, we flashed back to the time we had Fredro Star stop by and had some unfinished beef with Charlamagne for our 8 year anniversary. Also we flashed back to when Brandy and Monica first stopped by the show. Moreover, we flashed back to when Charlamagne gave some people "Donkey of the Day" for giving out edibles in a church.

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, I corona virus stock of. Let's all, do our part, because we're hashtag alone together brought to, who, by the council. My name is Sir Pearl wealth for the past four years: I've trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts everyone, no
about the risks of driving drunk you could even a crash people here to kill. Thousands of people are killed and drunk driving crashes every year, but that still doesn't stop everyone. You could get arrested, you could incur huge legal expenses and you could possibly even lose your job. We all know the consequences the dragoon drunk, but wanting for sure you're wrong? If you think it's no big deal plant, I don't take chances and don't drive drunk Dr Sober get poured over paid for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
I love you, SAM Rights, granted to sit out the most prominent you do. Some early, the more drama was able showing people whose bridges pounding down you're gonna, get it off your breakfast bluffly, but allows is what I do big Army was that they all legal me. Unama, begone typing Army and your Cleveland he's got an expression from our job. How deadly likely we give him a break?
How are you telling me that clearly have a new radio station? We, our radio with the name of oil, Wonder real la and you hope, TAT White, the practical upon beyond who, founded month, an atmosphere it in, and I want you to put that on your vision board if you have a vision, born and even prove what, if you want to be known as a third ass and afford you might delivery allows is nearby Mama give her features, did you ever more, and I love you. I love my advice. I love you. I love you probably got their own, so I don't know Well, I'm on my way to work. I work at a hospital right now, my housekeeper, but after six months, I'm able to Lightstrip. So a disaster yet there and I'm going to be a third backing it. Why did Robert nice? Will you girls, I let you moving on open the whirlpool. Yes,
ok mom! I thank you for my allows. Those larger one hour's problem was the objective of which is worth the man. Everybody who don't believe in you cuz all worried one day you going to make me keep it up, keep your head up, keep it moving. Hate is going to be there, always were never but also some people might be right. What that make it in writing. and sometimes made people was big. True freight maybe You certainly do need their correct monsieur broken off adjustment manner. reply with them in Atlanta right right now, I'm back down a wife soon be deployed failures, a girl, but we got a new baby. I got very what my wife enough now allow away. Because we're getting rid of all the light into the whole house, the point about? I could go out and we will do this on its own
you call me and tell me, my oldest daughter, got a rash when she's being really mean about it, so I'm like I was you didn't, have women put up what all, but are you still don't take it out of my boy. Like everybody else, I got a normal gonna, be advised, offers no bigger than a light. Only worthwhile marriages, negative energy in a net? Always cod My dear girl, no weak. It argued about that night. Annoying ran away Willie price making a real I'll, be there. I don't want you used well up into my kids. You know because mobility were some are about it. There is one is events about it. I understand that you a place for you and your girls who really have a united front when it comes to these things that you guys don't end of arguing with each other over your frustrations, which anyone I've, a vision is like. We have a conversation, that's what it is
I am always gotta go where she got a guy. You know how we always played a part in Uppsala. We don't ever need our dream of my slave no weak, because we do not need it because I get the boy. Did you notice that Sunday, as overnight, ok, well yeah work on that hello? There is a mere Grossman. Is private club of Rome Sancho table for rather wonder? Why are you doing from a blood? I order you, I want to say something you, as I have a question in a stake. then I would like your input on the question, so the statement is Everyone at least for one month only for holidays, either life liberty, pessimism, lean on family, so many people are not ungrateful non productive enough. You know what that would mean that I have a question: I'm kidding, I'm just tired out with you guys been
no more. You now will you have been the last purse. Give stations will give six nine events with gentle left in a view of his life. How does it make like saw me. Are you employed, especially like you always try to give this man? If I used by using a listener? Please don't listen. What do you think about your own into it, remind sir. I don't think about it. To be honest with you or me: goblet eggs, God bless ignobly, he's just another individual who, you tell True to people call you hate, afore, facilitated in order just say, you're being negative for it, but in the end the truth always reveals itself, and I mean we're looking at the truth right now and being in jail pictures they. Also. I love your jacket. Bro you you'd only on other data set out was watching on Youtube and FED wineries, and I, like all different, like you knows, the light brown black white and if one reads Human rights are here? Yes, oh yes, it rest in peace.
Here we have a wonderful holidays. You use my dude black tag. Apparel today, make daddy may black on company, get it off my chest. Aliens five, a firewall or five one is to breakfast club alone. It is your job to get it off your just whether your man, but I've been. We want to hear from you wanna breakfast was a break it off. It says man an old before even more for the weekend. He also carpet. First night when we heard a wee bit by bit by bit, because all your auditory No, nowadays I did black. You know what right back I'm a little get another room. I've taken aback. Colleagues, what about far drove up left by the people? I got it. I love the idea he caught me about the urgent call. Your girlfriend send a copy of it and jointly
yeah, baby gathering on satellite, you from Brooklyn, where you salah you gotta attitude as it. We found a boy who gets what it twenty called a year before. I met one of her friends in Jamaica, something anyway you go down the fact that no money- and you tell me your poor, copper, who undergo leave video goodbye, as he was trying to spend some time ago, to see if she were like you enough to do them around with that for our rural man I got not, nor will be taken they're, not Norway. Nowadays in no other man, rather just because you spend money on a young lady Magnum, whereas he any now mean that you are guaranteed the poem forms Charlemagne you make, you don't need a ride. One guy! You need a glass, you may laugh neighbors, you may the right move there. Did you at least get one of those rules at the champagne glass you could take a bath in
You can't leave yoke, you can't we go around. It would weaken the EU now you're Javert. Only you know my again deadly. Believe me yeah. Let's do it, let's get a big sweet and then, when you leave, I can invite my real boyfriend I'll write to me You don't do that your name Roma. You really now now do agree. I would much rather leave no do without me right items and, but you know see, literacy dazzle bullet now must have arisen. Browser Poconos. It has to be at least two. Fifty allows s, hey, fella, Salem, an egg. Hey I'm the one. You know much more managed by great like how it can be Why are we issue sent me off? You guys indicated make my morning you re put onto for you. Don't you put it on my right now. Right now lose your job. Nor do I want our me, nor do they do that, namely that there was an important region
yeah I'm a volume. Not by a moment, allows is beyond me. Which organ you met. Ok, ok, It is wrong. As La Roma, from Chicago Valid in the Bay area, man, I've been trying to get itself or many men. S around me, Yeah man had wanted to call you just I was up, you know, may lead to nobody need water, they need man, I'll be wanted, they were forbidden. There are, you are, you must be unable to reign over trying to you and you ve never tried it and nobody has to move not soon unseen chewing over tried it in order to move all right I'll know try ones. Now why domino body go? No,
yah while you're, whereby one by one the badly. I follow all yours easily, Bogot guy easily pair you, ok, you living abroad. Thank ye. I appreciate it s all about you, you're, making me my everyday manner but I'll know. Lucky you calling me a mental no ma am I loaded show, as usually does usually Africa have allowed, is greater what are those what I've done? What are we went up? You are right, I got it not mother does not hurry and then once you get points today, third, the charm bringing about seven we allow who does not know he had built up by the United States, which they became fuel twenty feet. A shrill waste pretty face on may differ, are paid pictured ain't there used to be a future together. Another death had the level what China get my pebbles. If I got a call every day I will they give me scared.
