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That's ok and I was in a power thrill. That's fine said I lost my voice because of this betray hear yourself. Yes, I understand, and that's fine, I'm sorry Sophia, you put yourself through something that requires you to lose your voice. Were you about? Is a boys will like boys will, like everyone else, will hate a little soul tree a little. So little like cigarette smoking it on our way ill, so don't be opposing her boys. Gaza thou know it has. Knowing what to do with me Alex force to go. Ok, I'm and I also forced the outcome. Down your throat kind hope I would say so a little bit. She wanted me to rage until five. This is a thing when Alex I go out, we go owl. Everything has how and a bow invited the next day. There are no limits. The limit does not exist, and this is not even as being paid
oh! No. We talk about it afterwards, we're like why do we do that? I'm regretting leaving now involved eyes later days later. I think we should talk. Everybody step by step. What happened that made me lose trust in all man. Yeah bow will do that next week, as we have a way more important things to disguise. Yes, so Valentine's day is coming up or are you doing for Valentine's day? I like I was on a Friday night because I do selfishly think, as I've been single on ground, I'm fucking single on Valentine's day reviewed. Have someone that you're like hooking up with, I think it's nice at its on a Friday night rage, girlfriend ivory, one that single out there don't feel talking about it's a stupid, his holiday. What I'm doing for Valentine's day, I think I'm going to also weaken, because If there is something that you guys did you know about me, I love basketball like in whole in one fucking pointer down, the lane spoke up and down the core
with a three points: with a guide dog one. That's like from really far away three point: three point out: we I love, for you. I cannot. I owe my key really get like baby. I've got something plan you're like why you like, exacting romantic, get away to a spot he's like us. We can basketball you and me: let's go I'm carrying just its. It will be No yeah it'll be fun for by we. I think what you were really the asking me as like what what I'm gonna get hired you and I don't you- now, because I don't know why you knows could see Sophia's body as she's saying behold They know be naked, like God, she is gained. As she is sloppy enough. I thought you were at cuz. I thought we were both banging. I mean where laundry for than I thought you had to be like her body
Look good and she's got a headache gave her the perfectly now I could thing you're. Body language right now speak to speaking Soviet, the wages speaking about Valentine's day, you're flopping your hands, you look so defeated. You look annoying. God damn it. I know the other week I ask Sophie if his question her mom was visiting, we were leaving a restaurant, and you know your mom was trying to figure out her Valentine's day to Raleigh. What are you guys doing for Valentine's day? Sophia gets into this like Manly, walking, urgent position and walks passed both of us and what the fuck did. You say I think I said that I am going to do it. Everyone does where laundering sex in front of my mom, you're late
My favorite has you're my home, just colleagues stopped and let us use biomass behind sheets by nobody. You were so aggravated you're like I guess, just suck Dick and re in full, you realize, like I will. I will probably end up doing what every basic pitched like, why Do we have to make it so sexual? I we don't what if we were just sentimental, why is out to be so sexual? That's true! If you yeah that's actually such a good I've been trying to work on not I, with my therapist we're talking love. Language is actually they just mention that on the bachelor, the other night business funny, they need a logic. The girl goes up to the guy and sit like goes and sits on his lap and cheese. I can I sit here and she's like I'm physical touches, one of my love languages and haven't had like physical touch with you in a while, and she just sat her fat ass download here. You lie.
Ok, all on cuz people might be confused. There was a book released. Yes on saving, it was really second, in the EU, but I think it like cod on and became really popular like a few years back right and it was it's called the five love languages pretty much what it is is it says that everyone expresses and receives love in one of five ways. Yes, and then this sky explains with the five ways, are and you're supposed to know how you now you received of yeah- and I didn't know that until this year- and I guess so- the five love languages are physical touch, words of affection, quality, time gifts and then acts of servants. Words of offer me words about what did I say, maybe effect Journey talk, ok, sorry, Alex's again and physical, Physical again,
She was like a cardiac lag further by the whereabouts, swims anything by it. I am, I actually recently was talking about that with my therapist and she was like that you're to top ones. That means something to you like that. You want your partner to show you they could have complete different ones. Yet there was import. To be on the same pages them of like what your languages. I brought this up to suit me I only knew how to receive no how I love and hatred. It was like so bad kind of fucked up, and you should probably know how you give love, actually say Sophia in a relationship. I remember this is such a tangent, but I remember Sophia looks at me one day and it's like I could never date an athlete, you do, and I'm kind of like oh air, like rely in your like, I could never be like a fan of someone. Soup
