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Friday 4/28- Today on the show Wale stopped by to promote his album " Shine" which comes out today. Also, we had the CEO of Shea Moisture, Rich Dennis stop by and try to clear the air about their recent controversial ad that came out. Charlamagne also gave Donkey of the Day to our Celebrity and Chief Donald Trump because of the comments he made about being President.

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Even so. I guess I must say this morning is of a day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the Roma rubbing the wrong way. The breakfast ravaged by yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, easily ease in her face be great. National army was praying a black fraud? Yes, it's Friday a week, it is here. Yes, it is
good to be alive. I'm so excited about. You know me. I'm alive did last night. You know every once in a while problem once a month once every two months ex, not unaware one in every five times, a boatman Yoni, none at best actually got it, but we went to massage was massage arena. We want two elements. The elements Massage place that doesn't charge much for Messiah things like sixty dollar fifty dollars for full body, massage is Sometimes you just need that park, the kids, kids leave you alone for our hour, each massage acute Saudi bogged goods you just the sitting there followed it but it was. It was good, an amazing massage. Oh my god, I feel so good so comfortable. Right now as you should, I wouldn't let you know so funny I wanted I when gummy a petty geomantic you yesterday, that's it he's in Turkey, I needed to guard the wives, mothers. I was out of town but Romeo your manager, and you know so sad about that. I got me a petty geomantic, you in the hotel, and that was wanted.
Things may what almost walked down the bill It is too expensive and hotel. I go to the legal right of the street to the lawyers, and people are getting for like fifty dollars a day hotel. It was two hundred dollars accident. What year is used at the same level in his eyes and a low birth. Have you took you to get a massage? They would be like three hundred you have been placed on our debate. No doubt it was among other games, motel room no little job stop. It never doubted it. Now. This morning we gasp astrogas joining us. We have. Why lay joining us is our miss out. Right now is call shares, will kick, it would wildly drop. One includes boss while lay damage- oh my god, I'm sorry, I couldn't be a ravenous, my guy, and also to see of shame. We share them is rich. Dentist has been a lot, no one, always Shea Meister, as we have in a nice low shea butter showed his morning we got wily out. We had had a say most yes, call it a nice los everybody, so we're happy without any
of Charlemagne someone's going to freeze beat? So you view I Geier later, because a cleaning embrace it I have to take. The game was right to say where the word like mad led lights, to get an answer railway. I just can't do anything with their complete standstill. Sow is sitting here. Man one million of range, the maiden clean in it. I guess for the past couple of weeks, but I was gone when we can. I usually take another way, but I was John Jay yesterday hosting Italian, so there's two everybody from John Jay Radio Alot of people that are aspiring to community college, better relations with those don't know yet added I wish I was I was there. I yesterday host necessary to everybody who performed its hard to get a buys days and performs I've always respect people. I can do that some people with their first I'm burly performing coo EE. Oh no, you don't need to stop we're just cleaning the breeze. They need clean all in New York. Ok, me August, filthy.
Build a clean all in New York. Now this doubling the bridge is filled it any likelihood of an end and new Yorkers, and even people from New Jersey need to stop literary we later so easy, like is nothing, will a common history we Mcdonald isotopes gunning like part of history. That Alexander work is like the design is gum and almost got money. Should you care every Missy down order will look like without gum on it. Now we get a clear that without a clean up a little bit but anyway, let's get to show cracking is worldwide exclusive will replace every hour on our from Dj Coward, featuring Justin Bieber Justin Bieber issued unequivocal, ensure the rapporteur, is calling on the one hand at the breakfast club morning. Janet Justin Bieber QUIET now DJ gallon worthwhile radio music Visa Gallagher. Love, like you, gotta matchless, indicated more nationalism, Jesus Christ and he's better love. Actually s itself too. Have you looked at an unnecessary live only us give my love enough things, a little wing and chest representative channels.
I was on. Agencies are a long way in order to acquire voyages, drab known as well, but looking of front page news now that surround so wrapped as eliminate them, a walkie bugs beaten him. Ninety two, eighty nine the spurs live at the very least, be won over three nine six. Now, let's talk about Donald Trump, and what this is all areas. President Donald Trump is reflecting on his first one hundred days in office, surprisingly enough, he did not know it would be so difficult check it out. All your life, My as I live in my previous life. I love my previous life. I have so many things going. I I I actually. This is more work than in my previous life. I totally easier. I like to work. So that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. Locking up to you to him up the dog. You did the right thing down. What's gotten dog you to date is moving
nothing so about how we might have to do our own special drove when Donald Trump gives dont you today, you can get regular dreary by carrying out a lot less privacy than he seen before drainage. I'll call, you think said you can't go anywhere. I can't drive anymore. Design is all when he likes to drive the earth's called being a president of the United States of America. Donald Trump. Are you crazy and even with healthcare? Remember he said nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated. No healthcare was complicated if it was since we whenever, Although this? U turn again healthcare bills past, unless it is to have an orgy, though we are allegedly warranty on downturn, is you didn't like a probationary period are going away, thereby whether it we're getting less word lay back now, which is now? Governor hundred ably, we warned you know no bring him back. But my united reached a settlement. Yes, they actually reach the sediment without David there, that's the passenger, who was dragged off of the flight earlier this month. Now
those lawyers are happy with the idea they haven't disclose with the financial situation is, but a very happy. So I can assume that it's a pretty good anymore, never go away a set right. An according to doubt. Fires. They said Mister Maloney S Gonna do the right thing, that's the ceo. He said in addition unit, has taken full responsibility for what happened without attempting to blame others, including the city of Chicago, wonder who mostly game we have our one day will find out. You know firmer the will be lit of into that kind of thing right now, if he is, he got him money. The way he'd have the best Instagram on social media, at least for the next year. So I and United save the bunch of stuff to change. Like four things, I beg of you, ten thousand dollars in compensation, national hen, major changes and nobody will be forced our flights anymore, you're gonna limit limit, contacting law enforcement to come help and assist with that. I was stuff
