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66- Why We Can't Cum

2019-12-17 | 🔗

This week's episode kicks off with a mental breakdown from Alex who went snooping at a guys house and saw something she shouldn't have. Risky business! Also, the girls discuss why they (and women everywhere) can't cum during sex and a revolutionary way to take an a** pic. Ladies, this will be the only nude you will want to take from now on, GUARANTEED. Plus, the girls debate if it's ever okay to send a dirty video.…that includes you having sex with someone else. Hot? Or not? 

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I'd call her daddy what's up ass, a whole is Alex in Sofia back get it for another episode of call her daddy. My life is invoking sham bow, wow guys. This is not a joke. Alex's, like kind of rigging the five weaken our over here we just sat down in the studio. We had a complete, different intro planned and were in the car right. I can't stop bitching about something in Sofia like what are you spoke in talk about in the intro so the hell. You have the airline. Please put the blame on me. Prayers Walter appeared like for the show would not shut the fuck up of others, and I'm like why don't use is air. It out hunting, let it out. I don't like your using me, but it's fine. Ok, something happened to our friend Alex guys, so I'm hooking up with
and acts. I mean Bowery. There, that's already adopted already like it's. I started, you know we started saying we're just gonna fuck we're just gonna be left, as always, I know like. I could have told you know and shocked. No, so we start now really glimpses far closer have fun fuckin puck freely and, of course, when there's history, the emotions they just starts to pile up in it can't be simple re through highly is for one person at times were much so his big fat Head won't shut up about, like you know the path of the path the future is ours like let's grasp it and run together, and I like sounds all great. However, was lying in his bed the other day, and I was feeling adventurous. I was feeling curious and he was not home. He had just left and he left me in his bed, wouldn't media and I'm interested to start peeking around
I'll pay you collar adventurous enough money. That's literally, a violation of a private like I start looking for is home to the european average is actually very frowned upon. It is, I start snooping classic. I saw you through this man's realm and there's really nothing in the room. Other than to night stands each side who bed he's asking pulls asking for he sleeps on the left side of the bed, so I fucking lunge for the light left nightstand like it's my goddamn job and I sit there and I opened up. And it's just like a little Box of Goodies back those stars, so sorry so obviously got our classic condoms. That he's never even try to use me. So, like one of those four, there is always a kind man you're like why aren't those tiny right even like when you ve been dating a guy seriously for a year like those planets there in your leg
but that's not what I found there is a black book. Naturally, I am like, what's in the block, his John all his financial gold. What's in there, so I open a book. And his initials or on the front, and when I open it I see a nice slide show portfolio that girl made for him in itself Full blown, lingerie shoot. It is a false, I think there is like ten age. Is each side has like huge, ass pictures of her doing a full blown laundry where huge asked its huge out now focus yes, oh yeah authorities. They had said- and I think that focus it. Everybody does ok, so I'm swiping through I'm looking through all that and at the end of the book. It's like love.
You like all this shit and I'm reading it- and I am like hold on first of all, is this matter. Fucking idiot that this is sitting on his light. Stand why the fuck did he leave this here and me here. Bad vine. Vat is kind of exertion, worryingly die literally there right, but you did that. I knock em you know it's your own, but just like PS say: there's men listening, women are going through. Your stuff specifically are fucking nightstand, especially if you so high in exactly. I think I just exemplifies, like adjust, and in general or so fucking stupid. So that's the first up. Second step is obviously I might hold on here. I need proof that this is here, because this could be gone tomorrow, as you like, run too fat exit make copies of, and I know I just quickly took up my phone no big deal and I just took a picture of every single one of the photos. So it's
phone right now. I have run too bad cover every single picture of this girl. Sorry girl, but like I need a foolproof, so I come home to Sofia and I'm like look, this photos you were, I'm freaking out were it not even freaking out like secure. Just morsel like this is so fun How a thing air hurts so good when you find something on a matter snooping, you find something like her anybody. I feel amazing it so fucked up and oh good as factory yes, and that's a great word. Yes, so naturally women. Anyone listening is like oh Alec, Alex's upset. No I'm upset in the best way, because, because this is a perfect opportunity for me to hold on to this information, and if we get in a fight, if I do something wrong, if he brave Lord, I have this in your bag pocket just waiting waiting cause. It's literally like
He could say anything when I'm like you, like you, just been treating me like shared, and what are you doing? You helped me with gray night stand, photo she'll want you re catalogue, love you There's always I love you. I love you all pretty much. They were like Mary Mary, so if he has any issues of anything, I've been doing it's like you're married oh yeah, I saw this book is a perfect. Now live for meat. Keep it my back pocket ammunition, one o wire and that's a little Tipp of the day from collar daddy most girls would run and be like you're disgusting. Like you say you're in love with me, to be completely honest, think most girls would be like us, This is an axe and we were broken up like all kind of is like allowed like like why No.
Something of the priorities you have broken up to ten years really happen and not span can be brought out. The plan is now ok, let's break it down. The plan is, is this is beautiful? I have all the pictures on my phone of this curl poor girl and I am ready to use that any moment I'm ready to use at any moment the issue. And is he and I always talk about things in a timely manner on this podcast, but Usually something like this. I would talk to him. I would get her. I would try to use this ammo and if I use it then We talk about on the planet tat. I m really fucking exposing myself, and hopefully he doesn't listen this package, because I'm literally outing bad thing is guys, and this is where it gets really. Interesting, though, is this. Guy in the hull? Examining again says He doesn't lists yup here so now. If he brings This means that up you exposing. It is so.
