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113- How to Trick Him into Proposing (ft. Hannah Berner)

2021-03-10 | 🔗

This week’s episode, Father Cooper is joined by OG guest and fan favorite, Hannah Berner. AND IT’S A BIG ONE BABY. Hannah sits in the hot seat and details for the Daddy Gang how she managed to get a man on TWO knees and propose to her. The dirty details of how unglamorous engagements are, picking out your own ring, putting a ring on chubby fingers, and the awful bachelor show effect on love will all be discussed on this week’s ep. AND IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. It gets even juicier when the girl’s get deep and talk how social media has effected their mental health and the issues they have come to face through hate and the podcast industry. ENJOY DADDIES!!!

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Lee? Yes, you heard that right, no one will know if you got yourself a Fuckin, Polly Pocket or a deal, they're all the same: ok, sweetheart, so daddy game. They have done products go check them out. You deserve to enjoy your sex life if you're staying at home, the best part is playing at home. Yes, you heard it here: first, daddy and go to Adam and Eve dot com and use offer code, her daddy for fifty percent. Almost any one item free shipping use code, her daddy at Adam and Eve dot com enjoy your site. What is up daddy gang? It is your single father Alex Cooper with all her daddy, daddy, daddy, whoa whoa we're back baby. What the fuck is up daddy gang. It is your founding father, for. Another
a of call, her daddy hello, hello, hello, what a glorious glorious Wednesday! I missed, you all. I hope you missed me. How'd you in the history of call her daddy, you guys have heard me, have millions of different experiences Clearly, I'm all over the place at times. I want a boyfriend. At times I wanna be single. At times I want to fuck objects at times I wanna be celibate at times. I want a mastery at times. I want a cry at times. I want a ghost. Therapist and at times I want a cradle her and ask her for forgiveness, but the moral this, for There- is that a lot of times. I don't know what the fuck I want. I made my maid twenties and figuring it out. But as we all get older, you start to hear your friends and those friends at are settling down and those friends at are getting married or engage. And you start to wonder what was it for them
because what I do know is it's not about falling in love. I've been in love, it's not one construct. There's a it tonne that goes into ending up with someone. So what are those things? Where are those things for you? Maybe your list To this end, you have huge fucking, daddy issue, so sweetheart. Maybe good idea, man, the stage by clear that will never leave your ass. That's ok or maybe you grow up, can broke a shit and you, like, I don't want to dine at Dennys any more. I want a goddamn vacation lifestyle so like brilliant business, strategic woman, you are you go for that big, rich dick witches on own baby. But what the point is? No matter what you want. That's on you to figure it out in your own fuckin therapy sessions. God knows I've been Daddy gang. I have no idea what I'm doing it right, but
I'm on my own personal journey through bad experiences, good experiences, trying to figure out what it is for me. That makes me happy and what I would want and the qualities I need in a good match for a partner, and you are all the same journey, but we're not gonna have the same answer regardless it's a journey. And some one right here in our or inner circle of the Daddy Yang apparently figured it the fuck out. Introducing the real recently engaged Hannah Burner. I don't even know how to begin this. Because there is so much history here. Hannah hi, hi, hello, high, enough fathers back into building doom nervous. I'm excited I'm feeling a lot of fields with so much to cover with so much judgments to do. We have so much shit to talk about. I feel like you're on a world.
Poor right now of like like suck the royal family bog. Megaton Harry, like Hannah's here, I'm sure, fucking making waves on the internet you're throwing herself for the contact people were like. How did this happen? People like did she trap him? Is he kidnapped? Is he okay people? are very worried about him and I was like don't worry about it. If any Do you have no idea what we're talking about here? We go. First and foremost, I went away it out like this, because I was thinking about that. This is going to be our third episode together. Okay, well, not technic! because we always go over a nice will every episode of the journey, so we ve lived many lives together. So the first episode we did ghana- and I were both single couldn't have been more so go very, very weak. It was very dark. You talked about fucking the about
I gave up on ass weights and I was like will this very badger fuck me and it was I conic and the people loved and then the second episode you come in hot and you say I have a boyfriend and for Europe to General Ass to say that on top of than me sliding in sort of them being like, I kind of them getting. There too was a very call. Her because I think the first episode prove like how did generate we were and how unwilling we were to settle down and come on over like people to okay. That's what we're trying to explain and now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third. Episode with Hannah Burner and in front of me. I have a war. And that is no longer single. No longer. Just in a relationship, this bitch is fuckin engaged. Thank you, honey. And today we are going to divulge how to literally trap his ass and trick him
I do not like going down on you for a couple more hours, but to literally be stuck with you forever stock for ever and give you a nice ass, bucking ring Hannah. Tell us how the fuck this happen. I need to know all the details because they give you guys. Information hannah- and I have not talked all I got- was attacked, saying bitch, I'm engage a picture of the ring, and that was there and I was like safer for the pod cas how the fuck did this happen, Ok, what's so funny, because I think everyone I I felt like I was twenty nine. I was living with five cats with my parents in a pandemic, it couldn't have been more bleak. For me, If I was a better, I would not be that I was engaged. Are you telling me that you did this because of quarantine? You're, like its literally just? the only owl away from my parents- and I thought I'm not Liberia, but, like I fell in love in a hopeless place.
Totally? I felt dating up until this point was like you just always felt like you just failed, and you failed in your failed you these moments, where you get dark and you're like no one in this world loves me However, no one in we world to be with me, which is fucked up thinking a because Europe using to be single. Most of the time you could be with someone if you really want to us as well the girls, a single out there too Athens. Dont say where she's like other single Ladys but you're, not single, obtain adopting epithet, but I get yours at all. You ve come from like a disastrous, dating history like me, like you, haven't yards crazy success with amazing man, I started feeling just like what's wrong with me, but also I realize we're not calling it dating anymore. Ok, calling it researching, got it because anyone in college knows or after college, you have to If he says you don't just fuckin right away, he says you have to research for a long time to make that these is amazing, So when I was dating, I literally was just researching different types of God.