What is it if you lose your luggage? They're automatically no questions asked, give you one thousand five hundred dollars if they lose your luggage, but I need more than that, depending on what's in your luggage, never had that problem that one problem at one time fly United, just try to start a fight for Bosnia, we still watch, you don't want this Domini ETA concussion. He broke his nose. He lost teeth matters about fifteen outlaws here to my left here. One time when I got into a car accident nor as well the only into regular? Without did you get when you when you say that, like for tat violence, I think, the three Nummies back then it was aimed at me rich negro, you couldn't get a lot more. I failed to meet with everything I'm in a really I'm laundries. Our genome is It's just that you hearing, Fidel muscle and I'm sticking to it what you said just now, and have now right that as front page, it is up to get it off it and tell me why you're mad or tell him I you bless eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now, or maybe you feel blessed
are the five one five wanted to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club Hey I got a young about a young man was a real matter ass. They mass the angry as they have they Bristol. Why you, man was bloodless, go below promoting. Tomorrow morning, Cinema MAD mad, I just came across, can cardiology and was in a view with Alan and she got rob their powers you talking about. Life is not difficult material days, if not appoint anymore. I believe it I do before. Yeah, but you can find out you. You can't say that, because he's been historically reach, so she's not like the rest, the boss, who had to understand the meaning of life and stuff before You got a low change, so she didn't understand ETA. She grabbed allows there's a present in power
The trees are mad enough blood. I why you may offers man of mad because following the public on the map of fact alone in the book black privilege. What made with and we got. They know, may we are now waiting with Peter Rabbit call up here. I see what you put rather thou me, I see an animal dogma, Britain, your dreams rather than there were in fact go out on the table there. Whether our bless you could book out man. A thing mare, debate right now: I got an already already pre. Already any I've got the book in the middle of the day to day living with the early on in the Eu Thank God. We should all desire GABA, you go design copy of black privilege what I really want- a solemn may God, you would tell you you see me industry, our scientists and for human rights,
brother, allow. There's someone in this city look. You too you mad. A blessed is worn out. This morning. I would like our seminar, I'm not thinking about grandma Naw Man, where you were not become an o hurry up with the car. You know about the good come under this programme right, you have. Your child is focused, T need a ride to school. Leader has rights of women and men were not coordinate. You wanna write in America, but you must leave us deliver Jim she'll in single in child free. Unless you want to go to school now than others Molly manner from the company without borders, where there will be a very good luck to you? You got a harsh reminded us money, but it did not go to school beg your mom Why are you mad or tell him what you bless? Eight hundred five a photo five one is the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast,
Are you bless and highly favouring the congregation at eight hundred vibrate five, five, one brave deeds. The breakfast club firms would tell him how you plan to do I'm until we know I'm blessed Y y. You because almost wanted a fire festival right. See here. In all these comments about this fire festival in how bad it is no cell service, this aim- people have put it has tagging. Is people are talking about it, for the love of it was a fast via the fire in the Bahamas and I guess it was like it is very expensive and within twelve thousand dollars by regular packing. But his wonder why what is fired me does offers war war in urging you deal with thousands of labour. We light it was, was be good. Music he goes reassure, murdered a bunch of major Laissez Julie, Islamism, music festival, yeah Festival, we're right after Co.
Is now going to wear anything. Unless I beg candidate according to everything online Annabelle destructive, we will try to get all right. Leg is really bad. People say they have. No food is no cell service, they would eight people say they purchase like luxury sweets. Like lying on the ground alleging that is not something, whereas in the Bahamas always involves all case. We need a more general is more out of general self. What I guess: yeah yeah! I don't know where the Euro has to do with this festival, but we The court of auditors is at his No one on written bless. You didn't go allows this run a right in a wheelchair. Ok to Moldova. Georgia would appear to have been the most famous present. You already know. I don't know, I don't play ball game plan. That's what he needs her eyes, though I don't wanna give that you set out for the point about low camphor lay lived my life Male Cuba. Did you hear the drop
No clues Buffalo. Can you can you you're looking you about now? Why do you say you gotta get out there? Will J F, you don't talk about your pay about little care of our pro any by. How do you feel when two package mere overcome I may add the day who got here, but you now what about a little earlier. What about the big time is? Get your online. I soon outcome Will you go about their FAO Unaware that Magdalena Wrapper loud he's coming out upon a joint letter? Again, do you go have legs? I believe the levy to bow, I wrote all drama iron rolling range, running rigour in roman roads. Your version of major old inedible, don't stop it adopted, like I've got a bit.
Play me. Give you a bit about your ram. Has wow right. The role of weight it does come from not Odo is crap. Why you bless eighty five, a five one, a viable and if you're upset you d be the or, if you bless now, you ve got room is underway. If we do, we are then his hey. I guess we should talk about. Little came a little bit about daddy's documentary and what are you doing with that? Also wise everybody so mad a Katy Perry, DORA we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast the report annually on the breakfast club, where Katy Perry had announced a new song is coming out with them egos is carbon petite it's supposed to be released today?
there has been a lot of backlash already, because people feel like the our are homophobic and size in this thing or because of the remarks if they made Baconian Elam according came out, is gay and was said this world is not right. Now, Katy pay he is getting criticise from the US. Bt, community and other people, even though, as you did songs, I kissed the girl in yours, so gave previously those zones or pro algae, boutique ass. She said she just a girl. She liked yeah. You know it Interestingly enough, she was criticised for those songs as well. Why the devil. Souls are very pro. You beat you Norman, huge Katy, perfect. Everybody knows that locate bite away. So don't even have a problem in our enemy. What the song to be good, as it is a good like here, but we have already here. We have already at fell by mean other because of their remarks. Then the meagre. Made by which you do a song with them is where people are feeling like some other way. Will she just released statement equal should say, look I to shift the girl
I like it is well ok, now declared thing. I mean that like. They ve already done interviews abuse clearing up with China to clear what it is it they said and what they meant in that any view. But you know how difficult that is our angle, I also gave you- will have to be cautious a hoodie ride for because I know that you are really want mccone in on the team like that idea, and I ve no all game in our creativity I am highly trapped in the closet could be getting a sequel and that could be happening really really soon after divorce equals was there three chapters already and right now: apple music, there actually in trying to figure out, Where did you another sequel and according to other pieces This in our Kelly, has allowed a material so that a really keep going. What would your jacket class it was pretty big for our Kelly. I know you. I stay right There was a lot of all Kelly sexting him. You need not a thirteen year old grounded. Everybody wants to convene leave, convene we forget about. I never seen it before Our pornography are not yet happened, right empathy.
