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Monday 8/13 - Today on the show after Nicki Minaj broke the internet over the weekend with her new album " Queen" we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about it. In fact one of our listeners loved the album, but to bad Nicki will never know because she blocked him. Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see how many of our listeners been blocked by a celebrity. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Arthur Williams the officer who was caught on camera attacking a man.

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This is new Gingrich, inviting you to listen to my free weekly, podcast called neutral every Sunday. We will explore topics and issues that are relevant to your life and as a historian, I will offer stories in context, but how the past influences are present and future download newts world on the ice, radio, Epp on Apple POD, guest, neutral dot com or wherever you get your pod cast Charlemagne Voice of a coach wash like this. One of my favorites shows just because your ways but their bare on faith there you know they're. Looking back there
Good morning, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, and Angela YE manages Amy Charlotte. The guy he's. A planet is Monday. Yes, every Monday back to work week. Yes, in a shortage of late last night, where ya, unless you're caught power and in situ in real time working, I was not afraid I fell asleep, but I was power earlier in the day and I was insecure last we see I can do there, because I got catering and you're going to wait until new is me and my wife together to watch all shoulder. I can watch this old Basel at another time bother. That's hide a wise that furs and that this was not now not been, was born or saw power wash power at eleven in the power of our words and secure
bygone, come also late, though, why don't I moved to time's up? No, they don't come only afterdamp. I could watch evacuated acute go to bed of me. I'm alive had to watch it together. You know, apparently, you know ten years too late, paired no power can want to eight and about insecurity, biosecurity, my tenth arrogance fuel. To thirty, would you not go? I gotta wait until all the kids in a bed in official parent duty. That done pretty boy was power on demand. Ok earlier in the day, and I could dinner I'm doing his whole entire. This become eating or vegetable, sometimes to wean myself overtaken us only thing No see food, no Ramey, no pork. Some time ago, you, while you figure for a week- and I beg- and I set out- is eating or vegetables to contain a wean macro regions. Do your worst vague, an esoteric is different for you waiting it has made. You can't have anything we're eggs in it, no cheese, nothing so you're, free militaries, we just cause, I'm experiments executive actually be a real vegetarian. Spain,
I will be. I know I mean I love meet way too much. Stubby meeting you know of liberalism. Lamb yesterday drop one include above him low Lamb, I never Atlanta lightly and airlines. Like me, is here to be having idea of its rights and that it therefore appeared a time for two weeks I did not. I was vague and for two weeks Accu feel your way better. You have a lot more. Energy is scandalous. Better other fields, Then I'm railing, I made a mistake in like when I got over the first was aware: I got some chicken and I got some C4 audio missed it. One of the purposes of chickens are somebody explained to me if you can really light, may lay eggs. Ok, you vetoes What are the problems you deserve to be a tasty dream? Was human beings and in animals, and can I e any live things? I went. What else would have failed to do it? I don't want them eat not. We were needed, it think about that kind of life ass. Even though some animals you should not eat, they do other things. You not, I mean, but chickens. Fish was the point of
evening, even job any I'll give you. How can I went to the under ran toward this weekend? I live in Chicago right, so my Spaniards, as everybody in Chicago, had a great. I shouted tomorrow. Tracy segmented occurs there. It was a great date night Firth the Congo Friday as well. For you to go to show, did you not flew out of an old labour cost recovery? Conversely, that as a mining sample, can oh you know I'm Senora forgotten when this was meant. It must be said. Yes lacks a batch of exactly what it is, not that we had a good time. Our guys, the giant again yes to refute Adele don't talk like I was cooking, we'll talk about their low Betook about Nicky's em. What people are saying about Nicky's Almah. We offer patients coming over, which, on the front page of ammo Rosa K, C, I recorded when she was getting fired, so she actually has a recording for you you're getting ready for her book to come out no far from over
book or get into all that when we come back, don't move, is the breakfast locomotive. Pre J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get some front page news, Amr also you yes, amorous ass. He sat down with me the press and she tossed about actually recording her firing because the chief of staff to John Qualify, at her, but they act like she had to get dragged out of the White House. Remember: everybody's and ass. She was dragged out during the Christmas Party back in December. She said those rumors were false. Here is a part. One of John Kelly firing important, understand, firmly departure. We can all be it? Are? You can look at it? Look at your time here the White House is a year of service to the nation, You can go on without any type of difficult in the future relative to reputation
there's gotta, be a legal entity. Recalling the house was in a way out. That's illegals is excellent and protect yourself, because you know that everybody in the way houses size the alive All the time now she was. I meet the press and hears what she had to say about that being a threat to very obvious. A throw at his he goes on to say that things can get ugly for you, the chief of staff, the United States, under the direction of the present, and I state threatening me on damage to my reputation and things getting ugly for me. Downright criminal, and if I didn't have these recordings, no one in Amerika would believe me. So I protect myself and I'm going to tell you oh god. I did because now we can put to bed all those false rumours that that one reporters stated and the false reporter reports that worth spreading down by the media. I don't like that I think is wack. Even if I don't like trump I'm not with people record you illegally- maybe I'm just suffering from PTSD, because all these people who just
you for no reason when you had to store in a jam anywhere anyway. Just our record now like that life is illegal, whether they be able to see her. I rest turning. I'm showed a desk, draw shows you should write or to turn right out in the law. Sarah could be. Sand is essential as it is granted. Former white ass, employee and down a chump is calling her a low life. Now, here's what has happened in that recording a shoe couple cushions. Does the prison aware: don't do not go down the road. This is a non negotiable discussion. I don't know I've never taught you realize the talking. So this is my departure. I'd like to have a visa for two new fire to understand the gonna talk another time this has to do with a pretty through finally, internally violations, the staff and everyone on the staff which, for me not the president, is non negotiable. Ok, don't try to big Y understand, though no recording something I don't trust somebody cause outward shoe you out of your mind, authorized by the record, India. Now it now people know the truth. Is they let you
Recording is feels I've arm arose out of us either, but I can undergo learning something you did you get the portable duration, slurs, you said Rob was now. Yes, as she has said that he had they were the recording of him using the end word. She they provide that recording by she said when she wrote her, but she had heard about it. But then, after she wrote the book, she actually heard the tape from one of the greatest and most vulnerable. Would we can't stop talking? My mama rose it ever. We can talk about cancer dogma book. There are, moreover, was wiped out. You are fine words behaviour when you work for him and now did you not there? No more, though, slurs Everything else was, a problem must be clear on our roads in quit. She got fire and you have such a problem. You to quit see us its acts that have to show its veil. That's when she really sister, but then she continues to work like knock like dissolve like knock it off. You are in the least bit Marianna lonely over the weekend possessor. They unite the right path to rally that was organised, if you guys remember last year in Charlottesville Virginia one person was left