I'm dying. You gotta. Let me hear so. I can be the first to make a big by calling me priceless. why you dialogue, because I need Let me if I wasn't, nobody wants a rabbit s dying as a liability. Decisive way, there's gonna be around liberality, unhealthy unhealthy, believing as I do I we're having how'd. You get your followers ebon. Everything. Thank your appreciate that. follow me, replied the Chateau Margaux their birthday today, earthly happy birthday procedures, and now we have a go a moment to thank you. You did all future
Eight hundred five, a five one or five one, is to breakfast global Mona. The breakfast morning. Every body is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club leverages join us. We were talking about Chloe interested in their Miss Allison. I think an amateur you, my story that their crazies we are caught my boyfriend, cheating on me. It was his birthday. He was at work and he was at my house tonight before so after work. He was coming and we were gonna go to dinner and I planned or the staff for him. So I go on my computer to go, go, go the address aware we will go on for dinner. Just then I, commissioner, I had the directions in everything and mellow his he left his Gmail open boy says I should I look at it and then I would like to take a little peak and then I saw all kinds of stuff on Ebay occasions that he went always some girl that he worked well. That's all pictures of him and hat tat would another girl I was on his birthday to end. Was his thirtieth burnt? They say what kind of a big deal, but I was very calm about it. First I sent all the emails to myself and then a change is password and log out and then I call them and I say we're not going to dinner anymore, any with anguish. The problem is everything: ok and then ask for it to him to his phone screenshots of everything he couldn't get back in his emissary was devastated. Emma Bonino, you only got one thirty of birthday. Oh yeah, I was joking Cohen, another bitches out their means. I will go to the full realisation of all. You got to all the people in his room. I want to talk about the target. Would you be all or myself about user? Will you Norman african American Mill and of nerve commercial energy? Ok rebuke soon and always? Would you ways when our cities we could communities in our country, cheating, be Matthew, wanted pregnant woman is somewhere minor, Britain's I'm disgusted and reminded why I'm proud member of the Effort Sea, which is free from milk community, but before you got your normal Norway, the rabbit when you I've got, you do, and you before you told us there, I did you catch a normal right away. What is participating countries, Asia, let's go to the mounting Amateur Yahkuk dated Dumb- is where you could you called you another by being on a radio talking about damage where you got kaji, they give us in the past. We are really read it. I caught you go monomer been the losers, be like David, be ok, David deed. Now, and I was decreases. We was the dumbest where you found your matching. Well, wasn't that I found him. He found myself eating out of catch wayward leave one I am out actually up with me and we would leave after it luck anymore. I wake up to you with my phone. My fate would a picture on it because I penis lookers live up article but a digital being afraid, Lorraine, recognise your penis that note with payment belong to. It belonged to apply even with, but that doesn't mean you cheated just cause. You had a picture of a penis version mouth. I know where you in the picture it. I wasn't in the picture at all with the day, which I feel that this day they had never seen it right. I mean that there is even a lad out
I really want to lie down and I want to know who is mainly their fuel so comfortable enough to see new deep sea. When you tell one lie, you gotta tell another ladder covered out. One up so, who is guided bills are comfortable sinew defects in the middle of the night. He was afraid the bad habit of not anymore. What did it get picture? He was mad because the guy was it out. Now he was magazine, cheat Anonymous Raw, which really was mad penises, better magazine, cheating on him, and this guy felt comfortable enough to send you do pigs in the middle of the night. That's why you're mad my goodness, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one have you ever got caught. Cheating was the dumbest where you got court. I should say ladies cortisol fellows call us up after breakfast locomotor everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just joined talk interest in enclosed in a mess and which is asking was the dumb is way that you got caught cheating? Now we got it. in a room on alarm. Dr year, the
yeah better ye tat. I know you Don t I have seen it in tell us how you got travel. I believe, as I don't even look at you like that, of your call. We gotta go my boyfriend there are going to my parents tell what are we going? I really mean my best violent plan and about the latter was that wasn't Olano Borgia game energy with their little man. We're gonna do end up doing well for me, my manner, but all that, I'm in a manner Emma Character, but we need to get rid of them. Up happened like two hours a week where we live without an apparent bowed, but I've been hampered. like my molly from people very good neighbours pronounced on earth, mom am on my mom raising the girl his bedroom? down air anybody
Bizarrely about may be allowed to remain calm. Munich live in London where needed, you Eddie underwrite there, no, no anyone anywhere and at any rate like entered into a hamburger. Maybe I respect him anyway. Tat do not add up, You remember my good you have a former. is easy Kay Easy J. I was U middle undesirables. Why baby don't normally K Y all right Navy? Definitely he caught his girlfriend seat next, buying your story easy to adequately a little boy, a stage. Now the Roma live until as big in our waters with every. I guess, music, that no tension. In all my life is to even in like even back why it away Walter, you gotta Godfather, to be laid the currencies.
