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TUE 10/11 - Beanie Sigel stops by The Breakfast Club to dish on his side of the Meek Mill/Game/Philly fiasco. He and Charlamagne get into a difference of opinions and one of them attempts to walk out...

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So I shall again like a mega voyages took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe, say some Muddle USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo League inner ear, the yes. Indeed, gentlemen, was path in peace to the planet. Is too it's Tuesday. Another day I wish my book cover all day yesterday.
Oh kettles, blasphemy dammit know what a book about food, my guide, Jonathan Mannion, it would be utterly next year, all at all, let be out soon Press releases Autobiography DORA as more like this is. This is more like a self help Look at those allow us tat was going on in your life because you know, No, we read already felt how books like you read like the forty a lot of power. You know that mastery by Rather Marina, like Magua allies? They use Ali's historical references to reinforce you know their points. I'm just using my my life experiences and things. I've been too in my life. A director reinforce my points just, that I've learned along the way. Low journey of my share with the people in. Nor do you I took my Sunday now football. My daughter in her piano any practices older to actually took him to the spot. I let them get massages
It was the first time at age, twelve and fourteen at they actually gotten the size eyeing him offers besides now about twenty to twenty three, but they were able to get there. Besides, they love adopted Son Madonna Sunday. First with eyes. Yesterday, fourteen it well, did you make a girl massage it got a guy they're, almost sound motherhood, Messiah. Now I know you will both at the Messiah followed and did it like the same moment each other so we enjoyed it. I was the first time that evidence that evident that a really wipe out of binding on their good at monkeys at its body, Daddy Senegal, weighed anchor rejecting it. We should allow daddy. I need a mistake, or there was little can give them. Then after it was like we just sleep.
Only nine. As the last item now git. Will you tell much its own, but everything of value, one of your brain for donor. You go almost I'll, get a job when used properly, I think about when you're young and you get there and things like a man and a petty. Then all of a sudden you thy man in a manner tat. He had set my God or to get him any petty, her first, when television she was six minutes. I couldn't get it s about right, mother, eight should give manicure procure you can never teach a young lady mountain thanks as now other time she's like mad to go, get a man patty and many petty them when she goes her mom, she said when I would ask we do have to wait, that's funny. I want to be able to God they got massaged, isn't a facial. They will. They were really excited about it. First I was. It was good experience. This watch out mean I would walk in and out just check. I want to make sure that the Ladys were doing anything innovation. We know in what was going on. Freedom has just recently, and that of MRS who comes to my house, oil and asthma, sad and I'm taking a stupid and go into despair
the higher. The mighty becomes your house and do anything. Depends on how much the hundred alleys there was by the hurricane ass you are rich, got misuses commonly are correct, I think that what I say I got me a knife, low, massage envy membership, ok, guys title, might, I know, don't worry. Ammonia is move because I got one over the other planets sergeant meat is another one new elements. I'm a banana my ellemus day them. Assizes pointed out. Minus forty nine dollars on what you pay a modest sum, Japan Mythology and we all around the country. No matter where you ass, you see on one leg of fainting elements, elites, nice, low frankness, two years ago, more than once what do you want a muffin membership in a month s answer. You didn't ninety minutes. Investing yourself. A general ban form assumes broke panic, as is one in Brooklyn, and I everytime I try to make an appointment. It's always are, but as always, but is always about where he's kind of a massage
and should be a member. Is you guess again, animal nomadic everytime I caught they don't have I'm a member or not? There's nobody asked you he's a married man called I care when you begin to put me, I wouldn't have any blown early on. Oh a junkie when you got money, we're looking to show crack in front pay. Those who organise. Let's talk about Billy Bursley tells you he got suspended from the today. Shall I tell you where they had to say about that as a Columbus day? Was it yesterday and a man accede drove through? Crowd will tell you what happened and beanie see who will be joining us this morning over Russia may answer ass. He got a got. A lotta clear off. His chest, of course, is a lotta been goin on would be deceiving him and meat meal him and gave him a Charlemagne. Pays Bobby, not after all, vandam, beanie, Garcia. Oh, I am given about the ninety nine point. Nine and I listened to the nurse and entreat us right now. So this was the one Don T need any person. Curzon MIA talk: ok iraqi black breakfast locomotor, his free.
Another morning. Every body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news now in baseball player financed. We, the Dodgers to take her to one series, led the Indians of the Red Sox in three gave now. The blue Jays play to cooperate with us, as by the level of these will pay the full days. Next, what can you play? The blue Jake's next the cub loss at a giant but still have a two one series led now no fell Monday night Football, the books beat the Panthers seventeen fourteen at the Panthers. I think also be adobes quite away. Depends is gonna, be tried before the seas and even started. Did I remember came out with a concussion when the Thursday I told you can be dressed, for he had of late we gave up can go into him the last game and it does not about the deeds were now under. My Dallas cowboys afford one of Jerry Jones in always
you're, talking like twenty Roma will be awkward about when you come back when you dislike they'll editor, J Jobs, so really Bush, yes, Billy Bush was suspended from the today show. He was absent from the morning shall, after his involvement with down on Trump, and that's, who thousand five videotape where he was conversing back and forth with Donald Trump about groping women, were they did say that he has been suspended indefinitely and right now they said that all the staff as an embassy has been deeply troubled by the tape with surface on Monday and finally, but was first published, as we know a later on in the week. Ok, so I was actually see that Hillary Clinton is narrow, leading by double digit is, after all, that, which is a great thing That's a great it's just a maiden Billy Bush got suspended for rhetoric that we add that I use on a daily basis. So may they re job
not one include barter, medium height, the whereby the kindest, let anything crazy happens. You never know where people can bring up and advise and when necessary, anything that you could potentially regret later on, and this is a grey lesson for everyone be transparent it if it is weird, would Donald Trump though, because he's not a politician is probably so much started. You can. You know dig up from the past fifteen swam damaging raina right now, he's done a lot of dirt on Bill Clinton. Every time they bring up anything he says It is the bill Clinton did that if I was done whenever present about don't, I will just say I wasn't a politician begbie. I had no political interests When I went on, I was there, so I talked filthy near the problem, and that is that nobody wants a president, especially as as a woman who actually degrade and speaks about women, and now I wouldn't
to be president of the United States, but about women's right now, just limit my hour now. Let me tell you about this. This weekend will just another brick in the wall of bowed. Is their Donald Trump had built this though absolute come on, I said about the Columbus day what happened Columbus Day, where there was a group of activists who are protesting Columbus Day as a lot of people who should have been and a guy accede Java pickup truck through that group of activists that would really testing loses had five of them, as have once it has been made on the matter. I rights are apparently he had. The group was under the arena eyes. They were posing for a photo went to men in a white Nissan pick up, stabbed ripe for us what they had some, whereas exchanged, and that's when the man in the truck drove through the crowd, definitely a hate crime. The right to Peaceful II programme has absolute if you so choose, and if someone objective that keep moving out no good NEWS, one Jesus Christ ever have a green tea. I drink, my green Jews am a protein drink. It Jesus Christ,
all right. What side of Body Donald Trump, eight hundred five, eight five one, I won't have you upset, you need event. Call us right now, maybe need to get some things off. He chess, maybe night, bad morning, whatever it may be, for lines wide open, eight hundred five, eight five far one call us up right now, Tell him? Are you mad is to breakfast locomotive? The breakfast club, How do you know what makes you mad with fulfilled can have that's why you may want to break with pillows is no my way cells so depressed, bro cuz, my grandmother, justice Why don't we get to the funeral? Doesn't sound Sunday, we have no money to buy my car driver, car there, my grandma in New York and I live in Atlanta, but their powers and the like a traveling guys, a new car Am I not me?
