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call, her mother, fucking, daddy, hello,. Hi. How are you all doing ah allay traffic this morning. Let me tell you cruising down the free you're all like shut the fuck up, big Donovan. Think for a second you're getting away with this one with a full, I will allow do a full and try don't even acknowledge the title how do you, mother, bucking gang welcome back to the show em, I click beating all of you right now, are you getting click made last week, I left you guys with a huge cliffhanger. I told you guys mister taxis you men was returning from London and I had a decision to make And then you saw in social media. I was heading to the airport that money a night and allow harder. You are damning me saying. Ah Lex, is this your ass flee
and the state you're going to biggest- are going to lose your going to Miami HEAT or fleeing your emotions are staying single and you're fuckin, throwing all away and you're gonna fuckin rage, or are you on your way to the airport? To pick up, Mr Sexy Zoo man. Daddy gang all of call her daddy, I have been single. And single has worked for me. Single works. For the show I like being single I enjoy being single it's in my blood. It is in my veins but when all of you are wondering what decision I made. What do you think I decided. What were you all thinking? I was gonna, do it
You guys know me at all. You know that I will never settled down unless the man is worth it mark, you're fucked, calendars bitches, because you're single Father is a fish, Billy, changing her facebook status from single to end. A god damn relationship your girl. Has a boyfriend and oh did it, take a fuckin village to get here but baby we fuckin did it. We did all we better baby. Not only do I have a boyfriend, you of a boy, but not just getting a logical and trouble Lord of die
beginning. War was with me during this entire excursion when I not by choice for one. Yes, no, I basically looked Hitler and, I said, listen get in a girl. You're out of here we're going shopping. Residues are now getting we're going to get Alex a fuckin boyfriend. Let's bring them all the way back to the morning of Monday to you, pure anxiety at half of the world. Eyes glorious, woke up that morning, saying I officially about to change my relationship sadness and I'm shooting my fucking pants. Cold. I was telling Lauren you're going to come to the airport with me. I Lauren Look at me thinking why why why why? Why do I need to be there you're like this? He doesn't he Not gonna want me here and I'm like no, but I want you there the gang we woke up on that Monday morning, and I called Mr Sexy Zoo Man's assistant, I'm going to give you the whole breakdown of the fucking day because it is pretty fucking glorious. I woke up.
Up, and I called is- is this then I said: listen I know Mr Sexy Zoo man has a nice driver, picking him up a nice big, Paul, burly main, and then I went to come in looking like a goddamn dainty little flower, so thin so fair showed Those bugging greens use loud dead, we're going. I was Eddie. I'm like I need to fucking pick him up. I saw I tell Miss, tells us distant cancel the dry her big owls come into town, and so I am planning on showing up, and I want to do that- not the class. I want to do the sign and I want to do a sign. Like he's going to be looking for his driver, he thinks I'm going to be at his house or my house we're going to be meeting up after and big House I've been through and I'm in a shop with a sign that says woke me right now fuck me in the ass was a baby pain are now oh, no. I We wanted to get there and put his last name but I'll say MR sexism, and so Mr Blah blah blah a k, a underwear- I say my boy
brand. Let this bridge no I'm all in baby. Okay. So I finally neglect It's time to go, we get in the car Laurence. Still a child looks on like baby you're, not jumping out of here we're in it you're in it. Let's go. I continue to not want to be the runaway bride. Lauren was like, I didn't think, you're actually serious, I'm like getting nowhere. I curated a whole new playlist like boyfriend, girlfriend five one hundred and one getting you in the right mindset, so we start driving to the airport, I'm so fucking nervous, because I've? No I've never done. I wanted to go all out. I've never done cute shit like this. I've never been like officially making grand gesture signing like hi, I'm your fucking girlfriend so there? I am pulling up to allay axe and there I am why the fuck am. I really hate your Laurin stay with me. I need you to hold my head in their so get to allay acts on.
