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2020-03-25 | 🔗

This is how you should do Corona.

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problem and honey. I think it was just yesterday I was purchasing work out gear and I saved twentysomething bugs Jaska a lot of Daddy Kane has been writing and thanking us for this, because they're saving a lot of money. So if you guys are on it yet honey right now guys it's free. If you're going to go to join honey, dot com, daddy again, that is Joinhoney dot com, daddy, not using honey as literally passing app free, so be smart, go get it daddy. Call her daddy good morning, good evening good afternoon, who even knows what time it is welcome to call her daddy show this. We all the days or blending. Blend blur- and you know we're here: it's us, it's Alex it's Sophia, it's you
It's me daddy's, it's the fathers back, get any goddamn got it for another episode of call her daddy we're on a wet. My most are you on Monday three, but I'm feeling good needs who I feel like I'm ready to roll guys ads. You know we're recording from home yeah. This is kind of fucking amazing, it is like we got to just we gotta be drawing all were reported, and I like Corona, the quarantine aids getting to us is getting to us and just where we get started. If you're gonna get upset about carogne and jokes, whoever's listening and turned his eyes, the money, I'll move along we're going to talk about it freely. Yeah. We are we're in New York As everyone knows, we are in the pit of the storm. Yes, it's racks kind of in the beginning, the audience yeah, but like people that are already going stir crazy. I'm like you, do realize you have weeks of their own right, I'm more so. Men like the location,
we're in the pit over. We know it's fine, but I, like a yards, were in epicenter Abbe mother, but the big where I think the word big getting were, and I just want to say something about New York. Actually, oh yeah, I was talking to my mom and she's in you Hon. She was complaining about being quarantined and I'm like anyone. That's any house means to shut the fuck. The party has been a lot of us New Yorkers. What is so he'll distancing usual three six feet apart, our apartment, Logan Alex and I go to our rooms at night- were not even six apart. No bitterly yeah New York is so fucking hard to social distant. I love that. You just said that, because I think there's a lot of of online right now of of Jenner Jenner got on her on. Her was mosaic guys. I love,
being at home. I dont know why everyone is get all that, like Emma S being at home, but you limit a mansion she lived, they haven't, you like, she could have whatever she was set up in her back yard. Thank you. He wants an amusement park. There you go. She wants a shopping mall. She calls them when they set up a shopping. Mall stormy, an extra house in the back yard, set up for her coming, but if you guys are in a house you're lucky, but I also have to say, I could have gone home to Pennsylvania and I was like the thing is: is going home is scary to cause it's like being locked up with family get really. No. I mean you notice it during the holidays, like yours, the and of New year's you're. Like I gotta go, I got an AL me or round more, so I feel like saying in New York, like you, don't annoyed me as much as like my siblings can enjoy because I'm an ill put. Yes, also. We have to work
finding leg, doesn't matter and I could go so I got no yeah. We have to work. I think this social distancing thing is really hard for some people. Like my grandparents, there obviously part of the demo thy is the most it read write and they were out fuckin shopping up a storm yesterday Why my whole family got so upset, I feel it gets really fucking I get where you are Europe's cause. It's also been working hard to tell all people to let you can't tell them what to do. I stand aside and she's like get added re going, I'm cruising on my squire, not Engine bear the others could arise through. An erosion is walk they are actually the last people that should even be oh yeah getting set because their Mormon, our thirty seconds or aid worth more,
and how did you gonna more men, actually are more at rest? Why? What do you mean? No because people from the elder s faith, they have already like a storage locker somewhere in their house with a years worth of supplies of like essential. Food and share- may be ready for the fucking corona by re. Lying, wait and wait. I'm sorry and I'm hoping that daddy's on the same page me. I don't know we can rest I don't know anything about that colossal. When you talk about it, I always think it's like really getting so Mormons believe that there to be a second coming of Christ. Yes, God, and so they were there told by the church to have like a years worth of supplies in their house. Already we white
You can't go outside of Christ comes bathing, it's gonna be like a type of a popular I mean all should be set up, so they had Madge hoarding yeah there, but can be angry. My love our knowing your grandparents on our part cap. This is gonna, be really fucked up and I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way. A part of me during this whole situation is kind of glad that all my grandparents are dead No, no! I'm not sound spiking wrong, but I feel like it Like my man. Oh you alive, I be so Vikings so I don't know so. Grandparents silver lining diagram doing its job. You gotta look at the bright side. Yeah, ok, what else? What else? I actually wrote down some notes because I was like I want to talk about this in the corona food issue. Yeah. I heard our issues with well my issue.
I have been preparing similar to your grandparents. I've been preparing. I like an apocalypse like, I feel like I'm not to be able to go outside cuz, you kind of can't right. So I'm stocking up I'm stocking up on a lot of frozen food. And then it will like bead dinner time and I'm wiping out my dear you're, no popping it in eating the yapping I'm eating an older. We would that I'm supposed to sleeping in case I can't go outside. Does your no opinion hours per like weak three? They want, and also I just have exile about corona sidelined, overdoing it I'm stress eating and then I'm eating all this up and I'm supposed to be, Ray upon in saving just like really, but also assured. I got completely fucked up my deliver. Order. That is gonna be a little side. No people are still with us I order from whole foods, and I dont know who the fuck whole fields.
