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We discuss our favorite topic which is how to out crazy the crazy. We also provide the four important steps for men to last longer in the bedroom along with sugar daddies and queefs. Enjoy!

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Do you call him daddy? Do I go her daddy call her daddy Theo daddies are back it's Hump day baby. What is up guys? It's Alex and Sofia back at it again, hello, everybody, I was gonna, say with another episode of call her daddy, but the bitch cut me off okay well presented by Barcelos sports. How are you doing today, Sofia, I'm feeling great, but I am a little bit bucking annoyed. Why? Because people keep writing into his Alex saying that they find our podcast offensive. Levinson! No! Shame no shit like I don't even know what to tell these people. It's beyond me. I'd like go watch sesame E street fucking Jack off to big bird or do we need to do paper? Does awesome
size on it? He's got some God damn hit you thicker than a seat sure he totally. If you've got that thick guys. Just I'm over you telling me that it's offensive, we got it, go, listen to something else. Yeah. I don't understand why people are so offended. It's like guys. You all have to do. Is read the titles and Don't listen! I know it's like sex me, so I know it's really put it in the ass, so I know we're working with why I don't know we have that one yet, but maybe episode eleven. We can okay, so yeah. I agree guys if you have an issue with our podcast back the fuck up and if you are part of the daddy king, hello, daddy, we're back guys. It's episode, ten. I know, let's see
insane. That is pretty clearly, whatever get huge knew. I thought I would be one and done one and that's what a lot of people do say. They're, like you, guys, aren't going to be able to sustain this there's no way you guys are going to be able to keep doing this. To that I say we're here and we're going to be here for awhile at first I thought you were going to say one and done is whatever tells you I've done they liked. You want, on their diet, really high up to say. That's, okay, too, that I always say s m a do. You know it s m a is suck! My ass you guys are using that I think it kind of like gets people riled, but also take the back so anyways. I want to get into something that are you and I were talking about on the subway this morning, and that is our part of our our apartment. So let's talk about last week. Okay, so one of us brought a man home I'm not gonna name names right, I'm one in this room honestly. Actually cried. I way this intro is going, I'm just going to cut you off and say
give me the high. I was one that brought the fucking guy back sugared out, Alex Cooper. That was not Sofia. Franklin Alex Alex Guy Guy backs if you would never do such a never is our apartment. Well, okay, our apartment in our drunk that I have to say, I was in my drunkest state. We have an unsaid thing about our apartment that we never bring people back. Yes, people from the outside world are not allowed to enter apartment, and so you know, I must have been some type of
fucked up a lot and I come back. We do not let outsiders into our apartment. Why? Because our apartment is actually terrifying. So the fact that you brought a man home Alex is shocking to me, like you, must have been a lockout, I waas, so all right, our apartment, guys if you don't live in New York City. I know a lot of people like, oh my God, New York, it's awesome and it is awesome to live in New York City. However, the way we are living may not specifically be that lux living you're looking for. I think we need to paint a picture. Okay. First of all, when I say that our apartment is fully furnished from things that we have found in the truck I not know you're not lying, I'm not lying. No every single thing, but we can. I confirm 'cause people who don't live in New York like it's not like we're dumpster diving up in this bed like there are just things that are on the side. The road right like complete?
the time, believe everything on the side of the road, because it's too no one has a car here, yeah the moving track yeah. So let's talk about talk about the rug, but let's get into the right there is that kind of like gives an encompassing idea of what are we had? This big beautiful, luxurious rug that we took from the trash? I am just realizing we sound actually discussing, but the rug was Q. Okay, I prodded. Well, it's like a little white rug. I finally was able to convince Alex and more in our other roommate, to shake the rug out because it needed a good shaking, because I knew that there were sent some things in there I got to the point Alex where, if I lost like a piece of jewelry, I would ask Alex and what would you tell them? I beg? Did you check the rug? I think that's fucking now d, so we finally shook this rug out and when I tell you seventy two dollars worth of change came flying out.
