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111- The Map to Dating Apps & Rich Dudes (ft. my holemate, Paige DeSorbo)

2021-02-24 | 🔗

Father Cooper is joined by NYC reality tv star, fashion blogger, beautiful human and holemate- Paige Desorbo. The two describe their sides of the story to knowing each other through an ex boyfriend... as one of the girl's matched with the other's boyfriend on a dating app.. DRAMA!!! They also discover they were dating the same famous actor in NYC at the same exact time, going on the same exact dates LOL. Paige then details her newly single life, dating younger vs. older men, model apartment life in NYC, dating the bad boy phase, going to an all girl school, being in love only once, dealing with bitchy girls, and SO MUCH MORE. This one feels like you are sitting around, talking shit with your girlfriends. ENJOY DADS!!!!

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daddy. What the hell is up, pays a giraffes asshole, that's what's up out, he dared to ask us one more time. What's up, I kind of hate when you like, wet sap, I hope the Daddy Gang is feeling dill star today. I hope you are having an unbelievable weak and if you're, not guess what mother fuckers it's fucking Wednesday, it doesn't matter now it's good Fuckin day welcome to collar daddy this week. You know it's not going to be about Mr Sexy Zoom man, also any medium that, like I, He thought it was. Mr Zoo man like you, works at a zoo, unlike w britches been listening to the park, don't hate don't hate that never never fuck demand that worked at I'll put on my buck unless, anyway, this is not about Mr Sexy Zoo man, but the zoom aspect is going to be all encompassing this week because I did my first
Doom interview, sense, Dave Port annoy that's how long Oh, I don't love zoom interviews because I can't get close enough to them in, but buck them under the table during the interview. So it's been kind of a journey to get my comfort level up while I'm doing interviews over Zoom, but this was an accept. Then, because this woman is very very good friends with my dear dear dear Dearest friend Hannah Burner ah ban mother, fucking favorite, you guys know Hannah. She has told us her unbent capable stories about fucking that mascots raw materials they but girl. But you get the point she has been. An icon on this podcast, everybody loves Hannah and Ass I've gotten! No Hannah. I've also stalked her wooden social media and I've. Seen that she's got this little brunette friend K and this brunette friend's name is page disorder bow and I have stopped her
and I have looked at her instagram and I have hated her because our instagram is so curated. It makes me look like a fuckin plight of your old. They can't that's colorblind, so I a page and I'm like. Oh, my god, she looks like the kind of girl that needs to come and call her daddy and just have some girl talk with us. She is sassy. She is fun She is on reality, television, if you watch summer house, if you don't that's okay, because she is so much more than just a reality television face. This is an accomplished woman. Business on a man. She is twenty, eight years old, she's, thriving cheese, successful she lives in New York City and she is fucking beautiful in reducing the one, the only page disorder bo So I Cobb so many things that we want to talk about today. First, we have to explain like paid I basically were face. Timing yesterday before we had this interview, I like to do that with my gas, because I just want to like me, on a closer level before we get on here and talk about like the deep shit.
I love those. I was actually real under abbess yeah. So it's no yeah. That's ok, but I remember Hannah saying the same thing and I like I'm not trying to ruin your life. I greatly one havoc a fun conversation. I'm not turn exploit you and also maybe it like a backward thing that I want you to feel more comfortable me and then you will exploit yourself but like who knows. Okay, so here is my ears were right right so page, and I are talking and first and foremost just like laid out for you guys listening. We don't technically know each other. We ve never met in person, but we kind of know, each other's do through two avenues. One is through here and then the this to your Exboyfriend, yes, which is such a crazy story. I want us to both tell it from our pov, because I didn't know: okay, so daddy in I didn't know. If page knew this, and so I was like I was,
Dantes time with her and unlike ok, like listen like I just wanna like ask. If we can talk about on the podcast, I know sort of know your ex boyfriend and I didn't know if she knew and all of a sudden I felt I need to clarify. Like I haven't fucked him, I promise I haven't fucked him like fuck. I know how that sounds so bad. This is my part of the store and then you're going to tell your going back to night, I was living in like the infamous. We call it like the three o one that was where I was like living with rats like The poorest share had no money from living with two roommate like I was living in a closet everytime. I brought a guy back. There were like, oh, my god. This is the cutest claw Where's your bedroom boom, the fuck yourself like it is that type, but those are usually the best I feel like, I gotta go then, it was before I started the show I wanted to Ria everyone wants to get on Ria, and and I remember putting my application and the minute that I got accepted. It was like all of
ass. The three of us in the house were like a word now on right, like all of us are going to use it, and you know how in New York like I almost wanted it more for a connection to men in their front group, rather than just like a dating you, don't I mean like now New York is so like leg. You want in a circle. You want a circle of got yeah. I got it ass an so then, why not Riah, where they're like rich and successful, like added bonus added bonus, so I go on Riah and one of the first guys I see is soon to be your ex boyfriend, and I remember I kept seeing him and then my other room got Umbria and I don't remember who matched with him by a babe both of us yeah. I think boy was here both of us gay he was one of those guys are always had plans every time. We message him. He was going to be here with my friend, but while it perfect guy, yet but we never ended up meeting up with him, and I remember I'm pretty sure I have his number somewhere my phone and we texted like why
oh, I like it was like you were here tonight, you wanna come and we were getting ready and we chose different plans and which is not meant to be fast. Our word to me. Seeing Hannah and stocking her life and then seeing you- and I remember, seeing him on, either your instagram or whatever being like? Oh my god, I fucker Oh, my god like if he such a good suiter, because you know when, like a hospital day to do that, you never went for our line. Is it goes up right? I was like fuck, like did I fuck up and like he's, got his like hot car and like all the shit and I'm like whoa, like This girl, it's like she's, living the life, and I think that the time I did I fuck up you're like
that could have given me right. Ok, so my point of view on this story is ok. I was friends with him for a while, and I was like in that friend group. He has an amazing friend group. We always had plans, we are always doing things and then all of a sudden I was like, I think I like him, like. I think I wanna date him, but we were such close friends that, like I knew every one he was sleeping with like I knew what dates he was going out on, so I had to pretend like bad, didn't, bother me, and I will never forget the day that he was like guess who I am with on Riah and who and he goes Alex Cooper, and I was like I call I called my mom and I go. I can't tell him now that I like him, because it's gonna look like I just don't want him to go out on a date with this, like super hot blonde, because at that,
Because I always was like deep down, your type is blondes like I am I'm not your type and he's like no, no, no, like I don't really have a type. So I remember when that happened. Then he matched with your friend and I was like fuck, like she kind of looks like me, she's a lot more successful, like there's. No way he's going to pick me over these two girls, and for whatever happened like you guys, never met offer just like was never meant to be, and then we started dating and us cool. That was a close one. It was a close one, so thank God, we always went on different planes. Yes, that is so crazy. The fact that you called your mom, I was like mom and she was like who are they? Let me see a picture and she was like oh yeah. They are plenty do it's so crazy because we were talking about this like New York is so small says it's actually, Caroline gets nine, so small and so having like ice.
I am like nineteen million an island Riah and he was like the right man to me at that point yeah and he does have a good Riah profile. I will get it done. Yeah does so you didn't meet him all right. I didn't meet him. I knew I met him. Oh my god, probably like twenty fifteen. I would add, just gotten single and I to a Halloween party at his apartment and I walked into the apartment, and I was with a group of my friends and we didn't even see the guys that were in there yet because we only knew one guy there and I will and I said dibs on whoever owns this apartment and my friends were like you can't call dibs, and I was like I just did. I just did because who's ever apartment this is, I want this yeah I was like this. Is my life now tell me first like where you're from where you went to college. How old you are! Ok, I'm from upstate New York from Albany. I went to College in Albany and this really small school called Saint rose. I live at home for college, so I didn't have like the typical like great.
The college. I was in a sorority type thing and I'm such a relationship girl that I had a boyfriend all through college, so I'm twenty eight I moved to New York like the month after I graduated college. I was like twenty two. I just I went off, like I went crazy. There's a first, I'm mad like lived on my own, I loved it two girlfriends the first year and then I moved out when our least was up lived by myself, I've, lived in New York now for almost six years. The FARC thought you didn't, have a conventional colleague ass Bulgarians make so much sense that then you get to New York City, and that's almost like your treating it like you college experience. Surely I went out every single night like Monday nights like industry night was my night. I was like if I am not I catch at Monday night at ten p m like what am I doing? What am I actually do? I wouldn't you
a job at the time. No, I had no job. My parents were like you helping me with rent. My parents were financing everything for me. They were like we're giving you six months and if you can't figure it out in six months, you have to come home, so month five. I was like Falk leg. I need to figure this out and getting a job. I in turn, for a little and then I ended up getting a job at ABC News. As an assistant, nose like tat great. Now I can I pay my own ran like I'll, be fine. I remember I had a sales job at a magazine and I was making no money. I could barely afford run and I couldn't pay like from a paycheck that I got at my job at that. Wouldn't even equate one paycheck like rent and yet I would have to call my grandmother, my dad and like smooth with them and the like, They die liquids and he's like Alex all put like five hundred in year. Out, like I got my first pay check in New York and I called my mom Donegal mom. I think
If the call each are like they took a ton of money out like what's going on, she goes high, that's cool! taxes, and I was like is anyone talking about this and she goes. I don't know only the whole country like get it together and I like didn't know my social security number literally until like last year, that I memorized it just save my my phone as a good contact like Social. I might add, like the dumbest thing you can you like how made was to memorize yeah driveway, my mom think someone's gonna get your phone you're gonna get em like it's. Ok, there's no money to steal from Yale no one month my identity right now for dollar its dude. Until this past year, I was doing my taxes on too
turbotax by myself, I'm a walking out of Turbotax, I always say my biggest fear- is going to jail for tax evasion, just because I'm dumb like not because I'm trying to get one over on anyone a page, it would literally be for like a couple hundred dollars like no one gives a fuck. I got so nervous to him. Like, oh, my god, I think I forgot this one check. I got from like an influencer company back in the day when I did, I would like a buying energy at no. I never did that, and people only thoughts, couple hundred dollars like no one's coming off to you. I'm like thank you, but it is so scary. No glad we went over our toxic. Is everyone happy that we went over that dude? I will never forget. This is the shit where you're when you're like pouring New York and I hide Member, always might pygmies where you got here. The pages cameras whipped up down. Ok, when I was in New York and it was really desperado tie a wrong you'd old and I was on unemployment. Chac like shit was dark.
