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121- The Season Finale

2021-05-19 | 🔗

Is a season finale ever dull... ;)

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Enjoy you bitches deserve a new fucking toy. Let's get him. Daddy gang areas, your single father, Alex Cooper with her talking here. What the fuck is up Daddy Gang AIR is you're founding father. Four, another episode of call her daddy. There is no one and seriously, I mean no one other than law I could hear now with that. I would be rather sitting with on this last episode, then my best friend Lauren Mc Molen learn to live it. Is the mother fucking season finale. What
fuck is a season. Finale calves hide here. I made it out no doubting, obviously either I dont think people do seasons in pod casting maybe they do, but I'm so saying it's a season finale, because ever free, single person. Listening to this podcast, you know about the drama a year ago, and you know about the infamous three year deal this. Is the last episode of that three year. So, as I'm sitting here on the couch with my best friend, I'm like all right, we need to go back. I owe it to you guys. We owe to the show we got to go back. We got to go back to the very beginning of the, GO father era, and I want to spill some fuckin tee. As if we could have thrown up t some tea, that ip ugly, could a soul to page six back in the day and, like the rest, We stood alone for a lot of Algeria, learn thinking about doing so,
when you go back to the beginning, because I think there is one tat bit do. I know there's wanted, but I ever shared with the daddy gang or the internet. There was a time period right before I released the Youtube video that lovely Most sweatshirt shirt, iconic. That I considered having a co host to the point you're, like you had one person lined up teed up ready to go, and I will never forget the day at the time I was shooting my fucking pants honestly to give you insight, like I had. An eighty plus episodes with a co host. I didn't know how to fucking podcast on my own, and I will now forget, I'm sitting in my parents bedroom my mom and my dad and I are sitting on their mattress and I call my brother. I conference him in, and I my parents, like hey, I think I made the decision. I think I'm gonna go at this person, the Isley shower of granite,
love you my brother, grieved into the phone and was like ah Lex. What the fuck are you doing Waiting, I, like I, don't know he was like you're out of your. Fucking mind get down into the fucking basement you can do this on your own and you're doing it on your own, like that so fucking I own bat, like you, were that close saddle glows. That too, close. It wouldn't have been the single other air I knew about it. All right do show ended. That's your so right, it's crazy would have been the single father. Air was little unity, collar, daddy, featuring Alex Cooper and oh dont, give them credit no, but but that person everyone knew that person was, and I'm sure obviously now you're extremely happy that you in it of doing it alone. Absolutely. I can say that now, a year later, but I d
I had my doubts for a few months because it was like- oh my god, like what, if I can't do this, what if they like what if the world thinks, I'm not good, where one of everyone's like the old shoe, I was better what, if What, if I say something that doesn't resonate and then people like think that I'm not a good person cause the only person but they know, is through, though the microphone here every week so trying to like in a great like being author. Take, slash trying to create a new shows, slash trying to keep everyone entertain. Flash me trying to re write what the what this narrative, is gonna, be and try to not erase. The past, I I don't want a race to pass those. Eighty episodes are fucking crazy, an unbelievable the show was unbelievable, but It was like it was time to move on. I think it was hard for people like we don't move I had to the show, went from Two persons show tool. One person show basically overnight do you want to be honest and tell people like what that was like So we do you sweetie, I'm so glad you asked daddy gained
few insight back in the day when we first like gold a key year with me? Ok, you were remember that the beginning of this whole thing was the Youtube video. I uploaded the Youtube video, the truth about call her daddy, like we're getting the ball rolling and then it's like ok boom times proud. The first episode, the funeral and, right after I put out the funeral, it Now, what like literally That's it like using ok, great Wednesday K what's next Wednesday, and then it was Dave and then it was you and it was like during that time? I just remember fully feeling I was scrambling yeah and that lasted for months after I release. The funeral Adasa Vienna thing why you has Vienna on for two episode: the real reasons. A banner was great love you shot out Savannah, but the d, real reason behind why I had her on for two part series, and this up into law in the first few months was I had no idea who my next gas was gonna, be
it would we're in the middle of a pandemic, and not only was it hard to get guests. That was one, but also it was like. Who do I want to but what is the show I didn't have a moment to pause and think like where I wanted the direction of show. So I was just constantly hail, marrying Fucking Odin, like all fuckin work, which thank God it did. But like again, thank you all for listening and like sticking fucking, with me, because I had a lot of moments, I was uploading that shit like one I am being like, oh Papa. I really hope they like this list finally talk about like these wanting, am uploads a talk about like your process. A little bit because like although this is like a top, chart show. Never ceases to amaze me that you can use we run this pod catholic, a fortune five hundred company. But you Here's the more mom and pop Rau, oh, like you're studio, is your bad and