They are in the hold seeing my entire The genes, but you know you order something and it's out of stock. They give you substitution yeah option. Spring roles. I literally they ended up coming to my house with. Maybe two items I ordered and things of fuckin spring wrongly, we were like we're out a toilet, sprang rural path to peace. Spring road. I like now. Why is there like a dog of spring roulette? I've? No one wants to eat them. It's you know it's going well over here guys. I think it's been like. I think I've seen a lot of stuff on the internet of people being like the scariest part, is is just the beginning and I already feel like I'm fuckin lose it right, and you know what we real is that we are actually in a very, very good place. Other people. I know we are working full, but we are to bed she now. I'm always gonna bet. I hope the day there is a saying in its leg. Of course the quarantine
he's got into. Are you getting w p m? There is a saying it's like. Let it out I'm enough that it out hunting up. There is a saying in his leg, of course, some people's pain is gonna, be like there's like things happen, in the world that are really hard, for. I did not tell you all about it, but it's like it's like everyone's pain is pain. Right right remind like, may not be everybody, others, but not as my paints. Let me be in my pay: everybody's pain is pain. Ok beautiful. I really would entitle this episode. I've. Ok, what else is going on? I have a confession. I ve never act, ITALY watch the news or bones politics which I understand now, but I'm getting older. It's like it's time because have been news on around more far president. Try I'm not going
into politics here. My thing I like him. I didn't like him it's a reality. Show it's like watching real how size of New York Eddie guys aim level. I didn't know that I was miss. You know best. Reorganise television fuck the corridor she and President trumpets out here putting on the best show I've If the best suit I've ever receive is active, We don't want to get who had a girl. Like my guy. I bet my God of your board falcon on CNN. Ok, let's do a quick personal update, give it to us if he ok. Well, I have a full blown stalker, ok, perfect, but actually it suit man and me I love our humble stocker, we're both dealing with a stalker and so much. It has gone down in the past six months that I've never talked about, and I am ready to talk about it soon. You're you're collecting
I'm collecting all the info, because there is so much that goes into her fair emailed. My mom has been contacted by the stalker. It gets why his father has been contact a lot, so that's great just sit tight. I dont know whose living worst nightmare, you or me my they re now. How do I put it? How do you plan is kind of like does not make any fuckin? So it's really hard for me to explain it and I'm gonna try to do as best. I can we needed diagram. Here we go. You all know the Canadian, a guy I'm fucking talking to regularly. He sent me a photo thirsty men in the photo. I am talking to all three of those men how do they all know each other? How are they all hanging out? Why are they quarantining together? I have no fucking idea. Yes, I just want you all picture yourself. What I'm trying to say is three of my site
ho side hose, are all hanging all hanging out. How does it happen? Let's take a moment of silence picture yourself. You got a picture and three men that you are talking to, that you didn't even know knew each other existed up our fucking together, yup step, one, that's the picture I got then it gets worse and they start group face timing me to get there all night all altogether. It is a big happy fuck in party at em. Why have the laws of physics it derives lucky makes that it doesn't cuttings. You seem like a horse like guys, are you fucking, but they all live? They all live in different parts. No, I know I've got hit or some reason during quarantine. Ok, two of them have the same profession rises. Third, one is such a fucking outlier dynamic. It makes no sense, but it is what it is by day and not your realities so. I have to live in that I feel to live,
every day. How does Alex proceed? We don't know I just they keep pace. Semi me, I keep an during Ray I'm, I'm being nice arrest, she I'm laughing cheery. I dont know what to do right, so we are taking a day by day. You're like are they discussing my puss right is one of them is, but one of them is one of them has sparked meet the other two. I have actually not even met I'm the beginnings ages of talking to them. We're gonna go ahead and put that shit on hold right. I'm so aware that I can't be, texting all of them, while their quarantine in the same house, no digging with the Canadian. Obviously it may ship when quarantines verbal were for now for now. If you were texting, all three of them they are sitting on the table and comparing Tags Alex sends you the hard and algae and the fucking square analogy edge. Yeah
although I am single and I can do whatever the fuck I wind I gotta play this strategically, so I don't kill off to mend. I have even fucking met you re so that that only this had happened here that I gotta think you sofa on the topic of base time because I feel like during corona. A lot of these timing has been going on. Oh yeah, oh yeah, up your data plans. If you dont have a rampant, the fuck yeah, the amount of men. Currently face timing me is quite on believable remarkable. Does not agree that joint all world raw, literally that sounded very conceded by, let me explain because it has little or nothing to do with what I'm doing it. I'm not doing anything special over here. There are no sports. There is a lock down. Men are breaking by the mother, Fucking Minette and all of a sudden bitches are getting
tax back for men that they have not heard from. In a fucking year, RE year, re coming out of the goddamn woodwork ass, beautiful to see yes like manner yearning for a woman's touch and then think he's got it they're doing the next best thing, which is so fast time Yom and we wanted to talk about it because face timing, can be a little bit nerve, racking guys it can be really nerve racking, especially if you, if it's like one of your first time, yuppies timing, a guy's else. When can I use given example? I remember- and I was talking to this guy- you know who it is and we would face time and every single time we would face time. I would set up my phone like at an angle where I looked ha and I would were not fucking, wouldn't they always it was like. I was paralyzed and I was like. Oh my god, you move your face. A little to the re, you look like
fucking guy, you zoom keep it there and he called me how, on the end of the phase tightly, why he was like. Does your neck? Hers something like even moved so I understand and its nerve racking. Okay, so just with Birmingham I'll say: written. Oh my god. What are you right? Click the press, collecting Uruguay so no face. I mean can be really hard and I remember we were talking about the other day because I'm talking to this guy, he lived and allay, and we ve been key. We keep saying, let's have a face time day. Let's have a face time d, and naturally I he's never seen me on face time. So you want to look good, but you don't want to look like you just got ready for a day. Can we talk about because, if you go to face timing. I and you have a full face of make up. I'm talking big. I allow I
shadow a yankee, I'm liner to the no. You look like a weird. You look at its best Lee during Corona. Yes, where why do you have make up I'll get my first play. You look like you're insecure about the way you look at our trying way too hard. So I think if you guys can maybe go lie you gotta. Do then no make up make up contour them Black out of your phase mascara, but dont for a second make. It look like you put me to read on but I did a lot of every thing right. Your faith on big, don't let them know you drew it on type is share guys. It's it's yeah, it's hard. I think that I think that maybe going lay on the mascara is the way to go. I may be the eyebrows go,
on the fifth and a so minimal, and then it's like awry. I was trying to figure out. Do I show tat? Do I do minimal TED's Joe? I do a fuckin hoodie like what is your first phase? I go to. I think the first phase time you can show Cleaver. I agree the first one is really setting the precedent for all the other four yeah I like. Are you a whore? Are you not, and you can actually be a whore? You don't want a full blown. Let him know whore right, not furs riots its eyes, a kind of like dealing in person on the first day with a guy you dont want it is I'll be showing your ass to why you're jumping up drill tassels on your neck. Yes, it's kind of similar roaming any. Girl doesn't work. They like that, but here is one of my biggest phase timetable when you're talking to you like a new guy or a new girl, my strategy is to always have
out which I mean by that like when I get on the face time. I make sure he kind of nose like oh, I gotta go, do something which I like very curious? What is your? How very alone I, like the lawn jury, Buzz Buzz, got a girl like do you hear the dishwasher gotta go literally Corona is making it a little bit harder by normal face. I'm always like. Ok, like I gotta go like I'm going to you with my friends thing, but in corona tire roads at that time on Incur Rona time. I think it can be good where you can say, like oh shit like I have to get on a phone call for work or something s arm. You could say like shit, sorry, my Romania me she needs gotta go a guy guy. If it that night, you can just be like. Ok, my friend is actually waiting. We're gonna play aboard gay, our like we're gonna during outlined, like all tax, do you always having an owl, because I think that there is weird thing of like
