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7 - Sliding into the DMs - It’s Time to Get Laid Boys

2018-10-24 | 🔗

Alex and Sofia give men the ultimate guide to DM success and break down the do's and don'ts of their social media habits. They elaborate on dirty talk in the bedroom, and why girls with hair extension are an easy f**k

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Daddy, daddy, call daddy all right. It is our hope. Her thoughts wholly here its October twenty. Fourth, without a river, while, ok well, we ve been black out the entire mother of October, because taking on this job it's ok, I can be sober. I thought I was of temper of unduly as development. I you it's almost hollow wean bitches. If you guys are looking for a costumer last minute, cots doom I'll be little. Narcissistic ends a Gulf war. Billy Sophia, overhaul. We thought would actually be the easiest causing this. All you have to do is drawn. A long blonde, wig and then medium hair, brown, wig and dressed like a tourist latin boom. There you go Alex back out of again. I love that. So, what's up
We want it is Alex in Sofia back at it again for another episode of call her daddy, you are just joining us, and this is your first episode. Will your listening to the wrong fucking episode go start episode, one every one else, hello its episode set in why don't we get my higher, actually Noirtier, literally black out, so we want It was held out to all the girls with that bomb. Voodoo clam high lady at all those guys pulling GDR is left and right for those of you who don't know a GDR is a good Dick review, maybe even irate dig review. I have faith in you guys. Dude no dirty that advocate it. Like we read our dams fertile. We want you guys know. We read everything. We ve no law. So we read everything you guys are savages like you guys are taking it up a notch. You are telling us you're on your way to fuck your acts and given the Gluck lock and then, you ever hear being like I've got to go Judar. Mean bird on this bitches clay. We're like an unbelievable, loving the spirit loving.
You guys are living here and you're feeling it and not put this whole podcast. Isabel live love, love! So thank you must talk about our weaken because we always you little rican. We without investment. We always do weaken recap. So this has begun Sofia and I went to a pretty upscale branch. This past, I were so very upscale, guys we're starting to make money, so we can treat ourselves on this, yet we gotta this upscale branch. It was on the Upper EAST side. If you guys don't live in New York City at the Upper EAST side is exactly what you ve heard. It is its gossip girl, it's boogie as fuck in Sofia, and I go to this branch and we sit down. There's, like eight women sitting, to us there, all whilst be they got their Chanel designer should on no drinking their billina there eating their max? ruins they ve got tea time in their talking about their fuckin book club. Meanwhile, Sofia and I are talking about today- Can we allow happy Sunday, just your normal
called daddy outing. I mean I remember we are talking about who is completely inappropriate. We were sitting there were their mama says we choose sips, maybe and the hostess walks over to us and says we just had a table open up for you. Please follow me here and we're going to take you that way, no mind you soviet. I really just sat down. We were, we were sitting at our designated table. We have you no radio, we like getting right or the appetizer right. So then something came over me rose like oh, my god. Do they recognize us as the call her Daddy girl thing, raiders, second, is our podcast like actually taking are blowing I mean are we Loki do they think were kind of famous what's happening. I like Alex Buckler Baby, we're going to the bay.