boarding them now need to be the princess in the relation, and all the attention is always on my stand. By about one hundred, you didn't do it, so that makes sense. You don't know how to love you just like that. I'm sorry, I'm just saying guys. If you try to find out what your love languages, that I know how you receive and also how you guys I really is the aisle I dont heading Andrews Phoebe. I hate that I'm exposing myself, but I dont know what my were, how I give that's what I'm saying, how I've language Irish the year by quality time outwards and offer me. Oh, my god, those are my helps you to rule ninety quality. Time is the first one words of affirmation and then physical, touch and then gifts and then acts of service cable. Fuck you not as back and surf level, mother, fucking, gold, gold, pig and digging thought. I just want to someone. Could I've asked this question for I want me the person like. Can I never hear I kind of yours, you lazy. We know Vienna then get a get like if sue me
and gave me this gave a long time say we will be breaking up like. Oh, my god, I will do what I do man's the water, his He did tell away a hold on hold on hold on it was, I already know slim shadiest were his. Was words of affirmation was number one and then number two with acts of service. So all I like he was out. I've heard no euro nodding for our friends, so I'm sitting there like I'm supposed to do little things to show that, like I'm partake right in your like you're, the less than to mental grew? So don't know it's been hard, so I remember when I left our trip. I ended up like writing him. A few notes and I left like one on the bad. I left a couple in his clear guidelines and he was like. Are you? Ok,
I'm really try this guy's. When my birthday was coming up, Alex turned to me in the back of an uber I'll, never forget it, she said. Can we just now do that Are we not do? The president think is like I don't know it's a guy you, unlike it's true, I do know tat. They were happy. I was and so happy with us. I don't but I love that you said, and I think we should continue that, should we not decline, we should never ever. Please have we Sophie and I get gifts for all of our friends and yeah. We're little talk about the other day we were like. We are so happy that the two of us had an amazing relationship. Rhyme, like your it's your birthday now. For gas exactly and hurry birthday gray and we move on women. Love language. Does that here we go. I think it's really interesting now that we just went through that. I didn't even realize we ve, never told the Daddy gang our whole thing about how we dont give gifts to each other and, like I love that
HANS and I think it's interesting that, like you and I are so different in our male relationships, but with our relationship together. It like couldn't be more perfect because people are like how the fuck do. You guys live together and I have never in my life Ben more compatible domain with someone. It's AIDS lie like she's, the Yang nobody's gonna smell like we'd, like no worries I homes have a panic tat, nobody the way we live together. It's like we don't win Sophie and I go into our rooms. We like ours, good about personal space. We never by each other are massiveness level. Yes, we're not so fucking disguising the discovery. The other guy anyway decide to clean it up together were weary, respectful looking eyes. So I guess
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you're, not gonna, get all of this free valentine stuff. I won't talk about getting fact. Every horror in the world on Friday February, for hors d and you're gonna be getting fuck trying to be getting fucked, whether its because you're single and you just want to go find. I thy is now also single or universities, ivory ass. He stood you up and you alone on your deal or you're in a relationship, healthy health and while Miss yeah, so there Let us act, nobody lot of tax and I want to talk about getting fuck from behind and I want to go. Those are romantic revision I can't I dig is in your ass, ok, so getting fuck from behind! I was talking about with so few. We want to give you guys some tips, because Tipps of getting factor behind are always what a girl needs, or we are a want, and also where helping other men out there, because all of this is just to me.
Your ass, you look better yet so I was while I was having sex. I was seeing here who call her daddy. Was current q like you're thinking about me, better. How do we all felt like a lot about so I was getting fact from behind and I was like kind of paying attention to what I was doing. I wasn't black out for the first time and I realise that there was something I was doing with my fee in my arms and I want to share the dad again. Everyone assumes that when you're doing doggie, you have your hands on the bed, like your PA, yeah you're, like kind of a bridge position lighter, and you were a kid in you- would walk rambert hunting. You are like a dog or how, yeah well, is a perfect example. Then yes vote now you just getting pocketed now here s where you get all were so. I was realizing that every time I have again been getting fucked from behind lately I haven't been on my hand
I've been levitate our this whatever it is, those who know What I have you hire phase pages there will be no okay, so what I've been doing? Is I've been getting down on my for arms kind of like I'm doing a plank but like lower, so right or basically, my ass is up in the air and then at the rest of my body is in a downward arch all the way down to that. I am on my two for arms and my for arms are like right underneath my face and then my face is like pretty much down yards the match raise down. Ass bout, hey likes you fire! We go, and I know it's like a very basic little Tipp, but I do think that there are a lot of girls that are now doing this when they're going
