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94- Bisexuality & Depression (ft. Maggie Lindemann)

2020-09-09 | 🔗

Call Her Daddy gets a bit more serious, dark, and real this week. Father Cooper kicks it off with a sex update and some healthy news regarding her dating life and the show. Then, the guest this week, Maggie Lindemann, a singer/songwriter, joins the show and discusses her personal journey to coming out as a bisexual woman. Maggie explains when she knew she was bisexual, how she revealed the news to her family via text message and to the world via live stream (!!!). She also discusses the struggles of girl on girl relationships being fetishized, the frustrations of hooking up with straight women, and how being bisexual has affected her male relationships. The episode only gets deeper when Maggie opens up about her younger teen years, self harm, and the road to recovery and getting healthy. Enjoy Daddies!

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to get honey for Free Europe. Go to join. Honey dotcom, Flash daddy, that is joint honey, dot com, slash daddy Daddy call her daddy, oh my god, what the fuck is Daddy gang. It is. Europe's founding fathers were crowded for another episode of call her mother, fucking, daddy hi, hello. What the fuck is up! It's been a minute door them our three came all of her, my twelve thousand dollar couch. Why How do you get your leg, Azeri, alexeyev user, ungulate bearings here you say why? Listen, I'm sorry! twelve thousand dollars because it really does have to like it adds to the story. It's not a flax
Listen to what happened to my life. I quickly. Today on a log and people were ha sort of sea till I get it out there. I can't even talk about anything else in the observers. What it's hot tell you this, because a genuine I think this symbolizes how my life is going. Ok, so I like to be, sedentary. I like to be horizontal. I like to lay down it's my favorite path. I'm- is what I like to do all day every day so my entire life. I have wanted a restoration hardware cloud couch Kay. I got my new contract and I'm like. I literally make a little a fund for this restoration harbour couch a Chanel bag, a fuckin silly? a Burke and no fucking cloud couch okay. So this. Is my life dream? Finally, I purchase the restoration hardware cloud, couch. In total, it's twelve thousand dollars that is disgusting, but is show ridiculous, but it's what I do
could spend my fucking money on ok. I know this is first. The problems, but this is fucking broadcasts and this is happening right now. So listen so I buy the couch and the first person to Chris in my apartment is door. Number three with me. Ok, he comes over As you guys know, door number three has been somewhat in my life for a very long time that is like, my right or die. I hate that fucking saying: let's take that back, were rewind he's like Ben. Big day. One go to. First, guy was really like. Why really I'm in love with his purse? In great Kay, we're not together, because we happy together the what what is a relationship here on collared out really get into that later by so he comes where he comes in York. Any comes my partner for the first time I have had my restoration hardware couch. He I've got this couch for two days they haven't even really sad on it because I wanted to say plus and fluff. Bluff is in a word, plump and love
ok, I wanted to say looking amazing for when he comes and like all my god. First man in my apartment. This is gonna, be out back Number three comes over door. Number three sits down on the couch with me door number three, Can I play a movie door number three and I start to fuck. Obviously tensions are high. He starts making out with me. He goes out. I've had the whole thing of getting hot and heavy, and it's in the moment. So it's hot. It's amazing it it's steamy and we start fucking. Her fucking and all of a sudden. His penis is about to come everywhere and I'm like yeah baby com. What our Balboa k he pulls out swords coming on my stomach, but it's kind of one of those where it like drizzle up to the belly button, and it's down unease. By putting a little bit in the pussy region, whatever Allah a sudden, I'm kind of knocked the fuck out of like my fun, like oh my god, door number three is back and we're fucking I realize I realize we on my twelve thousand dollar bucking couch? And there is come all over my thoughts.
King restoration, hardware, couch hooker in this moment I go from being in a euphoric amazing. Oh I just got my brains back state to holy fucking shit. I shall door number three off are bawling my eyes out he's like what what What is going on, like imagine him, being I worming great moment all like passionate hot meetings like I don't give a fuck off me he's like oh shit. I am like death fucking towel. I look down Semen is seeping seeping into my performance velvet couch, so I Crying I dont know how to get up to, because the semen is just coming off of my stomach rolling off my pussy onto the couch more and more so I quickly flip onto my fucking stomach onto the a bit so others seem and also my fucking carpet, and he
was over and I'm like- I don't know, how do you clean seamen off a couch, I dont know so, I'm like hold on hold on. Don't rub it? Don't you fucking anything? The way the person in my life, but I want to call is my mother how the woman at the woman of many many many fucking talents, but Lorry Cooper. She knows how to get everything stain is her bitch. However,. My mother was so excited for me to get this couch. I knew it would break her heart hit by bucking called their noses. He mom Jordan for three just sploosh everywhere grenade. He is her They were, but I'm like a doesn't match up. I can't I can't break my mother's heart. She hasn't even seen the couch in person If she knows that there are seamen all over this couch, we will not recover from this our relations with who'll restrained for at least a year, so I google how'd you get see out of couch how to get seamen out of velvet honey.
