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Tuesday 8/7 Today our camera man shared with us how he got catfished while fishing on Tinder, so we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners been catfish and what they they would do in that scenario. Moreover, we had listeners call up for "Shoot Your Shot" and this time one of the listeners was not keeping it all the way 100 with the Breakfast Club once explaining why she wanted to get her crush back, as she left out one big detail. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man trying to steal a plane to go to the Beyonce and Jay- Z concert, but he didn't even have tickets! Go figure!

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Zeb recruiter the smartest way to hire job together like a mega forty I just took over without not less precise round. I will personally join a breakfast globe, say some other good body. Do a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more, an angel de mining, these anti gentlemen guy these data plan. It is two years it's Tuesday was have new words. Go it? Oh, I feel bless black unhealthy food this morning. Let the record show that I wore the same shirt two days in a row. I seen it
native insurers. Are the exact same when was the same short and the reason is the same. Shows that didn't you to take me to take a picture of Amsterdam yesterday. I forgot slide away again today. Just get a pitcher photograph young existing now never did a mobile phone, so revolt seen ogre, inevitably, watches result. Greece, and what sort of interviews I did yesterday noticing tat. We did a modest aimed amnesty, Sure that you are, as you know, is the gravity from targeted by the way I've read endorsement is one of those other spent sixty thousand gravities last week, targets. I feel like I'm ball and Robin Andy bombs from me. You haven, T revenges, tee shirts, black Panther spider man, dead, pool deep happen in Nirvana. Oh yes, you know, neuron is this, Please keep Mr Macsharry Botswana tones vessel, so you don't know you didn't you did was to shirk. Not did. Did you shall see? Stupid have question. Of course, us out around you.
I will add a fine day is like a heat wave happening here very hot and unease coldly, and I was there. I was out all day yesterday I was out Barnes and nobody actually have my own book club section and buys a noble. The flagship store cause. Yes, there are still bookstores that you can. Go to a one off event. Yeah guess most bought. Yes, as an issue again is actually used book club and then the book club pigs that we ve had so far from my book club and they have a huge banner me, as I is really exciting, as you know, like a book nerd. Ever since I was young young lady was read books all the time when you are right when they try to get me to do my best there. When you gonna write one you're english major. Now you can't let a government going South Carolina never went to college, but beyond his second book Camacho between third, the thing is it I'm embedding it myself
so am I never let you have a right leg out. You know a lot of people who have books come out, I'm not too much you, but I'm saying to people that have right their books. You should still be some were unit editor, you I'm getting an editor, but I'm not getting a co. Writer goes right. Arms is writing it. All myself so has taken me a lot longer about. I have three different bugs actually you drop in Rwanda, I'm not doing it. What's going on I'll drive them very excited about so united as it comes along and shapes itself, I let you guys know Good muddling can also be out twenty third cod. Goin out in my books about we We now have minds. I enjoy entropy. Patsy has determined trammel, ok, awareness in writing, because you can take a picture to grow less trauma. Without that, I think it. A pitiful grandma short is filed out integration to guess what I'm have a great start day to day. You know I gotta get the same short on ahead on yesterday. Ah, but what? What did you do yesterday to marry me
go straight home. We clues about a city ah, must have devoted Ababa as market even yet OECD. I know that is, as has compulsive disorder of says that this, because you said it doesnt mean he knows what it is about. A look, my room at the house in the Euro area right here in the breakfast with me for not putting stuff up now: men, obsessive compulsive about modest or Para. Well, let's get to show cracker four pages. Are we talking about unless a grant these California fire is now? It's made history really tragic over there and we'll talk about somebody who got shot in the radio station copyright rules. All that, when we come back to me, you are more exacting now measure like diverse Brookhaven, lacklustre breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast Club blueskins front, page news. This talk about these fires. Now, yes, he's wildfires in California, and now the largest in state history, there saying
The fire has burned two hundred and eighty three thousand eight is growing about eighty percent since Friday night and other Nobody has been injured, they have destroyed. Seventy five residence is so far as of last night. It's only thirty percent contained. Oh father, these fires to smoking to bear begging to day used to say only you can prevent fire far. So I think the weather so hot and so dry for smoke. You be allowed us. We had an alliance spread so quickly and they get magnified, tells me you're bills, Alai, Allister, he's the point. The television point right it us and sitting at home is the only you can prevent fires, Now the damn live, the whether God as environmental additive in things. So we can. We can perhaps how health mobile broadband IRA liar. I right now is and set down a lemon. Remember these remarks that Lebron James made that had Donald Trump, so mad divided and what I noticed over the last few months that is kind of you, sport to cut a divided as to give a written.
Download champions weeded out Lebron James. It is any view by the dumbest man on television, John Lemon email, Brown, look smart, which is an easy to do. I like MIKE what thou lemon has since responded and reacted too were down a chump had to say what a like president who lashes out wildly at any one. Who criticized? Am I a pretty thick skin so since the present? these few so many insult so often the breast it is called a lot of people stupid. Some of those people are white, but I would just like no, that referring to African American, as dumb is one of the old connives of America's races past and present that black people are of inferior intelligence. I rang- or maybe just as you do, the burmese races to go. The way present call them here, saying, that it goes back to spreading that the stereotype about black people or listen,
down this man on television really darlin, you remember one and afford rooms was don't take anything personally and nothing others. His do is because you, and because, if a dumb person calls me dumb, I'm not banned noted tell what he was trying to point out. He was just pointing out that the president not having thick skin, he asked a skinny, said and it doesn't? I write were in addition to that Italian about removing damage from star from the Hollywood walk a thing you have to retain headstart somewhat of a distraction, Ikey printed. It I'm not destroying lovely removal. From now we will not be removed from the Hollywood, Walker, families gradually move and white. How can you discretion as a great idea? I re endless talk about this masked man who entered a radio station in Wisconsin and open fire. Now they with three people are three different disc jockeys working in that studio. At the time they sing it looks like it was targeted. Five gunshots were fire. One day they got shot in the butt and ended up going to them but I non life threatening injuries and was later discharge said they are saying they do believe. This was something very targeted they don't.
