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Who is better Michael Jackson or Beyonce


Monday 4/16- Today on the show we had to address the fact that Beyonce offically made Coachella Beychella with her performance, but is she a better performer than the King of pop Michael Jackson? so we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought. Also, after Shaq opened up about the time his credit card got declined at walmart, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of listeners had any similar situations with their credit card. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Taylor Swift for performing an Earth, Wind, and Fire song without some soul in her voice. 

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I love you rat sit out become the most prominent. You sell your early. The more bluntly Tommy was able showing people whose busier mine you as a Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, where mining Charlemagne Good Morning, ITALY priested applied. It is minded happy Monday and I M not even in the EU is package. Yesterday's lie when you dogma and, as I said he was mentioned as more. It was a very lively week in a very content, filled weak yeah.
Ok Zella was over the weekend might away after seeing beyond to perform this week in a cold shower. I am disgusted at our whole crew. Ok, I demand excellence from everyone. Now I don't have available to us. We can be obeyed, would argue, plus dances everybody think everybody on the same page and create a high level of professionalism. Everybody excellent! No He s up. Selby as it is. The greatest performer today should no longer be honest job Yahoo, just I oughta Gus, because the other, the greatest performer. What I've got the greatest lab reform of our time over my jack? Yes, it on the table may be sought it. I saw people say yesterday or social media and I'll make you nobody gets caught up in a moment and amicable Chad Goin in people were, you know, ask whose better Bianti of Michael Jackson and Wit I can just live performances. Nothing else They got my good extra and, if you know They megawatts Michael Jackson at the nineties, wore away
by rejecting Motown twenty five will watch Michael Jackson, VM aid in eighteen. Ninety five and compare compare biopsies farce, before Mr Michael and ninety compare beyond phase to Dallas. Sixteen, via Meda Michael's. Ninety five year may is really not In closing, she got up the answer is under God he's not amazing it s even our whole concepts and that she brings to light with, but still Attaining ITALY is not even if not even and I hate idea. I never thought I would say that what I'm telling you I do is. I did yesterday our three thing on television. What beyond these cordial perform its own currency, for midnight manners. I watched rhapsodies rapture and then I was going to be a good job and I want Michael Jackson's all performance just make sure I was caught up in a moment. Now he always a better lab reform it in my life, she's she's, she's obese. I mean eyeing. Allow have thus seen home biopsies may mark yesterday.
Like we will be asking ourselves landed gas where we died, you with dancing might react when a guaranteed. I was absolutely not delay. A maybe, maybe was glad thought I was now means that you have put it. There would be an say. I know you're, not gonna gloomy o the prince the biggest prince Vampa. He also plays. Are those instruments to protest about? That's why I think, but I love what an ice and I want to go, see Prince perform when he was alive. He's my favorite artists approach even produce about a musical article converged, so you completely regiment children's programmes will have performed a fall in the version will be, I think, beyond the better lab reformer absolutely- and I ask you why can't we perform for ten hours, perhaps slowly, employers now. If you go back towards them exuberant former eastern onstage, really so did you. Medicine did nothing her heightening Therefore, while five in the report
once located the thing we oughta worlder, something one in eight one, one of Michael, certainly onwards. I would want to close the gap with member man in America letting go. They may not have acted like a pay. My remaining and there are no amendments- ninety five, our nose but Williams loads on life. It will not lead anywhere all I know is I you know I just make watching be. I think, whatever form it is She wanted demand more from yourself in your toes out area. Where we can live was we are gonna. First in front page news, talk about this house. Dieback incident cause. I know that's on the tap everybody's head. I will talk about that in front page. You can't even get a lunch order. Burke resort to write me a while beyond these old team is a beat to show a great deal. We didn't notice it. Everybody that came to the lab podcast last night and ended late last night. So I am tired. I am deeper. I appreciate everybody for coming out in the rain. It was sold out of oversold actually, but we had a good time and from pesos This goes to breakfast. I'm gonna get you money.
What did everybody is D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are. The breakfast club was Ginsu front, page news. Now, if you are a watch an mba play, I knew what you told me. Roger lobby. Yesterday, when I watch, I feel blankly linen now faces the lady I'll give you up young people's again? Celtics beat the boats one thirteen one o seven hours, adult game paces, beat the cab. Ninety eight eighty than to beat the jasmine Sixteen one o eight in Iraq has been the timber walls, one oh for one, o one Ellis about Donald Trump. He has done a tram between it out a perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you too, for and the UK, for their wisdom and the power Your fine military could not have had a better result mission accomplished so proud of our group. Military, which will soon be after the spending of billions of fully approve dollars. The fine is that our country
ever had now. What ended up happening was a Friday night strike on three Syria targets that was in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilian civilians. Here's what Donald Trump had to say the evil and despicable occur. Left mothers and fathers infants and chilled thrashing in pain and gasping for air chemical weapons. Are uniquely dangers, the purpose Actions is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread and use of chemical weapons. Robin Russia FIG leaf and to make it seem, like those, never know, collusion between the two, ministration Russia now, according to replace this ain't, no one knows million casualties are losses from that attack, but they did not three different government as sites in
area. It was everybody's organs of Russia's they're dead. If, if anybody bombs and again is gonna, be a crazy are fake. Beefing up to make people seem like they never had no collusion together like when you really really like a girl. You bag, meaner right- there again stander that's what they're doing right now. In the mean time, right now, Jim Comey is on his book run and he has some things to say about Donald Trump. He has his book coming out a higher loyalty and here's what he had to say about Donald Trump, is a person of above average intelligence whose tracking conversations and knows what's going on. I don't think he's medically and to be present, and I think is morally unfit to be president- was president trampled striking justice, possibly it certainly some evidence of destruction and justice again, call me as a former FBI director who Donald Trump fired about a year. Our right now and Starbucks. Two black men were in a Starbucks in downtown Philly. This happened Thursday afternoon
I sat down now. According to officials, they had ass used, the restroom by because they had by anything in play, said no and eventually they were asked to leave. And they declined. I guess they were waiting for a friends come in. They were going to order ones that other person got there and people goes in Starbucks Others have all day long reel off right and people go there, get one coffee whatever and sit all day, or maybe they just waiting for somebody. People have meetings at Starbucks all the time. So what happened next is the IMF. I call the police and they The video that was recorded. That's been viewed like ten million times. And here is what happened to the police, came and actually arrested. The two men and they were people inside the establishment- one man, Andrea avenue- you heard on that audio he's white. He said
they're not even doing anything. What did they get coffee, because his two black eyes sitting here meeting me like? What's the problem and officers it escort mountain other men have not been identified, but they were arrested on suspicion of trespassing, but according to the prosecutor's office and Philippe declined to tourism, because of a lack of evidence that a crime was committed, surely will meet in their wake up. I don't. You have just said that by it I mean also lose it out. Like I Andrew anew, using his privilege to combat prejudice, I wish those guys could have used his white for Louise install both wifi. Would have been arrested, nasty airbags has apologised on Twitter because as a boycott Starbucks has TAT going around and the CEO of Starbucks released statement. Starbucks stands firmly against. Discrimination are bishop, availing. Regretfully, our practices in training led to a bad outcome. The basis for the call to the Philadelphia pleased What was wrong, I still manage
