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You Don't Know My Dog's Name?


Wednesday 7/16- Today on the show after video surfaced of Kylie Jenner asking her man Travis Scott personal questions about herself, and he couldn't remember the names of her dogs. But is that really a big deal? so we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners thought it was a big deal to them. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to #FlagrantFreddy, a white man who called the cops because of a hard foul in a basketball game, go figure and then we had some listeners call up for "Ask Yee". 

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good morning, you're a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning, Angela YE these Anti Charlemagne again instead of planet guess what day it is just one day, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yesterday is Wednesday Middle lit a week. Yes, and I shall not go up as the sad is something, today that you would have loved that thought about you, which is kind of a weird feeling you pardon Europeans to fight now could last, could you not afford muddle of revenue? but that wasn't it s now after you last night, I did and be parties. The first some data are be party, was nothing but are indeed all night long. You dog him afford that major biggest Charlemagne, because the only
be music in all all organs, The play on the more I do not like the call time is over his motion. Allow mom doesn't, have you read marriages black Jerry to my life? What before one day you go, we Iraq in the ethical showed me would love. Does he would actually wanted to party for Morocco? My recent anything I was at a pretty yesterday and are they pray bizarre and be at the party where I way what I've got out Eu Army? I let me go to jail filing one age, appropriate boys, ok, nobody, would you Jitterbugs reality? I like yeah yeah. I was that we believe is yes I was insuperable. How is that what it was to leave the fancy? Donna very also southern harmony, unrolling papers to his body was debate was actually like a house party, so the vibe as you come, and it's like Here-
somebody's lost space or something and their own o cards like dies, ono cards they had bear pong. They had a whole room filled with plants. They look like marijuana plants, nor reported I wanna go to know. Do your homework beyond which of you. You mean you say we knows what with the house on Polina. Ok. At the houses were cool right, so you at the house, pull up. Well, yes, I was like a has party, so they did a good job. Did you small gather, absolutely no end? They were definitely give our. They had rolled up doing to give up to everybody gaining ground. False now that ITALY, right now you got, you never took our road of joint from with colleagues. I know it We are at last minute in take any last night. To be honest, we had a long day yesterday. I can't believe I stay all night long. So today I M a little bit delirious local. Before we move Wasn't somebody tell me what I ninety larvae reckon really got to party turn.
They all can we talk the camel Europe can we, Romania has a la ads or re marrying dramatically, Bogota Campbell Webby. He may be right now. I have no clue well. Oh, you are yellow jealous because me, your boat is goin out later were wait. You're ten, a m what's going on with you too. I would add that that that's what's happening over the zero. He said, and I thought about me- I'm not goin away. We spoke about the embassy boyfriend lobby late, acting with I had to Jimmy just show a little baby girl, has brought tat and he's having a jealous of that survey fine really really got a vibrant. You would you believe it now believe me, I'm just make a show of thought.
Will you it from a decoy? You only someone, I told that's your problem. This is what I would ask the EU. Have you heard of you not to try to seek? Do we opened my now? Exactly I don't like you say you did it? be piety exactly now, Andy's it and that we would be jelly now. Well, let's get to show cracked and proposing that nobody would Detroit us, I'm in Detroit Debit, Ermine Detroit Detroit Detroit, yes Donald Trump, as back peddling on what he had to say about. That a mere Putin find out what his reasoning is. It was a simple miss wording, all right, all that when we come back, he locked the breakfast locomotive. We are the breakfast club looking some fruit. Page news. Let's talk about your President Donald Trump Zanna tramp. Now we talked about this yesterday, what he said about Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia- and Basically, what he was saying was there was no collusion, and originally yesterday he was saying that he does not think that Russia interfere with the elections. Here's what he had said yesterday,
people came to me. Their coats came to me and some others. They said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin he'd, you said it's not Russia I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be what is there now would be as that he missed spoke. He discovered this error himself because he reviewed his own transcript check it out. I thought that I made myself very clear by having just reviewed the transcript now I have to say I came back ever said what is going on? What's the big deal, I realise that there is a need for some clarification. It should have been obvious. I thought would be obvious, but I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't in a key sentence in my remarks the word would instead of one percent and should have been. I don't Any reason why I wouldn't or why it wouldn't be rush, so sort of a negative. I need to know one thing
knowledge. I know we can see him and we can hear him. I really do not want a close by Donald Trump may rich, rich white privilege that rich white male privileges, the different level and no ever given indifferent level avowal take their responsibility and accountability and dominoes mine. He not tripping geography right. That prevails at the hotel context of everything is addressed so why would I always is all of a sudden strikingly being content to everything else that was the russian investigation, which, if you say that no collusion by use them over and over and over again on that same day, it just goes to show you. A big differences between Should shouldn't word. Would man. I show you that he goes the enemy s. All we need to learn from this situation at all times Not only are now, let's talk about these children that have been separated from their parents at the border. The? U S, government still has been able to find the parents of seventy one children who were set
aid from their families, so they did have two thousand five hundred and fifty one kids and federal chastity. They said they have confirmed matches with two two thousand four hundred and eighty parents, but unfortunately there still seventy one kids, they haven't been able to find it Families Xaver, Madame she's, not bad enough. When you watch and bad Kate babysitting bad case, the baby signifies the parents are painfully wherever we go back. Please find your fared like give you back. They may not be a bad enough. We need to start acting up a little bit more about you to find a parent, then it's all right well as front page news. Now get it off. You chess eight hundred five, eight five one of five one. If you're upset you need It is up right now. Maybe you had a night, you just need to get some things off your chest, or maybe you feel blessing will express positive. Whatever it is, call us up right now, phone lines, a wide, open, eight hundred five, eight five one off
one get it off. My chest is to breakfast locomotive your job, to get it off your Jas, whether your man- but I remember we want to hear from you wanna bread before now would have been all you do not work. We gotta go home, yeah, we're gonna, get me one. I get something up. I can't I can't impairing call them. What is it today and who were really concerned about whatever we said? No, we have ended in, like we don't say anything about them. On a radio day and not at all, have Ado and now really cause I job. What's
yeah. You are lying, I swear to God you're the guy. Well, why but there is something I'm under review unhappy about debt academic is more than just your listen to us and we offer Magala California, Eureka. Thank you, Eureka. So now I appreciate that lopsided got? Hopefully they get you in trouble, Mama? No! No! It was an area like their impact. That my only Gala day was hay in a war that Angela, People have a good day baby. Thank you, ve gone among you. I know you ain't that allows this morning. The morning did. Did you got a lot of the manager brining Our future, as did other more than my girlfriend you graduate from baby trying today in a joint data.
