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2019-05-01 | 🔗

Is it okay for people in relationships to like the opposite sex's pics on instagram? The girls are addressing the topic and introduce a psychotic way to see ALL of your partner's instagram activity. They also discuss an amazing way to dominate dating apps (that has worked for both of the girls), a serious criminal past involving the Fathers, and lastly a sex position that made a guy cry that involves girl-on-top and NO eye contact. PSA: Be careful of this new hack exposing all Facetune users. Its not what you think.

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Daddy I'd call her daddy. Daddy gave all her daddy, we're back. It's how you are back at it again for another episode. We miss you guys yep, it's been a hot minute. I missed them a law, Wednesday bitches and you guys know, of course, are presenting sponsor is Rome in guys you need to be lasting longer and bad. These are wipes out. You literally sway on your dick to last longer high. So simple, yeah guys it's amazing. We ve talked about before everyone has been saying it's working you're welcome there. Also industry unmarked packaging guys. So you can, let me put it in your back pocket then, when you get it
her house or his house. You swipe it on your wiener. Many of us are gonna last longer in the bedroom. You give them the best sacks of their goddamn best sacks. Ok, you can only think about baseball and other shit for so long guys. This actually work so keep roman swipe, you're back pocket for longer, better sacks. Yours fast, with free to day shipping guys by visiting, get Roman Doc, slash daddy again, that is G t r, Oh, I M a and dot com, slash daddy, go. Have some great long, ass bomb ass sex, we're gonna, get it two liking pictures on Instagram, specifically when its you're significant other liking picture up. But first I need everyone to stop what they're doing and listen the package, because, when Alex told me there
the other day the amount of psychopath. I thought she was. She has surpassed all psycho high level. Ok, think he sonar systems are up and running. Ok, it's like dear kind, it is Alex, tell them tell them tat and tell them are a guy's AIDS Ram, instagram fake profiles, people listen up. I've got a little hut. Of a little wine, a big God pay less. Is a value, be only ha guy ready. Ladies and gentlemen, arts of this is your into do. If you want to catch your man or you just want to know what your man is up to at all times and guys you can do this tube. Could I know guys are out there being created, you you're, going to make a fake account. Now we ve talked about big accounts guy. You know you can live stock on a cow and special about this fake account Alex because we all have but this one in particular this fake account you are going to We follow sad victim said victim.
An educator, your boyfriend or ok, you're gonna run, and what this does is when you are on your fake account and you go to the activity paid, There is no one's activity on that page, but Fucking Johnny, who has been up to no fuckin good for the past six months, because this button timeline shows you twenty four hours, yeah our leader, but it's like a fuckin week later you see what you're sick we employ friend was doing six months ago on Monday share is insane and say you see any backing type of activity. They turn comments like of allowing anything in sand. So it's literally justify its like a mood board. You want him as he makes his to ITALY to trail. You just watch everything. I've been doing, and you got to fucking watch him like a mother fucking HAWK, is brilliant and it is beautiful and it's just the best thing that I've ever come up with. I mean it is maybe the
healthy as they know how and by God, damn I got it can fuck you up, you just sit there refresh refresh and then, when you start to needs, go to each girls paid in Alsace and even then he started its. It is so fucking Crean out, but I promise you girls. I have found so much it because what happens on your real instagram inactive He paid. Oh, my god, you much loss of sometimes in the algorithm, like sometimes people just don't show up as much and other people shit takes over all boy, you are not missing, Amy Thea, anything are things every girl go. Make yourselves. Taking hold, only fall your boyfriend and refresh refresh reflection. One thing you don't fuckin like I love you. I love backing people of AIDS. Andrews, but it's fucking gold who the fuck Sonny Internet is telling people to do. There's no disgusting, but amazing. I mean amazing, talk about it. Your oh, my guide, Ivy League were never there's just so fuckin much continuity here I mean that's all people. Do our Europe
me when I get on my phone and it's like you, ve spent twelve hours today day on enlightened get out of my so low. You're gonna be seeing their activity for the last seven years and they create an instagram how let's get into liking pair, yes as theirs, so much back and dry God, I know even dealing with drawn about it and I'm like upside yeah, all the people of allowing with their so where's. I've had to deal with in the past that it really is kind of an awkward situation. So the question is: is it ok for people in relationships be liking, the opposite, taxes, Instagram pictures or, if you're, gay, the same tax, yellowest yeah yeah, so I feel like I've. Lee. The most common issue is girls that see their man liking. The other girls pecksy that's a huge one eye, but obviously girls are fuckin. Shady too I mean hi, I'm looking at you and it's like high boyfriends. Ever it needs that they see their girl liking, some guys picture yeah. So, let's talk about it, this dying member
road in Uk- and this is like a perfect example. She was like help. I found, ah my boyfriend, like a current new post of another girls picture on Instagram and then, in parentheses, she put totally fine, ok and I'm like girlfriend urine angel because I would already have burnt his house tat accelerating then she goes by also in the same moment proceeded to go like to older people. Is this the red flag? How do I proceed? Do I let it go and stay scene or go psycho bitch on his ass? go sites on his back dead thrown in the river you about again. Dud cut is live. Chop is Dick off he's fucking thing, Sir, I'm up raw boys, they leave him to die. You ok die. Ok. This is my my theory about this decision and she was brought up he liked
picture like she said was fine the fact that he then in one like it, went and liked to old pictures to me That is a calculated decision to go through her profile. Men's pick photos that he is very true did to you and with his wiener cities wave I want to be a large you taking pictures with the Tipp of his dick is what wet weather a boner. A man has a full hard on and he he's trying to figure out with full of hers, going a penny I and maybe all them at the same time. Suddenly I don't know, but somehow them with thinking with his wiener, yes, and these double tapping with his wiener and then he's going and trying to fuck, not really. I am going to like. Ok any I'm your liking, multiple pianos in a row up and then, as
specially if their old pick oh and then as special leave, it's a goddamn bikini pictured the fuck out of here I'd eating. He is he your already cheating, we already part which is ok voting by, but not when I happened to you do know, living in this situation, liking the going and liking more old picture than multiple. I think that we ve gotta de la behaviour as the beginning stages of a potential intended one hundred percent, soon guy, is going round being like yeah girl. Like you, I bring her up like sleigh queen now trying to fuck me trying to get his dick where one hundred percent the problem. With this whole, indeed around meaning is. It is almost near impossible to bring it up, see me like a psycho ok. So this is what I want to say up if you guys are fuck bodies, if you're just having casual stack,
if this man is not your boyfriend. If this girl is not your girlfriend, keep your goddamn mouth shhh I shall I have we set in previous episodes. You never call them. Our fucking call them out, but ties with Europe really with a view ass. You are not in a serious relationship. They owe you nothing. I need your harshly talking and you're like oh, but we're getting close and we hang out every night bets. Yeah! Ok! Do it doesn't know you should write David. Can pork as many girls as you want? Literally you look by her and now I can't do it, how ivy they are your boyfriend or their near girlfriend. You release the wrath of thousands and that's the thing. Is you kind of just by default, sound crazy. I don't know why a kind of sucks- because I get will I get
times guys you're, like are you out of your fucking mind like I shall I eyes the apple tat picture, like all my god here she comes again being Psycho Europe. I would you be ok if your boyfriend liked one girls picture like a random girl, you didn't know random instead girl, I would let it slide yes same with me by this. Second, there was another picture lie that is absolutely one hundred represent a heating, and that's all that no, no, but I think a more than one picture. What's the point now. What is that? No, no you're, then going out of work is what she'd impose them back to back. You went to her profile. Oh yeah, and then you went and found another one, but I like you, like you, were out of your way. Thinking would be remiss he's, cheating peace, cheating, since when someone ass you in your ex relationship, how the one before ended, you'll see tee cheated on me.
