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44- Girls He Fucks vs. Girls He Dates

2019-07-17 | 🔗

Lots to cover on this weeks episode! Sofia and Alex talk about the types of girls men choose to fuck vs. date, and they are getting extremely specific/personal- talking about their exs. They are also discussing the REAL reason females cockblock their girlfriends, instagram bios that are preventing you from getting laid, and two new moves that will make your behind look like you got ass injections! Also, Alex reads a text from her mom that puts everyone's stalking skills to shame. 


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so What's up guys, it is Alex and Sophia is called her daddy wiener holes were back at it again for last episode, moment of silence. Fuckers listen up. His shit is got me wrong. It's been a long run, it's been fun, but it's over. It's been really fun. So if yeah I've got turned on, I've cried I've laughed I've gotten turned on a gun turned on. I got I've Bastar baited on this exact table right here. I love a memory, the memory I love coming to an end. I've learned a lot and I'm honestly gonna miss you, I'm gonna miss you guys. Yeah, listen up, obviously were kidding, listen to this bullshit, so it Sofia and I were reading comments on the internet like we love to do, and there is a full blown army of people. I can't say super. The title of the thread said: have you
you guys noticed the growing tension between Alex and Sofia. I've heard it the past few episodes that making digs at each other. I don't know if they're referring to when I call you a walking prostitute. I don't know it's because I compared your hair to a broom. I don't know if I say you have a cottage cheese butthole, I don't know what it is. Why would they think we have tension? Oh God, one day, I'm a hot one. One day she's, the hot woman there's a threat in the thread it says I think Alex is just getting so fed up, because Sophia is clearly the hotter one and she just can't take it, but she doesn't get enough attention that's not a lot? That's not. If I get a lot for you guys, don't understand what it's like to live in Sophia's Shado. I have to go out with her and a little harder we go out to a bar and men actually me to the court. I don't like you only once Alex is a stepping stool got where I need to do it or not. I fight this is this is the thing the thing is. Is people
realize that Alex. I have a deep, deep history, an shit. Has gone down and for us to actually be upset with each other, it's kind of like then threw it all. We've been through it all. Maybe one day we will talk about some of the actual real shit that we've been through. That's like a hard times, but when people say like the band is breaking up, the father's are done. We're not going anywhere state hard, which we are married and there's no option for divorce I'm cutting you off like oh trust me. I know Alex sometimes talks over me. So what so? She talks a lot. I talk a lot, so do I, but God is mine, was in all we could save. You confirm is we? I don't think we've ever been closer actually in a married relationship, but I was just saying to Sofia this
we're going to ride this shit till the grave going to be in the fucking nursing home and we're going to be doing a granddaddy additional crawdad fuckin whipping in our wheelchairs up Jurgens in the nursing Harvard is a jerk and all the old picks up again yeah there you go so guys where are the daddies are still here. I don't fucking know where you guys think we're have tension. Maybe it's sexual tension and it's feeling a little yeah. Don't worry. We take care of that. We're fine they call her daddy podcast. The name really can throw some people off, and I get that especially the older generation. In this past weekend Alex Night, we have these necklaces that say daddy, go check him out. Barschel sports dot com, Murch Murch, merge. I was wearing the necklace and this old geezer comes up to me. He was like hey, who is this very eccentric, billionaire guy? Why don't you snaggle that? I know I should have tried, but he couldn't get
It up just kidding. Why? What did he say? He was like? Oh so you identify as a man that was the first fucking thing that he thought so you identify as a man and thing wrong with no trade, I'm not trying to be transgender. So I'm like, I think it was all those pretty feminine. You are so for him to say that I was like. Do I a look like we? What did you say? I, He said no and he's like. Oh you don't! So what is it you really please? So I probably I can you imagine me trying to explain. Call her daddy does like seven thousand and eighty two, that's actually
fucking embarrassing. I had a experience with my necklace as well. I went home the other weekend and I was wearing it and I popped into a party and old people's party where my parents were and I'm standing next to my dad- and this guy looks at me he's about like sixty and he goes. Oh, that is so cute you're wearing your father's name on your neck and my dad knows my show and he doesn't listen he's like oh fuck, oh my god, my dad like walked into everyone like no Cortana, how sorry he doesn't know, and this poor man is like. Oh, it's, your dad's name on your neck and I'm like no, it's actually because I'm a fucking flood have a podcaster. I talk about Dick for a living, but going ok, sure so good. Like I just want to go, fuck myself, so good, it's really funny. I mean for people that don't know what call her daddy means. The word daddy is watt. Like your boss, you're badass, your pow. Careful dominant in the bedroom, specific yeah and you're. Just you are in can
all of your life and in control in the bedroom and so a lot of times it's associated with men, and so we're saying no, no, no girls could be daddy too, and then can be too we're not being like that only feminist and on Lee girl, baby, daddy know everyone could be fucking Daddy one night. She could be daddy and the next night you can daddy, I'm fucking decide to wants to ride. In the end, these bitches are out here pegging. Their boyfriends were daddy too lucky everyone daddy, so things have been getting interesting over here, guys, lots of drama lots of infusion, but yeah call
her daddy Bitch Alex, and I were talking about our ex boyfriend the other day and we had kind of an all ha moment. Ah ha both of our exit are trash e mean uh no, but both of our exes had a specific type of girl that they would fuck, and then they had the specific type that they would date, and I need to clarify, because everyone's like well, of course, like a guy's willing to fuck anything. That's not what I mean. I don't mean that they would fuck like slutty, trashy bimbos, I mean specific down too ethnic city up body type x, Sattar, AL yeah, all those things. I also want to say before we get into this. I want to clarify that we are just stating facts. We are
saying that someone is better than someone else. We are literally speaking from our experience and factually what we have witnessed men doing, so I don't give a fuck if you're white, black, asian big, ass, small tits, small ass, like it doesn't matter, that's not half an hour after now knows I don't get that out this. What the segments about it's about men and this interesting phenomenon that we won address about their choice. Yeah birthdate- and this obviously is not all men- I don't know, but it just so happens that both of our act yeah is like fall into this category where they were picking. Well, honestly, I can give an exam. Okay. My axe was obsessed with having sex with super fit. He can looking mills course. You like nothing wrong with that right, but when it came to sex, he loved like the huge big ten. It's like a plastic he faced and an older woman, okay and.