You're a line of a two step. This outrage that yes or no doubt it more, not bothered. Yet it is men who might you know it but alongshore proper, and you don't want to go out there. You know a big congratulate her for congratulated the obesity graduate from basic training down. She not BC excellent, and the regulations allows is early age have ye thread. I left you common area morning, let put out is not through the no boy. Look at me. Do today enable any Darwin approve our people. I bet you didn't write dated eight. I didn't you will achieve the drive. Yes, I am against the delay. A dynamic and my fellow camps,
whether a rabbit, allow acuity do a museum I as the ground. Now I know a lot of little over the newcomer. Your kid brother, you call me a kansas- is to show me some respect, goddamn theirs. I really like everything. Thank you. How early yeah you do me a favor today for three, my birthday, what you want? in the end the envy shortly, because we all know that the people's redneck now right wing, we have a clear, very once amateur birthday bitch I I'll find it U, I find it bizarre that is during debates the almost total exemption we are. I tried my your Kansas ago cry and you details. Lubrication, later, ok, happy birthday com and I pay strives to everybody commands you again go find a terrible blow. A candid of lava birthday yours booby down by his all right, get it off. Each has eight hundred five,
five one and five one. If you need event is up now was the breakfast club morning Is it your time to get it off your jets? Are the men from you wonder breakfast on your mind is yes. This is why I am a William Good morning, Sir low bill was born of the ballade Mr Mann, Canada features was matter. Well, of course I want to get off my chest to that in the morning. You guys, said at all in a very silly could sought with alarm at all and he asked him to go to a speedy and watched, restore Amis all both to spill about he'll, never drop. You read the ball. I think that we asked because
a case. Just region of any government will drop off everybody very body out estate. Miss dilemma saw an attorney. Ireland unities. I can imagine that, like a lot of personal injury, cheesy than accidents and start, oh yeah, you do to commercial arguments to clean the house with the lady and live a little soul. Feminine we're gonna have to do at anything. Items among them is the result of the feminine prodded. Jo Leinen. Drama grows, you'd limousine NASA shout of upper limits on groundwater, together. I do understand that. Never now! Ok, what do I do this have to do things? Are you mad at him? One man, because he shows on a radio, usable they'll, never drop your case and I bought my case got dropped because I miss the mother beside their resistance answers. Any response. Barely settings are amazing. So now I will help you there be physically, thereby physical therapy. I got hurt an accident and it was very hard for me to make those therapies session. Will com is dilemma? and call his office
other land was, while you haven't any negative, not yet call me the last hour and take this up. What is officer, I respect you expression, your frustration, but he is a great our standing spending customer here. They were already about the people. You care that money are able to call him now called it allows this anger on pilot of land in hello angel. I would point out there the out at the end of life. I believe there wasn't a r and d all night in the joy wasn't in a manner that is Emily, known, lively and I'll. Be there. Do not put up with another. Do some right now has another man like a low smack of waiting a low on field when NATO Y know zero people yellow
who ass local Nell away for global, where it was awful laughing magi. Let me baby when you down that I'd like to buy arms I'm sorry linking leg by bill. I will actually be indicate this weekend. Norman, I leather bag. In the now a boy you gave me, I only they moment they were making a bite off without a break out with you, but you move in two thousand. I do you will read who'd like I'll, buy you get on the ground.
I think you're right now. Are you actually always take you, blue gray? Everybody! You weren't, I'm not taking pictures which you right now and the Congo and language teachers were every bioethics. Like thirty people. Yesterday, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ass. He called you a snag. Take it back sorry Mamma will. I was below snap below Adela Wifi, idolizes them by being called negative, make that doesn't make you and you have not taken the line that the basque people happy freedom. They got caught his neck. You feel joy ride My joy of your genes, eight hundred flabby, what oh five one now ye? Yes, yes, loose neck bs
these amby ordinary got room is underway. We talk about the damage tat like yesterday. My girls were very upset about this somewhat to see how you guys feel about this story about Travis Skype and colleagues. Ok we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lot is to breakfast club the morning Putting everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we are the breakfast club- was happening now. Let's get to these rumours assault, Michaud Mccoy we actually need. Is we have been following this story list? I'm acquaintance his ex girlfriend, Galicia Cordon somebody broke into his home where she was and pistol wiped her, COD. Nine, when one is, he felt legless John is responsible because they broke up and he she would leave the home
They have now released a nigh one. One call that Lisha Mccoy Made- and this was back on July. Third, twenty seventeen. He saying that he has nothing- do with his home invasion, as he was actually trying to avoid any issues check it out or I will go up above all, though we were together, but I thought it was a lever go by without a court order lower order. She allowed why she's gonna pick a fight other power at all levels of our stock of all life on earth. Rare I play for appointing the Buffalo bill. I want to draw my grandma whole fatally as a day of mature responsible thing to do. Is the FBI investigating a by FBI me facebooking, Instagram, bodied ones, put knowledge evidence important codec.