never intended for these men to be arrested, and it should have never escalated, as its restore managers should be five year, while the literacy idle shoe the Threeg black guideline to get a Czech cut to them. Yet above me the issue, a more formal apology to the black community for their manager, racially profiling, Absalom, unless it after, like the police, I get enough smoking his situation either. Wireless lay actually made no sense. Police came into the escalated the situation instead of arresting them rise sitting in Starbucks. I think that's crazy we're very they didn't say, aware they just stood up and then that really are I do know that even months have been cut He happened to you, know, you're not doing anything wrong. You just still have to be so compliant because a drink, green tea, remote and get my do not today. Now I can't believe you having a lot of NATO Madrid gurgled fact caught with the card. Corporate green tea they discussed in bed- and I just want to every office in america- is right that we had to make the problem may by another races white present. Anyway,
no as front page news, get it off. Each has eight hundred five five one, five one! If you they actually debate call us up right now. If you had a bad night bad morning, it s up right now or if you feel bless you wanna spreads and positively. Eight hundred five, five one or five one is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man one, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of this. It is the result. North Carolina, home, Livingstone College, I broke it above all, a may with a shovel may with every summer the others. What you know like if the college electoral controls the vote, then why is there a body reason about Russia and its investigation day when we only vote for me is governor affinities stuff.
I don't get it. I don't want anybody. Raymond Albania is low. Okay, we vote for the governor, the Senator Congressmen council me, but when we vote for the poor, Our vote doesn't count. Law died out, radiation named so be met. Our boat doesn't count if so faint senators, governors and congressmen upon it. A college electoral vote That means they would dom enough to believe that Russia, rigged elections and beyond since the early it is early, maybe because I can't go to Starbucks and give my green t my brain, a moon awaited and need to move on The young man s hands now allows is everything was so dry, You paid shabby pale Ptolemy witnesses. Are you gonna do? How are you I mean? Yes, you need a doctor. Charlemagne? Bang, we enact grey areas, have approved alma ata here about how who sees it
Maybe I know you alone. Are you know that it will come from? blogger O Unita hated deterring like on a park? As we know at his aid, I thought about someone Joe Biden as we can, but then I realized that he not making no money via I'm always design new tv. Doing what I did you say I can pay by land aggressive death death. Does defamation Would you say that dog do you care, if you would, I say just got away my good anyway, I obey my being better method guide levels. About about the bottom this morning. How forgotten the barbed today lumber, but allow me a bottom who's been attract people carefully all day long been annoying an endless debate. They aren't even maybe I let you do be. Agitating am now
now David. Clearly, I back see Bob revenge. Tanzania bars. I would like your video, because people have both a positive picture. Colonies a bomb allow to phase out there. Although motive more thing came out and aid or be Bobby, while about very bad and they believe them I'll will. I would hold their degenerous queen. Making manoeuvres lay off with you. By the way she told him to lay off quaver. Ok, please! I degenerates queen to tell him that for tee boss least got they all your delusion. Oh yeah, tire Jack, our view that the law must meet your little bar. You, you go bottom panicky boy, that's gonna, like nosey tell them are not traveling. Thank you for calling. I do like internally recognised things. Only rugged diagnose only reckon
upon further review on Friday. I thought it was just cool, but I'll do as a direct, isn't physical reckon. I thought only Bobby things get it off. Each has eight hundred five, a five one, o five one you need of any desire to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off? Each ass, the young man from you, wanna breakfast on your life, is Man s yacht was so good. An absurdity of Charlemagne in R Amp D day emptied yes, I also use tell me to have been saved lives. Is that it Michael Jackson, absolutely I d better lab performance of Michael Jackson. Now you crazy, you said the Superbowl his Superbowl perform it s, not the only foremost suitable before mister mole down twenty five. Dvr may the ninety five, when you
for a dozen years permanent MIKE Mike hire people frightened all back. We're gonna do isn't what I got no performance, though my brother do what you did on stage loved it though they love is performed us almost. They love it omits though we were in. We were in awe of Michael Jackson. Listen! I love my you got it all. I have no don't be outside Toto alarming is the answer to this is all I ask you to do when you go home there, when you get some time go away. The old Michael Jackson performs is. Are you tube benighted? Recent are all ninety four the Amaze motel, five and watch the obvious first wool performing their coach Ella perform it now. Would you throw away those in other performed without just think about. I don't know, but go on, go watch and to compare unwatched a memo after our call back You gotta reveal any gonna margin in ITALY. I agree with your with their parents and grants with night here present
a guy right there reproach cross with was prince was a little decision in another language have signed with allows this hurry schreyer and I'm calling from Columbus Georgia. Ok, you're features mom hey. I was going about this direct intervention and I know you guys. I heard you guys bathed about the police on the situation and why they arrested them They say that the term manager, Mister Preston, if the legally, they have too many want here, but legally they have here I hereby declare that up because I love you guys, but am hate when you guys have this bad turning over a police affair. Could my boyfriend, the boys There is not one that we hear about them. You heard the bit frustrating, but I do love with many a guy he's one of the good ones here. What are they gonna, wind and I'm? Actually, he you gonna tell me about the present situation and he thinks that it's pretty that does he uses state issued handcuffs on you, every known it,
I'll, keep that personal day. You no matter what happens. Even if everybody there's ain't, nobody is doing anything wrong and there's no situation. They still have to arrest the person yet by law. They you have now. He had to do that, for you now people are angry words, but my law they have to remain when they decide who like go. You can go with that, but one another by your job on the wire there's. Something goes wrong than he could get fired so about God: please. I m inshallah me right now to have to arrest them the printer. What you say. I am sure that, while it had to be being or even of all but yeah, but you re probably why, if you call them you wanted. It worked hard to have been here ass, crazy around with egg Mama together? We can learn, and now there are less polluting called before and I've ever any aid to. Please will you go home in autumn mean and in some areas have been really really complaining. I only do they do that
don't say that is probably called the rough in our goal is a rather slowly get her off it just eight hundred five, a five one or fire. One of your upset. You need event, you can hit us up any time you ve got rooms and away. Yes, we are going talking about Stds and our Kelly would tell you about some new person. Worms slutty these in our Joe. You can't you give me that will be discussing. I may well be taken, maybe I'd say either at the morning, so we might as well get started early arrival
into all that when we come back you blacklist breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast arrive morning. Everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are. The breakfast club was obvious Monday, rattler that never get to these rumours are so beyond see. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, Labianca Headline Kotler and during her performance even said. Thank you for allowing me to be the first black women to headline hotel. A US. Our destiny. Tat is the first girl group to perform. Cultural legacy. She did bring them out as well. She said the highest live streaming record. She was the most tweeted about performance and she had the longest cartel a performance. So congratulations to be answered. Breaking the internet. If you haven't seen it, we have seen it before.
