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You Should Be Ashamed of National Side Chick Day


2-15- Today on the show we opened up the phone lines after news got out that restaurateur, model, author, businesswoman B. Smith's husband moved in his mistress when his wife has Alzheimer's, so we asked our listeners their thoughts on it. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to everyone participating in National Side Chick Day because he is now saved and part of the faithful black men community. Afterwards we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners are participating in the fake holiday. 

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info run a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all tad alone together brought to you by ADD council: Syria is a country whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast Cholera Java. I didn't just find fear in violence. I found hope a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series: the women, war into the women's war on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast
I love you more than rats rather sit out from the most prominent you. Some girl, more worthy Tommy was able shows that this is a good model. Usa, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Mornin, annually, minorities, Andean, Charlemagne Galleries did yes, it's Friday, one ounce of demeanour February fatigued with day after Valentine as payday businesspeople, beers papers on people and a lot of people like this. It is national side. You do so. You brother, something you're stupid of detailed national side today, because everybody noticed national scientific data be as excuse, but to give your lady you nothing.
Reducing the earth is not even worth it ok, so what I want to know is what did you do for you, woman envy. I told you yesterday that my daughters are really in a Valentine's now, so we They didn't go out and we do spend a family day. We watched a bunch of movies at the house and car to in Jakarta. Had in signs at the house with the babies in the life in this week in a maxim Sue North Carolina for also with the wife so will enjoy more just ass time alone, but last night was all about the case. My Madison log in Brooklyn Acts in London, which is really just had a Valentine's day dinner and immediately heart cupcakes in the time of the family. Would you get done you out we have done what I get there. My boyfriend isn't live here, but I guess in nice deliveries to have occurred, but much of what about you never knew that exists in flowers. Us. It doesn't pink roses to my daughter because she likes to call a pink doesn't mean grandmother, daughter and eighteen red rose from my wife and that
you send it out, you just bring it home. Gotta delivered what home for a good part of the day. Yesterday and then you know the ultimate gift. Does edge restoration forgot, my wife, some since gonna, be doing address restoration surgery, what kind of you notice a surgery, Bulgaria, creams you can use for address debates. I don't know it does not achieve tourism to making Catherine was one point. I would like to say a big thank you to come and talk to people about to address them. Open up like a shot? I think, as I cortisone something they do a shot without you, sometime, you know, get illusion. Edges loaded. I just thought that there was a great deal. Developments as you did, you edges till now
I'm trying to get a first. There was the big. Was it not only give my address duration, you no sound, we don't you dont need address, making any more than that line, as any other region mini got no edge, is losing our luggage airline. You gotta have widened. It is not just as I got everything I've got all other groups, I got to structure on the side and back on them above binding back it's just into fraud. I look like Robocop what his mask. After all, we all attach on it now ass. You love me now wanted to be permanently nonsense. I want to be as natural inorganic is possible. We gotta you'd my boy here, put all my body, agar hearing you, but you don't know my anybody You gotta get endocrine onto blindness, and I'm talking about you, you do here in your cracked. The point is that we use our love about everyday use because we make it.
That man, but I have no doubt that a union, their body, a man tenancy I've ever get the boys this morning, was that in committee we had good. Let's get this, your crack appropriations. Are we talking about you're getting attacked by a mountain line, and you have to save yourself would tell you somebody who actually did as the other demands- and I wanna know right internet next, keep it locked the breakfast club the morning away always themselves that we bring this back. You know, This is clearly be that's really recollect snipe cardigan by Burma is call. Please me, COD Ii be Cati Bianca maybe I'll Cati Bianca wriggled play and every hour on the outer rag. As I have heard here this wreck, it is crazy. I'm here is Craigslist plates or not
Furthermore, it is even issues. Just keep ever find. Gaudy decimals appointing half one enjoy. Motherhood enjoy beyond being a wife, enjoy being a star in reflecting music at a great rate record, somebody would all make reckons for radio anymore ass. A great mass reiterate it is, it is showed the coordinated Friday Asta. We can offer us disagree Valentine they reckoned tat his front page news both on my own I write were less set up with this runner in a trap is covered in Fort Collins Colorado. You went for a run, therefore Collins. As he's thirty one years old, you actually moved near there to have a more active and sore lifestyle and ass. Was surprised ambushed by a melon lion and had to fight for his life. Here's! What he had to say is going toward my face. I threw up my hands to kind of work. My face.
Which point it grabbed onto my hand and wrists from there it suddenly to claw at my face and neck, and that's, when kind of my fear response turned into more of a fight response. I try to three not me at that point, and then we took a little tumble down the south side of the trail down there. Can I had a little wrestling match, at which point I was able to get on top of it, and I was able to kind of ship my weight and get a foot on its neck. I have to see what you weren't fuzzy was surprised ambush, because if he wasn't that animals territory that wasn't no surprise ambush. I don't think that is presented as an ideal that ran in that area nearly fell yeah. He actually had to run another three miles after that catch
with another runner than they caught up with two other people who gave him a ride to the hospital. I will find this mountain lives could be potentially attacking people here. I'll show you never have. You would have run into any old trail of be noted as a threat, a man lines while most of the trails into the woods, and would you never know what you say like us? He people doing any end. His heirs and all types of everybody went off to beaten, gravel, be denied. We are using a german loud. I was problem now running an ally for that year, because it's not like the man lines is like I'm not gonna, go on the trail of Hellas Disney metal line that you should go where they go through them. I have every right to be on a journey was a first rate while he ended up killing them outlined. So then he ended up getting nineteenth dishes on his cheek six along the way It is no than another three in his arrest and then they had to do answer by said the man I was about forty five months old and way between thirty five forty pounds chill demand loud bans, yes and show you pay me to being a mermaid and there will be doing
there, they are kick day when inutile its worth and that's what happens. Aren't you know Governments are down, could potentially been today, but they did approve a deal to avoid having the government set down by damage. Busying, he's gonna sign a border security bill and also declare a national emergency to get those funds to build. The war He went so we shall see what happens thought they voted on. Motor security live Meda. I thought the house voted through Leslie Eddie these debates, we're gonna, do a national emergency to try to get those funds to build a wall. So there's no government shut down today because he did sign, but he's still China to make. Those funds are confused about the talk of the Democrats. Have the house format mistaken? So let me Democrats voted on the wall. No, he signed up there not doing well! That's my yes to do a national emergency in order to try to get those funds, because the board of the true debility breathlessly well right now to security, no there's! No! It has nothing to do with funds for the walk right. So as I coming to
compromise, but now in order for him to try to get the money for the wall, he wants to declare a national emergency in order to do that. So there you have, it as front page news. Get it off my chest! Eight hundred foggy, one or five one of your upsurge in need of it may be a Valentine's was horrible. Last night, maybe at a horrible night horrible morning, all maybe as something great, maybe you and lonely last night Jesus all what I found bad. Why care? Beware had a great time. I've made want to get that I'm about to get there today, most able. Maybe you had a great night and you wanna Frazier positivity, save me. Would you when you created the single woman's poem or whatever their poem, is the jointly frere and affirmation the pray for the best to pray for a man to come to your life you said I was negative. No women are evidently gave MEG praise negative, never, never, never, never no one in Madame La Mancha amount. I've got me to learn at verbatim, fine added somebody. I all my family history is that's. What's the air used
yes, MA am. It is our right to breakfast locomotive, a social distancing, tap pudding, Dish between yourself and others is critical to slowing the spread of corona virus. So here ways to stay in contact without the physical contact part call send a text, setup video conference post on social media, dedicate a song on the radio. If you have symptoms of fever, dry, cough and shortness of breath. Call your health care provider before going to their office for more info visit, corona virus stock. Of, let's all do our part because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the council, the breakfast club
naw man money. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club as in all areas- and we talk here right now, because our phones or broke up until about thirty seconds ago of national came back on and they scared could take live called the element which I might say that people cried Emily S. Orders is something like what we have and we do not take live cause. It's just a of like Elinor, laying a load delay to make sure that if the current one man was rowed dies, real quick amount may know about their life was rowed dies recorded come on come on. We could we can no more like. I guess. Maybe that's why you must listen to what is known as the outcome of under the first person I notice person who this trend, you better, not traveller Drav, you're alive tramp tramp, you alive, having lived is not a pretty use. You lie. So do not cause Dr Gruber. Those are cases.