I remember I started going out with this one promoter dude all the time because I was a raging might base all yet I was just trying to live my best life when it was like so grimy and he talked about the model apartment. Have you ever heard of them in New York? I've heard of them. I've never been to one though okay, I have never been to one, but I've seen pictures and so daddy in you. I think it's kind of interesting. Like so we would be going out, and no one knows that this is like a thing in New York. I yeah right Every time you go out, there's like the hottest girls like so fucking skinny, just like standing there, looking like they haven't, eaten in ten days they all miserable their miserable miserable and so their standing there, and I remember, as I got closer to this promoter who his Lee was the weirdest. And I ve never met my life. They usually I he offered me and my old room to come into the model home. We kind of question we were like on, you, don't have to pay rent
we'll have to pay rent, but then he was like yeah, but you have to come out and party five. Everything on that yeah you had. It was like. Oh, and I remember like I thought, as I remember they showed me. This like lux ass apartment is like the building was locked in a girl showed me pictures and nail. A jet had like bunk bed likes docked in this place. Bunk bed, I was like weeds, actually really sad, right leg. It's almost like a form of life- like having a pimp. It's like wait. I don't want to be forced to go out anywhere. I don't want to be, I'm sure beginning that so fun, but after, like two weeks, I'd be like Bro, I had a lamb with her and I remember I went to like the handle one night for drinks and my dinner pre. As you know, in the o, r amp d vandal is it over? I think so all we really, I think those
I believe I drove by like a couple weeks ago, and there is a graffiti there, like a line of an era of ass up and down. That's over. We why yeah so sad I used to pop off it up and down was a place of place, so I'm at bandol and there's all these girls that look as if they are ready to just end it all and I'm getting concerned one bad day away from just cutting it off they're gone yeah one day you never see them again ever and I'm like. Finally, I'm asking because now I've gone out two nights in a row and I'm like. Are you okay to this? One girl and she was like this- is my fifth and owl- and I'm just like- so I I want want to be here- she he said to me, none of us drink we never drink any are we come out. We are misery all men like we hate our lives and I was like a dog and if they getting blasted kid, I'm like I'm not here like a model that getting paid to be here and I Just remember like it was so sad to see those girls like having to do that, but it is like when you're when you
we'll have money. Like I considered it, you gotta respect the hustle. No, I do I write it thou, unlike look, if I couldn't figure it out and thank God I have like a family who like if something happened like they would help me, but I'd be like fuck yeah. Why would I not do that are so many times where, like people will dm me four feet pictures and, like I really contemplated leg, dude right like often Mode Rio, grand unlike oh, my god, who gives the fuck guys anybody out there wants feet picture. Why did my fuck it? I just want to make sure that I'm not getting like catfish and they're like I'm gonna, send pics and then they like, don't send me money right, commercial. Oh, my god. Look at her hair, it's full of secrets. No, it's not! It's! Actually full of a fucking rap
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We welcome bitches, gray head leads to even better. Let's talk about your life in quarantine, your single right now and the single right. Now. How long have you been single Ivan Single for six months September October of Feminist, January February six months, How long did it take you to get back into the dating. Took me. Let me see are forty eight hours a great, not great. My ex was like I don't love this and I was like I gotta go. I do address. This is great, for me up, took me a cool forty, eight hours to be like wow. This is I missed this home, about your roster like now that you're back single tell me about your dating. Process ass. Unlike are you on dating on how many people are you talking to give us the whole school? Ok,
I'm on dating apps, I'm on hinge and Riah hinges trash trash, human trash people. I just like to see like what people look like and I'm like. No, no, no I've never matched with anyone on hinge. I've never gone on a date with anyone on hinge. I have in my like career of dating? probably been on Riah for, like I don't know, maybe like three or four years now. I only ever gone on two dates and they were actually printing gaol. So the first guy wise it's very good. Looking on his profile and for some reason like I didn't google him, which is so out of character for me, we get out on the date, and this is pre summer house we're sitting on the date we're like at some like pizza place or something and this girl leans over to him and goes I just want to let you know like I love, I love you so much and I was like yo who the fuck
Is this guy you're, like I have to pee so bad in the bathroom, the bathroom Google he's, like some actor on an NBC show. We probably went on like five dates: total the sweetest. He was great. I wonder if we went on the same date with the same man. Hello is his name, we humans, he's honest, show right, he's Did you play a doctor? Stop stop stop his spurs name away. Ok, we will we, I oh he he I remember he was the swedish guy. The sweetest I think this is my husband would like this is who I should love and tatters just its job, as article I remember my date with him was I'm pretty sure the serial killer, which I would never usually do by thing, because he was a famous actor lying. I didn't feel like he was going to kill me what right now with the army hammered, like maybe our iranian people. So I shall
to his apartment in Brooklyn, If I may, I would like to see more see like lux living without upstairs dealt with the whole thing and yellow we heart like one of the most like romantic night like making you drinks like the books of the whole of the whole thing here is like and then we're cigarette out the window I was via be as far when I tell you he did the same exact opened the window who sit on the couch. Yes, it's on the ledge Stop I'm dead right now, I'm dead! So does he do this to every girl? He must but here's the thing when we stopped talking. I was never mad at him because I was like you know what I fuck with you and if you ever call me again, I will meet up with you dude right. I remember the first date we laid in his bed. We only made out and we watched a movie and then before I left it was the randomest thing, but he was like. Do you want I'm a luggage bag lake. Sorry
sir. I think are you blocking our way and you think I got an extra away luggage. Bag from this company. Would you want it I have too many of them and me I'm still poorest among as moment, join like ass. I was trying to act. All swab, unlike I mean, like I don't know, I mean they. Dont have room for like I'll I'll, take it off your hands, swiftly, ivory, good t, J Max when those who we just sit in a grating and unlike sweating like wanting it so bad. So he gives me and awaiting I laughed at night, and then we went on one more day and we just went for like a branch- and I remember after that thinking this duty so nice, but there was something
thing. I don't know what it is, but like the nicest- and I could see me like being friends with him and like randomly he'll, send me a dm or like like a picture or something I'm just like I like it. How did it right? How did it go with you guys, so we had one. We went on our first date like a dinner date and we, oh, my god, I'm so sorry someone's like sort if it's Hannah it is locker and stop calling pay Ok, getting dollar getting just so he had gone on our first day we went on a dinner date which how I was like relay too. He was cause I'd, never watched the show that he was on so I didn't know, and then we went on a second day. He took me to a play, I don't know- and I usually so not merely gives no mistake here- want to go to a place like right now, so we go, does annoying lay yeah and in like, intermission of it. He looks at me and he was like this is lame. You wanna get out of here and I should like I'm
yeah. I guess so. We go back to this, part man, I don't sleep with, and he asked me like run lines with him and I was like star I was like I'm a movie star now now, I'm pretty sure he asked me to do the same thing because he has the fat script. He has the paper, do it literally like a dream, but also notes. Carry me cahoon you're saying these things like yeah, yeah, yeah yeah of designing. Why I like in my head, unlike what dress him I wearing two, the Emmy is this the like of ITALY. I am his date to the armies. Then I think I hung out them one more time. It was like a snow storm and I like it cook my ass on the subway to Brooklyn in a snow storm, and that was like the night I slept over. And then I woke up. Next morning he had to go film super early, so I left it like six, a m and I never really talk to him again like
yeah like he die and you did he not reach our. You did, I think he he reached out. This is so long ago now, but he reached out the next morning like hey like did you get home, ok, nose like yup and we travel. Like a little and then he just like never hit me up again, I certainly wasn't. GonNA outlined to hang he's one of those guys that so it's like Daddy Gang, think of a guy, that's like so perfect. On paper veiled parents would love him. I angel my mom him you're of off right right, but then there's something that, like the spark yeah like a good guy, yet good guy I hope up vines, the love of her, let you know like. I wish you good things for him. and ended because I remember he wanted to go to like away like up seat new Yorkers We probably do that to you too, because he was buying a house. Did we date him at the scene? It must have been. This was probably like three years ago: yeah, I'm that huge I know why
he's trying to buy housing house you are, I don't think I've gotta. Ok, you know sat long. Ok, so you are fully single. Now fully single tell me about the dating life, so the dating life I like to keep a healthy, healthy bench, a healthy roster. I always say I feel like a mom, because I'm always like I'm only as happy as like my least happy one. You know, oh my god, wow so like I like to give them all happy, but recently I cleared them all. I was just like. I don't fuck with me, have you any more Why had like four guys that I was talking to We why I dont really now we'll never get to the bottom of that
you didn't ask, did you? Did you dislike tax and one day and he stopped answering, so we were taxing normally one day and then he just like stopped answering and then a few days went by, and so I sent the follow up tax like oh. I remember me like hello, like this thing on lay what's going on and never responded, and I was like ok while them, so Oh he laughed. I had gotten rid of one of my other guys because he had they just gotten out of a really serious relationship. I could tell you just want to have fun and, like totally, we had a lot of fun, but there wasn't enough spark till I keep your hands core yeah she's a year like cool and, like all answer, your taxable like we're, probably never gonna, tell again like one on ok I mean We are worth the facts right. I am rather be home with your right. There are then like having him all right. I'm like I really just like. I want to do my skin routine and not feel weird, like putting pimple Cremona your apartment so like to administrate whole tone
And then I have another guy who's. A great super nice shows me a lot of attention, but I'm just in this mood where I'm like, I don't wanna, be someone's girlfriend like the thought of something like hey. This is my girlfriend page now right now as it were, it doesn't work for me does imbibe for me right now. Didn't you tell me your hooking up with a guy like you you're caught young, so I was hooking up with a guy who was younger. He was two years younger than me, which I it's fascinating, because he was like the first guy I hooked up with in breaking up with my older boyfriend, so it with such a switch and are some there, the pros of hooking up with someone younger or your age, but then there's like such a long con, lest we would have so much fun going out there is just something about guys. You're or a dry like we do. Have a plan lay
but then those were things that I hated when I dated someone older because he would be like do you have a plan and I'd be like shut the fuck up? No oh dude dating an older guy. It's so crazy because you go in waves like you want, to date, the older guy because, like you said they have plans and it's hot, that they know the places to go The reservations made the pool need the money in the cars in the apartment and all the nice thing and you kind of So like a man this little date, tea, bitch, the next two minutes, fucking g wagon, where we pull it around town, and I don't have to do anything but then, when they start to turn to you in that car, look you in your soul and say I could see myself married you, where you out girl fry ass. You rely excuse you I made my axe was amazing, like he really was he's like our April, the most perfect, but when he would show orange me with leg. You know like if you became a mom, you probably can't like stay up till four. I am any more
like he would just like, say certain things that like had me thinking and then they give. You tell me to do something I have to now. Do the opposite right up hundred percent. I like I have. I have a dad so idle and he really likes me so I don't need you to tell me well do like I'll figure it out its that's so true, because then the older guy, it's like you You start to love the idea, but then immediately once you break up with the older guy, I remember breaking up with an older guy and immediately wanting you to be like. Should I like fuck, like a guy that just got,
but out of college eighty, just because, like I want to go to the grungy, where I want him like want to show up for me, you feel like you're, better than them yeah. That's no one talks about that feeling like when I'm with a guy. I know for a fact that, like I've lowered my standards to be with him, I'm like I let you don't even give a man, I don't give a shit like and I will end with the pimple cream on leg. What are you gonna do about a brilliant going right? You, I'm gonna, put my pimple Grimaud. While you I'm going to be real la la la these, so chilling and its moral If you think you're actually going to get into a serious relationship with that person that you're like okay, what are their goals? Is this going to be a long term thing like in five years? Are we going to be able to get an apartment together, or are we going to be broke as fuck? and I'm just not at a stage where I am seeing anyone that I, like I'm gonna. This is gonna, be my husband, so I don't really like give a shit with their goals. Are like? I just want to know. What do we find cause battle? We are saying we were like a pig.