fuck yeah, your body looks so much better in that position. Yes, because a lot of times, I feel girls when they are just doing the regular doggie. You see the means where the girl looks like the Hunter of note. You die you kindly like a kindly scared. Can you can't take dick well also, that's fine. This actually position can make it easier for you to look like you're taking and even though it can still like, maybe it hurts you yeah, but you can't really have hunchback in that position. Eyeing the fora for Armas foreigners great the second part of this. I ended up doing that the guy when fucking crazy. Over this, I took the top of my feet and I wrapped around the back of his hamstring. While he was fuckin from by. I actually did a couple weeks ago too, and it is ok how good
it's great old gray, what the Phoebe! I thought it was great, but I didn't like it wasn't anything special to me. It was more the guy's feed back of it after we had sex. He turned to me and was like, when you put your fee wrapped around my hand, strings I was able to kind of go even harder if my stroke, because your legs kind of keep your bodies a little bit tighter in closer and that way he is a kind of pounding you a little bit hard most and he has a better like grip on your body. He has a better grip on your body, Good wow so we'll come back, I've whom holy shit, I'm ok, what the fuck was, I say you are seeing, is a better grip on you
body an Anglo, better grip on hand ass, you don't feel inclined to go fly you don't you feel, like you're, just kind of an object. I hear you're kind of a part of the motion of DR yes, you're part of the two girls put your lags behind its hamster rings and lack the fuck on beer clinging bitch in this position with this is the only time we're gonna say you can be clinging. With you, and I should be doing that Europe is doing that. Thank you. Dog is also one of my favorite physicians. I've been doing it ripen laying down, but the guy a pillow underneath my pelvic bone. Ok, yes, and because he did this, you I mean you can imagine it like a curve in my bag ray and then my ass is like a little bit more up in the air and then its curving back down again, and so like the entire emphasis is on my
also what I didn't. I didn't even mean to do at which I only realised later in the sex heap. He took it up as I was watching my body and that's not even enjoy jokers. You showed me so exactly what you're talking about I when we finished yeah he was like that was so fucking Hon. I was like yeah? I bet my ass that guy now ass yeah totally and he was like no like. Obviously there asked amazing because it was propped up on the pillow, but your and this in a sound, weird and home. He bore me like you, you amateur, it's ok. He said that my back and like my shoulder, blades looked so who who and I was like man. What are you talking about and he's like? Let me show you he's like when we pull up the sex tabled on an I looked back on the sex tape.
And what I was doing as I had my arms. They were super close next mean it looked as if I was about to do a push. Ok, but my arms were right next to me, I think when you were explaining to me at home, you're saying you also we're like grabbing the ship. I was I gripping the bad still I've every thrust and stuff like you could Do you like my shoulder blade like engaged? He asked and like I just showed like you are fucking me I am having onto the van like it hurts me replied I did look up. I don't think that's really hot Alex. You saw ice. Ok, I! So, although we do you own hobby, explain it better. Well, all I have to say is my God: I need the and on her in this great nice, Sophia's body, I seen you and your you got a great nice. It look like.
Made it look, something I've never really made it look like what it's not that, it's not an! U it literally made you look like you have like a fake, our young men, because your whole body, when your arms are close up next to your upper tourists. Like your shoulder your upper body look so small and thin and narrow re heaping headline the whales to, and then your ass blown up on the pillow looked. I knew Yes, yes, I was like oh, this is fucking great, so women around the word everyone grab a pillow get fucked or get down. On your forearm, this lovely Valentine's day, solid, got me to to sick, for this shit take swing of your tea yeah. While we move on to something that Do you feel like you like operating liquor like the roller coaster legacy,
when we take us Weren t, while I ramp up the next ride ex replied is about to be quite the ride. Sophia in I arrive is of you and I have talked about. The men were talking to I bet you gotta, stop. I think they're gonna be out soon. We fuck you, what empowered to freely but soviet. I have talked about our guys and we always read all of your dns. We read all your questions as many as we put sucking. Can we arrows and a lot of people are like congrats like that, so fucking great, how the fuck did you guys me right and I'm like? Oh child, that's a really good question. We kind of tell you guys all about the sex and again in honour of twenty twenty feelings and more in depth of like realistic. Should we want to tell you guys that all three men that we're talking to right Now- and I say we because we're talking all them- you write my tax irate yard, absolutely isley! All
them were met on a dating up, so all those people out there that you know try to talk to you on data out, because I, like a lot of couple, are embarrasses, say we met on a dating app shot up, be quiet just shifts the choir. Are I remember there are so many people? I ve met that like whisper when I'm like how'd, you guys me in there I, unlike, why are you with this very month, dope there's something about dating apps, that people are so embarrassed ill to stay, to admit that they found their husband or their wife or their significant other on a dating app. And it's like why I was at a dinner, and this really cute successful girl was complaining about all the men out there and how she liked can't find a guy, and I was like, are you on any dating apps and she said no, I died.