When it came to having like a more serious relationship, he did not like that at all. Hi need right, like I am not your so feel, I'm not a mill, and I don't have anything fake for now, so he for girls with a faker luck. Okay, this is where it gets confusing. Okay, okay, because we would be scrolling Instagram Alex, and he I would be like showing him the girls that I feel
I want in ceramics. That's what you fucking do right, maybe no wait! That's me and my boyfriend Dok I'm and I would show him pictures of all these girls and he would talk shit on what they looked like like he would be like they all. Look the same like all these girls look exactly the same cause they're getting the same plastic surgery and like her lips are fake and like this is fake on her, and I would look at him and be like are those not the type of girls that you like to fuck you fantasize about these kind of girls exactly and I would ask him about it and he would be like it's completely different when it come. It's a fucking I want to. I want to fuck like this fantasy type thing I wouldn't want to date them and take them take, so he basically was really into faking like a milf doll like she bitch to him in his mind, it was like a sex toy says what he said. He was like they look like they're built for sex. Okay, like that porn star, look with the fictive
but but he would never deal with one of them, but again nothing wrong with the faith mill. There's nothing wrong with that, but the issue is like: I would be standing there and thinking. Okay, so he's extremely sexually attracted to these types of girls high. You look nothing like delete about right. What does that mean about me? You know, and it would make me feel like insecure absolutely years. Yeah okay. So I had a sort of similar situation to Sophia a guy say that I am still date, on and off when we are off. I will obviously like the psycho. I am eyes knock this shit out of him and see who he's following on Instagram 'cause. I know he only follows girls to fuck them, and so he he travels around to different cities, and I will. Watch him in each city follow a specific type of girl. That is the complete opposite ethnicity and look of me so like
and which is totally fine and when I say that he's following it, this type of girl, I mean they're like over twenty plus girls. Like every couple months that look. This look exactly like this and I'm the complete opposite. So I can't help but be like fucking self. Conscious so I don't fucking look like that. So I'm over here, knowing that he's fucking, these girls and bats, is type that he sexually like. I want to fuck the fucking brains out of it and I'm over here like so that is what your main fantasy of fucking is how the fuck are. You attracted to the me it's so bizarre and I still cannot fully grasp You know, I think I think it's just crazy mentally for girls. I don't like it yeah. It's we're so different yeah rolled aren't looking at guys and be like. I have I'm not out here like I will only date black guys, but I will only fuck white guys right. That's not girls. Don't do that. No, I think girls will have guys that they won't take seriously right, but it's not it's not in
same way. It's not. I don't think it's more. I don't think it's also driven really by looks I'm not eleven by that bank account baby, let me see 401K, I mean, let's be real if I'm fucking around with a guy and he like, doesn't have a good job right. I'm probably going to be like can, I feel good at sex, but I'm not going to date. Him. Yes, but maybe there's some yeah yeah yeah. Do you, but not really, and it's so bizarre how guys are like? I think it just comes down to matter disgusting they're they're great. They are so we actually do Rivera and how they are able to compartmentalize sex in their life. It's really interesting 'cause, I feel, like women aren't really like that. I think we want
to bring this up because Sophia and I found ourselves being insecure and worried- not really insecure girls, but we wanted to bring it up because I think it can mentally fuck with a girl. I talked to my friend and he's a guy about this whole theory, and he said that the reason he thinks that guys are doing this, that there just fucking girls that they wouldn't date is so that they can make sure they don't get any emotional attachment, that's a whole different layer. I actually said that, like bye, bye are being dip on this one, ok, so for this being dip, but now that I just said that, ok, so what so like a girl with fake tits, he just knows he can't get emotionally attached to a girl from a certain ethnicity country knows yeah what this whole thing is so confusing fine fuck! You men are weird, you guys are disgusting. Your whole bro sex is just stop thinking with your picture and your penis, your picardy pie,
Dockerty stop thinking with it wo. I have a question for you: okay, so weak insecure about the guy liking, a girl that looks completely opposite right right because it doesn't look like us right what if the guy was still like. You a girl, you know a guy was like you know, a girl that looked exactly like q, but, like a hotter version, see I've thought about sizing that would hurt because like what, if he was falling, all these blondes like a little bit bigger tits in a little bit nicer at your like Alex two dot: zero fuck, you yeah, I guess you know they're. Both kinda, like
It's a good one yeah! I want to hear from girls and girls can relate to this cause, I sure as FUCK Ken God, damn it fucking. That's why there are exes fuck you I just want to quickly bring up a topic that makes me laugh it's not so much a zit is a topic. It's this text message: okay, yeah, okay, Alex has been talking to multiple, multiple men, but one in particular invited her to go to Toronto for the weekend. Yes, and when I loved you gotta stock. Obviously, you got stock. If you're gonna go on a trip to the guy, you want to stock and every girl needs a wing woman, our wing man, to help her yeah, and I have my go to when it comes to my stocking and it's not Sophia, and it's not milk hunter. No, it's my mother, it's so good! My mother