Give me sometimes just wants, like a guy that has a good group of friends. It doesnt put pressure on me and is just just like a good go to time. That's all! I want right now and new. Anyone really is so small that it's like a year with one guy in one group like everyone knows your hooking up, I'm married That's one of my rules that it took me a little while in New York to learn that, like every guy knows each other, and you can only sleep with one guy- is clearly a story behind that telling me the story. Okay, this is like all right. Thanks for calling me out there we go. This is probably one of my best New York City stories. My girlfriends, like I always tell this story to whoever wants to hear it. Climbing I'm ready. So I was probably like twenty three twenty four and I met this guy gorgeous It's too dark hair dark eyes, beard dressed in pack of all his apartment
downtown so. However, I was just like I love you. I love you, I won't do we, what ever you want me. He would hit me up bit too. I am hey, come over I'm putting my thoughts on I'm coming, I'm ready. I think I just watch me make up off putting it back on only for you re the only the one night he was supposed to meet me out and for whatever reason I felt like he was getting distant. So, like he's getting back with his ex girlfriend, didn't really know what was happening. He never shows up so because I didn't have a go crazy college experience, I'd never had a one night stand, and this is the only time I'd ever done. It and
out with my girlfriends. I forget, where we even were, I think, we're at Acme, oh yeah, it's weird and weird: you have no cell phone service. Shit gets weird. It was just starting to do shit and, like really run for things, you would never never. No one can contact me I'm down here, I'm going for it. I might as well be in a different country like the time zone is probably different. Me is like. I do miss it's a rare breed, it's a rare breed, so I'm standing there and some guy standing at a table next to me, and I could just tell that we were both like looking at each other and I was like whatever so we go over to his table. We're chatting he's like my apartment is pretty close. I don't think it was, but it's like literally in queens you're like right. Now there we go and then I'm like with my one girlfriend she's like whatever just go back to his apartment. This guy's, not even gonna text you he's probably with another girl like you deserve it, so I go back to this guy's apartment. I sleep with him. I wake up the next morning and I'm like I want kill myself like
I'm like I got if I don't get out of here in four seconds, I remember him being like. So what's your number and housing Probably not? No! I don't know where my phone is it still you got to go by. I can't remember it I'm, like I don't know so I leave I'm in an uber back to my apartment. The original guy text me he aid, probably be cool. If you didn't go out and sleep with my best friend, it my whole body shuts down my in tat. My stomach falls to my but like I'm like I'm gonna throw up
so he I text him back and I'm like what are you talking about and he goes first of all page, I fell asleep last night and second of all, one of my best friends just called me and goes. Oh, my god, I hooked up with like such a great girl last night, like I mean I think, I'm going to take her on a date and I go what's her name and he said your name and I was like like. That. Was me, though, that where the Middle EAST, my number. My number, he probably is because you have the number that wrong girl raw wrong. I never smoked whom again any one It pains me to this day to know that I fucked up so badly like that and have never had a one night stand ever again. Yeah trot the Tri mouth is wide open because I feel, like I've had a similar situation where the fact that you were already feeling-
so shitty about yourself you're in that uber being like, I need to take seventeen showers and I need to pray to the mother of God that I completely can erase this at some point in my life, like you feel gross gross, I was like my mom didn't raise me like this. I don't just sleep with guys. I mean I was like this is disgusting. It's also like the guy you met at Acme is like like you're in the basement. You wake up. He doesn't even look the same. No, what the fuck did. I knew that no, it's awful and also I hate those were I've done this before you're out and your sad about another guy, not answering you say you think the good thing to do is to go with another dude yeah. Really it's just go the fuck home, yet just got off the eggs right and the fact that he was just sleeping just even I mean was that we don't actually now he probably doesn't just leave. I regret like further story and, like he looks better n, he probably dead like
yeah a low the trauma that you never heard from him again. We know I never heard from again and I would like to see him out because the new We're gonna, so small and like now? If I ever see em like we say hi, but we ask over over those. The worst, I'm so sorry for you, because, like I've done some fucked up shit, especially when you're intoxicated and you think, you're doing the right thing and added just like you just fuck yourself over ok, page what it through route. Is he in when you're, like truckling you're, going to sleep with a guy like I have added on my podcast like it's, I'm, not religious thing. I just don't usually fuck guys on the first date. Only because you it depends like usually it's because I'm going into it with like a specific mindset like right. I want to trap this man and I want to do it in like a very calculated way. I've now told my best friend Lauren who's single, because she was like oh fuck like, should I not fuck on the first date, I'm like Lauren you're, looking to just,
tab sat right, absolutely fuck on the first day find out what is Dick is like find out what is Dick games like and then, if you don't like it, get out and go to another, but what's your inside? So it definitely took me a few years. The like figure out my dating style, ran. I it you're right, it depends on what you want from that man, like you, go out on a date and your leg, damn I really like him like. I want to hang out with him. My rule is don't sleep with him at least until like after the third day, Three days is usually my role now have a softer people way too soon. Absolutely like everyone gets two. Many tequila is like leg, but there are guys that, like, if you sleep with them on the first state, they don't give a shit like if they really like you and it's meant to be louder it all it doesn't matter, but allow out of my guy friends, which is such a double standard, totally obviously want to sleep with you on the first day. But if you let them, even though there are fucking trying to if you let them
their immediately turned off it. So annoying as I like. My guy friends will say this to me: I'm like ok, so if it what's gonna turn you off, they sleep with you on the first state, then why are you trying to sleep with them and their like to see? If we can, and only ah that's infuriating to me, but upon Let me also things if you do on first night. If you are the specific girl that can play it the right way on a minute after you fuck yeah, and you do it not to see like quickly where you get up and you act like I do this all the time and you get up wipe yourself up with your hands. You don't know how to take our dude, see around or magic wiping yourself in improving and others. I have had a visual me doing that and, like I kind of one and try it at some point right, you like I don't know man, I'm Think you can open your eyes like a little too swab, where they're like well, like she's, got a system a year by, if you like,
for too long and in your miss clinging there like hey, you were just so Yazzi like you. Do this with every guy. Also, unlike you're, like trying to wife like I'm trying to like not wife, you up, yeah there's got it. I think there is a very specific way to girls if you ever do fuck em. On the first time and the nordic FUCK, I think I like this yeah, it's gotta be a real, these swab way. We can talk about another episode but, like specifically, a little bit longer, naming getting up and being super like acting like you never did I spoke here without saying. I never do thus yea and then you leave so you see you usually wait a little bit if you think has potential. If I think he has potential, I will wait until the third day, because then that point there are so in tee, o leg. They want to sleep with you so badly and I feel like it makes it better there. So I love sexual tension like the build up. I feel it is the best part of that amateur I love a chase just as much as guys do, but, like grids,
different for girls like if I went to sleep with. Am I wrong and we have no one's gonna say no like this, the guy, but I love like the hour. We are we now once again a view lag. Is it like the sexual attention? So my role as the third day have you ever had one of those things where you think like damn, we should just left it at sexual tension. Was there ever someone in a group that you ended up? Hooking up with in Euro, like why we'll I almost like the flirting sage more than like the actual active, doing it wow, that's a really good question and I dont think I do Think so, and are now trying to say like I'm so that at having so I know I know but like I don't think I've ever been like shoe. I wish I didn't sleep with him. It wasn't what I thought. I'd like that learning banner eyewash? Very broad, that's my was something whose pop into my head. I had a situation where I had this like brilliant thing. That just happened to happen to me and I guess as advice and color daddy, was an intentional. I met this guy on Riah and
I went on a date with him and the chemistry just wasn't there. Yet, but after the day he brought me to his bar and all of his friends were there and they were such a cool group of friends in New York, and so I started to hang out with him a little bit longer than I should have, which is maybe a little fucked up, because I kind of wanted to like hang with their group of friends.
