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Thursday 1/12 - Yung Berg better known as Hitmaka, which is exactly what he has been doing, making hits on the billboard list joined us on the show today. Also, of course Angela had to straighten some people out with Ask Yee and Charlamagne rewarded the United States Senate for Donkey of the Day.

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Everybody is, is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news: the Sino, the Knicks really suck, There was no that's not it out and on the paper he looked at me down, I told you at the beginning: another enemy there rose pausing is five years ago. It would have an amazing what remains of young, what everybody there girls came now five years ago, I would have been the main groups wasted, thereby requested at last. They got busy last night. The problem they lost by wanting to seventy six, which is the second most team in the NBA. The first words team is of nets that a second will receive a lost by one with it was just discussed in my eyes, is anything new. There were one when we wouldn't have done, and I ve been gazing two years ago forces exactions left. They were up one with the ball wide open, if you take the rim, they reward, he shot an air ball of
my room they would have not a one and, as they would all able to film, is too shy to back up what it was. Point all airborne and in a targeted at any faith in gotta juncture. I told you all right I don't care. I doubted cowboy policeman data. Now. Let's talk about the San Diego charge is now looks like after fifty five years after being in San Diego, their movement to L, a eggs. Anybody but looks like Ella has its own for pointing out a second. Then they got all. These other ran right I mean I lay the big big state, yet he should have been long it absolutely. Let's about shops, conference, all better listen people were posting cliffs on all the different way. Sites in another Instagram sides yesterday amazing. How downloads from our President Elect is treating these publications. Here he is at the press conference he's upset at Sea and Annie's upset at birth, speedy says
our faith knew. Then he actually goes back and forth with the CNN reporter it's an organization. Not can you give us a cheer organization racking our news organization, you guess asking a question, Sir Geyser guys they must present a like go ahead. You say candidates getting. Why should know very little. I can you give us a totally reloading us. Can you give The question be reunited setting. Why have you not give you can use just use of you are fake. Do Sir Galahad you state categorically that nobody was present like? That's not, I agree ranks, knowledge on this day in our brain drain include Bosnia from around the Meda consisted. Ok- and this is because of that thirty five page report, dead, Buzz feeds had out unseen and reported, sat down on somewhat
breathed on these allegations, even though he declined to publish details. Corroborating people include now are happened. You got discussed with our own story, but I fear that you could have a press conference in not one answer. Questions from the press Dont use Donald Trump. Indeed, all HIV and AIDS caught up symbols moves, and you know what a man he failed on brain. You consider and another thing that happened yesterday, where Senator Corey Becker actually testified against Senator Jeff sessions and who was about to be our attorney general and that has never happened before a sitting senator testifying against another sitting Senate colleagues. So
is lead. Corey, bugger, headset. Senator sessions has not demonstrated a commitment to a central work requisite of the job to aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of civil rights, equal rights and justice for all of our citizens. Now, according to claim just as it says that the opposite is actually demonstrated hostility towards these convictions. So a lot of people feel that way of, but the Republicans of course I say in the court burger wrong for doing added the he's getting ready to run for president in time. Twenty nine. We should. I think I ll go and make a phenomenal written at another thing that this any did yesterday. They actually are taking the first steps towards repealing Obama care so that on Friday they actually gonna vote. The bill is gonna, go to them. So represented in? That vote is expected to take place. I don't think it's very silly repeal Obamacare, especially if you know have another plan in place already discontinued, awaits you health care and not present any. Note that an alternative you can just take it away, just because you, madam
Well, we just don't know what that alternative is something we have got to know we're not going to present murder. You gonna repeal the plan. Tell me about another plan that you have got think of causing unnecessary panic amongst a man who shares outlying rub my Jan on the actual somebody waiting to download chump. They gonna repeal that, and then they are also going to replace that health care la almost simultaneously so don't know what I'd or they could have a plan of late. They should have I mean, maybe they do, and we just don't know a yet because I don't know how they gonna try to repeal it tomorrow and not have a plan. One thing for sure to do certain Charlemagne does not care about Donald Trump cards or coming administration. Could I believe in God, wildlife is gonna, be just fine As for your would mean two of you put your favorite a hive, our governments, you should tell them, man eight hundred five, eighty five one or five one of your upset. You need to call us right now, maybe at a bad night about good morning, whatever it maybe eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us right now. It's the breakfast club good Morning,
The breakfast club max. You know you mad. What can have my you may want to break with the morning to just one of many member waited elf. The work before not at all at global level. Our work and our away? It though the motto raw values not only does bother them Donald Trump through man like you, don't want to have it all you don't Everyone knows not accurate, though you ve known signals right now. He did. He don't want to answer CNN question right here. We are waiting for quite a while. He was away from what we want to be We all do in life.
Allow me up and running, and I don't have ass an internal minority as it might have been a bomb. I just want to inform the black movie aren't like food entered under me out to treat drug addiction and put it in the same as the same thing about people. Maybe it's faster George, but people think of her petticoat lightly. Out of you notice inhabitants. That way you will. I need to understand what I'm talking about outing, we're advocated by the tourism and of and those that what is that every rates person I hope you will be aware food, an american one that is countries in the world Wearing monopoly by people, revenge epithalamia, but I'm all at that. I call it motivated by hate. You got it, you gotta make to a man from adduced, also motivated by talking about about our.
