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Welcome back daddies. This week, as we kick off a new season of Call Her Daddy, Father Cooper wastes no time spilling every ounce of tea - starting with a “business meeting” in Harvey Weintstein’s office, to signing with Barstool Sports and the details of the show’s new home at Spotify. Daddy Gang, get ready for an episode full of big announcements, big stories, and big green dick energy. ENJOY.

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What gang areas here, founding Father, Alex Cooper with o were not being back. Baby you want to fuck is up Daddy Garrick AIR. It is Europe's founding fathers yeah for a new season: call her daddy. Daddy Gang Weave king did it baby call her daddy. Everyone wants us every wants to fuck the daddy gang, not that we didn't already know that. I will say it's pretty fuckin nice to have it in writing. So you want to know who we're curling into bed with this time and it's not swim shady and it's not door number three and my god. It is not the Canadian.
daddy gang. We are now officially in an x Lucy relationship with spy. by what spot by Alex. Are you fucking the head of Spotify, you whore? I knew it. Yes, I am. And so are you? Are you guys ready for this knocking episode there so much going on, but you ve come to the right place for the facts today I'm going to share a part of the collar daddy backstory, that you have never heard that Easy story that led me from Harvey wines in office to bar stool sports and how the fuck I ended up at Spotify, Daddy Gang get fucking ready, but first Let me explain to you the spot. If I sat up and how this is about to work,
wording on July twenty first, in a few weeks, the only out You can listen to this podcast on is Spotify and for home life back in those that are like you're fucking out of your mind, if you think I'm paying for it, it's fucking asshole. You don't need premium, save that for your fucking porn addiction, you whore, it is free. It's free ye free free, but me for three. If you already listed on Spotify and you're like what is changed, you fucking asshole, I must you're on Spotify. What's the difference to do anything, don't move a muscle stroke, your dick pop, your pussies, keep doing what you're doing you're doing amazed,
Sweetie! Ok! But if you are that asshole and you don't listen on spot pie, well, you better get on board and join the fuckin orgy. The daddy gang and Spotify are about to be the hardest mother. Fucking couple of the year. This matrimony is bigger than the royal wedding fuck you Megan Markel, and this naturally is bigger than the spice girls freudian fuck. You retorted, intellectually love these women bigger than the biggest cock you ve ever taken sorry been in jail or second, then, if her, where the fuck they call you yourself, you're a relevant now introduce a hidden, spotted spotted daddy is here about qualify cauliflower call like. Was it we'll figure, it out woeful workshop and a little bit, listen to car, daddy, plus another favor podcast, but fuck that listening car, daddy free,
only on Spotify Starting July, twenty first, ok, all you probably care about Now- is. gives me in jail inject me, Alex fiddle my fucking veins with the mother Fucking tee what happened to bar store. Is it about to be another internet more? What's going on about? Listen, etches, you all about my infamous three year deal with partial, I talked about it a bunch but. I didn't talk about and what I could talk about and now I can. Is the past three months, leading up to end of my time at Boston with me. This is a huge disclaimer ever Pipe here who's up oil, but on this one k we really need to spread this shit. I did all of this. What about us.
with Dave's knowledge K. No shady backdoor deals. This time there was no cheating Dave and I changed our relationship status to an open relationship status. If you meet is that one on Facebook? Well, you ve got MR, but that's what we did and so by changing our status to open relationship, I was able to take meetings with the heads of the biggest podcast networks. I was most often the only woman and I was sitting in front of all these men and negotiating one of the biggest deals in podcast history? Whoa I get chills fucking saying now: that's fucking wild and my journey- to earning a seat at that table. I wouldn't change a single decision that I have made along the way For anyone who is confused, because
I waited a year an honored by contract with bar stool, waited the deal I signed to end. I own. one hundred percent of the call her daddy podcast, it's mine, And when you are a woman in your twenty, he's running a business? One thing I've learned ease, one's gonna have an opinion, especially though old fucking men, all the maiden always seem to have an opinion works does is worried what works, which is why I think you should do young woman for your part car. I deliberately british, to old fat ass, dude,
Which is why I think you should do with your podcast. Oh really have you sector, like I have you sector on the streets like I am to perform the Gluck, like nine thousand, to put it into a fucking iconic episode and spread that shit nationwide. I don't think so. Fat boy said Kay. The point is a lot of men have been trying to tell me what the fuck to do and I kindly said, I think I got this and I'm not gonna lie. It was pretty. Fucking amazing, to be sitting here. those meetings and to be able to look these and debt in the eyes, knowing that I owned what they all want, it fucking victory. This is what I fucking workforce, yes, of course, gazed. Listen. I can always had this goal. You're, like oh well at
There's hold. The euro can be applied, castor, good, try, Alex spotter if I didn't exist in your aid and neither podcasting dots, that's true, but what's what is true, as I always knew I was gonna. Do something big, an entertainment I was gonna, be either on the pole. Arouse gonna be on tv I was gonna between doing something I just knew. Whoever was gonna be with me on that journey needed to fully by into the vision I had bar stole did at first, And then, when I got on the foam Spotify, my underwear was sopping? What it we love at first sight and you know my definition of love. Baby, big, Dick Energy, an old boy did Spotify fucking bring it.
