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Alex and Sofia touch on making money from guys' foot fetishes (hey dirty coachella sandals!), secret sugar daddys, and the ultimate blow job technique that is guaranteed to be every man's krytopnite. Introducing- The Gluck Gluck 3000 vs 9000. LADIES AND GENTS, listen up!

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Daddy I'd, call her daddy. Morning, everyone at all, I think I'll, be back at it again. Making Monday raid again with Other episode of call her daddy oh yeah, be in our feel today. So hello, Sophia hi. How is your weekend? How are you doing we well my weekend. I'm TAN live lost four pounds. How is my weekend Alex you fucker? You were touched, my have so you know my weekend shuffling around. We were together all week now. Last week I said I was going on three days, though give me my minute, like. Let me have a moment to just like
talk about my shit moment of silence gwine to three girls. So last week I went on three days. Of them? I cancel than he'll. Never talk to me again, one of them. I regret that anything in my life one of them. I loved. I had an amazing d. It was the last one I guess save the bath for last. There was an awesome date and we really just hit it off. To be honest, we ended up going on one state the next day, but it wasn't like eight a morning after kind a lunch to he, like I slept in my own bed, we didn't do anything shore and whose first and then we met for lunch the next day, and it was very like we're in la like hi, I'm in love. Let's do the damn thing, so that's amazing. I think you and I
for we clear we are funding, I want to say, go last week. I try to not listen to our record, so I don't. You know cry myself to sleep, but I realise that I keep calling women bitches and eyes what everybody you know I mean in the most endearing way. I call myself a badge. I call Alex Bitches everyone the beds. Let's go, let's fine, although only love it yeah dealer. I agree. I know I'm like wow: are we putting girls? like no. We love you always a poor you, let's do the damn thing altogether, so shouted to all the women. This is honestly for you, you have all of you for ok, we called people bitches. Second of all, Sophia yeah. We guy invite aid to the mother Fuckin Hampton is weak baby. I write a passage of you live in New York. You like how do I get there
guess what I do. My guy everyone, that's anyone- is inherent in Bruges, fuck. Ok, we got the end by now. We got the invite from so the guy that I had a successful date with boom. We He actually invited us all that we can, but ironically I mean you think me York, in a small town, it's a goddamn, small town because the guy went on the date with his best friend is actually someone Sophia used to hook up with for quite some time, and he invited to the Hampton that we knew he was going to be there, and so will I go. I don't know if you want to go I wanna go. I don't want to get too insular, but I use will cover the guy and now his best friend is somewhat talking to Alex and he's a invited, as the best friend was going to be this week. I like what do the core of us just do like furthermore, as those guys not of autism
I have a refugees. I met for away happy family room with a bang altogether. It is binding because when you are hooking up with him, you wanted me to hook up with his friend and now I finally found his friend but not through you and I want you to go back into their withdrawn. So it's a big that for some, let's do it right, ok, so so so so that set up the we had three days whenever it well. I had We buy a router. I reserve, ok, so anyways, I wanted to say we set up the call her daddy dot com website, shits pop in Armenia. You're, right you, whether the that shit, the tits Lickety like thank you so much. I actually donors came out of my mouth who disregard that cut back at that? Ok, so thank you guys so much because your shit awesome, you guys sent in stories you sent in advice. You said in everything that we could actually come up with cod
ten four days with your questions and all my life so entertaining so related. Well, I like back, I wanna, live on this bay. Can I say my favorite my all time, favorite questions are the foot fetish questions now, let me just say a lot of times guys slide in some ideas or like baby girl. Why can I pay you to get a pic of the sea and I'm like your god? Oh my god What the hell and and literally inner forum, girls, is it? Ok if a guy has a foot fetish what the fuck? Ok, here's, what the fuck! I saying I had a guy and I can pull up right now in my dm and he said, hey send me a pair of your use. Shoes are not making the saps her five hundred bucks, while a pair of you shoot. I think I may be so long before our room. I don't