But the motive for the shooting, as yet what are known as early assailant, mutilated building, you notable musical played on every decision. I just know attestation w o Archie We can see broadly got tired and that he and his request, I d, make show called people's choice, makes you live to two people every day and tell them you complete our request made known when he came in there wasn't, furthermore, requesting the same. Over the past five years. Men and the dj never played it, community radio station beer, but all the example that inside I was looking more common, John was amusing. Getting a planet in several she one particular John, are clearly does not view, etc. Commercial listeners panted member Control Community Radio station Listen, I wasn't getting sponsorship, ok, confusing! this budget, but I beg you to come in a bus or less knows very low, creating anyone. He doesn't have a presentation that one of the detainees gesture that issue do call you talking sweetened sexy to my girl on phone lives. Shatner out over the radio banana belongs play, drag him
Phyllis Mozzarella. Mademoiselle phase is made up a whole eight. I have made a whole scenario that enough is enough air we living. I should start a blog had when my meal I write well I'm easily and that your front page news all right, yeah yeah. I was at all night last night. Good Party working, get it off Jude five, a five! If you need, it is a right now, eight hundred five, a five one phone call this right now for learns. A wide open vit if you need to do, is to breakfast locomotive breakfast falling down to breakfast, but about this. There was get it off your chest. I among the man in black airplane you baby
are you doing great and you made up hospital. So I'm not mad about anything from sobriety all that, but last time y'all to have people rapping on the radio. It was Charlemagne. The birth, become one of my brother kimono, my brother, the matter my mom is dotted it up here, but I did not go on a disrespect here. If ya go heavenly Spirit, where we are- and I lived in Salamanca vats view the Bible stated at the time. The kid you're not again be problem can be imported for whatever P2P may think of what a brother that your fingers pay a whip me had appointed by AIR Michael needed. Simply.
It can become a black with the left body at a merely by now I met a number that ain't you campaign have been disabled, be labelled me. Your friend nobody's hey, they're, gonna, Pimlico vacuum every time to fight upward, to rekindle the holy water to Lisbon, and now my plea for many bought the family could apply. The penitentiary from people hope is Kristen, but they never make up early, but I'll leave. Em, look silly lighting carbonate attended the body weight on January on avoiding plenty gain appointed limit plenty of my hidden really footprint. My baby you're, my Willie figure Dummy Nando yeah. Let it go ahead and not Phil the circle. They're right would have an old Yolanda. Now is my brother, I wouldn't tell you pursue a rap career. You know insane if something you want to do on holidays a weekend when the family is around, didn't drinking smokers and weed out at a time I got years, but here you go day, you go another wrangles underprivileged word not just with bread Lou as autism, but the kitten asleep redneck northern Iraq, a bye baby into tree top when the wind blows cradle will raw alights travels drive
we're I envy. What's up, I'm ready for you. I live service Lagoon Come on baby brothers. I remain with us. Is next Monday's need to back the lovely you look, Well, maybe yes, let them? You can't drew back a dialectical, Bob gear of beautiful. You do what you do now, I you think about it. Do that the trap and clean the happy with you it was it was and to me oh, my g. I was trying to figure it out. I don't know they fell like he wanted. A girl out is backed in their daily lives. We wanted a girl, I'm have definite and it's all, but he wasn't in what you into us. It other damn lucky tat its ancient name. Your house, where were you like every event lived? There would have been our black girl now also only yes, the director for female lesbian, gay people working
the map to anyone. Adrian another Costa, stuff, ok, In addition, no NATO it was you call them and aggressive woman. I have no idea, I get you, let them dead and more math blowing God. If, at the same time, yes, you can definitely I suppose your duty to safeguard our nobody driver. Did you gotta, be a member to communities they thought They burned down Minister unaware that does not have been granted. The word is you don't wanna be wanted to have the word? If you got one us, even if they fully leave no direct, God So what do? What have you got? Any money is tight and able to call me. Then what do you think they know you used up Do they know I d? I got you did everything you never got. You got a better living I've anal undermines the lady Throckmorton. Any more you go to DVD, I received this morning. Some telling people can you at least goes into frosted flakes? What about a war
Maybe a Bengal gonna jump right did after I left my guy extra did it all future has eight hundred five a firewall or fire one. If you need to be made, is that now is the breakfast locomotive breakfast got wake up, ass man or black? We want to hear from you in a game of Chess Nicky hi. I am I I can't believe, I'm online. I can't believe it. I've been trying to get rid of all you guys like two years now the morning. They give the murmur of the morning, and I just wanted to say that the less I just got divorced. From a violently abuse of marriage. I really well. I work for the city now of Colombia. I'm driving a brand
I'll just door. Will you really well flowing remind you for getting rid of the exact Liddy in your life? That is amazing. Leaden Allah baggage go easy. I we see how you, when you cut it off, you realize you block and your blessing then they are sold, is so true when they say from hunger away the one that's blocking your boy ass. Well, adding value get off my chest that you know what We ve got a job we're right now. I didn't personally put him on there because of the divorce they put him on, thereby I hate when fathers try to make it seem like if your mother is better keeping them away on the fathers he added herself by Christmas Eve online here, just discussed more yeah and he shows that he chose that this and the child and everybody right. Why did you take him? I don't feel like. I should think you, the court, the forced a relation Nobody had at your father
drives you line taken by the court to get that give more jobs for money. Why not? That might bear a song about visitation alike. If I think about before that relationship. Why am I making you bill? If you don't have to be avoided by now rule or what to say what they we call on a mom and thank God you got up a relationship appreciating he died. He has done a great job. Much love! Thirty move Margaret S without remove more abroad. August when I'm regular features modest, you gotta be males, are going to have to sort out this morning may a real and sleep in their family anniversary of the day you or me I shall not do. Where were you not planning is right now they hated creative people come from abroad and all the floor, but use our real created is one shot in your wife I'll wash you sleep with the point that is true the branchlets outer non Oda are, you will is required to play back later, not record? I didn't know. I recall you might know more than you fall right now. Please records
you ve always state voice memo on your phone, don't do less in our friends but tat they have on radio. That's what it's boy was unable to say your neighbor little about nuclear energy. How about that? No matter what you know, what I mean about Charlemagne, cut manner why he was trying to feel happy anniversary is why do you know what you re? The second year of our Lord leaders cries yourself. We not say what I'm mad at annually. Why Charlemagne did a challenge over the weekend for us too, to boycott the video game? We know we not boy garden men, but if you're going to spend fifty nine, ninety nine were men and they are blatantly more than eleven calling cabinet awaited. They done. Could the editing the name of the game last year, and
sheer, even though the additive magnesia, I'm just simply saying you, fifty nine, ninety, nine or whatever the cost to the game is the common cabinets. Know your angle. I can guarantee that mechanism picking a ninety nine on the game, so you know that don't aim to call a cabinet and definite, and again, but amendment no nine and common values, and I thought I was working on all day yesterday. I am trying to do anything I even check my email so you never do Irena we're doing to show any was still working while we raise about on a grand for common cabinet handwriting Alexeyev challenging, I don't know, I saw you, I just retweeted it so just note at the next college. Cabin ignore you write camp on that show enough can be. I'm showed me before the year is over you. The people contribute
to make an I haven't Robin include above my colleague cabinet. I can't wait for you to turn a deaf ear, the same energy when it's time to donate for things that I as a donated it you never donates. I all adopted the everyday work where they last year, when I d MA am wealth against brain cancer are therefore going to. China was ok, we'll see right. Well, we got and away yes we're gonna think about fifty cents, Thinking about donating many. I know you guys are the video footage of him taking money back. They he threw at the zoo club, but will explain what happened. Casually who got it Billina beneath the vines? They trust me all that when we come back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast, everybody is D. J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club, muskets aromas was tall Jericho.
