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103- Tana Mongeau Exposed

2020-12-02 | 🔗

2 years later, the bitch showed up and immediately regretted it. TANA MONGEAU EXPOSED. #DADDYGANG

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For yourselves go to Gatt roman dot com, slouch daddy and you can get your this month of swipes for just five bucks when you choose a monthly plan again that is, at roman dot com slash die. What Daddy gang areas, your single father, Alex Koper with roses green, you go daddy mother, fucking gang, is full. Stop is your fucking founding father got it again for another mother, fucking episode of call her daddy, I'm sitting here about how she had actually like losing my mind, wreaking guys, I'm here with tat. When I just heard you say that shouldn't we live, I lost my fucking Ivan swear. Obviously,
Are you kidding me I like how many deaths have you had inside? You know it was go. Let's go not me not knowing. If I can swear not gonna steal a visa tenor. I am so sorry welcome. Note welcomes call her daddy. Thank you so much for having me I dont know why a second time, charm sweetheart car doubting owing charity. This for real. I feel like a kid at getting just like a special day like I'm like it's a tree is a tree. Because you me, let's talk about this cunt without word, strongly As you should know, ok I'll know daddy and listen today's. If you guys are not aware of how this relationship started, I don't even know me
this relationship I vigorously right. I don't really like that. All alike who just walked out of a part can know its usual. We had it. We had a rocky start so about two years ago. Call her daddy started and the first gassed that we wanted to have on call her. Daddy was tenor. The right they still don't know why I don't eat Robinson, I jump right. However. However, I'm a fucking idiot and did you know we're gonna be the first gang I to be honest with you like. I do anyway No, I didn't realize until today the severity of the drastic city of how much of a piece of shit. I was why until because I always heard other people's versions of this story right, and I really I sat down today tonight. I deep dove deep. Don't can I talk to you about your hearing because guys candidates does she never came on this, yet
as I should start off with collar daddy? I think I should to start off with an apology to you. This is big you're willing point. I know I shouldn't either. I watch live video today in its this. I don't think that was during the time, not that this is like an excuse for it. I was just the biggest notorious piece of shit for being so such abuse. Just lay down not showing up everything, not whatever, and it really came to a head like during that time as it should have. I deserve that shit. I watch the video today. What and always like ten emotional factors over like original. First of all, you should have gone literally harder. Like you, maybe a videos you should have that I think will overcome angers me the most about it is, I think, back if I were in your shoes, that's what I was really watching intake. I wouldn't have been as nice as like Ya'Ll, where like watching not like Like I just I sucked so bad, and then you guys we're still so classy about and it's crazy, and then I was thinking even at dinner, Alex and eloquent to dinner. Before this sitting there and you were like I look at it as a blessing in disguise.
As you can tell me just I never had on any gas and, like you know now, everything's like doing so as you like, the biggest particles in the world, you like inflict doing well somber, but leg. like you're still so nice about an outbreak fuck that kind to the GRAIL Bobo who, like I don't know, but it is kind of like buck you buy. You showed me when I was within daddy gave you guys can now. If you are a Oji daddy going, are you understand not as much as at the time tat was hung over sick or whatever it. When are we ocean and use it? I ve been doing you're going to, as we should literally look back on that, and it was a blessing honest. I know that sounds like a big being a bigger person, but we ended up making the decision that we were just not going to have guests on and we end they ve built up so bad. It really ended up. I think, like one of the biggest reasons like part of Y got so big as because most podcast had gas on it. For so long we did, and so was over the blessing that you
a bit that day because to Madame, let's explain what happened: the infamous a nightmare Could you want to know what I remember I kind of block it out music. So too, I really do and I am sure the scenario literally buck you, but I remember seeing your social media knowing were hamburger. I know you were like ballade now. I was member seeing your story and I'm like in the studio getting ready and we solid Three hours ago she was like hammered walking the streets of New York City like while the sun is rising like bull. a cow, and I was like. Oh, this is a really good Gallagher. I can't wait to see here today like this is going to. Great never showed up. We waited for how that citizens are doing me now is like I can't say I still and walk through the city and your blackout drunk. But if I had an obligation ay, I would know about it and be
I would still show up like wholly holy fuck, but I we do need to get into like the logistics of this moment watching this video, even though I would just like ten, if you're gonna be you're, fucking Idiot, like do a better job and then even it's like watching it now, like I look back and I'm just like youth, you look you idiot like. I still feel that I'm happy to not be that been yeah, but at the same time like just it's one of the biggest Elles, I think I've ever taken your boss up on me also lay yet I do not like that's. Why now my cushioning unhappy on milk, we know why there is a lot of people and so I'll explain that to you. So there's a lot of people back when we were posting out at dinner. Together that we're like why the fuck are you gonna have the strong your shirt
as they should live, wanted to really go and get those drinks with you, and I remember like yours, hissing capping like you, can bring you ever. You want to make em bucking going alone, and I want to show up to this fucking dinner alone, and I really want to see like who the fuck is this girl Hannah and I wanted to go there, because, if I really fell as though you were a majority of the part of some, what people think you're on the internet that hate you, I was gonna, be reluctant. Have you on the show cause, but didn't think you're gonna be a deck, and I do want to clarify that meeting. Aha moment to me. You know I'm not delay. I'd really like three minutes into our dinner makes our universe. Is this like sweating she's like well? Oh, no, I'm I'm sweating puking, but you made me gained so much like respect for you because it's like like
I mean I've are obviously always respect you. What have you ever done to make me lose you out of here I'm out here. Maybe you lose my, but I'm saying like sitting I mean like down like she shut up alone, to actually have a conversation with me and find out who and the fact that, even just like your time now is so much your money like everything when you come out to LOS Angeles like the fact you actually took the time to I didn't. I didn't know that either. So no even this going and try to know like I was like what does she want with me like? I stuck when she's goaded like like its charity. Yes, I was like I've always getting it wrong, you're trying to fuck me here. I got only volcanoes really like you know, and then, and then I went into it. You were like so intelligent may actually do you were curious, like you were, so why the fuck? Were you like this? Who the fuck? Are you now what the fuck is you I've? Should I even have you all my shit and they re dope? I don't even by bringing about who I was- and I think that's where we can kind of get into this episode of when we posted those pictures on the internet. Yeah the amount of dude. The amount of Well that love you, but
and then the amount of people a fucking hate you, unlike its more I twitter, wise advice, I was going through. I got my monitoring tax music. So vague way is this drama like I? Where are you sure, you're making the right decision and open due note, you think, being q, but I would like you know why that's why you think we're like you will go nowhere, but I'm sure you do you. Have you been made? Absolutely? No, that's the thing I don't give a fuck. I I make my decisions, and I like to meet people and be like. I met you and I sat with you at a dinner and your password stakes or whatever you ve done in the past, like sitting with you for over an hour, I was like she seems like a decent fuckin human being. That's why I want to talk to you about work and all of your issues or whatever the sun. Now you ve so many issues you're going to be over twenty, where our let's go, be the fact that you did not just a lot of your character. Its funding doesn't like really like actually like getting to know you I see my daddy is like they would
Oh for you, as you are the hated me four years as they should have, as you still should. I think you should be like fully mean to me for the first thirty minutes of agro. Ever even like me, view so scared to not have guests away electronic I'd swaddling ties the biggest part castles in the air by yeah. It's it's fat ass. I just sold, even though, like you know like she thinks I'm nice now guys. Don't let me off? No, I don't. I want the nicest brazenly they didn't have a lot of respect for what you're doing, because I feel like you, ve been cancelled, so meet. I even love you and I think you're pseudo here you're still here like. Why are you still here little yoga cocker? I was literally just saying off Cameron Ehrlich, I'm a cockroach. I never die. I don't know, I don't know, I'm sorry. I wake up every day of my God, like you can take it. Well, look I get it right now over editing photos. We have to talk about because you may be fucking scream dying, laughing literally rack up it's ok.