Get it off your opportunity to get us find without a doubt when it grew? By being a lady, did you think of my people? Both emulation says there with super said yesterday: nothing going on because they man without there being dog around, could think about those women and dramatically the appeal made by another body. Fat baby, in view, be a single, and I gave him. The single women pray yesterday trap that they can say over and over and over, and eventually that mainly want community life, You are double Burnett amassing girls felt depressed. Very, very this has been a good day. Maybe not do you boy would a veto think about one. Mhm growth has gone through a divorce right now. She so happy, though she was so happy
yesterday's on his ground for an yesterday and we ve been talking damned everyday base. Seeds actually sounds a lot happier than you do. Is you it was married. I'm not gonna lie, I will say it all. Now everybody knows Charlemagne, bigger gay lover out in a way I keep being accused of law no traffic going to let you know secret drive towards the fire alarm area. This is not what we were, whereas this room not me. I started the rumour last week. We were very pleased to be able to people you can you be if you're gay lover automate only as well? If you don't think I would have a secret gay Lovell ever you have already had a second delayed I've. Never would it may adopted, aimed as it would have
happily what you get there? Would you get better last autumn and I might be at you back here. I happily married me, please, I described in my union, Why did begged my union? My beautiful queens organ is nonsense. You know how many swedes gonna come anyway. But by here I had wanted to my married and I hope they will respect the auto industry in its own national side to bathing. This can't be nationals logic they. Furthermore, black men don't eat current all right number one. We have changed in there that we are all people out here in these streets and you got to be a damn fool to cheat on a date that everybody knows you potentially could be cheating.
Besides they, while you were taken something like that. Well, headed off your chances neck, that's what we also need to demonstrate their black men Don T where we have the whole black women. They ll forgive movement, going on ourselves and that's right, you can't you do it. You can't see no way. Allow me black women should be a reflection of God. We ought to be reflection, oh god, language could not forgive guys gladly lives gods, women's health it gives eating by establishing. I was the matter devilish nonsense. God, forgive black men, don't see what difference. Does it make it does not forgive. We should always forgive ok, we're reflections of a higher value. Then they inevitably been any cheating goes on in the first place it middle. Forgive I dare you, God would never t hostilities begun. Black women legumes he's had a conversation before they had how days or black woman, like their black woman, reflections of God It gives me, no black women do. Does God she like one enough. Forgive us for ages That is our rang with. I did our reg eight origin.
Five, a five one thousand and fifty get it off each ass. It is now the breakfast locomotive breakfast your job, to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black. We want to hear from you on the you wanna Angela now more than Mama gives every Angela go more grateful to hear what the fuck you guys. I've been trying to call a very, very good downtime. Yesterday I was so good about. It was so good about downtown yeah. Here Romania has changed, you become a kind man, a gentlewoman. Where is this a lot? Better beg you busy Valentine by yourself. Furthermore, Norma don't I appreciate you appreciate my grove thinking measure balance out by yourself.
That's what we also need to provide their black men Don T where we have the whole black women over give movement going on also has rightly ask you: why do you can't see way loudly black women should be a reflection of God? We ought to be reflected, no God go like when they don't forgive guys, glad women's gods, women, don't they give cheating by established, doesn't matter devil flower by uclaf. The carpenter now give a sudden. That's gonna, give her a memory. The rest, your life here, he's. Gonna know which, from you know I'll, take it up up like that at all other memories, last forever supple were taken Cattle were all the way to the bedroom. Put it put it nowhere near the bedroom. Do you know what I'm glad you agree? Valentines ripe, man, I'm glad you're here endeavours I've been watching. Thank you very much. Thank you. So much
recently my annually, a vacuum in you have the same name, the love you guys have a good day. Thank you Angela, using I'm telling me right agreed about me. Raiders complement that you can give a person is that you recognise the grove appreciated just talking. Angels. You wouldn't listen. Was up broken off your chest, to say you guys, but on the greater they shall ever every year, about what you bad. Thank you. So these are you in an amazing. What do you mean joy about it? There are married. I love love everything about above what do you enjoy? What our Valentine's day shows every day, every the way the aim is to be a lot better before we eat. Shame that the single, but allow me to give you a little bit. Why do you like that? How do you want to change? The narrative, like I decided yesterday, to give single women, a single woman's Craig, and I believe that the day
I believe in the law of attraction. So you not want them to speak to things they want into their life. Why do you like shaming thing? A women say no longer low added there like that, but it was news I hear and oh my guy, like yeah, I own, I try to quiet, but about a good at both job. Another Bob are beautiful. White queen level and uniform newbie, wait, wait: creed, chain saws? Why always on the bottom? Why am I to buy? and is something going. Are you always reflect backed into like last week when game that the whole thing when he was coming? Bob regrettable. When they, you came back with Dubai people without they, failure of imported goods are used to pay. For your part, historical context, Do you think that game is Connie? We're talking about? somebody's wives. In Sweden, we have got to look back at what Tupac said about people somebody's. Why aren't you
kept all round hole of a guy, like you, d, never think of courting even less confident invaded. We do say that was corny. That was there was legal anyone? Anonymity Allegheny apologize, I know but have ever get out of an angel where we can run go away oh my god, big job with the task of gay. How we do it my way, I lied to quick things when I was a god bless my mom. She had my feeling well lately so low prayer for everybody organise a year thanks to the relations, it is regarded, cardy, be brutal Marshall. Please me baby a kind of sounds like tribe and Charlemagne Song in debates about over big ass little baby. Out of me, like that, you turned away now. If what you dig in yes, ask you
tat are going. You MA am in the eyes and ears and see me. I am a citizen supersonic that big job will only do we get on my blog Superfly put it in a mouth all who wanted a burning issue: men, the lady just said you evolved and you just when right down the drain offering to take. Man. Why soup, when you his mother, You don't even know what your eyes border and implored it and put it on a mouth. If the super too hard, you wouldn't blue soup. See my. There will pray for guys really lady disease your evolve, I will get it jazz aid under five a viable firewood eager rooms runaway he s, twenty one savage on good morning, Amerika had this morning we had with the twenty one, twenty two, twenty one.