About the report annually on the breakfast. Ok, let's see who is going to make a big up this tweet J Coats weeded out feed me beat everything in murdered. So I guess everybody's been ass sending him beats. They said he got nearly sixty five hundred responses all at first, oh I'm, sorry is more common answers. You guys Heaven sent in your bees. Have you listen how to determine what listen financing. I somebody of J called magnitude tweets or something like that. He will get no less than a million beats. He got. Patients were here at the first you all in beats. He thought a guy's than people working with who, like my word and go that beads everybody everybody idea like Veronica in the meantime has some new music coming soon ogre. Yes, somebody asked him he posted on Instagram, you know he's always deleting is instagram in deleting all his pictures. I posted a picture him on his
Can somebody asked him about some new music? They said somebody as I mentioned this in every posts, but job that album please, and he said no worries soon. Come I mean. Is that was done without an online for at least ten years. He almost put it out one day right, I'm a station about it, and I don't know if it is my hope that at better call boards are emerging, cordial electronic upwards, unusable Gus, super blue blood moon was and what they can very tenuous somethin like that, every twenty is adding jailer tragic, any citizen throughout the album. Happily I mean I am I right It is then this saga about him in this job club. Now we were watching this video of him taking the money back after he threw it as Asia they do that Let me pick up other people's money that they do industry club and all of us living admitted it what happened, but he said LLC, I get when they start China be cute, I'm taking them back well, yes, I put up a video trying to explain it. A measure of this explains what
down in the club. Here's what he said the way I see it, you made me month Muslim. Whose outcome out nose against the fences. All can all do what say you know the powerful data, and I said and that's why go right every time, let me go to deception again the corner and lead them all by himself. Be moving around. One may say by having a guitar does as we read it out the mother. Somebody does that reaches out. And did you go you talking this bit is talking? Don't you don't about this debate. Do you think is leave me alone and let me take my money back behind us bother me about taking my money back on them come against mighty ship we gave Lyra dad needs their salary, certainly below you say he says to Tom Metal. Nobody knew what I wanna know he's those monies everybody else, those money while his money back. The oldest trick in the club. You know you don't want you illicit. You, kurdish, triple
don't know a lot of money every by so many, but you get your money back. Merou live on stand by this group was in Utah money if the money touches me in any way shape or form of images brushes by my head. That's all money now than you wish of this. Now you see me leaned down to pick up my money under picking up my money. That's me: do another shimmy undeclared get your portion having ended so clever, both Charlemagne, I M an amateur you. What they both do, envy guess money from club owner, whether you supposed it though, and never throws it, he was in behind him as a little bit of a treat. Perhaps it is like dangling a carrot knows funding friend of Iraq, have five hundred singles or my dress at home. Right now. I think I throw them money so when you spoke about has given me money to throw he does not, though it he keeps it he so cheap and Charlemagne. Throw money by. You will pick money. I go pick one. You got an ad pictures of Charlemagne on the ground, it s a very light guy. Taking up my that's what it's like to go to the ship club, where my coworkers. Once again, if you throw money, Such must gain in any way shape or form that our money aimed aims.
Before I am correctly and the same way. If you give me money, if the money I'm gonna have to throw away, I was they once I've salivating. I Wednesday Club in Miami Canada diamonds, and they paid us now put my money away doing I paid, or at least that asylum is money that everything I've done anything that we spend the money my eyes met is now a young and didn't know better. I'd. Never do that back in my good night Mozilla YE, and that is your room, a report and all right. Thank you. Miss ye know when we come back with a front page knows what we talked about, how we about a masked men entering a radio station in shooting someone, Nora and also your magic about what radio station in at least one night Why didn't you tell me about you? Don't worry about that, and also could you imagine going on a date, finally date do tending when you get to the places both to meet this person. A person looks nothin like the picture and tender
Carthage everyone every day what has happened to one or two people over to pay? We will talk about the next. I was well snow. Moves to breakfast club monitoring is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club blueskins and front page news. We was thought efforts, easy. Let's talk about what happened at a radio station, a w o Archie Madison was content, a man wearing a mask and heard enter the radio in an open fire on three. These days there were in the studio. One person was shot in the buttocks, and ended up having to go to the hospital with non life threatening injuries to be a person was discharged already are saying it does seem like it with them. Targeted, not a random soothing, arrests, unwanted courses goal. I would reiterate a visionary work out. You can just walking to build. It was a very small station. It looked to big, I n. I mean how many times twice. Somebody's won't work does more than couldn't get back. There should mean do security provision our debt and saw this outcome.