and they were elevator rate attentions after they were whiteness. No is rallying work this year. They try to do our part two of that, and it didn't go so well. Maybe about two dozen people out. There were a lot more people protesting that demonstration than there were people participating said they were members of forty anti racism groups that showed up and showed out against these two dozen racist White Nationalist Donald shouts, weeded out the riots in Charlottesville a year ago, resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence, peace to all Americans, for you know, sequels a hard to pull off. You know if you talk to do sequel. That's all you got sickles movies, good fusion, my goodness, alright,
alas, front page news: get it off your chest, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one. If you're upset you need event, it is a right now. Maybe you had a horrible weaken and all was a bad fly. Weaken myself. Can I opening hours Tanya arose a cargo back to New York, really whether was nasty for eight hundred five? five one thousand five, one of your upset, you need event. It is a right now, maybe at a bad, weaken or if you want to spread some positivity tell him why you bless for A wide open is the breakfast club component, the breakfast club. A pounding down, you're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast laughing, but as they mainly about this Certain letter I get asked Mama get it off you just a small time, always use colony game. I found for making a man with an acquaintance. Ok what you think. I think this is like here,
I got out of there I was jealous, you may well, I was cooking alike, is long, but I like it the outer shaved off about six I reckon, but I like the aid How to get ass great ass? He did this alot of apples. You could out ass. You could add a really really workers, I'd body work relating to twelve zone, but I like that will. Finally, as so, many thanks you wanted to put out like much differ. John was a light. Foxy brown man vows all income in a low fox on Iraq does not ready still grown on the I hardway alive. Got guns actually allows the irregular have actually been honour is having that myself. The Dover I've no complaint now right. Thank you for calling allows this remote island Asia. May I use your voice, it is definitely I'm debate. Never been, and blood premium by burdens. Now everything you names or job now in river, running, easier,
the main the Nile nobody's when osier arrive actually got above creative, however NATO net of creative. I, like that, I now advantage My name is Nicky Nicky. Either of you have a family. Bird tat is passing away in a couple of days on budgets, New about you denied on them turn around unless they did want daughter dead, I'm talking about which is my family member. They gave him in their everybody's. Look enough for her to be the why you noticed, as should be the one to stand and do not take their responsibility by you. Mad about the kid than I don't know. What type of advice give a right now? If it was up to me- and I know it harsh, but but what he put me bill, the lesson we I will go ahead and just what I was doing,
You were saying about bad about that. I feel the same way. Somebody unless Demeter the annulled Ngos, I don't think that she should be the one that I haven't. We saw today decision. I think that, in order for the south, about you. You ve got here, but you did not involve a therefore gone about a one of you bother My me is the good wine. Is she really do not then, at the end of the day, it s her back, though she's fighting between the port of Bin. What he did to urge and no wonder you know you- data hurried into the fire by Magda. You get some days earlier. You might know you're my dad in theory. Only it's not like you We did anything that a dad what it really do. You know the would not be molesting his daughter, so he has two days left to live. Well, it was three the other days. I'm guessing. I am here the butter, not alone, I'm yesterday, to try to find somebody else, because you take that responsibility there she's gonna, be
We want Waterbury in all at Berlin. He that not our lives, you thirty five haven't you unless we just leave well alone, at every day. You got a linear cut off. Would you do Let me come back for you, I'm a beyond vagina, why you colleges ladys heavy burden on our doorstep. This morning our I got Jays mobile or we all follow every committee. My vices, you got two days left to live. Let the milk expire on his face. He does his aunts has everything is now facing that's and no one had to be entirely burying hand. Let the mill expire on its own, meaning they let him pass in the hospital I shouldn't have the portable that involves you don't want to. I don't force, don't force forgiveness army, no forced me to do something, and I don't want to debate over this made me that's why I would thank you for call her Mamma his prey on that day
It has great advising this so that you can set it s really. All you can do some by David to God that I am the last night with a guy. That's too much for me. I thought it around minds than just just pray on it. All right get off your chest. Eight hundred five, a five one, five one, if you need a varied, is up, is the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast got: wake up ass man or black. We want to hear from you- and I was this big bears the poor guy. You doin Charles, our I want to put your game I'm up with them cuz. You know when it was time for them to put me on child support. Take with me right on child support. I opened up a case against my baby Mama trying to get some child support from her impossible
for any way. So you have, you have custody of your kids. They lay with you you're gonna, kick ok and they are not given you money found the mob groundwater you know like they sacrifice need to have a poor girl, but do we get out of war from her light? They wanted me to our proposals, but they don't know what to do. My way. This is different now, so what do you have the? What do you have to do the job? For me, a woman. I've never think I've heard a guardian, shall they absolutely do if you have an custody area, kids and they live with you, you get tacit wait. We saw you know what other family chop talk to your people going, there might all borders and, with many of you know, don't jump me trying to help your black ass. The things exacting allow trump. These help help hello. This morning.
Did you have a good job on about it? I've got the door today was how to get it off. My tired out of my brother, frigid first it out you show me well well likely to put their lot don't get kill each other. When I read that you know- and I think I wish the commendable come out and tried to walk again gun violence, yet asked me to present. It is worried about the point of view a back to make out a lot about than about the murder country. People avoid about that. No more about the big issues that do not use the sector throughout the world. For America, you know we need to pay by young generation from outer space you some thoughts on the powerful related to help. Before I lost my last year, you have previously David Man, I'm Ebay,
John Wayne Job, alas, by data better, not dreaming about aircraft in those bartered two days ago. You know you have probably mollify. Your daughter was not made it into Botswana, big bird with the alive from our goals, Tamala family ghetto. I wish that we could get together and start educating our children and start speaking about the real issues going on in America. We have to stop these violent. He have Are you ready to do a skoolie right, my brother and I'm sorry for all your losses, but I like what you said at the end just now about the community coming together to fix the problems of the community. I know you're not waiting for the President of the United States of America to come down to Houston and fix what's going on in the communities. Like that's that's a lie. A local problem that local people need to deal with their. What? What do you think the debate, keeping the parent to people above it? in light of president are apparent here in the past I appreciate every dollar love you got Priscilla. May I make a barrack, I'm calling and it
in a blessed and really know what I really really love. You guys and you got speak the truth and that's all we. I'll go in any bad merit bowed. Thank you, blogger debate everything you do and it is very difficult to do. Are you man? I've had activity darling, all our positively, despite everything you going to get it off my chest, eight hundred fathoms five one o five. One of you need event. You can hit us up any time you ve got rooms runaway. Yes, I started up a colony where this morning, Donald Trump is grateful to him. Without you, say the Congo and kind. I also put out a new song Deasey Clark. Kent released it and each other about his lost all right, we'll get it all. I will we combat. He believed the breakfast locomotive, breakfast warning, everybody.