Oh my god, how did you find out? I just want on insecure, and I saw you like to Europe's picture and I always thought you like you know you, like your actually the terrible tapped incitement exert. Therefore, no ok, so ok. So what? If I could have just one picture, but it was a picture that the girl had posted like seven months ago went profile, scrawl career, still no, no it. That is that's almost worse because think about trying to not get Kyle he's trying to ignore these tragedies he's trying to get caught maybe, but he's trying to get her attention because on her feet, no one like not picture anymore, so he immediately is seeing. Oh, if I like an old that's what I've done, I'm gonna go to an old one that he's not getting out of cases on anymore, so it will bring a little bell. High hearing here is peanuts thinking with his peanut okay, so that will let me ask you what, if your boyfriend liked and
and to model or like a porn stars picture analogy. How does that make vagina feel Does that make you I'm there are like wearing flaws? I hope you I little pasty there over the booby. Very it I be. It would be absurd for different reasons. I wouldn't be jealous tired, be like I'm sure go. Try to forget offers the ice truck, but you are not fucking LISA, like Riley Red, is not sucking. You're now left with no idea how I love, I promised you Emily erratic housekeeper is not going to be like John from Kansas, like my picture, better Jo Leinen lambs now, but I would, upset because I'd be like you, look like tat and you look like a cree men. You look growth So you know what I mean. I feel like, like respect for yourself down boy. I beg you a little bit. No Ivy League were a little different on that. I feel like I wouldn't care
really at all. If I saw him looking a porn stars or but is and it's not a good life is not a good luck. I guess it's me. I guess it's what you said. It's like bitch, you, our, never fuck, that you only have meal yuppie. Grateful ya, think be. Ok with that. What about if the guy has previously, aided by old girl can never like their neighbors again. If you have been inside of someone or if they have been inside of you and you started dating a new person, get the fuck out of here if you think I'm gonna, be ok with you, fucking going and liking that person he uttered and fuck out of here? The bullshit have like that. We're doing clawing gets complicated. Why are you close now? I hope you ve been very close to that close again. Get I hear. No, we need be opposite class. Now really restraining order pack up Becky, I stated a guy
He likes it really good friends with all of his ex girlfriend or so, and I would get so annoyed and he be like they're. My friend, and I, like you, know why when's he's our dating a new person. You get rid of the Riff Rank hall in the rear, their design, the riff right. It's just. I love that Zack, like you're the people you ve been with before that gives a fine ordered the raft. They don't mean to be sure o. So I guess guys or girls. You should not be liking and old flames peg, absolutely fucking, not oh! What do you think? Would you be uncomfortable, but your boyfriend liked by bikini pick okey down by thunder book. I wouldn't be mad about a beginning picture of you just like on the second beat. I'm being able like half naked and lingerie I kind of like, but then it's all so weird.
Because I expect my boyfriend too busy report to be friends with you enter. Then it's almost we're their liking every single picture. Then you post one with your tips on their knees. I can't like our yeah, you, I think about it. I'm wearing like one of them just a picture. My ass, an bikini, I think, with you absolutely hyper up, but you know everyone's got, those shady friends right, like you, can't really treville. Sometimes anything of she gets allow gall inner and she found my boyfriend. God only knows she's gonna try to go down for that, Dick. Yet all I think it depends on what friend it is, but I am
when you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend like you kind and make clear how those friends our total, where you of course he's not every picture of you because you ever dating me- is eating you and they need to. Just before I go all of the pig shreds, true cause, if a year out for the count when you're really circling, I'm gonna jump in, and I believe we can make the dream work be ok. What about actually worry talking about you. We said that we heard we remember a story girl, wrote in and she was just saying like she walked in on her boy friend jousting off my line, girls. He used to park. Serafine. While he was looking at girls, he used to fuck, he was going he ain't there in her behalf, not even there no Miss girls said she. I am jacking off too Has this guy never seen porn?
