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29- Why They Won't F*ck You

2019-04-03 | 🔗

The girls are discussing the harsh reasons your boyfriend or girlfriend have stopped fucking you… always keeping it real on Call Her Daddy! They also explain how to take the perfect nude with detailed descriptions of their personal favorites, how dick pics can be sexy if done correctly, and talk about a new fetish that is as popular as it is disturbing, welcoming Party and Play porn. Lastly, they tell one of their most embarrassing stories together that took place on an airplane.

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Call daddy, good morning good afternoon, good evening, good night, good day, good day, sir, it is us the founding Bob There is back at it again. It's called her daddy who guys hello one day I'm going start this podcast with positivity but today I am unwell. I'm pretty on well to see two guys. Of course, our presenting sponsor this week is a Roman he's. Romans wipes have been working there. Working people are writing in an being like no, I legit and lasting longer. I kind of I mean I don't want to sell more welcome, but you're welcome, so God for roman swipes, you swipe it on your dick and it's going to help you last longer in the bedroom. There is no shame swiping this. We always say if your loss
in two hours, then you'll, ask buck in five by this. Guy is like swiping on his dick and he's like I'm about to like fuck you to pound town, I'm like a maze yeah not have any complaints. I don't care what you're swiping just get in there and get it done exactly there in completely inconspicuous packaging. So it does. Feel awkward. We are like pulling it out, put it in there about it. This way I put in your back pocket go to the bar yeah, I land, a hot woman or a man. You go back home. You swipe at your duties. Studies have shown up to three hundred forty percent increase in stamina. After three months. You guys it's great yeah guys. This is working. I'm actually really happy daddy Gang- is getting after it with these. So if you guys are interested Sofia, what are they doing? We are giving you free two day, shipping. Okay, we're giving you longer better sex with free two day shipping by visiting, get roman dot com, slash daddy! That's g e t, r, o m a n dot com, slash daddy all get in get in what's been happening, Alex so guys
A lot of people will write in in there like guys like how many crazy dms you got from like guys sending you Dick pics, etc. It's not it's, not the Dick PICS that I've been coming, it's not that it's actual nudes from Bravo Girls, Girls are sending us their news or approval any other show, that's getting me. I don't know you are savages. There are girls hitting us up, sending ending their Tity Ann. Or as an their full frontal shots like hey. Do you think this is going to send my and then Alex higher like well move your arm a little to the left and poke your butt out, a little more lost right away and then you're good and they're like thank you and then they said. No, it's unbelievable fish it up! So yeah, daddy king. I mean keep it going and it's good 'cause we're going to talk about news today. Don't you worry? Don't all I have thing I want to bring up, okay with regard to social media and dating apps yeah.
You guys are new here. You should start episode, one that's kind of how we roll at the data Yang. It's like chronological order on those, but for everyone. That knows, we have had everyone basically putting call her dad. Or hashtag daddy getting in their dating bios, because it's an easy, quick match, good conversations. This does not excuse some of the animalistic behavior that no has been brought to our attention. We've had a lot girls riding in being, like I love when I see a guy that has daddy getting a colour daddy. I immediately swipe like for them, however, God days are writing into girls with pick up lines being like you want to give me the clock. Now, then, how many to many, how many times I have to tell you if you want to have sex, you have to put sex completely out of your mind: ok, okay in yeah, it's
yeah guys comes later. Yes, okay. This is the thing and I I get it it's a double standard, but you guys should be leading. If the girl knows your daddy games yeah, I know you're probably be able to give her the God Damn could cobbler combo, but you should let her initiated a little bit about the sex talk and if you want to initiate it you're not going full force. How you want to give me the Glucklich. Nine thousand guys play it cool unless you're, obviously doing in such a joking, obvious, sarcastic manner, but the guys that are out there throwing out lines like that we got it just reel it in a little bit Sofia you had some you want to bring up to the Pham said the Daddy FAM. I'm scared to upset people. I don't care just walking today have to do it. Yeah people with their animal, buy. I see that people are listening right now and they're like my little pomeranian pug Charlie you're, going to try and tell me that he
it's not the best thing to ever happen to this thing in life. You know I understand. I've had a dog before him into his name. Is chewy he was great. Mine was Fred. He was cute, awesome great love. Don't care about you Sophia, and I don't care about Frank edit my friend hope you feel. It really gives me back so much. I suppose, be careful. Ok, people with their animals. Yes, let's get into it. I understand that it is like your son or your daughter, yeah. I get it ok type for babies to just fucking, throw baby animals and baby. Nobody really cares it's true. Unless it's your mom or your grandma yeah, no one really gives a funk. When someone's like look at how cute my maybe as I'm like, they all look exactly the fucking same journal with that we get it. We get. You love your fucking dog, ok, so on social media, specifically, ok, there are people that
get on their story and the entire thing is of their animal and it's all they talk about and it's all day long and I want to kill them in fact in fact it has this guys. I spit out my water when I came across this story. Is heated over here sure had the audacity, to put on her story swipe up If you want to see more pictures of my dog how to self indulge you'd swipe up. If you wanna see it album of my dog, nobody wants to fucking. Do I want to look at a dog I'm going to an instagram account that is for dogs or I'm going to fucking Google? It was the craziest thing I'd ever size. This is the thing I'm going to I'm going to break it down to basics from my psychologist, mother, ok, I was really really young. My mom taught me a really good lesson. Huh, ok,
she basically would say Alex there are things that you love about yourself, even about like family or a jokes that you have or just shit that you think is great an nine out of ten times. No one care No one wants to hear you talk about yourself. Oh my god tell them what you are enjoying or okay- and I know that sounds everyone. Is selfish in the world. Not only check in counters are not from a young age. When I would put your younger song when I would put hours and hours and hours of my time perfecting like uh edition of survivor by Destiny's child put on a show for my mom and I like to dance watch me dance. I would try to get other people to watch and they're like no its it. I
young age. No one cares. That's why my mom said only. I Alex just sit here and watch your phone, your dumb of one two step. No one else wants to see it. I can't even fake it anymore. I can't I'm sorry. This point like when someone shows me a picture in there like tell me: that's not the cutest thing like I'm like no, I think, you'd like it used to be like, oh, my god yeah, but now I'm just like yeah he's a good looking,
he's yeah he's like you, lookin fella I've seen twenty of them on street anyways. I think also just say sending that quickly, guys with social situations. Just know that, like I don't know where no one cares, no one can so, if it's so insular to you and something you like honestly, I know it sucks unless it's your best best fucking friend, even still, then, if you're renting so I mean I didn't even know the name of your dog, so funk you funk, you so just be more self aware. That's all I ever wear self aware and I'm glad we got it air out that list of grievances guys. I promise we're not we're not going to rant anymore. This up. It looks like yeah, no, no fuck outta here the swipe up of your fucking german shepherd by only bug, ok, Nute. Noodle, noodle, noodles guys! This is this is a highly requested topic and and I think we're I think, we're equipped to tie it. Don't you high yeah, I think it's time. In fact, girls