So here we can actually keep his mouth shut. It's gonna be so powerful, I'm so excited to see what I can inspire, because it's either I gets use it on him or he's gonna expose themselves any lessons, the podcast and just tee stay tuned folks. We even anal update God, love that asshole owl ass, much ass, who asked who look at school? Ok, so last week we did pretty revolutionary Sophia brought us an asshole and an anal Tipp, which really, I think, change the game for an all. Basically of your quickly explain like what they do. You bear down a doctor, wrote in a doctor a doktor or student doktor were honey I do this thing called bear down as what they tell her patients to do, and then you stick something up the asshole and you basically put an you push as your machine out. He served. Thirdly, gas.
So we had one right in the daddy getting worse. So fast. We ve the episode and later we had a girl right in higher tried I like while ago so she wow wow, so she wrote in- and you like, I took the medical students advice on how to do a you know, and it was the most painless method ever I withheld it from my husband for almost two years now and he is stoked we tried it. It was amazing saving marriages everywhere, girls he's gonna, get me daddy. Merge for Christmas will do an offer, c mon I'll go wow. I fucking love a guy. I tell your fuckin couples. Parapet all evil, so I'd is about, was really dope, homage slender point that I'll, if you guys are true
I was really dope on which one to point that out, if you guys, are trying anal and you miss last- we sub, so what you should. Never that's a sin. That's like an actual cardinal sin to miss out bestowed, but that's the new animal tip for the day here we go tat lets get into her into it. Why women don't come from a thousand loaded steamer, not one woman ever has ever come into her entire life. Kate. That's it that's call her daddy. Never today now let me rephrase why women have a hard time having an orgasm during Oh baby, laugh back in fair to say it is so fair it is, Fucking faint, let me break it down rake it because the male mind them elvers is female mind. The male mind is like, oh, my god, this fuel cell
oh good. How do I hot? When is the last time you did, that boy way, tat voice? You did so long ago, and I can miss Eyre and then the female mind when she is about to be factors. He's fucking is like yesterday, Jason told me that his Ex girlfriend Rebecca was Scorpio, meaning that she's amazing and bag score, because our green, bad says she was way better than me, so I'm not aiming to compare, but I should like throw it out and I could try which always really big tits my term freely that bigger and bigger the sunlight hum of the month. I never mind his hippodrome in my time in the month. It's on my tie them up and thereby subsidy, because my tits I'm like big and what am I gonna- do dry continent a little bit of a toddler like I'm out what to do but, like I know, he's very light. Also, do I had put ass sharp ass this quarter and I'm like my laying in her school right now today hook up in that it had a square you smell. Ok, is my vagina? Go pay my eyes: what's going through girls had when we're going to have sex are so many fucking things going through your head,
you're going to have sex and a man is just like all a masterpiece of the back peace ah men. All they think about is why I can't come hold out for dear life. Don't come in every woman's, like I hope to God. Maybe I'll come this Ray What we are saying is like anyone. Girls are we are saying, is like we. Girls are having facts like there is so much good, weighing on, like us, literally the thought process, a lotta women, how it's true it We have so much going on our minds in order for us to come. We need to be fully focused. Vacuums he'll on coming so but then we don't want to be too focused on coming as then, there is pressure and then we won't come. Then we won't come since gotta be a nice girl. It did so true. I mean, if you think about it, it did so true I mean, if you think about it, meant
Women men have three thought today: sacks food poop help. I was his haste for itself, but then, like a sudden in sport, yeah beer sport there sex either day was having sex and I'm going to be very open to daddy in here. I was actually talking to Sophie about this. The other day I was having great sex with this guy and I didn't have I didn't. I didn't orgasm, which we totally fine, because the sex with super good. Can I just cut you off and applaud you for it in saying now, oh because so girls lie about, there's yachting, I have been at dinner. Where the girls are like I come. Every single time I have sacks everything time is agreed. All like. Maybe there's a few people but like
five of you know you don't need all NATO, not every single girl. Now table comes near like oh, you do to get me to totally rang every single right. It's the best acts ever I come every single time on everything I love it and it is happening right now, tat. If I know you don't know you don't and that's the thing it's like so either you may come, but you don't come every time you do currently come every time, you're, probably faking it at least a couple times. I I agree I've there's probably lose them girls on hitherto like now jack, I'm every smuggled ashes clarify. There are some women that can it's very few and far between and there's a lot of women that you don't fake it. But there are a lot of women, not just so, the reason we want to bring. This up is because sophia- and I, when I brought this up to hurt, we to talk about war. Why didn't I come that night and I am not going to lie. I wouldn't relied of daddy gaining the guy that I'm hooking up with is
His name, no, is hope. You know the guy that I'm up with gets a lot of women but I know having sex with this guy. He has seven asked, but I oh god, damn well, I'm contracts being familiar as we speak and not in itself makes their hearts I've heard that make it hard. Marty in its old man spoke, but you know the reason did not come I was comparing myself to the hundreds of girls that he has fucked Fucking Victoria's secret models and I was not focusing on coming. I was focusing on impressing him you're fucking, to impress him
ought to come and the link and people are already know you're losing their like. That is so not call her daddy, like you, girls be going in there like getting your orgasm and, like you know, mooring, I would even say that sometimes sometimes we do do that. Sometimes we do, but like did handing on their situation, yet sometimes we are using the sacks as a manipulation tactic to get what we want. You know what I mean that feels right worry when using or using him and using the sacks together we got in the long run. We always throw the policy out, and I know it sounds crazy and no cloud of Udo Clam. I know it sounds. Easy, but I m fucking him. He's not fucking me, I'm fucking him. Ok, I'm fucking him at its heart is all part of the plan yeah I do. Like thing fucking thing when I First, our hooking up with a guy I.