Good morning. America today would tell you some previews of what he's gonna be talking about how he was targeted. Amazon will tell you, whose back and rehab arrival getting to that when we come back as to breakfast locomotive, is a ghost haunting its role in the fire fighters? Why does IRAN claimed covered? Nineteen is a? U S by a weapon. I'm begging, bowl, and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every from the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind, boggling developments in space exploration from topsecret experiments the remarkable stories of people places in events just off the edge of the mainstream map newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listen to stream news daily on the eye, radio, app apple podcast or what ever you find your favorite shows
The breakfast club s arrival get to these rumours less thought twenty one savage about. The report annually on the breakfast yesterday morning, America Jesse smile on this morning. They are going to have an interview with twenty one, sad, it's his prayers and abuse. Since he was detained by ice now they have is the preview of what you can expect to see and hear it is what happened only now thousands drive. I was just driving guys in blue lights out and about My client and I was now tell you you're under arrest maiden, say none so weak ass sounds like this was potentially something they set out to do that this would have been targeted and not just a random traffic stop. It was definitely targeted dramatically
a good brother. Twenty one savage! I keep telling you all things happen to you. So God can work through you, man, twenty one is going to be the face of illegal immigration, away, meek mill, Therefore, what I right now, speaking to twenty one. Savage Demi Lovato has checked herself back into rehab and saying that was shortly after people attacked her and socially therefore post that she made about twenty one savagely, since he had been doing well with recovery after she left her rehab back in November, but now she's having more issues again, so she has admitted herself. Twitter drove a relapse. I guess I mean I'm sure she's very fragile at the time, and people were come for her life Jesus Christ. When that happened, I write Drake. He had accustomed Four hundred thousand dollar Ovo Iphone case made and that's where the Iphone Ex so now as the best idea chasm when they get the new Iphone. It comes out. Trust me, I know, member by that leave town case there was expensive. Now was a thousand dollars materials. Animal goes anywhere, move
It doesn't work on it. Damn man s so that case that he got is eight care it gold and has more than eighty carries a white blue diamonds, somebody to give their to move that you to pay damage. Forty four got brain, but I don't think he could. I order really here, with Jason of Beverly Hills for that custom. Iphone no! No don't you like tripled outflow, show at an inn on make like one point: five thousand dollars is still a lot of money for phone caves. Now, I'm your even if you have merely still a lot of money that tens of millions in the bank under the really big- I probably not really drop in a book. I'm sorry, but there still allow out of his ways to me. Last night for you like an ethic? I still take the diamonds off of it and make it into something else. Only my daughter could apply crystals one out of Jordan Dirty I would but it does. We gotta get some phone cases may our idea. They call it. He is gonna, be doing his some accrues again. You know instead started this sum. Accrues music festival a couple of years ago, very diversions. Now he did it.
Yeah. I remember, could they who was on it last year? Affiliate Amigos were on a lonely here I rebecca They were trying to get different personalities come on on those about right as well. He ate it. Back in twenty seventeen with future little weight and aim at rocky. Also, so any this year he's back and that one is a cruise. That goes, my is it the Bahamas and back at least on June, twenty Eightth comes back to life first car to be imposed alone, are gonna, be had lining his summer cruiser. If you're interested in that has given you advance information, they said yes, Walter, opportunities for a meeting greets with the performers parties at the stars and even discussion panels are there going to be comedy, shows, pool parties, casino, games, night time, events, all of that is eighteen and over
I'm so glad cow had lost the weight for now. People will feel safer on a boat because it was concerned that he was not called the boat to think last summer. Snowdrop include mov calibre lookin out. There was no concern that heavily within a single. They gather very dope idea, because the time join, a bull crews have been so successful for so long mutually somebody had to take deputize for salute the cat. May do an older. You don't know Oh, you don't know young goddess kellet. Tom join with you in young artists. Thirty years ago to somebody out there was always old autism say and if somebody had to take the matter up, I re well, I'm Angela YE and that, as you are a rumour report, all right, thank you miss ye. Now we got from patients. Are we talking about? We are going you Talkin about something that happened that everyone has been at first. It wasn't that Blake, but now he was talking about it, and this is about an inmate who was killed and they China FIG. All right, we'll get into that. When we come back, he locked the breakfast club good morning,
where's. Your mornings will never be the same if not a haven't adults no day had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee, plus free raising on millions of items if it's happening on your adults no day it's happening on Ebay? you know, like I found I like to shout the caribbean legs, tell the Buddha more that morning everybody is dj, envy and De Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club asking some front page news, always talking about this issue. Again, I am happen on February eleven. Now, according to it what's this
went down at Greene Correctional facility. Anthony Murray is his name in this. Inmate somehow ended up dead and I'm not sure what happened. Now his brother wrote on social media this a brother Anthony. Maybe we all knew him is Trey. I want the story to be given all the way possible on any major platform trade with currently being held at Greene Correctional Facility on February 11th, two thousand and nineteen at approximately one thousand one hundred and sixteen a dot m. He was on the phone with his wife, as he normally would be during his phone call. He seemed stressed, like you didn't want to get up to. In a short time. After that the correction officers came to take.
What is known as the box around two p dot m. They received a message from a family member of another inmate, saying that she was taken to the bus a short time after his wife called the prison to see why he was placed in the box. They told her. He wasn't in the box that he was in population. Then she received the call from the jail saying. Trey was in critical condition and then at five hundred and nineteen p dot m. They called her back saying that he didn't make it. They then told her that they had sent his body to Albany medical Center. She called them. They have no record of him ever being admitted. So where is his body the daily trying to buy time to cover this up to that meeting with other men?
from family members of other, it may saying they believe CHE was seriously hurt by the seals. So now the story hadn't gotten major attention, but a lot of people have been spreading. The word about it now is gloomy. Somebody who s going to examine lobbies: absolute added, unwise, posted a picture of the two of them together and said February, eleven, my husband's, if his last breath and green correctional facility- I have so many unanswered questions in my heart and soul- is dead. The only person to understand me, my soul, may I dont know what happened to you. I myself as your wife. I will never rest until I have all the answers, whereas can explain how I feel I'm supposed to rest of my life with you at the promised before God, my life, my heart is leading right, so we will continue to update you kind of you hosting about this as well. So was meek mail. He said the NOME news platforms going to cover this. His family can find his body have contacted his family, any said he died and state custody. New York speak up
it is putting that there are other things in New York. Amazon has cancer plans to build a New York. If you guys remember, they were building a new headquarters in New York, but they got a lotta back last by members of the community. Now they said after much thought and deliberation we decided not to move forward with our plans to build a headquarters were Amazon in Long island city. Queen I don't get there, they will create twelve thirteen thousand jobs, little people right, blacks about dollar workers that more than twenty five thousand it's over time. I mean people about more concerned about the tax abatement. In a word, we pay in taxes for a long time, but unlike the creating jobs creating jobs. Who cares about the tax abate me as they want to create a business start a business, he had not. They just gonna go to a small town started here. The fact that we gotta got almost jobs here, I'd necessarily don't understand it. Maybe it is another backstory but outdated people jobs. While people were critical because they thought like longtime method, we'll be priced out of their homes. They said the day would be bad for taxpayers than for the neighborhood. So you know, of course it's two different
Some people are celebrating they're they're, not bringing Amazon headquarters. Are the people are upset about it because I Joe could have been great for certain people? Obviously a lot of jobs. Creative right where that is your front page news all right. Let's talk about be Smith people. No allowed people might not noble these myths. Can you explain the whole story what's going on in a kind of an open up the format Aurelius either restaurant or she had That's right here in New York, city and ass. He had several different restaurants and she was a fashion. Guph and I M ended. Getting Alzheimer's use about seven, almost seventy years old now and her. Husband, Dan Gaspe, David Mary, for its twenty seven is, I believe, an apparently has been I told him that he is he's had spent a lot of times said a lot of time taken care of his wife who has Alzheimer's, and so now he has a girlfriend and his girlfriend actually