Don't do that fact die, don't fuck with dating apps. I think there are ridiculous illegal. Will your fuckin single time I like all end there, she really had no reason and you know how, like a real reason, to give me they're, just like a stigma around its added so annoying, and so we just wanted to say, stop the stigma, because I get it it's more romantic to meet in person. There's something about people wanting the serendipity up a meeting in person. Gas like they want to be strolling into the grocery store, with their shopping car and they take a swift turn into I'll too, and they Sally bump into someone else's grocery car and it's like bumper cars up in his bed and there's a tall dark handsome and on the other end of the other shopping cart, and he said wow, you get those organic eggs too, and she says
guy cook them for use and I would love to cook you some eggs and he says, oh my god, how about now and then they check out together and then they go back up to the apartment and they end up getting married. That's whatever and then they're married and it's so cool. That's what everyone wants like they want that movie. Where that shit happened, I don't know a movie. It is. I think there is a movie like that, but the thing is is just stop
I order grocery. I don't go to the grocery store. I tell you my apartment other than to comfort, Ionia solely dating up is the way to go yeah, so we both so Sophia met suit man on a dating up, and I think that you should really take us through the journey. Well, you met him cause, it's pretty fucking great, ok, like detailed by detail. Alan Donnelly went out and if you try, don't worry I'll come right it out, and I know it all. Let's start from the beginning, I'm in solid city, you time sitting on the couch next to my mom, I'm severely depressed fermented for reasons I can talk about at a later date. That is now we're talking out now tat. She grabs my phone. And she's like I am so done with the douche bag. You're dating me that I am so done with the depression you're getting yeah. She takes my phone.
And she starts showing me guys and she's like who? What about this one and, of course the guy's my mom is wanting to heart. I'm like get him out of my face disgusting and she keeps like going to your people and she comes across the sky and it says dear friends and as we have previously discussed, that means that he thinks he's slick slack and he thinks that by saying just here for friends he kin manipulate the situation and make the girl think that he, just once a friend shit is Chris did a lot of friends shit. Why are you really want to do is make you think that and then fuck your brain? now and then leave you on the side of the road dive into the policy and then through you into the diameter. All the impression that he just once a French so get out
every man without dating profiles of United literally said, will never out with people. Well here she is well. I said yeah, that mom he's out he's just their friends and, of course my mom's. I only got that's it Let's ride like the browser, his profile. Things like I practice yoga ah meditation discussed, I don't drink alcohol being allergic to club pictures of his dogs. Pictures of his daughter disgusting, I told my mom. That's that's gonna, be a no from me dog, So then you really hold the meme acts in this territory. No four, Dog. Thank you ma
oh, she doesn't give a shit about big fat. Har he's just gone through, I'm lying there, I'm side she's. Like can I message him and I said no, and she said I already did. I was like: ok, ok see what the fuck you roll. She like sex to my ma, my mom first of all sent the first message, which I promise you after being on dating opts for years. I never will we are obliged to reach out for now we'll know. Do you don't even check your dating when Sylvia was I'd really trying to be active on leading up? She would have when I tell you like a hot during the whole of the region that I like Sofia and the only way Sophie would ever in Iraq with these people is if she like needed a night out. MIKE no Alex I as a tangent, Alex. I would you
the island, icy Sophia, because allies not doing the same shit Alex. I would use eating apps essential, the Eyes Party Party connection link. We? U S. Mouth the guy. It would be Friday night. We beg who, like we don't really have too many plan Soviet Bloc hold on let Marius out to at least ten rounds on the dating up, and let's see I'm just what are you doing tonight? Yup and the second, a guy responded with. Oh, you know are doing a lot like. Would you like to go out to dinner? No I am saying Hanno neck sky and one would like. Oh I'm going to dinner with friends. Amazing we're coming yeah, so that's gonna we were networking imitating up. We were really there for love. We were abusing it for partying yeah
yeah party favor. I can we got a gas like Casablanca, mere leg. I thought this was a day make your next year, I'm next to you, wasted he's about to suit man back to see me in your mom messages, mail messages, him and she says too bad you're here, just four friends, because I think you're high and I'm looking for marriage, guys life, that is over bade em. What my mother rose, Sue man. That was the first message. He got from my mom a k, a thinking it was me so the journey began thy is so oh oh, oh, my guy mine is out of control, unlike mom. I'm here is a wrong air ridge drivers, but also at I'm sure you guys are wondering I asked him later on and I was like how are you not threeg the fuck out
Why did you ve been respond to thine? He was like normally when RO reaches out first, I there's something wrong with her, which I found interesting and When I hear something wrong, he likes you want something from me like I usually are like getting a little bit of a personal the army, You have stated issue childhood, yes, so then these are the only reason he engage with. It is because he did find the message a little bit funny, although creepy and because of the way I loved came, I mean I'm exile hues, I looked and I thought you were attracted, so I was willing to take the crazy first. I I always fucking are so there's like a little conversation and then I don't respond to him for over mine for you go you you can. I was in party no, no. I didn't need to make that yeah. You were partying one and you work with your mom anymore you're like
I dont go on that up anymore. My mom goes on it when I'm in SALT Lake, I'm on it. When I'm buying New York Know- and it was like I'm talking to you. Always I'm back in New York. He reaches out again it's like a month later and he says I hope, you're not responding to my messages because you're just a really slow reader, who else or not that's long, slow, buddy boy. So I kind of time that was rude, but then I also thought it was funny, and I think I it beside him. One thing like ha ha ha ha going out tonight, partying. Like I don't worry, I can never mind, We are not all. I remember who you are moving to another month goes by so this is two months since that fateful day that my mom ash him tell him now.