you want to know about the acts they always want to know about the axe. This extra me will always have a warm place in my bag, clue. Walls. Ok, I've been waiting to say this for three years: Dave Port annoy. I'm in love with you do fighting about economic and the big reveal of MR sexy soon, Daddy Dave no you're like for you never gave actually joking, but on a serious. No, I need to come on here for I do anything further and I talk about buck in Hock girl summer popping the pussy and I need to say this. I am so fucking thankful to bar stole sports, specifically Dave Port Annoy and Erika Nardini. They have been such unbelievable partners. They believed in me since day one and, I believe,
then last May day port and said to me on that rooftop that he was going to give me back the ip when this deal was up, and I trusted him.
Even though a lotta people told me, I was crazy for just taking his word and Dave came through and gave me back so custody of the pod cast an ip so to clarify this isn't like a fifty fifty deal that I own it and now to update you guys, Barsoom, and I have a much deeper and we're on good terms, and if you want to take a quick, walk down memory lane with me, I will never forget the day to day of port noise. Dm to me saying: do you want to fuck table like ours, but you did not say that? No, I will not forget. I cut a video trailer of the first episode of call her daddy and I put it on two Instagram, a couple hours later: Dave Port noise slides into my dams, and he says what is this like? Why you like? What is this like thinks Dave really really nice? What is that
And I didn't reply because you know: leave him on Red Lotto work a little and after that GM my life forever changed. I walked my out into the old bar saw sports offices. I sat down one on one alone with Dave Port annoy and I pitched him call her daddy When I left bar school sports after that meeting, I never looked back and the craziest thing is, and I've never actually told this part of the story was That meeting meant everything to me in that moment, because I actually had a business partner before Dave. Thou business partner had helped with De Logistic.
surround the podcast of getting the studio, giving me the equipment giving me the space to record in this. Man was also Harvey. Weinstein's right hand, man for many years and sadly the apple does involve far from the fucking tree. He was creepy and verbally abusive. The first time I met this man. He took me up to Harvey Windings offices at ten o clock at night for a business meeting this mandate you have a business meeting was over serving me. I catch and then taking me to Harvey Weinstein's offices. I remember when we got there. The Ellen. or doors opened we're at the top floor, all the lights are off. And no one is in the office, it's just the two of us.
I remember feeling paralyzed asking him were the bathroom was cause. I thought if I can get to the bathroom, I can call my mom and she can help me get out of this, and Thank fucking God. I remember the elevator doors opened and someone came running in and it was an assistant who had forgotten their computer. It was a Friday night, they forgot the computer, they come in, and I remember just latching to this person. Oh, my gosh Mighty was Alex. Oh my gosh, yes, oh, oh we're gonna, what do we want? We were just about to leave any ways. I knew that was not ok and when this man realized that I was speaking with bar stool, he looked me Dead in the eyes and said- and I quote, if you pick bar stole over me.
I will make sure you never work another day in this industry and yes, Alex. That is a threat. So when I walked into bar stool and pitched call her daddy, I, also going in there. Knowing I need to get the fuck away from this creepy ass man. that was a huge fucking turning point for me, because when I Into bar, some people may be listening, this being like, oh, you know. I'm sure also had the same experience at barf stool I walked in. those doors. A lot of people would probably expecting the worst and I probably Please I don't have time recall like. Maybe I was too after the experience I just have with Weinstein's right hand. Bitch, then I walk into bar stool and the experience with the complete fucking opposite was pretty fucking great And maybe two people, surprise you Dave was my boss, but
very single other person that I interacted with that. That company was a woman. That was my experience. The ceo was a woman. The CFO was a woman had of production, woman, video, editor, woman, intern woman. That is incredibly fucking rare, and so what I will say is, I know, moving forward closing out this chapter with bar stool. I will look back at those three years as. fundamental years to helping build my career So I woke up this morning. A new, Doktor has started, but I'm not gonna lie. I really wish that I didn't have to wake up at eight. A m call, my publicists and say hey Can you try to have them? Remove my gender from every fucking headline.
