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Today on the show we had classic actor Wood Harris join us to discuss his recent role on the new show “The Breaks”, working with Tupac and more. Also, Angela gave some advice to listeners for Ask Yee and Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Sandusky Police for arresting an Ohio Nursing Home Employee Performing Lewd Acts on 100-Year-Old Patient.

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories? Only one, maybe you know, you're a Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo. Good morning. Hiv manages Andy Charlemagne again. Please to the planet gets what day it is just one. Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Are you looking like Burma they were to be alive. God is good, ok really happened. I was you talk about it and we believe in you waited me out, or would we breathe it? Ok, like a thriller lad. No right people are going to do it right now in these trees. Ok, anything can happen. People got her bees, ices, not every window. Didn't you mom is away amigos, not gonna sound kings, their real! Yes, Now jungle. No, there was real Amigos, Zadig Jump in Tijuana. Legal study, jumping american citizens, knowledge on Longbill, I love railroad Chris Brown eyes and drama yesterday. Then go to Ronnie, annulled rumbled radically to relax, ok, and if you need Will you go get help period, impunity that making excuses for Chris Breath I get into the air.
I guess you gonna tell me what's going on, I guess we're in a room is now giving it an aromas better with a lot yesterday on social media, glad of videos posted people responding to different things, things you never would have exe did to happen happening where the video to mingle, jumper, shocking thrice. He didn't know my grandma there's no video. They hide happened there, video them early, being cool me of France, but it's no good at seeing a video of daily by man. They they always do day to play with the fag Cade laugh wisdom, Joe Goodman, and jump on later, do that pollution has always treatment? Chubby kid in the herd role there by alleging? in is man, I'm fired a shot in the air like a kind of big shot, I sat in the air while you know from way way way way way way. Was I just thought even DMZ against Rabies I mean a you beat me up, leading them off me. I shouldn't
is it a moral feeling? They attach a lot of time on top the inward limit. Now an inward though just me black people in words of all colors. Ok, would you describe it to me right now, some serious and word activity. They died before Faddle before I think so what book calls who they are and doesn't ring any within me? Agendas Rachel. It happens during the day, the drainage of every issue. We went to a white Hair New York with a tragic Frazier at the end of June guys, kind of development and by narrow minded people saw their yourself like magic convention, beggar. Exactly what I'm agenda the moment. Someone that cost. No more harry'll, we still common stably worker, Would I was overjoyed at this morning: yeah
when a cool bonds would hairs, plays a sum paid in full back still in the way. I was then why a brook no vision aegis. Now on the brakes within the Erika Mann. On Monday I was in my career, sneaking around career sneaky, wraps leaky weeks that you have had a sneaky rap career momentum, restart me back in the day me tell him. You can work, Well, maybe we need sound me that he was again my Charlemagne a long time ago and waiting here you go to work on Wednesday, a determined at any rate, three thousand m Ling. Buddy was a good thing. It is leading red, Instinctly, Ravenstein started ACT, rabbies still, gotta make Europe great what hours they still rap. Ask him about it, though we not last winter, freeze that it has do you wanna know we're not arrive repay what we talked about? Let's talk about some new, whereas that were added to the dictionary. Also we'll talk about pap eyes. I know guys lab Hereby Mona, robust you're getting an inward cookies,
see under better freely in trying to our view. You said yesterday, I didn't actually values this Irena in cars when best friends would allow, it may have been virtually chess. Our right front, page news when we come back and also tell em up blessed, if you feel blessed and highly favored, call us up right now, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one express and positivity is the breakfast club come on. Morning. Everybody is e g envy Angel YE, Charlemagne God we are the Breakfast Club Oskinson front page NEWS now: MAGIC Johnson is in opposition. Legatee notification bless his position about. You know he's a president of basketball. Opera nations for the lake is wrong or want to cause. Bombs were magic. Johnson damage that is bringing hobby endow the supposedly allegedly out one would have black privileges. Fine is right there. Ok, Harry said allegedly, is gonna, shouted being called me in a word, and that may make subtracted now, no more Jackson in Friday,
Did they try to get a form of where they had about? My lover is now feel Jackson. Youth place would have written New York makes back in the day. That is too far by magic. Back, that's gonna triangle: orphans, work, listen, I'm talking more job, you bring Patrick you and now yes, Charles. Ok, the easy you give that some this without a language, the muscle lab, say before enabling Madigan these guys aren't on the level of MAGIC Johnson on on no, let us be clear by their management and have proved himself to be agreed. It is meant to play and one on one against HIV for decades in both in HIV. Thy Frank, that of the man whose mind is so strong, and he s such a word when it you want running deputy president you're back operations and everybody you just name does not have to respect among NBA like magic, Johnson, and nobody does he wanted a great its, but Patrick is pretty close. No not even know, You got pretty cold agitating as one of the greatest yes, he is not going to come nomadic job
I didn't say my lab, I didn't say he's on the same level: Massa ease in net. Now, yes, is no letter. They can find a general manager as well to work romantic. Johnson, so we are giving our written, which cut subject. What does he want to Cuba I did not again story than a fiery, evidently magic Johnson becoming president about operations for the lake of Jesse Engine, our own capital visually asked as a black privileges, finest them now sought about burger king? are king kidding, yes, burger kings, parent company, restaurant brands, international purchase Popeye's for one point: eight billion dollars. They also owns him whartons. What they're saying is they want to try to challenge Kentucky Fried Chicken now Kentucky Fried Chicken? Has eighteen thousand plus store in a world wide pap. Only twenty six hundred days furthermore flew to provide a chicken and Edward Cookies. That's what I call biscuits array
there is no better biscuit on the market. Nevertheless, biscuits man every by and bye, bye bid in the airport by biscuits as one of the best different guess different. You needs you some honey as an inward cookie aid is no regular. Bisque KFC got biscuits, charges got biscuit pop I've got inward cookies. Never saw about these new words added to the websites dictionary. Yes, a ladder, ways that people have been using a lot of phrases, S F, W was added to the dictionary enemy not say for work must therefore with a shave. You know that, yes, I do truth. There were author first problem bans, watch and ghosting. Why did I fear that, though new words and that it does not work for those multiple words I am afraid that they added them visionaries does out. What's ghosting animal, goes thing is when you are like fear, you wanna do like chicken. It like you, know, you're, making too heavy for like a week or two and ages goals. Goldstein you there
when you fall under the irish Parliament in sub every year? For the true? How goes it when you, when you drive a car you get allergy car drivers, allows rash joyous s goals or go. How goes it? It is when used here goes. Gold on exactly what goes on there from power. I bet you cemeteries. Where'd, you won't know, ok, praise pack nausea. Nevertheless, only final exam, some exert Kennedy does Pennsylvania Temple Y know, that's the inability to recognise faces an Kung Conall Lang. Does anybody know a con Lange is. Why do I view the big as well, when I can recommend my me them made up language cuddling? What can I do? They lie and when it comes to made of languages like him, I had no idea. What did that? The initial need a recognised very just like I know your name, but I got browser bag nausea. I don't be recognising a face. Ronald bird movies, online anywhere com, Embryo regulated right, like mother,
front, page news who I add, eight hundred five, five one or five one of your upsets needed. Call us right now, I'm everyone goes down. You yeah, eight hundred five, eighty five one off I will call us now: breakfast locomotive the breakfast club I'll. Let you know what makes you mad with fulfilled but can have that's why you might wanna premise. Is that when we met a metal Charlemagne enough, the new. While I met him, some minutes evacuation, thousands, that's your LAN adds TAT human meagre. So give me: Thou went into a back into her. Make up this debate, whenever it me back. What's that would feel so nobody oversaw the boy. Nobody tells me about you and Angela make up only a meter, Danny Fritz Braun S leaders but are in fact
