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65- The Daddy Hotline (3) ft. Anal

2019-12-10 | 🔗

“How has your dating life been affected since starting this podcast???” It's a question the fathers receive regularly…and they are answering it candidly in this week's episode. They also tackle some tough questions like “What is the best form of birth control?” and “How kinky is too kinky?” Tune in, as the fathers have some MAJOR differing opinions this week!!! Lastly, with the Holidays approaching, Alex and Sofia are telling us exactly what to get our fuck buddies for Christmas. Listen up!

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welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen, it is Alex in Sofia back It again for call her daddy, wow wow. We do not feel we're both sickle cell sick. I know we're both little sick today. This part cast Alex. I just want to discuss something quickly. It seems like it's all rose is an rainbows and bring goals and sparkles. But it's really not it's fuckin really not ignore any has fucked with our relationship. It has, and we wanted just like quickly talk about some of the ways and stunned Alex you kick it
hey you're releases utter this turmoil. Also let them now sit by some of you and I were dining over Brun to discussing there's a lot of times when Sofia and I have gone on dates with men, specifically ones. I feel like that are pretty well established, have pretty good jobs or some type of status and life, a yeah, they are convinced and they try to convince us that they do not want to be on the podcast their convince American. Sir concern. Yes, I guess I d concern and they'll sit there in her with you and they'll, be like listen like I, you know, I respect what you're doing but like I do not want to be on the fuck. I'm any pardon me! I don't want to be associated. I don't want anyone even knowing word dating, put a moustache and then
We know the lighted Jaber head so great, a hive river had a phone, and so we I sit there Sophia's did there and we just say absolutely. Will not be on the show and there we got in the studio. You know, push comes to shove and we need a little content for that day and olives that now come. We explaining exactly what happened last night we were having sex. I love Alex Hazy push come to me. You have pursued it bears happens when you're with your best friend and you get in a room, and it's just the two of you and you start talking about stuff ends, Those canal, like diary of the mountain alike, forget that there is like a microphone in front of me. Well, that's. The thing is like we, we ve said it before, but I dont think people fully understand like we do not have a pretty, run the show lay. We are sitting in a room right now and I wish I could show you guys there's no one sitting in here with us. No one is me
during our audio? No one has any idea what we're staying and we release the episode every week without anyone checking ass. If, if it's good to go, I like, I would say a lot of the other part costs. They have someone listening in the whole time someone will come in their producer will cut them off and they're. Like saying shit, that's like out, have no. We I when I also have me allies me and that doesn't say a lie so back to recently, we ve got brought up, because I was talking to this guy and a view I remember in the other up. So I was talking about a professional athletes by pretended that he came in sight of me class. The classic the classic and accidentally I forgot. You have a tier coming down no! I accidentally. I forgot to block him from viewing my story.
Ass, he grew so the pack and I decided to post a swipe up promo on my story. That was me explaining the intimate details of our sex life and I get a text from him late night you mother, occur and I'm like Y see. I got what I've heard about. Car you, mother, fucker any face times me a bunch of times. I'm like avoid again. Finally, talk to me, like you, promised me that you were not going to expose me on your part ass. You are going to talk about me. I have the tax nuts and, unlike its all fun and games like no one knows it's, you wouldn't even follow your instagram, no one's gonna suspected and we went back and forth now. Here's the kicker for a minute. He was really upset, use annoyed, phosphor
to a week later, he faced times me all jolly and happy Fuckin Lange on his couch and he's like hey Bay. What's up like hey, what are you doing here? Oh my friend is over. Unlike what are you guys doing he's alive? playing him. Your podcast we're listening to the part where you talk about us and I'm like you, King Pieces shit Loveday way by Carlo around we always do. I ran into this problem in the well. I stating a guy like I don't want any mugging part of that filthy show bad discuss. Shit that you do once a week and like all things and then I come in here, it's kind of vague me. I'm I let every Do you know everything about this guy and then he turned around and he's absurd, and then a few weeks later, he's like obsessed
Sas upset took ass. Yes, why oh yeah, and I think that it's just I don't know- I just interesting guys because it's like a lot of them, really our whole heartedly trying to convince us that, like it, would be the worst thing for their lives, and now this guy over here is fuckin playing at me. Mileage Isaiah mother wanted to examine Aimee there when they get a taste of the framing of a get other heads he's like. Oh, why are you put that in this week? I'm like stop prey, or you know why people might find this interesting, oars and aims the opposite happens, and I had this happen to you not that long ago, where I was talking about one person and someone else, freaked the fuck I'll kick ass. They thought about them. Yes, so I was talking about. I was telling a story about a friend and I said something like not that nice about her