sure. It's her mom is FBI level. Yeah. Indeed. Yes, yes, I love my mother and so thanks mom shout out to you because I know you listen to podcasts, so I wanted Did you guys this 'cause? It's pretty unbelievable 'cause Sofia was like what the I couldn't believe it so basic this guy. We were talking on this dating app. He was like listen. I know this is pretty forward, but I'm heading to Torano this Thursday to Sunday for work, and I don't normally ask this to a stranger on the internet, but you should meet me in Toronto. This week my companies bringing bubble blah like it's going to be fun. We're going to party, I get a plus one, there's pool parties, nice dinners, whatever so I'm like you know what that sounds like a great time, but I also don't really want to die. So I hit up my mom, I centered the messages and, I said hey. I need you to investigate. She goes on it fifteen,
minutes later, I got a text from my mother Ann, I'm holding my phone right now guys. This is verbatim what she says. It's so good. He looks very rich, very handsome family guy dot to dot. Obviously, very smart. Let me do a back check but I'd say, go, you need an adventure and you wanted to go to Toronto, and then she text me. Twenty minutes later so far he doesn't criminal record, like seems to have graduated from college, although linked and says he played men soccer and I couldn't find him on the roster for the years he attended. An I checked every year definitely makes a lot of money. Candle business is a start up on a whim and donates money to charity for profit I'd go if you're interested. Why not I'll keep digging? I was looking for the roster info to get his height. Call me anytime. If you need a break, I'm mom. She was also by the way I looked at his tax. If he's paying for everything, including this flight wine not go. I figure he's about thirty
one based off my research. Oh my god, I was like Sophie and I are sitting there 'cause I'm like I don't know. If I want to go. Oh my god wait! I'm reading, there's more she's like oh, when he went to Cal poly tech for six years, so either he's uber smart and stayed for his masters. Or he was just a dumb jock and took, and it took him that long get his degree. No worries either sin Mario works for you get the episode done quick, so you can go shopping for the fancy. Dinners sounds like a black mom. First of all of the way that she types is like it's like a girl out of a movie life, gossip girl, yeah gossiper, like finish up that episode, so you can get a huge outfit and go for a night on the town. I go if you're interested. Why not I'll keep dicked dicking I'll keep? digging. Looking for the roster, so I can find out his height the fact that she was like I've checked every year. I have a background check. He went to this school. He was there for this long like that is uh. I was good beaches. Some Chris, that is like some shit only a mother, could die
it's a thing it's like. I know my mother has gotten better over the years because she loves to stock the men that I die. If I asked my mom, oh my god, you wouldn't call me be like Sofia. What's the law, again password again for the fucking desktop in the living room. So that's true, like ok technology. Another thing I didn't fucking passed down to me and Alex is witnessed it first. We thought such a good point yeah, so I just wanted to let you know guys if you really once you get close with your mom after those like awkward high school years, if you start to get close with your mom again, mom's love to be involved. Next is just insane. It's I've, never known I don't even know that much about my at no and she's got it alright. If I can tell, I could have done that shout out to my mother. I appreciate you guys. You gotta find a wing woman. Just a man out there and you're out today Alex you better fucking higher than going to clean up your record and clean up your cleaning
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for two years, you can get an exclusive offer right now we're going to give you guys fifty percent off for your first month today, so it's only seven dollars and fifty cents. If you get your for your first regular. Yes, you guys are gonna, go to Semper dot com, slash, daddy and use the code daddy for fifty percent off your first month, get after it smell amazing, Instagram bios. Yes, I need to make an announcement, and this is more for men, but this like applies to girls too. Ok, what about the fucking quotes by? Oh? No? No! No! No! No! No! I am pissed off WHI, especially for guys. Oh my god, especially for guys profound and motivational. The quote is like it makes you look so dumb because don't even girls are like ok, girls, The way more, embarrassing, an interim but for a man to have a quote, because girls are going directly to your pics
right rolls care. What's in a guys, buy it, they do absolutely. I read it 'cause it's because they don't have that much on their page to direct reflection of what type of guide is. If I see a guy have a quote about money. All any paper form like like cash rules. Everything around me dollar bill Imo G money sign, emoji, fucking: let's go Bro Pankau, let's go some staffing unloaded a noise black cell count. Let's go bro helping anyone have wells, Fargo, Chase Bank, let's go I'm stacked, Bro or like or like back on my On no rhino on that money grind all of their beliefs. Season. Baby green sees no Alex. Obviously I've never seen. You know, I'm fucking pissed, I'm pulling up bios right now, because I know exactly what I'm talking about way. I'm gonna pull up some tea. I just actually I um I matched with a guy.
