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69- EPISODE 69 (ft. Chlamydia)

2020-01-22 | 🔗

The episode you have all been waiting for... and we have been dreading. 

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daddy, daddy, I'd, call her daddy. What mother thugs Alex in Sofia back, get it again, her daddy dad. Do not him not him, not bam. Note not your daddy! Yours, not mire. Her heard TAT S like We ve been loaded and conquer daddy. Did you re while we're back and again we have new microphones, I'm these are great they're kind of bigger. We should sound. Better quality lies
Will we not content wise? It is the sound of our voices. I think we should go right into it. I think that Europe, the bandying often I think we should just address, what's happening. Yes, we want to acknowledge the hit peace that was published a few days ago by the New York Post. Can you to read the title? Oh yes is a good one, the title whose spoiled podcast some bots hack knew your post for giving them publicity August other spoiled fan bots. That's that's just that that's eyes right away. I am here just a quick update. So if you guys know last week on episode, sixty eight Sofia and I kind of dived into our experience a year ago with the New York pose and are we had our first big photos, you and I we put a little bit of fun evoked Yale.
As a comedy pod cat in Europe posted not like, oh no, no, I didn't like it at all. No at least this author of this article did and labour rights they roaster skies row The date alienate hit piece. It was meant to be a complete aside. And he is ass any chance. You know, as I do we're going to try for its action. We love. There are many people out or like why. What do you mean we're like guys, please we're gonna, do a swipe up, go real, let us know your thoughts. I, like your favorite part. I don't know why we do this. We are so basically I'm gonna go ahead and just read a couple lines about you guys who, having read the ardor, can get a feel for
Canada, while we're dealing with an authoritative prove of it. I am okay, so maybe somebody should really call their daddy's and their mommy's who can teach them some manners in December, twenty eighteen, the paper arranged to give the Canal street car dash eons a platform, and today the girls behind this muddy bar stole sports call her daddy podcast came after the post. I don't listen to their show because I value wit and cleverness, none of which they possess, plus I've heard from sources that they are intolerable ego mean acts without size, impressions of themselves, but hey more power to them. They don't effect my life and then she continues to write to motivate pages characters. They don't like me one so so this is kind of we're kick in. It are worth feeling go. We're film flirty. I, what
is also proves that you guys to really like understand where we were when this article drop Sophia, I told you we were both visiting men, this we can sit on the plane, Havana, glass, wind, veal and myself, gettin ready to go, get back and then on the plane. There I was, and I proceeded to absolutely fact before I went to get physically for binding and I'm really taxing Sophia, whose also on a plane and work Hager. This is seen as the ass. It was as if they were in fact before we showed up to our thinking and quaint yeah. I know the little sore, so it was just ass. It was a shock but actually not so much because I get it, we kind of yeah we're roasting situation and they took it as us roasting, and I always like to be totally honest on. Podcast. Ok, where but when I read the Canal Street Kardashian's gotta line to her I was holding,
being a fake chanel back in my left and my phone in that literally purchases on canals through New York. It was just like not one her is behind. It was true, like I think, you're literally scrolling in your reading, that line you kind of peer down to your left clutching in your eyes, enable Parleyed or knows about me, but like I am. I totally think it's fine if you want to get a little fakes being highly, hardly be I mean it's not like eighty eight you're doing a May. I caught the mixing mowing leg. Maybe you have a few real all Chanel items and growing up all like the sugar. Daddy gets you a real one. You pay rise fake, you MA,
life is good and you know I'm a clearly. They look like the canal. Three bandits Schofield walk around with a fucking pigs. You now and then I buy you got to Mexico and you're walking around. As I know, people were mentioning like over when the Pope, who feel hiding her purse behind her back so that that's like an example of something that was RO driver with that, because there is truth in here or there are a lot of things kind actually I tied all as far as she row she's talking about us. I wait. I soon, I hope, there's a line where she says, then they were annoyed that our photographer made them pose an immense restroom and take fifteen photos of us next to your journals and then there's a space, and it says