get tat and I go daddy and I have two things to bring up the ten a one year: apology, video it literally dog shit horse shit like you're, not talented, because about video single eyes riveted. If you are looking awful quit now, you're ahead, I swear to God the ambraciots she rubbing your video with the working ever am. Why do you say to me? I think we need common internal. I liked her know each year what tenor it's funny, because I am so much respect for you. You ve talked about editing your photos right, let go! I gotta go pay sooner, better whatever or maybe I'm making that we had. No, yes, yes, still deeply Evans wants her by very soon. Do you think I am like? Do you should get a sponsorship? I owe you do I did that are perfect. You you edit your own photos. Yes, I do sometimes I don't now, there's I'm making such a surplus of content, or so many different like like the streams of shit right, but it is like I just have five hundred only vans photos and like a brandy over Instagram and then like something for you,
this brand, that's like e commerce and the like a magazine cover like if I were editing that all I see order got an economic giant, but there are days yet five hours editing photos. I just sitting there like smoothing because it's a glove. A hundred and the like what the magazine a want all one hundred and nine love it honest why people love used or honest about it, because I'm like ok, if your fate I dont understand, To be honest, though I think tat, there was a point Why is that? I took it way too far. I talked about nigerian Dodge uneven still, I, like Teeter Catholic. Now I don't even know, what's a greater I'm right fog in my is boa like drunk take ticktockers like reshaping my aspect, not giving a fog bank, so I've had a chill in that sense and there were there would like two or three. It was even one like it like big festooned scandals, where there were somewhat was like I posted sand added, so it is heavily edited, and some more was like there was a day were I to
I just what I did to my body this day in a truly short note, was so oh unacceptable. That was the day. Not did not that David. The scandal that I realize that if you want to do this a go to the gym or get ash on energy better than like what the fuck this it is- and I started like actually caring about working on my body and share, but there was a day rose in Mexico. All my best runs out I was in a becoming I'd like a time didn't fit me. Oh my God, paled fondly. Ugly and unjust drinking like Kenya kilotons all day like that, we're getting it like. I did that fat. This can't. We just look at about ten, I drink to be a fuckin. Reach well on this shit and pack in Mexico. Where can I during my friend, was like proposing to someone
it's like now. I will be smart enough also proposing. That means also photos. That means, if you're, going to face something that your posting at least look like whatever the fuck your face, you, if you had us I've, gotten jubilant where I like. If I'm going to act like TAT, I think corporate. Couldn't we. However, at that time my friend was like that sick. This vote on the beach I took this vote just I, but when I look like a sea lion row, I so it is got me. I sat there on the beach. I was just remove through a figure that eating her arm. What do you think the things things indifferent me because I was dragging my ass him like so much in areas of our arms like outlook, Latterly reshaping like your entire by this, then like a biofuel knowing how scary, when you do that before and after it, it's like all eyes Green recorded someone debate, opposing them to tick Tock effect, laughable its discuss. Amateur. Doing that. I think this doesn't we that is well meant
but anyway I just the face. You know is a whole reconstruction surgery moments later they didn't want evasive, YAP where air, the nails, AIDS, TB, booty and toes shorty I've been funded, and then my friends like of logger from getting engage, live there. These me rob of me looking like maybe like the Michelin man, really good weather the wallet though, you do gusting exactly, I vow and then the face tuned side by side, and then it was like ten months later. It was even time it was an award, showed the Getty image, and then I posted a fan added, it was like hello, you link about ended with a before and after that one was whatever was done in that at it the bottom of my face, my faces, like jump in at the GEO Jump in Disease, like I'm, like double change that you like this snatched.
Big job lie, and now is the moment. I live like war taking into power, they just went so far as its. I would call myself you ve had ass readily charge innovation, but that was on the point words, your perception of yourselves yeah is no longer what it is. You're trying to live up to this highly this image that you won't be able to. Thank you are and like all that that this is a budget that is, is crazy about our generation. Is everyone? doing it and like what I ever and I then, if I have seen everyone think of a celebrity Pinkevitch Nova Famous, which I've seen this just before enough, and they don't go in there crazy right. My favorite things ever as we become friends of the celebrity for some years to see their faced before and after oh, my god, like unto big. Have you girls that you take the like? You take the vote when they won't let you posted until they face to that every famous girl. We really address they all just like lot. That's the thing to you, as I think, as I felt like Nikita indicators on the only words like her and I became friends because it was like you either.
Don't waste your, let go you and you're famous assuring you don't give a shit, and I guess I can just tell I can look at a vision in Selina which one they are in our own at all or you're completely engulfed in obsessed with looking like this image, you need to maintain a broad ass would like yeah. I have them a grey area like okay, I realized out of you again. My sham people follow me on Instagram cause. They love perfect, on implies and if I can make something better looking I probably know, and when I get it, but your changing, who you're completely it's. Why think? That's where it gets scary to then walk into a room? If you don't look doing that and that working then and then it box with you literally cause. Then you feel insecure, like oh, my body doesn't look that, like I'm embarrassed Hollywood, it's not even like diamonds occurred, I'm embarrassed and say how do I start to look like What I am I making myself the ideal to look like and that's why you see little like highly general election was bullied or whole less about our lips being so
and then it's like she editorship big, whenever one single, my god, you're beautiful than she did and then are ones, are gonna go to european big business. Is it but you offer Khatami due to the ship? I'm just trying to look like what I was doing and then it was perturbed psychologically till she dissolved them at twenty to like it like. I think, one of the big suddenly eleventh Instagram, and something that I try to teach people jukes. Even now, the tick tock, as I guess I'd like lead the army, these famous takes our girls, would like six millions of dollars. I paced you're, just like you, like, I learned a freezer by looking at you, but you know I mean so it's like I'm always saying to them a camp. Since the root of all evil scrolling? Dear interim saying, why can I be this bit? Why can it be this bed? Why can I look like this bitch? I kept my hair be like hers. Why can I wear liqueurs? Ok date, this die like her. I can I like. Always gonna fight or in your mind, you, like you know, I mean, there's always remember instant, everyone's highlight real and always will be yours, going on what you wanna show, and you can't compare yourself to people's best moments: commercial, hello, fresh hot, hello, fresh hell out fresh bitches lead,
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this code daddy gang. Ninety two get ninety dollars off colluding free shipping again guys that is Hallo, fresh dot com, Slash daddy, Gang nine zero for ninety dollars off you little skanky assholes. People always joke about, like oh, like you guys, seems so similar, but I think we have such rely. That's what's funny as that's that So ironic is my my corruption. We like five resign using like my first impression, will first, why do I say I came home and everyone obviously like everyone amounts in the movie armed unlike so, how did it go The garlic. Did you hate, you look what happened just because they like you're the president of this like world, like no, you are you fucking. You are the president of like every bit like me on this planet and, like I fucked on you use to me, like you should, as all my friends are just like this, if you like the guy, you forensic what happened, and I really would like she is them. Intelligent polarizing kind
like person. I've ever met she so smart. I see why she captivate the room. I see why Logan populism levels are couldn't why, like I'm, I'm joking, that was just don't. I will start with the dark jokes actually with project that was just a joke today, two minutes ago, how we're not buckled I don't know, that's that's cool that you said no, but, like you actually cause images like the way you carried yourself, especially about the situation. You show me like so much. Human that I think someone in like your position- should not have shown you or would it at least in this industry we talked and that were so different yeah. That was another big part of my first impression. Is that, like answers similar, you talk about seems, have either blarney rightly Ag Ling, Chu, Endlich, Dick Fucking in Twitter, literally what people say, but ironically, like like we're so polar opposite running anything I'm so envious of either so much about you. That I wish I like because
You know you never moved here, you're, so New York, you, so you don't give a fuck about this scene, you didn't let any of the negative sides affect you and you really just like They'd in what you do and like it. It's it's kept you so Dick heedlessly, authentic, to the point you stand out from like every bitch in this city, and I think that should is source Well, you know I mean my guiding and that's something there, I am now cause. That's that's always how I like used to be so much of this city in this world, like like animals. They took that a waiver maintenance decisions I made, but just altered me in a way that made me not like I see you and it's almost like damn No, I really really that, and I think that, like you like, we can talk about your earlier videos because I remember you being Vegas girl and I think that a lot of my fans are so terrified a moving here and I think, going to them, like I feel like had I done there when I was twenty one and you can just tell it, I went to college do when she talks with so high debt ass, I'm like a fucking, how many put ass she read out. That is why
the thing that I really it's like, because I agree. I see why your fans are nervous and all fans because in a year's time, time again. We watch the every creator moved to alarm, become a completely different. Yes, and it's like I now like ice, why, right you know, like I moved I moved out here and I was like pretty much like sixteen seventeen. Let's talk at all your childhood, could you- and I literally can explain to you like when, when I think about the way you were raised and grow grew up like and there's no shit. I think I'll commend you so much for where we're sitting on this count together and we are from complete different backgrounds and I'm not making she's beings on. I know, I'm not I'm not making like any excuses for you, but, like I know how much my mom and my dad and my siblings shame on you, and so, when you don't have parental figures, in your life. I owe you move, see lived in Vegas yeah, I've
I mean, but yeah like answered. I've always colleague, felt I guess alone in this world, but yes, and so your right and it wasn't even till I was like a team that I realize I owe every other person is the way they are because their parents and sibling shape them, and I'm this way because I didn't have those I gave even just realising that like just was yeah we'll raising, That's why I think like than I am I hear my audience studying. I hear you a lobbying like, oh my god, stop having influencers on and I do think like. Unfortunately, it's really hard to explain to people that aren't in the industry like how hard it is to have someone speak into a microphone like you're used to it like when I had my mom on from a hundred up, so it too little of nine hours forward even understand like how to talk into a microphone and get used to. we have had over. It makes my life a lot easier to talk to people that know how to speak on