Documentary is coming exclusively to apple music in that is cast that won't stop which data daddy and bad boy records rising in the nineties of that will be on Apple Musingly, permitted last night. Yes, it out in pseudo, that's gonna be available. Setting June twenty fifth super safe. You wanna see that right and then it was his fire festival that everybody is has tagging this morning. If you look for that has tag, it was a festival in the Bahamas Aubert, but it looks like they have cancelled it. So if you had plans, go just know that waiting to via festivals, Instagram pays things got off to an unexpected start year day, one for those currently on grant great eczema. We are working to comfortably accommodate, guess and deliver experience, if you have needs please head to the Blue House, but for those with pending travelled, circumstances beyond our control and allow with a culture of safety or inbound charter flights at eczema had been cancelled, and so people will be.
Funded their money. But there's a lot of reports on what's going on on the island and it's not looking good. They show pictures of what the dinner looks like. It's is die, reform backs with bread and cheese, Roma goodness and then some lettuce- and blink one, eighty to actually pulled out of their performance. They were supposed to perform both weekends. A statement from the ban said regrettably, and after much careful interval, consideration we want to. Let you know we won't be performing we're not have any. We would have what we need to give you the quality of performances. We always give fans, as must be good music that of those two Bahamas like Ireland is an island and now it was they had to build the inability tens there, the builder facilities, the bathrooms, bring an electricity lorella, that's what they give issued. It has made a dual wanted to resort to jump, to move and keep it easy breeze griping. They were trying to make us and they like more exclusive rights and nobody's ever been to before, and therefore the ticket was really expensive. It was twelve thousand dollars, they told me like those, but it was gonna, be like a stroke,
HU, a luxury struggle you gotta, get busy to performances, but the there's a luxury tents in Athens so any kind of like Woodstock if Woodstock had luxurious accommodation, low Medina Legal, like out of the bridges Woodstock Mental dig out, enjoy words that were that some things was being upscale type of thing, where it's a festival by its I don't Well, one of your photo festival where you know the art is going to be there thou. Then I got that my room and require answer array. We're getting ready for a daytime village, ok and that's presented by capital, one, it's gonna, be the twenty seventeen I hurt. Radio music festival is going down thirty September twenty third at the vaguest, LAS Vegas Village. On the ship across from the Luxembourg summit, I am tempted ass, a luxury struggle, its Jeffrey NICE, never gonna, be performance. By France Montana, and we just add a colleague so if you want to come and join us in our vip sweet call, energetically, village, Parleyed colleague, colleagues, over the luxury scrub, you can get your tickets. Now etiquette their dad come and join us for that daytime village has presented by capital one at the twenty. Seventeen
heart radio, music festival in Vegas, more and everybody is dj. Envy easily ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. Now this man has an hour. Out right now. I now, ladies and gentlemen, we now gradually we haven't seen a while they re in a while. You daughter, Jane you bs change me we're congratulated for. Thank you. Thank you, she's the best in the moonlight bigamy thing I was emotional before
down again I'll, be you know you know we were on the road is like a debt to hit you like this with you now I like others, we, like you, know you ve got me. I mean I know other browser, but I just go to my phone. If you look in airline decry sweet, Arbela, young woman, who does what does these languages sorcery airline just be like, and I remember my door- God is so real yo. I was in a hotel one day and I was really missing. My door Mozilla create a my farmers in my body. I just got this phone apron allowed one another so was rolling over us.
The more I woke up and up from a phone or in its went straight at adding, even though the future legislative own slash soldiers her, because you know how I got people face was like YO and they had Musa like an agenda which is planned in those of some like that. Don't recognize from like hurts thirty Well, so I assume you are my yell. What do you know why? Because air, but it doesn't change it changed me like that. How does it feel to be clear, usually a private person, any relationships which had always been placid all over every social incited, soon
How did that feel it's different, but I had to matter come to grips. I was like man up. This man is sometimes it sometimes it's just supposed to just for myself right only I just post it for myself back and I'm saying, like I don't even be thinking about what everybody I just be like YO, I'm very proud of his of his. My raps very problem feel like they need a trophy. If ever in life deny impossible, you know and looking at a late hour, never never create enough imbedded in and his personal, that's like when I'm on a rose from time that it be like reflected in his delight, look into my pictures and like MRS Sommer nuts posted now now, would you be in our emotional but which will be in the way the wily is dead. As a major,
because you know the trolls enemies by land area very similar them anyway. You guys reacted they absolutely so he can say. I think I am a heavy, so LISA way more season early hazy early talking of the legend, we have constantly oji for sure, but is, though, is going up because behind it It's getting harder to press mobilise. Were you it's like. I said I am I'm open book trojan audio safer than about your daughter s, distrust
just to give, but I can't even is no way does I told them a good man, as I tell them, the gods only may something has now perfect, a noble, no troll Gazeta and his goal of young early in my day, if they catch me, slipping like on my right. It like this to happen and request in the General Gregor did look in. I like and ass no oil as a light yields and as far as my most perfect anything Nike. She, you can't really troezene, Nay Avenue, I suppose the canal next week and you posted at nice in this day and age. You could actually do something. I tat we went Sarah with it wouldn't have due back in the day as a hiding. The year is out illegally pushed it up, but not as they were watching over there.
I do there, but if you put a leg of the weight language day like ok, when I put out right now, because basically yesterday, you will like I'm a put it out at midnight, you would do well. Well, we try to get the particulars lugging, I kind of like a kind of a car for like a kind of force. Alarmist, though, because you know a lot more tour much more than ninety percent, so it out. I think that only joined in Arizona with a minor What are you doing? What Darwin, but, like you know, I'm by my, but then the good thing about this is this is all about my friend though, like I've, always we always talk about what makes me abbe. What am I looking for I got a kind of got an idea we now in on this particular out. Like you know, I just had the most positive live James chain. That thing happened to me and I just wanted like projects funded as it seems
Sir he's right now in order as enough sir, is music all right now, there's enough or you will you did it all on the own resources at the tragic trap joint, but you know what these records I get allow I get. Won't you always get lotta great feedback from radio, but I'm getting even more feedback from radio and club will usually erected certain record a bigger radio, but I can't blame into club now with these represent plain in the club, which is, which is a great thing. Now is your a Meeks relationship that scene at the listing body for real Are you guys? Would you call you taking pictures? Did you ever have a conversation? India laugh. It often believe me, I'm running a disappointment like me. Is man made you so gucci like? You know that I may we not.