you value, I didn't get it. I'm a professional art is make up one of the problems. That cannot be the other way I wanted to make up for another month, arbitrary Neither do I make a bet. Would you let me do the actual. You tell me and asked me about a book, and I ask you again Ptolemais like that All you need. While I may feel happier as they deal with the global economy, and I bet your book of ones do at that level. The new dangers me. This is my dear. If you get a refund Ashley's, though I love you, I love me ever ye I'll see that year, ferreting funny, I let you out new party, though there are asking
and about your praise of magic, goddamn right now. Well, don't say that we have given our. Maybe they got a breach of another you should say, but we need to know who cannot be mirth. Always it's what about six feet about being my faith in the phrase it s little creature free there that enabled they let you say you faceless, beat the NBA this. How crazy was Dane edge is no real gazed up to meet our. I hear you say that in my view, is that this parliament, a big downright anyone repays, be oaken, egos that is that if we allow this yeah member, as we were, you merit is what is? Europe is mad because one, but that, after these new plan, all these games like after, like this, I like you and you like me when you have a girlfriend
Why can't we dislike like the other guy going, goes down you? That's not. What happened here what's happening, They like me and I like them, and you know they want to hang out or whatever and then like they kind of like want to play a game, but they want me to chase them like I'm about to chase you and then I want to put a label mine, I'm only seven ochre. You ask Let's do it so fast once they hitting. I know you back and allow name, but even call awhile the week that number I've been on me on boxing day mobile Juno Intuitive, which self love I had a Valentine actually dead. Now, it is in IRAN is doubly kindred. My love myself with now accept the my plan we may then it would find. Did you ethics note now, That's why you single now
are you a collar may know all about it. I they could not have like, where maybe the guys that you like I'm leaving what's happening over and over again, you may need to give them very different, itching scramble she's using Sab dandies tags. There's about these garage. You just got word man, a world storm. You are the actual ya YA: gotta cameo, okay, so Jake like I know LE body count why's that he kept calling for a reason You told me that without you got a video or outside what you tell him this year and it got right now, meaning the views that up you gonna, get my hands on his travels awaiting mean always say that after your wife
It tries to some good guy back no ambiguity, as required by article two ici Toby. Two days ago, a number of ambiguities and good advice, the name your label is body count records is to dollar. Seventy one body is everything include array. Nobody wants to hit Ambrose Corny, that's like webs like those days dine brow begging. She thought All right all right tell my
I met a fag. Tell him. Are you bless if you feel less blessings on blessings on blessing? You want some positivity in his world call us up right now. Eight hundred five five one five wanted to breakfast locomotive breakfast: are you bless and highly Frazier veiled till the congregation at eight hundred five environmental? Five? Why it's the breakfast club, there's Phoenicia AIDS uneasy? You feel bless this morning was the I blessed because three years ago, at the like cancer, every member and I gotTa Canton a kidney transplant. While My family love me. I woke up this morning. God is good! God of good God is our God is every day is a good thing. Allows this Ellsberg Johnson
one very jars and you feel and less dismount abrupt found blast unable to work full time. Visual artists and I recently just dropped a book doc. I was unable to books. Are the children both called? Oh? What wonderful here here, positivity get a chance to make my work, my daughter's hair every morning and after a while just thought it would be cool to be able to drop a book. I love for you guys to take a look at it and send you some copies, no case ended up here, not I mean we're doing you Dorothy. I try to do my duty, as is now happening in me. I can figure it out. I can't even demonian the cradle routine, but you know after a while, he got in that lovely want to take a look at its core. What wonder more here they went away at Serbia. Died is here to talk in terms of minor, yet burn, I'm your daughter with a calm and how a young black girl is not officially a young black woman. It says you can borrow Dougall Theo C Mon equality at the wheel.
Now what about how many were logo, our hair, United Braid? Are you just do a by? Nobody do everything. So in the book like we make a different name for different hairstyle, but put it upon what they put it in the pine up or were spraying again curly with they should got clearly. Fires with greater will fail to make her here. Also its banks you can do choir rose in everything work on time. Your fish tail just note. A sequel to the book is when a woman's right appraisal she'd gives to another level of being a woman to be in Burma to how come they still use hackers What did we avoid a lot from but I do feel embarrassed montemurro, none of them bless. You tell us why man couple weeks ago and Ammonia MILAN, and I wanted it that bird they didn't find anything. They said there was a little hid in the mind again antibiotics. The clear though I'm ended
artists from Ohio Emma this amounted to a numbers, their money to no one. We're gonna numbers it they don't want you ate on Emma independently sailor. Are you no doubt God air by though by Baron copies money, money in a bank, I'm wondering how much you sell and avoid any donation, whatever people can do oh, you walk up to people as they have a cd for you, and then you ask for a donation I managed to keep us limber Barbara. There said our rights element. Bless blessings on blessings on blessings. Eight hundred five, eight five on oh five, one now you ve got rooms on the I mean I don't know where to start unless discuss this meagre as various is shown, Kingston situation and break it down. Ok, we'll get into that. When we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast logo Morning the breakfast club rising seller. Exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, let's get it.
Make sure Kingston in rooms is the rumor report. Police are looking to question the migos, not that they want to rest and MRS, when a question them- and this is all because of an altercation that happened with Sean Kingston and the Migos reported she attended trade show in Vegas, noted mingles. Discharging his religion were allowed people on twitter tat. About what happened now. What they are saying is that Song Kingston actually ran Bonamy goes they had a heated word exchange Madame la Belle Soldier Bonasera. It was about soldier boy. Let's leave them, always ITALY. You deserve to be reviewed. Divineness eligible now, amazingly enough, back in December young tag, wind song Kingston not to get involved in this beef between the meagre,
and soldier boy. I mean Piazzi mythology. Why we want me those letters, computer games, relax calling on you to my plan, relax stared at him he's got the blue hair was in December gauges. The blue. These do not even know that the blowing as there must be things happening behind the scenes. We don't know about a rainforest man didn't shocking to companies. So the boy and social media, begged India as fell, but the rainforests guys like Kingston to ratify it this guy joggins argue and around here, and I think that many other night, a gunshot, isn't somebody from sound Kingston Camp Fire, a gun in the air just to try to get the mafia him. Babo Claude, set up out of these are major related at I've. Gotta go mayor was good. You make him in this. Am I right now? I think you guys have an issue with it.
No, we can't be bite, it there's no video. No, it is not even any sound Kingston dampen up the mega zambian cool before their cooler. First then, I guess this is without necessarily- and you tell me to me- goes out of town and country jumps on Kingston and has no video. I dont believe mechanism so that it can become so not turn their back on loosed, or maybe I just happen so maybe this will surface at a later time. Ashore Kingston did possibly after needed metadata that he'd have any online Asia, but his man. They say he guides Goddammit more stable social media MA. Am I right now, let's discuss black boy, joy, ok, This was a has had. There was actually lower anyway joy chance, the rapid last year, ochre and BT posted. There was a lot of hashtag black boy joy at the ABS F, to witness the magic tune in on Wednesday, arrive as American Backbone Festival. Now film issue with that he's at whose, behind this black boy, joy, hats tag
I wonder why I would wonder which our road thought about a really was not call very demeaning. You dont club black man, a boy pleased that that it goes all the way back to slavery and segregation. You don't got any man a boy's disrespectful, but takes on a whole different meaning for black men. Rode eighty should know better and then tank responded. Think tank open tankers armed using yes, ochre tank You think tank. Otherwise, it think too now tank. Ok, he was binding when one black man, terrorism, another black man for simply doing things a little different than what he were. That creates the divide. Here you are supposed to be a positive reinforcement, so all young black men injecting past activity into our community in your hating it these young men have done nothing but shine a light on black excellence. How in God's name, can you find something wrong with fat? Is not like? You ve, been a beacon of hope for our communal. To be clear about? One thing must be clear on one thing every has Michael going to work. I don't care how much.