oh Anne, you know at that moment I dont know how is doing with money. By looked at the corner, my room and anxieties, disgusting cheetah forever, twenty one flashed now, literally. Maybe nineteen dollars no and I was like Money Hydra near. I could just send these nasty things her five hundred bucks I now do they re about person. Is that, brilliant we started off the fucking phone. You are you looked at twelve a pair of shoes and you like baby this guy, one you like in and around my toehold? Let's get it Papa and I'd. It just occurred to me notice side. He said the more used the better, I'm driving a foot. That is that's what they want. They want the sweaty. They want to know that you've been walking around New York in those for like ten days straight and a picture of just your feet when he wanted the actual shoe and then he was like. So I know it's your feet like. I need to see like a picture with you and the shoe, and the
rightly a nude just way way down. So I would like a little flaws and we do my toes and had made. I might be worth bong empower, does get em like that's being wholly voyage, honestly to end this little story of four vanishes. Let me just say Sophia: all I'm getting from this conversation is what sort of fucking for guiding light. Dude, let's go. Let's that's where I was an idea. Let's see how many guys we can sell pictures of our feet to unless Viking cow as money we make them. We can donated charity any guy either vanish out there. We are about to send you are forever twenty one flats fucking,
I have. I have got all many dirty as shoe they're coming in your way. Now I shall soon Lion and died in my pants. Ok, so thank you guys so much for writing in though, to de call her daddy dot com, let's move away from the sea and let's get to the real fucking content. So I took down a couple questions that people wrote in and I have to admit I didn't tell Sophia beforehand servers. Oh, how sums gonna rattles them off you regard ninety, I wrote in he put his gender. I don't need you send mail MIKE. Ok, he wrote in these that on a scale of one to ten house, Stalker Ash is that if I keep watching my snap, my on snap map on snapshot to see where someone is so, I accidentally run into her. That's fucking, brilliant,
romance its dedication and that's all fuckin is I go for it so confused? Why we haven't thought about that? I have people on Saturday my kid. I let you know me I broadly, not know, but things through the idea went crazy, bursts into another, really ingenious. So romantic, ok, next one eye matched with this guy on P, o F, everything was going well until he suggested he wanted to watch me fuck, another guy, in front of him. I honestly don't know how to react. So I just ended up blocking him y know. You can tell her how to react, but will also with the focus who actually that I met a guy on Bianca? Are we all this shit with How has the highest being someone I mean with a high school dating I've, been fifty five while no one said. Is it bad? I'm sure this is actually got a funny one now. Is it bad I'm trying to get back with my axe, but I am also looking for a sugar daddy.
Because I'm broke his fuck, I dont have any romantic feelings for the daddy's, I'm just trying to live a debt free life- oh my god, I don't even have to like hesitate on this Oh your boyfriend, you're sure daddy are two different entities. Were is a relationship of what is a business. Your boyfriend, isn't you know anything just keep your chanel, in your Luba time, see no little secret or else he, my half questioning, ratifies I'd, go for a baby down. Ok, I love variant. I couldn't feel more confident about the holy shit. Ok, so inside I love this one. Every guy in America listen up baby. What are your thoughts? I'm coming too fast? Is it a deal breaker? What is it the first time you have sex with them and you're really interested kind of feel bad. You every time a guy says, I'm like close your eyes junior mom, eating out your grandma view can come after that when you have problem
not usually to hold it in God by nobody seriously. You gotta think of it like that all the aid they need. Anything that just you know takes it from a midnight to over what we gave love that's over. I really appreciate than, and yes guys it does kind of matters. So really do your work and think of grandma mom. Ok to cities is crisis, one kind of okay, two, a dot m? Okay? Okay, so he sent a really long story about this crazy girl. He mad- and I was like, oh my god, but the moral of the story is at the end. He said two, a dot m. She fucks me with no car Should I be worried that I'm going to have a kid in nine months with the most crazy girl on the planet, oh dear God, your and our prayers and Godspeed utterly don't we, I figure down, but at the same time like I would love an invitation to the baby showers. Unlike you know, if you're going