I dont think when a man signs a fucking contract, every Headline reads: one of the biggest male podcasting contracts link here. How weird that sounds it's because you you're fucking hear it all I can say, is daddy gang. We said of work to do now, because I keep making jokes about deport, annoy me fucking. You can tell the sexual frustration. Let's talk about my fucking shucks life. Now here's the thing. If you go tune in once a week. You will remember that a few few episodes go. I told you guys. I was dry. I hate to use it as ever the Sahara. What's a better fucking joke, for I was the Sahara desert. Sandpaper sandbag, my fucking pussy has not got in fact, and it was my doing it was my doing my boyfriend is crying begging. Please please give me something I thought eating,
call her daddy girl meant more. You thought wrong bitch trying to get my bag and not try to get bucks, but once I get that bag you see where I'm going with it daddy gang I was so stressed about closing this deal in closing my legs to one partner. You guys know me, I got commitment issues, but let me be very clear: the minute that this big deal closed on a Friday night, and I will never forget this Friday night and neither like bucking boyfriend because I finally fucked the absolute or having shit out of my boyfriend rubbed his dick raw level, pain, open source
begging me nodded all around these bleeding he's like baby. Please please stop I'm like clock. Logger done now and I'm not gonna lie com. You fucked up, but as I was fucking my boyfriend the entire time. I was imagining a big. Giant green thick dick slide, in and out of me, the whole ripping the open spot by. I fucking love you let's do this, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I kicked off my heart girl summer. I signed a deal. Am I fucked him high boyfriend? How bout you did you just say? Yes, bitches a talk girl summer, and I know everyone already feels a difference.
all horny we're all excited and no shit. We were in captivity for a year and now were free and Hocker. All summer is officially here and I know thought because every single instagram and Tiktok bitch shoving it down our throats I love it. I love the energy, I love the attitude and verify Girl summer. It's not a look. It's out of body type, its outer relationships status. It's a mother, fucking live it's a vibe cue to chains come on. His first scarcely argue margin he's not at my house, but he will be here next week, guys huddled up cake has now we can actually fucking do that lets rubber faces together. That's really brave down each other's throats. We were like
Alex, I don't give a shit, swallow my fucking spit and close your eyes. I want you to imagine that you are in a locker room, surrounded by Daddy Gang K. Keep your eyes closed, clear, that heart, clear heart, its clear mines, clear, whatever the FUCK Clearwater Florida squares, buccaneers. Ok, because you are about to get your summer pre game pump up speech from the most trusted gang. I know as I do crypts, daddy, hidden, getting take it away, you're about! Remember who the fuck you are not a bad did not survive if working pandemic to feed in order as many jobs, as you tell me to hook up how Hargrove summer and jobs until you have is framed.
The back ass right, you're, fucking, sexy at the mouth left and right left no tomorrow, I'm dying shook yourself over someone who probably has a small they found him called then go put a crystal on your fucking through by the back. Are you not leaving your best last so lay hacker summer, but don't be afraid of rejection? And how ratchet you look? You tell yourself you are so harshly if my poor dear, like it's happened, observers with a hotter having the best sacks but like with your saw and hung it fat girl seller crash that blocking hot girl son shoe your mother, fuckin, shot girl, Spock guys MIKE fucking drop. Thank you daddy gang. It's time to establish our plan of attack this summer.
There is no plan and I'm serious. There is no playbook. There is no rule book. The only advice that we following is from the hot girl summer. Pioneer herself MEG in the Stalin who told us hot girls summer is about being unapologetically. You a k, a do you bitch and actually, let me just say one more thing: Kay. for the love of God. Do not treat this summer, like New Year's Eve. And you know what I'm talking about- we put so much pressure on ourselves for New year's eve. It's like I have to have the best. I'm a fucking sucks had always bunking sucks, because you put so much emphasis on the planned that were not actually fucking in wing. It there's so much build up and there's way too much. Let down my advice would be
I'd have remove all expectations from the summer, throw it out the window and just fuckin relax relax who the book just have the x. It is listen. I understand this may be very Emphasis on very different from what you have heard me say in the past rewind with me to summers ago. Would have looked you all dead in the eyes, although this is about costs. and I would have said Here- is your team, page manual, there is absolutely no room for deviation from the playbook stuff. yet annotate highlighted footnote it and report back to mark as there's gonna be a fucking quays. It used to be slow plan. Don't act, desperate, leave him unread, make him think. The fuck is dad is best friend. Is brothers. Mother is dog. We love a good little beast. Reality: woman, this family, guys altogether more. The merrier cedar its seated on the cheating Olympics queen you got this, but oh have times, mother fucking changed before, like
now the Obama me fuck is died. Listen to me, bitch! You can still fuck that you had me believe the dog alone, but we're still- king. The doubt I want to be very clear. We are fucking the had always put its for a complete different reason: we're playing games anymore, we're not fucking the dad to piss off the guy that were chasing to get his attention solely more into us. Would you know leggings navigators attend all day. We get a sense of a maiden like you more, but we're fucking the dad, because we just want to fuck. It deals independently of his son. You just want to fuck it dad. That's that's! The moral of the story games are over pitches. That's what I'm saying we have no time to waste, be aggressive.
this summer be aggressive, pay peak aggressive, is ever bringing on notice from, but you got my bucking point. I dont care for eight a m on a Monday. You walk into a goddamn coffee shop in your period pennies and you walk in, and you see a hot ass human that you an approach at a bar future skills in you're, absolutely going up to him but you're, like I can't let them see, In the light of the sun, you know you're, not a fucking them I herbage your daddy, you require your phone brain with me here bet it's time to seize the moment. K go back with me to class color, daddy one or one you grab a pen gave here, you're fucking Duncan Donut, you don't got a pen, you go in the back, you suck the debt of the man, making the donut for a pen. You go back to that.