not if not that them up in a minor make, is definitely not make love you're grandma funeral is on Sunday. This is a national aid, is what you do. You email annually at breakfast club, am a gmail dot com and provide proof of your grandmother's deaf and provide prove a funeral now fly you didn't you go on all of them. I'm a rather candidates that guy here my boma body out their waited and it is not about to. People now would have announced notice. It is rather start menu of lava broke. What I owe you a do. You can do it. If you I mean I'm not back and act in a bag and others observer email breath is clearly and I take it out, we need to see how to details and I wouldn't insurance on both dim tickets. Let me that a flight get my money back about poverty,
why? Don't you go to your grandma funeral and take no selfies were dead bodies? And now you know you know when we will not be restarted well drafted at this type of rubber gabbler, shout terminology brilliant areas, everyone they. Naturally I with a list of all tat. You need to know no stop listening to vital binding thing is converted into a vibrant, gabbler job. So the way you man, I don't, you find a far below five once eda- ended all some positive man. Second, at these flights re now look at this hour Sunday. We ain't got a name all up right now to Nepal. Is I've been easy? Google Kurth me out this morning. Facts are no facts. Seventy five percent of people say facts twenty five. People said no fat amber facts at woozy around eight hundred fatty firewater. Following tell him, are you mad at breakfast club alone? The breakfast club
was one dance morning mourning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. Now Charlemagne. You sit here by two flights for a young man had stuck in Atlanta trying to get horizon number to fly them by him of light, and I remember the lowering of light now. I'm a manoeuvre, Lithuania, OECD, infinite, and we need to make sure that its legitimate. Let me know people be scam and audio people in each ere. He will tell you they grandma die. They Mama die. I may be allowed to make me feel better shut up. Ok, well, is this what you just got a band of Liberia, whereby the money that on this day is nine and eighty seven dahlia butterfly, was lighted a now we I haven't come in on Saturday in Albania. Siegel will be joining us in a low bit. Yes, out of my previous above lunacy, gardening BBC could be out. His sound like a hate have not been used, is greater Peyton on meat meal. I don't see any for him to be really come at me. Ghana, they debt is in a very snake. Is that He was in the studio Megan in eight days later.
He will do this in a more tax. Don't buy gas, although we locate, albeit in a little bit, was that I got the pull up online right now will be any single cross me out this mornin facts are no facts. When we see what we I would Irena, it was seventy five twenty five a little while ago, right now it is not at all. Even could I say yes, Anti says yes, I do not oppose it will be to have a pistol, would imagine it four hundred and thirty two votes. Seventy five is in fact twenty five percent, no facts there. We have a pistol. And what are you talking about? Some of the worst got my now biggest Dubai, and we are about Roca tomorrow we ever was unaware you, yes, we can talk about another record. Their Drake has Ok he's always breakin. Sometimes a record would tell you why he holds record also Amber rose dancing with the stars. She is under some pressure. I will give you an update ok we'll get into all that when we come back, keep it locked to breakfast locomotive so breakfast
with Angela Club, where there's a lot riding on this. Besides therapists, who is going to be testifying as early as today and the dairy grows. Alleged rate case is a separate case now Jessica. Kendra growth is the Messiah therapists who's up to testifies earlier today and she's friends with the accuser. So basically she say that he accompanied the accusative Derek roses home in Beverly Hills and added the alleged attack and she's. Also this up the subject of why it might be a mistrial. Now the attorneys as saying that the accuser acts
deleted a text message that she sent to gravity about grabs. She said she was mad at me Bay, why? You have me, bring a bids and you ain't fin net at her. That's a text message that the accuser sent to Derek rose about the Messiah therapists, who is her friend so base their lawyer? That aid is contradicts her claim that as she didn't, I consent to the sex that occurred with direct rose and his co defendants less than two hours later at her apartment in downtown allay. So basically, what she's trying to say on her behalf is that she bought the women just to give the both of them aside, as he had just grab. From his eyes therapy school that was her friend and that was the reason for bringing her say all complicated as a jewish sounds very last summer in Sweden who yesterday Ngos, I can't believe Charlemagne would get on a radio and say that sometimes consent isn't as simple as yes or no. This is
our group this example is. This could bear a complicated situation where I guess what they are trying to say on behalf of Derek roses. Lawyers is that she deleted that text, that first text message, so it should be a mistrial, because the accuser was deleting messages that looked incriminating on her behalf. So we'll see what happens when you take the stand, but we will keep you updated on. What's going on, proper are right, the two thousand sixteen american music, a word now nations are an and guess who has the most nominations. This reactor drink Drake has thirteen nominee Threeg mortal Bianca, which is a record from most in a single year, reactionaries Michael Jackson, when eleven nominations back in nineteen, eighty four, so Jake is still breakin some of the other, eliminate hunger Abbe ass. I got for nomination relief,
Yes, how discuss discussed eliminated deserving of a double digit nomination? Mariana got seven nominations. Adele and Justin Bieber got five ambient they and attain smokers got for nominations. Each night may be. I think, Drake are gonna, be competing. An artist of the year, along with a dowry Anna, the weekend enormous area grand day. That's that's gonna, because no matter linkage, movement, Renault's cortisol, could be a taboo buyers with big Bianti would win that category. Ok out of the air. He I think so. The other body just name. I think so, but congratulations to drink on his dirty nominations in bright erect grumbled about Bobby? I write dancing with dad. I know you haven't been keeping up. That's why I'm going to keep you updated on? What's going on now, Amber rose was feeling the stress because she thought she might getting that eliminate today our shepherded bad Leslie Natural. You gotta, watch it and see what you think I was in it. I mean