To get them? I don't think anybody than putting anything together besides the fact that she feels like he's behind it and he sang he had nothing to do with it. He hasn't even been in contact with her and there's. No one wants on his behalf is showing that he's never really wanted to have any drama or issues so he's defending himself against her accusation when visiting over this nine, when one call that well, this now among claw was last year, but there Most recent incident was only last all grudge, so she called nine one. Why? Because someone broke in Rob, the home beat her up and she release those pictures and social media, and so she feels like Mr Mccoy behind that home invasion happen. I'm showed a court order here. They are still working on it. I re buried. Man has launched cash. Money West, that's his new label and he just sign a brand new artists as well. So he just went social media cash money business stop asking so now. What's the last autumn. I remember now Jack Wiess Jack LISA Like Jack
Journalists are less were again, so he and I were still go on. Somebody asked me the other day today dissolved Kashmir. Drake his last week as isn't breaks out onto, yeah man? You know what I mean Jesus Christ, I imagine these like a drink. More than ten years ago I right. Let's talk about G Q magazine Travis, gotten Kiley Genera, on the cover and as part of their whole cover interview. They did the Kiley Quiz. That game was to see. How well does Travis got no Kiley Jenner. Now, just for some information on what else within this article did you know that they actually knew each other about a month before she got pregnant, Let me also, they said they don't remember when they first met. They do know that, just days into knowing when another she went on toy with him could tell it was one of the tasks and is still on his Torres, though he said I'm going back onto our. What are you gonna do about this because we obviously like each other- and I was
Guess I'm going with you live change. Information in this article would stand up. Can I use for my birthday Maisie the Bay, and I see that I am actually about to be a billionaire, the youngest billionaire ever man or woman so big deal very, don't allow or do you believe it will be easy. A guy you like and you're just met you to go on to our with him because, as we have been in this situation, thought. Travis got nothing to do with a billion billion dollar glow about him. It was in progress, but what she did say that was nice. By going on to our was being anonymous in some of the smaller cities that didn't have paparazzi out all the time she said we could go out as highly and travel and she didn't have. They could do that and allay with pepper ratsey everywhere, so they got to really know each other going on walks. Long long walks up people stopping them without paparazzi. That makes it I wonder what city those were chiefly Cleveland. She said they walked around in Cleveland four miles and nobody's that
or maybe this autumn, like. I note as one in a car dashing and register know, which one day will recognise. Travis got to know they are now but anyway, here is part of him trying to figure out. How well does he know his baby Mama Kiley. Where are my dog man nor move? lady Ashton. Agnes. Y know. I know the girl, prettier I was a boy maybe he's murder, and then wait rose. You call will fill the problem. Well tell you did so my group tax yesterday, my friends, level observers group Texan, is like all of us implies everybody involved in a show where so mad that he could not name her dogs cause of our people and especially for her, like
where's, so mad that he could not name her dogs cause of our people and especially for her like she had birthday parties voted dogs they had their own. Is the grammar mountain everyday issue, no to NATO. He said no, the name. I ordered a manner they stuffs promise. You are for dog. Does one dog at three dogs who many ok? number one another to. We got a job together, laud another child name and a child birthday, which is a struggle for me. Sometimes motorway, certainly day in width, We met the house all the time. I know I'm not gonna dogs, you are, and you sit here die, brain and nor does it. I'm writing rat. In their people know how offensive shouting dogs me mother, Joplin too much pressure on their monopoly democratically, to know some names from dogs they lived together the does Your dogs? Do not I'm not in all other games. Tat will bite me if we start argue not not a little dogs by nobody in people. Shouted around, while is not all, is required to know the names.
Great I'll bigger make some bad boyfriend is cause, you don't know the names of the dogs. However, what have you got to in previous years, and we know that we do say was a bad boyfriend. It was how well do you know her historians and does it s a stupid question actually was muddled. You if you don't go there. If you want to know how well I know you ask me questions about you know have me: what's your dogs, they don't everything around like Peter. She loves her dogs. He was my dolls name. I have no idea where I look here together right, I re well, what is it does new lorries I didn't even know that I didn't I'm gonna be out of what you don't even care. That means no. It isn't Elinor Linda my dolls name. Nobody today and will ask me, was the name envy dog and my answer. That question is gonna change, mother. I re well I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report all right. Thank you! Miss E. Now we got front page news coming up when we talk about you when I think about your president and what he had to say about his Miss speaking
Do you know your president's dogma now now but it's all I will we come back. You believed to breakfast locomotive everybody is the G envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club blueskins some front page news. Let us talk about Donald Trump, yes, down on trap. Has an explanation for what he had to say about Russia not being about Vladimir Putin, that being a bad guy in Russia, not interfering in the elections. Now was the original thing that he said doing during his news conference with Putin, people came to me too, and goats came to move some others. They said they think it's Russia, I have President Putin. Did you say it's not Russia. I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be a right now that I have also said he
discovered this era. You know how it was looking at the transcripts. I thought that I made myself very clear by having just reviewed the transcript. Now I have to say I came back ever said what is going on? What's the big deal, I realise that there is a need for some clarification. It should have been obvious. I thought it would be obvious. But I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't in a key sentence. In my remarks. The word would instead of one sentence should have been. I dont see reason why I wouldn't or why it wouldn't be rush, so sort of a double negative. So what about everything I said about? There was no collusion in the russian aggression, investigation, which height for context of everything ass. He said, but you know I came away
These are how can be found out. They explain later on. Whatever your comedy lies people I see some people I'm trying to get the american transit as he only per other person, that was in the room when Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump sat down together. They went that american translator to testify. In front a congress just to let them know exactly what happened during that sit down to our sit down when no one else was present. Why would he want at American translated relived aromatic experience from sure why? I guess this to say what a really went down, because we have no idea I right now. He has a good story. I started off not so good and Alabama college student is car broke down. What's a car is his name and he had just gotten a new jobs or the next use, bus begone, is no job. It was twenty miles away. His car broke out when he knows he walked. Twenty miles for work because he didn't wanna now show up. He said his phone told them. It would take seven hours on foot, but he did need that job at bellhops moving company, so bad,
Thirdly, Sally started walking at eleven forty at night. He walked seven was to work now he made it to Pelham by about four a m on Saturday you had a long way to go before he reached the address of the women. That here to help move. That's when a police officer Mark Knighton, who is making rounds in his patrol car, saw car sitting on a ground catching his breath, so he came up to him. It was late and ask them. Is everything? Ok and then he said after hearing his story, they took him to get breakfast. They got him lens to go Then they took him to a church to rest before his shift started at eight a m, and then he started to continue his walk hours later and that's when another officer found him and drove him the rest of the way to the house of the women who is helping move. Now he got there early so they asked him. Do you want to go upstairs and rest a little bit before the rest of the movies get there? He said no and just started working, so they were so impressed with his story that they actually the owner of the company, gave him his car to you to use a twenty fourteen for escape. And what they are doing is starting a gopher me so far that go find me
had raised more than eleven thousand dollars as of yesterday for him to get a car I must say in ass. I grew up in a rural area, most kind of South Carolina man, so we walked miles through conscious we walked miles down the road to the woods. So I'm not a breath. Seven hours of work and you not impress their knowledge of them. He's crazy what no damn seven hours straight everywhere and it would have been well kid gets away you the walk, the road, a bike everywhere, not a breath. I'm impressed Shut was too for me, I'm a bit of money in it. Ask you now: is nice monkey arrival? Yes, so it's his name again is out there get. His name for me was tired of wants a car see. I wonder how you may want to comment on higher forgotten. We do not want to lose by forgot about it got me a man or woman, but I'm just saying he's a funny individual right, lads, front, page news,
if you just missed it during the room? Was we were talking about? Travis got in Kiley know what happened in the wood woody? Don't talk about evolution, Reggie Q magazines gather and it was a Kiley Quays that we are trying to find out. How well does Travis got no highly and there wasn't is about her that he did not know which includes the names of the dogs check it out. Where are my dog named Norman Lady Ashton, oh I know I know the girl prettier? I wasn't it, maybe there's ways arose.