Seamen out of restoration, hardware performance, velvet couch. We get nothing. We get nothing so I sort dubbing it with it. How will dubbing daddy I'm here panic attack poor door. Number three, actually: cow fuck him. It is a poor Doorn, three like he'd, don't even fully get to finish. Coming like he was like mid, like, jacking or finished coming on his stomach. When I shoved him all so am I again as a man like you're having not like, oh you're, not even hitting the posts not yet you're. In your leg, literally black out, I am coming, nothing is greater in the moment, and then you have my bitches screaming crossing in your face before using Your former out of your dick so here who had run to the bathroom and like literally come is seeping out of his Wiener hall, the whole situation who is very, it was very hard on our relationship. I fell. Uncomfortable Ethel upset. He offered to for an extra cushman for me, I'm? U! What a fuckin g a gentleman I mean not a gangster JANET
what did John? Oh man, I I know- and eventually I kept blotting I kept blotting. I fly, ended up flipping over the couch cushion and when my mother came over mom, look at the couch now. Listen it in. It is still pains me to this day because the semen is there, but it all It kind of like a symbolic reminder, like door. Number three will always be with me. Even all my fucking, A thousand dollar count. Well to call her daddy this week, mother Fucker, so that's kind of like symbolizes how my life is going right now hurry you play is doing going. You know Alex. We were doing fine until you quickly just blacked out and told us at some man, fucking came on account and what is a performance velvet will clearly the performance in the fucking velvet isn't so performative, because my fucking catches fact anyway, Daddy Gang. Welcome back to the fuckin, show. Ok! Well, I was already brought the cow to you me back at it again
I call my feeling today, I'm feeling good, I feel. All? Right, I wouldn't say I met my best. You know it You go on vacation You come back and people are like we were like they're like You feel so refreshed and you're like no actually need another fuckin vacation from my mother, fucking vacation, that's kind of how I feel by it actually was like a very smooth sailing situation and I couldn't be happier, I feel very then right now, some trying to get back. Into the toxicity of the toxicity. That is my show, call her mother bargaining, daddy. We ve had two weeks off and at this point I could see data be dating fucking, flim, shady again, why it like. We don't know that what had so much can happen in two weeks I could get engage you don't even know, I'm
probably fucking pregnant. At this point with whose baby we don't local. Ok, I, like light kind of blot like lately, blocking out we're fine, so this business, where I want to take the episode I mentioned on social media that I M, while everyone fucking knows I'm in therapy, everyone thinks Alex. That's! That's so obvious that if you, even if you weren't in there, Can we be generally concern until you need to get into it? Don't worry I've gotta covered I'm taking care of it. I am in therapy so Every week I talk to my therapist about my life, about the show go about the daddy gang. Does it out again like how exists we does the Daddy Gang fucking hate Alex this week. The mood is contingent upon, the daddy Gang and the DE means that I receive that is most unhealthy thing. My therapist would like Alex. We worked on it you do not measure yours home workers of based off of D. Amsterdam MIKE
as ideal. Yes, I do did they like the episode? No ok! I am nothing so you guys can tell a lot work on work on anyways so sitting in zoom therapy, with my therapist as I'm coming off of my amazing vacation, and I have to admit like when I got back to New York from going to the Hamptons going to allay, I felt some Wyatt depressed like you know, when you hot, like especially in corona right now, I haven't been seeing people and then finally, I'm people social distancing, masks on. Please don't for me, but I'm doing my best to like somewhat have some social interaction and then go back to New York and I walk into my apartment and by myself. I live alone, which I do love, but after being with people for a second, especially The corona I came home and I was like this- is the this is the darkest days this is so depressing, so
Where am I in my life quickly? I think I need to do I'm doing it like two for two seconds all deep here I feel like I've been cracking jokes, its entire time basically right now in my life, I think corona for me personally has been a time of a lot of self real. Station and alone time it as much as I'm depressed. Sometimes when I'm in my apartment, it's been forcing me to focus on, What do I want in my life, who do I thus around myself with, and I've. Had a lot of time to think about who I started as when I started the collar daddy podcast over two years ago. And who I am now, and I think there is a lot content in my mind that I want to talk about because I think first time in my life I and it's the thing for me to say hello, but I'm dating multiple people, that I
a genuine relationships with and they're fucking semi healthy, which is bizarre. I know Alex Cooper. Why so think that's what I want to. I want to talk about that. I want to let you guys know that, like woe, having multiple people, doesn't mean, I'm being unhealthy, I'm being honest that I'm dating multiple people to these man, but I think that who I am now compared to where I started to show like my dating style, has changed. But I haven't been able to fully role that outfit you guys and articulate that, because I think sometimes I'm scared to he healthy on this show because I know I'm like so. Stuck in the ways of the old show, unlike what it was, and I think finally, I'm like ok hold on that's literally, not what I'm doing any more. It always be a part of me, but I do think it's also kind of like ok, what else end ask me there is a lot of what our host, but I just I I haven't really gone there the Show- and here
we go, I'm excited so adding. Next, we got a kind of outline for you guys like what the fuck has been going on my life, and I hope you guys can understand my wife and a little bit hesitant, but I hope you can also be supportive in come along on this journey with me, because I think we ve we like we literally started as babies were like she don't I'm cheat on her and will always play games, but it's like we can so level up and be like our? I I think the best test is: can you even be fucking healthy, because if you can be unhealthy and you know how to be healthy than you went up both soda the new journey and I want you guys you come along with me. Don't freak out, it's gonna, be fine, roman hello to all the men. Listening stop only pounding the pussy for thirty seconds,
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two hours bet guys you're gonna go to got roman dotcom, slashed, daddy and you're, and get your birth month of swipes for just five dollars. When you choose a monthly plan again that is get roman dot com, Slash daddy, daddy, gang hello, I'm ok, I'm really excited because in this spirit of feeling like I want to, b as inclusive on this show as possible. We need to have people of color. We need help, people different sexuality. I hear you and I want that is well, so this is kind of x. Bidding because I, and very self aware in the fact that I would never speak on experiences that, like I've, never experience why the fuck would I do that you, dumb bitch, And today we have someone on the show that is bisexual, very open about her journey time
it's coming out and being open about sexuality of depression, etc, and it's just a fucking awesome interview and I'm really excited have this person on. Yes, the musician and, yes, she is extremely successful, but that is not why I'm having her on. I have so much respect for her in that aspect. But the truth is, I think, her story, hopefully is going to be so relating to so many of you that I personally could never bring to the collar daddy podcast. I will never pretend, know what it's like to come out to someone's family and to come out and and go through. Struggles, so I'm so fucking excited get your panties bunch, in whose you're gonna fucking cream, soon hooker why I'm so excited here we fucking go introducing Maggie blind man that I say you're, the guy you did know everyone gets miles around, so I gotTa Ryan how're you I'm going