Are you could walk in during the day when not acted as our common night? Let us in the morning Sunday morning they say they don't know how to live under more funding. One has been allowed quoth. They don't know how the assailant entered the building there, trying to figure that out as well. But I gotta be a six automotive one's own automobile chair. We been knocking intruder, Freakin Fredo, one dated one came to the front door. Tell us now give away those tapes armoury whereby there now you today now you shall by white Man unapologetic our budget I will let you know I'm right, I do you gotta clean poems actually getting in trying to figure out who the person my uncle Wiggily when you get the Basel II I rang in rather than California. Those wildfires have been spreading. This thing right now that is the largest in state history. Over two hundred and eighty three thousand egg. As and they're saying that has been growing about eighty percent since Friday As of yesterday, it was thirty percent contain and seventy five since his were destroyed, but fortunately nobody has been injured. I wanted them smoking. Tobacco measures may run. In California. In order to California,
You can provide wise. We see northern allow more cars Lamotta smoky to ban, could I think they realise that us Mogi would lie when he pointed using. Only you can prevent far advice allows willow modest smoke as something that of our control, but there's more than fourteen thousand firefighters that are now battling these wild flowers. I write and lemon has some things to say back down on sham now down a was upset when the bronze said is on down them is divided. And what I noticed over the last few months, that is kind of you, sport to cut a divided now, the term tweeted Lebron James was his interview by the dumbest man on television dine lemon. He made the brown look smart, which is an easy to do. I like MIKE so basically use both of them dumb. I right here without them and had to say, or unlike those president who lashes out wildly at anyone who criticise, as am I a pretty thick skin. So since this presidency's views
many insult so often the president is called a lot of people stupid. Some of those people are white, but I would just like to note that referring to African Americans, as This is one of the oldest connives of America's races past and present that black people are of inferior and Dawn is absolutely right and I wanted to four grimaces. Don't take anything personally. Could nothing others do as because of you, what other say and do it a projection of their own reality that don't be upset because a dumb ass called you dumb, ass Don Are you willing, Angela YE, and that is your from patients, dynamite we gotta get diamond up. Another within a replica valley has now ass, my man to let it get down of him. Get him a rabbi now, eight hundred five, a firewall or firewood Eddie. Can you come over unison
a second, please can you hold the gamma ray? I am not in a camera ease. We need you to make em out. If he can all about you does look thief comes awesome. I gotta go now. They gave them is not tomorrow to a steamer down for cities. They make up, sees that radio sitting this seat, that you see many people sit in everyday day while you're shooting this is Steve. I can remain. Steel works for a vote recently does Monday. In former now even the white Demon, aright Stephen civil rights, we finish- are we gonna, do jam on that, because you had the daily show. A driver knows who travel between Breadth club now tell us your conundrum on young token what have you got now dropped from? You? Aren't industry? Look before the yes, and I believe, as image we invariably filming as his look on and swept through his lonely of ideas and orderly streets, either on this young lady daddy. What is going to date with yes, so ya chose a place. Yes, you fonder unto him. Yes, when you get to the spot,
estimates we, as was the eaten, have some drinks, UNESCO, early, didn't recognize her now, because pictures are a little old, but he made little five Six, seven years old, she had young young, younger pictures of herself upon tenders. When you got to the restaurant you didn't see which you ordered on a manual yeah. What was wrong? overweight wasn't my cup of tea, a big, mainly gonna, be a mighty the state that is like a vent. He sighs, when you add and pictures waited, so I guess wasn't. It was also causes nice girl. I just wasn't tracker to sort it out with tee. You saw in the picture was smaller than the copper to you. Met at the rest was accompanied by a couple large actualize cut, but really eastward orca. Let's say two very nice girl, she's vein. This false advertising, which you still got what I didn't hook up when you kissed the well a guy- have trapped in a corner
a grand? What We have not a corner. No, I wasn't going basically we can track you. I was the head just as you say, Amby dip out- and I was the one on AIDS and by the way is still lay my deepest welcome. Today's on those that now ass, you are your camera me not good and a mighty. There's time become a little nervous with actual terrible and that's not true man. He doesn't know about her. I don't want to. I don't. I just want to hurt her feelings. Nor are you talking about these. Why did you tell me you want to talk, but because I thought it was a good topic that you're off topic, The aim is in an ordered something. Why is it that you are and what would you do what you know you don't like Russia. Yeah rose yet order. No, it make you still Stephen in writing in my business, but also, let me ask you quite sixty yards.
The phone lines as well. Why didn't, when you see me when you see her walk in and you know it wasn't the picture pretending? Why don't you just leave? That's rude! you stating tat why and made a chasm make out what are we to God you? What would you leader own leader, I now we now turn to hard won. You get tat, you can t write eight hundred five, yeah. He kissed that we use is cast on its own. Achieving Keystone mouth death, knell, leaning, somebody I asked for a kiss were Leggum stand in the way it can kiss niner. You thought it signifies is not the kind of this I mean a dick has run the cheeks signal. You gimme real kiss. My golf I see
about a year ago, I've read all the gold. You became go right now we dump you, ok what we do. This is why we have to me why people have entered stated. I guess he's gone back to kiss you kissed kissed her cheek ass. She said no can be a real case issue. Q in instead of women is want only when you are like that, I want to show the nail burning. Andrews shows a network that all right now Five, one on five one, a view on a date with somebody from India and when you got there the picture was it the same we want these rapid would tat. Only four has come of the unknown curse on the microphone. Come Steve Everyday. Why? You can't recently profile people why profiling is wrong? You never know when you leave. I would you do is dj to stay for the whole day and kissed the person twice. Eight hundred we turned you might go see later five April. What oh five one life is like a Germany's, you never know what you're gonna get. What which. Nick. What are you gonna? Do? Openness is the best
global morning, the breakfast club The J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. So if you just join us, I will care guys dvd frequents on tinder. A lot has called on the White demon yeah you on tinder ed. I found a girl that it was a trap. If you went out on a date and when he got the girl did not look like a picture, said the picture was about twenty years old was keeping as even is very, very lonely, so he's on all at all social media size. Looking for action. He thought he had imagined and you say in a new picture with twenty is all, but I wasn't a case what what even told us the girl was very overweight. Twenty He was able to say that, while
Vito. You cared so solemnly, namely what is my problem was the but Eve led the girl on he went. He wanted a day with the young lady. Did he still kissed her? Did my aim in here telling us about how you didn't like the girl? Now she didn't look he's worried about it. You gonna hear us on the radio talking about young lady. I want you to know. I never call me back. I think, that's a ranch. You believe what I think happiness he wanted to go out with her again and she didn't hit him back. Maybe that was a little put the microphone seas for you to have anything to say to you, one of the cars again to see if it is eighty alienating say he's banned there was an accident, has really happened as you don't hit. You happy, thereby steed no awry. So clearly clearly in the leg, is pursuing tall Steve. How do you notice she liked what she saw? Would you clearly she didn't it? Maybe she didn't you didn't exactly. Maybe she dodgy Spanish, maybe look low dogma and your purchase geysers, you realize the white boy, maybe it's all of this is being offensively not liking. Currently is what would you do me myself?