Although we need to introduce this this little poor boy yeah, what is thy we, I I don't know, but what of why? The file good and she's? Ok, oh my god- and she said it wasn't even like slutty pigs are beginning pigs. We had I'm like so this guy is actually fucking jacking off to a picture a girl in genes and assure sitting on it. You swing at the park, I await y all, so I have a different soon Did she cats, Looking out all these pictures, she's, like hiding up above inlet, so you I in on non jogging and legs is like the first thing she says I am your phone yeah. I don't know I really weird I. It is hard to bring up the liking pictures without sounding. Guess I by honestly, if you're dating sound like a psychopath, a
visiting. You have a situation where you guys how d like it was actually a really interesting. I was about to say that one of my says we and wasn't because we were either being crazy. He came up with this idea. He was like why don't we just alleviate the stress and I will not like the opposite sex pictures on Instagram and you never liked that either and I was like okay. Unless it's like your friends, my friends are like a couple highly now. You guys had a very public relationship, That's true that I think is a loud eight, although it like something it would have been fuckin thrown upon twitter gods. Sure a girl going into a relationship. Tell me how this sounds Kay I mean like baby, let's just like that, the rules now? So neither of us get our feelings, her letters being sure we done
like the opposite sex is not going to be like you are psycho. I think that energy, the regularly, should have let them fuck up and then get mad. I thought sure, don't you write. My situation was different because you're right, like I was like, we were nervous that it was going to go like on the Fucking news. It is crazy to bring it up your right, bring it up once it fuckin happy re, guys insight like you. I am upon his clear anytime, you doing. I then you just delete there in Sacramento fire righty active, because if they haven't you handler cheating by nature, one hundred, if you have answered, I am your cheating one hundred to have them deactivate there and the only way to solve the liking. Pictures issue very go call leaving their pro, but everything all social media, a boy. If not you guys, obviously So we said earlier start making your fake a cow guardian. Watch that activity out every day, so messed up so fuckin fun. It's amazing it
his favorite pastime, on put it. That way lies on my profile more than her own. Ok, before we move on, I have a real real issue with was unhealed happening on. Sir ground arise Instagram. It's like. I spend twelve hours a day on there, so I can't help. But have you know you don't allow our even of course, of course, this is for people that are expecting and childs we are not, thankfully mince eyes, I'm trying to follow him pray. Every month. I reminded the different scare here there is pressure by Is it I have to say that there is no need only way. This is brought to my attention. I love when things brought here this ok. So this girl is expecting a head and lemme. Let me read you her fucking caption. Ok, twenty nine weeks this week,
I'm the size of a butternut squash. It's a bit of an odd shaped vegetable, but I'll. Take it mom and on a road trip this week and Island Army life, is it felt like. I was on a little roller coaster for the last few days, well enough about man. Let's talk about me this week I met
She dreaming in here when I sleep, and let me tell you baby dream doll, baby I've I could keep going. There are paragraphs and every fucking corruption is Herbert tending to be her fucking unborn child feet. Ass, a foetus shears helping has appeared at all. Do not disrespect your future child. I would be painters. Child is not that book in basic, so embarrassing to thought. Okay, the fact that I can imagine her mom sitting there in being like I'm gonna, put myself in the shoes of the little tiny embryo and I'm gonna write things like our be reunited spun model. Dad we're not shut up tonight is out one would let you going please this says: I'm twenty five. We all today, digit number, twenty five is dad's race number, also two times by vehicles, ten, which is how many years older, Daddy's, then mom fee,
I'm getting better at math and I'm just a little fetus knock it off. It's creepy and you know what this kid is going to grow up and be applying to Harvard and Harvard going to be like we saw the work you did when you were fucking and your mother's, my little Kelly, and it was ridiculous. Does a bike out get a hobby get out and I want to add I fuck it on me. It will be good for you. Get some dick. Clearly your hands off fucking unify your pragmatic there Deborah hoppin matter on works of today, is so so so Sophia my Dearest Father now. So the story, you know, I know I know I don't know in Sofia and I were on our way to work today. You know we had our episode,
and now we were on the subway. Like the humble glitches we are like the brown, then we on Google hum cobbles are ok, fine, so we're on the sub and you know I consider us pretty close, is probably closer than most people out and I think We know about everything about each other. However, something happened the subway today that had Sophia just so casually start telling me a story, and I look. Tat her and I was like hold on hold on Hon save it for the podcast, because this can't be fucking realigned, I'm gonna say there's an under five minutes, because it's just just Tell me why you? What high? I am ashamed, no tell them. I was a drug dealer so a drug dealer like some cause. I was not going to tell this story. You are now saying. Hi is up for me like verily. I can t.
Dollar signs and Alex his eyes. You, like I've, been exemplary. My friend, I just gotta get their navy. Yes, you're a drug dealer when your younger age, it sounds really really bad, but I think it's kind of common No, nor Bates, I know a lot of people dabble rivalry. Right, ok course do your drug dealer, ok, how the fuck did this happen, tell them daddy, going right land far away and long ago, but I believe high school. Ok, oh cows miles unviable break into the business. I but just a fucking idiot. I was out of control. To put it mildly, designer it you are as all now we know about the mug sign in my defence I was a drug dealer by default. Now. I was an ideal right, Dino, ok, and what I mean by that is. I had a friend who wanted
such a thing. Could Diana Hey Ma friend who wanted drug ok? and I knew where to get it. I was hanging out there crowd. I was dealing guys that were older. In doing so, they weren't supposed to doing learn all the dream of a high school girl, and I knew where to ok, and so she would be like. Can I get this? I would go to my boyfriend the time I grab it, give it to her. We can get the drugs free, reopen or way. I didn't cycle mafia. Ok and then my friend turn into a greedy little co core classic. When they are you girl. Let me draw ok and she is already having me get it constantly and then her friends would want co and so. Finally, I was like Why am I wasting all this time? I'm gonna fuckin fucking capitalize on this share and visible drugs.
In that my friend has become I'm gonna. Take it back. Job absolute right and I was like I could get in trouble by doing this I by his will get pay. Like the bird woman. I am like the best There's a woman. I am going. I like capitalize on this share, o K K. I think that's fair fuckin respect I really do ok, ok, I'm people just hear drug dealer and they don't see like they don't see, though, in a world that is the work ethic. So you know I'll chop visits today's ok, so you start slinging drugs, because why not yeah doing it for free? Why not asked him dough off this and that's not the story try to sit by water was so bad. I not this story because I also was working at this coffee shop called beans and Bruce. If you live in you talk, you know it well classic I am I mean I have to jobs at this
excellent work. I will work in our work were illegal, ok, Ok, so is working and beans embryos cute little coffee shop, innocent, I was the best Borri stood. I coffee shop had ever thinking employee of the fund and if you ever worked in a coffee shop, you have to measure out the beans for the coffee on like this supersensitive scale. Together, exact measurements funny when working in the drug field scale. Is your friend stable in the drug dealing and were allowed. Gay good denote gay I didn't have a good job. I would way out the blow on this scale at work? I couldn't be in my house where I lived in
peering, oh god, I beg weighing out dr- would only take it to work in sky was right right back full of my family and so anyways. I took the liberty of using the scale inside way out the blow on this scale. Human coffee hold so you so you who you buying dear to all human beings and breathing cover libraries? Are they run the goddamn fuckin way Ok, so you go in. How are you pulling this off so barometers side? No, I was. She took her kittens drug dealer there ever was like, so we want in a ball or something, and I would take out half ok. I will do our two huge rocks and another bag and be like here's your April and then sell the other bag to someone else. I was horrible.