You out of the car, I'm sweating, I'm sweating bullets, I'm uncomfortable. I don't know what to say all of a sudden. I forget my last name. I forget who he is we get there. We go up to the part where the driver or the drivers. And I'm standing next. All these men in tax havens, to cope with this aim, will be like this hot for King piece of ass, ready to get wiped up, and I'm standing there standing there and a few times a look at largely these. The sign stupid. This is fucking stupid, I'm second, guessing everything that is so fucking stupid, just go home would call the driver switch back. Let's go I'm like you. Leave these doors. I slash our tat. You get in there I said we do. We need this. We need this, so I'm standing there sweating
under boob, sweat, pits Nigel, when nothing you guys cracks like I've got. Alan, I swore by ruin through an area is makes eye contact with me and he just walks over to me pick me the fuck up, all spare you guys and other audio erotica. It was fun hot- and let me just say that swamp ass turned right, different different to are different type. Aware baby. There isn't enough well on our way by wine alone, jerking creep. Of railways, gray elder grave. I I I I I was it. I am really every region were Joe YE, we're happy, rages, wet and just what did it out you unhappy
the great bucking moment it was called to be like, oh damn. When I showed up it, was going to be like shit in tat moment. I knew damn. I definitely made the right decision and he was like. I can not fucking believe you guys are here he's fucking pomp and we look at him when we say on uniting rather behind the fucking rage, so we're all got were driving, were driving and learn airline giddy and he's like what the fuck would be happening. What is going on with a little busy now learned. I explained to what is going on and what this man is gonna walk into approached Lorna nice learn. I wanna do something pretty extravagant. We weird. I am weird and I like to do weird shit when I'm dating guys. I think it's funny and it just my humor, and so he get he will get it. I said danglars I want to throw hidden. I want to throw him a baby shower themes. He can be, and I said, we're going out, a regular element
baby shower ring. I love you didn't even like question me like that's weird, you didn't, ask why are beautiful, but let's the re of jelly. I wanted to know how we gonna take it up, and not so I like about its Brill a baby shower rave classier like a cloud thank God you, nobody is going to be good. Was walking into this party. What is the without opening you're? So Lord and I, like a few days before we get on Amazon, you go. You have what kind of a walk them through when you walk into this house. This is what MR succeeds. You men walked into on his arrival back from London. You How can you immediately certain coughing up along because you're walking through the dense is far from the fog machine we bought Elmo Germ, although we gotta fog regime, then he stepped onto the right the carpet. Yes, we ve got a fucking red carpet, it's on his Grath, it's nice little led up, and then he you walk into
red carpet. We check his id, yes check the in the wristband boom vip wrist band, and then we got the crowd, control dividers. You know, because you know it wasn't be popping off. Everyone's gonna hear about this new high speed shower rave olive allay, and we can t we have have you, wives are really exclusive big deal for you and, like I wanted to be intimate in private, be the biggest, maybe our grave at home. We gotta keep why that was beautifully said. Thank you, so I got you. If you guys don't go to crowd control thing. Is it legal going around yet a google at the little Red wrote that they let the vip then so, with the three people at the party we were taken through the Viking. Crowd controlled area, and then we got five men, the low wet Papa Roth name boom