Have to ensure I see, like devil in your eye, to ensure that when I leave his house the next morning, I have to me this guy's calling his friends the next day being, like, I think, I was like justice soul tat about like in the bathroom idly this literally. Why leave his apartment? I want him to get open out. His laptop get online, be like ring shopping I don't even know what it's like. I have a light, literally exhilarating lab rue du cloud under a voodoo spell, but I dare not askew dude and its books. I'm looking at you and I'm not in my head? Yes, yes, absolutely and then I'm like to the end. Want to understand what the fuck were saying. We are so unwell and had so here. I think you need to give them. Example, because I've already explosive open up today, you need to get the example of why What do you mean? What are you doing to ensure you're making them obsessed like your folks,
by making them obsess and not by young coming. Google, I understand, are managed. Government, you really want me to go there and glad there like ice start out by calling him daddy and, like I end by like calling him like my dad hooker. Yes, yes, oh leg grim pigtailed like saying like Mommy's, going walk gain and this has to be our little sea. Creating this isn't fair. Like new stretching my little policy on this issue. The legal value daughter in your like what he said, but not by thirty nine, like I'm a woman of many talent of courage, and I I can't be giving an Oscar level performance and also come right, like when you're full blown committed to daddy daughter. You also like I'm five years old right now, but also com yeah. I guess I did that's too of course, of course, it's kind of similar whenever I think about it, when I'm getting fucked it, I'm like real,
we can make to the ports are thing I'm like. Oh, my god, they come in me like fill me up with your come and you're really the minutes to the laying with fill me with your coming, I have been Merwin years so desperate for, like the best sex. Bert, Trophy God, you're, like just he'll, kill me up, and you know goddamn well that it is like sketchy territory should not do in many fields. You up in your laying bare and incite instant regret, but you got that and it's just going to cost you for I play Serbia know, as you can hear, work meeting to a type of and we're really China rock their world and were not guessing on our own vagina guy, and I know again, it doesn't sound collar daddy causes like we're supposed to get off, but that's the whole point we're using sex, as
and emulation tactic, and then once we manipulate met all the term goal five year plans had your plan. If I dont know how to tell your plan with sky them. Yes, I'm in a hop on the dig, haven't orgasm NGO clean, but I'm sometimes you actually think you like the guy and you want to lock him down and you want to manipulate you wanna take over the brain and then later you can. Companies are over the bridge over the provides hijack his brain hijacked. The plain of his brain, and freedom in ITALY and then one polluted and you ve got and where you want him and he loves the who to clamp down on when you're. Like our eye, I tired, I also like I just feel like laying on my back and have Yang out for two hours. Ask me so I am any he's like. Ok, so like in the beginning, you are down to like suck I come out of my dick would like a straw gargling. I mean it back up like a seal. It's like a Seaworld Slurpee, Backup, my style, seven, eleven and now you're just like
at a time when we actually do dog even like I'm lying on my Tommy, and I just thought I like most of you. It is a beautiful. It's a beautiful combination, but yes, I am, Do you wanna just address quickly that when we say we're going in here were acting crazy, unlike being manipulative and focusing on making them be obsessed with our sacks. Also, it's all to a degree, Look, I don't want people, think we're going in there. We're doing had stands and swinging from the ceilings nightly, one we're not being like. Try hard being. Can you very specific process, ok, manipulating via sex that we're doing yes, so you're going to be a free? Yes, you're going to be believable he's going because ok for example, loud does not equal hotter? Oh you just screaming bloody murder right not make the sex hotter, like you need to be crazy, but he needs to yeah genius
we believe that it is something you you are enjoy or a knock and were at. I agree and I think I'm listening to us and we could go on about how grey this is but like the point of this is while we're psycho, manipulative call her daddy psychopaths, we're so focused on this, and that's why we're not come? and I'm realizing, as I'm saying this, that we really give in more simple reason, it's you are either why girl doesn't come. There are hundreds of reasons why girls have a hard time hunting during sect, and we may be picked like most. Lease relate above LISA Lease. Really we wish we could have been like he may be illegal and your body world manipulate the mind debt in there. You can focus on country are trying to do daddy, daughter in your on yeah. It's a lot. So if you so, if you are still with us at this point- yes you're so with us Guys are so many fucking reason: women don't come. You may be insecure about Europe. The time you may have just had your period in you're. Feeling bloated, you may just be
I stressed out- and you just like can't get yourself there- you may realise how way through you don't really like the guy. You may be thinking about your ex and then you can't come like thirty all these reasons, but today, hoping maybe one or two people could really connect the dots. The manipulation reason as to why we're not coming, I will say here's them health or I'm lonesome healthier. I'm first of all, I will say, I think, with age. Things start to change a gesture overall compter ability with sack, though, is women get older? This kind of stop faking it, but they also have an easier time coming years like understand your body butter and understand what you are. Ok, for common collared, I'd, say I've. Nor do we were just talking about by moving moving on so at our companies. We have to share studios base. Yes, you I see, like you, got the episode each week. Bang is interesting, as you eyes, obviously don't see the behind the scenes. Actually coming to an obvious and sitting I mean there are some people in the office I like how their own- yes,
people the office of their own studio like we share with like yes, quite a few other products were bodily. Tenaya array, yes put on her arm about her the barrel bottom of it. Food chain us to rely, ends, tigers, amoebas, and then that is not the fuckin food chain, but you get the idea. Absolutely so part of the reason is has other pike has have gas and envy you guys haven't noticed is just colleagues and I have every week. We know you all capital, meagre lore sitting down our throats like it's just the two guests, avenge yea idle come hopefully Why don't they get you? Why don't you literally gonna ruined my life and my career? But since this is the view of our right, we kind of get the last pig a studio tower. Let's get last kids and Jim Guy ass. We get the last pick because people back