You're gonna radical can lagree, which you know as well as one of the reasons why annually and stout pain I opened a produce Bob Brooklyn China educate somebody importance of fruit and vegetables in the system. You no thought of the problem and pollution. They put up a real food vessels, fruit, drink water. The act of a good body is a good bodyguard the fact of eating right away, if you will have to look at anything of basic you wanna tell me this morning, want to sell it to Ebay, sees one who three. What comes out of if they were alone, is basically to promote them from being a dilemma. You may have a basis for your old man on Africa. You guys are put in young bird on the radio
he's a straight up on the wall, young birds company that the indian Annual knows. I'm not only is the home and he got a landowner mama but will find out what even he has such a nerd. What do you see it? Had I don't know, I don't you would just listen and you'll see anybody, maybe maybe he's behind one of our biggest social media says that nobody number going underground me doesn't own instagram thing at all, but if it ever gonna write your San Jose all young Borg, negatives out. No, I'm not a single word about you tell allows this details on Basel Ii YO she tell em. I met saw the man in the life of a cowboy because they think that they go into the Superbowl and dynamic. Guided by the battles knew you wanna bet
it is on the less. You got a crystal ball alone and better penal law. No level is that nobody, I will see you on Sunday rest there. Last week, they were from me tell why you may I don't you find a fire one or five. One of you upset you need a vehicle is right. Now is to breakfast locomotion The breakfast club that was draped one needs morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club Now we have young bird joining us. I really dont know why or young barkeeper chains is life or whole lad. Investing. You told me this morning with a young burgundian rap, any more, no longer wrap in the family found God he's producing. Now producing. A lot will talked about all production he's dirty not into eleven hip hop stuff. No more he's a guide dog loving of up. What are you back really will
talk to you about all that? All I know is Yung Berg going to have a very interesting story just want he better have a lot going on cuz. I do not know why he's here, We have a lot going online, the he does. It will explain the next hour now you, rumours runaway! Yes, we'll talk about a new cup I led, who is the weekends aiding now those pieces of them kissing and everything also we'll talk about chance. The wrapper he actually, is on the cover of geek. You magazine, and I give you some highlights, one that any of you, ok, we'll get into all that when we come back keep alive the breakfast club good morning, breakfast J, envy angel, again, Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was get into the Roma's assault vivid, frocks
The toy annually on the breakfast. Rebecca fats is still depending yourself out to some comments that she made on the breakfast club about her Dante's from his show black magic on lifetime. Now she wants to make us understand that the reason why she said what she said maybe came out worm because is defending her guys because envy you and Charlemagne were perhaps going. That is what she said was soon an innovation Ella Army in New York, yeah for a radio show that's edgy. They cannot ask questions that are binding edge and we were talking about the shown us they ve had talked, bad about my boys in the past, especially about their names they Azure year. They had said something. You know they made fun of their names like that. So I was a little defensive, and so I was just protect you, my boy,
they said. So. Are you gonna? Take your voice of the gay clubs, and I sit here now come on man back. That is greater than what we just gotta be a radio showed is radio show the name is called the breakfast club. Now? What do we want to show that we were kind of union actress who solidity figures, but I gotta go. I say that the only thing that bothers you say our name: Mental Caille by making China penetration name. So I mean that's: that's cool but we are going to take him to the gate. Lobby said: if gay guys, wanna dance, would you give it all that was it? There was enough I wasn't edgy with energy, not to me these are so easy. No, no, I know that you will. Let me AIDS we got out. I went out with examining your way, seems: ok, Souci, Israel, acting the medicine she was taking up for her boys and she said, of course they will go ahead and dance for men.
If need be. Oh now, you're a little com, but not at the heat then came down on you didn't you retract. His story is that you want to dance for minced it. That's why I respect what Donald Trump does when he gives an imprint causes beta consisted. As you been all these paths. Eighteen months, ok, be consistent when you gave rise If the pigs I do ask you slow down, is a very, very difficult. Leave this in the air? I guess I did well. I heard it if she would have not said the how known she what he just said then this is via the ultimate girls night out and that's that target audience that we are doing these shows for, this money is green, which I told her to say when he is money. Well, I've been gaming, comes been money, latins been they money. I right now. Let's discuss chance. The wrapper on the cover algae You magazine in the interview that he did with them? I had talks about being named the wrapper and why the wrapper- and he said you know here he comes back on yet he said at the kind
was the smartest man in the world, the best poet in the world, the freshest dress in the world. That's what a wrapper was to me, and I want everybody body to feel that way about the word wrapper and a rapid semi is pretty much synonymous with the word black. It's a stigma, where's that Damn I heard she has the rat Brad and think he was gonna sound like that. I hate when you introduce yourself in your wrapper centimes you gotta, say I'm a musician, I'm an artist armor, I'm a recording artist, I'm a vocalists, so he said wrapper should make somebody feel like a good way. You know that is true, though chance the rapper first came out. I was not checked with chance: the rapper's music simply because the name of his cd was acid rap, and I was like why do I want to hear from another promoting the use of drugs, but does not who chant was not at all. Ok, here's! What has he had to say about kind because he sat even though he never wanted to be like hunger and personality. He said he likes his boldness. Here's a chance I got two nominations for my right and the left I never thought that I would be nominated. A Grammy forward. Going on communism, because he is
like the originator of art, tat somebody that made me think art is cool and be outspoken and confident as corn, also to be sensitive. Like the word. Sensitive wasn cool to me before, then, I think the insensitive and being knowledgeable on understanding and having emotion is now yes, said. Behind aces. Crazier is in private than he does in public, which is hard to believe because he says the craziest things in public. He does have a filter he's not a liar. Are somebody there significant things when he does speak o alive of almost muffy Ramrod Malaysia and when he was asked about how important the Grammy's arts it to him
cause you know now may for seven Grammy's. He said, I think the Graham is a super importance of music as a musician, I think, is the same thing as an actor receiving and ask do. I think the Graham is always fully represent a person's talent. No just likely and out of the Kapital, didn't get and ask her until this past year and he's been doing his effing thing, but I think everybody wins validation. Everyone must have felt like they did right law, love you so It's important to him good. I write an Selena Gomez looks like she is dating the weekend. There's purchase of them and she hanging all over hams he's kissing him and all of that we know how long this has been happening. Bets she's, also friends with the weekends, ex girlfriend issue working on an album is well fishing working on the weekend can't trust her advances, as would these young lady who, in his game a kiss on you hung on you when they work on a private. You write a zombie want free after directed comes out. They don't know you anyway. Ok, don't fall for areas where further Madison Square people,
as well. I don't know anything about the fact that jump out and about that for cabin at this is what you came for. This is what you came vote having earliness langleys indeed now, but it is with his son, you she gave him the thought So you don't. I followed my point to see what their somebody's I his album is his on these may be all I'm telling you guys is don't fall for it cuz. I guarantee you she's working on the album right now and new album comes out. You want to see a song written by the Weeknd featuring the Weeknd, and then they not going to know each other after the album drops That's all! you got, it is a word for it. Nobody Largo who work manipulation ended, learn languages. He doesn't like you wanted it shut up If something like this, you probably just likes him so way. Lay like some was you work, damn drugs rather majestic If it was no innovation, we record smashing dash and allegedly donor for free record
Yeah. Well, maybe really likes you as our own following she doesn't need to use the weekend does well on her. She's still need listen, similar women, a good head record, has re well all right girls. I write well I'm a year and that your rumour report, thank you, miss you know when we come back young bar, but we joined us was rising exchange bodies dj envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, we got us press suggested a building, a bird on me. But you know what are you gonna get you? I say why young burden for the treaty and they were having? I don't know what happened.