we must all just arguing blown Obama, girls, ways. The waiting maid of fake social media pays. You fell voyage college is, as you know, like you dig ass. You dumb animals for you, ass, though the signal Although there is everyone chief face to face Lahti,. did you catch a girl? She did she can't you Jeanne, as you call me, cheating how Tommy over my head home is needed to use with a camera. I want to use a four year text messages willingly Ipad Eddie, you know You know how many people get quite like that. You know what a great deal is. A rookie mistake. You know it's a rookie monsieur you do what you do not disturb her bare Charlemagne. Trust me. Man, trust me. You caught me at a great they dislike allotted to. You know how come have one on mad, this song
spit on not now kindness, both by listen guys and have you- and you owe me I've only. I bear always put the phone or do not disturb come on brothers. Goodness, sir. I know a smaller down all attacks, Missus Dale beyond. Why would you tomorrow. I'm five on sitting by you not download to my text message on. right David, I eroded the moral of the story is never chin on some one. That is good. Do you could com is a bitch? Ok, lay the simple black celebrating the breakfast club, they hear anniversary check out this small everybody dj envy angel ye. Shall I mean that we are the breakfast club regardless best guess? What does today we have not seen as model. I don't think. I though beaten up you will please back in the day Now. Let me know by up one a play: ok, be the cell phone
Let me just show you: why did you not tell me that the source of words we feel as though I let woman at the source of now our main level, we need a persona guy killed later on will cover me responded, It is therefore not always agree. He's gonna, like they're gonna, get me think about it. If you walk in organised three them out is that massive algae, reasonings noodle with radio stations? You know black yo, I could I, nor with the aim of them, got happily everywhere.
the wind and rain of young black men sometimes and that work you gotta do it. They were fifty. Do nobody In fact the entire city ran you point out. We are, as you know, you can't, because what you brought you brought us seriously. I went on, I be I'm a real always although the fundamental debt, tell me what you're gonna? Do you wanna know? What do you do? Do you goin? I may use that it can claim of I oughta records. You need to While we got, is you because you wasn't that I in his is now why this, as I say you would you like that practice club let's get on with it, and I will do nothing. You can do nothing. Caswell thing you can do. No big me
You ll be good plain, a garbage. Plainly warnings fragile star: do you What do you want binding opening a month has day please Now I got a question. What the thought of what the boy, but because there is most excises tv pleaded. I mean I've ever he's been. Whoever brings really show me put me in the face for these areas: Will you studied? There was any do nothing. I said Garee Antonio, all bring. We know this because you see we care about you, tear gas, my Carol, you Kelly, I'm just asking you were happily didn't see.
Me one allow no longer of what our nothing yet Let s call me is this: like we know you was corny exactly what he said: Only David don't push, it saves those cool we gave villas move even now whatever will simply be above himself. Lad was a decisive like when we talk about that. I because I can pay from that? No more! That's that's! Forty years ago we are just talking Forty three point two billion every year. But let me tell you, I will gladly message. Eight put both was often right. You're, like poem hemming domination, had a problem. I gotta go I got domination somebody a cash Ricky's. He had a problem with that. Someone I ain't, even always a problem. swing on me miss straight up or we could take a seventy one is safe. You know what it is I M going to talk about it. You know Not one of these is the where'd. You guys ever do sensation,
bag of fear of Agatha Annexes II is Duffy. Coming twenty years are going to plug the auto biography, clearing out of four own or body doing a front appeal for nobody will clearly you every year ruby. Like a really I mean it's latticed ring on me. You know them since happy so we left it at the harvest and that's what it is. And then you mentioned you in the record. He said he was. He beat you up like a white boy on MTV and then you said I beat him in real life If you only knew no real beef is. Why did you have a job so you no real. Before we all come from a certain place, though we all governments are, certain area we already doing this before. We all do another thing before this and what usually We're going to do you believe in before grown up illustrates is ok. I know you used to be you know. My sources so was, I dont know is receiving saw them. I was born in the future.
TAT is what makes it so great a junkie from a place. We want to keep me as I do that I haven't we haven't exactly is raising the people should be trying to play like don't like little game like Dennis corny. How was accordingly, you're setting out the source was cool? You got pushing to face us anywhere out then issue by our relations. Then Israel. So did you very important issue This is a brief, no five minutes and then like a good night this global it does not recognise that Permit me to do it. I already graduated. That's what I'm going to do. This than growth is club is
the breakfast club morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. You have a special guess: inability, Rhonda call my god. We here already highlighted phone now allows and profound, and now I really want Monte Carlo. My mother needs me out their Lily Munster, my last name brown, though I just don't use Brown Avanti collar Broil, Vonder, Carlo Brow, violent, Carlo, like a double first name. Ok, now, let's talk about some of your history. Ok, you have this book speak fluent man, yes, We have some very interesting and I'm sure ready we could debate about it by us. Law is made that the idea of visible for you read in this book was with the words of produce only also explained here. Flee, as is not something I like to talk about or debate about. Is there it was a book. They Patrice one at me
to write when he was here that so, if you are familiar with Patrice O Neill, yet a lot of different, unique out of the box full the fees on release. Is it an that you get it. You know, I will listen to you differently than they listen to me, so you should a book- and the time I was like cause. I know what it is. I know how people were response. Save it read our hearts coming from him was right and we see it. What was more than a few, if you read the book or if you look at the chapters I had given, how ISA ok to appease the city, they say he was like just tell me the top things that you learned in a relationship with me and I'm going to all these different things, what what are the top thing there you would write about. I gave him my outline, and that became the chap. So an entitlement double standards in the natural order of things jealous seed from sex. All of those things are. Let me ask me a question over the question that was posing the book deputies. Only eleven.