she nodded death, two legs thieves. They currently out a devout now wouldn't stay for not as rude Owens done with me. Do you lad, if not you when you're such a picture, doesnt jewel? Well, or from letting Grove Minnesota media argument erudite. If I was Dayton, somebody actually solve them are right. I met them look them in the eye than what they look on. Literati dragged him. Ok, I don't know anything about this digital way of doing things are now. What would you do anything about it The liberally abbe, like our man, I'm sorry, I really gotta get his joy. I gotta get out of here every politely You know it s a stupid old as they would. I wouldn't do. Came the brazen twice twice as low found opener you could shift our frog Turner into infringe the probable right. The problem is this: to: why would you just go meet somebody at a restaurant out when you face down with them with some verse closer together? red flag of you want to freeze Thomas dominate. I want to say thank you to meet them. Some with type damned. Will you really? Where was the moment? I whatever would you oh well, you were living Charlotte, but I'm not from Charlotte by her back here.
A seminal full was happening. Nobody's eight big or live in stepping up Walter, you from the South Carolina Greenville spawning area. He while still check it out I met a guy had profile. Is there that he would take swine, I'm a good thought through I dont, like Ebay, guys thought do ok. I like the look you don't wanna literally be looking at your feet. High amount, not a guy. Ok! So, there he got out the car into would like. Ah, on Bio, your profile pic, why was going? Are you all right, but I am on five nine. I was, as I know, you're not here for the bow high yield like your clearly that they want My letter that by allowing the disaster, but he would not. He was like a good Papa one hundred and fifty seven ain't no way in Hell. I can stretch this until somebody. I was six one how he was literally
b. I play basketball on five, not at their brow. You're, not gonna, play basketball, still, ok, Will you please have them case? I'll be ok light. I go for the dark matter. Like? I said you know it after having guys have bigger things, human. What does you know? Well, I understand your one that invades in your life red meat oil ass. I am, I got eight hundred, I have a five one o five. What what would you do why you meet a girl on tinder or you meet somebody on tinder by the time we get to the restaurant or to buy it doesn't necessarily look like him. Would you say, would you leave? What would you do is to breakfast locomotive comes morning? we bodies the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now have you just join us? we talk about our came, remained Steve. It met a girl, once again took out on a day when she got there. It didn't look like it was
yeah. I was an unknown hedges money. He still state on the date and kissed her twice, because if so we asking what would you do put it, but what am I going to do now thief. I could ask you a question Why did you through the national anyway? Why aren't you stay young lady? You didn't like the ones. You look because was handed a date and You mean that a gimmick is now nausea, LISA. My person, I drank too much very nice person july- you put your oblast on the radio, is more understanding they fall. You know I can we make in this story just for the content. That is true. That is true. All dressed, can I get ran up on industry by some chubby woman cry mad at me. Well, Why shouldn't say? Can I go drop? This does not remove envy buying their money. Now I'd anonymous where such a girl he went on a date with your man
We have king over here men shit. If we met a better, read the right and left and she didn't look nothing like the pitches. Birthmark she'd look we never like up here just so you know. I had a viable because I want to be rude, but at that after that would go up aid, but it dinners I'll be right back and go to the bathroom and I took off I do like just out o because release you state and pay for the dinner. Can honestly man, I'm not a super? your person like that. So, if I wasn't The present, not unlike gotta, look if I The single personalities today, not a conversation, you might meet him. You might make a new friend in rabbit. You gotta be a different right. Look. A friend, a friend for afraid, there's a friend, I've got a friend I know about the government might be some might have my change your life. What a better and it'll have to be on our relationship, love allows is also the solemn, I'm right
sir, I work on the issue of where we are gonna. Be ok. What's gonna name here, you want wanted! They me a member, pick you yes, after a day, you're gonna over your wife a day. Go to you now as money a mess frame. I don't you know my wife, I'm proud member, to favour blackmail, community level, as you requested bread, but if you dig that opportunity chairs right and they say I went on a date in the day when you went back to your crib, what would you do about it? nice Guy ass. I am, I know, not tell us, what would you do? Do you know it's a pleasure man. This is your chance to shoot. You shall. What would you do like I'll put me out here some time, a trade that we welcome them? How do we gotta level has got to be slow and I would like an arrow do. Have you pick up close the deal with it
go to the wall. You know ready now. I know I know not no nose up. My say: no, no means! No! You get him to take his clothes off now. Would you would you attack from the back? Then. Why are you doing here? Would you guys kiss ITALY's? Would you kiss him blue? Thank you. Thank you all know the guy right now. What is it worth? More have no other way to hit me. Ok, you're, a boy why I went all the way from the black missionary like what Why have you to manage our male craze save lives? If you need to build up a solemn I'll, be there,
yours. I am a very diverse, developing my right now, I'll put you all the very diverse time. I will only reach a number and we will give it the Charlemagne. The enemy was denied, evaluate my ok, thereby newsroom sub disrespect and oil around. Let the wreckage showed slumber bite await our radio. Personalities are the original categories. We are the original, they hear us and then meet us and we Nothing like always out what you do is make his omen. Its cargo did you my wife and kid, my wife and kids, my daughters, I myself Fridays, I got my backpack. I got my backpack giveaway Jack Saturday and Mouse going South Carolina at the whole community. Sooner amongst corner Norma. Backpacker schools apply giveaway, decided from eleven before you gotta give away. You should go away. We will do that would give away with that be angels want to do
Great log was something I know. Reducing automobile chocolate bundle was dull will have. Objectify was more than a story. More story looks on everything. Ok, that's the mothers. Suddenly used obvious or supervision. The usual apologise that I gave a partner on black on a radio to mourn, makes these Athos. Face honesty, I'm sorry! Then why the while I'm sorry, I I congratulate are. We are also aware you, yes, we're gonna think about beyond say on the cover of a magazine. I give you some cliff note of what you said. During any view,
all right, we'll get into that. When we come back, he believed the breakfast global morning, the breakfast, the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy we oughta breakfast club, was get cities romas, assault beyond see. This is the Weber report on a breakfast club levy on is on the cover evolve magazine adjutants that things he talks about her body and after the birth of her first hand, you said, I believe in a thing society said about how my body should look. I put pressure on myself to lose all the baby weight in three months in scheduled a small tore to I would do it looking back. That was crazy. I was still breastfeeding went up form the rebel shows in Atlantic City in two thousand twelve after the twins. I approach things very differently. Drugs by being two hundred aged eighteen pounds, a data she gave birth to the twins. She said to this day my arms showed