camera yeah that'll. Unfortunately, that's just like what I'm doing right now cause its core issues again fortunam sitting on the spot loudly view of vital, but like that's, why most public s house have sorry didn't have like havoc in L, a guess on, because that's what makes it easier? That's what makes the flow and that's what makes you stand apart and again the because you're like awnings buccaneer, that should regional networks. Well it's hard. You because I think the corona like content, wise, it's been difficult, but so I think that what. I tried we really thank you when I try to do is have people on like you or someone that maybe people are like. I I'm sorry, but I can't relate to ten Ojo and may I know your brand has been so credible, but I think you ve gotten a little tour. Allay that like lobsters a jig, Paul wedding and all that shit, like all it looked like all- you did- was per click bay, and so I want to kindly go back like where you from like there's a lot but a people that listen, my fuckin podcast that come from broken families and, like I can't I'm gonna, and so I'm sitting with you and unlike talk to me like she's, usually let's go,
we could bring the Viking go. I one hundred assented that's. Why started like what I started because I was watching Shane. Unlike he came from a broken home, and I like I like I've vividly remember years. I let me just give you need to lower in Oregon some unknowing eight something like FUCK you find that you got that got no, but I just remember actually sitting in my house. They got like twelve years old for, like every single day, I will be watching chains, videos and retained all if it doesn't sorry social measure than his videos in front of a computer and they're. Just we screaming in the back of my family, fighting like dishes breaking ship breaking my mom getting fucking my abuse, where my dad and shameless just playing, I remember being if he can come from like this, like him, I can do that and help people like me, but that was the first time I ever had about Do I know you're an only child, yes or as I got, and that was kind of the thing to as it was like there's no one in this with me. You don't I mean for you. I wanted to help other people who felt the. Where did I sat on me, my first video and that's? Why
what was your first aid to your my first video is a daily log them all. They worked. Academic worked retail like I was walking down. I remember my dad too, that daylight came picking up and I was like I think I found for whatever you say what the fuck you doing. You're, never gonna fucking, take off the Groucho, fucking embarrassing and go back to work and in this manner and all my friends at my door, was screaming the should at me, I'm like in the beginning, to every time I would bring out a phone or any of my friends a hit out my hand. Maybe that's what the fuck are. They thought you logging was embarrassing, not embarrassing. They there's like your servant, all their like. Sixty like they just didn't. They didn't understand, and I think people who are you know like ill in the head. Sometimes when they go out and something like that's the way they are you now, since I got I don't feel denies them for a poor. I show you all that is already. Eighteen relate both to lotta people, so you grew up in a household bout. Your parents were, there was physical abuse and you're sitting there being only child by yourself and Youtube wasn't escape what it was. only escape my first escape. I I I
over I hate thing, was so dark and my caller Doubtingly Phillip, we don't want to hear about illegal, like nine thousand we'll get there don't get there, don't look like I feel like I wanted to die my entire life like in at once. I realise the concepts like I don't want to live re, even just being like, like eight like my household like I didn't want you until I found mutually. It was the first thing I ever found. That was I going to say And that's what really? It was a long time of that for workers. My friends like and I dropped out of high school too. so it was like all. My friends were like what the fuck is. This bitch doing, like she dropped out of school and is talking to Her phone leg taught you to think about that. We're gonna lie, you know so like no one. Obviously, like guy comes with Ireland, but I'm always been like the weird the little now I want to ask you look: when did you start drinking and Drugs when I was either in seventh grey, It is the first time I remember, like some looking weed and wanting to drink, but I even remember being unlike fifth grade and it was like you know, shit
right. I was friends at the bad cave, legged, the bad kids. You know right, I gave it should there was being like my friends, a middle school: do they get right, like devil hack, fiscal and were your parents, even my daughter, alcoholic his whole life side. I was. I was introduced to the idea he stopped being I'll you when I was born, but for many other issues to make up for that so Nina? Thank God. It was also a right and a group in Vegas. which is obviously a city where alcohol, drugs and gambling and like sex, Work are the only things that make that city through I see you are raised to think that the rest of the world is colleague that even write like normal t, like I was like raised and like this, is what life is like. My teachers were drunk, I'm my teachers and agreement that it like not the vast area right, that's good thing about a Vegas to what do I remember being, unlike what am I first houses like it was like. I was going like second and third great in the side my parents were putting me to bed the dynamic it wasn't like bedtime. Bedtime story was like all we're, gonna fight to like three a m and, like my kids, get a false even like you know somebody
maybe parents like wake me for school and stuff, and my mom was up like making breakfasts like you know, my dad was a China cover up for her while screaming about it as he had to go to work in Beijing. like it would always. There was never structure implemented, and obviously the also just the turbulent like cow told them lifestyle kind of made it to where it was like. I was a bad, can Like an opening up. All night took my browser firefox. I was sleeping in school by like fourth and fifth grade like it was never and like I would get in trouble. You know it's like normal onto your parents, you like, teach, you are you're getting in trouble. Ryan is like my friend. Foregoing I'm trying to fight the teachers and share- and I see you cop out of high school? Yes, oh by sophomore year, it's like a like. I was a fuck up in school. My whole life. I M problems, manifested also, obviously like, though, how bad my child, it was. Five years old was like far less then we're how it was my time I was a sophomore, let my parents fighting are worth the abuse got worse without poorer, like that, you know just poor and poor imports, fighting became worse and edges, which obviously affair
you know like how you aren't school. It affects your whole, totally fucking life. You know so my sophomore year was like a my pair providing till five a dot m. I was sleeping there school, they didn't care to wake me anymore, because I was so like tired. I just wouldn't go to school for weeks on end and then the school that reach out there, these people public truancy officer who would shut, and I was so depressed, it's so sad because you look back, and I know that all that ever was was just like being raised terribly and it like extreme, like told disorders, camera allowances from like a gorgeous go to press our sleeping all day, couldn't even get to go to school at, like freshmen and end. Then my parents obviously weren't, like oh she's, depression needs medical, they wouldn't, I still am. Thing teeth of rum like the DEN disappointments wounding media they would then I broke into the doktor a handful of five. times at my whole life. So it's like they were gonna. Get me psychological help. You know they re fucking piece of shit. We have the worst fucking can ever. This is why you fuckin site. It's all your fault. You know like. I know you should die. We aborted you like. I arrive hands literally like just screaming. How should I mean type chairman colleagues logic?
such a so ably were stripped of your childhood, essentially being highs when you, which is why I was reckless right, rightly wonder what else you can do things like I dropped out. I saw a parting all the time I fell in with that. Guy was selling drugs that guide I've done it all. In that sense, I you're living without here and still no, no, I moved out, but I'm now before Youtube tube. Like I moved out, then dropped out then started Youtube. Like my home. I was so bad at fifteen arm where there is this day dark the Mai. dad. You know, there's a really big macbook bricks lay on a macro charters like we, fighting over some showing you like picked one up. There was my and threw it army and hit me money. Knocked me out, outnumber waking up and I was like I live here anymore. I dont care like if I'm fifteen, like I'm, not gonna, live in this environment. So I was it: I'm getting a boyfriend, I'm living with him, so as our data in the sky, he was so like a like. Every this terrible avi right about the environments and thence are living with them, and then it was like. Obviously
I wasn't going to school at that point because of all the things I enveloped myself in right over and so then it was kind of like FUCK Amazon Youtube, because what do I have to leave It was more so like there's nothing on passion, others may I care about is like I'm to live for it like That is why not it's so dark, but unfortunately like when I look back. Are you two days cause? I remember watching wanted so crazy to watch you like in your first Youtube videos. I think how you got also so huge was because you did have that, like nothing to lose mentality. You're talking about you, you are one of the first people. I remember on Youtube talking about sex drugs, alcohol! breathing in, way that, like some, like me that grew up. We're like I can't get away with anything in high school. Would looking you big, o my kind of secretly jealous of this girl because she can let go drink a lot I ever body, and so there was a line of like me. You had no, there, no limit for you, you don't get on and talk about drugs at that age. It was a not the end
one carers, but I don't think I've ever really essential right now. So, if I just them super revelation over here, they know I might, but I dont ever realise that, like that, was it like when people really are like. Why do you like a vote which is not given a fuck, but that isn't that was a layer and that I have nothing to lose like as it was this was the only thing I've ever cared about the only things ever save me, the only thing that can ever taken only like I'm out, Where am I gonna go? like its death or up. You know like it later so dark, but like straight up- and I think like a lot, People always asked me about call her daddy look alike. How did you how we're her parents reacting to it. I was yes, I was talking about sex, so it was like I had my parents in the back my head, but they were the support of our making those videos you weren't, like. I wonder what my parents are gonna say when I go home tonight, oh yeah, I what have you one hundred, so it was kind of like what what why not one hundred percent and that's where all destroyed times came home to cause. It's like. I was a reckless. I don't give a fuck. I wasn't you don't I mean like I'd, never like. When did you get big like? How did with our big moment are due to slowly grew over time now.
the way I like. I remember I guess I mean it happened very there like faster and obviously wasn't something that I ever was gonna detest, because it was this is the best thing that ever happened to my lashings. I've ever want Paquette. What's going on operating, I sat by yeah executives broke issue in my report and River College. I can go to college I withdraw but like this is it literally was like the only thing that made sense for me to literally keep living like right, and so I worked up, I worked multiple reed, because that was at fifteen after I moved out that's what I did like the legal age of higher and about as fifteen. So the first thing I did was on finding a job the money. So I can get away, for my parents, because I can't go to scorn and environment like this. Any was maybe one day like all learn all the shit that I didn't knowledge. We want a crack. and you know what I'm doing all that I did like get to learn other than I created a word for myself- were able to get too, I guess bright. But then, when did you move to allay ass? A boy was working legacy of the Retail Platos closet Pakistan for like a private two years, craziness hacked.