But it doesn't really do much, just as you have to watch it but check it out, a man. It is. Maybe you want to demand more from yourself in your whole team, everybody in Saint now, one damn flaw occurring executing effortlessly. Meanwhile, somebody on your team is no get. You represent around sworn gascony basically had her own HSBC, they university a B. I fancy had sweated said be caveat, say knows school colors, where yellow and black, which is also the dean from her album lemonade and she had them it's a ban which were former members of Florida. Aunt em universities bans yet a drum line. She has done
has come out, perform with her and dance and get me bad eatin. Everything with Mano bought awaited, Jazzy came out, they did Deja vu. You don't need to become an odious conclude above all, would float offers down off. It was good, is load offers the man like mellow in you. You know you are Maloney TV grandmother born office. Just stops offers downloading anything. I lose my breath, delusion brotherly love me. I say: what can you do? Look and really I mean besides decimeter in my chamber, was a credible by the way or young, and by way of your margin, very carefully oppressed joy, we read even your march. A ban is trash, any any much information pc you complete a better daily. I take to be our dignity. A very broad joint efforts. We did Darwin mounds who, as bs ease the greatest entertain into to ever, live and the queen of Music Angie Martinez. The answer is the grace performer of autumn, and I do not wish to argue this points to night and I even Inky Azalea, who is by the way people said TAT
was there without while we saw the pictures, but his arm around her is out of them easier, dating back its waded out. I don't think I'll ever see a better show than the one I just wise Piazza perform tonight. I'm shaken him about. I agree with all those people listen and I'd like to be a prisoner momently. Yesterday I went to a deep wormhole of Michael. Exit performances. I washed the so Bobo form is ninety five year may performance is more than twenty five appeared and I think Nancy Isabella Performer did Michael Jackson. I will just be that Airbus, Leave acting a bet, allow double adjusting she's a better lie, perform dogma, not denounce blown stage too many people I would even wanna go see. I am that a huge costs that person by beyond say I was go, see her cause absolute dressing about three toes Michael Jackson, I think, is a bigger superstar than me.
We often forget about eleven as need. I dont let not because they are now. Let's discuss Tristan Samson affect women are good, as they have identified, or name is Tanya and according to the daily mail, they were first seen together, leaving the four seasons downtown and November twenty seventeen and since then, been seen with her a few times so, according to sources this interest and has been consistently cheating on Clay his Assyria Cedar and there will be more women come out of the woodwork. Congo, where you gonna were involved or doesn't drug everyday hanging. Where's waded out a picture of himself and Lamar Odom, Annie India he's at my favorite moment of walking into Madison Square Garden to place him hello. I used to go to the hospital and play lemme the album when he was learning to walk and talk again, then we walked into the arena together. So I don't know if that's a shadow trust in me a menacing yesterday about Lamar Odom in him, China, you know, take some shots.
Trust in legal, the notion that yours and I think that the evaluation would Chloe but that family now, but you will stop being friends, would opposing just because at present one in the family in the long run, I don't know how one would interpret that cause too. Can you doesn't even really tweet that might, and especially fourteen three especially when Lamar within a call our calmly and colonies. Music did really help. You know bring Bring him back right like the word. Is, though, their clothes not given up on trust and so will see what happens. I write it. Kelly, a woman is saying that he gave her an has std while he was in town. For a concert just back in December, she's, nineteen years old when she started dating him, and she said she ended her release. Insipid with him, but that the union had been fraught with several forms of criminal, Miss kind including unlawful restrain furniture. Alcohol in illegal drugs to a minor and aggravated assault. That's because of the std infection, which sedated alone, we don't know how Mine is uniting Lud drinking. You came into my drink, I got you are right now, according to
the other family, the savages who also came forward with accusations again, what you call him: Serbs zest their last name, Joscelyn savage. They sent me from the beginning that the reason he's holding the girls as he has some kind of std, that he couldn't cure, that's how they feel so now they saw the woman for it and accusing him of giving your inequity she's not identified yet so you know like holding them hostages like allegedly, if I got her bread LE, we all got her, but together we might will meet again. They can't holdings. Are you put at again, I'm saying under surly hold them into saying, like look, we all got our bees. We and together we muddle stick together, blesses isolate that ok, I mean Zooelogy, and that is really the sudanese money. Some labours
right now we have for Albania's covenant. What we don't never business lesson about Ober. They have a whole new situation that they're doing. Let's see if you're interested in it. Ok we'll get into that. When we come back, he belonged to breakfast local morning arrive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club luskin some front page news there, let's go straight over was gonna win. Nobody should a new service, yes over as launching a car rental service that will allow strangers who run each other. Is the vehicles is kind of like air B and be a smart, but it's for cars is called Goober ran, so you can read someone s his car for a fee, I've kind of exit. By instead of the company owned the car as other people, so it's a private person. So maybe for cars. Basically, you could went out yes more ferrari or something I was a paranoid do stuff like that. I think that is enough. The key lower than the target couple dead white women out of our did be written people's cholera that you don't know the measurements. Your kind do some crazy. It actually imagine that trust them
wait for the isolation law is now paying to toss you ain't. No good charges are critical to be far but happiness with people may undermine they make a little extra money. I think that's cool and I'm the metaphysical proposal block all because I don't want to drive- maybe you want to live for a couple days now. A colleague for a couple of days. You need a car, you want to go to herds or when it was a place where they might be too expensive. You, wherever you weren't as catalyzed kind now, the prices will be the same as they are on get around. That's who they teamed up with, and that's in fifteen cities are ready as that, five dollars an hour depending on what type of car you're getting in all the cars are covered by that one million dollars insurance policy that get around has so when you sign up to be a driver, you have to provide the driver's license. Then they crossed checked out with the DMV to make sure that the clean record and so on. If you want to buy a car, this Eu Ackerman shook off what a day to see. If I like it, if I wanna buy, you know like a Batista, I go to a raw deal we'll. Let you take of a five minute raise our pretty interesting. Can it would you wonderment at your car, thou wooden?