Lot of unanswered questions in this it will cause. She said the baby's we all now: oh those dogs, idle dog, could be new now and he don't know they may cause issue actually had babies and she had the dogs. Even before I start, I ordered a baby's, so an urban understanding I baby their wages, have all the dog are? Not new remain Norman so you know really when it comes in jumps in his lap, solid, I'm played Woodham any note of one like you know, that's probably one golly be would most of all. We should note a baby's name. If you had sex with me, I we had a baby. I packed his baby out my vagina and used at my house. Always data gathered you dog. Now you have a giant. I did not know daddy reading an asshole, almost enacting way to see very vision, and you want to go. I don't look, as you know, I forget it. Eight hundred a five one or five one would he'll be mad. If your boyfriend didn't know your dogs Naomi after you, too narrow, Maybe what I'm you'd impact the baby. I jus Vagina asked eagerly.
Would you or you live with him. You have eaten the saying. Yes, sleep, the same place, all your life, your laptop names, asking too much of me. Ok, I know my child name, I'm in my child life. You know which we together, I wanted No, you doesn't like asking too much for me. Eight hundred five, a viable five. One call us right now is to breakfast locomotive morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club in averages, join as we would talk and early about Travis Guy. Carlini relationship will relationship, although you yes, there on the cover Jake you magazine together and they did a highly quiz and here's what happened? What are my dog? Norman Lavie. I will be with us or why girl, prettier language, lamby Wait.
Applause. Those who call not Addison, you should know the dog's name shut up man, man of the young man, who got a lot of things on his plate. He does a lot of work. You know you got a lot of things to remember in the dog's name is just on one of them. If you ask me a question about Kylie, have any question about Kylie personally, not her dogs, that is part of her personal as adults are personally close to I'm sure you should know the dogs, namely NOS Norman UK, so clearly nominate. The one have been around the longest Norman problem now played with him. You nothin, I'm so on his lap. The other two were clearly baby. Those kids are- and I was a kid- could people him you think about market, though dogs are so bright at all, familiar with around. Like this name names, you know my dad name, smudges what you just That I did was that it was you, don't cream outlaws yeah right
Let's go to do when I learned that doesn't matter right, allow who's this little pray day was a Mamma, think is bad if he doesn't know that all dream he needs to know my name, the baby's name, my birthday, our anniversary, but babies birthday valentine. Christmas present evident. I love you, I love you. I thought you knew they were german, you don't think you should know the names of dogs I mean if it they had lived together. I really think they lived together, but that's not important because you don't celebrate, birthday we're out in their married they, but the names like when you are calling the dogs. Do you have a dog? No, no, ok, I'm I'm, I'm not goin out, as one of the problems would interracial dating that nobody talks about what the long their wives, you have read page blacker than last year Those are the emigrants Maximov Dd Luria both have dogs, they loved their dogs like baby bear
David David, I do and then my birthday things on. Now, don't get out of my dog ass, ridiculous. They have learnt days, but it does and all that allows this difference between. We would you like me, a guy Solomon. You, a man like wanting you're mine. Now Do you think, would you be mad if your boyfriend, I know you dogs, names? I thought you know my dogma of battle. How many dogs have that problem, but see you remember you like about what they got together because he added you, but they got its measures for dealing with the matter, a baby. No abc you know they ve been in the hands of a year, are gonna pick mother. They ve been together with you, you don't know a dogma at the Black Sea, doesn't want to teach you together. We know them to live dogs on Madame, see Wareham, but you never wow.