boom, Mr Sexy zoom in and I we pose for the pick Lauren runs over. She thinks the fucking pig, oh my gosh, who is that new hot cup? Oh my god, the new debut of Mr Sexy Zoom in and that color daddy slot. Then you turn to your left. You pan, you see the pool and what is in the pool. We have lights everywhere. We have these pool ball. Thing that we got with strobe light. Yes, our strobe light. Yes, we got two, yes, because if we're not seasoning we're not doing it right, we want to be so black out seasoning, where it's a full rave. Sunglasses. We have pacifiers. This is where it gets a little confusing, and then you pan to your left and aside from the DJ booth, that Lauren is spending that we got the it's a girl, yeah balloons. Oh, like we were so thoughtful for the mall, be showered details. We ve napkins say like it's a girl. We had the past fires. We had little streamers. That say it's a girl, I got some uneven cubes that build up the word baby. Second, political ends:
so, as you can tell, we have a full vlog coming out of this and you guys will be able to visualize what we're talking about when I don't know why you can't visualize a baby shower rave, though it's not really hard to visualize, it's the most common go to for a rave and the most common go to for a baby shower. So we bring on as you can. We had a lot of fun with their learn and I went to even beyond spanish shit ton of money and we really gonna fucking go all out again like I said I wanted to do this for him his face when he opened fucking door goblet offered by the motor industry and stepped onto the red carpet you would like I don't even know what his ex his expression was pure shop one. What did you do to my house, but then two are pregnant and then fill this is Bucky were all in wine. Lady charity needs any baby and I didn't even think of Evidently like pregnancy scare, which lie
like later on, she was like that was a perfect little like your last manipulation tactic, all the wind day, or does he run anything to pregnant right? He loved it. He's like really I'm like so we're basically guys. We start we had the best bucking night. We hide who could have an eye. We did we. It was like one of those nice where one where the please come. Oh, but I was getting their learning gas as we were having an amazing time the cocktails are flowing sexual energy saving slow and do Liddy did even is changed our entire Vinos but the boys and Mr Sexy Domain and eyed the sexual tension is too, because I feel like in that ment I don't know. I was like. Oh man, I want to fuck because it's like he's now. Officially my boyfriend there's something hot about it. Are there getting wrapped into the sea booth. I'm blasting the music louder than I should have been out. I got the blow horns going and I think I overdid it a little bit trying to set the scene for you guys
because we gotta noise put Kuwaiti and the police came on a Monday night. I weren't you courier to envision. Lauren Mcmullin in the left corner. As MR thank you zoom in and I are in the hot tub Lauren has these big headphones on in his fake spinning? No tuition beats. She just has her Iphone and she is pretending to dj while like giving ass like our little moment in the hot to begin in an opposite. The door bell rings of. Today I am, I don't worry, heightened security here I got it all tonight. I'll handle these aren't leaves reduce. Leggins comes back and looked pretend his name is like John, She, like John Miseries, like you, do men please come handle it. You carbolic, what's going on setting the. Police showed up, which now I I honestly not moment was like Mr Sykes Easy man thou. This is two times less than Lindsey, like you official They are going to cause me my job, my home. I am my reputation yeah, but I was like it's totally find me.
Facilitating outdoor parties outdoor about we're on bump and, unlike the neighbours like who, like I love this, but it's a Monday to Monday, so you can't deny, may be suspended or in Europe What may now also warrants on wine and MR sexism, Ngos, the door and he basically the police say that we wanted to come to an end, because we got a few complaints that there were. Party and Eurasia really wish our views are major and we wanted to double check that you guys aren't breaking the like what did it cove id like Leyla large gathering reception, like they basically thought we haven't like a fifty person like right away, miss her sexy Zoo Mannheim to uncomfortably say you. Why zipper to yours the prize. There is actually three people.
