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Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners could think of a better white man than Tom Brady in which Charlamagne believes he belongs on Mount Rushmore! Also, we had the Big Facts Podcast called up and spoke to them about what their show is all about, Atlanta culture and more. And Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to another dead person, this time for a robbing prank.

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better world tomorrow's thought. What a strong neighbourhood today like a good neighbour state bomb, is their bigoted revamp. The solid tell the Bay Area approach has just get. There will be problems despite the fact that people watch the breathless globular like losing really be condemned. The analytical dreadful club is, I brought envy refuge club with Black, affect our radio contact network on our really whether what ever you gotta get right, you by state farm like a good neighbour state,
arm is their bigoted solid now raise many agitator Brooks is to get the problem when we listen to this by the pakistani people watch the breathless love like news and really be too limited. The earlier directive club beside branch Sodomy way TAT s our get out of bed and listen to the breakfast club, always another Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO,
it was absolutely happy Superbowl, Monday, good morning urgently. Europe proves the planet s. Mind was happening, happening now? You were at last in a sip of all a word watching this vote yesterday thoroughly enjoyed it. You know I just like watching greatness man, you know Tom Brady, gotta be degraded white man had ever live. You gotta beyond my Russian, when I download democracy must voice onto my mail. Rushmore period was put him up. They will demand via the wreck. Name about women who I don't know you can remember, brought away Manitoba you gotta be degraded white man. Never live managers are, does respect. In his eye like seeing greatness inaction and for him to have one seven silver Boardman to disavow ten times at forty three alone after leaving the team that he played for for what twenty is a big, it was up to maybe more than twenty
or to another team, and when those who bought a year after leaving geopolitical biodiversity- and yes- I mean Jesus- says it was bad- my retiring back next year. Actually, I said, Jesus that might be the only other great a white man why Jesus hey you know, you know wages in theory it properly only white may I bet ever in history of like yeah and a mean as legendary cause he's playing for Tampa bade. The actual Superbowl was in tamper, went and then ever happen, I'm turning a meaningless. The first team is the first time a team won the super bowl in their homes. Stadium. That's never happened before another reason I want to salute the term. We welcome news because one of the most diverse called you start new, probably be more than a year without a doubt, the most diverse coaching staff There are four black coordinated off is coordinated black for coordinating Anna got two women coaches, so INA travelling to cool
Let us out of the first time they have had a woman of every at the game sale. Yes, yesterday we had left behind the first man who said that we live in my country. We still have a new kind of first word whatever, but I'd I'd, just look terrible bay and everybody out there were no logical came, was noted last night right know what goes on. I do know this, though, as another sad at everybody who one big on some better. They placed on the supervision and a lot of people. We spend money on a game, so and there were some winners and losers today. So I know somebody I will call in this morning. I would like to know your one from a big money. What would the lie with it with their claims that he predicted to win, but how much the line on the game was in a dry all kinds of things. They are their racket. Mortgage Superbowl squares thing. Two people were women like fifty thousand dollars you at the game into people, one five hundred thousand well
Dr Dramas Ramos, is such a fig tabby bugging any misgivings about being a bug fan all you. Nobody enabled a bulls and honest ma. Moving on my stuff is stored on my clothings historian notice of vote yesterday, I messed up Lee S hand. Now I bet you will packer down on all his temporary buccaneers stuff to data. These are real faint he's, not moving our man. Did you see the guy that they were making fun of the add on a fake, both Jerry's? Yet again did algebra like ours. So me so bad, but the buzz. send him some some gear that I was so mean that in like that, I'm not gonna value, don't know their Megan, for their might have been the best he can afford. You know to me like that. I'd like that What else Horatio started out there? We got any guess this morning, but we are front page news, I'm next ready when I
We have got it off your chest and that we do have front page news and they get it up it s obvious now, here, ok, we'll figure it out is going on is Monday of data is monitored. Rapid club, Charlemagne God annually dj envy, I guess, he's still a damper using the boy you're. Through from what I saw on the ground ass. He was at the game. He did a billion piety to learn. In the committee were twenty day than payment Gillian bodies and flawed front page news for you. I will talk about this above all, first and set about some performance. Is that happen before Tampa Bay? One
One person who perform that everybody was gone. Crazy over was her. Who did America? The beautiful stands guy your move, as did the meagre. Mr a miscarriage of justice zone of organ. Get to that Elisa Keys also did air prerecorded version of lift every voice in saying that was actually originally air. Last September
and then Jasmine Sullivan. It was a dual. Actually, she wasn't buyers and they said is the first time there's been a dual: they did the national anthem since a red, the Franklin and era never did back in two thousand six, so she was peered up with Eric Church and hears that sounded like that's good. They need their duels internationally renowned deadly to America's ok so one of the one in the world, the anthem apply the one person, but it doesn't I did of gas. Why Ray, is now Eric Church,
that he was reluctant to sing the national anthem at all and tail. Asthma Selivant signed on and then when she signed on, he said he was all for it for Germany wash them, That is why, because he said he doesn't consider himself to be a vocalist, considers himself more of a status, but when she signed on, he felt like ok, she's, one of the best singers I've ever heard, and so we, it'll be there has in fact, so you guys. I wasn't a do it then he was a bad grousing, a mythical. There was a dealer all right now. Let's talk about Superbowl Commerce, as does of course, that's what we all watch for his well raping. We care about what these commercials our like in one commercially, we were talking about was the state by commercial, because Gerais Goin starring in it as Drake from State Farm logres on even have a stand, in course of you hold on drink us right adrift from stable? like a neighbor like a neighbouring standards, don't have lunch good neighbour, state arm. Is there a love?
back to be reinforced the stereotyped it, albeit brothers, look alike. Cadets very drew back into the difference that, in your reply that was draken tell tell somebody said to me in a group jack I'm lie You know that was Jake. I always ate and drank some not we know we urgently need a lame combination. We immediately started challenge rigged pocket for genuine, almost rigour brave when I was in a less yeah leisurely. come lambs easily, A right- and I want to someone is: are you guys? A Google has launched a new feature that will make it easier to find in support black own businesses, so, in the on honour of the set of black history month, then their lodging a noose, tapping feature that will help you find and purchase products from back home. Businesses a lot easier. They said that black on businesses, a search hasn't by six hundred percent, and people are looking for commendations for everything from messed around the bookstores beauty, products and more knocker. Thank you. I reckon well
that is your front page news. Does rain? Wasn't a lot earlier to one of my favorite folks to big fact: podcast they'll be joining us this morning, a baby J, big banks. Indeed, a scream, maybe they'll be zoom in this morning, so I stay tuned for that we're coming up we're gonna, get it off my chest of you want to tell us why you blessed You tell us why you say when you and your father, five one or five one come on, get it off. Each has won with data Monastery Breakfast Club, the breakfast your time to get it off your jets. Are the man you wanna breakfast? That's a lot of data Minnesota Breakfast Club who, at this long long years yet grow. You wonder, was up my getting us. Our bluetooth was up, Solomon. What's up my brother gifted of each asking Detroit Land. Now I gotta go. I felt there Lando year, man, void,
pray. Let me tell you a ladder involving a female Charles, Bonnet now. I know ability of South America did it's a mess needs a domestic matter glue though she left me. She let me why they closed the case. It is ok, says we as you know me, I'm not the cod and back you dont like day the so my best he called a bag. Man away my discovery. They say they called it openly: bag man she spiteful Massey. You gotta go do a year right now, you aren't you going to jail ninety days or whatever. So Ninety. Do they live video call, my old man at the way, the tear yourself they met a man. Well, listen make them. The time why you, a nerve, is only ninety three data me. Ninety days, a long time in a real looks, do some pushups man. You know me try to get an appraisal that well dad.
I got a pretty. You gave me the reunited, even the United, the one leg of our building. Now you're gonna tell me it sucks where did you learn? Ideals, Mamma and a little bit more to my body. I just told you I wish I would have known. You was just was last year and you probably have to go in. If I let you out early cuz of covid Tell me about it. Man: about ITALY as well as many of you every day in jail, and I hope that I hope did No, ninety some days breathe is bad for you and you know, give us a call when you get back out man.