We make some extra cash area than you ever level dean. You like our. I need to make some money here, your lower. He could have written out people gain by people, sometimes by like apartments step that turn around. Here you go by establishing a car and just rents it out and make money like that, our right now, let's discuss this Starbucks and downtown Philly situation again to black men aware and Starbucks, and they sat down now according to official as they said they. Ass. He used the restroom, but because they had bought anything the employee said no. Eventually, they ass to leave em when they decline. That's when and employ you call the police and here's what happened. Because I guess they were planning to someone there and then, when Andrew Yuppie, whose white showed up he was like what are the police here for a second Yes, I may you
now you can go in and sit down away for someone. Everybody, though this double the go ahead to offer people did at a regular restaurant. If your meeting some money in their late, you might go sit at the buyer is waiting for somebody, Did I why guy ended up his name? Rancher Andrew flew to Andrew for use in his privilege to combat prejudice. I was white privilege which is accessible to stop, wifi of social brothers would have been arrested, say that he was a meeting them now. The men now been identified, but they were arrested on suspicion of trespassing Starbucks, I did not want to press charges in the men were later on release, but in failure they also decline to choose is the men because of a lack of evidence that a crime was committed. So now there's a hashtag boycott, Starbucks Nesta bugs has since posted a reply apologizing? We apologise, to individuals and our customers and are disappointed. This led to an arrest. We take these matters serious Lee and clearly have more work to do when it comes to how we handle that is an eye stores. We, reviewing our policies and will continue to engage with the community and the police to pay
and to try to ensure these had two situations never happen in any of us to see or thought of going beyond the morning. America suddenness won't believe so you do not. They all be apologize to. The black community might think that three black mean install both need to be and stated in some way shape or form. Now no dance, Davos give COD Ii that we need some cash and The manager in all have to take responsibility for their actions and, if I may right? Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report by right, millisecond forward this. Thank you. Ye eight hundred feet five and everything you are aware. That was from pays no bridge when I say that very well, let's get a phone lines who is the best performer of all time? asked a question I gotta get over like. Do you think I'm really I've? May I make a jack the idea I couldn't low more? No, I don't want over his army, they Elvis Presley thing. We must do something only buster run, both with a group of what we know now, if I were to say, Prince after the prince
nuclear! Never an olive branch of the different I've allow before principally, instruments princes a great beauty, as well as my guys, my friend I love problems arise because a bomb or the conversation Bianchi Michael, that will become vision I got started yesterday after the agricultural reform is so no need to bring everybody out in it. Ok because truth be told the three great reforms. Emma Jane Round, Michael Jackson, in Bianti aright took the by raised it from what Jane round with no enemy odds they have taken the binary. The form of Michael Jackson, with eight hundred five Five, one o five, one who's. The best reform of all time lie performer onstage call us now is to this locomotive by voting? Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club where asking who is the best performer beyond, say or Good Jackson, where now is the Charlemagne God talking to this quickly my opinion in ya do know it was a time before, Michael what people
saying thing: anyone was a better lab perform in jail, brows blasphemous on saying all that to say things can change same way, Jane Raw raised by Michael Jackson, raised by higher and obviously had raised by even more than Beaufort him. I'm talking strictly live performance is nothing out. Ok, good! When it comes, musical gotta lotta thing Michael is better, but just performers, wise Bianchi, goddamn, I only the better lab reform into Michael Jack. I agree with you what I've seen from beyond saying how she's able to get hundreds of people behind from the banter dances and eight, in sync, yes, Mary simply arose and everybody and think executing effortlessly flawless. I've been beyond but allow before pastern changes It wouldn't be an absolutely labianca, but then I was just a here is tat. These are performances, our thinking about them. Bolivia, to ban video and remembered its high video those iconic. But do you want
not a performing nobody around with a lot of them are brought about other no James could then never want to forget those. I conic moments of Michael Jackson also, but I've actually never see Michael Jackson impasse. And perform live, and I have seen beyond say- and I think So, as a woman, it gives you a different type of failing to all you. Gotta do is go to you to write and you can google beyond fatal data, sixteen Vienna performance or to doubt authorities who were before. Mr Coelho. Performers compete at the Michael's. Ninety three suitable performance has ninety ninety five year may performers and his motown twenty five apparent automobile would you may not even close political reform as they smokes Michael more people. Don't believe you crystal the better lab reform of non binding? My name is, though, she's right prized after more than good jack. I don't get me wrong at the end of the day, when I began
I grew up on him and I'm going to go lie just guess. It had a baby in September and I had them playing Michael Jackson. While they were cutting me off now baby. We're not talking about music knack of musical catalogue. Michael Jackson, thinks moulds beyond, say: I'm talking about on a stage is alive perform. Well, that's all we talk to actually make up all right now, all I've, gotta gloomily go to Youtube and watch so not even close. You could probably razor, and so she remembers inasmuch ass. He has a connection Michael too bad. You blog about their business back, there might be Jack with mad movie, I think all the modem. I think that the very fact of all about it, they, I think the girl. What are these?