How do you all? I got your bid? You thought listen up guys because we were sadly mistaken. We are. We are escorted over to what would probably considered. As the dungeon table, and when I tell you guys, we literally are sitting we might as well have been in the Fuckin men's bathroom, because we are studying so fucking close every time. The doors we open. I am getting male, every guy came out after he takes a massive dumb. I like her oh now at all at my head is doing this, but I adore this table with in, like the farthest corner, it was covered in cobwebs, the crew keeper live there. It was so dearly. I couldn't even read the man you MIKE. What are we doing here? We're going to happen and all we knew it was because the stupid Ass Ladys next to us had complained
and you know why to vat. I say Ladys. I will be fucking your husband later, I want to come, hi hi Alex and I will both be giving your husband the black like later. Imagine our neighbour, better God, damn do out to give the Gluck luck to your husband. We will weigh yeah, I didn't think so. I mean I'm. Let's talk about the M, we have guy in so many questions, guys asking as what is the best way to GM girl. What is proper etiquette redeeming girls Iris was a news. Flash dams work like Loki. I think people sometimes doubt the m. I have dated multiple guy
right. I have first slid into idea. That is, oh, that's a little side over here the wound and give you also not to get soppy with it. But all I can say is everyone out there that isn't shooting their shot because they're afraid they are going to get rejected, left and right or they're gonna get left unseen fuck. That dude gives a shit guys go for you to have nothing to lose nothing. I mean think about approaching a girl in person that scary getting rejected when you're in person that scary. If I was a dude, I always tempting Judea like it was my job, which is usually like Irene when I'm on Sunday and then a reason why you're just you're on a farm who gives a fuck. So let's talk about ok, Sophia in Ireland talking about this there's a couple things that we want a give guys are a little bit of insight in here. Ok walking guys do the first thing that is imperative for them to possibly get answered. If they send DM go first thing is
your profile profile be waiting in seconds of you. Sending the dm the first thing, she's gonna do is go and look at your profile. That's the! Firstly, I think about yourself. When a guy's lighting into a guy. I'm she's like. Let me see what these girls are intensely like. Will the girls are the same fuckin thing right, though Heller? having shared, I serial killer, ecstatic! Absolutely! Ok, your profile, XO, we're gonna, give you guys deducing. Don't profiles really quick? Yes, my number one thing do not pose a picture of your fucking. I don't want to see your Mazda or I don't wanna hear even if it's a goddamn the Roddy. Now I do not want to see what kind of car you have to leave it up to my imagination. When you pick me up on the first day, mother Fucker Alex the picture with big guy.
Like lean on the Junta, is Bmw. I'm like die, I'm deceased, I add, get the fuck out of my face. I propose that I'm getting out of there, I don't want to see is the worst form of afflicted eyes. No one gives a shit. What kind of car you own? I dont, really not an object that you own. Ok, your hats, your shoe grow lack o, even if the real relax again ignored here know that all the water can get the fuck out of my I know by here's what we're talking about how you're just saying you know guy sitting on his car. Let me just tell you guys male photo shoot unless you are a God, damn I'm g model. I do not want to see you posting solo. Shots on Instagram. It is not. You do you're not doing an ad for fashion over like. I know there are thoughts on interim, but that is where US thoughts live and we breathe and we'd make money. Maybe there is just a fact: girls can do certain things on its gun that guy's absolutely
Have no business doing do not arise that are posting so low shouts of themselves and are having their friend or who are so? You can take these picture even a cell fee from a guy. Ok is yes, you know them that's how you guys, if you're like war, I don't know I'm telling you re, not totally every single cell or shot, because when I tell you Sophia was sleeping with this guy and we thought he was kind of cool I will never forget. There was a mornings who fear and I both woke up and we woke up to seeing that he threw up a goddamn solo shot. We both DM two, each other one point yeah horny and we walk out and you literally verbatim said, I will never sleep with that man and I think you could get in this picture made it so clear to me that this guy will never be entering me again, I've ever so, but the solely on railway. Next, let's talk about the fish is ok, ok, fucking, knock it off with the pictures of the fish caught. Ok, I'm done pick one euro we're gonna.