As different things. I liked it was crazy because, when I met does like there was I did him that I was like. Oh. He reminds me of this relationship that I really like that part of that Geier. Oh I'm! So happy. He doesn't like this way in that situation cause. I know that I don't deal with that and it literally was like. Thank God. I had this bad relationships, my twenties, to know that I want to spend my life with this guy, because I wouldn't have known. I mean people far reaching There are eighteen, that's fucking beautiful, but I'm which exiled to pull the trigger like that time and over thinker, So when I was at summer house filming, I met him two weeks before so we went on. Now our dates and then I was like I have to go into this house, and I remember it being like look do whatever you want to do. I just want to let you know. I really like you. You know we're not who save, but in my head I was like this guy special. I don't fuck it up. So as I was fighting with everyone, he would send me these funny videos like that
today a comedian, as he would just make one every situation. You tell me this funny rap videos. Then grab videos stop once really living together, because you know these guys that fucking keep it up right, but I wake up on Valentine's day and whose being super weird like. Don't you phone to ensue, developed those lame. We should do anything Valentine's day right and, unlike ok like you have to come at right. You're like, I better get a fucking gift, even though I've always hated it, but now that I have a boyfriend, this has got to count for something. If I'm gonna have a boyfriend, I better have something on Valentine's day. That's how I quote but if I don't see a someone's gonna get kicked into absolutely so so I wake up wakes up. Early cuz, he's old. It's the one unfortunate part of our relationship, Alec to sleep till a solid eight hours he's up at six. A m like Graham, my boyfriend of shaping a mug. What are you doing? It's five thirty is like we're up, unlike no it's, the middle of the night could act, well, I'm in the middle of my rem, psychoactive. So I hear
we hope- and I hear him like singing in the other room like this like rap singing like what is he doing clearly, was like trying to get the words Ryan he's kind of ad living, and then I go tax. I think you thought I was asleep, but it was. Like a new video. Just like joking, I love, you spend the rest of our lives together and he loves me whatever making jokes and then you go and I have a surprise for you- but understanding their knees like in the bathroom paying gets, it you watch the video already. Does my boy. Four August by the way, but you can write like that, and I was again and he's agree. We want you to go, watch it again in a kind of like Niels. Are the bed I sighed, I watch it again and they turn over a new ghostly. You marry someone, crusty eyes terrible bread. Invisible line, hair sticking straight up and I always wanted to cry because I feel it if you don't cry like is that should have a real rack excite the tea? and I was like I love it, but I go. Are you joking? Is this a fucking joke? I thought this was a bit. Is this like some comedy bit you're doing and he's like?
I want to marry you, but on this sounds very beautiful right this moment, but we're gonna die, back, in that it wasn't that romantic is very planned. I knew exactly the way I wanted. We talked it out and done, but it was a beautiful mom hold on hold on. Why was the video, The video was him basically singing something about us being together, but it was it wasn't like saying he wanted to marry me. He was just like saying how he loves me so you're watching that and as he's on his knee watching it with you and then he pulls out the rain. IRAN's would like- and I got a surprise for you- baby, here's, stupid Arap and then use does like WWW Matt Mammy was on Tunisia, which I don't know, maybe I should make him do it again, yet bio knees bits get up hold
We called for me right now. That's where I belong, my neither both both to be brew. Finally, let women at least do something. You don't take everything from us. We Holbein you have to discuss this ring and we had to do the proposal because I don't know how I would feel about that, and I want to know how you felt about in hindsight, like you were they laying their know me Gabon like what the fuck are you doing slash the fact that you had already picked out the ring, only through that process that the media's fucking lying to you, the Video makes it seem like one day, a guy chooses you and just a huge rock appears, and it's perfect. I fit your finger perfectly and then you just spend the rest, your life together. Of course you do. Unlike that's, not fucking real fuck. Man? Wreaths of no man will be picking out my ring here at first Anybody Leslie S trying to marry me. You will not pick up my rank. Thank you how
for some of us. Their whole lives are kind of thinking about it and they know, like will exclude their finger. Then some cause. I don't even know it they had for breakfast tat morning. That's me right. I have also We need a normalize like nobby fingers. I have big palms, Nubbly fingers great for hand. Job terrible Anna I was staring at your fingers in the picture you sent me. I couldn't even focus on the ring. I'm like your fingers are hideous. No, I'm just kidding dude, I'm just I'm like when I was googling. What brings you get for a nubby finger like so? No, no one talks about it, Alex like everyone's, like, like body diversity. I was fucking finger diversity, not everyone fingers. Like page my best friend, like beautiful super model fingers, I call it. She looks like a praying mantis dude. I noticed that when I was interviewing her, I was like staring at her fingers and I was like why am I looking at pages fingers in a sexual way? Then I saw you texting a picture. I'm like Anna, your fingers are fucking, but did you know,
We can all be perfect and that's my biggest no, no doubt so put a nice fat buck and ring on it too died away. From the path of what they re at first I was like get you something dainty to look at me. Go dainty, gonna to know you gotta get something big. However, before I met does, I was very like am I doing that corny shit like it, so was bullshit like marriage. Flake, capitalism like spend three, grand on a ring and dry fuck, that Shit Lugano need that I was like I'm getting a pearl and pay jacks He turned to me and she said, but our she's ever said she said, grow the fuck up you, so the process that information. As I surging research efforts, I wanted emerald. As doesn't like shimmer that much then he took him try on rings like that, with some like, like movie shit, we're I will give you two truck. Ok, let me ask you a question because we need you're you're like too far for me. I am,
I could be put right by Yoda Fuckin boy around and then you tell me said your engaged So you are you sure about this. So what happened is a couple weeks in dating this man. He goes on in America and, like guys, have said that before, like a joke or like they're trying to get a blow job, but they re Mandela, and there was something hard about like. I really feel like there's times you feel like you want to marry some honor. They want to marry you, but the fact that, like the two of us kind of trusted it like we were in it together. I was like, if you will, I believe it would be really. I was up with him right. You just broke them down at one point like a kind of reposted. Industry, my birthday from an axe, and he I mean he was. I have you wanna play games like us, told a cool. I just don't want to be a part of it. I put my little tail between I lay eggs. I said I'm so sorry I'm doing the incident right now. It was the hardest thing like I was like he's he's above the games. We're not translated into the field and secure
you're. Making me feel good about myself, just for being myself what but again to bring it back to the Daddy gang, like you said, and you were saying, like it's research, my mom said the same thing. She was like you call it a game, I call it a process Alex where, like you have to go through the process of playing the games of being a sick fuck of being a gift general, so that you feel those- and I am I also protecting yourself from due to you- know I can play in the games like ok, we're ending no early on when you're like ok, I know your games will do together will go through the motions will see if this is fun. This guy was like what, flag anchor and all the way back to the basics of girls that are getting fucked over and left on. Red and dont know how to play the game yet you're in the beginning ages. You need to feel that so then, when you go through all the shit, what the deuce than you think the dead of the world that doesn't want to play the game. Then, all of a sudden, it's like whoa wait. He doesn't want to play games like the other guy that left me a red I commit boom boom boom. And you know it's funny, it's hard being public, because.
Normally, if someone gets married, you just like talk show to your friend like that's, not gonna work out, but that we like messages of people being like this, is so weird. It's so soon a lot of messages like I months ago. She was crying over Luke and it's like has No one ever been like raw under gas, lighted and Perceval domes. Take my tears for weakness. It was anger and frustration, but it's like I could cry over guy, a couple months ago and it's called moving leaf. I'll go on and it's a beautiful thing we all should do it more often is called. We hide those tears, let it out people are in your dm two already shitting on. You know what it's a process it like. That's what happens being put lick and it's hard totally, but I was telling you earlier when things when things get really dark and your people come from my relationship, my character, my life. I gotta color, Daddy's podcast page on apple and down. I've already left my review five stars love at times.