and another friend said: oh my god. How could you say that about me you're ruining my fucking reputation in ITALY the pen I was like wait. A second was not about you. That was about like a completely different rights, and this girl is just like. How could you do this? You need a like take out of the show. You mean like take down the yeah like telling you to do all this stuff, and I like it was not in about you that oh yeah really really hard because, like I try to protect people by keeping something
vague, yell, yes and not using names, then that can also fucked him back fire because it so bad five people Arthur assuming its about me out. Oh it's like, I think, sometimes also says I yet, and I forget lake back where we started this fog cause no one with us and no was listening, and it was again just the two of us in a room right and it still just the two of us in a room, and I think sometimes we forget, like any people, are listening. My mom actually brought something up to me. The other day she was like you know you, girls are doing so crazy, so proud, but there is just one thing like it just concerns me I am likewise mom and choose the two of you and I are not pie guys. You really really talk about lying, like it's like your every day, hobby like
and you tell everyone to lie- lie lie lie, will you die lie just lie and my mom was like totally keep lying. Keep telling them to lie by do just want to make sure that you, girls, don't stop to believe your lies, because that is when it starts to become pathological, and I realize, like I'm sitting there with guys and I'm like, I will not put you on, and I am certain to kind of belief Ray. I say, thou whole heart are, you might go when I That is why I like you, can trust me. I believe that you can drag me until I hear the other stuff like that wow I just came out of our mouth, so don't go I did ass. Well all the people that are closely listening. We love you offer the good of the shower. I am we're not using names climbing. I don't know who I can try. The allowances are truly be exploited. Honest shit is made up. It's all made up, not at all, not hello, hello.
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Daddy Gang and the number nine enjoy bitches aright suits the tadeusz, arduous out of Fucking control authority? If I go out of control kind submissions, yes, the holidays, bring up a lot of emotions died again. I we're here to give back roads Falcon depressed like us and gas, and today we're about to raise those is serotonin level. Yeah there we go here runs. Make everyone happy with a little thing that we'd like to call and introduce eyes. Go with John of their wee wee wee wee wee wee. Why Johns Hopkins Word or why why John other smaller portion? Wait question
guys, we're doing some questions. As we I mean to started off, ok, cool who think neurotic don't get I like, I gotta get so in high school. My friend and her boyfriend were doing anal all while her parents were gone at dinner as they were getting into it. They hear the garage open and in walks her dad who forgot his wallet. Oh she's, so her boyfriend too quickly pull out. And they act like they were watching tv, so ass, he pulled out a whole log proceeded to follow a pill, so he held in his hand as hungry, thieves in with her dad under the waiting maid those who say they are married now, but could you imagine a story to tell the kids walk
oh ah ugh I'll kick off. Zones have are still wound. Sometimes I am sceptical when I make is this like someone just like fucking around we re very I ain't you are doing in all. This is just like a p s saying and yours gonna quickly whip your dick out as fast as you can that is a sketchy territory aiming to be careful and EU plot slow, because it does mimic the motion of going pill. Maybe you don't want to hear it advocates a bug in true so true sliding owl yeah really feel like a big, reliable, her that she is used to buy only nor like near the trailer, so the fact that this girl of peace of puke email I Anders and how the hell it's kind of a row man lives throughout her married. They ve been through the worth held her stick in his head and last bit for dear life and talk to the father,
all kinds Eric I like you, I mean that's it. That's a romantic story. We love to see it on collar daddy, and I appreciate you writing in and anyone else should take them know. If that happens to you. This is a good one for the time that were in. Can you guys talk about Christmas gift ideas for different levels of relationships? For guys, if you like guys, have it so easy because there are so many typical gifts for girls, jewelry flowers, bag, she's excetera, but what the fuck do we get them? Okay, I, I think that first, while you're asking for different types of our relationship, if you are not boyfriend and girlfriend gift guidelines, are you line of fucking here? by Herman end up using blogger. You spend give him a goddess. Really. It's like. I do understand people right in a lot of the times anything. So what do I get him like? We ve been talking for like two months and I'm like Y yeah, like you
my full blown fuck buddy, but it's gonna be his birthday. Does not Matthew got in the policy. Yeah, that's a yet. It is a gift in itself think so, if you are not a full blown boyfriend girlfriend, even if you ve been like you no kind of talking. Also you take the accused from the man it for some reason you guys have been fuck. Bodies are like your little bit more than fuck bodies and he's like. Oh, I shall we do. Christmas gives like joking, and then you can talk about it, but if he doesn't bring anything up now you don't fucking, get him anything rats way better. If he gets you something, and you have no other way around absolutely if you're, dating and in a relationship, though, I think that men obviously agree have easier Vietnam to guide girls. Gifts well see I dont even agree with. I think they. Girls are so specific think about the shit they law, like guys, are at a disadvantage. I can tell you from personal experience.