You two posts? One very vaguely surveys you ever fuckin guy is this and if you really feel the need to have all of them, put it in your little fishy album and take it to bed with you. Ok give it your grandmother. Give us your family affairs dying, get a fish tat, all right, all right. Ok moving on so there's a lot. Ok, we're sitting on guys! Listen! There are things you can do. That can be positive when first, I want to say- and this is something we both agree on- if you guys are posing pictures with,
friends with family, showing you have a goddamn motherfucking social life, throw that shit up. Ok, that shows one. Let me tell you: girls look to stock you what it's like a car, you hot or you cool, argued whatever, but when they also go to your profile there looking to see, if you have friends yeah, their friends can also hang with. So whenever I go unlike us, if the allegory, shocking, doozy, hot and then you'll get look how hot his friends are. Unlike, ok, damn, like blankets, glad dazzling, girls naturally think about so guys. If you can post cools cool pictures with your friends when you're out when you're, whatever you're doing gas pictures. Also do not please throw up every picture of you guys at a fucking frat party with alcohol out your tag with your fucking bud, light right where we don't want to be like, oh well, my future husband who will be in prison. I know, we're gonna hear based in that he was now Galiano, quick, so those are there. No dollar was hung about the wardrobe
we were so listen. We do some research. Sometimes we restocking on Instagram and some guys have no fucking idea, no clue, and not just because, like Dude Irey told you I swear to God, my brother would not be debating the girl that he's dating right now. Had it not been rang, helping him out and re up to where I think the number one thing with their wardrobe is get a pair of well fitted G yeah. That's a huge get him in every color and rock, and will you know it's over? Can we talk about my pants naught to foot new air base? Catchy Pat Cox like a catchy short Europeans leave me and my family alone, let I gotta be yet aware, as cocky pans, knock it off, knocking off, person right now you own cocky pants or I don't know the burn them. I don't other into because you had a high school dress code. I well I don't whatever private, we're going to Asian and been going there there me about because
Ok, loafers done knock it get out of my feet. High top Jordan knock it off, knock it off. That's! Ok! I dont Jordan, that a bar with can't keep cancer and I want to die. I want to die for the stock is putting on high tug Georgians and catchy pan. There is clearly someone got there, no away those horrible get yourself a nice per genes, and I think if I was ok, listen, I'm not gonna shit, I'm people that we're button downs because I know people in the south are way more premier. I personally think itself a king hot where, when a guy where's, like I've, been acting mean real or if he throws on like a casual like long sleep, putty tat are like a crew neck, please, I don't give a casual the by India, especially in like a bar, studying no I'm like realizing Alex girls in guys guys to almost worry about their profile more than girls, because all guys care about is how hot Is that so everything even the girl has no picture with friends. Does modern automatically be a serial killer. Only pictures of resolve matters ray we're ready to go. You could be wearing the most hideous,
but I not heard anyone matter does actually reposed a picture of her back in car. She's been driving in high school ass. A broken window does matter you're right, so guys actually struggling with your outfit when you're going out to large you're going to get what I do with my brother Dm Sophia. I ask pictures about two where our probably answer you, because we ve nothing else to do there alone. Hopefully that gives you a little bit it inside of what you're should be wearing. Ok, let's go to say when you say I think than number one. No, no is saying hi do Do you not I'll? Let you like high. No, a blue, fuck and check mark. The high will never work and lets you I've. None of us have a check, Morgan, I got on airlines, are I like people will say hi or the worst one that I think it's so obvious. I can see to it when they're like on
I need you. I need to ask you a question. Obviously all you need to do is accept your dm and you'll. Have a question you're trying to click beat me. I knew I click pages motherfuckers that I'm not responding to Alexander good biology. I'm ok! Let me also tell you guys: sexual sexual tat sexual comes with time, do not first dm them a sexual dm yet eyes. This is what you need to do. The humor is It's out without horny agree and I'm more of a sucker for than most girls like I've Alex thinks she's like what is wrong with you in the ample because this happened. We not that longer, and I want to give a shout out to my friend Phil. I will be taxing you soon, this guy sending this dm and ends with you know what I've got the bill you got fill because isn't even I can t veld, that's kind of outrage, but at the same time I hate it.
That's problem, but I do hope you might just google it like what did the guy do so without into Soviet damned about the beaver? Oh here's another, and then I was brilliant. He said girl. Are you a beaver? we'll leg. No I mean like is down. Somewhere. You realize the pig outlines lines you think are the most enduring literally you'd, like a beaver. Damn I Why you're fucking thing I'm telling you that you can develop you, Jackie, ok! No! I agree that the humor I had a guy's lighted and once and it was like a it- was like a big Melissa, Mccarthy coming down the slide and he likes sets an while our sliding its job is always going. What can I say, I personally think of all the dams I've ever gone. I think the most effective way to dm a girl is responding to one of her stories.