That's. The thing guys are just as much social climbers than guys think girls are. I've actually met some of the most social Climby guys in New York. Then I'm like it's so annoying that girls have that stigma to them, because you will literally you're just as bad yeah. It's crazy stick in the bathroom. It says that you're one hundred percent getting the table at one oak next to the Fucking DJ boss thousand percent right. So I start infiltrating this friend group and I went strategically right for the girls and I'd befriended the girls, because I knew a lot of girls probably try to infiltrate, because there were a lot of hot guys in the group and they would be like okay, this girl's just trying to fuck yeah, and I wasn't even trying to fuck. I just wanted a good group of friends. So, finally, after months, I would go out and meet them every weekend, and I had a good group of friends and then there was an awfully in that group at would occasionally pop in that was actually used to be on my acts, is professional, athletic team
ok, I should be teammate, ok and so now actually? I was containing my axe to the time, so I was kind like this is so fine, so he would every and have a new chick on his arm, and we would make crazy eye contact. The sexual tension was insane the eye contact. That is that's what it is for me and we're like across the table from each other and we're not talking, and we had matched on Riah like months and months before, and neither of us had messaged each other, so we knew who each other was. He knew who I was, he knew who my ex was and then. Finally, after so much sexual tension back and forth for like so long one night, it just got a live. Well to wild. It was one of those New York. Knights were like. We go back to someone's bawler apartment. It's five, a m people are drinking doing drugs. Are you went up. It's like one of those best knights and then he added a blue. Even the girl. He was wet and we went back to my apartment and we didn't have sacks, but we did like every by yet, and I woke up and I just new like
you forget, because it wasn't a great he's kind of does have the best personality, but it was just like the chase and end the forbidden s that I was into and the minute that I woke up, I could tell we both the word is kind of like we're going out to sea, other out like the day drink today up and like we're not gonna day, I had I wish to that day, we adjust cap
I therefore take us. I contact and I feel like I don't know if this is like specific to New York, but because everyone knows everyone in everyone's friends. I've been in that situation, where, like your hooking up with a guy in a friend group, and a link that kind of falls off and linking all really know if you like, em and then one random night, one of the other friends comes along and you're, like damn like you're kind of showing the attention you hook up with him and then you're like Bach like I did, I do the highly. Why did I do that? Their set its own and I think anyone listening clearly have a lot of people always running and being like. Should I hooked up like their sexual tension between me and like one of my best guy friends, I think sometimes leaving the sexual tension is better than actually going for it, because the sacks is in a moment he out after sex is a long fucking time after when you're than going and social setting almost think. Ok, we're have sex, it will probably great or not what happens after. We are going to do. After unless this person, unless you have like love at first sight, yeah,
leg. Then it's probably not like I definitely Ben in a group of guy frightens where I have slept as one of the guys and I'm like. I really like this person and then there's another friend whose, like kind always hitting on me and I'm like I love this, and I haven't slept with them and leg its way. Better than if we were to actually do it, then like, even though there is such a double standard and it's annoying, but that's what it is like the dies are gonna. Think of you as like, yet two of us like slap socio, and it's like I hate that hearing my mom was saying something to me. She was like it's so annoying because her friend kept saying things about like her sons, friends outbreak, oh he's such a great guy. He just has to get it out of his system. He's like looking up the bunch, a girl, Then he's gonna be an amazing husband. Can you imagine someone else her saying she just has to fuck me with all these guys get it out of her system. Then she's gonna be an amazing wife. Why double sand or no it suck yourself? It's so annoying because all of my guy friends
Oh, my god. This brings up up to that point, because all of my guy friends are like we're not ready for relationships, and I was like no it totally like. I get that you don't get in one. If you don't think that you can be faithful to someone but they're like but you're, the type of girl we'd want to date, you're independent, like you're, funny, you're successful, and I'm like I'm right here, I get you on a date. React I'm right right here, but they give. I ever said: dams gonna go back like all these guys and like I'm, just I'm not ready. They will your a whore lesson can fuck you it's just. I did standard and all I can say is like it literally all has to do with, like everyone always asks me like. How do you preserve your reputation, all the shit? You just got to look at yourself, however, the fuck you feel, and if you feel good about yourself, fuck whatever you want to do like just go for it and any guy that can't handle like your body.
Account, which will never find allies, are never so fucking telling them don't ever Tellson. I dont understand why girls would were rude way. Girls are like what do I tell him my body count as you say, go fuck yourself, yes, and I believe that you're such a we, you like you, make them feel stupid. They elect so weird. Why would you ass? I would never ask what yours as I like you make them feel so immature yeah. Oh god like what are you and highest leg? What're you going to college. You want to know my body count that so weird commercial. Rory, why Alex who Romania's, whose Rory o roar we is Romans sister bitches, roar is the sister brand to Rome in like Roman. They make it simple to connect with the doktor line. Guys Rory is a digital health clinic for women. We know the importance of taking care of ours.
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we're very like mysterious- silly we're, never gonna, really let you know how our feeling about you were the most sexual sign How, but where vit leg you wouldn't really now at like, unless you are the person having sex with us, we're not gonna like put it out, and it's a kind of like a little bit of a surprise I feel like, and we can be very a cold like select when I'm done with someone, I'm done with them like, I really don't ever think about them again, but it I care about them. I'm gonna be very emphatic like I'm, gonna be all about them, but if you do piss me off- and I get to that point like I'll delete your number like I know, and then it won't phase me what What are you like as a girlfriend? So It's interesting as I am like a girlfriend type of girl, like I love having boy friends, and I think it's because I think are always mean, and it so hard to like ever, have the good group of girlfriends or have like a best friend.
Choose a girl, and I mean not saying that I'm not a girl's girl has a deep down. Really I'm like I'd love, my girlfriends. I love that but like in. School in college. I always felt like hell. Boyfriends and one that really has my back, so I love being someone's girl friend and have definitely say their relationships to long just because I liked the comparability of being someone's girlfriend by I'm not. I mean I'm a good girlfriend, but I'm probably not the best, like I'm definitely toxic at some points like what are you mean toxic, like you, try to make them jealous like? What's your go to that, if you, if I asked or Ex boyfriend like what is page likely, what are they time so, my all my ex boyfriend, I asked I speak to all of them except one, and I would say if I have like five real relationships, that I was an item, to all of them- they're all good friends except one whose like engaged unlike, who knows where he is. But I I
can be a cold hearted batch like I really. I really can't I've been cheated on a time. I'm kind of like ok, you made me feel like this. Just wait, how much awful you are going to feel when I but to Yale. So leggy, I'm like a get even kind of the union fuck me over just wait. It's not gonna love this scary. This year's I'm her eyes slowly. Lowering like I am again and type of me. I I have a guy that I'm like talking to right now and one of the best text messages that he ever sat and to me he says, he's at every damn a little bit more scared of you, and I said Perfect? That's how I was duly yeah. Ok, tell me about you getting cheated on So I ve been cheated on. I mean it updated a guy in college. He definitely cheated on me. But look whatever may be
boyfriend in New York. I like would see him cheating on me, like we'd, be out at clubs and he would like leave and I'd like see him in an elevator with another girl. Like one time, I threw him a birthday party in the Hamptons and I like walked in on it. Like making out with some one now just like this is not so great you. What would you say and those moments I was, I mean I was young. I was stupid and it's funny Jose filling people like if they're watching me on the show where, like my instagram nelega, come off very confident and, like you do high self esteem, but with an all we I am not like. I definitely of insecurity is, but it wasn't just born like that legal gone through shit. That makes you got like that, so that was definitely a relationship where I was like this is this. Crazy, like why am I living through? Let you did on that. You were like blindsided now
like every time I ve gotten she, I have a really crazy got instinct and every time I have been cheated on it was I I know something crazy is going on like let me lemonade, Marcobrunner Dade, once you found out, they were cheating. I have before yeah where was your? U rumbling. Where was your mental state with that with a sudden, Ain T got a who not great, not a guy off? I have stayed to when I thought someone was cheating and it was just like for me. It was more like I need to figure I should now like. I was living with this person like. I need to like somewhat fake that I'm skits get it. We're gonna, make it all work while I like my logistics figured out, but like was yours more till I get even array dislike whatever I'll. Just keep. In this relationship it was more a lake; ok, are front. We all have the same friends we're going out every weekend like who am I going to hang out with if I'm not dating this person, and it's such an like immature saw it and it's such a like unworthy feeling and-
basically having no self confidence that I could go out and get it the boy friend whose party ten times better in a week, but when you're in that situation, you just feel like a piece of shit and you're like in your bad you're, like one of my men like I'm, leaving him to do what, like laying cry and my own bad, like by myself, so dude isn't a crazy cause. I love that you're saying that, like on the show you do come off like the bad is bad news, so competence and walk around in your prayer. Outback comic book I try really hard and in it, but it works like you literally. I bought things that you put on your instagram because you like our so good marketing, clothing, they're, all affordable. I am make them look so high, like you're amazing. I do not think you exude this confidence and I think it's really cool that you say like who used to not be that way. I've been open about that. On my show too, like I wasn't just like
born and I was like, what's up about big re- go through share and yeah. My therapists had like punch me in the head one day when she was like look at all old relationships and if you look at when they were toxic, usually it's because, like your relationship is a mirror tag. You didn't like who you were, and so you were excepting like shitty stuff, because you felt should about yourself. Yeah now think about yourself going into like any relationship, you probably out of the point in your life. We're, like you know who you are you now you want. You know it you deserve and so would never date that person never yeah. I'm such a dear friend being single right now in twenty eight, unlike now being in the career, I man, I'm such a dear friend single person and though one of the reasons I wanted to get single because I was like what would I be like cause. I know I wouldn't be the way I was when I was twenty five like falling all over who ever and there definitely times where, like all
the guy and he doesn't like me back and all have that leg, let's cry about it for like a day and then I'll be like we I'm a bad fucking bitch, unlike his laws in its more about him than it is about me. I a therapist say to me one time like you, people pick you. Why? Don't you start picking? Who you want a date? and I was like. Oh, I think I spoke to me. I was a gear so right I let these leg losers come in and do whatever, but there is something about like dating a bad boy when you are younger than I think you have to do, dude He has to tell us about your drug dealer, everyone's like hold up what, through to on facetime I'm like page, let's go through college history. Did you have a boyfriend she's like yeah, not the best choices? I like the bad boy, like a data drug dealer, I'm like what
How will we run so like? I did this guy in college for like a hot second, and I think it's because my high school boy friend, who, dated like senior year of high school freshman year of College, a little bit of sophomore year was so perfect, like the most amazing boyfriend, the First, love like everything about him and the way he loved me was amazing and there is a part of me that was like gotta beyond me that directly gotta reasoning, crazy out here and I found a guy who was just. I think it was a bookie. He was dead. Drug dealer. At one point and like I was driving in his leg d car one day and I was just like. How did I get here are getting pulled over by the cops I like a fake idea that wasn't twenty one at the time
a fake idea in my purse. I was so nervous and, like I'm, a good girl like I dont, get pulled over never been arrested. I dont have tattoos like I'm scared of authority. Legacy is not me we're again. Pulled over, he looks at me and he goes don't say a fucking word when they come in when they come over. I don't know what I have in my car, but act oblivious and I just like looked at him and I was like okay. The police came, they gave us a speeding, take it We drove off, but it was in that moment that I was just like now I try to not me I'd like to go back to being good again like, but I learned a lot right. Ok, that is so create we have so many similarities. Hearing you say that story. I knew after you're gonna say that moment: yeah pushed it too far in theirs. Authorities involved Julia, not fucking, cool it had a boyfriend that I dated in high school and he was dead.