Bill renders out. Even though my got away the price of fifty billion to high school, I thought you ever wondering like how the high is getting away with as yes mice. Supervisor. The time happens to be my friend Ali Shut, the fuck up. Yes so you're born. I frat yes, my boss, essentially with answer he may be a fat who is just as much of a degenerative. I am you got a girl, I'm not a higher one. So why we're doing that. My supervisor, slash best friend, would stand behind me so that the cameras like wouldn't be able to see what are you doing on the scale? There were
I was doing this and there were customers coming in like shut. The other coffee would be like stroke like screaming. For the back like hold on sir, like your mouth is on its way, I'm like. Let me just hurry and get all of this fucking residue back in the baggie. The fact that you were putting cocaine on the fucking scale in beans and brew, so I'm thinking about it now and the people that went to his particular. How remnants of Ok good morning, coffee that I've, given right after you literally are weighing all but drugs shove it all the cot. Why I don't even like does in fact the eyes, but why why why stop off? And then you put the beans on criteria are always every morning coffee over beans improve by God. I am this copies Cooper, lots and even the best part of it S. Part. Was
beans and breeze was the cover of my operation. The person deal but drugs out a bit drive through window. So I will tell my friend I'd be like come around and I'll give you your coffee with those edible Here's your property! No in a ball, have a great Roy up to the windows. Egg. Hey! Can I get that links Sophie averting special and then you go skiing today at last long, because I finally was like you know at year: go you're leaving for cod, Age. In this problem is not the smartest thing also to give a little back onto the people. You know you went to a complex, will that your mother- and I think that are like oh man, humanitarian struggling. No, my mom got me
car as going and private school. I was like you're not like doing this till I get some food no dinner. That night like this was just Sophia. Frankly, I give you didn't like wanting to judge you can risk at all. Let us why not try out by regular providing a couple mind right. I made some fucking great money and I did you actually make a lot of money. I days till I was this shadiest piece of shit, drug Joe you ve ever all your life and guys- judge me lasted a few months. It was just and I'm a reforms? If I can, I have my own apply guy that story, so fuckin bomb you're welcome I'll. Never too. And again how, like I fucking hate. You mugshots mine right now to go by the K people so now that we ve really moved on from so glad I gotta have made Chaz it's like a therapy, Sash God, if you smell like share, I'm not sleeping with the lock. No,
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I like bumble and the girls he asked and therefore so I personally think that it can be really really hot for girls who take initiative when they're talking to guys and not is kind of like my strategy, a lot of the times I'll be the one depending on the type of guy but I'll, be the one like reaches owl Alex's. An aggressor flock is aggressor whose, though I wanna she usually and tell him like some type of line to get off the app. So that- and I give him my number right- today guys we want all the girls attention because we have a really really good system for you. If you want to be a little aggressive with a guy and you want to get off dating apt and transition to texting level, give it to me. Oh god, I'm your basic beds.
There s a lasting guys, gonna think an item you you're, not you're, marinating in that dating out of mere gay, so Mills Hunter said that the other day on hinge. He had a really really good combo with this girl and she hit him with, and I quote: I've never met anyone off of this up, but you're doing really good. So far, let's see if you mess up and then she put her phone number right after it who a little child a little should see exactly so what he said is he said she was so sexy and clearly so fucking confident and it was so fun and he felt, like you just said, it was a challenge because everybody has a fact
you go, but also on dating up. She gets fucking stale. Oh you! It's fun that at the beginning, this inroads like let's play games, yeah I've never met. Anyone make me want to meet you bitch, make it fucking fun, and then he also said what I ask girls if they have met people off updating up, like a usually will just like somewhere in the conversation, I'm starting to talk to a girl beg of you ever met any one of those who, if they say yes, Mills Hunter, said usually to him that mean she's gonna be an easier fuck. Will ya exactly cause like she's doing this more often etc so girls, here's the thing: what you're gonna do is fucking lie. Fucking lie, Joe you die, girl, right and just say: yeah in Ireland who are eager, saying it like that in your saying like this are specifically, I think you can totally get away if you like. I've, never done this, but I've. Never bad layers of girls of theirs. I like I've, never done! Then they fucking.
I like it. I like Cassandra she's got like twenty nine vicuna hugs her. That's her profile that I feel like I've been here before design just shut the fuck up, but anyway guy not sir and interesting world. They are, and so I think that a lot of times, girls, just be it the aggressor. Occasionally you are putting pressure on a guy and a guy fucking loves that little bit a pressure cause it's his ego and also for guy. If he knows that you have not met allotted dude, it also makes him feel fucking special ray, and then he also feels that there is a chance his ego, that he could be the one. I don't like how we always say: fuck boys make you feel it you'd want make this bitch feel if he could have one and then he's gonna. Try harder y know, girls being initiative thing it's that is you move the guy
I guess I just I just I never do that. I've done it one time. Ok, one time and it was a huge fucking success, their young and I reach out for those girls. If I were you, if you are really trying to get off the dating up say something along lines of you have met a lot of people, so he's doing great so far, but let's see if he messes up and then hit him with your number is the best fuckin way to transition, not the area. I really am you guys do deal, how many people are matching and hanging out and hooking up because they occur her daddy indulging in thereby owes you I, like you re Dick. I know the amount of jobs we got a few big yo. I did know who is gonna work there and I'm getting bad bitches like can really, while so daddy he's sacks. Sexual satisfaction certainly I mean soviets. Horny Sylvia is very great and there were. I can see this
though, growth are able- Let's talk. Atlas loves her grave I can look at the outset resign Are you guys? So I shall. Your yellow carbon fine. Play, throw them at you and I know I'm getting you horny. Okay, so guys today we're going to be talking about some sex. I want you guys to really sit back, relax enjoy the show, get your pen and paper out. You know the drill get while debt, your pen and paper I'll, get your penis I'll, get your Lou bow all your womanizer I'll, get it all out. All of it do wherever you gotta. Do it? If you listen he's on the plane, so fuckin masturbating right there on the planned you eat deal, just gonna do so. If you, Remember we talked about the Rockets,
Last night I was really thinking about the rocket last night. You weren't thinking about it you're doing. Ok, ok, thank you. Some of us are right, so I thought I was doing there and I did something a little different last night and right after my, U Nome extra a clear, active at ease, and I took to like him out of the guys like what are you doing unlike hold out I've gotta listen to leave some stuff offer. My pollack ass though there Are you just using means means I like rain and lies casting like absolutely suck my dick okay. So I did the rocket last night and then I proceeded to do something little different, so girls. I want you to get ready because I'm about to extend the rocket pass. Will we gave you in the other up? So so, basically, what you're gonna do,
