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43- Run-ins With Your Ex

2019-07-10 | 🔗

Alex and Sofia are talking about running into your ex (accidental or on purpose), how to handle it, and reminisce on their times of being total losers and letting a guy get the best of them. They also discuss escaping the friendzone for girls and an update for men who continue to marinate there. And lastly, TWO new blow job updates- The Gluck Gluck Turbo Edition.

P.S- We gotta stop with birthday months...

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Do you call him daddy? Do I go her? Daddy call her daddy, hey everybody. What's up it is the holy rollers born again Christians back at it again we're gonna formed and there will not be any talk of sex. Absolutely not. We don't have sex with China, no d, P's, no deep throat, no air but I know airtight situation. Anal, no donkey punch, no dirty Sanchez. Squirting ok guys, it's call her daddy back at it again and Sofia guys were fucking pumped today. I don't know there's something in the weather. I think it's because we both Look like a little vacay. Calabay came all big yeah and now we're
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slash daddy, ok, okay, so let's give them an update. What's going on in our lives so Alex, I had to extend the lease on our apartment. Oh yeah! You know we're keeping you guys updated on our lives as much as we complain about the apartment, you would think we would have really quickly been excited get out of there, but because we're lazy pieces of shit we're also not finding a new apartment. So therefore we have to stay in this shitty trap house of an apartment, so we thought we had found it. We found it. We went out last night with our friend who's a promoter. Kill me. I know your panties are all wet promoter motor boy, oh god, and he was like why don't you? Girls just live in one of my apartment, so we were like Exsqueeze. We were like silent yeah. What does that mean? One of your we kind of looked at him like? Are you? Are new sugar daddy? It turns out not so much. No, so we
TIM about the apartment. What do you fucking me can just live? He was like yeah, you can live in one of my model, homes model and we were like. I was like. Oh my god. Like I mean I never thought I could be a model, but like I've, definitely like kind of have thought. I'm like I didn't realize you. Finally, someone sees the potential here models. So were like what the fuck is it and that's why we wanted to bring up to you 'cause. I played a lot of people that listen to our podcast. Don't live in New York, and so you guys are always interested in what is it like to live in New York, so we found out these model home Sofia tell them what it is so girls, a lot of them are for and then like Russia at yeah crane up, but a lot of are not born to yep and they will move here and they get free housing in exchange to go out with promoters, five nights a week, yeah, usually I like not entertain,
Your clients, like you're, not ask right but like they have to just sit at the table, go out yeah the promoters can be like hey. Look at my table is filled with hot bitch. Exactly so in theory, you know I'm thinking as Sofia. Who's been arrested. Multiple times and is kinda done some ratchet ocelot ed hardy. I like to party love to all right. I don't think I think everyone knows that I absolutely as to why I was thinking cool. So what I ought to do is party it. Every night of the week alex- and I look around this table that were at these girls look like We are ready to offer them, so they look so so what I want to do roles. Actually, that was one of the models I looked at Sophie and I was like I don't think she's wearing an ounce of make up right and she was wearing like a baggy sweatshirt with like a little baby Jean shorts and on their phone right on their phones, and I asked her I'm like oh like what's up and she was like, I want to fucking die. This is my fifth night going out this
so like I'm drinking water, and I can't wait for this night to be over yeah because Alex and I go out and we're like in saying, like I'm being a lockout, let's rage until the fucking sun comes up these. Girls are like on a clock waiting for the night to end, so it was kind of like a way you call, we were like wow, it sounded really cool at first and we were like well. We could totally go out five nights week, but also to be on someone's time frame to have to be smiling I- I couldn't keep it up because, like I go out like, however many times we can and I go die. But if you have to do that, like you just want to know, I just feel like it would take the fun out of going out because it almost becomes a job. One hundred and also these girls told us that the lot of them do get their own rooms, there's Bowman God, dealers hunting fan to share room with, like another model, yeah you'd be like having sex on the bottom bunk I'd be on top of MIKE. Here we go Sofia he's about to finish karate. You feel this one rock the boat rock the boat, the FUCK two guys yeah morals,
SIRI is we, don't still have a fucking apartment where we're not going to take the model home offer, and so, if anyone has but I I could have taken the offer because I am a model. Sophie cannot get up the shoes they're, not they're, not really mod, know they're like aspiring, will have modeling right yeah, which I get because you're trying to be a model. You only can like book a gig like running a month or something so you need that free housing you get free housing baby. Well, we don't have it sweetheart we're going to keep looking to keep truckin yeah, alright, going to look for a different trap house. I cuter one acute or well, it's still with no rats and s yeah, but still leaking, or do you say, dealing yeah, yeah and intruders and cereal,
anyway, anyways, so MILF Hunter, MILF Hunter everyone's ears, just perked up, MILF Hunter mode hunts, milfs for a living. He hunts them down when he slays them and he put his penis in them. He let him know what's up in his life, so guys you have a MILF hunter hacker Rooney. Every single man should listen up every a single man, man, man, man, man, man, listen up, ok, guys! This topic we're about to start talking about is how a guy should handle a girl talking about other men in front of him scenario, scenario years sitting on the couch with this girl? You want to fuck your in the friendzone or you're, just kind of like friends, with benefits right now, yeah you're trying to fuck. Are you have not penetrated the vagina yet, but you are wanted to sad story. Trying to stretch it out. That's disgusting chart is stretched out pussy.
