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60- You F*cked Up, Now What?

2019-11-05 | 🔗

Alex has a black eye and is telling us exactly what happened PLUS, she has a confession…she ended up in bed with an ex! Get the full story- it's as crazy as it sounds. Also this week, the girls discuss drunken fuckups and exactly how to recover. Whether you got sloppy in front of a girl you've been trying to bang or texted your crush something super embarrassing, we've got you. If you want any shot at redeeming yourself, there is a method to follow that works and may just surprise you. The girls are also discussing an injection that is not just making sex better for women…but making them squirt. Sofias' mom's friend had the procedure done and is telling us all about it. Lastly, and most importantly, did you know you can teach yourself to squirt? Alex and Sofia are talking about just how to squirt on demand. 

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