Is the J envy. Angela ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club Happy Monday to you guys out. There was happening every Monday good on in. Let us get cities. Rumours is talk today about the report on the breakfast club. Well, Congo, where it says I something he could potentially be interested in being a movie director now. Have you guys, remember, became alive. He shouted out the porn out that he legs check it out. You feel like you're attitude towards women has changed since having daughters, nostril, look upon her
kind of study. Look at what category lacked is my favorite. You don't have to go into that. You're gonna be all right. I'm here was the point of being kind. Irascibly channels breakdown went out, of course, a lot of lava black or white. Obviously they got you did in other words in anything luge attitude towards one another. Well, now he's gonna kinds of offer. Hi, I'm production company, which includes blacked out com with Congo just mentioned schemes. Are they Wendell porn immeasurably? Don't you have mentioned that while they are actually giving him his offer now they want to let him direct a porn movie. So I'm sure a lot of people would check that out. If it could happen now, Congo that aim to make him or any view according to people they felt like he was stamped.
Been now. Can you in that aim to make him a any view? According to people they felt like he was stamped when to make him. Oh asked him about Donald Trump and Congo responded by tweeting that he was not stumped at all, so he sent out of a variety of sweet, Jimmy Chemo. We had a great time having a dialogue. I'm reading that I was done by a question. Let me clarify the click bait I wasn't stems. I wasn't given a chance to answer the question. The question was so important at a time to think, and then I was it with their. Let's go to commercial break that, in a view, showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil. Invitation. I was so happy when I said Jimmy walk out in the easy. That was an olive branch. He led with love. I appreciate Jimmy and his team. You guys are generally what homeless, lewd everybody who knows. Given me Margaret of wrath from the same question months ago? Listen, you be, I lay causing yes and I, as the first I had ever eyes. Nor can we allow it want to give the white men credit Do you ask about anywhere, you ask me: shudder: Hermia agreed that may arise amuses, though a deadly pianos muse right so tat kind, yea,
so that DJ cried can put out a song. He said I sitting in the city. What my mankind, it wasn't easy collected that new ecstasy wag joy go so, enjoy new Congo Wessner. Did you hear the sound previously nurse mental miracle was work. Her does much well. What is it put it out check it out. I don't know you got a law, you man, I got all this money and puts you have led the representative. The regular colonies a month ago and actually told him that ain't it where they could be the whole porn as thing that is better Do not imagine that as a point you're right about that that would sound good for the school of port while appalling. If the whole theme of the porn him at the forces. Those
like a kind, you look alike with the forces of national currencies in a way right, then I remember, I said that on a radio gardener mortgage credit. Alright, you don't have to improve it s like a normal Google being having sex with assistance system or less like the number one go aims are laddie. Why do you know that was proven louder we argued mainly in Denmark, arise. Billows are in no doubt about it being kind for his support after that Jimmy him alive interviews, I think it a kind of west and the fact that he is willing to tell the truth one new and great fact african him and unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in the history of our country, so honored by this. Thank you, commissioner, for your support. It is making a big difference. The gun. You say about unemployment on Jim again I'm gonna blow it just in support of downward trend. What kind of does noted Donald Trump using the same way he uses PETE black people for photo after it was like
have you gone, you say things like lead. Would love in you like tree trunk, going you that event? absolutely heavy aggravating use. My brother, I well he's supporting Champs down. I won't even put on Louise you might now. I bet you can send them a better view, a bright red, easy macro, and this I mean. I know this hurt everybody's hide, a kind got caught, slipping women, Selina Power was laid up there with him, if you guys remember her she's the one recently, there is no doubt that he would do in the cloud tasters visually really get court was. This is just an echo. She did this with six. She did this with snow. She did this way wave. All she did is we acre always also mean a problem that not shootin reality, so they were not aware. Alessi dates. We doubt that it makes sense at some point of uncertainty has going on what about the shots. Asher Baron corner thoughts, and this is all just a series of pranks. It's gotta be could already those can't be fallen for his aimed at night when they have a lot of guys. Don't forget stags, day day, yes,
Oh yeah, I missed all over miss their work out. Suddenly, not only once a guy that was mentioned, Catholics leaves a super had allowed to do so for some they do but out the different tat ensued ready now. Social media and all it excludes is water, literature, word above bottom up, don't watch this. A different aim is made being a barrister by you know. There's a video view circulating no asleep mining adopted an important, fruitful, blog males. Creation of which are the gate of community aid is peaceful, aware as she did to meet our animism crazy headlines, but soon everything will make sense. Believe me, you gotta be some time realities. It's got to be I will immediately- and that is your room- a report now I think you lose You know when we come back with our front page news. Are we talking about you? Are we are going to be talking about the family of a man who stole and crashed a plane? They said they are stunned, and I know you guys have to hear this story over the weekend. This guy actually still the plain: how does that even happened right will,
into all that when we come back and also we talking Nicky Menage is out, maybe heard it you ready to talk about it Is it don't mind? Why are you may need to talk about it? We'll talk about them. Now as well. I you can still get on the phone lines right now, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one front page news now morning. Everybody Is the J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy? We are the brown cloudless Buskins front, page news. Fellas talk about his stolen airplane. You richer, wrestled. Twenty nine years old stole the plane. He was in her eyes and air ground service agent for three and a half years, and he was the only person aboard the planet was a seventy six c plain: he took off without authorization. This was in Seattle. He talk periodically with air traffic controllers for about an hour before the plane crash at Qichen Island. So now they looking at whether or not their security procedures