They did it on a dating profile, and then I unmatched him because of his instagram bio. He goes. He goes it's just it's just so classic lions, don't concern themselves with the opinion of sheep. Ask quote, and I like the quote, but why does it need to be in your fucking Instagram Bio, for a guy? For some reason, if it's in the bio it just looks it looks so stupid because, like they look like they're taking Instagram, way too serious. Oh my god, I pulled it up. You just said one about a lion you got what about how out, I guess: lions or trendy. Ok, God, the horde of Lion is within a soul, but I need to stop at that point: that's like a chat voice. The heart of a lion is within us all. Just have to unleash the willpower to view the grade,
in someone's bio. Also, you just added a half australian accent. Half rat boy accent, wait that didn't Once Bio doesn't help every single pictures of him at the gym, so just food men, I'm actually 'cause. Now I'm just going to we're go into girls. Girls are weight easier to pick on, but guys. What I want in your bio. Tell me what you do what either what Did you go to or what is your fucking job and maybe put your location. So I know if you're in New York, city or not or or dutch, if anything, we don't have anything or don't have any anything. That's anything any quote. I don't care. If it's no fucking quote you made up nope, it's not going to work and I've pulled up. Will grow once I need to read them. Are you ready I'm ready, you're gonna poop your pants. When I read this one, you really get mad sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.
In mixed with a little hurricane. She might as well write in her Bio. I am obsessed with myself sunshine, So she said she's, a good girl, but she's got a little flair door. She said she's a little bit. She's got that headshot hurricane edge no shut up, no you're, not the weather girl blow me. Ok, I got another one old enough to you know better young enough to do it anyways! No! No! Every girl has had that at one point. No, why stop it? We read me. Ok, I'm hitting my some fires pulled up this scroll. The number two. Ok, pretty the number for double shit, so it says too pretty full bullshit. No! No! No! For the bush. You know there's a the number two in the number four and then there's a bunch of roman numeral
but I know God damn well. She doesn't even know what amount they put him in there to look like she's educated mean all it's like bitch, you don't know. Ok, can we talk about that? Wait? Let me read: this: fucking No, now I'm up in halo. Spirit, praise. Girl, sounds like a really who and one slash two to go to a fucking part. Didn't imagine if that was in my fucking bio, this guy's bio, trusting, God and live for the moment. No practice what you preach, no in treat people how you want to be treated little love life. I mean well fly orgy with snowboard or someone at the gym, so I'm serving is ask guys. I know we're not trying to shit on people, but we're shooting terribly fully shitting on cheating on you guys, because it's like why the year right, you said earlier, people Instagram is not to be taken that seriously we're just
I bring this up because a lot of times people even ask us what to put in your. So we just told you your location and what you fucking do for a living and war, You go to school. This is really not that hard list. Your ass course listening Leslie, I am so embarrassing. I do shit that isn't. Bed all the time the dares to admit it horrifying. We are just out here helping helping, sure, listen, I'm sure I used to have an embarrassing thing. Like I know I, my life be like dude. I probably have a quote on my instagram, so it's fine, last thing. I want to bring up yeah because, while we're on the rant, I think that girls, you don't need to what irish and Italian, no gem, I we need to know your nationality and how your split between three different ones, and we don't need to know your star sign. We don't need to know it know, maybe in the converse
and you could bring it always girls that have multiple ethnicities right right and, for some reason, they're putting pudding it because they're like because I'm half this in half this I am hot. I am hot, I'm hotter than you. I am hot you wish. You could have been fucking a quarter of Philippine a one, slash. Four irish italian order, Italian, but you couldn't. But I but I I'm hotter than in my pussy is better because of it. You got a italian neighbors you get a little irish potato- I need to know the nationality yeah yeah, I think, and if you're so passionate about it, maybe leave it for once. You're in the dms you guys are fucking, your like, oh yeah, like I'm from from blah blah. If you really fucking feel like it, I mean I could fucking do that. My family is from all over the world, my mom Argentina, my dabs from Spain. Their parents are from fucking you do you see me:
putting that in my bio and argentine and Spaniard and Co. Op which is to watch, is which I don't wear, but I'm getting paid shit ton to put in here. All of you, stupid, fucks, go by heart, hurricane marginal time, spaniard, hurricane and peanut, butter, attic and also Gemini, and also a fucking loser, okay. Part Hurricane hard, argentine Come to me I'll, give you a hurricane to it. With my argentine spanish twist, I would just be like White Instagram Man, it's just I will. The thing is, can really fuck you or it can help you and a lot of people, it's fucking them, because I just literally pulled up my phone. I was able to find those quotes used to be the sweetest girl
Can you fucking imagine that was my bio sweetest girl? Now I've got a little bit of hurricane high heels that wasn't even I sunshine mixed with a little hurricane sunshine, dude, it's so rough honestly, as as as people continue to post ridiculous stuff we're going to continue to talk about it yeah and everything you put on the internet. We can poke fun of. Thank you All right all right, all right all right, so we were wanted to try. Oh right. Ok, we wanted to friends, cock blocking friends, cock, Bock, email friends call. Blocking their female friends. We actually had a guy friend right into us being like hey, want you guys to talk about this and he had tweeted. He said some girls will do anything to stop their friends from getting dick at the end of the night like shut up. Eat your nuggets, Rebecca, I'm not going to kill your best friend, and you know it.