They don't have to go there. We could just say you wanna have sex on her okay, so you're sitting on the couch next to this girl and you are pushing down your boner because vagina is calling your name, you can smell it from a mile. I didn't see you with a name like MILF Hunter. That's how he did very right. Always pee pees on the by the child is in the give him an australian accent. I'm hunting mill s so he's on the couch trying to fuck this woman and she gets a phone call from and uh there dude. How is he supposed to handle the situation? 'cause he's not
a friend know he has no claim over her note, let's get into it, Ella, listen men. First and foremost, I want to point out that men are so insecure. I think on call her daddy a lot of times. We talk about female insecurity and how to make girls not insecure, but I want everyone to know that you're going to run into like real savages in your life of men that come off like they know everything in their cocky and they don't have feelings but really deep down. Out of fucking men are so soft, especially for the right so, and so this is what's going to happen. Guys need to encourage girls, to entertain men because it throws girls off so early in the getting to know each other processor in the friend zone, etc. So so. If you're, you just pointed out that examples and I'm gonna break it down for you. Okay, mills Hunter said his friend right now he's coaching his friend he's trying to hook up with this really hot spanish girl, okay, so out of his league
Is it me well sweetie, you could be next. He has said you're pretty cute when he values he's like Sophia. Like looks pretty good in so anyway. So Alright, I'm trying to help my friend land, this bitch, so his friend texted him when he was hanging out with this girl. Just the same scenario. You said you gotta facetime from a guy before she answered she looks at MILF Hunter's friend and was like oh my god, he's so annoying
so, obsessed with me, he called me all the time clock and by the way the girl out girl like shut up. So if you say so, is that they get to literally phone like later her brother. Only if you like changes there, so she sat she practices at that, and then she proceeds to answer and talk to the guy for a little bit when she was talking to him. Mel Hunter's friend was like what the do I do when she gets off the phone like. How do I play this? Do I even acknowledge it? Do I not so what melty hunter instructed him to do is he said, be annoyed, but not in the way that you would think he instructed him to be in annoyed at her for not being nicer to the guy on Facetime tag likes her talk about a mind of mine fucked, so he's telling his friend to get mad her for not being not being nicer to basically encourage her to talk to him and give him a chance saying like we, he seems like such a nice.
I like. Why are you addicted him, like I feel like he's like? He would be so good for you, like you, guys, would hit it off mind. You, milk hunters friend, has not even kissed this girl, yet so MILF Hunter is having his friend, basically friend, zoned the girl before he can get friend zone this girls over here like hold on so what the fuck for a guy to get out of the friend zone, you gotta friend, zone, her first slick back, you gotta friend, zone, her like a little bitch. You thought you're, not really friends, all that you're trying to be my cat, because this way we get in trouble on call her daddy 'cause. It's fucked up. If you make a girl feel like she is just a homie to you, yes or that you don't want anything sexual,
her and that you don't care about her and you don't care about anyone that she fucked it's fucked up, but girls are going to be like well. Why? I want you to write? Well? Why don't you exactly so? Basically MILF Hunter said like this is my bread and butter. He was saying like humans. Worst enemy in the vast majority of situations is themselves and we're all victims to drastic overthinking so like when a guy starts doing this to a girl, and it's like super nice, and it's like hey, like he's nice, like what are you doing girls are going to freak the fuck out and even if they didn't think they liked you all of a sudden you're going to look like this opportunity that it's like we. Why don't you want me? what about even at me right, even if they did not like you at all this. Second, that you make a girl feel like you, don't want her she's going to freak out exactly and then he gave me one more example of a personal thing. He said right now, I'm talking to this girl and I'm hooking up with her, but we've basically made it clear where just friends with benefits yeah, I think a lot of call her daddy people right in being like how do I get more
and this is a great way you could do it guys. He will have this girl, open D Ems in front of him, he'll be like open, it open it and he will interrogate her on. Why she's not answering certain guys he'll be like what's wrong with him, he looks like the man likes being picky and ungrateful and go for him. Like he's he's like a good looking dude and she's sitting there being like why the fuck do you want me, fucking other guys like this is annoying in total e, and then she gets attached to MILF Hunter well and that's. What I was going to say is MILF Hunter has is so good at being the best friend to the case, but not in like the embarrassing friends on a it's like he's, still like a savage yes but it, but he gets a girl to feel so comfortable with ham and she's like wait, like maybe like could be more? Yes, you know this is the thing for so many guys are always wondering how to get out of the friend zone. We've done an episode on it, but this is just taking it to a different level of a lot of guys. Don't know how to fucking respond when that bitch is trying to make you jealous about it over another guy, you usually
he's like I'm not going to say anything or I'll call her out later. No, no, no, you do the complete opposite. You hype that man up and then she's going to be test yeah. I do want to add. If you feel like it will be too obvious, like you guys, are little bit more seer, yeah, and it would be too obvious for you to be like. Oh, my god, why do not drive into him right then I think and not situation. You just ignore it. I think those two that you get upset. Oh my god, with her about a guy. Even you know what now that I'm thinking about, I agree with you even if, instead of doing like the whole like he seems nice, why don't you go from just literally say when she gets off the phone like I mean. Do you could've been like a little nicer like being an then kind of like why do you I don't care if I'm nice or mean or not, why you shouldn't even want me to answer the fucking phone. So just a little comment like that. Yet on the flip, I know 'cause, every girls like white guys help us listen. Girls are different. Girls are completely different. Cousin girl did that if you make
joke like oh, why are you answering her like, like she seems so nice? Sometimes this is the thing. Girls are way more. He threw then guys guys will know like you. Don't fucking want me to talk to her shut. The fuck up. Search is known to be a little bit more jealous a little more possessive than a little crazy, which is fine right. I can own it, ladies yeah, but because of that like when you make that comment or that joke thing, like always good like she seems really nice like. Why do you give her a chance what the fuck is going to come on? You look so try hard. So what okay so put yourself in a situation like every girl? That's in a situation where, like you're hooking up with this guy you're, you're friends with benefits or like you're in the beginning stages and you're, not a KN official item, how can they just kind of make this guy like them more by saying comments I might go to thing is I am very sarcastic and I'm always joking all the time, and you know what it has work
for me and it I've squared mostly works for everyone to do it right. I would make a joke like oh, my god like like. If we just got done having sex yeah, I make a joke like. Oh, my god, like you, think I'll ever become a main, all lego main bitch, and he said I will make jokes about being the side bitch like do you think I could ever like like come on, like give me a or I'll be like I'll, be like am I at least you're number one side and they want to die because you probably just fucked in the best he's ever been in a bus and he's looking at you like he's in love like come on like girl. Just let me know, can I add your girls quickly do not underestimate the power of sending this guy home and an uber, or you you jumping in an uber right after you talked about it before I was talking to a guy this past weekend and he was like there is nothing that mind fucks me more than when a girl like right after sex is like okay, like gotta, go he's like dude fuck
dude. That is that I went grocery start doing it all around we've already said: girls, high five them and like joking way, like that's another one, get the fuck out of there. We always said, I think your whole like will. I ever be a main like that was so good and then another one I do. I do actually the same thing as you. Of course we do the same fucking thing. Who are we say I like just fucked this guy and then he'll. If it he says like he goes to get my and after sex like were both laying there and he's like hey Ann I'll, cut him off I'll, be like I know, I know I'm leaving round two is on her way. Like don't worry, I know my place and I'll be like yeah. I just wanted. Well, I just wanted to ask you: have water and I'll be like it's fine, it's fine! I know I don't want to run into round two I'm getting out of here and then you can cut it back a little bit, but I'm just kidding, but I do have to leave like all text you and then you don't fucking text him. Then you, Ladies, the sarcastic joking yeah ago, say that you are hooking up with or your can't. Getting a little friend zone. That's the way to get them to be like hold on,
this just suck my dome so good way. I want you to be the main, but why are you ok with being decide this? Second, you act like you get upset over anything, such a turn off device and listen, we always know people are mad because, like oh color, daddy, that's not healthy, go fucking, bitch and cry to your friend first show them your like weakness and your because there are too many girls that do that yeah and then guys. We just told you fucking play it cool, play it right and like make little jokes and get her insecure and then she's going to want to fuckin jump your bones. It's all about making people in securing question their worth. That
really what it comes with God. My mom did you. Maybe you can just make people feel like shit about themselves and worthless, and you really made it in this world k anyway, knocking out of podcasts and someone's gonna. Listen to these girls need to be cut off there, but it's a true it's a fucking truth. So hopefully that was helpful birthday.