And then I sort of logging and then like a month and of logging pacts on my first I believed in me I'll, never forget, M J, J J lodging less alone. You like a home. He he was one of the first people to ever believe in me about its use. I'll, never forget it and he was like. I just remember moistening, like I hope you get out of here, like I hope you ten thousand and eager I do, and I actually remembering I hope you get out of here and like I when I have honoured K I quit So how? Because it was ok, we're cry and trying to get this guy, like you know, but that's amazing. I went on holiday. You asked me about that. The deal were crying give us a minute. I know that some dark shit. Yes, I felt very like lucky so let's get out of that shit. There was an option to think. I'm sorry, that's one thing like to Marie, like it almost
I hate to say, block any dirt a lot of the shit in my family with me. He would come over and fight with. My parents like there was a point of my grandmother, I'm like misusing these willing. I like really like that, and obviously like auditing, but my parents, their ideals on everything, we're so fucked on the world and shit like that. They were prejudicing just racist, shitty, Waidelich Republican, like from taxes. I have done my old mare, and here it is now and they grant a little with the world. Now, I'm not that I really know again and rascal years at whatever I'm, not I'm not here to talk much of what I mean. I remember times in our Mari growing up and coming over, my parents would be like just sharing the things they would say would be almost underlining prejudice, and I remember like there was a time when I was like I, my grandma said some shit that was just like text is bad
racist right, an eye cost her out. It was one of the last I'm like ever spoke to her and I was like I can never brainwashing around our again. I started never ring him around my family now. I remember that at the moment that I was like I hate you, people wrote, I love this. Kid he's only reason I'm fucking alive and you think he's different than me, like do you, like, I remembered that I remember that was known that I, like I lifted my grandma's dead to me. Like you know, I mean rise or I like that, and then I instantly there's. Nobody knows who Amari is its ten? Oh yeah he's my bedroom, and so then I instantly into started going to his us every day and his family and its funding like his mom is like she's, like a mom with her head on her shoulder. I remember me just storming through her door and her pink with what the fuck is. This kid like that,
I commend are somewhat saving any other parent would be they get to have the floor. For my good, like I would, my god, I would be like get that stupid. Little bitch sofa can borrow remunerative leg, is she's gonna ruin your life anymore. He's Mama village was like this. Girl has no one and spent her time, like you know, being a mom. Do me in making a moral siblings like mine and his dad like. And even that, like his daddy, no being a god, a blacklist african american man. I come from these fucking like terrible. Just like sure you, like yeah, and it's like an his dad taking me an unseen like knowledge. She doesn't know any better. Unlike worked with me for so long on that, like type shillings, I commend them so much for what they did. without them. Obviously, her so much shit on the internet of people being like tenets
King race at hand is bucking racist and there are things in the pass it. Maybe you did the other a hundred percent, so me write them ass. I did. I would recommend that was fucking, like those words are tweeting like the recent. I don't care right right. You can blame and on all the shit we said it, but it's obviously eyes again: army that are even ever put it out and erratic dumb ass tweets ensure right, but I also think about things that I did in high school that like when they should that I put on the internet- and unlike this shit that I, when I was younger and I had the parents. I have this shit that you we're doing it's. Never! Ok! It's today, for you to make events does will also. To see your parents and then like, but I do know that story about a merry and his family and his dad. I all that shit. I don't think anybody knows everyone's full stories and I'm just I think, everyone deserves I can chances, I'm not seeing what you ve done. Thirty cherries, yeah literally thirty, a chance. You cockroach do you ve made
you, ve made shitty decisions, but you also have owned up to them. However, in Europe, apology videos at times to call you out here we, the ownership literally eyesight out, and she was like that video is the worst fucking thing. I've ever seen was socially nobody. You know it's monies in my head. I was like TAT. I love this bitch you so that that was the first moment. I was like she's real issue, yeah like because it you don't like I love that generates a heading. I said TAT. This is the thing. There is a lot other people on the internet, better super formulated in perfect all their responses like no offense, but like a James, Charles it'll, yeah he's like a robot. I not that you're not and I ride to Vienna running have exactly so. You put out your videos you're, so authentic and your Tana, a minute. You put all your apology, video, where, like there's two hundred and you look like you're being scared dinner. It doesn't play for you at all because you're the complete opposite that all the time so, unfortunately filling a James Charles, he can get up there and look scripted. Could the always, as I don't know why I thought I could write. Nor really did I'm a be real with you. I thought the people would be like always ass. You, like
No, I gotta go together. What was the word without I've ever posting right, but I mean I'm not I mean I guess it doesn't want. You are just say to the people between me like saying, like your races earlier this, whatever it is, I I stopped trying to prove myself because I was like you know what I've done so much shit that it's like there. We will wait me forever, rightfully so, and I'm not here to be like pleased, here's. My child had vindicate me like. I like we said that cancel culture isn't a thing I'm in a week of tomorrow will be a person. So for me at that point, when I was getting all this, It was more like. Ok, let's reflect. How can I be better? What did I do anything wrong? I'm an apology as an then like figure it out from there and when it came. that video now to look into that right, such a bad decision when it came down to it. I was I I I thought about it for months I just like what do I do because it was like we shall we, there's a lot of camera, but it's like. I grew up in his industry completely wrongfully thinking.
you know the right thing to do. In every are in trouble is just do not talk about as I waited so fuckin long like an idiot which now like Grateful to have learned that, but like It comes out video I was just like. I don't know how to do it and I felt like I want in two like James Charles Talk tee However, the right down to me professional, so I wrote it fell and then just like red. How I felt and then cut it imposed. and, like I end it was because it was like everyone was out around me was kind of to dislike, this point saying something: image cruising: something was better than saying nothing wrong, but it's like looking back now. It's like go live bitch you I do like like. I could get my car daddy. Unbeknown Alex, I think, look a little like I'm not rules, and I know it maybe things that I know of treaty changes made apple videos and people make mistakes and unfortunately I think that- and I have advocated it so yeah and release it fucking south, you were literally piece of shit, loser awful. I hated every second of it. You should have called me a bit like. Can you please help me and they go in there and you can see anyone on it
kind of my body, like I also felt like it to be real with you like, and this is like dark disabled. It's like I spent so much of my career. Every time I was in trouble like consulting people. Asian people, Beata, not saying that, because I didn't consultative many people that this was right. Goodbye it was. There was always the governor should control to be re, but I'm saying like I didn't want you know a tentacle Mcshane save me like every apology. I called chain Jordan. I called my friends and it was like at least like I can say from the bottom of my heart lie detector that every single thing I said and I fucking video letter- I wrote it down. I feel that way came from my brain. I mean Like you know, what else do you do with? I ever knew what to do in those situations and you're right. I slowly like because I'd nothing, however, having nothing to lose too slowly having things I don't want to trying to kid. what I bill, because it's all I have- I have nothing to go back to like right. You don't, I mean, like I love this thing more than anything, and it's like I looked back in so many other like cancel culture. Moves I made and videos. I made them just like you stupid, stupid stuff.
it's not your growing up like on the internet in front of everyone, making these decisions, like I'm sorry and I'm again at no I'm not defend I'm not joining you at all, but I can ever do I really want everyone. Listening to this podcast picture yourself like something happens in your life and you have to get in front of a fucking camera and you make your apology, video housing and sound there are a lot of locking beach. I gave him never thought about an easy, hot bucking, easy Injuriously, the worst at it. I know those people are like good at every level of James Elles, a bigger alligator, just browsing Galaxy contravened the key does as well, but Just on these and consider like I don't. I do want to throw the third Wall words like everyone, listening to those like it to make a video for your friend in your family into Paul D to them like how would it sound
but I think it's a double edged thing designed for this life, but it's a guy. It's a double services like people want you to tell them everything about our lives and if you don't you're inauthentic and your dishonest and you're hiding shit and you're a liar, but the second you do you now, given them everything you pick apart, scrutinising hate you for. So it's like. which side of that would you knew? Why do you know what I mean that there is an hour and then that becomes sitting in the middle and trying to find a level of acceptance, because that's the life that you lead as this, but it's all you're gonna come on mine and bitch about that either, because now I live that life from a fucking mansion. I use the cry over far worse things bugs like I'll figure it out and do what the Volga have to do to like help people. I guess this now, but it is like no it's dark either. Member like seeing for the first time cause I've always watch draw on the internet, but I was having my own. It was reasonably something happened. I was reading. Dams of people are like Chris easy on the internet like they wanted me to continue to fuel the drama they wanted me to spill more tea and MIKE and somebody
what do I would keep it going, but why are you- and I were go- make my money make my show, make my fans happy traveller, she's gonna know cause. There was a time when I was like fucking dramas. Finally, I when it gets clicks for certain amount, but innocent got what you are. You literally selling your soul and that's like where I feel like I found that I got to the like the gates. That I was in sight of that right in what it is like to have the option to walked on the path of absolutely like selling your soul or tonight, we'll ok tenant. We can quickly yeah yeah. I get rid of your career like when you and this has unfortunately happened to every one. It's like you were getting famous because of your crazy. He D generate life and then- and now you are in a mansion- your live, you lose the relate to remedy yeah Biocidal day of Amity effect. Here this family lives, like so phenomenal, your baby, that everyone loves and now- and I hear complaining about- like the eighth lands- Britain, job and ninety your life is orange and knew what like. But it's because it's like
realizing that it's like I don't want to say how could that not happen there? Always there people like you who stayed out of that, you wait until you are twenty years old, even consider moving to allay their ways to avoid letting this industry change you and that's what makes people like you, the goat, because I think that the average we were don't viewers I realise that when my leaves to go liking, I mean like that. the punches you have to throw at all times to not let this industry change you, it is easy to walk down the gates of selling us all, because that's what everyone's doing you look to your right in its every fuckin famous person, I've ever seen like doing that. They're telling you that's what into their saying here's the money the cars and the no problems and everything you ve ever wanted. If you do this, write anything when you decide to not sell your soul is when your life becomes hard because now you're going against everything this industry, it's like that. You know I mean like I could have set it better myself. I think that's why, especially the go down again, nobody that's why I get so hypersensitive when I see people my dams being like. Oh, my god like
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welcome. I literally straight up asked Hannibal near our dinner. I was like d: are you in our cities, which I know not how things would ever be? I guess I'm an artist it by like talk to people who are like what like do you worry about him? There are so yeah I mean not the narcissists. I obviously I think I said this to you. I know I'm not a narcissist, but I do think that anyone doing what we do even just sitting down back the day. I've never with I struggled self love, especially magneto, wasn't like I was sitting down with I love, who I am and is more so just like. I know that life is a normal, now summit to tell the story, but I do think to maintain this war job for six years. You're gonna have narcissistic all social media in fully all areas of the lawyer, because it's like you you're talking about yourself, your life to millions of people, all you're thinking about it, I'm millions of people care about you in love. You all your being told all day every day is how fuckin perfect you are how much people levy on blood vessel like this life
breeds a narcissistic thought process, but I've always been such a depressive person. That narcissism was never something that was really like right. I guess like I mean, like obviously Mccormick Jug sobbing, we got us visually, loving myself and re shilling, our you like in secure, or are you not already used to be like? What's your biggest since yea, and so I will I will. I mean I've deadly, wanted to kill myself alone in this life so like. That is true, but we can't be like you gonna do but have you? Are you like I've tried area, I don't I don't want to have tried and, like the jug general, sends I've. Never but I thought I'd what I've to I've taken drugs, hoping they kill me. You know taken a lot of drugs, hoping they kill me hoping I don't wake up like if they don't kill me, I don't get, which is right. I mean what they that suicidal ideation. It's not technically like wanting to attempt suicide. So I want to always clarify that, like you know, but. Yeah I've. I've struggled with world to live a lot. This is the point in time or doesn't want to live. The most I ever have flowers like I'm doubling the happiest, unlike level headed and, like my will, to live
the higher than its ever been only one thousand Maisie. I wonder Reed I wrote this down. I was looking at me your videos and I said you describe from January to December twenty nineteen I crumbled, and by December twenty nineteen I wanted to die. I wanted to come my self, oh honey and only gets worse. They really are all yours. That mountain knows wearily. Let us do provisions when you did the December twenty nineteen March, twenty twenty videos about mental health. The MTV showed the depression. He fell into your past experience with abuse and the trauma from that. You basically saying like at first, the industry was your way out of Europe childhood and yeah men and realise how corrupted and then you're in the industry, and now it's like what you do now can now this crap part of it. One hundred, do you feel like you're fucking, like what do you do? You even know who you are anymore? It's it's enough money just touch on what you said to you in that, like by January of twenty trying my titles we're like how this fucking she came to me and my titles used to be, like, I said,
a casino yesterday. Will you know what I mean? That's like that within itself, legs just visibly seeing raw materials is. You is like really really wild you know, but that's that's why twenty nineteen at that point was such frustrating that was the year that I say I really like realized. Like you can either go this way or this way and it was that time or in the beginning, when Jake and I like started everyday, I hate to references to Jake, but without change my life like who, or what before that. Michael, I am now is polar like real entirely, because I I went from like more just like a normal Vegas girl who lived now lay and, like you know, I've done. Some allay stuff, like beauty, balance that, like thou whatever but I'd I'd still it hadn't, affected me and like the terrible, terrible wave, I seen that there was an I'm, not even its Jake, I'm saying the fame. What that relationship did so in the beginning, it was very like you know, wholesome fun like we were.