what proof. So I'm actually going to go ahead and say this his truth issue. So I was actually very annoying as well. When I got my hair makeup done and I was wearing heels in a little skirt, photographer was like Sophia fall. Oh me, I'm gonna go ahead and have you say on this piss covered you're? No, I make a sexy phase and just be careful because there gas coming in and out take sheds, but, like John you to worry about the lamp, the note island then breed go through the shots. We argued and I'm gonna ask everyone listening. I want everyone to just kind of t git intricate Edward for a minute, and you tell me if you who'd want your big. I'll, be next to a fucking urine
all right and I'll fuckin way solution. This is the article areas we going and it's true I don't know I don't want to go off on a tangent, but this is like this. Is it for real thing and then your posts was like hey. We like what you're doing. Actually they never. But there were like. We know that you're doing something and we would like to talk about. The thing is you're gonna have to take photo those squatting, auto oil on a year and all in the men's restroom. I don't know I don't know you I won't use of that. I don't know, maybe like it wouldn't matter to eat his own, but for my own I think I would have gone and I will work and effort outfit me. Yeah me to provide one. Why, on its Harry, what I may couple artist was one thousand percent intoxicated the morning December for being, as is like, we don't care,
you're drinking in the morning now like support it, but why has never getting our make up done over and that just kind of put as an uncompromising situation? And it's not fair? for her to say we were lying. Was she bear? Was she getting her make up done? Do they make up artists? Hand the model I dont winning round liquid and say: do you wanna get turned up this morning before your shoe and loosened up before you have to go to the euro right, I don't think so. So down the bad guys like you guys, defamation like they were yet? I am ignore. I recently got spit on multiple times in Gaza. Will Hennessy a mile and I was experiencing, and if I was in sharp to beyond anything, maybe it effective, my performance holds its public. Ok define, I have definitely had a drink or two on, but it's ok.
He's fine. She also rights. You mean your careers, where you talk about various forms of Copulate Shan using low brow language that makes playboy letters. Look like check off check off guy I didn't have to Google. If you think of this article nine be low browsing lowbrow you how she says we use lowbrow language and I agree singly absolutely. I do too. I think it'll winners, double penetrate absorb, keep her little rotisserie cheap raw on all three, some Gluck luck, nine thousand to the back of the throw a club shot, com, dumpster little fuckin club. Sab exhilarating room,
first say yeah alone: cream pay, the pussy, I meant to go home, say it's that's that could be considered lowbrow. We also having to say absolute. Oh my god! This is fine. Ok, I think I'm in a kind of taken a little in a different direction, and I want to get a little bit more serious. No, but we have one issue with you:
and essentially it's where she is questioning our credibility with regard to what we have built our careers on in this article, she's constantly poking out us calling us potentially prudes and ends her entire rant by saying, while they pride themselves on being edgy, the only thing their ill advised rant revealed was this: they lack the basic savvy and grace to make it in this industry, and maybe just maybe probably definitely there, not all that racy behind closed doors there just really uptight frauds. Ok,
Ben batch explain to me why I've had clytia before laying a bat riddle me back Colombia. As tv. You got it from sags sexually and disease you don't care from being a luck, prude, No, you don't, and I would know that cuz I've had it The gods are rendered bother they're here today we never planned and letting anyone nor were not allowed, I'm not a brute. I wish I hear I am clear media once maybe twice improper pale. Your thing, then I'm gonna go hunt say we're not go ahead and say we're not prudes right. You don't get that by masturbating in your room alone. You don't get that by wearing a condom with their husbands. Usually get
I'll, make being a little know, there's, and I know there's one oz. I know Papa you that's his wasn't. I was I I was really begging for the clear media. At this stage of our lives is perfect. Actually I did get committee are actually I can prove the post throng. We clearly have a common goal. These days, you did all the pack, your good scary, you take. One Hill is the one I think you have heard today and I am to move on because five guys no hard feelings at the post, though we use No, we love imposed by the author, not so much and that's just post her picture or not