the team is your sixty year old, mother and me elucidated or more is worrying to start no end. Thing is it I dont anyone get a twisted like that is by choice, also learn. Please stop the corporate life has never very differently. You know this year, although he took a lot of sick days that in the three online yes, but the truth this is like, I think, Keeping it it's all, I know it's like call her daddy's team Alex Cooper, her mom and our childhood best friend, but I think do bring it that way. Has I don't know I feel like it just allows it to stay: calm, Cosy yeah- and it's like it literally, does feel like. I know you always talk about it like it feels like a school products. Still literally like are the deadlines. Come on. Let's go here, we go. What are we put now tell Niners tonight S and I feel it gets like as big as it is out in the world. It stay so small between my fucking mother and my friend, and I like that to me- has allowed me to
it will continue to fucking, say shit. Even you think that's why I say half this shit that I say it fully does not register that this is going on to like millions of people ass, all jokes aside as much as we joke about this scramble and mom and pop business. There was the progression. Were you found your footing? I know at that moment was tell them. What was a turning point? Oh yeah, The fucking life changing moment, Miley Fuckin Cyrus Stewed, lay cause me were in her fan club only a little. It was childhood me was dying, Korea in the pan. They do where a deeper too you know, but like I was shooting my pants yes and of ours so proud of what that interview was. I look back now and I'm like a fuckin shit about anything but like in the heat of the moment. I'm happy with but went but really aside from that it was more like first of all, up until now point. I was trying to understand how the inner
I am your dad. Buy you a book how to interview for dummy Ass, an economic link you'd out where you may say, but no like that's literally to like spell it out for every. In college I studied film on television. I wasn't taking journalism classes see I didn't realize they are different, but God different because then I'm likes and undue native Yoda, like ha so it was it's a bene. Learning experience for me for sure, but that ship we're talking about was when I left that Miley Interview, I was so proud of that and I also realised this is enough. Opportunity to level the fuck up, and elevate the show and then in firms of ratings that episode, Miley Fuckin Cyrus, broke every single call her daddy Download record in the history of the show the show had never done. Numbers like dying cools part about that moment was after episode the new
the audience and the new numbers staid, and that change the entire trajectory of the show you gonna like shook off this like previous, bag issues. Previous tie you had in the year rope through. Unlike this, is you and your show now exists? Yes, and it was like holy fuck. Now what and instead of me being scared like I was in the past few months and I only got whose an ex gas now it was like, like damn I can do this on my own and that feel thing and that confidence I got from the Daddy gang that support. Seriously, every single person, lessening whether your new listener or an Oji listener. I wouldn't be sitting here at the end of this year. A three year contract of podcasting. If it wasn't for you guys in your constant, constructive criticism some support, constructive criticism, not an isolated, like. I know that you guys you guys hole like keep me accountable and its ban, its ban fucking
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dare you it's not like it's one thing for you to leave me. What about out Lady Teddy Account after a club man. What really? What about me, fuckin socks. I me where we ve illusion into the fucking dishes. Now who's gonna do the dishes who's gonna get me out of bed in the morning whose good away by our like other lair, it's been yeah. It's been pretty buck and emotional over here in the California region in which learn. I live in this house I've been a little wet, yes wet! Oh, how could we cry baby or were you won't last absorb, unlike I've, gotten flocked in a fucking month and like you, no known as a month, either note saying mobs, maybe tune, have actually wow. Let me clarify, though, it's not for lack of trying last he can't. I was pursuing my surf instructor and broke my fucking foot, so I thought
That's an omen that California wants me out. You pursued a little too hot lard religion, gotta respected. This is call her daddy but backed you ever was I gotta thuggery moving LAR and take it away. So basically, I got a job offer and I'm in absolutely no position turned down a job offer. I have a crippling amount of debt to the federal government and racial learn Lily, sent me in short of I cursed student loans? Did you like it at number with, like? Oh, my god, I'm gonna go get that cash money. You gotta get that fucking dough Bayer, I'm so happy for you honestly, I think like at first I was in shock and naturally I was like buck. Yes, like we ve had time to cry like overall fuck, yes Deserve this is fucking amazing for your career, but not gonna lie. I'm I'm nervous I nip really easily when it's cold and like
check how goes cold very often we live, or even a lot of Jennifer Addison Vibes over here up over here. Talking about your career, gettin soppy in your over here talking about your frozen nipples, you no one really feeling bad for in this whole, your boyfriend why why a fuckin miss my third willing to them would literally he's like. I have two girlfriends ever this time. He makes it did a reservation and allay its fourth hurry. He's right, you don't even ask you like hailing where you want to go to dinner tonight. It like it is I know. I think you really s like ask mission like is it Ok, if like we have a good day day and unlike absolutely not like law, and especially this past week, I'm like Lord sleeping in bed with that, and that is what they know. It's it's can it be yeah? I mean a buck miss you and I think Getting personal in getting deep, first again, weave Cried a lot. The past couple
they're only to I've only known for a week. We ve cried the past week and it's been a lot. And I I genuinely would just want to say like one I love you so much and having HU around, I think like makes my life. Better, like I think, you're an amazing person. I think you're, like my, I think, if you're my best friend, and so I think, like having you having you next to me and like Trusting you, unlike getting too. Talk to every day and, like know what's going on in your life like it, I feel you make me a better person. I know you is a constant reminder of like why one always be. I love you. This is like her.