Would come again look at all the people who are trying to tear you down and from all of things and I'm like wait. This is the number one podcast in the world. I look up to Alex Cooper, so much and everything she's accomplished, and she is getting ruined. And I go about my day and I feel better about my I it's so dark when you were telling me this. I was like. Oh my god, why don't you say it on the podcast he's like? Oh, I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I'm, like you, You told me you gave me five stars, do not have one star. Thank you, like I love you think you know, so that's good to know that that's how you make it better get yourself, I'm trying to figure out how to make myself feel better about myself but now I guess I'll go, look at the comments on ya. Look it up, what I also think anyone's crying over dude right now. Anyone whose fucking single anyone who literally can't stop thinking about cats, because it's only affection, they're getting it takes one person to just fuckin, see you and to just now into play games and to be with you, but you have
to go through the toxic shit and you have to have done your research to even see when that guy comes. You need. To be ready to be dumped the games and there's nothing wrong with the games. I commend the games. I welcome the games when it needs to be in the right time of your life, which are key. Early done with, when you met him back to sorry, you go to the ring store. How did you decide to go to the ranks after the man was like. I want to marry you after I realize. Most importantly, I feel like myself around him and I have huge, which is Something that I never consider could before my game was literally just like I love being like a people, please earn being like, I will be with every. To be total. Make him love me and I will be on what I'm supposed to be funny and quiet when I'm supposed to be funny. Sexiness must be excellent health and it's like that's fucking, exhausting how tiring to do that. All the time and then I forgot who was talking about this with, but you go on a first date and I remember a spurt of first I love her we're all over the place where bringing back I say with us, but like you go on
first day- and I remember appeared of my life where I was going on these dates, and I was doing just that. I was showing up these dates. Nose like this man is going to go. Call his mother after this date he's gonna, be so fuckin in love with me, and I would go home exhausted. Am I gonna, take off my pants and let out my belly and eat food. Finally, unlike actually have a real cocktail, so not hammer on the today, unlike be like, he doesn't even know me and then he text me obsessive me. I'm, like you, don't even know who I am european us at the girl, but I was pretending to be on the right and its exhaust and a lot of people go on dates that again and you can get them to like you, but then yours six months and in you realize holy shit. I forgot to think, if I like him and then with a loud breather further as either live natural effect- and I hope it might lie is that whereas the show why are they all those women are guaranteed to like that James? I don't think so I don't think so. Like Lord. How did a tall guy girls will fall for him, because this is also the competition factor?
but I think, because I was so alone in the pandemic in can actually getting really comfortable with like. I don't need a guy I why, but I don't need it that when I met him, it wasn't like. I want to too, we like us but to go summer house instead, it moves like do. I like, and then food. I like him. So when you go on a date, don't try to get him to like you, Daddy gang. Do you I like him, cause it's that's a research. Back what you do at the ring sore, though stop a boy. Do you you don't just got to the rings or honey just way. Oh ok! Here we go, so once he says he wants to marry you he needs to put his money where its mouth is so You need to start texting him links to rings. I've done Do you guys, kids, you woke I want that ship fucking big into and looked so. I was I researchers like ok, So I know I said I wonder pearl, but I really like Emily rhetoric housekeeper to diamond ring. I wonder, is clearly feel like us, like the ones like a square and, unlike the pair
I was I dont want to and he likes you fuckin would remove Pearl two to four kinda Let's go together and I said: do you love me? We you ok, that's interesting. I would love to talk about rings, cause I'm like to me. It looks like that it has like A lump on its like a tumor on a ring like I like that, like that they wanted to leave. Your ring. Has pimple react. Pimple peddling rang. It looks at it kind of looks out to me like it's a little big on her finger. It is I like the idea, but if it was maybe smaller AK, maybe what you were looking for. Okay, don't come at me like that though I originally wanted something different. So I thought like okay pearl, I want the two diamonds, so people like what's that turns out this bitch is basic as fuck. I start sending him brings, and I have changed my mind. I remember in the car once it has been like he wanted to be legal, he's a gloomy handle it, but this is where like engagements are actually not fuckin, romantic and crazy,
surprise you are wearing, as for the rest of your life is putting a serious investment to this you you know what you want. Don't think that lake he's going to read your mind, cause men can barely like into They ve your hungry but note that as such Good point Hannah. I have never was interesting because, like I've never thought about the ring that I've wanted- and I I think I want something big ever like Shocker Alex shut the fuck up. No, I do because it can be my finger for the rest of my life. However, I dont want it so gaudy that people are like you can't Ben your finger. That's like outrageous, but I don't know like what I wanna buy. If you don't know, you want how the fuck is a man. Gonna know what kind of ring you want. So enter in EAST Hampton there's a London jewellers, shameless promo and walked in, and it's like early like an engagement ring, and I just got to try on like every fucking ring they had in the store. There were like three point: five carrots,
know what a carrot was. I was like why they called a carrot that makes sense, not a vegetable so then then I tried littler ones. I look at him, we'd be like no. No, no, when you, there were you paying attention are also the pricing. Yes yeah I was and he said anything about. Like a Loya jirga. He asked me what kind what how big the carrots I wanted, and I was like three carrots and you like scoffed like use. I really cannot do you know three carrots I'll even without me, I didn't know either its news really awry. Ok, they're ago you re like I want Emily radicals he's ring natural if we're not going to diamonds. Put him together into one. Ok. Do the Math Europe? Do the math, ok Susie of three cards in mind? I can even imagine what the pricing is I dont it's fucking expensive. Three words. Could be like eighty Grand Ninety grand that's dump him on a house and part of me, I'm I'm not a very mature material good person in that, like I'm Shiloh with men, but like jewellery. When I first got,
I first like nice earrings. They immediately fell in the drain when I was six years old and its traumatize me since that day, so unlike I want to bring that he's comfortable with the price, but I also don't want to may funded by friends. You know no ok like my investments, page like she'd, smack me page would be like only a little fingers her. Those can you fingers and just pulled him. You I can you imagine. If you came back, would like a little dog on your finger in page would be like a sweetheart like he's, not the one. Unlike the thing is, I understand everyone has a financial budget, but I would go as far as to say like if I was in this situation, where, like the guy was dating like couldn't, afford something great, I to be like, let's save up fuck vacations for the next three years and make sure I get a condo on my fucking finger like that. All people have starter ring so be like get me something now and then, like in ten years, we'll do an up I wish you situations we like Alex. If you get engaged everyone's want to see, the ring
Everyone's thing, how did he do so? He was billing pressure also, but I like what ended up happening is, like he kind of showed me some of the costs. Also you don't have to have the diamond the shape of the diamond. Then you need the like. Do you want it? over do and a gold. What kind of do you want diamonds in there? This all many different options, wedding think I can barely decide what color I shadow I want like. I don't know how I know you know where I was shadow. Could I can't figure out which wonder where I don't wear ice options are an. I shudder pilot like what the fuck is going on also when you the pig nail polish, have you ever seen a more confused person and how come I always pick. The one thing dont want aware. That's why I never have my nails, John. I dont do it and so to think about a ring. That's gonna be my finger for the rest of my life. That's it to be perfect, so Alex my question to you is in your god. You see Of any ring was oak, like ok, here we go,