Birthday, it's your birthday. It's your birthday, bad by h on test. It's your birthday! Well, stop bury me inside the Louise is a Gucci or Louis fuck. I don't know who cares it doesn't matter? No one cares um. My birthday is coming up. I know in a couple weeks and it's really interesting, because people think that's a time of celebration. I actually just feel a shit ton of pressure because I know people are like. Oh my god. What are you gonna do for your buddy and I'm, like I fucking hate, my bird. What do you want for your birthday? But for some reason it seems like
Every other person on this planet loves their birthday, love absolutely throw in the hot tea Adam today so fee up. I just want to discuss the birthday and the birthday, but not the birthday, to birthday mine, the birthday in my Everyone knows that one girl it's it has to be mostly girls. Girls would, I know a couple frappe. So they're like it's my birthday month, let's go bro, it's fucking powderhead with beers, and for an entire month. Bro end up in rehab, bro yeah get the fuck outta here. Ok, so the birthday everyone knows we're talking about bout. There's one person that one person you go out to dinner with a group of friends and you're out to dinner, celebrating your friend getting a new job and then there's that one girl, but when you're about to raise your glass
to do a toast and she's, like also were all? so celebrating my birthday all and then it's always like my birthday was a week ago, so we're also selling so like we can just celebrate. Now we still the celebrated know, but we can tell real true, might might birthdays coming up, so we're also cheers ing to that. No we're! Not no we're not No we're not. This girl got a job. Your birthday is in three weeks we went to dinner to celebrate our friend, getting a new job, not your birthday, not you coming out of vagina No? No? No! No! That's very also people. What are we celebrating guy? You were able to come out of a vagina. Listen! That's what I do get about the birthday shit is like: do they realize that. Every person there are right. It's not like a like a little secret thing. Everyone was born. Everyone was born. I promise I promise
You should give me generalization, but I'm gonna tell you right now. Is that same year celebrating a birthday every everyone else. Can we talk about, and this is going to upset some people? Ok, I don't care, but these sash and the crown you are not Princess Diana Shit, you are just not all guys are Cynthia twenty one years old from Kansas, going to the local bar and I'm not talking shit because I was Sofia Franklin. You're going to like the local dive bar as well. I think let's say I personally think the only time that sash is okay for the 21st, when you say these sweet. These women are like thirty and they're, showing up at their girlfriends with the background. In the background I want to go over and fucking slice it off her. I've been like absent,
fuckin, lutely nuts, it's a lot. It just gets to a point where it's just a little narcissistic and we're not shitting on birthdays. The day of your birth go for it be happy, love that celebrate but day your day of your day. I listen. This is the thing. Ok, Christmas Eve. Christmas day. Okay, fine buck in Jesus gets two days totally understand that twenty five dad days till Christmas, totally rocking with that New year's Eve New Year's day, your birthday, doesn't have any of their daisy. There's no put daisy, no there's not but dude. You know how then there's the girls also yeah, that think they can get away with anything on their birth. There are girls that act like the people act like terrorists. They're, like you know it. It goes as far. Sometimes girls are such monsters on their birthday and they're like I can do whatever the fuck I want. This bitch is like on in the morning she's like listen, I fucked your boyfriend last
It was my birthday and I was I was just in the room of the time. What was that? Well, I d'oh we do not negotiate with terrorists. Okay, like why I'm done negotiating, they think that they can turn Osama Bin Laden level psycho because of their Brennan. Doesn't matter if it's your birthday or not, you can't just do it because you like, but it's my birthday. No, like I came out of a vagina on this day. I can cry if I want to know I mean I think it's settled. I just keep yourselves accountable, one of my best birthdays you're not supposed to be talking about this. Okay talk, okay, but this one's fair to talk about Go I told everybody about my arrest, mugshots on online. Go
by the now yeah. There is a detail that I left out. So when I got arrested, I was put into the jail cell. What was in the jail cell was a drunk tainted love by and that my friend that I got arrested where it was in the drunk tank right next to me, okay, I got arrested. The hours before my birthday, so you know, like you celebrate it. I've been nice right now, it's like yeah. It was hours before midnight that I got arrested. I don't know my friend had the people in the drunk tank next to me, sing me happy birthday, shut the fuck up dude. There were people in there without, like full blown criminals, foot like
every night right, super saying, happy birthday, yes and the cop came with like a vagina was like slamming. It was like she likes to land, but they were all singing happy birthday. Then people in my cell started singing it to wait. That's kind of the best UK you make really awesome friends. I know you don't, but ok, now he's like honestly. That was like my best birthday, like I really got close window, is like we're like criminals. This one guy also a low key kind of cool yeah. I do really nice the great that's a I like that sent bird spent
bird I want to smell like a daffodil doing. Okay, I'm done see guys I love sent, but we've always talked about it and it's one of our favorite advertisers sent bird hooks. You guys up. It's a luxury fragrance subscription service. You guys you had a mix up your cologne or perfume all the time. Whenever you want so boring to constantly have the same sense, yeah and it's a way for you guys to try something new also, they have all the name brands like Gucci Tom Ford, Burberry product yeah. They have four hundred and fifty designer brands. You can really kind of choose anything. This is for guys and girls guys. I know you're. No, going out and buying yourself and you clone? I know that your mother is buying it for you every Christmas and you keep that bottle for God. Damn here and saying with you girls, you guys should mix it up. So if you guys are interested, you want to get some sent bird you're into it. You want to smell fucking great like so
yeah and I were yeah talked more because we smell my god. That's not a lie. It's not so guys go to send bird dot com, slash daddy and use code, it daddy for fifty percent off your first month again that is sent bird s c e n t bird at dot com, slash, daddy and you're. Gonna get your first perfume for seven dollars and fifty cents. Go smelling, amazing, a little sluts. Let's talk about blowjobs blowjobs are like flowers for men, my god all we are like girls. When you wake up and he's purchased a beautiful bouquet of flowers. For you to do. The jobs are like flowers. From there I can become a little b J, oh my god, little lolly pop pop all right, so blowjob tip. I would have a new blow job Because nasty hoes out there doing the Gluck Gluck, I'm so fucking, proud of you. We still get ev
the day people write every day changed my life literally turning my life around this guy looked at me like he had no idea his soul was gone. So this is a blow job tip girls. If you want to get really fucking nasty with it. This is like this porn type shit. So, if you're trying to decide like all right, where can I ramp it up because a lot of times I know you guys, are killing the Gluck luck and you need like a little more aspect to it. Here you go when you're, giving him a blow job. You are going to suck him off until he's about to come and then when he comes in your mouth I know we've taught you guys to fucking put that thing in the back your throat and swallow it. But this time is the only time I'm going to say don't do that. What I want you to do is when he comes in your mouth. You are going to try to keep as much in your mouth as you can and then you are going to literally spit or can just open your mouth and like poo