I remembered the other former what a big, though bag landscape, a big MAC. I believe in a demon, Anita Boy, nosey known about be right. Now we are not about an aim of writing a you know. You know that it's during a dna sat on eight March, who so everybody checked out I'll, be there are ninety daisy he'll be completely. Ninety days, probably will be my private, lively goods like our private label and ninety day back. Ok, I needed. It's as if you want to tell us what you blast. If you want to tell us what you have said reach out, and
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more for raising this very everyone. As eighty tee thou canst last breath deals, restrictions apply, got wake up in a controlled manner. Bless you wanna, hear from you. You have to do a little dangers: monitoring of revenue, Club Charlemagne God annually dj envious of to day who this Yeah shallow me was up queen. How you was admin, to tell you my last: The issue so bad about your team. Advise You appreciate that the presidency laughed at Priscilla Day, remembering girl about baby you're. Big Willie when he was always going out at length. The mega eighteen, forty, nine plus the fact. they're make you I'm gonna him feel better about it. Why I
they saw a man in my lab energies thing about it all we can do about it. you re a yes Why around three or even love, they call me really thief: confessional via cable. we now rhapsody is very, very special for you to compare yourself, the rhapsody that mean it. You really got something. So let me hear loathsome out. Ok, I'm like her, I'm a little mama, more ok I always use the game is all about but it was all about we laugh or when I know don't talk about a woman. even more profoundly encountered, there will be workable, and now they tell you
Can I wanna get them like a growl crowded, went out you possibly we got basement danish. Integrating absolutely imperative. Is illegal money gravity wanna his radios? Alright, alright! Alright! Ok, if you mean avenues, Yoda right now, hey you could just up. You know rhapsody, ok and probably gonna, hear you wanna instrumental in some good honestly that does that sound appealing to my ears. Just now, just did their design, a common legal you that going to wrap owing to the ball in, when he found the round be led me on vital of you must be there. You go was used by similar, more anxious were we should make more real beasts are easy. Why two words be easy. Ok, I repeat: look here's where these little penis guys think anyway, right now, I gotta more cheaply caused Uribe. Don't you
they'll. Really we appreciate you get it. You can't do this. I was gonna Charlemagne. It easily call upon lucky alone. dj from Nokia level, Border Nokia, Lana Brother Rally rarely are low rally, maize to being a rally, a large food. My do big taxis donor reciprocal about the year yet, but I gotta go. I assert our twenty. You told him everything like relax, goblet about which a car is follow. You smell just like we ask her like you're, you spoke, we sheep, I know he's taking that they like it, I'm no thieves built like I can open the trunk and it was like some it just was think it. So how would have how do you get through to the millennium kid? I mean. How do you get them to an end that you know it's not cope
I don't have a twenty year at my orders is twelve, but you know one thing that we think about our parents. When would, when grown up, I paired with NAFTA questions. They already knew. You know she's, Morgan, wheat, stop Africa could tell them there's! No. Why? Why did you bring a been lagging? Diabetes is something wrong if you smoke marijuana and you have diabetes. I don't know because, like last work like this, why irritated because a levels was so hard There are no longer so my white had to take our work with parity tickets and adopted a day. You know what you're doing is affecting. Not only is it is. Is this affect me? I felt was also affected by half. So, like my wife is gonna kick off, it goes to the doktor because little choice it should make it do not do the right thing, because the health, then we have the issue, you know it's gonna be strangers. Gummy strains detail, kids.
You know Damn marijuana is not good now, because I mean marijuana legalised, namely across the country, whether recreational orphan medicinal purposes. you didn't have. A lot of benefits can be hard to have their conversation. You know back in the day, we will be taking a weed method of your brain and every other yadda. But now you know that's not really the case no brother, I really want to tell you I didn't tell them, as you gotta be careful. We all easy. Oliver Nokia monomer want any legal. Inoculated says you still get that yet he worked for farmers like if they have reached such a cheap workforce. We would have the composition you gotta have. What are you gonna? Tell it? Consequently, lover? Actually you gotta, let her know why I shouldn't be marijuana at this point. In her life tell it it let her know consequences you face, appreciated they would have. What more do you find out? You just mobile, weeding the car to cover up the smell of sex man when Twenty I'm sure scenes ass, an adult
now mean that adult, because you live in you think that's repay a new, her daddy! You know a thing about her have zags. Oh, Now, how old were you when you less ever dignity? Ninety go now. You're still hurt I respect the unfriendly. You Mamma the bug. Only that you could do it. You gotta be honest. What a man tell your concerns me! That's all! we are concerned and tell it. Oh god, what would they want to consequences are actions could lead to death. It brother careful appreciate it. I can't face Lord mercy boy downtown he may raise and daughter is when I was growing. Barely video myself, I got three dollars: a dollar, the mother woven or when I thought of it. I got three done. We are aiming for coming here.
some bad Sierra, what she had to say about her husband, Russell Wilson, winning the NFL man of the year honour and we'll talk more about the Superbowl. How much do you think it costs but the weakens have time shall will give you those numbers by let's talk about it. more data monitor breakfast club, the breakfast room, a report at the Reul report, reckless club, I re where less data with Amanda Goin in her super bowl poem sees the first poet to ever performed for the Superbowl. We all know her feminine duration day, and she was a young to be a youth laureate poet. So she performed- and it was called chorus of the captains. and she was playing that ahead of the three Heroes introduction on the field, so
these honorary captains include educated, remained Davis. I see you nurse manager, Susie, donor and veteran James Martin here is that all Let us walk with his warriors charge on with these champions in caring for the call our captains, we celebrate them by acting with courage and compassion. By doing what is right in just four while we honour them today, it is day every day honour ass, a prize really one of Londoners. Even with the most in moments, he does remove Megan Walter, only twenty two years, oh by the way, I write now other things that happen. Let's talk about the commercials cardy be within a commercial issues. It magma Indiana Kirby from way wanes world the carriages wings were there was an over its commercial and here's how it happened prude, ever shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo right. Curdy me yeah yeah,
or job on the latest trend. does that yeah. Ok, wait to see how could it be flourish in Hollywood nets, which you know really shine? Music music is just a wrong on the ladder of our success, tv and movies. I wish you all really prosper and I can't wait to see. They said she was lovely and so funny and so beautiful and came to play. I loved to working with her. That's according to make Myers wings world. Yes, yes, I should be a lot of fun to work with. Like you know, sometimes you have choices on who you want to work with? Sometimes you don't buy it. nice, when somebody can be really fun and friendly while you gotta do it I'm shot. Bergamo admire the work, my Margaret Lover who played Shreck, of my right. My mother is, like you know, be having to work because a shrink. Could you really mean
how much money of the merchandise and toy than all the rest of like that people really into. I do any Superbowl Commerce's too. I think if you have opportunity now the weekend, how much did his half time performance cost? Well, the way it works does not pay you for the half time show, but they do help cover production costs and according to reports, because as protection once they have about ten million dollars that they give you he had to. an additional seven million dollars into the performance? So you can estimate that cost about seventeen million dollars for him? to do. The Superbowl have time show seventies worried. I was Jesus. Christ seventeen gamblers, and is it a Roman here behind the breadth of club, yachting love, the weakest before Mr Average, I think it was a mean it wasn't like exciting young. You know I thought it was cool for good, swallowed, fulsome feel where mass you ever seen and slaughter at all, no independent when levels even want to be well. Imagine Florida, like the house, now good witch.
Eighteen million, No, you didn't have any special guess or anything since, as we look forward to that too. They who is numbering out this brand? We can no longer about it. Like I mean you know, a huge began person. I know its not depopulating, say no. I wasn't I can't wait to see what we can perform debaters carries. A form is very likely that in fact, I thought you said depends I mean the excitement level wise. I don't know I'm right now. Let's talk about the mayor in Florida and you're talking about mass, the mayor was calling after disdain for having a matchless Superbowl Party go. She said this how we should be celebrating the Superbowl. It's not safe or smart, it's stupid and they said they're gonna. Take it close, look at this in May and costing someone a lot more than fifty cent. Nobody in Florida Kinshasa anybody body weapon mask especially a local of visual. What mare, what city, this was in Saint Petersburg.