Important, my break. Do we liked my heart, her we ve been Lily sobbing, like babies, and it's like. Ok, like I really believe on. I was getting it where to go somewhere in the other night and you started crying like. I am amazed that doesn't like when you move out my alleys, I'm going like oh I'll, be home in like an hour. I like watching your poor, her cup of coffee and make this may be the last time I see you pour your coffee in the schedule like it's like, ok, you're moving. I could see me. It's not a good bye outlets. I'll see you later. I see you later, but it's also honestly a pretty see a fuckin. Soon, big lair is planning on coming back, but I am also planning on coming to Chicago many times. Yes, daddy and get ready to see that blonde bitch Barton around the city hair blow and into the wind in the windy city, Zalm or the boys or the daddy's. No, it's gonna be amazing, like one of my other best best friends from childhood lives there, and I'm just like this. Now is the perfect excuse to be ensured
I'll, go twenty four bucking seven and you bet when winter hits in Chicago I migrating West, I'm not even moving my furniture, my furniture staying here you know the thing is when you by your furniture from from Walmart and Amazon, it actually cost more to move it. Then it does just to bind who furniture we love to see that large. We love a cost, effective, bitch designer diamonds, the at I'm sorry, but as your best friend I got look out for your best interests. I can't help but wonder scale of war, its hand, how Oh good, is that MID West a guy will. I hope, after than a leg, is I'm gonna. Take that my dating seeing here is like a fat AL, every single penises, using how absurd LOS Angeles, California, has been significantly small. No, she too small dicks, but like we need you to get that like we need you, maybe language again, there's something in Lay water
was dig glares come in Korea and I've heard lair the bag in the mood a big were made, was dig, that's Paul. I dig that's that hold the door for you and pull out a bug in basic. I got you cancel polar antagonize every they ve got a big dig, the Fuckin star over the l, a man. I got excited were excited she caught oh daddy's everywhere in the area. Higher purpose. Are you bother fucking gang if you live in Chicago, the is being go, get pumpkin ready, because now it's like when I visit it is going to be all hell breaking loose over at their boats will get bored we'll see you at the bars it'll be a
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ally, safe dot com, slash daddy, stay, safe, Daddy's, hi, daddy gang before we begin this neck sag man. I want to provide a trigger warning that this segment does contain references to self harm, and if that is a topic that might be at all sensitive for you, you can skip forward to this time code. Thirty two minutes Thirty seconds, I love you guys. Last week we had on order who was unbelief the bull and daddy gang. I just wanna give a quick chowder to everyone that damned me afterwards. I am so grateful back there that pursued help. So many people touch, though many people, the amount of people about relic holy Shit, Alex that episode literally gave me courage now whether was to get into therapy or reengage and therapy, I'm so happy that episode could be a tool for you to begin that journey,
I think it's interesting because throughout call her daddy in this year. I have started to be open about my therapy journey, but in reflects and I realize I've been oh in about it a year and so but when I am talking about my therapy journey, I'm comfortable now and therapy, I'm trouble with my therapists, and I have some answers. Responsibly of Dewie him the way I'm, and why make the decisions I do and after last week. I thought. Why not also have some one except, in their journey at the beginning of their because Lauren, in the beginning stage, where you're almost getting broken down to be built back up, and that is a hard place, the bs, so I have been in therapy now for about two months, and I am assuming that people probably think that I'm in therapy to kind of process this seven year break up China.