I were all allow for like this guy's birthday, and I got him like this sense. Mental gay die you like an experience, and I got him like something that was design. I like guy in all these different things, yeah and his favorite gift of all the things that I got him we're a pair of fuck. Genes that I picked out that word or any was the least expensive of every single gift that I had gone hand dude. I swear guidance. They want you to back out clodhopper that, yes, that's what relax, it's good advice! So true. I know that, like one of my ex boyfriend out always shop for him and he was so grateful because a lot of times unlike if they know that you think it's gonna look at them than they're. Just like overly combine. It could look like shit, but if you're saying it looks great he's happy hour, Waterman don't know had addressed for themselves, Irene also in dress. Well, I shall die. I do think an experience is also always good. I do things
I mean, I don't think people obviously like I don't know. People live in New York, but like Sophia, I actually got this for me. No, merry be. I got eyes, you say I got this for a boyfriend and I added a passing along too Sophia. Oh yeah, and it's like this. It's actually like us, spa bath, yeah, it's cold, ancient air by re, they should be paying us base its. I get experience where you can go as a couple like you get massages and you go through all these bad things together and it's like a really intimate cool things. That's an experience. Adoption of you can. You should know kind of what type of music he listened. Yeah you can answer it ass. He was leaving HANS
actually was actual and everyone's he'd like? I don't have any money. I was so fucking broke at the time and I end up getting my boyfriend. I found like this. I got hired like this sham that came to our place and cooked us all these meals and surprised him, and like rose puddles all over the apartment iron man came in and was like shocked, and I had like champagne ready for us, and I was just like a cue anything thoughtful just go for it and then I do think low and enclosing Berners Lee. Ok, that's a great crash, all question: how do you guys feel about sarcasm after just having sacks turn on or definitely not the right time. My boyfriend can sometimes be sarcastic about the sex after we do it, and I believe it's just not the right moment, especially when I initiate the sex. I pull out all the right cards. What are your thoughts? Oh my god, I have had it guys do this, have you were like I've had sex and then, after though, make like
stupid com, Antlike will guide. Dare I now lay out you know like or they'll say something like like how'd, you talk sending earlier he'll like not you and be like so guess you really did go to the gym this week that our annual nor, like you, are enjoying yourself some dang any like lie. Guises is appear say we are not yet. I think it's like one of the most unattractive things were guided. Do I don't remember the exact words, but I do remember. I was having sex with this one guy like a while ago years ago, end last night and he was making jokes during sex, and I think we ve kind of talked about this by, like even dirt during sex could be worse or after I don't know which is worse because, worse be worse or after I don't know, which is worse because, worse year, like just in China enjoyed a the moment and then he comes in with his big fat had instead
something I like. I do that too and, like I maybe a works for some people, but when I'm having sex. It's like Jerry is here. I am serious like serious, passionate, yes like. Let's keep it like that, like it's, not Joe yeah and I do think sometimes like maybe it's the more and mature guys, but like maybe they feel like they have to like filled the silence. Something like that to me? Every man do not ever do a joke or sarcasm during or after yeah yeah and say with girls yeah I do think. That's ha and oh it's not. I would rather you know, but more Mew M you'd go and flinging with your Joe yeah. I will, if it's gonna, be something so funny it once every six months like fine, fine, but but still, no, but now, ok, ok, I have a story. That's cool!
of goes along with something you brought up earlier. God, ok, high daddy's. Do I have a story for you? My friend Aubrey told me this story about her in her acts and I'm still gagging about it. So Obregon her axed love to do an all and had a regular and had a regular place for in their sex life. Her acts, especially loved pegging, which is in the focus of the story, because I think you said on the pod cast before that straight guys who like to receive anal, is totally normal and also I dont kink. Shame. So if you guys pegging as its when a girl puts honest rap on influx arrive anyways one time her acts proposed that she will.