And so it was so interesting to Sophia, and I because the minute that we read that tweet and our guy friend was like you have to talk about it. All these girls always cock blocking their friends. This sad thing is- and this is gonna, be a hard pill for her friend swallow this is going to be a hard pill. I think for all then across the world to swallow. The thing is, let's just let's just say it, let's say what's happening: girl's friend is blue locking her from hooking up, there's a good chance, she's intentionally allowing her friend to do that. Aka aka came out and I'm partying with Alex, and there is this guy and he wants to fuck me and Whatever reason I don't want to deal with it, I'm going to be like Alex, be the annoyed.
Yes, do what you need to do to get this guy to leave me the fuck alone, and then I become into the friend that is the most annoying fucking whore friends, for example, for example, Alex this happened to us like this was around the time that we had first moved into the apartment. Yes, I remember it. Well God Last blood didn't know what we were fucking in four dust. My drop house several breathing issues. Respiratory problem: I can't wait for a landlord if I can get this one day. Okay, so we had just moved into the apartment and we went out partying yeah. I barely even knew you, but I just knew this, but,
I was going to my bitch and we were bitches together and we recently backbends and that it was going to go down. We go out. We come home Alex had let this guy come home with us yeah. She was kind of flirting with him. She kind of liked him, but by the end of the night, by the time he was in our apartment, you had change of heart and you're like I do not want to fuck yeah. I was like I hate him. So what did I do? I told Sofia, Sofia, sweetheart sweetheart. I need you to turn into Satan an and I need you to ruin this man's night Alec. I get a text from Alex and she's like dude. Please save me and like get this guy out of the apartment. Ok, and some of you guys like why didn't Alex just man up and tell him there is a million reason yeah. I think it's just easy. You guys are both in your room. They weren't doing anything because you're, both in your room, you guys are both intoxicated. You were kind of leading him on 'cause. You thought you wanted them, and then you change your mind that guy was not going to take no for now.
Yeah, he was going to say in your room right four out and even if we weren't using like it's fine and let's just out, let's watch movie but we'll play it for whatever reason it girls just like want to have their friend take care of it yeah. I just well. It's you. They don't want to be the bad guy role, feminist. It whole wow like ok, so I turn into the current into a psychotic fucking next level straight jacket, guys I've never seen Sophia modeling over to Alex Room, and I start knocking as hard as I can and I'm like, Alex, hey licks Alex Alex Open up, hey. I meanwhile- meanwhile I hear Alex I literally telling this guy. She so annoying. I, like shootout secret, help me out a little bit and like she's, so annoying, I'm sorry, she's being so annoying which you just go away. You are playing with the life
sing the part this guy wanted to fucking kill me, but he finally opened the door and I was like I am so sorry, but you need to look at and I look him in the I am so sorry, she's being so knowing tonight, like, I don't know, what's wrong with her. Finally, he's like a fine yeah, I your friend- is psycho in the head, like I guess, I'm going to leave and he left and Alex, and I slept like angels on a cloud 'cause. He was The point of the story is when you are a guy hitting on a girl and her her friend cock blocking you hard, I'm not going to say every time, but the majority of the time is because the girl you're, hitting on told her friend, to take care of it, so she didn't want to do and I don't think a lot of guys know that it's so sad. So sad too, because girls in not moment, because I'm thinking of myself in the story you just told of US girls and not moment are such fucking good actresses. Oh my god on both ends
I was killing it. Pretending like I wanted to fucking, kill you and I was going to murder you when he left and I put Alex the door on my fucking crazy. Yeah yes and- and so I think to our friend he, Just like it's so annoying, I'm like yeah. The sad thing is is a lot of times they're they're in on it together, one hundred and it sucks. The only time I would ever caught block is. If you were like foaming at the mouth, so fuck, get up out of your mind. I'd be like she is going to read this in the morning. I would Alex needs to go actually the hospital she can't fuck right now going to swoop in beside I don't care if you tell like all the sudden, the fucking four hundred pounder at the bar that has been already in the whole time. If you tell me that he's the guy, you want to go home with I'll, be like we go, see, I'm going to support you, don't be a cock block cord!
that's your name. If you're a cock blocking Courtney, I have one of those in high school: don't beer? No! You wanted to fuck all the guys. Even the farting farting Francis eating is matzo. Stick yeah. It's true there's monster, balls back to the basics. Here we Alex. I have very different hair, but we have one thing in common function of beauty. We talked about it before guys. A functional beauty individually formulates every single bottle based on your hair type, hair goals and preferences. So obviously, so, if you and I have such different hair, but we both can get function of beauty and customize what we want to work on, because I get highlights a few dozens like you've, got a mix and match what you want. Yeah you guys going to select a color and fragrance. You can offer die, free and fragrance free. If you want Alex, we both have the peach fragrant if it's really cute guys, and they also.