when the fuck does combo its awkward, its awkward another tip I have is designed so over the top, but try it owl like look at yourself in your phone and be like. Does the lighting in my bedroom, make me. Look like a horrifying while you ve been gone and I've been in my room. I've been on the balcony. I've been lying on the couch floor on the bar strolled on the chairs in my bed in the far right, you never know set up a ring lying fit right. Now is the time to buy a renewed like straight out, but I I agree with you. If you, I think every girl does but like practice, your best lighting and fine, not lighting, so that you can look bomb and confidence you got on the phase tie totally, maybe go as far as fucking, like these timing, your friend for ya, and ask him like how do I add another one that I just thought of? It sounds kind of stupid, but maybe you wanna not start the phase and time like sitting at like an office
asking just be like hello, Bradley, hello Brandon. How are you today, maybe when you answer their base home or face time bam, be walk Your rattling brings handed turn the tv I have like music playing in the background. Oh, I like you, know how but you're so right like how off were right. When you call someone at any level, looks like you been planning for the face. Hang your whole life. You know I mean there's a candle burning, a glass of wine and livestock and you're like hello, Brad know, if I'm not looks like a little like it looks like when you're going for like an online inner yeah like let's knock it off, and because I'm a little pussy ass Nick, I'm feeling like the base There is awkward and there's like an awkward silence on him. They will literally put them on pie. Oh what others be, like only are sorry like my room ages,
and then I ll come back to the way. That is actually a really good point. You bring up the thing about face time, especially if you don't really know the person and you're not like fully comfortable with them, yet that when you are in person on a day to whom there can be awkward, cause. Is re pick up your drain? If you look at the many honest we're ya like you, can people like you can comment on the people around you on face time? it is you and me Bruno and were in this, and if there is an awkward pause, it can be really fun so big, because its rude ever face timing and you're doing others share guide. You know. I actually think that sometimes like you- and I have done it with the early stages of the Canadian but like when he would faith tie me, I would always kind of like walk out and hang out around Sofia and she
among for a second our. She would like incorporate my men. He would like we had Sophie is hotter, like I won a buck Sophia rightly greatly sign and I have to grab bone and be like a here's. My clinic the whole thing I keep em interested in any way. You can guys a core your friends hours, but no yeah, I mean face, I'm he's Agua guy during this time. All I can say is the amount of face timing, I'm doing it's so fucking neck last week has of corona we readily you can hit someone up at me like hey. What do you do where you quarantining, when he I yeah like what are you doing right now face it like speed data you just get and you can only get on you and your hop in Ya Bow and there's no loyalty anymore. I wow. You know, allow everyone get excited, get ready face. Time is the moon. Do as the roman offs deal fuck and fuck
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let's get roman dot com flash daddy. So I was reading listener questions from the Daddy gang high and there is something happening and it's not corona, but it has to do with corona love it the amount of girls riding in saying that they have been laid off from their jobs and because they can't obviously go out and try to yet another job. They have to make some type Income from home there is about to be a surge in sugar. Baby, oh, like so many girls were riding in saying I'm getting on a year am doing this ball law and so there's always seeking man beyond all J B Oji, He gave a range man's again, not an app. It's a website up. It's a place for sugar daddy's in sugar babies to me, as in a range,
got any good one phobia, so everybody that is joining needs to be verified before that they can make a profile, meaning that you have to submit a photo idea to make sure that you're not like a scam, ardor re. Obviously, though, once you get accepted, girl should only take freak. The fucker you can use a fake name? So it's not like your ideas on your profile. I've heard a lot of friends make profiles on there no gave Alex does a little story. Time brow by before we get in time. I've had other friends do and they have told me that a lot of guys are full of shit. You have to be careful yeah, I'm pretty sure the sugar daddy's have to put their network right and there's like no way to really verify that right. You know, takes grungy yo its.
Like alive, trial and error. There, like a few hoboes that you gotta like weed out you know before you got like the millionaire array, and I have a few quick tips for girls. Making profiles don't put your face in the picture o a lot of girls literally do like neck down nudes and well. You know That's the only thing guys care about it. I don't fuck, but they are phasing out. Oh don't even did I give it made up just buck and neck down Jaime yeah, so yeah. I think it's good to protect yourself. Don't put your face in the pictures because at the end of the day, if you just show your body in your good and I think that listen at the end of the day, every girls dream would be to find some guy, that's willing to shell out thousands of dollars. Four feet. Peck I think that the easiest bucking route, that that's really every girls dream yet
real angel goal, Jane Lyra Web fee picks shallow mail, but I agree with you. I think her. Every girl, like bill last she can do for the most amount of money? That is it yeah. So I think that if you pay in by beautiful padded cured, be blamelessly here raided twin, cool, tell arch for spread Dave he gear up on you all around a good time. Look you're! Just like you. I literally prune bout. Your toes, though, obviously the fee pictures and then as I've been doing more research about this. The whole financial dominance thing is also that, like every girl stream and brain, what financial, ok in DOM situation, gas, and it is fucking common idle highly get me a were, but I
Remember a guy got my email. I have no idea how you remember that I remember. I remember also how because only the fucking moron infer like a couple days. Opiates email would like literally flow blown in around with her also her phone number so much better. Why I was. I was well getting like mammalian round, like so dear you're sure o my elder brother worry as will now it's hideous, don't even try this guy. My email, because I had it, stood for the world, an he's, if emailing me and he was like pretty much asking me to treat him like share, and I did it. Community to islands. Isn't I was young and I even I like we why and why- and he was like. I remember he kept send me! Your amazon wish let his eyes such a big. Why he was like send your wish list. Treat me like shit and make me buyer and send it yearly. Seems
why'd you do it. It's true would like what why Ray. I am the little boat hub for you guys these men who want to be dominated they're called pay. Pegs yeah, hey pay, the guy eyes are called paper bags and what are you you're, a farmer who I do, I'm the guy. What is there a quiver of like a baby
egg. I pig listen. I know I know you ll be a far higher the farmer with the fuck. I married you, ok, Thou is like don't worry analogy. I like ok, so their pay pegs. Yes, ok! So we put on call her daddy because we were like, I feel, like. Obviously the daddy gang probably has like mad stories, yeah less about their experiences and some of this shit. It's fucking. Why Alex is gonna Rita some shit, so this girl wrote- and she said- oh, my fucking God, where star with the sugar daddy stories. So basically I went to college in Abou. Jasper of so cow re me being a hashtag broke girl who was couch hopping, decided to go on seeking arrangements so
sweltering through through these dudes, and I came across a message that says I'm not interested in sex. I just want companionship body being about boom very ago girl. She says: ok, cool! I share my location with a friend and I head out anyways I go to his place and I figure out why he doesn't want sacks. He has a choking fetish. This man dead, ass, paid me one hundred dollars for thirty minutes of stepping on his neck. Five hundred, if I made him pass and one k if I broke his Adams apple. What do I work why there's no way I like there is the low key. Would you do it one cage like that, but considers it ok to be on. You would and that's fine, and I respect it for thy, I would curbstone
highway curbstone about bed. No right when you spoke in part that I stepping on his throat for a hundred bucks for thirty minutes sapping on the throat you guys to break his. That will, unlike potentially kill him. I would be like. I need time. No, because literally, what do you do? You just stand there while he screaming your airports and rang with seeing this humbugging music. If you had to drive him to the hospital, we just let em like led out Indiaman deplore what the fuck do you think I may not upon this either someone curbstone what's gonna know, do dies like fucking awkward, but also amazing, good for your girlfriend getting that cash cushy Arab, saying that literally paid her bill wow! That's something amazing share like maybe it's an honor. For a second plurality like where the combat boots over their rhino re right, hair, and maybe you want to buy some next time. I bring those two letters.