Oh yeah like that is the way to do ass. Its way, it's just makes it less creepy automatic last, maybe but also more personal, because writer you're having to respond to something that is obviously doing with her life, and then you make it funny. Yes and your acknowledging something that she found like in prisoners. I she found running. It's almost like your agreeing with the absolutely yeah. So I'm sorry, this action wasn't as crazy, but I think we have to address the ads Well, yes, I've used. It is real life I've. I have guided multiple people Vienne visit in Meda. Alright, let's talk about hair extensions of you and I both can agree if you're fucking around with a girl, Herrick sentence, you are guaranteed. Probably too. Fucked waste faster to if you're, not fucking, with similar Herod and go, not further reasons. You think not, for the reasons you think, ok, who first of all of us,
I knew every like the minute. We said Harris engines. Every guy was like oh no fuck this about about it or even then they have heard. You say that you will end of last year's unevenly our solar loki. This section is literally for you guys have. You are down with the hair extensions girl our I rose, we ve all been there. You do not want a guy to reach into your hair and failure. Tracks, you'll literally anything to avoid him feeling you're extensions? You will end up forcing Two finger yeah before he touches you're. Damn weave, okay, let us explain agreed right. Let me paint the scene painting. You are back at this guy's house. U S are making out. Things are getting high heavy and he goes to put his fingers. Do your hair and what you are. I am you know goddamn well, but you have a nasty ratchet ass situation back there. You have some extensions, forget s. Ok and you do not want this guy feeling what could type a weasel you got living
the back here to have you re at the very moment your fight or flight respond. Kick the thought in and at the very moment you literally will redirect yeah yeah anywhere by reported I'll. Do you know how many times I grabbed the guys had em literally inserted a inside my pants and onto my vagina, because for fear that he would feel my name. I have pushed him down the bridle and somehow my face. Is that a zipper and about the gives great bucking gluck, like take them like now. Today. Are you going to find out that I've got to leave in mind, and I know he sounds like oh, but I need girl to be honest and tells we're not psycho. Damn true, my god. It's like the funny thing about it is that guys are so shocked because There is not meant to be any like sexual advances at no point here is literally all of a sudden. You could be on your first day like guys, have to understand. There is no time line for It doesn't matter with our first date. You will be entering me
If you mean tat, you were possible defined I've. We ve under no your finger out before you touch my now, and that is what it is because I know sometimes, let's just I've I've seen their faith. They can be shocked it like Without ready for that, but at the end of the day we are also show I dare shocked, I shot. I'm like. I wasn't plan on getting fingered at one thirty this afternoon. Here we are at it. After our coffee data, you went to you know you have to go. You enter run your fingers through my hair and I had no other choice but to get bigger. Fucked. Ok, oh that's a quick eye for guys if you ever gonna get the third basing the girl, no no lower transit, guys, don't just don't over the Hare New Sophia Milk, we gotta by both sides, guys if you have any inclination that these brotherhood has tracks any type of Harris engines. You go for them because two seconds later, your fingers,
in writing. We get our baby, let's go baino. Let me get this straight out. Word: tying men died. You are talking to grow, the hearings engines, two tribes field. I've seen as you will have to really ranger a hand inside of her vagina. We ought to be, we got it. We got support both sides girl. Do what you gotta do guys do reach you gotta do also I want to thank God we one of the guys I data for almost two years, and I he'd never know I gotta engine. I know that is the easy is binding and I dont know I go a clip ends in you. Wear them occasionally the gallant wear them to avenge. I would fucking whip I'd like Ben I gotta pee. I would with that shit out of my sculpture, shove it in my purse. Shove it in my pants thrown in jail. I guess you know. Even more advice is, if you don't want to get fingered on your first day. Just use clippin because your purse and avoid the whole fingering
three, that you don't have to get fingernails school, do unless you're trying to speed up the process they go on living and then you can get fucked moving forward while we're on the topic of getting When are we not on top k? Let's talk about dirty talk holy shit. Are I listen? The noise level cries slovene our time of the other day. I have been with guys that are com legally silent and bad name. When I say like silent, I mean mute mean to like your fucking your ladyship walking around with that. I'm like our. Do you have a pole? Nothing what's happened so let me just say like it is so unattractive fur fifteen to twenty minutes you're in bed with a sky and there no noise you're, the only person in the noise you're talking to yourself, you're like what the fuck gas, and so I
You say we gotta dm from someone. This is kind of a brought it up. We gotta GM from someone and they said: are you supposed to moan COS breathe like you're running the mile, because sometimes I can't tell if I'm reading too heavy or if they like it. I think I can speak for all women that we love some indication that your enjoying yourself salute. You don't wanna hook up with a guide. It's totally silent like throwing a cousin of just throwing a fuck, so high you're grunting whatever its heart like we want you to do that. We just don't want the neighbour, oh, my God, like you walk out and we don't want the neighbour to know that you were fucking Katy. We want the neighbour to know it with David that, like it's like, ok, the guy was screaming so fuckin LAO that now everyone knows Katie's name and not David's name who David shut the fuck up and like Haiti screen, my God, my god or