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That's all that matters to men these days. One hundred so, of course, naturally the call her daddy girls have decided. We need to do a little segment, a quick little segment with two beautiful positions to make your ass. Look like the God, Damn fucking peach emoji you use on the Iphone mother fuckers, and it doesn't matter if you have a fat ass, a tiny ass, no ass! Your ass is going to look hot in this position. Big ass fat, ass little ass, swamp, ass, don't matter ass is an ass. Yes, so first position. I want to bring up, there's two positions: yes, child pose s and the else bread hit him hit. Him Alex. Ok child's pose, listen, mother, we're not talking about go, go like we are. It does look like the child in the position exactly yeah condition unless you're fucking your yoga instructor, you don't have a dick in you at yoga, but you're going to today, so basically
this. What you're to do for child also not as relaxing, is yoga. You think you know it's like a medic, I mean: maybe it is kind of meditation. I don't know, okay go so so be. I was talking to you about this child because you've never done it right now, and so you were a little shocking will shock. I to burst into flames in the call her daddy studio. Like often you amateur hour, no get I'll. Do it tonight, alright, with me all right, okay, so here we go child's pose so girls, you are going to be on the edge of the bed and you're gonna get in the child's pose positions where, like your test, basically goes down to your knees. Well, I, on your knees and then you're, going to put your tours going to rest, your torso chest on your side, down your thighs and so wires out arms out so you're going to spread your arms forward with your arms reaching an like grabbing those sheets and your ass. In this position, your basic
really just going to look like an ass yeah and in a good place, which is really what we want prayer right. So also with the position. You don't have to keep your hands for the whole time like squeezing the sheets. Then, if you want to switch it up and get a little fucking nasty or put your hands behind your back like you're, getting handcuffed and be like breast me off one slash three of the server take my ass to fucking jail, put them boom, it's really fucking hot! That is, I used to do this position with my ex all the time. It was one of our finisher positions and I think it's so hot, because your ass is just up, but there's also the verbal aspect that I want you guys to incorporate with this. So, as he's fucking your ass, basically, you can be adding income it's like, oh, my God, babe like you're, so fucking deep, because in this position he can go so deep and that's a thing a lot of times guys sometimes don't have complete access in certain positions, but this is one where his whole fucking Dick is shove.
Up in there and not only is your ass looking so good, but if you're saying those perfect things like you're, so fucking deep Abou, yeah he's gonna be like I need to fucking. Try not to come in thirty seconds from the these. Are those positions that it's their weakest fucking position position? Is a sleaze thinking about my grandma thinking about anything this, it's hard for them, and so it is all about the two girls try out child's pose. Yes, men will fucking love it and it's a nice little changeup from doggy totaly. So now Sofia, what's the other one. So now we're going to switch it up, and this is the l sprague- last night took a l, but tonight I took a dick, oh ok, okay, so you are up against the edge of the bed One leg is standing the other leg, is going to be spread out to the side and you're going play. Either your knee or foot on the mattress. So it's
can l shape right. You got anything like when people put their leg up on like a balance. Beam yeah like it's like you're one like style, like side we're making the shape of an l, and we, I don't think I've ever done this alley. What's I know no just switch will do a little switcheroo wait. That's actually so fuck, it's not yeah. This is going to accentuate your ass. Once again, it's going to look so good. I doing this, the other night with this guy I'm dating, and he was like he can't. He came over is he gonna be pregnant? we've got a daddy. Ok also, can I add for men, you can grab her ass and spread her cheeks. I thought you'd never say I really do really raunchy really hot. So I think this position is so fucking hot too, because you can also ver
bully really assault in this position, you you can talk so nasty to him in this position and it's a little different than the other position. What you can do, girls you can be like? Oh, my God, babe like this hits so good like this. It's so different, like fuck baby, you feel so good, because it's a different angle, and so, if you're verbally sexually reassuring him he's like holy FUCK, her ass in my face, and also you can tell you slap your ass slap, my ass and you can reach behind and spread your ass cheeks and spread your own. But, oh, my God spread the spread spread the spread. I want to make one comment, though, about: if you do not maintain an arch when you're getting fucked, you need to save yourself and your safety not really can be to tell him like fuck,
maybe it's too deep like because yeah I like I understand there. Some girls are like ok, his dick is too big. That's hurting my survey. The hunchback of Notre DOM go back to the Disney Channel, hang out with Asthma, Relda Asthma Relda, I feel like it's fucked up to bring up Disney characters were time, a gay fucked, basically in our ass no, but that is when girls, if you can't keep the arch it's going to look so fucking bad that you might as well just switch out. You might as well just curl up football and going to like the fetal position, cry just cry yourself to sleep 'cause. You look horrible, I think last comma, every fucking girl out there. Oh, I feel insecure about my ass or it's flat or it's too bigger. It's cellulite. Whatever I promise you it will look at every ass is going to look. It doesn't matter, it will look hot also. I know that were never supposed to be worried about what our belly looks like but if you're feeling fucking bloated I've been there I'm about to like start my period straight away, that's
really so high dude face down belly down ass up yeah. Oh pork, Belly down big fat, bat up up fat belly down, fuck the gym. We don't need to fuck squad, just bread of her child's pose and you're gonna Fucking's problem, Tommy John Alex tell them tell them what you did last weekend. Fucking went to with Tommy. John, that's what she did. I went to bed with Tommy John and I had sex with a guy that was wearing Tommy Jones. How was it it was fucking. Also I fucking bat didn't really get to turn on guys. Tommy John, you know the deal. It's the best fricking underwear you could ever buy. Tommy John's cool cotton fabric features, breathe herbal lightweight fibers that keep you two to three times cooler and dry, four to five times faster than regular
