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110- Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

2021-02-10 | 🔗

A week into being in a relationship and shit has already hit the fan for Father Cooper. Although on a journey to health and wellness, when times get tough sometimes a little toxicity just slips out like an unexpected shart. This week, Father Cooper takes a back seat to the daddy gang and shifts the spotlight. Get ready for questions of the week like you’ve never heard before... CUE HER RAP DEBUT. Father Cooper tackles a plethora of topics ranging from how to approach pegging a guy to how to approach a boyfriend who refuses to celebrate valentines day. Oh, and is it fucked up to date your best friends ex? Most importantly...will the real slim shady please stand up?

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Adam and Eve dot com and use, offer code her dad what is up daddy gang. It is your single father Alex Cooper. We call her daddy, daddy, daddy, zippity, Doo, Dah Zippity ya, my oh, my what a shitty fucking day daddy gang. What is up it is your founding father God, or another episode of call her die Hello, everyone how're you doing today I am just glorious and let me tell you Why it is about, For a little over one week into officially having a boyfriend dating Mr Sexy, Zoo man, and it is going fucking terrible. Cue, the break up no kidding, I'm
bring you guys are a little journey that I went through this past weekend and I'm going to explain why it so terrible K. What are you all doing this past Friday night in itself, you, as you can assume what I was doing. This pass Friday night. It was about to be date. Nigh bitches, I told you miss Brazil. Man got home and we went right into the baby shower rave, and that was three the cup but do you know it was nice having learned there, but then we decided, maybe just maybe we should do a personal date. Night enlarge wasn't even upset about it. She said, listen guys, I'm so recovering from DJ and I'm getting a law of increased schedule me for DJ. We said: learn you guys been your b we're gonna go on a nice day night. So is actually do men and I plan our date night. He doesn't tell me where we're going, he just says get dressed put on some heels, I'm take
you out and I am thrilled I'm so excited so far. The relationship has popped off a week in no fights we love to see it. So I'm getting ready at his house feeling gray and then we go to leave. We get in the car and his garage name like oh fuck. I forgot my mask run back inside turn off his alarm grab my mask and leave for that eight we have the best date night, it was so amazing, so fun such good times laughs cries all the fucking things. And then we get home and we weren't even hammered. We had a couple drank. We are feeling good, but we knew we but it's a rage on Superbowl Sundays. We weren't getting too Liddy Titty, as one would say on hinge.
So we get home and we're just gonna go right up to bad, maybe watch a movie have sacks go to sleep, we walk upstairs and MR sex. You man walks into his closet, I'm sitting on the bed taking off my shoes, and I hear him say baby. Did you leave my closet like this? When you ran back inside, I say white, I walk into his closet and there's just like a pile of sweaters on the ground and I'm like no, I don't wear sweaters tits out for the fucking boys you stupid bitch. I'm like no, I didn't touch that. Maybe you didn't realize you knocked your sweaters off, because this man is clean as fuck. He is a neat freak. He likes this shit to stay organized so he's like. I didn't leave my fucking closet like that, but you slob. I could see you doing that. I'm like no. I didn't do that and then we kind of both just stare at each other. And then I go back out into the bedroom and I notice that the night
stand on my side of the bed that I sleep on the drawers open. I turn around and he's standing in the car. As it doorway phasing out to me staring at me in the bedroom, and he looks me any goes. Some one has been in this house. Mr Sexy Zoo Man, Ben proceeds to go to the corner of his bedroom. Pick up his metal bats is stay here right now and start running around his house, going through every single bathroom, every single closet and is looking to see if someone is still in the Fucking House he's goes downstairs and all the sudden Adam sitting in the bedroom. I hear him say holy fucking shit, immediately, I want to see what the fuck is going on. I get off the bed, I run downstairs and I see him standing in front of a window completely broken in and shattered.
I'm standing there paralyzed, realising you fucking idiot, you didn't turn back on the fucking alarm and I'm realising this whole thing is how playing because of me. I turn off the alarm grab my fucking mask any literally said just turn back. He literally tells me every single time to turn back on the alarm. Every time I forgot my fuckin chops, it my tampon whatever, but my fuckin life, my sanity, my brain and I forgot this time. And I ran back out in a rush. I completely forgot, and there we are his house up. Fucking robbed and I'm standing in the kitchen and he pulled up security footage and he starts going fucking in he finally backs it up far enough to ten minutes after Mr Sexy Zoo men and I got in the car and left for dinner. Three men jumped his back fence and bring can to his home ten minutes after we left for dinner. So clearly
men were fully watching us. Now right now. You are probably wondering Why? I am telling you this story on call her daddy this socks. This is scary. This is not a crime. Podcast K, you're, not crime, junkie, Bitch, you're call her daddy. I sure, as hell am not turned on right now, my boots you guys have more faith in me. You guys know there is going to be a nice call, her daddy twist to this story, and really only the daddy gang will see the true depth behind what I'm about to unveil. After the initial shock, MR sexism and was making calls to everyone. In between one of the phone calls he was making to his lawyer, his dad, whoever the fuck he why, locked into one of the spare bedrooms, goes in any sort. Sifting through a bunch of the drawers.