we are thinking about opera sampling, eyes on something, and God bless you I didn't. Have the ASEAN hey, I've God bless you have saw. You brings the air in the critical. Absolutely I think I'd be after the Erika, the crickets. Why would you? Why would I did Viviani Day my notes, this IRA? Not ass lips are we not go do that our aid is only the beacon before seen. Alphabet got dollar eight hundred five a photo five one, always a bit before the Michael Jackson or Biagi called is now the breakfast local morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club in opening up the former right now beyond, say, destroyed. We shall, of course you do cello beach, elevator wanna call it and we're asking who had the best performing the best performing yo was abroad, which today one, a grand ground was a business that day. We are very good, but when I go to ply so
we put on their raw, he added you have a blog name. I guess my God plot a laugh at me. I thought you didn't. I ran like look. A goblin lies in a one minute. Why did this? Why optional never be penalized ran back in alarm, might agree with him that, Michael, I might envy ass. It might be other Michael Jackson by guards about no pause. No, yes ma am I value conversation. Maintaining local Iraq is God, I M afraid you, your bosom. Before the Michael Jackson, Obiang zebra? First of all morning, a body that line and more and more like the people say first of all good morning greet me first yeah. I will go with Michael Jackson. The dual one: pelvic burthened at half the crowd. Listen arrest, show pay it. You have to give it up. Because everybody was in awe of Michael. He was just a popular, but we just talking about skill set on a stage further bet. A love of one allows is,
laws when Burglar Messiah Bro it's the best lap, a form of Michael Jackson. Obviously, copper wire when the museum. Can you walk of Michael Jackson, home Oliver? They may people say we're going. Yeah I'll keep saying is about Fain would fain have to do what he was doing. I wanna get laid it about how about this, as a matter of doubt that nobody is talking about skills and irritable people frame allows this area Annapolis, It was gone. Opera, murder, you don't go go the best performer Michael Jackson, Obi Earth, no Michael, Melanie Wanna retain have has not mine gather Bilbao. I would point out is TAT it s. The only reason yachting Michael Debatable Vomica people passed out. It is showing very high. The opinion no more like a morning. What should I name my name, Ebony Hunger
the more we talk and beyond, say or Michael Jackson was a bit allow perform the answer. He definitely on that, all allow all go up a former. If you are probably agree that trade thereby all around the outside sheep, desperately for preserving I really feel like a lot of you as the Michael Jackson. Performances in a long time are all you gotta do is go to you to go watches night, Teresa Voebel Format, goloshes ninety five year may performance is down. Twenty five appeared and compare beyond these twenty sixteen vm performance, her twenty thirteen wool performers and her co cello performance, a promise. He was not even cloak the right now. The time between Michael Jackson implies shut. It was to be restored. The moral of the story of manner within a point in time when it was blasphemous, Gazeta, anybody with a better lab performance, Jane Round until microbes then came along. He read the boy higher and now because they re the bar even even higher in both it himself, things can change. People be lazy. You shoulda making deal.
See we're plastics in an exercise. Grady, we aromas motorway. So we are going to tell you about a Hazel E. She was a on love fixing my life. How did they go up? We again also Azalea banks was go on our her. We gotta check up on her or I will get into all that when we come back. He believed this debate was global. Moon, the Reul report, the breakfast club I write down a glamour is gonna, be taking over duties for Saturday night lie, that's happening on may fit so now Is he gonna be a musical gas but also be hosting an airline? people have done. Both of those things is just drag. Jason, temblor, Jennifer Love has re Charles Edward, spare there among the people who have both hosted an enemy to coal gas. Now, like the promo food, our set down a glove host and shouted gave me a form, and I still right so this is gonna.
Happening, Mayfair think again, so luggage But- and I know you didn't like that- episode of Lana weighed down however, where he was the one dressed up as a very pretty girl tonight organs would evidently was I like day. I thought it was hilarious languidly, hammer and areas is funny. I would laugh at no time has, first of all new with him plain that character and just a daisy was doing tat in. I just came to get a piano on older globular there, but I was laughing. I was I'll, be glad to was what he will go forward: those suicide and when I went home it I'm gonna homicides homicide order with somebody dies. I right now Kevin Heart that he spoke with make me. And he said on social media on Instagram just got off the phone MC mill. I love my guys in a really good space and wanted me to share some things with you guys. So he said Loving his mental right now he is not allowing this minor setback in life to break him. Instead, he's embracing it and using it as motivation to improve on himself he's truly displaying a different level of mental toughness. He went
it's how all of his vans and support is that he truly appreciates all of your support and that he loves all of you for it. All of our lives. Have the potential to be amazing stories. It's up to us to read our destiny, and he said after talking to make today. I know that he is destined for great things. He's been through our lady so focused on telling hysteria and making sure the youth Coming up under him doesn't have to go through. The same thing says goodbye. In good spirit may remain today, but I don't know what's going to happen today, but that was the where that he may be getting out today arise, sack was out Walmart. His credit card got declined within the late lay, so a James Court in, and he has what he said. I have the biggest purchase a war monetarist were under trader from army the frameworks and almost every girl, more patients ordered the phoenix we're gonna go, get four five to lose. Your prayers Novogrod drops logo. Appliances, shoots sheets, Taos, underwear, toujours, so
the annual survey. Thousands or put my credit gonna grab decline, suddenly murders for a security guard me hey man. For most, don't you got her. So we ve got a warmer, also know that was me, so they joined a beggar articles bonds, while my goddamn as a lot of stuff on there were American Express now either Mary. We live American, Express guys anyone. Actually, that happened to me several times, millionaire and a different state or someplace that you're not normally ad, and you try to purchase something. Sometimes they'll decline it, but they send you a text Call you right away for you to approve the purchase. Furthermore, on and we gotta go, it was murdered for asthma. Well, Fargo account from the rubble includes bombs, welfare, modern, dynamic, americanization rejecting a right. I am so the Africa among frugal vondra of arms. The way it has been to London now on their high. They will not we will not go through and it will call me say I'd as alone Lowood as because they know idols been money like that,
by my house, and I was trying to buy furniture. I was a restoration high where my car God decline as it was, is embarrassing situation. Does it make it seem like in Asia, nor that is fraudulent or something happening, and you feel like every Look, I do love you, but I have just had to go back outside, add to call them and then they had to approve in, and I came back and but it happens in these have Avonlea all its are not belonging to be like. Thank you for calling me. May you stay on your goddamn job right now this to me all its allocation would Amex. When you see anything, I don't look like me. All. Right now, baby looked over to allow azalea banks was her Instagram story and says that she had been a roof, feed and low key rate. Listen to what she said. Our instagram story, like really realizing like this raped, but you don't like men, can just pray or you just like it'll badger. You force you to say yes and it's just like the point where you feel like you gave consent, but you didn't give you no you never wanted to do.