to change, because how is a man who worked at the airport, but he did know how to fly a plain able to just get in pilot seat and claw quickly who, out of lap legally took off like I know so easy to steal a plane, the glad at very impressed last we began trying to steal one goes and honour to show another guy. Richard stole a plane. They do have audio recordings of the incident that where posted- and you can hear him talking to air traffic trawlers they, China guide him how to land the plain a one point he says I ve got a lot of people. They care about me and is going to disappoint them. Here that I did this. I would like to apologise to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy got a few screws loose. I guess never really knew it until now. How didn't know he was greatly until you got up and hands. I didn't do it Well, you know look look, look, do pressing about. Indeed, I am applying he's that is played some video games with foreign. That's how he knew what to do is not an x rays. It's not hamper unless it is the fact that you could take off
and drive a plane or fly a play me like that's crazy envy. He crashed his dear. It's not impress us now his relatives as they stand in high broke in. After all of this happen, they said it's a complete shock to us. We are devastated by these events in Jesus is early on. Holding this family together right now, the one on their labour government was, you know, a chauffeur, rigid, writs. Curiosity I I'm kinda rain. I right now about my police officer has resigned out enough. You guys are this virus. You have him pummeling a man. The man was not fighting back, and this happened in Baltimore that footage has been viral. You can see the Sean Maguire, the person who was beating his he's telling the officer don't touch me the office and then repeatedly punched him. It turns out. They did have an incident between the two
previously at all about how the name give him the credit? He deserves. A blockade, diverse Ottoman Williams aim, but his name is either William S. Anti has resigned at first, he was suspended. Now he has resigned. They did accept the resignation of him, my dog you to do because you does ruins my whole data. We need more of us in all community policing job right. It was not a professional it with a personal situation. Is not police work, it's basically you're a police officer just beating up another guy right. So I shall hear more about that in donkey, but that is your front page news now. I think you may see now assault making Monash Queen eight hundred and five one o five one I am queen came out on Friday. Have you heard it? Let's talk about it. When we come back, we will play some snippets and we want not only eight hundred, I beg pardon five one. Oh father was up each one of us. You play us snippet of are to ferry song after
and I would really like if we block all barbs from calling me one objective people calling it this morning that night not stands. Ok longer meet objective and of Nicky Menage is music. Not stands like idleness Thursday. I can't be objective rest. Right now and on and on and on and would never stands, laugh Carlos out everything he let every line fully live. Even her ad Lib were now draw no Stop Willis Starr, listless daughter, right now play one on one of my favorites. I know a lot of people here. This is what everybody is talking about over the weekend, fluorescent scope, dreams, ripe Bobby doing we get that Bobby dreams Given our low Benedetto, I will pay Look at that now in an urgency, because I know you better not be paid, I have one around on this. You know a job include, wasn't Aguano Galahad glad you didn't know. I went through a loving to give it a momentary while nobody has won through my colleague.
I don't know all. I think that we are only personality realities. We again at the on the run, to any look like you Laszlo. We know you didn't like how would I do watches commercials for no goddamn Rees? Alright, let's get the record is to breakfast locomotive Corning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us talking, Nicky MA am came out queen on Friday. What are you guys think so far as to what you ye, which dick I was listening to? we can only hurt at one time. I am sorry that set out to me. I, like the cocoa Chanel saw Nessus on feature in fact, see. Branda also argue that on that, she how, where am suavely and then the council about me song, I liked, as well as the nice low vibes who it Ok, I like the cocoa Cyanogen Foxy Brown. I also like the o elsie after she was beaten. Another Elsie, hard White is due to those it at those the three I was there when I imagine Bobby James is, could then nobody it's? How about that? A lack of that was designed to everybody was talking about Sugar club,
our dreams, a lay a like what should they will bobby dreams and monitor Charlemagne, like them, I think, is a good. You know I've outer shaved about six or seven songs off it and kept it at a nice. Twelve. Say what you like as a good outcome. If you wanna take all service off because it could be, could be way better, like what good is really good. Elsie I, like God, you burn the leg, hard white, like good form like Miami. I come see about me. Everybody likes like dreams. What I mean I have, I have no com, It's about the mother is really long, but other than that, I think. Is it a good hour? My thing Nicky was you supposed to do. I don't think it's a knock out. He knows it is not a t, K, L, but she deftly a unanimous decision by points, and I think they like has any day just come out and it is a ladder, songs and ass. I haven't had a chance to live like I always do it. If you don't like it, the amendments I have, I have no problems with the United Kingdom's Lombardo ADA Conch. The plan. I was going to mention you in dreams. In my rights
have I have on that aid. As I salute you, a you put out. A good up Lithuania said that is, is one of the best outcomes to date. That came out the shady agree he's on it of this year. You could put Mickey, I met, you could point of view of the year conversation big is the album not to be. Is that the album? I still think Missy Hussle Victory LAB the advise wrap in I would, though, Jamie and beyond in everything is love for me, but nice it can be an accommodation, wanna loves, allows this J from wanted a J, we're talking, Nicky manoeuvres. We think about thou subjectively. You can't get away anything like it up is objectively, sir, objectively, not subjectively, objectively Ricky hadn't,
a good record since said Harris Safari. What did you tell him? You know? I know of no record non ongoing. Generally was don't you like gently now. I think I think you could hardly sending. I think I'm making in the past has, but our records that had the wolves, the charts for Greece and leave no Uno music of balls and those usage on again lose out for our no I'll. Take you ve been able to afford it, like you did back in two thousand at the bar on his eye. Like when they do things I still abbe. Always I can now about our respect. You opinions are, but I have to disagree. I think that the queen is a good I'm. She got she got. She got about eight or nine. Really don't bob someone is factually was attempted Requital, but take effect allows there's just me this news. Martha was several we're talking to human ass, his anti tank. I think it is a bit of while much was a dough babbled began. It spends far, though its very first of all people,
maybe I'll, be ok. I later I really like hard why you know so funny I heard hard whites beat before them a man, partisan Fontaine, I debited ESA. That's a tough beat. Does it tough, tough to I've got a head ass? I again cause. I can't think with a net is well waste and Joyce now isn't about one replaced it with a hard white Lillis play a stupid of cocoa. We Foxy Brown in all, take a course more. I don't you five five one off. I wanted to breakfast locomotive.