Asian. Isn't it I'll get how much rhymes led to black women? that girl magic. We don't need a black boy, joy, Surely you don't like my and our rule is right boy? What will Michael's then are good? boys, white regions, work is a word that the meaning to black men to call a boy. So yes, this damage. Our rule is able to forget about, although you have already there you're right, let's forget about, then just data has tackled whack, my boy, joy, Women are black girl magic blow. My joy by boy joined the name and I want to get out of the bag. Zaire are celebrating your black boy joining here. It is more blood moon period. I mean black boy joy of Mr Monti, ourselves become absolutely, but if I would have reward foot who's that Rather, they work, which I have. Let you won't go. They posted it doesn't work they have little ragout. Would you know a murmur gums and let go use relate boy joy. Like a guy thou grazing, I write well, I'm annually and ass your room. A report are writing
You miss ye. Now, when we come back, would Harris will be joining us of modern language? Of course you know from your bar. It was also the black water tat, Blackwood girl, my good. As you know, this is managed in an audition biodegradable people. Weeping pay anything they arrived without. Knowing that we can arrive at a good, big black guy giant black black. I don't u month quit everything around another thing that arrive and everything around avow go the way of saying it's. You sally me black boy, jaw, hey Jeeringly doublet. Maybe somebody low black. Why they re is right. The way we might come into the right,
we'll be back of will always black win. That lack of rights is not a word was curse. Brow with party morning, everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gets into building what hours of work, please them legendary rolled a la above. Their eighth and paid what characters You walked in the room. I felt the energy at eight, so I'm not going to lie to you. That's probably kind of trying to separate So from the count is when you doing Rowena menu it really committed to one been involve, which itself just imaginatively, not really China. It give up Europe any of you, I'm just trying to use your imagination.
His actions really does living. You know truthfully in the imaginary circumstances. How well you? What would your imagination Anna Lindh Tomb, the character? Did you did you on a plate, alot of real people, so ACE Yvonne was a real people. It is real Julius women attains. So my learning throughout the process has been from that allowed a lot a real people, which means you, you go into the different research process and then you trying to really find out a separate yourself from from Wood Harris from from me. So that's really to harp. Are you commit to it and you really don't break commitment of it alone? You stay imaginative, artistic with it ass I am, and what is done, I'm just gonna dunwoodie, really that I say I was
easy by now. It's easy. You know it would be easier if you know what people love the characters, but if you know I guess it can work both ways. People didn't characters. Are we hear about it? But here in about it, Definitely I feel I can be halted detox from the Avon Bogdan gagged You know I was on the very long ongoing for years and years and years of playing their character and the wire also also your character, you know from Chicago in Iraq, relate to two to urban settings stuff like that. That's not me, I'm so Yvonne and ACE I can relate to as a man you noticed grown up when I thought about away heresies as a person and going up. Go because I did read there too. At one point: they want to be a robber use. The rap armourer bottle shown willingness of autumn,
who, though Wendy Wendy was reorder. Actually I got, I must have common, I thousands studio the other day without the dry. It lie doggedly. Why? Because I M, were you really wanted to me? Now we re that you know what I mean when we talk about some other things like and why, in essence, what happened organically like I'm gonna go round even get to know also Drake do like I'm talking to you not did not. He has television already in a good friend of my group, which is producing his show someone already adjust to Saddam see what it was a curious about. My taken is talking about in general there you know the real, like metals over the song ethics. Another thing I think some slotted yards Utah Uniform opinion Nathan that anything. So what, if you don't like it, beat that Japan, I can you be like next now or later next, you gotta.
Today the same Eminem swear, so I told him I told him then here yeah yeah, he's kind of an interesting guy played offer that sort of around many play. One bloody give you someone who wants to beat I was sort of around many play. One beat I did. He give you some money beats. Ah unto me. Let me get Polly like in unemployment, a vault of bees. I'm not married at it. Now. We just recently saw you in a new edition movie theory: is, there was on be when we met Brook actually bring came up here in real life, and they were really see like you really by his character, even meeting him. Unlike ok, I see you acted just like how he acted,
he was up here. Do you love Brook, and that was suspicious? Those Keith love welcomed those kids. They say hardware will keep animals with hate her. You know those cages, perfect people and other actors towards a truly love the people. Sometimes on working with you know, I love the guys in me. Like a team made love, I really love those actors in that it is making love. And that was because now use the breaks with you. My whole cast on the brakes. What will you do to play brook? Did you shot? Org is a producer? Was a producer yes
was with him the whole time I did have to do research. I wasn't really aware of all the things he had done so in a more research was right there with him. Also wit with painful, was like that was wet s easy actually, like the whole time, he was instrumental in making that rolling in painful he was gonna last step for me, I haven't allay now him in a restaurant Tommy story, but in the movie Anna Outpost story. Next week later, we were soon I really like it. I love it. I got it. I got a really can't do a disservice to this real life person. Who are you get a role? You don't want to do a disservice. Somebody standing across from you, you know so you just like. I got an a list, you know, and you really just put it on you and your back. I guess as these and paid afforded when you walk in the house Regina Hotels, you she's crying for you dig the below. Lloyd as day, but is actually Mitch
it is your reaction who has reopened the view of this. I would have liked stuff like that, is not scripted, but if that's why you gotta be committee, so you can firelight. Really you just want to find a moment. As you know, you guys were asked to workers. Don't call me the unease. My wife has actually already doing just fine every moment moment by moment just be in front of the camera and Cameron Action happens. Speedy envious, grace you can't a moment from with that in this group, but he's got a shadow boxing ass another. That does not mean you gotta, be like a love for the road. Like an you. Almost I don't know if I were to react like that, but we would, but I could see him being like that. There's no words! So there's no words there needed here is just ace cries. While the city's cries, how do you do yourself them? So you get a life
very different things, but you ve some pretty great choices. You don't you can't even anticipate like. I know what the wire nobody, even knew had, none of them can be anticipated. Really I get you know you really care. I choose rules based on the versify and myself now, because I think up, I don't want you to see me played a beggar too much. You just see me like that. So much that it will be difficult for me to shape my career where want so over the last few years, I've been China, this measure diversity in in character, so it it's something I've done already more than once and twice, and I can't figure out how to make it field new out. Another I could be bugging, but I feel like the breaks in the fourth time you ve been a tv regular since the wire it is. It is why are you whereas hip hop in
I love hip, hop New York from the wire lots of behind the camera. People are from the wire asleep man, MAC and lots of the crew and stuff. So I felt like the quality of would be a certain way. You know what I'm saying and I love the 90S and New York in the night is so special that error music, Ninety, not the block right like right. The ts clearance, one eighties, Clarence, nineteen nineteen really the eighties, not follies. Ninety JANET, We didn't know what was happening: industry Hiphop industry. I just love the fledgling mobile they mobiles now, but those guys we're just gonna make it data J and they want what they are now just like too,
That is why the idea they were more like us, driven differently, driven like everybody else, not yet none mobiles, different drugs purposes are different for honey. Get up in the morning to move in a country like this camp. Is it able to be on our school Russell summits mean and not a cold? you got a women candlelight that Rock n Roll Europe's there. We have all avoid Harrison. We come back, keep lacked the breadth, locomotive, the breakfast. From the wire you might know him from breaks any just play broke from the new edition movie. We got would Harris in a building ye. You as what is we're here, is what my luggage all only watch tv watch, acting a look of sports and look like conversational thing, sir I'll get documentary stuff
Netflix Yale and known as you do, what a lot of words could you lot? You slander the hell out of Kevin. I have a little handed a really big. What did he do? He who me a little bit of my love for the game. A little. By doing that, was this bogus by clicking over the warrior legate as half as I had to get out of here. Eighty when he went don't play in every day. Now accept the carrot of Aimee Security that he did. You would have him and another by something Westbrook unanimously on actually spoken to him about doing a produce, a thirty four thirty and worked on thirty one march, and sometimes I get with those guys didn't think so what was broke his background story very interesting, so I met with him last season. I guess. But first I like him a lot and inward Kevin Deronda dont dislike. I don't dislike that some cake. You ve got hard to watch. A trader ran, look like a real right now, I had to say
light there may known a passionate watching it, I'm doing it in a way that was also support shown eight days they put that they put the tweet summers. That was going to happen when you see me, but I respect the players off the court on the court, I'm just a fan, you know what I'm saying so I'm able to throw a tomato or you know, I'm not the real deal, but you know I told tomatoes, and so I can apply this to my favorites. I can't really dislike Kevin Durant. It moves, though there also give you any insight to their relationship while you'd want to deny, then I would never do anything like that. Pretty quiet dude and he got my son's birthday rent asunder play like you Wasn't your career choices like damaging to play ball? I got way. Boggling couldn't be too proud of those duessa me. I don't think I was gonna, be a pro like that I can play I'm I'm probably the best actor basketball player above the ram cause allergies. Lily, I think, is the active might be me. I can name amid probably
You are a man we miles and get mad and then grab your gun. Unwanted should provide you with Are we not one on one? Other religions were bought like article of the off their fill them. Slightly like I spoke to pop two weeks before he died. So I wasn't. I wouldn't have talked to him a lot, but two weeks before you got like right before you got shot and then I think he lived seven day or something like that. So I spoke to him for your son for their conversation about a fast conversation. I was how he I think I was doing known as good as it gets. Somebody that I knew me. You know what I know pot and always talk much this net. Oh yeah, spam up. What we want for our common area was available.