Self discovery figure out who I really am and that to share very person a part of my life, and I only feel comfortable and confident doing so because of the absolutely support of an amazing response, I got to sharing my break up story. I still get. People having me saying that change their life witches while two here- and I think this oral we're a lot more impact for when I was a software in college. My father committed suicide happened during winter break between semesters. And my parents were divorced at the time, so I was actually the one who got the phone call. I remember I was in my driveway in the car and I got a call from a number I didn't know, and it was the coroner telling me the news
I had to tell me- and I had to tell my mother and my brother go inside and tell them what phone call I just had received. I have spoken to you as frequently if we were in college, I hope and your mom and a few years and in the first person I call to get what what the fuck do. I do right now was your mom. The funeral was the data for Christmas Eve they went to the funeral. I gave my father's eulogy and then I went back to school two weeks later and got a four point out. I'd. Never stop to mourn him. I never stopped to let myself grieve or even feel. I threw myself into school. I have always had to job since high school, I continue to have two jobs all through college and I
that too job mentality basically going until got here. That's what this house needs to me. This is the first time in my life that like I have not had to jobs. I've had a moment were not wondering How am I going to survive? That's that's. When my goat, you just survival, give my head of flow like constantly trying to keep my head above water. Not feeling anything and now I'm in this house, I have a sense of security by myself, I'm trying start fresh and they figure out myself, but I had this fucking. Passive thing on my back that I have never dealt with before I went on us as, if lit Nothing ever happens like I can firmly incontinently say like I. Never ones cried. I'm like now being in therapy. I realized that's fucked up, unlike. There is so much in my life I have never dealt with, but like that's. What I doing I, which is going in going in going and trying
everything I possibly could not to feel anything, I thank you for sharing this Lauren because. I can imagine how many people listening we'll be able to connect with the story in some way and it's a lot to fucking. Carry when you decided to get into therapy like you were, so to me holy FUCK Alex, I feel like I've been asleep for seven years. We're getting into therapy almost like well, I'm dealing with like death that I've pray dealt with before and like you definitely was easier and was working for me that kind of just package that up and like dissociate and not accept that reality not not feel, yeah not feel not engage. That reality legs
Some days I feel, like I like, don't know up from down left from re, unlike its really made me look at myself. Unlike evaluate myself and my good friend, am I a good daughter, my good sister, and I necessarily legal love. Everything is mainly see about myself but, like I am able to see the big picture and that, like I'm Running so much about myself and my with all this knowledge about myself, what I know it's gonna help me be a better person and, like, I think or said, like therapies, not a self, I'd like. I recognise that, like me, buttering myself, I'm just gonna be a better person for everyone, but it's it's tough, like I. There are days after therapy where I still have like a mile long to do list, unlike I'm like the little debilitated after what I can I'm just sitting there and like I need like,
fuck around the block, I need to call someone debrief that therapy session call you be like hey like. Can drop everything for a moment like I feel like a hot mass yap. Such a powerful moment, learn that you are what you're talking about and its also fucking terrifying. For someone to hear you, your debilitated ferdy, ok, no, I don't want to go into therapy and I think you saying to me. I remember you're, like if I hadn't done this, though what was I going to keep doing its work Its works for me in the past has gotten me like allowed me to like get all these degree. Isn't survive and stay afloat, but if I were, continue to live that way, I'm not gonna fully live. I take my therapist hold me last week you can survive in the desert, but that's not a life. You want to build for yourself. I think now People knowing my story recognise, why it was so hard what I nobody's gonna have to start dealing with to get into therapy, getting it to therapy
I just urge anyone whose has that they want to deal with. Trauma or just life stuff, they want to deal with it uneasy. I'm not gonna sugar coated but I would not look back for a second and I feel like every session is like boys changing for me at this moment,. And this move, and this time together allay, I feel at all, Back illegal as a turning point in my life, like going this together and like. You being that constant reminder of my childhood in you taking that valid point You remember more of my childhood than I do, which is wild. But you making that constantly might like effort till I keep my others like memory alive and like talk to me about him and bring him up. Just so grateful and
I love you. Oh my god. No, it's it's been like such a journey up. It's been such a journey watching you all right. Oh, my god, I can't talk. It has been unbelievable watching already in the months that you ve gone into therapy. I already can see a difference, and I remember thanks to the other night like I've been waiting for you to be ready for this, because there are moments where I can tell like that. Disconnect, like you, can't go places emotionally, because if you do than its all gonna fucking flood through, and you can't just begin that as a journey like a friend a friend like let's talk about it, and so it's been so amazing that you finally have that support through a therapist. Now we can like sort of begin to unpack it, but what I will say is like I am so proud of you learn and
I know the die the gang is so thankful for you sharing this story, you're, so fucking brave but also inspiring someone listen to this and have the strength now to ask for the help that they need. I just scratching the surface, I don't of answers, yet I think it might even get harder from here but I'm ready, I ready to get No myself, I'm ready to. Start living life. I think people like that. May break up. Episode were like how are you so ok or like we're it was a lie. I thought I was ok right, but I wasn't dealing with things. I wasn't like allowing myself to deal with things. Reflecting back on this. Journey and look back on that last episode that we did do too other, arrive, the Fuckin Lady Teddy thing yeah.