You grab a napkin, you write your number on the map. Can you go up to this person flirty face on you, look at them and you say hi hope, you're having a great day, I think you're super q and then the napkin say do with this. What you want, I love to see you later little smile, walk away where, via being with every one at tongue, Kin doughnuts this summer thought is the focal point of this entire episode, but Daddy Gang, listen. The reason I took you cannot goddamn Duncan doughnuts trip is my way of saying:
treat every room. You walk into like an opportunity, no matter how busted you think you look hot girl summer is inside of you. That's actually been drinkin doughnuts manga by Alex Quick issue. I want to suck a big fat d. I want to check that Duncan Doughnuts Man's for a pen, but I'm scared. I know shit, we just arrived. The glue we'll pandemic Betty. No one is blue you for not having the confidence but good thing. Your father is here to help Betty. Why dont you role play with me for a second, what is the worst that can happen, think about it, you go. You shoot your shot, it doesn't hurt. Ok, ok and I think we ve
with a little worse this year and it's gonna be ok Betty Barnes, we all have an excuse that line doesn't hit or that timing wasn't exactly right. or you read the room slightly wrong or you accidently bite the fucking Dick, as long as he doesn't need stitches, baby girl and it's just chipped. Beef life goes on and if that little confidence boost didn't pump you up enough. Well, all right. Let's keep it going, I'm gonna take some accountability. I fucked up and this is really hard for me to admit right now- it was the summer of twenty nineteen. When I canceled high wasted became ease I was wrong and I want to correct my wrongs and I want to correct
myself, I fully support wearing whatever the fuck makes you comfortable, competent and feeling like that bad bitch, because that vibe they Jurgen portray is so much sexier. Then string, bikini and man women. I want you to wear he sure on the beach. If you feel more confident keeping your teacher on the beach great. That makes you happy and you feel better doing it do it. If you want also to put on the string bikini, but social media is making us all. Think that, my god, we don't look like Bell had deed. How will we ever where, because no every single body is a bikini body this summer this year and moving fucking forward where what ever the fuck you want, we ve had a year reflect to learn to grow if some guy or girl still has a shallow ideals and beauty standards by bitch, I don't fuck with you
who do change again, no ill smelling, big John Big Sean. Thank you Exxon once said, I do not fuck with you. We don't around yourselves, with shallow people anymore, Daddy gang. We have perspective cove, it has matured us like cool fucking out with people that think that Nobody is getting cancelled the summer. The only thing that is getting cancelled is negativity, and it's time that we enforce hype. Culture, not cancel culture, that's what we're starting Zu tag, damaging we're gonna, be the ones were implementing hype culture. So when you ready with your girls hype them the fuck up? Ok, every one is everyone's hyper. In this summer, yes Hocker summer, is living for you, but Hocker summer is supporting your friends and making them feel competent to or- those who. The one we ve been waiting for My daddy's inner relationship. Here we go. There is
Stigma around a girl summer, even little, just fun in general that you can't have fun. You can't partake if you're In our relationship and my God, my god that is there Miss fucking thing. I have ever heard in the farthest from the truth,. Let me tell you a little story k me my A friend Malibu were driving down on the pc h its memorial day. We can I'm so excited K, I'm ready. We had gone on to urban B. We book this amazing lux ass three story, beach front, Malibu property. It was amazing. were three different Dexter. Ten on the top one was like one of those. It's like on constructive its directly. I stressing the sun perfect opportune. For some melanoma- I had a fucking dress on. Let me repeat: I dress on walking into this home with mermaid hair. I looked like a cool marine. I had him take photos of.