Just a regular conversation. I think I never had a weird conversation with two, but it was bright very bright. Everybody got a nose to buy us what I learned by from artist. He left like him. We we cannot know some of them. Stupid, like you know already that we know what two guys like you genuinely. No, we note the dear Mamma to pack. We noted the disrespectful to panic, Lastly, it him up to pot, so we know those characters. That's pretty much. There was two you talk to me about, like Gandhi, Lorraine Hands, very, whose a playwright she wrote reason and because I was rapid the time- and I was pretty okey lagging. You know that wasn't this too bogged down to pack, only one movie aim I mean he wasn't iconic and I love the
that everybody was no is equal in autumn sad. I just look at all of Apis Zaman. I feel like a rapper, so so, let's rap you know I never thought any, but then turn of events during above the rim at the end of the movie, he was shot the first time in the movie done yet the and above the rim, doesn't look alike is rarely. Does it look like at the end of The rim added go back home or not. I about the room is when you go to court. You wanna call me like yeah. If you look at that their use in the same shots, I hated thought of it. Magic at a movie, but it are using a closer to Pat to show him show aggression on at that time. He was not around him. He had shot that already and they need just keep on using the same stuff, but he hated you two duffel bag, though it's that already, but there was more issue solely ended up, cutting out stuff and taken stuff away.
In receiving a move, because at the end, in a movie, Geisha Everson real life. When are you gonna go back? In the day when Marley shot him. That was really him, though, and then write, I'm not sure. I'm not sure I have to look at it to see cuz, I'm going to look at it. I see that I see that because I see it I see the end of the week quote: look alike but amity. The galaxy just like Tupac: what have you got you on one another somebody I was just thinking over? What was I do, but haggling? I just saw illuminated to Bob Movie, maybe a few months ago, the Taliban have any burned. As I know, I know you, no, no out like hadn T Hoddan out not anymore me. I am anybody. Together year, gas saw a sorry son. I know a guy in a light above the other guy. He was a spin image to plan. We're not another word that you also ease calls heavy. Did you have Lego to practise in all these costs are a dead. Now was like that pop wasn't even decent people. He was an it. I was present,
night that was so really that's. The night was the instigation of of two pox like took up was out on bail. Was pretty tragic, music history as bad times, but he did so much in four years. He was only on seeing it before you seven, I think, but when he got out of jail, arms, but he did so much in four years. He was only on seeing it before you seven, I think, but when he got out of jail, can only light. You moment did all these requisite. Iraq is now that's gonna come out there, a few months and used already just like everybody, is now tat it up. He was already here.
Is literally among the first time I saw the third like nobody was tat. It back then, like that nobody had body tat. He have asleep but tat all of the body, so popular might not have a shuttle. There is like an unseen houses like it was shocking, literally stockings, and never see nobody like put it right, then he was all into it, but he was a or in committee as an artist. I think that this should not turn was a turn was kind of a better I loved the nineties may well. Why do you think I like the lady in waiting period pieces are more. People whenever we need that is like at this point as well, Rushing. We don't know what to do. Futuristic leave we have to go to in the past. We have gone to the eighties too much a little bit casket. The boxes box here cars with lines enemy. You can rock anything aesthetically, but the
energy in the nineties. I was I was that, like that fertile energy, you know, did you feel, like you, gonna sums gonna spawned from this? That dream? Energy costs used to head before you guys on show congratulations again be in three years on revolt in everything, but you guys doing show that energy you had when you is Woot windy and when you were with hedge of Moving in that direction will you would driven and when you that digging, you do as so important to keep that. Process that year that everything up like I'm givin up and I'm I'm Charlemagne. You know and cask say something we all every ten feet are a move still gonna be the bigger right for their got a date. You know cause the goals deeper and also to have law low. Long like you guys, have and will continue to have, I'm just I'm excited heavy with the best raffer candid table. Go to school for acting arduous go to allay in. I think opinions on I d been like
being from Chicago may I had to go to college just If I didn't do it me, I d been home. Anyone been when have been all right, but I think the best out of school. If you in a situation like that, because you gotta move like you need it, society you can be in this environment anymore as to toxic, so you get to know of create recreate yourself in it. If you create the actor. Very near me, otherwise, I'm I'm I'm this. Do you think he could play ball with an actor heart- who didn't do it? Who stayed in Chicago and you know maybe involved with the wrong thing. May some money with them people in jail and just add typical wrath. If it is the scholastic ground, where you go to school, the top schools are on the EU would be in why you rockers Juilliard you audition you do it too many monologue. You could be thirty two years twenty one years or whatever it uses habitat. Under grad school right and if you great
don't get it. I mean the margin is slim. They d take like two three thousand people and they take like ten people are a few thousand people, but you gotta imagine you know somebody. You gotta be black, that that number is gonna, be one hundred Blackwood had chosen with the smiling pool of small apology being chosen chosen from so I will say like saw me ass. You know that if you, if you need to be in the society by he, put itself in the right place, and it's different would acting like you. Can you can revolutionise the radio? and you guys have in many ways guess have many. You guys are part of the evolution of this the game, the breakfast club, I wouldn't have gone to school. Like I said I won't be here in an absurd, definitely wouldn't be here. If I had not gone school, it wasn't about the schooling, but I needed a society So I would not. I can be enriched by it. A little bit need to be or lot can teach you to be a good act. Illegals instinct.