I tell you exactly how to perfect, nude! I don't know how many podcasts are going to be doing that, but here we go first and foremost Sofia. What kind of nude are you first dropping on it? well! We've talked about this before an men have said they almost prefer an implied. Nude or you just before, you just hit him with the hi is inside of your ladies and gentlemen. This is so important when you are in at the beginning stages of a guy. If you just go full, loan send them your which you can you can absolutely, but it's not, as is the thing yeah use this as almost a way to tempt them more yeah. If you full blown, are sending full nude right away. Well,
what happens if next week and you're trying to slide into thirty scene- and I agree, keep a little mysterious and slow and bad lowly take. I think loading I think the trajectory is the implied tune up and then you go are out that which we can talk about more yeah, and then he you know New York and then I do videos right, okay, so, let's start with the applied, so the implied Nude, my most implied nude like I I think I said in another episode. I would have like a little baby tank. That's like a v, an eye don't have a bronze, so you can like basically kind of like see the outline of the ten. Maybe some nips are hard and then like in little booty shorts and there you go, it's like you're laying and you send it to him and they're like oh, my god. If I can take off your clothes, ok, then you pick between tips or Asan Alex you brought up an interesting point. What did you say? You know this track geez. I take so my strategy is, I always feel out through dirty talk. You can tell if a guy is an ascii or more of a tech guy they maybe both
but usually they have a preference a little bit more. So if he's in ask. I I then first tempt him with that it. I don't give him what he wants first, so if he likes it, it's more. I send him more of my ass. So that way, then you still have yet to use that, like big boy in your arsenal, where, like he loves those tests, he's going to see my ask for that vibe. Yes, let's talk about boob, noughties, ok, it's fucking stupid when girls will do with a couple couple. She says I can't talk today where you cover one nipple. And then you have the other one out with a focus point when I was in high school. I wish but I still had access to the I will send it back and I remember that I would send one boob watt just bottle it up close one one and one nipple like I'm yours, and what is that like what it is the actually let's go down memory lane I want to die in high school. I remember there is this guy named Tom,
not a redditor. This was in high shut up to Tommy and he asked me for a nude picture of my breasts. Z, plastic olympic. Sometimes guys will hit you with a specific meow like I want to see your tips yeah and me and my two friends we were like. Ok, let's all take a picture of artists. No, I will pick the hottest one who ever has a better rack and send it his forehead. I would do stuff like that all the time- and I like thinking back on it, I'm like so when I hooked up with him and I sent Fucking Tayla's yeah yeah be like these are not your bill. If you like your nipples look value to her, I need to without actually I do not cued up queue, but, okay back to that. The baby newts alright, alright, alright, I love it boob nudes,
I think it's really hot if you hold them together with like one hand, if you try to like bring them together and one of your thumbs could be maybe like kind of covering one nipple, but that looks way less dry. And if you're just straight up cover a nipple with your fucking hand, so hold them together or if you the bra on pull down the once one side of the strap and then have kind of like you pulling down that side of the brass Olika nipples out. I've done that before hot guys, but you got to like make them look big love- is not hold them, so the uh today Alex. I was trying to take a nap shot. And I was so fun, though dude I know you were dying, but I hadn't really done them that much
and so I reached out to my friend alex- and you told me I remember clear as day you were like put on little tiny booty shorts that have your asses hanging out yeah and go into your room. I probably did it in front of you actually an and you angle, the camera from the bottom and it's from the bottom up so you're like taking a picture almost of underneath your ass, you know this is this- is a he loved it loved it guys. I wish you could have seen because Sophia in and out of her room, she's like we would. How does this one? I'm like? No, no! No! You got to get more of an angle, so you can like kind of feel like a little bit of your post, see any that. I think we don't know more you or it was actually a video and I just kind of like yeah, my but quickly. If you're going to do a video yeah, I I almost sent something that could have completely ruined the relationship with this
Can I was angling, the camera, my ask, look great and then, of course, I had to bring the camera back up to turn off the video and the video and my face looked like golly. You didn't realize that by the end of the video early, Lord of the rings like also- and I bring the camera up in it's my fucking face be careful when you're sending videos that you are editing them and putting up yeah. I want to talk about that are shot really quickly, 'cause. I think this is a really great opportunity for girls, so like great opportunity, a great opportunity, so I'd say iconic. The asp looks amazing by angelfire angle. Transition from an ask shot too. Video I shot is, I usually take a video, then of my hand, squeeze using one of my ass cheeks and then I'll like slap it and it will jiggle, because what a guy wants is
I say I've got a guy wants to envision themselves. Doing that so, like me, grabbing it and slapping it and leaving a mark on my own Athens, sending him that video at that angle, yeah! It's like biga! like this is the best talking thing. I've ever seen. It's all about the angles. Oh one thousand! Let's talk about, let's talk about some wet chip. Ok, so this girl wrote in an I want to read it because it was so hot and she said that she was going to. Let us know about her boyfriend's most favorite knew that she's ever he can love that. So this is some serious knowledge Intel. I am spreading okay, she said while taking a bubble bath. I grabbed my phone and pulled my body up out of the water a little bit. You want to have your out of the water, and you can tell your hips to show your too without being totally out of the water. The bubbles can sort of frame your body, and you can you
them. To make your waist look smaller, not to mention that just being in a bathtub is sexy and the way you skin looks all wet and soapy is so hot to guys I mean men love when I came for. Several ways what just anytime anywhere I so read this to me this morning, and I was like one of the best news, ever taken I showed it to you, I You want me to explain or newer she's literally holding a towel, it's showing some side of the side of your body. Yes, this is. Actually hilarious. I mixing it so the side of Alex is body a little under the, but still under the yeah. So it's showing the outline of your asses like the left side of your app yep, the left side of your ticket and then there's water trickling down body by yeah
you're holding the telecom yeah. So, like I'm kind of covering my nipple, it's a towel, I love. I was able to explain to the fact that you have right now I think anything girls, if you can take that like with the shower out of the bathroom in the bathroom Fuckin' hot. Those are. The Go to like that. I think a lot of girls forget that to take yeah to capitalize on those sweat moment. I want to bring something up. Ok, because I was thinking about this, and I'm like this is no easy feat. Do I have almost broken both my arms and half trying to get the perfect new, taking a nudism workout. It's a workout like you can skip the gym when you're taking nude one day, it's bucking and I'm like you know, if I'm not in the mood to do that. Why can't I have Alex, take it for me, I want to know Alex. What do you think? Do you think guys give a shit in it? so blatantly obvious that someone took the nude for them like without weird them out. Okay