Of a bad boy, yeah, and I met him, I'm pretty sure on like Facebook, and I went to the public school wait. That's such a thing too, like if you went to the private school and you're, like I'm gonna date, a public school boy because, like I'm bad, I'm the baddest of the bad yeah, and so I'm at this, like preppy as high school that my parents couldn't afford. Like I had a scholarship for high school and I'm at the school, I couldn't afford a car. All the pitches are driving around in maseratis and I want wanted to go go back to like the comfortable, like. I was years all girls no mind like our rebate, boarding school, ok about like these rich little decks yeah, we're gonna go to an old girl school and I was like I'd probably end at all. If I went there, I went all girls- oh, so we see you are all Gurria. I went I guy uniform yeah. Of course I went catholic school. My entire life- school, was all girls. Yes, if I were, I didn't. I worry
now for my whole life. Until I got to college- and I was like what do people where to school- it's funny. When I say I went to Catholic School K through eight and whenever I talk about wearing that, like the Plad skirt and the thigh highs guys were like, oh my god, I wish I could see a picture, I'm like no, I was hideous shut up, it wasn't hot. It was disgusting. I was like I work. Dock martins were like my school shoe. I was like I didn't. Showerhead girls were just it's disgusting. I was like I didn't change. My legs till Friday, like you, didn't want to see a pick yeah, so I'm in high school. I started dating this bad boy and I will never forget. My parents were out, like my brother, here's hockey game and I was gonna sneak out and have my first date with this guy. He picks me up in this Bmw and I'm like, oh my god, it's so hot. It's not a Bmw, something about and then something about a man with earrings and a backwards half, and so I get in and we're driving to his house. And I will never forget this moment, he's driving so slow and.
I'm like why're, you driving so slow and he's like ochres I've, a d? Why and I might oh my god, I'm wet a part of me was like so excited about it, but a part of me was like kind of terrified, and I dated this kid on and off for like two years and my parents were doing everything they could to me away from him. I would like to put my phone in my mailbox because they had the tracker on me and then I would leave my yeah. My mom would wake up in the middle of the night check to see my location I'd be at home, Oh I'm out of it So a genius thou Julia was genius until I don't think I've told a story for, but like it was genius, I'm on Amazon or whatever I was on Ebay back, then it was Ebay and I'm trying to buy one of those like fire, deep ladders, and whom I could come out of my sight climb out of my room:
credit card at the time. So I done ass uses my dad's card thinking, you wouldn't see any comes in one day being I see you're the one by the latter size. One of your like I just wanted to come home, improve man, I'm trying to help you. I like tat. This is where the family safety system, you are doing, a choir drill and six p m, be their dad says. So how dark and then I'll tell a story one day fully and upon costs, but it got so dark and he was so troubled and I think he's out of rehab now by oh good, for there was what you got. There was working situation where he there was a huge event that happen he was put into a coma, omit I'll drop. It was so bad. I was driving down to the hospital ass. My parents mega go see him in like see, him on Evanna later and I just got it accepted too. Be you and I got my scholarship like worked so hard Godfrey. I kind of had that moment in the car, like you being like. What am I
yeah like it's too bad way. So fond of YO. It's too far bad boy. That you're like this, Now, where I planned my life to go. And there's something in your gut that you're just like this. Isn't this isn't my path like we try to gut and then also something seeing the guy on the ventilator you're like this is so fucking sad, but also like I got I go to my thing. Sonia bad boy stories are like every girl that things it's fun. It's really not like it's fun for a thrill of, and I e an offer relationship, is it such like a pivotal, it's looking back on it now. It's can be such a pivotal moment in like the way you. Become a woman, because I really feel like when I dated this guy was like what nineteen twenty like. I was a woman of like the way I of things now, but I is think like wow what if he really trap me- and that was my path like for the future.
Like, thank God, I had the wherewithal or like the family to be like YO get your shit together. You're done with him like your moving on, but I could see how some girls get trapped in that and then their unlike mentally abusive relationships are physically abusive and that's terrifying. It sound like you, have a decent I do have an older brother. Ok, I due to an end your with your family right. My brother is like best friend. I actually say that people had don't get along with their siblings I'll, never understand the contrast I can't hear us that any feel about saying it is there so many people that don't fuck with their siblings, my brother is. Exact same personality as me way. Funnier than me and like ten times smarter, he's a lawyer and there like what happened with age group were heard out, sought leg. I turn on my shall yeah, but I
Like I'm very close with my family, my brother is like my best friend. I love that, because I thought like what am I also elder brother is literally like my my best friend and I had then an older sister and everyone doesn't even know. I have an older sister, my older sister and I were, and I were younger- would fight all the time it was like sister yeah but she is also my ass by. I am like when you have of that family guy. And then you love your parents. When you have these toxic relationship like I've learned like you're, so fucking lucky and we're so fortunate to have that relationship with our family that some people don't have an it a doubt, you're right, it is scary to think about how close I was at times and my family's pulling me back being like what the fuck are you doing, yeah my brother had so many conversations that I'm sure you too yeah page you're so cute, because that you think your parents can tell you like that you're fucking up and you're like okay, and it really isn't until my brother will be like yo
do we have to have a conversation? My brother has actually every boyfriend. I've ever had he's been like yeah, you can have fun with him. This an error and I caught it off pretty soon cause this guy's gonna get upset and like obsessed with EU enlarges, not having heard I do it that's, not the worst of what your brother says it and then you're like now, you ruined different, I'm like fun. Now I can't hang out with them. My brother will make fun of whoever I'm dating like to me and then, when I'm talking to the guy in my head is like brother saying all these mean things and I'm like God, damn it Gary! It's like I hate you do. My brother does the same and I'm like. Can you please just keep your comments until I come to you as you like this one? I think he's like it's so cute, you think so yeah, but I think anyone listening that isn't close to their family. This isn't a put down. This is like, I think then I always suggest like finding. I do feel like those people that have those friends that are like family. We Yan relying on any one that is around you. I've always liked. My mom's always said it like. Whenever we
Something like we have no ulterior motives. Yeah would be our ulterior motive to telling you like someone's, not doing something in your body address it's just out of love and so if you're ever feeling, maybe like you're in a toxic situation or your pulling away from people bought, do love you list into them began. You probably don't have a clear view of things and they got all and what what would you do? Your mom doesn't want to fuck yeah. We find like there's no longer good, emotive. My mama way says if I can't tell you who's gonna tell YO, and So many things, like I always say like mom, if, like I'm gonna, fat like tell me I'm getting fat and she's like if I can tell you who are you gonna, call and ask okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate the honesty. No, it's so true. Okay, let's talk about guys and money and buying on dates and shit like that, because I want here your take on com,
java turn off. Is it if a guy takes on a day? I will first. Have you ever had a guy? Take you on a day and ask you to split the bill not on a first date. But I've definitely like bought dates that I felt leg. This is like still part of the courting situation and I don't feel like I should be paying for this, but like go off dear thang and how did he ask you to pay? so I was on a date one time and I would say yes, it was like our third. Fourth day, like very in very new in the dating situation like we were an exclusive we weren't like anything but we're going on dates and like a normal fucking human, when the Czech came like I like, went and grab for my bag and amuse saliva fake out loud idle, fake pump. Yeah tell us all this time. Life grab for your bag, so I'm grabbing from my bag waiting for him to elect. Oh, my god, stop
he doesn't say. Oh, my god stops like. I have the earthy they lay down taking my wallet now now opening my wallet now The card is, in my hand, and I say- oh my god like. Let me get this one. And waiting for him to be like absolutely not that's crazy, like this is our third date. He doesn't say anything oh I like take the check I pay for it. And like it was a thought it was fine. It was just like a dinner, but in my head I was leg. Yeah, I'm all offering equal rights, rights and women and I'm down to split things. I'm down for pay for things when, like we're in a relationship like absolutely and I ll being able to buy my own check they hate feeling like. I owe someone something but at the end of the day, you're trying to date me like that's. Why we're going on dates were hanging out like worth seeing if this could be a relationship unlike come on dude, it's one dinner it the higher day the third day
pretty early pretty early ray. I know that so many people will ask me like fuck, like I'm in a relationship and I'm just trying to find the balance of him paying for me pang. I feel the same way I think that's totally different totally different, but I do feel like when you're in the beginning stages, like you're asking me out on a date we're paying, and I know right got sounds like a little stuck up, I don't give a fuck like if a guy's asking me on a date, I don't even have to bring in my wall like it, took me two hours to get ready for this. My make a is ten grand like. If I threw all of this away and had to go by it, I spent five thousand dollars. You can pick up this a hundred dollar check for some dumb pasta. You bought me. Thank you. Thank you. Made more than us. Have you heard about the wage gap you fucking out more than me There is now a noise, so true, and I I