I know, but, like I told you like, let's say you do have diction things. No cause lab People with Lebanon them hard on saying your name is by Nosair Murkison, we're gonna role, but you still got even if you do in rows, gonna articulate enough. You know your Micaiah gave cameras on the job training for painful camera, a grandma. Everyone is great and without camera being great that moving albinos, cam is don't talk. Don't act easier that work like you, we searched it. Hee hee, hee, hee, win talk to the guy and he did everything he could too to be him and from me a mockery he's? Just let us like Lee. You know what I'm saying. So he was an active listener like looking at us with his eyes open it. So you have the teasingly that's great, acting already listening like most listen. I don't give a genuine response. So when you look at it his eyes in the movie. You see genuine
russian in his eyes and mine and caught us while paid in full, is dope and will always be that way because is real in our eyes: lotta closeups, I mean it technically a lotta closeups and you will see that not only is this, the right here to make for the act is like right here, right actors right here, miss me now, madam gazing, at the UN gazing at the microphone. Like I'm, not really looking into megawatt law could be really locked into mobile and as this is where gazing does not their lifetime does, do that, I'm a guy when using the car cry ill. How was it all out MECCA? So don't? How did that that was too takes it? They both takes the same line. The camera only to a camera story role as a scene,
movie where guy drives up and he's like what's up, is dry out there. Your man ain't got nothing if you can walk up to a woman that is stripped, says he's supposed just walk up to him, punching camera on really Fun Chisholm for real, not in the script, is due at a real must snatched her mother, her whole body, hidden aid, thing, Amy step Slim mongrel really still unknown. I'm imminent and the Red Sox Johnstone directive, painful shouts, Asta, Usenet YO, where we had the best shot today. Mrs guy table happen, is it can really play together, we cabinet, we gotta, do so excited you see it s real. That's, why said jump because they coming around and around a street, so he was really gay. He well
It was really an alley. Went again. He just stayed there. Ben You gonna get inherited any rule with the police. Are you not going through a second thing? rap. Miss greatly when you get that kind of like that's real stuff, so painful got that kind of stuff. You know you could be may later, but without camera mecca I can make. That is genuine. You know they had the heart. Harlem enough real by Morocco came to me would discuss your what you got to lose. Our renew mecca right ass. I got involved movie I'm doing this, but MECCA was so your we gotta do this
that's how we had a duty. Life is good news, but if we gonna do this, what we're gonna do we put this year, which will put this doubt, is glad that you put there is no option and we can make a classic and we would not allow better if two things. I believe that probably Damon, you know his as a bridge. Showing that movie. I don't think he had a good relationship with Harvey Weinstein and I think that relationship soured the the the the the movie innocence where it didn't hit the screens as mini skirt. Then get as much as it could be, just a classic for every miles a day it issued a man should have one something you couldn't We should have one summed it gonna want something. I think that Damon at that time- and I like they all know people think of an alike
anybody and I will never throw a person on the bus Damon at that time. I think if he could do differently. What is it a classic because it's perfect storms happen about Pakistan, but his relations were Harvey dolled, its dulled, its own box or sent. I had to pick a peasant. You have to decide for the betterment. You kids, that was all school day be an old who day, but also it came out on the street. Remember you could go get down on. Right. Now, that's how I believe, Harvey or whoever I believe we have it to the streets because paid in full and our colleague tape number one on a blind ebay is washing I'll kill. You name phenomena pay little wow what a night today when he was aware on Burma, you know none laughing day s classic, then I do not think my name is alike. Dangerous in UNAM Sanum a norm, look different ethic!
All those guys treat me a little different, weathers, broad, Simmons or or Sean Combs or Damon. They treat me just a little differently more like an artist. You know and just say respect me in a certain way, and so I hidden conflicts within the people. I know, but you see, and you know, and you had things, and it is what it is, that people have to go through with the Geico through the brakes Monday, the brakes Monday. He took a society so may become in two hours. I could you not. People just do, and I think I was. I know him the directive as the load, twenty Lily Sherwood our common values, and then they really hit me like so I'm leaving. I cited I was like array was over. I wish to see was very nice to see with Lithuania, which I can see me there. I was I I can't we were hairs knows who I am That is what we all we all everybody knows where you got anything Jamie had they were there who play Milo Unaware, and he was a little here all the time.
There was then, what's the killing me Reynard but there was something Briggs at night when I always like to come back and take with us in that Ireland got blade, run accommodate all aid when it would Ryan Gossip and a bunch of stop outcome. Jackie. Allow me the omens opened a lousy for you. Thank you. Thank you shall make rapid club. The breakfast glow ass impacts. The global rather than becoming more by morning, body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast global, forget breakfast clubs annual day body goes the unease. Sadly, yes, at the V Charlotte, we do at each Marietta's is our sixth annual day parties annual celebrity their party. It's always amazed and we'd love to kick it, which you guys. We is so many artist after we desire a lot of fun, so if you had now to see, I believe make sure you hang out what a sad They did. They Party were from one to six one. Seven against crazy area his five hundred away away far wanted was, for
Great Charlotte North Carolina onto to my guide dj, be Lord Easy, Louis video. We provide the soundtrack Mama Chrissy ever YE academic. She kimono let every year some Emmy last shopping, fifty k implies came while I believe, kind ADI land. While he was there. What are you laughing? I was a year before it was first anniversary year. It will never know Gonna show bilingual shortly. I will definitely be the asian crisis. Even Charlemagne is gonna, be the Charlemagne. We'll be there, my one club for one time he goes out for a year or two he's in and out, though, everyone says embarrasses Charlemagne, as is the place to be applied in the Charlotte. Right out of the report as IRA see now right, one. Gets the room with the Chris Brown
The report on the breakfast well, apparently, Cootie has found a restraining order against Chris Brown. Now this information has been made public. She wrote in court filings their Chris Brown had repeatedly threatened her since December. She also said that he pushed her in the stomach and pushed her down the stairs. A few years ago. They said they were no events Nobody was present at the time. You don't know what happened at that time, but the police are anything but, according to a judge, they have ordered that stay away from her Richie after she accused him of physically abusing end threatening her. Now here is Chris Browns response both things happened yesterday. He was responding to that and also responding to the fact that he is not going to be fighting soldier boy at all,
MAC. I don't do this until this Bush man and number two. I bought it out of this Soulja boy fight because it was a legit thing on a positive scale, all all the wrong people gotten away the middleman people got in the way that homie, so to speak. That that's where I got annoyed because they want to get a piece of the pie is immature. Frstival talk first and foremost, certain war, a known to have me up so, however, everything else is how we work. You see me, You're, not a problem of grid, run a problem. Chris Brown is Chris warning. Now is himself that he probably has a problem if ten years ago you put be nazario unemployed on forehead, you be an acute, pointing a girl in. Coming now Uganda's Mega video like me off without other than talk about right. He heard him say, can apply value Jupiter. Nobody, but I feel like a mother, those they need stock, Charlie. I area right. Here's where Chris Baron had to say about stocking annex
We have when about my stoppages alone, which caused the greatest tat. I guess what I wonder: Isabella you may say no binding way. Miserable, I would say, is that I would say here s around you. You can't think that kind of behavior is normal, that what you think I was reading that I'm the artist cake hollow was speaking out against Chris Browns. He used to be neighbours, sue Chris Brown about security, and she said that she said I am the one who has lived the way with so much because a weirdos iq putting them on a pedestal, letting them get away with this crap, and she said she would get into it with Chris, because his loud ass used to wake up my daughter. He was rude as F and I had known him since he was a kid I never spoke up because I didn't feel it was my place by hearing ya, say: she's lying, I can't just sit by washes and people a very upset with clarity about what happened, but as you did,