Time her ex proposed that she wears drop on and that he ride her reverse Calgary, okay, so Audrey being the Good sport agreed and laid down on the bed, her acts could ride her. So she starts to fuck M because call her daddy, I'm I re and then he decides he wants to switch positions, so he gets up and releases the dildo from his ass and there on the dildo on ah breeze. Is a huge chunk of shit and you're talking like particles here, and there are very specifically referred to it, like a doll up of daisy size, shit on the dildo. This is also
coming from the same girl who was fisted him and never sees this much shit. So you think the here. Oh no fathers wow. He then proceed to turn around to switch positions and sees his large mass of shit staring back at him, and so you could imagine he'd be embarrassed or want to rectify the situation, a sap. But what does he do he bends down and proceeds to suck this shit off dildo this man aid although shit to his style off of the dildo attached to his fucking girlfriend that he was just riding anyway Aubrey scarred for life, but I liked her by her from time to time that this happened to her enjoy fathers. Dha is a fucking kinky, ah
a. I know a lot about hey them in over, you think ended. Always neighbours wow I can be kinky, unlike Buller LAW don't so I could keep dating guy, like I don't think own. I could keep dating guy. Have I'm eat his own shy, don't either- and I hear I've seen a lot of equally knowledge, also the pegging. Let's talk about, I really knew you wanted to go there and I wanted to go there to it's. Interesting is every time I've thought about pegging. I just think of the guy on his knee. Yes, and I bet, and the girl on her knees behind terms Buckingham doggie. Yes, yes, and then she brings yes this little reverse cow girl, no murderers, we're not even a regular cow grow.
Right. This guy's. Ah us personally, I dont know if that would be a turn on for me. I'm not gonna King chamber varying purse Leah, I don't I wouldn't do it for me. I also don't know if I could fist. I I you know I will maybe try everything once I I really like I love it. I yeah, I think the reverse cowgirl, throwing up a little bit. I think, though, that the kicker yeah it's him. Turning around this guy, just season ass, an old friend and the way she said. It's like a doll looks like it's. Ok, you know what they are eating. King, shaming, like eating Oh shit see Leslie grilled the fact that, as you don't need to write em like why, what did you think I was going to turn your girlfriend on baby watch in mouth? Taken down, not hot, put
I think you are Bree shout out whoever you are and that acts of yours. I wonder why it ended wow. I love that for reasons we don't even want to tell you we dont. If this is the normal day in the books for then we don't want to know. Why then, did ok ho ho ho holidays are here. Sandro, or is that we make that a Adam and Eve you guys you need We live in EU is the place to go to get all of these things. Almost everything is fifty percent guys they have. The g gossamer rabbit the waddled Jeez bought vibrator and the thrust her for all fifty percent are given the thrust. Her a good try, girls, when you guys get this
Is that all given the thrust, her a good try? Girls, when you guys get this you're gonna get also ten free gifts? There's a sexy item for him, a sexy gift for her and a third item for you both to enjoy a little. For weeks, plus free shipping ship just enter offer code, her daddy it check our adamantine dot com. That's her daddy, eighty r d Didi. Why go get your holly stocking suffers, stuffed! Ok! Why did this guy eat me I'll during Netflix and chill but didn't fuck me or even ask me to suck his day hey. This is interesting, as I have heard counter. He just eat you out needs like we're done. And you're like we're done? Well, I don't think
Is usually ask you to sack their day? I would not only like think you guys are contemplating there's an ice like after you, as our kind of doing for plain. He goes down. You may have I constantly internal flights, but are you really just like reciprocal right, like you have to be like our. I lie. Ran. Like her leg had on down the aisle gets caught a you're cute like suing your neck down there and they get yeah yeah yeah I've, your high bill, you like I've. Never look I just I don't even like before we come all the way out without his dick entering my leg is kind of moving, and then you like bogged down bobbing for apples bogged down for the dick he's a redressing, unlike the dick this happens to getting your may. I think that's create Sylvia. I think I can We believe that to mean that I think I've never had a guy just like e meow and then like lay down the enemy, be like our thanks and unwilling done for the night I write, and the sad thing is, is
me psychic, guys dig him for the night. I ask worse so usually limited. I've lost my area by no their scumbags rubbing oh, oh god, slavery here against, rose twenty four for this situation. Gay, I think, there's a jewish, girlfriend. If I were you, I unfortunately would say that it's you not giving the perfect giants like AIDS. For if he's gonna go Don t you, oh, I don't know why you're, doing up thereby are clearly not giving him any indication that you want to continue to. Ok doesn't usually happen. Either you go down very widely husband. You either go down on them after they ve got down you out them asking yes or he comes back in your like stick it in and then you. I start like me, he now and then it just like without saying anything it just like Prague