by good no contact with the crazy beds. You better get ready for twelve kids to revive a dozen of them. Is that what are we talking about? I'm sorry and you think so idlers. They things. Guys. Always writing, and we have many stories and there's gonna be more on Egypt, so, but what every episode ass anybody so without being said, let's talk about last week because a few Tatra cheating, yeah battery, while he was born, but let me just say I kind of feel like people may be like thumb she cheated, but what, if you're the person? Who is she? I wouldn T run before and ass. I was going to say so I hope I didn't. I I think I got cheated on I'd I'd idea. So I think you know we're still. You know we're still debating, but ok, so let me quickly say: who's guy was talking to way back when, and you know I was just trying to keep a light entire embrace and I think we would, I think, we're exclusive
My view is very like in between. I don't really really fucked with the word exclusive, but we tried it and in well here you go here's what happen so I felt like he was being shady now everybody listening isn't this am I vow per se Can I give you? Ok, ok, citizen. I thought I was being Shias fuck. So I was being a little twist what do you know, I'm saying sometimes, if you're being fuckin shady- and you see him point out the same tendencies of the shady- that, unlike all the fuckin phone mother fucker, I just see that's you last week, when I was asked why the aid that has a burger king God knows what can I do that? I'm sorry, that's like energy job, when you're acting the most paranoid, crazy and a lot of times is cause European fucking Gibby. Whenever I admit I was being sketches bag
sorry anyways something sketchy, and you know I like. I ok, I do like to play over the games. He comes home and, unlike every guy thinks, there's every girl to I d, seen fuckin thing you're. So smart, my phone is clean. You'll, never find anything on me, mother, Fucker, the ipod or the backing computer t never because the Iphone is so much to worry about already and honours I'll. You don't think like gotta babies that I've had got a baby. All is backing everyone left and right. So I got for me. Had he comes home and I admit like I did care. I really did care about the relationship I was in it, but I kind of just one to see squirm so you're talking about We share these back when I woke up pull out the ipod right in front of him and I didn't even need him to swipe it open because his face turned
Casper, the friendly motherfuking coats. He was so fucking white, I'm like okay, so yep, I'm going to find mad sit on here I could have walked out of the room, but I'm like no. I need to pee. I am even more. I said open this event me right now. Just like yeah. Of course I got you re now. Pay. Will you just I forget my password, although limited and like bitch fuckin, put that shit on and activate anything that indicate that, but you know some girls Kennedy at night there like here, baby but the phone Armada Bang bats. It now it fell. Ok, so he opened the ipod and I look and of course ass tits, I'm lucky. I expected all this shit, but I'm China like watching Molly, sweat and then I found the most brilliant girl ever. She sent him a video,
of herself sacking another eyes. Dick Harriet spoke guides a gear and keep it a little bit like cleaned up tram, Gussie Bruno the barber shop. So then, I'm like ok holy shit, she's down on this deck and fill it with her fuckin highway, not building at night me. I love my ex wife, Not only are more than another girl sacking another limes watching this and would remind you he's sitting with me watching my reactions and unlike smiling, he's ok, so she did. She not finally asked intensity like I'm enjoying every second this, because this girl do this art, she's, filming herself, mother, guys Dick and then she send it end quote eyes, she little says practising for you babe. I might hold on. How does the Prague, ok so before I get until the practicing? Was that the home, with her story, girl
he I dont, think you then too. There is a lot of hair whatever, but she literally I go to her Instagram Islamic. Who is this? You know maybe she's nice girl. I see her Instagram mother Fuckin Teresa country girl, oh my god, I'm narrow lane and dick my live mama, I'm like hold on like Sunday pose the church. You know what I have to say about that. Any time a girl looks like a fucking angel acts like an angel. If you are those friends or best friends that they never talk to you about getting dick. Once again, I sound like a truck driver about getting dick? Those are the ones you have. Two fucking worry about the Euro never talked about getting down, and then you hear from someone else that she, you know got a train ran on her. I like, I, can't trust We see right. I found, as I said, size yeah Instagram. Unlike lies, this is all live.