There is your right there's a line of like, I think any guy listening. Even if you there's one thing one, I think for the at least the first, like five plus states like it, Even if you ask your parents for money like yeah should be paying and too. I think something to me that is just such a turn on that is so underrated and it really isn't damage more expense. In many guy listening for advice, you're sending Hunt Goober Centre, we were black lack, escalated roles up to pick you up page. Tell me you're not already trying to pass I'm now reconfiguring like do. I have to wait for the third day, because this is really nice like we have set the bar, so fucking low for men. It actually is infuriating because us simple goober, even like saying like. Let me get you a newborn like. Ah you, I'm only a number for kids
but like sending a black escalate to pick me up to take me out on a date, and you know something I actually have haven't had someone do that for me in like years Any men were to start sending hoovered acts of terrorism are just start, sending belladonna we're not going anywhere just keep on rolling out it's so under radio. You like it literally like a difference between twelve twenty something dollar area and it can totally changed the vibe of the night, and I know it superficial, but Doesn't girls can be superficial? Anyone is superficial when you get something nice that you're not expect yeah. Oh my god. It's also legally thinking it's a human instincts like, of course, we want to be equal to the guys, but there is like an innate feeling of like we want a kind of beef. We
I feel a great being taken care of a lead all unlike we want you to be like Manly, a macho, unlike that about the money it just like you thought of us. You want us to be safe, like you wanted in some way protect eyes. Unlike help us out like send uber like it's a knocking over its thirty dollars like fucking you ate or down the long worth, help trust start. This wrong will take care of you. I said our self, maybe even three day marking situation may go down to the first day, like sundry, Unhewn BAR Neuber, totally yeah. Ok, ok, I'll! I ask you, may I wrote the question? Is: are you a lover or are you a fighter page in the bedroom? I mean: do you like lovey? sacks. Do you like aggressive Saxon? What's your sex life like ok, I like to have a balance like the first couple times I dont be loving because Ivy League, and yet so weird, I don't know you like, don't kiss my forehead album, actually throw up
but like gave it's my boyfriend at some point. Yes, I would. I wanna like make love tone but like in the beginning, I'm probably a little bit more like aggressive in terms of like a light. Choke near lay my life joke, but don't wanna like pass out. No, I don't wanna pass out. I have some friends that let like they're, like I passed out, I like that. Scary, but they love that totally do you because I remember talking about it on an episode and people thought it was passing like one have you ever been in love before Ok, I feel badly cause. I don't know how many ex boyfriend they're gonna. Listen to this I have been in love before think I ve really truly only been in love once I thing I've loved the her sin that- dating like I love them as a human. There are great human, but I wasn't in of with them
and then I feel like I've had relationships where I loved the relationship because it was either like so toxic or so leg. What's gonna happen knacks, but love the person so where, unlike both, are aligned relic. I love the relationship and I loved the person. I really only think I've. I've only ever felt that once and I think that's why I'm such a relationship girl because, like I want to be in love I can't wait for that. I just don't think I've had done a really long time They had profound. I think that's and your being honest, I don't think there is anything wrong with being in a relationship especially but our age, maybe as getting older. The next relationship, you're gonna, get into you'll, probably want to like you're gonna, be like I want to be in love the next time I'm getting in. I'm gonna be in love, but in your twenty s I don't think I've had relationship. Ships. I know I'm not fully in line with that person, but I dont think there's than any pressure to beg with any of them
God with them, if you're not in love with them, yeah he's really you get something from each relations I found resides. Isn't it crazy, though, when you are in love the difference in the sack? yeah. So I actually haven't really been in love in love. Since, and I think I was like my first love so really, since I was like twenty yeah, it. You do like I've said like this one, person that I dated like these sacks was so intense when we were having sex at times in and so hot other times, but let the a bit for ever since, having that person where I was like holy shit like it, I hate using the word like making love ya like the that huh yeah. The passion right yes be able to have that sex and then turn it off into another round. That's like sexy in Kiev, hot it hard. And then I have gone on to new relationships that I've had some boyfriends that I'm like we, only have like semi
precepts and there's no passion you and once you have the passion and sex it's hard to. Move forward in a relationship and have a guy that doesn't do that? and there is some I've had like boyfriends were like we have the dirty crazy, Saxon you're so into it, and then they want to switch it too, like the love making kind, and I might oh, but I do not want a big right click on it. I really like that yeah you're not there and I feel so bad and that's why I do think for me, like it is kind of weird thing, but getting older, like that's kind of my sense of like. Am I really into this person yeah you both because you're so right I get the ECB when they try to then do the love making an ugly. I I really wish you fuck me like I'm like a little yeah like unjust. Let's get a yellow, put your hand over my mouth and like Ghana, gag letting towing to shut the fuck up and let's keep moving leg straight. We have dinner to get so yeah Ok, have you ever I was going ass, you have you ever had to go about. A lot of girls want to know like what do I do
if I want to figure out like what are we and I've always tell girls like? Will you don't ask what we just so wrong? You're, not ever you wanna, get down derail. Clack asked you if you're trying to get out of it thousand percent. Ask him what you guys are at our. We look like you're disgusting you're. Not leaving is what we are but like have you. Ever been in a situation where you, fellow you needed to ask a guy. What you are, the kind of said both now No, I don't think so, and anyone I've ever like me, like they ve, been become my actual boy friend. It's happen the same way where one day we start hanging out and then we just hung out every single day until we're alive you ever dating. I've actually never met someone. I've never dated someone who I wasn't friends with first really all about it interesting- and I I know if I recommend, recommended I'm still testing- that theory out right
right and I'm seeing now we fully were not friends prior I adjust lightly. I think almost every guy I actually have ever dated. I never was front of them prior injure saying so like obvious, however, that yeah I dont know if mine of work to the publicity were so we don't. Now we have this hypothesis out there that we don't know. What's right, commercial. As you all know, I have an extreme paranoia as probably a lot of females do. Is someone about to break into my apartment? Is summit about break into my dorm room? It's I'm about to break into my house and it is a constant fear of mine every night before I go to sleep. That's probably, why chose to have a boyfriend, its lead, really just a little sleep in the bed with me, so he can take care of my fucking fears that the only reason I have a boyfriend is he'll, protect you and that you feel better when you go to sleep straight up guys simply safe. I've talked about it before they have teamed up with call her daddy. If you have thirty three minutes
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And I don't know about you bitches, but that is top tiered number one priority in my life is safety and not feeling like sums, gonna, kidnap me and tell me per poop, so guys. If you want to feel safe in your home, you guys are gonna, go to simply ass, it simply simple. I miss him for you ass, I M p and then ally. Simply Lee safe dot com- slash daddy today and you got to customize your system and get a free security camera. Ok, you got a sixty day risk free trial, so there's nothing to lose just go on type. In simply s I M p: L I safe dot com, slash daddy, say, save daddy's. I love you all we need to talk about. This is like our big wrapping up caddy girls and boys, and just all things- and I know that you in summer House have dealt with like so many girl dramas and I think so at such an underrated topic,
like we can talk about guys all day, but really like girl drama is so fucking hardy. The gay, and I think it's interesting that you're saying you have had friends in the past. That, like you, you are more almost a girl friend with like best friend but your partner area rather than having huge groups of girls, because I agree it is hard to navigate girl. Groups yeah on I've never met him. That has like twenty friends I yeah my close Our goal and that's that like what your dynamic with girl free so I'm definitely a girl's girl like I'm very girly. If, like I have my girlfriends, you know like I have their back like I'm down for them to buy girls, like just in me, Lee like when we all get in a room. It's automatic like look em up and down like. Is this my competition like we're guy,
he's got into a room, in other words up rolling jabbing each other up, and it's like I wish I I wish we had that and I dont know why we don't, but it's already automatic competition. But I'm the type of girl that like if I meet you, I like you initially until I until you do something, and then I don't like you, where I feel like a lot of girls are proved to me. Unlike why I should like you and it's like it's very off putting to me. I grew up and to an all girls, high school and they had a really great group of girlfriends in high school, and I didn't deal with that. Much caddy nurse. I mean we definitely had it, but I think it proper.