and I want to see how he would answer this and then you can tell him where produce at us. It would ask, ladies, if you love me in an accident. How would you keep your man now? How would you think people will respond to that end wow, you think hard political future, quite right, the broken by ass. If they ever you gotta get back out burning ever you will never lose your lets. You answer there now is how we want to set up coming. Well, you guided our wealth and how are they lose met about Icelandic most there was a their mouth women's mouth, but for myself I would think it is more about being honest and loyal. The mountain. What moral my wife said, YO bless him because you have to do with bananas. Annoying you'll be good. My we're Moore S law, no, somehow bigger, regardless of how does it make me state what you know it is that the focus of our relationship? how crazy right, but if not the full value
be: ok, we'll never having sex again, my wife was yes. now about work ahead, works and honesty, loyalty, honestly, it has added. The alliance is absolutely a set up question, and that was one or two things. I would say that Patrice you're setting out the audience you're setting out failure to fail because people were you propose that question and then they would allow my mouth Mobility Ali's everything that he was out of. Bigger and bigger booty doesn't data, but he were a weapon that question and then they wait yell different thing: thou women. and he will go see. Ladies you? U qualified yourself as a series of holes in oh you, d say Xbox you to say are these like? being call be a loyal ban, be like a cool woman, but that's that's what he would do not talk about how you guys net,
Well, you fair way. He first met me when we met on. Is that a twenty four hour senegalese foam? and he said that I have pretty girl syndrome. He basically was, You know I had an attitude and with inviting everyone come see him at care and either. If I me- and I was like well, can you know my best version of myself at the time, and he was like- I guess you can. I was what my roommate at the time was like. I guess she was gonna, bring you anyway. that is all I wanted to go. Wow moving? Is he here charm about him there You either love their hate him. There was really no end between any was basically saying to me you! You have a lot of people telling you you're pretty you're, there's that in a third,
but no man is like. I could tell you, no man has ever taught you anything. You know. Maybe it was but it was a particular days there man, but he was come from a perspective of I'm gonna. Be your friend I'm not going to try to sleep with you. You know your name. I refer here to everyone these then decide on my one guy to act like I don't wanna be. We have an answer to meet a guy you I want to make a pretty girl. My best outcome, ignoring you was also apply for him. All your holiday, he got me word by we, we didn't have sex for leg almost within the first year. We have but it was like eight Mamma said Lawford about any very member, then no one gets out of keeping with Marian well heat. He tried Emmy die one month before our wedding. They actually so that it can you find love again
Obviously that was you saw me well Everybody says that you know everyone thinks there I can be with another person. Does it at all? you know find love again so to speak, but I don't leave there. I believe they're lightning could strike twice, of course, and I deserve it, Patrice New wasn't gonna, be here a long time, and I say the way you defy love is: will you prepare somebody to not be with you and that's what he though, in the whole time we were together, is basically what people are doing at a stroke. Forestry industry and he passed away November, twenty nine two thousand and eleven and seven years. I feel like I was yesterday. It does felt like it was yesterday, but you know I don't think the man there's gonna, be my husband, is gonna, be intimidated or felt like you.
as some kind of shadow with me or with the trees, because I will not excessive these strong and avoid is an and I'm producer wants. You to be half a lonely and that's what I mean he he said to me. He is like I'm not going make a mess of you, men make a mess of women, they hurt. Why and then he said no man said ever had to deal with the next man, not, alas man's messages like so the man there. is going to be with you after me, he's gonna wanna shake my here. We go Oh Avanti collar, we come back no moves to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club on the Congo is in the building a little about everything you have go yet if you please, I can't play. I guess I was also. If you had the last of knowing him, because I've had a mine when I was a serious, I had him, I myself a few times, and he had always the funniest things to say
and we had a good time. I remember him in Norway on together and he was reading Deblock skinny bitch. Yes through the way- and there is the funniest the bees. Let me tell you, I bear they will really came home when I came home without book at we were Megan for three years after that it changed his perception of food we were vigour. I think that, with light had to be like, oh seven has early began our own needs and I don't know, but we were no. No, These paths are going about thirty pounds. I been everything donor cake. I have definitely over eighth, You know I'm kind of lucky I wanted to let you know when I complain about my way. People a bit about it. You know I make Caroline in January Carolina here and I was Therefore, there now, but I'm gonna be headline in their January fifteenth.
And I have a bit we'll talk about all the weight gain but, like nobody fills better macro await fellows who place like The place is that people find they dragged the fact that, but I can't breathe. I like now, a video learning will stand up before asking Lee year. I moved here from small town USA about thirty miles south of Pittsburgh in a town called clear, ten Pennsylvania When I was younger, I thought I was gonna moves in New York and be like will be Goldberg what his last diner, as you know, so calmly, definitely always my first love- and I do my first Hamas days was before Patrice and I worked together, but I backed out a comedy. And I don't even tell him, I was last and binding- we may out of it. Well, you know I was a jack of our trade master of nine, so I was Doin comedy and tell him at first and then, when I did tell him, I had my gun down like this open might thing is called fowls comedy. Oh
and they were they put a stamp on your hand or respond. They say you do comedy that night, that page a drink or whatever I left it on. like you know, meeting that way him at the seller is he wanted to tell me what I know about this year by the London tell him to marry, you know and he saw it, and he knows it was bad. And I was like the? U Fowls comedy: oh yeah and me away from the the infamous comedy seller table. He goes on and our best go with me. teach anything. You need to know whether you know jobs whatever two, but the very sector you lie get me if I use the ADI the gather appointing back at the table. I don't know how long you been doin, but I am assume you know how audiences are the varies. I gave you look at me as they your May I weren't you help me. You were born can up immediately. There are
those bullet yourself you'll be a great comment. That's good advice there the driving licence I was, I was like academic. at the time Work on one might live like I know I was the other five. They never contacted me like I don't follow you buy at the time. I thought I was Whoopi more or Way Brady Tight, where, I could be in all these different lathe. What I didn't know that as I am not that unicorn like. I have a lot of different talents by my gift is their right. I am just a special year produces the comedy eyeballs, if Patrice or know, thou Comest outcomes are up there and I also produce the music for his elephant room special on comedy central.
Learned, a lot from whom you know it in my daughter was really young at the time. So I would a bone. I say I put myself third for almost two decades basic, at that time. You know I was trying to do so much. and now I could focus just on me or your boyfriend ever problem now with you talking about Patrice somewhat at him asking Madison. Was there ever bother him at all How you did that? Look I've! Never that I had a very friendly. You are building a data I got you find you I like you, did that whoever I then he, while no, he wall and action the person. I am fear now he to say that if he can relate to that type, a loss which is a blessing. But how did you meet Donald?