Watching you in your at home video year, these guys dick as you're, sending it to another guy and then like well, she's got a little cute dress audiences. Now in the little brother in the dog at the golden Retriever like you, liar- involves like shit back to it. Yes, though, I think it may be a little bit competent goes. The dick sacking was agreed see my nose the words I'm goin there as well. Anyone listening I cannot describe over. There is a link on the fucking Coopers special, and I know that's why you're about is- are talking about Looking back where I saw you here first
now I'm! Ok! So are you gonna die you, although jobs? I would I want to get into the fucking blowjob topic. I would appreciate it if the Cooper specialist put on hold and let's talk about the mother, Fucking Gluck Gluck, three thousand slash. Nine thousand
home Sylvia faces. Like he regards you take this evening. I don't know what I'd buy gave out here. My every man listening. You may honestly think you have no idea what this is. U, however, I pray to God. You have experienced this, but you just know had a name ladys listening. Let me just say I promise focus is key right now: girls, because this will change your sex life. So little birdie, a male birdie told me, and I want to call him something because when I say a little male birdie, this guy isn't maybe the most experienced guy. I know little birdie. Let's call him male acts. Male acts as the most well versed man. He has had sex with every kind of girl every nationality. Every
age he's doing melt the younger girls, all that we, you name, it he's done it. So I trust his opinion because he he fucks high. So he basically told me an girls. I know you're, all echo Alex. What is it he claimed? and I quote, the Glock Glock, three thousand nine thousand- every man's kryptonite now, every guy on here's a comical, but we really. I regard the rooms like. I don't want to do. What is right, so I will give you the little definition of this Glock lock. It is a vacuum seal, double hand, twists Gaga combo, so various Bolivar chairs the I came seal double hand. Twist got carried out now and not a vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you, listen, any girl, can give a blow job
the accessories that you bring with them a blow job that make great again, I turn the terms of border. Ok, so let me just say: you're like walking what the vacuum fill the vacuum seal. Let lets us everybody close eyes and picture you're in the Sahara Desert and you are parched. You need water. She's been trapped in this horror, it's been three days she needs water and his wiener he is wiener- is a big fat guy. Line of Poland Spring Water, okay, so views ok, go so naturally they argue largely anybody that is part they will die, get to that water they would die for Dick
that point diver dig about point die for that modern, didn't zero years saying blow job has to be you acting like you are about to die for that. Listen if a guy looks down and see the girl. It's like a year on Ur Gonna have really dinner denying the coming. I wanted this miracle. Why hasn't come yet a huge I'll keep will then here we go, I'm getting softens. Ok, it's over. You need to look like I'm starving, I'm going to die until literally gives me that, God, I'm sorry he gives Ghana water. Why the amateur, so you're you're dying to get that. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that the average is ok. The emphasis on the globe like three thousand is this. It's the noise. Is it's the vault you at which these saliva and the sloppiness comes on his penis and then, if the hand usage, and when I see hand usage.
Every guy messroom disclosure, I've cause you're all going to show me, which one is gonna, be so happy to hear that the double hand. Let him know that p is jive nor met you. We ve been W W, like God, damn it sheds big you have to So what I am saying now is for a three thousand too thousand. There is very different levels at which: how sloppy are you getting? How he's you're getting with your hands. Are your hands going to say, motion, or are they going indifferent motions left hands gone right right? goin, let em we're switching that shit up and we're going on the merry go round. Mother fucker live de righty wow flop. I really don't want to take that to a guy right now I can give you a sloppy blowdryer. Really he's gonna go to firms, examine, There lies no thing that is considered a blow job unless it is the sloppiness. Where is now see a thing everything you live high. You, if you ok- and this is what he claims research shows he said with it- Twenty four hours
You will now and girlfriend health and what of actually within twenty four hours. If you do the Gluck lock, which I mean you're double hand, twisting you're a vacuum ceiling, yours the sloppiest girl in the room- oh my god, I'm sorry, I swear degrading women and just giving you guys tips here, because I swear works. Ok in twenty four hours, blow job. You all know if you are a nine thousand performer, if you're a three thousand performer nine thousand is like you ramp everything the fuck up like if you had a treadmill and you're at speed. Three. Unlike me, my Graham our children and nine, no bitches fucking catch him he's a finnish length. I'm about to make this guy cod through life. I'm as we had three thousand because I didn't know about hey. I know you re always bananas in our parliament in order to get to the nine out of a real fucking, genuinely thought it was all about the deep throat than other thing anymore living in the past when it is. How are you years when I tell you I don't know anymore with linking cobweb. When I tell ya, noise takes a guy