Well, like a Cheeto, oh yeah, piece of bread not have hair. Oh you could make hair extensions with the amount of here that came out of that real good. So moral of the story is that just gives you an idea of its it's gross. Okay, um our bathroom now. This is how it ties into this story. From last week of the guy coming over our bathroom. This, feeling happened to be leaking shit and pee, so that's q, and so our landlord doesn't give a shit about. He's like. Oh there's, rain I'll come in a couple of days, I'll get it and we had to put a pot to catch the poo and the p wou. Okay. So I wake up in the morning. I feel someone leave my bed. I didn't really know who was in my bed. He goes to the bathroom I know concerning. He goes to the bathroom. He comes back from the bathroom at this point. I'm stunned that there's even a human in our apartment. So I don't really register what he's saying and he just looks at me- and he says your bathroom is so scary,
but I also think that the smell of your overall apartment, maybe scarier. I just about died. That is the most, it's horrible, embarrassing thing. I've ever heard. What do you say when something like that happens? I legit looked at him and I kind of like smirked gave peace sign hand misused. He walked out by not fucking believe that you let him stay over. Oh, I know because guess what happened guys, so here happened to be coming in early seven, a dot m morning. Where were you that night? So I leaving the gym, she was responsible, not bringing a man back that and so he ran into Sofia. I wanted to do. I ran into him and I you guys have to understand it was like seeing a ghost, because people do not come over to our apartment. I was like holy shit. Alex must have been some type of way. Last night I tip my hat to this guy's. He walked out
this poor unfortunate soul, because I knew what he had went into that apartment and Alex. I went into your room and what did I tell you? She looked down and you guys and she goes Alex. I hope you know or no. I said. I hope that you don't actually like this guy because he will never be too. Talking to you again. You will never be hearing from him and to this day guys I have never. Heard from him again. So fuck me right, like cool dude, that's actually really fucking disgusting that our apartment makes grown men. Literally thirty five talk to us again, but I do have to say that there is one positive about our part Oh, I totally forgot about this
It is true. If you do live in our apartment, you do get high for free for free, free, free it it's amazing it may not be with your consent. You may not have any part of wanting to get high you're high all the time baby. Specifically at night. I will be dead asleep and wake up in the middle of the night and stood up, and I will be blaze out of your mind, will be fucking stone, and this is because we have neighbors underneath us and they go out onto their deck every night and they, blaze up. Our rooms are full on hot hot boxed. It's like in high school feel good like make out with a guy for a gram. Now it's like we get it for free, you just gotta, lay in bed and they bring it right to your door. It's not even, I would say, I'm not really a huge smoke or weed smoker and I think I know you get the money.
I know every gaining weight, okay, moving on moving on so this past weekend, if you guys follow me, I'm so, if you're on Instagram, which you should, I don't know why you wouldn't be on Instagram, I posted some stories. I was in Florida, soaking up the sun, while Sofia's chilled in New York remaining a vampire you're so pale. I know think it's, okay, so went to Florida and I was staying at a really nice house and we had a lot of people writing in to my instagram being like Yellow Alex Tiger Sponsor like who is your sponsor, like sugar, Daddy Central, which we are going to talk about in this up so yeah. But I just want to confirm I that I did. I don't have a sugar daddy, and that was not a sugar daddy situation. The guy that I am talking to you just happens to have a nice house and you okay, did he pay for your flight yeah? Yes, did he pay for absolutely everything
I thought you did while you were there. Yes, okay, no, but seriously like liz- and I just one talk about this, because I think this is something that we'll get a little confused with two thousand and eighteen culture. You- and I always talk about it. Girls want to assert their power like no, I can pay for stuff, for I can pick up the bill, which is totally fine right, but specifically when it came to this topic um. I think that five days guys with money. Okay, I've dated guys that don't have money also like it goes hand in hand. It's not like, I only date guys with money right. Maybe I do but I do think there is a standard that should be known of dating and whoever makes more money etc
I'm actually is going to pay for it. I know I I honestly was just totally joking around. I think that if you are kind of talking to someone yeah and their income is double or triple than yours, now, there's no reason why they cannot be buying your flights x, That is not a sugar that absolutely I've dated guys that could have for Wayne afford way more than me, and he would do nice things and he would buy me. My flights are, and also especially if he wanted to do things that were more expensive and I personally couldn't afford it. He would pay for it yeah with. That being said, I think, if you're dating someone that makes equal amount of money as You then obviously you'll pick up a bill. He'll pick a bill in love them less and less it's on a first date. People have asked us this question, I don't know, call me old school. I think a guy needs to be picking up the check on the first day, every one hundred percent. If I come back from the fucking bathroom and he's trying like Dutch or whatever and we're splitting the bill. I'm like I'll just get the bill and the
the fuck out and you'll never see me exactly absolutely, I think a lot of, times I've asked guys like what do you think about that and almost every guys like? Oh, I want to pick up the bill because I think there's a thing about going on a date guys, it's kind of like the way to be the man like you want to be the man you want to take charge. You want to take the bill, but I don't know. I think there are some guys that have written and they're like that's so rude if she doesn't even offer well, if going to help with that day's know know know, know know you can pick up the God Damn bill and then she'll spread her legs later. That's what we call a bitch boy and good luck in your life. Bitch boy 'cause! We don't care we're, not fucking! You ok, anyways, on the topic of sugar, daddies! Oh yes, so I don't have one! You don't have another thing I don't want. I was telling Alex this before we start recording
I am ready for a sugar daddy, I like I want to retire. I'm you bet around the block you've seen what the world has to offer. I'm over it. I I want you just sleep in every single day. I want to be said. In Terry. Until I have like my pilates class in my brunch, and you know I have. I have to just write a old little crooning dick a couple times a week, but I get that life I know like I feel like I know I feel like I would. I do think I could have one absolutely. I hope no, but I feel like. I definitely want like a couple more years in the work force. I think I'd like but you know, like blogging, I'm so energetic. I like, I need like a couple more years. What do you think like two more years?