Germany, so we re going to solve them. It's all right I mean. Aren't you say about back? What are you gonna be out of regard annoying that you got a couple, a check not use that rapid in our rapid anymore. I repeat, no more out his arm evolve and transitions are holding out differently to the differences in developing jack, and I M glad I did invite your last decrease roused parliament. Real, quick Brown was no farther Nicky. Last July, though, I want you to know that no clue is give real Roma asylum about rather tough
Yo Gotti Young, thug, Rihanna, DJ mustard, featuring Nicki and Jeremih. Don't hurt me Nicki Minaj want some more Nicki Minaj featuring Meek, buy a heart, Nicki Minaj Shanghai, Nicki Minaj ain't going to do it. Nicki Minaj featuring Jeremih Favorite, Chris Brown, featuring Usher and Gucci Mane Party, Big Sean bounce, back K, Michelle ain't you gay! These reject my hand, increase Rancheiras nasty, but should see these range air. My pay, Ellie Feature in Germany alone, ways which Chris Course round. What do you do? Jason Rouleaux Karma sutra now that we have young burgers so that people, in my view they don't know why. Why do you have your number you? My burden among immigrants is opened with a vision.
Now, I'm ok! Ok, we don't really closely with Jeremiah Mars. Like my business partner, we do a lot of work together. When I got it ass, you look. I know you want a tour Jeremiah when it is applied in next door are used on what was I was there when I was going on as a prisoner was behind the scenes, knowing what will happen when I think that it was some discrepancies within its war. On from what I hear my my interpretation was there, he was forced to her long in Chicago in work out their way, it was felt to be co headline different cities. Images didn't work out their way and on German became they would you want to do what they should have been airline, I would wager might have you got more radio hid within party got like that
crazy but allow air miles the most prolific songwriter right now of our time. In my personal opinion, I, if you think about other records that out his name like he's being given people actual hits like yours, and I gain like. We gave up my head like anything games that a rule I touch in South Africa like that since like how we do it like a lot earlier, records are no longer any, as is only one blow in addition to this new apple net. We like idea this whole project. What a man is new record. We got his new single feature. Chris Brow feature in big shines: lonely go crazy, comes on a couple weeks are treated as well. When did you know it was hard for you to start wherever you know it was really just about evolve, and I got a kind of pity like Charles Bartley, like you know how they retire and against it d like this? Is my career? Music is my career. I wrote not produce all my records when I was again bird, the artist, so it is only right like I was going through so much slandering lovey hip, hop happening
and I was there, and I might once that you did on my I gotta just Ternata, take us for the next year in ITALY, and I heard you were supposed to go back on. Eleven have had some talk that was talking about their but necessary nearly a year of producing. I want you, I'm not going back on, thereby be like when I kick me offers I do you want to get some type of redemption, and now I just think the record that I did in my redemption abandoned yet. Is it knows that the stuff we get right, Ursa, probably met you ve a mix actually here picture certain recent would be a mix was running. Get you out of here, lay in a happened and how to deal with failure. Bedside dm, exciting here, like that, was the first thing any an on line. You have learned man. I was the first hour to found a Burma and I lost my deal. Khazar averages run around we gain bankers. Do that was fun. Drugs. My parents was like scared and terrified. For me. I went to the mall one day. Will my mom and I walked out the mall and I met too big.
Poland do that she was. I Chris you gotta go to school than a kidnap me. It's only two thousand falls Montana. That was the end of my dear that's how I loved my dear she found over my parental rights pay, five thousand thousand, not for me. If you like a bull camps, though they get, Thompson falls Montana angle for it. I thought of my right when you further every ideally like the music industry. Never like me, do I music, like my parents, like I come from a wealthy light back grandma parents are well off, so they never wanted me to do what I was going to be the case that was like fifteen, but upon me in a range of bodies that I want to go. I sail cracking and I were a leafy and people like that I was like you know back, and I bet you did the authentic alike so like. When you talked about a light, I was really selling crack. Furthermore wraps I would like it, I like I've already got anything as most people and it is two and a half how community, if you haven't had that background, winning you're like a connected to the state- and you do all that is, then it feels like if not authentic, but you could have their rights.
Whatcha. Languidly was like by. Maybe people went to care, and here you know no one understands it overdrive about women, because women is my life I'll. Do that how'd you medium to achieve this with a lot of time on my dear makes do LAPD I used to be a part of a leafy other guys, and they took me to allay an arm. We met with a whole bunch of differently when I e first was like a big ciceronian and I met at snakes in X, Boulogne and videos. You know what he's bitch is one from earlier was their whole by two different people was there and I spent four eggs in the next day. I came back. Play my music in a trade dispute for ex at first. I was like that without the baby. Don't act like you know some shots hounds with delight where five afloat, eventually finance or three hours a day in a bit like a thirty two bar lie: sword shaded his candlelight rapid today
the next day they will play a more demo. Anyone wishes amaze macadamized, like your life, is unchanged Malawi here for forthcoming visit. You will not be there. I was on the actually gave you please help me gave your people yet the immense game. You people, when I got far more me, had his everything. So I lived in Tears gave me live as we now know. My idea was right. I think I'm ideals for five hundred thousand. I got like like a hundred fifty thousand from my pocket. You announced at a young age, so they were moved up here. Anyone he gave me a dog. I showed you gotta see two dogs, you everywhere, I don't ever want to see you without the dogs or Amin dead share. My in front of me, My dog is using the bathroom in front of the altar. Taking the stand. Light X was so popular at the time it was like this just go ahead, go in the office Never let you live work, and I remember the night Bernard Memo Endemic came our bloodline. I reckon even- and he has more of an iceberg in I was the first one and then what
the weather, wonder Somalia's brought you back, so I'd never came back. My father came back and got me like. I was cut off from the world when I was in that programme. You couldn't see you couldn't read. Newspaper listen, I know not a lever happen. I know nothing liberated like they cut us off from the world and I get you into the pool prior like sixteen. So if you add bad at that place, they sing too high impact in Jamaica. Whereas note safety laws and beat you up here. You know you got over. It was an extra, isn't real, listen governments like there's really go on like this really happen, so I was there. I left there. I came back in the store you so crazy. I go with it, we men became a manager and allay was literally made the sound sexy lady, like at his house, my little homies, junior or whatever, and I used to be a club promoter- and I used to have like a chinchilla on every night in this club called area in LA and I perform sexy lady and from there it became the number one.