And I follow him and atomic. What are you doing that we never go in this room like what are you looking for and he stopped then he goes down. They took your Valentine's day. Give too. Now, listen up in moment. Yes, I was upset. The burglary was awful and I am sorry about your missing rolex is, and I am sorry for the invasion by I'm gonna lie my ears, definitely perked up a little bit more. When I realized there was a gift, there was a gift, a gift, You said a gift right, not a gift or a Jeff Jiffy Lou, what the fuck there's a gift holds on bow. Got Bruno and he looked at me Those yeah I went in got you a Valentine's day gift, and I hear
in this room. Knowing your snooping ass would never work in this bedroom and now obviously it's gone. In this moment, my mind a meat Lee goes to thinking, but was there ever even a gift, and I start to be like area Hoddan I'm trying to be healthy here. I'm Not trying to jump to any conclusions, I have to do but you some investigative work put online extra gadget paths and just ask him as I'm about, to pop a few questions. Easy breeze a clear my mind of any concern that he's lying here the air his contractor calls him when they engage in a priority five minute meeting to assume Julie, remodel and up the security ten fold. On this man's home?
While I am on we're here now, just sitting here twiddling my thumbs going down. Oh rabbit, whole convincing myself, my boyfriend's a full liar. There was never a gift. Their couldn't have been silk. Do me sitting forty five minutes usually have to listen to this man building a moat around his home. I am tell going to be partially living in kings. Mother, fucking landing. This man is like What ninety eight cameras I? What men on the grounds? I want the stakes that go up. Seventy feet high! I want now. Onlookers driving by my fucking house, to even see The beauty of my house, no one will penetrate this compound and I'm over there, like I'm so happy that you're so excited to be like raising snapping turtles and build a fucking pond in your backyard you psycho unfold Lately, for you, and me. I am fully regret
thing over here and what I mean by regression. You have to just picture. Eyes he morphed into Bob. The builder I began to turning to mother fucking, maleficent or whatever the fuck is the evil is psychotic most unwell character. Fuckin dizzy movie. That's me, The poor man had no idea that him. Building his dream home with. Essentially also crushing his own life, because when he got off that phone he it's going to look across the room and make eye contact with a beautiful, beautiful, Alex Cooper version of a Chuckie doll. Baby come on over, welcomes who the fuck inside ward- and I don't want to be committed to that site court I want out. I don't want this life for me. So I'm ok, breathe Bree,
breathe and I'm channeling timing, tone and turf Please remember back sex of Emily. God bless you. She was like when you addressed your partner and a health the way you have to keep in mind time tone, turban, I'm just thinking about everything in the course time. Tell her you like what are you doing? I'm diving top observe I'm losing my fucking mind, but I'm trying to keep as a mine I'm about to be approaching this man post his house just getting broken into because of my dumb ass. I need to be very, very smart about how we go about this back to timing, intoning owning in all the plug. Things said. The mood they decide all right he's about to get off the phone go over crack to beer set the mood but the music on put a candle on get ready come down and then infiltrate so
he finalizes the shipment of the snapping turtle. He ends the conversation with his contractor. He sits down on the couch. It's go time. I slip my tiny little hand down onto his ginormous cock, And I looked up at him and I say baby: let's talk about that gift because I want to see the receipt. in that moment really trying to give you kinds of full image. He almost spent without his entire beer onto my faith and the penis death, It goes a little low saw. He says what I hey, listen now, baby, listen, listen, This isn't about you, and this is and even about me this is bout- the daddy gang here where I get like angry, like his face turned ready, goes Alex what the fuck
why are we talking about your show right now, I say: listen, hear me out I cannot be a hypocrite. If this was roles reversed and Daddy Gang told me this story, I would make them go right back in there and not come out until they had receipts, and you have to understand. I have to Prague this would I preach, give you guys tell now when I say them show really affects my bike alive. So, like that God, damn mic dreamy, mix, steamy, perfect man that he is. He picks up. His phone opens the Gmail app and hands me his phone showing me a nice chunky receipt for some beautiful jewelry that had been purchased out? We, I look up at him. I say: won't book easy that was got my health, knowing look how easy that was
I always knew and not nazi thing baby. I knew I knew you that was, I knew you'd. Do it just a day Eddie Game. They just needed a little bit a reassurance and they just wanted their proof, even though the proof is in the pudding and the pudding in them. The risky and that's all. We need a go to bed companies like you, psycho I'm like I know, but that's why you love it daddy king. It honestly was one of those moments that I was happy. I was elated definitely that he did actually have a receipt, but I think in the got moment. Lesson learned was like trust, her but a concept, I'm in a relationship. Trust is huge. I'm gonna have to trust moving forward, jokes aside, cause whatever I was fucking psycho but ever gave me that's. The point was, though, like it, A pretty fucking terrifying situation, seen not footage, and then, on top of that, I felt so terrible and guilty that I had left his law. Arm off? It was
the amazing having him as a partner just be like Alex it's fine like they took material shit. We can replace all of that. I'm just happy that we weren't home and like we're safe and its fine and like I love you and he'll, be fine and I just started crying because I, like I'm a piece of shit but How can a lie after the entire situation? He was like. Please don't skip therapy gun this week. I like doing totally fair and sky by commercial who is it? Roman Roman, like the roman ops back in the day hey the roman soldiers, no bitch. I last long. Animal fuckin penis- oh my god, roman FUCK, me I'll guy, he's roman swipes, you rather mother.
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Ok, daddy gang here's the thing last week I canceled therapy. That's why I'm history? Sexism air, was pleased on cancel again. I can't my therapies, edging cause. I straight up was like. I did a fair possession last week and that episode it was the demon I probably ever been on a collar daddy episode about my life, but also- talk so much about myself in that episode, and then I did this fuckin intro. I'm going to shut the fuck up about myself, Now the rest of this episode is to be about you. Have your real, Quin Naty. Please stand up I repeat, with the real slim cedes, please stand up. We're gonna have a problem here.