is you're going to start out on top of him, but you're going to get back onto like the regular riding position, so your knees are going to be on the bed now, okay. So if you're not on the squad now you're back down on your knees and so what year Do girls? Is you when you're writing him you? are going to throw one of your hands behind you and put it down on the bed to like wholesale yourself up and give you some support and you're gonna lean back on your arm, kind of and kind like throw your head back. Oh my god, ok, you're, gonna take your fingers. You're gonna put them in your mouth. You're, gonna, get them all wet, and then even No doubt you gonna put them on your Clare and you are going to be on top of him with his dig inside with dick inside of you, sayin, o going back and forth with your hips moving forward back and you are in back head thrown back rubbing her so you're on, like your elbows, you can so first you can start on your the back of your palm and then, as you like start getting more into a just like leaned down back onto your elbow, oh, my God, the goal of
This girl's is once you are leaning back and your touching yourself in your like masturbating slow. The goal is to data completely laid down on the bed on your back so straight up guys, like you little look like a puzzle. Peace like you're on your back he's on his back and his he's still inside you and you're you're all the way back down on the bed. I'm thinking about the view. Do not this guy's gaddi how Buckingham take inside of you, you China and clear in his face ass, your tits like up in the air and your arched all the way back so fucking harm you. Tell him before you got in this position like take
a mental picture, bitch voice, yes, because out to get what about to go about it up in everyday. I live in everyday cells that are of once you are down onto the bad, no head tilted up, no fucking eye contact. You are looking at the fucking goddamn ceiling and you were gonna. Let him watch you as you rub your clear as if you are by yourself mass debating alone, but while you're doing this guy's your leg him. No, you fuckin love his dick in you just like you. What, if you had your dildo in your masturbating by yourself, you are owing to simultaneously as your rubbing, your clear you're gonna, be alternating between moving your hip side to side with his dick inside of you and then also in a circular mode. And then start to inflict circle emotion, while you're rubbing your click and your other hand. Now that you're fully down you can be rubbing her tits. Ok, this vision
you a guy all my actually so hot, because a lot the times as hot his eye. Contact can be the minute you fall back and he's just inside of you. Going to town on yourself disguise Can it be so fucking time and on the outer just Europe pleasure. Self, so fuckin much yeah you're just rounds, calling on his fucking riot hot, so oh hi, so fuckin hot! So that's why you're here you gonna do with once. You feel like you like, really got you're getting yourself off. It's been a little way here. Ulcer yourself back up whatever you got to do to get yourself back up, try to keep his dick inside you, you can use one arm if you need both arms, if you need and again keeping his dick in your going to go all the way back up. Then you're gonna drop forward onto him, see Logan herself up and now you're going forward to his face. Oh and you can make go with yeah little bare and be like I'm back. You see that that Dick stated as a whole, but it is so then, once you get up close mad bids about begged back like that
Cardy beheld it. Also like cardio, like you got about re like readied worthier, already be bit supple island guys, once you got up there, you're gonna get, super close to his face? You're, gonna, kiss him and then you're gonna. Take the fingers outward massaging your clear and with those you're gonna put them in your health and then you to take them out of your mouth and you're gonna put the night his allow. I taste good and you're gonna put them in his now I'd, say, taste me and he's going suck on your fingers. I learnt that ok, brilliant beautiful and say, let's taste me or you and say I taste good whatever. Once you take them now. I want you guys to intensely start making out with him you're fuckin hand around his neck, be right, hiding him while you're doing this and it like a hot fuckin make out with his dick inside you as your writing him down on his chest.
In calling a Newbury. Now, I'm so try it literally. I'm writing AIDS. I back, and I just did like a little story time to them. Just envisioning my guys. It's so fucking heart boom ran performance by a goddamn, daddy, oh my god, so high I mean I don't know what guy would it be like? Oh, I just can't I too bad way way way way. Please be careful, as that is not a man of Craig, but like honestly, where it lay a wow. That's pretty unbelievable that I am like excited to try the apples tonight I mean the extension of the rocky guys. I hope you get out there this weekend. You guys should go. Try that girls can author and guys, like your girl, do this on herself. Ok, another saying that we want to talk about. Is we have a hack for you guys? We have a hack, for you, guys, love a good half. Ok Just in case you in the mood to go fishing specifically for
caught fish. Ah, you sure delicacy IKEA, MRS, were MRS. What you're gonna do how to catch. The cap is Sherwin. I won tips for catching the feast I love others. Persons at the phase does not even meet tune. If you have the Google photos up, you can swipe up on the picture and it will tell you info about the pic. If the picture was saved from face tune, it tells you even if it is texted you from someone else's phone they will say, face tune, stay smart, Daddy's, you, oh, my god. You're like a girl sends a guy a picture, a selfie or a fucking new His face has not just people don't know that face here is not just for your face. You used that till I do it on your body, till only God. Thank God. I don't use face tuned yeah, but I
I use a different like prior bucket, where I love you. I always please we like it or not lying or none at all. I use by dont use based him, so heartily specifically for face turned up. He girls being careful, I'm pretty sure. Just like we taught you guys in episode for the nudes, never die into screenshot your nude before you send it It's an old note. This is a situation where you can face tune fuckin face soon. Yourself is renewed, but then just make sure- you screenshot it and send it to him, because I bet screenshot, will not show that is from the town, so just protect yours now. What did we do before I then guys ever guys sent me a nude, I do not a holiday new, it's just a dick picker. Now, it pays to this pin. I know I'm Syria, as we have all to me, it would be a girl I gotta. Do you think that you could do that or would it with morphed hold and I hold on how you man, fuckin boat shopping their dicks beheld on way
my kind of shock treatment me too, but I feel I geyser so stupid. They would it, but there are some guys like coming geyser foot face, shooting their tea, then their face and shit. So maybe you got those kind of guys. If you see his instrument is glowed, I would like to create a model neither can ever data. I don't think there's so hop and only you could do no guys? Mothers is just around the corner and your mom need some comfortable. Nowhere does actually