Really really show that out of that will whose slay him oh gang, I by the other people, our writing, and I mean we got so many different comments. If you guys want us to read more, we cannot ex nother episode, but this person was talking about how she was in a situation. It was a financial, dominant situation and the guy loved her to humiliate him in private and in public. She would straight up put him on a leash and walk around and around like a dog and go to the atm and make him take out cash, slapped him with the cash like you hammock this shit she's walking him in public in public. Please let me tell you the most outrageous part of all of these from the daddy gave that I thought was and well. No, I yeah, obviously, that's very interesting what I just said. One of the craziest parts of most of the dam that I got was that a lot of these men are well known.
Man or like high. I remember that, like this one girls like do this, guy is a vp of a pharmaceutical company and like pretty well known, though one girl, the one girl who wrote in let me just take over here to canvass girl, wrote in, and I was shocked that even included the man's name too, this guy Daddy Gang, I want to say his name so fucking badly, because he legitimately is one of the richest man in the world, literally not just pesos, but in the same crime yeah, like these clear on basins. Guy type is shale gas and we were going to say his name has were Cosette little reckless kind. The loud and we asked a few people and they were like you. Girls are fucking dumb. I thought you were done before now, you're, really dumb. This guy will come after you and you will have to enter the Witness Protection programme.
We're lake willing, we all make it so much with water standard thing. His name will be elevator like number one on the chart on like yet it's fine and then your life is ruined. All of a sudden, we like put his name in highly our, never seen again. The first name rhymes wish me: ok, good though the irey yeah, but ways it was actually also kind of like a crazy story, because the girl didn't believe it was going. He had been rode up, knows him and he's literally and his seventies, and this girl is nineteen years old, who just like that with you and your learning moment of silence, yeah he's he s image yeah she's got mirror. She may bang no money, no problem, I swear to God the richer, the guy, like the weirder, kinky earshot you on yeah, without telling you, there's someone I haven't story of their remember at leisure- guys, ok,
Our very own, Alex guys. I was there when you out, often your job, I've earned IP ass, yet ass, so Alex was a little desperado. I was like. I want fucking cash and I won't cash quick yeah. I was sitting with Sophia. Remember it very fondly we were sitting and I was like dude. You have so many friends. I take that have been on senior friends like shall get on it. You were like absolutely get that cash. I was the voice of reason and I really pushed matters a lot of people. You aren't you well actually I like a lot of buccaneers, though so fine like coming over the profile of coming up with my name, and I use the word like bootleg many who boy whether Alexis Herblay, adding? I regret. I remember you turning teeming like. Why do I look like what I like you literally, your name was like bugging Candia hands hands is, but I
I think I went with Blake, so I got on seeking arrangements. This is big this year. How many girls would not I admit that begone on there I know I don't give a fuck I by getting carried away. Ok, so I get on seeking arrangements never been on the up? I had not really heard about it until Sophia. You got up so I'm like ok, great, so I'm perusing around and I have like randalls messaging me in man. It's weird because I m pretty sure I had to give like my phone number, two trends- and I didn't want to do that- but you did anyway. I remember guys you busy. Later you on bed lie like you in his ninety? Ok, so this guy, I will never, this guy message me and he was like. I do not want any things. Actually, I'm looking for a companion, General
a lot about I'm buying bout of building. Here I can watch gossip girl and tat is all about up so fucking loosely. Let's go here yeah, so here recalls mean and he I really was found in them. He was in a hospital. The Kurds should be growing at normal in I got a call from him eyesore screaming I run into Zopyrus room, I'm like holy fuck. You calling me what does this dude this mother Fucker had to have been pushing. Eighty, like, oh, oh, Laurie, pushing eighty. I'm do we really want to calm down at any moment so he's like high bleak, like I love this sound of your voice. When the irish member you, I love it's pretty much like
I remember him thing he wanted to take care of you, and this is another tibia. These types of man love when girls played off like they're, just trying to get a good education I liked you need a little how like getting there. Oh my eye was like I'm living in New York and it's really hard and like I'm a collar Stu Dyer. He got his dick hard when you said utterly started: masturbating homeless data, so he starts being like listen like this is this is gonna, be agree. I like you, know, companion share, and like. I would love to talk you're like a bad unladen, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy body. So it was kind of a strange arrangement. I'm pretty sure. I'm actually pretty sure. He had told me that he wanted to men tore me: ok, that's all
you're thinking of your mandatory, like mentorship program like oh, but like you pay me, I don't pay you programme no, but here the point has also like he didn't. He didn't want anything. Actual no shit. He didn't want anything factual Hague. His dick has not worked nevertheless, if you really can't even get it up if we tried ten by aigrettes it like a little baby like take those powers and z packing gotta, bull higher in the vehicle on like this guy? oh, I don't know it. We will not even be though via, but he was poison. He was pushing. He was pushing Torreon lie. Live I at ipo eyeball comforted by knowing my ipod good, knowing that you can do anything, I saw a bow, was not an issue, but then I remember him being like well, I actually have like an apartment in New York and I would
love for you to come over, and I am your lace me and I'm like me. Going over to my grandpa s house to warm embrace Miranda proprietor. My grandpa hold my grandpa. I don't think so. I feel like you like honey. I do the sponge by only green jobs. Do you like that would be one in I felt that I would feel perfectly safe with you going over there, like every you guys caught in a wrestling match you can not letting you know rattling that move a limb do these guys. But literally I should like on earth, and I go We elbow You know you could steal this guy's by good Walker. I don't up is war,
install this wall, just Google like peace, airy, dude, I'm not kidding guy guy really saddling all about Yahoo. So what are they? The cutest things he actually offered me during our two days of speaking, was he was site endless in if you of a car in the city, I have a car spot in tribute because I have a part in spot. In a lie that you could use, I'm like picture of doing. God. I I'd. We know to be Barrow Parking Lot in Europe is lies our eggs heart rate on other colleagues, you invite you re. So that
and then I ended up just blocking and because I was getting grows out with how old you and the whole sponge bath, I'm making a whole Harry Harry almost wanted to much and ball. He did like he was the type I was like. Let's talk for four hours on the item I wouldn't get off like at times. I'm pretty sure I mean you speak at once the difference between our I did make me home phone and I was like listening higher Harry just fuckin bout. Your aid you're, not gonna Ben Mommy, now companionship has to take us. Ok terminated, yes, all about. Like my first experience and I was like up to a very an hour. I harry there's no way he's! U, whether rang renowned now blessed his soul, in little heart, not arouse. So that was my first experience on tv arrangements. Around and applies what a kick off.