Read- the story gets government a ramp up your main guiding. Here we go, there's a guy that I grew up watching on tv he's not thou much older than me. I had the buyer amber having the biggest crush on him when I was like in high school and we matched on the air, came and we started talking, and I was so goddammit you were so excited. I was so excited. He is we kind of we're going back and forth. Like recap, like nobbing aim two like meet each other, I. Finally, we set the date gas and I I mean ask colleagues, I got his spray tat. I got the hair done. I was like she went shopping for an outfit and gas schedule, the spray ten yells done. Hair done, and when I tell you this woman walked into our part. Are disgusting apartment? She looked amazing yeah, you looked
even been eating for quickly. I mean I was like I was like. No, I think this guy, like could be ass. She was yours. Ok, I was so fucking vaguely like didn't work that entire days till you get ready for the day. Yes, yes, and I Noakes headed for yes and Alex like oh, my god, and I like my guy for like ten year. Yes, Why are you gonna, listen, innocent, belated and be like how does he hasn't? Even nobody did here. He has no fucking clue. Yes, well, I've silly, there's another story about God: Thou tat later baggies! This had been the four sky that I was actually really excited about. I was still getting
for my axe and you guys know how that is when yours you're still sad until you meet a new person, yeah yeah. That really is how work. So I I just had a lot. I had a on this day, yeah two hours before I'm supposed to walk out the door and meet him for dinner. I had a text message: Rita, I'm gonna, pull it out hey. I need to be a flake sorry. I can't tonight. Sylvia walks out of her bed. I her phone. She sits down me. Has the panic attack. I read it. I start having a pan worst,
there, you are so upset, I what a violent level one through tat. I was a ten o the eye so upset, because I think because, like you to set the the axe thing you were, this was the first guy. You were excited about post acts and also kind of like one of the first real day. Yeah like a man, and everyone knows how that is when you're getting over your ag. That goes wrong with a new. I it's fucking earth shattering, also not to mention on top of that. You had just gone above and beyond. To make yourself look so working hard fact, but now it's like I will, I feel, humiliated eyes. Yell. Did you respond? I what Alex after you know, hours of deliberation decided that I was going to respond and I just said no worries. Ok, so that was you proceeded, you know down the road to reach out several times. I never answered him again done and spit jump fuck you, but I couldn't one time you will now
forever ever ever get a second chance. Absolutely no. I felt really really bad young and I was like I guess I was gonna sit in my room and go into like an actual scary, deep, dark hole of depression that I don't know if I ll be able to crawl out of an eye call my mom and she says you need to fucking go out yeah you need to like do something go to the club. Oh rage? Johan knows. She knows I got all my trusty handy dandy dating a prior and I you know just machine gun, send out ten of this same message to ten different, Michel. What are you doing tonight? What are you doing I? What are you doing? So? What are you doing tonight and I had some guys that we're like, like you, know, idle, really have plans like what are you?
thinking of doing I had some guy. That said that they couldn't hang out. Some guys are, like I wouldn't be see you until way later, I had one I say I'm sending you a new, it will be picking you up at eight p m and we will have and you know that guy why? What a borrower legislative chilled? I don't know why. I heard the story. Lignite didn t die, saw guy had so every fucking guy. Like I don't know like, would you wanna? yeah, but I can tell me what to do so. Much to do. Barrels want to be told what to do. I can't I'm feminism about Bell. He took control of the fact that he's like you got an upper coming in eight we're going to dinner, be ready like eyes all fuckin high,
So all I even then I actually called my mom and I, like my bad guy. They you managed to have one thousand languages dog like I dont think I want to go and she just said Sophia you need to go. I got right I wear and the rest is history God he must have been like this bitch look so beautifully rhythms. Now I've been pressing for a real. This is just the way I swear. I got an idea. Ok, that is such a bawler example for men around the fuckin worthless into his pod cast like when a girl wants to do something, but, like you know all the means of how indecisive we are the fact that he just gave you a day a car and he's like this is working already had reservations. I guess that's just so fucking great I how wild, because we I mean we started talking in quotation marks
two months prior I like for him. I came out of the fucking wood, where I had not heard for me for two. Like to night right. Are you doing, and I was so wonderful? I know which I get, it wasn't. Even like an old like hey how've, you been, it was like two nitrite, which I guess he that night ended up canceling a super important meeting he had for the day. Or isolate had like a feel he he said he had a feeling. You like I dislike, knew that there is something I don't. I don't even know how to describe as light as did guys by is just kind of way. The beginning right has given you thought he was a serial killer about one day? First few months of dating him like just as bizarre in wild back? I just wanted to tell a story because I mean we met on a dating. Why, so I think that an end that was Sarandon
it is in itself. You know that story is fucking also, and I also think that, like anyone not is I've been there and I've told like some of my friends at a recently single like there is just something sometimes about you. Look at your phone and you see someone in your dating app and they're, asking you to go on a day and you're sitting and you're watching Netflix and eating food in your like what I rather do. This then go on that day. Yes, sometimes it just takes you getting the fuck out of bed, and going because had you not been ready for that? Firstly, you wouldn't be going, you wouldn't have gone, and date was soup, Annie, probably around him right away like. If you are some nights when you're done I don't want to go the hours yourself to go because I promise you. There are some nights that, like I've gone and had the worst Asia, but then I also have gone and had the fucking best day you're. Never you won't have the best day unless you get out of your head.