all I want to say, where's your browser picture. You look up slot shaming in the dictionary her picture, fucking pops, that's all I have to say and we are and we are her profitable. Oh and lastly, locating lasting of: U S did enjoy the call. I'm looking here at some of her other works that you can check out. You could check out, or article called the fat, bald cat, that's becoming an icon, and let's see here another one, a thirteen year old girl taking bull writing by storm, although it really riveting severally groundbreaking. This author just really know it's God. This is really good, and I know a love. Traffic is probably be driven to the article and we just want to put out a disclaimer that the author pokes fun of quote people in wheelchairs and we as much as were joking about how like weeds,
like me agree with things in the article that she says we just want to put it out there that, like we do not joke about disabilities or people does elderly whatever it is, so just wanted to put that out there and make sure the guy to use clear where we stand on that point Lane Saint roman swipes, you want to fuck her pussy for so long, but you're a little bitch and you splooge fast, not with romance wipes. His ass hole is tighter than you were plan. Nine? And you cannot help yourself a rocket launch into that asshole, but now with roman swipes you're gonna last as long as you fucking want, you guys. Romans, wives are clinically proven their effective, easy to use an fast acting and they don't require prescription there. Also. Little discreet, unmarked packaging so like if any one sees that their document even know. What's in your pocket, your fine, you can be creepy. So if you have
interested. You know the deal you gonna go to get roman dotcom, slash, daddy, you're and get your first month of swipes, whose five bucks, when you choose a monthly plan, used the link, get roman dot com, slash daddy, that pursued sixty nine. It is absolute. Sixty nine there is a sex physician named after sixty nine or sixty nine was doomed after those eggs with vision. I've got homes favoured programme were so sixty nine when a man is lying on his back. Traditionally, the traditional six nine man on back woman on top of him facing the opposite direction head to penis and then his head to her vagina and then they proceed to perform oral sex and the girl is typically a plank like position wasting herself
hoisting. The thing is: is it at all? I'm like tripping over my words be his eyes fat hate egg scene. I want us to talk about it. You all want is to gather your giggling eyes, whispering curies episode. Sixty nine This is so keen eyes are the ones in geometry. We're Europe's future. Is writing the number sixty nine on the school board? You guys look a little ha ha. I do a little deeper job with your elbow to your class me and he agreed TAT little giggle and then you get detention, yeah and the teacher and character. Does he asked the note saying: hey Becky, you honest, sixty nine, later Knock it off, knock it every time you pass buck and exit six. Everything will giggle, laugh, laugh and we're fucking done. Sixty nine is the most over raided Yeah ridiculous Lee over.
Presented as sex talking about more than a lot of options. I dont know why and we fucking hate it. People rise hello, let's exley why does my whether people that adore sixteen to Her- and I don't want them to understand where I'm coming- ok, yeah, like a little like you guys, can like sympathise with the iron number one when I am receiving oral sex. I really like to kick back relax and enjoy the shot. I want to focus on how my vagina feel and I dont want to focus on a hoisting. Myself least, please be giving him a blow job and making sure its grey. You ain't no bed and see I dont really. To have my vagina flaps dangling in mid air, and ass in
How to download dog yeah I am so happy you brought that up to here. You know. Naturally, I'm gonna agree. We are you guys, I shot. I don't agree. I'm gonna go as far as to say that I think that in sixty nine and people really trying to understand what I'm coming from Europe may sound a little weird. Everyone always talks about how like you're. So connected in sixty nine, like your both getting yours and like you're, like into line in the bodies like yeah, I actually dont think there's a position I, more disconnected from my partner than in sixty nine, because when I am all the way down south and he's up at the North pole with high pussy nowadays and I'm trying to get down on that long and I'm fur is like the grade a performer I tried to always be. I can not give this
This Worley twirly gum driving luck, nine thousand! It had only to focus on my fucking clay, its kind disrespectful to the Gluck lack end. Just any job is one time on topics with you. One time I was in a moving, be a call, and I approve of made by our life when I was in a movie Peter and I cant open ground than I've? Never done now. Do you know I didn't you should in. I was at a moving, be a call, and I gave this guy road had ok, any swerved off the Rony, a mailbox. A ledge and I'm not trying to act like I'm good at giving blowjobs cod knows. I have not asked one extra bye