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where is the EU? How are we never talk? How have we not talk to others? Any phenomenon? I have heard that happen. Are we aware guys have sent me that an ice? My bed, China shrivels are all like a little fucking reason prune its discuss. Aid is like guys I get it if you are not educated and dating world or an end, the fucking world and you're like holy shit. I'm gonna say do you wanna cuddled, I'm in a come off, so innocent shut the fuck up, it'll just fuck us. I would rather you say cover involved I would to like. I just realized that I think you're vagina doesn't shrivel up and turn into play. I thought about the two sexes love you like that, have no, I said I, and then you can I set a raised here- is something ok thought, so that's for appeal guy, but I meant that my vagina would shot is what I meant shut. I the sound shut. I don't think I
no one should ever be texting. They come over and cuddle suck my dick obsolete fucking, not I'm not gonna, come over and cuddle I'm either they're gonna come fuck more I'm not gonna fuckin, be there get out of my face you little bitch boy by a vehicle I discussed just this guy wrote an inside listening to the pod cast out my desk and had to laugh about Sophia's theory on eyes what eyes. What I said, as I said anytime, someone is constantly describing their eye color their fuckin ugly described anything else, except I color, which has already eyes I busted vs yeah I've. Your girl is like, oh, my god, you're like he would it was he high and she's like? Oh, my god, he had like piercing blue eyes. He was a to fuck him so this guy said. Listen to last week's podcast, I might ass well, but this isn't a groundbreaking fury. I Martin High school? When Clinton was president and mean,
Bodies have this same theory all the way back ban. All foe had quite a few more layers, are you ready? Ok now Eyes equals rest of the face. But a nice legs. Was no chasse. Ok, also if a girl is calling another girl, a sly use we met she was hotter than her I know there's more, but he was too long ago to remember we, I, like the flat thing. I think us cut accurate when she's such era, you'll give cause you're, afraid she's right back your boyfriend and yours You're fuckin brother yeah wholly idea. That's interesting! I don't about the legs. One nice. Guy goes no chest. I dont know I agree with yeah I don't know, but I that's actually so interesting are very unfair. Brand thing for sharing. Ok, so I have
think that thank you and I both disagree with this one. But can you please addressed guides not wanting to kiss a girl after we give them a blow job basically tell them to knock it off is it is it is rude and they need to the fuck up. I personally think that if I'm hooking up with a guy- and if he's my boyfriend is a different story, but if I'm just like hooking up with a guy, I don't expect him to kiss me after blowjob fuck. Now, oh I'm, not getting up to big case may be, no, I'm going to get some invoking. Why I mean I'm not gonna directly go from your little job and directly like go for a make out that you would be a little annoyed if a guy, he like turned me away from kissing him, I wouldn't be upset, I would just be like you probably won't ever had a blow job from. I think it's just like. I also think a guy needs always, like I always say, give a guy minute after a blow job. So like what else are you gonna do
but like go, watch your mouth out. That's just like my morning route. I do think that you're a guy, I just think your mouth- is very high functioning and has great bacteria there to kill a bunch of stuff like why so you eat. Like you're, not gonna, make outweigh disguise a certainty with their own. Come it's like they just don't they dont zero they're coming just sitting in your mouth. When there I know they're fucking we're not Alex the Congo's lightly to the back of the throne, anyone I know TAT page eleven straight to the back and that all goddamn fucking out, so you I guess I thought the non issue even go in the girls. All I can say if you're fucking fucking, if you're hooking up with your fucking in hooking, if you're, ok, with a guy you're fucked, your hook, I have a hooker and your hooking up and you're fucking. You guys, are you're looking over the guy. I let you go right to kiss him. I would if I was a guy would put my hand up in your face. I just don't get bought her too
because geyser just different about it. Like I know, girls, don't mind, sometimes tasting their own. Combat guys do so just move on from it. Ok ok right this mother, Fucker bugged me when I was wasted on New year's eve. So of course I recall nothing, from the next day. He tells me how much he fucks with me and blob of blind. He is in the army, so he's trying to wife of a girl soon and settled down, but that, as he's doing this he's rubbing my back and being all sweet long story short, I go on with my day and I get a text from him later on saying I think you should probably get the plan b he and I said- oh yeah- did you come inside of me. He said I'm not exactly sure, but just to be safe, and I'm only here, like ok, he's sweet I was totally blacked out and would have never remembered, even if he did this but he's being, eyes in telling me so ass soon ass. Send me some money.
For it because I'm a broke college bitch and he nodded in me- am I right, then eyes are getting ignored. I say hello, he says, send me the receive when you get it and the box and then she goes Ella. Well, you think I actually want your baby. Ok, fine, so I send it boom. Heightened goes. I think I think you soldier, I will just shut this fifty dollar bill in my ass now laughing my ass off. Please help me understand this logic. This girl asks money for the plan B and the guy is like absolutely just send either is see with the box. Like a pig sure I bet she does their men he coasts, her like died, she got it's. Ok, I gotta get so worked up unbelievable only. I had no five minutes. Guy is a fucking job.
Yes, savage knows you shit, he does this well, he knows the deal and this poor girl. Like Avenue Somerset. My thoughts go fuck myself. I would you really think I got nobody wants to see the result I like you wanted. I actually bought it number galloping him for, like fifty bucks yeah, you send it to me. I have been a cigarette. We got no baby girl behind your blog, your blog back at you, that's fucking whole Larry S. Okay,
I have a little story time to that. This girl needs our help, help help so hey Alex and Sofia. I need some advice, my boyfriend and I have been doing long distance relationship while he's stationed in South Korea for a year with the weird time zone. We usually talk when I get up for work in the morning, which is his eight p dot m, and then right before I go to bed is his lunch time. When we talk, he's always super great about communicating to. If he's going to go out or if he is he'll, just shoot me a text saying out with friends can't talk this morning. I texted him and gave him a call just in case he didn't see it no answer from him. In fact, it rang once and then ended, so I knew he saw it and clicked decline. I just figured he was out with friends, so I checked snapmap just to check and he was
definitely not home. Then I got to work when he message me sorry, I was asleep and it's been a long week, so I'm going to sleep again have a great day suspicious, but I don't want him to take himself off snap map, so I was like. Oh, I didn't You were asleep. I assume you were out since the phone didn't ring and then he claimed that he saw and he was just so sleepy. So Turkey turn. Meanwhile, I know he's lie because he's off on snapshot not roaming around the town. How do I catch him in this without giving up snap map privileges? Because I know the minute I say something he's gonna turn. It is location thing off that is so scared yeah. I'm glad this girl was smart enough bow to realise last. Second you'd tell your lawyer sources and he lived in South Korea. So right I'd be like honestly you're in the back of a tourist photo.