good. I saw your snap today. You are feeling anxiety and I was like oh fuck like. Is it because of my show? No, oh, no! No bigger ass! You know I've literal even having anxiety for like dead us the past. I don't even know if a week strayed, but I also highlight Corona, it's like ok. What do we expect if, like everyone's in the weirdest position in their lightly, everyone is feeling uncomfortable everyone's you sad emotional, unlike crying and like? I don't cry like what is this: what the terror, and yet I understand so I think a lot of it's gonna be sure thing to see like how many people from your world know who I am and my world know who you are and I'm so excited for this collapse, because guys Maggie singer and you music is so first I'll give you guys her music is really depressing to me. They had no- and I know this sounds weird, but like your music,
the kind of music that I listened to, like you know in your side, and then you, like, I wanna literally poor, so much soul in the fucking yeah and I would be most ad and that is like some of your music is really sad, but I love it and I want to talk about it because, unlike are you, a sad person is partly Maggie. Are you really scattered and I really size in an act? No, Ireland's now I am going to like ok, I mean yeah ok, I'm a cancerous I'm just like the dramatic person ever. Ok me talking. I, like my Zodiac, signed vines. We don't know what lay oh and I got the complete opposite. I'm like a psycho happier, yeah good, no yeah. I just feel like I'm such an emotional buyers and- and I don't know like
I think, makes me sad. Honest we, I actually kind of love that, because I was thinking like daddy gave. The reason I wanted to have Magyar is like I have so much respect for how open you are with your fans for so long. I have had so many listeners wanting me to talk about De L, GB teach you community and talk about Oh my gosh, why don't you talk about lesbian, loving, gay love and I might listen. I fully support. What I don't want to do is ever speak about something that I dont have personal experience about, because I just think it's fucked up when people like guys like the advice for you, it is acknowledged that you literally you that's, not your life, so I want to kindly go through you and your sexually liberated life. I think you ve been very open about your sexuality, from what I've read tell us a little bit about you're like sexual journey, yeah, ok, well being from Texas like every year from
anywhere. That's not like. I don't know your right now for now you're from like yeah, you things like that. Like, oh, my god, are you where you shine like what the my eye taxes scary, but I know it: It's like a very conservative stay right and so oh, my whole life. I mean my parents, I'm lucky to have the parents. I have because their very accepting ok but. Yeah. I knew from a pretty young age, I mean never really understood the concept of like bisexuality like I knew there was gay and I knew the restrictive, but I never really knew about that like and between and actually the first time I felt like a real connection with a girl was so when I was very androgynous, so I guy like that was like my excuse- was like oh she's like in,
project as right? It's not really lightly gets its like kind of like still like a guy, like you were kind of, looks like a guy, so by raising the I eventually I was just like lake now, you're, bisexual yeah for small island. Commend you so much for it is being honest and open and like I must have been. I can imagine as much as I'm sitting. Yeah go Maggie like I'm, assuming there were really hard fucking times in your life, because as shitty as it is like as much as we have tried to normalize like be whatever the fuck, you want to be an owner and love it there, as it still looked at by some people in the world.
Like what what do you mean? You're, not straight liquid back in that I can't even get into that conversation cause. It makes me mad, but I think my audience would love to hear like your journey of coming out and like how did you first come out, and how did you tell your family and like how did you decide to come out of yeah? So I think I just turned eighteen thousand newly eighteen, and I done the shoe with galore, and there was like this pillow. That said something about like set likes. It swallowed in not being straight yeah and I literally, God, I'm just spotlight such a sign- and I was like I just like. Ok, I have to do is so I went home and I just. Like, saw Bang and I actually texted my parents in a group. China This is how it is, and I'm I'm fortunate because I wasn't even living with my parents anymore, and I you know I pay my own bills and all so my unlike, like fortunate died. I had that, like GINO,
I'm not so under their roof, but they were. Very supportive of air there and just like our like, we figured a little you now. And then, when I told my friends the same thing like I just texted them- and I was like I don't know if you guys know, but I'm about to like do this livestream and tell everyone- and I want you guys to know Harrison bitterly all my friends right girl, like girl, We know how we do better. We are now doing. No doubt we were so we how the fuck do you decide to come out. Your parents be attacks, agree lecture. I call them try tax them, like I the kind of a hard momentum doing what the fuck do. I do I'm just so bad with confrontation, ok com and, if I may say so, what if I'm gonna confront someone at her? It's not like what legal. Many like big someone out, I'm my good at that in person by ruin it something that, unlike holding
Do you mean a slide this entire? Maybe, though, miss detect yeah. Maybe what is here- and I want to hear- but I don't know I just like ours- did you thus did you think that your parents had any idea? What do you think you're about to shock their world or no yeah? You really shocked when they were like we kind yeah there yeah oh growing up my parents, whereas they a boy crazy you like me, yeah there's. Some things happening right now, because you just casually you're like and then like, I was gonna go live, unlike do it on a lives through yeah. We need spaghetti that what the fuck like, how? How did that go down? no, I'm really impulsive and I think that was definitely imposing, because also when I look at that live itself
whereas anchors annoying rioting and unlike its is so grand, but it also like you ve got a respected like that's where you were in your like yeah moment of light like when I look back at myself when I'm like eighteen to twenty, unlike what were they going out doing so I got you must be like. Oh my god, why the fuck did you do that by how it? What was the response? The response was pretty good, but I think big as I was like, so emotional arrive, evolved, unambiguous, real. They go on. He warlike, oh she's, your psych, mocking people or a light off. Then I was being genuine right, but it was like put elicited yeah, but it's literally just because I'm an emotional person and an you couldn't help under pressure. I just always
unlike many crowding about a month, I'm the guy, like words, comes the worst sort cry yeah. Oh the fact that you made the decision to like come out on a lie. Like I respect for that, but also fucking terrifying, like there's, obviously, I'm sure you ve thought about different ways. You could have come out, but, like once, you came out obviously expecting maybe experience some type of hate once you came out yet again. I think I'm really fortunate because I do live in California. Things are just way more accepted here but I also think because I'm like girly girl, I'm like attracted to I gotta, go I think, there's like it's less of like a hate thing and more of like. I feel it is very fetish that set aside Spanish? I, yes, it's gonna makes me feel uncomfortable. Ok because, like I remember when I came out, my ex boyfriend literally was like also to see me. We can either through some.