you're, like I've, been waiting food. That's the thing! I have never thought about this until recently. Maybe you kind of like the sort of that some like oh wow and I was joking with my boyfriend, like anyone Hannah, I'm like this No, it Riyos lingers. Don't deserve a diamond everything I'd like a timetable that better on my beggars, whoever Hannah had, albeit not misquote so so I think for me, I'm similar to you like. I want just like a big ass single dying and- and I want a very, very simple band. Like my dont want ass thing, that's like a diamond and then nineteen million diamond around it and like a fat chunky thing, a top attached to us. Or diamonds. I dont like that. I also you can enter this shit when you ran your yoga pants like going shop, you dont want something that looks like Gouty in and you know. Our job, also with like you, wanted to be you. You don't want to be right. Society says like the coolest thing right
I wanna be basic Hannah like getting the same things, Emily Radical Ski. The person I don't deserve to be, like you, think it s about Non Euro dial up, but you are texted me thing you sent this ring you him earlier in Europe, Shep, so I first on him like an emerald rang and then I just started sending all types of rings to him and then it just became. So when I first went to him his first response. A rubber taxing atropatia, my Mombi like show some miss him. They really really do it. So I just done to him and his response was on it. Ok, let's talk about as per minute pause. How soon in did you on him. An engagement ring question, I would say, like. For months. Ok, three months, let me read is second brilliant. If you have a comedic relationship with the guy girls, listening
I think it's fucking brilliant Hannah that four months in as you're joking in this guy's, obviously telling you signs of like I'm obsessed with you, you sending him that is fucking hilarious, haven't, puts it more in his mind, but doesn't put pressure on you girls, if not as like funny and you don't joke around with the dude. If you send a man, a fucking ring within the first like two three four months, he is going to block your ass growth. Buckings, like you, let me know, only a specific type of girl can do that, but also but also Alex. I don't even think I get off to be too comedians dating each other. If you're it the right guy if you like, you have to have the same sense of humour and once you have that solutions of humor, you find that and you find a way to jokingly. Let him know that leg urine. That's what I'm saying I'm just saying. If a girl has never been sorry, That is their joking out sudden you send in the linkage like I heard Hannah Alec say they know, I'm good, that's a bigger issue. We have been sarcastic interrelationship, you're missing out totally totally let yourself
Let a beer, lug language, try it it's very fine. You could be mean all the time and the Milanese eyes and the one you're nice he so grateful but Alex. I didn't realize at the time, but I was doing a genius move, but it was kind of like we're open about everything he fuckin loves me put your money where your mouth is a here's a ring, and I think guys. I want you to want them guys, want to know that you're like into them like that, and I wasn't doing and of noxious wedged sent the link and when you are on it it was funny cause like add enough. He was joking either. So start dislike playful thing and playful thing just turned into serious one day. Does I would propose I go? Are we getting? I thought this was a bit the whole. Damn you smell, fresh hello, fresh. What's that Alex? Well, listen! Daddy gang! I am no housewife and I am no woman that is going to the grocery store, because I don't even know what you look for it, the grocery store and the
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bring had our fair share of literally making our career on being degenerate. So far up into this point on, nobody was expecting this Hannah. Nobody even thought but you can lock amount so shocking to read. You got rejected Biomass God at us. Now that wasn't even top ten a guy up about, but did you wrangle? There's one you stupid fly question? Is it like? Let's be serious about two seconds: what has your relationship always been to the idea of getting married great cause? What are growing up slash in the past years like how the how is it evolved. Do I do think that your parents, love story, really affects your love story. My parents got married earlier, like two thousand four hundred and twenty five, but they always talked about how like they did a lot of people and they met each other. Was easy and they were engaged in five months. So in my head, once I hit like like seven months, some do shoves like he's not like idly actually never dated a guy that I thought I would marry I've actually I thought there was one that got away. I litter,
we was always in that kind of research phase and My mom, a twenty nine single with the cats, was like a u good like. Is there something wrong with you and mom? I haven't met him, but I know I had this kind of like dumb fantasy that, like when I meet a guy, it's gonna be like being bought about you now right up, but it's funny because no one actually knows they consider billing are now making divorce into more than two years. I spent months, though it was awkward for months, bastard income k? I vow, but there's like a confidence of like two people who just want to make it work and I am also a very like emotionally intimate person like any one. I date I get very close you in terms of like physical already comes with their but like they're, my best friend literally someone that you're like I can have a boring conversation with and eat meals with for the rest of my life. It's not about recent downs, like it's Thirdly, the simplicity of at all, like who do you want to see my couch with and have an
going conversation for sixty years dude, it's so true. The whole best friend thing I feel like you being able to one be yourself and then two him be your best friend or her, be your best friend as corny as it sounds. I feel the same way because my boyfriend and I were having a conversation the other day, just because he has a lot of friends that are married and they already have children because he's in his thirty s, and he was saying it's crazy when you do get to that point in your life, where you are like this is my person, you better be best friends with that person, because essentially, when you then go to the ase, having children like your kind of you, you have your friends still, but it's really the two of you in it together. I try to make time dear friends, but especially when you re having babies in short, like you're in it together, and if you dont, like each other, and you're going to bed every night together, like your fuck out, You fucking now that there are so many people I think, are in love with each other, but like stop liking each other. It like
Friends that you ve had like forever annually out like them anymore Billy. I love that will come to the wedding totally, but it's like no you, this person gotta, be like your whole me with any luck with this person in all aspects of life, something happens in a room. That's funny, and you immediately look at them and you have the same eye. Contact reaction does magic. Like bits little and also, if you trust that person more than anyone like ice I'm calling I found for me. It was like I calling my mom as much when I'm like upset about something and I'm calling him and I'm like. Oh Ah he blah rock yeah.
That really. Our moms must be so happy right now because I would call her being like. I got chicken fingers Dagonite the row and I got copying and she's like I'm a principle of a school like I can't have as having I'm outward mob. It is crazy because that, also aside from the dumb shit, I think I'm births before my mom really met him. She I think she was at first little concern. She was like we yogi field, stand like I'd like you to have now gone, you he's a legitimate and conduct. That's what happens in those stories on ethics as full as our murdered or start to their wouldn't think we're way Europeans I'm. There was a series on lifetime called like Alex Cooper, kidnapped or something, and I started you see a flash before my eyes and, like maybe my mom, think, there's about me like my mom was like really concerned at birth and then I think ass time went on and she met him. She now is happy for me, but she had double check. Is this a new minarets lily going back to the same professional athletes box that like she was dating? But no, I think that's interesting, so you grew up.