That's a good question right. This is actually very interesting because I know I relationship is very interesting. I have mill hunter when I'm like. Oh, I haven't taken a new. I want inspiration. I have him, send me I have him, send me his favorite music he's going pretty girls, I'm sorry, but when you're sending a new dot shift ends up it's a game in telephone, so we have like a little like dropbox an he will send me like his favorite news and he's like. Oh I like this one. You should do this one so, but the point of that was He sent me one one and the girl was on the bed with her like asset pass out, but like someone was taking, right like she did not take it, so I think I think, for a milfhunter I asked him, I said: did you wait? Exactly does that bother you and he was like Cooper? I don't give a fight. I got the pic virtually hottest Buggenum envision myself talking her. I think, if ok, so I think, if you're just fucking for the most part, it doesn't matter and take a hot just, do it. I think if you're, you know,
but more serious. Some guys, I think, would be like the guy was like um. Did your ex boyfriend but I do think it could be kinda hot. Then, if you're like no, my girlfriend took it for me, that's kind of hot you were drunk, and I wanted to take a picture. You can you write in and I think most guys really don't give a fun. I want to bring up quickly. We've we've talked about work now foods and taking news at work for your man, and this is something I did one of my last relationship a lot. Actually, it was edit kind of spices shut up, 'cause you're, like I'm at work, baby and he's like. I want to see you I obviously I mean sitting in your chair taking it? under the dash very risky before hot running into the bathroom stall bathrooms. Oh I've had plenty taken in there actually read one daddy gang members that her boyfriend wanted her to keep the bathroom cell open and take it in the mirror
so like it was very busy like someone could walk in this pitch is basically talking like naked, not your coworker walked in no. I had like a joint popping up. I had a coworker catch me taking a selfie one time in the bathroom and that alone made me want to quit. But I can only imagine you're like that is not my labia, I'm sorry, but so these always hot, and obviously it means, I think, listen it mirror nudes will never die yeah. I think
One of my favorite go to this is when you put one asks cheek up on the sink. The other one of your leg is down. Okay, I know pushed out like that literally Getafe gas. You got a fake, your looks amazing yeah one leg up on it and then the other, like guys, make sure you're kind of pushing that, like that's on the ground out, so that your other cheek looks really nice and plump that want to go. Do you want to talk about shots really quickly, so those are risky at China, but China Shop? I think girls are like terrified of taking the yeah. I think to make your Regina look. Cuter is that you should have nothing in it. Yet we've said it before a like air and your fingers, a toy yeah, something like that, but also you can just own it and it's a and send out for you want, but Alex never talk, came this a video I was going to say so I may be a little different on this, but I have rarely ever sent of
shot unless I'm wearing like a q, little thong and like my fingers in there, I when it comes time to the v. I'm sending bids like they have my fingers. In there, I'm like fingering, myself or I have a toy in there and, like I have like lube. So it's super wet and I'm like sending him a video of me like fucking myself, with my toys I just think that's so hot videos take things to a different level that are just there can be so nasty discussing 'cause. You can be making noises yourself totally the noise you show. That line should share all my so high now. So that's like the next level of a nude yeah people, beware of what is in the background. Guy is out of your. You need to be so. My full duty. I know times I've sent you I'm like also should that just wouldn't it would make it
My fucking retainers are like right. Next to my side, pet is in there. Oh, my god. These pitches probably want right there, like your fucking, pimple cream or like just something that, like a doctor, should I be care just shut, that you wouldn't really want them to be seeing it's not fucking cute, so yeah be really mindful, because you could fuck yourself with what sit in the background of your nude or you could be a little sketchy though, and like throwing like, maybe like a used condom in the background, so he's like is she fucking around on me? Ok, Piper used condom company, so, let's see a little more subtle. Gnb, probably ideally want you, gotta think you're cheating on him. Just like a guy shirt and like that's my brother, likes Bobby. Likewise your brother at your apartment, that's always a good one, funk with them, so you could use to fight with people. We have problems that I said Not that does all this so feel. Do you think? Maybe we should just go home and like take these, but in clothing, so they see the angles were to
talking about like what, if we did, I so fat is completely brilliant an we will just take it in like pants and a sweater we're going to do it, we're going to post pictures of exactly your body. I think we have to go. I don't I'm not really. I don't know what other podcasts is doing now or if I can doing it. Okay, yeah, maybe we'll just post it guys. If you don't falls on Instagram, follow all right Audi, so men that you thought we forgot about you, you little dick petite suckers. We didn't. We didn't forget about you, man, I'm not going to be mad at you for sending a Dick pic because alex- and I were talking- so it's like what are they going to send a picture of their pictorial muscles very quick but after the men yeah we've got the ash out that it shut the v shot the face shut, the back shut, the it's. We have options: young men, don't know it's a dick and then like what their body. If they have like nice bottom dabs well, I need still then even get into it. Yes, ok, so
girls say that a Dick pic is always gross and they don't want. When I disagree with that person, I disagree to I'm glad we agree. I'm glad I mean people are so shocked: they're, like the color daddy girls, like Dick Mix, who thought if it's unwarranted, no, no, listen, I'll just add putting out ever sent in DF format buck out of here. I blocked, blocked and blocked. Knock it the fuck of absolutely not not. Ok, never in a million years. Not here not for it not going to happen, never never know not a there's a gun to your head. No, no! Not if your families life depends on it, you're not doing it, you're not doing it today who seriously. However, it's situational. It really is yeah. So this morning, when we were like hey, let's just talk about Dick PICS, it's so weird with nudes, because you it's so hard to explain them it's better to just show them. So I was trying to explain to Sofia. One of my ex is the tendency to take nudes in the
There are like you, fine, that's fine, but the thing that I just wanted to. If you want a little bit is will be hard and he'll take his dick and he'll hole play Anne Hill like pull it to the side? So it's like kind of touching his thigh and that's I'm still, but the issue is that he is covering half his I can shop, so he looks like a two insurance is covering half the shack is not an actually trying to explain this to Sophia this morning. At eight hundred am she's just opening her eyes and I'm like you know, going to show you so I made a folder of all. My ex is bugging Dick pics. I'm like watch this Kompally and look how team they were all the exact same. His dick must love to bend to the right yeah. I have everything a little either yeah and it was just like he's he's caught he's not making a lot bigger, it would have looked sure if he didn't cover it at all, guys hold it at like.
