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THU 8/4 - DJ Envy & Angela Yee discuss French Montana's number one turn-off: when a woman uses the bathroom in front of you! Fellas, does your girl do that? Ladies, is there no shame in your bathroom game or do you run to a friend's house to drop off that package?

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised round about visually. Join a breakfast club say some money, you a YO, YO yo. YO. You know that means right. I'm talkin to myself this morning. Charlemagne is not here and easy embassy. There's traffic now
First of all, this and balloons in here I just five hundred- is that a gang affiliation or what's going on up here? This? Is it somebody's birthday? I don't know what's going on, but apparently it's okay, like I said I got two emails to five hundred episode of art. Tv under my something like that yeah I don't know that's a huge situation by Yaz happy birthday to the breakfast club on revolt, five hundred episodes, so they got us some balloons. Thank you guys at revolt for the balloons that Evie texted us all this morning and a group chat you wanted some more. In other areas. As I came a guy, they told you, you know a lot of talk away at a camera, guys something like pat me on the bag. I understand what you say so envy tax it as this.
The last thing he's sensuous was that he's bleeding down his leg? Don't judge me so, hopefully everything is ok. Yesterday, daughter had her dance that he escorted her too, and I guess I sent us a text message saying he just got out of jail. Someone touch my daughter, and I beat up a little kid and now he's bleeding down his leg. So They bear some text messages in between, but I didn't get all of that yesterday. I was out all day. Basically, working I ran into slimmed down yesterday, pretty funny guy he's actually doing a thirty day fast, so he will not a fast but like choosing so he has been drinking. He has been smoking. He's been taken a lot of selfies, what his shirt off and stuff like that, that's what happens, and people do a thirty day fast, just gonna, showing off his ads in everything so shut out to slim thugs who I ran into
yesterday I heard this morning? We have any guest today. No right is just as just me and see the envy and ask you this morning, with day to day, there's day, I'm a little this oriented. Now I don't have my laptop. I told you guys a couple of days ago. I spilled something on it, so it hasn't been. Working has been very. Forgive me I don't you see, I don't owe a date. Is I don't know what's going on Ireland? is what I see on Instagram and on Twitter and on Snapchat that time getting all of my news. So that's what today is going to be a social media fill day you guys might have to call tell me what's going on, but we do have a volume ad when you're going to call us at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us up and tell us why you mad. Are we doing front page news? How does it work? I'm not used to being here all by myself. If it was up to me, would be a never mind, I'm not gonna, save it just politically incorrect and
we're going to talk about a dad who found the body of his daughter. She was murdered, you left the house to go jogging and I he actually was the person that found her body and they still trying to determine what happened will give you an update on what's goin on with that are right. As the breakfast club, the breakfast Club, Angela YE, that was, oh, I dance Jurassic right now we are drawn from pays news ever here's, an update from envy teaches that something is wrong with his whole unease bleeding down his leg. Are you getting happened to secure you getting these text messages to the last two? He said, I'm ballooning down my leg, don't judge me and then next thing he said was about his, but ok. Well, we'll see what happens when you get there, but he said he be here shortly. I right now
let's discuss. I saw the story on the news and it was very you know. I run I jog in the park all the time, and sometimes I go in the evening when it's dark out, and this happened to a woman just off a path near Howard, Beach in queens. She was jogging and she went missing. So her father went looking for her and when he found Her- and this is ashley- is a such a disturbing story. Philip Vetrano, sixty years old, discovered the body of his daughter Corrine has he had been sexually assaulted and then strangled. While she went jogging by herself, she actually was. She would died everyday like three to five miles and usually her father was a former firefighter. Her, but he retired, on disability. You couldn't job with her because of a recent back injury, so he had told her don't go jogging in the remote marshy area where they were allotted transients. Always there he told
don't run that path and if you run in the evenings left at five p m in particular. Just dont go that way and that's where they found her body face down. They said her jogging shorts were pulled down and she was jangled of such veracity that they were obvious signs of trauma to her. Next he was missing a shoes. He was missing her headphones and they sang it looks like she was actually dragged off of the path, so that has to be one of the most devastating things that could happen: she's jogging and then her father, her body, these Amy, you and us any blame shut up? You, you didn't say these things. I saw you. I was joking. I said somebody tat my door and I got into a bit of a little boy, went to jail and use, and I was like I might be a second later. I was so no there's traffic and it says I have cramps and I said well as my minimum,
so I'm actually bleeding down my leg. Joking that time they came here with Em Bellini down my leg, don't judge me and then you wrote back home democracy, but, oh yes, you did what you said it differently. You said No, I didn't it is british storage you're lying about these, don't make me squeeze out inside none about books or asked? Yes, you do look at the text methods after unbelieving down my leg, german look! you don't even know you welcome, as Greece at you and put it up is the Graham and if you're lying or thank you, I could finish restores are right. Now we're gonna talk about President Obama. He actually committed the sentences of two hundred and fourteen inmates and part of that, and and most of the sentences that he's done. There were five hundred and six to individuals during his eight years in office, are for prison terms that we're for non violent drug offences. So he says we ve got to make sure our criminal justice system works for everyone. This is a country that