whereas in thighs a fuller, I have a little Mammy pooch and I'm in no rush to get rid of it. I think it's real. Whenever I'm ready to get a six pack, I will go into bees zone and work. My ass, up until I have it, but right now my little Ferber and I feel like We are meant to be a regular. Article great article by the way, and let record. Show I love baby. Wait envy. You know you wipe impregnate twenty times. My wife is pretty men, get a low baby way, two days, even more beautiful than the aim of a pregnant woman after having a game by twenty data. Pass, I see as a text better ancestry. She says I come from a lineage, broken male female relationships, abuse of power our and mistrust only when I say that Early- was able to resolve those complex in my own relationship connecting to the hat and knowing our history makes us both bruised and beautiful. She said that she learned she came from asleep. If owner who fell in love with a married, a slave in her ancestry, I had to process that revenue. And over time. I question what and try to put it into perspective. She says he believes s
God bless her with her twins, also what s just reaches beyond recognition, God, Damn fine details, alignment with the regional from in the country in the tribe- Surgery Gabby us, then why does it out? I know you have to remind you, don't think you don't start on. The obvious thing obviously want to tell me today I raise its acts about the on the run, tour and undermine suits, or she said the Berlin show was one of them a memorable moments, decided the nineteen thirty six olympics. She said this is a site that was used to promote the rhetoric of hate racism in divisiveness and the place. As he owns one for gold medals, destroying the myth of white supremacy, less than nine as late as two black people perform their so a pact so that stadium, so with the whole article? If you want to get some more, she talks about having a son and how she went into being. Brave, but he can also be sensitive and kind or who have a high emotional. I q, and to be carrying two full and honest, is everything a woman once in a man? And yet we don T, say to our boys high emotional, argued very important group: did you can read called
We emotional, like you already before, makes sense I am in the battle is out of the hospital. I'm getting treatment at a rehab facility. She's gonna stay there for an extended period of time, so I will keep you guys up to date on. Progress as after she overdose. Now they said, there's no time, framed for her rehab, but it'll be for an extended period, which is at least thirty days. Lebrun, producing a jack. You sorry shut up and drivel. That's gonna, be for Showtime at three part document theories and it's about the changing role of athletes in the current political environment. Now that's gonna going down this. Basically talking about things like the golden state or is declining invitation to the White House after the final and things like that fell, loves me and people to gossip or so called negative influence the positive another lady Gaga feel stupid his own and turn it into a whole Jackie series. I've been drivel are shut up and school, you one now
ran James as I promised school, they giving us a more information on bleach report about the financials of it. So, apparently, that school is gonna cut about eight million dollars per year for taxpayers and for the brain. Name's family foundation, they're gonna, be planning to spend at least two million dollars annually when the school has grown to capacity to may so that everything When I get accomplice happens, it's four at risk students and we ve been telling you about this. Will that open? Last week by four uniforms, we breakfast lunch in snacks, free transportation within two as we bicycles and helmets access to a food agency for the families, all kinds of job training and so on and so forth. But it is very taxpayers to take here because it is a public school people have access to an Jennifer Lopez is gonna, be starring in a movie, as called hustlers at scores. Signed on a star in that and is based on a true story. It's for as a former Strip club employees, who turned the tables on there was to be clientele by creating a scheme that allows them to still tens, Thousands of dollars from their wealthy coming sounds gets me. She's gonna,
The form is cheaper and the ring leader of the group of women who are planning to read these men. I write a Mozilla YE, and that is your room, a report by right. Thank you. Miss ye now, Charlemagne We give an adult to what would you do too? your honor tutor to see queen. Beyond the kings. Easy. What would you do? I waited till every young may name as a marquess, so marquess I'm not a pronounced, I know you need to come there for interrogation, like everywhere, would have laughed it I'll get internet next people access to breakfast locomotive, I'm afraid not what this man to blow was made available Charlemagne to tat, they got make a judgement, is gonna, be on a donkey other day paid shows you, the breakfast club, bridging dog you the day to day. Well,
now here today for to the August seventh go to a young man named the MAR Scott. Another Marcos is eighteen years old will you doing at eighteen years old? I like any remember, highlighted maternity leave even being able to buy Tampa nugget in there. Master blood from the single gas station on seventeen aim was gonna, sell, Cumana a camera, those colleagues even cause. I don't do that an angle oh God, leaving him. Yes, it was I'm pretty sure I've been in jail a couple times what age eighteen, but I ain't got you. Of woods. A went to jail for my first couple of charges, will point and presented a firearm and cocaine position, but so Marco's was arrested in charge commercial, burglary and attempted theft of property. I mean some of us had to give. This is a child. Ok I'll show They don't want to talk about being able to buy. When I was eighteen, I really brought him walk right and stored. Take them off. The shelf me a twelve hour, guys out to walk right out the store with that to uncle lives like our own, a joint. What you think we stole blessed because I got them. I got an m but put we'd in smoked him
the mere because actually drank it, so Marcos attempted to stay something that I don't even know. If he's capable of using see some markets was rested last month after you pulled up to a text, are kind Texarkana you know airport, is what is called he told investigative that he plan to fly a plane to the quarters on the run, to show in another state yet ambitious, you heard me correctly. The markers wanted to go see beyond the age Aisy, so bad that he attended a whole blade from the airport in Arkansas and fly himself to another state. Now, really really a priest aid to everything and love out by cod is top three. Ah, but a year from me by far and love happy as a top three song from Asia, but to attempt to steal a whole plain and fly from Org saw to another state. They seated on the run,
honor under honour untutored, Emma S, eating their illegally airport security guard, believes that these bodies mark happen offensive, attempt to board an american Eagle twin engine jet, arrived a thousand markets in the pilot seat. Upon are ready to take off. I have many questions, ok, somebody question. One point than others. First of all, did. He know out a flight of me to fly to play a very important. I not diminish did, you think in America and twenty eighteen he would just be cleared for take off and did you think just be able to land in the next stage an exit the plane would know. Incident harry- you get in the seat of the plane. I have no idea as far as he defence, the important question I want to know is the he even have tickets through the ordinary tutor, I have people who keep asking me. Fatigue is just begun C mere me in all the time. I can help you