Tip and also not with your whole fuckin', no camping it like you're, not fisting, your dick, no 'cause, that's the worst. If your fucking fist is bigger than your day like guys so yeah, that is a fine thing. A Mir pictures are fine, but he you know he had a nice body, but he pulls it over and he's covering his dick. What the point is is he's a flacid dick pic cover. Ok, no. Not even though I do you my x one time sent me that was saying why I don't remember feeling probably was like get it hard to myself, trying to make it hard. It's like a pretty good after it's like here. They don't like, depending on your performance sexting and your nude. Hopefully maybe older guy up it'll be like died. Anyone sending you a fucking flacid to honestly. I think that may be a better way to get a girls attention in the dms. If you send plastic that hard, that's never warranted get out okay, but I said it was situational. Let's talk about situations, so I'm my ex boyfriend,
and I we dated for Awhile- and I would find it really hot when he would be at like a work. Event or at a dinner or something, and he and we're like kind of talking dirty or he just like. I was just thinking about you and, like I'm hard thinking about you and he would take a picture like in the bathroom stall. How we were talking about were like just kind of like move his pants and take a picture. I was kind of into it even like sending a showing the outline in his pants right, I'm so hard about a work event. Sometimes you would send the outline in like kind of be holding yeah yeah see. I think that ok, this is a thing guys. What you have to understand about Dick PICS is girls. Need, like we always have said kind of, like girls, obviously need to be way more mentally stimulated. So when you're telling me like I do you on and therefore you just got hard at a work event, and you show me that that turns me on for she, because, like it's uh,
situation where I just did that you, if it's unwarranted, it's ok, sometimes, but there's just levels that are grown to get that I mean what it really comes. Down to is men are just way more visual than women. I think there has to be like something that you're also saying when you're, showing that hard like okay Sophia I this cut. This may like Rob girls wrong way, but personally I have only a couple times got in a pick picture of a guy when he sending me like his body and stuff that I would like kind of get turned on, like you, even even if your body and he said you dumb level and sent you a shirtless pic, I'm not like I'm wet. You know here and there maybe I kind of like oh ship it like I honestly rather see a guy in a suit. Do, I would rather get a picture from a guy in like an amazing suit, and he looks like hot is fun fact that how fuckedup
we are like, don't send us shirtless pics, send us pictures and suit. How hilarious is that? Because if you ask a guy, would you be Would you rather me send you a picture of me and like this beautiful gown, or do you want my key for me naked? It's like what men and women are so. This brings up a good point that this happened to me yesterday. I was maybe perusing the internet for pornographic. Okay. Okay, I gotta love that and it wasn't doing it for me, the videos, okay and I came across like written. Erotica like novels. That was, so much more of a turn on and got me there faster than watching, and maybe just like a one off in like right. You know but like when internet was a thing and I don't think
a lot of men would be on the same page yeah like girls, it's like you were having to envision yeah how it was actually going I also just want to say I do personally think it's hot. If a guy, and I are talking Dirty- and he sends me a video of himself like jacking off and finishing till, like what we were just saying. I think it's yeah I've got to do it and I'm like that's hot, because you're sending that to me, I mean could be sending it to twelve other girls. I would never know but yeah yeah. So I think it's hot guys just be sparing with the Dick pics. And no, when is the right time, don't send it on warranted she's, fucking driving with their mom to church, and she gets a Dick pic. I swear with the fucking road and then also when guys are like constantly sending a picture of their dick. I'm like do you think your dick is like a magic wand. Yeah no shut the fuck dude. That's why if I can, like twenty people, how he would like right, do it whatever that was like
so number one or two sofias x would write in permanent marker on his wiener hole, put like two eyes and then use the wiener hole, move up and down as a melon like how we hope you had a good morning. That's fucking, awesome turn on turn out really did it for me as well. He turned his dick into a western character. Ok, alright! Let's transition two guys we have talked in the past about how none of us are going out and buying perfumes are clones anymore, guys aren't doing a girls are doing it, I'm not doing it and you're not doing it Sophia. So we have sent birds and bird. It was a minute there I was using the freakin bath and body works bodies. Yeah you talk at all, I'm an adult. Now, SAM Bird, we have been using these Alex. They are amazing. They are so cute the cutest. Packaging and they send you a shit ton guys. So it's basically it's a luxury fragrance subscription service, perfumes and colognes. So it's all
no way to discover new perfumes. I don't really, I didn't know much about it, except the one that I always use. The juicy could tour one, but they have high end should guys product Tom Ford, Versace Anne. When are you not going to need Cologne or perfume? You always need it. Also. The one thing I do like is this kind of forces me to switch it up. I love when a guy is like. Oh shit, you smell good girls, fucking love when you smell, good, and also when you have different sent a girl is going to want to have sex eve. You smell good, exactly okay and then, if you're, trying to freak him out, three little cologne on yourself, girls and be like oh right outcome from my cheating. I don't know: she's a perfume guys and they're going to send you a thirty day supply so you're in there yeah like swimwear, and you know what we're giving you an exclusive offer where you can get fifty percent off first month today. That means it's seven dollars and fifty cents people. I think that's one of our best. I mean hi, so you're going to go to and can afford that you're going to send bird dot com daddy,
use code daddy for fifty percent off your first month. If you are sent off come on again, that is S. Nt bird dot com daddy are telling you why you are in a committed relationship and your partner is not fucking. You hard pill to swallow right. There, baby, yeah, girls and guys have come,
completely different reasons. So I think we should like start with girls. Yes, so here are probably the most likely reasons why your girlfriend isn't fucking you yeah, so guys, listen up one, I would say she's, not feeling confident and she's kind of like insecure with her body at the time. Right uhm she fell out of love and she no longer has left for you, she's, cheating, yes or you. Let yourself go and she's not attracted to you right now. I mean, I think, that's kind of common, like the guy has the six pack and then now, like all of a sudden, his titties are bigger than hers.