leaves and second chances. So that is where a bomb has done before he leaves the artist ochre effort. The first story ready made about the Father, the girl I was running so sat in the autumn of you. If you told a story, but it they said the bad ones with her all the time and usually tell the story having Thou association cried injuries. Go outcry way and he found in the dirt. Yes, that is that is free. Consent is really sad when his choice pull down in every Secondly, more horrible, storing and we will jovial me because my daughter to have eighteen party last night. I stayed home, I'm so scared of somebody doing something crazy. So much what? Oh my kids and I'm not there. That's why I'm over protected, and I was saying the same thing I go jogging in the park. All the time No, you gotta be careful unionism, meat will maces illegal, or can you carry a guns or legal, a knife boy? That's illegal! How can you protect yourself? I don't really know cause. They said she was an excellent shapes, I'm sure she put up as much of a fighter. She heard that offer goodness gracious
I would add, is your front page news all right now produce you. Do it meant that everything I said you said was correct, though that was not correct. That and say it in that context that Latvia, in that order, I will read it lighter producer, our former there's a name. Is they miss Q so tell me why you may eight hundred five, eight five one o five one. If you up such need event, call this right of eight hundred, what's it for five one hundred and five somebody piss you off and you very little bit right now or phone lines a wide open. Maybe it's a good order to a team parting using the taper dances, the teams with doing oh, my god, what are they doing? What they were power each about pounding? They haven't sexual closer in Lima. But it was so modifies you don't music dad. Why would you bring me- and this is does this is crazy and I was like yes, I raised you right, but I'm girls would dance and so crazy the guys that it gets
enough enough so or your parents out there. I hope our last makers there. It was crazy. Like you talk about crazy, we set out to ramp, he was to verify you did not beat up. Where's the verify you did not beat up a little. No I'm ok! I was joking elevator mobile is clarified. I will get Madison's brother to do that, but eight hundred five One, oh five, one cell am I mad. You convince call. Us now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
nobody was the matter ass. They passed the angry ass day ass. They passed off. Why you, man was blob of go out at all about the right for you to be married. My renew our battle because I bought the work more concern over the summer afforded by. We believe that a state that are applicable to repair job before every week, so I had my very mother if without money she could use that money to pay her mother, the watch Michael, I went to work ass. She made a big thing about. It is proposed that all the texts we had also some media Santa Rosa Bear Father, but you were asking for you tomorrow, child support money to pay her mother to watch my brother, was wrong, thought it out. I thought I was wrong for even asking the question, but I wanted to see what you thought about it and we are seeing at the moment it if he had to go to work, and you ask somebody to ratchet dutiful little bit. I don't really seen allowing aid is used, the money, the tacit Pierre
you got a peer support money regardless broke. I watched my afforded by we, I mean. Why would she? Why would Marbury mother still feel entitled to begin all that money and I'm not even after all the money, I'm only after perhaps the money to pay her own mother for watch? My sunlight worrying. I feel like it's. Ok, if she says now think. I should do that and tells you that I think you should oppose it and on social media. Is unity did answer. I would conversation for you there, because you know where you can always ask a question if she, if she says no to you, as you know, this has, of course now for that data that at a fine, you're, not a bad thing about child support. His court ordered most of the time so when a court order just pay to build an internal work it out and court, you know cause if you don't pay well, he does pay, but he went over to use them in the nearby brother politely yesterday. What are the major our heard I interviewed arm I wanted to know about that will be lower than that of energy. Are let abrupt
got a polite available I bought American did you might do? I go all over, but we haven't figured out here. You know me, I'm figure it out, but it was a great innovator. Thank you hear the Louvre allows is so black tell him. I never know my baby moms call CBS Tat, protect its own he's things Methana near harbor, but which mean that actually neglect to my kids went all actually did he has. Obviously not as a reason, because he Piazzi has a bit better reason in our guide is somebody there. Would you tell me what to say right now lie nor by able coming to what? What did you say? You did nothing but he's a verbal or getting filled again.
We must simply has to come for. Resonate. Is now listen, dismissal from a king s, as he says better that you have cell custody, says he's gonna get custody by common cps. I knew why why else by just Mister Beryl here that offer you continue to be a grandfather what a great thing about supply, they have to come regard as man would cause and about eighty have to come because he PS kinda miles ones because something I say my son was listening and he was getting in trouble allow this was about maybe three four years ago and was going to trouble a lot so round that allow any get in trouble a school when he was like my dad is gonna kill me now, that's a frame yet while use as a child, my dad's gonna kill me his school taught well, he's dad's really going to kill him and Cps came to my house. I was so mad at Cps was at my house. I was like, if I don't get to my house right now.
We need to do a good job and I mean they cannot. Lamentably, wanted ran was found in everything that globular more data a few men. I will you keep them damn. It has a good tagging. Man like you, too, it has taken me. Then I think I made it our groundwater Siena somewhere before tell them, you may eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. One of your upset. You need event, you can call us at any time, is to breakfast locomotive will become back I'll. Tell you about. My daughter is first team party, oh boy, Opponents and pictures man we'll talk about it. A breakfast, I was getting Jos, don't mind morning: everybody's dj, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club there. Last night I took my daughter to how first team party, not ages Randy. I wasn't a shadow I actually took her and but I ve deviate at the club, the grown up club. They allowed me in what no problem I supplied the soul.