And I like pro, leaving no personal you're, my ex, if you're my act, I donno nailing literally my faith in having saved me again. Second about all fuck you I get I know about- is such a good boy. I've never even thought about it like that. Like guys, fetish sizing, lesbians and, oh, my God, so hot, like lakelets you make out. I can imagine that being frustrating for you, like your saying, cause, you're going for women that are like your girl
oh you're, going for girly girl. Maybe it's not your stereotypical lesbian couple. Young people like this is so hot Maggie make out and you're like yeah so like. How do you get the confidence to own your sexuality and not be so in your head? That people are judging you, because your bisexual and can you kind of like walk me through like how do you mentally just like be ok with like oh yeah, I am bisexual, that's amazing and I love it and I'm not gonna. Let anyone make me feel certain way just because of like what society says we should or should not do yeah. I mean I've really for me. I've definitely own debt, but it does make it hard, sometimes like in relationships with boys or girls, like I think, sometimes being in relation to for a long time. You feel like you're missing something like like. I see a lot of people talking about this, how they might be in relation to the guy and they'll be just like wanting a girlfriend, but it is because when you are trying to do both it's like they both bring different things right
now. How does that has affected your boy? Friends in the past like do? Are they insecure about it? Yeah my access definite plans. They care about a leg, just like all my way for now is amazing. He so understanding and he's just literally the best, but there has been times yeah were. I think it does make guys a little unsecured. Always I just like your girlfriend or, as I tell you all that you're trying to like to talk to you and with girls is expected hard to tell cause Ike. If you're working with a guy like you got it. Yeah. But if your reality with the girl, a grocer disliked, I even if ya straight, like an OECD, ruled the bathroom like apelike. Darwin love,
or like. Are you my best friend or why I get the girls you got lights. I've read dies about extremely challenging. I can imagine I think, I'm anyone that's listening to his podcast right now that is like struggling with their sexuality. Struggling to like come out struggling to build alma ata. My parents can a little disown me like. Do you have any advice for them that, like you ve now, I know it's like only four years, but still that wisdom that you, like kind of gotten over the years yeah. I think it's just don't feel pressured to do anything if you feel like, because I think a lot of the Thames who are like. Oh, you just need to come out and if your parents on it's up to you than like fuckin right, but if you really feel like there's gonna, be a bad outcome and you're not ready for that. I really think you know you should I consider that in just do what you need to do to get by in the moment, but I also think that it's really important
own yourself, then like be yourself and be authentic. So I just think you need to take the time you need, and this really think about it because it is like you know. It is a big deal to some people and I just want to rush things. I think that's one thing that I just wish. I knew when I was younger that it's not something that I needed to label myself with an agent need to if it something that I wanted to keep her small like I can keep neatly yeah. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone in including your parents. Honestly, I think if I didn't have a pot form I probably would have ever came out to my family. I mean eventually they would have liked found now, but I dont think you would have been something that was so dramatic. Irony only think. I think the main reason I wanted to come out so bad was just because I was in LA, and I have just wanted people to know honestly like I wanted to. I didn't want to keep having these like straight relationships and then, like.
Girls were just now. I want to talk to make. As I thought, I was straight that literally minories we die so fucking interesting. Can I ask you, like so yeah you can that's it put outfielders like we guys, I'm down to hook up with grass wailing I dont like death. I love to hook up with you like. How do you let it girl note, is valid and thinking about like a bummer, they know so weird, I don't know I feel egg, it's like so weird because they're, like I say like so many straight girls will still like hook up with you even though they cause I'm stray like all so annoying and it's so frustrating goods it's like if you are straight like I think that something that you should definitely tell someone yeah like early on I'm. Assuming have you been in situations where you put up with a girl and then she's like none and that's that was like. I was drunk and like we're just like stray ambitious. It was just doing it for fun. Yeah, it's happen, drunk and knocked
ok, so like yeah, so I M getting nowhere. I did so I'm going from this one's adjuration specifically are heard it's like friends for awhile, ok and then to start and making a lot of light comments. Ok, I just like insinuating air and one night we went out to this club and we just like both got drunk And I would just like hooked up and then you assign, and then it just like we just like cap hanging out and then we would just like hook up junker, not John, so eventually like I was like oh cool, like she's kill you I like the outline yelling, maybe I'll just try a little more than it was like. Oh no, she straight out, I'm straight like I just you're like. Oh you did black Alec the path now my god like where are, we
way, bring that up like what was she like defensive, like what happens, and now it was. It was just like. Oh no definitely stray hundredth century, then you're like so so what do you do if you like? Oh ok, they might get by the leg out. What can you do? You know what I'd do anything? That's why it sucks so cause you're. Just like it's not like it's just the person. That is right. It does girls and then they're just like outside or like you re like. No, I just don't like I'm just not try to you like that, like barked, because the amount of like how glamorized, I think it is like I remember, in high school, when all the girls who, like let's make out in the eyes, are gonna, think it's so Buckingham and then here you are saying, like you know, like your hooking up with a girl than she's acknowledge astray than is equalled though I the fucker you hooking up with me yeah. What are you doing? I don't know I but getting rejected, rejected by anyone
they are friends out its is like a shit beckoned her it's by land right when you hooked up with your first girl like Deet, were you more experience or regime or experienced? She were a lot of the girl to you looking up with like? Are they buy or are they just lesbian efforts who is just Her eyes were so interesting, but there's this weird stigma around, like by girls and Michael S, main community for some reason, whatever it's like this by phobia, it's so weird, but a lot of lesbians warmed. I like who talk like date or talk to buy girls, because. You all the guys you knew ass. I got an early penises earnest YAP account of our pay. How dare you ever look at them? wow Billig I've met, I mean the lesbians, I know a great. They don't think like that, but I have run into life people have got our light diner and they give you will gather like we are by and white yeah there like like obviously that's not the whole community idle railway rash.