two more yeah and then I'm already, I am over yeah you're right. He is ready to go through and I show her. How do you live in our podcast? I really. This is the thing, though, about having a sugar daddy, I'm gonna get into how to get. Because I have some friends that are in a situation: okay, but the thing about having them. Is they own your life? They literally can pull the plug at any moment and you're fucked, and so you have to think about that. You know when you're getting out of that situation. For example, I was talking to my friend earlier today, who has a sugar, daddy love and this guy's sugar daddy, like millionaire
in there but millionaire than um okay. So I guess that's pretty rich still. Okay, that's all right like we could be in the bees, but we'll take the EMS anyways, so he bought her a car. Okay! Oh he bought her a range rover and any time they get in a fight. He literally will have his assistant go and pick up the car with his spare key and drive it off driveway and take it home she will literally go outside and your car will be completely gone when there in a fight and she's like shit, I gotta go suck a dick. Now they get my car back. She's like I gotta, go, get a bus pass word today. Oh my god, I'm saying I don't know if I'd like that, I know they own your life, and so you have to be prepared for it. Well, yeah I was going to say: let's talk about how to get a sugar daddy. So specifically, I feel, like you know more about this topic
because you have so many. I wish no, because you even just being from Utah, have a lot of friends that moved to Vegas. And L A, and I feel like that culture is pretty big over there total. So Sofia explained to us a little bit like how does one go about getting a sugar daddy, because so many people have written into the podcast and like I, We get one. What do I do to break it down girl, I'm not an expert, but I've been around experts. I've been exposed. Yes, I know a few years ago that website seeking arrangements was huge. Ok, can you explain seeking arrangements, because I've literally heard of this the first time this year from you, so it's dating site for wealthy men a lot of times, they're older it lit.
He has their net worth posted next to their picture next to their profile. So you know how much money you're fucking with well, I'm setting up right now, yeah- and I mean these guys- have to pay like a certain amount of money to be to have like their profile on the website. I actually, I actually know a girl who found her husband on there. Ok, so this shit actually happens. I will save that's few and far between that we fuck Christian mingle seeking arrangements baby. Here we guide, I that's not the way that I would suggest to do it honestly. Okay, because I think it's like one in a one million chance that you find an actual guy on c yeah. So what is your your way?
I think you know- and you know I don't even give a like. Why am I here? According to my research, okay, so road south apartment- well, I only pulling she goes out of my right. Okay leave me alone. Okay, how do you? What else? Do you think finding one? I think one of the best ways in like a more natural way than getting online is to go to a super classy high end restaurant rule be dressed to the nines said at the bar by yourself, or do yourself a drink. Looking like a snack and just kind of chilled there and see, if you know Someone approaches you, I think that's a great idea, I think. No, I know I really do you're sitting there you're looking hot you look at how much will you can't go with your friends or else you're not going to look approachable and you just hang out there and I guarantee
you that some old lonely horny man will come over to you and offer to buy you a fucking man high in her dirty martini right and don't you feel like at that point? Girls can kind of assess the situation. You look at his watch at credit card card he's got a black Carter or whatever they are exactly people always like. How can you tell this? Guy has money- and it's like come on his drink order alone can like tell yeah his see, you yeah, and I mean it when you're meeting someone within the first five minutes of talking to someone. If I can tell you what their job is, you know that's actually true and you know how to get the gist of it. So I know and then put some ghb in his drink and take him home and get literal okay, but I have to say as much as we want the sugar daddy life
Sofia yeah. We can- and I know exactly why: ok, we're fucking, crazy and the issue. Is it these sugar daddies? They want like a well put together, respectable sure, mom, not drama, not a burden, they wanna be some. Yeah, they wanted to be submissive. They also want you dressed to the nines and looking your best at every month, and every single I just looked down at my shirt. I have I mean we're and sneakers right now that alone, like we can't be exactly, I think, that's a perfect transition, a us being crazy. Let us talk this week about something we are so passionate about. It's my favorite thing how to out crazy the crazy it's my favorite topic in the world because Sophia, what do we say all the time you were never in the wrong? No, you
turn everything background on him, no matter what it is no matter what is so. I'm gonna set the scene to kind of like explain to you guys what is out crazy. The crazy mean I had dated this guy. I knew he was being shady. I knew he was fucking around which was fine 'cause, I was doing the same thing, but you can't pull a fast one on me. So, like the psycho path, that I am I made up, a big fat lie. I faked a phone call Ann, I watched him see me- and I did the whole, like literally I'm faking someone's on the other, like yeah no one's on the line and I'm like no and I like look so sad he's watching my face, he looks like he's panicking and I get off the phone and I said: can you come sit with me? I sit him down and I say to him. I can't believe what I just heard. I need you to be so honest with me right now, because if you aren't on