I was young. I was trying to stand out and do something different and it turns into being a number one song in LA at that time and that's how I got my record deal. Yeah? We may I add that happened. Why do you say hi the man and he was like you know what I'm a club promoted to you now say. Maybe I can get them to spend your records in that target them cinema represented by once again popping up like you might as well be my manager getting a week. I always has a connection cause. They sell weeds everybody, so they know be wondering where I get in everywhere actually make sense. So I got my deal like that and I would just like the first loathing familiar noses to affirm epoch. At that time: Charlie walks around me. I never forget it. I was doin like I hated. Sexy cannot lie sexy lady and already had to sound a bit, and I hated that sounds like Can I am like I remember one day I walked in Charlie, walk off his and he was TAT Day and on top of his grand piano and told me they sexy can. I was gonna be the biggest longer my career, and I was like ice areas in his soul.
Inhabiting irregular. All my party has been abolished and extend our wealth and beat man. I've been co producing beef into one on this whole time, like the business, our Koper do The lady I could produce all these different wreckers. I was already don't foliage of K. Naturally we got more. We unbearable me come back. I will also find out. Why he's beef? We bow our. I keep allowed logo. After breakfast locomotive some breakfast that would be gained. Callin. Do you in the morning rebellious, DJ envy, Angela YE shall amend a guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have young Burke, eighty eight a hit make in the building. Now YE area pants down how about you being a music business because they have to be like ok, it was crazy because you watch your family change. You know like at first. It was like. I don't want you to do this in its hard to answer like more from whence he be you mustn't pop and carry my biggest pham. You knows, and lambs underlines he sees was gold or he was gone out.
Who were make sure you're gonna write. What is your parents do that? They were well off my parents, father is one, unlike the biggest really, they gather in Chicago my mom on the biggest China child Acres in Illinois. You have no reason there ever set a good example of that I was run around Ellie P and on top of it we already know what those with China with how you survive Chicago, leave her on his own. You gotta get about it there. You know you gotta do. Is you gotta do to make wealthier people's needs gotta get about it. There is no way is like it's a trap period. Wow. What will feud and almost by was able to allow a good now I mean out and our member had a video went on mister when I can above so some walks Somalis than we have a little bit loco has our army bow just be, is a focus on my head. They talk my pillow saga, my arm. I was hanging.
The Koran at one time at one point in my life I really have nothing may really felt white bird is good. This is not good at that super no com. I will go there, she could she cried. I wonder if you had the rate everybody where she number one for you to top five, that I love already admitted you got up from oak. As you say, yeah gave birth to that. If you say he none in the way. That would mean that was my home. You know like we really had a cool relationship and my she told me one day like off like a lamb, I killed. I, this is too bad. Sl name like he told me that I shouldn't be having sex with you ass. You only have sex with sexual lithuanian handle people of that stature, and I was my wife so then as far as you go together. Black tv interview, annex while the whole story on lads heavy and my where they come from, let out o o
failed to hate. I used to date vows thy Mother data her before she bowed very mother. I'd hate to see was about our girls they're, letting it wasn't loving, hip whip me we'd. We found for two and a half three months in am I. I went to work with Popham Miami in the end they just fired from a show, and I came back and it out with it, Leah Hull House, when I first came back, does not foreseen right here. You go burglars terminator everybody on. Do what about one moment joy she dutiful twinges to do a dirty, no data right until my sexually. Phase oh Mamma, now a boy he was. She was a girl. What did you do What are you gonna? Do you ever seen a? What would you know they alone, but also my my brother, yeah yeah? How,
the alleged ceasing legends mighty went ahead. What would you like a nice person base of her? You have my lover, but I'm going to go, and I was right felt like it wasn't. Genuine like was like I had around me and, like I was Doin Nicky says you like. I will bring around like when I was working document now, just like that in out of the blue he's popped up beyond the finger like I want you to work. We need now is about that with an air of random. Everyone does at me with a mere. Let me to creating you maybe look. Let me crazy Mona enemies who so desire on its territory is up thinking with joy, founded furs and we did. The holes are with joy on the show MIT recorded the founding near MIKE once they fired you. I d like you to give it its here. Mary Ann. Some of the Emory ended up being ready to healthier Maria? Do you know that you, unlike shed
like all live in earlier. Why don't I ever run in these obscene bow, probably force harm them online. Really look up to him, yeah me: everybody looked at the low birth rate up into to free. He never wrote made any of his music. There may like he was first do when it goes right under the brat with his goes right. He was the first got out here with a female. Those right is like every year, the breath robots, women I gotta go. Those different, you know their record Jamais wrote. Those arms is really mad. That I can't talk to me, I guess, Ngos from sunlight deck about think they were I'm gonna masquerading gimme. Some jewels were his front hate me. Yet even jamais would hold that against you. I mean it. Yeah. I've never heard of a man having to female goes right, oh by the way and lay right up the rat was built. I'm glad you're gonna, like I said out loud Leggum Mayo, Is that a little bit right at the top way by Lord? She can do you talk to since you thank you. You could get some jewels from two main Dupuis. Who can you get?
come to us from a who. Do you look at two eyes? Silken speak anyway. Anybody not now really you know. I think that the key thing is to be around I have a good team have good management. I don't want to just go getting advice from everybody because, like that was wrong. With my career, like when I was Yung Berg, the artist like I was the boss of my own thing. I didn't have no odeens, I didn't have nobody to tell me y'all, don't do this. Take that turn off. You don't sound, I just different stuff, so I should adjust had the right people around me. Where are they now I do? by multi take a change of attitude taken from you in path run any man, but that's like vessel, like ten year olds, lay back gotta go. I gotta die to be honest with you me and choices, never I'm enormously. That really has nothing to do with me. You know that I have never met trick trick on everyone donated Lame m. O F owes you making music not yet not yet begun, eroding check back. I Africa is lay Roma. You seem out of one's name. I have so much more comments.