Adam so sorry about the disturbance, we will turn to argue that dj, uncontrolled employment like a well there's three people in there would you say, gathers three people compare and workable turn it down. He said total, I'm totally fine. Thank you very much look very perplexed. Unsure of how three people could we make them, much noise as Mr Sexy Zoomin closes the door, he realizes Mr Sexy Zoom and has a pacifier around his night like what are these people doing? It was like a weird sex. Burnie were like his me and you, and he like hired, has had the night so that I was all night, it was amazing and ah You guys will be able to see it fully on a log. We only posted a couple things on social media that might that night, because we really want to fully give you the experience we want to allow you to raise with us. Visuals included gas on a Youtube video
that will be coming soon, but overall guys, I can proudly say I successfully kicked off now one being in a relationship with a bang, no fights, no crazy behaviour. Only in the bedroom wink wink! Well, big. I'm sorry to take you off your high horse by we got to get real for a little bit. We got to bring it down yeah. I got to go downtown because this wasn't easy for you and it was in fact very hard for you and I think we need to explain to people. Why and I think in order to do that and make that clear to people we're going to have to take a little walk through your dating history, commercial, hello, hi, hello, fresh hi, why hello, fresh hello, fresh you, who are you, oh, I don't know Alex, maybe now that you're in a relationship Alex you should start thinking about others and not just
you're fuckin self. What do you mean I dont know hit the kitchen you stupid pitched are now in a relationship. Ok, listen, I'm probably never we're going to do that I'll, never cook an acute MI old, but I'm not going to lie. I probably do it, but I'll use this discount code. From my show I'll say here you go. You cook, I'm going to go drink wine, regardless hello, fresh. Stocking my fucking kitchen, when I've got fresh protests in my goddamn house, hello, fresh is, workers number one meal kit, Hallo fresh, sends you pre measured ingredients, so you don't have to worry about buying too much broccoli, I'm not even buying broccoli. Behold me reason. It will be in my kitchen is, however, our skies. If your interested getting healthy during quarantine, they have a lot of good options, a low calorie options, Carb smart,
options vegetarian options or just regular options. No matter what you choose. Every single recipe is package with hollow fresh produce sourced from farmers. Also, these meals take less than twenty minutes to cook and thirty minutes to get on the table, so you can go to Hallo, fresh dot com, slash ten, the number ten daddy gang and use code, one zero daddy gang for ten free meals, including of ship, you ever gonna, go to a hollow fresh dot com, slash, ten daddy gang and use code, ten daddy gang for ten free meals, so so Alex Cooper has a boyfriend. Get used to thou in baby crazy, it's crazy, but we need to unpacking. Dissect, why you had so much trouble committing to him and why you are so terrified and I think the fur I think we need to immediately jump into. Is the fact that
show has had on you and your dating life. Yes, agree that something I have not specifically talked about on the show, because there's no, I felt there is no room for that narrative. It took, I think, in the beginning of the show there it was still growing, so it was weird to address it in the beaten middle of it, like hey guys, the shows gotten really big, but now I feel comfortable enough, and it would be weird if I avoid saying it like this pod causes one of the biggest POG Hassen the world. My life has changed for ever in the most amazing. What gives me chills like every single one losing his broadcast? You little changed my life, but naturally, with that, my dating life has significantly changed. No shit you're, not the longer just Alex Cooper. Your d call her daddy girl, and I think it was hard now
stating how not to let that person take over your relationships and not let that person driving control your relationships so the first thing that jump to my mind was roots terrified, to tell your audience that you have a boyfriend. Yes, I was a yes and no yes, because I think I am. I am very well known, as had been being this crazy girl that has all these creating crazy, dating experiences. She's, never gonna get tied down like she's. This is that this is the show and at the genesis of this show it was genuine. I was this crazy, psychotic girl, your were wild, a yak college, are you ok, we back the high school, like I've, always been while others are like a few months ago. Yeah yeah, and so for over
hundred episodes. I've been out of my fucking mind and I loved every second of it and that's why it worked. That's why I think the show worked so well and got so big is because you can tell we were being genuine and I am being genuine. I think, in the past few months I've started to realize what, in front of me with Mr Sexy Zoo man and I started to have a little bit of both internal crisis of one. What do I want and to what's best for the Show- and I feel like I pride might like I'll love this job. This this show is my life, and so I'm not gonna lie to everyone. Listening like, of course, it will ran through my head, like our people, now gonna love the narrative that I have a boyfriend. Our people going to think Alex Cooper went soft. Yeah is. Always everything. She's ever said now goes to shake out. She's got a boyfriend.