Cooking up, obviously, just like off camera like we had been for, like a man and other times or whatever, and then we got a cot and like which people thought was fake, to which I will say to this day like about I'm not an over changed all that you go back in time, but ass. She was it. I wasn't doing that for that to happen, and so it start office one, but then it became like everyone loves is more than anything in the world and then it was like when everyone loves. What you're doing as a you, two were. All you also know is to keep do you love and if you love doing at, why like? Why? Don't you like? I was that at that point that was pry the happiest and most carefree I'd ever been in my career, and ever because it was the most amount success it was before I now want to say, is that the industry had like change me in any way. We our experience so many things like that is before you always Haven't you you either like live long enough to to
die here or to see or hear us become the villain and now, as I that was the point we're, like. I hadn't seen all my heroes becoming the United. That was where I hadn't seen the darkness like in that sense, so you really wrapped up in all that we are doing. In my sorrow, changes. Paparazzi ever offends everywhere, like fans coming to my house like family. I don't knowledge Ex CALL Father following people lacking the relationships are what it was. I don't know, but it was just like my whole life became like over like it just an absolutely fucking Jane you aren't we normally anymore. No entreated me normal known, talk to me normal everywhere, where no one I can go anywhere that are found in my face for like six months I get was a guy. I wasn't a human life like, and then it was like to when you're being pushed into that and Jake to logic couldn't go anywhere without it being ten. I wear stand on Jana this further when you're Bobby pushed into that. You gravity towards each other Eu Court like no one else. That's outspoken, miserable And I get don't had already miserable because I feel like you're, it's almost like it's like when p
or bipolar, like you're, on a high and in the end it is the relative Vulcan end yeah we're gonna go to the lowest point. The olive, yourselves validation and worth becomes in the annexes. Wellbeing Youtube risen, general right also, the manifestation of years of thy but becomes in ace than of people like you were not an that's need I'll. Let you use are developing yourself in that and then, when you're doing such high calibre like that, with some one else. You like, as you know, you're thinking in the same ways because of this. I really like you know how come like working do keep doing Michel it's you know it's keep soon. And did it, but then in the leg pointed out, is it just eventually like no matter how happy. The ship makes you the downfall, like we were just into deep. It was a year this I miss sitting. your bed and not having right. We blind had eyed and lot about it and make it fucking video and just like people screw picking a part everything to like so many of our fights were literally just caused by other people.
Like re, was between that reality. Thanks should I sat or sanction he sat or say you know like I'm, I'm upset you cause. You did this new, it mean to hurt me, but the whole world perceives it in this way, and it's like why didn't mean to hurt you and it's like ok but like a whole world, think right now, so now look a canadian fuck you and now we have to address it now it to make a video about a note like your your relationship with work more for the world yeah fleet and even have you're on relations- and I just aid came to Power- was a guy, I'm ten, I am I I didn't be someone's anything because this is the thing tat, I think a lot of times like your life for so long you are reliable and then I think a part of it was like does now everything she do. Is it. Four click Ba relax because energy, all kind of who is like the head of the cliff world. I was doing stupid shit to get clicks and I beg you weren't
until then, you got so big from it. But now is the wedding got to the wedding. Should that's when it we're going to like it almost became a joke it that's what I'm saying you were with the fucker you and there was so much real life mixed into something that was all which it was just a fox if box of your head, so my soil, I got to the point where I think that's when people diving, the wedding was when people were likewise the ironing how far I took the public side of my relationship with Jake, maybe you made me, lose a part of my credibility forever tone. Nineteen. I realized, like I dont like this can turn me into. I don't like what I've become up until this point. I don't like in a lot of ways who have been for the last nine to ten months. I think a lot of the ways I am then for the last nine to ten months, a combination of the way I was raised this industry like a lot scandals and mistakes. I've made in the way I have come from lack of structure and responsibility. Timing- and you know like it but that is an excuse it anymore, but you're. again you're twenty years old. Now. At this point, I think I was twenty one, and so
almost two years ago, and I was like fuck like I can't I don't wanna leave the rest of my life like this, like what was your everyday life like how many drugs are you talking about? What the fuck are you doing well and acts all it's it's crazy in the celebrity lifestyle to that's another thing is it's like special me. I grow like with the party girl image. Russia is like my whole life to this day. It probably always will be people coming up to you with cocaine on a career in front of you and Molly next to you and ten thousand dollars cash. If you take it all and you don't like it and do it out of here and what it like, it's the lifestyle does nothing but Brit. That's why all child stars Hollywood stars turn into attics or diet young ages, because it because it's like but getting anywhere else and uniting rye? Is everyone in the world giving its you because you're making everything? And that's too it's like our continent. Shit comes from the parliamentary aspect so that even the Navy that a party, they don't even know Jaime drugs, utopian who, I know you have to end even a business men of the industry, and I give this bitch drugs to go tour. So she does better like it's like no one's on the side of you being sober
for the first six months of that, like that of twenty nineteen like shooting MTV, because it was like we would shoot the show for, like twelve to eighteen hours all day every day, where you know it's a million people telling you how to be what to say what they should be like in its energy or real life. So it's like right, staging fights with your best friend. They are the producers in the people, with your best friends, with your family with your but your manager and your boy from your whatever, so that they get this great. I shouted out like that. You know that they re, why would they care about Ray and I'm not here to whatever? But if you like, I was doing now all day. I guess, and then, at the end of the day, every day I was saying has Annesley. Domini is fucked up as I could. You know hanging out just that the wrong people, the wrong like random people who divorce that lifestyle be when you know Anna and then I was waking up every day and sobering up from the drug sitting in the make up chair just like fuck,
crying miser hating what I was doing Haiti, my life hating like we're buddy but hating myself, because it was like I did this like I'd, show did you all that showed no one else like our eye, anyone but myself for this, then it was like crazy, but anyways I after it was over. I'm surprised. I lived through like being really realistic, legged at which I to say no, when you get around you're pushing your body that do that much shit, it's like do you like! I always am I the way, pencils work on the brain. Now, I'm setting the brain someone all about why legged crazy, but the way benzes work on the brain as they take away your ram sleep entirely, because they
takes away the ability to store memories like diversity and does not what happens in your like Remsen, sorry call her daddy. You know you just wanting. You know addicts guys what we're dead. I prominent people were so. I was getting no sleep like just exhausting the way fucks with your head on when I finally deciding sober wishes like that, like withdrawals were terrible. Anna was gone, the public I it's like, I'm gonna, be like what a Hollywood figure I am withdrawing from Xanax yeah, my zanuck sadaijin that I've been doing like urges whatever it like. You know like a anyway. You just gotta go that life. I've seen it. You are telling me yeah, like dark, Tippit, close spot as fucked you, it's it's so dying and working in that environment, like close impossible one hundred percent, and then I was still like trying and then it was. I would put on the face kind of indue it, but then every day, like breakdown fuck, I beg your relationships, not romantically, but like your friendships, like yeah, everyone was miserable yeah, I desire. I again, I don't blame number doesnt, even Amarian actually were miserable, seeing my best and miserable being like down like they wanted to do.