You're. Just like this. So by relations than me and ass. He did update people on Saturday. She says he was good. She said what is even Anna ropey I've at that time of intoxication in my life, I woke up my throw was impending needles is under control. Now my This friends are here, I'm going to be fine. Don't panic guys, I love you, I definitely God drugged and my drink, but on waking up again, she said it takes a lot to take this elephant, our show is still on four tomorrow see ya, then jewish wish to press for definite proof. I ride Manzella YE, and that is your rumour report raping, you miss ye. Now Charlemagne. Yes, we given a dog to matters of urgency, since I heard in on Friday, though today, when you tell us what coming to find the guy gets you like to have a lower. Would our police? Ok, ok, we'll get tat
We come back. He belonged to breakfast locomotive, dodgy devil, yes dog! You today, for Monday April, fifteen goes to the unseasoned born with chicken. Breast at America knows is tails. If not be linear. I told you that I don't think tales. We ve got some Bob's. Ok, maintaining nine am was dope drop include above it at our dammit. I shake it off still try to meet his Dana. Isn't it One thing that irritate me about Taylor: Swift, inadequacy act, face surprised when she wins awards. I can't stand fake humility. She displayed in those moments, but other than that I got no along with the war bowler Manny Soup, Daddy's twit, Taylor, Swift, but this we can tell us with something they grinding. My gears c on Friday
switch release the cover of earth, wind fire's, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight love jam September. Ninth, I don't give a damn how old you are if you was raising a black household. You have heard this record at some point in your life me personally. I grew up around jukeboxes. Alright, my father managed to club growing up called a zebra, and I can remember hearing that song. All the time was it was in the zebra or enough come up by the older in his truck when you fire this September, was one of those rare song that was always in rotation everywhere was crazy. Is I just realized? Is weakened, songs, content? Him I had no idea- I never thought about it, but I'm not a word.
Ok. Man was Jane, we're paying remember, as does away eventual no one day more now about four thousand drug political mother would imply a dynamic Mackay. Clapping doesn't begin to describe dead recording when you deal with a classic rugged like that, you shouldn't touch it, we would alone nobody's you touch it lets you drunk perform a karaoke somewhere, but clearly
is human health into John flesh. Tell us, we didn't get the memo because she joy got the window and decided to cover September okay, and if that idea, just the idea of Taylor Swift, covering September, sounds whack array, Here we have just hear me talk about. It sounds whack. Well, Taylor, Let you down? She gave us the most basic gluten free rendition of September. You will ever here, ladies and gentlemen, if dukes mandates could sing, it would sound like this, You have twenty. Change in Venice
pendule us for those in every way. Maybe I just don't think you'll be the same feeling. I definitely you deserve it. Shake it off. First of all, instead of September El Associative, cortisol, nephew, airy, ok, because What is it to be recorded? A release dinner? I Taylor, you like the one thing it takes to pull this cover off and that so I there's no such thing as a soul. Is winding via zone, and unless you have sole, you can't even attempt to cover one of these records. In fact, I came across a pressing question whence on social media. In that question was what happens to someone so
When they become a zombie, I don't know Did I question, but the next time That question asked online, I'm gonna to linked to tell us couple of September. Look Taylor: don't go Jason Earth one in five! Ok! Stick to that! I knew you would troubles in his shake it off that you use to play at unseasoned, boneless chicken, breast ballad once more. Please please come on. I'm gonna wait a lot on Iraqi. Louder! Ass! someone else trash one more time, ok, ok, we're very worthwhile well thought out and what might have been a sharp come with me. Two things we learn from this? one. You gotta have thought a cover of wind and fire period in two. They are for natural elements that exist on this earth earth when fire and react when water
I repeat, therefore, natural elements that exist on this planet and managers will never be wanted him. Please do tell us with sweet sound in Heaven. Mostly, you are key to gain at all. All right. Three brothers, So our right up next, of course, he would talking she colonial in the last room, as if you haven't heard he had an embarrassing moment at war. Mockery blip are renewed vigour, purchase in Walmart history. I do trailer from Miami to Phoenix and I'm a type of guy. I have no patience when I get to Phoenix, I got to go, get for five tvs and got to go. Get printers got to go, get laptops The prize is sheets Charles Underwear, tee shirts, so the issue so leave thousands were put. My grand gonna grab decline, sullen mergers for a security guard. Me, hey man,
Almost all you got her several of my warmer as I know that was me. So they joined a beggar. My dear sir, I said it was a lie. There must be no rollback prices when you dated eight hundred fathoms of farm, only settee Bible Matthews popular time when implies means that life needed you buy. Furniture made known a flat screen. First came only with super duper, expensive I'd, be during that time. I will call it have you ever had an embarrassing moment which your credit card I was just thinking about, I remember one time I took the keys, the kids, Wanna Mcdonald and I took on the modalities and I had no money or mean I try to use the cod and Mcdonald Klima Credit down only got animals Basra Madonna baby. My god, and underlines I'm always shopping for new comforters. Bloomingdale's, asthma, Keyser, I Teddy's my pride and then he has now to my car getting to class. Let it have organ, did adds a car.