with me right now. I don't know if we can move forward and he looks like he actually just died inside, like he's actually just shit his pants and at this point guys? I know I don't know anything. I don't know anything, I'm speculating and this bitch, please tell me you did the classic over your like babe, if you confess everything right now, I promise to Forgive you. I promise. I need you to just be honest with me right now. If you can be honest. We can move forward and then, like obviously we're talking about you know, god damn well there out. Well, I pulled a holding on like this moment means so much to me. If you can just tell me the truth and we're going to be ok, we can probably get through this, but I need you to be. Honest and this guy goes into detail, how he cheated and what he was doing and how he saw how she sucked his dick I'm like. Oh my god,
bitch, I knew nothing. The last call on my phone is from CVS to come. Pick up my birth control. Nobody called me, so you had no clue. You just had an inclination, not maybe something, and then you faked a phone call saying you knew everything admitted everything every. Like I honestly had no idea- and I was just going to eventually, though think about it- he's probably done something since we started talking so he's going to admit something I just didn't know it was that recent and that intense on there was like a dick in the vaginal Actuacion. I wasn't expecting a full compassion, a ll here here we are so I mean. I know you probably good. Oh, you know what my favorite is home and it's the most fucked up, but I love it is faking that you have like an std were like some type of illness classic. I have done this before, where I will be dating a guy and I I will tell him. Oh my god like something just feels really off down there, I'm having like a burning itching sensation.
Then I'm starting to get a fever, I'm trying to get chills. I think I need to go to hospital. Is there anything you need? tell me before I go to Hospital like I have a week to live. Potentially I just want the God. Damn truth, so I can die in peace like just Bay, have hired literally hub two weeks to live, I'm kidding but, You literally make him think that you are sleeping wrong. Thinking 'cause. Then, if he's been fucking around he's a fuck like do I have nessie? Did I give it to her back on my deathbed. I want to say, though, that genius thank you, Sofia, Vergara another thing about Stds so that new I played soccer in college, and so I would be with girls. Out every single day, twenty some girls in a locker room and every day I in the soccer team with a little hole wish. I regret to say that they would all guess you guys. Ok, so all these girls would come in one day. You know the girls that would like FUCK, around all the time. Like oh shit, I got gonorrhea this week. I got Clemit yet I'm like oh shit and they would like. I don't know what
Intel, though my boyfriend or the main guy I'm talking to how the fuck do. I explain to him that I got an std cousin, how he has it, but he doesn't know I'm fucking sleeping with other people and they always come to me because they always don't fucking nuts and I'd like guys guys relax what you Dio is you approach him alright first and you tell him, I just went to the doctor to get my monthly check up. And I've got a God, damn fucking, STD and you're the last person in the only person that I fucked since my last checkup, so what the FUCK You put it on them like there is one other Israel, OP yeah, that that I you know, god damn well. You gave him chlamydia and you were going to go up to him and be like. I can not believe you gave me the clock, you dirty mother fucker? How could you do this to me? Why would you do this to me wow and then they don't want to do, because if you I mean girl, a girl that works just fucking pilot I've uh. Actually, I've had friends that situation where they're like I was being shady. I think I gave him something
like. No, no, no sweetie! You have never given anyone anything in your life. He gave it to you. So yes, basically you are never did not hurt you in the right till you die absolutely you're into you turn every single thing on to them. I honestly, I don't even care if you cheated. No, I don't care either. I don't you turn it around on them. You ask them why they drove you do so. Why did you push me to do such an awful young? I had no other choice. Yeah You, like literally awesome. Why would you make me just? I have to live with the guilt you made me cheat on you and now I have to feel guilty every single day. Do you think I wanted to do that? You think I wanted to dd. I wanted to suck his dick when I have a boyfriend. No, but because of how you are in this relationship, for I tell you the choice, I was stuck with you in a rock and a hard place because of what he's done so then you say I am
before your apology, but I don't know. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to forgive you for this burden that you put up data. He catches you cheating, he better, fucking, APOLLO, Jai's within the hour and let you know how sorry he is for forcing you to do that good guys were kidding, we're definitely getting on the cheating. No, we were you're. Obviously joking we're not saying she, but we are saying, be crazy, craziest, absolute because guys love the crazy one. Percent. We said it a million times something happened recently that I want to touch on okay, Olivia Cool Bow, the most beautiful girl in the world. She is just dropped headquarters, an instagram influencer for all of you that don't know she was dating Danny Ammendola NFL player, right Alex. Why did Danny Amendola get caught cheating on her, because Olivia is a predictable, stable