On that I may I gotta see the restrictions is a Saint Petersburg. What it looks like flawed is very, very loose So are you a whole one person accountable, haven't matchless party, all us all with a bunch of mass was stuff in Florida all weekend, long from TAT in tamper near enough that's what everybody was that writing table as ably area table the man- I don't know, I'm missing. We don't now by their mayor as Iraq crisis, and I will say this: a lotta low was where upset him from putting at best they make us it. I guess you'd encourage people to come here for the suitable you wanna people to come and what you think I'm gonna happen. People haven't been wearing mass in general and you have an enforced at so you kind of set aside. age, newsstand, doesnt, really shaky moral ground right now. The point, a figure for dissent in his body, flawed, is very LE temples radically lag report, I'm Angela YE. Yes, we are front page news coming up, you will yet Yes, and let's talk about these inmates that took over a section of a saint Louis jail, whiskers, Mister Brooke
Yet one more day does want breakfast club, Charlemagne God annually dj envious off because he wanted Superbowl. Yesterday's we have two quantity for the next We voted to weeks, not the eighty five We were gay without a ladder. Parties even use that that the descent party that the mayor was another about with no mass any was at the Superbowl. That was not no socially distant. Superbowl people right behind me right in front of you, gonna, take you gonna quarantine, routine involved even take every turn clouding the angels, why within us, while the one they say the most prolific? Yes without automatic, accurate, a U. Everyone remembers, continue towards Monday Olympic Anal prolific front, page news, which God has democratic. Is it going to unveil legislation today? That would give millions of families at least three thousand dollars per child and that's part of Joe Biden, one point: nine trillion dollar covert. Ninety and relief package so could be some really,
Coming soon now the legislation would give thirty six hundred hours per child under the age of six and three thousand dollars per child. A six through seventeen for a single here. That benefit is available. The single parents who make up to seventy five thousand dollars annually and for couples up to two hundred and fifty thousand and then those payment would phase out after those thresholds the log on five June between sixty seventy three grand a kid you, if you a less than seventy. Five thousand just a lot of people actually everything they do. yeah and it's a one time thing, but yes, right now, I'm sure everybody can use it. So you used a bar kids, we attacked. Isn't one of you can borrow kids with its people. and gives the cap because they pay that doesn't say of anything about a cat, but yeah that makes sense it should phase out needs a virus. Kate well. Make less than seventy five thousand hours. now, one hundred and seventeen inmates to cover a section of a jail in downtown Saint Louis, so the incidents started
has won. It may got into a fight with the ceo and other prisoners then jumped in these are more than one hundred Mhz took over. It started it. two thirty a m- Saturday. They said the image. was very, very upset, got into a fight with the ceo, and then the officer was jump by other inmates in the unit. So during the fight they said summit Detainees were able to Jimmy the lax on their cells, open them and get into the unit gel impulse. he's within trying to get the corrections officer to safety. That's when the inmates access the lock panel system and everybody, as was the leaf from their cell, was released from their cells into the union, see ozone carry guns and your mother. hang on. The only thing that can be dangerous do thou. Imagine you have a gun and then they get ahold of that making it all out of you start collaboration they walked into the rice They said they would chairs and other items scattered across the street because they started throwing items out a broken windows and they
They started small fires inside of the jail, so they have now identified the into corrections officer yet, but they cities in the hospital and expected to recover boredom devolution flows, remove goose whistle, including older jail, for what Who would you would you do with it Adele is understaffed, and the issue with the cell lacks is something they ve been trying to fix since December. That's like a big issue, namely the lax that easily accessible. You should have legs like immediately here the whole point of Joe. What will we lock? You open doorway to view your what'd you do. The lock should work the one as you are going to jail delighted, we know we are some issues, but the paths governments we were getting to it are right, and the woman who went viral for using guerrilla glue in her hair is now getting treatment at a hospital she's from Louisiana Jessica Brown is her name now. She posted a few days ago that are here was stuck in place for a month after she, out of her usual here product and she decided to use this guerrilla glue and it did
move she set her hair was moving and you can see she had to seek medical treatment after China. Get some solutions and that make us a gorilla glue, even responded. You know you know was put that in your hair. all the rest of wears off after a certain time guerrilla. He don't know so as to guess they get extra stone, Gluyas, that's like Gluesome permanently. So what are we gonna do and how are they going to shave her hair off or what? What are you gonna do as a lot of people, in about potential solutions like using acetone to break up the molecules in we're talking about using. You know that step you used to get step up your car, the guru. What is a con gun is, I got something like that. They were talking about simple solutions on that show what they're doing bad she's had that in her hair. She said she was to hear fifteen times her here still wasn't moving. It's been a man here is still super in place. Will God bless me what she did she? She definitely made a permanent decision, making
but whatever I feel in rags, he does wanted that hair to be in place for whatever that means It was not he stuck with us. You didn't mean they use guerrilla glossy was actually may not a hairspray and they have this stuff club Well, it's not that's a gel, so she thought was the guerrillas Nana kind of look stimulating the gorilla glue. see that she was using that jail in her hair, but she ended up using this guerrilla glue, and that was a tragic mistake. I wanted to bring about a bird who have got a leader of the life we rival is simple. I can imagine that you can't because think what what happens when you hear starts growing out in the front and then you know, there's probably I could be like Mould and IRAN have you ever seen, people they had a women's who long and it gets more. The enemy anything can happen. So she does have to hit knew that while I was right Me too man, I'm really prey of her gazettes awful. What are you doing here? example disgusted no LE guerrillas, snap, people there really is. Why? Wouldn't I pulled the really not in you, I don't know if it works, though
I realise that is your remember. I mean a front page news. You know we were sitting around. I was in runs more now. Athena, Tom Brady, the greatest white man ever live, not a mean, and nobody in Rome can seem to dispute me on that. You can't name of that. A white man, Tom Radio, where are you taking over as an athlete or as a person I don't know, I'm is a person that is retiring right away, What you say is the greatest athlete at what he does right. Rosemont, we like a white men, have such a great track record in the short term. It doesn't matter here, look as if the grid white men Evelyn will get all the only white man. People will point two and safer the founding fathers, but keep in mind the founding fathers were slaveowners, who didn't believe like we were even all humans, those about away mandatory. I want I want to have people this morning. Maybe I'm about my wife, Three. Now is the way I need to be if Tom the greatest why men never live? Who do you think you, gonna be one.
I mean I'm their understanding this category? Is it like because those people who do philanthropy- who I may say, ok this person's donated does of millions of dollars of lowering so that import, leaving everything about in. I write are you guys, collars Alabama, think about it? I was wanting to have real. You think. The greatest white man ever live is because I can name nobody burdening Tom Brady of you can't I'd love to hear from. You are right when you honey.
I therefore want to five. One is the one with Data Minnesota Breakfast Club, it's the breakfast club. Have you ever got lucky and aunts, and many on the floor. I forgot about some money in your co packet. What about getting lucky and fanny some good packing and the city or even get in, alas, pursues, are getting a really good deal on something. While I have good news for you that can make your day go. Better agency is making big changes. It show they are in service of their customers. One of the first things I doing approve it is giving all of their customers. This same deals. Good thing should in only favour the few eighty anti gets this. So let me repeat there making a big change and giving all of their customers both new and existing. This same great deals. This is huge whether you been with
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when it is right around the corner when you need they found, in a better world. Tomorrow starts with strong neighbourhood. Today, like a good neighbour stable. If there is a new year, and my family are just about ready to move into a new house. But for anyone, that is more before whether it afore Ajar family a fresh start. You know how difficult it can be besides moving. Item from one house to the next. What also can be difficult as finding new places to shop and getting a great relationship with your neighbors. In fact, as I explored the neighborhood, I met some people in the neighborhood that help me find a grape juice box and a nearby grocery store, but I have to give credit to state farm and they have been a big help because everything they do is focused on building strong neighborhoods. Together, they form is function going to believe that being a good neighbor means being good stewards of the neighborhood they serve. It is not enough if we do business with people, you must also do good alongside them cut is the right thing to do. Would over nineteen thousand local ages across the country they farm is committed to being good neighbours. We have our customers find themselves in
when it is right around the corner, when you need they found that a better world tomorrow starts with strong neighbourhood today like a good neighbour, stable is there kids topics, eight hundred Bobby bad one by one. The joint discussion with the right was about it. Yet the world motivators monitored abruptly club, Charlemagne God, Angela Ye Dj envy is not here because he went to the Superbowl yesterday he would attempt would be to watch the Aid is white man ever live Tom Brady when another tangible, Now Logan look like he was scared to sit next to envy. Why was dj all those parties? That is true the illegal logging is the answer. You got a strong immune system, but you know how people talk about ill Russell. Winning eleven rings in the NBA in seems unbelievable. We could we didn't witness it. That's all. sound a few generations we did?