But this is like one people apart. You appreciate out until thirty in our life, we like normal rule to a fault even me like, whereas like art to date, it has got public like that's, that's a good and bad when it met with women. G like as the good and bad you know their like. We like a real family, like you know, say you argue, which Bravo Yahoo, just as the idle to mother. Sometimes on the conversation stay in or you can my family proving that you can be a school Sometimes I don't conversation stay in or you can buy fat as perfect as you can be in school with one of your siblings right right and then beef with them in school in front of everybody knows If we go home and that's all dynamic come or would you not go, go go to rescue live nets, agony of movement is just one m situations. I would get more worthwhile. Eight when we come back, keep it lacked is to breakfast club. Bemoaning allay is in the bill. In his AL, Miss out right now. Now we urged call take tickets
you wanna recorded in you fight back and then you guys we're the game with each other. We surprising your vehicle regular will play an active. Anything tat was a sharp either with the Charlemagne Suwa. Let's talk about what exactly you said, you would lay the first one. Is it a play? No about a whole raft of women want the faintly explained tat. He had been barred, and let me tell you about the president that he's the video you can see is not pleasant to blind faith in a platform and major classic rats. All things it played, which live a life where we found it created, sway, never write with them are not waiting for any talk of really great stars. It sort of really keep the public the night before, don't came over. I figure out with a logo. I leader, Pisa, you know
my daughter's mother were not together, but we ve always may we always at the wet the worst sweetly best ran and I was talking to co, I was like Manheim Furthermore, like you know something that was happening in how Some home is unknown, coal is Gimme the device lady. Why are you like? I consider? Moreover, it knows I like you just tell me: You given me was given me game alone. We talk from forty five minutes. Am I right and he never mentioned it the limit, my about that debt. That night. I wonder, I want a visa to go, watch more Moscow, Basketball I want my maid and Anna We want you to coordinate three cloud, then I got to all the drawback. To always my house so stayed in the city of woke
Thirty minutes, causing like forty tat message, Roger Common. So at this point I was like I don't know what to spread river. So I hear agile, smoking, anomalous and gradual ran around and they take me to the studio now and I just I much is studio, went right Saxon in here me until I had for me to put it out at home. That was done. Don't got that like them about ten hours after the lights went out. When I thought about it. I thought because I got there, he got those those ideas in his mind, because, because we so close and the only thing I was like a little bit like to give you an idea. And I wonder why or maybe a little bit languages are easier. Let each area may
I don't know, may I just feel like felt that way, and I think that The only bad thing is if that might said, I have a near now my set a narrative for people who don't really know me right because our Then they both problems got way more. Listen then growled these all. I do not even know that his mind it or whatever? I do. Awareness is the same in other than an arm. Oh no, I just feel like a lot of up personal conversation What is it a wreck? Little bit in Austria, like you, know Bobby IBM, stuff homo mine in Asia? and then I go to come up with an autocrat miles. Was nobody may these to trust him now, after that, I think he just didn't use way. Call therefore, a if you did you try to give through to you. What would you do to me when we thought, but I do think took a lotta like you know, a lot of my body
Some of that. I was somewhat like took it s like you know. This is God is thereby, but it does not occur. You know that at the end of the day like me, who always will be firm in our there, we always gonna be framed, became in agenda. Go with these. We were brought together. You not like, if was in your position. I would want I'd be able to be like. Oh fungicide maids reprimand by the good of all right, yes, I, like you, My leg Will you know you not appreciated if, as in a senator novices lie? Well, you know because a lot of people would might look. It is thought that that was without doubt when I was a word out law. One way you know maybe a little bit but issues like this right now in my life, though, when I am a daughter action, They want. A lot of things are an obvious movement. Ambiguous design, get no job. Want a lot of things like where every dollars gone. Like
I remember like the day after as the other checking of worry dollars, just the good that just like this, face: God just did everything in distant double bright and allowed when others like, I mean they write their right to innocent, then about our. You know cause right now, even as we speak, man you're, so my those are my crew does was still a money has been he's. Gonna he's on, though, he's on the way they call it. You gonna lose what a guy on at large are allowed in reality, scam he bore door wherever you are my name seldom records, and we know that a log in He'd. I played no small part in Semi China, Moody. Could I know you got a lot of sessions in you knows a billion people up above have averted anyway. You don't petty stuff moonies, like you know, once got on peoples, You know, I'm not the twilight, that's another thing. I mean what too bad. We didn t, know what to tell people, but if you send somebody
we'll be removing also goes a little bad job. My horse could around with my leisure I'd, do forty or in a brown bag. This I'm gonna, go to core organism. Are people who travel right now you wanted a forest people assigned Iraq last year. You before rap nation, with angry lose as Kyle's after codified. Never got back, then, is that our enterprises, it didn't work out for you so well, but now is seen by they got there. Now is the right word you gotta cover they like possibly go about. What not to do! I was asked to draw such Argo bat legacy bad bad people with me- things. It was not even done. I'm just now jars, many manager was and is the check this out, and I'm just now now two thousand of them saying just now finishing the splits forgive our early death
my job nodded. Allow does not my job farmers to leave it out there, like I'm alive, and then I go soon. Alike and now, to give you an example of Macao MOB Beers. Was workin and me, I'm retired person, when a brilliant when I feel a bit is not right. If that's my creativity, re knows you know what I wanted to do. The resignation thing you know full well, maybe one day no figure allow. But I remember I remember thornwoods I go anywhere in fact one of two days before it's always over old omen, Added at the old mining lab but I was alone. I bet you brought out. A lot of people are banned. To make everything you you had already out. That's great odo, novella, Belize, Reggie right. Believe me black. So
Graham ago, liberal lonely. I want you to go to the train DC, which I understand is boxer. Oh yeah guardian, Yo Ali Unfounded, which on sign, as are the ones you can set it to do so. Will you got a yo? Yo was Cavern Durrant people number like are you? I just thought like you know their Joam met more than just doin it like unavailing out for other bilateral number Mama, but among other things, like straight, like I'm, I'm girl, like our views, not destroy usual now and for us that you would help one another one moment in a little there cover one on one is an army to it with us, for it was they would they didn't really know what they were doing Africa, I feel like Ebay. They may you really me up new came through. Thank you. He is alone. Different. You now maybe, but, like I said, I got courtesy Otto I mean like everybody's business at it, and I know one thing I know about. We sought J by their great businessmen and maybe
was just thinking like auguries. These are my friends and is business, but maybe there was like ok that is business does Marlowe may not have been the first to know. I learn from that you know, I'm always may show my business his right eye. We got all the while I when we come back, let's get to a wireless, many makes keep it lacked the breakfast club good morning. Was it while a mini makes morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelou Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club wildly is in the building you, let's get it over. Personal for a second viable here, while I there we go so do you their ideally in your head. Things could work out with you. And yet died his mother, I think we'll get a big occur, but right now man why we, so focused on given our all love right and most appalling figures. Josie straight. No more modern love is one of the most I'm so amazed by she'd. She was losing their labour for forty hour.