Life ass out of people. There are two things I got When I got Nellie single wagon Marianna fingers by to come out of work closely with you mean I'm doing her whole project are things by become out. I got several record by eight new things about it. Where they were waiting to things happen. All you gotta do is keep on working right in and then Actually people be like I mean you can't deny talent. He's my on day as much as people might one day like clown and talk about it that happened in the past. Have you just keep on going eventually, people to me Doesn't matter Florio's them out there. Like one thing happened to me and I feel, like I wincey lawyer right up, I got up a gm. She was crying like. Oh, my god like, I would do it good, but on my mama, be straight like I'm, a grand now is not the right way to you that he's a woman be there. He beat up mythic these. You come here until yadda the correct story on liberalising the Greek they all blurred and because no one has a baby with anyway. I've got you not only
the most votes in Vienna, as we want to do so. After that you like you would want to know. I think I've seen an interview with honor. You wanna talk to you and I have to see my eyes and I do not remember her being up here, and you said you had a real who go out with your radio go now. I our Wanna rock right there at waiting. Good guy, Serbia, the two years to permit May day yellow light. I just answer: poor were re J Whack Mohammed moves they be making. I just don't support him. You know exactly like when I whole thing went down. I of course like with the tea emory situation it was raging. Who prompted me to say you have to say that she gay you Palacio. You know insanity, water. Let me let me be would there be honest and candid with that this whole thing
breakfast clubs, but a part a whole day. Member I came up here and I told yadda regime's here was dying man. She came up here. I say that these you say they winding two yards and she was gone. Gimme messed up in Addis others that so we didn't, each other. We started to alarming hip hop and we can't get closer we got home and we started to like each other s those Mcnally them. Railway line even but he won't be here for a force me to do that because of the way he wanted to get back with princess and he I guess you need to go here failed. I never wanted to say that I never want to do anything that I made sure I got a lot of respect with European she's amazing, actually really like their women. All that stuff was goin on where the three high, but the whack one hundred he's all crazy, like I go into studio it's a year after the fact and try and make it right with her, and he goes on e- doesn't do sway in mourning Interview Tom about wildly studio and I'm gay and is damn it thoroughly. Marquis just proved like forty feet. The old man lie or like I just can rely very gay, because I wasn't it.
Leo was here marine sorry with love morning, everybody a dj envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club which How can a young boy eighty eight a hit maker nationally, so you a region can never be. And work low and be you know, put pressure on people. I mean our respect. Them aspect, but I'm not industry, but you also did a thought that is, I became that was big thing. I'd be a game. Single, alas, is our right. Now, like I mean I'm actually as it more than anything, did you paid for the one thousand prison? I'll go get away when an ambulance right. Although road ejectamenta, you can't walk around only with Japan, jacket Yo R. Maybe a hundred argument being too makes like the ominous studio. Anybody want to fire me I'm in a studio, and I swear I'm in I'm not trying to be in a club. China to be out then do what they do. I know I'm a man, I'm standing like that. I respect that. Yes, the worker Chris Brown, pretty close w, so I'm
You got your money on Chris Brown if he finds filters roused wage war on. Personally, I think is, I think, as well. You don't sound like the whole thing but of court Christmas like Chris, is my brother. You know I'm saying we done a lot of different record together and I've known her for a long time. So I mean my money on Christmas, but I wish I haven't even attain it, though, for real for real, but I guess he put up his daughter and on issues like crossing many lives. How do I would old guy get the rub, the bloodshed, some cream, and why you all in which you want to know what that is when you come to allay empirical amber. You from the river. A certain sense might embrace some blood fat start, and then you become a part of it. They say you nonsense or of course, has been laid for ten years and even moving. We blood light. Is
so, be it around bless. You can't expect them not to be a blood if you around somebody for ten years, something is gonna rubber or you're gonna be affiliated with easy, but as a family that he jumped in a thousand you no way out from Chicago Olano GDP Vice lower four corners thou know none about nobler no creates. Now, I'm not trying to learn about it either bow, I don't know, then come early, really see that I'm set. You would have you been in the rack? Vowel need to relax. Between you about the document he's gonna have to say he would win women firepower. Really, I would go, have sex with another Gerda. The data is gravely, I heard you were hurtling, already got a big mamma. Would you smash manner No, I'm just play. I could make out you wanna, go. We don't like the sea air guarding, want to go on to look at me. You know what about working with others, Chicago Edith absent. We know you work
If we reject my, but what about these other up and coming a man who go? Do you feel like you, gotta Rita? And today I would like to have- with dark. Before you know it, I've done a lot of things which the cargo artists but like right now, like I'm, say a big shakes light mob. My last week the Black Europe, the single and IBM, Enrique Laziest, Eagle single. In the same, we want that is why it is important. I think, where these blogger, I didn't see somebody funds. Cargo who made it in, I think as nice as reach back in me I'm down for anybody. There is not a mentoring summit anchors, obviously early on in your career, you, though young. When you got monotony made a lot of mistakes. One is Santa artists like mob thing is like I've been offered a couple positions from labels. Right now, like I have like three different labels: China from positions and and stuff like that, you're free beast onto a veto.
How did you tell me how to do it laid down by a fan of this monseigneur? I got my finger on the pulse of music, been so when you rather you're an army. Someone actually creates the record that can actually bring the record here for you that, instead of being someone is focused on it, I think the music industry is messed up right now, because everybody focus or marketing fire. Nobody wants to take a risky, but like a dream and near their negative, if it'll make you stay in all I mean that's what they wanted to do and then it is if you do it for somebody on deck jam you assign Atlantic now Atlantic demanded by what I have made my feeling you you can make your structure years situation anyway. Here like I want to go in and tell him. I guess this. What I want to do the ape taken a leader of Amr continually case monopolies Anna's like they pay me like forty five thousand albatross right now, so you might want to get a discount at some point. You around forty five granted threatened burden that were well Mamma. I like these,
I was going to leave people of all mankind, I'm not lying. I thought you'd do enough said around two million those on show YA morning S kind o, o o. I live in a fifteen thousand square for house by myself. I'll know they ve homer. When, when are you gonna settle down maker, since, as we who is transition, do never never. Never these girls to grimy Anna thieves who much Vera Lytton letter about I'm never settling down? He actually, I'm not crying, and you put out their energy and other women you a check like horror, sometimes is like is really reality situation, and I don't like this, though it is what it is
we appreciate that everyone wants burden alone will not be here at this hour was not be low. Crazy. I don't want you will do your brother with a view to care for, do you withdraw you, young guy, like verbal, why another idea perspective and if you could not always like him, because he is very candy and you don't hesitate to say what it is that right, had been out industry game, but I also know a lot of things that you are doing because has the means to offend I'm always that today, yogi me in trouble on our yoga mutual with hey, MA, Braxton type of answering, say you know I remember I will do more to promote our own produce tame. Our recommended a soldier had the one that was like the notorious big China would have it. I was a really make any. Unlike she went into the interview she cheated out of you as they had our own produce erected in me, and I started to a loving hip hop in cheap gas. Shaven young asked a groundswell when our repulsive the video Demosthenes at the Burma with another. Firstly, like AIDS aim, you did