So those are. Those are the main reasons why a girl wouldn't be fucking her boyfriend yeah. I completely agree, and again I just wanted. Like reiterate, for guys, their reasoning is completely different for sure yeah, oh absolutely so, Sophia yeah. Can you please? I know this is a little personal shut up off, we get personal. What I know, can you tell us of a time that you were dating a guy, your boyfriend and you of your voice and why? Okay, so, okay before I get started- ok. I just wanted to say that you're, a good person and everyone's like you cheated, I like. No, actually, well. I will not let the I cheated after I, okay, so everyone's like, why? Don't you just break up with the person
oh yeah. You know, I think, that's like. Sometimes what people are thinking get the fuck outta here. Ok, like no, how many people stay in relationships way longer than they yeah your luv, hi yeah, absolutely like everyone's done. Not so that's not an option, everyone to the punch. So for me I had fallen out of love with a man. Okay, I I was just kind of seeing it for comfort reasons. So that's actually, I feel like a really common won the lengths I would go to to avoid sex with this man. No, no. You would think that he like my captors, and I was like terrified of him like it was unbelievable. Let me ok, let me explain to you. Ok, he had um his own place, guys I oh my, open. My own place Goodrich, he had a mortgage so backed up his living room was freezing. Ok like there was like something wrong with the bucket heater.
Do you want me to tell you more, but yeah, really cheese? It was freezing any had this couch and it honest to God puts our couch to shame with how uncomfortable it was like it was like my neck. Would start cramping my ask would start hurting like it was a joke, Ok, it was like the cheapest couch. You could get it. I keep. Ok. Where are you going with this Ok, we would be sitting there watching tv, ok and he would beg me to go into his room. Beg me. He would be like Sophia. This couch is so uncomfortable. It's freezing! Let's just go! Lay in my bed and watch tv, I would be trembling shaking an my back,
start taking an. I would be like. I love it here in the living room on the couch, or do you wanna go to bed room because I knew if I went into his bed, that we were going to end up having sex? No, yes, so you're like oh, I love this couch. This is the best code I avoid this is so sad. I avoided his room like the plates, like it. His bed terrify me like his duvet.
Cover gave me PTSD, don't like gave me PTSD of times we had fun dude. It was so sad. No, this is so sad, but about no. This is, I know I've been. I was just going to say. I think this is so crazy 'cause. I don't think guys know girls do that. I was just going to say that, like I don't know that girls do this, just story, I'm about to tell you, I just told Milfhunter yesterday, and he was like girls do this. So I was in for mine. I was in high school and I was staying in my relationship with my boyfriend. This sound this kind of sucked up but like it was for like loud and feel like the hookups like yeah, I don't think campus does high school. Everyone is like trying to date people for status and stuff, so I was with him for that and so to avoid sex. I would do everything in my power to make sure
we were never alone. You know that one, oh yeah, I'm sure I did a little bit like his fucking friends or my friends, or even my fucking mom goddamnit, like she walks in, and I'm like, oh my god, Papa how much is Rob come with us and he's like trying to get? unfucking blanket and I'm like. No everyone come hang out. That's right now it was. I was that girl that I always would invite. His friends are my friends and I know exactly when are we going to have sex you bich yeah? It was right. I know exactly what you're talking about and it's so rough. You know it's actually more fuckedup that I just thought about. It. Tell me that you wouldn't do this Alex. I would drug my self when all the HUN everyone no blood, and I if I knew that sex was inevitable. An it had been like two weeks and it was like no, no no bich were hooking up. I would ring
Ok? Ok! Ok, when I say I would drag myself like, I would go to like whatever party we're going to an like Hedjet also Fuct up, because I knew how theme fuckin' paid sister. I would load myself with killer shots 'cause. I knew I had to fuck him at the other night. I would like to hear sorry fucking, my my car. I knew my time was up. I'm like this. Guy knows that in eighty seven days since we have talked- and he once you get it in tonight. I need to get hammered, would like run around the party. I'd be like ok, alcohol isn't cutting it. Ghb outlets carry the heartthrob where the hard drive up in your pocket paint June. It honestly is so fun, crazy, I feel you guys are listening to the ceiling. What and I feel like every girl had it on that. It's like Saturday morning- and I know that he's gonna like want to have some like hung over. So I can I'm like. Let's continue day drinking, I would Make a mimosa
so hammered soda, and you know, what's the most fuckedup about all this at the most, the most well, we've already said the most. You just said you drug yourself to fucking guy, but with the most fuckedup heart is we don't want to suck them? No, but God forbid any Living female get his attention. No! All of a sudden. It's like your goal, through his folder making sure he is not getting any proceeds anywhere else. It's insane! It's like. I know, you're, not getting crazy for me and I'm going to make sure that you're not getting anything from anyone else so message to Fuch Dallas. Ok, so that's like for girls, he had some casual we're getting hammered, were avoiding side view. That's for girls! That's fuckedup, guys again we're changing changing right now. I don't think I would say in it that I wouldn't do it unless they really really rich made out. Ok, so now that we've just really broken guys hard, so guys girlfriend is avoiding those probably looking is trying to plan her escape.
But an open men. The reasons men avoid sex are completely diff. Completely. Ok, one eight thousand one hundred and eighty, because men are disgusting animals at the end of the day, I've said it once I'll say it again like they will suck a couch cushion. Great, for you know, they'll their Teddy bears are right, they're, not yeah. They are not turning down sex ever ever really and they're, absolutely not turning down a blow job ever from their girlfriend. Never so I want to say first also if your man is avoiding you. Ladies aside, from being something like medically wrong, I just wanted to say that you, like, maybe it's something with the new medication, is like with his testosterone right. Let's tell them the reasons why your man would
consistently yeah not be fucking, you 'cause. Obviously, boys and girls have like there yeah. You have weird moment and you're like I'm, not in the mood but like. If this is a consistent, you are like trying to beg this guy to have sex with you and he's not down under the reason. These are the reasons he's either gay, nothing wrong with being gay, nothing wrong with that absolute game like you're his beard right, he's, asexual or he's cheating an like the guilt from fucking you and someone else is like too much at that moment in time.
Uhm yeah. Those are the three and that's not right. That might be a tough pill to swallow, but that's just what it is, because I think it's really hard too, because on out the girl side, we had said you know. Sometimes our man, let's himself, go we're not physically attracted that doesn't apply to guys. I would, I would normally say, like girls if you've let yourself go and he's, maybe not as attracted to you know, but even still nope, no man, you know he's going to turn down his girlfriend getting on her knees, in like please place your dick in my mouth, so I can suck it until you come in the back of my class black. Let me know, no God doesn't matter. If you put on three hundred pound doesn't matter it doesn't matter or you've lost three hundred forty does a lottery hundred sounds like that's. What he's going to he's not going to turn down a blow job? So I'm sorry he's either gay a sexual or cheating and that's it and I'm.