What Harry, I will always remember you you broke, does not have I had. I also think Harry Kind and scared you a little bit, then you got way younger Look. I guys we're not going to But on this episode I'm going to tell my full seeking arrangement story when the trail is really old, because, God than I was like, I'm not fucking, round and talking to these nine year old, I don't need a companion. I want fucking cash and I want it quick and so I may tell you guys, cause there's situation and I did meet up with a guy and Sofia did so I ask very serious thinking early in the day and you and a lot of shit when doubts that seeks an exciting story where he said it is how you guys, but how is it that was born? There is something really special about staying at home and its playing
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Here too. I think the discreetly is a huge play. I know a lot of people are home right now. You're freaking, the fuck out that your mama doubt is gonna. See like an automated package, know you're good its discreet yeah, so guys, you're gonna use offer code, her daddy, that's her daddy at check out they also of thousands of products. Are you guys can like really shop around and pick what you want? Maybe try a couple things so guys go to Adam and Eve dot com and use her daddy, I'm ok! I won't sex fine but I like iron railing wetter, redo viewed, quarantine is like making me horny, like I didn t like cabin fever. I feel like I want to have sex more than I've ever wanted to have size its. I go weird time.
Because you have all the time in the world, but it is kind of funny the hugging people bought cause was an I'm you're going and occasionally trying to see suit man, but you're not quarantined with him all the guys that I'm talking to I'm not obviously where there are so many people that are daring, ass being like I. Actually thought that, like my girlfriend was the love of my life, a who you were, I get married, and I now I studied her yeah and if, like Holy Shit, people being quarantine together. I thought for a minute that I wanted to be quarantine with slim shady and now, I'm like blessings on blessing yeah we're just doing phase times yeah, because my God, I totally you're gonna, get so sick of people anyways are those that so Alex I had all these ideas were like bees. Sex moves are so good that people are going to want to leave their house and not active social distant, having hop on the deck and we want to do now. We want to give you guys a Tipp it you can do from the comfort of your own.
Corn was heard dish, yes, because we're always thinking outside the box here. So let's just stay here in the middle of sexting: ok, everyone invasion, you're, sexting, your guy or your girl. During your anger and teen pianists, your new quarantine got up. You look terrible, but you're rising and use that him nudes before and you want to spice it or you haven't, sent him nude yeah. You want to justice case. If it were not all wars over here, you can be sending of boys memo. It sounds kind of strange ya, but it really is so. Underwriters saw the waiver lemming given examine. How does he work? What do you mean a voice like hey, went out baby, I'm horny tab. Ah, if you're in them sexting and you guys are getting to the point where it's been established here he's way
in a year touching yourself out of nowhere, you can send him a voice memo and you could in your sexy boys. I cannot emphasise out an idea you can say something like. Oh, my god, I'm touching self right now and I'm getting so fucking- why? I think I'm gonna come soon boom, something like the home, something That was a rough, but I was a rough two thousand rough. What shall we say? Oh the point, though, is this man is sitting on his couch and yes, yes, he has a voice. I'll from you and MRS Play, and he hears you saying. Oh my god, baby I'm oh I'm sorry, and
man is going to freak the fuck out here. That is so fucking high, again emphasis on the sexy boy. That's that's the he and you couldn't even throw in like a slight mon yeah. You did say: oh, my god, my fingers are going all the way and my God, like I'm so horny Bay. I can't leave you the idea, so the point is an end. I wanna specified to you laid out the scene of that their sexting, I'm gonna go ahead and say that you guys can do this also, when you're sexting your partner that catch them off guard them off guard little, morning audio message to your man: okay, you're going to wake up and you he has no idea. You can even hit him with it and you're going to be like. Oh my gosh babe. I woke up so horny this morning. I had to touch myself, I'm so wet right now thinking about bubble, while you're Hardtalk, whatever
I go ham, one, I'm telling you know bitches or doing us literally no bitches are new in iron and stand out and that's been something I think a lot of people have inside he about right. Now. You can't see, or hook up buddy. How do I stand out this fucking voice, Mamma, you guys yeah waking up and sending him a fucking voice, memo saying you're, so fuck any in your voice. Just sounds like you're, a little sex kit and its breath. The it's your horny, your way like you're, giving him the details and he's gonna block what the yes Whoa whoa whoa. We underestimate the power of our boys. Do we'd, I'm, like a metaphor, for a big bang- we very- I am now just yeah. A woman's boys got, can get a guy heart o so hard. Can we discuss just quickly s Amar? Guess we're not really gonna get into it, but the whole s Amar Porn Young, face
is really ramping. Its I've talked to men about this and there one of my friends at the guy. He said that he will watch as some are erotica and that's how he'll get ah dude. We we need to target S mar maybe next week, because I was visiting slim shady and I wanted to see if he would get turned on via so I got on porn hub. I pulled up a video of this girl doing as some are erotica and as we were lying there listening to her and war, king. Her. I felt my underwear move to the side. It was a ghost meaning well you're under arrest, my Sir, where slid to decide what didn't pay Lamb Slim shady