I wouldn't call me gotta that is took off as I'm gonna because of either I e they definitely no Madonna's Eddie. So what happened with other food they may for you guys they put up again. I don't know what they did. I took all of our initiative as a game and things that happen. I don't know They do not always battles, but anyway, ADA eighty, five thousand eight hundred and fifty one. Oh fifty one tell us your most embarrassing moment when your card got declined. Call us now it's the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club is Rihanna morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall amend guy. We are the breakfast club where asking about you most embarrassing moment when your credit card got decline, upping mine had to be Mcdonald. I was gonna KIDS Mcdonnel, some frazzle having meal and you ve got decline? not in wait for them. To call me I just took off without, like my credit card declared was like twaddle is fifteen out as the kind but about you, Chauvelin
problems, because I don't go chasing waterfalls, I stick to the rivers and the lakes that I'm used to and the only time I ever use my credit card is like for like thing I don't even use my debit card, I use it, but I don't use it for something that I know it's going to be like a big person. I am about to make a big purchase. I called my bank and let them know hey, I'm about to make urgent legislative place, because I've been in those situations where you'd marketing and they'll go through me multiples. But I know I don't go to act at Dublin above me when you don't go doodle. There's a home with was going on in the situation by it, saddens me in times whenever you MA, am as cried an amended different city. They, I guess, I'm a spasm special alike, still there on it or something has any time. It's approaches. They always call me leg when I'm not in New York or whatever. I use my history history. Every time I go to South Africa go out of the country. The first volley lit they let me live the second one decline in always like someone at the control is called bank with the normal in the country, and our really having dried, have acquired in advance is gopher but Mark bewildered,
we ve been over twenty dollars. My bank, all me, my goodness, hello is Asia. What happened was abroad talking about the most embarrassing moment when you call got the color was out and can call that I got was at the casino love that for a wedding. So all about other groomsmen went to the casino and I got popped for all the cash I had so I figured I could do a cash advance on my credit card for two thousand five hundred. Well, what's the atm others went ahead is not about from all my friends but twenty five hundred from everybody Indeed, when I want to try to catch it, bad got big lie to you now boy decided me they poverty care that they had been
Laura hold back on at play with everybody tied at me. I led away by way out our use my card out. The country like when I go to the islands are gay women so that they can now use em makes it makes a good day. They do they convert money for you to an end. It is ever problem. You can call it to say that John was immediately right, but I'm always scared you, my card out of the country. Are you out of the apple gladly, be, would steal it I'm another through now. Do inessa use em it so much hello? Is this agent you ever use your card and got embarrassed. I did we, wouldn't it right. The running help kick in it with a few, like everyone sent me their money through quick pay. I paid the whole bill. Will our home identically Accurate eighty got quite a lot of money. You I counted the time it everybody like. Ok, where did he go? Put our money to pay the bill? I'll, buy tat boy baby, we're doing unusual amount of money that was sitting at a restaurant body, cut me off and all in it everything breaking out building at
right to manually by everyone, you won't get out and take their money to see that happens to you know some places where it's a hive high frequency of fraud. Of immediately. I was at a club, uptown was called vintage back in and we will all out. There was somebody birthday and I'll put bottles and you know they bring you two bottles first and then they charge the car and it got decline yet adequately. Already in the mother was dead, so I could get the car I was so sick, they were more say: Nigger were ever man attitude about his back eight hundred five,
five, one o firewall, we're talking, has your credit card ever been declared call is now a breakfast level, more everybody's d, J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. An average is join us. We're talking about Shaquille, O Neill. His critical was decline in a major way. Let's hear it under trader from army the frameworks and almost every girl nor Persians order, the Phoenix or Google for farm to lose your prayers Novogrod drugs, Logan plans issued Taos under. T shirts. So at the end it was seventy thousand. So I put my credit card and it got declined. So then, argues for a security garments. So most don't you got her This will certainly vote. My warmer are so low. That was me, that's all their journey burgo. So we ask in energy five eight five one o five one have you had an embarrassing moment which your credit card I mean decline, stuck sick. Ye said
declare. What will where would you eat? Every time were as Hannah by fragmentary that decline outside about comforter. One time I was, but one of my friends, my Keyser he snapped had it mean when my car decline. I had to go through a lad. They had to actually call Bloomingdale's and at him the phone I had to go through this whole process in order for me to be able to use. My guide maybe went to get my points to this and other areas. Another thing to use a digital mixed argued to award Father. Thank you. So when you know thank you and when I get mega mega, because when you call you when, when when they see us suspicious looking activity, even when, as you appreciate one day, a really might be so my drawing it all. That thing happened to me too, and I don't know why that in get caught allows this wish about the most embarrassing thing that happened when you try to use your grandcourt Mama bear. The thing was unlike hijacking, I am Miami and by and by about two thousand out what the material and I would go on to the subject of the now you do when you go into a subject,
maybe you know maybe ten out of the less, but you know I got I gotta car I got to guard from above another undergoing check out. My own spoke about a one way good alive, so not a lady combating for help, but am I now will need any help so Adam Scan in a boy's a day, measures conflict here that you call procurator, bigeye extra people at the door and, like I know she will get real but I dont know scan and almost have not taken a blot. So it come to the point: where do my check out Gabriel make the payment- and I start my card guy and am I won't Bruton, a lot of money there? Am I getting declined so now I got to do that embarrassing part. Would you got to make the phone call to the bank to see what's going on and look like you don't got no money, you just pilot stall saw made the call come to find out. I got a bit. How about a limit. One comes this. Why do my card that nobody told me away from autumn material? Look I don't the money- and you know not a lady- is still an ogre by her talking like I noticed. Do they look out and have my elbow my guy, like that? It's all good
our mumbled society, that is still in a home depot man uploading. It looks like we're yet about that. Also you go on for some reason. You know my debit card. I can only take up three hundred hours a day I think our four hundred I got a thousand kilometres. Are they all you? Do I met at the bank for teaching a budget that are needed to government or other day, but we need to take out a thousand diarrhoea motivate the GSM Act in a lot of money to raise your limit at you know. Why did you call them? I didn't have a daughter. I was I just pretty girl somebody stole my cod. Are normal legal lose three on it? Might I d been three hundred dollars a week. He's got more than an awful no tuna. We allow this aim they carry as your card ever got the clad in embarrass away my hiding inquiry. But the guy that was take meets alike. The this astronauts we were we'll both soldiers and we ate in everything and her card replied thought