All act like you never heard of questions before Jaws on the floor. Like me and zoom just bursted the door, I'm started sucking his dig way worse than before. They first were divorce, throwing her overboard. It's a return away, no way you're kidding, she didn't say what I just think she did. Did she and brunette said you any good at dead she locked in my basement, primitive loved colored. I took it. The flimsy shady I'm sick of him. Look at em walking around grab me to know what was not. You know who fuck you assign progressions blew up Welcome back mother, died very, very, very different than France, I just I just wanted to get a little tricky with that. This week I was really feeling, but I have an idea had worn room with me and video
record me, so I will post that one d, social media you're interested in what he looked like as I started. You pursue, may rob career, Annie, daddy gang last got into a glimpse of looking because there are some great and I in great ones, this week's too. We are first kicking it off here. We go hi Father Cooper. Another Valentine's day will be passing with my boyfriend of a few years and he refuses to celebrate it. I really wanted to celebrate in some aspect this year to due to a long hard year of covert and a lack of romance in our relationship within that year. I asked him if he could go out to ie or if we could order and something special, even laid out options of places and Prefix Menus Valentine's day to dine in or to take out his excuse started money hated, the holidays doesn't
like it- I'm feeling really down about him not wanting to celebrate Valentine's day and has not wanted to send our first year of dating when he sent me flowers and we went out to eat since our Ballantine day. There has been nothing even when I gave him a gift or something special for him. He didn't reciprocate. I'm hoping you can give some of your toxic birth health outlook suggestions on those. Thank you love. You guys! That's what this is, because our looking at them like Rome right on my head, concussed Harry who not from the dick from the MIKE I love it is becoming a give us your health and in your toxic one. I think this is sad Like I don't know, I just feel like it's so fucked that when people have a partner that just goes flat line in a relationship- and I don't mean the fucking die- that's morbid, I'm not saying that I mean like flat line like they just give up. They lose their.
Spunk they lose the spark they stopped trying they stopped putting an effort, and I mean call me crazy. I actually don't because I already know I am, but I think that's grounds for a breakup like if my partner stopped fucking with me fucking with me. Please never stop fucking with me. Fuck me up. No, if my partner stopped fucking me all the time and I had multiple conversations or he stopped wing and dining me and stopped being romantic, like that's a part of a relationship and if you're not even married, yet like my mama, we says like them. What are you fucking doing? It's going to get worse and get married, so If I were you, I think you should take things into your own hands Ah, I would probably do this. It's like the last call. Last call for my boyfriend awake the fuck up or walking out the door buddy, and this is what I would I would go buy yourself, some bomb ass, lingerie K and it's gonna be for you and it could be for him. Put you
what take it or leave it buddy, because if you don't want it, I'm still fucking putting it on and I'm still fucking myself tonight. So you decide who's having fun. Is it just me or you want to fucking tango to, and I would put Monterrey and I would order yourself, the nicest fucking meal there is to order ok, splurge, okay and you order. Yourself. I was gonna, now, I'm getting a little unhealthier. I was going to say order just for one. Maybe order for two give them the benefit of the doubt like maybe who indulged once he smells the mash Patate but like fuck, maybe maybe ask him one more time and if he does say yes before Valentine's day order yourself. Oh here we go order yourself. Meal try to go and Michelin STAR like if you need money, texter, mom text, whoever two fuckin attacks me I'll, Benbow, you couple hundred bucks, bald fuck out right when it shows up and he's like what are you doing be like I'm enjoying my fuckin valentine
day and you're gonna sit at the table. You're gonna place play fuckin music, light yourself, a candle and have your deal. Oh on the mother, fucking table ready you go and if he's like babe You look a here, you go, go sit down, go what play. Video games. Where do you doing this? Is me tell him it's not you time and then you're riddle. Walk into your bedroom and you're gonna leave the door open and you're gonna fuck yourself so now, many tries to come in here. No sorry baby, having Valentine's day you dont celebrate Valentine's day. This pussy is currently celebrating Valentine's day. You can maybe get it later like tomorrow, we're like next week, I'm in Valentine's day. I don't know about you, but I'm doing me and I'm having a great back in time. Go fuck yourself seriously, but hidden before you take to the extreme, bring it up to him one more time and really just happen to have a healthy conversation of like they, like
I this means a lot to me, and I know it's not about Valentine's day like I know it's corny, it's more like this has been a hard buccaneer and any excuse to do anything. Fun, indifferent and spices like, I think, we're all craving that right now are you kidding me like its? Everyone is craving anything that just makes. Feel a little bit alive again in a little, but it normal sea because then the other day feels Groundhog day. So I don't fucking blame anyone. I I have always should on Valentine's day and this year, I'm like fuck, yeah miseries exit demands, we're gonna, do something really romantic and I'm like absolutes fucking go as oppose me, usually being like by Botz produce testing please stop Mayday Mayday Alex so here goes is a quick one. My boyfriend wants meets peg him and I am all fuckin for it. We got a strap on and all the thick since that go with that, I'm from the south, don't judge me, we haven't used it yet, but I've tried it on. My problem is, I can not stopped laughing with.
Is dawned on me. I mean he's laughing too, but how the fuck am I supposed to fuckin with this thing, while cracking the fuck? How do I make a strap on look sexy? Please please, please help and wanting to do this for him for beady. Thank you so much baby, girl, alcohol or Four weed- and I don't know if it's smart to be no, who cares? I don't condoning like black out put the dildo on and fuck him in the asshole till he passes out by I'm not gonna lie like. I think that I What we are saying, it's so fucking awkward and I kind of love is another episode recently. I think there is a difference between like really intimate sex, verse, kinky sacks and then I hi guys that, like I could, almost not talk dirty to cause. We had such a sarcastic relationship with their different relationships that if it's too goofy you almost can't talk dirty to a certain point, so I get we're saying about the pegging also- and this is another Tropic learn. I we're talking about like her relationship.