lives there in the house with him and with his wife correct. So we had a conversation about this and I think people were a passionate about this. I do feel like as dead wrong. Here. I think that's dead wrong and let me explain we have we have clips with audio on that won't let his audio Dan gas going to be sniffing. His girlfriend I've been married. Twenty she has a ban, would be twenty seven and a half years and I am now going on a year and a half being together. I believe in this That's your marriage, but I d: Believe death. Do you part means that, because you made a commitment, if the person is not there, that you should sit there and watch your life shrivel up and that's. Why I'm where I am today all right. Well, let me just give you my side and let you know what's up with the phone on eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. I think it's dead wrong. I think it's foul. I don't
She do that to your wife, your spouse, and explain why basin have created their restaurant business is a fashion icon. What some people look at has a fashion icon, as she did sacrifices for the last forty fifty years of her life in twenty seven years, would you Mary she sacrificed a lot like. We sacrifice lot, I'm sure I was not sleeping missing important days. Missin important birthdays miss an important things in sacrificing alive to make sure in the end Your family was good and she got to me in dealing with somebody with dementia is difficult. My mother law has dementia, and even yesterday You know she doesn't remember much short term social. Tell me a story. Won T times in a row the same, story over and over and over and over and over again- and you know what I said then Alyssa. Why? Because I know she doesn't know, but I know when she was Kay she took care of me. She took care of my wife. She took care, my kids, it s. The least I could do so the fact that when she's in her worse state
you say: oh camel, bring another girl in the house in the same house that you guys lived in an end at five. That's just my opinion. I fail to me, I'm not. I wouldn't do not manage to opinion, but I can judge their men and I don't know what I would know: Inessa Jewish and he's taken care of her his liver. What our work is still as desires in others, we still need honour. I guess emotional level in us said you're. So what would you do? I don't know, I'm glad If the Georgian only regret my brain IRAN I'd have died, I pray for there is no lack of brain and another ready, and I prefer my house with my wife that I've been living for the last twenty seven years would add as she seventy years old and she has dementia gonna be like. I will move on and now my news This is a living in the same house. Look it up in the same kitchens. We can arrive at another cyber value. So statistically they say that seventy percent of people who have to pay
for someone with a caregiver, for somebody who has Alzheimer's ends up dying before that person, because it takes so much at all. You know its role as a person having do it that he is still taking care of her. He does has to wants to take it. His own wellbeing- and this is one of the main reasons- is self care a lot of times. We have to care for people a lot of kids, come home from school and they don't flourish in what it is doing, because they want to take care of a sick parent. You start giving more to that person. Then you ought to yourself right so maybe emotionally it was important for him to have that support because he's not getting it from be Smith. More, even though that's his wife, that's that's not the person they Gus ready, they have enough money to pay to get some help and it isn't it had. A lot of people fell airily wrong. They want to be there to make sure things are getting young families, but you can pay for it. How about oil every night? What you got you kind of contradict, knew. How much do I owe you does gave all those reasons why he shouldn't do day right because she built to business incorrect. So why wouldn't
be the primary care you can you can I mean. Why would I lie yo? While you have to take care of this woman? I did so much from me and my wife is a primary care, give it to my mother in law, but we also have helped but this net. That is not the thing that to help the thing is I brought another girlfriend a house with my wife. There she lives that welfare Asian moved her in. In reality. I will now another governed the sombre here and I think that's a little bit like that's a lie to have other women and or if you do not know about going public about it, but I guess these conversations. They went ahead because him in these midday read a book attack on Charles I made as they want to write them was when she was diagnosed. So what is your view of the fact that she has the woman in the house are yet another girl from her off that advantage, that is your wife. That is your wife's death. Do you part that is your wife? She sacrifice years to make them so you're, happy now and she's at her Lois. You like item out one doses avenant as not, though is
No! Are you that our bodies, these as another girl s, does FAO the soul of the phone lines, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one? What are your thoughts? We'll talk about? A call us right now is to break. Well, the breakfast boldly. I was grown opinion on this. I can't just there man unless there and that's it. You know what I'm doing a situation is taken care of his wife. You leave little what his wife would to have his eyes in a woman is wouldn't Riley keeping him alive in keeping him alive, as was keeping be alive. So I mean I don't really have grown opinion on it, either way Amity what he said about it. He said that when we got the diagnosis amounts Sinai. He said she stopped me put her hand on my arm and she said to me. I want you to go on, he said I'm not doing, anything we did discuss any said. The other side of the coin is that
in that I am now a while with his white, the ratio. Innuendo is devastating. I do believe that be broadly tolomeo. Keep moving like you know, don't don't stop your lives because mine is at all you know and he's takin care. Like he's a primary care. You would have very honourable him. You can't take a high soothingly damage. Our summit, as you remember saying it was that a real conversation or she just say they can resist, saying nothing more motherless say she just says she doesn't know what she saying it. I'm so who knows, but my whole thing is, is be smooth created debts, that's her best Yes, he help. But you know she was the bread when she was the one that brought in a box. Him was the fashion in the restaurant. That's her bread. I undertake as his tacky to put this out there like that, but the fact that you know you taking pictures with three of them. In a moment she doesn't know. What's goin on the fact, she's, not my nose, you not out of we know for sure. She's gonna was not just ass. I was going to have on arms, you Norman nothing at all. Their own, like Mama, has no short term memory, has long
monsieur members, something that they recognise her husband. She doesn't remember that's what this husband American has been showing that was go then. Does it make a rival, It's all right, I don't know all you gotta do just take care of it already live manages by some people are different. That's how I feel my way back as key last night, I even as my daughter we wish she was told me to talk about it. She seventeen and they both agree would be like you, gotta, move all aid they think is ok. I agreed on these with a good husband. I gotta get me so I will leave you got another hour if you got the money improvement, but that is kind of the same thing again. Persons in prison That is why my group will this Jack state, stay committed to them like any, is committed to her primary care. Take her out on the what more you often emitted a facebook posts when he said no matter how much you ve learned. I've been exposed to Alzheimer's in dimension when the person you been married to for what is closing in on three decades cause you daddy and it ain't a term of endearment, but the agile belief that you are her father. You too,
a very core age as their men- and I know I know- is difficult brightened up before we took the quantity every year we go on vacation that I take my mother in law and people will ask. Why do you take additional remember anyway? Like you know, we voted by a good amount these far, wherever they should remember on the way back from Dubai. We will want to play and I guess the air pressure mess with a little bit, so she woke up issues. I gotta go to work, so Why does my mom? No, you don't have to go to work. She didn't over. My wife was just like war. You and viable I don T like them. A mom doesn't know who I am and create a point which you see me she knew I was so yes, I know it's her. And always painful, but we got Those are the moments that we remember. Damn amounted everything for me, I don't wanna disrespected into any necessarily want wishing things anyone I feel like I and some people may feel like they can't handle it and the hair. Led the way I mean I don't know good, I'm crazy about you. There has been a day.
As being imaginative Dan was in this house. What this would his wife, all the time dealing with data could drive him crazy. I'm telling you this other woman that probably keeping company had probably just keep him mentally healthy. Let's go to the phones cow. The morning. I'd better when you didn't Calvin like I have spoken about at Vienna Interview two weeks ago, and the thing is he what he was saying you can't you a line on that, but you stated that human rights to our agreement about that way, with a woman tell him to go. I move on with your life. Why that's true? they will make a big dave about that is live body. One else might see what the cause of society that we are too weak minded. We feel a bare legged, they cost what it was not always the case everywhere. They re afraid of it.