I I pray, then I don't go out the equal guide. No more! You don't! Let's you guys anymore behind what, if I'm not take down but ain't, nobody gonna burn me like that. While Europe bears in someone else's car guide, the guy no out I got was unbearable. Ok, I will have you was all about why you people are Joe COD and fit the bill if they got you blew. You know me why? But not the kind of man are you. Are you are you gonna? Do it didn't work out the lesson these artificial family? Unless somebody take you out and Spencer Money? Are you again here? well thought out one of these days: I never ever has been no money that you know, pool a brook, no longer erased, and even have America now right to hope case. Have a net I rely on my weekly guy, you look, who look good envy
ok. Sal fat anyway, I'm gonna get you up every day to day what a pretty big you Mamma, what movie was all that our colleague decline, a golden arouse a vague unrest and the only way for hours in the locker she's ably led sellers As long as the modest are paid a star of the story, Sorry, don't be mad at you beg for you know, teaching you oughta budget. Ok, some ya need. Did you dead that black? every now and then to make a second decision. You know me think again about what when approaches purchase now right. He would get rooms anyway. I now we are going to talk about fix. My life also discuss Prince there's some issues now with his estate
it has two hundred million dollars, whereas their money going all right, we'll get internet. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast Club kimono Angela, his close again- and let me remind you that taxes I do tomorrow. If you haven't pages taxes yet may show you their fallen extension or make you get him down by tomorrow, does when a pathetic there, since we need money, Rayner do demanded praises do go. I write cod. She has broken apple music, streaming record in one week. Groundwater called love, God he be debit. Her an invasion of privacy has been streamed one hundred million times, which doubled the previous dreaming. Russia, which was held by tell us where four reputation so congrats
since to Cairo draw political bodyguard. We as you got no one. On the contrary, the Avonlea aversion approach is number one, as he has performed, echoed cello over the weekend and she, but our kind of special guess from her album twenty one savage, wide, Gigi, easy chairs, the wrapper and colony. So we are- grimly products to be, she did not trade. Our authenticity for approval by so many people do issues one on our own terms being herself. I respect it. Ok, everyone says the land grab his praises. The talk about quality be got him is governed by five minutes about the post. My mandatory posters one asked now Justin Bieber since we're talkin about Catana Pence about in the face and threw him against the wall. Happy Jack, no logical above the call in our recent positive Israel has a trade war. Is it s how I did it all right? said the man had grabbed a woman by the throat at a hotel applied here
not release his grip on her. They said he seemed like he was on drugs or something it was even though drove them cooled boy, Justin, Bieber and just an indispensable yelling at him to let her go, and he only told them go F yourself and that's when Justin Bieber hit the man in the Face pushed him against the one. The woman broke, free, visible way Justin Bieber secure, and I was thinking the same thing. I don't have a job to be without effort. Biosecurity both to have one is ass to our blot was going on. Jenny was still just as occurred with my guy Kenya, with the development of more consequences, the repercussions that just doin it. I write a young man that was on again fix my life, and she had here though I e on the show, you know her from Levin Hip hop highly, where she's no longer on the show, because her in her boyfriend at the time. Well, burgundy went on. I hate filled rant where they bass the algae, BT, Q Community and they also best dogskin women. So because of that longer unloving hip hop? Well things got it interesting on the show. As a young, I had her read her own lyrics ass. She looked at pictures of.
Legendary black women check it out, read these limits to Darth today and which I had read. Those too Van bears freedom to live by Pat Pat my, but do you know apartment but met to Harriet Tubman? Do you know what that men upon me that everything away I have noticed she wanted sit on a damn thing, man, and what are you talking about? I tell him what you talk about when you say it. First to pay the costs of the boss bid. You tellin suggested shoot eurobonds bitch I was equivalents them some ninety down she's trying to do without at the dozen Who is the very mean? I just don't think what? Why would dare to different time period, like I'm sure that it was women in rows of part time and women in Harriet Tubman time? Who would love to hear my neck? My bag buckeye it he's gonna, make her be more responsible in light years. Saying these things think about the women that are the founded,
where we are today about how did a very good it all right put in women. Women are not monolithic, but I think that she was, as you know, nothing in particular. Life, so you gonna, show to try to be better organization, is trying to get her to be better informed in this area. I am arose in your Michelle Obama. You got over it and you gotta call you like, as I like us, like what you do, it's what we do now in addition to that, she also sat down with hastily ease MA, am and discussed the sexual Assad that she says she ended or it as its I'll check it out. Are you aware that your daughter was sexually violated as a child? Did you know about the black girl? they do it because they was black in my brain. That's what I go I now see that her behaviour towards dogskin black women is the result of the Roma. She suffered. Do remember telling you that I may be.
That is said, is what, for me that's a long time ago. You want just totally unaware of what you do. Some violated your baby girl and at that time I handled it. But you told me you didn't even remember, but I didn't remember I think I wanted a yadda narrating. Your life were Well, ok, hazel visa. She saying that when she was five years old, it was I who women with darker skin that may have a sexual encounter with another little girl and her mom had told her not to discuss its. I guess there thing that's why she has these attitudes in negative get neck. Seventy toy dogskin women. Aren't they really mad ages old nor Gama? Let's have also causes ex wife. The reason I'm reader stop to Calais this malaria girl- and I hate your girls that his day because of a few requires that he had posted. I see, are you black, ass bitches? That hate me stab placing your skin and fix it in Cyprus, and maybe all you hose wouldn't be mad. She goes on to say bitches MAC as they can pay. The brown paper bag tests,
Yet it is a source of their trauma. Ok and sorted out from a private would happen here at five. I'm tellin you got that is they. I does not luxury Granada therapists. I hate my thy Jerry curls and it s now. No traumatized this great carved. It wasn't me amnesia yea, and that is your room, a report all right all right. Thank you. Miss ye! I revolt, we'll see you got some more everybody else. People's choice mixes up next to start off, with some beyond, say, I'd solely right. Kill? Culturalism a start, the mix offer beyond claim. I e the greatest lab before my advice is to breakfast locomotive. There's something good is a new shell from the Seneca women Podcast Network and I heart radio each day aspiring to bringing the Good NEWS, the silver lining, the glass half full, because there is happening everywhere every day we just need to look for and share it Here's something good is a short daily show that offers positive stories, helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day,
listen to hear something good. On the I hurt radio apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite chose, subscribed now Hey? I'm morass gavel: camper host of the trend reporter a new path has from Iheart radio. You may know me from tv where However, any and every thing as Aforetime Emmy WAR journalist in my new pod pass the trend reporter I'm putting by forging skills to work in the world of beauty and wellness. I'm talking too fast stylus makeup artist, influencers health experts and more, find out everything you want to know about the trans. You should know: listen with a tremor order on the Iheart radio Ab Apple podcast or wherever you get your broadcast.
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