So long. They had been dating for so long. They never used like names like they would never call each other like babe or anything like endearing and cue, and she was like it was so awkward to me because I wanted to. I wanted to be like hey like baby, let's go to dinner, but the relationship was so far deep. Sorry, I'm like kind of going in a circle here, but I'll get to your question a second. The related kinship was almost so too deep into one day. She wake up and like hey baby are you ok? You got like I don't know right in tell me if you've ever experienced this, because I have I've had a relationship where the pet names weren't and I hate saying pet names as that, make someone fucking corny, but, like you guys get what I'm saying it's almost like when it's too far gone, whether you've never done talks. So now it's like awkward. How do I one day, wake up on a fucking Tuesday and like tell them to fuck me in the ass and treat me like a hor when I've only had like silent sex or like even as down to pet names like how do I call him babe one day when I've only ever use his real name Gerald like dots, it's gonna, it's gonna clause, little Rifkin, like awkwardness
so with the pegging sorry to get back to this, the pegging. I agree with you like yeah fuck, because you guys didn't just put it on one night and thought, and you already had put it on and it was a laughing situation. I think that one you could start by maybe like sucking it like it's a dick and be like buck baby. Like I love taking your dick to the back, my throw, let me put this autumn like I want you to feel how good you feel in the back of my throat and then put it in his ass. I think with dildos before you fuck, you pegged guy is to outline I would personally do a little blow job get it were. Obviously, then you put the loop on put loop on his asshole than I do. Think, though, alcohol, like alcohol, does this all ball. Really, do I suggest get a little fucking tipsy and be like baby? Let's go because that that solves all Like then, there's like no, your inhibitions are gone. It's like fucking go sober as fuck, sorry or what you could do and I could kind of see that's being hot, put on some porn of a girl, pegging a guy, and you guys
start watching it and then slowly start putting it on Doolittle blow job on it and start sucking his dagger than put him on all fours like it in their Alex. I was wondering if you have any advice for being the Duff. I dont say that to put myself down it's just simple facts: I'm relatively confident, however, my best friend is just flat out gorgeous and time. We meet guys, they all gravitate to her and try to get with her and I get ignored she's. Basically, my only a girlfriend in college. So we do everything together and I look I love her to death, but sometimes it makes me feel insecure to be around her. I'm not what to do. I feel like any guy. I talk to end up asking about her or being very dry with me and talking talking her up and said advice. Girlfriend thought is, though, for worst worst, I remember my best in fucking middle school. I was busted as fuck. I was so fucking ugly and every time I went out with her all I did was I wanted to look like her, but also I knew I'm not gonna fucking stand out for stand out for shit,
How many personality I can try to be funny, but at the end of the day, like I don't look like her and what I would say is like it's fucked up like you got to throw in a few nights that she's not there, you got to get more girlfriends because Your self esteem is important and it doesn't mean that you don't love your friend. It's just. You have to literally take care, mental mental health like get what you're saying, there's a way that when every like every girl thing mothers, I've had bucking girls, I don't care if you like, I feel tonight, and then you have that one friend that walks in and immediately you're like. Oh, I look shorter and like a stumper like oh my boobs, don't look good or like me, but so flat compared to her is like oh, like my skin, doesn't look, you have those insecurities and they drive you insane and it's the worst How many of those night where you can? I don't give a fuck people like when you look fine, oh you know how you feel: competence wise and I've so many nights. I remember go out with whoever, if you that one girlfriend at super hot you go out and everything, then you just kind of like shit about yourself. The competence goes down. You're, not loving how you look
And meanwhile, if you weren't around her, maybe would feel better and it's not to say that all of a sudden, like you're the you're pretty for and involves, and has no friend, it's just dabble in night, like maybe meet some girls in your class, like maybe try to find gravitate towards Gore girls that you're, like oh, like this person, like it's kind of a my level and maybe that sounds fucked up to some girls, but I don't think it is you it's your one fuckin life and like if you're feeling super uncarpeted around spurting, just with regard to guys You got a branch out, an end, your girlfriend, maybe a little confused about it, But I think there is a conversation that she'd you could eventually have. That doesn't mean. To be around not like you say, I met this one girl from classic I'm gonna try to like, obviously like she has brought them, is gonna try to go in and if it works, Alec, obviously you're invited next time, but try to almost planet to live. If she goes and doesn't on our own then go meet up with those other girls. It doesn't have to be a big drama
thing, but for you, like that's a big deal so like, I think fully make make accommodations for yourselves that you get the attention what you want you dont want to live in your friends, shadow, your whole fucking life, that's not fun, and I think that's only find due to say Hi Father Cooper, normal, but I get upset. When I see my boyfriend is following his axe on Instagram. We have lived together for about two months now and one time I was typing in the search bar of his phone to try and find something from our text log and a conversation with another girl. That said, Pinky Promise Babe popped up in his phone and since I trust him, just looked at him and asked was this reason he said? No, I didn't think any more of it or get tripped up about it, because I trust him and that part of the conversation was dated back to two thousand and nineteen. But then weeks later He was in the shower and I was so tempted to go on his phone and see the text conversations with her, because it was nothing and I was curious so like it,
How to get member. I know the healthy thing to do would be to ask him to go through it together, but I couldn't resist. I didn't think I would get her because he said there was nothing he was hiding and he was so. Actual but happy about me. Having his phone anyways, I opened up the text. Log and tears were brought up to my eyes when I saw they were flirting, texting, face timing and take and talking at the same time that we were exclusive. When I confronted him about it, he said that they were just really good friends and she was crazy. He was her first and she couldn't get over him. Oh fuck, you fuck him. We ended up making up after the argument and then today I went to show him something on his instrument Instagram on his phone and that girl PA Up under recently searched and was following her. He was sitting right next to me and I looked at him and he said you're just looking for things to get upset about