this, but did they know, and that was the first time I too, like Sir being like. We just set on the negative effects of fame. seeing them now affect these people that you ve known from your child, like that ship broke me so hard to like see yeah. You know like That should really put them through. The right am struggle with subsidies. Nam struggle with you know just like what it did to everyone. My man driving and change everyone's lives. for the better and the world's row? I mean, obviously it's the same thing as what we just that it's the same Hollywood bullshit empty writing great things for me, but also surrounding omens, darkness, Bialik Mentally, but it's like so I ask you, I was like ten alike. Do you ever just like were you ever buy yourself, like you know who you are like? Can you be along now? Are you happy alone now for the first time ever and that's that's why I think I don't wanna kill of recent months, Betty Gang Commercial, brag parade, there's a problem
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Ok, I want to talk about your sexuality. Oh my god, fun! Ok, let's say: let's get like more like disgusting hearing how I'm excited. Finally, moving on. Finally, ok, you're fucked it up you ve trauma, arguing yeah, you, you are relieved eating. I beg you dated more girls, almost guys at this point. Recent wanted to hear what is your followed ever wanted? What are you doing? A guy, you bisexual you. I assume you're bisexual. You said your pants. Actually, how can I explain to everyone the difference between those yeah? It's it's interesting has again, I don't even like again like I never thought I'd be a pan sexually. I ain't got persevere with the fact that even map or like some right, it's more so like I just again, I grow. I credit everything the way I was raised, but it's like it's all yours, many family values instilled in me, so I kind of looked at the world with my own open perspective, and then I was born and raised in LAS Vegas which very sexual lized city like rowing and I was like cooking up- would like for people at once. I, like you,
ass ages, like Prob, which isn't anything? What made me the way I am ray. I mean you know I was fucking crazy, so it's like, I was always opening crazy and then I was there. I was ever like attracted to girls about. I could date, one literally intellect Bela existed, who had just so weird, but it was more so that, like Bell had never data the girl, you're kind of, like a similar boats really talking each of you don't owe me my wow where I've I and I figured it all out very like a real time in front of everyone right hame. That seems like it keeps happening in your life a lot. That's all that I really know a little, but that came with so many people, obviously scrutinising anchors peopled scrutinising sandals again you're not as you know, and I didn't know what I was and that I I always came the relation after Dayton Girls and after these relationships kind of the it was more or throughout them like it's, not a girl, it's more human like like it was I I loved well, I fell for Bela because I was like United physically drug job. You sound like a bad is focused on this. When I saw no, why should the chair you work of ever looking in the direction she broke?
isn't there something like, I still don't know either were so you started actually having like sex with girls and you are getting scrutinise because people were like. Are you doing this for click that are going to make it all in people, but I mean rightfully so. I've been like very straight public right up until now, by other than talk, like three sums enforce sums that it's not like. I was like D. Vol. Judging into anything with, girls are talking about anything with girls. Until that point and the first bridge, going gonna, data's, Bela Foreign. I see Y yeah, like you know, of any kind over but thou along with everything, especially when it's the truth and its who you are it's like over time, people will see soldiers. I knew in my head like if this I feel I may continue to date. However, I want which I am sure will probably mean of her girl right, you don't even Bela. I we're like there was like this whole through apple and I was eating other people and, like I've always just been the way sexually em in front of the world like tell me about your blowjobs,
we're sitting. Ok, Susanna, I'm getting out of my head, I'm we, I general growled, a guy, you everything! I see. I could tell it you're giving sloppy eyes loud eyes What am I better assets? It can't talk. I can't make apology videos I get invited will be of this is for real Ani God. I think it's all about the spit, where the spit, what to say, as you know, I was- I always think about this, and I'm giving her do because it like, I think, with a guy it's about getting to the goods because you're not starting with the goods, may your mouse. It drives abnormal you're right almost throw up like. I think you really like it there literally, like you gave me a menu, then your golden, like put sending your neck. Bitch no way did. I am so proud of you because I can just tell you give good head, but I
all your hosting new after this only really be able to talk about that too. That we could have serious thing. There's plenty to hear you like, I was being dead ass and my guy that it was a joke. Ok have legs stops. Actually I won't. I won't eat your pussy. I must not. Are you? Do you think you're good at that to me? I think I just all over my head overalls, like wow wars, interest ehler into I mean we have some people say is really what else is there? The right, you're knowingly bugging annoy you dating until unrivalled launch like at through throughout that time. To add that I think that's why I wasn't emblazoned. We urine nightmare glowed. Why date exactly like up or someone really that's facts. I might not even jokingly leader like it's all legal literally like I can make you crab mechanisms of your guard, but I am going to revive living home and you should we so guy's going to be like. I love the way that she's expiry date, which is a concern that Daphne gain needs like so ok, let's talk about. First and foremost, we need only we need more specific, so like when you are going in approaching a dick, ok you're, not having
how about your vibes, then to ya like it's just like. I think it's the little things because I, think about we blow. Jobs are just hadn't general, the anyone's received in their life. So what it's about the things that you're doing differently than ITALY, no little accessories to bring to the table legal literally like tonight's really live bait. Let's run, it is all about the accessories to tell us about your festering no eye, but doesn't, I think, I think it's what I think are taking up here she caught my eye, taking me take it. You did not know about you. Taking pamphlets with your teeth is always like. That's what I mean like shit like that back arch ass in the air, but their pants off of your teeth, which possession right, like looking other angrier, rightly that's what I'm looking at your soul again, you're afraid of me like I welcome your nor yes,
hello, ardently terror and Alex argue about blow job like this is what the internet, one and mental health monument of Ozma Skyways. How this episode started. I always did you bring, I told every single person. It gave me like thirty minutes of me, like literally probably sobbing, and then thirty minutes of illegal, literally dying arguments, God that's what I said, but that there is now one of the people really. Second, this link between this serve them. What they didn't get no zero, then they also going to sleep and not only are we not hand its arguments? I can dig up like this morning's sorry, you are, I love you're, saying like you approach it like bury sexual like do something different likes employees, you're fucking, someone to its like. If someone fox me, I want them to say like change there, Will we? Let me ask you, could that's interesting? So obviously I you remind me of me in the bedroom. I like really want to it. It's not that I'm never shut up ahead of the issues that I I like he, the thought of like listen, I loved
Do I want to have an orgasm, but I also I'm like a fucking psycho. Where am I knew I want you to come and literally be like. I will never forget, at that specifically how almost better than an orgasm like a mental organ, always cause you're, like you straight up like watching him lying. Remember that you fucking Bitch, like I own you, oh my god, I've done our work like identical cycle for certainly gets you off by watching horn horizontal coming you're, like I not literally the last person I fucked was like, like I want to make you come not going to make you got another. It was like a badly so they might think I'd like I served auditing right here. I'm tired examining would be more of an orgasm to me because I'm you want just yourselves take him down here. Like I dont even need to come. I only came in my mind. Could I just fuck you and that, basically, where the devil we are clearly, we are like we're leg anyone's was nowhere amount, it's time you then you kind of like can own them. If you are able to do that, can I ask you those areas we will crazy, though it makes, will form a video. It makes little crazy eminently than you
the level of transparency to words I just like Bucky like this doesn't mean MIKE. I want anything other than that which, like would you be so most guys didn't you know, do is that you guys talk. What is it then half the time? It's crazy if you're acting like that and if you're like fucking them like its there's, an olive suddenly get addicted to behave like a member is good. Furthermore, it is proven methods. We say you need to explain what was your friend got, that you give? What would she sang she's like the no teeth I hope not, but I will have you tamarind. I then he liked. I love when you bite my dick. There are some guys like like a girl to buy their dick. It so strange, eight honours and make sure We. What are you doing pick it up,
What do I owe you drop in I've? Never someone asked me: why does it all I've got a heading. One asks me pretty much wrangling. I'm never, and I have had a guy asked me to do that and I literally looked up- and unlike did I hear you correctly, I'm so sorry like. Why did you buy today? I love you. I love you and I like to do and I will end then I would say God forbid. I like keep looking up at the sky and user biting technology when they go to the next thing you know like fighting, do muddled and awful awful she'd, never bidding. I stick the, only with those who were too in the first ten minutes sex. Finally, go on being a bright. Tell me about your blowjob. Why we're friends? Calling it a specific thing? We don't know this. No aid, my friend grew just became the wings talk about Dick, almost its similar, to look like mine. It's almost just a term for giving proper had lain org luckless Oh, what do you like it? A toothless gag throat buck
do I really do hope. I felt it was too much you like to bite that parking card waiver way in order to push gag was throw gag less yeah. I must again just think you know, and then I think, a hot noise when you know no struggle way, will we know struggle, but also I do ok, we hold on to place Yeahs gag list and then thrown back. I'm pregnant, But then we know that, but then it's about the hands of rye others, so many vibes do I'd ever guys different, there's like them ass little finger ones that ball grab one the linoleum. They love you like right, but you're, a hint of one there's like that. I would have you know there's so then it's about assessing the vibe, which is on the move to a blow job, because it's like. What's that passport job in the world. To some one else might be. The worst low job in the world is dude. Eighties, ditch