Shut the top up. Now I was thirteen. Seventeen tap is terrible name for kids, they have to drink added team. There was a soda. The weighted kids would in the last night. Really mortified me new whining unexamined whining, they will pounding it looked like they were doing back. Shots were closed. Like a look crazy. They were dagger in they would do everything there was every background black white. Asian, you name it. They were in a given it in a million There can therefore be equated with look good because everybody was the answer which are was no racism there. Last night, Does anybody could have gotten anybody? Ass night? Given lad dances, the girls were too, it was, Are you my lab dns with anyone throwing money nobody's door money, but you know me so proud. When I brought my daughter, my lad, you gotta give a lead to shut up. I brought my daughter there. She was like dad why
bring me here like this is crazy. This is disgusted like, oh, my God, I said I was late. Yes, they I'm so happy. As you are there. Maybe, but then she notation Oh, my God day, this is so growth, but I wanted to experience this to see the things I said go out in a crowd and if you need me wavy hair that outcome money, so arm she went out there and I can see a couple guys are allies you'd like no very pretty young lady? Yes, I was, I was very proud as a dad last night she made me very proud. She didn't wear anything provocative. I let her we are in it, was gonna, get Mps and see where she had. It was a great night now I was surprised when I thought about a key moment. I saw my wife. My was like you know, that's how we do we will that their age- and I was only measures like I was grinding on- you too, was music. We will deal with doing just like that. Five kids later, Dr Paisley, at that I said, why did you do that to you yeah, I'm enough, Brooklyn. We are not a house parties, yeah, of course, back on track
magic bladder they now when I was fourteen, was a team Now. When I was a boy I mean the business crops up, does not a high cropped up so low cropped up. I checked it and I looked at it before you, I'm surprised you allowed bag. She was with me. Ok, I again it s. Good to me We have in a crap that little bit luxury and early by message. That was it is this. A belly button ring No, it's not a belly button re. She does not have a belly button. Emmy seat. I picked up every have a belly button right. In writing. If you have a Cato you haven't seen, Asia just have a conversation with them because they were kids out. They had taken only form. Could they thought it was funny You are therefore did you do it out. If I was his add, a little conversation make sure began his days. You socio media has made other whining and grinding a completely The scenario NAFTA, kids, but I will tell you I was a chaperone India, soviet of, if you do it said it was a crazy man screaming at them. That was me. I would like to hear what you have to close it. So you know who your parents are,
now we got room was going. Yes, we are going to talk about misunderstanding because of the lingo that was used now we told you about Faye Jura somebody threatening to below up her office, the bomb right. It was a rapid that used to manage drama a well now. Their say was a whole different scenario is how you what he actually said and how it got misinterpreted, or I will get us all when we come back, don't go anywhere, is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club. The report raises, the Reul report was glad that Mariah carried been doing all kinds of press sudden baron new theories. It's coming on AIDS. Heart, Jack, you Series, Maria's world and one thing that she's.
At her a television critics associations press tore yesterday they asked about when she was on american idol. She said it was the most abusive experience by the way you ve just driven me to drink, and then she drank civilian pain as soon as you said that now they did ask Nigel one of the executive producers from American Idol what he thought about that time and he said I'm looking for its marine new series and wondering if Nicky Menage may asked wow! That's when I was a low jails, tabby stab everybody here is a little preview because they did put out a new trailer for her series. I hear some of what you can expect on Maria's world vanish. There's one thing I can't they gave a woman for is not it Does that was originally French Montera, but it s me wasn't Marianna. They definitely put Maria reality shore. Next lip sounds like this and travel in the Groom Mercier hated to drink too much they celebrate and vibrant ever so little to most. But you know what I don't want to see. Maria in this light and reason is she's a legend is,
play. Did you don't want to see like that? I didn't want to see Whitney Houston, like that. I wouldn't want to see her like that. I don't want to see. Jay, Z or, I'd say like their? Those are our legends. I love the fact that they are mysterious and that's why I like em a bit. There are certain people. What does he like that? I want to see Maria like this. I write well, we're not gonna, hear Maria like this right. Now we have try to get your rank. The White Tiger is the albino elephants. Guy doesn't know that I was joking. I always make our stories about saying that I won't parties in things. Deliver gotta, be such you tap poppies here, come on when method. Here I don't wanna seated around, like I love the fact that you rarely do in a view, and yet your life is mysterious loved the fact that when you came a pay, you had a light person just for yourself. I like that. I don't want to see all that other. If you don't want to this reveals the Mermaids Davis.
Lorenzo look at you to say I re phadrig. Remember we tell you about the artists. It's used to manage drama, was locked up, came home right and went to go, drop off a city with her and then threatened to blow up her office. Well, she thing it was all a misunderstanding. She saying that he went to the wrong floor. The receptionist for them to leave. He wouldn't leaves you call security. Now he never was going to blow up the office. He didn't have. A bible. Teresa were allegedly said, was a bomb cd is about to blow up a low, and that's when the cops so it must have been our position. Is that always they now? According to figures, he thinks you have recalled the police, this guy in a weighty shit and bag. You pay as you go teeth and assume The worse it has to be. All white person has to be said. He was boats for making terrorist threats and he's being held without bill.
All, because he had a bomb, because, although I must say to you that could have terrible as on us, though somebody doesn't understand the the lingo mislaying are now remember. We told you about Michael Jordan, how they bringing back space jam and how the brain is. Gonna play the role that Michael Jordan had well when they asked Michael Jordan Will he wanted to play that role? Here's what he had to say impinge on her station to We see here. He said he would pick breaker overboard. Play an MBA as there was always Michael Jordan. I was acting. Elaborate, uneasily away bent upon more cubicle, see that move because Lebron James, oblique Griffin, unnoticed, respectively graphical she's, my life can bridge and it was like a net lash analyze convey at a coupled a couple days ago. You I found the governor loyalty to break with the broad James, apply away better character. I right where that is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you! Miss
We got front page news when we come back when we talk about yesterday. I am sorry, but I really tragic story. This really broke all of our hides. A woman was jogging in the park and her father discovered her body. How awful could that be boat? I don't even listen dentistry story made me cry early this morning. When I heard you you talk about it, so we'll talk about it. When we come back, keep allotted to breakfast locomotive, they wanted everybody e g envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club is getting some front page news. That is a horrible story, a story right, maybe cottesmore. Yes, dad and queens found.