Can I just ask: just please don't tell me, was directed Guy data, decaying aid package, to deal with a bit of getting bogged down in Normandy, connecting cleaned insult, Brooklyn with flap, was spent a day of rest
all right. That's some snippets of Nicki Minaj's album her album queen came out on Friday and we're asking what do you think? Eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one five. What I like to buy like Nicky Spitten, where I live, that design that didn't make the abolition, as I don't a reputable, don't I don't need a ragged. I big arm I'd be hard white, a lot. You know I mean I order out for us our there be one part of the Fontaine they do so. I really like, tone. I really like good for energy. I really like good form and you could I like to think that I have good form and I'm your and my wife, fellatio good form is important, could have not neck was dark. Earning an! U job could hurt good form is very important when you providing that service to your woman s, I heard in your form is not to do it. How'd. You know. I was amazed that the creative, why what it's about? What I do, my wife, a new job and let you know what I don't know my bedroom, leave me you'd, know you, but you will prove my point for like twenty years now, simply my come up to his car
it was an early overhears. I really believe you, when you were little to reformat, allow this afternoon. Thirdly, what it what he had thought any given, as all could be honest with you, I don't like it s all right, those that buying up your wife, a b, the fireplace you tried, no national tragedy. Lycra that my daughter, I like that, Mary I rather little thought be vital that a listener here. I just ask you now to Mr Boxes proxies class. It does not say impacting on out Charlemagne already know. Affirmative Sri Lanka require paying out by sea Had there been so much automobile within gravy. I like the album, so you don't like our personally, so it's affecting how you feel about that
I may not be too big, I mean I'm a big fan her personally her attitude, but I like the album can't frontal now that I have looked into the corner, allows this. Every year A major reneging smoke all year round. We only by all, I have to add we gotta get with the USA, but don't worry I'm not gonna be bioethical play one. I waited a little bit her body a rather than to about a good three times and they went again oughta be got. One include Barbara Nicky. I write haters draft. We call it like that right. I don't like you know. He was a human right Given bars, like the by raising you just don't like the Bible, you don't Nicky you're, like the Bible,
the guy. I can't Banda bottom barbed, maybe mellow began to animal bar, but in view of the fact that you would go off and he was reading the contrary to think Should I put her in a painter business here in a day Commodore this reader about it, he gladly but good. I album album Dr Argon behind them tell you is the grand, so she can unblock you MA No no! No, if you give you what you got me keep girl. My own group about the album is that is very long and I would have shaved about sixty seven songs and I want you to shave those songs because they were wack. I just feel like you know. It could have been a more complete project would like just ten twelve record. What is a good, a good argument and she's pregnant you for telling the truth about one thing: you know that one thing is like what they call. It is fat and obviously been sitting is on this cell in your Khaled is foot a log longest and Khalid
I've been on that elliptical for six years, all Snapchat and has no wait now he's a member way. Watches cover Maggie's, Landau anathema we can see that after picture quality. Yet are I mean when you got the way watches pages is performing after we have nothing to add to picture ecologists and, along with Alan Callin, whole heartedly, tat love everything calendar for culture, but we got to call it what it is and what it is tat. It is now losing weight array. Los limo, little man that lie a man does Gilbert like today. The lies them dies. I would put it away All that is Dorias saluting document. Job include Boffin Nicky midnight delimited it out and I would call it a MAC out, wouldn't call it Yo Yo, but if a unanimous decision by points are right right, let you not. We are
are you, for I mean let's play a little bit of this Mickey Menage and NASA they did it make the album remember. She was trying to clear that Tracy Chapman sample Society and it just didn't happen. Well, they have released that songs of play a little piece of that, for you all right we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast room good morning. I really was George W stupid stuff like video to breakfast club on a replica of these two legal social media. Looking at this tweet right now, you play that game was wrong. Nobody there. Besides, did he owned gestation, daddy, daddy, snake ass, clearly, trains track for Nicky receipts. I don't like her. You mean people, and tat was wrong and I dont want I'd like you to record the not orphanage dandy. Ok, we work together well, you know we're on reviewing every morning who was to work for. Did he remained as people not at all, and this gives it a room, is still making an ash
really. This is the woman report annually on the breakfast club, where they signed it and make the hour mom and, if you guys remember, Nicki Minaj was going to push her album back a week. She was waiting to get this Tracy Chapman sample cleared for sorry, so you publicly said it on twitter and then she put out the sweet Sis said no, and then she deleted that tweet. I guess Tracy Chapman for whatever reason that sample couldn't get clear, but now it has been leaked out anyway, and the song is called sorry, which is thirty german song featuring Nuys check out the hook. I was wrong tell me
life Twenty days I heard the whole to me and I didn't know you notice. Reggae song is one of the best baggy songs every year, but why either Why that's good agenda here, some of Nicky's verse, we make a purpose daddy, but don't let him get away with a boy, Mr Wieland, jungle, one one that makes you gotta legend but I'll make. You began to think about Peter PAN, pull up that like a sea change rapidly the employer black happened on the man I mean in the months and years
as is his name, is very yes nuclear master. God bless your measures, thought you was fastened with later on. I just want to make it work in weight, so light travels with secular every point most probably took the sold as complete needs its own, so close quicker briefly such and such a boy with the illustrious curled up, maybe being together too, must put away. Ok, it's all a good turn to something like you, MR really, the opportunity to re, and I was afar ya. Never, how is the body that is, they can save both energy and let my would a body, then it's a very good fiery FED daddy. He cried like a bit listening to us
You know a sign that was now boom. Oh good, for come see about me from seeing that our gaze they blew me up about conceive. Armies, when listen to it and whether it's about me or not, that is to have me cry. Like a bitch, I don't think it's about me the argues, nice. I was in a perfectly fine move before I heard that thanks a lot, as crazy as applied in even getting to know under lady amazing dreams in use Riyadh it all in it. I write I write what where that is now, let's discuss Travis Scott. He has announced the ash Joe World Festival, that's gonna, be in Houston, he's gonna be headline in the first ever festival. The he's also gonna curate, the rest of the festivals, a line up, so it's gonna bring according to him. Some well deserved commission to chives his home town of Houston was that it made him. Both man and creative artists areas to the US Listen to Travis got out money too, These are very well in his arms, though I write, Cardy be, has tease their release day for her new project,
in the meantime body. Yes, here's what you had to say on our Instagram live there like above five songs that I was supposed to put on invasion of privacy, but they didn't fit in ages. Didn't finish it didn't make sands saw on I'm gonna put it on this project that I really want to put it out of the temple. Furs. Missing life for five songs and I just visiting they allow for five songs. I got a finnish for this project and I got six features. Sorry for the delay. Sorry for the delay side for the delay is just as so many excited cabin I've only been Mama bodies are dropped, his for us. It has in fact Nova clothing come in November as well. I was supposed to be released and September, but narrow fashion. Nowhere is coming out in November, should hold a lush gotta baby.