to come back down all over his left come fall out of your ball out of your mouth onto his dick, and then you are going to clean that shit up with your tongue like you're, licking a melting ice cre yeah. His dick is the cone and it's vanilla melting all over and you need a slur cool are paying all my God, like I'm not did. I was the guy looking down you're like oh, I just had my now and then the thing is is a lot of times guys there Dick is so sensitive after they come yeah. So this is not something that's going to be too much on that. It's just your look like your lightly, letting the Cumple back out and you're slurping about my God, like an ass, like nasty ass fuck, you gonna talk to Mary wife. I have a blowjob tip turn on the siren Sofia. Wait. Why
so this is going to be easier. If you have like a less sensitive gag reflex, ok did you tell people to like hum yeah, now. Can I remember when I was in high school, I read something it was like, if you put your thumb in between pointer in armadillo over that too, and you hold it like a fucking work. I don't maybe yeah. I train yourself shut shit down there all the time, so, if you're able to deep throw his dick, which I think the Daddy Gang is doing yes, ok, fucking, proud of you over there if you can lick or suck his balls at the same time some guys, go crazy. So if you can put his dick all the way to the back of your throat and you're able to stick your tongue out and to get his balls and like them, this is such a good one and I'm so proud, God training. Do that so true, listen! Actually! This is such a good one if your guy has also a small
Dick all safeguarding again when he's got a smaller dick and it it makes it him having a smaller dick, almost positive right 'cause. You them balls in their fucking balls in there come on, call board up blowjob is not just for the dick you're putting the Saturday sack Dick in there dude that I'm so fucking proud. You brought that up girls. This is some shit. Where I think, a lot of times when guys have a smaller dick? This is, I don't know if I've ever told the girls this, but if he is a smaller dick and you know it's going to be easy for you to deep Throat, that's great for you. Don't let him know that what you need to do is you need to slowly be easing down onto it and don't go right for the base if I've talked to MILF Hunter needs like I've had some big
just try to just fucking, go deep throat out down on my dick and I'm like okay, okay, like act like it's huge and like write. What I want girls to do it even if it's a small on the smaller side, licking and circular motions around slowly going down coming back up and don't go down to the bay, it's right away, because you you him to feel your training. Your thread, you gotta act, just pretend his pieces Hugh. Yes, just you but if his peace with huge you could not go down, because you would have to be training your throat like slowly, taking more and more and more until finally, you're gagging in your down there. So if it's smaller, don't let him know it's small and then put the polls in there
and that the ball pop a molly do that's great. Alright, there has been an influx influx of people writing in yeah asking. What do I do if I am either eight running into my axe or be running into like a hook up situation, I'm this person, but we're not official. I cannot wait to talk about this because for all of us like talking right now, I have right now like building. I'm like this is his home. This hits home big trauma, yeah that has in suit. I think most of the people are asking more for like when they run and I'm in a party setting at a club at a bar at a house party? Yes- and this is such a good fucking question is so I have so many memories like how the do you running into like,
boyfriend or like a guy that, like I, was like a fuck boy right, we were hooking up in and like how do you handle that situation? Dude, it's pretty fucking crazy! I want to preface by saying do not go to the party people, if you just broke up with them, yeah don't go if you get like sex more friend being like hey just so, you know like Josh is going to be there like a man is going to be there and he broke. He broke your heart like three days earlier, you are going to end up. Bawling your eyes out, crying into like a cup of tequila in the middle of the party, with like a bag of Carl's junior shopping, yeah and he's going to be like you looks so soon and he's gonna be like thank God. I broke up without training. How many times in high school or college did you find out like you're, like a hook up that you were hooking up with, was going to be
party, and you like try to go to the party but you're, not emotionally unstable, you're, just psycho. At that point there was this guy that I was dating on a Nov and like we would always be hooking up at like we would never give it like these like right, so you can hide or whatever you want like we still taking. You could do whatever he. I would go out of my way, stocker level to make sure I show up at any party you got any less so for sure we're both here and it's me while it's like, I was asking everyone in town where you're going to be tonight. I want to be there because I wanted to see what you're doing so. Let's talk about it. If you see an x at a party, I think that unless he killed your family or you
or she killed your family or it was so's painful heel. I cheated on you with your sister right yeah that would fucking suck you go up to them in a house party situation. Actually, you know I'm actually going to pull up something. I wrote to a daddy gang member because she was going through this exact situation and I just want to read it. So it's clear what I mean by this. She was really fucking nervous because she was going to this party and she knew her ex was to be there, he had broken up with her and she was like all my friends are gonna, be there. I want to go to this party, but I'm just nervous of like how the fuck do. I act so I said, listen. What you're gonna Dio is immediately when you get in there. You are going to have a plan, so your friend is somewhat near you and you're gonna walk in there, so confident, you're, gonna legit go up too and be like hey like how is everything like hope, everything's good with you like um
and then, like maybe like two other words like oh yeah, like so crazy, to see you here like, oh who are you with blah blah blah and then the minute this is happening. You plan with your best girlfriend when you're in there, for like fifteen seconds she's going to swoop in and she's going to be like. Oh, my god, So if he had come, take a shower, come take a shot and you're going to grab her arm and going to pull away and as you're walking your bike. Ok like have a good night bye and you get the fuck out. If you see your ex or a hook up in a public setting, if you completely ignore them, you're going to look but her yet, obviously, if you go up to them and bitch them out, you're going to look but yeah no yeah, thousands right, because because if you wait the whole party and then it's awkward and you're, looking at them the whole time and then, if not and then I also told her specifically because he broke up with her. These were just a couple very tangible things. I gave her, I said,
do not be over the top like loud and obnoxious, trying to look like you're having too much fun with your girlfriend. I've done, I've done it. You are screaming you're, like oh, my god, you're being so funny jade and your best boyfriend is like she is trying so hard with everyone at the parties is, are like you're like flip in your hair around your like pouring like a bottle of water on yourself, like my t, shirt club and he's like bitch, try harder and then the other thing. I told is. I would also try to avoid being on your phone. A bunch like texting because he selfishly will think that you're texting your friends about him and don't overthink also him being there. If I could give you one trick, is you trick yourself? We always tell girls
you check yourself into acting like he died and it's just a kid at the party that actually happens to look like him, but the goal when you're there is, once you say, hi you act like you that he's not even there, because truly people hate to see other people happy, especially since he was, and that ended it he's gonna be like. Why is this bitch not like looking and staring at you? I feel, like a lot of people are going to fuck this up. I just want like clarify when you go up to him if you're still heartbroken or set or whatever the situation or if he is just look up, and he was like kind of talking to a girl. You, you got to make sure this is not for the faint of heart and you to make sure you're in the right headspace before you go up to him and say hi, absolutely, you cannot go up to him and say hi and think that you're just acting cool and chill, and you can't just go up there like hey like you, you look really. You look good