The t and we're telling you that, because we had a lot of girls being like my boyfriend, is avoiding sex. I don't know to do man don't avoid, so they don't especially with the girlfriend. Even even we just ask someone, even if they are cheating yeah, it would have to be like a really really big situate out of them. Children, right and also with the whole cheating thing is, I think, the I avoid it, but I think they will like, after a search, funky green. So I really think one of the big things is: if your boyfriend's not fucking you, he he's gay again, nothing wrong with that, but that's that's the truth. Yeah aura and the medically wrong absolutely yeah, like only that only can last for so long right but like it. Maybe if you start a new medication like whatever no guy, I thought about it, because we really talk how we drug ourselves, no guy, is getting himself so drunk that he can muster up the courage to his girlfriend. No, no, no it's very different guys and girls are very different.
So. I hope that maybe this gave you some clarity in your relationships and I'm hoping we're not anyway any today. No, I can listen with their boyfriend or girlfriend watch a couple be listening to this they're, both staring at each other. Like I don't care, I don't even do that later action. Should it should it should so there you go, he did it and all that you know. Left ours for like two years I'll make sure like how do you notice? I always have to get hammered when I hang out with you. Wow. So it goes as far as friendships. Fuckyou, alright, alright, fetish. Is fetishes fetishes I never bring it. I want to start doing one of these everywhere, yeah. We should have their so interesting. It's like as long as the world keeps spinning. There is always going to be a new fetish. That comes, I thought I had heard it all until I heard this one. Okay, alright, here we go bring it to us. Ok, I was hanging out with my guy friends and we were talking about
love. What else looking healthy and Alex talk about it when you hang out with your normal normal, he brought up pnp porn, Okay does that mean and what he told me I was like there you're joking. I guess it stands for party, and play sounds like well, we would do we go to parties and then we thought ok. This is a little bit different. I got on Pornhub and I was like looking at this and it is very particular. Oh, it is it's literally people smoke. It's usually meth, I think it can be any drugs, but math is the main one is to go to okay, I think these people and they smoke math like sometimes you even walk,
watch them, do it ok and then they fuck after an I was like: ok, hello. Why do that on every week, every Tuesday? I ended that pipe and we're in this big. I guess because meth make people, so God Dam Horni like it's to the point where it's like watching it and like the guy's dick will be inside of either and I think it's like kind of popular game but uh guys it will be inside of another guys but or a vagina and like it's all the way in and the girl or the guy is just like. I get more and more and more like give me more like deeper, harder yeah and it's like they're Feeney, and they're so fucking horny that there fucking like out of control like like, like like it's like a life or death, follow my and this is my friend's favorite porn he's like he's like it's. Turn on like for people to be that fucking horny. I started watching some. There are some that were a little scary yeah, so
yeah and I were sitting in the living room again at eight hundred am this morning, just getting our notes together and Sophie is like hey. I have a fetish. I want to talk about in all important, is playing on her computer, I'm like that, doesn't really sound like normal porn and So if you look at Alex want to come watch them like having my coffee yeah, the one you showed me was in or g and the guy is legit like fuck me harder, like D and I'm like there like freaking out, yes, they're likely hurry her like fuck me like this. Before I die, it is just so it's aggressive it's very impressive and I mean I saw some when their action do like him. The math pipe in seen and it's like this girl and she like laying in a bad like, I know more in the Midwest and like I'm not going back yeah and she like smoking it, and then he like her like her in his arms. I think it can be disturbing, but again I will
yeah, but still I'd. I was going to say to try this out here. We go has connection. I was going to say. I think it's kind of crazy because I want to he just from the standpoint of the drugs that, like legal shaped like Oh, my god, watching idle sway cry. No, I don't I'm at night. I don't get how that works, but pnp porn, hentai, porn people look at. I think, maybe, if you're not that big porn watcher, maybe like ease into porn and you like a little girl and girl or like normal porn first and then that's when you start with no start with that, you may never go back. I got like a little scared. When I lost it was like he's a little scared. It was entertaining. It definitely was. I could see how people get a little riled up from that yeah. It's like very interesting soccer, Divakar Dietary Porn, yes, go watch one. We run friends this weekend. Guys are guys, so we
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okay yeah and you get an additional month free. If you use the promo code daddy, you guys that's two months: free go to ship station dot com go to the top of the homepage, typing daddy and you're all set to get shipping done baby. So we went to carbo right they the real Kabo story. Okay, is it actually did get wild here we go. This is the second story K K, we're hung over yeah. We are out the Mexican Airport yeah. We want a Carl's junior. Okay, we want to treat cells via the dead, he's all weekend. How I want to just let it all starting myself and then I was like. I want to let my belly hanging Okay, hey Carl's, Junior yup stop,
check. It out check it out when you're there, which I, which Alex kept calling a Charles Junior Charles, like not like you, but I think, that's cute. Ok, so we go to Carl's junior. I think that's when it, when the story really excited Take it turns we got she's right in with his workers, and I for some reason was like why not get a fish sandwich from this Dungy yeah? Why don't work? Carl's junior que que vine. We realize we don't have time to eat yeah, it's sucks man. We take the field on the plane, eating food on a plane. Now before we got on the plane, I started to freak out well the snow thanks for holding this is just a normal, like literally three different combos.