I think it s given our own opinions and how we feel every day we will never ever ever. Alas, it then I wouldn't do it. I have no idea what I will do. My wife told me she would want me to move on just you know, different opinions. Let's take you phone calls. Eight hundred five, a firewall or five were taken. You causes to breakfast club them or not morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club nephew just joined us, we're talking about be Smith now this explains to people basement If they just joined Aegina every then Darlin fastened guru, restaurant torrents- he also has Alzheimer's in Her- has been down Gaspe her caretaker and also has a girlfriend that he's moves into the home with them. Maybe to move into the whole thing. Is we re evaluate me? Let me I have no doubt was less entails. Would each other it was the other way around, but would you want your wife to do if they are, you guys ended up having US hammers? Would you want your wife TED?
move on and leave her life as well. By also take care of you, when you were heard, only take care of you know it s enough. You nanos there, like you, said earlier, you Reggie statistics about how people we care for people with Alzheimer's and usually affects them. And of dying before seventy percent people end up dying before the actual outside. This man, you and you are now wouldn't want to stop Loggia envy. I may we talk, What about allows that you have? I was told, I know a guy now as it that's. The case put me at all, but I want to be the immediate bathrooms ain't ass, while knocked off your wife last may, like you would, even though it now, when night lady was I get exactly why you exactly why we need like ass much ass ass match waves. Ass last may, like
your ass. I had exactly what you would feel it. I wish I knew I can't just there may name. Could I don't know what I would do Inessa jewish and does not he's taken care he's living winner and has very honourable diabolical. The former is leader yeah. I would you didn't live. I think is very different back what they had brought by eleven and a half ago, because he was a baby fell with a girlfriend and they go out. The equally in early thing and they begged the why we fail to produce one server deceives move here, you taking pictures with three of them in a small, and she doesn't know, what's going on the fact that she is longer than those you ve not out to win over Social on those nano shit out of me This he's ok, what we always radios in, how we know the wives they're dead. How we know do I know what you ve done about as we have the wiser dead and told them that any we gotta, except that is to have an opinion or will we think dope right below this street Tito Sabra was now when it wouldn't
May will spell out what I really think about beast move in a situation where a laboratory? I also want to marry when I made a lousy little between me and my wife. There wasn't no third person involved a separate passed today that date, our service. He gonna have to deal with them. I want, if you the Gaza, bottom line, there's no aid between in their most like a hand or anything else. Today, I see what you say, but you know little beyond as we all break in some type of as in the Bible or some type of hand, but I don't see, would demand is doing wrong. Nobody's perfect but gradually became merrier nobody purse, but just a thing. He made his bowed with his wife correction of death, throes partnership interlocutor. Big earns miles, is bad or in a vague and had made his way. You know that guy survive understand again go His wife told him to move out, but you know what we talked about this with Devon Franklin on Lip service, and he too is a God, fearing man. He had the same thing to say like those all your vows, and so it was none of them
they say that he is now better jades. Anybody ass the situation, only ten speak on himself of the websites you to move on and in what is an amendment of the rules of the wise. It look I'm in this situation. All you do is all meet our take care, Mabel, Joel, launch, Lambeth Anywhere movement, but with seventy. They live, be cool movement in another female in the house, I'm your movies, my vote, because I am going out the data taken pictures. I don't know it almost feel like you just proper rummaged, like smile is used. Maladies me like he loves his wife's Dylan he's taken K his wife, but I think it is an important conversation cause there. I saw many people there I having to deal with somebody in their family. I love to India has Alzheimer's, so these are important conversations for people to have caused. This is where life is only does disproportionately affect african Americans as well. So so what have you dealers immortal got autonomous? You know like so you and their person had favoured group for Europe. The eyrie concert together every time they came down with further that autonomous. Would you stay home from the
I started. Would you take the brazen went down with which I will take the pursuit autonomous occurs? my mother loaded to all those places. I go on vacation and I know she Norman. The next day. What has been all that money to take, because I am of the firm, you can live in a now. What a village valentine's day an arm. You had a new valuing of death that you had a new valentine, but the cancer was the same night. So would you ago obey and you knew Valentine to no one knows as you will all be really loved? His group would not doing it in no way to know me. I'm taking them. Take a mom taken, my wife to cause it. Ok, guy eight hundred feet e5 one hundred and five was. It causes the breakfast locomotive warning Everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. If you just join us, we're Talkin about B Smith, and you just explain the people who just joined us. No you're right over there. He was worried about you,
I believe we can be effective, roman you're, going down the wrong guy, I don't care, I'm dying, it almost go on. We quickly, we haven't you wanted to water down the great know now tat YE may view of the day. We will have to come here. I gotta get a new global would give us a couple days. We still have to come the word. Anyone do a nice many makes and by the way we might away you, we might ask somebody else. May, while we still play a breakfast club, drops would actually ok, ok, nine year the image you could take a longer go on without me wakes up, every judge about be Smith, now be Smith. She she added A restaurant? She was big and see their demands oases as the ass thou icon and he was married to what she still is married today and gasping for twenty six years but Alzheimer's and he has a new girlfriend girlfriend as living there
with them, even though he has her caretaker. She helps out to Russia, which is a real technical. Live care on alone shower the morning the parents, they would set minimum silent. What are you there? Actually, there is completely destroyed by four may. You are taken out in front of the Lord and commend the battery like. If you can't do that, for even if she told him the move on is, though a dozen Adam, Thankfully, the dogma once again is what is more. We brought away there was man told us what is wise they and we're safe? I don't think she said that was you. There was to have an opinion. Now you gotta stop doing is. Maybe I need to read the book they wrote together may only guide margarita. Marguerite S? gave a marketer. I would call on everyone to drink the Marquis DE, I think, very dry Blair like you in fact, replied the lad went below twenty years, the phantom money and make their life there
probably generational well built man, you I wait. The heap air there could be twenty from now. Well, anyhow, there was excess by wasn't like he was living off her manner. If you want to get away, I have a girlfriend Allison with no woman at the life out, because He was a white man, you do if you now that the bright. I think this disturbing when you want to do that, you cause he was gonna, do he's gonna do anyway by moving here in the house. Is next level are gauge their mail, but other days, I'm a lot of us. And a lot of our lives and we have an age. So we go find out soon enough. If you stay with your woman, a mayor with our time is ok Eric morning. One Then you brought on a man mining manner, gotta, go Charlemagne man, I mean you carefully job from looking from outside in o interlocutor situation. I can't believe they. What I do, what I mean like move and then the girl and it s kind of like a grey area show me, but whatever works for him. If you can keep him happy, then I say: do what you want to do what you going to do
you know what I think I think about like a bad happened in one of my parents. Our way other parents would be happy to so I I say that I will amend. Mama died. Show Europe like we are governed, bring it still be. Would avail mostly what I see, but I agree with all those who could not, but I do not like when it does affect you personally. People have their own personal stories right now. It's like appear and have to deal with another pair and who had Alzheimer's. You know you like if gears Father had to still deal with mom was your grim with her mother, then sure she will want her father to be happy and not always have to be a caregiver, and I have his own happiness because it is stressed both right and showed him. I mean it will go port move he made up one we all know and
unilateral now out of on going down a lot. I want to make sure that my wife, till he had been taken on land, now bring nobody. Now there was another storm. These we have you all to record. Ok to John believe me, Smith, in general, if they are buying the ally mecca when there's a beast. Mr De Jong, Bloom, we ve heard envy they no other man in his out now and I'm leaving. They may say it's ok with me, but why his wife to move on, I don't see. Why would warehouses like that? I mean, of course I will want to take care of me. I want to move forward our life. I can't wait to see the you know. I've made a white guy I would like to echo my way on GINO, Jane, all social media. They do to you now ass. I went and they said they IDA obey driver. When I was in Detroit and he was telling me he was having an issue where his wife and take care her, and they were together for ever and he loves there, but he was. I am ready to just like live my life. A little is they're wrong that I wanna be it that's why he was driving over just because he wanted to get out of the house. He was seventy years old. Well. I got one I like get on these dating apps and go on some days. You think that's wrong rope,
Animals are story. Goes beyond that really invested in this abrogate I mean I have an opinion on it. The way I don't feel like this is something I can really truly have an opinion on Lama. What I will do in every situation as something as really got out of the Roma minded standing having anybody has their own opinion, and if that was you, what you would do, but until that happens, who knows all right what we got rooms runaway, ok? Well, let's talk about energy, how can I don't guinea Maceda case but under the new song out and it is to- and he has some issues and the issue has is with people lifelong May, whether our I will give you that next year, locked the breakfast Club Gomorrah morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club, was, could see these rumours assault. Floyd me whether this is the Weber report on a breakfast club, NAFTA may weather had said some things about Gucci that made tee. I and a lot of people are set. But I'm let go away. You know it is. Maybe maybe
but anyway, I'm here to elaborately original comments from Floyd May, whether about Gee book controversy. I'm gonna get nobody. My thing is this: I like to live life. Do do. Would I like to do I'm not no follow? Where do we want to do it because everybody say where it is? I don't wear. It is unwilling to want to win about going to do what you said you can be observed when they re their love it I love it. I love you. I love, you know when everybody always ready to boycott a serious way. What is boiling get only yeah is Why don't you know? I'd have right by you get on a goddamn about, and you go back to where you came from now will have on this planet. Here, to put out a song and his called the f and word he said is, Where do isn't about any of the issues he or she claims to be term used in the south someone you dont like a who isn't salad when that goes against the people and against Coda prison as ignorant is and is to get dealt with accordingly, for this do pity and or business as very telling of Lord The boy will begin on both meaning had both him out
Well, here's where tee, I sang sounds like you, pay a purse of fees, for you just go way, or rather you, older generation. Have these things all live in a world. Where do you get you to focus on supporting you see the way people are taken to change your way? Tropical marketing? t argue that you there is connected with what may, whether again he pushed him before important. Then like enough, Now here's a more of the F and where song, by Ti I
the commission submitted from many people. The abbot resistance makes you a target for robbery suited, be possibly you know, people is sovereign in dad did issued out. Are you mad when you think if I make it everyday life in the prison in the budget? But let women is that we don't know they were busy day which should become a mere back over what happens. The amount is a crisis in any way as a promise. You left the proceedings, but you emphasise those and I loved get em, but here's the thing we all have to start worrying about who's, not down to cause. You gotta know what is it God or no to build the told him tell people is gonna fly they didn't listen. No, I didn't. What he was doing to call out people didn't believe he just kept building dazzle we gotta go.