Ignore medicine, nothing. She murmured Kashmir louder. As they are. Our know how and guided by do where, where thing, but my marketing is with birth, any mothers or expect the month, wasn't it like looking Barcelona look at them. What's your birth in the sale, crazy, but explain to people whatever pampered joy but is like you they hamper you more lemme. Give you an example. When we was given birth at like our thirty seven, we had to go through like you, they hamper you more. I let me give you an example. When we was given birth like our thirty seven, we go to the hospital. Couldn't I to my mother Maybe she was person we ve put like yours there and I'm lumbermen summer. Breeze. Regional aid the lady at the hospital stay my mama bang- there don't say nothing like the late I've above ago, come on possible Maybe you know even try wow you did
You not even try it. I feel a bit of it. Bob Roberto, it will be a Grammy like that I believe the United February by hurry by caught the thirty seven hours later. Would you know? Maybe I will try you better, come up with some different ethical going on. I would like now to yeah. Ok, you're, ok, My daughter was born right enough when you know when you didn't like the May, the stuff like that, I think the baby be more alert, come out at sea. So my darling light must come out, navigate it so but we re here, am I gonna come on like this Zella was moving around. I won T looking around now. What love. And I would like to start with a cry of crime, the dogma of puppies and I never another spray.
My cousin, the holy ghost man like a nervous breakdown, magua was a drug addict, because I'm like forty thousand dollars when war broke. I start to simulate legend. Forty I was all I'm a member went outside, but but but we're not gonna drop. My dad was proud. And I want to touch of like a moment ago- I'm not good enough- even touch you. Enable good enough. I'm not gonna answer I'm so flawed there, I only want bring much at all that. The first thing I think about ask- I was crying like gold, more focus, I was I MA, am I'm heading enough for you, I'm not gonna. Let you so pure. Anything like that. But all my problems, all the things that are going on me as he's looking at me like and others like YO, I'm not good enough, and I just kept and Bob
back to the hospital she ok. She gave. Go away then took out got a passenger ferry bio. If you like, I just wonder I left the joint. Does my copy way it's my daughter. A part of me with a low Biscay, Blake anymore often meet all legitimacy. Laos, airline, so I went back in our lab in and I was just like you in Origami Gary by cadets who write museum like she was also a whole like you know, though, by with a number in my region, that's I was what BT no known. I say I was not within the the start of what dear, but you know I just started a momentary by have Ado le all I got a special Lisbon or can't get a burthen. Ok, Nothing. Maybe we should probably load up. I've done make my baby wet with about things like you know,
like the lower low income places like you know, have my dollars come come teach women about it. Process and all that unlike medicine and all that I know, but I do believe you know a lot about born on community again. Like my daughter, was alert. Then she saw a learner. Night fell. I guess Therefore, there no like cigar good, smart people, jeez lay there, but not be because everything is Genji was, as you will see, that it is very different. She'll be she'll, be. Why is oh in July last Wednesday, the birthday I don't know what it was. I want to add Mozilla right now you go north or we appreciate you could join us manned and I'm going to give the days you said he was going Swoboda, while a music downtown to find out, we say we want like online, have resorted to. Label gave you guys, doubtfully go get should seek as well,
using their common. We appreciated for joining us, be ok, stratagems, love about vote, vote, vote, vote, vote and check out motto. Is going tour. Modern and I'm gonna throw away while a music that no gets its figures. Arizona got my lovely come on we're. God is even if his fire people and will be up there, don't we cars and palm ago performer dead. Gentlemen, come to what happened Maybe I'm the outcome is out right now sound and go get. It is the breathless Le Wildlife, the breakfast Club gas report the Reul report, whose club, where, according to the brides Carmelo Anthony once again loud back, I guess he's billing some remorse now from LEO having listened to
where is that he's having a baby by somebody, as other people are saying that, naturally we don't really know, arrange loser lights, Naturally, buddy is trying desperately to talk Lala out of leaving. Him now has been blowing her phone epoch. Entity, embassies been apologizing, saying that he still madly in love with her offering to take a vacation any thing for her to take him. You now you really know he's been lagging all her pieces. Instagram owes you should hear fight. You should fight for his married at last, A friend of mine is a great woman, imagined a beautiful thing. Mellow allow. I got a good thing on going together. Mellow had to get some things out of his sister. My guess, allegedly, and now you get your marriage back on track and no relationship. A marriage is perfectly Angelo, constant work and also a hopefully they could get back together and by the way when a man gets straight here.