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If you get bullied when you were younger, like where no yeah I got bullied, why also got an interim really really. I went rolling insurrection tumblr when I was like into doesn't eleven. I think I got on. Early so along ass, also you're an early bird up, and now we are all working in an ok looking back on it like, I was definitely super congeal although we all back then job, I'm like a kid middle school. At this point you know me, I, wouldn't I spent legs, were you kind of like you almost got payments like you hide like tumblr. Tumblr says it all YAP. Yeah and like if you weren't, tumblr and two thousand eleven, just by the way like the worse place? Oh my god we were love was hurled. Alas, it was, as I mean, that's when they had like thins, both ok, but actually I'm sing in a lot now, unlike Tik Tok, it's like the same. It's like reliving a victim Terrible is the most unhealthy platform
It's like you see how they sensor, like everyone, looks a specific way like I read an article where they like filter out people that are overweight and also the backgrounds evident. Look like you're in a rich location. They felt heard earlier- and I was like this make so much fucking sense when you want tiktok all you see bitches in really big man. What the bug and its immensely that fuck you and I don't understand. Interim and utterly reminds me of Tumblr, because back then I mean yeah. It was like all white people like thin lips blue eyes. Blonde hair, like TAT, was like, like this scheme, love was lively. La guy, like rising blue eye tat was about was like Thing- and there was- and it was all about like things I was in there, was like self harm pages and therewith limiting and literally I remember this is so dark, but
I had this like supper page, where I would literally pose like my progress of like my body and like my arms, like my wrist, where I would call my southern people would literally below oh, my god good job you're. Almost at your goal. Wait like get skinnier you're. Almost there, like your cousin, linking the mate league It was so toxic enabling all out just like want to kill myself today and they build out. You should try this business and not like a fucking easiest way to just go to the inner. Like I'm twelve gillig, we what's got into your parents, know you had these, so no holy bog ass. You are posing all this shit cause. I think that is so crazy at your bring me back to the Tumblr days, because I remember like seeing girls cutting
selves, and it was like romanticized glamorized like oh, my god, like I'm, cutting myself and I'm skinny and how the leg Dat's dark super dark. Can I ask you how long you would cut for like how, like fur from your life, if you read that young, like I did, I think I was like thirteen fourteen and then a little there when I was fifteen like I commend you so much for just like saying that, because I, like I respect you so much, I think it's really hard for publicly to talk about.
Yeah. You are going through a lot of share yeah! That's I haven't had to Romania's has chosen thirteen sacked caused. There was the worst year a mile, I already badly kind of a joke to obey. Gale does like the year I like, went to like a mental institution and got like locked up again and dogmas like my hardest euros are blows. My ninth greater so far do dire that age. That is the most like isolating scary times. Could you I don't know about you, but, like I remember not telling my parents about stuff at that age and you you try to hide things from man and you're, an adolescent you're going through puberty like there's just so many different things at your trying in your life, and it's like you, filled very alone. Yeah though you gotta help and then like. How did you how the fuck did you become where you are like your stories? Amazing? So, like you went through your dark times like depression, anxiety, exaggerate like where we're. How did you kind of like transition.
Upwards, so I was actually like. I uninstall I'm at that time, and I just took a really long break and arrange is like I'm a guy like. Did this girl like dies? You were how'd, you do like a huge happen. Diane I was just gone unlike because I had my phone taken away from me. Frank ever. Do that sometimes is
But you need, though, is how do you like five, my if you were on those social media channels- and you had all those people like it so fucked up when you're communicating at that age with people around the world that you don't you fucking know and like you being, oh, my god, you're Catholic amazing today Badge it's like you gang herbs into it and it's hard to stop, and it's like that. Where, like that is where the parental controlling actually is like necessary because a year when would it have stopped and looked at what cost it so triggering it's insane is show fucking trigger. So so then you got you kind of like when all social media Forbad Jaso, I literally didn't, have a phone like five months and has obviously like in this place. They also you don't have found in an iron anything right. So then, after thy, my my dad actually had moved to San Antonio, like ok a year
before this, and so he was living there just working and then he would buy come back and forth to like my house over and then when now all happened. My mama's, like I literally, cannot do this on my own, like we're. Moving to San Antonio in mind, we need to be with their diagnosis is like to overturn a lot yeah and so like bright after I got out. We went straight to my new house like I didn't even I gotta that's good, though right, who is allowed to go back to a place with such dark memory. Looking you get the fuck out of their I'm lucky that I was able to it would have.