Literally met the Canadian on a dating up to, and I didn't want to go out that night when he was in town and I was like- I don't feel like fucking going, but I was like fuck it. I'm just gonna go and I was in a bad mood and then the minute I got there and then there was I mean a guy's- that's not to say Alex. I did not have our fair share of calling a meeting up a guy like I would lay all die. I actually think we should talk. We could talk about that next week, yet I series updating and it was horrible. Yes, I remember that like Sofia and I have both had horrible horrible date, if you guys want us to talk about that, we can we want. Through some fucking shitty ass time, oh yeah, I want to talk about how we, both on separate occasions, had guys follow us to our apartment and like tried a guy, just cast. I know I like we, yes, that she was fucking
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is get roman dot com. Slash daddy! I can see it in your fighting. We gotta go to question. Ok, you owe me to handle it. You taken not least for the le oh I'll, take it t as an end. Who who is very sound and Burma why I like thanks. Ok, are eight women grab. My Lubin were ready to go fathers. I want you fuck, my doctor, Ella Mayo how does one go about doing this? I am sure that would seem pretty risky for him, but can you think of any scenario in which this could happen? He so young for a doctor and hottest back
So this is the thing is. If you really gonna try to go for, I hope you have like a backup doctor. Yeah. I could be awkward, is far acre. We really awkward and if he's not feeling tat, you need to be prepared for that. He may not have used the patient and the thing is is again, I don't know if you like a medical condition, but it's hard, because you don't go to the doctor that often so you can. Have like a one shy and then like see you in a few months or even a guy or a kind of ivy, but I get how its inappropriate like what could she do to make it like the least ok, so my first thing would be if she's in the room ham, try and make small talk, yeah worse yet be like Oleg. Are you from here? You start small conversations. I dont know how close you are with you doctor already then slowly like oh, like our do you have a girlfriend
be fucking kind of blunt, like that. You have a girlfriend and eyes as no, then I think like towards the end of your appointment. You just a kind of do a hail Mary. I think you can just maybe invite him to some. Thing you're doing yet cuz, it's not like a date, even if you say something trying to keep it a little bit professional. We're like I do not mean to be super forward, but I would love to like grab drinks with you at some point. If you'd be down for that, I've got me find number and like feel free to like reach out. Yes, I've been watching a lot of sex in the city lately, because I'm a basic her and I've noticed that a lot of times when one of the characters is going to like meet a guy for the first time they do it so casually where the guy is
oh come stop by this event. Yeah, that's like I feel so. New York Tudor like in Ohio. It may not big. Hey, come stopped by the right, the narrow, but like for New York. Big, oh hey, like my friends having like an art, exhibit aghast about, because if you can do something like that, like the mostly home you like are unassuming ass, do music, something yeah! Good luck! Girl! I might add a doctor. I wanted to fuck before and you did fuck like. Are you sure you don't you going call You promise you promised here. Just take a quick look, let's see if you be, Vince Valentine's day is coming up, can you guys talk about how to do the whole lingerie thing. Aching gets so awkward. If your shy like when you put it on how do you walk out? What do you say
this haven't we neither region, I can kill myself, because I literally I'm such a fucking idiot and I got so high out of my power. I did it and I thought would be a good idea. I'm ok, high sex is great sex, but I did it the long Gerais on so I looked at him, which is, I think, a good like little. I think I said like I have a surprise for you hold on and then I started well, no authority on even heads up before resort in making out really heavily and we were like getting hot and heavy and then I just like stopped him, and I was like I'll be right back I've, a surprise for you now do what the law it is. Then I got into the bathroom which Missus Ware wasn't fucking hot. I get into the bathroom, so ain't got in the mirror. Like my more like you so fear you have! No idea
Trying to latch on the gardener thing to the fucking thigh highs and I had a critic nails on. I was high and I'm going to stick this thing into the field in whole. I'm goes by so slow. Your life. You buy room to food. I was like we're now. Taken into the marquise literally not hard anymore and he's asleep, and I'm in Rather I, when I tell you guys, I couldn't get the brought on it and then I couldn't get the fucking time attached to the garter garters the worse, and I was so mad to because it was some of the hot air laundry I've ever worked, so I was so excited and it took me so lucky, and I was having a panic attack and I wanted to happen. I ended up just a girl like half of bid on her. Have it? No. I went out there. I didn't even latch on the back of the garter thing: Isaac fuck it, but I at one point was to give a cop
the I I really out. One point was going to say I quit grown. That's how I know I'm not kidding. I sat down on the toilet. One port was like had a heart I am in Gaza. Imagine Alex's on Youtube. How have I not getting like a got so sad and and then you're in there over there, he had. So if you are in any it like me and you think that you may be intoxicated or high or you just fucking, can't get it on re and you're just gonna be nervous. My advice would be fine time like right when you know that you guys are going to be getting back to or like you guys would be hooking up. Ok, put on the laundry if you're going out in an alpha to dinner, that you're like fully covered up, and you have like a friggin turtleneck on and stuff where underneath, but if rolling out, they obviously would show. I would just find time even just line to Colombia. Like my mom call me, I need to take this phone call go into the bathroom fake. The phone colleague I always fucking do put the