Did you know you know when girls do that, like you, look really good Jason, like hey Jason? and then you both like make eye contact and he's kind of like what is this bitch want, but you take the eye. Contact is like oh wait. Maybe there is something there, so you try to be. Like you try to be drama, I mean you look really good. Yeah hope all is well hope things are going. Well I mean you, do you look good? I know about start really guys that, like you're, trying to get drama or you're still pissed and you're like hygiene, How are you hello, Jason? I hope you're having a great fucking time by your own. You have a better night than me, like the oh, my god, you got to go up there and be like Jason, like hi um, so good to see you like yeah. Yet, like Take a shot with me later, like see you later an especially fuse with a friend. You say like I do like hey guys like what's up like how you chill it has to be so chill, but you do not. Guy ignore him, be
by your fucking. Looking like your little butt hurt bit. Yes, and I know the daddy game can pull off the Meryl Streep Oscar winning performance, it is so true because I think a lot of people get so fucking nervous like what, if it doesn't come out the right way. You look at his face and you pretend it's a random fucking guy that you knew back, in high school and you're, just going to say, hey how you doing you look great, ok, great, I'm going to take a shot. Sorry I'll see you around, I know casual. Yes, I think there are some. I love you like. You look really good, you look. You look good so troubling she's, like he's like he's like hey, okay, girl friend, is here my name, my new girl kind like waiting to play beer pong or you die. I can't wait to meet your new girlfriend there are like shut up. There are some public settings that I think you can ignore them. Ok, do it at the club, oh yeah, if you're at the club. First of all, it is impossible to talk to the person. Can I just? Can we just quickly say that, because the club, your looks great
such a bizarre place, because you pretty much are going to the club to hang out by yourself. Absolutely it's too loud. That's so true have a conversation with the person next to you like. If this girl or this guy sits down and sees her his ex across, at a different table. Just you should not feel obligated to get up and walk over. Can you fucking? Imagine that, like you just said, there's no words in a club. Now she gets up she's piling through people. She gets to his table. She piles past the bottle- girls, oh my god right and she has to actually physically grab him and pull him in right so that she can like screaming down here. It's like note everyone. If you see your ex to the club, you don't need to go over if you're at the bar and there's like one hundred people there, I got kids, I really get through life hide and then don't worry about it. But if it's like a House party yeah or
bar, but like you're near each other, and people are hanging out each other. Absolutely I think, okay, so I think the same thing goes for let's say if you're at a house party and okay, there are people that have written in your hooking up with this guy. It could be every night, it's every other night, but you both know that you're hooking up with other people, you show up to the party and he's there, like. You literally left his house this morning and then you show up to a party tonight and he is there with another with another girl? That is the word. It stings your like, damn it. I was just fucking coming on your face this morning, but ok, let her have a chance tonight, like it fucking sucks, but I kind of think you do the same thing. You go up, hey you introduce yourself to her, don't say: I'm Jasons friends with guys like hi, I'm Alex high like an icu like cool whatever and then bounce out total you got to be casual yeah and then that is going to make him be like
uh. Why is she being so chill with me like who the fuck? Is she here with it's? So true? No, listen! I'm gonna throw myself under the bus here. Because I exactly This is what I feel sorry never told me when you went Alex is a young Luther blues? No, I think it's good to tell the dying this, because we have not always known what the fuck were doing not always savages. We were. We had to be losers and learn from our mistakes to become when I was a big fat fucking loser in this case, so guys I was hooking up with this guy. He was older than me. It was when I was in at school in Boston. He was not in college who's older. He was a public figure area successful and I was like so happy to just be talking to him. So I went through his house one night, we hung out. We had sex the morning. We woke up and I was like. Oh like what do you do
sing tonight like are you going out and he was like I'm not really sure giving me no no well. I wish I shared like okay share any you know, god damn well. He has plans so that I he later that night I find out where he's going through a mutual friend. Oh my god, and what do I do instead of you know letting him live his life, because we not fucking married or were not boyfriend and girlfriend. Instead of not going. I show up to the Fucking club and I will never forget. I showed up to the club- oh my god, and I see him with other girls with like ten girls also and it's out of table and I want did you have a table? At least no. You were like the general admission section. You stand your ground creeping around here, one of those girls like hoping someone invites you to the table. Finally, I'm creeping around creeping around and he sees me and he looked more to
What the fuck is this bitch doing here like you're, my third side piece, and I have my main and my other side piece there, like, though I start getting so drunk some like what else I just gotta, get proxy myself the more of the story is I tried to get his attention so much guys. I couldn't get his attention. I followed him follow through the men's bathroom. Into a stall to pee. I follow him. I rip open the cell door, we were like the biggest all and I close that like what he has his dick out, he's fucking peeing and he's like what the fuck are you doing and Alex get the fuck out like get the fuck out. You followed him into the bathroom say his name is like David and I'm like David. No, I'm sorry! No! Listen! I'm not crazy. I just want to talk. I just wanna target in like, oh, my God talk to you, I'm out with my friends right now with people like. I don't want to talk to you crying so yeah. I started bawling, so you were balling an followed him into the restroom. I followed
into the races this bitch. So that's maybe the worst thing you could do and then I waited till he was leaving that night. Oh no, oh, no pick me to go home with, but then we walked outside and everyone was getting cars and I'm standing there and I watched look at me in the eyes, turn around and get in a car with all of these girls- and I was in the I was in the street by myself with my friend, where you Also standing with a guy Where are you standing with a guy and he likes said something to the guy on his way out so guys? Let me just tell Udaya story, so it is it's kind of weird, but so I'll, just throw myself under the bus. This by that I was talking to was a professional athlete and I found another
professional athlete at the club, so I was like, oh my god, I'm going to hang out with him and make this guy jealous you're, not making ourselves a good creature yeah. I know I was running around like professional athlete. Professional athletes are you there are you there? I was like fuck him, I'm going to go hook up with this guy or like make it look like that, I'm standing in the middle of the road with this guy before this guy, the guy was hooking up with gets into the car. He walked over to the guy I'm trying to leave with whispers in his ear and then gets back in the car and leaves with all the girls. And the guy that I was trying to hook up with, looks at me like hey sorry, I'm gonna have to call it a night. This guy told him not to hook up with me, because I was his and yet he's like what temperature is so fucked up yeah then I went home by myself trying with my friends and they took all the razors out of bathroom. I slept in the bathtub at night. They took all the rain getting. I was thinking to hurt myself. I got that depressed. I just wanna fuck it well, I did kind of want to die, but so that was a stupid. Story. I'm not proud to tell the point of the story.