You need a member who tank. Where does it was important that the mere aims you recognize him in his area, namely government needs, have now? Why, anyway, Jude? Five, a far more than five one? Would you be bad if your boyfriend did No, your talks names. That is aggressive. Would you be your boyfriend around the dog which monitor member dog named them. Yes, you should call us up right now, Let the morning was Drake lies for what morning everybody is the G envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just join us, we're Talkin Travis got inquiry which often about their relationship. They did in a view which Ye Q and what would you talk about easy? Well, basically, I was a kindly quiz in this interview and wish to see how well there's Travis got no Kiley dinner and here's. What have Where are my dog man nor move
maybe I should do with it. There's more girl, prettier language lamby wait, arose because earlier so he knows there, but you don't know the dogs me, don't you probably it- I got a child together. Okay, I'm sure, he's a great father. He loves his kid, he know One dog norm, incidents killer clearly to Odin dog the other day. The problem you Norman had babies way and to baby the new well. You know I don T put into her. She has Instagram pages and he has birthday parties and all kinds of lavish things Her vans are no dogs patiently and handed out slabs than the one day. We will have to have a discussion about the difference between how why people tree Debrecen blindly, which we did it
no nobler, viewed at having birthday party, but a dogs? Ok, Larry! I had a birthday party, my Valerie, I aunt easy but happy birthday party for her dogs ASA Woody reach. Ok, Whaley. Clearly I have- and I definitely add a birthday party for my dad too little birthday and what, if you had, they was misty which animals become me everywhere was used over Mister birthday. We had put a little thing. I hadn't gas. Cake. Most of it all came from when I was a kid gave an ace Pierre. We really know much about the dogma that now I gotta champagne about over her birthday now. Reach is like a squeeze He was running around asked largely relatively. Let's go to the four lines allows there's only so pale issue. Would you be out of your boyfriend. I know you dog name now. Why would a matter wandering Norma Bank letter the dynamic God, I'm talking about you, don't have a dog, you love, as you know, because you don't have a dog but she got kiddo, yeah
they when you don't have a dog in Japan, priority. The lagoon is right. Thank you MA! Am Georgiana, those stupid or that nobody. You know that, don't I dont get ass. You can There's the dog by educating like stupid dog bit low John closes yeah, all apple pineapple, yell a moment angel pineapple losses. None at all. I believe we you don't you take long yet again. Now, you, be man of your boy really know you dog named pineapple, now live in another of unequal, pink eating, lousy. We can make up a name and closer, so you don't have a dog obsolete, they should so Pomerania, makes you know somebody called asphyxiated dog is indeed a definite monopolies in a basis,
they don't allow dolls mom they. Let me over the years how deadly don't allow those are the basic values and mighty caught as busy. Remember please, let's discuss the archaic. Remember where you treated as does dog. Indeed high Napa dogs. Is we got me twice the little preliminary these days? You ok, let's, tomorrow that destroy I don T think there much about what he's doing Egypt does would feels right side. The good and bad parliament or light all that drivers got noses name as that about the dog is about how she feels right and they re a little apart that you know my dogs knee was enough, but colleagues dogs, I don't care Travis, don't know me. Maybe the could, in my mind, like a who got two billion, doubtless ever the model that it was not. How do the dogs fail, that it has happened
What am I brought you here which we? Yes, they talk about myself Williams find out. What's he revealed to us very strong and powerful for her to have the courage to come forward and reveal this door right now. Show them She is your friend every check dollar. I actually said Michel attack this more I didn't I didn't hear about it and I won't be. It is more a deadly sins. I take this one I will be all, and so, when we come back, people acted to breakfast club them a morning. Everybody's dj, envy, Angela YE shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club good morning Adnan their muskets. These rumours, let's talk, Michel Ways: Destiny Shop. This is why annually on the breakfast room, Miss Eyre Williams has checked herself into a mental health facility. She posted for years. I have dedicated myself to increasing awareness of mental health and empowering people to recognise when it's time to seek help
support and guidance from those that loving care for your well being. I recently listens to the same advice I have given to thousands around the world and sought help from a great team of health care professionals. Today I proudly happily and healthily, stand here as someone who will continue to always lead by example. As I tirelessly advocate for the betterment, of those in need? If you change your mind, you can change your life changes in the wrong shoot, I'd love to go to one and all facilities. Dammit you can you can you can take yourself and I no problem problem that very open about her struggle with depression. She depressions interviews discussing that a lot of people offered her support via social media where she posted this. You know yes Ma Am said. I said: Levin admire your amazing Kurds, Michel, my bellum, so proud of you. You have given unselfishly of your time and support to so many, and I know that you will be the best example of self care which we on.
But I wonder, I wonder, was wrong like what my what it, what we're gonna do that pointed to that level or she says you deal with depression. Was your bride is needed? extra helps you problems already doin therapy she decided to take it. Take it to the next level, mental health the same way. I treat physical health. In every nine in you had a shake up dietary nine and you got a shake up. You work out redeem. If she does want a little bit more may sell. I do. I am glad We recognise that need and is encouraging other people whatever to do the same problem. We need your monsieur with them. I right now. Let's talk about Drake, he has another, well, congratulations to Drake Fleet, should his song and my failing. As the number one song on the hat one hundred before that it was nice. But what now it's in my feelings and he actually thanked shaggy, because that did is definitely worth I make this break, what he does not involve any was actually with him at the club, waxlike video. I listen. Why to Pierre Revolt and listen to
Jake Thinking, city lobby and record mom mom got me number one wreck of with their exit may not want to say that this is not true. Could I saw this online flowed Nora? Did he give shaggy some money at Vienna, given two hundred fifty thousand valley the matter. Now, let's not confer now that's happened. Just like you thought everyone's, your made a mantle Robin Hood is our love me I gotta go back. The queen has fifty drains gave you I got out and what actually react? Happily, a rumour that's been circulating their dragging him. That can also be will leave everything movie online if this is online, is true as why do you want to put the number
are they consume? You still gotta come along the main everybody has seen it as I like the way you side- and I emphasise so- everybody listen as I was not true. I don't know if it's not on overseeing the rumour like you such energy was true till her body is not sure. Ok, trust me. I right now, let's discuss a meek mill. Everyone at this point knows he deserves a new trial, the japanese Brinkley still night trying to make that happen, and even the judges lawyer, Charles Brutal Junior, feels like she just needs to cut that is they have an audio clip that was recorded back in May. He was wrapping up in any view about Meeks case, and I guess the MIKE was still line. So here's what happen very hard choices are huge,
so what he said was that we had to do because the funding this job is now becoming and unaware that where it was, why doesn't he just grant this effing thing and he said that she looks effing off the Lahti Treatin Ehrlich she's, the president of the United States of America, like she cannot be to end all beyond the situation. There has to be somebody higher up an authority in our it. There are still doubts we keep saying over. The horizon surpasses the gold processing them up in re, so promoted said, if you with a judge in this case, he let it go because the prosecution and the defence agree, a new trial should be granted, and he says that Meeks attorney has an easier job in this case because he's on the right side of the issues, I guess he feels like damn. I hate the fact that you know I would hate to have to be the person going against me cause his looks crazy. I re well everybody's an agreement except, where the judge you really like crazy, even her own attorney is like what are you doing? Everything org is the workers of outlining, nor somebody is doing wrong by. U s our art courteously, guys who cause said when somebody's
Something wrong to you just know: it's already been done to them right a shout to make more of you had a chance to listen to his epee. I actually really like it a lot. I know people say when is it put ass, a music when he's gonna some music any day, a lower Tudor through their military. For you to hear that military, I was wasted, it crazy it I was Pappy. I write chairs the wrapper. We said that he was supposed to perhaps put out a new album on Friday because he said he was putting our new music this week, a new album, buddies, weeded out. Sorry, no album this week definitely been in the studio thou. So there goes that if you are looking forward to some new chance, the wrapper on Friday or this, again looks like that's, not gonna happen Tomoyasu. She has a thing college, releasing a new record which is chance, Justin Bieber in a couple hours at the desk, ominous weak right back no albums. I've got that Macao and wants you to another. I don't think that's a secretive. You know that's not a sickness line as well, nor gently widow,
We would look online calendar worthwhile, radio and loathsome showed its orgasm inside information. Damn showed a record. You played every hour now come Friday. I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is you ain't rumour reports all right. Thank you miss Ye Charlemagne. Yes, we give down, could do. I don't know his name, but he goes by the name of of flagrant F ready, which is short for flagrant file ready and we need him to come in for a convention we like have a whirlwind, and I want the world and noted the man is heavy on this as it might live aspect name lad a on this sandwich. Nah rain and after that, of course, we have asked IE. Eight hundred five five no five one. If any relationship advice you can get on him for life right now, but don't you two days of next is the breakfast logo.