The body of his daughter. She was murdered near how it beats. He would often moment his daughter, oh right through, and he told me not to go jogging by herself pass these marsh's. Where was in a deserted, it was off the path they were allotted, transients there. Well, when you didn't come home after said, she was going jogging and you didn't go because he just recently retired on disability. He couldn't job with her because of a back injury. She went by yourself and he went and found her body after she didn't come home. She had been sexually sidelined strangled while she was running their saying that they believe someone hitter over the head with an abject while she was running they found her with her sports brought and her pants down the priests are questioning her ex boyfriend sissy. If they were involved in any way, but they have been turned up anything with
investigation. He found her face down or, more goodness offered the path. She was missing issues. He was missing her headphones, they feel, like I may have come up ass. She was being dragged South enders, their usual her every day surgery. So he couldn't run. He told him to go. She went home wage other not to go off the path so. This is my right hand. Man is used around three to five miles a day, five to seven miles and she was in pretty good shape. So I'm sure she tried to fight of her attack. Obray is awful story. You got a guy while you're running private get to she had a headphones. I already knew see or hear anything and people make fun me because I'm so protective of my my baby, girls in by Senator Model, go to a team party, and I said that a whole night like I am scared man. I am nervous. I don't want nothing to happen. I couldn't even imagine they act like that. I wouldn't want to live anymore, and I guess you baby girl in any she's gone and
You used to one would be freakin project. You know I go running all the time in their part, but I just try to make sure I do it while its light up, but it was only five o clock. It was still life budgets for any. Yet they who runs this major either go as somebody stay on the path to run off the path, make sure it's well, let whatever you have to do list move or our right. So our president, Barack Obama, has has part in some people who were in Joe he committed the sentences of two hundred and fourteen and maids. Now during his here, as he has done that for five hundred and sixty two individuals, mostly nonviolent drug offences. Ochre now one person wasn't into Mary is Thomas. He framework reach now hold on the broncho. His all the Mary is Thomas's, it's his grandmother, but if we bring me now it in every big what about Bobby murder, not enough? What about MAX be known,
max, be every known. Now, none of them visa, nonviolent, jug, affordable, rowdy rebel. I don't know envy. Does we needed to freely to free dollar three individual right? Well, maybe before he leaves the office Volker, everybody keeps up petitioning and ask Elise Big Meech. I write a Ryanair front, page news and shouted we, but it s show me a lot of support. Last night was my daughter's teen products or go to her first team party. You need support for that because I M a father. Went there and I some things I am the employer head there. They were grinding on a little boys, my good is it It was what it all say. They would tat s what I call a dagger and when you act like you, parents, somebody in the back like a dog east, I violent, oh, my god, they will do it at all, but I was very happy. My daughter came up to me. She said dead. Why did you bring me hid mortify. This was disgusting ass. He went to offend, they came in my daddy. I can't dagger, she probably said the boy, that's that
Meda? I feel bad for anybody has as a dog and embracing him, though those events, because anything goes- I mean it was only. The Ex Ante day was shave white. Nobody puts baby in the corner, how was it my wife or waivers like you know, we did those answers when we were young. I was like a united things girl all right well, when we come back, which other French much any was recently on. Your lip service show ray. I conversation about dating girls, they take a basically said he was with his wife for five years and never saw her go to the bath, never even knew he doesn't like you should ever know. When you're women goes to the bathroom he data to go for a week and actually broke up with her, because she was talking to him with the back door in last year's unfairly, but of course, in eight hundred five, eight five, one five one. If you dating a female and ladys. How do you feel about this to her? How do you if your woman goes to the bathroom in funny, you does that bother. You do you feel away about that. We opposed to the club in so many people had different comments to make about, as some people felt like it was completely inappropriate and some people felt like it's a natural thing. If you love me,
you love. May everything alright ladys. Do you take her up a number two next to your man? Is there make you feel that way that an issue for you man, you're just do wherever I'm trying to think about their big of I'm. Trying to think of ever see my wife go to the bathroom. Give happy. Does it think It is not a conversational situated. I want together for how long I wouldn't feel anywhere logs on how long we been Mary footing. It says: she's! Never done that in front of you, our kids. You're making a big, I don't know I mean I'm gonna burn, you recall, never smell. Now we never had a conversation. When she was on a toss, you never came in the bathroom. Are you in the shower and use the toilet I don't remember, had taken a book even ask she had she. People have to take bulls rights.
Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one fellas. Do you mind if your female takes her number to next to you and then, ladies, is that a problem? Do you have a problem with that or you cool with the cordless up right now, eight hundred and five, eight thousand five hundred and ten. One is the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast I was sorry beyond Say morning: everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. Now this is a little strange topic. This came from Yees Lip Service, podcast right here is on France, Montana, we're talking to him about using the toilet and check it out finish this. Thing I can't they gave a woman for is. This is: does the money go with some Bible five years authorities as a move from viable one we and they got so comfortable. They open the door
why was there? We will launch a nice guy back up all I don't know I've never really thought about a ye. Have you ever done it for you, I've never done that in front of somebody, but I tell you what I will do as I'll give you a heads up like hey I'm going to the bathroom, so don't come in here. Ok I'll, say that, but I never go with the door open and I will never go it's in the bathroom, but I have a friend who was married and her husband, like citizens, oxygen and was on the toilet and they asked him the best conversation. Rarely last he's on the toilet me I mean I just Google, you can't move, we can't go anywhere, but I dont know if my wife, I'm trying to think I can't remember a situation. She's, never told you hey, I got it. No and in our model being on a toilet. Now, as did she go either even go to the bathroom, you have to go to the bathroom right. We have to as you as a person? Has a human behavior healthy, individual? Yes, I will call the owner
I am able well give right into her bearing her baby question right. We were talking, we get mine a gear and we will talk about. Have you ever pooped next to your. A significant other, and I was thinking I don't ever remember you go to the bathroom in front of me. Dag. Do you go to the bat like that? Have you in front of you, yeah lay me the door opened. Like you, don't go to battle with the door open and I think the Roma ABLE university level. You have you done it: stood in front of me. I can't remember now. What do you call me about I'll go to the bathroom if you're in the room, but screen. I'm not gonna therein make noise and might be nasty about it. So again, do you make it
this decision I gotTa Williamson. No, whenever I go to the bathroom How do you do if you wait till he leaves the house? Do you speak to another part of the house? Well, I'm not going to migrate to another part of the house, but if I can hold it I'll, try not to try not to, and if I do is only going to be it is their compared with bad. I'm gonna make any noise only the earlier I, like you, Nicky Pool You owe me some poop later on, like you have to poop in front of me, like I feel like there's some secret Santa left and I need to. I need oil in like I need every part of you so later on, welcome home. Now. Would now that I want to smell that, while why do you do the idea you just like this? because he doesn't it in front of you. Had nobody here really really really.