what I'm saying is the man gets so like an cops ips related in up sold in the movement of my tongue. Ok, that's the guy gets tunnel vision, okay and he's focusing on getting that none he's about to pass out from ecstasy from this blow job. Ok, so at that point like, I'm doing my job right. He accidentally bit. You all right xo. You know I do I use during all my big guy not easily, and so there is no point in having their safety hard for. It is, I think, the whole thing itself and I do think that, with regard to call her daddy, there are so many better fucking put right and that I can get my pussy and then I can suck his dick in. I bottom line that I do have a couple on that. I know they're my friends and they actually love sixty nine,
when they talk about it with me all the time, because I'm a fucking asking that employ thy eyes. I thank you They know it I know, but so on, but they were telling me they'd do it, but they love it because they do it reverse, so they do reverse sixty nine, which is where the guys on top they said, because the guys on top he goes down any kind of like wraps his head down and under and so hit the first thing that his mouth is. Come in contact with is the click it at the time and then his fingers can go in your position, whereas in normal sixty nine his mouth is outlawed your whole you're vagina. Also, it is so he's hitting the policy from a different angle and I guess tat her mirror access to the clitoris. Also, I owe is what are the chances that you and your man are gonna, have the exam height. Did you re thy takes to do this, examined the read them and the river yeah. Well, I also do think it is
I also do duping Barton reverse sixty nine. They were saying that it you. It takes you being like a bit comfortable at the person, because the guy on top, like his ass, is now up. Like by end its dingley decay, When I go easy, some guys knocking down you, I'm just not being comfortable. Whenever I reached out to a man, though, is like gypsum male perspective, and he said that he actually like say if you, both you are doing it on, side. So little girls had is resting on the guy's thigh re well, she's thugs, his deck rather like she's, pretty large, am between us. I should like using the guys This is a neck pillar. Like one of your support, I am more yes, yes, yes, so and then she has her leg over his head, which I feel like that. Sixty nine is alive, even more intimate.
Kind of like really entertaining around the Jenin holding the asshole. So the asshole the best position. The nose is in closer corridors to be ass home. The rectum has so My ex told me the story. This is also probably why I'm fucking hate sixty nine ok is He had a serious phobia of feces. Ok like he had to do these things called poop shower, where's Shau Amy. He could not go numbered, who, without like washing his body in a shower we would be out of party, but we would be at a party
if he had known only women, he would get in that person's Charlotte, use their talent and then put his clothes back. Allow so he's Elio, so guys were really hitting the hard facts here. This huge phobia guy and he was doing sixty nine with one of his ex girlfriend yeah, and he said that smell, really bad that it real girl had not wiped early and he was like big. As of this. Sixty nine position like I was able to smell be ass. Crack asshole, like way more than I want to haul in you know batches like just make sure to why you just fucking wages. Why wipe, I think, that's point the Yale thinks I actually think the. If you're comfortable this length sideways. Is that why you just brought it may be good. I think goes sigh, ways on your side
add to reverse and then to normal. Oh ok, because I can standing up about bad about vats. Bitches your hands to hear, hear she. Actually my favorite position. I will not hold you yeah. We ban could be hard to do. He does a handsome. He gets up on the wall. The dick is protruding from the wall. You take your place go towards, and then he robs his head upwards and LAD hunter good and that that could work and then blood Russia's too in his head envy, as I wouldn't worry, has them. The blood has rushed through had a new programme passer by we could be one of the best ways to do it: hands down to the nine sixty nine ninety six, whatever you're into a big. All I want to be on her.
Maybe even yoga fucking bitch. I hate that bitch out you walk through the bathroom. You grab a squatty potty you step on that cuz. I was going to say what, if what, if porthos all right, got a little thing to put your hands upon Jack at a couple more in his eye. You fleeing love the wall. What proceeds to fucking shut his dick in Europe. That's kind of scary. What about here- and this is the last hypothetical he has a poor a bar in his daughter. Yes, you put your legs on le barking upside down. Like your kid on the monkey bars at school, absolutely and I'll. Do it that way?