from a zero to Hungary that you like. We said you are dying for that Dick put on soundtrack of your mouth. Like did. No! No! No like like- make a noise I'm. He will actually come silken like that guaranteed if you are at the nine thousand level and Ladys alleged research little bit and if you guys want to write in. Let me if you want me to actually go into more detail. You let me know, but I know my Dallas inside out, whatever ok guaranteed, how start texting you back faster yeah, he will randomly hit you with the face times he may start to send you little cute animal emerges in the dna and give the guy's little you gonna be like baby. Have you even today and, do that. I'd be reassured that import. Why? Ok? Ok, let me just say this: oh car! They this is beginning episode, whatever of the Alex Cooper testimony on blowjobs here,
if you are not sucking your man's dick, that's fine! One hundred percent. Your decision I respected, I understand, however, if you are not somebody else's very true, let me just say: oh guy in a committee, faithful, serious relationship and he is abstaining from oral sex. I'm sorry! Every girl can hit me anymore no. But I'm telling you the truth. I swear to God. You can have great sat absolutely get down. Endeared hunting, but a blow job and sex are completely different experiences. And cancer satisfy one believes that its height, but what does give out around I'm so called. I dont like I search for living, my God,
Why is no knowing so you good that guy, I know you didn't go got out your idea, I'm just telling you that that's my experience and that's what I know well and I understand, and I agree Flash disagree. Ok, you know the guy my axe, who I obviously you know remember too frequently. He the Thai we actually cause he's having fuck enforce them than another girl sex, his dick for whom you have to worry about it. Now. I just feel like sometimes a blow job is not the most thing to a guy. My axe would tell me if you like, every guy in the subway this'll things as matters like rolling their eyes, like, oh, my god, so I know they know better. Then ok, guys, I'm times its nowhere near as important as having good no, you know I wrote a guy, and my ex would tell me I would be like I want is like your dick. More Maybe he would be like I you know that's great but, like I just sacks Fermi, unlike our sexist
where's, your important so much water bomber and there wasn't just- could hastening to giving I know I am. I genuinely was like that. How can you know why, with that, I receive something more important o because were fucking taught you gotta get a guy off this entire podcast Hoppa you're dying for that dick in giving the Gluck like three thousand. You bet heavy suffocating, is fucking face through their Libya home there, and this is serious and it should be happening. If you do that, even if you're not he should be going down here for four. Five minutes boy knowing how to do it. Whole treatment. Irey wait a second hold out. My mom will be so proud. I wanted. Fight, this pod costs is not just about. Like you know.
Please, your man come no. This is also about guys we're gonna get to you. Don't worry. I know you're sitting out there like Yo Alison's opium, given this shit, we're about to. I barely we're on Kennedy when Russia worlds are rose you. What I'm thing is you guys I pray to God time. Brady does not watch film he's the best. Why does he still watch film? You can be the best it something there is always room for improvement. I swear it so imperative. Some people think porn. Is the crazy thing watch porn together? What are you? What is it? What do you want? Your man to you? Do you show send him a video of it? What do you want? Your guided you? You show him, because at the end of the day it kind of me more fun bay will try this and I would just like a great way to go about. It is showing I like you too, I am grateful, tensile relationship, it's just
always playing in a real. I can turn, oh, my god. Oh ok, but listen to what I think we're we want to make sure. As everybody knows, women we're gonna get you don't worry. Will rose the men. We will teach them how to go downtown and really gets vacated by you're regime in the purse steam way how I'm just going guys right now cause it's easy, but will actually we do we kind of some. I do them like you're the Gluck. Look it up You're. Put my like. I am happy that you sound like did you know whatever the moral of the story is women were coming for you? I just taught you about that look look and I want all of you to research it. Even if we actually kind of just found out that an eleven year old, listen to our hard guys. So I went Give you a shadow because baby girl, please do anything we're talking about. I know you're here getting ready. You are preparing for the wrath. That's gonna come in twenty years when seen, listen, we're like seventeen year old, don't listen and
we just downloaded eleven year old? Listen! So I love you and your honestly. The ship and just you like abstain, a little bit longer. Anyways. The point is girls. We love you guys find out what the fucking like its girls by now and make bearing arms early next week. We're gonna teach men to about this. I and how to go down signed by nearly all my relatives, man. I do that black, like three thousand girl. Ok, I'm bored every guys like you going ok, gotta schedule the day and about the chickens. I need to make my girl, because I knew guys get embarrass if they come first before girls, the world's about to talk about all the things we also next week loves just talk about but stopped, because you know that gets the crowd. Why that's? How can we work I'll give mean anal meaning and, above all, aren't they you guys so freaking much for listening, dont forget to write in any questions. I device you guys me or any store.
He wanted to tell on call her daddy. I call her daddy dot com, bruces guys were listening. I hope you do a thing or two and we'll see you guys These are my lies.
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