I didn't even face to them- I just through them up on the ground. I was feeling myself. I was good fucking mood when you dont faced in your shit, you know you're fucking, either block out or you're in a good mood, so we they're going to this party slate night We got there there's about thirty people at this party and my boyfriend, and I start doing our thing. Walking around we're talking to different people were not together the whole time and in tat moment I remember immediately thinking oh wow, like here we go. We have never been to a party together, I started dating my boyfriend at the beginning of covert so a meal, Firstly, this is different for me, I'm out of I'm out of my element with him. I'm like waiting for him to do like a weird fucking party found like a fuck up the break up of them here. If I can go again so we're doing their own thing at the party and I remember specifically, it was like fifteen minutes of. Him, talking to a different group of people and I'm across the room talking to another group of people, you gotta, making eye contact
and I start to notice there's a lot of women around him and if you know me and the way that I have spoken on my podcast before I M a little dark interested when it comes my sex life and I really get off when other girls one. my boyfriend, why it's true? It's smoking hot to date, some one that you know people will I do want to fuck. I don't I don't wanna data guy that nobody wants a buck, Lakota FUCK, so I remember almost starting to Santa size and elevate the situation and the girls around him. Talking to him, I started to pretend to my mind that they were flirting with him and that they were potentially about to fuck. So I'm sure my boyfriend can tell my eye. Contact has gone from like thirty two, like I'm about to fully fucking fuck you right now. I kind of lean more n and, unlike
well, there's men around me! So I'm gonna keep talking to the guys around me and I can tell now he's getting turned on and its literally dislike through a group of people us just making eye contact and letting the sexual tension built. I watch Mr Sexy Zoo man put down his drink and walk over to me and I get spoil it felt like we were the only two fucking people in the room. I my getting sweaty I'm getting hot him like holy fuck like I'm right, a fuck, my boyfriend, because at this point I'm realising what using social settings as foreplay. He can over to me and he grabs my hips and he goes get in the fucking car So we leave the house and we walked towards his car and his car. If you ve ever been to Malibu everything is on the high away, slash ocean. So literally this car is parked on the Pacific Coast Highway. We go to walk into get into
car and instead of getting in the car to drive, he opens the back seat, car door, I kind of like climb in somewhat almost already in doggie, and he ll quickly. Like hikes up. My fucking dress, and we immediately start going fucking added my boy for those I like it rough. So as he's fucking me behind. He reaches around the front of me and pulled out the sea bell so a kind of catches on my neck and out he's fucking me he lightly is pulling on the seat belt, so its color jerking me backwards and choking me a little bit. Although for any one for me, and it was so fucking hot and the card. The windows are fogged up, we're both dripping in sweat. There was so much sexual tension, also leading up to this moment at the moment that we got in the car we banged it out. It was so spontaneous
ass, it was chaotic and I fucking loved it. We finish talking in the car and the best part is. We then didn't turn on the car and just go back to our house and Malibu out of quarantine. Mother fuckers. There is no time to waste. We walked out. Ass is right back into the party and continued to party. For the So the night- and I will say, being relationship. In that moment I realize like oh, this is fucking amazing. I just got mine in the fuck. car and now I'm coming back with this, like dirty secret that now we're both turned on we both fucked and now we get to like kind of.
be in this together and for the rest of the night. He kept like replaying moments of our sex in like dirty talking my ear like fuck. That was so good bending you over, like. I want to do it again like let's go back to the car like it was really fucking hot, and so I remember leaving that night being like damn. If anyone- and I will admit you know me guys, usually single I will say this is already been one of the best fucking summers of my life and we're not even like the halfway through it, because I have a boyfriend a. I already have my teammate. When I how are you know who I am fucking and now I'm just getting to play with the social aspect now to just ramp up my fucking sex life and that that is what you should be fucking doing if you're in a relationship this summer, you're ahead of aim. You ve got yours now, just figure out where you want to do it, daddy.
That is it for this week's episode. I'm realising! I think the single father era is over. I feel like. You know I got my footing at first. It was like how do I even be a single parent? What am I doing, and now Ok, now I got this. We got this gotta footing. I kind of em now leaning into whole fatherhood thing. So Is this new era and ass? We figured that out. Let me give you a little taste of the news. This year you are going to be getting a whole lot more of call her daddy ever
Wednesday, a new episode, will be dropping put now. You will also be getting to shorter many episodes of call her daddy a month what the fucker many episodes they can be, whatever the fuck we want them to be. It could be a twenty minute. Long ran about how my boyfriend's dick wish up so far at my fucking pussy, I loved every second of it If you don't want to listen to my erotica off, we can also do behind the scenes. We can debrief my big interviews. We can release bonus content because you guys know I loved button talking. Usually the interviews end up being three hours, but you could hear that three hours, so that could be it working to shoot the shit and break down. What's going on a reality, television and shit on the fucking bachelor and how awful its turned into we can do whatever we want. Ok, but the point is it's all elevating and oh there's more, I saved the best news for last. There will be another podcast.
that I will be hosting this year? Daddy game I am officially bringing you a sex crime, odd cast what I know I'm never going to see began, but it's fuckin worth it. I hope you can feel the energy I am so fucking excited, because this year is about to be one hell of a fucking here, and I have you guys to thank for that. You guys really think that I would just kick off tire lean to season with out a little thing I like to call drop, I'm nervous Serena, why? Why are you nervous because I'm afraid you're going to judge?