But don't you the day job to being a day, a little bit of a mess like adults, club bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey at Bay is a new wife. Yes, now here today for Wednesday July. Eighteen, it is with his lady. Vs goes to a man at the internet is affectionately, calling flagrant Freddy short for flagrant FAO, Freddy Triple F a man of God asian descent was playing a friendly game, a basketball and Ellie Fitness in Virginia now, as you know, right now to mandate is heavy on this. When, ladies and gentlemen, I'm talkin both slices of bread, drowned and manages to the point, and if you don't Many of you have to take both slices of bread. Take a bus, having just push mountain mounds of male office elegiac that a story goes that
on Monday night, the Ellie Fitness Centres in Dallas Town Centre, a pic of game, was here. And things that little intense I've gotta w g g g fought five easy for the Republic of Virginia men called the police after he gets fouled during a pick, a basketball game has happened at an l, a fitness and sterling this man was there and first to tell the world on Twitter Monday night. No part is worth nothing. It was a militia noted phaser, anything, my dear. If you know basketball, he says the move in question was a musician stay here, maintain around, he might not seem. Does no one told in the pig was coming so you just ran it. One fell down gonna hard units at basketball, the guy who fell had been Jim receptionists com for health care. I guess I'm kind of our sadness at the dollar count them carry hand. A member got assaulted. We need an ambulance. Anything like that. No diabetes deputies thought they were responding to something more Syria. The sheriff
and says in the end neither man involved wanted to file. A formal report are when it says that after Debbie's laughed, both men went back on the court to finish the game, What's listen to what the cops say when asked this ever happened before. Have you ever been of a basque warfare, before my professional I smell me, I shall now man is heavy. Helmings is happening here. Ok, another white collar criminals. Craigs again, we really need to have a real conversation is since we are all coexisting, one. Rock called America, I understand, and now one of the complaint life in when America is your order wrong. You call it to complain, but I need you out stand in most instances? They react
as the way they react. The OZ, when you call the police on us, Ravin Barbecues, when you call him police on as being in the pool when you call police on us for failing you hard during a pickup basketball game, essentially putting our lives at risk. For nothing, did you yeah that young lady from Ellie Finnish reported isn't a denial. Why she said the member got assaulted. What, if those police who pulled up port of Wharton smoke? Thinking in the salt just happened. Ok, thank God. They were friendly, but once they area, Ghana would apply for them in the police. Can in bed now metabolism really pisses me off what grinds my years even more, the Nepalese Bianca, because he's gag I found it nice. We is blue. People are black people, a sofa giving to everyone, but our own people, because what did they say it to edit police? You pointless here after gabardine laughed but Madame back on the court to finish the game, no after he called the police on his brother. They went back to finish the game. Now it was elephant.
You can keep demand from playing ball, but if that was me and my it would be an written rule not to pick him. I don't care if we want to play for about five and we only got nine people will play three on three with three different teams, and one team with three will wait until the other than you can't play with us. Ok, first of all, you just God police on me for given you odd that put my life or is second you messing up my game. Could now, if you like, I can't play what you the way I want to. I can give physical. Would you the way I want to? I would write. You not beyond his court, but that's not the way we lag. We are just morally good people. We are for giving people no matter how wrong you do by us. We will never studio, was a patio came, Michelle Obama says when they go low, we go or a lot of lobby was described it at, and I respect him all your bet it in me for that all move. All right when they go low. I take it to the floor with them and that's exactly what I would have done. Okay, that's what I would have done. A flagrant foul, Freddy bought his ass back on the card. After calling the police on me for filing him hard, I would have took him to the floor by Fallon his ass hard again, okay,
not notice man's name with social media. As you know, it pleases me on a timeline, and let me know it me see to God He D, J D, The social media saddened give incredibly deserve to be stupid, but in the meantime, please you flagrant Ralph Freddy this. We sounds inhabitants, you all about e g yeah? I've, never heard it out of my life. We urge all right. What did you read donkey of to day, all right, all right? next Yee, eight hundred hundred and eighty five one o five one of unique relationship, advice or any type of advice. You can call ye right now shall help you out with all your problems. I still call you eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if the breakfast club come on.