you ve been following each other for years and we're still on each other's close friends? What the fuck daddy should, I be rightly upset about this or piss, but to him he sang it's nothing. I crazy for being upset girl, fuck. No, I think the fact that you have brought up to him multiple times at this makes you extremely uncomfortable, you're, not being unreasonable. You're. There is finding shipping look what you guys are texting and facetiming. I don't give a fuk, I truly believe when you are in a relationship with a dude? That person cannot be casual friends with someone that they a buck gnarly that that they have. But this is his ex girlfriend. This is ex girlfriend that he's can so easily texting and faced him. What are they? What I have to talk Oh, what what? What are you so busy doing over there, but he can't just do with I dont know his current girlfriend dots so when appropriate. I remember and one of my relationships, I've briefly talk about this on call her daddy. It was the most
manipulative thing I ever went through, my boyfriend at the time would had a nutritionist and he would take photos in front of my face and be like. Oh, my gosh, like I want to send it to my nutritionist cuz, I'm like trying to eat healthy, like I feel like I'm didn't ask her. If this is like what I should be eating and at the time I thought nothing of it because I'm like this is your career. Like you take your body seriously, you pay this woman and I never thought anything of it, because I knew that she had a husband and a child fast forward to me going through his, POD, when I asked him to open it for me and lo and behold him this woman who he was so had so in involved in our relationship every day. He would like literally verbally, say to me: oh my god, like I'm just send us might attrition, is like, and some when they're so open about it. You can't help but be like there's no way anything's going on like. Why would they be that dumb to be so open? He was fully having a full texting, texting relationship with this woman.
And he was down in spring training in Florida. He texted me now in hindsight, like men, don't ever do this when guys and full would like you to me, are like holding their dick and, like your, your body is bigger dick in his big, like just don't, don't just do more of a Dick pic like you're laying down make it look big. He sends me this mirror, copy of his hard dick and him just like smiling at unlike cares serial killer, and when I go through the ipod. He had then her the same exact photo and they were sexting back in like so many notes, almost as if they like, like he had a problem like it was like wait. This woman is fully married, so she is a problem you're fully in a relationship. You have a problem like it was fiction and she was older and it was just weird- and I know that- may sound good, did you like you're, like ok, Alex like they were just like sending nude? That's not that we are. There is cheating there was that there was an eggs
the door Bennette amount of Dick picks like it was an obsession almost like that's how they were both getting often like how many he knew. How renewed can we re? and then on top of that there were times I'm Liddy literally, would see. I was hang bed with him were like watching a movie or something I was able to see that the correspondence was literally at times it I knew I was with him and it so fucking weird to see that chick as adults, I book about duty or, like we you're sexy, that person, you didn't go jack off of anything use. Fucked me right after how dirty and grimy, and and violating and so hurtful to see like it was such a gross feeling to pick you, we fucked right after your sexting this married one. And like a woman on top of it that you have so normalized in our relationship, and so it took me a really long time to trust and other man because of how invasive
those moments were and how crossed and fucked up it became of sex and this the cheating and it was an even though physical. It was emotional and it is just a crazy for me, and I just remember, right before I'd ask what the Ipad I started asking questions about the nutritionist like is she married, except for cuz, I hadn't known, and he made me feel so dumb for asking just like guys making you feel dumb if they try to make, you feel dumb about something happened. Time. That means they're fully lying about it, because what they do is there I d be little you and make you feel dumb, because their freaking an insecure and the only way that they know how to turn. It is just turn it on you, and there too, energy fleck, but really does. The deflection is a clear case of their fucking lying to you So, instead of being in a healthy relationship in Hamburg baby, I
both literally blocked this girl. I love you so fucking much. This means nothing wizen. He doing I you live with this. Do I lived with that dude and now that's why I said last week, like it's crazy emu to be in a situation now we're like MR sexy, you man any time. I just like to ask him a question. He is almost overly too honest that I'm ok. I did note me show that many details but like he tells me everything and I look back on then that type of relationship I had where the nutritionists in the gas lighting in your like woe, the minute you step out of the toxicity you you start to be like why I was so not okay and had that the way he flipped army. Somehow. I truly believed that, I was in the wrong for even asking the fact that you're saying am I crazy? No Why is your boyfriend based? I'm? Your ex girlfriend gives you literally in sight of for every time you go to work. I think you either and it
Are you give him an ultimatum? And I don't like to be a crazy girlfriend, but you had so many situations with this guy. My opinion would be listen. I'm not gonna be crazy girlfriend, but right now to show that, like I don't trust you. Why are you fit? I need you to just blocker and just like unfollow or uninstall, because it makes me uncomfortable and clearly it makes me feel like you're picking her over me like that, it's one thing: if it's got a girl friend, then that's like we gotta, take indifferent steps and strides, and I have to really understand the big picture cause. That's a tricky situation. I've had a boy from that has a close girl friend, it's not easy, but that is way fucking different than this being his ex fucking girlfriend that he was inside of multiple times a day. I don't think so before we start talking about. Sex. I need to talk about balls. I love balls. Do you love balls, but what I don't love is. I dont want Harry Balls, Harry Balls, really
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the owl, I know it's not an issue with the guy, I'm obsessed with him, and this happens to me with every guy, no matter how sexy or how good he is in bad. It takes me forever to finish while getting eat. Now my b f F and I are trying to figure out this one, this one out ass. She experiences the same thing were kind of saying how once he moved his tongue the slightest bit it feels like we have to start all over again towards a new orgasm and it makes finishing so hard I'd love to hear what you think Exo. So ok, here you go. I M gonna, be very honest. I was saying this to learn and MR sexism and the other day not in the same conversation, but I would have if they were in the same room prior to MR sexier. You man, I will gladly admit I never
really enjoyed a guy eating me out. I I mean our votes. I would never enjoyed it but like it was always more of just like a like, ok and then kind of like a who, ok and then pull them up and big cake. Fuck me it was hot for four play, but I wasn't having intense orgasms from a guy eating the out. Personally, I felt like it was a little bit of them kind of being down their floundering around. Like hey, like your kind of just like licking my whole, I need to move up. North gave the north star, really where we're supposed to focus a K. My fucking Clare and I wanted to meet him in the head multiple times, but then it's also like Balkan. That's gonna fuck, with their competence.