I will go to work and, like you know, everybody a comedy they honour immediately on community aid as well as God. I love you. I love working with Dalai Lama learn so much. I saw, I see it all we may I look so, you know each other impasse. You know he knows, puts free, then Chapelle, so a at, but the Ty time we officially met and connected every live higher It's a whole at the club and he was performing there. He was headline in any at all Marshall Brandon as this feature and the club I need a house, but when I came in a row, ages looks up any of your comic mouselike. I wonder if I get it, I get it. Could I you have a shadow, Patricia rise. Amazing right there. You know, most committee has gone on stage there judge for their work or lack thereof,
for me. I gotta via Obama Mouth. I got ten thousand things ahead of me, starting with the Patrice being and then I'm a woman, I'm a black woman. I'm a will so was well man of quota. what pretty she can possibly be funny, but here's the thing I'm a comic period first before and after you know something's immaterial, I'm working towards being in the in the names of the good. This comedians. I once a Sunday be in that list of when they great comics you'll, be they mention my name and not in association with Patrice O Neill. But I stand my oh, my comedies stands on its own. We got more via the collar. We come back, don't move to breakfast local morning morning, everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Gay Charlemagne ago, we oughta breadthways, clever, the Carlo, is in the building. I want to ask you know every committee, comes was asked what was the best showing? What was their worship? Ah,
I bomb so bad this one time I did at the text spot as stand at New York. And every time a by is win in cars. Com in similar, when the people it was drinking at the club pull you over are getting there. Sex, okay, so they're not really fully paying attention difficult by talking neighbourhood another sags year- as I had its expiry. Time that I don't think I was probably skilled enough to do. Ok, Ah I bob so bad. I go above Atheists Street for fix my family. Giving. Otherwise I am I was like I can. Even so much less aid is so bad, like people today boiling over they just now was signed. For the love of my what's goin on and I just realized. You know why. I just I just how did you two had a mom petrodollars? Eric lied and come back?
six months. I dont remember our black thou and I think I just woke up from it a few minutes ago. I wear thing you could do to and I just that, as happened recently is when you bombing and like maybe one person booze. I saw somebody to do this enabled our I bore me and now is it the number of limbo, ear and then ignored, but not the second zombies into our so the first one of the first experience I have one finally cover it took a lot for me, especially after Patrice paths to come back. How, in through the comedy world as a comic an army. Number. I was on BT idea. According to him, her at the two things debate Tiffany had it was on it like they picked comedians from New York. And I was one of them in did, we did two seasons of talking a comedy show and
They did alive from the improv featuring the comedian of waiting for her and I was so her mass all that eventually stand been doing. I wasn't even prepared, can prepare to be considered on the show and I remember- I talked to tyranny, but I thought the area was like. I can't believe that I'm not walk in him up. I can't believe I'm not doing this. It was killing me and the first I I went out and I said ok I'm going in and I'm not gonna start from this point on comedian. I'm not gonna, say you. I did not know he knew who I was, and he's lie. We got a special guess song, in real life: it was. I who came in outline our zoo baby would tell me I was, but we vessel, guess competent to the late great put so meals, widow vial,
they Carlo outline. What an introduction it was, the I felt like. I was walking towards these days is slow motion and I told myself I was walking. I said this is what it is is to you that thirty seconds wiping clean. So I was late, but wait a minute He did. It wasn't militias, as what am I going to say it may Mano was a malicious ito by, but he was you know, inexperienced an I got up there and I did not bob I had them the whole tiled with my stuff I must say, as mass did not mad at last it- and I was very proud of myself- and that was the moment was there. I could do this in. it's gonna be my challenge in its ok because eventually, put in the work people see my car. Many for me separate from what I am too truth of legacy of my responsibilities has legacy. I keep a separate as possible, you know and that's that's my
That's one of the many challenges that, after faith in its is the easier it easier and easier easier, the more work you do, the more people respect you for your stuff and they see what I'm doing is anything off limits see you there was as one comic, I saw her perform like years ago and she has a joke about getting rate now, no going there, sir, and things that it is impossible for it to be funny. No, no, I think you Adam responsible with your worthy to be truthful and honest, and if your car from a place where this is my experience, This is what I'm point funny out of. I think it's fine, sometimes people are doing things just to be shocking, but for me personally you're doing something just for the lad and just to be shocking. And as disingenuity you know it's not real and people can feel that and so can fill them.
They consented and hey. They might like it. But that's nice everybody's lover. Everybody does not the audience that I'm trying to and that's wanted a great things about getting back to bombing the sometimes you're, not theirs bombing and then there's this crowd. Just ain't meant for me this ain't, my crown I did a club in long Island which is in this area was very tromp nation, but they told me. They were like, oh so funny, but you may be eased back on a trumps if I say no do what I'm gonna do and they Neither do what a night, one lady I'll, never forget Cavallo I was doin. Unama halfway have black, which is a fancy, we're thing, and I am glad this warm air wit like a ship. No truth was like so as the white paper that may you fancy her wait a minute ago.
If this were again. This is a rather chip, no tools like if the fancy obviously pass through its give the generation which I know you don't think you're right, ok is by bites, but again I'm gonna fine, I'm gonna do everything that I'm gonna do a my audience is gonna come to me, hopefully on J, where fifty they care alive on Broadway were makes you lately fifteen. We appreciate you ain't goin out. My Sunday argued. Oh, my god it was so fine is via the Carlo is the breakfast argument
don't deal. The day Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess adult I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new way. I was made Charlemagne God you are more vacation. I don't give a damn, which I think about this because I deserve it now the breadth of clubs. Eighty Marcus and one hundred and fifty country. So we have a lot of new listeners and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is so use my time off to catch up on some of my pass work. Okay, Ok, if you know here, I do a segment everyday God delegated they donkey as in Jack Ass, an that's when I give someone credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you, but if you are regular, listen at innocent only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey of today dog you today goes the Ebony Cooper, twenty eight and Leah Presley. Twenty six
Savannah Georgia's loves Havana, beautiful city. What allowed a young entrepreneurs would ebony earlier, are to local entrepreneurs, who were an eventful local entrepreneurs see. This is a beautiful thing about community when you are living in a equal a thriving ecosystem with schools churches, local businesses are all working together to get the best out of people in our community. Everyone went and this is a great example- see a local charging Savannah was Holstein Eventful, local entrepreneurs and ebony, and- being the young girl gaiters that they are decided. They wanted it Gillian. Ebony have a product, ladies and gentlemen, in they, so that product can, I guess, is working for them, so once they the news about the charge that when this event they decided this is where they needed to be takes bandit business. You gotta respect right so eminently a started running. Add on social media. Telling people come one, come all polluted and by what it is, we are selling, I repeat,
Ebony started advertising their product on social media, telling people we gonna, be it the charge on such and such a date selling. What we got now the problem lies: What ebony and Leah was selling us going, the news now report police surveillance, Adam Counter Narcotics teams had twenty year old Ebony Cooper was when lay selling marijuana and TAC animals on church property law enforcement, discovered it via a social media search where it was being advertised. Well, ok, so the church itself didn't know and outside vendor actually hosted an entrepreneur. Then at the church property and that's where the edibles were being sold. Cooper and a friendly Leah Presley went off site after agents made an undercover by of the edibles and search their view. that's where they found even more marijuana edibles more than one thousand dollars in cash and a loaded God? They also believed that she had the loaded gun on her on the church property.