All right. You ve been together rights than something you far right now there was a man of honour I was gonna go about big losers. Hey Sean Hannity, doing number two! Next to your man. I was just saying that when he and I are married now, but when he and I first started dating, we were living together after time by your side to leave to go to my mom's house. My brother is somewhere else rather than pooping there. Until one day my brother got mad and he was like you know what I'm tired of you coming here and get your crap in my house go home. Did you know he bought me out of my pocket without life? This is crazy. This is next level you had to leave your home go to. Relatives have Then they labs you out, then you found another relatives has to go through. This is like a drug transaction bomb or eight hundred feet.
They five one and five one Ladys do you have a problem would do in a number to annex ii, a man that bothers you in fallacy that turn you off light. I've never even talk about. When I get home on feeding my wife, mad vanilla ice cream, given that, doesn't anyone actually see it, I'm going to wait for her to go to the bathroom call us up right now is to breakfast Obama was he's in the club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now, if you just joined us, we're talking about something that came out of Angela Ease Lip Service Pack was friends months. Any was only show any we're talking about something that he can't forgive airless, listen to an audio vanish. There's one thing, camp I gave a woman for is do- does a dusty, Monte country rustic I've been with somebody for five years and never saw them to you there was some viable one week and they got so comfortably,
the door. While I was as we will launch a night and I go back home, that is, as Canada No, I mean I never thought about. I would have a problem with my wife took a number two next and you ass, you may like it. Maybe we'll make you guys believing close in there I wanted to do when I get home just so. I know how it feels good. I don't remember, and I got know how it feels, but I want to I want to witness in our experience I may as days right. I don't think you can stay right duties of running. I can't allows this young man they Maverick was going to about nine March, where our parliamentary reports about the question. How do you feel You gave your buyer wave and you guys go in front of each other. Well, you guys, but idle, because on the bottom, you can already figured it out in July, a level of needs three to you, and I feel I want them
I'll, be there like they ve found out. I don't know why they lubricant back, but they do gonna. Look at you give why now? Let me ask you this. As a battle none has ever come, while you again empowering we all know may be that's a day. You guess I'll just about to say even would be being gay. Our appeals so uncomfortable with that even happening that make me feel like I'm. Not here ready for what I'm doing my maverick. If you are bottom robot amnesiac she takes it now. Have your bottom he's already seeing the inside, though. Why are you? Are you better now I want you to go to the top and you won't get nothing at all mingled boy will at some point you are gonna have to do that in finding him now. You know I mean we ve been together three years almost or energy charter keep their part away. I'm what a pretty tight, though I don't feel like, I know, come around the big you ve called American. Thank you have a good at using allows it.
Here? How are you hear hear our ombudsman resumes gear? You scattered, because you just call back, but ok, that's about Youtube and I see a man. You have a problem with doing it happened with till it. At my daughter, father, we haven't like a big I remember well, he wants you to. He wanted me to an idea until after, but with that, I'm right now and I went to night. We with our big hate then am. I went to my girlfriend- help help. And he got a bad. So we really you is I respectfully respectful to his nose back late? What am I gonna lie when you feel a moment. I want to know everything about. You know, be scared and rode off. I want to know what you're doing you might have been turned up at these mouth it now. Guidelines you and you don't smell bad happened back I know that we had jobs. Are you know she blew, Bathroom up now engaged at Google
Do not let me ask you this evening. You boys, you guys closer together, that maybe you wanna get plenty one. I beg you model, yeah. I know you was the model that distort the market. Areas when you gotta go you gotta how'd, you gotta, go you gotta, go. I know what I get home today, I'm feeling my wife, what we vanilla ice cream milk in anything else that makes up because I want to be a part of you may have to hold the output of the here. What are you gonna do about it said, and next morning experience it, I wouldn't even when she goes into, but even this year, babies like is usually when you have a babies, you gonna table you gotta tables as an evil on a table? Wow gear is amazing. Your rooms gobble up yet Levin Hip hop highly where they put out, three parallel yesterday, and I am amazed at some of the people that are on the show, in particular, the men that are gonna be feature season, and I mean there's some a list wrappers on their very, are due to vote no
I will talk about. It will become back. You lack rooms on away Angela on the breakfast club. Listen! What kind of new intro was that the right well little love in her Papa Labour, which ultimately revenue, Pap Hollywood. California, we are talking about the new trail. It just came out yesterday unless they're gonna be pretty entertaining and they do have some some good guess and show the season, including safari. A scarf busied ask will be good, he's gonna, be under what Miss Nicky baby ourselves, fatty wipe actually is growing while show yes, no really with mistaken. Maybe that's what he walked rages. Getting married and season shall delusion Ridge well monies and fears are back baby. It's not going to work so deploys back almond. Near really tell is back on
his wife Tiara Marie, but I got the trailer Longbourn Safari on the gravel producer. Brooklyn Europe occurring on music is part of my family. Swollen and women are here. Like Ebay with you got a good heart. Meeting with National aroused. I was in a relationship with the wrapper payments. Will you go by very large everything the remaining and then I got rightly decided to pretty much d? This is a job you want to go through the core process. Do I want him now? Do I feel, like my hand and bring forth here? You did you bring me to which you told the world who could tell the word or you would be a better functioning, actually ear in jail and it's like times and look in the mirror and yet no fairly well tat is the New Jersey oh hey Bay, I think you're gonna tunantins gasp easy way to go.