Tom Brady, one in seven rings and an affair. because the degree of difficulty of football going to tend to load is unbelievable. Winning seven sounds like something net doesn't even come out of a person's about, like Tom Brady has most suitable rings. Then teams like, like I think the other teams are Missy picnic patrons of one six rings. Steel is of one sick, cowboy that one five forty nine is of one by Tom Brady as most bulls in all those franchises. That's how unreal this statistic is that, that indeed stand alone, he's gotta be the greatest white men ever live. You can't name a better way mean annually you like the dry. I mean this is hard for me because we just second about football here right. What else do we not use bots? What has been discussed? I mean for them,
and their peoples donate money. Although that is very big deal. Let us grade with it. Did anybody? Would money can do that? Nobody makes your gray when you actually make a lot of money and you actually do good for other people that no makes you great not make you great about also make you get when you do things that nobody else is ever done ever in the history of life and probably will never do again that what Tom Brady has accomplished with these seven so wall rings I don't know about away main dramas. Do you know any better Whiteman integrating I'm I'm? I'm gonna go Tom Brady, but that's what I think I could challenge will who Abraham Lincoln? Now I don't know, I'm close access. My one feels are only talking about sports here, making a political body. We all three of you, you just names- are great,
because a black people feel Jackson's great, because a black people everywhere Lincoln's great, become the black people and Tom Brady is great, because a black people would he stood a great is why may never live cause? He makes people around him better. Let's go to the first pillar who's. This I was raised with me. I thought I didn't These data died Matthews, but good morning. Somebody now he said that the army and police, in my ear your love articles, it swear wounded, but tell me Don't you have a debt? Is Tom Brady, the greatest my men ever lived if we do not want to bring in its annual tat feeling like sort it still in sports, what it's like a different version of sport? Ok- and I really want to state as because, like he's like just retired, read the least do anything.
amazing, earlier many like a mainly to an expensive killing me come on it'll, gentlemen. Old iron, beggar undertake I'll stop like the undertakers, huge great theme song, you gotta, look like literally uses ingredients up like you, you are right, nobody, nobody not mentioned, Well, did you know you got a range Evan relate lilac light. You like that in the US, intensive Lopez is everyone's. I swear that ten earlier on, the radio. Those are attempting seven raise several again look about that right, insuperable, that right of defence ineffective had to find a dead white man. They try to dispute me prove my point at on reading. The greatest white me to ever live mind you. I say that I would you think of it like you'd, like you know, like of his career. What you'd, like you, know, went through. We like the struggles you went through and also the thing I, like all the good things like
a break, my liking, the ring more than anybody. Hello, you, got a really good background with, like you know, endorse names. If you only a good place, good crowd them. You know you ve, never been commentators right now. You do not like you're not like me, you not like that, I M a day them the bog very loaf white main baby. We know best. You can pick the undertaking to go against Tom Brady. This goes this go their phones the morning tat. It was happening. My brother is tolerated, Greenaway may never live. No man could allow this. Love is right. In my face we gotta hear what ass he had to say to Baghdad. Here's what you hang up on him: Trammels Import! That's what we're authority to hear the bar very low for white main baby. This is why Tom not right is white man ever live okay. So far we got crypt work alone the undertaker right.
Call is right now, one hundred five, a five point: five one is tolerated. The greatest white man ever live. If you can name, but a better white may, let us know is to breakfast club jogging Bobby tat, the world, more dangerous Minnesota Breakfast Club, Charlemagne God annually, DJ envious off, because you want the Temple. It's a border watched, the greatest white man ever live now, fades operating the greatest white man ever live, I don't they People can make a bet, a white man. So far if you would have we ve heard, is the undertaker from W W F w, B and Christopher Columbus races. this robber and genocidal mania. Ok, what about our Warren Buffett, that's an arrangement Charlie donated had almost forty,
billion dollar in another way? What do you mean you don't know simmering one party lack the will work, his car, that you guys were so rather bitter and I'm sure Warren Buffett warships at the altar of Tom, bring war, Ami warships, propaganda picture Tom Brady in his house next, the white. Jesus hamster joy. Does this go to false good morning who's this, answer from the three or five m. A yo YO was happening whose a great white man, it's Aubrey, hey man, a man, stop it stop it. visually yeah! I don't know about that. When we remember all court Robert, do somebody had depots beard. Three men Tom Brady played with to gray. Why receives in his life? This is the best time this did receive a Korean this year and Temple is the best receive Mccoy ever played with pride. It out. He had Grogan Randy MOSS can't do not as yet
If you can't even mention, don't even mention any other quarterback which operated in this respect, I have their backing down other Peyton Manning already. more than twelve zero were allowed to be right in the morning the morning ties the world more data, monitor reference gloves, I mean got annually Dj India's off today. Who are you so wish in? It A garment image saw a little talk, New Guide, John you're, clearly white. Yes, so you have a lot of experience and expertise in this question about to ask you, if Tom it is a great white may never live hell, no man Hale now Abraham, Senator the greatest white man in every limb. Why, and I What are you two founding fathers? I knew that I said that earlier why Abraham Lincoln, because he did so much for everybody. Maybe you woke the world up. He got everybody aware what was going on here. He changed the World Tom Brady Chain You know I mean I think, on Frederick Douglass should give more credit and a ram linking Frederick Douglass was the
Watson and Abraham Lincoln Ear. All little arouse. You don't owe me. And so I can't really very rarely do not use the White Guy man a ban. Is there an ex ante room it s, Abraham Lincoln, might have been black. I knew tat I was gonna go to defending, was actually think they should put Tom Brady on my Rushmore with those founding fathers, the beyond which appraiser. Maybe if you gotta be somebody day, they adopt Ailer machine The bar for white men gal. All you do is ports in its aim, and envy colonizers that think about the every. Why brought them at their cod appeared. A dispute Brady had been a colonizers Christopher Columbus sports. Your fate manning in the undertaker well worn by come on, come on come on
take another combining work in this area from the money to pay our you white. Yes, there ok I respect your opinion. Is Tom Brady, the greatest white men never live grace wipers, We live in a circle he ought to. I do like piano like that. Deanna is amazing. I think I will more time. Let me only general at the piano some fucked up, without the devil's advocated one of my favorite movies, Evel infers majors, and what am I remove all originate from the major ones. Back people who work for us now is to help out straight away with the land to be matters so maids. Well, many other would not have been a great, and let me
you can't. Even in the greatest boy you see them on the subway demanded an example cards go everywhere. You look like a normal birthing, gotcha and people think about the gray run as they have a piano. Reeves is random, run ends and how coolly is so accuracy that reproach soul member, I listen got piano. My top five right now is Tom. Brady Guiana worries the Undertaker Christopher Columbus, enabling, according to White America, about Jim Kay it carries out diabetic new areas of digital carry might be top five wise men of all time to take home. Oh God, as it tell me act is just listen. Doesn't matter, did Tom Brady's chumps, who is he still a chump supporter? A blemish, ass, Derek now. Do me this policy like in America widening come on. Let me We don't know that I am not only more than just I care about the land, mortar rings, those eligible to compare about it. You're gonna, compare Tom Brady to the founding fathers him being transported, sound right on brain to me. That's it
as an example of this is how they progressive, ok, so right now, the autumn, I've based off the white, be, would have we pull this morning, the top five Men of all time, Tom Brady, He also raise the undertaker critics Columbus, enabling now next the colombian government. According to why people but like the enemy is above Tom Brady, Norway, Norway, we are all reprogramming yes and Angela Bass. It talks about the most difficult role. She's ever had done in her career and but that is clear. We do here. I think I know what it Is the one with dangers monitored breakfast club? with Angela listen, I write our committee be, has had to talk about these allegations that she plagiarize her new single up and two other wrappers who came forward saying that they had that song a first marriage
contain a mere pesos now, first, one of the purposes I think I'd do it if it had been his deck was like a common phrase so, due to I don't that she's ever heard this. I will tell you what happened anyway. Here is Cardy B, If you ask for certain Deniston stuff stuff, Deniston Deniston Dennis stuff, now they posted it's a car to be. We want my money and writing my voting card We said now on the type of person that avoids problems and court days. If I get inspired by a song, I wouldn't mind giving a percentage or a couple thousand, but I never of this man, I'm glad. While I was according the song in August, I was playing with hook on this alive and she then posted and Instagram I video that she previewed the sun back on August. Seventh,
you bet. I mean losing no ideas original, nothing new wanted. His son is kind of what happened when you may recognize. Out of you know, cause afraid, whatever the latest laying is right, glad ass, I like to other people, say that they did it up in its thugs on this. just as you have popularity is right. Yeah, and then they also posted a screenshot. This shows that their video prepared on August six, even though you too has it at September fifteenth, but I doubt that she could have done add in one night and saw there you know posts and then the next day previewed her song that she was doing the very next day out, o now model we both ourselves could exist. Are we not consider like you know it wasn't to make there? It is at one point I was at stake but there was woot in whoop there I was moving. It wasn't it One law Wu Wu
In addition, it is anti outcome. Conversation by the way was tag, team, right, tat, team and eighty or ninety five of the eighty five of boys who that reports are worth So let me see was a Wu Wu way, as are those things do tend to happen that sorry now, Angela Basket, she was talking about what the tap is. Rural she's ever had to play is, and she said, Tina Turner and what's that got to do with this? This was on people every day she said. Definitely nothing has been as difficult as Tina Turner, nothing as difficult physically, emotionally, spiritually vocally. Nothing absolutely nothing. She should want to ask of what our role she absolutely positively arrived. I don't they development greater robbery. the academy, Tina Turner. I mean, as labelling should have absolutely positively wanna ask of the Tina Turner was Logan doing less it.