when she was selling those marijuana edibles the what involved, both face felony drug charge. It- I was conceded America too. Stupid people is all for any one would like a common sense. If you deal with logic and facts in any way, shape or form, you are now too one in his country, Lee and ever decided to sell, edibles its church. Ok, various types, the tac feel treats cereal brownies puddings, you name it they. And they decided to advertise it. They were selling it at the church, the social media, they add, I t age, Seafield field, testimony, detail, ok I know right knotty Sidney jail, Wonderin who's, this done they really dig since the jig into the city, Jefferson, ok, both it and would just on the second shut in less because since the Jacon show who was too high and sister Jefferson had gout in your heel, but they finally home, and they always chastising Lee and Evan easily and ebony. Think that since the Jefferson is, sister Jenkins dropped a dime on them. When the reality is, they told
FBI. What was going on themselves? Hand by FBI, I mean Facebook and Instagram okay. I love so much about this story, though right the fact they pulled them to a church event with a loaded pistol. You heard her say Evan we had to pistol on her while she was made in the book they was treatin. Is both a discharge event like it was the banjo for real, and I get it ok digging. Neil got enough. You'd just came from Doin a year for child support and he be steel. Another! I simply say you can't take No chances would have a right to young women cell inedibles on charge grounds, gotta be protected, Ephesians chapter six, verse attempt to eighteen- As you bought the whole alma God and had a whole lama, God protects you, but that don't apply to people who sell inedibles on charge grounds, sometimes that breastplate pleader righteousness isn't enough, and I need a pistol to protect me from Dickie Macneil, nephew, ok Lee and in Albania now facing felony drug charges and earn Chatham County jail. However, you say they do not believe presently participated.
In the edible sales that occurred on the church, property in City Agency Cooper Was- The advertising the illegal, be goods on various social media site herself. So like Emily Copenhagen blamed for everything he had passed alone? She went out with and on social media friendly, didn't participate to people get arrested for defence. charges, but one gets blamed for everything you notice, Malta. I decided to move with the Bible, says: Bus Nicky, I hate the Bible recommends first, that we do not enter into confidence is, would evil people first, caribbean? Fifteen thirty three! some one, one proper thirteen. Twenty eight chapters tell you that I spent in time. People who do illegal, things, will eventually result in participation in those illegal activities are, at the very least companionship. That expects loyalty This is a dangerous situation, a right of former an accomplice who comes queens, authorities will be labelled a snitch and will be in jeopardy. So is better not to go down that road. It all right. You have to think about these.
Do things when you decide to advertise your drug selling on social media and then go set up a band or to church for you and your friend and make some money, I'm not saying Leah is snitching on I'm just saying in the book Cheesy chapter one or one verse fourteen it says if you get manned up if you get jammed up right now. Mention my name. Ok, please give Leah Presley and any Cooper, yeah, As always in LA right, C c, yielding people ensures more, we got is mobile. another road himself lamentable discharge? We don't, I would say that all those media I'll see you later Ok, abbots out all those dragged out. It was good. When are we able to charge a large congregation? You get allow people you can just so you can you trust the matters that the huge came running up.
What some brownies they wasn't point. They wasn't rice krispies trees. They don't know that as we need a little trust. These two people, not disabled, the kids, know low manasses for adults. Only this is it don't work. This is a dull cookies. Well, I'm saying you don't. I would try to be a social me everything. I completely agree with all right. What's beg you talking only applies to the charge. You never know you don't know Levison Villa roof. I've got excited idea the unease among what means urge the breakfast J, Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the girl? We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in abroad and Brian a real risk that baby that fighting cooking? buried here with everyone will grow up literally right yeah. I was telling the other day, she's calves issues like you grown guy, I'm legal. I'm not going I'm at now. It's like I am. I am so young, though
these projects is what twenty twelve? you bet everywhere again, I've been grinding, I've been growing, I don't know the game was like in a weird space. I kind of decided like sit back and just What was weird about avoid for no as well as go along with lag. What was his on issues like they feel like your pop, like what mobile rap, not even not even this mumble wrap this everything you didn't even feel my grab for a minute fell life. Yes, like more games and more families and more virals? Is light you wasn't even allowed among how I know more yeah, yes, those scale. I will send people affairs expose you because of this but have had yeah. Do you believe that there is a sisterhood and have have, I think more so now? like more females commented, a forthright and more. more women who, like in a position of power, to show love and they actually do in absentia, cardy, be grow AEGIS? She had the large unfair
no the line I will allay. It was, though, I saw your big improve your girlfriend for ya somewhere to live on a video, oh yeah, yeah, Miami. Ok, video down that were yet video yeah Only. The guy's include amongst the Florida Flora Whim to city girls, Yang, YO, greener, yet train, of course, always love You know she. I queen my everything, that's my girl of action, You got it. You start yeah, cowboy music of place, we'll get you back in a student could use it at once. I mean what you say: you were fail in it. It was. The funniest was the laughing we'll get you back, enable ECHO Mr it back to taking a serious causes. Ugly, you fellows, I notice that you born subdued. Oh like this is meat is my life I got really. All I know is what I love is ideal.