she's, gonna, say yes or no to be so complicated issue, good, an avatar with difficult the best person I ever saw dancing with the stars with negotiating her, but it's not bear could she's a professional dancer. I ask you again: I rose business hours, Ambrose every professionally, enhancing, whereas this is not the best people western her by Europe, it is not. Every day, because you dance resilience chicken is, I want to be able to work better and do things like that. That's fail. I she could events like those high expectations because he was a dance, so she could it she's, all right, but she's, not limited matter, will call you to hold no likely american Idol Damp Loadstars American got talent, You do not have to be judged on their shells and the Santa be honest about what it is at that because he was a dancer that she would be so she can be allowed for more
fluid in her move maintained. As soon as we run. I she's. Ok. If she spoke the book I mean, if you compare it to the rest of the contestants, she's, not bad, but she's, not known, kosher, singer right! Well, there last last night, what did theme was with an important time in your life and for her. That was two thousand thirteen that was the year that she had Sebastian. Ok, Mary but before she actually had to perform, she was breaking down. Take it out on the lake, bears hard adverse and school, boosting the storage of waste, and they have your line, maybe you'll have to turn round music ways. You go from beginning to be just like you didn't reversal inspire you got that like like what you read stories about and get this done. What does haven't heels on on a Sunday have to do anything. I guess you think it makes a dancing even hearted ass. He s doing heels on which work relate to
No, of course, as he knows you, the magazine, you just saying anything is Sunday and I haven't you pay you. You know you see little Kay. The latest data wowed is random. Is that when you talk about the good thing is that there was no elimination and next week people would actually be serving as a judge when they return next week by one of the most emotional ones. This past week was race. Car driver, James hints, Cliff nap. You guys remember this. He actually was an index cards even encourage ivy almost lost his life last year when he crash into a wall it over two hundred miles per hour. You remember when I happen. I right that's. When the car disintegrated assured impaled in his upper left eye, it struck an artery and, according to his doctor, he said he had to replace all the blood in his body three times over.
Saved his life at the hospital, so he actually had a score of twenty nine out of thirty. While I right- and that is your room- a report I may Answer- they gave us what dilemma rose to. Have you can walk in the sledge Walkin heels, you can dance with the stars and heels showed her body was breaking down. It's just will show broker ever you said you wanted to do the same with the stars are absolutely would remember. You were like. I need again on their lot, would do it, we would. Definitely vote for you every one day, as we know heals all on a Sunday, but I would definitely but about Saturday should apply, We come back, Beanie Sigel will be joining us, will kick it with Beanie Sigel. Of course, I didn't say about the poor got the pole of right. Now is Beanie Sigel, going to curse me out this morning. Seventy six percent of the people say facts. Twenty four percent of the people stay know facts doctor. I will we need internet will. We come back or clear by everything with the beef with him a meat meal. The game was going on in Philly him, Let me in the face life would be anything Nobody here I will get into that when we come back, The breakfast locomotive
that was beyond say with sorry morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Yee Charlemagne THA, we oughta breakfast club. We got us pursue, guess inability, baby single model. We now have asthma opinions about each other over the past month or so hard unionized by gas. And then you know how I was questioning you would you would you disregard madness? I sound like a Haider lately, man ere, I said it could, I feel, like you know you can put out. New diss record with the new, was in the studio with me like, like eight days prior to the first diss record, and I'm like, if anybody they do not. Then you make me say now the sucker moved out. Thank you qualify even say I sound like a Haiti, because you don't wanna particulars. So are you? Are you qualified see, I'm haven What one why I'm telling you may not? Why? Why why? Why do you say I'm here, because you know,
Everything is that used to be me, and I used to be in that position. When did you have? I am he said on TAT for gas absolutely uses. There you are you care about it to me, was, could be a fact. Used to be me. People come up to me all the time you say when you was in that position means thing was better. What am I gonna do deny sat, does does a halo or me given some advice to some. My removal deaf did you did you? Did you not also hear me say I don't want you to meet the same. I do so much damage school is a mighty was sound and I gave a thousand. I got no disrespect, but then you disrespect them up Let me just for me personally, you say meat now, really like all meet, not a real person. He never been.
The screen does call by like eight days prior using a studio would await. You saw what it that's. Why didn't you say and back like I told people, don't let the media should mean and make up your mind you warm bath and which you just see. You don't know what commissaries transpire before that, what a venture transpire before and I got sable flab jump out the window with some by weight, even walk out the door. You got to prove yourself, bro! That's what I meant by that like if you got into something you come and get me your we got to go, do hola, because I know what I'm adieu to arrive are you know they grew
because it's bigger is is beginning, is big in that particular person is for the city, I'm from a city in a hole, so he's a part of it. A very important part of the city- and it is not by me hate only of we totally. What will you do? Some man is like so like a sable flat job all away out and one because I know what I'm adieu one another level like is too low. To say it. Ain't about music is about that is about. So what exactly was the main qualified to ask me to question you and qualified to get there s brow, let less rewarded the guy. Then came a pin, and you know you didn't a disregard. Gonna meet, and there we heard a meek reckoning. We heard you on record that we do that and you I think the world today. She would jump and wit, meekin install into a go at a game. So what happened? And why did you jump on at record from a? But you gave a cool,
because, because is music man, disgusting body gay and make smooth I'm not going far from it? But then game said a few days later. You caught him in a while ago, known as both call wept when a foreigner, you can't get a move on my question.