You always saw your parents or sell together, so you were like you wanted to get married. You thought you just knew, with a guy, wanted him, but it wasn't. I didn't I like in my head like I guess all the family got married one day, but I really felt like when the right prison happened. You also can't fuck it up and so funny, because Alexandra are the cap is. Are we did together you straight up, we're like I'm talking to three guys at the same time, and when one of em pisses me off, I go I'm going to talk to the other. One hang up and such like, what you say. You were not doing what it s like. It would have made a guy, be like oh she's, the one Should you up, I was crazy place, probably because I think at that point in my career I was going through like the biggest LE drama craziness, and I think I wasn't like willing to start talking to New guy entrust him in the middle I'm about that had just like fucked with all my trust issues not end even like a male way liking would like woe on all
the wonderful trust has been broken on every side like everyone was fucking. Everyone- and I was like I don't have time to fuck with like a one specific guy right now, cuz. I can't trust even like myself, my family, you hadn't, prioritize just surviving each day in your own boss. However, not you. I. I know that we manifested new moving airline, we're not not trying to manifest you gauge the sky, but this The should happen to me where I met him. We want only for dates. I go to our house. I would call I every night the first fifteen minutes would be me crying because I got in like a bunch of fights and I was scared how I was gonna row and then he would turn phones, acts and many would turn into like two more hours of us just like talking and we lose. You saw it funny how, when you are sad than all of a sudden, you kind of get horn, and that is that I don't hit me like some that Novi sad and I masturbate We re only got worse.
People say that, like you have like hates expert like what war cry sacks of angry schreyer, my that biogas, where prying you're so raw and you're, just open and generous like. Why am I right up after a good price, actually looks part? Will you feel so vulnerable? So I was caught if you were like Hannah. Let's get this guy. I would call him be like. Oh my god said it was so amazing. I had so much fun with my friends. I love them. All relative is really fun, but instead I do it this guy Ryan, I mean your guy should have ran so when drama they see something that we don't see and for whatever reason he was like this is worth it so for all those people who were like. Which lay text him back. How should I be? What should I wear? It doesn't fucking matter find you want to do and cause if you have to at a time the beginning, you can keep that up I see where life so now. Now that the shows not foaming he's like you are a dream, and I, like you,
not growing every mythic. Oh my god. It's almost like you hit him with the worst in the beginning, and now it's gotten better and he's like. I am living the best life I was marrying a psychotic nightmare, but as good on show that we are also cut Eimer, I remain when you were like I'm moving in, and I was like where we really put his house unlike who's, who why? What do you mean You have your mother, you with your fucking boyhood. Youth is a bit like do end its it. So in saying, because I just like, I don't know I feel like there are so many girls listening. I even will admit like I don't know how I have felt about marriage, my whole life and z- you, someone has been so open about like her trials of going through with men in like having fuck ups in disaster moments of farming in their base and like blacking out in all the thing, it's kind of noble, dude, it's kind of cool to see. One of us like you're. Doing, however, is it fair to say fifty,
percent of all marriages and bore her. We feel like how do you are? You are like point we're like I didn't need. Marriage like I also financially independent, like I dont need. May dad too, like give my dowry to someone like I'm good, like I got my own darling, I'm happy. I really got to the point where I was like. I could live this life with my cat and its men are really such just like a list plus in your life, like I really am as not dislike with Ruth I mean, is a huge decision, but it's not with own complete. Now it's literary while I found this person who wants to be my teammate, who want to be my partner, but like still Hannah and it in my head. It isn't even that big a deal. It's like. Oh, I found someone who is gonna, fuckin love me and I love them I'm still doing me and I think it really got to the point of view feeling like like that, Pierre quote, where it's like manner like deserve, they really are. He enhance they are a little bit like. I don't fucking need him, and he knows that, and he doesn't need me and I I thought scary, I think,
the one lessening that's like a huge point, not that we're trying to get soppy with it, but like I've, had relationships in the past where it being talks I lost myself, I didn't feel independent and therefore I felt like I needed that person and having had talked about marriage with some man. It was for the wrong reasons. It was because, well I'm so deep in this toxic hole with this guy that I fully lost myself. He is talking about marriage. I know he's got a shit tunnel money. Maybe it would just be an easy life to just go with it, and I know it wouldn't be genuine on it. La la la la anybody that has those thoughts, don't fucking. Do it don't do it don't do it because that's a huge sign when you don't feel you're in an equal partnership and if that, if you lost that person you'd be satisfied But also like you're still, you you'd still know how do I get up in the morning and do your shit? That's when you know the person is just like an added bonus. Like hell. Prairies I've never said that out loud, and I never thought about it like that. But there's some:
about him like its people? Joking this twin flames, these like toxic things. We like can't live without them and it's like it's really not like that were to people not just like really like me, with each other, and it's really simple but If you don't want to get married, probably would have waited a longer time like I wasn't trying to push it but he's worth it, five and who was like, I know your works and like when the pin I is done. I want to go back on tour in this. On, he has to go, but we might have to do a long distance relationship. Like he's gonna be in Ireland, I want unwilling to Vienna lacing grown. Do some stand up so like it's not going to be easy, but, like I just I can. I trust him. I love him and, and he wanted your best friend beer and its little things like when I I think like it's great but then like when you leave some kind of and, like you we prize can fuckin way for them to leave the room. Oh my god, even if you feel hot around them or did you know you, you have goods So then the second they leave really ox you can rely? I would rather be myself right how dude
Can it I'm so happy for you genuinely because you re I'd its creates crazy like as much as we joke on this, but it is crazy that you found, someone. I think my eye. Wondering, though, like financially have you guys discussed yet like this the most we're topic. Like I remember meeting my boyfriend like I googled his network and I'm like that. Not correct, because I know what else to it on Google, Is that where them like dots, not correct or he could not be living this house, then I started asking. I started a gauge a little bit more like six months, and I like real, What kind of new, like ok, I kind of get what this guy makes but, like I still don't know the conversation about how much you make slowly may becomes out, but then to get engaged and married. Are you guys, gonna split bank, accounts. Are you guys gonna get it? Are you getting a preen up like what are you doing such great? genes and also we have to remember like this, two years ago, which is not that long like whim. Who did not have their own income allow the time women were not going to college. So
going it is I got so I'm going in it in a day way, we're late. I really dont need him financially it all right. I love that, like he's established and like successful or not fucking jealous of me on, we did have like I mean even like my wedding, I'm paying for it. I tell my parents, I said you ve put in your money like had like I love being like. I earned it I'm doing at your fuckin flowers on getting flowers, but I'm too came from my wedding, I was there isn't a kind of dope like making your own money and working so fucking hard for it, and especially thank the two of us in these past two years, like we see behind the scenes and even online like we're, busting our asses and were working, hard and like I bought my mom her first pair other food. She like low furs- and it was the coolest moment like I was like I
by my ma now I'll exhorted bawling. My eyes are being like that so fuck Alex you're, so those am. I haven't, really bought myself anything that nice, like someone sent me a Chanel person. It was like very cool, but Like I said you have heard, I was like a vintage like little getting that I got, but those like and my mom is actually also awesome, and I was like I'm gonna buy my mom rang. Like? I have no rings. I made away my engagement, I'm I forgot The only rings I owner MAX boyfriends about the Roma. I literally one I got like went to David German, like picked the her late gum, Earth stone and I've never been more excited to get someone or present, and I just think like so important, just knowing what you want. What you have. I love that he successful put on I don't even know it's not worth and you're, not too good. I don't know it's not worth and I don't care, but also he fucking specks, my hospital so much he if you will,