I was training, ordered the reason why, as public and people know is because she did go ahead and valor restraining order is not that she went to the press. As Chris Brown did this Chris Brown, that is not dead, long loyalty. Why? Why would we would think she's life? I mean I mean I'm we don't know what happened but our written automatic. Yet we can't go farmers, the truth, but don't you think would be given of modern and of others. Think she probably could be done. Ok, Google houses that I've heard him beating her myself. I even called the police. I used to cry over that situation, hearing her screaming at the top of her lungs, because I am also a victim of domestic violence. Not a lot of people are saying. Well, if that was true, she should have called the police and had him arrested that about it. But it is two and a lot of domestic violence cases not even thing for sure whether or not what this would happen here, but a lot of people don't call the police and don't arrest, somebody and even the please do com if you dont press charges or say yes, he was hating hitting me. They won't arrest the person whoa. What why she followed. Restraining order will now address neighborhoods after you felt like our life is in danger and say,
fired a while ago. We just recently got here where she got the general approved. It isn't. Bevelled age major differently on the police, come for domestic violence, they gotta bring Somalian. Now they don't have to concerns tasting. Now because, as you had a situation, when my landlord called the police on somebody- and I didn't say I was in the person who said somebody else called so somebody s cause, and you don't say yes, he hit me. Yes, he did this they're, not gonna arrest that person. You have to say that unless they see something happen but They won't do that and this and allow people don't want to get somebody arrested. Have you have recalled the blues on your boyfriend and they sometimes, We're just make the persons with your you they're just make the person leave and if you dont press charges they won't rested in a one time away that minute. Logger almost call the police We ve had not thought I'd like the wind and the way you said somebody had to take. Somebody in
when you call em, I could see it in the islands at you. Will at last of abuse, can Brienza allow leather? Finally, and if I don't wanna, say soldier by also responded, sucrose Brown, here's what he said, I'm this hideous up, this pen is able to Chris morale. Now I want to thank s ideology. I want thing alma fast. What they got corrodes you Father restrain. Oh, what a guest, crazier she's, a pleasant equestrian, islamic two thousand thought ass, upstairs we want to find me over his girl and she just put a restraining order on his. He gave be a hundred feet of this girl crews. Take this ok, in Latvia Lamb at the wrong time. Terror play fair. So do I gotta help appoint quality. You got a hell of a boy you wanted to fight, so the boy, although Karun Gb Signatories Grain, not engage you thought of a pointer. I re when I'm
G, and that is your room, a report alright shuttling, who even adults do a guy like you or or don't you time for Don T talk to you today does not discriminate. My now deciding today via the donkey of breakfast club, please don't keep the day today, always remember anything. I say it's just my perspective. Ok, just my thoughts on the situation. And always remember. Something could be wrong of me but donkey today. They February. Twenty second goes to the same Ducky Police department in sand. Your high Yonah, policing, Sandusky I'll, have arrested a twenty six year old care worker. May Brittany, false, ok, Brittany, false faces, a charge of gross sexual imposition and its possible she could be found an additional charges, and I am absolutely appalled that she has been arrested in China
now I am not the type the scream free anybody, because he told I don't know if the person I'm screaming free earned the right to be in jail. You can be my man and I won't scream for you because I don't know if you deserve to be in that lot. If you tell me and who are take your word for it? I wished to best for you in your situation, but I'm not scream for you, because I wasn't there, which you and your lead crime went down. So I'm not agreement free you because I honestly don't know if you deserve to be in jail. So when you hear They say free. Somebody than I absolutely positively feel like an injustice is happening in this twenty six year the young girl, Britain, new food, needs to be free, as she is being railroaded by the system simply because she went above and beyond her duties as a caregiver care worker. Let's go to Fox eight Sandusky Fourtou Report, the Fox eight. I team obtained this cell phone videos. Knowing former comments of Providence worker Brittany faults inside the room of an hour man, I you sure you knew things are usually tell you things
I'm a girl no Sandusky police say the victim is one hundred years old and has dimension soon after receiving the video they started, an investigation and last week arrested faults. We charge the suspect with cross sectoral imposition, which is the authority of the fourth agree, and the reason why be pursue that because the touching we have a caretaker whose primitive harassing resident on she's making sexual act towards share one point touches on by grants and is, as is diarrhea and another point flashed into her products, tourism disturbing the sea elderly like being trade that way, and he has no way to defend itself because he's a hundred years old enemies diagnosed with dementia life is all about perspective. You mean to tell me that the twenty six yeoman got arrested for A hundred young man elaborates K. I give it
I did give two hundred year old Man a lab dsl, those Critias she gets arrested for it. This is a travesty, an injustice of ever before. Ok, you don't need to be arrested. She needs to be promoted Give me the medal of honor that man is a hundred years old when I'm a hundred years old. This is twenty six year old woman trying to give me a lap dance, don't cry for me: okay, lessons come when you nothing expect them to you know. Sometimes I come in Hundred year old you sit around and you got this cute little caregiver walking around the house and in your mind you probably imagined our negative millions time. In fact, the thought of that low cute care work. We have probably was keeping you goin. True story, I remember one time I got a job something I know what form, because I have had several, but I remember my bozman at the time asking me to bring em scribble, because he was Oh man and he said this group keeps blood flow incorrectly. Okay, his exact words me with scribble was good for his hot aright. There are a hundred year old man have an area that gonna action in years and you go and take them from. Do you noblesse in common all different ages,
other than Andrea Man got a blessing in the form of a twenty six yoke. Air worker who decided to give him a low lab did in the police caught at the starving. Can I can I had a cop again just got good, maybe I'm, mrs them. We charge the suspect. Gross sexual imposition, which is a felony of the fourth degree and the reason why be up to that because the touching we have a caretaker who's harassing a resident she making sexual acts towards own on share one point touches on by grants on US sigh area, an appointed fascism per product stores and disturbing the sea elderly subject being true, that way, and he has no way to defend itself because he's a hundred years old enemies diagnosed with dementia. You need it whilst I watched a video of you ass, a revolt dvd to view, would I watch revolt tv, you see the video the only thing having about this situation is the fact that this situation is considered disturbing the cops now like you hate
gay psychology of seven hundred zero mayo. Dementia still get lab dances by pretty young things. Ok, if that cap, that a and every now, and then he wouldn't be so tight and taken as aggression out on a twenty six YO caregiver sent from God, nay, Brittany, forts. Okay, let me tell you something hope and pray that in a hundred years old, I'm still in Lebanon, Twenty from twenty six, your women at a hundred, I would love to feel like I still got it. I can still make a woman wanna get naked and if this woman Britain desires you wanted to give this hundred year, man lap man was the problem, she didn't hurt him. He didn't around. She didn't Bradley abuse of OZ. You do would finally get his men of Beth time he's had a long time and she's being arrested for it. Kind of world we live in when people are being punished for good deeds. Please could you say that, you I owe police department the biggest he have now. I was this, thereby what does a man suffer from dementia inaugural number? I fell back if I was as if that was my great grandfather. I would be disturbed why
because I was married tat in all over him. Without his merrily await your laundry. You don't want a young twenty said your men to touch you. I probably won't know he didn't look like he was happening. It doesn't look like you have a good time. You, a hundred years old you permanently got bit appear. Freeze when you are hundreds of you can be Avenant best, I'm your life and you look like a grub. You may, when you a hundred years old your hundred gravity certain in your cheeks fall into the ground and even understand why we should do that. There may still got it drop. One include above it your man who still hot format averted with us by deciding as he is not remember, it is easily paramilitary memory loss he might have in playing a role which you would like. I'm I'm twenty six gee, I'm a girl. You know that is was my words that fair play dumb.