Me day on DORA get over here, I'm telling chalk that I'm nervous Mazarine. Ah monsieur you know. Why are you nervous course, silent, stuff drop give me moral support, no Serena. You can do that, but what, if I can't talk down the road ox arena for us to others, eyelids offers that I've missed me. It is twenty twenty one and I am back. I am not terminator. Let's go to a little place lacks gaol France. Let me you didn't do a little bigger. Guph
I also quiet down tat the Mamma and why John Velvet Warlike we're talking back. Bitches questioned the whig, ok we're kicking off questions of the weak. With someone so close to my heart. I the mood to your charity work. Ok, you! guys. Remember. big glare, everyone's, like whose big lair each layer, and I started, calling your big layer cause. You know big our big lair. He would ever so. She called If on the other week and We need to find a friend, and I said, sweetheart I'm here for you. What do you need to learn basically has moved to Chicago you guys know and she's been out and about experiencing that MID West DEC
and so I ask your case. Weedy tell me your issue, and this is what the situation was Lauren. to a house party. There was about like twenty people there they're all killing their outside or on the roof everyone's inside, and so this guy that Lauren had not. Spoken to within maybe forty minutes of being there. He walks up- lauren- and he says hey- do to go inside and get a drink. Larn was like what a great move trying to isolate me from the crowd: get me one, a one start the combo loving it. He brings her inside you anything a detour from the fucking kitchen and somehow wines up in a bedroom and warns like oh Alec. That moment I was like. Oh my god, like he's, probably bring me to the good stuff like we're. Gonna get the nineteen forty do like always rubbing other champagne, Alec Fuckin Rosa all day and all
a sudden. He points to the bad to leader in his eyes. Let's go in here and large like we. Why and he was like I thought this is what you want it. Farmers like. We wanted I'm so confused and use it. Oh, are you mad at me? No sorry! I just that was that I got the impression you got the impression we. What are you fucking talking about Lauren immediately text me in the heat of the moment, telling me that I say irish mother Fucking exit get the fuck out of their abort mission and all of her friends left, because, as Deuce was a fucking loser creep Chester, the mother fucking molester. So I wanted. the story out, because I was thinking about it and like ok. This episode we were talking about like be aggressive. This summer I wanna be very fucking clear there, a fine line between being aggressive and being a fucking weirdo, and then do took it way to fucking far yes be addressed,
but I'm not telling you to go home to people in the middle of the fuckin. Bardic hide you wanna fuck like right away, no sad thing is: when I reflect on this story, is his initial approach was a great first step had a lot of potential again, the operative word first. There are many other steps that are required before asking someone to have sex, but the like: hey, you wanna, go, get a drink, gravers Pro love it. The issue lies within the deceptive detour to the fucking bedroom. You idiot I think, you're really taking anyone. You really taken a gamble if you're trying to jump from the first last step that quickly, maybe if your Brad Pitt sure, if you're a ten Gulf try to shoot your shot lead with de as usual, your personality buck sucks anyways, but if you are not Brad Pitt,
and many of you are not- which is ok, because neither was Chester, Kate, his name's also up actually just calling on that because so the monster you have to lead with your strength if your strength your face guy you're gonna leave with the personality. Sweetheart. Ok, self awareness, people rhythm. Room largest, moved to Chicago Chester, so MID Westchester may become in and say hi hi yeah, I'm gesture. It just happened to have aside job as a torn guided Lou Minnesota. I just happened to be a tour guide. Let me show you around Chicago, also emphasise: that's your fucking site, job tester and say I mean so in investment banker lorry and I make six fucking figures lay on, the copper women. Just giver your best bet, If you dont have a bit you better fuckin get a bit if you're Bologna and if you're, not
many an Jeffrey Sachs, Idaho. Nor to tell you, I guess I would recommend become a good doubt. Sir learn a card track, learn, learn a cartridge over. There is surely no having fucking creep. you're unless sexier, then being a magician or own or a fucking break dancer. So I don't want to tell you folks played your fuckin ranks. Are I learned how to sack deck of act? Episode? Three, here. We go ok. This has never been an issue for me in the past, but recently, whenever I deep throw a tense up and end up releasing a massive fart I've. I've tried to go to the bathroom before and farting their first, but nothing comes out. Father Cooper help. I want to deep throat the d, but I also I dont want us. I dont want I dont want to squeeze. I dont want let the far I don't want to. I don't want to. I dont want to let out of sight
usually do that, I'm editing this right now, I'm gonna leave this in. This is the product of speaking first rate fucking, our Emily looking up who words on the fucking computer, and I can not read this question, but a life of meagre. I I dont want to let out I dont want that. I dont want to let the FARC squeeze out the cheeks sweetie, I'm so happy. You came to my podcast because I actually have a perfect around like Of course you do Alex. You know how make sure you're not farting, while your deep learning listen when you're out in the field and you're doing the constant research
you find the little nooks and crannies of how to move and grew, especially when a dick is down your throat. This is my answer to U K its sounds we're, but this is also happened to me before. Listen, it's our bodies. We love to fucking, see if anything, throw back and fuckin fired into space, but no, what you're gonna do as when you're going to deep throw. What is something that actually happens when you're deep voting. You make a huge gag noise. Unless you have no gag reflex. Will now you're faking it okay. Now bit one thing: that's great! You don't have a god! Damn gag reflex hell, you fucking, do ok, cause it's gonna, save you you're gonna, go simultaneously, take your left or your right hand, whatever one's not on the deck and you're gonna slide it down. Behind your back and you're gonna, put pressure on your asshole with your fingers k and on the counter three in your head. You're gonna be going a little lower a little low.