The breakfast putting everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, ISAF, ask you. If you need relationship, advise you can call a right now. Eight hundred five, a five one or five one allows this law. Aren't you Lord Laura King was probably learn, is crude problematic coarser for air travel I've no Charlemagne time, but I waited my right there the letter was requested, it okay. Now my daughter, mother, my wife. What our mother wants to move there would be if we are not measured. I had tasted over for five years. He has been trying to get, would leave or get back with legal experts to the time she had. Somebody ought to be happy with Numb with them that way, so she went to live with you, even though you guys aren't together. She likes you, but you dating someone else. How can you claim that you
Love me ass. You only work because I don't want her. Ok, so wish your question: why should I let her movie with now know all about it? Ass, ye envy, sorry, listen! Listen! I feel you will be format It involves a man. You see, we ve gone from house to house or report. Is a weak stay with me or whatever the case. You know why and how much order on the one house they were both parents as roommate passively after theory, but the relationship is toxic because using the financial situation of Abkhazia played it is life. You know,
tactics for your daughter to see you guys in a toxic relationship under one roof that and you don't even want to be with her. She wants to be with you. It sounds like it'll be way too messy and that's not good for your child. I understand wanting stability, but just think about how bad that could potentially end up being. First of all, you'll be given your ex hope that you all might get back together, cuz, that's what she's going to want to do. Can it be resentful at the fact that she's in India has you won't be able to move the weighted. You want to move and do what you want to do, and I don't think that's it. Environmental policy even more confusing for your daughter nor my daughter, my daughter, understand exploiting this before the squid split. You know in detail and she understands that we were right now, our question. The fact like you says, debility does wanted, and I accept that. What will you have a problem with me going out, haven't company would bring a female over. Could I find it totally despots?
but she will have an issue with it, because I'm not gonna be into where life like every year than I had ever been granting her you're gonna, hear and presenting you. Imagine if you dont even come home. One night already know so well I think there is no question here, Sir, how keen to figure out what you really don't get yourself. Ways that are a messy to get out of trouble. You know what you know: cuz, I'm the worst thing in the planet, and I don't understand. Why would you want the worst thing in the planet when you got somebody, that's doing all everything that you want. Now don't do a terrible idea, you all my wifi he's. I you to delete a gloomy, thereby, Why my advice to you is: do you know Did you know what it is wisely detonated? Rather, good luck
Lastly, I beg you: ask IE, eight hundred five, a five one o five. What have you got a question for you call her right now is to breakfast locomotive that was Cati be morning: everybody's D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, we're in the middle of Ask II. Let's go to the former allows this morning, I don't care miss anatomists, unanimous, wish. Your question is mine it earlier, but on that day I won't know Jack no judgment Zone guy back on open parlors our four years ago, and you can't remember out internal AIR of Edinburgh Movement of Mere found in a few years ago
We gotta get lucky you later on your mother varied, and you didn't apparently boy by anyone believe hurry. I get it. I forgot about the other one. I love you know I mean you have to demonstrate a bad mood today So what you say is you been this? I take a nice talkin about leaving his wife because he wants to be with you. Occasionally mean by one love like them. You have your chemistry. Uber go mad you're going in upper like. Why? Don't I kill people like arm? He I'll tell you something because I live together, put high school and I guess you haven't globally to find out what it is about. The about our one. Fine love like that, like, I believe it I'm happy for me like this is my for real advice, because I know that a lot of people end up in situations like this, whether or not they want to admit it. My advice to you is make sure: if he's going to leave his wife time, don't leave your wife
leave her because she's, not lifelong learning, Lapierre. Ok, so you already left her. Let him have some time his own time. I don't want you to jump into something else. I don't want to be there. Rebound or the reason why you left your wife or other that I need for you to take some time to rebuild yourself as an individual and then. If you know a year from now, whatever you could still be cool, but if a year from now you say, okay, now maybe it's time for us to try something after you already gone through what you got through guy over certain things. She's moved on and cause. Sometimes you know people are very used to being in a relationship sometimes he my wanna be single for a little while sometimes he may not know when he wins slugger by phone number in my bag. You gonna be even about article again for the guys who telethon trolling fully Maybe you think I to Alan pumping lying now. You deaf, lay down. You have them and put the matter we're up those guilty about it, but I do feel guilty about Africa might well. I worked hard. You hear me like you have to buy it
the light you can buy you, nobody, nothing gotta, listen! If you have some rare flags and reservations go which a guy you know was best for you don't know nobody make. You feel wilder men and I won't like that, like the Mahabharata might be added by one of our love, the boy listen. This is your if you do what you want to do you don't know, o an explanation or an excuse for anything. He might be a good man, but is also a man this coming out of a long term, marriage relationship, so and if he's trying to control you and if he's not respecting how you feel about this situation, that's not the person for you. He asked their respect. How you feel, if you really want to be with you, Then he'll understand. Look I need you to know. I don't know this is not the right time for me and you to do this. I don't feel comfortable with it and by the way, keep doing your thing with your here, we don't know anybody anything now
and is a lot of good men out there, and if this one is not the right one for you, if you feel like he's controlling, that's not right for you, none of the delegation that would be going back to the moment when applying twenty to enter the European Union. The line, I don't want to pay more, for that but again only feel guilty about that gets a man now listen. Nobody should never do nothing for you expecting anything in return. They should do because they want to eat ass. There was what a day a leg. At the end of the day, Miss Anonymous doesn't sound like if she wanted to be with him. She just when she has a lot of reasons why she doesn't want to wheel beg you miss anonymous. Ask IE eight! five a five one or five one. If you need a lazy, should invite you can call ye any time now we got rooms on away. Yes, they gonna relationships amber arouse, got a noble, would say who is invading now
all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club good morning. Let's get to these rumours is so black youngster building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. Black youngster recently did an interview. It too busy bee area. No black youngsters very entertaining every time he comes up here and I remember he was dollar money all over the place near Ugandan. Anyway, he talked about an experience with a woman that was a little bit crazy. I know I will be scared of this happened to me. Listen to what he said. Oh, what am I wrong? It was a girl in a was drowned. She came out of the blue she's a possible at a brilliant job, but my romanian Andorra and what happened