When a golden glow for best actress motion, picture, musical or comedy and ninety ninety four and you also won and enable a cp image award for outstanding actors in a motion picture? And what are you gonna write? Would I wouldn't off? We ve got it all. We were now did that children have not seen the movie but really enjoyed her latest movie soul. She said: let them discover it. Let their friends discover it. Maybe then I get some more spect around here trouble include voluntary labelling. Will you thought about queens? Lord have mercy that is the key Let me tell you something to that to this day, there's not a lot of movies stand the test of time leg was, love got to do with it did, but their movie to this day Courvoisier, any fills current or Africa yeah me when you don't need to last year, when you think alike, Bio pigs and you think of like how you would want to be a more lives in a movie is only of a few. People have gotten a really really right, like re got. A right of course recalls in and was love got to do with it,
they got probable Malcolm X in that category. To do Denzil wisely right well, and if you haven't seen their play Tina on Broadway whenever Broadway comes back. I was an amazing play too. So just now The Tina Turner loves him, Tina Turner, a rare autobiography in everything, I now Morgan awhile and he's a country's singer in his sales increased after he got some backlash for saying the end. Word DMZ she got some footage of him. He appears to be drunk he's telling one of his friends to help somebody else in the group, and you can hear him on the video footage. So you can. I am using the inward Mary, yes dilemma. If they would happen, he did issue an apology. After that video Leaky said, I'm embarrassed and sorry. I use an unacceptable and inappropriate ratios slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuse
this to use this type of language ever I went to sincerely apologise for using the word. I promise to do better now rate He'll stations did decide to pull his music from their playlist and his contract with his record labour with bandit indefinitely, he's no longer eligible for consideration of any awards at the country. Musical is this year by his fans, have made his sales increases, sales have increase of one thousand two hundred and twenty percent this week so streaming streaming. Numbers have increased, they said by some crazy, like five hundred and eleven percent, or something like that lawyers, the world's biggest cells rackets. Ok, guaranteed only other word. That is old as much as much negative is love and maybe sex records that have love and sexism, but the word the inward in any It takes up the ladder records imaginative postponed from up it was for using the word and of downward. Please don't lobby am, I did ass gospel thing, a baby wines to reach out to more again and help him
become more exclusive, more inclusive and empathetic person, and maybe one ago statement one I would have at any time you talking to me Why do I look like? I think, he's like us? folks person assembly light as though that's why they hear they didn't randomly amateur exactly what his title it read there. Nobody, while BB wine is, I you I feared, mammal Ivy League is why randomly Bebe wine is go. Talk to this person is yet again some type of role or something like that, but I don't know if you said that he's gonna talk to him or not, but you know Manuel either he's a diversity adviser phobia, my firefox. way into a white person. Why do you shouldn't you the inward like Where have you been completely like come on? those who should be using that word. If you ve never heard of music publicly, you know them,
like that, that Magna recorded I'm sure you use it behind the scenes plenty of time. We ve never done it publicly. He's smart enough to know you're not supposed to look like death away from us. look I'll, be got other thing to do right now Sierra says she is proud to call Russell wills in her husband because he did when the end, if a man of the year honour and hairs stand it like that. I wish you were here to see my kids. I wish your here to see my wife woman. Syria's gives me hope will embody trophy, but also to see my toughness a moment. Slowest moments to you know that I know well, your favorite of all time was wont to pick the player. He was the more importantly the man he was, the leader, the giver. The person vendetta wish you're here for this. This moment that I remember you tell me in the car one day, Sun love Tee, but that you were right? I wish you here to tell the world that the toughest times job include Russia. Was it the good guys, the Eric Sierra posted
the most selfless, loving and carrying person. I know your heart. Dedication and commitment to taking care of others is truly was set. You apart is one of the most. Beautiful and attractive things about you, I'm so proud of you to be a party to a great mission to impact others proud to call you might has been proud of the Father. You are to eye children, proud of the man you eye to our family. I love you so much coming on the water, Peyton man of the year, a word babe. You really are that man, so beautiful I re while I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report now Charlemagne coming up, you are giving me a donkey to somebody who's gonna donkey of the day. You know I hate to give dog you to go to another dead person would have Arnold, give Don Quixote mad people, then how, While we live, you know me: Sometimes you gotta call out today in order for other people to live in it. Teachable moment. So we'll talk about it, wipe it out.
Donkey of the day next to breakfast club? Don't be a date? You do dumb as you get donkey of the day. don't do that, knowledge is meant to doubt in blood was made available Charlemagne. The tap I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the donkey everyday. They chose you, breakfast club used argue the day to day yeah now here today, for Tuesday February aid goes to a twenty year old man named Timothy works now Friday. I D give Don Quixote dated three dead people: ok, James and LISA Goin James Bade respectfully. I use it as a teachable moment to just say that hey, you have two became everyone you meet, because people are fighting hard battles that you know nothing about stop pushing people, because you know no one can make a purchase nat while today's knock you today is also a teacher.
moment, because Timothy works is dead, Ok he's no longer with us in this dimension and the reason I have to give nauseated dated dead people sometime is because it will help others to live. Seated. These dead. Ladies and gentlemen, shattered in a mass real parking lot Friday night. Why are you shot and killed? Let's go to them as envy Embassy Forefinger public charges have been filed. Yet following a deadly shooting that police say stemmed from a prank away, they Timothy Wilkes than a friend, participating in a prank robbery for a Youtube video well investigators day when the pair approached than a group of people with butcher knives with science, as he was unaware of the prank and he shot Wilkes in Self defence of himself and others. Timothy will the dead because of Youtube, because you, two robbery prank gone wrong. I haven't heard about this one having heard about this challenge whatever disease, but I do know,
the indian climate, when we know people a star in Hungary. Ribs touching folks he's really out his thinking, people up folks, his breakin into Chanel stores in broad daylight. talk about not reading room. How could robbery ever be a prank when folks the unemployed. Waitin was stimulus, checks, ya may not realised this will people are fully aware. Folks are starving and folks are in error. he's trying to protect whatever it is. They have not image in this era. Vanilla ice is an hour cracker. a young white boy role of all me what a weapon threatening the army. I shall defend myself I really really really really really feel aside for this generation is generation is ticking technologically advanced degeneration, legs, growl fashion common sense, because up in the environment. I grew up in a new, not the play like this. You know what from a ten times a week, monks going Zaki allotted to aid for three drop articles: monthly for three, more importantly, to net it's the country.