and she's boring as fuck, I'm so sorry, but that is exactly what it is that he he recently just got caught cheating. He was on the beach with some girl and they're fucking a It was all over social media and Livia went ape shit on social media and sold the rolex? She was to give him and all this shit going crazy. I just can tell I watch her stories all the time I see her little post. She is maybe the most perfect girl there is so wholesome family oriented. She seems like a nice sweet and and the word stable, stable girl, and that's why Danny doesn't want to fuck brain about it. There's no crazy. She Dari she's, predictable, listen live you're you're great, but I just want to say that there is something you can tell a ha via social media with couples. I know it's up
it's two thousand and eighteen. So this is how it goes Danny, Amendola and her were dating about, I think, like last year, and then they broke up. They got back together pretty quickly. She was posting every single day stories of them. She had him all over her actual instagram page posting pictures. He didn't have one god damn picture of her. I know he was probably will we I'm glad we're hooking up, I'm glad we're fucking again but like are we date? What is going on like she's posting everywhere? She made herself way too available all right and like just predictable to hand you didn't feel like there was any exactly you need to make your man feel a little insecure. Absolute always. I was lying because this is the deal she has the perfect job. Think about it. We always talk about traveling like scaring your man. Political pull has the perfect job. She travels all the time.
And I bet not once did she not answer her man's face time yeah. Did she not call him to choose so not a little wave, her v? I do it's so What we're saying is like Olivia's, too predictable right- She's, not she's she's, giving him no insecure be at all and I feel like guys, need to kind of feel like they're still in the chase. They don't come. Completely. How do you they can't feel like want? One hundred percent have and not to mention, I don't mean to be a bitch, but you need to be a bit just see she's going to be a dead fish in the bedroom. Crazy. He creates too good and bad right, not crazy. Like rates to a dead fish in back okay, there are some girls, obviously are like three hard to. Then they get for you, the bedroom, but already I can just see it like she's, not, and meanwhile, I know the girl on the beach that he was caught. Cheating with is probably giving him the Salah Happiest nastiest blowjob that night and fucking his brains out
live is not know, but I also think we talked about how this is a perfect example of her not playing at all hard to get with her yeah, you need to keep your man on his. She went to Vegas. They were going through I, my god, I remember that I remember she went to Vegas after they've gone through a break up. I was like looking at her story and she's posting herself in her hotel room jumping up and down on the bed, pillow fight with like two other girls, with little up a set and a little glass of champagne, and I'm like bitch bitch. If you you are going through a break up and you go to Vegas. You are going to put latex on going pop, a molly you're, going to get on table in the middle of the club, you're gonna to seven dudes. In the background out of your fucking labia out and your record. The whole thing yeah and put it on your story. That's how I know she's me too stable about woman, you gotta fuck with his head. You can't be in your fucking hotel room in your jammies. So I'm sorry, you live yeah
I'm sure, you're, a great girl, you're just too wholesome and to stable and you need to like go check into a psych ward and get a little freaky. If you want to keep a man know every media outlets like oh, my god, how could you cheat on her? And meanwhile you are the only podcast like. I know why the fuck she got cheated on. I know God damn well, okay, so I am going to do a little something that I'm pretty passionate about over here. I'm in it. That's actually kind of fucking, weird they're, saying that, but I want to talk about a topic that I think all men need to pull out. Your notebooks get your notes, ready just sit back and relax. As I talk to you about how to last longer in the bedroom, whoa. Okay, so one of the universal problems guys have, I mean even the goddamn stallion's stallions out there, the guys who really have the stamina? Okay, even they cave early every once in awhile agreed so
and we get it as girls, it's fucking hard. Sometimes you, like guys, are wave. I was fucking me. I wouldn't be able to hello my love in thirty six. No, it's true! If you're fucking with the girl as the God Damn Voodoo clam, especially it's like this no shots, so I recently had a guy friend who he was super depressed. He was blowing his load within the first five minutes. An girls were verb really expressing that was not okay and they were not satisfied which good for these. Ladies, Absolutely I love those land, so he literally started training himself. Ok, it's like if you've ever seen, the God, Damn Batman movie, where he fights Babe and Bruce Wayne is training to escape the prison. It's like how that's, how dedicated this guy was like longer, okay, so so quickly, I'm going to share with you guys some things that he shared with me in order to stop stop suffering from nutting too early in the bedroom. There are four steps.