this twenties he'd still be chasing like hard and of his coat. He said like in his twenties. You, like the litter we toward every single week in a different place. Now that he's chill for me to do that, and also such good advice like he told also. I want to tell you this in terms of my own He said when he was his most famous in Europe was when he thought People hated him the most solid he didn't even enjoy the fame like he was like selling out. You know. Theatres still felt like people fucking hated. And he goes now that I've been through that it's done he's like I just wish. I knew that I just a part of it and actually enjoyed my success at the time. Did that's like dark is far clear. My brother actually said something similar to me. I was just haven't like a bad day, the other week, Psych, scotsmen diagrams and like just feeling down and like whatever Anum cosmetics,
sometimes people on get like me, put yourself out there and- and you really leave it open to getting like your home, life scrutinising sons they fuckin head, unlike ok enough to read my has that yeah and I was like oh ok, o r, a chill on that- and I was talking to my brother cause he's like really my rock when, like I'm like feeling like shit, and he was just like Alex like sometimes when you call me about this shit, I just want to be like. Are you even having fun like you should be having fun with this, and I like some times you lose sense of like social media makes you feel so small and so shitty and anybody listening. I don't care if you have a thing and followers like people, it's the same as when girls are talking about you in the fucking bathroom you awkwardly walk in and it's like. Oh fuck. I just heard you talking shit about my fucking acne today, bitch like fuck, you like it hurt and like I'm, not gonna. I know I'm so sorry. Alex Cooper. I don't have any fuckin issues and I
all knowing an idle I'd like nothing hurts me like. No are you kidding and when I got out of the amber, like someone made a comment on my instagram. Those like he likes nothing really mean about me, and Three hundred people like that comes after summer house, a clear the those were like we got to go, but that's when at first you're, like okay, that was me, but then you're like it's the really agreeable agree like how many and then used are really feel like excise duty is it's very like a black and white? Really you go from some. That happens to be like own. This is under my career or like, and this is like everyone feels this way about me. So like your mom, probably talks about a lot so I'll see what else colonies do to like. Ok, cancel it like everyone thinks I'm the type of person and I can't get out of it. I can't explain myself and I'm just going to go cry about it. Cuz these people won't understand me, and you just feel, like everyone feels that way about you, it's crazy. And I guess I like again I'm trying to make sure like em.
But again, if you don't, if you're not on social media, like same goes for social groups like it's, I feel like it's just a very like isolating time right now in the world specially because I think social media, like everyone's getting street nine for anything there doing others also something called tall poppy syndrome where, when woman like that question so one of the poppies. I I'm such a Mcgovern, Brooklyn I'm a farming bullock, one of the liquor sunflower one of them grows really tall, though the poppies have to cut down. They just there you go if any bitches are being ass. Also, anyone listening to this podcast just know your joy. Ok, I am pumpkin, go back. Your amid a buck, your dad Ok, glad at my crying, oh my podcast this week, feeling the little emotional, oh my God does is in background right now and I were literally getting a pink and other members. I want any like flax
do you think you know what I'm going to take a picture of the kind? You put your hand on his arm and just gets Reinhard. Nearly come down brown. You please stop at it. You like a little keep going to twice last week. We gather right right. I think so I grew up. Like my parents are in love but like for a very long time. I was like kind of content. Ten. Where I'm sorry can you forget Ariane Marianne, whereas those acting us. Right. Yeah. I know talk about why not a bathroom girls talking share by yeah I I feel like I feel similar to you were like I feel super independent now, and the same goes for though, sometimes in this industry, its.
Be lonely which I think a lot of people out of ours, so nice to me before things are going well for me. People worse, people willing actually goes this little hand and, like all teach you, the industry, like people were so fuckin nice to me, and I even like this last, like filming of summer house, was really hard because there is just that group dynamic were like, I had this kind of I had I didn't always like people were mad at me, for, like legitimate reasons, is what I'm going to say about that. Would probably like Josie and shit like it's like you you're killing at your working hard, and I don't. I don't want to use the jealousy word because, like I click to say: rollicked popcorn, we pop different front of a lot analogies here between poppy and I'm hungry poppy, perhaps we all positive, times and try to like see someone pop and especially pike us industry, like you fuckin, lifted me so much like I've gotten. So
Followers new business to burn in hell cause of you I hate me now makes me so happy, but it makes me it. I feel the same way about you may be in a different way of, like you, one of the first people that I had ever had on during all the drama unlike me coming in and and- and I think like- maybe it seems easy, but when I was like a cat to do this on my own and I didn't have months off like I do, right into it. I was like who am I gonna have on and when I reached out to you the way that one it transpired of like us becoming just like podcast pals and then having an actual friend in the industry like I dont know that many people and I try to stay in a bubble, because I think it like helps me just focus on what I'm doing and not later get too crazy with focusing on other people, but, like you, ve been so good and a good friend to me and in behind closed doors moment and in front of like media
and yet you been amazing with me, so I think it's cool till I have friends in the industry that are there for each other, so I also cause I'd call tomorrow. My shit could go right tomorrow, you're sure can go down so like you can never get to up on yourself. Really your head get too big and, like I don't think like if you're fuckin here, on people you're listening this attitude, who don't Oaks Hannah think about why and you wanna, be doing this and that's why you're, mad fucking do Brown, go start upon cow, get asked me what fucking podcast equipment I use, and I can tell you and that's fucking know it's true. It takes like a minute to be like stop focusing on what everyone saying about. You could have the people that are saying shit about. You are just upset that they're not doing whether wait what you're doing or their dealing with their own shit in their bedroom and they're, just like taking it on the internet to anyone, that's getting any hey or bullying, or rather thought it's usually
the one, that's doing that is really unhappy with their lives, and then they see you as a target and urges going out. You, but it's almost like you, should feel bad for those people and just like help up with them and like I can absolutely get better doing that. Sometimes I get petty and all say some stupid, shit and Maguire. I do that, but it's like he does her. It does her into were taking to like general head people gonna like. Are you guys talking, but but I don't now, but I also think it's so funny too, because immediately you go in your head. I hope people don't talk shit about. I hope people like that. I hope people aren't word we're talking all over the site, but it's like also you just have to know like you're being yourself, I'm being yourself and something different relationships and purely like, and some people going to be like Alice, could far into the micro on another point which we thought we would I do. This is a complete. I just have this thought. To ask as I'm gonna get at it. Are you taking his last name great question, no war, You such a good question now
I'm glad you asked me. Why are you being just because you have a name for yourself or do you think, regardless of this career? You would take her Naso into his his name is gherkin Chinese unnoticed. Getting is not. It is a beautiful name. It's bishop, because I know People are fucked up last names their like. I can even spellbound, not try and take a totally to ass named ban a Bishop Hannah Shep. I sound like regal. I live highly Hannah. It's like Hannah Hannah. It sounds like I have problems with no I'd like as you like, elevated more you make it sound like elegant and you're, not so it's islamic. We have about our cause. I don't think there's gonna be happened anyway. Your name shut the fuck up. I am pointing with my finger at her right now. Two of your wondering was bad bad finger and I don't really Ellis my brand, but, like I actually love my last name as now. Think of on call me burner. Johnny burn dog, I ve. No doubt of that knows