guess on their show, have priority. They need to schedule time to have the gas command to get the studio time and then they're kind of look at Sophie, and I, like you, guys, can be flax ray and we'll be fly. We go on out likes me, I'm gonna walk. We thought it reflects the bedroom, nine, the fuckin know, and so this week work behind. I had a pretty much we told bigeye like puts the times the other more like a. We have a gas this we are really. We got one when he was like you, ve never had a guess before me. Now you haven't we're like oh really I'd it. I've got a third MIKE and Mary gotta gas Tom. we'll be everywhere. Every baby like Tom is gonna, relayed values, began. Everyone outside is waiting. Prince Udo, really know. We ve got a really hard pressing, get its baby, Alessi mother fucker the course guys. I back. I was kind of a little tiny bit may be talented, not talented Blake,
maybe a kind of entertaining kind of funny, just on my own, just like us, so earlier Frank land and the amount of dm they got better like you're, not funny, unlike whereas baby, alas, who pleaded like your altered, I might well, I volunteers go fuck vice idolizing also like. If you are new to this progress, you have no idea guide. Our people are like Sophia is a baby and all we just talked about daddy talk, ok verifying bears about sir Couple and they are completely exploiting their baby and they set up an instagram page for their child. That's like not even one year old through the worst couple and bachelor nation yeah, and they like right, captions, brutality, the baby and Lauren Loin, Dick and then are alien is hit. I geike learned I don't know and then its baby, alas yeah and Sophia is here with baby. Alas, yes, I am the baby's, so I'm just going to read a few caption. I we're gonna crews through this fact
be like Gypsy rose and kill my mom for doing this. To me, no one would be upset. No one would blame you wash up to the house. Fuck all right maybe less. We need an update, how's your life like what's pop and have you ban its everybody's baby? where you been. More serious ok, happy Halloween friends in some new with my Aren T, an uncle Donnie got married this weekend and I heard they may be working for you know what I've me with I mean I made out made up. If you know what I saw you, I'm not making up so many first this week, I guess they have to start with seeing Sanna. He is such a night, guy that was
moment. For me, I gave em you smile. So hopefully I get some good guess I the biggest moment was that fact that I'm sitting up now that found us act vigorously. And here is that even cry? Oh, I thought that was you. Do you know a war, and I mean I don't think it's that big of a deal but let me tell you mom and dad spaces light up when I stand here any hang out I like this at last in anyway we are in LA for a in dealing with mom and dad it is cited. They come what here's a few pigsty, took me sitting up in practising modeling before it. To the first
of all he's a bad. Nl lay in the Bali is high and the bounty casting how'd cheese, how she's a bad minimal clothing, she's got a shoe. Fuck important now In our view, this is K guys it's a p getting paid ten thousand dollars extra mom, said did me. I've got to do a swipe up for this, going at a different sites of different what the fuck do this badly. I don't know I just feel bad. Every week I see her. I kind of like go on my fake account. She's, like my tops, are not actually so funny. I really forgot this happened a little bit ago. I got a dm from someone from the daddy game. They were in Paris and our and Warren, were in Paris with baby Alessi and the daddy gang.
Took a picture, they spotted that whole family and they could answer they dm two thousand. There was like they were like: oh my fucking, God spotted baby mother, fucking Alessi and she extract into a carriage there's like a hard life being up. If I can, I, like bang at her g rainy, like a baby hazards, guys you there's a big their parents. Wearing a parade. She has the scarf wrapped around her neck he's holding a began. I later like incited by thinking of regional and there like say something in French. We re really and then you see they died like throwing up in there and you like, lying at the spot. It right in front of the April tat baby less he's plying through the air. Following that, I will take this day in every single picture. He ll. I do not like she is being held
have. I don't really want to comment much about the baby's looks, but we're going to move on. I oughta cutter on I'll. Let you know I just feel bad magic. We're gonna run into them. One day, can you we ve, While we have a restraining order on us it, we don't even know why La Hague, yeah literally I like waiting for us to get a letter in them. I don't like this is no way out. You know she really defamation defamation of character of baby. Do you know about that like as much as we do this and like? We think it probably pisses them off like they do really enjoy you know that there are showing the publicity and sometimes it starts to pay me where I think by cause. You know the other like omega. They talked about her again and for all the work that we do: thou Ass, a height. They like the Public hill How can you guys also policies hands like a pebble, go, follow her even in a little time, I'd like you to pay you and by the way, you're that people commenting just get a life. My laptop
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daddy twenty. Ah, this also do with nudes noodle pigs Moody's, yeah, he's Moody's, duties someone or something fascinating to me that I really wanted to share, because we always want to help the Daddy gang would like held there to working out their nude game like yeah. Daddy's want to know how to make that asked specifically look sad. I can fire because I'm going to say tat, it is about the as yet the ass matters way more than the TED these days it is, it is which I mean it always matters more in the face. Hearty is always more than with a body more than the phase out. Of course we are. It is easier to put a paper bag over your face than your body when they're fucking they make up yes or paper bag, either work, I'm ok great, so she wrote in and she said I have been slaving over aspects for years, arching, my back trying to keep my balance to get that perfect angle, but not any more.
Ladies take them, while you're kneeling put one knee on the ground and one foot like you're, doing a lunge or just put both knees on the ground or on your bed, and it's so much easier than to take that fire close up perfectly angled ass. It's a breeze. You can read your arm around, so it's so much easier to get that flattering up angle that perfectly frames your, but from Oh, and when do you ever include your legs in a close up? No one will ever know now more sore, lower backs from trying to get that perfect Iphone angle? Ok,
Ok, ok, guys I'll call. You got your car you're, so pretty fuckin brilliant! Here we go usually when you're taking in ass, shot, you're standing and you're like arching your bag and you're like putting your bending your arm all the way behind your back to be under your, and we have told the daddy gave Khazar is really such perfect. Fire knew tat, put the camera under your ass, eventually, an angle it up to you, The sky is so hard to do it so fucking heart God. I have stood there. For our work and our work and had to take breaks had to charge my phone get a snack, back again different lighting and you're, the one sided your body that you're leaning down and trying to get it on. You are in pain, there is an answer on Macao. Hooker of the puts photos like serious photos of Alex, and I next to quotes it. We ve sat in black and white.