Come to people like Floyd? I would give a damn. If he's not, now the boy got to people all boy, gotten us grounded in enough even has no prohibiting out it. Oh, but you know, but directive is crazy. Agri, Wichita flemish bodies and in light of the most kind boycott, Digital outrage. I wanted to take the time to adjust. Couple of issues. I am now read that you have trouble rising I around, for instance I would appeal to me. I know you re right, don't let em we gotta get both sides to relax. Why we as a people, agree to a temporary boycott of which, if a merely three months, if it was done class, so much strife. Why? When we agreed to uphold A boycott of goods, as well as all the other merchandise, have fallen at the caring ownership like why assail Balenciaga Alexander, the queen and more. I tell you. Why is because in this day the lebanese and failing artist pick and choose a had is turning topic as a means of trying to seek attention, and then he says these people are playing hopscotch versus suppose you possibly boycotting the and, if our, but as soon as possible, around? They were either at the game, watching it on tv, though insuperable parties. Last week it was our Kelly this week is Gucci people boycott for trend, but turn around
This does happen at eight, a m, a wise NFL. Again he would do you feel you could Floyd in writing. You ll notice, I know you didn't ya, you know there has been some go to where it never quite in right. It We can say that I know flowered. I write it. Why are you like here. I know floor, didn't write. It says you know who wrote it? Yes, hello, I'm not saying go daddy! How show ya tell me if you pay a dingy sheet. Job, but almost sent a blemish, Et Cetera right up onto them myself mob I re anxiety. My says that she was Loki abusing herself with her eating disorders. Ie, you know said that that the idea being skinny something that was most appealing muffin real. Yes, she said, even if we want the real from seas and when it is in full, I was always a hundred pounds. I said it's really work hard to stay petite antenna gangway into stay sample size, but then she says she saw her sub looking week. She said I liked to picture myself as it.
Drawing resilient, capable women and asked I who I saw that picture so a pitcher where she had pointy knees and shoulders, so she put on twenty pounds now. She looks great as you posted a before and after photo of herself a few months ago explaining her new view on her body image said I airlines, I've been through. So much is mentally and emotionally. Why the house, in my body, be forced to suffer from my over control ways to illegal cheesy together took her to his anti house. Well, and so, if we have something to me as it was back in May, that he had posted a before and after pictures and high gain that twenty pounds. So you know congratulations to her for make realising that she had an issue with her image in fixing that and being more strong absolute IRA I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report, but I think you monsieur Charlemagne. Yes We, even though he two hundred won't give a low public service announcement odd. If you would have to celebrate national Side Shake day. Man, others want to save you from yourself. Let's discuss, Barrett, internet makes people act. Is breakfast locomotive, you don't need to know tat
No they day Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plan, ray sipping on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay, don't be a date. Did you dumb, as you get donkey of the day today, is used for don't do that. Knowledge is meant to imply was made available. Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the donkey everyday paid shows you, the breakfast club. It's used argue the day to day, yes dog, you today, for Friday February fifteenth is everyone out there that is celebrating national chat site Cheek Day guy
Listen, first of all, grow up. Ok, black men! Don't you like me? Don't you are right? I repeat: lie repaid black men, don't she not on blacking Chicago, I brave heat, black men. Don't cheat, and I hate when women here then speak against it. Because the same way, I told you yesterday you have to speak. The things you want in your life and to fruition is the exact thing with this: the narrative is not going to change unless we change it guys. Okay, I M going on two years and foremost being psychic free random applauds me. Please I know I know we're not supposed to get applause in France for what we are supposed to be doing, but I am myself and let me tell you something: when I'm the decision to be afraid for man and not make the same mistakes. I saw so many men make, including my father when I'm the decision to say you know my father mother got a divorce twenty years ago because of his infidelity, and I saw that affected my family. So me I want to be better, so I made a choice and decision to be better and better is what I am okay now today is.