Like it was allotted drinking and the dating in the Saxon. All of it was like what I'm more unified and at Lauren, like to your credit, I was seeing you day in day out getting up Five, a m for work, getting a four! Oh at Columbia like yours, you that's exactly but you're so good. I, like you, mobilizing you survive and now we're seeing is like now we got a focus on the emotional share and you working on yourself and taking care of yourself and putting yourself first, and I think that click phase. Five of this therapies journey like learning how to like be alone, Balikh needed first figure out who is This person, I'm about to be alone with who am I even just like, listen, thing to myself share the story right now. This pod gas and link going through my there BP, Journey out loud with you right now. I even have a hard time comprehending like how I realise and recognised and felt in the
asked two months, and I feel so cliche to say but like if that can inspire other people to ask for help if they need because it so hard to even amid to yourself. But it's like the most rewarding thing in the entire world: commercial NOME, everybody think to yourself right now. What is your bad habit? What is something that you want to work on? Well Alex? I incessantly bite my nails and it's an awful habit, well Alex. I drew up fuck you fuckin jewel yeah, I jewel health. We are there. You're gonna, Wanna hit up new, ok news is based in psychology,
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With their goal. So if you guys won't go to the website check it out, it's called new you going to sign up for your trial today at noon. Dot, com, slash, daddy, again, sign up for your trial today, its new and as in nipple, oh as an Oscar, always in orgasm M, as in move dot com, slash daddy all right daddy gang now. The thing is, is you don't think but I would allow. For a season finale to go down without taking a little trip, a little trip, a little class trip, as they would say, ok get on the magic mother fucking schooled, others daddy gang guess where the fucking class trip is
go to a really actually quite expensive, mother, fucking class job. You give Mister So why styles of Burma a large towns, the moon, Well, good wag, baby. Welcome back baby, you get me like eggs pages were putting back. I could not allow to release this fortieth episode with out going to fucking friend its bitch is welcome to questions of the mother fucking weak. I,
state of honestly so glad to know that you guys, MR too, I'm not gonna lie. I think sometimes it's good. Some things away, see who really appreciate that now everyone's gonna be like, we actually didn't miss it. Now Kay the silent sufferers are quaking, but she knew why I don't give a fuck soda The king looked get right into it here we fucking good hello, father. Can we please talked curve penises penile, I'm freaking the fuck out over here I want hook up with this guy we ve been talking for a while, but word around campus is that he has a curved penis, how the fuck do I go about approaching a curved penis. I have never encountered one nor have I really had that much experience with Dick in itself. Love you daddy,. Sweetie sweetie sweetie, you have come to the right. Bucking place are, I remember it just like it was yesterday. I wise.
I believe I was a sophomore in college. I saw my first curved peanut And the mission it was only a blow job. We didn't fuck, but I did end up at one point. My life also fucking a curved penis, but I do remember this number one if you are sucking a dick that is curved you have to be so aware of your teeth because of that because of that fuckin curvature, it's really easy. Next to her. It's not does astray, up and down, we are or cooling we're all round about options so my first bit of advice is don't get too drunk when your first looking up the curve penis, because angels are involved in when angles are involved in your fucking, drunk tingles, glop can window energy lucky if your millipedes the buck and Dick just like your lucky, if your mouth, it's the buck and straw when your hammer now, if we're talking about fucking a curved penis.
This is an amazing opportunity seriously. Although it may seem scary, and you kind of look at it with like that tilted had like what am I Those who do it that have no fear There are some great fucking, quick little tips. I can give you, The minute you see that curved penis and honestly, we would love to get a dick pic. If anything, if you can before you, can really understand the trajectory in which angle we're working with, but in the heat of the moment, when you see that fucking curved Dick, need to go in to paper focused mode, which way is the curve owing everybody close your eyes if you're driving- maybe not so much but think of this, if he's lying, on the bed and you're like crawling up towards him and the penises out, is the dick curving up and then towards you like a big, knows kind of high or is the dick curving towards him? Ok, if the dick is curve towards front for you
rivers, cowgirl, ok, and what I mean by that is like a curve peanut It has the most unbelievable operated hit. Your g spot think about that became sorry. Industry, penises that something you can't buck and do so. This is a pro of curved penis. It can edge forward You almost use we're like bought your curved vibrator and that can adopt here G spot. So you get on him. You do reverse cow girl and then the edge will be rubbing up against your jeez bah. If you're doing overs cowgirl ah Flee, if its leaning towards him though you can then be doing. What are you gonna? Do everybody thinks yourself, what would that be if the curve those towards him missionary great work every fun, so you haven't just understanding angles because it can be so advantageous d d, curved penis can be so fucking advantageous for your g spot. You just to really quickly assess the angle and know what is the best exposition.
Hey big out, so you always rave about feeling this fullness, that you feel when you put a but plugin, and I was inspired and bought one for myself. Cheers daddy super exciting right, curious if you ve had any tips for a first time, and if you recommend trying them with your partner or by yourself for the first time, anyways hope to hear from you soon loved podcast love you. I love you bitch, ok the thing about, but Bugs is they're, fucking terrifying and, I will admit, like I, in the beginning, was like why the fuck, I'm gonna, put something up. My asshole, I dont puts ending up my ass. Well, you ve got something up your fuckin asshole and then Ass time went on, and I started to really experiment more with toys and like started to go from using a vibrator on the outside of my clear. So then using a vibrator going inside internally and then just doing the bunch of dual actually might buckin behind and shoving lampposts of Mfa compose the betting are really comfortable with pudding sauce.