That alone is alot. Fashionable baby line will be far less it had they been you imagine Norman right if body could do to fashion no vote. Baby line is well culture, fashion, Nova, culture, culture, kids, I write I'm Angela Year. That is your room, a report, All right, then you miss aid who you giving you fashion. Over down could do. I was trash is TAT. I was, I was afraid. I'd like be the right people can thank you bought bottom or police officer, the offer wheels even become unfounded. Allegations like that aware. Wouldn't please ok we'll get to that. When we come back, he believes the breakfast locomotor they re going, don't get you or or don't you,
Don't talk to today does not discriminate. My now the song today via the donkey breakfast club, please don't keep the day today, dog you today for Monday August thirteen goes the former Baltimore police officer offer Williams. I was on MSNBC just last week. I myself a breath and Craig Melvin show drop include bunch of great moment literally just last Thursday in Craig Movin asked me what s the changed between police officers and civilian, specifically in a blackened browser Williams. We can start with in all these random acts of police brutality and police killings that we see far too often what my reply to my guy Craig Melvin Gonna MSNBC full report. Please was gonna change that we meet. We need more people from the community and policing reforms. You know he the community, that of the culture that our people of color, who know that you know loading
turn on the corner, isn't a threat, and can you know why cuz, you know Little Tyrone, even though a little Tyrone, since he was a kid, and you know Lord Tyrone's parents, you know you know you proud, good Lord, Ireland's parents, I'm when you interact with black and brown, people on a regular basis. Then you know how to act with black people on a regular basis. Only what I think that, with threats that, if you would, I don't deal with us on a regular basis alike- darling. I run of applause. Forgot Castille rigour, re misunderstood now. I still believe this you like the reason. So many black people don't want to be fully sources because of the negative stigma we have given police officers. We been screaming after police for years now, I'm screaming beat a police at this point because I truly believe changed awesome within slow to Allah, brothers in blue or prove my theory career traveling, clues Boswell brothers and blue black and brown people in ITALY, If the Williams is not wanted old brothers, what are we gonna? Video went viral offer of beaten up breaks of another black men,
disarm, agree or for no apparent reason other than because he could straight abuse of power. There's gotta be a l, NBC Eleven foot, republish interim Police Commissioner Gary Toggle accepted his resignation around eleven thirty last night. Police have not said who this office areas, but according to the attorney for the man he beat up, it is officer, Arthur Williams and he has been with police for a little more than a year in the video, the officer Racine repeatedly punching De Sean Mcgaughey Greer, who was in the hospital with fractured Ribs jaw and some hearing issues. According to his attorney, Miss Attack happened June, twenty six, but the video went viral this weekend. The attorney for John Mc Greer, worn Brown, says that his client took that attack. He was afraid for his life, so he did not fight back now again. Prior to his resignation, the officer was suspended and asked for his partner. He has been put on DES duty, more people, my pupil Morpheus,
waiter, prove me wrong, Arthur see as people who don't feel like more black people in a police force will make a difference because not black or white in police stations is about their blue and he had his cold Katy Blue Wall of silence. When should become a member to police force, you upon his system and you won't be allowed to change the system of Gore gives the system because you simply don't want that kind of smoke. Here's the thing the user have become a major part of the problem is supposed to be. One of us is Voltaire, more patience which own people no matter how angry you get off of you have to ball your fist up, like your namesake, Arthur the Aardvark and realize you have all the power, and you got to tell brother sometime, stop yelling at me. Stop disrespecting me because I'm a stop. In his beak and among the white boys, completing beach all ass in the Lock Ya'Ll up, ok over you a black man in America. I'm sure you don't like when this system oppresses in marginalizes you so don't have a lot of people simply because you are a part of a powerful system. I don't know you personally Arthur,
big for you and tell you that you have become the thing you hate, because I love you ate this system, a wide supremacy. You might be an agent for them, but I will tell you that you have become what your community aid and, if you not trying to change things and be a positive solution, then you might as well just move on because we don't mean any of us adding on to an already existing problem in that's exactly what off did ok now he has resigned, reside beings, they didn't. Investigation was ordered, but what the hell is an investigation needed for. Ok, we all in, forget it the video we saw meat meal, both it and give it a go, anti idea. You leave and investigated video all we can. We can clearly see what's going on and was going on, a simple, Arthur Williams. Cited the resign, because the shame of letting his people down with too much to bear ok he's supposed to be the ones you see supposed to be one of the ones at Gibson gets an assistant to make it better. For us, author, and in the words of Albert Einstein, we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that hated them. Please give offer women the biggest here,
in a loved affected. The brother was the brothers, I got beat up the shine. I love the faculties have here an injury herring injuries are important. You get an accident. Tell him you're. I've had a happy. I've had a hearing injury. Would you say what happens so amazing? Could you have to go into his room and put the headphones on you and they take They play sounds in the air. Did you say you came here out of you just sit there? You just sit there. Even if you hear things you just sit, there this amazing. I tell you, I know you have that lie ahead of you here. Think looking here, May I let you you talk with you? You you might yonder less that economic wherein the headphones you have headphones on. Both
hey! You is rightly so lovely the registered immediately now drop in. For design shit whence play that an amiable, even though you can hear we, oh yes, you will be adaptable. Twenty thirty, three order it now. We see the book duck City, a J bureau. Ok lockup! I came here you, but I think you are for my again our big of a majority today, selective hearing all right now I don't drink father. Five one o five one tribe shouted Travis our resident call equal. Let's have now when he called you have a clip draft yet with when we call this when he talked about Nicky manoeuvres, black and endless illicit monsieur forsake. Bandit bottom barbed. Maybe mellow began to animal, but in view of the fact that you would go off and he was reading the Carter did they encountered. I put her in a faint provision as here in a day,
committed or the reader about it he gladly thighs listless play. This little bit, eight hundred five, a five one and five one. What celebrity has blocked you? on social media, and why shout the boiler boiler posted this last week. I thought this would be a sober The former is great Andret grid bribing ball alert last night, Mr Grady Dollar, eight on five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one. What celebrity has blocked you on social media and why that we know r dot Kelly Odell Beckham Chili has all black shell well for the wire and checked in a war zone care about their black. When, although few named, you are very seven silly bless you, we had a whole entire situation where you a China convincing to unblock you shouted society unblock meter, but it's really necessary so we all talk about. When do you know when you and have you block you see day back,