yeah, I I'd like half the time of a guys eating me out and, like he's been doing it for a while, if I like, if I hadn't gets more, I did in I'm gonna, be like I'm almost gonna like pull him up a little or like alleys motion for him to get up and peace, fuck me now like right. I yeah exactly so for it this girl globally, just like you, dig, think you girls over a cheese idea which we watch now so I yeah girls. I do think We ve always talked about on call her daddy there. The lack of initiative for women to initiate sex with men, and sometimes a man doesn't want have to beg already eight you out now. Would you please put my Dick in your mouth. Or can we proceed to fuck re? Sometimes it needs to come from the girl, because it's also hotter when it comes to the girl. That you want, if you weren't, they were hearing a shiny initiative to like spread your legs and light EU out his mouth on your paws yeah then like I'm zooming. He also legged like like to fuck you
yeah yeah. I dont think that this means that he didn't wanna fuck you. I think you to give this. I I you and judicial illness, Euralia gray, all cool Simone rodents head. I recently started dating a guy who is close with all of his friends from college and they all have girlfriends. I found out from someone other than my boyfriend that he slept with one of his friends girlfriends before they started dating. Yes, he had sex with a girl and then his friend started dating her. I dont know how to feel about this, especially because one he didn't tell me and too I see her all the time. The jealousy in me wants to hate her, but I don't know how to react. Help. I'm sorry. Can you clarify for me. So basically, she started dating this guy,
and they have like a huge friend group and he has slept with one of the girls in the franker gas. Okay, so Miss girls, boy, friends, friend yeah, is now dating a girl. That's the guys have had fucked like ones. I think this is stupid to be mad over this. I think that this is literally one of those situations where, like you, gotta just be more mature, because it's one thing if he has a friend group and a girl that he fucked is in the front group, but she is full blown in a relationship with someone that is friends with your boyfriend. So, there's loyalty on probably both ends there and a committed relationship. Nothing shady should be happening. Especially as it happened before he met. You like, I think it's stupid to get mad about this sea. I this is such a great topic. I M so glad you brought it up. He was because I've thought about this before, like do you need to tell the person that you're seriously dating all the people
are you slept with, obviously not, but if you're going to be in close court, yours with someone person in slept with, I think, they're kind of is like a heads up that yours was tell your part, ok, yeah! Out of respect, I was just going to say I actually you yeah, you took a step back to broaden it, and I think that was smart, because this specific instance I She was kind of just saying like should I be mad like will know he has a she's a boyfriend. Now none, I know you're saying you can be a little upset if, like yeah, not disclose. I think that smart, I remember when I was dating this guy and he just happen to really have sex with so many women are higher dating They all do you think they are neither disgusting and I remember I would always just say to him like hey if we're at a party and there's a girl that you fucked like just give me a heads up, because yeah, there's something about being a girl and just feeling, if you like, is stupid, it's
we are aware of what everyone else is in on the oak. In the room and like you don't know, it's an and girls are like nasty ass, unlike I've actually been in a situation where I was at a party similar to you, I was eating. I had fucked a bunch of girls laughed and there was a girl there who clung to me that a whole night was like Oh my god like we need to be best friends like blah blah blah blah blah and at the end of the night my boyfriend at the time was like. Can you not talk to her like I've fucked, we're all before, unlike she's a stage five cleaner is like using new till I get to me and I like oh, I know you hear that banks, you know hours in so yeah when I play. I do think in relationships at the eye. Let's make that rule. If you're in close quarters, where someone in its inner front grouping you fuck them, you should tell your significant other and give them a heads up. Yet it is only fair. Yes, three. This is
Tell me if you I go here. I want to go to Bulgaria out to find out how many I want a guy right here. He go K, hello, Daddy gang. I've heard you guys hugger our plan B, but you haven't really touch on pregnancy scares. What's the best way to go, how, then do you tell him before you take a test after you take her away until you have actual doctors, confirmation that you're pregnant? How do you tell boyfriend verse telling a hook up? Ok, so let's break this, our first, we first of all, I have a pregnancy scare. I was so convinced I were. I, like I put, I would like walk ass ours and she would ever hand on her belly. I probably people's D. I like that. I, like our start, like we ve got.