On there, and I I knew what a finger in my but whole felt like during sex, but I kind of didn't like that feeling of I'm having the controlling the beginning, because I wasn't comfortable with asshole play because you, as humanly fucking anal experience, so I got about plug I got a literally a little baby one. If anything, I can take a picture guys demi and tell me to take a picture of it. I can show you at its little like a little bullet thing, it's a metal bullet and I got but plug, and it changed my life because I see red using it so low. To answer your question, I did not start with a partner I did so low and what I did and american lie to you like ITALY Really talk about, I would say by if two ten masturbation sessions for me too slowly like edge this thing in the light fucking asshole and a shit. You not like ice did you have to try different techniques. Could this is me coming off of the anal scare me fainting from it, and I was like How come here this asshole, God forbid, something
come near I'll pass out, so I really needed to like spend time with myself in the bedroom and like work, the angles and understand pressure points and so slowly. I started to just literally any advice is like lightly, just like put the Jaime bit of it in your by basically like this is you could almost be cases pathetic, it's not even in there. I have like hold it cause, it's so not even in their that's fine. It's just getting your but like comfortable with even having something and then slowly throughout my masturbation sessions. I get more and more Do it like lightly start like pushing it in later lighter and then once I got it in their it kindly pops and then you to stop ok and then you just let it set there and die once I felt that feeling it feels like kind of a whole buck per second and then you like woe-
and then you have that literally just sitting in their while you then our masturbating and you can be putting your toy in and out at the but pledged literally sits there doesn't move in and out just keep it in there and it feels fucking incredible so I honestly listen like listen like I notice is call her daddy, but I'm not gonna lie like if I was listening to a podcast. Had I not tried this, I believe that smoking Q and you can have your sex podcasting you're, probably even lying about this shit, maybe like nobody that should in their ass. I promise you give it a go, but I agree you have to eat into a or you're gonna fuckin dramatize yourself, daddy, go back to your teenage years. You're fifteen you're in love you snuck out, had sex with him. Your parents found out, won't let you see him and literally locked you in the house and now your homes hold of me. I'm so sorry, would you run away and go live with him? You owe me the be sixteen to move out your parents house. Please help. Listen Listen daddy IRA Amber? I was a fucking nightmare
and I don't say that lightly, like I seriously mean a bucket nightmare in high school, my parents, God bless my mother. Could she was way were involved in trying to like really hold it down. My dad was a little bit more chill but like and I hated her honestly like I despise it's my mom at times in high school we went through like a really bad rough patch, and that was because I was this guy I went to a private school. He was at the public school, he was doing dry. Eggs. He was a senior, I was a freshman and it was a fuckin disaster and, like I started to get into things that I should have been getting into, and I remember my parents pudding her foot down I got caught so many times sneaking out pleasure, I told you guys in one episode I went on to the internet, tried to buy the retractable fuckin ladder to throw down in case of a quorum quote fire like dad. What if there is a fire, I have to have a bucket honor, just in case you, like you're, literally trying to sneak out she provisionally our backs anyways
I had so many bad moments, and that relationship was maybe one of the most. Tumultuous relationships, but at the time I truly believe, like I loved this person, so much any was a good guy. He was just really, he would say can, he was lost and, and he ended up getting addicted to drugs, and there is a whole have cat came here. Haven't even told this whole fuckin story, a whole thing happened. He went into a coma. I had to sneak around to get to the hospital to see em. I was ready. Letters like it was fucking psychotic and my mother was like Alex: do not fucking waste? Your life for some one else like he's on his own track, like you, ve got scholarship like you're going to college. I don't want to I'll go and she was so in my asshole, but I wanted to almost Goma towards him and I'm so thankful. Now, looking back that, my parents were so strong, on me during that relationship and- and I even look back thinking in the time
I got. I wish my parents were more chill, like my other friends, a guy. They can seek out so easily their parents or even care, meanwhile MIKE think bucking, God so I was born reading like gear situation back to their homes. Schooling eel cough seems a bit extreme, What I can say is like. At that age. Most of the time- and I know you're in a hate, this answer, but like literally having now the wisdom of being older and looking back like thank you to my parents, and I know it doesn't. You won't be able to see it right now, but seriously, half the top most of the time in the situations where that your parents are pulling you away from like of romance at that age, like it's usually for the best it's usually because they see something could get out of control and you can't see it you're too young and you're too close to it. So I know it socks and maybe you can start like opening that boundary with you. Parents like listen, I'm sorry, I snuck out. I'm sorry that I wanted had sex with me found out what, if I have him, Were and like I have them at the house, and so you guys can meet him in like
even if you just hang out in public, so they can see you etc. Like start there for your parents make them more comfortable, but I wish you the best of luck, also tell them to fuck off in league. Let you back in go to school. Ok, March with this guy on hands- and I thought he was really attractive, so I was excited when he message me but right away. He asked if I would be interested in paying him to him, Elliot him and balsam around or at least These two using him financially sweetie, what's Va I've never done anything like this in a kind of eels out of my comfort zone, but at the same time it does really seem like a bad idea, and it could be kind of fun like extra cash and sex. I need help because I dont know if these are things that I should be considering, or what questions ask like, should I go all that he of gray on this mother Fucker joining the contract? Please help okay, so