Oh okay, okay, okay! This is very good, and this is very good stuff that I paid the bed and suck your dick and then we'll be good if you're going to hook up with a guy, at least when you're out of high school and it's when you're older, if you're going to hook up with a guy for first time and he tries to ask to do sixty nine. He is an inexperienced little bitch boy. I was him he's ever had sex, but I could not agree more with you and the thing is, I think, the reason we're saying that arises because it's not like four people about our as experienced in sacks. They think that sixty nine is war, yet like a cordon quote freak position when really, if you listen to fucking, call her daddy, you we ve, given you are so many better fucking positions at each of you can enjoy totally way better than sixteen. I know I'm
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or styling p is automatically applied towards anything. You keep from your box right now, get started at stitch, fix dot com, slash daddy and get an extra twenty five percent off. When you keep everything in your box at stitch, fix dot com, slash daddy, everybody listen up because a few weeks ago I was on the phone with my friend for hours, trying to give her advice, and usually I feel like I'm pretty good at that? You know I've kind of you to my job to live. Your life is really not enough if nobody or giving your front advice- and I really was at a loss for words like I do not have an answer for her eyes. She called me freaking out because she caught her boyfriend, sending a facebook message to a girl, a hot girl
I did it matter is, but I really like a matter. It was an attractive girl, saying, happy birthday, beautiful and the question isn't. Should my friend be upset with her boyfriend because of course absolutely she should be fury arbiter. Yeah, that's not! Ok. The question that my friend was asking me was: do I need to break up with him over this leg? Was it so bad? What he
did that she should end there three year relationship, even the other four outrider. So basically, what you're bringing up is there on call her daddy? We talk about full blown cheating on this show, and this is kind of one example of this grey area where your partner doesn't full blown. She on you guys. You gave the example of like Facebook message guys this could be a dm or he t say someone or you keep finding him sending the same. Girls screw like a screenshot, deploying Grannie sends to all his friends all the time. Yes, who is this or liking this specific girls actors, every we, and so it's kind of hard, because it's like holy fuck he's not full blown cheating, but this is shady behaviour and at what point is it worth ending a relation yeah over and then what point will you put up with it and just get mad about an exact
So I was trying to figure it out with my friend, and I think that this is really what it comes down to and what I ended up telling her. How is it you find something like this? Yes, like be happy birthday, beautiful message, SAM Pieces, you are now allowed to go through. All of this man's share ya totally go through the phone through the email me I'd paddle through the Mai, fitness power, then mow the apple wall. I forensic, yellow You thought higher private investigator, like not hide. I anti go through our episodes, take out and then go to your boyfriend share and act accordingly. Yes, because at this point your allow dear you found something shady now, it's time you see, is there anything else? And if you do that and if you,
find some share there. You go. There's your answer break up with them and I think, if you don't find anything is like a one off it looks right. Then I think you can let it go. I agree, but if it happens again, then I think you need to question the relations I was gonna. Do anything if you find something really shady like this girl did and if she had never found anything before you bring it up to your boyfriend and you let him know that this is not ok. This is not something that's gonna fly and then, if it happens again, it's over, it is, is worth adding a three year relationship over, I meant to say at face value. No, because he's not full blown, cheating he's been shady and then, like. We just said: that's where you start investigating eye and then what you find we invest, nation will tell you if you're able to move forward the isolation chap on the flip side, guys are going to do a little one in the illegal or switch rule. One eighty call her daddy style, and now
We're gonna help out the people that are being shady yes and K. Have I been cart red handed? Absolutely! Yes, if you are the person that got caught being a facebook message you deem nigh ill. You die, I dont understand white and everyone doesn't have this tattooed on their foreheads. By now, deny till we die foe? Yes, because once again its incriminating its inappropriate, what you do, it's not prove its, not fully penis in vagina. You know she has a facebook message and you are going to look this bitch and you are going to tell her she's crazy, Sophia you're. So are you guys, like your slight this co, and you too, you make her feel so Zalm, forgetting in your face over a facebook mandate. This hurt is me: I'd like
and be giving, but I dialed is headed by you, but I do it. We will work, it does work deny to indict all she has she's fishing she's. Looking at you with this, her poor puppy dog, I send you think. How could you do me right? How could I wish your girl happy birthday. I don't fucking now get out of my face and you gaslight her. However, if you get caught- and she has all of this door on you- and you know, she swung open the door and you were balls deep, her more than a cat gas why'd, you guys, I read your who you could ever sleep walking his dream, who not carouse? Oh no. She catches you ball deep, you, can't use the guy that you have. No, you have nowhere to tee and you need to like beg for? Forgive me, gotta drop down to your knee and you gotta saw