Here we go you're going on the deck down down down and all of a sudden, and you do the big gag on the deck and you release the far at this same exact time. So it's like he couldn't even focus if there was a loud like huge far because your guy noise was so intense and dad he's definitely to be focusing on an even honestly who deserve our thinking. Even maybe the FARC could hope like bring out it will make the gag noise sound, even larger than life. So it really amplifies the way that you are taking the debt to the back of your throat farrago. So daddy I'm twenty five and I recently lost my virginity to my first real boyfriend and he was a virgin too, but I of course lie because I was embarrassed sweetie sweeties. He now looks at me for guy
and indifferent positions, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I also don't think I'm good and bad. Yet I have a friend ship with an older man who, I trust one, and he said he could teach me a few things to help me become more comfortable with my sexuality. I'm sure he would see her. I am sure he would- and I'm really secure. So I think I need that literal instructions on how to fuck in order to feel confident in it. I also really want to learn how to please my boyfriend is cheating worth it if it improves both of our sex lives. What Guy, the general raw city, there is an older man who you trust, that's willing to just quickly teach you a couple sex move, just you can go back and have it have a good relations have a good sex relation of the world.
What a nice guy sweetie stop looking on Craigslist for men to fuck you, so you can learn how to sex know. The answer is no and pretend I'm above you look at your ceiling, pretend my thesis Goldie. Not you know. That is not only is it weird it's fucking creepy who this man? Is you don't trust him? There's no dross! There's no love! There's no trust! I would go ahead and say I think if your boy friend is a virgin or was a virgin before he met you and your you were also to. I actually think it could be a really good bonding moment for that you have you to number one. I bet your boyfriend is in secure that you know more about sex in him and he thinks you're so advanced, so You have an opportunity to get closer to him, be honest and lower like an even playing field. So by you
asking it to him, and I think it's actually like a completely fine normal conversation. I dont think you would be mad. You can almost go into it being like hey out just like my past. I've felt pressured to act more advanced just because I felt like guys were more into that, and can I be completely honest, you were the first and I also had sex with. I actually now that I'm saying that loud, I think that's fucking, brilliant, because I think your boyfriend would like literally far more in love with you like that hot to me, knowing that, like you, both were each other's first, so think the honesty route is better. I dont think you need to fuck the older man who you really trust. Who's gonna, really teach you how to work. The policies we are. That seems like a red, like to me, and I dont know why you trust an older man whose, like I will quickly teaches we heard he's grooming, you it's weird dont, do it. I would be honest with your boyfriend. Ok, daddy! I've been talking to a guy on hinge and conversation has been pretty fun so far, but we ve only been talking for a day and he's,
already asked. If I want to go on a date on Friday or Saturday, is this a red flag? does this mean he has no friends, I was under the impression you save first dates for wednesdays or Thursday in case they suck at micro. Am I the crazy one here. Oh, that's, actually really an interesting question. ok my initial thought process is: it is a red flag, if you go onto his social media and you see little Peter Packer. He has no pictures with this bucking friends and issues like his mom he's criminal law and his dad. Listen, don't get me wrong! Love a family man, however, we need the manor house and fucking friends so if, on his instagram, it's just like the fish PICS and like pictures of his new, neither well and and unlike his car, I'm. Go on ahead. I'm gonna go ahead and say that weaken date is absolute
Lee because usually has weakened dates are just like with him his hand, his clean acts and his back emotion, but If you go on his page and it's so clear, he has a guy, friends or like friends in general friends in general that actually works. good sign. I almost think cause, means like. Oh, we he's really into you, he is willing to miss Friday out with the boys to take you out. So I know it's crazy, but I think literally social media immediately will give you your answer and again men. If your listening and you're like we I actually have friends, but I never postmortem what posted group photo and just make sure you're the best looking one in the fucking group few dozen of social media. There's too Things at my mind, goes to number one. So fucking hot number, two he's gonna fucking kill you Father help
I've been in this relationship for a little over a year. Now I was on birth control before we got together and in the beginning of our released. Job, I got tired of being a hormonal bitch, so I decided to stop taking it. He was supportive of my decision and didn't have an issue pulling out fast. word six months or so I scheduled and paid my surgery to have my boobs done, and a few vacations planned also paid for with some girlfriends coming up. We love and independent woman over your kind. so I have had to take for plan b, pills, this month alone- oh my god, my heart ached for your insides. We are, I feel like this- is reckless lash, selfish and maybe even toxic behaviour on his part, a K. Is he purposefully coming inside me? He says it was an accident