Brianna Decision bag doing now and I went to school and now you're always working. I owe you guys got a secured obey. You know. Their bills has been running a degree from the University of Miami yea it a hurricane year since it Eric easy job. Maybe own point now is going as far as you go in as good as us. Like you, ve, always known, ok may download a business added things and I would add music, but I need to know like her. Can I handle mild business, a lot of people think about the year not as important as well as outside and dine like, I say, abuses bills. Now what about bodies the truth is that you be doing all they. Those who travel no averages limit. What do you guys allowed everywhere? You look at those areas as we look, You, like Blue Brianna, Loegria, maybe its chosen, we areas. So
It is not even spicy like them. Abbe reapply down I'll, be real on Blaanor. Now you you re doing you're freestyle right. Have you later Jim S, part My dream, I ready, I may be allowed in this picture. You can have this creative, eternal right now No doubt we always knows you know if you do incursion mom racked with you all the time. The issue in this, though alive you don't know that they think, like, oh, my God, her mothers, you she's as the me as you rightly, whether a boy who it yeah? We like one, I gotta to ask me: she's, not a regular, mom she's, a cool says has, I believe, should go. Hang I will kill you, Maybe they Beata Guy, not as you like. If we add the issue Loki mom I mean why would you do where's, your mobile of my these controversial belied chill out. You know why some
I believe by the block you because she did catch everyday. I realise there my daughter would have the buyer will not now be flag. As you know, I don't think you should get delay. We like Mama. I remind us, how was villain, that's why he's Have you are reality tv that you deserve have up and yet a meeting on about mammies you heard that her really as they get you not about the air in their there about the air or you order I see you might see this base. And if my army, in that I am in Moscow everywhere, though, why? Why would you we are now when somebody better, Bang minutes effect tore of what you know, those aims is grown and she's evolve. They gotta worry about. Let's go
yeah you hear about, can grow and about that now. Let's talk about, you have waited cookie way, glove waiting for that December, so crazy. Bulgaria was our confidence and a grey areas where I mainly because the cookies right, the fortune, Roma givers first first and foremost, mom about their borders, are not now just because you know when you, when people get fortune cookies, like everybody we'd all could be here. We all get a different message in watching cookie dread. Lip service lives you didn't get that yes recently insane. My god, what you'll do it, what it was all about fortune cookies Molly had a drink, I'll get a drink.
yeah. You know you're not a drink. What we know is gone or language goodness, but no less than we all get a different message and I feel like when people principally on Fourchan Cookie, like they are gonna, get a different message depending on whether you in a light, they gonna take something away from it, though those as I watch and could you gotta boyfriend. This is how I felt when he she got. Somebody should be talking about eyes, the Graham. Oh, no, I'm watching. You love your video. You re saying something like the book out of a cat. Who might Buddha like when I give I'll get the lie. You and I gave way, you'll get the. Why, while not me, does not meet as chatter girl girl? That's not me! Oh Bruce language, our God, multiple men think Chacha pretty lucky. in though by she's Sheila? There would with what a big deal out of you,
but it is break break riveted Ano. May I use single right just music. I went out to bring now eat that nobody around now that pressure that pressure they ever Sankara need a baker, yeah yeah tugged at you, log warbler give it away with our drive to another. I ok and then you know us crazy. I recorded our record I need a baker in Miami and then we went out to allay the BT was and then they are in need of bacon. Unlike we always in road is looked at each other yeah yeah, but not a need, beggars media's he's talking to talk, and I love Anita Vaguer. What about scammers? I would have left again the Gunnar either. I really does do. I know a lot of them.
Do you have been a lot of things? I argue money, whereas the scam, though it is, I shot, you know anybody. I universally people doing corporally support black on business is a poor black or businesses. What you're, cable Braun at your whole life. Those words I gave in to revive a lot of renewal in this game. Honourable knows: yeah yeah I'll be around people who you notice how so they get their money out of his own. They come about monkey going play. Did I just areas on the thing? I won't talk too much about it, but it happened goal. Is it Israel jointly as yes. Yes, this sugar, Brianna Perry, BP of because her you ready, owes all the way up. Despair monkey been his fortune cookie. Let's go morning, everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club reactor. Perry is still here show. How did your browser school
rapping like a lot of times, you talk to these kids, they feel like they got to do one or the other. It was not. The easiest thing I won't sit up here in front like it was it was, it was. Stressful college was way harder than high school. Of course, I had just got sign. Moving around a lot, but I'm the type of person like I'm a finnish like the finnish things at a star in how do you want to get their causes? I will always what that was my dream. Schools, as I was eight years old. Also was I Gillis important to me, but I'm like em. Might I started as soon as I got a finishing? Harry Homage Wanna get it agreed to give it all a rabbit on the folks, all my region, Galicia, Momo, badges sicknesses. I give him this. I'm getting gained a neat this, but what I do like honestly, I wasn't going to class causes like a month ago. Work irregular ninety five, when I'm am I you know my business law class and I was like nah. I need this for what I do. Cuz it's a lot of snakes. It's a lot of people being a game and they in broke
We have a treaty was cool memorandum. Yo is kind of crazy, like sometimes I wanted so glad they wanted to marketing class and teach ahead than structured. The whole lecture around me like US prizes like what so you're gonna, you lived here, psych all she's gotta, pull up all my utilizing leg was allowed. More people in my class was, though Oh we didn't even now gives outages go to school. I hear you know me out and then like one because they pose let them Alomar raw aware. It is that a bring ladder attention, but they were real support of those rules. Did you press the lesson that at least was centred around you? What did you lose your great anatomy? Angola has got it in the battle on young people. All beef overreact was it was I.
Was I those outside the Eu Em. What does Brianna walked from from from using what would be considered a success to you when people just they relate to the music, and I feel like you, I don't hit like Omnia girl, and I don't hit at my voice- is not her Lycosa. What other heart is this? The representative? Well, we got no voice because I feel I can female rap is easy for a lot of women's and I have a voice. You know I have one voice, oh yeah, and be talking about one thing I like you and club. You says that you give the song In our view, you wrap unwinnable leg is idea that I really mean you don't owe me. I feel like that happens. A lot of the forgotten two degree most people who start wrapping a go into entrepreneurs, hospital, don't think they media degree, and I left fact that you did. Outside of communications outside of things that has evolved. Music businesses shows a lot. It it'll keep you on track and make sure you know you're contracts yea this. Thank you. Thank you. and a business type
guy, like due to suit like recovery, are you and I would have thought you envy a business I'll be out in other, like I see what a reformed burg somebody you used to be, but then I got ass, thou loved you can't be too Uk Reed Sue land yeah and like debt repayments group, which was well. China very desirable Brianna, they didn't know trouble, oh my god, you're getting. I gotta Hadley money down like I, with the I gotta, be you industry. I gotta go visit you now you locked the now you need Very minor denies does no time for the love of me. There's a guy DMZ. Oh my gosh, you seem a bit It is. What do you mean and you know what I mean you don't know. What do you think? I don't know? I don't know I'm in a rapid and you D, Oeuvres Acme's, we're eminent.