And their legs so dramatize if it takes an there's. This picture me in black and white legs to king on in New York, street and neck. Who are they quoted means as taking a nude is no joke. It's a form of our it takes a village. The tit Shaw is so easy, be ass, shot, take stability, creative, the stamina and concentration, it is a tax that absolutely relates to this fucking great eyes, stability, creativity, so creative at issue. I gotta have stability. Stamina, nearly as missing is Agility
who did you really think we're like writing a triad picture of our assholes? Do that is so funny, and I guess the only thing I can think of that would be like a little defect in this is like make sure not kneeling on the ground, and there is like a fuckin trash. In the background and he's like, why require you to swallow the trash cans Finally, like the logistics of business their away. The urine figure into her. Her have made major, No you're not know that are politically grout and not another I appreciate the US model ok, a little person, but just make sure that you, I would almost doing like make sure there's a blank background legal wall, the hour, like a bad. I really like him,
you're hurt Strasser. Later I put up a whole, why is it working over you, We are now and then I also want to point out that he, because I was emerging- is doing it when you're on both of your knees. But she saying to you have won me up, so it's like you like in a law. You sure I don't know that's interesting. How do you feel about Ike hiding out what could look really really hard? I want to run homepage yeah like good higher right now.
Could I say that I actually, why not aren't really so Sophia's on the ground right now, she's, try! Oh I'm watching. We now lunge up bitch put your left leg up and alone. Oh oh, but you kind of get like a nice vagina shot in and around that two hats swiftly. It does not know, happens, bacon, bending down Commissioner, you can pick up stairs guy guy to try to going argue. A meteorite need a minute, no Converser and someone that aids in technological challenge can absolutely he's got this wait. I have easy, so I think this is pretty gray. I think that through our time, as humans have evolved.
Bones have yet to bend with us in the way to allow us to get our perfect new rights, and so therefore we have aches and pains will take note. Man I'm here men don't have that. I just like future generations like they were filled with him or her like that. Idle one arm will be longer. It's like a right arms for the ass yeah. So a while back, I talked about finding an ax cheating on me and one of the things I found was a sexist between him and this girl and it was a video she sent him. It was a bit of herself, sucking another man's deck and she Senate to the guy. I was dating at the time savage Savage but like hate, but like disgusting, also, like God, damn it and she was like. I wish like this with your cock, like I'm going to do this to next time. I see you bubble bubble
so, this sparked a very interesting conversation between Sofia and I at brunch. The other day we were talking about sending a guy that your hooking where a video of you sucking and other guys, Dick or getting fucked by another guy, because men want new. Yeah and videos of a girl every day. I'll array Annie. Providing circles on any death bed. He there is renewed. There is really nothing that would make a guy like. Please don't send me a picture of your tat. We remember we did have that one girl right and be like my paper. Will Let me have nudes really raw guy, not well, and that is not a big Arab, I'm sick. I don't even know why so able,
bring up an interesting point, because is that may be the one thing that a guy would be like way? I don't really want to receive a video of you getting facts by another guy. Is it taking it too far, and we want to talk about it as we have had some girls right in and we ve? Obviously, I've seen it in real time and I member, that one of my axes, like his response, was actually like, not as positive as I thought it would be, which may be happy, but Oh that's funny, whose my I would have been like, I think my wrists for you would go through the roof I think that what we really need is being the better you couldn't you for our relationship. Please go get and send me first side live to tell veretout for reason. Just kidding, that's fine, okay, so I asked a few guys and what they basically said. It's like if I was hooking up with the girl. I did not have feelings with her. What's the sir. I would be kind of down because made
M horny, like it's hot at the time, but if I any feelings for this girl. Absolutely not. I would lose all respect for her rising if you have failed, as for the girl it can get caught, Ok, unless you're dealing in real kinky absolutely yeah. I agree with you. I think, honestly, it's like kind of a trade off. It's like girls were dead. Want to get out of this? With the has like the sex savagery level will go up. You know but like his respect for you will now and then he will have a man is backed up like I don't make the rules browsers like what did I know it's true, and I think that is a really great point. I know a lot the times on this podcast, we you know, we talk about girls being fuck girls. If you are in a situation, ladies and you feel like this, guy is getting way too in his fucking seals and he's just being like tat
To tie you down and you just want to be friends with benefit sent him a fucking video of you sucking and other guys, dick or like getting fact and be like like. I want to do this. Next week with you probably find, is a black hole story. How if I've ever heard he's gonna, be like oh at its basic you, basically letting him know that, like I do have sex with other people and I'm happy to have social do next week by this week, not so much having put right at the outset. I have just letting him known having open and honest convert thing. I want to take a step back right, reduced, send him a sexy, but you gunning for absolutely became a deep. He even better, even better art, I even but as an rotisserie chicken lie. I let him see all angles and really let him know that you you take this seriously and you really want to let him visually understand where you're out in the relationship. We always less embodied in like why did we laugh and lead? We thought that was heightened. Island laugh or we're, like are those money, yeah GDP cool,