in the country in those backwoods. What do all people say? Manoeuvres back? I can't be people like that when they nerves bad when they always on edge okay, what is done have anything to do with people getting pranks. This has to do with the price that kid listen to me. I know what these robbery brig youth, but What did they go in well? Well, but you are right, knives, a weapons. You approached me what a butcher knife sitting around and let you get a little joke off gay and his brother David starts Junior he's the shooter he better, not yet a day in jail for this, because he reacted away. Majority of gun owners in America would react if they were in the same situation, It pains me there a dying or were you two views like can, you imagine, be intimately walks in the afterlife this morning. didn't around in the waiting room when, after life waiting to have your meeting with god- and you got a bunch of people in talking about how they died. You know some died from Colvin folks in it on my knife from cancer car accidents, you know the usual and he goes
long Timothy when they ask him how he got here. He asked to explain that he killed over you, tube robber, prank not dimension it. oddly people in the afterlife waiting room actually really got killed because a robberies gone wrong either got robbed. Chill door and robbery are committing a robbery and got killed and they always take it. Take tat moment back me why Timothy you playing, but guess what you playing with the world around you. Is it next time? Have you kid want to do something for legs, retweet repulse? Whatever this ask yourself if this war of my life, is really a simple question. As I know, some of you think the internet in social media is your life Are you really ready to die for its Algeria? If not feature Oh man, down as that plan before you get your stupid ass. You please give Timothy wolves to big easier those towards livid, sound right together, robbery, Frank
He s, not a good idea spent guns, illegal and legally you on again, and somebody comes up to you and your protecting yourselves. I mean How do we in turn? somebody and think that's going, ok and where's the joke and where's it. That's what I wanna know. Somebody got a glimmering that funny about that. Somebody should have been like that is too dangerous. My condolences to his family say Dallas, deafening something I am wrong- definitely condones this family, but Jesus Christ, man. Why is discussed breaking somebody? Please inform me of what joking cause. I don't get it at any. It is doing these praying for Youtube. That's listening right now. Do not do anything that could put you in any type of danger. I get killed. Could you see which has happened here so please take them. From this is out of the many the floor. After more than a store not will weaken. back we get to talk to a few of my favorite people, man from the big facts. Podcast. We got baby jade, big banks, indeed Jason.
Cream. Okay, if you listen to the big fact biogas like I do it and you heard him interview everybody from tee. I'd MIKE will to twenty one savage to a host of other people,
we'll be talking in Anti come back, is to breakfast club. It's don't breakfast club piece to the planet. I've about an image Charlemagne, God, CO, founder of the black Effect podcast network, restaurants on a cornerstone of american communities, and they need our support more than ever and for many black on areas. Systemic various further heightened by the pandemic have only increased challenges to success. Pepsi is not a mission to connect black own restaurants. What to access business distillation and visibility needed to overcome these barriers so that they can shaded joy of food with as many people as possible penalties. No digging platform is a multi year, multi million dollar commitment that provides tools and resources to help black own restaurants, thrive, rallying food love us to join a movement. Patsy dig in such a goal to drive at least a hundred million dollars in sales for black own restaurants over the next five years. We have right you to continue to support the incredible range of black on restaurants near you, dig in and try something new joint mission and follow
Patsy dig it or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram penalties digging platform reflects pets. These ongoing commitment to amplify black voices, fortify black communities and be a pot of progress. This episode is brought you buy made while ready to step in. your Denham game. The experts at made well use premium fabric and the latest Denham technology to make super comfy never want to take them off genes in fits and styles for everyone. The kind of genes will reach for again and again get twenty dollars off your online genes or just by using code Spotify twenty at meanwhile dot com terms apply. Please see made well that calm, slash promos for full offer details, this episode is brought to you by simply by Fredo. Lay these days you a lot going on, but now, thanks to simply by Fredo lay you have one last thing the worry about smoking.
And enjoy your favorite Fredo lay snags with ingredients to feel good about, like simply blue corn, Us Z, salted ruffles and even white shuddered shadows, pops all made with no artificial colors are flavors enjoy. You love and look for simply brand snacks online or to store near you. morning, everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne occur. We are the breakfast club because his best guess joining us this morning. Yes, it being a big facts park. Asked me: a baby J come without baby J. What's my guy, DJ scream would have screen Greenwood up king. Tell me what we got big bank morning. Guy big Bang was proven. Such key was public earliest amateur night. They just need to get used to this morning. I was. Could I feel like a visually argon Bianca
We wanted a big money chosen, a LAN Esa, that, let's get it, we need that'll waiting. love all I know today is that a goal is largely. The US, you know, say nothing of the biggest day. We just want to make sure we can be us and continue to do more with less I would ask you not to assess what this part ass, mistress of workers, keep raw Marinos area now. I know what it's all about the black eyes, the back ass created. Was the pack asked about list this breakdown for people? I don't know, I lie bank story levels, yeah? Well, you know I was telling about really doing a podcast, and then I came and did extra where we at in the Iheart studio. I came and did an interview with scream and he asked me about it, and I was told him if he put it together I'll do it and we go that's a good story. Don't you want to tell me you don't use you sell, indulged some way and you desire
I guess how long have you do know it. I know what you did because platform out alone and about rule You guys are in Atlanta those that want to ask you this, because you gotta be doing your pack has everything a person. You know we can really do tat right now, like cattle, have you been nervous about obeyed at all or with all this in the long run, We see that the meanest by we may all be out there. We have a cloud every day. We know you don't have a clue always gonna be one a yard on call? Would now be so we who is doing a part as rituals are like debris mice, for we must. We was bonnet So many I call the screen the table, all right Is there a block away? Now he had a bad one
whereas I am outlay like December, like December, wearing who know me when I say like around snowball scream and make my way back laws, seats, Obama, but it'll, just a bag, lane on people's lie ahead, yeah I've been using your examples. Like man look man, we gotta get back in the studio, the big backpack I've got gas million dollars worth of game got. Guess we need to have gas, goddamn people clients in seven days before they come in this area, It looks like our meat. You know we keep on this. This, you don't say we say the prayer, it S. Important to know say we believe in and if you say so J Smell, you gonna, be, will start to get the deluge anyone get in a lot of really do you have that same period when it comes the vagina what you can do pray over it and not where
We want a bad man when he went away when I realized muted baby jade on on departure, was he kill eleven? the background that must not happen You can then away almost every day you. How can I know it is difficult to be with you guys, sometimes
Love in a leg is now really their hard because you know like me, a black like we ve been friends. Almost twenty years, though, is like the dynamic with us. Is this is completely natural and being a scream you how he's like the best than he is like the middle and moderators always like if there is a well knit fabric that we made here to Wendy. Having second about does Jeez that's how the water in Atlanta, so I asked how given no money, no, no, not at all aggressive. They told whether they Robinson now always lag is managed they pull on here about make you you got your show. Hoodie are may tell us about it shall marry. You know it's like an air dive in New York. We got a new parliament too, to Northern Ireland.