this is obviously more like intends conversation as much as I know in the past we would joke like garbage like pluck inhuman, take that man like iron or stand everyone has their fucking limits in some girls are gonna, be like how the fuck do. I even begin to do that. Like I've purse, You never done it. I I've never humiliated hive doubly humiliated men war, but not in the bed, no in the bedroom to book not outweigh, but so I think for you. I know some soup weird, but if you feel like how do I even start this number on and on his gonna go for and like I don't care, we will judge me if, there's something that I want to try sexually in the bedroom of like locally to say like sometimes, can say it in your head, but it doesn't have the same bucking. Often it's like I don't even over when we will look at those words out the bedroom like it is racking to speak up in the bedroom, and so I think that The best please, to start having conversations with yourselves, just a people, don't think you like issues. Hit the showers, and I
it sounds weird, but, like literally in the shower just start saying some of the lines like. Oh, like your dick, is fucking small? Like oh yeah, you want me to fuck, you cause you can't buck me like yours like go through that and like Sturgis like saying shit out loud like and saying that out loud and like kind of staring into your him poor bottle. I know you'll start you you'll start to feel. Like. Oh, do I have this in me enormously gopher, maybe some fuckin anger and there we all got some anger like. Maybe let it out let it on this guy, knowing it's not gonna hurt his feelings. He likes this shit so again every and has boundaries some girls and some men may be listening to this being like that's not for me. Other people may love that and eat to each his own. It's totally find whatever sexually gets you off. When I read that you're saying a kind of his something you may be interested in, or at least should want to try them. Try it obviously make sure he's got a fucking creeper first meet a member public place first and then, if you guys are hitting it off like fucking go for it.
Write me back in, and let me know like some of the lines that you figure it out that work for you, but I think, but actually, if something is. Is calling to you. I think you go for it dad I'm in desperate need of some big sister advice, so I went out last night and looked up at the sky. We all know alcohol is that liquid courage? We all need to give us that extra push, but now I have to face the guy sober because he goes my Jim and hangs out with the people that I hang out with. Do I played obligate? Never have and I want to play off like a true, daddy help. Ps, since listening to your podcast, I become the most most competent daddy. I could have ever imagined. So thank you, a man! Ok, I love you bitch, there's a question, though I have this number one. What is your agenda because you to think about it like do you want to hook up with him again or do you not want you and you never want to see this dude again? Basically, Bialik FUCK were in the same group cause it's like. If you don't want to
cup with him or you do that completely changes your approach, so my opinion is number one. If you do want to hook up with this guy again and your in the same circle. I think it's best You always read the room breed, fuckin room Bet read the vibe feel the energy when I mean by that is like say, you're all randomly at the bar and you run into him. Don't run over him, not trip over everyone like. Oh, I see Gerald and then you're booking it two Gerald and you'd like Becky Back the buck up about pussy wasn't even good and you're. Gonna fuck, like red the room, so say but the bar, and you want to look up at them again. You're too. Chill and you talk to him almost in your mind as if you guys have never hooked up just be casual. Obviously say hi to whom we hide behind your back and Brenda me like a creep reading your hair, a high but immediately we'll see what's reciprocated. Is he flirting back or of its origin,
stand office vibes like oh, that was a one time thing in its never happening again. So again you beat you be nice and fuller and flirt issues but again, don't take it passed the point: if he's not reciprocating,. It's all about? Reading the fuckin energy? Hey Father prescience you through the role because of the past few years and man has been a ride. Sweetie, yes, can you tell talk more about what shifts you fell internally on your road to your current relationship. I've had my butt girl stage and am in a position to begin to prioritize a partner in my life. In your most recent episode, you talked about your independence and how it shaped you and the importance from your parents my parents did the same. You don't need a man. How have you strive to let some one in and also be vulnerable to? Let them do things for you. I've had access in the past, and I know you didn't want to label at this, but it was they felt emasculated by supersede
things will you talk more about your current internal shift? Thank you so much. I fully appreciate your vulnerability through the pass journey. Through this journey p S got told. I gave a twelve hour temblor job last night, thanks for the Oji Gluck, look nine thousand only out of, I'll. Be ok. Well, that's a really good question. I think I remember all the way back to meeting my boyfriend for the first time, and I mean I documented on a fuck episode and I member at the time, being so just like googly I'd over. Just like the sexual connection and I also was obviously turned on by like what he was doing for a living in his success in its like hot, to see a guy like thriving and making money and all that ship, then, as I got to know him in his personality, I think the biggest thing for me was like finding that balance of not feeling like I was being held down are like