Oh we're gonna walk through them daily, okay, so number one is men, do not start in doggy style guys. We all know this is the world's greatest position. It hits all the right spots. It's comfortable the view for the guys, wet dream worthy, it's great for everyone, but why is that yourself up to fail like that like be fucking smart, be facing to me? Is that, like a guy's favorite position for a lot of guys, I think hands down? That would be one of the best. Also. I think it's just like that. The ass shot, the positioning, the where their hands can be their dick can be. It works well for guy, and so I'm just saying do not start with that or even go for that for your second position hold off. If that's where you want to not hold off till the end to get in that dog missionary, then I'm not going tell you what you want to do, whatever you gotta do side missionary her on everybody, whatever you legs.
Over you, you, that's fine. I got it just don't go right to doggy number two. Okay, guys give yourself God, Damn break. You are not a dildo. You have real emotions and feelings. A lot of guys can't have fast sex. All time fast pace. You I mean it's like for an extended period of time. You can't be doing that so after you've been stroking her for, let's say, like thirty seconds pull out rob clip right finger, her kiss her, give yourself a break and let yourself cool off. I think that's honestly great for both men and women, because girls need like a little break up in a well for playing then at home, not a guy yeah. I want it will help the girl eventually lead herself up to being able to come, because we can't come as fast and you guys get a
break and you're not going to nut all over. In thirty seconds, we've had guys right and I remember a guy wrote in that said: is it ok? If I pull out 'cause, I know I'm going to come and I go down and I eat my wife out God Abso fucking lutely, think about yourself and if you reverse the roles, if a girl asked, is it okay? If we're fucking and I go down on your dick and I just suck it a little mid set, absolutely get my fucking dick wetter are like do not totally so guys give yourself a God, Damn break. It is okay to switch it up. You don't need to be inside her the whole fucking time. I agree and the minute that you have any inclination in any bone in your body that you're about to go, you pull out and you can fake it till you make it like. I just said finger her golf, the clip, whatever numbers three to full. Now this situation, I think mostly applies to new sexual partners because side lead, the majority of the world doesn't really practice safe, sex and condoms have kind of
I mean I think we can both agree to have become an afterthought for a lot of us. Not not us not a lot of people, other people, other people, and so if you have something, if you have someone new that you're fucking and that you want to last with where fucking condom, even if it's literally just for this if you'll, no, where near as good as Ross Eggs, what it's guaranteed to help you last longer. No, I know this really, I'm messenger, I'm saying you don't shoot the messenger, don't shoot the messenger but put put on a condom for the beginning yeah. You can always take it off boom I'm not so is the same? Keep it on. I made it all. You know you. I got to keep it on. Okay! Well, lastly, is number four and I think I personally think this is a versatile but kind of controversial method. But let's just get a hunch. Your dick super hard first think about your grandma. Did you say that in episode I was like
think about your mom eating out your grandma. If you can come after that, you have issues, that's another way to do it all right so, but for specifically for number four. I think this is could possibly be one hundred percent the most beneficial in multiple aspects. So let's say she's on her way and you have about thirty minutes. Till she's arrives, she's super hot realistically, also you're, probably just really really horny, regardless. If she's, hot or not she's I've she's a ten doesn't matter. It's natural. Okay. Men are naturally animalistic sex addicts. Ok, thirty minutes before she gets there bus to know clean up, handle any leakage or residue straighten up, get your shit back together and then I guarantee you.