five, a five one, o five. What we ask is what celebrity has blocked you on social media and why I know this will be a lot of you. All of a Mean Meaney block any like every. If you say so, the rule that is black lack or the round, we can make sure that your celebrities of number one I want to is awaited check to see who blocked you. I would love to know at the Adam. Thinking cannot drive, but anyway, call us now is to Britain Furthermore, the breakfast club warning: everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club now have just joined us. We ask an eight hundred foggy five one o five one, what celebrity blocked you, on social media n Y. Now Charlemagne, you got a large list of people right, you know what I don't know because I checked it in a while boy. Advantages are just inject a few people O Dell, congenial to have me. Black early bird man have be blocked. Chile doubly have me
when you wouldn't have me black, but I'm unblock now, but I'll, probably block sameness. Had this accident a shanty, unlocking machine. Hit me with that. Follow oh well but it's not unknown world, have new blog and trying to find what did he say this? It is a app called followers that you can go to the sea whereas you block contriving half of you put that Abkhazia holds we're. Gonna go out about a really bad, listen again, several black, because I really look at people pages like to see Yes, I'm trying to get some information for the Roma referral and then I'm sure K, Michel Block. I let me see what. Game show that you black privation black black everybody that we say anything. Would I just because I want to be handed to respond Michel files misled the Damosel arms. Are you out of them as follows? Joe, follows me: do you oh I'm suicides, follow me to wear what about you. You now
he had only one a waiter pages demonstrable out. Ok within yet I read your Michel, you block somebody send me a good at man. I need a good free app to see who got me blocked, but let's go to the fold on eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hello who's. This are we really you may not ass? They rode. Would you say to you I was spamming you to get on lip service the inside and you can block me May I add that it, I can't imagine what this blog. You cause you as to beyond lip service, doesn't sounds crazy. Ye be like doesn't have a year we have in Europe today many a time it was your pays integrated measures as a business man, but where's. Your pays any indeed, and I e
I urge you and me, are you: now. You gotta give her an internship. This Thank you. Mamma allows this garden, Jasmine was celebrity black, you or social media, Joe Biden who know at Bottom- JO, allow the black anybody down when you say she's, not blocked them pays I just let is she now if you're in opinionated present, who gives you appeal before leaving you are not allowed to block it, would show you can block people while blow me what you say. I do you think he would really look at my three by arm. He tweet it one day and that one night yesterday he couldn't stay up past eight o clock, and I said, because you again our money. Well, you're crazy behind me. I'm a block you for saying that we are lacking is now stop it. There was a good one. Has one is one that Youtube or if you want
timeline of somebody. Tell you something like that: that's going to sting a little bit hello, who's! This angel angel would block your social media mamma I mean I would vote against that are at the library by Daddy Christie black me on Twitter. I don T know how bad apples he would not about getting is crazy. He called her rock or not. Can I be black above her? Why are you ever made? A serial called nuts and bolts and like the zero was shaped like actual nuts and bolts process, as I out of the event, was the nuts and bolts every well behold wanting that's anyway, a delta and shouting What a good tat eight hundred father, what celebrity as you block one social media call is now was the breakfast newborn. Everybody is D, J, envy age. Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now we're asking if you just joined us. What celebrity has you blog on social media?
right now Charlemagne as a law. Laundry list until can know what goes on in May. When do we always not as long as I thought it was out, o Dell beckoned still have me block Murray Merman. Add me blocked. Chile have me blocked windy. We have Hammy block when I'm unblock now in a shot. He had me blog, but I'm on blog now, and I can't tell any other he would have you black, wasn't a comedian or sing it, As you will all yours Amy Shoe Mohammed Second, but I bet she I'm glad. You have followed Yoda great advantages. She followed me Instagram, but I am deftly Blue from Asia amount would just watch you followed. My instagram Amy actually call miles long used is actually call my phone. Four months ago, actually as well as what it was like good for some reason. She, I guess he released a pike ass, unlike the promotion of our progress at something then been brilliant idiot. Sometimes I get everybody thought it Abner saying as she was staring from. How about your daddy does car differentiated situ that alive?
She did that wasn't our intention as something went out I'll have no qualms about blacks. You intimated that he abode Geraldine alone. The I must go too far less allows theirs. I recall that there were several were what celebrity agile black younger, where it began bag. Yet I want to put the monkey boy was seeking to go up and a higher if you wanted to get lacks a definite with that allows. Is that a lot of the girl was abroad? What celebrity got you ok I'll, get why they Tokyo judges celebrity. Why thank you think, Tokyo just celebrity, you deserve to be blocked, stab modification to it. Black and blue. I love because nobody says You'll never take this big at the level of no day you go. What you say now, if you will come a bit old, fellows who says you ve, got a point:
You got black yacht, oblige you didn't call me telegraph body and a wow a programme. What Florida Florida authority that the point of black people, so you don't have to respond. Ok, I loudly much, I don't feel tempted. Hollows is yeah, he'll be a brown, be among the juicy african American. I may get bigger badly. I loved you and be they Ebby about finding anyway blots lyrical black me, I'm the one who about her. We Brown, whose lyrical from Levin had married nor would we movable Bari, allegedly bondage nasty, both around. Let me follow me because I am Lupi Underscore eighty eight, as you see one, yes, there will be me in be me all our other that'll be made
random. All learn. What are you talking about you without ever getting blackberry coming my now Mister Carter, Peasey, three say their daily. Black and cause. I remind him. Eighty one times Kobe gave him. Eighty one point that's funny thought about when genuine eighty one sided labour law, Nevertheless, it is now the thing is: I really does new people by the black name anymore. I think it's funny at a mute them, so you just go see it, but you just retailer heart away like it allows this. Are you not just on a to breakfast global, ok by the way my daughter birthday, those you through your own act, baby girl, happy birthday, I'm not going to call you Mr Bangemann. I appreciate that We, like you, Mamma, I remind there They learn something about which you may be,
as all go blacklisted toward a hollow suits, would enable retorted aimed at me it's what an aim on the ground Mimi. These. Eighty by alarm am I m. I t I t r, eighty five o and Mimi underscored trees, underscore Yeah. I'm gonna belong to you a number of table. Yes. Everybody go to Mimi, everybody go to The undiscovered trees underscore eighty five and blacker on her birthday, just like you. I don't blame. You. Gotta underscored trees underscore eighty five out of blood, maybe far birthday a right now, that's where I envy. Why did you tweet to yourself when a dj Evian? I first started dating twenty. Five years ago we were met Oliver Polo timing, a vagrant Attica outfits were gear in case when I first started the intolerable