Rob cries out. I because aids- and I know it's confusing, but you gotta just read the situation. Does she have full blown roof? Oh no. Ok lie if she has foolproof- oh my god, I'm so sorry baby. I love you so much I'll. Do anything to get you back. They made a mistake. I love you. I love you and you drop down and you fucked, Ryan and punishment needs to fit the crime. So if it's a facebook message, the reason you gaslight her is cause. If she finds a facebook message, and you start crying like a little bit and it's like you, then she's gonna be like ok, there's something else yeah here, yes and then you're like really giving yourself you're a yes, yes, you're playing your cards and unity. We often have to jump me a fucking pussy lesson to us. Tat stabs know how to act, and then, when it is time to cry you gotta be man enough to do it, and sometimes, when men cry
It gets me: men, men, crying, ass, a whole. This is yes, Europe. It is like a natural wonder of the old when a man is actually from the bottom of his heart genuinely arise and crying. Why Paul realise is that Alex is about to walk out of his life because he just got caught. Pudding is wiener where it should be Paul is not Try to Gaslight hollows caught Paul is going to break down crying and you all know if he's genuine or not, because when you see a jet you Emily cry. There's nothing else. There is nothing like seeing a grown man, bucking cry and Nina and me
and I'm sorry if it comes up and sensitive, but it is one of the most and attaining fucking things? I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It is like, you see right before your eyes pen like years in, years of being told like you are a boy and boys don't cry, and it's like yours, All of that and rob arise and just like Niagara falls ally of the IRA. There was about the sexting and then pull my heart. I have it cried about. My thirty, like my Father part, grown Jennifer. My mom never came from five graduation and you see this matter and most of the time these men will fall to the ground may always be lose all motor oil or on the ground a lot of times for it's like they lose their ignoring reality on the ground. They most of the time
I kind of reach for some part of your limbs may like to hear your party and you're like I'm, not even going I'm just doing different, we stop and he's bawling and sobbing, and he can't take it and it is. It is it's so sad tool because sad put it so satisfying anyway, how many times how fucked up to when they do? is to day squint and they closed their eyes. And have you tell me you haven't not like the kind of hard to laugh like weekly, laugh and I will put my hand over my mouth and its because I'm laughing, but I'm pretending like I'm like actually like lies in your fine good, its jarring and we love we lag. When they have really fucked yeah like guys crying about fucking thing, is dog nor not live inclining to meet Jack jotted on me, and then it falls to the ground and he's like sir being in his eye,
I love you may play back, do that don't open, don't stop. You know, capabilities and then you're, and then he like kind of fall to the ground and he's on there and he's doing like the child's pose an you laugh quickly in any looks up and then you get all serious again. It's been Bibbs, how're dynamic is never more than in not moment is it's like I'm gonna fucking curb stand by you take your knee and now I'm in the head, and it's so sad because you can't help put kind of feel bad them. Like I said, because when a girl prizes, like oh she's, crying gap because the man he lose. Is the motor scale here lose his is equilibria labour not fall to the ground and he's a mess any care he can't get ashore to after almost like a year. You kind of I think it was really like. No for reality, are you
and then there's a point where you're kind like ok, really it's gonna, be fine wanna, almost forgive them fucking shut up. Yet again, I missed about men crying. Who would go we're going all I feel I can, but the thing about men crying is also- and this is so mean, but, like you said, if he's crying over something that actually- human, like I am not going to be an asshole and have no soul. If he's crying over someone dying or something happened, hers, but if he hurt me and he's trying it also is the worst thing also when they do it, because not only did they hurt you another crying, it is the most unattractive time. When watching him be such a fucking pussy because name backed up I'm like, why are you rise so much because peace? Bull, say like girls, ugly cry o b the man crying,
the areas like their fate, like I dont even thought. They know how to include all like muscle in their ban. Everything goes limply balls in the air of theirs enters. There's always on tell me you don't always did the spit like the slob coming, our is nigh. Air is up. There is so much now there is a disaster and really is so on how I could keep I, so I mean I, I know one come out. Those were making fun of men cry because I'm sorry you're talking about when men cry because they fucked your sisters. Ok, that is