trapped, and I felt like that in some of my past relationships, where it was like the put downs of my career were so significant because of the insecurity on their end, like I had a boyfriend that was so insecure about the pictures on my instagram and meanwhile like it's like the classic you seed on Tiktok and meanwhile, every single girl he likes on Instagram was wearing a fuckin, because pointed out ass, Alan, like well done, but now that I'm your gun, a friend I can't post Alec who's that holds now, I think, number one for he's, not the number one of like finding someone when I realized pass the sexual aspect of he's. Such a confident Per cent any so secure within himself and he so secure within his. Ah status in and his relationships in his life that that really. Was that was so apparent to me the way he treated me since the very beginning he treated me like an equal. He was like your job is so far
can cool. I remember back in the day that I was like but he was accused of talk about our sex life, but, like now is you. Ve got in more in two ends in our relationship is pretty serious. He's kind of like do we gotta do like. I love you and I think you're amazing and like now impasse that because I know this is what I want, and so I support you. So it's been like a journey of one. I think trust trust between the two of us first, not even knowing if it was gonna last and then I think bill thing but respect for one another. But it's easy all. I'm not gonna lie like. I definitely have moments of. Why like I'm, so young and an he is older than me, and he it has been so vocal about like. I know that this is what I want like I. I love you and, like I'm good, like I'm good, I'm here, here, we go and I'm like woe- and I remember at first he used to tell me that it was like you,
surely that would make me run if a guy's, basically being like I fucking love you like I'm in this, like I want to be with you for the rest of my life, I'm like that is so unbelievable. Oh, my god, I actually knowing who fake my death and disappear off the face of the earth Now I feel more comfortable and boundaries, and I think that something of your feeling, like you're, a man escalating: men, the respect and the trust, and then on top of that is boundaries. Dont need to move as fast as they move and if you are, if they make it a comfort, we'll space for you to articulate bat and communicate that, like my boyfriend, has been so amazing with me being like. I'm getting there but like I'm, not there yet, like I'm, I'm still so focused on my career, and I am so happy with this relationship like. I really need to also make sure like I'm good and I'm on my own and using a totally get that when I was back in twenty six June same thing so like that boundary and respect and also him being.
Man enough in confident enough in himself to our tell me these things and me not say them back at times, and him still be o k and still love and nurture the relationship and support it. That's been fucking crazy, so guy tip Might there be, but no so I just I think, It really takes the right kind of person and, I will admit, like I would I've been ready for everyone at it wasn't just cuz. I was like I'm in therapy now and, like I've been single for a second I'm ready for a relationship it was like he met We want to be vulnerable. He made me want to be close with him and he made me want to be this relationship, because it makes me genuinely a better person being with him and it's not codependent. It's like we're, each other's number one supporters, and that is something I've never had in my life and that's where I think you'll feel that, because I do have that like it's not like a masculine energy, but it's it's almost.
Like you need their masculine energy to just be a little bit above yours if you don't feel like you're emasculating them, and I need a guy I the table to fucking, see that. So now thing is more unattractive me than someone that's like insecure and uncomfortable in themselves and, like I ate into that's, where I kind of them able to kind of like gauge what works for me. So I hope that helps a little bit sign. That was a fucking hot ramp, but I don't know I think, like it's also everyone's differently. There are some people that may be like. I don't want that person to like be as the intense about career, maybe you're more interested in exercising whatever it is. Every one is going to be different and I think for Europe. I should, if your relating to me in this individual independent mentality and it's been hard for you to partner up kind this outlining for you, like you need to find the thing things that are so important for you in a relationship in order for you to feel attracted to that person and want to be with that person like it. Tarred, but it's the truth like if you're
attracted to your partner and I don't mean physically, but by the way that they treat you or by the way that they live your life. It's really hard to be with someone, and you shouldn't be with someone that that you're not attract. To do so. I've had a journey of figuring that out for me, because a lot of it was just about the physical appearance and the job status at birth, and I was like ok, that's Quitam Fuckin. Ro Baseball, that's cool it. You can fuckin crunch numbers or whatever it is. I love crunch numbers wherever fucking data crunch numbers, because I am saying it's like. I figured out there's way more to life than just looks that can turn me off, and that is almost more of a turn off. If it's not looks, but it's more what's inside and it's more of the dynamic doubts were, doesn't work for me and doubts when I run towards me pensions, and I need someone that's going to make me feel like damn. You get me
you're not trying to change me. You except me, and it's not just acceptance its respect and recognition of damn your gray and I'm not trying to dimmer lie. I want you to be exactly how you are, and I just want to fit in to your life and be partners. O K. Daddy mother. Can gain what a fucking week, what epoch in year, man that's what it is, not a fuckin weak its ban. A hell of a fuckin here I cannot think you guys. I know I keep saying, but I have to say it again. I cannot you guys enough for listening every single week tuning in on wednesdays, getting excited for wednesdays. It just really cool to be a part of something like this with you guys, So thank you. Are you gang. That is it for this week's episode and I would just like to clarify this is a sees in finale
It's not a series finale, you pitches. No, I will never thought king Leave you we are only wrapping this thing. The fuck up from here you're gonna, be getting a whole lot more of call her fucking daddy. You but the mother Fucking Drill daddy gang. Sadly, I will see you fuckers in a couple we,
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