You will be able to get your little mini me right back up by the time you will be able to perform exceptionally well. Ok, because then you can go. That's basically round two for you and it's around one hundred for her, and you know every guy can last longer in round two, so you guys have to be strategic about this shit like from a female perspective. All of these options to me are beautiful, because I mean they got. My male friend told me these specific steps they've taken, have allowed all of him and his friends to basically go multiple rounds girls during sex, and please show me a girl that doesn't want multiple rounds. They don't exist, okay, so if you are, if you're looking for a way to last longer, I encourage you guys to take one of these four steps. Fuck, can get yourself ready and don't it's a God, damn nut in the first ten minutes. The daddy gang fully supports guys that can go fifteen to twenty five minutes: train your cell
yeah. You need to start living your goddamn life. I think my favorite of all of those techniques is too slow down. I agree: pull out pull out yeah give her vagina some attention absolutely baby, her hole. I don't know because you- and I have talked about it. It's like guys, don't understand, sometimes how much harder it is for girls to come. Like I remember, we talked about it once as an analogy if you're sitting next to a guy and you guys are drinking a beer most of times the guy can drink the beer ten times faster than the girl before she gets done. That's the same thing with sex. We need way more time to finish. Then you do so just fucking chill out. Okay. I agree. I hope it was education anal. Now it's um talk about something that queef we're talking about. Please, let's talk about a funny word! No! I think it pisses me off, because so many people have written into us and bend like. Oh, my god, I like queef too, during sex with this guy and like it was so
awkward and the reason I think it's fucking awkward is because guys don't what, because it sounds like a fart like legit, but doesn't really understand. Ok, my ex boyfriend that I refer to frequently who was a nasty ass person. I remember he told me that he thinks it's so hot if it girl Quives, because it means that he's fucking her hard and fucking her like a shit, I'm fucking herself, it means you're, so God Damn web for all the guys out there don't know what the fuck a queef is, and you think you're like. Oh my god. It's like a fart. No, it's not, I think it just means you been fucking her for a while and air right, Airpod AIR pockets and it's really fucking wet, and it's usually when you're changing positions, so girls well, first of all, I just want to say guys, be fucking mature about it. Yeah
because it sounds weird, if anything you should be like fuck yeah, ok. Secondly, with regard to this, I have a trick for girls. A girl in college actually told me this. If you are fucking with a guy for like the first time, I get it. Sometimes it's weird, because is you're not as close to them like as if it was your boyfriend like a daughter, but if it's like a one night stand or whatever um you can put your like when you're going to change positions, put your finger up your VA jean and like move it from side to side and back and forth, and you basically move out the air and then you pull it out slowly. You won't have that yeah I had a friend a shout out. She would queef on. She would like always show me and she would do it. I thought it was the coolest thing: that's a fucking savage, doesn't daddy or go into the bedroom and queef on demand like the daddy you, oh my god. Yes, so I think so v and I talked about this earlier,
I want to say from now on out all the daddy gang members when they queef we are going to say. Oh my god, that's how I know you're fucking me good babe, and then you grab the you put them into the next position. Yeah! That's how I know you're fucking me right right. I love like, literally when it happened. You look at him and you shut him down yeah and you say: oh my fucking god you're fucking me right daddy one hundred percent improves Queen boom wait queen. Here we go okay, that You know having sweet love. I feel like he learned like what the fuck is wrong with these girls. Ok, all right! Let's talk about questions my face okay, so we have a couple stories. We have a couple questions: let's get right into it: okay, so question one
kept seeing this guy at every party I was at and he was incredibly good looking and I knew that he was a fuck boy. So, honestly, I was just looking for a hookup anyways, we're out this party and we ended up going back to his place together. We were both pretty fucked up, but we went to his apartment and started having sex after a little. While he tells me that he's about to come and he pulled out and then I kid you not heap- he's all over me at first. I was confused thinking. It was just watery comma, but then, after thirty seconds, under his seemingly endless stream, the smell hits me I jumped out of bed grabbed his sheep and white myself off and made the most. Awful walk of shame, drenched and smelling like piss the next weekend I went to a party and he was there. Of course I had been drinking and when I saw him I started chanting. I am a girl, not a urinal, every single time he walked into the room safe to say, I've never spoken to a to him again
okay. Okay, back up, so this guy was hooking up with her and then peed all over. Can you imagine I would die. I feel like I've heard of that, though, before like guys like feel like they're about to any like confuse it like what I having to I was gonna say I I think specifically when you're fucked up girls be be the same like you have. Octopi yeah, but you also were gonna come you're like holy fuck but yeah. I should have fucking checked himself before he started. He split letting out a goddamn, which case in point he was probably fucked up, but like absolutely I've heard of that, though, or was this guy just into golden showers, honestly, hey didn't give two fucks if this girl's into it he's like I'm into it, you'll be into it, and I will see what can I say this girl, however, is a fucking daddy. The fact that next weekend this girl pulls up to this party and cheese season, and she has the ball to scream at him and SAM