Five by like disintegrating from grease covered in grease and Alex holding it freaking the I wish you like you like: this is going to snow, so bad, it's going to smell, so bad you're, a bully you like Alex, will be fine. I'm like come on. You like hold on just get on the plane. We gotta get on the plane gap. We are walking past first class and someone says well that smells, right now Sophia was like a see Alex supportive This supported. Meanwhile know he thought it wasn't, so it feels like he's being supportive. I was like I'm pretty sure he's trying to literally make us feel like shit. It's a backhanded compliment. I thought basically saying I can smell that from all the way outside of the complaint case. So we sit in our seats and our editor with sitting in this scene in front of him front of us
turns around. He was like that receipt. I can't breathe. So this point: I'm mixed feelings. There you see here- and I will in the rebel I was in, but I started to kind of freaked out a little bit as well, The guy was also looked at. Get upset and I was like, oh so I was in the sea, the window see and it was in the middle, so we were like our little eat this before my check off, I was self, conscious, yeah. Finally, at this point at that point I was like there's a guy sitting in the aisle was like actually looking at us like yeah like he was like upset, and I was like: how can we somehow like conceal the smell, and you know and Ethan also 'cause? That's not only does it stink but like to just be sitting there like shoving, shut down your throat, we were done. I took one of the blankets that they gave out an I put it on the seat in front of Alex and I
attached it to our seed. So it really was like a little for you. We are hooked up alex- and I went into our little to eat junior all of a sudden We hear a little top top on the floor and the fucking flight attendant he's like girls, you can. Not have a fort, set up while we're about to take off she's like I need to be able to see your tray tables, etc. Girls. You can't do that. I was like. Am I actually five years old, I felt like a child, so we take the blanket down Ok, well, wait to eat once we take off. Yes, that's fine! So I'm like you know what I'm just going to inconspicuously pretty much sit on Alex's lap and eat this burger, so close to the window, the window that, like no one even knows if he hadn't even put down her trade,
She used my tray table and we both just were staring out the window shoving it. I was hunched over an our noses were pretty much touching the early window. It looks like we had never been on an aircraft, including her look at them like gold, medals or first time on an airplane hounding burger. That's not the story, that's not! The story! No what happened next so embarrassing like I want to die right now. I like reliving it right now. What happened was? Is we start to hear some noise little bit of rumbling yep, there's there's a little bit of an up for housing. Some snarky, yup some some rude remarks there's an uproar. Literally we heard someone turned to their seatmate and ask them bling bling, do. You think know that do you spell that, like imagine, Sofia rise straight up huddle
over shoving this in our mouth and we like quickly turn out like they started to freak the freak of a crime freaking out at this point we're getting really self. I am just like, oh my god, the lady that made the comment about the smell. We hear her call over the flight attendant and you know when, like you see someone talking to someone and then they obvious they look at you. The flight attendant literally looked over her shoulder shoulder an made eye contact with Sophia at night, and we were like I burger out of Alex is hair quicker. It was anuja situation. I grabbed all all of our like our fries and ketchup. Everything shoved everything underneath the seat in front. We knew I'm not very homing guys on the flight attendant mat. I contact, we knew yeah, it's over she's gonna come over and say something I was mortified mortified five. It was like there's a video
It I I'll put on a course out of major like ring. So if you know she, I was saving the Carl's Junior underneath our seats so finally were like we're box, like she's, going to come over and say something this woman just complained about the smell. And honestly, I have to say in this very moment this is when I knew you fucked us Sophia. Why? Because it reached It smells like a big topic. Assuming, ok, ok, thank you. Take the fish and we listen. I wasn't thinking clearly but honestly in hindsight the bag itself was like disintegrate was increases. So finally, the flight attendant comes over and she was so nice and she You should not because it was humiliating. It was, so humiliating and she was like I and so sorry to do this girls, but we've got several complaints, including from the back of the plane from the back of the flushing,
famous people. We were in row eight to give you guys, wouldn't fucking Rowan. She could die people from the back of the plane where there's like fifty fucking seats, they said they could smell the fucking greasy fighting fish. I don't know she just made that up so like we would just like. Oh, I think she got her dude. I don't know what, but I she then preceded to say yeah. I usually don't do this, but I'm going to have to ask you to throw. So, and she was holding a fucking garbage bag in our fight. I'm trying to keep my cool you guys, don't know humiliation. Until you've had I'm going to cry to reach underneath the seat in front of you and one by one grab each item of actual schitt that you order from Carl's Junior and reach across
the guy sitting. Next to you and plop it in the lighting lighten his garbage bag, literally a garbage that was literally designated for us for us I'm reaching over this poor man with all of my fast well my when you like trying to watch a star is born. Like sorry I don't like, or are you still there if you're somewhere fries here, you go, God he's a kicker, the kicker, the kicker, the kicker, the kicker, you thought, story was over that comply into the flight attendant. Also to here thanks. Q fuck you it literally she made. She was like oh couple rows behind us we're. Thank you. I wanted to fucking throw punch that pitch pretty much. I did not know I the moral stories. I guess you cannot eat on a plane. You just counting Carl's junior fish tacos on himself. No dude is so embarrassed. I'm like I think that might be my most embarrassing moment. Is it really that rude to eat food on a plane when
we do it? No, but anyone else actually kind of get annoyed, but like a snowflake now they should have just stuck yeah. It was honestly just something that just needed to be told yeah. So I have some fucky crazy questions. I show you these gooey that again, ok, okay, cut me off all right. This is someone actually did me this, ok, are you ready? I know a guy who went to Vegas for a bachelor party with his friends there getting fuct up with some strippers, and things got pretty wild. This guy ends up fucking, one of the strippers in the butt raw yikes right. We would you ever fuck someone with a condom in there, but I don't know whatever anyways. Ok, so the weekend ends and he returned home an continues with his life as though nothing happened, because what happens in Vegas
Vegas, obviously well, ladies clearly, not because three days later, his dick is bright, red and burning. Like a mother, he goes to the doctor and peas in a cup, but the std test come back, negative, so he goes home and tries to continue on with his life, but by the end of the week his dick is in so much pain. He literally can't sit still. He can't pee any camp function. Oh my god, he goes back to the doctor and they say the only test left to do is for syphilis. They didn't do it at first, because it involves sticking a swab inside the wiener hole sounds pretty painful. They stick the swab in and one single how jalapeno pina hello need. How did how jalapeno you get in his wiener hole. You ask: let's go back to the Vegas stripper that he fuc
raw in the as she had eaten something with jalapenos in it, and there was a seed in her, but that got stuck in his wiener hole when he fucked her literally what the fuck I am at a complete loss for I'm looking at you like you, just shared some shoot, what a fucking, how? How do you say I fuckin' jalapeno Pino? Are you feeling me like when people wanted to try you know like you got it: okay, careful! I don't yes by no, you need to do anal prep before you do anal I actually saw one porn star was talking about and she was like. I don't eat for two. Hours before hi penal. I only eat like rice and chicken, no beans stay away from fruits and vegetables etc. But jalapenos in your, but I did I got stuck in his Weiner hole. I thought I'd heard it all. He is we like Entertainer Hall, that's a nightmare! All right! This girl wrote in help help help us so
Yes, I need an immediate response guiding well, I got tested positive for chlamydia this morning. I have a guilty conscience and how to tell the guy been consistently hooking up with. What do I say, and how do I say it? Please, I'm free now. I hope you see this. I know it's just a dick. What I know it's just a dick, but I need him to talk to me again. What I want to say, that's always kind of about that is another daddy Gang Member wrote in and said there is a website that sends an anonymous text to someone saying they have an std yeah. So Milfhunter told me about this I mean this girl said she uses it to fuck, with guys to see if they will like tell her, not yeah. But if you are thing to tell a guy and you don't want to confront him. I think you can, Now I also I'm pretty sure that the health department, once you test positive for an std, and you tell them who gave it to the health department, reaches out to a person.