about this sound with their only gummy regos. Honestly, no, I understand that it's a little bit involuntary! Ok, it's like it! Just your body respond young! Listen! You only have so much control over. We gotta everyone has their response. It may come it's what it is, however, I have literally hooked up with guys and if they were putting in work for that twenty minutes, whatever how long it took its its GDR, Great Decker. He's his way, the minute he comes. I sometimes have looked up at a guy and Ben terrify because you like, lowering leg and eggs similarly like their professor. Like anything happens like you look
when a guy who, having no, we don't want this song zombie Masion blasting your last together. I it's scary thing. Any space two guys are trying to keep redraft real it in our agricultural policy. Here we don't need the holy shit. I saw on the topic of that. Don't worry girls. We forget about he's gonna shit on guys, you gotta show girls, you were also not saying that we are doing is perfectly their self. Let's talk about talking in bed for girls. Now I think there is a huge mess perception misconception sometimes because of poor by all Europe watching porn and porn is crazy and everyone's, like, oh, my god, let's go fucking crazy and how the poor answer as to what we should do it. Yes, so absolutely! Ok, you as porn is not realistic
Just now. Ok, I'm sorry! I'm crushing schools have their what there, but the home coming home you and you and sister, is just not real. Okay. So without said, my friend told me a story, you a the girl last week when he said that the Tipp having even gone inside of her fully enjoy hurt him screaming bloody murder like he thought he was like. Did someone get shot because I haven't even like I do not even want high because I might the tube is grey eyeing. Libya asserted screaming like a porn star we want to say, is listen girls. We understand that porn is like you wanna be creating a man, and you want to make noises, but Loki guys also can read through that it is like they don't why, after you're, putting on a performance, make sure it sounds, but yeah you into booty, genuine and obviously be vocalist earnings. Feeling good luck,
them knowing their lily. You moaning, whatever absolute, like, don't put on a goddamn show with that being said, though, and I want to say, men are like dogs, ladys men. I like dogs, in the way that imagined a puppy. Ok, he's running around you're, going to clap you're gonna, be like yes, come on, you're doing great you're doing
great come on here? We go. You are literally chanting them on your giving them props what they're doing when they're doing things right, so you need to give them pep talk, so yeah conversation or any type of communication in the bedroom is huge guys in that the huge turn on its just the amount that you're trying to use as early ok. So I walk about how ok, because we ve had people write in being like what the fuck am. I supposed to say when I had room with my God S, and I think we can absolutely talk about me. It's really simply. You guys think about the inner workings of guys brain discussed. Discusses can so when you're about to start some dirty talk be ten times instinctively dirtier than you normally would absolutely. So. Let me give you an example high. If you're going to say, I want to
check your dick guys, you're, not going to say about it and now you're gonna say I wish I was taking your whole pin down mice, throw until my eyes, water and my mascara is down on my chin. Ok, you I've. Read it with a baby and make them really believe in what you're saying. Oh my gosh, poetry. Oh, it's ok we had a girl right in and she said, though, like legit during sex yeah. I wanted to say, and so here you can help around what does she do when she wants to say fuck me? But how did you take it up? Another? Not oh that so simple out of court. All I have to do is odd. Fuck me, like you're sly, fuck me like a world war or treat me like a slot,
or let us go to relaunch of your tying a guy that you're his yeah, and I hear you and any thrown a slut mail. I think a huge one is like, if you tell them like you like it's yours there like I just all ready or like fucking, I got your whore ball bought. That goes a long way, lady area and so kind Armando users hiding a boner arms like what the fuck is going on there are, so many girls out there that I've written in and said I want to space it up. But if my boyfriend just comes home or my husband comes home and randomly of nowhere. I might fuck me like I'm your whore he'll kill. You know, but think about. I understand where they're coming from like they can get a little nervous. First of all I don't mean to encourage being an ox Katie's yeah, I know I totally agree with you Alex, I think of you. You now want to have a few shots being here, a little head of the joint
if you're in California Irreverent, obviously wherever it, then I think I can make sex. Ah, sir, and I don't think the edge off, I don't think there is a thing better than high sacks, I'm just going out there only in the legal state, but I suggest that you haven't done it in your highness by think that, with your partner, easier, both get high tried out. It's a great time fails the thing they added by your welcome all in California, but also if you guys want to take drink. What everybody due to get yourself in the mood now Let me also tell you. We also talked about the two hand double hand twist with the Gluck luck, because you want to make your man feel big, no matter, we said no matter how small matic is it's never too small to do the double hand twists when he is fucking you if you want to throw in a word, because sometimes girls are going back on the continent. One say: oh, my god, FUCK Magnum your whore you and what you can do is give him descriptive. Arms, to let him know he's hitting it right of example. If he's fucking you and you tell him how DP is or how wet you worry.