Is that I was so desperate to get these guys attention and I was so miserable in there. I've been there, though, because, like you think that you are so in love and like you cannot help you Yes, you need to be at the party you want to be there. You want to say something and I'll. All I have to say is from experience Daddy Gang. I will never forget that night and from then on out I was like everything if you really feel like you need to talk to the person it can wait till the morning. Do not embarrass yourself and go up to him in the middle of the party. But can we talk? Hey, like it'll, just take a min But can you talk and you try to pull him aside and I just want and it's like? No, if it's an x, if it's a hookup in any event, you needed the exact same thing. I remember there was like a party I went to in the guy that I was hooking up with was blatantly flirting with girls like doing body shots off of them. Like do you remember when at parties people would smoke hookah and you would blow the smoke into the person
south next year or so I'm doing that woman are all he was doing. Was another girl, and you know what I did. I stop there patiently waiting hoping you would take me home. I'm like I, like you know what you have your this party, be going home dude, so I wouldn't have that it could that we were I I mean I was like seventeen looking like now that you you would, I would literally inhaled who go through my butt hole and then it might be time out into a guide and help in front of him guys, yeah man up, don't be a little bit. You got you at super chill. You act like you, don't care, but you don't over, do it and then you go home and cry and you go home and cry like a big girl yeah. Then you sleep in the bathtub and cry your eyes out. Your daddy man, we've grown. Yes, just to reiterate, don't be the girl that you, like jump up on the
table and you're, like this party, is why you so happy. I'm single, I'm gonna, take all my clothes off and jump in the pool who's coming with me. Hurry acted like everything. God, like way, we literally aren't even drunk and you're, also not drunk. I saw you you're, not even drunk. Why are you acting we're waiting for the one thousand two hundred pm? table ready love being single as ing like we were just crying every weekend. I saw you at the bottom, oh girl. Those guys relative relative, really it in ok, girls, girls, girls, guys guys guys. We all struggle
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I would log into her Snapchat and send him my ass, which I'm completely comfortable with doing, but but I have a boyfriend. I've been in a relationship for awhile. Is this considered cheating? On my end, I do not think that is so amazing right one city friend, honestly sweetie the fact that you're even can yeah like actually do it. No, I think you know what it's you're you're a good person it. But it's absolutely not! No, because I'm like listen, he this guy, that's getting this Aspic, thinks it your friend right no way are you? Is he jacking off and down about you? He has no idea who you are, but at the same time don't tell your boyfriend because he's yeah, right right right, but I get it and I am pretty sure, like I've probably sat like maybe my friendship, I don't know it made number when
told us when you're in, like seventh grade were sending it take, shot is like who had the biggest avant grade all star KIA solder right detail: shop. No, but dude like we we've. Even I mean we've gone as far as when you've been taking a shot, I'm standing there like helping ok. So that's why I was going to say is like if your friend doesn't have the nicest nicest ass, your obvious see: it's not going to be that cool, though, when she goes to hook up with a guy in his life, he asked my advice, would be you guys do a full blown photos. You and he even have your friend take a fucking picture. So you get your friends acid in angle that it looks hot and I agree. I also think like at the end of the day, if you just, I totally think it's fine for you to send your friend's ass and then, if it's just going to be a one night stand you show up, he will be really fucking notice. If it's that different.