Yeah, it's just like one of your partners that you've had in the past. Like has this. I think that's the very mature way to go about it now on the flip side. If you want, like the other, call her daddy advice. If I were you, if you have any inclination that he has maybe also been being a little bit shaving on him, you blame it on him and what you're going to do is you're going to be like I literally just went for my yearly check up and got a pop and, like I am I dealing out, then you later like, so so he up. So that's up. So do you want to like like? Why didn't you tell me like what the hell? Why are you more careful yeah, like that's, really thought about some, but that's happened that's what I would probably will cookie all right. This is another story. I've got some crazy, fucking stories this week. Okay, alright! This is some next level crazy. Ship year
Later after a breakup and ex, and I were in the process of getting back together after a night out, I passed out on their bed with a dead phone flash forward to the morning. I woke up and she wasn't and in bed, and neither was my phone I make my way to the living room and I get a looking for something as she pulls my phone out from under the which cushion she was sitting on and throws it down directly at my face, did Phineas charged the phone remembered. She had fingerprint access that I forgot and never got rid of and went through everything. I kid you not. When I looked at my phone, my locks green was a collage created of screenshots of sex. I had sent to other girls. I unlocked the phone an my background. It's a collage of all the knew I had been planned and the latest search in Safari was a picture of a middle finger. She also messaged
all of these nudes and sex to herself, so she could always be reminded of how much she hates me and- how gross I am made with her for another two years. Fuckin' love the crazy baby. Oh wait! Maybe I love it. I love the artistic bad bad bad woke up charged. It unlocked it, an put collages for the front screen the inside screen. You can crazy, oh creative artist. The fact that girls just sitting on the Looking for something that his head, I love it. I love a little drop. I've definitely done that with my ipod, more an Ipad, so you might take him out and then in fact that's why we fucking say guys love the crazy. The fact that I don't know where this story is going to end to stay with her for another two years, fuckin' love the grass. I mean it's beautiful. This is really quick, but I just want to address it
we talked about using invisible ink. It's when you send a text, and it's all blurry and you can't see what was written. You can use this on pictures too yeah. We never told them best believe when you're sending a nude, you should say with invisible, almost always almost always yeah Dependa new right and then, if you're, a guy you're going to send a God dam dig pick an you know that your girlfriend is with her fam traveling in Bermuda, bucking, invisible incoming messages. That's so true! I also think that just better too, because it's it makes it easier. You don't want to just take a nude sitting there, all the time you're in public, if you're sending it like during the day like point buck that alright here we go a guy, wrote in and said it. Ladies, I was dating a girl that we had great chemistry, was fun and gave some bomb glockler the problem she caked on the makeup. She stop by my place during a jog with it
layered on, spend the night with layers, etc. I spent a couple with her, never got to see her real face. Honestly, this was one not held me back from going further down the road with her. How do you get a girl to not go overboard? That is. That's really hard. That's crazy, that the makeup bother this guy so much that he liked everything about her but like? That was the reason he couldn't continue. If we've actually ever said it, but guys, naturally like girls when they look more natural waterfalls. However, there are all are some guys. I've dated some guys that loved when I to do the whole, like Barbie. I I will say for the most part like a natural. However, with regard to this girls, we've got a like kind of like trick,
if you really want to wear, make up all the time last I I make up you can layer on make up and make it look nice. You can also mills Hunter brought this up to me the other day he said God are kind of oblivious when it does come to make up stuff, but for a I it's clear as day. He said that when I see a girl and her fuckingn, did not match faith immediately. That's guys look at and they're like. Why does it look like that because listen at the end of the day, a guy is thinking What are you gonna look like when you wake up next to him as sad as it is yeah, I'm not being that girl we're not all out here. Looking like do you do you had yeah I'll make up on, but I do think girls. It's a all about truth and trick to your concealer and everything but like don't put mask.
Are on maybe one day because I know fucking guys, but I'm not wearing makeup when I have literally full face, but then there's no mascara. This is the last thing. It's just like a actually someone. I think it was a tweet and I just thought this is very interesting. I wanted to get your opinion on such fun fact You can tell if a guy is a liar if he says he's five hundred and eleven, if he is actually five hundred and eleven, he would round up and say he's six foot, but since he knows he can't pass for six foot Hill choose to say five hundred and eleven. So to sound taller, guys who say their five. Eleven are always five: nine, ok! Well, this is hitting home. This is fucking, do it? Did you business hitting home 'cause this guy, I'm talking to literally said that he's five hundred and eleven oh wow although they round up and it kind of meal, so if they're not so basically what they're saying
and I get it, I get the rounding up so they're, probably most five, nine five, ten thousand five hundred and ten, oh my god, Is that so injuries, little creepers of the night trying to stop in about is like very interesting. I like how the do I measure this guy without him notice like actually look at his license. No, but I know They probably lie on their license suck. How do we do that, like guys with big balls with makeup and like catfish, that guys are fungus so cool with their height. Ok, that's crazy! That's really crazy! I'm very interested in trying to find out and get to the bottom of that. You guys. I have the specimen in my hands right now. Ok sophie- and I always talk about this. It's like we are lazy, mother, fuckers that we have an issue going to the gym. Well, we were going to the gym and then I would say in the last three months we have not entered foot into the gym right so doesn't mean we're mean we're not working out have been working out so guys this
is it something we want to talk to you guys about its open fit? So basically, it's a streaming service that you can have on any type of tablet, and it has worked out ten minutes out of your day to get your squats in your. Add six. At your end, right, it's brand new, it's super simple: the classes are led by the most effective and engaging trainers, people we yeah one of them is. I sports illustrated one of the top that its athletes like these people. You will recognize the trainers that are on this app. Also guys you can lose up to fifteen pounds in the first thirty days, yes guys flat and your ob shape your body look and feel great okay. So this is what you're going to do so with the code daddy, you can join, join us on R Fitness journey right now, during the open fit thirty day challenge listeners can get a special extended thirty day free trial membership to open fit where you can lose like. We said fifteen pounds in thirty days when you text daddy to
three thousand and thirty three three thousand and thirty. You got full access to open, fit all the workouts. All the nutrition info. Fo free is that it. I think it daddy gang. I don't want to leave them. I don't either but guys got it. We've said in the past couple episodes subscribe, it's a it's. A theme Sophia and I are holding unsubscribe and subscribe press unsubscribe, and then you re subscribe, and then you down just leave a rating and preferably a v fucking star rating. I don't know leave a review that you love us yeah. Maybe we'll send you a nude. I don't know guys. We love you. We love you guys so much every single when everything went. I hope you guys get after it this weekend. We have some fun ship coming up. Yeah idea trip to Elaine may be going away, so we don't know, will let you know we're going to keep you updated guys also make sure you follow some social media. I feel like a lot of people. Don't know that we like our instagram, is private, because we post bucket
snow, we hosted at a video of a guy's and we just put a little emoji over the tip of it. How it really is great, not
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