Them is you stand and all what you say, but I wanna keep reiterate miss because I've got a clarified. That was conversations was going back and I ask you: is this rule because can get straightened out on a different level? Rather so you say stand I will gladly landed at, but no one game come back in his life. Yo we gotta do is now we got well, and I mean you didn't want to people and what Maggie you didn't have been seen. So when I see always the sunbeam issue, the unborn boffin slaughter mob right with the wreckage bearded. We see you at the council and people assume that you are how
right wraps. Did you go right? In ITALY, there are fewer new above meek, and normally I mean just as does the whole situation seen shake. I know you say I'm not qualified as regards mother, I'm just observe in it, but it just seemed like no loyalty which you lies, will provide new opportunities to get the guy's. Provide me with one or two who provide ample opportunity. He call me asked me to do that. I bet there are to meet when even me with Diesel Melians studio us allow guardian Do you know me call you to get to know the one who pass some, I told me nor TAT, make
Are you a million a studio they require? Some are goin audits, which I don't have anyone. You know Ex Swazi hoping that value added his brow say this. I went in a refugee track way and I just kept their part in there. What my vote to bar sounding things holds barred. Maybe the bar chose kappa voicing bragging or phone call MAC come out. Comrade do that then angle, they understood the. I went to the studio was the situation, but is it true that you said you you'd want to get next to him because he was a return, your car butter by car sort of some money. See my way. I might see what about that. Guy dazzled, maybe like that Conniston, real snake, if you wanted him, not a lot, not not wanted to like them
call Dave you if you listen to it the show that he had that people want him to do. It was when I realized it why you didn't want to do it after the fact I was Navy, was snake, is no one. I didn't hear the money to buy followed. Her there's always lead to notice me a racket. Show me how crazy you know out in here. So you know. Reckon at all, then all ok to tell you about so you shall maintain raw with me and do we want a boss aware and then is happening? You walk me why the gradual? Ok, so we notice that today s death
Vegas now. Look what happens because, like you said, is very Siegel. Ninnies met right. We thought it was beanie signal. We toto was rap, then you do a performance and somebody steals the now now. Where is it now because is no longer Nay man listen now more rapidly and unqualified idea. That is as a rather vague I don't want to see wireless between brothers, but are also the Beanie Sigel, be the good at we ve heard he's been all these years budget. Now decide me like we all grow. Now. I want to see that the way to this day. I'm a moon had I'm a man. If I was going to do with mad what'd, you do you know workers from me- and I shall mention only union- see me a hole in the wall. Absolute unexpectedly, that's why I was sad that somebody would test you unfairly
there have been any body guy anyway. We really, but I was surprised by yourself fully because we're I've seen you win win back in the day the Rockefeller beef in the Rockefeller mix tape a viewer by yourself, you had a MAC going, or you had thirteen it? So what as they probably when I was surprised that you were bias,
knowing that you will go Monday and knowing that he was the knowing what what what he's harmless, don't mean armies. Arms is more about due to dig you got into it. Harms see see you that you only see and what you saw yes in a transparent manner, so as to improve forthwith to let you down Tele six, for he was trash, Panama, Saddam Basmus setter. Let every opportunity to which you would you want to do in my face S own where you get off my back, I can't get that often face and the situation sticky, because it's close is like it. Ain't like it was one of me who's. This is family either way you choose the word it or whatever you want to say. This is as it's too close man, Well, we got more would be me Siegel when we come back, don't go anywhere is to breakfast locomotive
The breakfast club, There was no only made us more everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain God. We oughta breakfast club now, beanie seagulls the buildings Clare and of some things is clear enough? His beef are league mill also, and the game nationally, you ain't about the rabid, defend innovation of the rabbit. I let people do them, as is now my you bought my, I gotta you gotta say, was politically correct, I'm off! Never I don't I don't I don't I don't care,
like to be honest with you, I said not changing to the evolution of the thing when it is one thing out of this whole situation that I appreciate the fact that bars are coming back here for you that when you said the reckon I was like this is what the game has been missing and not just what you would make makes bitter freestyle of Flex. That was don't games bitten like that's what the game is permissible. Cars and people like really potent thought into the lyrics, and that's the one thing that there may be safe. I'm glad this happen because I have heard from beneath the waited I wanted to hear from being years. You said you owe them No disregard them. Now you are like a yet. I was those were far from massive. Let go you may make sense when you put it all together, you know what did he say on the flax they never really pissed off.
Can I get you must stop paying gang ought now to what a dragon promoted. People want a game. Davis does not plan armor sucks. Always somebody told what Can you come with three hard when you going to mean that, because it was like the situation that happened a half, I got every right to say you know what and do me and you ain't going to be able to stand that man, these new through you bodies on yourself, though by me now do you meet if you, if you know, if you save me quite real to this whole time, you know you wanted
it. Don't matter no angel happenings mother because in the music been the same rule, so obvious sorting about Meek, Z from Philadelphia. That's why he represent Philadelphia, eat a voice for fully right now. That's why that's? Why we're running? That's why you like a tardy down flat with the bad but garlic well, if this facade chairs is, is evolving on anyone going on a more that biogas and keep repeating that in reality, though, make us, because the is because the incidents that occurred. That's, why I train of events, if it weren't for that- and I want it did. You know my vote and after that data was bad, a conversation after the whole game it seemed like a often failure. After an accident again thing we had a conversation and when that conversation transpired uses both over the following year was over the phone. So now you ass an honor. If I felt
Staying in my heart was young and I got there will be. No music may understand, one, be no music, but you know fillies always had the reputation. John- can get along with like right. Now the Egypt proven that point battles All we are talking about you Annie by windows. You see, like money, are going it alone. Let's talk about New York, dont people, beef in the actual choice, have national. So can you York alone. No, without I thought I d make it without people destroyed New York. Ultimately, well, that's all! So what are you the game from the situation that gain. I guess will yield for this to accomplish what an accomplished when water, more coming you'd Oji Soviet Oji targeted a young, a new hope for meat to its gas from now from our absolutely
I've been our conversations prior to honour the wall is given a manager or make the mistake said the rat do feel like he's approach of airline passenger. Like he's a well like, I don't know, why did we think there, but the biggest easy target blessing people body. So many people have gone a meek. China knock off his character from where Mary anywhere you don't you haven't you got what you got delegating from the Latins rabbit you, if you ask me off the steps that come from the air when checking back where I think he bore and upon himself, if he gets destroyed, I dont have a Korean a couple years that hurts to Syria fairly. Now don't lotta dues and fully to happen rack and it just be a door open for Somalia The council did not think me that a lot of thought you look like you. I am online with some noble bees Wade Movie so set languages. Harp and one day we disease where there was we're whole world,