about last name. Just I love my lessening burner. I'm not gonna. Take a man's last name either, regardless of my platform are not my question. Is this. Our kids taking my millennium? Yes, we're. Ok, I was in the shower before they said I was thinking about it. I was like my question is: why do we carry so looking around for nine months, only four only for it to come out of our vaginas rip out of our vaginas rip. Sometimes I asshole rip out of our asshole vaginas and then we give it the man's last name. What the fuck is that We are an antiquated society, however, if anything, why not just give it both of your last names commercial as you guys heard last week. There is a la de drinking going on large. I'm really were really hit, not bottle
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if we and adjustment going from being single and living by myself in New York to then coming out to allay and having a roommate and having a boyfriend that lives here full time. I've never had a boyfriend that lives in seem state as me, except for like a one of the athlete idea, and he was always on the road, so he was usually gone. And so since moving here, I've definitely had a couple mental breakdowns, and it's like I'm just like waiting till Wednesday, because that's the day that I have their ip because I don't feel like. I have alone time more and I didn't really realise how important alone time was for me, until this move like it, was something I've always had, and I never really thought about it that deeply until I moved here an and thereby I've talked about, like I'm, definitely an extra I voted in on this em right, so you
viewed so much energy when you're you're, when you're with people you wanna, be a life. The party you can't go to a dinner without talking and you put so much, energy into social settings, but then, in turn that makes you need that allow on time, because of the time where you essentially like recharging, and I feel like between Lauren and my boyfriend, which we ve all too looked about now openly, once I figure out how to fucking communicate this him could learn always knew. Larn always has been like yeah go. Watch your movies? Like you need time, you had your episode this week, you're exhausted, like go. Lay in bed like watching tv show, don't talk to me. Turn off your lights, be dark. Dungeon girl like she calls me, but, like I didn't know how to take, It's my boyfriend, but once I did like Lauren my boyfriend both were like. I never need alone time. Arms like I could never be alone in my life, and I would be the happiest person he's at the same thing and I look at them like they have ten heads and I'm like I'm I I'm not like that at all. I'm saying what like I'm, I will literally being out of my parents, yeah like an end at night.
But he's cute, like you hillbilly you dont want silver League really know Diana Billy. I despise need it it does not mean your by girlfriend that actually just like for your mental health and its also link so good to be true, from each other's attempts to reflect and checking on yourself and cause you and again on yourself when your constantly with some do not such a good point, my therapist IRA, having conversation and like Alex like your needs, a long time- is not a reflection on how you feel about him. Midst Ben definitely like an adjustment, because I think at birth. I wasn't articulating it and I would just start to try to. Disappear, and I was acting shady shady ivy rights there and I was for the very like the one we gotta get into an elevator and he's like where to do, and I was like, oh my god for the first time in my life, I'm not being shady, but then I'm going off the grid and like taking a nap and relaxing and he's like, where all Are you what I'd like? Oh
I have two communicates. I lie Lord any better. Living alone was the greatest thing ever happen to my life, and you also to you have to tell him your job is performative like yeah, let's say you do you're doing blogs all day and as an introvert, extrovert or actual ensure, I don't know which direction it goes right. Or giving so much to a camera like I do chat room. I like film. Three hours of this talk show every week one makes me up? Don't talk to me? I don't I have nothing else again. I put it. There. I was like the most fun. Exciting, funny version of Hannah, and then I want to try with you and you I was out of my own face. It just be liked it. Putting it all out there. My energies gone right now and I just need some time to come on energy back to be the best version myself with you, and I think another part of those journey is me just like learning how to communicate better with my partner. He is so amazing. Like I said the minute I told him he was like. Ok, look nice little send you'd like a spot that you knew don't even have a seat like white like two Omagh
by what are you tell me? This is more on me that, like I'm learning how to not he's so individual. And a law on my own and like learning like in a partnership communicating in being open like that is really the key to success, and I was like in full acting this pain on myself, because I didn't know how to articulate news, I will just or to say it say exactly what you need and I think my point to anyone listening is like. I think people would be I think a lot of people. I have not even really talk about that on my show, I feel like I'm not allowed people expect needed How will we say I almost more introverted? The next sounded A hundred percent right, like my for my job, like I love performing, I love the show I love doing blogs, but, like
then I also on the other, and that I dont film and I dont shows me like hibernating in my room and like needing significant alone time, like not wanting to go to dinner with people all the time, but I feel like anyone, that's listening cause. I guess I haven't touch on this as much like if you are in. Further than you do feel like you need that a long time I was reading an article on vice the other day. That was like. Alone. Time is like an actual thing, and if you don't get alone, time is the equivalent of you feeling lonely people that need around people, people that we need a long time. You literally feel like depression. No. I just want to normalize for anyone not in quarantine. Right now, I feel, like a lot of people probably have had everyone's on top of you and then on, and then you're free time. You have to zoom with family members, and it's like you, almost we'll have alone time if you're living with people right now, so our eyes think it's interesting. With regard to your engagement. Was it everything you always dreamed of, or was it definitely like differently
do lying in bed like what was it camping compared to what you it always thought of leg words. Was there a different way, they wanted the guide to ask you. Why did you not care this effect because I'm not a psychic, but in my head I thought I'd be merry by twenty nine. I thought I would propose embed to me Am I not a want like I just like? We had a sense of it and do that interesting, because I'm I dont like these holy public displays of affection, with engagement like doing it Blake and having the random strangers clapping like I'm. Actually, quite I'm the sunset but I'm kind of a shy private person when it comes to like certain things like we were, intention when we want it like what and telling my stupid jokes. I want it, but when it's like me doing like really really personal things? I don't want it to be out there, your children later, to take the picture with the ring on and posted on, Instagram yeah, but you're, not gonna record your engagement and uploaded to fucking know, and you know the people who do like what are they like raves, like the girl, the people to do a synchronize dance, and then you like in a home depot and likes and,
the lash more like a flash mob like I was literally die. If somebody to me I'd really give ya is a way for me to literally be like, I actually, why are we going to marry you, but you just fucking, proposed me in a flash. I should put I'd rather not the corn liked to the weak. I dont need that like to Bruno Mars and only that's what I think I like hey, hey Bruno Mars. I would rather do anything by new you dead. I'd, never asked you, but I got I remembered margin like not close. Like it's complicated. It's not ok. Basically, you're gonna get you whenever you do in your engagement browser it so crazy me one. Could I just? I haven't really thought about it for a while. I never thought I was gonna even get Mary, but I I mean personally I I don't really know what the fuck I'm gonna do a part of me once to never tell the world if I end up getting married, villager traumatize from this also Alex the whole marriage thing. There's a
party, a bridle shower: what's a bridle shower because one, although shall let me explain something to you. There, it is my genuine mine, but that when I think about this stuff, I care, more about how the man proposes to me than the wedding if a man is going to ask me to marry him big deal, yes big deal for anyone I the way that he asks me to marry him? I want it to be so unbelievable romance.