Arid me a lot for like the real world. I also can pick up in like three seconds when a girl's talking about me like at a party and like I absolutely no that she's talking about me and now I can read her lips and my friends now will be like how do you know that I'm like I went to an all girls high school? This was the cafeteria leg right now I went away just a king of our way, so it's definitely hard and then it's just written I'm not just like sound, like? Oh, my god, to my own horn, but like right, I mean like a very different career path, and so I think it's like. Sometimes he's, got a little bit jealous, but I'm like a loser at heart leg. You come over and liquids watch a movie like I'm not like right exactly how Emma Instagram, like always perfectly made up and like whatever, but I think, just weird like girls. Just normally have like a jealousy streak and, of course, are times when I get jealous of other girls absolutely, but I always see it like if you're my friend and I'm
successful like I want, you to be successful and like if I'm eating you're all eating leg were doing. You know, and it's like me and my one girlfriend talk about this all the time like. If I'm going out with my friends, I them to look hot to what, like I dont? Why? be the only hot one murmuring going out to a guy yeah like like not going to tell you that outfit stocks and lay- change, because I want you look good where I've been with girls that are like where that, where something else and when I'm like, I know, I don't look good in that and that's fucking who how box is that with? Yes? So right, I remember in college. I had this one girl that was like so, conscious of wanting to be the hottest girl so obvious, when I would watch her, tells him girls what to wear and then I would be like you like. You should really where this inside they can borrow my clothes, because I was watching her girls not
feel insecure. When they're around hotter grit Lizzy, I have been in rooms that I like. Why does she looked like that? Would yeah only happening in New York? It's like you walk into a bar everyone's five, nine and with will mean on your like right, Wall, La Hague, being shore in New York. I, like all of a sudden, I feel like a little fucking toad, and we- and I grow me in one of my girlfriends always say like it's now about being short and funny, and- think that little matter I reviewed being around tall girls yeah, I know what I mean. I can't go anywhere without he'll yeah. I'm applies my torso who ensured, Why it's like theirs oh wow. I all the time have fell insecure, going and rear. Oh my god. You obviously size yourself up but like girls that try harder to make you feel I'm in a red you some questions, because we are all a girl code, yeah that I feel, like you probably have dealt with in a lot of their visits from the daddy gave. You guys wrote these in
a lot of it is like what to do about dating, but area. Ok, is it ok for France to reserve earth guys, even if they're not dating them like to call a guy like to be like. I want that one like no one's to touch him like do you think, that's fair If you guys are all meeting this? I think if you see a guy and you're like I will. I think I really like that. I want to try and talk to him, then. Yes, because if one of my girlfriend says to me, I really want to talk to this guy automatically am I go have so then I'll never talk to him like you're off, when I actually am automatically not attracted to that guy, because my friend like SAM
So like, if you want to dibs a guy and your friends like no, I want to talk to him. That's weird like why would you even be competing for the same guy? In the first place? I completely agree, and I think the only time that it would be no is if she does that and for the next few weeks, if you guys see them out, nothing happens the next season, all of a sudden you're onto a new guy, and it was like okay, I think I'm gonna try for him, I'm kind of vibing, but it's like if they never hook, Chat box yeah, and it's known that that girl, that guy is not liking. Your friend, you have to tell your friend okay get over it. He doesn't like you, which my friends have done, that to me a million times they're like get over it you're like okay, okay, fine, fine people literally. This is like not even a question we'll just answer it people that kept asking if I had sex with him on the dl before or he started dating my friend. Do I have to tell her so she knows. Yes, yeah yeah. I think. Even if you made out with him, I took you on a date. I had a girlfriend one time match with a guy on Ria texted me like his picture.
Instagram or whatever it was like I'm going out on a date with him and I go cool. Have so much fun got to let you know three years ago I slept with him. One time doesn't mean anything. We don't speak and she's like cool and I'm like okay cool, yeah no be kind of sea tells yeah and if he tells her first, then you look like a sneaky batch weirdo gap. Ok, girls that think they're just being straight. Forward word to you, but I really just rude. Do you know girl? Barely Rio, I'm not I'm real! I'm on MA am authentic. I myself am a better time. I think, dealing with those type of girls. I always just left I can't feel like. I know one of the girls on your show that I think of it, this young girls, that are rude some time yet another trying to come off real. There is no point in going out then, because
they're in their own world, in their being rude to pretending there being straightforward. My advice is always just like kind of look at them like they, five heads and just no. Spot yeah and will my dad always used to tell me and it's the best bucking line is, if someone's being an asshole to you and accept sending and trying to make. You feel little. You just stare at them, when you go. What's your point and they are like yeah there. Like will. I was ok. What's your point yeah? What's your point, my mom? Well, I feel think our parents would even be friends cause. I'm I'm gives the advice of. So what do you mean by that she's? Like likewise, if you make someone explain to you, then they just automatically stirred sounding dumb cause. They don't even now, then than like. I just mean, like you're, like idle God? I dont get old guy audio here is a fine line between being real Andrews being an asshole leg.
Thank you if you're going to hurt someone's feelings with your realness, keep it to your fucking self, because we probably didn't have to hear it in the first place. Would you ever hook up with a guy that your friend dated for two months. Probably not unless this guy was like? I was like this is my soul mate and I would definitely my friend about it first like if she was like. Oh that's like I can't even but if it was one of those guys that, like she always legs like yeah, I don't, I think, friends and mixing guys is like it's very messy and I dont worry ever really do that. I would never do that. Is it ok to date, someone's acts if you aren't close, but you run in the team circle. Yes, you don't know that I got anything agri, nothing totally! Oh, how close of a friend do. I need to be to give my opinion on their relationship or just it
Never so I have a hard time would best, because I have been documented, giving how all my feels think it. Yet. I think it depends on how close you are with your girlfriend, but There have been multiple times were my girlfriends have been like: hey snapped the thought, out of that. He doesn't. Like you, you're, making yourself look stupid and now you're making all of us as a good girl group. Look stupid. And I have been like thank you- you're correct, but there is a line were like if your girlfriend's and like a toxic relationship, you talk so much about him and then like they get back. Together, and then you have to be out at dinner, is like it's gonna, be fucking awkward, I like live my truth and I, like you're better than this I'll deal with em cause a dozen
to me. I'm not the one dating him, but you should know that you're better than this. I agree it's like I remember, being in high school and I had such a hard situation. It was I had a group, it was four of US girls and we were all in the soccer team. We were best friends, we did everything together and one of our one of the girls was dating when we were freshmen. She was dating a senior and she was like the this guy on Social Sheikh sky on Camp as the whole thing, and we found out. He was like fully cheating on her, and I remember my friend and I were like what do we do like this? Is so scared me, I have to tell her and we were young innocent like fresh from the time work only go. We got a teller here and I will never forget in hindsight. We should have done at the way we did but like dirt What you wrote a letter. You're appears SAM. Ronnie, the that
do we stood up, though I will never forget. We bring her to a bench on camping and we all sit down. How poetic There is grass roots movement and we in our true mines were like, oh my god Lex. Daphne is no idea and we are like we have to tell you something we told her and she looked at us. So all of a sudden, like kind of poles back a little bit so defensive so doesn't believe us stands. Been as like I'm going to talk? He walks out right of like one of the buildings in they make eye contact and she walks to him and for the next like few months it was really awkward me. I didn't believe us until a picture came out like a school dance of him like fully tongue down the three
and then we were awkwardly like sipping our slippery in the corner like well, that's an interesting out. We ever we get that see. I've always been the type of girl we're like. If my girlfriends ever came to me, we're like we think is cheating on you. I like what let's go, get the face but that will how we can figure it out. Like iron lunar yeah, like someone so fucking, an FBI agent, you get a lot of other yeah like what we do here. It's a that's why my friends ever came to me. Oh he's cheating, I'm like same by, but I do think that is where that I learned like when their entity The relation jet yeah most girls, probably have a little feeling they are and they didn't. She didn't want to hear that yeah. She probably knew she thought it was the best she could get an later on. She ended up spending her entire college. On and off with this guy and like you, fully broke her heart and kept cheating and like now, she spent like eight years of her life with the student kept cereal cheating. I think, though, from that at a very young age I learned like I'm gonna. Sometimes you just gotta,
you gotta be aware of who you are addressing yeah. I can't help myself, but I'm if I know someone getting cheated on I'm telling value as a friend. I feel like that's my duty. If I dont really the girl. I'm not going out of my way too many of our narrow boyfriends pocket on you like that. Don't give up. Unless I wanted my girlfriends, I talk to every single day or like every we, even if it's one of my governs. I don't talk to that much but she's, like my girl, I'm telling our if she's an acquaintance MA, am I getting involved in that oh whatsoever eyes like I've learned through dating back for what, however, long I've been dating like fifteen years, always trust your got. Boom and what do you like they're so many times are I'm like damn am I a psychic, because I need to trust my got more and like I've been right and Any girl. That is wondering shy. Tell my friend go tell
friend, but then also be like I'm down for whatever you want to do, I'm here to handle it you, but once you tell them once you don't need to keep harping on it because then, if they do stay they're choosing to stay, you know what I mean absolutely like. You don't bring it up again and you're, like whatever your decision is. I back you up because you're my friend but here's the fact totally having a friend that you had to fall out with. Would you send your ex best girlfriend a happy birthday or not? No, no, If we fight and like it now forego like literally not all all, I'm not texting an exercise friend like what no roommate fights when you still to live together. Post by and you're not making up like. What do you do about fighting with roommates. Go to your boyfriend. C Mon stay there. High long dry leg be gone yeah! It's it's interesting, because I've learned through having lived with like a bunch of soccer girls in college posts college Girls like I've done