I have I can't who that's it you I just can't help. I just enjoy deploying logo. Ok, I will no way to begin to find a way to get tickets arrives. Marco's did you have taken to the show? If not, I need you to have your priorities together, you can have your outfit ready, steal a whole plain fly to India. When you get a relational, have any tickets thought of all which is probably the most disappointing to me, is the mark. Was you attended? steal a plain go to honour a tutor report? Say police and you in a pilot seated a plane, so Marcus, What his show use attempting to go to was the on the thou right enough tutor. Why you think you were supposed to do when you sort of police coming Run breeds your feet. All ass by that might have virtually every figures from
GO radio station, maybe regulation upon one would have sent you something I mean we shouldn't reward bad behavior. What have you willing to take that kind of penitentiary chance to see blue ivy parent and you actually went on the Rhine and your attempt to commit a crime for, on the run, to take his eight? I gotta respect that level. A stand. Ok, but you didn't go a run. Therefore, you weren't on bran. Instead of seeing Gm B, I say you are now eighteen years old, facing three to ten years in prison and you'll, probably end up being beyond, say the someone's J Z. Don't single ladys dancing, someone's prison cell in Arkansas please let remedies Marcus got two got here biggest. Ah he, ah you stupid mother, you dumb always feel things you can use. Very good advice. Eighteen years autumn, highly daddy gave lively about don't steal, I mean yes, but if you're going to stick around, if you just after I read it came
visa Emily's. Goodbye said the old man. You can use great precedent or would have been even better press if he took off running right all right. If I don't get a day, sir, now are we come back it's time for shoot you shot. I know this is how it works. Eight hundred five, five one o five one of these somebody you wanna how at and maybe you don't have the courage you need the breakfast club to help will shoot you shot. Eight hundred five. Fifty one thousand and fifty one will do it when we come back at the breakfast club, come on the breakfast club? down to shoot you sound, is due to the breakfast: want jades, don't mess it up, method method. We have so many orders. So when you go morning anchor, otherwise we could make a rice only was going to tell us. The story was the situation to our two o o
Man and I got in a really them by land Sea like he's blowing, contains way out of proportion, and he did only the violin treatment, and I got to the point where I'm trying to contact him and he just he won't Haven't you coming back, you won't tell me any religion. Gonna be in a little baby about the miners. Minors. You know how can I tell you what many dotted argument would you on purpose, because you wanted the first which you so he could lead us to go beyond aside as now give us most of my information, whether the argument about he made pickles, man that I go out with my friend too much for me. It's light I see them once a week at four times a month. I not a big of a deal. You know and I have a job to, and I like to see my girl and point to me. Don't like it Invariably aid paid to him, but I don't understand why people come a double
bannered here, whereas you not like your friends or somethin, I mean I feel like he does what you want to take all my my independent. In the way of the woman you know like he does want they're on his fine when he does not have I got good relations. Have somebody who want to take all your independence away as a woman? I just want you to stop going. Also more vessel. So I will seize this year once a week. It was wait. You re was the biggest again as we work in five. These we get an early day that we have to go out on a Saturday you at which a girl was Mazzoni, say where's twenty four hours a day, this Amazon to use by man is a day. That's the only time you would have had to spend with him and me I haven't seen him: you want to know. Why are you working methods are no, he go thou it with his friend. Well, why am I here? That's interesting though I didn't make it
Let him be let it get hasn't more prospective goes out with his friends, but he has a problem with you going out with your friends here, very well as callers guy. What's his name awry Gabrielle, admiral you just say gave up on Google call Gabrielle when we come back why you on their mail, you cited man is still stab little call when we come back at the breakfast table, bemoaning the J envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club in the middle of shoot. You shot. We have Sonia own alone, she's, to call her man Gabrielle. Also at Stockholm, hey baby mean Sonia yeah Sonya, I'm really well, you pizza
feel like you, ve, been ignoring all my colleagues and I really want to talk to you and you know clear. Whatever this area is between us here, I don't I mean to say you. So I understand. Why are you calling me well, I guess I just wanted to know you break is coming up. I wanted it to let you know that I do have a surprise for you and that in know I'm sorry for everything has gotten out of hand the name. You know- and I hope that you you know if the situation and I want to move forward It would be a good idea, don't surprise for timely.
Based on that now. What do you gave us? The breakfast club, I'm Angela YE shall remain. I envy you what I'm always Sonya there. So bad Yes, sir, the radio brain, not just a radio, the breakfast clogging, Ashley syndicated, eighty plus one hundred I'll, see you don't like a goin out we're friends once a week. What's the deal I mean I've tried to will have nothing to say to you. I really don't. I am now- I don't want to talk to your age. Whatever are you guys, the Maginot she noticed did. I don't really have the. What did you do on you? Why you holding out on us? where I want to get back to you with the election, what I am you and tell us that you did not mention that Islam, which our friends was a week, you to say anything about that linking. Why am I might add- and I we working together with you and I were on the threat like that- is the way that what that
so Sonia at facilitating? Suddenly, I would you want to our achieving when you're the one who called it begin with what you want. I don't got turning We need new, basically broke up with me. Will you You know what happens right off. I don't feel sorry for you. Could you wasn't front with us when you first caught up carefully? Wasn't that is very relegate everyone's relations have history. Well, ok, don't worry that maybe this history so go go, go look. You will act. I wish you low eggs who, as you know, access evident I'm alone on you. Sonya designed to glow, adds that you want to have low sex with announcing I'm sorry, sir. You could lower history. The earlier have gained aliens, ok, I'm sorry
so you're gonna be more honest in the future about what you did for me. He's got a bad day. I was this time period are in our relationship with our not hurried Sonia. It didn't work. Gabrielle, don't like you now that he still held in a grades for that, but you can't blame on you little so now is overwhelming erratic stout disrespecting lies largely one immunity must ban, you blame him, Sonya avenues, brains and because he was my that's on young here, less than Gabriel does higher yields. After the window ass, the Levine area, you stood any last words Gabriel Guy yeah. Basically, I'm trying to help you got that you better wasting your time.