Do them like what we gotta make sure you have the right people are chosen me. I have good I'm good. Who do you remember your mom? I don't wanna buy now daddy? I gotta do with them. Nobody else, your mug, your voice, our man like dogs, for her. Ok, Let us see the square, the relay, no matter the air Europe has run the dog that matter risen There is no point in what are they I mean people love the living your pass when they have no future taking all poles I want to remind my used to beat a gas and my path over you dare part of my. I wondered. What do I take no phone ITALY to my group may have the usual cupboards because there will be some? U ads, you you're a good what you get you before Christmas before Christmas Christmas,
Not because it? What are you up with you? I was a great so far away home. Let me well I did that on purpose. I love mess with him. You know I haven't gone Christmas shopping yet, but I haven't done no Christmas shopping, I'm so last minute, You know that you want me to one. Oh, my god, how do you know a somebody's? Is the one? Does it make you had apparently been together. Furthermore, got it now gives pointing hoagie nobody. this avoids. We know we re not removed, because what I want Britain has like every day gives logic diverse national of what she could give a good sign, which is another interesting wreck. Yeah shad the ball greasy no dream love without this funding to? the bog really actually sounded like he was talking to his may girl yeah out. If you know
Do you suppose I do not want to go? Get me yeah, I loved. I saw a lead, Russia, because it is so true- was like free, you want to know if your pc in MRS Erika of your boots. Even on you would you will you stay at home, would give an honest answer. No, what you love me now you're one little the truth, you know, depends it then, the first time how Nothing has been too much on every day you deal with a mighty. They pull up your breakfast club in view every like them. You are, you said the first. You can get a man s letter, Am I didn't abandoned? Allow things who did you cheat with added? I find out how disrespectful yeah, a things that could happen. You can't say, if you cheat would you say was somewhat.
Give him a pass. It depends things you love somebody alone. She don't you like. You may think so clearly anything like that Belgium allow Rang effigy, which are best friend. You will get a passport at home. They both cancel re. They burn em S, room, it's the pan. but I could be of all members for an hour good penises. Now you want to try We do not get the same, Elvis you get them. Maybe you yeah, yeah nasty I'll, do that as I join in didn't know. Now, though, Rights Island. No because, as you know, like we ve him where he doin, you know so I know people were busy visas. Thumb. If I tell my story, jealous. Embryos is as if the less our Rapporteur guy I ve been. You did me d been outside Europe,
like I'm never goes down relative, ambivalent friends, you air bags and all kinds of, but they look like. I don't love man. I don't know about that. I'm not gonna glorified is that it I'd like that just a low misleading could somehow there might be tie it. I will use Ex Diana late that Mean Aegina Dominum changes glove. They undoubtedly has wise, then allay my work come give me we don't work began Tammy, he found me. Let me say we working with you. We in the dim ago there was a laser mediocre or fortunately is right. Now you and all of the egg endeavour to follow me. I instagram embryonic Perry hit me on its. What are apprehended away our be watching cookie,
Who everywhere right now is the breakfast locomotive breakfast celebrating the breakfast Xavier anniversary check out this small breakfast while they got some special ladys in a building this morning is, would deprive Jugglery. I know our data will come about as a great gas agreement, as one is brandy and other is miss you if you open it made a moment ago. We were talking about this by harnessing welcome. Ladys has been fifteen years. Look things have changed and you got the Monica Britain to delete your twitter account before I've seen them coming from previous of like that, how do you deal with the new social media? We gotta. I had to realise too things just don't need a response. You know, but The truth only support it is what it is, though. I had to accept the fact that is not liking used to be where you have real journalism in people to care. to try to reach a people and see if something was true before they talked about it or risk?
and two widower or put it over to worry about one. A reaction exactly in his eye was more than I did. You have people at home that don't realize it did. This is just another way to make money off them. Will you law going? You click, you, Anna Tang, you, u correspond this This money is somebody's pocketed, doesn't bring you any closer to the artist because most of us, That is not even true, though it is something that takes some adapted. But what about? What is the old issue? Bastard? lagging brandy. You had he added correct some. I unfortunately right. You look like a brief of public documents. Will call you a murderer there, those things heart like I can Is it here and say that I'm not affected by things like that, because I am usually very sensitive where you see what you read it would just just Obregon, though none are no. I don't break down. I don't take my you know humbleness for four weakness at all, but it is I am a very sensitive person and I just feel like
people's intentions are bad and when they go to a place to try to hurt, you like that was a very unfortunate situation that I wouldn't wish. Alma enemy. You know. So when people take those moments to just, you know, Send me pictures of car crashes order, as well as more savings wit with with evil maintained that it's like, I think, to myself where to patent, Go to that plays a because it's hard for me to. I don't even know. If I have that place inside a meets to try to hurt somebody else. You know we they things? We don't mean way the places there. People go arduous is either. You didn't really figure out what the reasoning lived there and I understand that their miserable, but by was still it is the law of energy. That is never love destroyed of one poisoning legs waiting for you to some positive when you may be in wars and will only one of those features, a martyr of just a pit, just a measure the, but if it does it
at times it does, but you know is. it's been a while. So I've I've I've got, to be stronger in that area when people try to go to that place, but You know for the most part I use twitter. It said to socialize with the people that do love me and then do so for me, and you not have this this thing on my page com brand names and like random brandy, thoughts in I just positive things too. I tell you what my dad the other day, my dad is from the country. You know that already, but he tells me like these crazy he'll call me and he'll tell me like some great sayings, to keep with you that it just like very very I mean there. They they brought their broken down. So perfectly he thought me. He said on maggots can't live Alyssa eating or something I don't let em Our view right, you know so he'll call me with little things like that,
that remind me is not to say that people are maggots but negative. Things where, as we know you know is just is just that, if you feed it just saint seems to fester and grow scientists that feed in thing. You know, because I want to delete your leg over the Irish all she does that all the time ravaged between what the money doing right now. I've got some breakfast breathless close your morning, so noble breeders. Why did you buy Aqua man on Thursday Joint Aqua Man and the epic journey to discover who he was born to be the bridge between two worlds? Academic? and there is everywhere there is day home is calling rate a pc thirteen.
I am also Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global and Democrats we are facing. There's a lot of information going around about a virus is spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part guests.
hi there I'm sack wrath and I'm gonna phase on we're real life best friends, we met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP on the sitcoms scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one have pursued at a time and put our memories into a cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy Ray is show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the series and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond, cast vague doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your blog cas.
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