Is he taught me? Am I ran away from me like crazy? I'm gonna get you a violent EU. My mother and baby. You know does my way no feet ran is in amidst the that's who arranged Vincent didn't know. Look so this is what I have no career has been actually helpful for me like for real for really I was I was You water, among known, I, was born. I was wicker rain and I was venting cause. I didn't get pay for my services for the tomorrow. Could they went behind my back and paid another entity, so I was in writing and I wasn't getting paid and I was doing to chase around into Herbert's hypothetical it up and not to say he was dug in the you know my dad, but you know it was bigger, but these eyes, may you re back for me. So one day on the fourth of July, this better not to spend it with Karina, and I went to a party and she gets on Twitter and says I wonder if that the real Youngberg got paid for that eats at Tamar, Braxton record. Yet Vincent Herbert call me in four minutes. You can't be doing this,
pay less than twenty four hours be made about me. Gotta go look in on me the debate currently under pressure, but that you have spent by the July. So that was really a girl. I wins my girl, but we are voting on how we damage to highlight our July Doha. That was my home like she really a coup person lagging on Zan like when you give pass out other crazy Missy ridicule by right, you have you. Have you a married man and you don't government from current group which, under pressure fears, I daresay you end up with yeah yeah. I may be back by our boy, the breakfast club. That was sorry morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we ought to breakfast club. Listen to the let's talk sociable,
the report at the Reul report was glad tat. He broke into cells of ways, house bursting down the front door and they got ten thousand dollars in cash and twelve thousand dollars. And jewellery now such away with not home, and this happened, but he does has surveillance cameras and one of those came, as did captured the image of the success of the twelve Dublin volatile jury and ten thousand now his address. Soldier boy, jury, deafened, LISA. Jean Valjean, that I and other, and we don't know who is evolved. Why would young? Why would you take a penitentiary, chancellor? Stealing a bunch of figure come on. Let's have a scary thing many buzz down into your house when you not home economic we have a beer soldiers gharib, whose gave would present a broken two thousand realised that they come into the crib King Draco, better be happy,
kindred go was an error. It never lacked. Youngster has gone into it with some dancers from Asia, diamonds. Here's the issue we told you yesterday they were have said. They said that black ass it came to the club, he didn't spend any money. Here. Is the women's hugging about what happened when black youngster was books to perform at the club. He got on stage there a couple of songs by him in his boys. In that, though, a dollar you'd interprets the darned and he was the worst Robert ever coming to argue that did it. I shall love towards the shippers and let you know me, I state partner, walking towards stage, and I see her run up the back with his group of people. I was not wonder you were here for forty five minutes and perform the same trap. That's what I say now lost trouble where
An Eu Rapid worshippers like where that leads you to support our trap. Is we support yours while struggle represents group was escrow glimmer at another level against the head of a response? Of course, here's what he said to the women are due to show for very powerful resolves the frigate across our free. I may go, I'm a good thought. I Plaza homeward, but they were put data put a friend a long while leaving many people. I d, take his ears mom when you have a poor mamma. I guess you don't like the way they were dressed in his day, grandma brought on by remote. We are you pull for tee before three children. I don't owe money about blood. Youngster argue for the does she say we got the same group. So you have already told you be totally offended about black. Listen, some wrappers do struggle and some dancers probably make more money than some wrappers. That's true Let me describe as there are a lot of
brazilian were never going to succeed and can see coming their data may ads are going to ride in the car would grow this morning girl autumn about getting a job between seventy he's trying to convince it out. You can be a rapid loading, the other she ready to leave em you shouldn't do that the people is to listen percentage wise having, map really make it listen, I'll, be the main one run telling them have been dream on me. When I tell him say of the dream that tell em like go find something else to do. I'm not saying it's is not a struggle, though. In summary, I just maybe there's no shame in struggling best right in the race to guess we're trying to get. Yes, it is putting it mildly. When you for you to mix tape, it can get no more humble demand. Ok, can you get a job? I guess it's nice struggling, and I guess they see him, though many money all over the place in a late, they expected more right Jake.
Spend a hundred thousand dollars in the meantime on J Low, he brought her a brand new chain order. He gave her a diamond necklace Omer there you have it. I got. People are saying this whole relationship is established and enjoy is known for buying a very nice presence for people so as a hundred thousand dollars drop in the bucket for If I had sex with Jennifer Lopez ain't you Riddick, five psychological that would buy a hundred thousand dollar neck was to get the least you can do. How come draconian gave you some battles he couldn't get bigger, preferably something I'll. Take you on a smash all of it. I worry about Rick bottles to. We know that already, though, ask somebody tell me they gave it about to give him dear me, baby six bodily speed to give it tell you, I m flight may whether what reason he did an interview with ESPN and them question about fighting kind of Macgregor,
came up yet again, and these are the terms that flood has spelled for him to come. Of retirement. If you want him to fight retorted, moved economy gurgle far, they know about numbers. My number was a guarantee hundred NOS one thousand one number and we are willing to give him fifty million, and then we could talk about splitting the percentage the sums on paper view you are going to guide talk about twenty thirty me. If, if he's never ie eight and nine, they gotta, Where did you come here? But if you want to fight those made it out, he's got a point I made the point you made. Seventy eight million I'm offering you fifteen and- was innocent back into Paypal, use their negative when you got a good, but it's a deaf jangle get them when you find them. When you fight Mme you, if they would have it, isn't it will get there there but to take them on an enemy. Well, let's see what happens again, he had a lot of money on a backing from the percentages after
if I may, whether about me without interest their fight them and we thus our interests. Why? Because you re, might sanction it has just a boxing match a kind of a great deal, going, trot, approves summoned his grab, Floyd and a middle in a ring and put him in some crazy China. Kick the issue about a guy tat. Can kick him back thing now death deploy ass, they do it just because whether the money is already guaranteed us, it is losing I'm sure you would have things in the middle the erratum, Angela YE, and that's your rumour reports, all right. Thank you. Miss Yede you, I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now the sombre today by got the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Well, don't here today for thirty January twelve go to the? U S, and now, if you know no last may, will you
while you were asleep the: U S in it, took the first major step toward repealing the affordable care, a Obamacare, oh yes, the math on voting. And started Wednesday evening Indian in until early this morning, while most of us were still Not a vote does not repeal when President Obama's greatest achievements, but it does set it up for Republicans to clear the first hurdle for repeal of burial. Healthcare lie, not a republican, petty party. You guys couldn't wait ha operation where is, President Barack Obama's legacy is already started see. This is the thing I would have no problem with them, replacing the affordable care act if they had another plan already in place, if they do have a plan, how about let the american people know what it is to ease a lot of our fears? Okay, you giving people anxiety about their health care simply because you'd ever want to be petty next door and try to do a rock Obama President Elect Donald Trump said this about Obamacare in his is press conference yesterday left here we're going to be submitting as soon as are secretary.