I should be in anybody with participating in this farce of a holiday, the Devil, Damn fool: why would you cheat on a date at everybody knows about? Why would you on a day when everybody knows you're supposed to cheat. Ok, your wife, these national side, she d, your girlfriend these National Sgi Day, sigh cheeks, Knowest national, tragic day today, The areas where you got is today now all the non black men who just have to cheat? always remember to cheat and not get caught. The method. Ok to cheating. If not, what hurts you warm? His feelings is to getting caught. Would you woman doesn't know about Warner? business, I've been day them all story is no day is a good day to cheat, but especially on national side. She d, you want already knows the play, you're gonna get caught, and if you do decided you still have to partake. His holiday and you ruin your life because of it. You deserve whatever bad comes. Your way, please
if everybody participating in national sides, data sweet, sound and Hamilton. Ah, you are key gay. Yeah, are there any foolish men out there really participating a national side? You can't be right, I would I be silly. Every school is right dumb come down down. It is asked how we within your right. My their premium is also with any people properly are, Goin is surely criminal, would they low side see, gone her girls, you go on which our boys was open. Before On the other hand, when you get there, the otter remain in on you, wanna play a deadly games. Moldova will remain an item. You think we don't I'm as voice
that change, voice. Call here call of duty or do you now lie in a realistic summit? Some people might be Strada, just don't care somebody might be struggling, would have adopted You not on Zan. Some people might have not let those negative things in their life. Go yet said. He still may be struggles which may need a little encouragement from us to let them know today. My brother do not participate in national psychic date. Be of pay for blackmail, so it is not a fatal. Blaming pregnancies went before so a deadly games you wanna play this manoeuvre was open, fall out of business to remain anonymous. I just want to know: does any men still participating in his prehistoric played out as holiday COD national side? She d That is why I believe the job, the Lahti Achievement twenty ninety aright. You wanna play delegate, let's talk about eight hundred have a five one thousand five one. You remain anonymous. Talk about it when we come back. If you want y'all want Delegate Michel a deadly go at breakfast locomotor
good morning. Everybody is d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now Charlemagne came up with deadly game that down it's- not a game dieting daylight when our elucidate way of yours is national side. She d and you know I don't even understand why there is still a national side a day, because I am a faithful black man. I am part of faithful blackmail community, but it is some guys who still have to partake in this. They called cheating, but why would you do it on national, citing data data at everybody knows is for yes, I take. Why would you risk? Why not right. Why would you have aside? Take it off so angry? I mean I don't know why you would want to play this deadly game and allowed people are saying that you know flowers, roses, chocolate as a lot cheaper or the day asked about. Are they My dad was gentle whatever you side should do, but what we do If he's educational, nothing of mammals, valuable thing which is time in those areas not got a whole family hopping,
we need to take an outermost in general, died away from my wife and kids. Are we they call Align Nick is participating in national day brilliant. The name in everything. Yes, you to remain anonymous. Does not only do I know you don't go. You didn't remain anonymous it down. Could you participating in national side chick? Why not but they re not so we need to pass on a kind of funding, but by what about mental health I love you, I the treadmill, One of the men mental health issue, but we feel that we have to achieve. Could you not here, but I think people hook up again at less everything made good I'll say like free but for some reason Craig had fine raving Greco, just just all feed you don't ya. He Friday,
you know what it is. When a are men, we only cheat because a boost our egos, the Eagle Booze, so you do a fine other thing, the booty going then bushy will I be in a great I've, been in a grave dago hello. This tire hundreds Nay, now am I getting is correct. You wish you a man, would indulge inside them. An aside more like, I wish you were there more like. I wish that you know you're, not email. You wish play exactly by their wish. You know, you know the risk factors. Would Charlemagne Congrats for you, but we did make there that now suicides David going off for a long time. It was always the day after Valentine's day, because, if if either the day before that without the day after that, you can be, would decide. You go unbalanced, as you would on with their third on a Friday, but thank you Monday. Ifor day after we had
this line that Travis promoting the morning. You know don't talk to me like that, cause your indulgence attic day. I dont know. Yet I want to be around and you dumb ass any remain anonymous. The dog donkey First of all, to know how you guys the date of birth One has all diamonds, we're gonna go ahead and she'd on about me. I didn't say I take her down. Was that what I regard as now, what I called you the other day this is about dry and sad and no person Charlemagne, I'm so I'm it hasn't been, not somebody I d head, That is a? U indulgences, attic data. Guess I don't know, I don't do that, but I wanted to the child, and I used to be like that. Just follow me. Would you Then all you ve got your motive. There you at the smart
on his fall. That's why I don't know you you're gonna. Let us my things. Ok, I don't think he likes you rather regulation. You love me you're, one of you, but I hate it is almost you love me less. You think so, but anyway, eight hundred five, a five five one Charlemagne has come this day, national side should be going to do it out of the fact Valentine's day. Now Besides, I gave you the day before they after you can't be, which is actually gone, Valentine so Moultrie Do this I take the day after which I think is so stupid. Could why would you want to be which aside she gone? they were. Everybody knows you're, probably which, as I take the wife between is that your woman is on a high. You had a great day here today everything was fantastic. I love him so much and them bang Bang now taking a closer, who is the beekeepers, global warning, everybody's d, J, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Ravages join us Charlemagne.
This day. National sides solemnly kind- and I don't know this been going on for years the day before yesterday, the Valentine's day is national side Signet day. That's a fact, because you You are doing that and so a lot of these dumb ass. Do you decide checks on the day? in what I think is so weird is number one means chief cheating, all ok and number two why would you beauty besides you're gonna day when everybody knows about which is actually everything you tell your grow today soundly idea lie so what they are doing, what they should they do. They shouldn't do it at all, but especially not the when we have someone into line as actually indulging in such a day, which has arisen here, this outbreak of vagueness, small, somewhat key Maria your fools. What it? What are you doing today for national scientific data? Honestly, I love beg like around November, and you know I have. I have a girl.
Together for a minute boy. We will go through and I honestly reached out at one of my he'll be out. You know after she'll be out our village, you could take were good. Today, I play an all like cylinders. Vows dear blackberry gave the girl again no real. Like me, don't you next year, flowers, man, his guys crazy, he's a decisive flower girl did. I did it, though, like I do apologise. Pay out a user noticing the pointed that out a thirty year when I was thirty, I was being done in still lie. Cheat in telling my girl about my infidelities, as if that makes it more honour lose. You now say was adding overhead our back out do. You need to have faith in you I know about you by grace is crazy.
Was not always you. I saw your indulge international scientific, deigning, yam adversary. Why am I man, because fishing on publicity, on the other by you know now, but because of my people, though they wanted, though my boy also negative Massey Sneeze, than any man Bobby and negative? You nos eleven live, my ass. Pretty now is not less. May I keep telling ya in life. Did think Did you want to happen? You gotta constantly think about the things that you don't want to have, and you don't think about it at all out you project, I gotta negativity and you say you want cheat. You girl. She was Avanti obviating avenue. Let me what you want, but I'm point I'm twenty one, Madame and colleagues on the other day do all that it none at all on this, and you know I have a lot of of being given. So unama well spread alarm bars, but a man could genuinely manner in your defence. You are twenty one years college everybody Do the whole failure jaded most women Audrey Wholesaling College, most guys go
your faith in college? Was a load differ for you? So, yes, commune. In four years, will still be here. My bank Laura Mcguinness. What's the moral of the story, guys Most story is lag mean. Don't heat seed is never win. Diego is you deserve a promise me that out of the fact, though, you think I'm being ran, I have never seen one main who had a a good wife in cheating on his wife in their life, became better notes to the worst things happen to them. I think everyone, my Father Tiger, loathing of charcoal their titles. Bromine. Listen, I'm telling you I m. Not even joking, would you two years for once in my life I have made more money. Another May in more just happy. Happiness and I've been. I took the time to start doing. The work on myself have unwanted their work in a relationship work in the relation of I'm telling you man, you will live such a much better life when you live faithful life, which your way I promise you
now I will. Let me see the morning to my wife right now, but I want to let the modem baby. I love you last night was amazed, it'll. That will let you know you don't know the resources for year which I'll be down or another fire festival. What I, It is generally long John there as a general teaser. Aren't you gonna get. It indicates teacher on organ about any gotta, be the first person you cards ahead of this whole production. I write What are you a jar? Ruth planning for the future are right. It happy birthday to claw we her mom just hit me. Oh dear me, said the baby turn eight today, oh Mamma, that actually so happy birthday they can only have reported on, rose a man who go to a black history mobile. What would it be if we did celebrate? Our already goes, the breakfast on play like wedlock as ok. It is
How does one until tell everybody out the intermodal we oughta breakfast Club Charlemagne? My colleagues is a bird waiting bird Gus oh excited, why don't you get it? I get an email and you just saw exotic. He open up this package right to show much it s. Only you gotta eat into guided. Oh man, there, I've never seen another may get happy about another man like things I have this job rules is a jar rule five to shared yet salute. I absolutely my homey vast painting it that excited about that when you just like. Yes, I got. That is one right next to me. What does plug, but this one I told your last week on the air. This is what I wanted. Ok and you know, you're on such meeting say what you ask overseas, what you got correct, oh no, what I asked for it
the picture of Andy King. If you signify a documentary and the king was asked to give fellatio for some water, so Charlemagne has a teacher, and this is fine head where then say fires. That is why I said that I wanted a period of defiance at the top and dinner had Andy's just head floating. For. I have a mellow deposit by a new anyway, in a crowd look, can we get into the room is believed to be J K, use user memorandums of America's was that with Morocco, the Reul report, the breakfast club lads our rule- was outside of the airports without delay. Ex Ante MP cut up at him, and you know as well as his own app that's kind of just like what fire was. Here's what he said
I am amazed to chaos is up. It's only a new idea. I saw that landed and we build some amazing platform in its waters. It is the most iconic. First of all that never worked, so lazy create the Cotonou agreement from all right. So a new platform fired. Point, always we're gonna. Let me just say it is not for nothing right, a quota don't cause if it was done right. Was done right out. There could have been dragging fine, they would do enough. I'm book and I got the people is only about. They just did everything else, but it could have been done amazingly too, to reach people, but those in a larger role. We now appreciate, general who you had king shut up undertake something very gorgeous.