We learned a balance of fight but like keep in mind that you do have to wear. Got near that person Ray the next day. If you don't have a boyfriend, but also does and to appoint were like have sit down conversations not one often and walking away like hey, let's like scheduled time to sit down and legal. Yet through this because, like you literally, have to live with that person, it's actually really interesting that you say that, because my ex used to always give me that advice, if I was ever fighting with a friend like being really adult about it, almost like you work together like hey, Can we schedule a time rather than just like walking in their rooms like hey? Let's talk because like scheduling at times like I'm serious like I want this to work, and I want us to lay. I wanna hear you out. I want you to hear me like. There is a different I've, just vibe with it yeah you just have to away: more respectful because, yes, it's now pass friendship, but you don't have to be best friend, but you do have to live together. Oh
don't you have. This is, can be our last one when your best friend or just a friend is always copying and trying to one up you with like you're out the fat boy when there was one girl on the show that used to come out of the room, drug yeah language. I actually always feel so bad for that, because she is the nicest girl ever Emily. She really ginning copy me as much as it really would look. I just hang I almost ten I all I could tell with her to like. It was a form of like she looked up to you. She reactors dynamic, inspired her yea almost felt like an older sister blend. Like I love doing, she would where similar things is. I beg you, look fucking gray leg right whereat, but have you ever gotten mad at like any one of your friends for like trying to always copy you yeah deadly and friends who are like always trying to like one often been again. No. I have that too, and I have that whatever any it's annoying and I always talk to my mom about it and she always like snapped soon back to earth and she's. Like that's sad like that,
something in NAM that there are like insecure like so let them just have it so. Never someone's, like China, one up a noise like that, so God, like that's amazing and then they almost kind of feel leg This is weird and the nail sometimes stop dude. I will never forget one of like the like the dumbest biggest spites I had with one of my ex friends is. I bought a pair of boots. I bought a pair of boots that one of my friends was like. Oh my god, I'm obsessive this company, like by this boo bio. It's one that, like em RADA away we're, ok, and so I post on my story like wearing the boots going out, and she tax mean she's like no. She dams me and she goes water. What brand is that boot and I was like- oh my god, it's like Schulz boot sooner I know you I know is I reach our line and short boot like there with his aunt, was wearing those like a cowboy almost looking boots? Yes, yes, and I'm
Oh my god, like I tag it's like Senator jammer, and am I gonna? Do you have to check out the issue and sheets? She dams me back and also a damning like we were fully living together and cheese and she's like Alex. You know that I own that boots. I have had at that point fully never been going out with her. She had a boyfriend. I was going out with me. I was like. Oh, oh, like no, I didn't know that you had that Blue yeah and it's a black bull that we ve. I had it with a black blue, and I was like oh my god, like I'm. So sorry I didn't know, but, like that's great like and then she was like. I can't believe that you, Bob That do you know that I have that boot. So then it transfers to taxes. No I'm going in a four she's fully beat like you,
like I can't believe this, like. I just want one thing: that's like mine and, like you, post, mornin surrender me and it's not fair, that you have the boot now and I'll everyone's gonna know the boot as yours. Now I do. I can't wear the boom in this and I was like their fears feel like there's something under the advent of there's something deeper and its. I will, and I was a we never go out together so like no one. We're never gonna end if you want to wear if we ever got together. I won't work like it's a black. Absolutely like what and I was like- I got three other types like it's, not it's word and it was just it went on for an hour, and I remember calling my mom and my other best friend and I was like am I on, a fondness like shit. Losing your shit over a boot yeah wasn't the boot it. I wasn't a virtue. It was because I was it. I have a girlfriend who any time we ever go on a trip. I pack quite drew, pull the amount. I would pack because I know this girl's not bringing anything and link.
She's going to want to wear clothes. So she'll call me and be like. I hope you like pay extra leather pants, I'm like you're so annoying. But yes, my luggage is over the weight because of you if there was ever an outfit like there have been times and I've been away with her and I'll pack and often I've never worn at tags or on it and I'll be like I want to wear it first earth like as they pick this outfit out leg, and then you can wear like absolutely takes all about. Just being risk yeah. I like having any indication. That's what I remember just being like. I will never wear it when you are wearing, thereby in always wear them like. I was going above and beyond that we're talking about boot here, like a year, go, and it was. Just. It was It was a moment of be me being like she's, clearly fearing feeling insecure about something and I'm gonna try to peace or in every way, because this is a fight over a boo and there are clearly more that came out later. There was just one of those moments like with girls. I agree I could
two facts: if my friends borrow a large little is borrowed my Braun underwear for a day day, I could she didn't, have occurred in a fucking thong. Sad and like I don't people think that's gross like I don't think about that. Here's the thing, I don't think that's gross right. I don't think it's gross at all like if my girlfriend was like one time. It was Valentine's day and I lived with like one of my girlfriends and I was like fuck like I don't really have longer she pulled out these like crazy pieces. I was like I was like I'm not old enough to even put that on, but thank you like. Thank you. If you're just helping your girls out like to be the best they can be, I don't fuck with you. I agree I think, to everyone listening like to wrap it up like try. It'll be a little less extensive round your girlfriend's and even I've, always I people that like are like. I wish my friends would even listen to call her daddy like having an open communication, what your sex life with your friends, I'm sure I'm sure you one having applied cousin, to being on summer. How I bed has helped you almost like talk more about it, be
more about your relationships and sex, like with your friends and sat on the early, can have a common station about like. Oh, my god, I gave had last night, because some girls are so Georgiana around girls like that find a new friend grew serious I have a group, and this will be like the last thing I say about friend I ever of guy friends who are perfect, like they really are the best guys ever and I watched them with each other and they hype each other up. So much like no one is talking shit about anyone else in their guy group, and I like this, like beautiful lake, it really sentimental how much you guys fuck with each other, and I was a girl, should just be more like that, and now I'm like in a group- and I have a bunch of girlfriends who, like some of em, are new girlfriend. Some of them are old girlfriend, but it's so much more fine, too high each other up
and you have such a better time when you're out, if you like, that's the bad, is rich in the room and she's my fuckin friend less, rather than looking at her in being jealous cause. She looked so hot that night, like com, you have a nice where you look the hot as I wore an outfit one night. Was like one of my best girlfriends and the the boys. I we row with really pager alpha, look so good and comes up and she goes page. Do a fucking twirl. You look so good and I was like that's my best friend as you go for her, and so when you have a bomb outfit she's gonna have one way and you're gonna do the same. Fucking thing is, I will tell her I'm like you run that way and I'm gonna take an instagram video of your ass and I'm gonna post it because you look so good so fucking. Why would I not do that? For my friend? I agree. I think girls need to take a page out of the guy's book at all that one be less stuck up, be less in your head, like we're all going to get ours, yeah you're, fine! just because one person is successful or like killing
at the moment, as it mean that takes years away. It just different timing, totally totally. Ok, paved yes, I can explain to you how happy I am that you finally came on I oil visiting toga now next, it has to be me, you and Hannah gas that, oh my darling, I lay we'll talk for twenty four hours. Literally, you think I'm nervous. You need to tell us where we can find you and social media and then also tell us like about where summerhouse airs, etc. Okay, so my instagram is page underscored, disorder, bow and then summerhouse is Thursdays at nine p m o my god. Oh my this is so fun. This was so fun. It wasn't scary right. No, not all I feel like I was talking to one of my girlfriends. Wait right, yeah, okay, I love you page. Thank you for coming on, daddy, go, show her love and her dms. You guys are scary. People need to know that you guys like them and support them. I love you. Thank you so much page. Thank you
ok, daddy game! That is it for this week's episode. I hope you guys enjoyed that girl talk with page. We had a lot of fun doing it and I honestly can't wait for the little collapse with me paid and Hannah NET, sweet is, is going to be a bit of a different vibe alone. More on the degenerate side a lot more on D. Have you ever drank so much alcohol and just single handedly in one night, fucked up your entire life say I I guys I'm sitting here of war and we really thing to the page episode together and then we are alike. Ok, that was so fine and next week is going to be fun for you. You guys a little less one per us born, and I have single handedly sense. Moving to LOS Angeles could give more alcohol being here that I probably have my entire life. I've had sex more this past month and I had a split up
Lauren is single heavely, taking down the entire state of LOS Angeles. I have in a fucking menace to society. It's not moving here, it's honestly pretty crazy to see how much you've turned, which is great you're, enjoying your life you're doing your thing like no one's forcing you to do anything you're just for keep telling them I'm like this is not the real me, I'm just having a quarter life crisis. You get me out at the wrong time right right, but now I'm starting to think this is real yeah anyways. Next week's episode, guys we are going to do a full episode that is going to be almost at one episode that you're gonna go back and listen to every single time your hung over and you need a little pick me up here. The bad episode. District lot buck and better about your life, because we're going to fully throw ourselves under the bus, and let you guys Care about the degenerate decisions that we have made sense LOS Angeles, some the things I haven't wanted to talk about on the podcast, because I know my mom's gonna call me if you like. You really did that to MR sexy. You man like what's wrong with you like what're you doing in there their times alarm was like. I need to talk about this because it so shocking,
it is their obeying that I'd have not even told you because I like, I can't have her, think that I'm a liability to our household everytime. I said about the doors and you know there's some things for the first time. Next week. Last time I came home from misery sexy human health in the morning and fully our wines key we're in the front door, I'm walking up to unlock my Fucking House and Laurence Keys are in the front door left in the lock. I'm like good morning sweetheart you could have fucking died last night anyways, it's going to be fine, it's gonna, be amazing you'll need a new character. Yeah you'll meet a new character country Club man, Mr Sexy Zoo Man took law nigh to his country club he introduced lie with now. He regrets day he introduced, learn to a man who are now calling country club man and he has Take him are now on few days. I've got out and three times I've got
felt two of those times and it's been great but great sex. She got fingers in her butt hole and we will see you motherfuckers next Wednesday
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