Ah, but you know, I think, that's good. Also this Why is that? we're going to assume that if you ever bring up like a like, let's record ourselves here like let's not, that's. Nice is gonna, be Yazzi, unsure about important young. You we send your shit are absolutely so just be careful, but the thing is his leg, girls. I would refrain from doing it unless you're just in it for the Saxon, you don't ever if you never want a future with this guy. Less he's sitting order, Sophia's Ex boyfriend, then dont send it because you can always all respect ethical sociopath egg, its little like. Oh, why What is it? What is she? Why is she doing? I'm? Yes, I totally agree sociopath. It's a good way to put. This is very random bows you thinking about. Do you like, when a guy hey, send you a video of himself like jacking off to fruition, ideal
not even a pause. After you're like ours that I can about, you asked I mean I asked for one right now. I can't you two. I I I like that better than the tip is real freaky kind of interesting. I was just thinking about that cuz. I had that in a visual of a guy that just send me one of those and I was like. I actually think I like that hear me daddy, don't pay too, and it's kind of hot big highs he's clearly YO taping way, and I mean obviously trust issues. He could be sentient, other people but in my mind he sending it to me jack. Off thinking about me ray these videotape I've. You could argue that, like he's sending and dig pig, he has a boner thinking about you absolutely absolutely by there's some. A bow him. Like John, I mean ok, it lit the flip side. I'm sure a guy would rather picture my pussy european fingering home for thy tolerably yeah. That's true,
big guy, but you know it's really smart. You brought it up because a lot of girls do not enjoy Dick picks ray, and maybe this is like what you should be doing. Instead look. I know some girls have said like, oh, my god, it was so scary, like he sent me a video on snapshot like his wiener and he was touching it, but it's like unwarranted but like if I I have two hot guys like said talking to that in a texting conversation like an actual video from the Iphone that he said and like he's coming on his fucking stomach and like he said, me- and I might like that so cute, like Roma, really look at our little kids on your tongue, ha ha, does actually really interesting. I gotta brought that abiding men if you are in a relief Sean ship or if you are like kind of hooking up and talking to a girl. I would say this is a good way to show your love or show that you're thinking about the girl had it like a little sprinkle of like that was really nice. There's something high when a guy comes God,
That's just like when a girl yeah, that's good for the holidays. Merry Christmas babe, like I know, we're not together and Christmas, but, like I just jumped off in my heart, my home bed, thinking about you they give I receive. As a Christmas present, I would fucking balance preserve my boyfriend. I plug back off, I wish my lighting ready later everything may open up, creating pie arriving at a good little play. Videos are better than Dick pick. Sometimes I'm pre positive by a lot of you are having ass. He acts you're doing words and the bees your having sack than of your having sacks, then you're not doing. Crackly. Unless you have sex toys, Lou
laundry and where you gonna go Adam and Eve mother, five guys HO ho ho the holidays are here bitches and we obviously want to hook you guys up. This is a perfect holiday gift. Almost everything is fifty percent off stuff. Like the gene rob a wild g spot vibrator magic, massage guys it's all on there and then also you won't see it in your check out box, but you're gonna also be sent ten free gifts when you go so you're gonna get one item for her one item for him and then an item for both of you to share plus free shipping. Are you guys just enter code? Her daddy. I check out ottomans dot com, that's code, her daddy hello discussions of the week. Why?
Let me get pop it here, because last arms about why place and lived awake. Ok here we got someone said what the british acts and questions of the white, since every wake Christians are awake quest they dont, although we quit still not on which they have always guided lobby. Ok here than the previous accessions, because it does not we guy, let's get into a token I'm ok. Here we go Hey fathers, so I listen to every episode and many of the episodes twice. My question for you is about porn. My we ran, I watch porn together all the time I am told ok with there and I'm totally fine with him watching it alone, but before I broke up with him, also monsieur ex boyfriend. I found out. He was watching it while laying embed next to me,
helping himself out while I was sleeping, I want to know what you guys think of this like. Why did he just wake me up? I am literally right there. I want to know what the fathers think of this thing's daddy's hashtag die for that day. Die for that dig yeah key, very, very, very good, very good question very interesting, very interesting, because my first It was. I think I would kind and be like what the fuck yeah a way me up work on clearly what am I talking about like a bare hybrid woke, you up your picture fuck. I know, but I agree. If I'm laying next you like, if I'm there, I would get kind of milk they wake me up with that, me like what the fuck are. You know go in the other room. Ass! You know a little respect. Just like I don't know I wanna like wake up come. I wasn't planning on like on re. You know who got imagine if, when he's going to finish, you like finish on her back
it comes on pays you like years ago, gonna pay not at all it's like wakes up like night. You take up with that about you o day, Turkey really eyed her. No by I don't know. I don't really like that, he's doing it next to her, while she's asleep, maybe if it was a one off, but if this is constantly being also how we use addressed the double standard because by touched my self Actually? I augur well he's sleeping absolute resolutely in review and I feel I have gone. I watch him go to sleep and I we had sex and I don't really get mine do you know what I want mine and I will lay there and I will start masturbating. Do I feel ashamed been?