The boy Safari being on air as well so far, there's gotta be good. Nicky manoeuvres is to be tight. As you know, he has a new Nicky on any read it. I say nothing about the imminent Nicky was sent to cease and desist improbably Mona, boredom herself, amazing bananas, and they show might be with Miss Nicky, baby and Rosa CASTOR, because Nicky Baby is dating Rosa, castor so far as that is how to get a threesome going with them. This is confused and medusas great ok, radium princess navigating Mary. They talking about their pre nap, another that cause of course rages. Is that he has to get a preen up. He has a lot going for him. There's no way he could get married to princess love without protecting his assets, Roger Resource. Yesterday the data is, are you gonna? Do it? I gotta another date: some try to move some dates arouse our figure it out today, but I would love to hear you Leon you schoolbag. May I mama deftly gonna pull a border screw bikes was whereby there he s getting married this weekend. Savers is weakened o this. We can only to talk about this weekend
it soon, but I must tell you when we're ok, so it is confirmed he is getting married soon, a model I mean I could have rounding denying anything. I just got it out, as I got a call. Yes, would I be these wedding. I reckon you sad and say this weekend as they can. You say I didn't say next week in the city. Those babbled and affirming if you said right out in Siberia and other city ass being like you said they feeling, if eleven, so none of their you stop it. You never got used to meet up. Let's get you little cameo. You know next weekend got up, but congratulations to them a little way. Now he and his legal team, our filing a lawsuit against universal music and sound exchange, and that is where unpaid profits Wayne is saying that he has been compensated. Nicki Minaj Draken Tiger for finding other those artists and making millions of dollars for universal music group
ass. He was little wings lawyer. Tears attorney is asking for at least forty million dollars back because they believe he is not responsible for any of the problems with cash. Money has No one situation I need to know see. This is where odyssey really needs to tell his lawyer was. Was business management was who was married was a nobody else highs them, because there is no way he said. Big and paid is no way you should have profits offer all that he says this is how I see that law suit. Now, according to the Jasmine brain, has been put on hold because they went away and so has other law suit against bird man. Over cash money gets taken care of so now he has that law soup, but that lets you can't get taken care of and to have a cash money. Lawsuits gets taken care of us. Now there s, no road Leszek nobody's getting any money anytime, soon, goodness gracious. That is definitely very unfortunate for him, and since we are speaking about many issues that talk about Terence Howard turns Howard is getting sued now, and that is from his former management company. Now, according to his former management author,
tick talent and literary management, they said that he always them sewage and fifty thousand dollars because they help save his job on empire. Now, according to people magazine, nobody knows why his position on that show would have been in jeopardy at all. He saw the eyes Lucius Lion, but they are saying they did intervene and play an integral part and getting him his role and making sure that he kept the role and then Terence Howard allegedly terminated his management agreements and acknowledged his contractual obligation to pay the ten percent of any revenue that he received from employment, but he has not done that. He made some payments but they're, saying that he stopped making those payments in March, so we'll see what happens our right, and that is your room. A report Emmi Angela ye are right. Bank. You miss. He now shouts revolt. Now, if you just joiners revolt, this is our five hundredth episode and I just want to say they are pulling out all the stops.
Their borders balloon. They got his three balloons of five zero and a zero risk very creative. They also guide us chick fillet because we love chick fuller. They also made me a drink this morning. They borders outgoing Arnaud Palmer, been how to keep us happy and is a lot of people here that normally irony. I just meant a lot of people from above never seen before so they know how to keep us Abbe give us chicken in booze network we guy Fried chicken, fried chicken and move liquor, I will we go back doggie of the data. Solomon is not here, so you can open up the full lines and allow you to do why you wanna get a donkey. Two eight hundred five, eight five one o five one. If you want to give somebody donkey of the day. Call us up right now, is to breakfast locomotive Is there a guy like you or or don't you
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the song today biogas, the donkey they need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't give today today all right, like I said Charlemagne is not here today. Sober that open up, that. Allow you to give donkey of the day. Alright, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one anybody you want to give donkey of the day to we don't care we're going to open up the phone lines and let you go hello who's. This a killer. We will give those you too. I wonder if the down here today a boyfriend, that's why we haven't bad influence. He don't have a girlfriend for a year and then he meant the round her and got be oh, why others, my boyfriend, hope other pillar talking animals?
Neither did I guess you don't like this now he was about to do that by then. The mess that thing about it is like he gave it the girl, Brianna, o thou, like based bill, been together Verlag another year and then come back out like your recently from growth than you bring. No, it is baby, but I may he gave it the little girl I messed around on it. Girl, we devil- you don't want to get around this guy now I knew it allows, is worked out. As a result, we will give targeted aid to brook. No, we gotta give it pretty. Clouding clause will definitely where do how nourish don't wait facing control dvds and all that story from his out then went back dragons pawn shop and dropped upon it. No, they don't you dog you today, hello. There is now a man manner.