Yeah hands fancy and it was cool because, like everyone hated me and my old school, you know the humble why? Why do you think that was just like hated me because I'm I inscribed they always made fun. They just like our knowledge picked army for every. That is sucking worse when, like I think, that's also a lot of people's insecurity. I think a lot of people. I see the non tik Tok nowadays, it's like there are girls that are like. Everyone makes fun of me for my tik tok at my school, but then there, but slowly getting famous on Tik Tok yeah, and you go through this weird battle of wanting to post on the internet and wanting to have a life in and feeling inspired and wanting to like. Do something and then get people are so fucking mean in school and like it's, this awful feeling where you're like I just want to fucking leave like I want to live online and I dont want to be with the people.
Like it? Just a fucked up scenarios, you gotta leave, that's amazing yeah I mean most people. I've met out here, literally warlike bullied is currently ladders anger. I also media like anyone whose, like anyone out now, I was bullied dual dots, Ike worst, it's that actually so fucked up. It's like a bunch of people that, like literally escaped and lay out I'm here and then early, it's a bunch of people that are way accepting of each other because wherever they started, it wishes fucking shit show and you can feel accepted where you were you move, and at this point, are you even singing now? Oh my eye I was singing all mine. Boa ok, this why I'm not doing share located like mentally just trying to make yeah, I'm gonna like live, I moved, and then I went to school and San Antonio for like a year and how old were you, then I was fifteen programme and then I moved to eleven sixteen. How did you get it like? An like famous were singing like what was the one big thing that people like? Oh there is this video of me like
joking around singing, the national anthem, Bucca and, unlike literally joking, but there's like a few knows that I was singing for well now really saying and I have to say yeah, my managers are than he was like yeah can you come to? The city are like me, you and I want to see if you can like really saying and then from there I just moved away and all his life. Yeah any any chance I had to get together pointed out earlier by leaving. Here we go. We that's amazing, see you move to allay when you're sixteen and what like? What happens there? Do you think that you got healthier like where you were your parents nervous, for you to leave and be on your oh yeah. They were nervous like ice. I, like my parents, are broadly supportive and I'm really lucky because they were like go dear. That amazing yeah living and allay honestly has been really helpful. I allow her does actually an amazing savings. I do feel it. There are so many people better like allies, so fact in its ruin
he and I go. I'm dying out here and legal never find a real belief, but that's kind of like a refreshing thing like eight helped you and I feel a year. I could so see that, because of what you're saying about all the things in your life, you, like you, never fell, except you where you were. You had this thing about your sexuality in your meeting people out here that are so liberated and owning what the fuck they are here. So it must have been such a place for you, where you look wow. I actually feel like I, for the first time may belong somewhere yeah. That's an amazing feeling if you had never felt that prior, so you start singing when was like. When did you pop off it? I know one of your saw. Is it pretty pretty girl did owned. You write a lot of your songs so earlier on, I wasn't writing, as my like, I would like. It was more like my journals and we would like talk about stuff that was more like in my diary. Ok by right now, like unlike
In writing. I myself by I wish I'd really young. Oh yeah. I was like sixteen when my first on him, our only guard, and so that's like That is why, and I had, a nose is like a weird situation, but for a pretty girl yeah that was like actually came out of like a tweet, unlike my journal that I shall not Sancho about, and it will
that one of your being a song is, and it is your things he hold leaf, PA yeah so literally from a tree, and then that, like Blue, the fucker yeah, I can't get over your journey. I think it's like the most amazing thing that, like you being so open, invulnerable, first wives, wanna, thank you, and I know that the daddy gang will be so happy to have someone that was that open with them, because, like you speaking about where you were, when you were younger and in high school to now, I mean I think on so many different levels. Literally people can be like. Oh I could. I could be like her like she was at her fucking Lois like she was not ok and then
She is where she s day and she's, doing a fucking cloud with Travis, Barker and she's, making music and she's doing like that to me is like I dont care people are like Alex. Why did you have a singer on your show? It's like that? It's not about the fact that she, you could be anyone it's like it. Dear story is why I think I wanted to have you on the show: it's like you being so open about your sexuality and so driven and doing so many amazing things and you're twenty twenty two twenty two like are you fucking, kidding me like I'm, I'm it's an amazing story, I'm so happy! You came on tag yourself. Uninstall M is Abigail undermine Maggie. Thank you so fucking much for coming on it being so vulnerable. I hope this inspires someone listening, even if just one person took something from this that mean so much to me, and I know be something to you so guys Thank you. Give Maggie some love slide into dams. Make her feel comfortable with this comes out cause you guys know: you're, fucking, terrifying, ok, Daddy Gang, I'm back I'm so low on Maggie,
currently has a new song out. It's called knife under a pillow and it's really fucking good, so go check it out and then choose another new song coming out on Friday. So go support her. I hope you guys enjoyed having Maggie on. I think it's really important to have different perspectives on and I also think it's cool judges just have people There are different than me on. I know, obviously, I'm a fucking psycho outgoing, very, like energetic, extrovert and think that I know I have a lot of different people listening to this podcast, then I think it was really cool to have Maggie, who is more introverted and has lived a different life than me to come on so so go, show her some love in her de ends. I know that it seems easy, but coming on this pod, Cason being that open and telling your life story is not fucking, something not just comes easily it's. It's trust me it stressful Spock! So thank you again, Maggie so much for coming on and
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Blair Thoreau, listen the buck up. I have a little thing that I want to talk about. All of you are cringing, don't care, good. I got a little bit better. Won't do it do you know I'd like to goose question. Why? Why why? Why whom questions out the modified wide by they look a guy's work? Bucking back, I'm sorry! It's been two weeks letter out letter, packing Cade Letter run wild, let her get into question of the mother, fucking weak bitches. Let's fucking go on first question from adopting member. I love this one we're getting right into it. I sending nudes back and forth with this boy who has a girlfriend that has been. They have benefited