now, with me personal, don't ass, there was person, explained that already it ain't, nothing bout, it didn't go. My personal some between me and my brother laugh familiar family. Will you think things that were true to say? Why would you do that? People? Look at you like out of You trust me, you can't trust, because it seems like you just flip, I'm a man about make to trust somebody You know I'm not going back. It was true using a studio, meet ain't they prior there. We do it in that this incident. But you knew you wasn't right. You said you weren't, you didn't think he was real when using to deal with him, or I put it like this. Congo is ST makes absolutely no. I don't want carrying. Put therefore call on you noticed. Toys was day. Danish beatnik body, part of part of their finger was slots penitentiary chances. He put the call, and I was there, strap tooth and nail
is he a part? Our fame silencer now know that, don't you know how you know how these things, because you know why, because you not from their cloth I don't get you not that's why you understand. That's like the USA, as am I not a screen It's an somebody now real in a sucker at the difference in their three create a real kindly when you portray yourself. Louise you portrayal, softened and light like you want to all away right there. You don't got the drawback so understand that light it on mad. If will persuade could be a square but that's my may bear square. My man and we play video games. That's what I do and I want to come and not sure what if we got a problem, yet stone call square essential, fail young, adopt that as women do under the title VI, like somebody Albert into his most your character. That's the truth, though, your care that eyes at that
Live too short to be wasting time was up goes up and we think is a salami. I think you're sucks. So I should be outright guess yeah. I wouldn't. Let me ask me personally: I wouldn't it Gaza is what you see here. You are back a little girl, oh mamma. She cried ass, which you didn't call me and you talk to each other tat. You d get bigger hypocrite, anything what you want, then. I beg you become involved with the aid of some time things. You warfare Well, we got more would be to seek. We come back, let's get into a little beanie Siegel many mix. Let me know your favorite beanie joint is to breakfast logo There was a little beanie. Siegel makes moaning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast Club, Beanie Siegel, is in the bill. The now. What's next view, musically ass, it did not go on commodity, is inadequate and that in and next what I tell you it's good, because
we have heard Beanie Sigel, while in latin these kids, don't noble, Beanie Sigel is, and how is it One law is a true you gotta stop in between south and between bars in English to us, but we can t even with your voice in the world She's, not the same that bother you at all cuz, it's not that same music from me cuz. I didn't embrace that I'm used to going to boofing bumper for five minutes straight. Well and had a lot of weight on me at the time was role night this my voice, I couldn't hear me, sound in the certain. Where I couldn't hear me, and then you know I just have him brace this will lose. This disaster even now, when I use bit, I have to get over the voice. Does it ain't the same demands is used to and you legalism bars at the same bars, but not the same voice
the council, the music hang on. Never change like I've been to too much an average person. I get into trouble but I've got those things you named about four elements he was suffering from. When you Berger that not make you want to say you know what they want. The calm down on his greeting, not at all, because you said I you saying that, because the incidents that occurred by any right mind, was Nay Street in front of me a square I intend to do this. Even when you reside something up, you ever granted that discreet thing not that you cannot have elaborated on asylum married someone get out? They won't kill me whether we need to make a distinction between relish Greta think us into the wrong message to the kid. I think that there has to be criminal and be a real and you can be.
My light, whose real individual to himself. He does a justice, whacked, husbands Disney. That's me, I see you you, Iraq will be useful. If I was to be someone else told you wanna alike growth. I like to see people of all ages whack when you stay in the same place and looked at me that they got the while you look corny. Will you see Overall, we can you see the picture that with policy was a jar. Rue DE makes the whole damaging What do you think about daggers you been around and see all these debts gone now holidays? I'm scared. There. You see me Jane on Visa list of your target, some nor commanded at all, because they enemies did bad boy.
What you told me you will make a comment about the young rob was to you. Don't think you should just like KGB kids, because somebody let you'll be ok. I want some. I need to talk some I need to get a more direct about it. I don't raise dreads, whereas women like men when they started on people and begging, daylight doors Clinton different, is good, but it is good and we'll get to the point where, as though, as believe, I shall have to explain to my son why to link is, and once you ve asked him at this point to my son, People were men is when you you wanted it. Would you want to explain it to you, and I want to explain to us why those on the ground will guns evil. We saw you on the ground with two guns. Up like from innovation, Chrome, they should made me. The one is good at our communication, things packed them writings.
What gives clothes you weren't? You did they probably clove online? I remember envy date. Will you said he got? The law compartments the hygiene guidelines and hygiene, though I can put it that that that looks crazy and when you think lie shown it will serve as a model, is a widow. Is the new private companies and are you staying independent? Oh you saw what was that was the future for babies. You double she d as major. Come now get back to the music to decide the laudable
it's a case super, so it would have caused when Lego, MAC Sattler Squash this, but the Falcon and President Obama is just a simple easy, but they were did you and your mother? You? You still think you not real he's a sucker. You keep saying that you are not going to. Let you put words in my mouth. You keep a girl is how was your mom? You said that Garlic Yuki why you keep heart than ordinary everyday life? Oh don't talk something that, because you want what you want, if you say you want unity, stocky doin at man, don't stop now my brother, because confusing to you, because you don't know the severity of the city? Where have you know? to have our you, no notice of vanity at a situation in which it those two how its inclusion will see when I see how? Nor am I not pick that corner but we'll see
I mean how to be a better mood. That'll be the smarter move for me. I want to walk a track and it's Amaya prison the rest of my life, I want to do that so that it be were mainly see. We should do, and I said I got what Madame Duval would be seen. One do exist, and I was curious it did. You speak to game or drink like one of those things like his averse, but now hasn't been. That way we may The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I got no, no non candidate. Man that's been suck. I couldn't do that. I see how to play out. Ok, you went takeovers and regal aversion game. Gonna meet. That's terrible. Molly Connie and as some boys, all Anna might be good. For me, I'll know about gang dummy, but draped basting. What do you think you're going in the stuff. You know my lab,