So a lot of times a big whenever fuck it like I am turned on, but like I fully knock and have an orgasm from them eating me out and then how I usually would have orgasms is, while we're fucking, I use a vibrator or my finger and I've gotten really good at being able to make myself come during sex with a vibe better or rubbing my class, and then I met Mr Sexy Zoo man, and I remember it was one of the four it was so we're because it was one of the first time she had ever eat me out and I fell comfortable with him, but I wouldn't say I was like as comfortable at him as door number three at the time, but there was something about it because I was hung over it. Okay stay with this meter. I was so hungover and it was early in the morning. It was like eight, a m and we're in bed together and he started going down on me and there was something about me being hungover like just not really being I'm like. Oh I'm, fucking, tired of shit I'm not in the mood for those like I was annoyed. I what
yeah, I was annoyed. I wasn't home, I was fully annoyed. I was like dude, like I kind of don't want you to eat my pussy and all of a sudden, because I wasn't really thinking like okay. It looks so hot and I have to move my body this way and I had to moan and be oh fuck baby, like I wasn't trying to put on a performance, I was actually almost about to straight up like if this doesn't feel I'm so sorry, I'm really hung over all of a sudden, because I was so relaxed. Producer by regularly spread out flatly not trying to talk my Tommy like not doing anything Buckingham and he was under the covers, so I didn't have to make eye contact with him. I'd seven eyes closed. I am actually going back to sleep and if something happens it happens and oh boy did it fuckin happen. It was literally about less in ten to fifteen seconds in
All of a sudden. He was stimulating my clear in a way with his tongue, but I'd never had a man like really get on point like that and de consistent pressure on the clear I was like. Oh And you know that feeling when all of a sudden, like my whole body, start to kind of tingle and like I got a little like warm and I'm ok, now I'm getting hot and oh my god and it starts till a policy, and I was like oh fuck. I have never had a dude hit that spot so good that I was like that. That literally feels like how, when I sure with my vibrator and I never really had that that great with a guy before it's like. Oh, it's lighter it's not. This is like oh fuck and so for the first time that Mr Sexy Zoom in ever ate me out. I fully just leaned into it and I kept relaxing and I kept my body so focused on how it felt closing my eyes, not caring about what I felt and I fully had an orgasm. The first time you ever ate me out and ever since that day, I'm so happy to say.
I now am obsessed and crave him eating me out, and I have never said that before with a guy like I've never been like. Oh my god, can you eat me out. I rather them finger me.
Maybe the guy knows how to like fuck my clip and finger me in a good way. That's going to do g spot and clip, but he's the first guy. So what I would say to your answer is my biggest advice. Is you have to like relax in a way that is so you don't even girls, you don't notice it like. We don't notice it. You are not as relaxed. Obviously when you're with the guyvers, when you're alone, it's just natural, you know what I mean. Obviously, when you're alone, you could have your fucking belly out, like you, can be in the weirdest positions and you're not going to do that with a guy unless you're so fucking relaxed, and you don't feel like you have to look down at him and be like oh yeah, keep going like close your fucking eyes. Put your face mask on. Basically, it's all about feeling comfortable with the person and literally girls like try to pretend like he is your personal toy down there like a lot of times with guys. What I do when they're eating me out is like I will kind of control. My.
Vagina, in a way that I'm like I'm grinding on his face and when he gets in a specific rhythm like I'll go, I move my pelvic look into him and I will do circular emotions or whatever feels good, and I almost use his head and I just start moving my clip on that specific part of his tongue in the way that I want it, it's almost like taking control, but also relinquishing control at the same time. If that makes any fucking sense, I could really go step by step if you guys want, because it's been a jouney for me, I'm not gonna, pretend like come every time now. It's not at all like I've, had some serious fucking issues being like what's wrong with me at times like some guys, I just can't like a cat com like it wasn't bad sacks. I just didn't oh- and I am happy that specifically with MR sexy unanimous bar, like I mastery thinking about him eating out and I've never had that with the guy so to you and your friend start by just trying to really envision you're alive,
even though the fucking Idiot is down there. Okay, I found myself in somewhat of a situation. Admittedly, a situation that I caused myself I am currently engaged to my high school sweet her of ten years. I'm too me, five she's, twenty four we met when I was fifteen and she was fourteen. I was a little sophomore. She was a little freshmen in high school fast Edward ten years, and we are currently engaged holy Shit That sounds got back in where I'm sorry to judge, but ok, now here here is where things interesting see. I already knew it's to get like an interesting. It sucks, probably you're miserable okay, sorry anyone that's like happy happiest highschool sweetheart. I commend you for being able to sell your adolescents old. Someone. Ok I also have a girlfriend, oh no, a girlfriend who is relatively in the same situation. Okay, so this is just a friend she
a boyfriend of four years, maybe five and she just got engaged this last month, just for background I know my girlfriend will call her girlfriend number two for longer. Basically, since I was fourteen years old and we have sexual history, okay, to this day, went to this. They all went to the same Fuckin high school he's known this girl both of these girls since high school. Ok, now The situation I found myself is: is I've fallen? what love with girl number two and she fallen in love with me, a fucking course a fucking course? Okay, I have never felt a sexual connection with anyone, as I have felt with her. Then what a fuck are you in gate? Okay, sorry, Not only that, but we have a connection on a personal level as well shut the fuck up we are hundred percent open and honest with each other? Oh, but not your your fucking fiance and we help each other get through hard times,
what like being both engaged now with dance number number one obviously love her, but recently I felt as if the love has faded. From loving like a spouse, to almost family love. I mean and with her for so long that I care and genuinely want the best for her, but also her family has basically accepted me as their own I get that, like you, ve been there for so fuckin long like holy shit like what do I do now like their families? My daily, I started sleeping with girl number to strictly first self, reasons I just wasn't enjoying sacks and I was okay. This is, I am sorry, ok, I'm trying to be judged Billig I started sleeping with her first selfish reasons. Oh as if there is a different reason for generosity free things like why a sorrowful sleeping with herself this reasons. As I wasn't enjoying a sex, I was getting and thought it would be just be sacks for with her three years later and its turn.