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Let's do questions of the week CALL Alex, is taking a break from Cole. I can't do it I'm going to fuck it up. I'm just sounds so stupid to taking a break from doing questions of the week cuz. You was getting a little bit of hate. Someone slid. The d I'm and they were please knock at the bus. Sophia talk called all the people, but don't like that, I do it silent sufferers day, and I got message from a girl saying: hey, I just want you know I'm one of the site, sufferers and we stand together and there is a group of I'm like an eye fast forward, all the time through air. So I just want to let you guys thrill in taking a little Billy. You know why I want to let them all feel, but why, when I don't do it, there are like think of all the world like like ungrateful bitches there like I like. Take that? U S in there that you like that
questions of the weak ya. You miss the passions of the weak and that's that here we go and K guys help me. Unfortunately, I haven't been fucking Anyone other than my sugar daddy for the past couple of months and I went and got tested and found out. I a but disgusting. I know my sugar daddy gave it to me, but I am unsure how I should approach him with best Father how do I spend this in the best most beneficial way. To myself possible. How should I ad hoc- oh if this girl, without a doubt, knows that the sugar daddy gave her gonorrhea mother, fucking, Ching Chong Change achieved because the Is we ve told girls like, even if you don't know for sure, like I tell them all
men with money or not going to put up with that bulshit a lot of them get tested, frequently yeah and I mean if she knows for sure that he gave it to her. This is when you pull out Meryl Streep level perform since an you make this guy feel like absolute dogs, bring the tears and you are going to make him feel like a month, I am going to Tom the way he can make up, for it is a genetic about up working, a birchen, hope Jesus. The gonorrhea is based silver lining. You know it is. As the agreed fuck and I'm fog early, really gray and in origin com. It is, they are turning for you to capitalize on, and cash at the biggest president from the sugar daddy, you could have ever receive yeah wow, that's a great city
I too, have eager hooking up another girls, why wouldn't use protection and I'm so her yeah? I note this relationship is, but I didn't sign up for their own, but I did sign up for that notion. Now. Ok, fathers. I was talking in the sky for the past five months and we really hit it off. He would all the right things and I started falling for him. He picked me up from the airport and would do little things for me that in the moment I thought I needed last weekend. No, I got off work around, two thirty a m and he came over. We were hanging, and having a great time and suddenly he became angry and include me of stealing his money. He took my wallet, which had a hundred dollars for red, slash, working the two nights before and left my apartment en bloc. To me on everything over the next day I found out, he has a girlfriend, was being
played labourers who, without you, We are pleased about. You almost owed wine and take out a no pad, and you need to go. A very full court call her daddy again because you are not listening to the show. Ok, it's way behind the leg, When someone, you know, leaves the room to use the rash women. You quickly, pull the growl, shouted the wall a right to like stick out and nowhere else the seriously be like? Did you all my money and then you take her wall. Luck, the money now rather than and then leave the house with a kind of like kind of want to hang out with this guy, like one how odd, because it how normal it sounds like the way he did it. It's almost like this is something he died and then he goes home to his girlfriend is ok. I just made a hundred for us one hundred this poor girls rating on the couch to further. She like did I get played
could play Alex if you are into like a guy and he pulled this shit. I know I think, like even you would be so sure yeah like taken aback you probably let him just watch out the door, the money actually so fucking amazing, because that is an example of a crazy guy. Here is what I'm so sorry girl, you did get played tangier. Why and then he stole from you and has a girl for how did you find out? He is a girlfriend or he played you played you. He said from you, and he heard the curl gotta differ waterway, fire that, oh, my god, ok, this is kind of sad. Oh boy want European, ok, this girl! This is from a guy. This girl, I'm seeing never works out
when she was in high school. She did track and cheer and she was in fantastic shape. However, she is slowly getting more out of shape. The most unattractive part is that she always brags about how much food she can eat and how much she eats. She wants to be official, but are not about it solely because she slowly getting more and more out of shape. How do I get mincer d, write and start working out again without any like an asshole by the way she's, not fat by any means yet, but she slowly getting soft all right. All right there is in our sugar. Women are like fuck him all right. This is the thing he does not really like. Ok, he doesn't like her, however,
I'm gonna be on level not at, and I know I know everyone's gonna hate me for doing. Ok, because it worse with both sides, there is something we ve had people write, em, there's something about when a going further when you're in a relationship and someone left solves, go yeah. It is not fair, your partner, that's not what they signed up for. I know it sounds fucked up like I'm sorry, you gained two hundred pounds in they met you before or like lose so much. We and that's not like it's it. Has not how they met you and liking. It is kind of a mind fuck for this guy. I understand a little bit. He sang she was an awfully and now she's just constantly eating and she bragging about how much she can eat, but he's watching her physically and like she's, just gaining allowed away.