But if not like fuck it also you're a great fucking friend yeah. You are an amazing from boom. That's great! Okay! This is one of my most favorite questions, I've ever! Oh, my god, okay! Well, we've ever received okay yo YO for next week. Can you all cover how to shoot your shot, went on Molly or in the middle of rolling e it's the really really deep, deep questions on call her daddy that I least you're about to come at me with something with show profound. You just ask I don't fucking shoot your shot, while you're fucked up on drugs. Spectra Spectra. Well, ok, let's try any answer this honestly. If you're rolling, ok, you just popped a molly how to shoot your shot, I would honestly try to keep the conversation brief to. Your eyes are going to be black yep you're to
salivating in your mouth and all sudden you're going to ask her for her number and you're being massage ing her shoulder and she's gonna be like. I didn't ask for this, like what do you do if you're like tweaking out yeah, I bring keep it brief. Just be like I think, you're so cute. Can I grab your number boom? I also think, if you obviously have he's on it yeah. If she's rolling the fine yeah, you could find something that, like you're interested in to talk about, both fucking rolling. If she's rolling my advice is like she's going to be freaked out and keep it out. If you start trying to like touch him saw sure she's going to be like super hype. Probably right maybe doesn't want that. Be like be this super cool guy that acts like he can handle drugs and alphabet. She feels like you're, like that's the best when the guy is like so getting all day, if you're good you're at a party and you're on drugs, you will gravitate toward the guy that acts like he's been there before can handle
he's chat. I was gonna say, give her like you're, like kind of that safe place and all yeah sailing with your and then like by the end of it to the guy that the guy was dope yeah. I think I'm lobby like gave the day well that case yeah, I say, or you ever know. Ok this one Sofia, okay, a man asked: do women really stock their exes on social media and if so, why who is sweet? What spy happy not listen to one app? I I don't think guys really get like the fake accounts in the girl. I stock every One of my is, I still look at my high school exit times that girls never stop. I am completely over
all of my ex is, and there are some that I'm actually repulsed disgusted. I did, and I still want to know if there are you my coffee in the morning I sit down. I log into my fake account an eye check up on the mall. I know through doing I know their schedule. I know the last bitch they thought like I'm in their lifestyle. They just don't know. You know it's the most fun yeah to do. I think it's I people's telling like Alex. I was on your she's, looking good sure, exactly guys, listening then you're asking why I do Oh no, it's just girls do that is the sky blue, and why is the grass green I
I your answer. I like that. Ok, so he is talking about he. Some advice with his girlfriend we've been dating for almost two years and we now live together and about two months ago we went from sex daily to sex. Maybe once every three weeks now, I know it's easy to say: oh dude, she's cheating, because that sex drive didn't just dry up, both thirty? You know I know I was like no. We have like scar, people like cheating. No, no, no, and he said I got an every excuse from her. Like I'm tired, I don't feel like it tie not in the mood to I smell about. It goes on turn on I've scoured her phone and email, but her phone is prepaid. And she has no computer, so I can't creep the I cloud. I forgot that for was in the question
ways is there who is a prepaid following why this question is through Miaf VIP is cheating just really now, I'm more concerned like wait. There prepaid, Wilcke, Pedia hold on this bench, but she's doing better shit. All at first I was like she's, not cheating and I'm like with, like you know, there's no way now, I'm like oh she's, us Advocare. Is there any other explanation besides cheating, to explain why her well just seemingly dried up now that she is cheating, but there's there are one million reasons why girls stop fucking their boyfriends. I think the hardest one to hear, but it kinda seems like the most likely is she's, for the relationship. Ok or I know what you're about to say, Alex she's feeling like shit about her yeah. I think that this is like such a common issue and you and I always joke and call her daddy, but being so real. I even have more reasons I think one ask her: what birth control
you don and after talk about that, because that can dry up some people sex drives and you should have it did it to me. Actually, when you ask on it, yes, and so like that's a huge issue, the birth control or really any type, medication like if she's on anti depressants that can kill your sex drive huge so that could be it could be a mess or she's a prepaid phone she's, absolutely living a double life could also make sure you even know. If that's your real name, like you really annoying, why doesn't she have any type of computer? What does she do? What she do for a job for real now, I'm starting to think this girl doesn't even exist, check out, make sure she's really a or do a lot of money or, if she's gained a shit, ton away or lost a ton of. I would listen if it's getting that bad I'm not. I would say that therapy is that bad of an idea and that's something that you guys could go to therapy like baby. I love you so much. We gotta figure that they're starting sex therapy sessions
where are all the colored eyes were like Gluck Gluck is here to see your no okay, no blowjob doesn't save the mayor really hard, the glug glug it does. That's not just a blowjob. That's an epiphany towards a happy relationship pitch okay, wow hose whoa. Okay, I have a story. Oh, I love a story, and this is just to show that life Every time people shit on us for talking about how common cheating is here, you fucking go. Great trust issues are on their way. Here we go okay, Alex and Sofia. Last night I was in my boyfriend's neighborhood, so I decided to stop by without telling him I pulled up to his house, and there was a car there that I never seen before, and my friend and my friend had me convinced it was just. It was a bitch, but we
together for over two years and he had my full trust. Like I mean full trust. I never thought anything was being shady, so I was sitting outside debating what I should do when he calls me and asks why I'm outside of his house- and he tells me to go away at this point. I'm suspicious and half of me know someone's in there at this point and half with me. Also, though, doesn't want to believe it, but I called him back back and asked if I could just come in and say good night and he was making all these excuses, saying I don't want to get up from bed. I'm tired! I just I know right now. I know I know so. Eventually he came outside and I walked into his house and I start to go back to his room and he grabs me picks me up.
And tries to throw me out of the house and threatened to call nine one one on me. He was freaking out, so I kept trying to go back to his room. He keeps pushing. He keeps grabbing me to stop me and now I know that there is someone in there and I just still couldn't believe all my god I had. I just had to see her, which I totally get where she's getting from I needed to beat her ass. I don't get that but he's like, but he is obviously three times as big as me. I couldn't get back there he's pulling me back. So I left and I went back to my car and I decided just wait there till the bitch left. I went back to my car. I he called put me too me too. So I go. I go back to my car and he comes out of the house again and he tries to get me to I want to drive with him and I told him no fucking way. We need Wendy's right now. We can settle this over big nugget. Then she's like bitch, shut the fuck up. I said no way. Let me go in room and he says okay, this time, and so I know he's fucking hiding this bitch from me like he.