gain turn on any pursued. Fingering me nodded goes, slim shady was getting turn on. He starts fingering me. One thing lead to another. With the s mar playing, we started having sacks and while it kept playing on the bed, these sex was so fucking good. You guys who, as I think, having bad as some are elevated the whole experience. I mean imagine, hearing the moaning and this girl thing slutty things and making like the smell. King sacks noises into a microphone. I could tell it surprised him and was like turning him on it. Turned me ray. I was following the fuck out of ILO. You would be jealous, might be like a viewed as one unlike what on earth and thus, of course, your via Ngos right, you know, so how I'm kidding. I could totally see that, like a man could not get away with it, man. I don't even fucking to ride to send a fuckin voice
message willing. I Marty your girl leaves dont. Can you imagine Rebecca good morning morning. Would days woke up where the biggest hard on, like now No shit Johnny! We already know that you're fucking hard twenty four seven Rebecca, doesn't need of my invoice motor reminder. Yes, there's only works with girl. No and when we say voice memos, what we mean is the voice tax message: option that you can send out an Iphone where you hold down the recording by in and then slide up to send
I mean you walk. We gotta get created. We do, and I think that's like one of the most creative things so I do want to bring up, because I was re listening to one of our episodes and I forgot about how underrated this is too, if you guys aren't using if you have an Iphone sorry for all the fuckin losers with galaxies, I'm not kidding by if you are not using the invisible ink yeah feature in your text. Messages when you're sexting and taxing you're significant either your partner you're missing out yeah. I always forget to use this feature again, guys You don't want the invisible ink thing as it's a feature that sends your text message completely blurred up and you have to press on the message to reveal what they're saying you can also do invisible ink on pictures,
videos which I learned the hard way. I will I pose sexting suit me, I'm an he was working like he was like with his colleague. An ice that him a video and I forgot to put invisible and he literally wrote back. He was like invisible next time, let's give higher oil, but that in the meeting that that means that you guys use it so much that yeah that when you get an invisible ink, they know its actual its practical and aim now had only a high and like maybe make you guys almost closer concern and try new she. Yes, you're gonna me he's a guy worn seen, does not stop the sex game now, only a high and like maybe make you guys almost closer concerning China, Russia. Yes, you
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for women, men and kids, all over the. U S and now the UK guys. I know a lot of men have written it had been like. Oh wait should thank you so much that was actually really humble and women also and sofia- and I are thankful for that. So you're gonna go to stitch, fix dot com, slosh, daddy and you're gonna get an extra twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your box again, that is, stitch, fix, dot com, slash daddy wow, Corona. What a time would be alive. I you in your. I think that another time to be alive is when we enter a little region, a little red-
Jeanne. I like my colleague who is living in questions of Burma. Why, via the greek regions of the world, ok guys very exciting Mukwege Moon inflation for the weak? Literally that, oh, my god, you forgot about Russians bad! This is a story time. So this girl wrote in and said I used to sneak this guy into my basement to hook up in high school. My older brother was always home, so instead of letting him go upstairs to p and expose my top secret mission, I wouldn't egg him p in a water bottle and then hide it in the storage clause, one day my mom is going to take Christmas. Decoration, thou and came a
two centimeters from kicking the bottle of p every day, I wonder how I would have explained a bottle of tea in the basement. Oh, I know she's gonna see, there's a multiple bottles of well, think there might be, but she's at every day. I wonder how I would have explained a bottle of tea in the basement. I want to apply this year also good night, so good, and I'm trying to think of bill lengths. I've gone to two like that, but also just want to point out once. Why can't you just take the bottle of key to the bathroom with you a yeah. Why doesn't she like ours? Is your brother like on highly and just watching you at all times, come up from the base, means that, what's in the hand, re show the hands show is at hand when the new leader you know. I think that, maybe, like you were so brilliant up until the point really, you could have
down, I've gone and quickly grabbed and shut down your pants and then like port it out somewhere, yes even poured out your window or some yeah? I guess maybe this growers sneaking him in so frequently there were like, by we like you much. It was like a full blown Kay. Nepal and bring about yellow and now Also, you know what you mean a deal. Instructs the bitch boy to pee before he enters now, fuckin, wrap it up getting on and then come were allowed to urinate and then come in through the we're, ok and some rules and play as when you're in high school. You think your beryllium I got your not the amount at times I snuck owl and level the window wide sire. I have my my dad's credit card yeah I or this is a pretty fucking pathetic. My bedroom in my house goes down to our like patio, deck thing or man. You ordered a row. Live
bought one of those ladders that you could throw out your window, and I literally plan to escape multiple nine here I might die was like high just saw that I bought a rope ladder soul of eight, you fuck king more reliably. I'm going to put a lie, I would die so you do so. You are younger newly GAO. How would you explained I really like I have the worst you'd he I couldn't even make it to the bath her own. I literally we largely not about or literally just make I've no fucking idea yeah, and then you, your brother yeah, and as who were there ass George Guy I have one by is for a normal life, but you can also do this in corona time. Ok, ready, yeah, hi daddy's. I just wanted to share a Rick to make.