hi and eat with with let's not walk around this one back. I think I think you you don't. You know that also Tommy John has underwear for women and men so guys hook yourself, the F up yeah, you guys hurry to Tommy John dot com, slash daddy. To get twenty percent off your first order. That's Tommy, John DOT com, slash daddies, are really fun to lounge. In and also they have the best pair you'll ever wear or it's free guaranteed. So if you hate this underwear, you can send it back so like. Why not try it out. You know what I mean also know. Edgy would say no way. Baby club baby hook yourself up guys, get yourself some new underwear. I know some of you got straggly ass underwear still less so when your own ob about why we have shoes, I did not australian accent place. You live. How would you do that? That was not us wag all bike music player? Let's go guys. I have some good ones all might about cheating this week
just about to do one about cheap. Why lot to do one? First? Oh, my God, people are going to get upset. I only have one cheating, ok, okay, well, mine. Basically, all chief, listen we're all getting cheated on everyone. Go fuck, yourselves, cheat or be cheated on. Okay, listen, hi, Father's! Here's a hack I used to use when my boyfriend wasn't answering me, but I had a hunch that he was out and ignoring me. If you go on Snapchat to someone Snapchat profile, it will say their snapchat score, which is based off of how many snaps you send. When I wanted to see if he was being shady and ignoring me, I would look at his snap score and check over and over to see if his snap number was going up, meaning he's talking to other people and ignoring me. I caught my ex cheating on me using this when he was supposed to be at work and we were and were allowed
I have phone. Ok, that's fucking, brilliant. Tell me right now be like thank you Alex say. Thank you. Thank you Alex a cough. I want to explain something. No, I don't want to explain something I want to understand. How does this girl explain this to her No this one! She shows up in his work. She's like I know what you been doing. I know exactly what you been doing he's like what and she's like this now. It went up it. Would've do scores today and your John snapshots Koreen score. Angry body was like one you talking about he's, like you said, snapchat of Mena grossly need to know this score went from five to seven. Within the hour, but that shit is like Lo Keefe. Being brilliant. It's good. I mean it's just something that I think it's hilarious. It is like. Well what
What about the snapchat she's like the score score? It went up, they went up and that's all I have to say that word: error, psycho, but yeah girls and guys, if someone's ignoring you check that snap score fuck and catch him right in the act, a little horny motherfucker, sending their wiener the little girl a little girl. Sorry, many girls above the age of eighteen, okay, next, okay, here is the somewhat outrageous one.
This girl said so I'm sitting outside of my grandpas house casually listening to the radio super peaceful day until the person on the radio starts talking, she gives out a new sex term and I'm already cringing cause I'm sitting with my grandpa. But what this lady said was traumatizing. She said the new term is fig Ing and what it is is when someone peels a fresh garlic, clove and inserts it into their ass or vagina. For burning pleasure, I was shook. My grandpa may have had a minor heart attack, but I just have so many questions who is doing this and why the fuck is it called digging? Have you heard of that for a burning sent, I'm pretty sure that a burning sensation in my vagina or asshole is usually not something that's pleasant personally, but I'm not going to judge 'cause, it's called her daddy and if you like, playing fucking garlic. Chives
cucumber girl saw a musher, guess, stir fry in there. I will fucking support you until the day I die. But what is this? What is this? Have you heard of this I Alex like, I actually did you no listen. I have heard of putting garlic in your vagina, but not for what you're talk about? Let me tell you a quick little story here. We go. Back in college when young Cooper was living it all I got my first ever yeast infection. Now guys men shut up, just listen for a girl is going get some type of something at some point. I I've never had a used infection in my life, and I was like
this is the worst I want to fucking die like I want to crawl out of my body. This is the worst feeling ever yeah, so I couldn't go. It was the weekend, so I couldn't get to the doctor. So I was like trying to figure out what the fuck to do and I was online researching on the Google and all kept reading. Was them saying if you stick, a little hungover garlic in your vagina. It will alleviate the itchiness and like the annoying feeling, you're feeling, so I went to the little market this up. I took a little clothes, it was so terrified I lay down in my bed. I did a little prayer, the hail Mary and I was like. Please don't let this get stuck in there. I am now shitting you I was screaming. My roommate was like you're, not actually gonna do it. I shoved the thing up my vagina and I there actually
a little better. I don't know all mental or not, but like it actually kind of leave you to you're faking veteran you fucking pioneered piggy for the world. I don't I don't know. If I didn't have that infection like. Would it actually have burned 'cause it made it alleviated my issue and then it was so scary, taking it out. I'd like finger myself and pull it out and it was just weird, but it alleviates a midget. So maybe, if I didn't have that, then it would burn. Instead, I don't fucking know I just figure not yeah you're, like I don't know where that came from that story, took a loop glad. I shared that okay, okay, I have one that I'm a little wet over, because I have to do with read receipts. This is just a little comment, but I would expect on it. This girl said I plan to hang out with a guy and yet it up completely blowing me off. So I followed you,
his advice, I had those read receipts on and I just left him on red. I should you not two hours later after me, not answering his message about ditching me again. He texted me never mind, I'm on your my way and he was on his way to my house. That being said, shut out to you guys for the lay listen I want to Do a quick recap on read: receipts cuz! This is the shit, and this is the beauty of it, and everyone always has like don't play games, but fuck that we know what color is daddy is by now just a quick update on read receipts. If you are talking to someone and it's in the beginning stages of your talking or even if you're just hooking up for fun, and you don't really have an obligation to always hang out, and you know you could be getting ditched on a Saturday cuz, he chooses different plans or she chooses vice versa. When the weekend comes up, if you don't have your read receipts on turn them on.