I get their whore out of the driver who hide in a dry or than Concerto dry. What, if you can't get out, then for light? And how do you even closer? I guess you just close family In any event, you hide in their drier of our place in Canada, spy good in the drugs UK, hidden of them in the dry, rational she trying to spy on a brother. You give it to him and then Missy delicacy where she and there like United Tabby, stuck on it like add or even understand, wish you in a circular like a circle, and then I had even fit in the dry. How small was swimming. Nobody thought about it. A few times have you definitely you thought about how to advise you, not member watch and urge the new black Africa would save in the woman was in a dry and all within what cannot actually fit in a dry always think about it. But never done is vital thing. You thing about you, ve got a couple drinks me. You know what I think about. Where would I had if the parents came to Brooklyn, if there was apparent
What I do is I wouldn't want to be out in history YO you present, there will be other similar. We shall. I actually have a space, but I can tell you in case something happens. I don't want you to know. I'm hiding break You gotta hide relatively I'm go seagulls departed at the Paris died good two guns, Enron, elope, replanting right, you got to you never thought about the Peres comes. Will you gonna go Naga now, but does that what're you clearly everything the purred nor they have got to really offer legal. During the time of the purge nor good no Marilyn Monroe Amber rose has a new man and it looks like a man. Timor, as from the Denver Nuggets, is her new boyfriend according to two the then, I think anybody, but each other and their enjoying their time together. They met over a year ago, but just started dating after Ambrose broke up with twenty one savage. So even though she, MRS twenty ones, have as its like she's moved on, so that
there were no man they're holding hands, they are pieces of them out and about together have no mean Amber familiar, you can't even get excited over the flag of amateurs. Live in or live like gold cannot live in our lives, you're beautiful few might maybe a now. This is a nice see motto: Maria Martens, she was walking the runaway for sports illustrated and while she was on the runway, she actually was breastfeeding her five month old daughter on the runway, would the alpha designed and I have the breadth and yet without saying oh yeah. Ok, she hasn't as swimsuit of Muslims. Oh yeah, that's all hosted wow what a night where it can even describe how amazing I feel after being picked to walk the runway. Sports illustrated swimsuit. Anyone who knows me knows it has been a lifelong dream of man. I can't believe I'm waking up to headlines with me and my daughter in them for doing something? I do every day, it's truly so humbling and unreal, to say the least. I'm so grateful to be able to share this.
As is, and hopefully normalized breastfeeding, and also to others that women can do it on first reading of the normal. You know some people act like is not some people get mad if women, breastfeed and public what there's some people have. Issues with on Amazon have kids and on more murdered those door. Ajar milk and members who always wonder about the aid so upset for that little girl, because how can you get good gulfs? Mom is walking Mama gotta keep still. I could probably levy nice uncomfortable their way. She's holding the Navy was alive. Me have some breast milk Charlemagne until you internet for awhile. You're right you, oh god, you yeah. She is thank you this building, Well, congratulations! Charlemagne! Why, during, and rather Basel foresaw, the bay is barely that Diana and nobles the air big data we took that actually had actually had a meeting. Yesterday I was waiting until
the baby actually got a deadly desert at three other than any of you and that's how I found out no land took it up throughout the whole room report. I may get it well, congratulations! Charlemagne! Oh, my god is any may any baby names were shown regime. Anything like that. Italy, Mueller! something I'm ready to discuss, but I love it right now we think real job you. Yes, this is the we oppresses exclusively and another John away between September. Another Virgo season, nice, another labour and other labour and other little girl- could their babies gonna be illegal. That's what I get no kidding I deserve for who wore Bobby S in my life, about the back. Just so you know, when you keep having girls, your bag is very weak. Permit me cry, I'm a kick it, I'm not ready for this right. Well, you know what I got for you right now
there is thus a new music she had Yasser now, oh god, baby definitely come on baby out. I don't care what you say: I've always loved me. Some Sierra like it is quite level up, and this is what a new baby girl underway level up for. Really have allowed the level of unemployment levels. Never love, never never to go with me. So yeah you never! Never! Never! Never! Never does don't look here in front of it. Really that's just don't you like us all I've heard enough muffled but eleven out levelled at it. I write well I'm in a year. That is your room, a report and you got some exclusive gossip up here. Don't got a big. I love! How do you know you his cries to take you out, That is what our citizens again. I want to shut out some people actually to people
as late as agenda Charlemagne. If you just joined us, Charlemagne is out in the garage relations asylum. May I just now that he's actually gonna call the baby. Russia, and I think that is such a so does. We will not allow, MRS Ana my how mean that there is a great need, Definitely not I'm one of them ass. My baby, in the midst of my scandal that they had at TAT he could job. He also Let me set out to the young lady called early. Instead, I look like a snack that really gave me a lot of confidence in all bodies so that their she day early and say that you look like a whole meal in here that, as you said, I look like a snack this, when I get a highly is insult. A lot of but in some going to gonna go to the as soon as I leave here and also shout to trap. That also be always cause every morning today is his birthday. Happy birthday today have anywhere one request to city morning to actually want to Charlemagne, but that wasn't available. He said he lent him. Lady said he wanted to hear birthday beach, one term for the birthday Beech nuts
so we ve start to ass. Anyone who cares about his birthday, I don't know ironic that day. Do you I will look at the mere pathways make revolt, see you tomorrow is the purpose of the morning. We all living in the ripple effect in history. A butterfly perhaps its wings in China in the nineteenth century, and your we're driver, MRS to turn for the airport. For next your genius invents air conditioning and changes the course of american politics. I'm Sean Brasswork posted the thread. I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by Ozzy called Flashback, a series. Stories of unintended consequences. Listen to fly back on the Iheart Radio AMP Apple, I or wherever you get your pride Reno
Buddhist after in teacher Jarvis Masters, steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years. Podcast dear govern Jarvis poses the question of water from the confines of is nine by four shell in San Quentin Jarvis will share his riveting life story. How we manage to maintain a sense of optimism in the most dire circumstances, therefore, by the in House will provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief. Work bandit charge here. Details from psychical MRS attorneys fight for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme were exonerate him reaffirmed his death sentence, listen to dear governor and the high heart radio apple pie, cast wherever you get your pact assets,
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