Your man feel in secure of we love that Ohio order, flowers to be delivered to your house. Slash work so house right now, his corona right in the no leg. First, someone special or something flirty act. Super grateful like, oh, my God, babe. Thank you so much for the sweetest and then he's gonna get confused and insecure because he obviously didn't send you. The flowers and he's gonna. Think some Their guy must have allowed businesslike, make them in secure one. A wine women have been doing this for centuries centuries. So good during curve on a tight if I fucking hen myself flowers and I sent a little pick. Yeah the Canadian or Superman man like baby. You shouldn't have he's gonna, be like I did in re,
What's your address? Yes, cried out another about better, ok, yeah! I think that's a pretty fucking brilliant guys, spice it up with a little fucking thing, looks like to call insecurity in quarantine. Ok, so this person wrote in- and I know we ve talked about this before- but I feel it- I had a lot of girls recently writing misanthrope Sophia. This relates to both of us on Hey fathers. I am a junior in college talking to each twenty seven year old law student is a six year age gap to big of a guy. I think it's too small me me too. I Are you really poacher blemish? Unlike get up, there knows those over yet I have both dated older guys. I was in a relationship with a guide that was thirteen years older than me yeah. I live one word. They were seventeen years older. He was seventeen years older than you
there is some way dated, and he in every time I say that people like us like sugar. Not even oh, no, no, I said no paid for it. I don't know, I think, there's a lot of people that are super in secure about dating and the age gap, and I, unless you are literally now in years old, dating a sixty year, old, yeah or like even forty year old, like I got it, but when you're in your twenty ones, your inner twenties, you You didn't really how they get around the room. You can really push that roof high and above I, I can't believe she's she's a worrying our six years. I don't think there's an issue without at all, and what I do want to say is its true women mature way faster than man, so like when here dating a twenty three year old guy you're. Dating zone with the mentality of a seventeen year old knows straight up, though
I almost think can be good. I also want to point out how I have never gone out of my way to try to day older meter It's just hop in that way and I think it's partly because when there in their twenties they don't want to fucking it all down right, that's what I was looking for by I you end up being in a relationship with a guy. That's looking for. We know that such a good point, if you like it's like will, we are attracted to guys that urban older, because one there more mature but to get if you wanted something like they're kind of that ray where you're gonna end up being in a relationship with someone that wants to be in a relationship and a lot of timing, guys in their twenties. Don't exactly do you remember when we use the three o one we were like our mission is to fight. A couple college guy who they'd be eager to please beguile needs who like, if you don't need to get nervous that they're gonna think that we'd be in relation to break
yeah, I don't know, I don't think you should ever be in jail or about an age gap unless it's visibly obvious that this man's Baltic oh gaol. Higher leg, young infraction lying six years. Is nothing really bad. They are good girl, ok, offices, drama, Tiggle sip. Without that coffee and I'm almost here we go wow, so I did a guy for two years and I broke up with him because things you weren't working out anymore. We blocked each other on everything and moved on about a month later, drunk at a party. I fucked one of his best friends. My ex doesn't know about this, and we agree, to keep it a secret. After having some time, apart from my axe, I wanna get back together with him. I'm afraid is ass friend will Radice thou to spite me bringing back together with him. Should I get back to
other with him and tell him that I fucked his best friend or shaggy it to myself and hope that his friend doesn't so help me God, oh my god, oh my god. Oh, I feel so bad being alive. It's like they had rung in raw hook. She was broken ray by imagine if you broke up with a guy Yom and then he fucked me I'm Bang Mary I'm getting he wanted to get back together. We will I mean, could you ever over there. I don't think I know no, but girls are also Frank obeyed, allocating geyser almost worse different, some sometime, because I do this is a thing in all this fucking hard? Because men are we kind of have talked about in the path men if they're just trying to fuck you they don't care of their boys have usually
to day. You is a complete different topic and if you have fucked one of their boys like I've, talked about the Canadian. With about this he's like if you fucked, what am I really good and my, but I haven't buckler yeah yeah, but he's a give you fucked. What am I really good friends? I would be really annoyed and I wouldn't want to d you so you to keep that in mind but on, but that it is different for man. There's something about? They don't give a fuck if they're fucking around, but the dating thing for them. They like, like their precious little cargo yap. So I could see your acts literally ass, never wanting to get back with you because of this by, but you have to tell him Yeah, because yeah there might be a slim chance. He'd decides to be like She was honest about it. They were drunk whatever I'm like look past this. There is a chance of you. Don't tell you, I'm gonna be living in fear, your fear. If the best friend does right, you,
zero, completely fog. You're going to be so cut off and you're going to be getting the taxes like you're such a fucking, whore you're, a liar you're, a slot, your kind of dinosaur that and like No, how do you realistically move forward without saying anything like imagine like getting games like out their wedding. The best friend is like the best man and milk has been inside, unlike rearing your got right, yeah, that's why I'm here, no win win here. You you just gotta, tell you you yeah! Unless you one hundred percent new without a doubt, the friend would take it to the grave
It's a shitty thing is, let's say he does take it to the grave. Like you just said, the wedding thing but like there is a part of me that just doesn't even feel it. That would be good for your mental health, be has to live in fear and to have that hanging. Only I had you would lose your shirt and Yahoo. Would will eventually, I think and of wanting to tell him to go it's off your task. I agree. If you wanna buy together with him, you have to tell him and then you know he may not want to get back together with you, but it would it's better. You tell em now than later in the relationship, because I'm telling you will be ten times were I'm dioxin. Is it if he finds that you lead him to day you again and and failed to yeah bring this up to him right again. That's gonna completely ruined his relation to us by Spain actually either way or probably ass, though wow, hey guys, story time. So the other week on my boyfriend was eating YO and I happen to have my phone next to me.