there is an ally, Anybody can be any by music. I know our conversation with game aware was stand out as it were, not qualified people But you can understand how can he wouldn't big words Do it all the way salad? You may not think back when you not qualified to arrange an old personality may that from our world you'll come for. You wouldn't understand. Why were you come from my world human and about them? Now I've come off, and I don't want that money of Shit is dangerous, is dangerous. Its muscle, my would walk. Police is dangerous. Attempt the murders and hide a mockery is dangerous. You'll know nothing about
My love should appear. Your job is to play games or play with some safe may play with me. All right, is, the breath was glad of good morning Mourn breakfast club,
is about to go to WAR Angela eat Breakfast Club version has announced a new tool that is going on for twenty. Seventeen is the boy meets, worlds were, and that's gonna start in Amsterdam January, twenty first now we already know about his semi sixteen tour and all of that he actually had to postpone some days because he added Anko injury. But what else is going on in Drakes life, according to rumours, Jake in Vienna are taking a break from dating, and we told you this before. They say that Europe is now dating India. Love, whether my really be some truth today of you guys saw this, but I forgot their drake. Actually, today, India loves sister Crystal Westboro
and she put up on Twitter, while this is getting really awkward. That awkward moment, when she hats on your eggs, is dad dad dad, never mind, never mind hashtag, I feel like re J and then she posted Drake shows up with lovely motto Crystal Westbrook and she said I need answers way than she unfollow her sister, India and cheap the hell I hit it first, our real system falls to share and share alike, though not like fire. They run a train under it. I don't know how that happens. Back I mean I can imagine. That seems a little bit disturbing. Why would you date little about you there s a real. That's her real sister in law, but rarely met a drink. You wanna go to all those systems. Do not matter. If you don't know what she looks like you. Can I take a look at revolt. Maybe they're posting on the picture very bad rubber. You can see India
When I'm a change, we haven't grandma, reliable, Wilma, but right now, let's talk about some new situations is a new movie cod man's there and that a movie is actually going to be executive produced by nice and John Lennon. They actually gonna be expanding. Their acting Reza made Nathanael Iraqi Rocky or in the movie as well proven so should be pretty interesting, not doing a lot as is done, lobbies invested a lot in managing our rights. I am looking forward to seeing this plan is about a teenage honesty and its based on a book. As well named Steve HARM and they changes named Harrison in the movie, he is wrongfully accused of me. And it talks about his journey throughout the trial. Now the jewellers and quietly executive, reducing shows that people may not even realize noise was like appear to get down to show coming out, based on think big life biggest lyrics or something I don't know, there's a lot going on. Abc everybody's impotence, easy daisies
Do an ally is well absolutely amen. Executive produces a great title training. I see everybody expanding, indifferent things. I write prodigy in the meantime, speaking of expanding has a book out today and this book is called commissary kitchen, my infamous cookbook. Now what prodigies talking about in this book is being locked up three and a half years in New York for weapons. Try does he say while he was locked up, he couldn't get over how unappetizing the prison food was and that's when his family started, sending him all these thirty pow care, package's, green badges and other foods, and he talks about using a microwave and a toaster and cooking his own mail. So I guess it's like a kind of Adele Cookbook broker to teach you how to make certain things like barbecue salmon, over rising macaroni salad, any talks about why he wrote the book he accident in view a basket and talking about his experience of being in jail in cooking. He said I learned that the two hours it takes to prepare mail and eat it and all that it took our mind of a where we were for a little while I was.
Isabel relaxing kind of like a meditating, he also has six thousand. He wanted to make sure that he was healthier while he was in jail instead of eating that ideal food. I right where that is your room, a report. I mantling array Missy Charlemagne. Given that don't do this, it is a young lady. I was on CNN last night. Her name is Betsy. Make coffee a blue. Does apron autonomy, he's coming from the carnation we'd like to have a world are: how can it the donkey? We're going to talk about being a signal the gap is teachable moment. Mr Muscat,
the delicate today? Next people, access to breakfast locomotive Don Quixote Day, job Democrats are being a little bit of a mess adult bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. The donkey at Bay is a new white dog you today for to the October love of gold, the Betsy Mccall, hey. Ok, a former lieutenant Governor New York landmines. Man called Hillary Clinton. Hypocritical, actually said: Hypercritical narrowed down, Hippocrates of criticising trumps comments about grabbing? A woman's pussycat now wanted a main excuses. Trump support is a using is that you hail worse and wrap songs in that statement requires and easily Ruby. The easy rebuttal enough. Hey you're right with the rapid arena for president. What does that? Stop people like that? She Mccoy firing no shots using her?
I'm using our coaches ammo at the Weiler report is every bit as he was she had to say. I don't listen to rap music. I don't like that kind of thing, because All of the F word, the key word, the the b were, the word, but I won't listen. I guess I don't think anybody like said, but that those people are not running for president, but I wanted to point something out: ok go and which is that Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds the language on that bus, horrific. But in fact she likes language like this quote. I came to slay bit. Twenty f me good. I take us out to read. Lobster cause she's over that happens to be a cigar. I know, that's why I say or former whom she says she idolizes You know what I'm saying too. There is a lot of high Clinton expressing such Okay. Ok, that's h, Ridge begun! raids. That was a wreath of red rigid, fantastic for proportions. Ok, I'm sorry
alas, the Grove New Incredible worthwhile, absolutely not their own Hillary Clinton. Being a fan of me, I say: drop one bomb threat. Unama figures before we know caught it and I reckon record formation ally. She quoted the odds, I'll get about consensual sex, what our husband and if the sexes goods you taken for something to eat red laughed out of that acquaintance. Man San when you're famous random women. Just let you grab their pussycat, you compare taken your man eat because he put their consensual, good sex. On you to a man feel is so privileged and entitled, and he feels like he has. As the enemy with China's? You want just because these famous, I don't see the correlation, ok, do jobs, support every alive when they try to defend Donald Trump. Actually, they end up looking and sounding just stupid his him. I know why that is because, in Sochi, asian with other people corrupts our character, especially when we have none. Ok, odd from support needs to be picky about who they keep around them all information they taken because personalities words, entreats traits do rub off on you,
boy. I got a lot of trouble. You please give Betty Mccoy, biggest here. hypocrisy that were then. Are you pronounce it? I thought it was hypocrisy, related Bugsy arrival, I thank you for a dog today when we come back, we gotta talk this Beanie Siegel Interview, thought it was very about was a couple teachable moments in energy, nor the biggest teachable moment is just something that I've been stressing for them. Was that being real, being criminal is two different things I think for a long time and our culture in a week. Like being criminal is so called real. You know just because of how many felonies you got how many times you been in jail. I many people you shot him in writing, poured out somewhere which a gun people say: you're, real friends, you got it