point five seconds, and then I go to town enjoying myself and honestly, it's nice with him being quiet for a minute and a half being to the left, and I'm too the right doing my own. Also. I guess I kind of like ups the stakes a little like your kind of like like he. Could we it is kind of like makes they like kind of mine, I don't know anyone else touch themselves, while their partners asleep, but for men fucker, only now gross discussing wake up or going other room. Yes, that's num, lock kid! That's, moreover, story all right so I met this guy at a party and we drunkenly hung owl one more time and then he sent fly hours to be delivered to my house. Is that really So we are really weird. I just and tell him I'm to use two guys being assholes. Ok, this so sad to me, because this girl,
now with the guy twice and he saw her flowers that should be like. Oh, that's, really, really, q right by because of our generation in the amount of fuck boys bear girls. Are so not you certainly hiring sweet. What airline is he a fucking creepers there like easy and actual yarrow killer? What's going on, why the hours of my being nice to me? What happened what's wrong with him? Do it is the thing is, is like it so sad because anyone can tell guys anything it's like if you are seeing a girl and you just randomly send flowers, you ve been at it. We both had happened, and it's like just a little thing that, like here's your day batter and yellow q. It cause. You know that had to go online purchases that ship them to you. Like their thinking about you, they're, making that extra step. I think it's kind of cupid. He did. I think it's so
Hugh and like a gentleman buck. Boys have like ruined our generally now, girls think receiving flowers is creepy, yet they are like I'm using, unlike the me plan B. Like I don't know, I don't have earthen pot flowers all they ever given. Why plan I use it, I'm giving me the camera. Come rag bag, hours of our generation. Can you because the flowers imposed by an island and guys it doesn't have to be flower, now we're one time you I had a guy semi cupcakes similar and you oughta guys- and you owe you a little bit of a blue Whale Melissa, Felix out their armies, but here so cute little now. I believe me like talking to a guy me too. Even if I dont know, I felt bad anyone like him all like so total, totally lerigo, more gifts, more barriers, so ok,
were really fucked up story. Ok and I want everyone to sit back and relax cause. I was when I was reading it. It was very interesting to me- and I I want to try to make sure that all the details ok ok, this is a sugar, daddy, horror story, and I want to read this: why because it's very interesting, but to anyone that is floating the idea of getting sugar daddy, they can be great and they can really be fun and you can have great experiences from them, but you can also not- and so I just want to. I cannot share the less glamorous side of it cause hurry. Terrified, hey, Daddy's! I want to tell you guys about my sugar daddy experience that I tried within a day of
making a profile and seeking arrangements. I got over fifty messages from men wanting to meet me, so I could be their sugar baby can gradually perhaps girl ass. I expected many of them were looking for sex, but I'm not willing to let old wrinkly decks come near me at this point in my life. So I sifted through the messages and found a guy that seemed respectful was an old as dirt and best of all was not looking for sex. We agreed to meet up the next at a restaurant. Am I only stipulation was that he had to give me five hundred dollars at the beginning of the date he agreed. So we met up. Things got weird very fast when I walked in he greeted me. He not only way two hundred more power than he did in the picture on his profile, but I think he used a picture that had been from ten to fifteen.
Years ago. This guy tried telling me that he was fifty three. He had to be no younger than seventy. At this point I probably should have turned my ass around and got out of there, but I just drove in our two got there and I wasn't leaving without that five hundred dollars, god dammit we sat down and after ordering drinks I reminded him that he needed to give me five hundred dollars. At the beginning of the day like we agreed on, he seemed reluctant, which was annoying, but eventually he had the cash and he handed it under the table. As I went to grab it, though he grabbed my leg, leaned over and whispered. If I give you this, I expect you to come to my house after I buy you, there
dinner like what the fuck you told me wasn't looking for sex, I was passed, but he was dead serious. I got really scared him for some reason. I just said okay well for the next hour. I listen to him talk what a stupid life until he finally said you ready to get out of here, to which I said yes, ass. We were walking to our cars. He tells me to ride in his car to his place and then he'd take me back to my car later, no fucking. Thank you. I said that I would follow him and after trying to convince me to get in his car, for five minutes finally gave up. I followed his car for a couple of blocks and then I turned down a random street quickly and his book did. I got on the away inserted heading home a couple minutes later? I look in my room view, mirror, and I could not believe what I was there. He was the creepy fucking guy. He had somehow found me. And was following my car so close at our bumpers were touching. He kept up for ten fucking miles off
while constantly calling me in texting me threat. I was weaving and between I was trying to lose. Him constantly stayed within five feet behind me. I was absolutely terrified. Mortify and you gonna try to run me off the fucking road and kill me. It was becoming slowly a horror story fellows. I call nine one one and the officer instructed me to pull off on the next exit and have him follow me to a police station which he did I pulled into the police station and he followed right behind and even parked right next to me and was getting out of the car. The cops. Swarming used car and I'm not sure if you got in trouble or not, but the officers pulled me quickly into the station, and I was safe and then they got me home safely. I just I too share the story you so hopefully to prevent anything else from happening to anyone else. It would truly traumatized terrifying, but at least I got to keep the five hundred hollers. Ok, I wanted to bring this
because, like I was just trying to put myself in that position, I feel like I'm, not girl right trying to scare you fucking imagine, first and foremost kudos in his fucking girl for not getting in his fucking. I was about to say, like she played vat, I don't fucking great. I totally her stand in the heat of the moment. She was nervous and she said: okay will go back to your place, the fact it don't ever gonna someone's fucking car especially because no one knew where the fuck she, why also just to back up, think she met him at a restaurant in a public side, God guy the fact that this man was going to drive you for ten miles behind you over five hundred bucks. First of all means he probably does not have that right, fucking money and second of all you yes eating in a public place is so important for your first time guys, and I think it's
scary don't ever get in a fucking car was summoned that you dont know and a lot of times and he sugar, daddy situations. I know it may be something that girls are embarrassed and you know how to tell your families make sure you're always telling one fucking person where you're out yeah, I swear to you. Girls like having just one friendly Can confide in and big lesson like I mean it, you didn't have to fully tell them who your meeting or something but spit I'm going here you're on a day right and I want to let you know, because if you're going somewhere alone, it is not safe, but like can you