We will give donkey. Today too, I wanna gathered. I gather data rate, my Burma, everyone here and there they they came, who IRAN there mate wider donkeys, because I feel That is a part of the low. Do you love me? Don't you you love. Whatever comes out of me. I got one in every year was no more than do the evidence of ancillary qualified to adjust the internet. We will give you today to myself. I want to find a way boy. We don't give up targeted egg everywhere the report contains a media has acted in animals could take on all today. Ok, go we gotta, listen, we care, because we see when you hear what I have already stated in over, like ok, what happened with
Yeah he's Dona Emilia permanent movie or something that could be job. Maybe Burma and really brought the station in fighting is unwanted. It's ok! It's a check on that dog you today. I don't know. If I can today We are given to you for coming here and prepared murmur, have a good by mass and allows this morning I was gone more. We wouldn't have dark you today to our gotta, get back here. A data marker remained there. My got two browsers. You know why you have to brother below he charged vulnerable marine areas, We await a monopoly on the floor, but the her brother, they sleep on a couch and ate up the food. In our jargon, lively, get Don Quixote Run of the road charges. Brother law We may forgot you oughta day. Gotta use your mommy. I wake up in here where you sleeping contain legal,
Ok, I you still united. We cannot all right boy early morning broke that was donkey of the data. When we come back eight hundred five, eight five five, one ask ie if any relationship advice or any type of advice, ye can help you right now for learns away. Open a you can always email. A breakfast club am edgy, mailbag come ascii is next. If you needed rice she's here, for you is to you for so come If we add the more money more problems morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club. It's for ask IE, eight hundred private one in five one allows is, of course a free. Mamma is quite third day when my boyfriend are not because we ve the problem of the year and he won't bring me around. His family have been around her brother, you more energy, his mom, you always ban all you're, not ready. You got a girl of yours.
The need is, in there now That is very wrong in. Let me ask you this because we met your family. No, but my family We then Virginia I'm a border and campaign. We live in the same in Orlando about an hour away. Well, ok, our way wait, but you he has immature family either been a year now Desmond he deserves to meet my family and I don't deserve to meet his family. Okay. That sounds crazy. That somebody that you're dating would even speak to you. That way, you don't deserve to be my family, but you for me to lay in bed with you. That sounds: cried ass, cool ass! She does, you may do so. She might be a little crazy man. You would only in In all you bad, I log in a joint through my mind, I will read all add junker. You get drunk come on now,
soon as I get job and how to write a new and better than to bring me around his family cathedral mocked me there right now, there's let us out about where a second. Do you really drink a lot, the bonfire India free? Okay, so does he perhaps tat? Does he perhaps have a point I mean. Maybe, but he likes to drink too, and then he wants to say out loud. Tell me something you wish you like forget what he likes to do: cuz you're, the one to me his family, does he have a point near ok, So you understand why you saying it you just want to be argumentative humanity of about it. You haven't done anything to prove to have that I'm gonna embarrass him. I mean what budget that drinking, I already know that some have dab drinking, but if you do know you get drunk and you now that you can be embarrassing an immature they. Maybe you need to look at yourself Kathy asking you to do something that is probably in your own best interests? Whether or not you stay with him? They arrived. So if you do get,
add foolish. Maybe you do drink too much. Maybe you do We do say. Ok, you know. Well, when I go, I am only going to have to drinks the whole night and ass. It is at the moment have affirmed by have you found him? Moderation? Don't embarrass up, show him the Jeanette? Listen. What have you went to go me, Emily Guide, junk, unembarrassed hisself affronted am word I mean I think I would, though, I don't know that underpins all you don't know. That, though, cause you got a few drinks in then start acting crazy he's not happen in it- and you don't even know for sure that you wouldn't do that- so maybe was you needed, show him that you are going to make an effort. The reign of the relationships are all about compromise too. If he say these reasons why he doesn't want to take you it is family and you can tell me that you do understand. It does have a point. Then. Maybe you need to combat I then say: ok, you know wept for the next three months. Really show improved, are to you that and that that same person I'm getting better and as if we, handle that then how about in three months I meet him on learning and causing me right now
Why has he was yelling? I am gone. Crazy got drunk law because now, because the other night all done his now been his foreign knock on the door. Are you not upon open his door? He said I will remind the work, and you don't know who at my door- and I Who was at the door knows the trying that man is they? Don't you ever over? My boys had about that. Your now sound, like you, just have some of the issues you guys are dealing with egg. Maybe you guys above very argumentative with each other over. Modern in its hands and regulators always online data. Controlling minded leave him. I re by later, regardless of that, may be there Some things that you need to work on which herself anyway you're right. I re so go again to work on you. You never change one other person because they want you to, but you gotta do certain things for you. Good luck, Mama rising gave a stabbed rigorous onward
at the bottom havin a drink. I now ask you: if you don't have a problem or far. What have you got a course of e call? A now is the breakfast club component, that. Would Kent Jos, don't my morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. We are the breakfast club in a mill of as key. If you have a relationship question you can ask he right now. She help me out, so you can always email a breakfast club, a Gmail back her pillows is at risk of being earlier. Mama was requested for you for, like a year there have been. I have been given like what use is a strange actions that they will put you let it than the mailbox the the world, but I open Alabama appeared not a poor cared very bitter, all her job by giving myself, because I
ass. She became a topic in a wider wish. They I'm not propaganda and, if I can put so many bear, moreover, that about these issues- and I give me a chance- the crew myself, the people and not a bad part than air- everybody keeps them either. But if I have always, you can do what it has been a very high, because what happened in take it out on him here, and I want to work out how bad things the twenty third of the world's harm by women for the method of people trying to get his back.