Do you not many guys talk base themselves out of a job now, but if a man did that to a woman that was laying their a hundred years of suffering from dementia and he came in, there the flap and his thing around all avoid double standards exists. You make these rules. Ok was then I do the reserving our right? Well for adults can learn some from them in and what you learn when a girl is is, is it making the moves on you shut the hell up. Could you usually Rowan and open your mouth? Ok, I mean laid down like you, we are, should do in those situations like this all right ask is next eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice, you can call you right now. She'll help you out with your problems, you're going through situation. Learn to wide open. She will help you eight hundred five, a five one phone call us now is to breakfast glow morning the breakfast Club, Angela, Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast club. It's for asking.
The eight hundred five a problem or far will we got Jenny from New Jersey, a mug Mona Journey from New Jersey motion course it for you have been guy for air and five, a believer whatever five men wander in me like that when voting, thereby have a knowing that you mean I myself have, but I went looking for and I felt like they met bit by bit, but women that you will be better off if bill and everything confront him about it at all Oh it's not day. Otto had ample. But what made up the work in all last night, I would have thought that guy, I'm gonna put it it. S bald spot. So let me ask you a question. You have a feeling is cheating- or you know, he's cheating, because you ve seen evidence that he's cheating. Have you seen him meeting up with? These
and telling him that he made them that he can't wait to see them again. What is in these messages? I make the wild basis. There are quite of where feel we're going, not dinner or we're gonna go out, but a club in all, I have been a good me banner. Give them getting would think about. Obviously I knew you don't have a guy reactor water had fallen and I thought the text methods and vibrant what then actually make a picture because it It seems to me how you said you have a feeling that is cheating on you, but you have all the evidence. So basically you know that he's cheating on you can keep going. There was found and finding more evidence that is cheating on you, but for some reason you won't say my boy, cheating. I me and I just keep going through his phone and choosing to stay with him that basically but the scenario is he's cheating on
found out. I went there was bound. He probably guy matter you were going through his phone right in saying that you bilateral his privacy, if you look for something you're gonna find it s, align people love to use my right and you decision now, because mild thing is this: if your Venice somebody, and you know that its eating on you, though, why do you keep looking for more evidence that their cheating on you? You already know what you know Now you have made a conscious decision to yourself. I know cheating on me, but I just want to stay and make both airlines living hell. What is it that you him to do. You answer emits EU. Yes, I've been cheating as these are that you wanted to just say it, even though you know it, you want to hear him say it and he's not going to say it. It live so now saves you that say that I have a feeling I know he's cheating I've seen the evidence and now have to meet it. I. What do I want to do to move forward? Am I going to stay with him? If I'm, stay with him. Knowing that is cheating on me, as is now going through a step because western I'm not going anywhere or I went there was that
now. What I found out and I had to take action, are you gonna take action? I think I happen to know you now. Did I not at that exactly why? Ok, What is their action going to be just have to make a difference at all to do get up early radical. I don't understand why you would put yourself do this torture Justice Day show me. I've tried every bank about bent of wealth and by giving here and you're older than me, bag ended by everything that I really like law, not blame yourself, because he's not mature enough to be in a monogamous relationship and to be honest with you, that's not your fault, Churchill. Ok, you're, only twenty seven years old trust me
deserve better tonight, you'll, be fine, your boss, drachma Rostov in less than a dollar a day. I love you. I love you too, but I do think you programmes rather maze. You love the abuse. I know a lot of luck know a lot of those one Euro trash box, but stopped now the charge back. I don't cry cry still a good person, it's ok to cry. Cry when you observe them to an amendment that you cry and you get over it, they know yet I'm crying over job of Germany, the yellow, whether more evident as relative need to be clearly I will give more money, more valuable, vagina. Baby bless. You mean you're gonna, stop thinking that we have to do that big there ever manatees annexes. I thought. Maybe you have
they are therefore does not suggest that meeting her fought a man you haven't seen them is a woman's bags. Chaz know exactly right. Let's go lies that really only one side of his situation, a bigger bugs who tries to which you described it, is probable. Ass. You do. Is you broke their situation dynamite Sq, eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five ones. You got a question for you calling out with the breakfast club come on DJ envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, Ask IE eight hundred Friday, for I want a viable online. You ate allows theirs. I mean I'm not in his bundle deliberately regime in the moon was recruited, vs ie being an Mai, then have not been having at my back in his more on his in and about from about this, but we do not have never really
but for how long have you been am together? All we ve been gather. Five thousand and nine. We ve been married for two thousand and eleven and how often I you're having sex with probably lie like a want of fibre, we you could do it like five every has anything in anything even happening in his life. That would affect him like mentally. Did he did lose a job as each dressed out. I mean I've ever body, they might be work as he is an act of duty member and they work long hours. But I bet, but let us also come home and he
by eateth higher, like you can we give. The issue is well. Is there in a week we did when only now be dated and high for back in old eyes, though, when we were kids, you know we will. I haven't sex all the time. Why said the things you like we ve grown up together, so I mean I'm not gonna before the need. A thing I mean lately I've been kind of disappointing bigger wife how one through and eat it both fire- and I try to be undertaking of bad because you are I'm about, I don't work, I guess I've eight. So you know like maybe you you guys six dives his iron in sync with each other. Basically, and I did it.
Just tell you that they did. This really does happen when you started having a lot longer hours and is being more tired, I mean I I guess well, but if I feel even winning for thought in the military like we were, we would go product, a big bang, granting you bought a lot, but maybe it would because whenever he got all animals here you all right. Volleyball over me out, I mean I know now is comfortable relax. You guys have fallen into the regime, but you I still having sex cause. There's people that haven't had sex in months that I know we're married to each other. You bet you don't ever want to get likely. I hear you don't ever went right now You angry creating a Europe wide. I thought it might have been. Why I'm a lot of harm the house in my car,
maybe you know I've about whether we gain would have fallen by re, why that was like? He is really, though it gets a little that fire right, Amazon or a couple of things here. Ok! So when I was younger, I stated this guy and there was a period of time when he was saving money to get a car, so he was working like double overtime ships and he was always tired. While I was still working, regular job, so we used to have sex lab, but then, during a period of time when he was always tired, he never really we need to have sex, but I was always I kind of up and awaken in like right. This is whack, you know, saying more could legitimately be like for the period of time day is tied and you can respect that if he still having sex with you a couple of times a week, the other he's, as sometimes guys here like when they have sex with you. It has to be an olive production. That's why sometimes I feel like they rather masturbate have organs. Quickly and then be them at their. So why sometimes they feel, like is too much for me
ducks in and if you let him know just went to get a quick, quickie em before you go to bed. There might take a lot of pressure offer him also enable. Why is out of the very thing, but why are you Like my vibrator any end. He would why part of a day, I don't get me wrong like when we will lead you have. That is its great. If we all agree is not enough, it is not enough and thought he found my vibrator one by one Adam, but look I've been in their head, will have won a museum and I even usually is TAT the way, but you would enable us to limit my air, like, I think,
given that eating one another guy lobby round, is not doing enough for you as one is there a couple of easier? Never when you can get the party started before even gets home you, she sent him some nice by sexy text messages, sometimes when you guys are in sync with each other complain ally and make them less interested. Obey array sellers can do without giving him before he even come home there. Sometimes I don't gotta be a big big production. Sometimes you just a quickie and then I'm going to bed. Did you just say you know what let me just take care of you cuz I've had a long hard day and just cater to that. Please don't make things get better. I've had a good father, yes up all about it, and I just heard about you know just me: Are you do the things that you used to do too? I mean better than I do that. Does text messages like. I can't wait till you get home. You know all of that. I'm going to do this this and that to you and really do it. I really sometimes don't be
of his person. Maybe you just take care him and cater to him, as sometimes you say, and you get to jump right into it away. I gotta know right, but there I was trust me, I got them. Ransoms weapons are having sex with them at all. Events in everything. Bear bad, notably cheating on now is now he's absolutely initiative major one enemy overtones no mind. Eighteen, ok, you no ass love haven't said all the time I like guinea, poverty, nab everybody's utilizing. The problem is the five gives absolute. Ok, maybe they have the same situation outside the ambulance. You got me aside. You been working today. You just don't feel like lady, I believe to be of. If you want to every now and then a man may be to die, but many times I've, Renault Poohpooh. That's all that matters.