Imagine driving- and you see this guy behind you like. We were young verdict by. We said that that was so terrifying and that's so smart, our ever, if someone's ever falling you pull into than yes, we know so, yes, smart for her to call the police and re instructed her where to go like it's just I started thinking like oh my god like issued to run out a guy's rather than be on the side of the freeways unipolar like no, never get out of your fucking car and like go to a public spot. So I just wanted to know it's like a little darken, ever, but I do it's important like bring it out because safety on for the call her daddy those added. I support an hour yeah care of care. Is wellness brand guys. It makes it really easy for you to get your vitamins or supplement or protein powders. Its super easy guys. Women holidays role around. I know you
you are drinking like a fish. You are eating fuckin sugar, cookies for breakfast lunch in general and hot anymore, but chugging hot chocolate and young cod event. Guys care of what you do is you gonna go onto the website is actually kind of fun. You take a five minute question. You answer super easy questions to talk about your diary, lifestyle, your health needs and you basically get tough pick. What you want. Focus on and then they are going to put together, recommended vitamin supplements and or protein powers. If you choose and they're gonna send them to you, we got you guys. Fifty percent off your first care of order, you gonna, go to take care of dot com and you're gonna enter daddy fifty the number five zero again that is take care of dot com and turn Daddy five zero. Ok, I went on a date with this guy from my jam. We went out e, and then I came back to his place. We're broke drinking for a while and then began hooking up on the couch. He took off my pants as we were made
out then stopped and said he had two p. So I'm sitting on his couch, will. First of all the p thing: ok We address bar so interesting, your brain, this up Because I was talking to serve the other day and, like I swear a fucking God. Every girl, you need to be ready men When they are like about to hook up with you, you can it's basically cater there. What gonna try to fuck you or have their dicks out when they go Pierre, it's almost through it, is almost rude cause if I'm like making out with a guy, and things are going sure I do. You think I gotta go Pierre, like also using yours. I write it. Literally feel like half right go play have to go p before they have sexual before they get their dicks act because, like when they're coming, I know mills hundred talks about it. Like he's so scarred, his one friend ended up a kind of being in a girl's mouth with his colleague. It will, locked up, and so men always p and the worst is because they always do it and you are laying their lead
here I like him belly our and your fuckin flop salaries that Europe is in your like I'd? Now, I'm not in the mood, I let you left me, rail, Enders branches and its allies laying their as starfish I've bad for a, however long, ok how's it goin. I think, when you come back here. Did you ask your hand? Washer p p? I don't want you re a keg as icicle Vanni, whales. Three great! Ok, so I'm sitting on his couch pant, less waiting for him to come back and ten minutes go by then fifteen. Here fill in the bathroom twenty minutes, go by This plan I got so frustrated put my pants back on, walked up the stairs where the bathroom was. I'm, not you, I'm not even half we up the stairs when I hear snoring coming. In the bath there. I touch this hidden bad dream like went to lose, went about three thousand about this. Guy fell asleep in the bathroom and left wing. Horny ass, waiting on the couch for him downstairs, I knocked
the door a few times and that his name no response. I was not about even try to open the door, so I just left few hours later. He taxi means that he felt dizzy while he was paying so he had laid down bathroom floor for a minute. I must have passed out. What are you? Fathers think shaggy? This guy another chance or call it a day, ok, I think and then she said she preface Dubai thing. They are both intoxicated. So I think it was just like a one time thing I would blood it's like, but I would absolutely fuck with o listen. It's side it sad that you know. Maybe he felt a little dizzy dizzy, but if he and again Yes give him another chance. If this is a one time, they absolutely fuck with him Rob age are be fuckin. Draw mustache on him. Take a passion of cold war, bringing up stairs put it body, draw little fuck you with their and you go high. I would be
This happened here so girlfriend. I would give him another chance. It's again, it's one thing: if this happens, all the fuck I'm. How do you respond to someone when they ask what your talent in bad or I say writing you help what a great question First of all, you got kind of a juvenile question too. I hate that question. I think pretty sure when I was younger guys would ask me that, like when you are young, you like a like. What's wizard, I oh, do we know what our food over my daddy's insight, outlawry Nyc. My now mood, I know as a thing like in college. I may have said that we are right, so juvenile. I would never say that anymore. It's way, we're after not play
something you're all night I didn't use. You say why? Don't you find out? Why don't you find out? I don't you find out anything you say is good diet, also. Rivers, however, how girl laying on my back. I really know how to throw it out. I'm really good at getting you now my book again. That's actually actually know because such a funny comeback, yeah, really good at you getting my persia ha ha wifi can die like, but I do think also keep in mind girls. Whenever a guy asks you something you're good at prototype, I'd Joe answer to our answer and don't give him something that you are good at, so that you can.
Shot like it's so much better when they don't expect it if you're, even also it puts pressure. If you specify one thing, I'm really good at riding and then imagine when you're getting up their holy fuck. You too really turn now, and it's like ok that reminds you win, MRS so dumb, but we ll or in Conrad was an interview and they asked her what her favorite position was, and she said CEO, but like literally ass, your her fear position and bag? Is it's kind of degrading to ask questions arise and we're gonna preclude backing respond and be like either Islam you like find out o or like a really good at getting getting? I now think you bill that such Why that's the end? I yes daddy, mother, fucking! We are shadow ban. We are shadow better world. Yeah on the world's largest Spotify people couldn't find a if I apple it's happening everywhere. It's an epidemic, so Goethe followers
personal, it's so than african, and why and an eye Alex Cooper Alexandra your China ears. Like me: oh it's your Cooper. Thank you fuck, you Sophia guys go falls on Instagram, you know, is its side being a shadow biofuel yeah alone, and it is anything from his episode that people need to know like how take a fuckin nude fuckin send them. To this episode as send the link you guys, let them know what's up, we love you guys it S. Five stars because were the five stars in your life size tsars by implies that he gave me luck.
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