root, and this is what I'm saying dealing ignite about it in the troop lives ganglia whatever the fuck. This thing is it? Couldn't I work for specific men and you have to really trying to because I've had a guy what we have here. I should he acted like my referral link below as far than the guys that are like you're about to literally throw up on their debt because they're like pushing her had done so far and like I really can't breathe, I give gag later, we got some around. Where do you go waiting? You're like I'm, going to literally go so hardly now, I think of all the blindsided psychotic apply election. Second you're like a cat, in any way on all like. It won't work like my own, that is so long film maker like no, I know my mouth is huge. Parquet can't even front loading up my god, but we how great, if you pull your you do that, where you pull you like your mouth to decide, I think that guy thing that so called adding. This is not really how lucky you are because, like that, that's on its head, like this, the average which has ever,
give you open your fucking mouth volunteered a clock, you in your throat, so God like life, changing advice and that's why you daddy Gang is the best in bed. Time be they are psych. Are you? Are you can't even see what we're doing with our view like bread, a generation of bitch is giving to the best below, who jobs the manipulation tack yeah to a man like almost is a black. Ok. We do you like. I know that you ve fucked athletes, Now there is a person's Addison Ray. I don't want you to. Let me bring up might list you fucked up We, yes, what are spirit that boy I mean that's, might like everyone like drugs that that's my leg for I gotta see I'm not I'm apples are why having athletes of all the calibre of men aptly Joan of a harder wants to get athletes like don't wanna dance like there Bali's life bro. You know such a crack athletes. You have to be a special badge, so that says a lot about her. That's actually pride, the gene of men that I, like I like a rapid, like they want a bitch like it's easy,
starlike ignoring me, am, I guess, it's fucking ease in Ireland. I have half of the rapporteur That is what I just said that I would like. We were wrong and rob caviar play. Listen! It's just like my sex. Wait! Stop waiting that straight up. You fuck a lotta wrappers. I feel like I've. You have to think about what I think most, it's probably robbery. One hundred eighty like why do I play Billig, not treat you re, not that like athletes are dealing with. The problem is that I probably left like that. You're, like oh, my god, and that's a problem to the way I am. I love talks, fucking crazy for grasshoppers acrylic. It gets you ain't. You know what I mean Gallagher, I mean be fucking crazy, Berwin romance you were an album about me like a like families, yogi dealing with that my leg really aggressive acts like our you like asking guys like choke you and me, are you, oh, my God, value yeah, think be they fucking shit out of you and that's a difference to
is the guide the difference in guys and girl had so because I don't have been severely not a bit. Sorry like women, we always see Bio bitches here, make the determined endearment here, I'm honored to me what I don't. I remember that the public does not go. That's why? I don't regret. Call you can't remember you're, not a big for you, I'm not! I don't love you I am so did you call me this? Won't you really doesn't know, I don't know I'm just getting, but I agree with their. There is a difference between like loving when a man like kind of like not beat the shit out of you during sex, but, like I do like a guy, that's like dominant, no punch me but like have you know, but the only country in the head, but have you ever had to go too far? There isn't but you ve ever you literally knocked me. I've been to really
like the auditors, one time Billy, I think about this one, I'm all down with this guy was fucking me and whose slapping me I was. I was buying and it was a virus I was by using while this guy was hitting me. I love a good slabs of the right and again, this is us like giving permission were saying they can do that. One way that Romania and Bulgaria must consent very much harder for people fast forward about time code, but ever think about. They know why more scandals, the yea all you had to learn. I would like punch me, fucking punch me, lay I've never been punished or itself it this way, and this is worth introduce the idea of John keep changing. These must not be under any illusion mimic punch than the value that I'll go so ugly. you're out of your public literally the hardest thing like the biggest or not in the better within the guy little dogs you to find out right when he's about common, I'm an economy that perfect moment in time. When you
donkey punch in the back of the buccaneers voices out. Our levels of this war is by far out of anything I've ever recorded in one sitting, maybe the darkest thing over there and legally waves. But I told you I was giving for honesty. I love you, I love will he's going to get you yeah. I was a punch me punching bunch me and then he was like no baby. I can't you don't like my normal boyfriend is barely price. Having me on out energy that that so meaning you're you're kidding me. Let me legs and finally, you like open. implementing hundreds me like hot, and then we can by bringing in a number of points we learn. How are you I mean a p mopeds and you keep saying I tell him to punch me. I m really binding. I figure thing by the president. I would even Jacon I do ass. You like I'm, not gonna, lie at night and so vitally, usually harder and harder. Each time I will like punching Malta. There was probably like
or would like this to like side of had or like face. Mugabe's slang line is like before I even thought about the bottle really and you're, like we like to fuck with my filler, like you will, like literally forgot, my filler sexually. We could talk about waste, valuable areas. Okay, so many things have book that I feel are growing social. You, like all the things I ve We must continue as our gushing black people and we in the tooth and one of my youth like by accident like he doesn't mean you it's a great here, like it I wanted to see them and to involve our liking. Circling what I'm sorry, but so my mouth is gushing blue, but an unlike hitherto ominous topical Mugabe, I'm sampling, but neither below are you really care? I will probably also like realise how ugly it looks good like blood coming out of your mouth and you think top and I'm sure like this. I made knight of argument, but I thought I would I have left I like it. I, like I'm pleading undone. I would think that the time is ripe river.
I promise had out the whole core issue of air, and so then he's a grabbing. My blood and you think smearing it like all over you fuck and to this end like that was hot. a man who there's a lot of people like that's the law. that's the draw admiring your own. Where about like someone else's hot and then look, please come within your blood, perfect little mix of a bloody marian, your value, your blood into his now these, but your blood back into your problem. You, although I had come with his own spare your blood mix of his bit backwardness, come come on great big combination. We love ya honestly. I don't want any other way now dark, but it's not an everyday thing around. We sort of argument is real and I ask you: if you like it rough, we expect it slowly. At data was blown out of public goods
you get fitted up some working that exists to literally picture you aggravating barely, but I love it rough, but like I've never got to the point of like blood ever massacre like I am so far happily looking up, slipping back like my ear I have never drink. My own blood basely during Saxon been like this is not a day we ve been. I saw it was nearly every one of the first moments or I was like ok, so I like it you're like that, That was the moment where ten or would like, and now I needed every night that most girls would like they got went too far in Vienna was like. How do we make this happen all the time I don't know if they're even is like too far in sex to me like I would try. I won't do that again. I guess- and I think guys, though its hardest bug to have these conversations with guys, maybe not your sound cloud wrappers but like that, do I go for them because their norm is just sex like yes for the first time I thought those and- and I would just like he's like ab loot norm and I was like I love you. I know we literally started really plague.
suck alleviating data we need to look into. I have learnt that our common cause her this shit. We now, oh, my god, can I know tat. We don't bleed, we don't want to see a hot sex with blood, no like one hundred percent he would be like, and so your trauma with this. This is, and this is why aren't literally here today with a very telling him about like actually walking passing an orgy like with her hair girl it I wasn't bosom so fuckin. Sorry, like closer years, we do you like having like three sums in for sums or now can act. I've like I feel, like I've, never really had a threesome. Look. I've technically had a lot of like three, some via right, but always comes out to actual fucking. It's always been more than three people like. It's always been this. Why? Having dynamo drama joke that my call? You never had it through to the dormant, no Alex it's always five or more. Are you had the multiple orgies yeah like like a problem,
lot of light was an orgy. What an orgy above for like a decent amount of forces and maybe like some five sums- I've I dont think over like but we are still waiting them. Almost debated giant orgy, though like in Florida in Miami really recently a couple weeks. Well what it was like all my best friends and I was gonna wanna fuck that we like you. I am literally my video. The video guy over here was part of the orgy, and here no theoretical orgy. We are, we had human these together, your odds intergroup telling, would you got me down for an orgy? Where's are like a reservation. You got an aura repeated the orgy in my ears in so many different scenarios in my life. Every word you know he's differently, have all donors and organise their most girls. Motel and then, like relationship ones, you know you're fucking other cobbled animals out. If you hadn't, unlike swinging, where you're like dating someone in new fucked it up,
oh yeah, hella hell, and you like that, I'm not now like now I haven't unlike years. I would write in some relationship where I was actually gets more. It's it's. Why not more normal in Vegas! That's a weird fuckin right, but Vegas! That's what I like seriously that she was more normal in Vegas like now like couple Jonas I'll fuck, each other legal, I can take no, I agree, but I also think it like a really hot concept and that's one thing I've never done is like had a boyfriend and fucked another couple. I you know, I always do it, especially when it became normal. If my boy hot friends. I wanted to fuck his friends. I would I purposefully, select the hot random and is being always fucking their girlfriend, but, like whatever, really you ok compare this guy or make a crazy what happened? You there's been be by that forces with the like I'd break up and then after I ended up like fucking them and she may like broke up, but there were
that all new do that's where I think it gets so dark, because I've known couples have done three sons and then the other person gets shading goes in fucks, the other person without an island that our you rest cause. It's all dependent on like who you're dating too, like he trusts to appease or even to cook, holding how the basically, hug holding is watching your boyfriend fucker yeah I've. Never like that of the term I brightly and by both that's why it would be highly and wrong. But if it's like a vice like oh, I think I usually just your usual she's even richer I mean you know I never do it. I'm eating that hooking up with a guy that is like wanted by other women, is super ha. I agree. I like fire one or the other one view the do that, like nobody wants to find one hundred percent either Hata sing ever but our little jealous person, not really someone asked if we were really crazy to even raise my attention. I'm not not even already know my right, I was personally like at all and if any