the. Why would I put that? I am winners, says Wendy they ambient. I first started dating autonomy I guess when I get has never twitter, so I guess you come up to me, I'm gonna eleven, the more incidents. I got two more that distorts ok, the first model stories. What I've learned from whole conversation and on the only present blocked by real celebrities. Ok, they now have the neglect by audio Burbage Chile. Amy soon will ya been blocked by your giant damage. You went to go like ok, lyrical, Vereker, ok, whatever our rights and a second more than a story, between Amy Human Entire. To unblock me onto a milk, as you followed me Instagram, and I follow her on his do not appear at a late night sitting around blacks. You sent me no message here. My daddy body of lacking, I say, has hashtag Nazi to God. Right now, stag blots, you know go to add Amy humor until at Amy Zuma Unblock at sea to God onto it. Ok, monsieur. I care
Uk Amy unblock me what's wrong with you. Finally, on its grandma blackmailing toward this anti living, we got rooms. Way discussing here. Let's talk about somebody who is directly, I can in this business will get in trouble. We combat keep allotted to Britain locomotive the breakfast club lying. Everybody is d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, muskets aromas, a soccer, either. Frankly, at the reul report. According to reports have either Franklin is engraved condition right now see surrounded by her close friends and family. She was taken to a hospital in Detroit over ninety seventy six years. Old she's had multiple health problems, as of lady was Agnes, but cancer back and twenty ten,
last time to even perform was the last year in November, with Elton John for his AIDS Foundation in New York. She has a severe fear of flying, which is why she has toys so infrequently and recent decades, so even seeing her is rare, took my mom to go, see Aretha Franklin, one time she was performing for a Louis Vuitton and they had like because it as I listen, my mom is gonna love. This I took her mind had been like, maybe eight years ago, and I took my I'm glad we had a chance to go and see the Legends Orythia Franklin she sold said five million albums around the globe during her career approval for review, absent what we want our life. Yes, they are engine of winter. He I think, I'm there was a lot of controversy over who is gonna play her cousin writhes. Now it is generally don't play no games. Jennifer will be both our right now. Let's discuss this deal they Khalid interview now we talked about DJ, counted being referenced on
Nicky Menage is Song Barbie dreams, here's what was said here now So the latter yes, Nicky body debt and had a bell, but can you tell us what happened that caused the abolition of past jobs may come to get this guy had to be taken lightly, tellingly waiting a Robin hood? Wasn't looking Managua fat Person term unanimous that are you? A part of our heritage is telling me how to die, and you never were really meant was where Charlemagne refers to as fellatio, but with the rest of us referred to as Cunningest. Here is what happened when they call it was on the breakfast club. I believe a woman should praise the man. If you hold it down, will we women have led the woman? Should praise and mash appraise the queen, but you know my way: appraisers call how was dinner
you like the house, you live and you, like all implosion again I'll, take care of your family obtained care. My family, you don't put in the world, they say you don't go down now. Never adult is differ. Rules for men, funding without my quality Nepal, because, as you said that when right over my head, can we then why does he was talking about his diet? And I was like yes Nicky analysis. No fat person tell me out a diet either on a song dream than does the whole those about? No I've got. You thought about bad Perth, Intel generosity it I'm like nice, wanted you don't even know you will you talk about your name? Is we have to do more than that of Charlemagne? He was. I can't even get that among our moral of the story. Is this dj cowardice That would allow me to make a bigger with Angelo mean our eye Casanova. Let's talk about Casanova, he is being accused for allegedly
brutally assaulting a women and actually busting her joy and making her get stitches in her face was there has been a warrant issued for his arrest. Now they saw happened Friday night, the victim the alleged victim nigh Iraq or says she was attacked by Casanova and his crew as a diner. For forty a m last week. She thought he thought that she was filming him. With her phone and he got upset and tried, stop her and took her phone and that's when things turn violin according soon I record allegedly she's dead. They Casanova an accomplice, attacks her. She had to get forested areas and possibly had her joy fractured Nano present will do. Searches are now. She said she wasn't filming him. She was just shooting her male for Instagram live and she said she with certain. It was him and she could identify him by the chains that he wears. So he has not responded to this publicly yet but he they pose that he would never do something like that. What are you did? He said he needed here to hit a girl. I was actually wooden Friday night. We did a show to give about another lesson. I admire your euro witness, nor was it
I was I was there before you- we had a show with dutch Master S. Obesity like the music. How ya know my body amber for this type of is picked me risk and it all over? A chick. You out Gonna ruin do something like that. I don't think he would do something like the worst pie was opposed. The ford- and I guess this is are the alleged incident he paused flashback, as I heard it with that left right or not, was I now I know, but I have to say is terrible that that was the first pothier. Nor can we take another incident, but the devil be taken out of context, Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report all right. Thank you, Miss now shout to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else. The people's choice mixes up next eight hundred five, a five No fire one in if you haven't heard the dreams record of documents. Queen ass. We go start. The mix off with a lot of people would ass before it so as it will get on Sunday darling and played a part, click it and each week I'll put your questions to a new batch of your favorite, comics politicians and plunder. No fire will get. You requested now's the breakfast locomotive from
radio and Tribeca studios. This is fierce upon cast about the increase women who never made it nor history books and the modern women on their legacies today, I'm your host job yachts each week or bring new the store, We have a groundbreaking women from the past who made huge contributions to the present, but whose name still is not the tipps of our time, for whatever reason Chang. South she classes every other known pirate by every measure, a hue and used to discover success, Phyllis sweetly she published a book when she was most twenty years all while she was still a slave thriller kind of astounding stored. At the end of each other, so it will be joined by a woman living today who standing on the shoulders of this historical woman, whether she knows it or not, join us for fierce and let us accept and your world with a few other women who should have been included in your history books, lesson and subscribe to fear
me I hurt radio lab upon casts or wherever you listen. The pot casts looking for new part caused who isn't they started Well, if you want real stories about love, commitment, marriage and hope stories that will help get you through the strangest of times. Look no further than season for the committed podcast the story telling adventure about what really happened after I do hosted by me, Joe Piazza. While we are still stuck in the house, there are three whole seasons of committed for you to binge free available on the Iheart radio, app apple podcast or wherever you liked listen near podcast.
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