Is approved almost simultaneously shortly thereafter, a plan it'll be repeal and replace. It will be essentially simultaneously add we're gonna, get a health bills past we're gonna, get health care, taken care of in this country repealed and replaced almost simultaneously repealed and replace. Almost simultaneously. I figure this out. Is it just my thought, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump in reply, looking among to repeal Obamacare annually to repeal Mama care and replace Obama, care and affordable health care ACT with Obamacare and care enough fordable healthcare. Ok, did you hear what I just say? They are going to reveal repeal Obamacare, Annie, affordable care egg and replace it with Obama, care and affordable What did you can give it? A different name- and maybe I just a low some to you now when the teenage me ninja turtles right, on a blending with the crowd they throwing those trench coats and began hats,
we are looking at them. Like you know, we can It is a big ass, mutated turtle, underneath that hat and tranquil right as exactly was go out and little biomechanical repeal it put. It turns potent I have had on it and replace it would never name and we will be looking like you know. It is He does Obama Garret my party. The lobby will look like the affordable care. Even more went is repealed, are replaced by the Republicans same plainly. Claims eight naughty and want to love, was presented by the other side, a merit does it matter who served meal as long as we Ali Yard, care bugging me american people, a good healthcare plan, your care about who gives forgetting the american people, a good health care plan D. You know that states that down twelve won't have to is Obamacare in Rome for two thousand sixty. So as you would like the plan there, president. I gave them the plan, so trust me when I tell you they are voting to repeal and replace Obamacare, but all you gotta do is give you the same thing under a different name is like a we get Nicky Managua wrote me: are we
in common the Pablo Didier Puff Day, Rosa Caitlin is all the same thing. Ok to reason they will be able to replace the plan almost simultaneously, because they're gonna give America the exact same plan under a different name. We wanted to added things in it. Ok, that's why we sit around saying they don't have a plan. Why would you repeal Obamacare with no plan odour of late and is the same. And President Obama already have in place give the? U S and nobody wants to repeal and replace the affordable care act, the biggest he hardly My words gonna, be the exact same thing right mark my words and thank you for that day, sir, now only back, ask IE. There was poor next door would come see me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club, it's for ask!
if you need relationship, advise you can call you right now, eight hundred five hundred five one five one allows this one at that. Mama was because of a decent minetta. Yeah and that was that ok well. Basically, though, I'm twenty through for them to read. But as the issue is like, the argument is always about money so that things like I've been weeping and appoint an early were eyes, then like the brain winner, but it wasn't like all make more. Maybe you won't building appraiser me until your private boiler. Ok, usually comes greatly during oh now, at the tables have turned their backs alarming like he'd make him more, but he made me feel like what I'm bring if it is able, isn't that right now you know, and as is only
Well, you know the money that I may have. I keep that many in my pocket. I let you handle everything. Do everything all your own beyond my PA, many contribute enormously at all like had now so the issue is at first you were kind of the breadwinner, and now he is quite right that ring and he's making you no bad about that Yazzi. Basically, like ok, I know I make the money, so I make that even if you take off by a girl who would have enough money who anything like that, they got all my right now. Basically, when you're a full time mom, you are full time student right eye. Here's what I think the issue is as number any baby was come to Boeing Mary. What were you doing? What you were doing before and sometimes do pale and relationships hour when I met in the money I make its decisions, but it doesnt work like that and we're in a relationship Bob This should be made together. As somebody
making money, and you guys have a kid together. You live together and all that is really your money together right. Why aren't you may can you feel like what I make the money? So it's my decisions and you don't do anything and that's not the fact. That fact is that are investing in your future right now and if he sees himself with you long time he's investing in your future as well, clearly you're going to school so that you can make when you're done school early, your mom, so you haven't time perhaps to work the way that you were in the past and clearly you been the brain when a new path. So it's not like your using him side. They did so, and I know that Apples do fight a lot about finances, but I think is important. For you to do is sit down and have accommodate. When you guys are in arguing about things you need, Let him know. Listen. I appreciate everything that you, going for me, but I just wanna. Lets you know that there was a time. When I rose where reverse and I I have no problem. Do for you know, when you other breadwinner, will you going out in his face?
I never what it would have paid. Let you die without my hair was met. There like I've, been with the word by now the dutch member that he now abandoned that girl that, like ours, that provided that they make sure we restrained and what do we weren't with it together? At one point we want living together and I will go out within a relationship. Sometimes we make sacrifices if you see light as a long term thing now. Are you in love with him into you, see yourself getting married to this man? We better go to prepare the report here. The April came, so you do so, The future is not that you guys are arguing about money, but there's other underlying things that bother you right. Ok, at the time that sometimes in relationships at certain times you makes it price is right. Now it probably will cause more for you to hire somebody take care of your it's. How, together than you, would make going to work part time right so Barnett We therefore need to make sense, so
We have! No, that, yes, being a mom is a job just I being adapt as a job as well going to school. Full time is just something that is temporary, because when you finish with school, you have plans to do more, the Langen. Now you need to say, listen, it hurt my feelings and it isn't awful and beneficial to our relationship. When you make me feel like I'm that contributing anything yes, and I'm not sure I shouldn't be involved in this decision making, just because you are the person that physically going, I am making money, and and you know I hold you down and I don't want to feel. Like you know you like I'm using you, so you have to just have these conversations when you guys are in the middle of an argument and don't accuse him of things just tell him how it makes you feel at him. Our third man, because he then I think that it makes for it not to night. He was upset with if agreement that, like don't like that, make it difficult for me to be welcomed with David, there will be little thought. Not I find it hard to argue about getting it
one thing around under you. Then she sat down together and come up with a budget figure out what the bills attitude have to pay, and then I think that after the on top of that, whatever extra money, that is, you guys, should decide together what happens with that and that way They have now. I want to be involved. I wanna be helpful. Just a year helpful to me I want to be helpful to you is as working together. So let's sit down now come up with these bud. This figure out what at bills I was figure outlets, figure out some things that we can cut out together. In that way? We can plan for our future and you know see the bigger picture is this? Is our future together? That's None of these problems now so that they own persist in writing. Congratulations you for being such a good women, a great mom, you know by the national by we appreciate guy. We you thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
New to never. You are right as key eight hundred five, eight five little five one of them was re. Serbia would Blackbeetles morning everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club we're in the middle I ask you, you got a question for you. You can call her right now allows this. Aid is over hope you got a couple on allow wash, of course the the question. The low my girl right see really wants to be a bomb me. Twenty fourth avenue right, like are levied on a lovely deputy, Members like they become like a nod, and you know what that means if the way and by whom you could be a ball here, where you want me about him but like when it is one of them trying to be levied when I'm in love. You double move. You don't want me I'll upon I'm a bit like the case of other happiness ok levy. A girl is not being resumed just so you so get that big enough.