Into a lot more. We both have come to the understanding and realisation that it's time to make a decision with both having huge life choices. Marriage coming up in the near future. We bow, know that we are in major crossroads and we have a decision. It's either time to go left with girl to or right with, my fiance. I can't help I think I make a mistake, no matter what I choose I feel like. If I choose is to go the rule that I have already accepted a marriage, but I'm going to make a mistake. These up. I wanted to marry this girl what I really be messing around in having such songs feelings for another girl and, if I go four girl too, throwing away something that I have been for the last ten years, but if it doesn't work out with Her- and I just throw away this great relationship that I have I all this sounds like sleaze bag- maybe I am, but I am generally in a troubled heads bays and now found me. In and lava two girls. Please advise sincerely deeply confused but madly in love. Hey sorry for being a, but I'm just like whoa honey,
here is my personal advice we need to leave your fiance. Ok and I'm going to tell you why, because, this is so on. Fucking, fair to this girl. You are about to ruin. This girl spoke in life number one. If you get married to this girl. I want to ask you: do the thing she would marry you if she knew this was happening. Ok. So this is unfair that you're about to marry a girl that doesn't know who you actually are and number two If you do marry her You are going to continue to cheat on her and you are going to continue to lie to her and she is signing up for a life that is not fucking for you're taking her are literally stripping her of her an opportunity, beef, fuckin, happy and being an honest, healthy relationship. So copying selfish for a minute and think about her. She has done nothing to you, but be with you.
Since high school. Why the fuck? Are you gonna? Do this to her? If you have enough respect for, you should let her go be like I've been such a dick to this person. She has no idea what I've been doing behind her back its lead. Her go. Let her find happiness. Let her find someone that's not going to cheat on her because she hasn't been cheating on you. That's the first part the second part is not to be angry with you it's like listen. If you're sleeping with someone else before your married like dude, what are you doing? And unfortunately I have sympathy for you, because it's like people back in relationships when they're in high school and expect to get married, What I went through in high school, the guys that I dated and then going to college every year of college. My freshman year, sophomore year junior Senior, I can pinpoint how many different men I started dating and how different those relationships were and by the end,
the college. What I learned about myself, was so necessary to develop, get me to where I am today and then even out of college. From twenty two to twenty five, those years of date. For me were so different and the sex I was having and the guys I was dating it's like the developmental years of your adolescent life and trying different things. I got there, some people that believe no sex, marriage totally understand like about your belief system, but even only talk to one got. What if we could talk to more than one guy, you can talk to them at least right. You can take out with a few men like I just think that you're putting yourself in a situation where, of course, you may have love for this person, but not you. Able to grow as individuals, you're literally marking it like here we go, were thirteen or fourteen and we're gonna go on for the rest. Are fuckin life? No wonder! You're, cheating, you're!
like holy shit. This is the best I've and I'm not gonna library, you're, probably gonna, fight fuck. If you end up with your fiance, I guarantee you you're, not gonna, get married to this other check, because once you break it off at that beyond, say you're, not thinking the real, precautions that are going to come from ending it with that girl? Like you said there, family involved. They are like your family. This is years and years of history with a family and a girl so you're about to an entire fucking relationship. Family you're gonna. You're not going to just go and quickly get married to this other woman, there's going to be repercussions. You're gonna have to emotionally go through that you're gonna have to explain to her. Why? Are we not getting married and I in that come to Jesus moment as you and I and it's gonna be hard. You're gonna be with probably the girl number two for a bit, but then you're gonna also realise what fuck now free Why don't I see without there and then all of sudden you're gonna be dating and honestly that probably more fuckin healthy. I would
Anyone that feel stuck in a relationship and you're, so fucking young. What are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you got to get fucking married to someone tat? You do. I don't know, but I think by them best of so many years with where, but even start What are you going? You do seventy plus more years with someone you don't fucking like and if you know that you're already doing this prior to marriage, hurry up and get out before. You go one step further and in that means you have that more thing to get a divorce, and then you have to go through all the paperwork. Don't put yourself in that situation. Get the fuck out, hey Father, so this Is a long story, but a minute try to make it as short as possible. My boyfriend, I been together for almost three years now we have never had sex, while in fact I have never seen or touched his penis war
oh. He here see me naked and has used my vibrator on me. We have had, many conversations about sex. Any just says he isn't ruddy. I've tried just about everything and I I can think of, but he really will not. Let me see his dick I'm on birth control and I have been since we ve been together. He hasn't done anything to me for three months now. I've tried seducing ham, I've straight up, just sat on him and asking him to do shit me and he won't. I have looked at his phone laptop, even PS, poor, and he doesn't talk to any girls. I know he loves me, but sex is a big factor for me. I've had sex with other people before, but he's a virgin help daddy. Please I don't want to do. Ok, that's a huge part. These virgin, ok, quick. My quick answer immediately would be, I think, my go to if I immediately had till. I believe this is what I think it is. I mean assume that he may have an.