Some reason. While he was eating who now I got on my phone and looked up lesbian porn, I watch out forty seconds of the two eating each other. Out before I had a crazy good orgasm after I went to the bathroom to p and left my phone in his room and I'm pretty sure he opened up my phone and sob lesbian girls going down on each other. Do I bring this up to him? Help oh wow? Ok, we I'm a little confused how he didn't notice her right grabbing her phone, but I mean I guess I guess sometimes guys really go swimming in there and they I d been in like they don't you I dined at yelling at me. We tell men, don't make I dont like, but I feel like I usually every time, I'm looking at the guy eating the all right, I'm sorry, I I really do think I could get away with robbing my phone
and looking up, that's actually a really good plied. Even I could get away with it a I kind of just wanted to do it because we need to do. I would have an orgasm doing that yeah. I really do think so. On the point, the brain we bound her fungal. Ok, I? U need to bring if you well, if you think he opened, will almost nobody. I kind of like a part of me is like it. Let him be a man and bring it up if he's not gonna fuckin thing, that's meddling! Why the fuck? Are you No I'm not going away it up. I got off. I had a good time if human issue would they bring it up to me, but my odd is an open sure if he opened the phone and if he did why the fuck is things and thing writing? It is his fault for grabbing your phone. I I guess I'm just trying to under still. I would kind of feel,
I wouldn't you I love you. I loved. My final item shady would be like. I never eat a yacht again because, like what the fuck yeah lie, what did that about you him to EU out and about in mind, maybe bring it up and be like? Ok, you opened my phone and then be like. The way you eat me out is the biggest turn on you're so good at it. I had this porn open forum like last night I was watching it and I just thought it would be kind of fun in hot and I asked Org or I feel good. I would probably do if I was worried that he was gonna get in secure. I may not even bring up the fact that he saw a later in a conversation I would beg babe like I don't know why it has been lately but, like I have been like masturbating to lesbian porn and it's so high and like I want you to eat
yeah and I want to watch it unlike let's watch more porn together, lend maybe next time yet and that yeah that he then is like oh cause. If you kind of explain it, then maybe he's gonna feel bad about it. Geyser weird some guy was about his like. They get insecurity, own head on, and so what you have to be kind of careful. I ought to say I think a lot of guys don't understand not for girls, even if their stray yeah. If I turn on for them to watch girl on girl- and he might be like in my local- dating, who lies Ba no eight, so I'm like shocked right now is a part of me. Is there I almost want to do that meat. I I really enjoy girl girl point like I hired me to press on him, probably more than a born at. I think that, like that, could
hey in total orgasm, especially girls. If you are masturbating to that kind of porn and then you are able to bring them into the bedroom, any girls that may have it he was coming yeah. Maybe there's unify this out and literally explain him like a man I want to watch porn while yeah yeah, like I think it will like tenfold, make my orgasm dot, much stronger dive and then he's Chemical D. I do have a fucking rightly and then just don't you. Every faculty guy, I then no then he's getting so. You want a girl eating your pussy right now. I that's not so good. Wow Mimi bringing yeah yeah. That's fucking, good, hey daddy, my husband and I love your podcast and need your help. We ve had a threesome before with one of my car there is, but it wasn't planned. We were out a work of art and she got a little tipsy and I asked if she could come back, took place and spend the night
long story short. We really enjoyed it and had a great time since then we ve been looking for another girl to have a threesome whip and tried going to bars and clubs like you said, but I haven't had any luck. I downloaded and app called third or if the number three r d are, that some couple friends of ours use, but I have no idea what to put in the bio any advice on how to find a girl whose down to be with couples also what I put under info on the dating up. Thank you. We dies I did not even know that existed in that, so amazed, I'd, that either. Third or so. I think that this guy's question is the hake was actually the girl, ok, but the problem. The fact that she is asking like why dont want to put in the bio and the
I think you're just on that everyone's looking for a third, so you can be pretty blind right. It's not like a secret! Why you're looking for right right? So if anything, I think that you could be specific. If anything, you could be specific, but I think that what you should do, because the third person that you bring in sometimes it can be a It's scary right. You like I'm about to enter a home of not why but to people by another man ray I would put something in the Bio, that kind of made it more casual, like, I would say something about just looking to hang out and beings, if we hit it off, then like we can go from there. I don't know: you'd, bright and bio, but will a part of me is like, but again there on every one is on the up to have a threesome
yeah? So I bet you proposal hesitantly, though I think you can also just maybe like give a little explanation of like you in your boyfriend yeah like what you got like about you guys that person feels more comfortable, but this app is pretty fucking Berlin. Is later? I I would almost encourage everyone. That's always been, as he has like, where the fuck do. I get a third. He looked up. I've never heard of me to. I want to go on their visits, interesting Sophia with Enough and Alex within a thing, killing kill. I need help. I am juggling two guys one. I am just sleeping with we'll call him J and then the other one I want to date will call him ray. I don't answer Ray the guy one a day when I'm with J and hooking up and he starting to get suspicious, and I dont know what to say back when he calls me out
Ray the guy one a day will also say like: do you not tax me when you're with other guys like, and he is obviously saying it because he doesn't want me to be seeing that other guy and I always have to come up with a lie, and I suppose I could get rid of J, but the Digg is too good and I'm not really sleeping fully with rage. I just want to date him, and I know there could be a future. What are you guys think? How do I keep re around but still continue to fuck J? I remember when I first started fucking slinky again and I was talking to the canadian right and in the very beginning I would go over to see slim shady and the canadian eye before some shade. I had started talking would face time every single night without a doubt God, when Slim shady came back yeah all of a sudden Alex was an hour. I write forbade times. Then it is, the same situation happened to me when I went and visited the Canadian. Some shady was like why're, you entering my face time. Re juggling,
two men hard work. It is Emily aid is hard work. What I have to say is, like you suspect, fucked up, but when you know you're gonna be going in hanging out with that guy yeah, there's two things I would suggest one is come up with a lie before you get to the the hook. I, with a guy as a reason why can it be MBA? Hey, I'm have you, girls, no bill or to lie and be like. My mom came to visit like I've said that for my mom's in a city, I'm gray dinner with hurling ordinarily talk tonight, kind of thing yeah or what you should do is that day, Hague, each time your texting take like ours to respond. So it's not that ran out of no leg. Just say sorry been like super busy today you can say that the next day, but so then he doesn't know like we was just at night. She went
It's more like the whole day, she's been a little distance yeah it's hard, but I do think you can manages, and I just think that, even if you are with J, You can go into the restroom unduly high or a ties and just make sure that you like here yeah the tat I actually met so true, either multiple times that I've been with one. I am yeah and I and he like, goes to get US water and I quickly sat at a little question or something so he thinks that I'm writing shady yeah. So not that I owe them anything, but it is. It does get a little dicey when they know you're, like oh you're fucking another. Do they get guys get annoyed about her and also maybe this is the time to leg, explore ray. Ok all what are we doing? I was just. Can it yes? What do I owe?
you bet like a well. Why do you care maybe use this on what kind of fuel like a progression of the relationship, because I know that that has really been. I've almost used, my relationships with the others to help fuel. Like getting answers and the other one yeah and it and it's a good tactic, it is. You gotta be very strategic gap. Oh, I remember those days juggling it's hard, but it's fun, it is very, is ok. Daddy bodies, the trail trail, but trail betrayal. It's gonna be taken off pause soon. We're gonna, keep chugging, there's area finale to the trail in the US, and we want you always get excited because there are some people freaking out with it. Just trail mean, oh, my God is it. What is it it's just the beginning will become clear,
love you guys so much the corona time. The quarantine I mean. I know you guys- are probably struggling over there so where we know that you're not alone and listen to old, colored, ADI episodes and enjoy share with your friends but concerted collar, Daddy Book Club of yeah take notes. Can it be recording from home? I buzz is getting a little too strong. I need to go. Lay down. I love you all I'd go forth on social media Alexander Cooper Alex with, and a concur with the sea, Sophia Franklin Sophia than F Franklin. The why all right! Daddy's we love you. We love you every fucking when.
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