Will be a good man after that will give the Eu Lebanon Israel can attest. To that you'll. Be scared. That's wrong is fine weapons carriage traded happen. He said Benito every now and then well. Needed. One was easily not every now and then once we know that down our eye, so we will see what happens and I'm sure she's been Some amazing pictures powers about start soon birthday and I'm sure he saw those pictures is debates have that right, what action is saying that the robbery and Paris was meant to happens here and in a way It sounds like she thinks it's a good thing that it happened. It actually changed her. Here's what she said I feel like that was so meant to happen. To me, like I'm such a different person. The EU can cry. I knew it was meant to happen to me like the things. I really feel like things happen in your life, to teach you things, and this was like I'm
I know it was probably no secret. You see on the show and has been flash you like. I was definitely materialistic born, like I'm so happy that my kids get this me and that this is who I am raising my kids cause. I I just don't care about that stuff more irregularities and right- and you know I have to keep it- we're like sometimes really unfortunate things. Happen in our lives, are actually beneficial in the long run? You might not see it right when it happens, but when you reflect on life and changes that you, might have made due to whatever happened to you sometimes it could help you be a better person, great advice to give women when they get cheated. Oh great advice. She I love that we are talking about today. Is the albanian people that I sit. Making a lot of money gone broke, but they learn a lot from that. Experience is people they give their all in a relationship and giving cheated on and laughed, and
People learn a lot from there. You learn more from a failure in success. Sometimes you need to be robbed. Cheating on really understand was important in life and she really learn them or some other people's failures The- U S, ideal, ideally suited experience, is the best teacher, ideally by some time grades and not have to go through something someone else daily absolute, our ideas, they call it is becoming a scene for the new spider man movie. That's pretty exciting. I must know what more can I say about, though these colleagues Spiderman? other things. He looks more like it, When he's you drive with an egg bam,
I re whatever well. Congratulations to him, though he was now tat moms, while our Riyos on radio was bad, and I asked the boy is following onto the corner court TAT Secret set Roca: that's how we know that's going down right, I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report. I shall we go, get a very given a dog to men. I've given its. It is man in a long time, but he mused becomes further negotiation. We actually stated for the congregation. His name is Donald Trump Devil. You today for Friday April, twenty Eightth goes to the man who somebody you guys voted is forty five president of United, AIDS of America, Donald a Trump J Welfare was
for Jack Ass now nobody's receive donkey day more than celebrity Enchieved Donald Trump, and we have a listeners who feel like we slandered damage from too much, but they re is he earns. And every one of these he has now tomorrow a hundred days, Donald Trump, has been president of the United AIDS of America and a lot of was wish. We had a hundred day warranty on trial. I wish was a manufacturer who could repaired defects of our president free of charge, but is that the region is not because the damage caused by us and like most warranties, they don't repair damage, you call yourself and we, needed, or should I say, your who voted for him did at Yalta this damage. Now I can hear you jump supported that they say there. You go I know my brethren and again Charlemagne, but it's not hate it's the truth. I would love to me We're dead transfers hundred days were amazing. Why wouldn't I I'm an american What this country to win. I wanted to have great leadership, but no that is not to he's. Ok here in his
first hundred days. Trump is made, no significant progress on any major legislation. He doesn't even have a full staff has been almost a hundred days and he has made just fifty nominations to fill the top five hundred. Fifty three positions of the negative branch, as of today he hasn't even nominated anyone for ninety percent of his top jobs. Ok, There is not a business in America will probably of ninety percent of its tab. Leadership positions aren't filled and, let's be clear, America is a business. What else I shall have no clear foreign policy is by far the least popular new president in the modern polling era. His approval rating is forty one percent. According to five thirty dad come all other elected president since Roosevelt have had an approval rating of at least fifty three percent after a hundred days and not to mention the trouble
the creation of more scandal than any previous administration. Ok, no new administration is dealt with, something like the rush investigation. The moral of the story is if the President of the United States of America was a job where you had to be on a ninety day, probation period before your employment is a goal. Trump wouldn't get this job, reason, Donald Trump, askin, Doggie Dave, because he recently was reflecting on his first hundred days in office when he said that he thought the job would be easier. He said that he thought that the job of the leader of the free world, was going the easier, and now I'm not dies great of wheat and dispensary. What am I principles in my book, blank privilege is give people to credit. They deserve being stupid, including yourself and when it comes to- I'm things I'm very stupid, one of his one thing. I know for sure in two things I know for certain: never in the history of life have island the President of the United States of America in Say year. His job looks I know all sounds unbelievable, said
well I'm glad we have the audio played a clip. I love my ass. I left my previous life. I have so many things going. I actually this is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier details, oriented person. I think you would say that I like to work. So that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. While I have very little privacy in my old life, because you know I've been famous for a long time. This is this is much less privacy that I've ever seen before. He really sounds like more of a first lady than a president average for Ladys complained about stuff like that, would never president he said he's in this cocoon and he's got this massive. Protection around him. Yes, we call at the secret service. You miss having because you like driving, will resign from being the president and Gobio Hoopdriver Dear Donald, we ah monsieur old life, we arm is when you
live in your old life? Yes, down of being the leader of the free world is a much more difficult job there being a real estate, a hotel mogul, and we should not be set which you and we would not be upset, which you in the least bit, if you decided there being president, was too much for you in fact appreciate. If you decided to relinquish opposition, see here's the thing. What did you uncle. Shall I tell you all the time? Kids Glenview truth so we can use to forgive you when you own whatever it is, you have to go in. I would you people can't. He fled you for it. If you would come, right now and say: look I'm in over my head, not qualified to be president is overwhelming way too much. To be dealing with it. This point my life, we would all collectively say. Yes, we know, that already in you never should have been presented to begin with, but that would be it we just cloud knows who voted view and keep moving. Do you realize the massive eagles someone has to have to think there being president of the United States of America is an easy job to follow up question
him, saying that it should have been when he said he didn't know being the president. Will not be so hard to follow. It should have been well on a scale of one to executive, reduces celebrity apprentice hard I think it was going to beach. It is the main problem I have with Donald Trump. I don't care how many bombs he drops and who he threatens on social media. Nobody respects them and that's a in forty law the plow power law. Five, I believe it says reputation is the cornerstone of power through reputation alone you can intimidate and when once you slip, however, you are vulnerable and we'll be attacked on all sides. Since you make your mutation, unassailable, always be our two potential attacks and taught them before they happen. Meanwhile, to destroy your enemies by opening all within their own reputations. Then stand aside public opinion. Hang them das in the forty law. The power but see that's what's happening to Donald Trump. He's opens up LE tax because we have watched him slip. So watch that he's vulnerable now and so many holes in his reputation and now people are just standing aside and letting public opinion. Hang him that's not to put
in the present should be in a hundred he's down. One thousand three hundred sixty more days to go. Please give jumped, the biggest here aches right, we'll take you for it. Okey of the day may, when you sign up, Something be careful what you wish for absolutely who another President will be tough here, right parliament, reminded ever have when we come back. We have the c e o of shade moisture, pointing everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We had the sea of shame, we should, in the building to flounder Anthea to end the older Louis dead. It's the latest man, you jump a black woman, all those who have the lily visiting their RAF. I owe to fail. They don't really, but if I like it was justified Boeing, you did issue an apology. Yeah we ve always stood for black women, the black community- and we acknowledge that that that that add alone
Who is it went out? It was you know it didn't get caught didn't go through our approval process. We acknowledge that we own debt, we we stand up and say It's not what we intended, but what exactly I've got out? What can you tell us that everything always me? Let you out of your show my dog you today. I demand New Adler boarded the story of the afternoon and it will not We had a we're doing a much broader campaign in the campaign is call everybody s, love and the whole idea in this environment, of where there's so much eight. Let's, let's talk about how you turn hate into love for outages, african women, just every by origin, whacking a married woman ever fabric, and what are you doing? Why didn't I decided to go outside of african american women? You wanted to go through every type woman out there. The idea was that hey all of these different women have different needs states.