Thinks I'm stupid. So I searched the whole house and I don't find her and then I go into the backyard and he runs in front of me and I literally see this bitch sprinting away an. I ripped him off of me an eye bolt after this bitch, but you know when she got in her car before I could get to her and she sped off, and I got into my car to go aft her and my ex jumps on onto top of my car, the hood of my car, trying to stop me from Jerry's number. I know so I break really hard, so he falls off and then I and then he chases me for fifteen miles. He gets in his car and he follows me and I try to lose him and I had to call the police on him because stop following me, and that is how I know I will never trust anyone ever again: okay, long story but the path? I will pick the most entertaining right right heard in awhile dude. Can you fucking imagine, first and foremost, all I've done board to put this arrest girlfriend, why are you going after the
well? This has nothing to do. Each has even know you exist. We always say that on color daddy, why are you trying to be right? Now, I'm going to play devil's advocate and, like I lowkey, feel bad for that great me, too 'cause I she had my whole. She probably had no idea- and she has this other girl fucking, trying to those are down? Imagine with the boyfriend is saying to the side piece being like this. Is my crazy ex like run for your life fuck, it's actually his girl back to that dude. Can you fucking imagine showing he won't. Let you in the house. No, I would burn the Fucking house out. It's like what the fuck. This is. The thing with cheating is, I have been so open and honest on his podcast that I have been such a shady shady bed in all of relationships. I was in and was shady there's no excuse for my behavior, but I knew that, like that, really
and she was going nowhere and like it needed to end anyways and, like you know, this bitch is like it sounded like they were two years in super serious and she fully trusted him and like she was like
that's when it's really crazy, eh it. It is so bizarre because, like this girl was just driving by, I was like I'm just stop in and say good night to him and the whole road that he he must have been free. Oh, my god, who it was a good one. It was a crazy one. Hey Alex and Sofia loved the podcast have learned and use a lot of this to get those good Dick reviews, fuck yeah baby. However, I have a huge problem that I didn't think would be a problem. I don't come every time I have sex, I would say, is closer to one out of five times. I have sex that I finish the girls I sleep with girlfriends fuck buddies, whatever have all expressed disappointment in my inability to finish, I'm happy to get my partner off a few times with four playing sex, but it gets to a point where we both get tired of fucking. What dough I d'oh I've started leading off with hey. I might not come it's not you
all, because of how often I'm told that they're disappointed much love. Please help. Oh, my first question is: can this guy come from masturbating right, that's a great, because if he can, then you just make the masturbation like part of both of your guys, is right, routine. Right, like I know someone, I think. Maybe I talked about it. This guy, like I, never hooked up with him, but he told me he was like. I can't come from sex or a blow job. The only way can come from sex is pulling out and jacking off crazy and like he'll, have like the girl do it. So I think if this guy can come from master being incorporate that into say yeah, I think like listen, I get what you're saying with the girl part, though, like girls can't help but feel like they're doing something wrong if they can make it, but I think it's vice versa. So totally like girls, totally girls configure my God, it. That's true. If you're feeling really insecure, start jacking off get the little ski
she bottle of lotion and poured on her back in the dark wool. That was a big load then wipe it up like woo woo tell them. Girl, but we call her daddy for a second and tell this girl that you want to fuck her from behind and put her face in the pillow put a pillow on top and then a pillow on top of that one use this Everybody will be like. Oh my god, just came over your back like clean that up, don't move, don't move and then listen. I also think there's just so many guys that can maybe you should start trying of different ways that you think you could come. I just read a fucking question earlier today and I was going to read, but I don't have to read it now and this girls, like I, was hooking up with this guy and he was when I was starting to give him a blowjob 'cause. I love giving jobs and then he was like no use your feet, and I was like what jacking off with this from her booking fee, and then she went back to him. A blow job he got soft when she put her mouth on it, he could only be stay Haro from something like that. If it was to defeat, maybe you've got a foot better. Try try different thing.
Now and if it really is just the thing where like is just is hard for you to come and it's one out of every five times. I think you should address it yeah before and I think how you should phrase it is like you don't understand how hot it is to watch you guys. I want to make you come and like it will be great if I come, and it will also be just as fucking awesome I don't like it feels so good make her know. That long is not the end all be, and it does. It has no reflection on how hot you think she is in like how great this accident right exactly you make it so that like sex, is just as enjoyable boom. Ok, this guy I'm hooking up with complete, skips over four play and just shoves his dick inside of the boy bitch boiler, literally after only a quick make out. How do I get him to do more foreplay? I was thinking about this because I think there a lot
guys like that, and I think you could do it in dirty talk and you can literally if he goes like rip off your pants after you been making out you kind of like push him away and you can be like you don't get to fuck this pussy before you eat this pussy. Do you like? No? No, no! You don't get to fuck this pussy you gotta eat at first and, like then, he's going to be like oh fuck yeah. If you are hot like that, it will make it way less awkward, no I kind of want you to like finger me, and oh, my god, and just talking about how hard you come now what you're going to get, how like you, could potentially squirt, like whatever you need to say, like he's going to be like eager to do it and then also, if, if he likes a he's, never eating out, he took out one time after that. Never stop fucking talking about how good he is eating you, how hot it is for how much makes you calm and then he's every guy ego it's like was. This is great and if you want to be really fucked up just casually mention like in X,
or someone you've dated or some guy you've hooked up with and say something about it being the best sex and he's going to be like well. Why, like what made it so good and be like I mean he would just like pussy for hours or the way like he would touch me like t he's like it just drove me, fucking eyes so wet before we leave and fuck and they can feel bad sweetie yeah, wake up, call you little bitch boy and no call her. The man is ever just shoving it out what god damn it it makes me fall in love with the guy when he just gives me like an hour for play. I agree about that. I agree. Ships state Chen, you guys, we send out merge. Well, we use ship station. This is the number one choice for online sellers, it's the fastest easiest and most affordable way to get your merge with ships.
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Let's click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in daddy get shipped done. I just want to quickly say I was reading this question from this daddy gang. She was like she downloaded tinder. She was bored as fuck. She thought she would just roll around. She came across a guy who had called her daddy in his bio. Naturally they start messaging and talking, and then they had a very open conversation about sex and how neither of their ex is whereas freaky as they wanted them to be an long story. Short. We literally have made plans to fuck, can fulfill all day, fantasies together, given that we have to do a five hour drive to see each other, but it's going to be totally fucking worth it. Thank you. So much daddy he's probably like a six, but this made him so fucking sexy in my eyes and I'm so excited you guys are really changing the world. I love you guys, fucking daddy. Hang out here. Fine other daddy, daddy gets like what this is all about. It's like fuck everyone else. It doesn't look, we gotta keep it in the family family keep it
Fuck your family, this bloodline running right. Ok, that shits fucking dope that, like their butt to drive and focus their daddy gang and they want to be nasty together- oh baby, yeah, baby baby, oh daddy gang, we love you so much. You guys know the drill. We love when you guys help us out five star review. If you can just leave us little for us, because Sofia are losers and we read every week we go and read reviews and then also have you guys press unsubscribe and then reset Also a lot of you that are listening or new listeners. You guys right in when the episode drops. It doesn't come up on your itunes right away. That's is. If you're not subscribed, it will immediately download for you so make sure you're subscribed. You get all that daddy gas love. You guys, if you want to submit like a question yeah. What's the website, you go to stools website and you go to shows you go to call her daddy and it will be right into the father.
Guys, right in your shit, we we read everything. Yes, these are all from you guys. So the more you write the more well read. We love you. Every fucking way stay put the balls in your mouth. He put the balls in your thumb on his dick and slurp that shit like a fucking ice. Cream cone! Let's go! We fucking love, you guys. We will see you next week by daddies.
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