Thank you re. Why don't? I agree. Absolutely I've heard from every guy friend. I know that if you kind of like pushed back on his hip when he's fucking, you in Your- like- oh my god, does he so deep, they're gonna be like well I'm in love. Now, because he's gonna feel hued, ok, I'm just saying we kind of also to err on the side of caution or eight porn has fucked with our minds. So much the now be worth saying, like come on my face and then punch me often and steal my wallet right. Ok, honourable, you don't feel are all mutable work like, for example, we are listening to a podcast and on the pod cast the girl asked. What was the dirtiest text covers, that she sent a guy, a text saying I want to suck skin off of your dick ok. What does not hot is literally like saying I wanna hear cleared off your vagina pain. We find Sexy I'll, put the sack the skin off of your day
Ah, ah, we can always you wanna chew. On my dig after as well run, I baldly do no good letting you need to be really bucking careful when you're like getting descriptive, beat make sure it out it's not like you're, giving out his dick, like a monster that snaring lily. Ok, ok, so we go. First of all, I was going to say: let's get into story time, but I think what we should just start saying is its Sophie storytelling. My browser diamonds, Orpheus right. You know, I've only run equal, crazy play. Field? I guess no, no dude! I thought I was crazy until I met you, so I mean let's get into your stories ideal. Radio myself are Eureka Wilfers all its privacy with were crazy. We lie alive, I mean what did I say the other day to you, you look told a guy, your parent or getting a divorce. How does he think we're going back together to get out of a day, What was I actually want to bring up a yes, I did say my parents are getting a divorce. I could get out of a day, but that's that's. He made
here nor there ok, I was going to say when you came out of your room and you are fighting with a guy and I like Texan you what to lie to him in: U S when we had the minute, I said the lie. You tell me to tell you that only and everything and our little lies Sophia are white cap. Through my day discover you gotta live your life. You were Decipher word said that little white lies get me through the day, and I like. Ok in honor of celebrating how much we lie. Let's talk about one of the great times that you lied Ganny extent you took your life, yeah worry arly, my fault, partly the doctors fall again right and go it. So I missed work and it was this day that I could not miss under any circumstances. My boss, who told me I can't, and this when you were in Utah working for a financial firm yup, got it. It was a very, very important data presented
king Cetera, I desire to grab the night before because well, why not? So when in Rome, when in the same thing, you know what I'm woe? Ok, so I woke up like lunchtime ray I wake up with all these tax. I go into a full blown psychosis. I hurry and grab a guy's eating at the time and I dropped it for my knees, and I say I will be fired if you punch in the face right now and he was like what and I'm like just knocked me out please and enjoy me the hospital, and they gave me a doctor's note because it's over for me and he was like your cycle. I was like please Let me just give you a black. I do anything, please just lock me I'll leave, I'm begging! You he's like yours. Scaring me I'm leaving. I am, They re, like I'm gonna, break up with you. This is why I was. I was grasping for anything that I could
call you will do your morning. I live in my mental stairs like oh, my gosh. You I'd go with a black eye like big boy, even ask any questions or be good over to go away. He knew no heed. I mean all like colleague, boyfriend would do if you asked him no labour when they are not going to say about our eye. We don't. We do not agree with domestic violence. Ok, ok! You got it a great I'm running around the house. His roommate was wearing crutches at the time. I grabbed those bad boys and I was parading around the House EU by- could pull it off that I needed crutches and I had gone a car accident or something whatever convenient, and I just didn't work I like there's. No, I can pull this offer an entire day earn entire we agreed to keep that lie. I would just like to argue the bathroom on both may be. I am dilution, anymore countries. Okay, so progress in work, the punching of the faith and we're not them what to do. No, so then ice are going through my list of friends and I'm texting out. I'm like are you