Tick. Setting were here, we're both in a great place in our lie. We need to be here now we need to do here were written lattice, I'm by a pool we'd our yarning, like about being brands like like Lou, although lay down maybe south, of frogs good idea, but not public you while I go now. Oh no, oh man, that's beautify ourselves alone. Isolation confined him! Do you? Wanna have windows paparazzi photographers that they hired to capture the moment. I dont want anyone to even know who I married to that's out: that's ok and then some as a sketchy urban scout jobs. It is because I don't want anyone to have her. No, I married so badly one around a dinner were the rags of man. I gotta think if I'd really like back she's back Mfa, philosophers have baffled know, so I want the ring to be fucking. Fire. Ok sue me. I dont care being honest here, though wedding
I want just my family and his family and then, like my four closest girl, friends, and I want to be like a weekend where everyone just goes like somewhere. We all go whether it's like them now into the Bijou Rev, the fuck and it's more of a party weekend that we all get together for and then we just like happened, delicate, not even a ceremony out almost wanted to be a it's loaded, happy hour. Yes is a party and again I didn't I wasn't. I never grew up really fantasizing about a wedding. I really until reason didn't even know. I would get married I do deafening think I don't want a conventional wedding at all. They could be so expensive so fast, but there's a thing like I joked. I want a garage wedding like I want, like literally nothing and then became page Billy baby so mad at me, but then I would say: ok, one of barbecue wedding, like on my cousins, lawn shelter, islands, where my vision has put this thing, I'm navvy bridle shower. I don't have any bridesmaids, I'm not doing I'm Niven having about Europe Party, I'm not doing it, I'm just not doing it. I want to live my life. I wasn't
like that attention like the worst when this ever happened me my life every year is when people say happy birthday to me and I feel like Bats Europe. Parties, weddings, though, those moments where you're, like everyone loves me when it's like. No, no. I want to feel like I've won, hates me in and try to get their love doing stand up like that's all. I violent, isolated and profession that were in a lot of times, allow what time is it is about us, so I don't need a day. That is a big ceremony about me. But daddy can we get it if you're like a fucking account? Are you just like on the grind with sales calls all day you deserve a day
It's all about you, we are sick of ourselves. I can't even Booker myself in the mirror. Sometimes do you think I'm not sick of my own voice talk about myself, twenty four seven on the progress we are only now. We know we wish you'd start, but the thought of like having a day like no, let's make it up my mom. Let me buy empire by just one of my presence for my mom for the rest of my life. I guess I am so for abolishing sweating, like I hope, my current habit and but for me personally and again, to each zone like good for you not for me also how many people to do like last year that you hate now sorry that was thou no known to have but no but has not made the point, the point was made. So I would love to ask you Hannah if, like there are any good advice moments that you for girls, guys listening when I feel like it so important like it's, not a bow. Looks it's not about, like all the servants level no, it is about, looks at his about looks in origin of the rocks nodded outlooks
hey what your fingers LE gliding leg. Why? What did you do Oh, how for me, oh sorry, outside Europe, looks of like guys. You date cause you. Definitely I'm lay their hands on your, but those are so that I didn't understand you're coming for me, but now you are, let's get into it from it's funny, because the I'm on tv and like people all the time or laying hens booking Angli is beginning knowing but no one ever Wireless Hannah, and I I feel like it's just your great thank you I just feel like the last time you try to change or and find happiness, and she said and work for things enforce things it's all over. Did he there. A call my mom after the proposal. I cried, and the first thing I said is this is the thing I've worked for the least in my life. Like I know we joke like we tracked him how to get to go to propose to you. I literally had to work on this nothing. There was
strategy, there was no changing of how I'm gonna be. I put no, into it. I just was me, and I do that, like I've, changed a lot of shit in my life, I thought, if I can win more tennis match, is I'd be happy. I thought if I could get on tv, I could be happy if I got more followers. I'd be happy, This is my happiest. Moments have not been with any of that. Bullshit my happiest moments is just when I fuckin feel so good in my own skin. And then that shit just like it, in energy that shocks, people the guy. I want to be around you. The girls want to be around you. The cameras want to be around you and it's just like this hotter than sitting in your own skin fuck you of a huge knows. You have stubby fingers, you have small TED's, you fuckin own it and people just just want to be around back his notes, uncomfortable to be around someone who is clearly on, comfortable in their own skin and hates himself and Jackson on other people might drop.
Hannah Burner, you are always a pleasure to have on this show I really can't tell you how happy I am for you. It's been really cool to watch you and your relationship and your career and your show, fully, thriving and also just getting to know you during this entire process. Thank you, so much for being a part of me, I journey. You ve been an oh gee guests and single thought air began and I would not have it and the other way, so I I view the day the gang has Blake brings to brush much joy, my life, and I think I could be my full self with you guys. Are there it's like do ridiculous shit or like being super gushing. Like complaining about anxiety- and I feel, like things recruited the space for me, and I love you tag yourself. Please so the daddy income follow you and find you. Oh, make a farming at being burns B, I and II be Aren t, listen, my pod burning, how big a squad of pay
Adam. Watch. Summerhouse, I'm There is some our houses on. Bravo Thursdays at nine pm, Eastern and Bravoes Chat room is on Sundays. At nine thirty pm eastern, where I make fun of Bravo, shows that is it for this week's episode Daddy Gang, and I am excited to announce that next week's episode there it will be a new gas that has never come on, call her daddy and episode is going to be quite quite quite controversial, but more important sexual
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