She didn t lie at the like you, so whatever did Gabriel Billy shudder and his Tang adios array, like those set out what a son don't sound nice. Now, the lorry gay Rio nature were all right, they're real, but I have finally realised who I am and who I am has nothing to do with. You may as well all right now just shut when we come back, we got room is unaware of all. Was the breakfast table Mona? Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are. The breakfast club was happening a more far reaching in Estonia, always a soul. That's right, it's out of political. You, Google is good on his face.
I decided to so my late this morning to knock arab Muslim, but we have free, I shall yellow ankles. I will consider what was a so called heavy oil, a breakfast club as advocating be setting some more records, and now he tells you previously easiest tat be anti for them. We have one hundred records by a female act simultaneously. She's the first female artists have to number one records on billboard hat one hundred that but at Yellow- and I like it, but now This is the first and only artists to have three. Where could sell over five hundred thousand units impure sales not streaming appear sales this year problem football for Mamma, Mama body, mother of culture, COD Ii, be those three back. I like it finesse girls like you, ass, she announced it under Instagram and she say for the record. I set records. Rugged says and was there be in and out of jail. Thank you for supporting, there's one or balls off. We now,
through the Mama body she added. I radioset has announced their first lie performance after she had to camp going on tour, we're Bruno Mars and she'll be back on stage and at over headlines for a San Antonio Marla Luna Festival, so that will take place October, twenty seven and twenty eight, so be outlining alongside Nick Damn entirely the creator as well as you will drop out rate after maternity leave. I think, sir, she working Schuman understood, Yola Ass, you may as well. You just keep going I'm out as has been talking about women wrappers, said about Nicky Menage. Now we're all waiting for Adam to come out next week, but he also talked about the story about hers too. Catchy six nine, Phoebe collaborated in how it happen. Now she says: sickness the song and we got on the phone to discuss five minutes after the call I sent him this voice note and she posted the voice, no
cohesion, as they do not like the garage or lump I'll be wending leg was tat. She was a little more than two years by here, my past. They got me blowing like what does she keep up? The embers that you say, I'm pretty like the nasty she's. Only then semi of waste No back and making fun of my voice. I was literally embed, half asleep way No, dad, I'm already interviews. I am ready to hear her out until I showed you guys are going to Johannesburg South Africa for the first time. I'm really excited to go out there and it is like a women in her path, events, I've been doing all kinds of research about different women in her path, and I think I doing is how a hip hop her story thing and did you know empty light? Was the first Rapporteur Performer Carnegie Hall? No even of you Rapid Osage Aisy, but she really was really Rostov. And let me get the credit for that. I have no idea for sent me the momentum, gay or the credit they deserve all the time ass. We do have some form of Africa. But people who you down there to make sure you go to bed
restaurant, the best everything I'm stuck. Oh, I m. So why don't you credible for being first present to performer gonna. Do I'm not sure sure ass, a light they're bringing me out there. Some excited to go nothing young amaze, going Roxy Shanty is goin to lay all go to so much earlier. For yes, he's gonna go out always nice big event, our right. Now, let's talk about Levin Hip, Hop Hollywood. Suffice his no pictures leaked to be know about that. But I love her Pappy. It meant that he did have nations with one another CAS member who, by the way, is Mary This is no you smell, like I didn't mean for the images we re talking was almost forgotten. The song is denied and I went out and she was really wanted to uncle.
Standing when I deserve Knesset, arrogant LA a fiery admitted to sleeping with America, but you know she, married to a one on the show, so that eleven about. Everybody was talking about he's accede, trending sizes that I like, there's no one already filled by insofar as nudes leaking did. You gave any tips on from other is business tapes tabs. But above Ok, we got no boot up, You really do you gotta dumped on his question. You they gave any tips on how to maximize, came us and make us about it. When you said TAT, they know you got it. There's. No one will have much to say about the Pinochet should it did it is. We are ready to come up of. That was not act like you didn't heated. How sex think that that is very true, that's different. Would you recommend Safari to a sexting Maggie? avenue, the right person nothin. Voter related by their ages. It was what can guide us in. What's got? U catches?
was actually gonna. Give him with her than it did for him region. May rigid infamous for life. Could that it was right to know who she was like that before you would think originally made that you now used we towards true blurred, and you know you had to make her to make her was the person who actually made goodbye. Get ready to make her right. Last year you're, like a ratio of the maker of the goddamn thing. That was the start of it now The genesis made his hair out no now look known. I was very definite Well, I'm Angela Ye- and that is your rumour report laudatory. While the two men reward is from Dallas view the personnel created at a bag Prescott Merodach Prescott get out Merle. Have you seen it? My dear cousin, Eric MIRA, mural yea, Greek? To that end I e said that he paints the image laugh. We gotta you heard at that. It's gotta be name donkey of the weak on NASH, This indicator radio programme had breakfast club whenever I did so by dropping a fool
the tree. What our vote will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice, mixes up necks and yes Mr forcible Applebee's, I'm just my Applebee's move like spring has not got. It We are all living in the ripple effects in history, a butter flaps its wings in China in the nineteenth century, in your we're driver, MRS the turn for the airport, for an eccentric genius, invents air conditioning and changes the course of american politics I'm Sean Brasswork post of the thread and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by Ozzy called Flashback, a series of stories of unintended consequences. Listen to flash back on the eye heart radio, amp apple pie, gas or wherever you get, your broadcasts My name is Sir Pearl wealth for the poor, For years, I've been trying to figure out. How might The two year old Son Courtney wound up with a bullet in his back
the Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him, and then there is the truth. Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple podcast or wherever you get. Your party casts
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