no just criminal, informing regularity, absolutely Borrell, you can be real player, real people aid as it was to do those things and not be real. There was. The question must be clear enough enough. My point, you right as the budget was the question guys. I don't know. What is the question? What are like that? What is the difference like what? what are the difference between being real indian criminal, yes or here either We feel- and I beg of you, as my opinion made an opinion is that you can be read, like a real person is just decided was truly himself regardless of what that is. You know, I just think it there. Between be real and being criminals, criminals are real. Think about it? If I mean what do I want, if you think about it, you people made you do a crime, I D coordinate, showing you there be a real. We did the crime that I get caught being true to yourself, you just eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one with Talkin criminal
one area would think about that. The real versus criminal think it's. Difference, knocker, we'll talk about only Combat Mina, eight hundred five five one five one is to breakfast locomotive was J C were Encore morning. Everybody's dj envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne ago. We oughta breakfast club, Beanie Siegel was here earlier today and he said something that struck a nerve with Charlemagne. It was talking to me we should get nervous drunken criminal and real political. It is, gazed redneck, absolutely no! You noticed stories was day finished, beatnik body, part of part of that thing of OZ, slots, penitentiary change. Someone say now know that, don't you know how you don't understand, because you know why, because you not from their cloth, I don't get you not that's why you understand that's like to do. Is there not a screen If, as somebody now real in a sucker,
Nevertheless, we be a street a real kindly when you protract yourself? Do you? U Pretoria, softened his shirt and light like you want to all away right there, you don't. I got the drawback, I mean over me. I think some I like honey was Israel in his all right. I mean that's why I like her pops but right now meet as much as people want to give. To allow these kids. They really are truly been himself. I don't care whether chairs the rabble men, dad Dreg J Call, Kindred. Why lay like those kids, a truly Vienna, So they not. Are you trying to be the mounting up industry? Necessarily it s, not what they know. Man will be allowed himself a lot of kids from our air. Didn't grub newspapers still betrayed at life thou because delegation with the cool those clue you tremble at its own, yet you had to be real. You had to come off his criminal in order to be looked upon as a real man out of the aid to be real alot of people trying to be quorum, court real got themselves locked up that is,
invite away every real gangs that my father used to tell me if I say all the hard dude you know like a hodu death, I yes or date, the rest of us have evolved into something else. There is no body that, after the age of we don already really have really really really been in his Creedle still wants to meet at Hood Street. Do read it why? Why would you want to be when it the light dolphin innovation have been guidelines guards. Another ok do you All I know is, I would be more terrified of three dude walking on a train with eighteen, forty, seven in all gonna guns. Then I wanted three dues in dresses, They won't was bound to here, but I want you stay right are they are gave above the case was better. My master. Did you come to you out? Ok, so was rather a bunch of guys chasing. You don't think you should all budget guy we're gonna find a kill. You trying to kill me abbeys, most candidate
hundreds want ok, I'll, take that you'll take definitive, there's nobody criminalization legal, allow. This came from Brooklyn Kim them; Are you how you doing they can I'm great under calling? Because I listen to the interview this money would be signal and his ignorance of the first time that I have actually agree, Charlemagne. He has the governmental mindset and me he needs to grow up to be done and for the platform that he has written to still be saying the thing that he was saying the day before yesterday he extremely ignorant and he knew feed a girl or shut up forever. Oh god, thank you, mom. Why do people always loved a qualified by things the first time ever agreed, which are already having as integration female tree very logical part? I don't know about that. Allows this offer our right now we're talking about being criminal and be a real incidents. Out of town sound of a boy global payments under
Could you not by building that automatically nation had let them know what your character it another day, I'd like period go to America about every homing, about the timing and still be permanent real aid as real language, you say, does not go. The lot of you would have a criminal have terrible characterised by the way they do anyway, you're, absolutely right: banking, Grandmama around eight hundred five, a cloud. What would you look difference between being criminal in being real jobs? One What people think man I mean, have definitely a difference, but you know sold for so long in our culture we backed and like me in criminal, Israel, whereas one though just think about the hour, I call us now to breakfast club amount was King George, we don't morning everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. If you just joined us, Beanie Siegel back to earlier, and this is what he had to say.
Congo is ST make. Absolutely no. You noticed stories was day danish beatnik, bunny part of part of that thing of OZ, slots. Penitentiary, change We now know that, don't you know how you know how these things, because you know why, because you not from that cloth I don't get you not that's why you understand. That's like the USA, somebody not a screen Yes, as somebody now real in a sucker as I did. There are three b a street, a real kindly when you pretrial cell do. Is you protect yourself, innocent and, like you want to all away right there you don't. I got the drawback, add to think as it is. Difference. Man, a big Debbie aerial is one thing and being criminal is another thing. I don't think that you can chat somebody like con you with anybody like dad just because they are not criminal. That, though, make them a square, are any less real just because they don't point taken the fog life We have in our distorted story to be mentioned earlier. Colony was
a diner in the city and I added oldest jewelry on it was after a club and I guess and data came up but that was looking to rob him a call beans, legal beanie, Siegel. What's the diner, but a couple of guns walked kind. After kind, he was of a finished is now will say it is beanie was real for doing that right, not real because of the fact that he was there would again or real, because he came to the lady of somebody tat. He considered a friend to tat right, that's being real, that's that's real lesbian, real and criminal goes against illegal so's illumine above there. I am. That is where somebody America intelligently discuss something with you and not have to resort to violence. I could find out to be. I also absolutely allows this house equal Jerry. There was ro we criminal in real abandon person. You God, brewers Charlemagne a ban on real it's bp integrity. We know if they keep a hundred whatever criminal you did great, but at the same time you could be a real criminal to people comedy. I wish you had your money. You hiding
jewelry and things like that. But if you really want to be technical, a logical that a big definitely think real criminal law be real cooking sent, you could teach could beat up in our approach to trust, but then criminal, I'm watching my back. You know you you're, not a hundred percent, our trust you right it is generally use different Doha. A minister. Will you look at the air, we grew up and we had a vague people know that can like there was real Ali's, nor we all believed. We all believe it and have all you do. Thou then like it was so great and saw gangrene so odd and one for ever with the ninety percent of everything they said. They data may rhymes it I'll be in prison, a date how we believe they we bought into it. We do not invest, we are giving out as people when I went to school, came to colleagues and try to reinvent themselves. They was nervous back home and then they came. A scooter nag like day was tough and run into black back home, and you like come on. I know somebody from you, town, hello. There lived in order to learn from all words,