Had an old woman? Was there what little you write levelled by that date? Twenty fourth them paper think I'll. Take that It is the only way to be assumed sometimes What is the problem? Is that when you go out, is too much public displays of affection, or is it when you're in the house? Spain is both. Do you mean and he goes out his boys and stuff. No doubt is that she's, so with that, and he is saying you don't have issue right don't be even though it is an ally that so why you don't wanna, be by your girl. She was to be up. Are you? You shall be hanging on lagoons ban on majority voting time, a good compromise that twenty four hour, nine twenty whenever you're over, exaggerating as she does a man when you go out with him way, whether they only a cell? When you're in a house explain to me what happens to be one
movie did everything comes down. We will learn about. I wouldn't know we'd be backed up by two hours I put their daddy. And then you back the levy does like yes. Let me go to our do I listen and I That is fair enough to say. Sometimes people do need some alone time winter in the house from british boys, but if it is ok, ok and you trust him and you d ya, don't have no other issues right known any how do you it? So I beg you should be fine, but I tell you this if your girl was not levy Debian applying you probably feel bad about and wish you was Bagley and ass. The thing where you want me to be, meta beyond him, I'm that may give them nobody denies. This is a silly thing. That's how they about you guys levy, tether, okay, so at I do feel I sometimes you need a little bit of alone time so give him their respects. You know
Sometimes you sacrifice is gonna, be a compromise. The both of you move as will arise such as carbon, I sometimes you give him a little bit his face. He was two hours of alone time. You give him an hour and then you go around very little. I will ask you hundred five, a firewall or fire one of you gotta course it for you. You could call at any time now we got room was unaware you? Yes, let's talk about. They become a fashion that message you I shall remain Bobby. Do I mean guess. I'm involved in this too will tell you about some statements that she made that he had. She has had to retract basic assurance. Floating around the building argues, run it, nor any views He would always ran and without could get what I'm not gonna, he's coming to the end of a lad. I isn't that law yellow, but its becomes coming to say was that we wanted to say was that so it's not like in his schedule, right by he's gonna, come summing up put away like a good omen. Robin Cook was vision. The guy I read. This gets a robust sort, Michelle Obama,
with Angela Club, Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Fallon a couple a nights ago and she did a beautiful notes. Here has been President Barack Obama. Thank you. Argue day, as I like to call it. Let's move Finally, thank you. Mrs Obama froze promoting physical fitness and haze since you like exercising much about running for president? She s a surprise it being an issue which was released. We check out had this went down and evening. First lady, because of you. I know that my race does not define who I am or what I can accomplish for years. Shown our nation countless times that their dignity, compassion and respect can overcome any hardship? Thank you for
wearing all Americans, including myself, to continue, go high. When the challenges of life make us feel low. Thank you, so much Did you prepare that? I'm never going to see it like that. Again ever in the White House, you hear me, I write in Jamie facts as something new that he's doing. He's gonna, be hosting an interactive musical game. Show for facts now to show is based on the action Damn you know, she's an where you can with his asylum playing shes. Am it find out what the song is so called beaches am and there's two teams and you have to raise the clock to identify the biggest hit songs of odd times. Whoever has a high score wins. I've got a guy would be good at that beaches am cause, I'm pretty good at identifying songs quickly.
As soon as they come on an embryo dj, you would have an unfair, very good. It identifies we're gonna sing the whole soul. I thought there caves off you not! I reckon I go to do. When I met is no sound, is right about that. I'd start like all year, yet our record guides litter and that's ever present soon as the sun comes out on, like I know that is another in us, after, like I'm gonna be on, it are by Allen. Iverson also has something new that he's doing. He announced that he'll be playing an coaching, an ice cubes, big, three basketball league. Ok, that is basically is gonna feature recently retired MBA players who still a pretty good, and they went to play on a competitive level, so it's gonna be plays. I came, I wish I lose my baby, Roger Mason, Junior and more at alone. Let us go Would you mean all everybody that everybody she just names, just those dusty right now I'll care, what their age is? Canyon MA?
now the knives and might gonna be three hundred all wash you right, you're right, but you know what you don't want to see me play basketball. No, I don't I've seen you in. It was terrible. We want to see them telling us what you have put your mind into the right perspective into young Allen: Iverson isn't the young. Can you might need Odin now, so you have to look at them from that level and enjoyed implanting on three listen it'll be bettered Adobe NBA regard without as regards nowadays Bennett and darted wmds. The troll demanded, can be met in Indonesia. Still can doubt that I guarantee you all right now, like them ever bigger than about enough is gonna get rid of this battle. Celebrating granted that what I just said is fitting euro girl on a video of her Dunkin doing a game to just off
Your girl, yes or no to us ass, any other clip cedar our aid. Also, this league is gonna kick off in late June in they gonna play for ten weeks in they gonna tore the country, so it's gonna be for games per week. If your interested in that America, a fax, she is not measure which off, but we do when she came up here on the breakfast club. She dinner interview and she talked about her, show black magic and something went viral. That was her saying that she does not when her a dancer Is the male danseuse dancing for a gay man? Well, here's what you had to say about those comments were soon an interview on Ella me into your yeah for radio show that's edgy. They cannot ask questions that are binding edge and we were talking about the shown as they ve had talked about my boys in the past, especially about their names they Azure year. They had said Secondly, though they fun of their name is like that, so I was a little defensive, and so I was just protect you, my boy they said so are you gonna? Take your voice of the gay clubs, and I said Hale now come on man back that up averted
Where does she spoke with? Simply because the show is called the breakfast club is not just some radio show I wouldn't get into any of you. As a year we was interview in an actress who of fifty six eight. Our aid is, but so I wouldn't do that surrounded it. I would say: Vulgate Fox, would I believe, as you heard em all about brand, and I don't like everything else branding she did not say to Breakfast Club said radio show where ok would at this would would right after you hear about nominally almost dogs in the actress from set it off. Who beat fifties boy, That is why biting AIDS over the edge of it is quite another thing I don't like brand. You know. You know that you're not unable to show I come disrespectful the anxious about, and I am sent you guys, the clip on Twitter of the girl Dunkin Broker, he went to see. I knew her name is Francesca ballet, be for just go. Barbie Bell.
Being bellowing is an aim? Has many many very important was barely be valley and our an exemption from the? U s. Yes, she is in Colorado. Colorado, listen when you know somebody's name, when you notice show your pay, respect and say to presently the successor arrangement. You ve had your rumour reports. All right. Thank you. Miss ye do not over
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