Victor or, do you know a doctor who can write me a legit doctors? Now you are telling me now. Finally, the skies like Alice through fear like I can get you in doctors, no reason to Now we just put your hand. I regret I was like Lily, absolutely like, of course, looking out just gimme the doctors now he's like. Ok, but, like you promise, I'm like, I may be a course. We're going out never saw the man again, but I did get the doctors no k, and this is a thing of asking for doctors. No, the doktor gets who decide what diagnosis you're gonna. Have I love her you so Like does this thing, but when you get a doctor Sophie, I dont think many people are like soliciting Melick, hey, listen! I'll! Hang out, I've been getting a doctor. I usually go yeah I've. Actually how to view doctors notes that were forged for meat now imports for real doctors. That gave me doctors notes but will
so we can talk about the other one leader. Have you get leaving their periods? Is gonna gay liked amendment every agreement as part of regular doctors? Now? Ok, he decided to give me a Mirza diagnosis. Okay, I m are, as I don't know what it stands for, but pretty much it's a flush eating bacteria. Ok, ok, this next part isn't gonna make sense with any Wilmington. Ok, ok, I told my boss that I had Mirza the floor. Eating bacteria on my vagina. Ok, what did you say your vagina, and this is why this is not exaggerated? That's exactly happy and ok! I was trying to figure out how you can get mercy.
Ok because me and then I have no idea without me, and I mean this particular boss. You're really close. You are closer to the point that she would ask me like what the fuck yeah. How do? U have Mirza? You know anywhere? Ok, so as our researching it you gotta, you can get it from sharing razor with someone that has a k c. It is summer time. Ok itself, like in hunting, knew TAT. I was wearing a teen top an escort everyday okay. So much in this bars, are close enough where she would ask me to see where the money I got it. I know for a fact later Liberia and I'm thinking what parts of my body do. I shave, but I won't be able to show her legs. I can show Aren't you can show her about those I now I cannot show her really. Do you got it now? That's why? How does I went? I was thinking I was like only not obviously my, but obviously my stomach. I don't you
but I dont see my stomach ache. Those Eugene minding Heeny line absolutely and lo and behold, I M going to work in telling my boss that I am a flashing bacterial. My purse, right goodbye goodbye over for me- got them so few for England, STAR shit and she believes you. Oh that's the thing like this. You, too when you have a less eating bacteria on your vagina. They have nothing what to do, what to believe you? Okay, yes, and what do I need to test? You know why they know that someone in their right mind would not come we're the lie like by that's true. Why would you be proud to strengthen their like? Yes, I've Mercer? I might point out that. No, I guess you continue to argue that financial firm for two more years I had all, but I swear to God to haven't you told me that you ve lied with other doctors notes you just like you said you won some jewish award. Yes, I went on a birthright trap. I light at Work- and I said
I received this award in New York that I have to go. I had to go like receiver. Send ok. You wine, a jewish award. Yeah me your yeah, ok! Ok! I got to New York, okay and mine, Roger was like. Oh, my god, so few you have an award. Oh my god, like congrats amazing you throwing the jewish car. They shit about anything of our religions. Are that's another way for sure you'll, get away with that very wisely. Our talk, our religion or pussy. You can get away with prevents any lie. You have arrived in New York, and my mom tax mean she's like let's go. The dominican republic- and I like yours, psycho irony, took three years: three days of a word for an award that doesn't exaggerated line. You haven't companies like, but why not? Let's go the Dominican Republic and I said you know why I'm a fucking kind of mood, I'm going through a break up. Let's just try it. So I reach out my friend that lives in New York. He writes new doctors, no
simple, it's as it does at the surgery unit at New York, Presbyterian film. Ok, and you're gonna be out of work indefinitely. The doktor does that I'll be out of work indefinitely? so it is too early at this point. Ok, this financial, firm and my boss and my managers and the people around me think I'm Jack we and I will die. You have a month to live like this, which Martha season Can I see you and me York? We all know we're. Gonna lose are like I mean I pulled out all this honestly, I only have respect for you. I mean, I think you definitely taken your lies really far as if I so I can only respected. We would love for you guys if you want right into the call. Her daddy dot com website. Tell us you're, crazy s stories. We legit read all your questions every week, so I think right now the perfect time to segue way into