Not even being I'm not gonna make you laugh. I would assume he has a really small penis and he's embarrassed. I would say, or he's gay, but I dont think so like. If he's a virgin again, you should try to figure out what porn he's watching that always go to. But for the most part I think its cause he's embarrass of his penis sides cause if you are trying to even see it like, if he's gay like he's, make fine public he's gonna even try he's so insecure by his penis size. He straight up trying to hide the weeny and he's trying to protect himself from embarrassment, and if you love like and maybe I'm not small, maybe he just has no comparison and sensitive burgeon. Maybe you literally big baby. We ve been together for three hours, three fucking years, you're. Jane but you're. Already, seventy, like oh three years, you ve never seen your boyfriends dig bats or again, and you should maybe again, you would know better, but maybe he has trauma like you got a kind of peel back the layers, but it
anything I would all the way back to town. Meantime Honan turf, like sex families that but in a different way, that I approached it I would have a genuine conversation with him at lunch one day, but can we have a series conversation almost to the point of like it would end your relationship? How long can you go? for three years, not even knowing thing not have sex. Three years and union what your boyfriend dicks looks like girl. How are you surviving? I said Dicks Dick Pope leaders, but maybe he doesn't Moldova penises we now. But the point is you: gotta have a conversation. If I personally would, if not you try everything, be there for them emotionally, but then at some point you got to take care of yourself, and you got You can get your oh baby girl daddy mother Fucking Cooper. First of all, you give me ceo by I am in your little and you are a little girl, little, you are a literal goddess. Thank you bet. Second, I need as I've dug myself a pretty deep hole.
Do you mean more to girl code or it didn't work for me. It might for you, but dont complained to me. If it doesn't type shed, Recently I broke up with my long term boyfriend after finding out that he cheated and he kept belittling me over my sexual abuse trauma. The same night, I hooked up with my guy best friend, who also happens to be my girl. Best friends acts they dated about five months and broke up about seven months ago after she moved five hundred miles away with her family. She claims to be over him and has had your boyfriend sense and has been with that new boyfriend, almost the entire time and she's moved but she's fairly mad at me and has brought it down to a him or me situation over this. I've known her for almost four years and I've known him for for the last year and a half and actually introduce them together.
And both of them have always been there for me and acted as my mental rocks. I don't want to have to choose one of the thereby I'm leaning towards him because he is physically here. Do you think I cross the line or that she might get over it. Also, I love the show and the single father era, I'm so proud of with how far you ve come. Oh This is so so so drama, and I was actually talking to learn about this before I read this one because here's the thing, I think it's hard, because The part of me is like I personally can could never a picture myself hooking up with a friend's acts ever I I just feel like. If it's your friend, we have clearly had intimate conversations with your girl while they were dating like what for five months, did you just never ask your friend like how's the sacks like what are the issues like when she went through the break up? Didn't you talk to her about it, so in a fucked up way, I feel that being
close girlfriend to another girl too then go and day a guy that they dated. I think it's a little I'm just from the standpoint of like The motive seem off like now that girls good like, were you thinking the whole time that I was dating this dude like? Were you into him? Did you want us to break up like it's a shitty friend to make. I also thing for you to say, like you may pick him cause he's closer and he's there do. You know how Fuckin fast dick disappear. Do you know how fast dicks are gone? because all of a sudden one day he wakes up- and he found a better pussy in his mind to him and he's gone from you like to waste a bad ass. Good friendship for a day, it is never the right move. I truly believe leaving a girl, because you think the dick is good, or you think that I love this like it. It's usually never the case. I think another point to think about is he's. The type of person that's going to hook up with his acts is best friends
I don't really think that someone I would want to personally end up with. Like that's fucking weird, I don't know I get it and again. I dont know your trauma, your saying they were both there for you, but they were both there for you. You ve known this girl longer like have loyalty to your friend like. Are you saying? Are you not writing enemies, and this is the love of your life like bees, smart about your girl relationships when it comes to, fucking girls over for a do that, like you're, probably gonna end it with, and then why regret? Losing the girl always pick checks ever decked out, it's fucking corny, but its loki. True, daddy, gay Thank you guys so much for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoyed. I feel I hope you get a little bit of toxic. A little better health were jet were jaws, doing old, dabble game up in this bit and honestly, let me know how you guys, like my birth little many hit single I'm pretty sure a lot of you run a cringe, I'm expecting who ought to hear my dm, but what is life without trying putting yourself out there and then getting shut the buck down guises
I told you they will not be an episode of call her daddy next week. I have off so I will be back the next Wednesday and I will update you guys on where MR sexism and take me for Valentine's day what we're doing in what's happening and what s happening to my vagina and one ounce of having them, because I have some very, very, very, very sexual things plan for him, but I don't wanna sit on podcast because he listens because I don't like the way why I'm so excited because as much as February is coming to an end this year, her daddy is only ramping. The fuck up, I'm glad you as your loving the content. Thank you so much the positive dams. It keeps me going, it keeps me alive, you know them. They're fucking drill, Daddy gang. I will see you fuckers into wednesdays
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