I'm sorry, but I kind of understand why he's like I'm a little freaked out, because some men, I've dated, are extremely attracted to women that just take care of themselves. You don't have to be the most in shape person. But if you are just constantly bragging about how much you can and all that shit, can you can take out airy injures in hell that clarification right fly, why I, as you like get me the Fucking Chickens Bucky from Kiev, see? Why is this jail? Goddamn looked like it is. However, no you could say like babe likes you This crazy kick him back, fucking RO, I know, but you could bring up like her old cheerleading Is there something- and I know it is kind of do she, but you could go,
Oh I'd, like you listed it, look at that body on you and look at that honour. Oh it's! You know, but you're like a like. Do you miss cheerleading, Dumas playing sports and, like girls, just In my men are disgusting and their visually looking out you in their fuckin calling a soft, so this is really short and sweet and it's more of a public service announcement. High daddy's big fan. Can we please tell guys just stop with the masturbating videos while sitting on the toilet like I can't enjoy your dig, because I can only think about the huge shit you took four hours ago. Never gotten wooes I've gotten a guy jacking off into toilet, but I've never gotten him sitting. I have any, thereby For some reason I could see the meeting hurrying and men know now dogma, they need to be either lying in bed
Yom standing in front of a mirror ya or standing somewhere that you and then could our king often ya hand your leg into the sand growing into a soccer, Ligon, Toyota, Asia. I see my saying, I think thought man you to put yourself in obsession men bitch if the toilet is in the background rocky nude you squatting, we know you don't sit up. We know you only set to shit. It's all just now but like horror, genitally that's what we're thinking about where I see that you are jacking outbreak. Also he just so. He just took a shit he's into blood kins yeah men such as double, ok, I have another thing: that's kind of like a little people develop. This girl wrote in and sometimes I think, the questions we guy. I just I don't know. If I'm, if we are on a different planet, we probably are
Can you guys please in all caps talk about how you in Sofia where baseball hats, you in Sofia always looks so Q and your ears are always covered and they don't stick out. How do you do it? It might be a dumb question, but it's always eluded me and my ears, don't even stick out regularly, but they just seem to, and I were hot help no, no, she meant to say eluded, but so she is asking how we were how we were base ball. I use put mine on. I don't know we just put them on and we put our hair down. Even if we were just give you three, the hot on the dull mania, and yet God, that's really not bad and that's the truth Gosh you guys areas owes you guzzlers of calm. You come fucking, sadly, jammed story.
Are still shadow beyond on Instagram, which means you guys need to go. Follow our personal accounts. If call her daddy ever gets shut down. How are you gonna find us? You go to our fucking stick around you go to so feel with enough and frankly, why you gotTa Alexander Cooper with a quality with you are someone that they got confused. Last week's Herman Authority or longer hurry it's an alien to see and its and asked and up to now are we
Have you got to go far and if you don't you know, then maybe we're not and where we want to day will disappear player. Good luck, guys! We love you so much. If you could. I know we say every fucking weak, but you know you can leave multiple. If you can just quickly pick up your phone leave a rating and a review, it really fucking helps us every day, and this is actually not a joke anymore. We are constantly having people try to shouted down. So when you leave ratings and reviews are actually helps us law yeah. So that's why we're saying you know just any view just kind of like copy. Is the link to like a couple of hours ago, like descended on yeah kind of how then do a couple? There's the leaders in the universe, training, get, colored eight ignoble non repressed
PS and we will prevail. We love you guys. We will see you every fucking Wednesday. We will be back with more fucking bad guys.
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