The iconic music federal is not going for you. Ok enough Duenna, music festival, lacking Jarrow, ajar row, name in festival is not more work. Ok is issues had not too bad commercials festival. Has tried to put on asylum claim to early. Don't you start gonna, buy tickets, ineffective. That is not the same thing when the fighting their work out. People are ready to go next year. They know when it is ready to see to fire documentary. Yes, no honour. It's an hulu. Let me tell you something on their website after that they had a pole and they ask you will do you, Do you want to refund? Yes, they said, or do you want to put that money towards next year? What we're gonna do the festival again and more but wanted to put the money toward the festival, outvoted documentaries. Now before
Dogmatical documentaries, killed. Girul cannot be two phases of ethical. Neither can it barely. My enemy could be to charge me with general and Billy Knotty dead. Things done he's in jail or, whichever Jackie, I'm you to face it a festival. Now, dude. I only reform again. Why do Charlemagne invest give me those it go, get the waters automated. What gets delivered I right now. Let's talk about what when savage, he was a good morning, America to day and here's what you had to say. Bout, not wanting to reveal that he wasn't born and the United States These are what I was seven when I first came here. I knew I wasn't born here, but I didn't know like what that meant. As far as when I transition into adult how it going to affect my I went hand but his life? I don't want to get the poor dishonour
come out, and we lay about aware when boy were out. Thank both the policies broken. I feel like the way that they enforced the policies is right. It goes on to talk about being a detention centre and what that was like a May. Have twenty Nineteen years I don't feel like you should be arrested and put in place Where do a murderer? Ruby for just ban in the country for too long tell us about what the detention Centre was like I would like, in one hour day by yourself, do their concern now that you might be kicked out here. I feel like I've been through so much in my lifelike. Learn to embrace the tyres on down because they are. He's been here at that you say, and sometimes you know you go you god. I don't front of what he said
Well, let me have it nobody when savagely, so you don't have to worry there, a lot of people who don't get upon whom you left still back in the detention centre. What's your message to them, pay, and I will do everything in my power to try and bring awareness to charge against fearing that due attention things happened today, so God can work. Do you and I did so- a genuine samsonov phase of illegal immigration away meet melody is a prison reform. Irena life, Jennings posted and disturbing picture than social media morning I that, as soon as I walked in here, it's his ah all scratched up, and he said I think, is safe to say she didn't like the gift. Ella. Well is crazy. Then he posted Neither do I themselves grass episode this, how my Valentine's day, where, as they make you, don't wanna, even see my neck, but trust me when I say never again. If you have revolt. You can see very, very reminiscent of boundaries and Michael
compared to my man, nor Michael blithely, the comet. Damn you allow a mess with the same shaped like me plays whom, as it is a serious when a maggots, assaulted and serious, I right now, Katy pay and Orlando Bloomer engage Congratulation Sudan that happen Valentine's day. They both just posted, heard zoo. Eleven and what it means there You know Ireland above now he's not black. Think about, nothing about a landowner. Other grazing land who are raising It's a great wave is a crazy man. You don't wanna be very dear there's. A crazy Linda would read every by ok yeah yeah genetic outline. What reason either gimmickry area like gave way doesn't show thy what had happened in women? Why not our land Abloom he within are the rings, you guys know no water. We do not hold amateur ya, think he wasn't. He and I want to say the wrong will be, but I ask you to pay that I was going.
Power to the Caribbean, the masculine and later police training. Here, then, black hawk down. Try the dream: all normal Middle EAST Betty. Gonna mammals. Underwear I find that the Caribbean never wars to them. They have raised pain or loaded with John. It happen customs well, gazed f? Why I to them, oh now. You know that you are that now and I'll blow me Those are my background. Mares eluder, Lando Brown and shady prayer put engagement. Travellers, though May I remind you, came out their peoples closures are not our megabrontes gravy without delay came out and we they was chasing them.
Cameroon is universally anyway that, as you know, my bird flu Babo Madeleine Albright. They are a gay below our right and our legs. Your brother's bounced back Bessie, remember- and I just want to give a thank you to eighty anti. They just named me as a future maker on energy men. Black twenty eight list, which is all about doing things for the community, and you can also be named on that list. Anybody can such issues that has eggs remain black on your social channels and talk about things, you're doing to make a change, and you could be on it the two, and also when a trip to allay set to everybody that they ve named on that list. So far like Big Mensa, Kiki, Palmer Quality filing a wave a lot of people shouting chronicles bonds and less favoured areas? Now? This has taking a black immunized, though my daddy's, the wherefore agency, and have eighty eighty now also Bobby I will get into people's choice makes before we do. Let's get all the way and we are playing on winner somebody
big Vietnam allows HIV later, so I'm in the name of Orlando Brown and Katy Berries, natty age, too low millinery Le Celebre vote will see you guys onto the Eagles Monday's presidents day. Some show you play some replay right. Maybe we don't know what they can play. Anyway, to people choice mixes up, national we'd go back on a Friday. Let's go the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club is black. His three muffle be doing today, February fifteen. In do you know who was born on February, fifteenth alma, Rosa Manny go in of a being are also Mangold body. Less celebrate this new black history moment from a new black history: legend, not sister edge right. Do you remember when Amr Rosa got fired from the White House Library? where's. Your memory, the breakfast club, presents a new black history month. Legit. I wanted to talk about a black vote to buy Brook, I'm gonna get you can do and what a preliminary April in Samoan are two good of people to do, and that should not be how for a minute,
I'm leaving! I already, and I get a problem by honey. You have never everything in their community. You are involved, we don't own. You lags DORA goodbye rate and good do any allow as love. You know. I have my love for you, but you know what had I delight in anyone's demise line demise. I wish I had a bad that and that with another new black history month, legends courtesy of the breakfast club allows a great moment have borne the emerald a crab boy day, big o right now, when we come back, we catch a positive note or moves to breakfast locomotive. J envy Angelo YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club. Now Otto forget who all the breakfast level be in Charlotte for all star? We all do different things I'll be out there today. I think I have six shows this whole weaken and o ye has Couple of Charlemagne be out there as well, so showed us a hollow. If you see us the automobile
the mountain do NBA Asta activation awesome, a door in a day we do in life What we would like me goes, you gonna be out there. Russell Westbrook dwelling be Mama. Homey Asia, Wilson from South Carolina out Omnia, may amount due NBA activation I'll, be there tomorrow is surely right, yes, array and also forget! You know me and my wife to annual pie CAS live on in February, so we do on Monday is present day. We have also been in New York City era. You wanna come on out with OPEC Ass, each and every February. We do at last Sony only horse, hopefully, will see you Monday night. A show me your yes so today, Friday, and you know I go to therapy on Fridays. Man and it is already weakened, so allow to reflect. Inhabitants. Banality weakens for whatever reason, so I don't want it. Everybody out there that there is great
and our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. Ok, us for everybody S, boy to decent, dare painted pay private, Vivian Yonder. I am Oscar Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your part cast a low this Robert and you were listening to my voice, which combats trust and respect. Guess what
my part gases back and that's a wind for everyone. If you're a long time, listen to the show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light entertainment. I contain multitudes find the wrong burgundy pod on the eye, radio, app apple pie, guess or where ever you get your pockets.
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