are there for over a year and he cheat on her all the time with other girls. The girl- and even know anything about it. Yet. Last weekend I was up his party. And he was there too, and we made our very intensely but he'd that we didn't have sacks. So my question is shut. I feel bad for the girl and should I feel guilty for making out with him, even though he has a girlfriend should continue to go even further for him love you Alex forever daddy. Ok, I guess my. Earth initial reaction is always I do whatever you want sexually. But to me I do not see the point in use, and in your time on a guy that is a liar and a cheater. You said you and even have sacks, you don't even know of his dick aim is good and what is the point of sale? boarding something knowing he's a piece of shit and if you think that he's gonna miraculously like change for you and leave her. He won't, and you said it yourself- he cheat on her with so many girls so like as backed up with it. I could see you if you're like worse,
secretly in love and I keep his girlfriend. Is it no? No you're literally like he does this with so many bitches? Why do you want to be a part of a group of girls that some guy cheats on his girl for with like do better for it? Herself find a guy that you can fuck that isn't fucking ten other girls and has a girlfriend that he cheats on. I promise there are so many fucking dicks out their why're. You wasting your time. The leader, like your being told like he's a piece of shit, he saw and you don't even knew of his dick aim- is good. Why are you asking me his question? I love you but like on. Let's, let's go all better here, girl, but when I tell you, I'm a shit show, and I think so many girls can relate. So let me try to summarize us as fast as I can. Basically, I broke up with my Recent boy brown, who ended up being a piece of shit and my best friend, was with me through it all talking shit about her
and thinking of ways to ruin his life. She even made a file on her computer called ruin. Him filled with blackmail against him that could literally ruin his whole being anyways after a couple months. My best friend and act started getting really close, all playing it off, while like it was nothing and make me feel like I was crazy, one after being totally does respected, and you two like a dumb ass, my best friend and I ended up getting into a fight a long story short. She fucked my axe, I'm just wondering how do I suppose this bitch and or get revenge, because she has been known to fuck other people over who are close to her and bully girls who come near guys, she's interested and please send me some daddy- gave magic. Ok, this kind of reminds me of a situation. I was in college because I've never like how to boy
run and then one of my friends fuck him after by I remember when I was in college. I was so obsessed with this one guy. Like my freshman sophomore year, I had my eye on this guy that, for some reason I just like person policy while was like we, I feel like I'm obsessed with him like. I really want to hook up with him and my best friend in college. Thirdly, made fun of me, twenty four seven for having a crush on him like it was to the point where she was like he's discuss. Sing, like he's so ugly like likes you what's, he was a mean shit like he looks at these problems are keys but- and she would put me on four liking, the sky, and so I always felt so. Weird, unlike, why does she Why is she so vocal about like how gross years when I'm like he's not like? He gets a lot of girls? I don't understand so I was my friend
up warrior fast forward to my junior year of College. I found out through one of his friends that my friend ended up fucking him secretly and, like I was living with this guy and I found out that the guy that for my first two years, who I was obsessed with she and she put down twenty four seven and she fucked. She never told me like this with literally my best running college, and I just remember alike, in the heat of the moment. You want to walk up to those benches, and me like you are. Literally disgusting good for you to fuck, but like don't ever at birth you're fucking, put me down when you just spread your fucking pussy lips, for what is disgusting dirty deck that you claim was so fuckin nasty. Well, guess what I didn't fuck him! You did so who's the fuckin gross aspects now, but I think it's all like with those kind of girls, what is the point to go after them like literally it just. You seem like such a bigger person. If you just never fucking speak to them again,
They come if they do end up coming out. You are come for you and their language. Why didn't so distant like? Why are you being so weird those the tape? Is it relations where you're, like I dont, you draw mine, I'm not trying to be a bitch, but, like you are just not the type of girl that I fuck with, and I do not want to be around cause you're, just not a trustworthy person, and that to me is like the ugly this of a person and then you you walked epoch away. You never talk that bitch again girls who get like ghosts. It by other girls like that shit hurts more than getting called the fuck out. I mean Obviously you can like getting a fuckin cat by NGO Outer at a party. I've had my moments where, like I verbally and fucking abusing a bit, but it's like that's very kind of immature and like I have grown up event, I'm telling you like looking back on it like you, don't need to do that. The best revenge is honestly. Why waste your breath, she's not worth if she did that share, like your words, will mean nothing to her. She just like, doesn't overspent to use a wide and give her the time of day. My boy
call me to suck his dick until I literally throw up on him. Is that supposed to be hot, I think I literally dive embarrassment is out. Just me is drawing up a guy's dig a thing I don't know about. Please let me know I'd love to hear from the sex birds love. You Alex. Ok, here's the thing! First of all, if he's the one calling you he wants you to throw up on his dick if he is the one that thank you literally, wants you to vomit. First of all, then you fucking can do it like this. When a guy is into nasty shit, there's nothing wrong. You can do and if he's verbally telling you he wants you to choke on his dick till you throw up, you can absolutely go for it choked on his dick and throw up the point of it being hot for a guy. I think, is that It means that you are literally taking his dick. So far to the back of your throw that you can
literally not breathe in its hitting your fucking larynx in your bombing on his bucking cock, because it so hard down your fucking, throw so to a guy that, like now seen into it, yeah he's like buckboards. Like take all of me, I think it's kind of hot he Alex Bid, the body of all daddy's. Obviously I am a dude. Ok, and I really they want to buy a vibrator for my girl, slash hook up slashed girlfriend away you have a girl and your hook up in your girlfriend, or does he mean just like any one that he's in ok, I don't know, will a girl all own send it for the o even know it's not her vibrator or will she be set? to go about where the vibrator has ban. All this is such an interesting one because I know like I know,