eating a couple of your question. Yeah now, every part I'm it has started off with gray one for us Sophia yeah. So you just curious: do you guys have a plan as to what you're going to say to your neck boy friends parents when they ask you about the pod guy Jeremy. Friends, are not in the card front anymore, that barely we lost our privileged a long time ago, thereby somehow get pray it's from immaculate consumption. We don't know imitating. I know why, don't you go up any more? Thank you for rubbing the undermining of the next one. How many bodies is too many bodies, as in people you had sex with Jonah. Like I don't know, why do people ok, dude we ve had guys at of written into us being like how do I tell a girl how many bodies I've had? First of all, any girl that is asking a guy how many girls he has worked? What are we,
I think I mean even vice versa. I remember when I was younger. I would ask that question issues an image, her thing, because one of our greatest are named. You never asked. How can I was gonna say think about it. If they say too many during, like other men who are, there is life, and you say too little to older inexperience, never fucking! answer that question very does him out and there is no magic number that the person is gonna, be like all right babe. I know I love you. I knew I loved you. Twenty three votes may, like e number wow, let's get married. No, I know are like that. So Nebraska question. Next its she goes, hey guys. I hooked up with this guy and he ended up saying the night to my fucking surprise. He snores so long. Do this lasted the whole night and I almost had to sleep on the couch, any tips to telling a guy he can't say over, and you just want him to make you come and then to get the fuck out, o o my god. We let me take this on over you hand him his pants and thank him for his services. You walk to the door, you you open the door and to watch.
We want to Morocco and if he's been operating, life is going to say it again in a note, our that's how this works like I'll I'll. Definitely you know, I wanna see you and, if you're at his house, oh You live like a thief, and why did you not tell him you're going you just leave, I gable over think it it's like. Oh my god, how do I keep em out you little stand at your door and from the Lee I mean nine times out of ten I'm not trying to sleep over even know you we don't even ok! Next, if a guy text you at three in the morning, and you don't open it until you wake up, do just ignore it, because it was probably a booty call or shy respond with the fuck is a protocol. Let me take this. Ok, as I told you told you before turn on your motherfuking read receipt, you do not respond to anyone that text you past midnight, I would say, and you wake up, and you read that shit and then he's gonna see that you read that shit and you d
Answer you wait for him to double tax you, because no one, no girl and no guy we're not answering three and slowly, but I'm sorry. The next day. Things are different array. It's a new day. It's a new dawn woman alive or whatever that Michael googly song They want, with the Lord, the birds are chirping and nazi and that's how we're doing it. I hope to God. We all learned a little sigh home, guys and girls. Well, guys, mostly. I hope you guys learned a thing or two about the end. I hope all of you right now are actively going and deleting every fucking solo shot. You ever taken every car picture you taken every fish picture. Girls. I hope if you are in a rut with your man or you want to despise things up. You are telling me how good, he beheld how big he is whatever we just talked about we're talking dirty tell him, you are, in fact his little whore.
Now that is for today's episode of call her daddy episode, seven guys wow next week, as we always say, every fucking Wednesday we are coming out. There episode, we may be targets but stuff. I don't know no one knows so. Things were hanging out. That's guys, we love you support, make sure you're going to Itunes. Raiders leave a little review if you feel us and we we'll see you guys next week on Wednesday. Thank you. I love. You die.
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