He'd know now only once in a while, he gets everywhere every blue, but then, when you I can make it is as old as on I'll go daddy. I always think that Mr Evans Excellency twice a week, I'm telling you from a man perspective. Imagine they might be. Tie me, my distress. I see it I asked me eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, can call at any time that we got room is on the way by Jay Z and what he's got going on he's got some new things popping up some MIKE Epps, last weekend. What did he just do? Some guys whole faces tower. All right. All I m more keep alive the breakfast club come on That's right and Zella Exchange, so very disappointed that are currently twenty minutes ago. Far was no blame Eric again the recent research on their economic programme directed me, threatened with whom I got approached me and I reckon still must be. Not only must we delay amazement just forgot about it, they did Preston
size inside baseball aims, namely got any money to the foundation for the University of the West Indies. No, I haven't. Ok has requested the abbot, gotta, yet I am no about, and I will do. I will as well as others have it yet. You should have until Thursday yeah the event has well under before them tomorrow. By the way I know I'm going to donate money for student inane, Goya drawn Levice angle again, had I'm gonna do Dominica cadaver you from the ape and as it were, from there, but you are not to be Dominican Republic is not the same thing. When is it the west here on my mother's dead from their summit donate money there you're Spain, the snow. Man is withdrawn, awesome Lana, their wonder. Look a bank Madison right away in taxes on, because, if not you don't own it anywhere where we got there,
Males land, a sum, but a hotel. They are sent my my grandfather used to live there for a little while, where, where your grandfather's round with the dominican transmitter, gun you know? I've been using news, a debt put, you say, Dominica, Dominica different who was in their eyes those kids in a room with a sop to jump. The reul report, the breakfast club, neither album coming out this Friday is called Hendricks. Either release the outliers wings or the room of the world that Morocco they must be treated as Iraq was given fifty knowledge roads,
next week. I guess he there is, alas, we don't always true or not. That was the rumour that was put out there. We don't know for sure. What's going on with that situation is Friday in open another miss running, I followed you good through you'd, have to Elizabeth. Your user also tagged Vienna and the weak in when he may that announcement Instagram, so possibly there on the album suicide Abemy always wanted to make. All right. Now. You also went on Instagram and activist hour. Go into what he said told you. I got a fully loaded clip thought I was bluffing. If you purchase future, you understand Hendrix okay, then he went on Instagram yesterday and said who told you you couldn't be exactly who you wanted to be. They lie. They wasn't bowl, they didn't have the ambition they didn't have the car as they were misled in believing they in yourself and no one else. Would they cared about what other people thought of them? They gave up not guy wouldn't give you more than you could handle they didn't so seeds. They didn't have the passion they didn't have the dry. They didn't tell you all of their flaws, because I was scared of not being accepted by the appears they said. I can't I tried
need help. It not me. I will say it. Don't sound rush job, though cuz, if you put out on one Friday com huge in Europe, another one a week later call hindrance as I had a plant absolutely sounds like a plan. So it's a fully loaded club, he said, are a daisy is planning to start a venture capital funds. Draw political above all dammit he's gonna get his own firm and he's gonna team up where the regulation cofounder J Brown, so what they want to do is focused on seed investments in young start up said: they're gonna get some help from share per capita that was created by some of its members, other early rescues, daisy with early investor in October, as well, so some other things that Jason Magnesian have invested in the past stance: Goober utility of science, yes, video supernova, its instagram for video at black Jack JET, smarter and much more you. They are just a few different things that they have invested in and evolved and pretty well so
they ve made some promising start up investments, and now they want to keep on doing that for young company for extra blood privilege all along that last, oh yeah, that's a great idea! If you got it less girls are right. Now they can and has some issues is actually gonna be suing the national inquirer. He says there is a false article that the Enquirer is preparing to run, he's, threatening a slander and defamation lost. Eighty put up a image on taxi said more lies, so the enquire wants to play around with my children. Only evil operates in this manner. What is the purpose except to exemplify pure immoral wickedness, so he said no weapon formed against me. Shout Casper and I guess the national QUIET and do a story about they can and having a nervous breakdown is erratic behaviour. Mri Carry, has little choice but to petition for a contempt for custody of their kids, wondered monsieur
normally up now, because a mere words on a turban and thus should you know me maneuvering erratic behaviour. Leg was the Robin yeah, listen, but he's gonna do if they put this article out. So maybe it's not gonna happen. I guess he got the heads up. Their article was gonna happen. Now we were talking about this Tuesday night. Allegedly, there were rumours that the meagre ran up on Sean Kingston. There was a gun shot fired, but we do have more information, as happened in vague at the agenda trade show. John Kingston in the meagre was at first were friendly with each other than there was a heated exchange, and they said that as the meagre was actually follow, shown Kingston. Parking lot after they. I got into a fight, and one is shocking, since friends had to shoot up in the air to get the obligation to end gambling restore were more video royal young dog predicted all of this happening, and he predicted this back in December
I may be away without you. I want me those letters could be William, shocking, relax, calling on you to my plan, relax stared at him enter. Our aim is clear tat. He had he known Dick in the future. More worthwhile, I don't believe it was inhabited that agenda treasure was full of so many different people so minimal, or was that will follow in entering HA leg in nobody got that being on video amigos, jumpers that that's not on video
May I say let me I don't know I haven't seen you would all along. I gold, somebody tell me some man is much on illegal donated Neil. I write the W Nba wine that permanent retired W Nba player can do so again. She was memory taking the two thousand. A W Nba draft is saying that part of her reason, as she retired is because of her mental state. She said it was depressing state in the W Nba it's not waste, our value is diminishing was toxic. She sent me being heterosexual and straight and being vocal am identity. As a straight woman was cute, I would say. Ninety eight percent of the women in the W Mba are gay women. Ninety eight prison. Yes, she said people were deliberately trying to hurt her all the time she said. I've never been called the bee word so many times in my,
If then, I was in my rookie season, I'd never been thrown to the ground. So much the message was: wants you to know, we don't like you. Yes, Charlemagne are due to the drugs are like. I know, that's why deeds Graciosa said that you get compared so much to men that you merit the man she said. So many people think you have to look like a man play like a man to get respect. I was the opposite. I was proud to be a woman, didn't fit well in that culture, and I can't you know you can't co, signed a number. Ninety eight percent, which you can probably say the majority and lacks an lighted them. You will be pleased to look like men go out anyway, I should then be India there. Nobody dog it has only really boil down. Do why nobody's Duncan. We need you jump out the germ line now people, and that is that it is more three point, is now the aim. As you know, you know, I'm really Grano is so ensuring she could doc. Brittany flock of flame too. Pain slammed all kind of thousand. I wanna see Gimme some Duncan right area when I'm Angela YE and that's your room. A reports are right. There
You may not good, like satire point, also binding W B. I gotta me some good, let the employment of nimby right. Let me Google revolt peace. I everybody else. People choice makes is that next year, what he is something five, eight five one o five one gets. You request. What wasn't look? I guess he? What did you do that? Google Lesbian point WMD bodies, but did you try and tell us what you find Now how I think to myself the people's choice mixes up next, it is requested
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