Where is your fair issues right? Not we weren't trying to talk about cultural issues or lose you know struggle issues or that that's not what the intent was. The intent was hey. You got these different issues, when dealing with them both have a conversation about let's unless but about there and black women and the natural hair movement- that's how we ve moved this collectively move. This movement forward is talking about talking about the different issues bright and so oddity, sixty pieces of content. Each of them had different hair types. If you will write this, this particular piece diversity of hair types there were in their right did not include as the rest of them did: Obama with thick curly hair or a dark skinned woman. You know it wasn't represent. In that sense, natural years, each other for newcomers for natural hair it was, it was,
was a commercial about women in and in their different hair types and what they do to overcome the challenges that they have with those different airtight right, women with different challenges with their have challenges, not just with doing there. Here, but also in the workplace therapy I feel like be they ve, been targeted aid are fired, are told they can't where they hear a certain way when they come in the workplace. Sir, It felt like they're here struggles are different, then, just juggle have all my hair is glad. I shouldn't died, it you know agreed and an that's an that's as it demonstrates what we came and that's a different struggling. That's what we came and said you know number one we should have made sure that that type was represented right number. Two. We not trying to communicate this hair struggle is equal to this has struggle because it you're right. They are different culture all issues that we deal with right. It wasn't that deeper with a superficial
of doing you're. Here I was, it was just about doing your hair right, an end in hindsight. In hindsight, we should have spoken directly to aid. We should explain what the campaign was, because I think it got sorted, dropped out of contacts and that particular peace that didn't have everything we know that that should have been in their complete. It was incomplete right and then I got a guy dropped out of contacts so that the whole, campaign or the whole idea behind the campaign was never was never really, but that's really besides the point. What what is the point is that we're a brand that have stood for this community we're gonna continuously. For this community, we're gonna make mistakes and we will make those makes we're gonna on nine and we have no black women into commercial banks. A black woman and curly hair, but it wasn't a thicker texture like women about him out of the way women in the cupboard well, not to let it. I think it was the lack of representation of the women who have supported tamely said from the beginning and say
it is known in the black community, as this Are we not alone mad commercial, though whether like yeah Are those commercials? What I think we have to keep remembering is that when we stand for this community and as we broaden that as we broadened that the reach of earth, of the brand in the community because we have to in order to continue to grow. We also can never forget what we mean to this community right and who, whose gotten us thus far, and we have to continue to stay focused. On her and represent are everywhere that we are. Why do we do? companies always feel like they have to, make everybody comfortable. I why why why we too can be with each other like after they were all we need lie. We feel at all. We got add away brethren, the commercial or make a broader. I why why we feel that what has happened is she moisture? Is the brand that have brought?
that have been alongside black women in the struggle for the past. Twenty five years right, natural here right in a brand that has stood up for them and said: hey, don't those same thing you talk about Angela use should be able to wear your hair as it grows area head of where and we ve been on record, as we were the first first company that withdrawing national commercials saying that in doing, things like that right to think about what people say about blackmail you nappy, anyhow and stuff like that, like things their black women go through with their here are very separate, what other women of other adversities go through. Another it'll be a woman. But we may God navigated all at the moment without within our women added working with about members vote, but we provided that platform for women and black women, and they want to make sure that that they don't that we don't give that platform for them and so ass. We broaden there's our concern.
And where reassuring and we're not doing that, that's not what we are trying to do on this wasn't executed the way that we wanted it executed, and so there there they Dave they rightfully got upset. I we have more with the ceo of shame. We should keep. It lacked the breakfast cloak moon, everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have the c e o an hour, the founders of shame, moisture, rich damaging to build it. If you want it, span. I mean, I guess, you're saying you just don't want one clientele. You expand embroidered, not just your core, but see who else can use your product but wherever we want, but we want to go forward with our core. We want of war to move forward with us right and we don't
we don't want to move on without them. We don't want them to feel like we're moving on without them. So that's the first and the second thing to answer your question: why why you have to buy after his death as a black business? We filled business is to a certain point, and then we don't have the resources to remove those businesses. Next level. We can't we don't have the resources to continue to innovate and then what happens is when the broadest that the larger companies understand the sizes of of the arbitrary the market they start invest. Right. So what you see now, as you see other other companies that that that they hadn't played in this space before? I now rebranding that their products, the speedy there there there ending up their marketing in their commercial air, bigger budget now being invited to have more money and an end lay that that that we can compete, is bad
goes by throwing rang for details right enough and if with, if we're not allowed to do that, then you know What happens is that most of us I mean, if you look at what. Happened in the marketplace. Lay there they're not in the top ten of of of black hair care right, there's only two there's only two black company now I get it no one at the end point, because, even with certain places like for my daughter trying to find she moist in certain areas is very difficult because, if not in certain areas, so you cease the company that they, like poor Mitchell, we'll start doing stuff, for an american women and for my daughter and it's easier to find so I got a good gotta. Testa territory is backward thinking, no because the they'll get upset. If you put to it, in the commercial
somebody like upon mutual put all bribery when the commercial but his white on company, so egg or maybe visually the whole dynamic of how this aim together was not consistent with the with the dynamic that we built right inside. I think what they were. I think that's what or one of the reasons that that that that women are very upset went into that we set a dont. Let you know this one particular incident bright, that weave owned up to write and it wasn't done with now. Don't let that he raised the twenty five years that we filled with syllable. Going company. We ve gotta continue to share them that we are still a black, the company is still run by my family right still, leadership positions they had of marketing is. Is this black the I had of communications?