you know that we took that from up top we taking them follow. You know that we're on our way. You got to come down and check this out. Those are really nice. Chouteau pre lit the APOLLO. The gong show on steroids, known things like me and my partner, Big Pat Hanna. We just got out of hand again De Clay, Tracy, nothing. We just took a lot of bitching about the city and made something it's thus the ground? Basically I'll, let you know you got room love a lotta do be lightly rapidly retinue. I saw this criminal now live video file. wash em all entirely because Britain, the road you gotta go foods, is kept on a cab. Don't you have known every night life before carrying more Duma? Do ovens Maccallum DJ trot because they make me take us back to the lab and light is a big hit. An eleven member for recycling Dubai told me a body near like man is due
in those days and if they were better than I am, and I feel like a pillow wasted at God. I'll call you! we, in the words of the lovely right now we are big dog- does right, knows not be real big. I gotta come to God and personal came out it ain't. So finally, what big names have who have become a big me from this issue? My do trap commanded, why you got chicken that track a man he shut you down, I think that too is all you see. The sound is being all about you. I gave my report you ever everybody got your little adieu truck money, real eleven, maybe adultery. You really love it. I saw my thing you guys you Talkin about Valentine's day is coming up, so s vagina present do women out again. Men are presently valentines, idiotic spectre. Super Jones is approved. You told me about Amerika what I mean
your wife, you gonna. Now your wife got rose in another warm. You will be able to we're having its legal body. He was about to get you something is going to present her. With vague, adding it again. You could second at dinner. Yet at the same place big you'll go for. Yes, I I like going to the same places that are now I like, just like you should like to say, with JANET now. You like a mermaid guy. Why, when I say that Mary, U S dreams, don't do we mean Austria, my marriage, twenty one years overdue, dazzling mob
that's a difference. I love you. Are you going to do something about its nagging I every year, are you sure you hadn't did ya got an arm again. You now I don't have it all their necessarily. I gotta situation by I'm game situations, sitting, will come about situation situations I'll, get you something. That is just the situation we have about safe and about a resolution, but I will be back with more big fact: parkers Baby J, big banks, indigenous grew. When we come back to what was data monitor breakfast club? Why do you think there have been more big fact pod, I have thought of the landing, and what I mean by that is Lana have been the mecca and hip.
For so long, but sometimes I feel, like the immediate aid other reflect their. Why? Why do you think that some are AIDS is bright. Eyes is come, there's a lot of nothin, like my do highlighted. Is that, although you thought you nonsense is, is a couple, do they come across? Some are you know you you're, a bright eyes merit a bright eyes. The appetite decades to try to get J D on has not responded, or is there any communication about their yet law rules? and if you don't get asthma get us a state now, Lila backers over Miss Turner Interview. You know, I'm sure you want you, though he may not acknowledge a lot, but he's aware of everything, I'm sure he watches good job out. We had, I Andre conversation preceded them abroad, really like the one we twenty one? Could it is like them guys get up, there would ya man and is likely let they guard down in a different way. Yet not yet has never my brothers a while ago light ass,
we go again. When I give you smoke knows I gotta go. when I spoke in a way to get a cancer is history, you got a foundation? Do right is green foundation that you did not get it maybe foundation. I've been doing a lot of community stuff. What we found is put an actual name on it, so we look forward to seeing the ground running record the kid you ve, no safe savers, somebody's people from becoming the liquid water boys before you can call me, so as this is not a bit odd, that Hamas is meant, we gotta do it for you, phenomena are motivated the most of your headache, blind people. What is the purpose of the big fat Guess what would you say Manning ICE today, would it I'm a voice now to give a different opinion uncomfortable conversations. You know a lot of people, don't want an accountable conversations. Let's talk about the grandees, we ve been at a little bit of cultural eyes. With the grand museum you wanna see, look serve, people get nominated for Non Grammy's, no sale. I will talk about this
I see this unreal conversation about it. You know sailors talk about as I meant, or Hell financial literacy. What goes on in the streets, snitch must talk about it. You know say nothing. S like you always gonna, say Charlemagne economic. You can hear that eats up about a lot of people. It has the same man because, like our weekly therapy River has I think in a vaccine. Aren't you mention a vaccine you're thinking of acting now do encourage everyone. Else to take it, so I don't have to take it. That's what I've been a member have you taken aback me. Rather they weren't thanks a lot. Less loves me what to do for the unflagging it after two. He think they do to you didn't get out now promulgated homage homage everytime. I would give it time signals given every word, though. I think I'm a meal to now her around with me to come over. Here I heard
Ok, maybe maybe they everything you do now. If you don't get testing, never going on as why. Although wagon that's what I do for you I'll get it louder? you didn't give it to your elders overwhelmed by them It would be a real alive overwhelm abolished What about you so sure this year? Also, this limit J close here, too, who MAX go home now, I believe his real, but you know the reality is what it is. God, you don't gave too far to be YOLO now now Well, you got what you know. Do you, eichelberger loudly. Aren't you Maybe you know. Of course you know people guy right
folding infested garden. Would a mask an honest, I'm warmer males you can and does it have you gonna give you gave your symptoms these green light ya. You they symptomatic of about four weeks time. Allow me, as it is a lot of people are moving to Atlanta right. Especially now I see everybody like I'm always where land I'm going to get a house in a land. I can't take it anymore. What do you think about, these people moving out there you fool, I welcome the transition another. But is it RO ran in the last light years, though there like a lot of people there aren't from here, are like that of words. The people there are you going why they almost down cheetah, because I'm out of them got those shoot out ass. The safe is most secure place, so we can go to jail correct me if I'm wrong in remote. The eighty transplant, though, was that
but not even Ramata Audio, not yet in a knot as they ought. Nor will you go South EAST and West is Asia, this alone Everything was buggy allowed. Does, while Ricky soon the miles light the whom almost even the buggy enough. I mean it that allows a jack boy? That's? Why would go to rob? I will go to the rich people. I mean I mean I wouldn't go Robin Hood. The desolate light is two different. Allow just like that. Now How does a lot of coming out of alignment What did he just alarm? Jar, when they low one d d, no one dvd and problems, Mozilla normal Mozilla? do you think I'm using going outside of love or so yeah everyone everywhere follow me daylight who is now. I shouted the hair commander know there was a model.
The item is a new hat rebel, common idea. They in aligning ok, I gotta pee. everything is so many names on another computer. We obviously, but I want to live where you find this out now. Would you all about tat? I know man, you know like right now, like on precisely my god so greatly, email from a visit from me remember: we write heroic booty DORA yeah How do I get them? Thirty lying on a young girl? I really taken over the Red right now Lord moved is going crazy right. Have you something to wipe energy needs? he's been locked out by any communication forever for now The marijuana tell everybody Man Army CASE Yacht: oh no you know big fact: package baby J made big banking dj scream we partner together.
then they are on the black effect. I ha radio pie can now say that will let you know that it is not made any that eating even blink light a right. Now we might Wilson. Silhouetted takes a tax and its element. We need. We need Now my William it I wasn't, no brain outlined nine, even though that's what they wanted to do, let's get it. I know you got the seller. dolly that ISA now appreciate everything to hear some dolly. You know how you know we got to get that breakfast club big fast, when y'all come to Atlanta, if y'all do it one by one of y'all, do it together? You know we got to put that together, so I'm just put that out there so it'll. Obviously I cannot tell us nor camera may lose their back. These thou work in Atlanta, warm enough food that may have thought work and I'll pull enough. We appreciate your tell him what a fine black asthma
absolutely every Monday new episodes you get. The audio experience on a black of fact makes us out. You know say asylum open their play together. Of course we will revolt ways they nice too. If you want to see the tv, version Amy was a nice dinner plot check it out. Our involvement not breathe bad, that now yellower vote every Wednesday night. common all form that ain't always greet. You know me exactly that they taught me about beg. Are we not only want to hear it now what is more, we jointly guy do nothing more on me, you're playing on dry being itself now resides rotted. Bargain baby, J, big Big deduce Green beg you, man is low law the breakfast club
about the room Angela eat breakfast may sell commentary and will be able to play with the Brooklyn nets for the next three games during the game. I Friday night against Toronto. He was pulled from the starting line up and then later removed act. He was put back in during their quarter. They said he came in contact with them on our Friday, who had an inconclusive Kobe nineteen test before the guy? started. Then he was alive, to return to the game, you went on to play for ninety minutes, but then they pulled him back out again. They said that person did has positive for carbon nineteen. They said he was not wearing a mask in the car with the person, at least at least to me, times earlier in the day, so he tweeted out free me with. Pull him in the third quarter mean making possible finish the game at that point, right.