We always like. We have like a daddy come like a sea are swollen like eyes even sit down inside you keep eating Tito's. No, I was so convince Elam where I was so pregnant high value added value in a pride in seas care. I forget it was like a not that law. No, it was a little long ago, but you were like it's over, but you only more com. I was really dramatic about mine. I really want to soak it all. I just like kind get scared every month, railing demands it. How do you kindly risk at all time? Love that I think is wouldn't be too much to tell people you're not on birth control. No. Ok, I'm I'm not on birth control and she's is risks. Are her life? I don't I don't risk here. I find condoms, you do know, I follow my foot maybe schedule very very closely
people yeah, I allowed you are like you Alex where they're like you're fucking crazy about I just follow my fertility schedule extremely clear. I will try to stay away from having sex on the days I'm fertile and ban I will have sex on the days and I'm not right. Smart and I haven't this, for I don't know we actually now. I don't know this reasoning, there's our weakening cause. I went to like childhood pragmatism. Do it Sophie is doing she's like a one in a million that it where I were. I like Infertile, that's why it works, our real my college remained the same things that I've been doing this for years and I've. Never I've, never gotten peggy. My will lie Ivan I've been doing it with the system. For this long I've been its working so dont do it sophie it does, but ok, so the best way to go about telling him. So, first and foremost, I think it's so fucking stupid if you're just hooking up with a guy she's, not tell him, you think you could be pregnant, do not
you don't tell him before you take a test, hey, there's a chance. We had come in absolutely not its. If you are genuine about your pregnancy scare. Let me tell you something because I was talking to a guy about this in this happen to him twice that he had girls try to do the pregnancy scare thing just because was like not talking to oh, my god, so many girls do not come off like you are that girl? Don't you don't do that yet the whole pregnancy scare thing it lasts for what I would again. It was so funny because the guy explained that he had had sex with this girl twice and each time may be used caused stopping tried to do the pregnancies. Can we make so that's not listening. You're, not suppose you and I know it can happen any is like she's like it can really happen and yeah like stop reaching that you take that you go to the wall. Greens, Dwayne Reed, wherever you go Pregnancy, tat you take too.
Three gap and then it and then you see what it is, and I think if you have a boyfriend way differ. Way. I mean I've been like baby. We got a child on the way. I think I'll go get a task right if it is a hook up, get the fuck out of here, even if you do become pregnant out. Even if I were you, I wanna yeah check what bank account looks like first, then we I side is the low lightning. Gotta move honours our big bug, banking and he's like hey pay. We got a child. I like that.
Ok! Well, we really want there. So I'm talking to this guy, who I have yet to me in person, we live in different cities, any works for a professional basketball team. I fact checked everything in this guy's a jet since he travels all the time. He always asked me to visit him. I would be more up to going if we had met before we have snapped, shouted a bunch and he has seen my nudes. My thing isn't being scared travelling to see him before. I even me am, I think, that's fine, but I'm very self conscious about the way I look. I have a nice body and I am ass, letting and overall I'm
tractor, but I'm so super self, conscious about my body and I'm afraid, like most girls, I he won't like the way. I look I feel like you things. I look better than I do and I dont want to meet him and him think I'd be skinnier, something I'm their servers on, kill, meet me and think. I'm not pretty enough in person any advice how to get over. How self conscious I am, or my confidence or any confidence tips appreciate zero Eu Russia yeah. I think it's kind of fucked up, but I do think in today's date, age of how prevalent Photoshop Asia is a tuning as, unlike no shame like I absolutely have done, it is kind of scary there's that whole phenomenon of like oh, my god, so different in person and know what they look like Instagram. What my advice to you would be is the first call her daddy aspect is like if you're going to fuck this guy, I know men when you're just getting naked and you're going to fuck em in Europe
they do not know about and care. You could be. A good reasoning mean business. Thing is when a man I have my ex boyfriend. Actually he gave me cry like the in sigh look into a males, my ok and he was like there have been girls at I've, gone to hook up with better fucking ugly re. Ok, ok, I'm not calling them he's hauling. They ask us better fuck and ugly, but men are very good at focusing on the one thing she going for her. If she's got a nice parrot, TED's passing on that issue has a nice. On that and it doesnt not to be nice ray. I give use have liked. Bad ray, I'm gonna be like ok. Can I fuck you doggie pry right that point? Well, thank you you had your acts, I mean yeah, it's a great guy he's a good guy. I wonder why it always is bugging. Oh,