the fucking urinal liar of her. I love his daddy, like you have some balls on you, so I respect that, but the charges were the best years of the both of you, okay, question too. So, oh I made the mistake of revealing toe a psycho girl right before I thought we were about to fuck. Who was my condo neighbor that I thought we were going to have sex? She then led me on the rest of the night and now she will randomly come over, tease me and then she leaves I want to have sex with her and it's driving me crazy. What should I do? The shoes you done? Fucked up, you not listen to our last episode, episode. Nine. We told you guys specific you never let a girl girl know. No, that you want how many times we have to tell you guys, moment that you give her any inclination that you think you're fucking her she doesn't want you fucking exactly have has to be like this unspoken. Unknown thing, so I think my advice for this one is: you need to
start being so Ronzoni with her when she comes over and she tries upon you like push back. Thank you know. Let's just jealous watching movie and she is going to be like what the fuck, because girls that are just trying to tease you if you're, like, I don't know like, let's just be friends like chill chill and maybe like start talking about a girl in front of her, like I'm trying to hook up with this one girl like what think I should do. Will fucking lose her mind and then going to want to suck your dick and fuck you, okay, there, you go okay next one, so my boyfriend has been wanting me swallow swallow come for a while now because he thinks it would be so sexy for me to swallow and keep on blocking. He says thank you podcast by the way you're welcome. I let him come in my mouth, but I immediately spit it out. I just can't bring myself to swallow. It makes me cringe what are your views on spit or swallow any tips? Okay, I I'm not shitting on any girls that spit. I just don't. I think that I don't know. I don't understand why girls spit. I think that,
Oh, oh, my god, I don't give a shit about the guy, think I'm being rude, but what I do think is if you are spitting it out, because the come grosses you out, I think you're almost tasting it more yeah we're putting it in your mouth to spit it out. If you don't want to taste it, but you can take it like a shot. Yes, that's what I was that's what I was gonna say: you've got a first of all recognize that when a guy's about to come and you're sucking his dick, you can kind of feel his body changed a little bit tense up and his dick literally starts to pulls in a different way. So be mindful of that and when you know he's about to come. Even if you ask him to like give you a little warning that he's about to come, I'm not saying you have to deep throat, because I know sometimes PETE girls can't just literally start planning the way that you're going up and down and sucking his dick perfectly so that when you go down, dick is literally in the back of your throat and when he fuckin jizz
it is like a shotgun by itself against, like it was never anywhere else literally end. So that way you don't have to taste it at all. It's like legit, like we said, if you're taking a shot you throw that shit to the back, doesn't even touch your tongue, swallow it like a pill down the hatch. Next, how do you feel about cheesy pick up lines? For example, I EPR this girl to bar saying hey. You owe me a drink. She asked me why, and I said because I dropped mine when I saw you smooth, smooth fuck right. I know then I attempted to lay the pipe on her, but it didn't work out. Oh I, if, if a guy came up to me to bar, said hey, you owe me a drink and I was like what the fuck don't. That's the worst lied of never time a guy tries to pull the like. I'm going to be a dick agree, move and it's still like flirting, but they're, still being a dick you're dead to me, guys
is Nokia. If you're going to try to go funny, don't go douche bag. Funny just go funny, because girls, usually especially at a bar people, are drinking. It's like shut the fuck up, get out of my face right now. I really bugs me when guys try to try to play that doesn't work for me. Lastly, I thought this would be a good one to end on my boyfriend and I were on an eleven hour road trip last weekend, and I told him what I had heard about your podcast. We decided to give it a shot together fast forward to a few hours of listening, and we literally pulled to the side of the road, and fucked, you guys rock wow, so we got people really hot and bothered. This is really unbelievable. People are fucking, tore podcast. That's amazing! I'm so happy we're just turning people on with their significant other and you guys are getting after yeah. That's pretty unbelievably love back to I'm feeling good right away right. Now, too, I gotta go. I gotta go well yeah, that's perfect, because it's the end of the episode.
Go home and take care of it. So thank you, yeah. Okay, thank you guys. So much for listening episode, one guys. Yes, I mean holy shit. I know next week is going to be it's going to be a fun wallet. I promise you it's before Thanksgiving, then we're not going to see each other for a week so going to get a little right. Now we're going to be wild and I can't wait. Thank you guys. So We love, you daddy, call her daddy episode. Ten thanks! Guys! Thanks
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