Yeah and he did respond after the NBA put out their state. Many said: YO at MBA fans are dumb. You can't fool in which a whack, ass pr tactics or argument with no are you from but you can't be mad at the NBA in a situation like that, you gotta be mad at the trumpet ministration, pretty slow response to cold because it at all of our lives have been disrupted. Thinking of him The AIDS is following a proper globally protocol and speaking to the NBA Carmelo is agreeing with the brine about the asked our gaming saying that he does not think that its rights, we told you before the library then I'll, be there physically, but not mentally, and he didn't think it was a good idea. He said coming. to the season. You know we were told we were not having an austere games that would have a nice little breakin than eight, though announced our game on us like this unjust breaks that all the way up, so pretty much kind of a slap in the face and were all still dealing with a pandemic? Well Carmelo! say I don't think it's him. I think we need a right now to be good to recognise those who got chosen. To be an honest. I think they deserve recognition, but I just think that it
a bit too much in a short period of time, if they feel like is the right thing to do, then is the right thing to do they know best. Not me If the player, though Wanna play acting busy respectively and wish you ve got a well, a bronze had made a lot of sense. They need dates. Anyone a break in enemy of death, observe of what a five day break in the middle of a season. First personally was a short, even a short our seas, and why not another given the break? I and Casanova has gone in trouble in New York and that's for participating in their doom bug, Tik Tok challenge. While he was in jail, so the per The big challenge- I know you are seeing you supposed to go like two different locations and are you know do that jumbo challenge? There was a clip of honesty, Page, where he's doing to dance in his jail cell, and they also pictures posted to that Instagram pays but recording videos and taking pictures during a video peasant visitation is prohibited, so now they are saying that you know it because of these video visits and Oliver now I guess his girl from will be able to go and see him.
On video anymore networks, air I was thinking that new memories there there like? Are you allowed to do their bit The nobles attorney said: I'm aware unaware of the specific allegations he said this desert be a harmless infraction. Under the circumstances, these values are imprisonment, no visitor meaningful contact with their loved ones. It is unimaginably difficult to keep your spirits and faith under such circumstances are right. That's if any had it was on. The late show was even Colbert and she talked about getting common to do that silhouette challenge with her the one that people were gone crazy over. It was very sexy and then you pulled a wig here's. What she said happens, I'm like look, I'm gonna shoot this video you in the energy to be anyway me that you're, not not really my staff and others like lead, Neither do they do it in a magnet money. I'm asking you to do a bit me and every time I do ask you to do something you gay pay. Now. Would you
Do I have to deal with this very year when we will be doing nothing for you, and here I come down and then only once. three takes. It turned into Fain, Jake's, he's augmented mischief. you will get. Can we try one more time is what happened the non negotiable come there. You have a choice and he had to do it now. As I said that I would naturally she had turned down common when he wanted to date her with like China. I am not really interesting. Now, I'm going up my eyes are set on other things are a major. Somebody else, I'm sorry, but you seem like a nice pairs, thinks you're a little too common for well, I'm not the main people at data that inside it man. I articles on it. I was around averred. decisions between us what does it affirms activity hydrogen in normal
I've heard things I Well, the UN's banks, restaurants, peace in our condolences to his family Leon. Spinks- has died at the age of sixty seven former heavyweight champion and he had a year's long battle, a cancer, his wife, Brenda Spinks, was reportedly by his side at the time of his death is from Saint Louis heads. Did Mohammed Ali for the World heavyweights title back in, Eighteen, seventy eights There was a reason and also Danny, lay a single again, I guess her in the baby broke out. She posted officially single with a black heart imposed on it. Another couple there broke up Victor crews and crew. Say they are broken up after three years together and there are no hard feelings between the two of them: don't be per thirty. Is there any layer allowed to use a black heart? Are then ass? I am on its. She allowed the use of black market. They have yellow heart. Is she allowed to use a black heart? you can use whatever color heart. You witness, encourages, wondered.
I re where that is your room, a reports right common of mercury, other people's choice mix- envy I've been here all morning would have. Do you like I know, D Jerry he's recorded a pc recorded, makes right then why don't you? Let me do I e makes this is ridiculous at this point. Also, beyond the major line, the one time he was out, which was years years years, you ve been out more but years years ago he was out and but you do a? U makes Thank you, and I know what I'm saying. I beg you, fail Israelis laughing, I mean less and we need that ye makes it s not going to come and that's why I think he doesn't tell us in advance that he's not coming because they didn't want me to get nothing ready, but so a malaria wherever one hundred five five one a viable one? If you got request, if you want We played Somethin amusements, for you call is right. Now is the breakfast Why is the back this carbon his time for our black history month, alleging Charlemagne, who you got today
today's new black history, Mov legends, are absolutely to tamper Bay, buccaneers coaches to have Unama Dallas cowboys fan, but I've got a parish beggar respect is, do yesterday was soon fifty five, an attempt made buccaneers won the super bowl and yet the Kansas City, cheese, and they were led by for black. Coordinators assistant, head coach, run game coordinated how good went off of coordinated, Byron left, which defensive cool? they too tired bulls in special teams. Coordinated, Keith Armstrong that right, there's shows you how much diversity matters not dimension. They have two women on their coaches staff. Making them the most diverse, definite NFL period now tab buccaneers, head coach ruse area and spoke on why it was empty? to him to have such diverse cultures. Deaf, the breakfast Club presents a new black history month. Legend diversity on your status, huge! You are ours. In an age range from twenty six to eighty two people of color
females, assisting coaches players need hear, voices that are different so voices. I look like them, and so I would beg people better, putting staff together to look at some that you're in coaches, some young coaches coats of color female code. his cause, there's a bunch of e mail coaches out there. They need a break and and gave him a shot. that was another new black history month, legends courtesy of the breakfast club. Now, when used Does it make you realize how much of a damn shame it is that they are more black coaches and nfl, but salute to detail They buccaneers for leading the way- and I hope you know brothers- by Like Byron Love, which entire bowls and of giving head coach and jobs at some point in the future. In an affair I would thank you for that black history month, a moment Charlemagne. Yes, indeed, it is their breakfast clad, Dj Emmy was not here this morning, he's gonna come back with some tales from the Superbowl tomorrow, I'm sure. Now, before a positive note, I also
they play remember we we have data, can do in the subway announcements why did the subway announcements for New York City and here's a little behind the scenes. Take of what really as my gears- and I said it with an attitude I had to do some re takes, but here it is actually on the breakfast club, please dont all the doors, whether training his invitation. This is New York City. You know we are that places to be just hold up ahead, train people just because your friend doesn't know how to wipe a match. Ok, cool one more time. this time, a little bit friendlier I'm from New York I tell you it s exciting for make us my mother's wherefore in their transit authority, since I was young, so she's been working there for over thirty years now, so she was super about ass. If you are in New York, you will hear me speaking on some of these subway and Bess announcements now Charlemagne. What's your positive note, the positive note is simply this: if you came here to being talked about lot on and not liked
you simply not ready to be successful, progress tat they did not benefit yoga. Have you ever felt like the wording on you? I just feel like you and I give her well. It is exhausting. I feel like just birthing on saying, dawning army. Understand me, listen to me. Well, let me not worry, because you know who is listening and making big changes. Eighty eighty they do whatever it takes to show that all their customers voices are heard today, given every customer- and I mean every customer- both new and existing, the same great deal out that you, Baroness no matter if you ve been with him for ever, are thinking about jumping over every single person The same amazing deal check out smartphone price and fair for everyone. At eighty t, dotcom Flash Beth deals, restrictions apply. I have a family member. That is amazing when it comes to finding amazing deals, whether its finding some clothes and shoot yourself in a kids or other family members, including me, the holiday. I hear so. Why not spend it on a loved one? In fact, people always seem to get the best opportunities or the best deals, and I for one love good deals. Good.
in shooting only favour the few in eighteen. Ninety gets that, because eighteen he is given only a customer's, both known exist in the same way deals visit. Eighteen, teed outcomes last best able to learn more restrictions, apply. Have you ever needed to move because of family, a job just needed a fresh start? What do you know how moving into a new place at times can be very difficult at state farm everything they do is focused on building strong neighborhoods, together with over nineteen thousand local agents across the country. They form is committed to being good neighbours wherever our customers find themselves in their communities right around the corner when you need them. Stay farm knows that a better world tomorrow start what a strong neighbourhood today like a good neighbour state farm. Is there
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