but there are men that love to have sex toys in their room and they bring them out for bitches, but I also know as a chick, if a guy, just on our first hook up full blown whipped out by brighter. I believe so that's your ex girlfriend or that's your current girlfriend that, like yours, is hiding all her picture reigns in your Viking ignites antlike. What's going on what I I do. If I were you, I would buy a vibrator, ok and when the first time that you hook up with her, I would pretend that you don't have it ok, after your first hook up, like literally in person, I wouldn't make a comment to her after you, fuck saying something like next time. You on a get like weird with her and like you want to surprise her next time was something so she knows you're like planning, something which is kind of cool. I was in that situation. I beg o fuck, ok and then- and now next time, you guys Spock have the vibrator and basically pretend that you bought it for her
if we fucking by it and use it on your riches, but on the first hook up you dont use it and in the second hook up after you make the comment than you cited in boom: Hey you guys, this girl, titled. Anonymous name, the snaps corridor. I think you should go hey daddy, so do the accidentally POE a video me scorning talking, Durham, I snapped story the phone with slippery. You know, how do I come back from this parking love that, obviously you it's one of those things you can't come back from, but you own it you're like no. I was scorn economic bucking story. What were you doing on Wednesday night like? What are you grew up to brow? I swear to God, if anything, all the guys in your buckings Ergonomic Kate, this bitch, I wanna fuck. And then all the girls are gonna be Loki jealous and you like we, how the fuck do you square literally they're gonna, be sliding Amy. I we bitch, how do you square honestly, though I just I don't you there's nothing. You can fuckin do. Those are one
a moment to look back at me. Like I'm alive, I'm breathing, I'm healthy shit happens. You move the fuck on. I love you. I am so sorry that is I'm. So, where that is horrifying by shit fuck. It happens. Is it wrong to be in a serious relationship when you're young? Ah, I believe this whole podcast, while being single unhappy and hooking up with random guys to find out what you like, but I really love the guy that I'm dating right now and I have no desire to hook up with anyone else is a wrong to date. I love with someone when you're young should I end it just so. I can hook up with multiple people find out what I like and be happy on my own. Okay, here's the thing If you are in love at a young age- and you are genuinely satisfied, you should say in that relationship- that's great! I think where the tricky part comes and what I urge people to do is like there are just two many people that get into relationships and right in saying I feel like I should have explored more and I feel
like? I really wish that I could have hooked up with more people. I lost my virgin needs this. Person and now I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with them. I just want to experience life. I know it sounds corny, but we have one fucking life and there are some people that are down to just fuck one person in their. Like I love you. This is it undig wonder, but there also their people that are like. I need to try a couple different policy that we need to try a couple different decks and that's fine, it's literally just what you're into so. I dont think you should feel bad listening to his podcast. You're happy love good for you. I just urge you to like don't ever stay in something the minute. You have a weird little gut feeling, like I kind of wish. I was then that's when you should get out, but now, if you're in love, I can go for it. My boy I've been dating for over a year now, and I just feel like he's getting very comes. One doesn't seem excited to see me and doesn't seem to know who is really got. What should I do?
I'm not going to up recover them, because I love him, but I do wish he would pursue me more. How do I hit and make him relies? He should be trying harder. Ok, will this fucking socks once you get in like that. Little like period where, like it's not finding crazy anymore, it's like the scariest partly dating, is nothing compared to one's unity, the fuckin relationships, age and keeping that shit fucking fresh. It's like vat is the real scary part by. If I give you advise, I Think that from relationships that I've had, I would urge you for you to do something crazy and aggressive and different, because as a lot of times when you're, like he's not pursuing me, you gotta, think like, but have you pursued him lately like? Have you to dress up in lingerie, unlike showed but for him one night because honestly, sometimes guys do get lazy, it's our relationships and if you and so do girls, so if you aren't
being aggressive in you are pursuing him and he doesn't feel wanted, and why would he do the same for you? You know what I mean, so I would just check yourself into a k like maybe you should do a little fun cute night for him and then all the sudden he's like oh fuck, my bitch is so high Like she wants it and then he's going to reciprocate, okay, so funny story. Basically I hooked up with this guy. For the first time, division, one football player and the sex was really good and kinky shit was going down your basic chains and webs. I don't think he could get any kinkier until after when I got home, he dead ass asked me if I could suck a fruit roll up off his dick, and so my question is: when I do this: do I eat the fruit roll up before after he finishes. That's a good question. I think what I would do is. I would have
rapped on his dick and I think, as you're giving him head and when you're coming off his dick at times like when you're sleeping up, I would take parts of it and unwrap in and pull it off and put it in your mouth and then go back on his dick and when you're coming back up like swallow, the peace it's in your mouth, when you get to the top I think that would be super hot see slowly or taking it off as you're giving him had and then eventual- Because I think once he comes the fur roll up being still on his Dig it like. I made my Posner clarity. I kind of one budget are so if I were you throughout the blow job take that should often eat it and be swallowing also, I kind of think would be really hot. If you took a piece off and depends how kinky is that he sounds kinky, I would take a piece off rub it on your pussy and then put it up and have him eat it in his mouth. I'm about to be. All right, Daddy gang that is it for this mother fucking weeks, episodic car
I miss you all. I Truly, truly truly had fun today I. I know we got a little deepen. I know we had different topic that I hope you guys enjoyed that episode next week. But a dive a little bit more into what's going on with your girl go up let me on social media Alexander Cooper. Go all my youtube. General adjustment of log up and go fall, call her daddy on Instagram and twitter and all the things I love you guys, don't forget to keep writing questions and if you go to bed, restore dot com and you gotta call her daddy use right in a question, and then I find you and I read you and it's anonymous, so dont worry about getting exposed Beginning I fucking love you so much. You know the mother bucking drill. I will see you fuckers Why.
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