I think it's it's become more that we by nature, because I ve realized that I need someone who show not jealous jealousy is one of the things that almost would like will ruin every relationship with me. No matter what and where I live oak like in the lifestyle I live, I mean like right. Jealousy breeds insecurity and insecurity. Breeds tumultuous yeah. You want only not gelatin relationship here, because I feel that give I am jealous now, especially I'm a hypocrite, because I'm your friend new, I'm like you're, my ass entity, on only Ganz with Laana roads this week you have to be finally that used to provide with a thousand people bugging jockeying after me, you'd be violent. right go guys hitting on me. You have to be so secure way your cells, that you don't care which almost, why upright gopher like narcissism people by nature, because IP so much
Sid there's no in love with himself gather like your protest in love with yourselves. That's why you're an hour I wished, I love, expose wearing out with airlines the alchemy both article. The answer is yes, ten about Joseph Popular Sound, the whole thing, every single question, which is a plot to somehow get that through maniacal, the alleys concur: maniacal, laugh rule immigration, Irene tonight, actually meeting organised elated myself for most of the time I've only got into the self levelling. Now no we're getting there we're getting their support cast, whispering Me too my entire point with no, we didn't know it. You know I am actually Judith here. Not only try to get you to forgive me. My brain is really fucked. I like you, might think, need a co host so help me. I'm hoping she was my homepage this whole time as there is a severe caused, so another a year to pitch Hannah. Why would you? Why? Should I beg you to be my ex co host patch me
you're right now you fucking slide. I actually have no reason somewhat over I'd like to know where it is your eye. What we're gonna get zero M Ling unknown ha now, but I really blew it. You know I thought I could I didn't get a broad, replace the colors, then lying showed up back in the day I like now. I know I just know it's a dream, a lifelong dream, but I do think you're you're doing way better at podcasting than I expected you because I said attended the beginning with your stow adhd. All I want you to please put. I can't wait for my videographer, We get what TAT Adam talking tenants, deep throat in Europe, like contributors, it didn't? I should practise what I've been preaching about. You showed community leaders have dragged concluding eternity. You like just to Alex. Knows you listen to me. Do you did you ever? Could I was at stake, my god? Finally, you asked yeah
You leave the monies right which it would be right thing is realising how much something only answer me is. It was like I've been sexual license. I was able to really fucking fifty right so why I'm fucking profit off of it like an I'm such a sexual person where it was like, but that like. I do the shit for free on every platform anyway, so it was an I'm an I'm losing, though only money I make because of that and I'm getting deem on it. I write so only Venza like it nothing's ever in more sense. For me, Brian, my whole life like, which is very bad above all, we ve been here, like only fans, and I really heard just wheels other earthy you're, making a shit and of money on only ban. It changes I've changing money. It's like like from me a changed, my life like it, and then I saw that I was I'm starting in all events agency. I'm signing girls, I'm doing the whole thing. This is. This is how I like retire. Probably I think it's like that so like not only is the money go by God like our, but it would also be fine. I we. How often do you put on only fans
why I urge your calendar antennas calendars that leg boost? Oh, the early. Take you pick surplus a big deal for people to make more money than anything else. On the whole, I could fuck my ass. What this water water right now, I would make less money than if I fucking took this. You have answered the stock. The ices we're fee to well, I know I don't like no. I would not like my own chosen, I be sucking toes. We saw you both in the pictures like mad ass. I got ya and how does that world? But now it's like when I shall ask you for yeah, so it's like what's crazier only then to is there's a certain amount of money that is made in messaging atmosphere, Marines re imposing think they'll be people that are begging to send you like ten grand for a feat pick and then it's like you're. figuring that out navigating shit like crazy shit like an anyone like it doesn't mean alike, but I think another reason why I would want to do a sex. It is because I never want people to think I'm like discrediting like,
set act were yeah anyway beyond high points hours. I've always my view. Your people too, in the beginning of this industry, the foreseeable that ever show me kindness before I had any level of fame war. Reilly Red far out on our agenda, the plug like and it's maybe it's because people so shitty to people who are in the sex industry to the day develop like Genome Argentina, Henderson Dynamism in nice. We ever met they develop these levels of like compassion and shit like that. So it's like I the way I look at sex workers is like your are God your found a way I'm rich asked what can be just capitalizing off these stupid ass memory, all back to like why you talk about blowjobs on the data, because you like this dumb ass, like sucking, dig this done ass being like how you can control the mind of a man I you know. I know I just think sex workers like so beautiful, so I think even that, like dabbling in there would be like mine and how far is it from like what have really done? What is your biggest insecurity? Great question:
did you like. I know that's why I don't know shit badge. Madeline Logan says that shit about impulsive ducas, you just now you re very your literally pathetic. I don't see you up there fetch. I see Michelle Obama, Ninja Rogan, where you I'll come for me, but you should Rogan. Did you say she arose Have you found your writing? I will largely Rogan. Not fuck can only go, but I want to be on top of him on the chart, not in real person, my god, ok, hot air and sea. I love it. Get me just looking like businessman, and I couldn't knows about, has took setting for love. If you like that, I was going on. No, you would just be so hd that you're going everywhere, me always literally ya, know: yeah weakens our topic, so biggest insecurity, half, wouldn't you say as the biggest insecurity hey I'm thinking that you set it quickly and I must say to make what No, no, no having more you. We were
there's a little bit at dinner and I think I always say this: it is not its not one. There was a boy in time where there were like physicality insecurities I gotta. Unlike my nose, I would never turn my head decided hated the profound more than anything right under the surgery. I was like scooped Abidjan It is true, as you can't get another one but like I'm, but I'm saying like I'm lucky to innovate FR. I got rid of some physical insecurity, it's more so, like obviously physically I'm still comparison I'll be like I got. The better of the bottom tat can be wider. My fuckin knows can be dear sir, there's always shit, you know, but for me my biggest insecurity is more so that, like I pick apart myself in my opinion, worse than anyone else ever, could I think it's it's my biggest insecurity and one of my biggest wrong sits because it is created.
Level of resilience that most people could say things to me and it's like I have summarised in my head one minute before you just spoke at all times: I'm we given the mere saying like they innately. Naturally, thinking like you know the worst things anyone can ever say about my appearance where sound the way I look there, I walked away address the way I talk the way a date, though actuator everything, because that's what my job has made me do, because everyone scrutinising all of those things you start to do it yourself, so it's more so like my biggest insecurity has been on training. My brain from like innately thinking that exercise itself. Deprecating too, like my first like catchphrase ever, was reached new thing. I hate myself, advances being I say give you and that it was like me being like way. That was your first catch ever I would use big fucking. It was out of every sort of doing, and then I was like. Oh my god, like well, then, in early weighing now, I really need to stop not at all my whole. Other people are doing it you mean I hate myself merge. They got better The judgment was evasive judgment every fifteen years. will they literally had us like
like all my. Where do you get the word had ass? I've never heard this vague is, I think, a vague, as has the head. you say had out had ass. A lot of you had asked is everywhere, though I think it's like maybe live under a set of its more West Coast to EAST coast. Library like hello, wasn't something that was a pardon cameraman, maybe unlike a wraps yeah, but whereas I, like everyone, I know, says hello, like every other word, like type shit. So do you still feel your Vegas routes are strong and liberating you're? Not here too Oh yeah, I'd never will go more alive and I was I was the most so lay. I think I will ever be at the point of like Jane Paul marriage and your land aging back yoga, exactly, and if anything, I hope to only do that more and more cause. I've seen what the city doesn't ailing its and I think back in the ways I am in every way, like our Vegas, like my hour, yeah. I mean that. I also think when you leave more into it, almost makes you more like a bull, because you do have that yeah all of you. That is different than the I forgot eyes like
it was really like: yeah, the ILO jokingly art outwardly like oh, I'm ratchet up business but differently fucking big John I'm actually like I live. I dont know how to live any other way and if you tried to make me a fucking, prim improper, like praise- and I gotta be never like that. It's who I am I to the core. you think you can. I wouldn't s aunt em, I wouldn't discredit any. Like it that all made me this now. So I am thankful for all those things, because it's like I needed to learn all those lessons like for you yah bribe the unbroken cancelled right now, like words don't use that too people are gonna cut. It interesting, I'm sure everything I said, pissed off people and then of quite a pretty well, it's it's weird, even the That's like empty made me realize that, or you could say anything in there people cutting over the fuck you also bucket matter now. I can actually be saying this. I shut the fuck up. You know, I think it's I'm I like using my job to get to know people because I will say, like you're kind of exactly
what you are on the internet, which I do appreciate? I never thought I'd get that some of those who produce how I don't it's good or bad, how it is getting, I'm sure, you're very ill. Your very I did I was still stand by. You are smart, north, atheistic, smart and good. Did you like it was I take her to the brain scan play one likes me. Did you know tat. Mojo is kind of a funny angle like the changes in socio mojo with enough diet, but is Ex good dick. I can. I can thank you not fur, coming dumping weighing up about your lie, counting. We thank you for making a wish on me to her pretty ways like ten. Although go so much whatever the fuck, this charity work was, it's crazy is normally I'm like. I love picking people's brains and I've never it's the last few years let someone pick my brain. The way you to sit in a public way at all and likely, where this fucking nurses to submit its can. If it's all, you know what it is all going about, it Ojo exploited,
as a narcissist by Alex Cooper, but I think that I want to get to know you on the next podcast cause. I'm trying to be. Oh, that's why I'm leaving. I thank you for coming. I'm sorry for not going on two years ago. Still loading could, if you really don't come for her daddy encumber me also come for me right. now you're tired your time here,
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