thing on put your hoodie back on and go back and hang out with her head on and then when you try to Tehran follows its on, because, if not you're gonna be in our rights room, freer anything else will also part of the question is: what do you say that is such a great clash aiming at When you walk out I've been there when you put your laundry on some girls, are gonna free gaol and getting nervous and be like. Oh my god, I just want to get on top put him in like get worryin like getting married. Aren't we on what I think if you got a fine, the confidence you walk into that room, I've he's sitting down you little if he's lying on the bed like pull him up, get him on the edge of the bed, and I think you literally look at him in really sexual way and big? Do you like it and you you start rubbing I'll turn around? I let it as I do the turnover. I think I like just like baby, do like this and then you leaned down you start making out with him and yet
literally take his hand, and I put it on you re. We have a man riding in yes, I need your help. Ease up he deemed and emailed us k why? So during the past week that I've been going to the gym, I have noticed this lady. She is a mills coming to the gym. This is where it gets a little confusing. He says there hasn't been really any combo between us except just saying hi. So that's interesting that there already like they say, hi, I guess, but there has been a lot of on eye contact and smiles. I don't know, maybe I'm bias, but my six cents kind of tells me that she's down, so I want to know what would be the next move. How should I approached her without being awkward or how can I make sure that she's,
Down to fuck, also to mention I'm twenty one and I think she's about forty love, you dad again. I liked stalked. His picture kneeling looks like a man like he's a toy way. Europe, but he's a man is like a man, but I got so. We ve talked about the gym before we ve talked about how the water fountain is like a watering hole for peoples is the one appropriate time if you see her at the water fowl and you could go over and pretend you're about to get water to an end, try to strike up a combo there. I was gonna save. She is a really avid Jim Goer YA, like a lot of those myths are the ones I am imagining from Egg Draper you tolerant Province like Mills city. I, if you go up to Her- and this is going to sound like the opposite of what we said in the past. But if you go up to her and ask her about her,
Gaol and what she's doing I hang for some reason. Older women is actually the ones that work out a lot they tat. Actually, I think that, even if you'd, if you're leaving or something and you bring up like hey like I'm- not joking- ah forward yeah, but you notice you like doing some serious work like you re like, or something like that, mills fucking love that share and ass. You just gotta be fastened to the point that I would love. I would love to get a drink with because it again the women are older. They don't At times like this stupid, bullshit and analyzing mills, wanna fuck yeah, that's their heads and can I be going I'll go in it Chile them daily reality. There like become sneak in through the back and write me room Alex this. When I really change you for ok finger a little bit better at this than me.
Fathers, I'm wondering if you have any tricks for reading your man's tax or snaps. Without the notifications going away, my man left his phone in the room with me and I know his password. My man left his phone in the room with me and I know his password. Multiple girls were snap chiding him an texting, but I was hesitant to go through because I didn't want the notifications to disappear from his lock screen and have him question if I went on his phone for that. Please help. Ok, if you don't want the notifications to be gone in everything if you are in desperate need, I would say: go look at everything then turn his phone off, and he'll come back a bit what the fuck happened to my own and, unlike he's like, oh, maybe I just turned off,
so you do your share and quickly turned about actually like not the worst aid right, because I really it was like unsure. Then the other thing is on snapshot. There is a little hack that you can view some ones, I'm snap without it fully showing you opened it yeah, and I I can't remember what it is like but it's you, you press on it, and I know you like move it to this side. We can go all the way up, but that's for that person to not know. I thought so it still shows that you have an open it cuz, it's still waiting there for you I'll. So so maybe slide it a little bit but against such a little riskier. I would may not hope I mean honestly, though, if you want to open like one and see like There's a bunch. You can. I see the nature of what you think is going. I exactly so I was gonna say like try to see the stuff on the Ipad on some out or
they sleep sweetie. If you have a really sneaking suspicion, Leia, who cares? I would think others grazing if you're at the point where you literally think that all these girls are sliding in, and you see these text messages than I think you just fucking open it also. But if you go to your tax like you can see a dirty furs like few, were you could see like yeah? You can see the first two sentences, So I think just will open a arrive. If you see something like I want to suffer in big fat, I want a log, become dot dot die I would say open more. You don't even need to buy I'm here. If you want of this really be ridiculous, you back
oh my god I swear I saw this is my phone for a second. I was so rude that I read the dripping come out of hock and I realized you're. If I needed you care about MIKE cares just open it. It's fine trust me guys all the guys, I've dated think I'm nuts or literally just what about this, go through and read all of them and then select delete. All of tax messages and then it will. I've had that before when I open my phone and all of a sudden, my look on none of my text are there for a second, and so he may think something happened and Melville cushioned. Not your fault, you read your good he's, not K, Hickey, double. Ok, we have this. One is
just too funny. Ok to entertain. Ok, ok, I'm dear daddy's! Please help me from my boyfriend of almost three years who we have had a really rocky relationship with him is coming out of his bachelor lifestyle and is trying to get into the commitments stages. Just told me that when he is older, such as sixty or seventy, he will live out his fantasy of having sex with the younger girl and having sex with a midget. I dont judge fantasies but of course, as any girl would freak out. I did he says that he wants to commit to me for life and he wants me ass his life partner and only wants to be with me, but he will live.