Even if it's just for the weekend, half turn them on, and I I hope you guys know that you can talk, turn them on and off, specifically just for one person and then, if you had your read receipts on with someone say and the weekend is coming up, turn them off yeah and they're going maybe like we. Why isn't it? Is she not reading these, or did she turn a read receipts off? And then, if you answer and then your read, receipts are off he's going to be like what the fuck and I think, a lot of times. Girls are like we will. What if he calls me out everyone's always so can that was going to call them out and be like lol. Why are your red versus on yeah and my ass did? That is you literally make him feel so when secure and just be like lol, why are you sitting over there over thinking my read receipts lmao. What are you up to and send? What are you up to right at because what are they going to do? Right like it's awkward, if someone's I mean, I would feel like a dumb right to show you back. I I never mind yeah. I think that's so good that you pointed out out its people are worried that they're, like I know it's going to turn them on out of no, where,
can be so transparent? I don't know what I'm up to no, here now I'm thinking about me personally, if a guy, like all sudden turn read receipts on I'd, be like oh, like you setting on this phone, and I would not think it was about exactly that's what you can bank on is. Yes, you can turn them on and off with specific specific. Both, but everyone out there daddy gang. You are acting like you're, just pressing the main button for all conversations you have them all on. You got read receipts on for everyone there and then you turn them off for everyone, but obviously you're specifically doing them per person Yeah I get in there and get finessing w right, so I have a cheating one, but it's a little bit different and it's the girls that road into us. I don't know how may episodes ago about big guy answering the door in his boxers and would not let her into the house, and he like picked her up.
Oh, the story. I told ok yeah, so it's like a follow up of that. Ok, Daddy King help. You guys featured my cousin story last episode about her catching her boyfriend in the act of cheating, the long story, and now she is asking if he talks to us and apologizes to us. If we will forgive him and she could get back together with him. She didn't catch him with his stupid little Weiner in the scroll, but he he wiggle over without telling her an answer the door in his boxers. So she thinks it's not cheating. How do we get through to her sweetheart number? One he's fucking CHI, yeah he's cheating. This is this is full blown? I hate, I feel bad Okay, so it's like so first he wasn't. To tell you that there was a girl in the house, but then you found out there was a girl in the house. So now he's like she was in there, but we were having sex so now, you're going to believe that yeah that no no, no all he was bald deep in her and I was going to lie and tell you guys. You know why Alex
let's say: first somehow some way he didn't have sex with her. That is still that is still cheating he's still in his boxers with a girl in his place he was gonna fuck her, but you just fucking came too early and ruin the party list. If he was like to Hell in his house. That's cheap thing is, is that I would just listen. Do whatever you want, but my advice is the length that he went to try to make sure that you were not going to see that girl moving forward he's right now in the stages of he will say whatever he can to get you back and then minute that he gets you back. All of those little lies that he's so good at he's, just going to go back and doing that, but he's next time he's going to go to her place and just not be home and he's going to be smarter about it. So if I were you fuck him and move on and get a fucking, better dekenipp. I understand this girl so in love, she's trying to like justify it was like oh, but they didn't, and it's like you got it
like the first light shoes in there and now he's lying that they didn't have sex. It hurts but she's pregnant she's pregnant convince yourself that pregnant and you're over him. You're on to the next. You can do it daddy, okay, hi founding fathers, so my boyfriend have left his email log into my computer. Okay, this really is all cheating, so I stuck
upon his sax mail and found his sex male his sent mail, my God, he sent mail and found email replies to a couple Craig's list postings, titled corny, as sexy lady, wants to suck and it which he asked for her Snapchat and to face time he said that this was his douche bag friend. Who did it, but I think he's just mad. He got caught. It's also ridiculous way to pick up. What do you guys think? I think this is way common and the girl. I understand, I think that he absolutely was being Shadian is not his friend one hundred percent. I we have like a couple friends actually that I have told us that they found their boyfriends hiring prostitutes on Craigslist yeah have been looking for situations yeah like just exactly like best. I was hanging out with an ex boyfriend and one of his friends yeah and we were drinking and they thought it would be fun to.
Call call up. Some girls run the back pages of crags list and invite them over and they did and the two girls showed up. They looked nothing like the picture up at all different different people up we showed up, and I was just fucking having a blast I was having taking shots with them were like hanging out and then the my ex boyfriend's friend was like okay like let's go upstairs and he like offered. I think they like wanted like two thousand dollars here shut the fuck up, so it's a two thousand dollars and I don't think I don't think he went through with it and I think you can go through with it. Because of me, because I remember I walked into the room and being drunk being drunk was acting acting like they. My my best and I was like
girls. You need to fucking. He needs to pay you way more. You are God like I'm lucky, oh my god, I'm just remember I like when, in the room- and I was like Girls- know your worth- two thousand dollars note and like mother, like Digital, take two hundred give a fuck. No, my boyfriend, like fucking, drag me down the stairs. Oh, my gosh shut up shut up Sophia. Let him get his fucking handy. Wow berries, oh my god, two girls are out there. Just let me know slide in slide and miss. You bet Okay, daddy gang! Oh, my God made us five stars. If you can tribe, if you please can subscribe, I don't subscribe. If you guys want to cop some merch go to barstool dot com and go to shop. Call her daddy, guys can hook yourself up with some merge guys can get. Those daddy necklaces have been really really weird interactions with people. I wonder if you associated with the conversation started, make sure sell it to grade me.
I am on well yeah daddy. That was fun. Fucking Wednesday will see you guys next week. Everyone go get hammered this week, have great fucking sexy if you're not doing child pose you're, not living by that those ass cheeks side, daddies daddy's.
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