out of innovation? The responses have been so so Braden, so rapid and don't fix to say, let's you know, let's not support this company that has supported us all this. Let's say? Hey you know there and then, in the talks about our employees, which really is a fair, because our employees didn't you know, didn't make this decision. These, then, are the people that are being target. Even in that department didn't have anything to do with it said. Septa media is extremely high. I guess people thought like ok, now you use doesn't, then you left us behind just because of this one. This is one. This was virtually white women. I want to why women are in twenty five years and NATO in the garage for people to be like always Iraq. Would do the poor that I had. I guess it right that you can say we do it. I wasn't of labour. We have been asked. Why that's why we say that last week I started this business selling soap on the streets of New York right. I've been Blackstone
That's right hand, man, why that I've been rock Iraq hard, a black whim. In all my life right now, I'm I got four daughters. I want them to have a great experience when they go into retail price by when they go shot. Rwanda have the products that they meet, but I also know that order for us to continue to provide? The luck? You tell me one other one other beauty company are there hair company out there that takes? You know we have as millions of dollars back into the community after we ve made a sale, not marketing to the community. Sending people go to college, sending people to executive at programme, You know almost fifteen thousand women and I mean stop and think about it. You're gonna boy gotta come It is wrong with you all these years, as they did what they did, that acknowledged the use and is aware of the issues are, but at so have you know thousand women that they're trying to take out a
poverty in West Africa that I've been doing for the past twenty five years. You gonna impact those people because we made one commercial thou that that in no other. Even a commercial was oppose that didn't hit the mark when we hit the mark for you consistently and then the other thing is that then it's all you know the employee. You know that let's go, let's grab the unemployed, women I go away. I like this is the woman is so unfair to hurry. You have nothing to do with our order. What she's on the fails to do so, and she's on the sales team and that brand strategies for retail accounts when she goes to when we go talk to retailers, and she's in their helping with the strategy what we ve put on shelf, how we get there. She had nothing to do with this compromise that, in that department absolutely nothing to be targeted like that. Just it just a right and an eye nor community is better than that. I just think that they hurt and and that's why I'm here, I'm yet as a right, I understood that. We heard you
Yet what it is, I feel the pain, but you can't destroy everything that we ve all built together. Gaza No, you can't you care for on the negative man. Black on businesses have white employs black old products, while people in the Gaza was sometime. I gathered the weight and people like you buy from wide on companies all this with no problem so lightly. I'm very supportive. The same way suggests because I've worked Yahoo come up and I think it's great products anyway. Now, why don't you go in a white balloon commercial translation of merryland identify the black women stood out loud and, as I would have pointed out of bad innocent ingested sensitive about, and it is something to move for when you just say okay, I made a mistake, something I bet you know is what you have done: a lot for people and for people of color for women
color in general, just because were growing as a business. Doesn't me we're leaving our community in fact go. Look at the ragged. I've been doing this along TAT, I'm still here. How do you feel about trace all thin voice I think he just didn't. I think he just it you are and what they are over there. I think I think he just didn't know, and you know how I dont know ember will reach out to him and say this is what happened? I still don't know what the hell's Goin on really had ridden with dont know was: go out really, don't know. What's going on the attitude maybe she's, a commercial have a couple of, but white woman in it global black women, while, moreover wanna do you have any shame waste black amount is no bids and drives off that anyway safer for joining us. Thank you. Just have to clarify
Thank you, your own bank, maybe I'd. I think you know what I appreciate. I appreciate you guys and thank you for the support and and and we're gonna keep we're gonna keep fighting in doing doing what we do to make sure that we do right by courts and that we had this business geared to support the core going forward, as well as the continued Rosa continued right. Monies are more like what I say it will all. We love you black cloud at risk. The breakfast club, with Angela, his club in Miami. There would be Dj Jazzy, Jeff and the fresh prince. I back rules.
The first time in twelve years, they'll be on the road together now mind. You major, is there just doing two shows in Europe, but this could signal some more money. They must be given will Smith for him to do go back. That is what they do. Mtv semi Blast festival in Croatia, that's gonna be August, twenty six and they do in the lab wire Festival and Blackpool Northwest England the next day may that announcement on Facebook and it would have a vintage video as well. First two shows are lacked you're, ready and anxieties. I share that video on Instagram is a yep, and this is finally happening while other than the dawn in freely to those running right was available. For you, re, auto oil, whereas they are most mother, is wrong. I write in Babby, Christina Brown. They have ATV one movie that is centred around her life. It's called Babby, Christina. It's an intimate look the highs and lows parental familial. I'm romantic love complicated by fame through the eyes of his sensitive vulnerable young woman, so there
the joy of areas from stuck in the middle as the role of Bobby, Christina now nausea, Zita from grown up and gonna be playing Nick Gordon Demeter Mckinney is taking on Whitney use. From your has eyes of Atlanta and my boy has from the wire a wee bit- is playing Bobby round. Oh boy, do they have a picture out of you added. She has done as well as looking like Babby round as below you. Gotta take a look at this picture. You ve ever vote tv. You can see it. No, my goodness, I guess not, now? What is that? Would this be between shreds and pepper are really just threats. Now he positive picture, throw back he's dead, throw back there is somebody tell my ex wife. Is old school rat, your boy is full of lies. You press whore, you soldiers all to a hell hole and put my kids in the little for ratings. Now, my dear papa? Has a book called? Let's talk about pep, which I read years ago, so I guess he is doing a release of her book. Ochre and more copies are coming out. He must be upset about that, but that's a book dead,
bene ends, you does these them explosive things about their relationship em? What we will do that are you mad at me? I guess She tried to sneak a daughter in sustaining amid fifty China's think, my under his daughter and clubs on camera. That's probably for that surely drawing up here pap by his daughter, is a wrapper also so that you know Pepper China Gary end, because she's a ardently was too before MR right now cause she's gonna during. She seems like a good kid, so I think that's the real one of your mom. Is there with you? and then he said I so I determined Kids on me when I had your bag on in your Ratan is an eye with them now facing skin like MIKE, Jackson, heightened as flat as pizza, bread, he said, still effing industry, and where is younger than your children as a person ass added up I don't know, probably treasure I never miss veterans older brother per by that would arise.
Oh said, all of that, when I mean is publicly out there now, so I write and get ready for us and I hope for our daytime village presented by capital one at the twenty seventeen. I harmodius Music Festival that all goes down Saturday September. Twenty third, that's happening at them. Vegas Village on the strip across from the legs? Our doors open, its Henny AM ambition. Begins in eleven, and I tell you it is a great time- is always crazy out there. Every single year is so by. We got a year. We have our own vip. Well, you can do as an ivy ip sweet. Does women ambient Charlemagne also out. We hang out which we wish to show with comfortable. We got a sea we go. Where there was a good time you get, you can get. You take If now take a method, I can now press Hannah is performing and we just add a colleague I'm give my body ready for that. You know what you gonna do: shouted mail will be box, and this week shouted Richie with me back into Jim, do awaits and if that doesn't work shouted out, because it work that those words have dragged him. I am come to see you I set out to pay. Madonna gets you always China
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