Those fantasies when he is older and near the end of his life. It's hard for me to feel like. I should stay with him if you just going to end up basely cheating on me, because I'm not okay with it or am I overreacting, because at that age I probably won't care at that point or will I he told me that he is telling me this now, so I can make the decision on it. If I wanted to stay with him or not, please help. I'm gonna need some serious clarification when he hits so his enemy in a committed relationship when he had sixty or seventy, he needs to fuck a midget and he needs to fuck a younger girl. He wants to lead her now ahead of time became area younger girl, Midge, who looked like a little too in one com, blah. No, it's gotta be a young woman and a midget, and it is on his head is honest list and there's no exceptions. He will lose out life, if he's not down, because he needs to fuck the major and the girl, went like what the fuck.
If I were you ever guys ever giving an ultimate, I'm I say: fuck, I'm as they fuck off, but a sweetie I'm sure he'll forget it I know I'm like all. I doubt when he is. Seventy he's like major. I canceled the young girl, the major. Also I did I hear you go. I never want to us, then people where my who might be required when people, but I think they are so severe referred to his little people. Yes, That's our fault, though, has she wrote midget in the ash in so I dont know, I would if I could leave him a leaving it ass. I just hands like an annoying complicated situation. I dont like every ok, I'm gonna ask your question is extremely extremely different than any question can cause. I'm like enough space it out
let's hit with a little differently I'll this person row, and he is wondering if we like country music, if you walk caves and if we only speak and understanding I do like the last question can be like and do you want I'm too do you who said I I I am ninety nine percent sure to hire us for yes, but but we first, that's, ok. Do we like country music? I I like kind of like the pop country music. Like I fucking, throw down assumption? I a TWAIN tailors when yards, Hitler's rivers in country anymore- I he answering that's my least favoured question in the world of anyone knows one thing about me: I hate when people ask me what kind of music I like. This is a very random thing, but, like I have this like over,
well meaning xy issue. When people ask me what you don't know who know you, genuine. I don't know anything at all. You know I do I do he let you are playing motion city soundtrack like being or from eleven years ago this morning I, like all these hey. You know in this way. Is your boy? Didn't we don't listen to answer your question? Sure I, like country, music guy sure, can be foes yet aggression. Do we want kids? Yes, yes, I use. If you asked me to this guy would unlike fuck off, but I do that. I remember, but I found a heart. I think it's because if there be the ideal on kids now for a minute, though, do you only speak in energy? On English, I can do silent wage. Oh that's cool! I know about it. Alas, I kill us you'd. Never ask you to call me
you no sign languages then, just like a point that I lay I'll be ok you, if only on my hands yeah, I can understand Spanish. So I can't really speak known in. We ve gone at all. It is an! U whipped it out. It's a little like some is, I guess Bangladesh not come down in the family. Our, I think it's cool, I'm always hey, go say it like when we went to Mexico and you made me, go talk to cause so yes asked Alice and I will come to do you can improve border checks. We will do that for you hey, guys, nodded ever call her daddy this we the trail. Continue as we venture through the woods and it's a journey and the result accounts are really going to lead you to lead a drill, but the trail is like starting and it started last week another trail continues and there will be surprised that every it's kind of like
lent or what is it? No, no, you know a labyrinth. No well needs no five. Twenty nine days a Christmas know, what's the pollen turkish, where you poke it out, you get it here. We need to get out of a microphone dying, we're overtired. Ok, I little Instagram mine is Alex injure Cooper, I'm so view than Franklin or the way we need to go. We love you guys, the guy. You guys next guys.
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