Get real, piecemeal, already condemned a big difference between rail equipment. You gotta be really be criminally, you gotta be criminal to be real. Imbue said about if you criminally, I realise that by using would you just say it like all criminals are real criminals are real? Now that dealt with you, but that's the misconception that only bogus these days, everybody that there will be no more right not to be one they are. What it really is, no My brother, there was more the story is a minimal story, there's nothing more beautiful and seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going to your day being unapologetically. You asked why I love you know probably the disdain, my life, I'm grown, I got kids, I got a family. I appreciate all him dues laying out not here now raw about all again. They got all adults. Dave so envisages scrubbed of life that have led a lot of our people down. A dogged on past me saw Lego by lies. They know angle from the fact that most Sunday,
It's too. All is new music. They make up their debts is unhappy because of their age, It was mob the mob de baby. It was it was your brain which knows Bali was, it was ok, be it It was how it was about the street. It was absolutely buzz and sometimes sad watch some people that can't get out agile you plus years old, and you still stuck on that's kind of death kind of their birth. We either we women away well yeah, let's talk. Why classy had some praise for young beg would tell you what had happened Leginn he asked paired young third to also came Kai dash in there was a mistake that the robbers made will tell you what they left behind and what she had to say about the people who actually stole all their jewellery from her we'll get into all that when we come back. He liked to breakfast locomotive
the report raises the Reul report, whose glove giving in any view- and he started talking about- that lives matter or live matter. All of those things are usually it s really get to political by check it out. I'm here to say all lives matter we get stuck and we are we're followers. When you yeah well, Brazil, black lies matters or blue lies matters or large men. What I learned from box in which everyone could take a real life, is follow directions. Follow order. Don't you know by our time is not right. What's goin on within his world on both sides, we need to communicate better. I think we need to follow. Followed direction is HU, the regulations to everything. Then our male damage money can sound so so slavish. Like you should have freedom when you got money right unless there are, you really feel
to meet at the Hague programme. Talking point came. I really feel that way. Only may not understand black lives matter as far as early he done, namely agenda disconnected because he's been have money for such a long time. But just a whole follow directions. Follow MRS plenty of plenty of videos of people will follow in directions. They got bands of unease, tailgating shots and what the hell is he talking about I'll tell you can have that much more Europe. To see me with that kind of one. Even I tell you right now. I was disappointed in play for those in my ex, but hopefully now that he said there. Somebody will actually we will come forward and try to educate non Gladdening animal five. Zero black people would not be binding rights after those comments I right now, let's get scammed ideology and in what happened with that robbery, they d drop of one item is what is happening now they saying that item was platinum, mounted diamond a crime what about thirty three thousand dollars. Somebody was actually just passing, buys founded on a sidewalk outside of the apartment, complex, believe in very after they gave it back while so now the
not only were any type of dna, they could potentially help crack this case now, according to camp carnations, she was talking about what happened and she was saying they didn't seem like experienced robbers. The way they were speaking to each other. They seemed a little. Befuddled is the word I'm gonna use here until I got a lotta Julio right. Somehow they got away with it that was so befuddled or not. They made it happened. I why clever I want an. I experienced robbers moved like that. I get anywhere argue with each other to speak more eloquently. They were making friends the way the ring Madame. What was being said, I re why Clare has some things to say about young baggy actually recently in an interview with pigeons and planes talks about connecting with the young dug and talking about Haiti, and that's why he said he's from a project them from a similar background. He has a natural love for Haiti, understanding the history of Haiti. He said he reminded me of
modern to pack innocence in a revolutionary sense, and why cliff went on to say that, although young thug might look like a dog is far more educated than that label would suggest dog is not a modern day too, but why Why why? Why does he remind you of a modern day, two studies, a revolutionary, how I haven't had a conversation with young I've been young dog of an individual. I think he's one of the most unique individuals that we have audio but Disease a revolutionary, a bit of a regional think we have an accommodation with up by the EU with the revolutionaries, negative mealy area era and the american music awaits. Congratulations again see Drake. He has a record thirteen nominees Syn there's a jackson? Jackson had eleven in nineteen eighty four, and that was the right of it. Now Drake has broken that with thirteen. So that's gonna come on November, twenty two
now. Reactor and reality has seven nominations. Adele ingesting Bieber have nine. I mean how five and beyond say and the chain smokers have for nominations. Each an ok out of you guys have been following this story, but clawing carnation has a new mantras. In times, then we notice in from the Cleveland Cavaliers Reign. The only issue is that tourism does have a. I guess, an ex girlfriend at this point who is pregnant. She just recently had her baby shower. Also she celebrating the arrival of her son and his ex girlfriend, whose pregnant Jordan she also is a meek, owes cousin who is Kevin. Hearts. Wife, if you follow me so an ego is a cousin of the girl, was about to have a baby with Tristan Thompson, who is now dating Chloe car dashing and now a lead Leech written in Chloe actually met at Kevin Heart and a negroes wedding back in August and that she was pregnant at that time. So there you have it. I write and confused me, but you didn't get it chosen
I've already got only we're gonna go then he goes cousin ochre, not that difficult, and not just in terms of stating closer cooperation, as you guys have safe in the pictures of them out and about was gonna. Do you know what you mean? I won't with their me and to tell you it's happening. Digital joined in the sector. To be as regards got it all. Just a lot of, inter mingling of different groups of people are right. I'm Angela Year this year we will replace caused by the airline your phone. I list he knows why we would have been a single interviewed oblong. Ed tell about it can be up in a pay attention to hear was going away, is uploaded well if you fellows rumours all, trouble no one, and I too am of the entrepreneurs. The daily show daily show Juvenile broker comedy Central Nina coming Cedric colleagues actually been figure it out
thirty, this guy, barely as road found out about the union, find at the time of all those guys about going around whom I gotta get away you shut themselves out or vote. Was you tomorrow right everybody else. The people choice mixes up next year when he has something eight hundred five, eight five one off wanna Deasey envy shouting. The Victoria ten thirty to thirty rights do their job of Brussels and the moon and mix up next?
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