Crazy as I saw, I saw you in a photo. There was a drone shy on Google maps and there you are no. So basically these girls, I get it because he's like babe, I'm going back to sleep and she's like you're looking at the bar. This is a thing. Is that when you, no something in someone's bucking up. You dont need to tell them share about how you figured it out. Yeah, you don't I mean that's how many times I call now a guy for doing something in there like how'd, you know who told you have a nice day, sweetie bats me to know, and you d never find out. I so go ahead and answer the fucking question at you hate the shit. You know- and I know you are too good point here- it means you now know all so what girl? Ok, if I were you, I would tax him and be like I've been really busy this week. Let's, let's face time, I what
I just want to feel. Like I miss you, I want to talk to you about to get on facetime, so you can watch his fucking reaction and he's going to look you dead in the eyes and you're going to open the phone going to be super sweet and your big day by actually something to ask you yet can, I think, he's not be music, have somewhat alot guard and you're gonna be like so shall we about it now. How were you are lying to me about you going the other night Signor asleep or would it would you would you thinking yeah? Yes, it does ruddy I'd like to hear that I love to hear your brilliant and then he's Look you big. What are you talking about and you'll be like I'm an idiot and ends as much You may think I am yeah you're, not the only one in Fuckin South Korea Bitch and I know that you were out the other night when you were lying to me, saying your sleep and then I think you play it so casually you're, like the thing is, is like I'm not crazy. Why couldn't you just tell me yeah, so obviously, naturally you're being shady out the girls? Don't
for us to me how stupid guys all fuckin sleigh really are very down when it comes to things like there's. No doubt there is a really good chance. He'll, never know how he was caught. You can not given that that's honan I'll, just say you, don't you d, never of it. The point. That's not the point was I being shady? No, no! No! You don't get to ask me questions that you're on the stand you can answer Madame Euro now I have to tell boom by you got: boy by and if he doesn't give you good answer, fuckin did his ass and move on to someone that's closer. You can, but I am, I do like their face time: ass bag because C is reactor in tax because time hurrying figure it out and ask his friends and phone call if you can do face time due to it now mean, since she can do in person hundred, unless you want to fuck in flight, is Algeria show up on his front doors that by like that's probably what I would do all right? Ok, I'm not sure how to feel about this, and I want to know what you guys think. So there is a guy I've been hook.
Up with for a while. I met him out on Saturday and naturally, ten minutes later we are referring to my house, so we get how's or both really into it, and then five minutes into me riding him like. I never have before falls asleep at first. I thought he was just like closing his eyes, but then he started, nor even this ever happened in either of you. I know he was drunk, but what am I supposed to think of that- and this is I ve heard of this multiple times something like this meaning I personally am never had that had been in love. The guy is like black out drunk. How do you have you ever? Have this happen? No man, what's going on. How are you he's asleep girls right into the sunset Europe she's? On top of you, fucking?
you ve got your balls deepen their. Would you ve heard of this happened? I live actually. I actually never heard of it until we started this podcast and when I read the questions every week, there is a lot of girls and I live. I have a confession. You fell asleep once Iris hooking up with this guy and he would last forever Kay and I and I am like exhausted, it is a good way of math genuinely think. I took a little quick power, not a power now, now! I really do feel that we are going to do a power. If you're getting fact any outbreak. Now upon your stomach yourself. Oh yeah he's fucking. U high, but you're in illegal. Yes, you can do a doggie knowing your head. I have you never kind of like those articles doff have you ever done that I don't think so when I'm in I'm in it to winning.
I do that is so fucking funny but, like I feel like, I would even say it's more common for girls, but four guys if you're drunk but you're It is hard you dont have whisky day. Why are you not reforming to fruition ray you're fucking, not off back in five minutes and be died that fuckin sacks? I'm sorry! Ok! This is something just like a quick tip for guys that I really want to give to you so a girl. And now it is actually a guy sorry, a guy, wrote in and said apartment bathroom Attica. I was talking to my boy and he told me that I should keep a baby wipes or clean wipes in the bathroom, because when I have a girl over, she can use them and sort of freshen up and was thinking. I would probably go down on her more and she would probably have a better time and she would come back for more. Couple round. We could go. I think it's a win win for everyone. Let me know what you guys thanks thanks Ladys keep crushing it. Thank you love you daddy. I think this is brilliant. I love I fucking love a guy and listen guys. This is just
this is the truth. I think every fucking guy should have baby wipes in his bathroom air, freshener and mouthwash how ya HANS Durable, what a girl feel if she can go in there. She can do her thing. Freshen up, there's air fresheners, fuck, it happens, you're gonna be listen, she's in we more willing to fuck you. She is serious because girls have that moment where it's like fuck. What am I doing if she can go in there and she's got a couple things that she can get ourselves together with she's, only feeling so much better, so every fucking guy. Listens, to call her daddy you this weekend or today, you're going out and you're buying baby wipes air freshener and a big fuckin bottle. Mouthwash, I mean knock it off with a fucking pubic Herr Sprinkle Yang, so toilet Zita disgustingly come on. He could it up because it really is so high like it if a guy has issued together with his bathroom new totally that's funny Bela. Yet it's true, ok, I thought this is interesting, Alex so
he daddy's. I was wondering if you have any tips for someone who is not very flexible in bad as always in one of my biggest insecurities. I always feel super self conscious because I think guises compare mean as someone else who can do splits in share. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who's struggles with this any recommendations were different positions. To try that do not require a lot of flexibility. Do guys really care about this, any tips on how to increase your phone, civility. Thank you. First of all, the splits on a dead now. Well I, wish. I was of course, bowling girl. I wish I could be like hardy be alive or on Alex will get their bad guy. This
girls so concerned with Flexibility Alex. I wouldn't consider us the most simple and Pierre throughout our joy. The have nots doing for about one door well over here like making men's dreams come alive, I'm not doing any. Nobody knows. Lids Ike improperly barely touched, my entire more. I run these net. None of this access we tie grown car diallo. I hear you can build, stick as a fuckin stig. Yet if, as a stick to this coquet, selecting a positions will quickly for her eyes, I think all of every single one that we target our colleague missionary easy go to doggie, Don T talk on time that sex. If we talked about today a boom could doubt one might be a little bit my people, I mean our you're, not well your hips. Maybe a little sore in the morning like mine are right. Now, like I can get I've gotta, so do
stress how about the splits in the over the head in the back and the now whirling in the debt. Miss girls concern that he's been fucking other girls. I can do the splits on his dick down all right. What are you going back in sapphire fuckin strippers yeah do had. Also, let me tell you, I bet those girls may not listen to call her daddy, and you know what you have your can assert their luck and sex with a goddamn blow job and that does not take any fuckin flexibility. Only your tongue and your goddamn mouth get after a girlfriend Ok, well, I hope your mouth is flexible. What we're gonna die, get that tongue dough, ok? This story is a little it's a little sad, but here we go. Are a daddy's p s? I would like to keep this anonymous because I dont know if this crazy, ass dude, I'm fixing I'm talking about you know who's been harassing. Me listens so here is also say that lacking anyway,