why. My back to the work of my eyes, I just getting, I made jokes ass asses five, the only one If your name, I think that's a good point. I think that is our first bit of advice, and I know it's like it's kind of crude and like its aggressive, but the thing is it like girls? You have to understand and every time you're on your way, you a hook up, tell yourself and have us in your ear telling you that, like you are going there and he wants the pussy gas literally, you would have to be some type of fucked up for you to be like really upset down now on the other end of it were you're talking just back he's seen my nudes, but I'm worried, he's gonna. Think I'm this If you don't go. What are you going to do? You're just going to keep trying to figure out how to fitness? What's your life going to be, if you never you gotta to take risks in life. Part of it is, is I think that we're all are worth
I mean we all get in our heads, but it's like if you don't get on that plane and you don't go for this great opportunity for guy that you think you're really going to like you're going to hate yourself and then going to do this for the next guy in the next guy and it's like I'm sure, you're going to be just fine and the best is when you actually go and it's going to be even better You gonna do be like halt, do not come into my own discussed now, there's no way that happen also girls. This brings up a point. That is a little Photoshop nip tug. Ok here, and there are absolutely I've done, but like when I show up somewhere I'm in a look back and closely. I instagram yeah, I'm not insecure that people in big wow should yeah so much better on yeah. If you look like a different person on your social media that how your showing up somewhere, like yeah, you gotta revaluing yeah, no way to let no, I agree, and I do think like it's something with girls on the internet. You may need to have like a reset moment, because I remember back in college, my
I'm frightened I, like I'm pretty sure my eyeballs looked bigger than my fuckin, nor had and like we were doing. Where's Photoshop joy and it I did even look like me anymore ya. You you got. So wrapped up in your own mind, you don't even see it like we ve always said you should have one friend your picture before, because that's the worst when you get in such a deep hole that, like your interim literally looks like a different hurry, and don't let that be you yet it doesn't sound like that. I mean this guy see nudes of you. Ray show up in, but I mean this girl could be photo shopping, her New Hampshire, locked about it. People do it's so true. This is my last. Why so many people are still right in and there like anal? How do I do it for the love of God? How can I got something in my asshole? I and I understand I guess so
This student doktor, ok, roadie right. We asked them edgy, get ready, guys anal tip from a student doctor in medical school. He just to tell our patients to bear down, Bt are like they are trying. To shit when we need to stick a thing. Up there ass for rectal exam. When you bear down it opens up your external anal sphincter, so the poop king come out or more importantly, so the penis lash fingers, lash toy can go in seriously just bear down a tiny bit. When you know a penis finger toy is about to penetrate your but whole and its way, less painful and all caps. It feels wrong at first, but trust me a works love you daddy's p s most people's natural,
seemed to thereby helping touch is to suck it in, but that actually makes the external sphincter constrict tighter and makes penetration really painful, so just push out like you're taking a poop instead, an the shrink to relax is I says like kind, a brilliant idea. This is, I think, liberally is this march. I've ever heard I had no idea about, then I think that it makes sense it makes total say. I think the only issue is. Girls make sure you're clean your clean because God forbid, every girl listening sorts doing this and she like end up just pushing and should make sure that you don't have to obviously Pooh. Also just before anal by vat some revolutionary as some so I would never think to do so when you're trying to do anal push out as if you're trying to prove
bear down bear down bitches, that's all you're going to do it. I think this is great. So that's it for me while that's it for me Why on every year? For me? Ok, daddy's, we love you. So my oh, my god. I hope you learn something we could be helpful today. I go Rita's five stars who go follow us on our personal Instagram Alexander Cooper at this is gonna piss Alex off it so fear with an F and Franklin, and why I ought to say, I ought to say, will sell my name wrong all day, all night all day on gotta get those followers and we will see you guys next week were excited. And I'm gonna go to bed because I'm sofa can say I feel like absolute share, our guy. We love you daddy, we'll see you next week,
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