While she was my, how does one is able to our tears a few things she has accomplished exactly what she wanted to do. She has you acting crazy, Annetta character. She has, you argue in which a man on the verge of breaking up as you have people looking at you crazy cause she's making you do crazy things right in what you have to do is not feed into what it is it she's getting you to do, because clearly she was these reactions at EU and as much as you get it, the more does. She's gonna. Do it always how people this when, as you and your boyfriend and he's doing the right thing- and you know he's doing the right thing and somebody else is trying to interfere and come into your happy home Ya- need to be a team against them in its meeting you against this person, and you have to have a united front. You must not be a home
arguing. What you should do is making your relationships stronger and concentrating on each other and keeping that evil spirits, atta your home and out of your relationship, the allied by a lot of people, but about, but I feel like nobody really bad the Arab League messed up. Do you imagine you go on being a rapid now she press charges against you and you go to jail. Lose your job off away those work. That's right! That's why self focus. Then you could you ain't got nothing else going on in her life. Don't let it get. What you want to accomplish but you need to do is make sure you and man concentrated. In your relationships jargon? That means you guys got a plan certain date. Nice do fine things together. Let anybody know has drawn your relationship is cause. There's no sweeter revenge, then Heaven s successful relationship that she wishes she could have, and she can't you
What do you mean you don't remember. This is hard for your boyfriend sue. You don't want this to be going down, so you can't make it harder for him. Then it has to be you go through this together. Let me go over the varied better to writing, but I got a good lad. You in a new place you gotta represent for yourself, be above it already Gaza we go high order. Michelle Obama go awry. Maloney a term became a member of both through our eye. We got room was covered up. Oh thank you for asking for his war. If you needed rice, oh you need help which Are you can always call you if you can get through to the former? You can email breakfast Club a Gmail Dhaka. He asked for your rooms, criminal. Yes, we are going to talk about faith, Evans, she's getting suit. All of this has to do with the bad boy to us. I will tell you what happened with that. Also, we are talk about the space Gm Sequel, while everybody was aimed at Leubronn, is gonna, be playing the star, but the original star. Good joint in when somebody else to play. That role will tell you who he pigs are right.
I am more keep alive, is the breakfast locomotive. The reul report was made just put out his everybody, looking album in celebration of that he did Jimmy him alive. Sweet tweets unit usually do mean sweets, leather goods, you they did sweet tweets, cause people hasn't sweet things to say Gucci maintained up it specify for that. Here are some of the tweets that he read outta my Auntie live
where they do not like to be happy about appreciate how wish outta my is. My father will watch a Jew was indeed- and I feel I do my keys because our raising out never know. May one day my coming out loud to Googe man, I can't wait to get back on a breakfast club. I know we ve been working on. Last time he was appearances before you would, in my view, it was yea. Remember ever you got him upset early on, you say so. Did I semira from you? You put somebody out of a car, he was, I really has. However, none of the songs are job since then that it makes tapes I put out. That's all you know TAT S letter
as you can go to that didn't. Go slow evokes amount than we had a great time out and I've been in touch with him in his manners were team since even lack the brow. I can't wait to get you back up here. He shouted may set to write their livelihoods definitely bogeyman at every by shook, airbags and invest behaviour Europe. I now Dwayne away what made him leave the Miami heed. What was the catalyst for that decision while he was very hesitant to sign with the Chicago Bulls, but you know what really swayed him? Even exploring the possibility of his beautiful wife, Gabrielle Union is the person that was actually the catalyst for that. He said I was in Spain on vacation and
member talking to my wife before I turn to Jimmy Butler. She asked me about Chicago, and I say baby our know how open Jimmy is going to beat it too, and she said you never know you should reach out to him. So that's when he had his contact information passed along to Jimmy who reached out almost immediately and Jimmy Butler, had such a positive response. That's what made de way seriously consider going ahead and signing with the bulls. He said something people have a hard time with sharing the light, and he was right away. Saying: listen! I want to win. I know what you bring. The game, and I know we can work together and I once you here so that was the first conversation when he started seriously. Considering signing with the bulls not decreased, thing about. Their conversation is adopting a lotta people notice that your wife, oh yeah, significant other, is really the reason why you leave you stay. Why you make the decisions that you make whatever this
make our using on call a friend. I don't call my manager, easy, coma, white and blue hey baby, anything about this initiative. I well, I think you should do this. I think she do that because what her it's not about, it is not about money, it's about the best interest of you, so she doesn't have to hide and go to the bathroom anyway it. Nor does it doesn't that as your confidants area by now, that's a beautiful thing, so you can write Gabrielle Union. I check right now to a guy right answers. You talkin basket by. Let's talk about the space jam sequel now reports are saying that Lebrun is on board to go ahead and star in the space GM sequel but the original their Michael Jordan has somebody else in mind. Here is who he said. He would love to see play that role of her new non spanish frozen.
These S little shade on a while abroad is the best place in the NBA. Ryanair is probably the best play. The last five tend to ten years, the best effigy asset. It was better to him who called the way work, or we call these twenty years ago said in the past ten years. I think the brand names the best play, namely in the past ten years, and these two best play outright. Now you let him do it on a low shade and a man by Griffin can't do it, even though he is my life, can brethren but the projects to be a better person for that role? I re anyone doing a lot of acting, and that is your room. A report, I'm Angela YE five had yet absence They shouted revolted again. We'll see you guys tomorrow for five hundred in one everybody else, then we had the same camera guy the whole time to Steve. We as the EU thinks de work from beginning- and I think juries has happened, I'm beginning to think they.
Steve wouldn't be here by Now- and I am I then already be anthony- was happening. Beginning also adds news. If the beginning, I mean really with a link, has his sister was the body assisted the boy s wise? How he's yeah I she laughed, but anyway, people chose mixes up next, eight hundred five, eight five one five one. If you got a request, you wanna hear something, Sir enviable known as Snapchat or at Dj Embryo Instagram or twitter. Ok, guys on cuban reckless locomotive
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