AIDS issues that are not the type of girl to normally care about these kind of things. But after what happened to my last relationship, it's kind of a trigger for me, so my axe used to like this girl's pics on Instagram. All the time is a good topic because its relevant Let's talk about nine o clock. It happens all the time so her ex used to like this girl's pictures uninspiring all the time, and it would really bother me because he never liked mine, but I let it go and told myself don't be a crazy bitch. He also told me not to worry about this girl and that it was just alike and it was harmless and it didn't mean anything. So me be naive. Of course I took his word for it well later on the girl I became friends which he forced me to be friends with her. You I've been there so weird he should go. The I know weird. We became so closer friends that she got to know my life. My work schedule everything and they would basically plan to have sex in our apartment, which I paid for while I was gone
or work after updating this guy for three years. One day, I had a change of plans in my schedule and I went home early for work because I was sick and when I got home I notice my deadbolt was locked, which I didn't have a key to. Which I wouldn't, which was odd, because I knew my boyfriend knew. I was gonna be home later in a few hours. I immediately sought start something was bad happen. I know my piece of shit exited than synthetic marijuana like an idiot, so I turned so the whole? And I busted my own yeah front door down? Yes, green. As I was in, I heard a strange noise coming from my bedroom and I walked in on him having sex with the girl. In my house in in my fucking bed. That's all you got your wars, part the fucking bitch ended up pregnant yeah Why conceived there be in my fuckin bed, so fast forward to two to two
later I with a new guy that is literally the guy of my dreams and treats me like a queen. I've never worried or thought that he would cheat on me. However, I am slightly upset because I noticed he's liking. Other girls, bikini pictures. I know it's super insecure of me, but when the other one the other time. The guys are looking at a girl's pictures. He ended up fucking her I'm making her baby in their bid. My bag, oh, my gravy hits does PTSD from the whole situation, but I just wanted to be competent myself in our relationship. How do you get over your boyfriend? Like another girls pictures? How do I get my anxiety to calm the fuck down? Please help your girl, because I honestly hate being like this. It's driving me in saying I don't seem like a psycho bitch. Ok, she has every right to so fuckin freaked. By what she's doing we, I think ass stuck inside First of all, the first story and girl got pregnant,
bad hats and Jerry Springer show it like, oh, my god and then. Secondly, I think it's a good mix between she probably does have like some PTSD and also he really shouldn't be going in liking, bikini pictures of go. So I think I think that first of all, like it's very strange and obviously that this is not every time. But I know this is happened to use Sophia. We're like there are some boyfriend yeah try to force you to be friends with a girl and guys are so fucked up, sometimes if they're fucking her, they somehow think in their mine, introduced, you to her. It's gonna like make it look less worse and less suspicious, because, like look real friends right, meanwhile, a lot of the times he could be fucking Hurstwood thy son
and ass. I lay I wouldn't as net on all the time a lot of the time, but yet I'm saying it's then for you moving forward in this relationship of I were you. I think you gotta. I would be open within Europe and be like listen, yeah one. I don't really like that. You're liking, other girls, bikini pictures, but out of respect for me and if he knows your passport yeah the duchess wanting to sensitive about yeah, you gotta stop, and this isn't gonna work. If you as I think you have every right to say that, because he, your ex boyfriend got a bit fuckin pregnant at the clinic got the crazy thing about liking. Pictures on Instagram is: there is no way to be upset about it without coming off crazy. I I think that's why so many girls are hesitant to bring it up, but who can men look of the good release and whatever less literally Are you got you a confront them? You do some crazy. They get annoyed with you and then all of a sudden like you're like the way you want it for dinner, and there like what the fuck this budget crazy. Then you fuckin later and it's like all the flowers and rainbows, but you gotta confronted. I think
I went on, I ever let that signal now I waited ran that thing. I give you my mail show now that's the thing, those who were saying when I'm in a relationship- oh yeah, you're, Jurgen Fuckin here for media, but if you're just dating a guy, cowardly fuck. No, you don't deserve more than this The question is a comment by a really warmed. My heart is the last one daddy's I do they're fucking Gluck, like nine thousand for the first time to my boyfriend last night and about five seconds after I started, he threw me off of him and said what the hell are you doing? I acted innocent and said what baby you don't like it. He said just quit with a hand. Unless you want me to come the fuck everywhere right now, ah, he loved it happy daddy. Let's oh, do or do not. What's the word What's the word guys there so a diet. The thought you know
under US guy. Those put her to do not underestimate the power of the Gluck nine thousand. I honestly believe that Gluck luck, nine thousand has changed people's lives, how men and women racial ships there. If you have not listen to the Gluck episode, you are going. My three right now get out of this one NGO: listen to them, makes these I was like we would you mean he threw her. Often oh and then she's like getting want me to fucking how now Zack Enterprise, unbelievable every girl out there and get the Gluck luck ready to go and plant Alec I'd I'd. Do they look like this weekend? Das practice on a little bitch boy and just keep it going until you fill her faculties and then you'll find your fuckin plantier hurrying, and these are known hit him yet hey guys, I'm a lazy piece of shit, I'm a lazy piece of shit and it's just getting worse and worse and worse, and I don't go to the gym, and so thankfully barstool hooked us up and we are collabing with Oprah
fit guys. Basically, it's a streaming service that is, you can do in your family. Bing whereby, due to all my Roger S, apartment floor, it takes eager do it for ten minutes a day and it takes a laxity out of losing weight and getting fat. It's a lot easier. You can access it anywhere at any time and it really does have results you can see, can lose up to fifteen pounds and just thirty days. Ok, they all. Have amazing trainers and classes that are on this system. So, like you guys, there is like a sports illustrated Rayner trainer she's. One of the fifty It is, though, like edges, it's called to see people that you would recognise that are really like have amazing bodies and our India Vladic World, whom I mean I
have no idea what the hell I'm doing. When I try to work out. No, we know young a shed tat right now during the open vit thirty day challenge listeners are getting a special extended thirty day free child membership to open fit when you text daddy to thirty thirty thirty yearning and access to the full free trial of Eu Tax, daddy to thirty thirty thirty that three zero, three zero, three zero. Let totally show you betcha is totally Fritz totally free online or accounts in nutrition info free file, fry dying, daddy we love you sell my. She loves you no more. There is new fuckin murder, this backing convict fitting re. Here we got Sophia's mugshots, we got daddy necklaces, we got a bunch of ship coming. So if you guys want, to the bar still sore go to call her daddy got our store and its packing popping over there. We love you guys, we love you by so much every thought can one say guys get after this week. I want every girl trying the extended rocket this week
I think it can really up. Your game really gives when a new taste sino, I'm trying shining and again on you took a deal that law a bug. Every fuckin. When they go daddy gave one day you should be humping hump. Now you guys next week.
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