However, for months it was never an issue before and conveniently now that all these plans are approach are approaching its a recurring issue. I really. Not tell if I'm being paranoid earthy trying to trap me he has mentioned, can be war, and I made it very very, very clear. That this is not something I see anytime soon. If anything at all, he we have been stressing over me getting my boobs. Don't worry about me wanting to show them off too much help my over thinking this absolutely fucking. Not! Let me be, very clear with you, a man, can be inside of a woman's vagina and it doesn't even could be Angelina Jolie. We could be fucking something so lorries that a man is like this has been my dream girl. I've wanted to fuck her my entire childhood. What I was for, I jacked off to every fucking picture of her on Google, and if he didn't want her kid, he would
and the willpower to pull his fucking Peter Packer out of her fucking, pussy and sploosh on her Fucking, ass, cheeks, okay, let me be very clear: a man always has the willpower. Sweetheart, ok, listen! I'm not denying I'm sure you about Bob bugging pussy. I honestly love it. Ok, but there is no fucking chance that It was an accident. I couldn't do. Oh, you could in no fuck yourself. This is simply trying to trap you also what a little, Each boy? Imagine your girlfriend getting a tough job and your boyfriends first concern is that you to be showing them off too much. could be celebrating your tits, not nervous. What are you a little bitch boy you can't take? It girlfriend having attention to me splitting in the pussy, that's really reckon, of him. Basically, knowing then he's making you put something in your body, a K plan b because of his fucked up decision that you know you aren't wanting. I don't fuck with me. I don't know
all. I met the hottest guy on vacation in Miami and had the hottest hook up probably of my life. Yes bitch after I was, com, I asked if you wanted to meet up again, and he said yes and even invited me to come stay with him. He told me he would tell me your schedule and what date work for him, but I never heard back. He hasn't texted me but responded to my instrument so confused as he does not interested. Why did he tell me he would come stay with me? What do I do now? He's not interested he's only interested if you guys ever like back in Miami or like a mutual place. That's the hard, cold facts right there. You just said those and what you just said. I asked him if he wanted to meet up again totally fine Hocker summer were being aggressive. Instead of Do you wanna meet up again. You need to set a time and day. If you ask a guy, you wanna meet up again and he says yes and then he never follows up. That was him being nice to you,
he's, saying, yeah sure yeah, you could come stay with me. If you didn't get a plane ticket before you even left Miami you're never going to fucking see him that's the way you got to look at it. So, instead of I remember Lauren Wood gimme the other day. Issues like. I really want to see this guy he's in town. What do I text him and I like text him and be like, I, I'll be seeing you tonight and then I will wait when we think about a third three different tears and whose away I don't I should I be that aggressive and I was like ok. The first here would be old, Alex like High school college. Alex would have been like am I gonna see you tonight, never asked a question. Be assertive, don't ask him because then it leaves it gives them the power. So don't ask the question than this to to tears. The middle tier was like I better you tonight and then the top. here was. I want to see you tonight. Worn was like
I love that I want to see an ape like. I think I gotta bring it down to like a better see. You tonight is like I don't really know them and I was actually find, but at least be assertive. So, instead of so, I think that the approach you gotta take it gonna be assertive. That was great idea, be like let's meet up again now. You gotta, like change your verbiage. Unfortunately, though, sometimes regardless of your verbiage, if he doesn't want to see you, then that is what it is so, but also who gives a fuck you, Yes, it's not gray, but it's also like we, but who gives a fuck there are so many dicks out there. You should be choosing which one you want not waiting for them to choose. You talk all summer bitch. You know the fucking deal be aggressive, take fucking charge of your own life you're, not waiting for a flight. hey? Maybe you want to pay for it? That's fine you're, not waiting for it, he's getting it for you or you're, not fucking, going you'll just get the local hometown dick and that's fine, daddy game. Okay,
that is now. Finally it for this week's episode I hope you enjoy this first episode of the new season and, like I said earlier, I cannot wait to roll out all the content for you. Thank you to say I defy for allowing all of this new content to happen and thinking to you Daddy gang coming along on this wild ass journey with me. I Fucking love. You guys feels good to say this here we fucking go daddy gay You know the mother Fucking Joe. I will see you fuckers next ones
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