How is it gonna be boring? Well, I don't say boring, I'm like so the throat fuck situation last week wasn't enough for you guys. No, but, like you know what I say: yeah. It was a bit terrifying like I'm, like I've been so real with them since day, one to the thought of telling you guys, I d boyfriend, yes, was scary, Initially, the minute I opened up last week, shitting my fucking pants, telling you guys about this situation. I was taken aback how unbelievable the daddy gang was in just being like, but you got a fucking go for this. I didn't anticipate the feedback to be so geared towards go for it. I was ready for bitches big o Alex bucking Cooper, dull buck and leave us batch like what are you fucking doing, and I think maybe that's also because as much as I have grown sorry, my going on
little ran here, but I'm realising, I didn't think about this until this moment I think as much as I've grown. Your audience has grown. The daddy gave here with me, and so we ve played the narrative Alex Cooper. Haven't you all know, I can walk into a room and I know how to manipulate and I can be a fuck earl and I could do Y Asean. I can give gray had wherever the one thing I dont know how to really do is have a healthy relationship with a man and being a full committed relationship. I think I'll be refreshing to see you telling people, I don't have the answers were I dont know and you're on this journey with me right, yeah, let's go even deeper Oh yeah, I think the show at times- and I think to show, has been a security blanket for you, and I think you know what I mean by that. Yeah, I'm just coming that realisation is weak. I'm lucky. I know what you mean, because I just figured it out. Last week, the
I thank you and the whole like security. Blanket thing I think you I know you mean that the show has made it easier in a way for me to have this like tangible out and fully embrace this sexual character and then fully push away, intimacy and a relationship. I have you I have used the opportunity to push in a way more because of the show, but I have done this prior to the show, but the show allowed me height inversion, like a girl an fuckin scale, and it was like the best but now, I've ever had like I'm ice, did it to some Chadian Door number three on a heightened scale. It was like oh I'm sorry like I can't right now, like I've, got the show. I've gotta focus on my work, blah blah and really, I think what it was is. It was just a tangible excuse for meat to use an hour and allow me did not focus on the other reasons as like select why're you emotionally committing to anyone, not only emotionally.
Why are you a lay at least allow yourself to emotionally just be vulnerable with men and to everyone? Listening, that's why I'm trying to this episode, you're, probably wondering why the fuck do you have intimacy issues? Why do you have commitment issues like what happened with rank is usually something happened in your past or whatever may You feel that way and all I can say right now is it's an ongoing journey and I'm still unpacking it, but through with therapy I've been able to realise that it's been very difficult for me to weave intimacy in others in a more emotion. Connected way after you just kind of sharing this internal struggle that you ve been going through. I think it's about to come full circle, who put you in the hot seat for a second you guys allow me as the burning question, why the fuck are you so obsessed with athletes to do what is its like it so funny, because even in college, people like ok
four key chaser- and I remember I had this so the four rightfully so right regularly it's like out rollout, yeah, rollout yeah, maybe pickup adore them all. My nanda uses enemy she's like why? Don't you see that gets hurt field in your way, literally wet ice where anything Cleats skates, wet, relax, bitches, I remember the first narrative before I got into therapy. I tried to equate, which still is a narrative that does hold true what level narratives nervous. Let's start surface level yea go. That's all I'm at hey until I got into their p. Basically I've I've talked about this before, but I I d ally's these men from such a young age. My dad worked in the unequal. I grew up around these men so saw these guys like the head? Honcho, I'm sure girls have doctors as dad you're like I want to do the brain surgeon unfortunately I got the idiots on the ice death. Had you screwed you over, you are literally how
I have any problems daddy problems but that we would now we're unfair Gallagher heavers. What's the deeper reason, ok, because of the way ay and again, maybe in a lessening here I'll really of cracked this code, because I'm really sorry into like reefs, like search through my childhood and shit that I went through. That would make me. Why this way, but yet to ITALY to every iterate. Like that's a process later, you can there be in it takes like months years like you're out, like the somebody's answer, start writ remembering things that you forgot young, you like oh fuck, in your therapies like yeah, let's Honan on that. That is what it. What does you learn? I realized that, through this whole theme of like wanting to be independent, not have an emotional stake in the game, not wanting to be vulnerable, not wanting to be hurt when you think of any man on this. Planet who screams more emotionally unavailable, but that is available. Then a fucking athlete I looked at these
men and I was like that's it I'm are there not emotionally gonna be one invested. I don't wanna be emotionally and tied, and this played perfectly into good. The theme that was my life so far reject intimacy, reject emotional vulnerability and leave into the sexual side of things. The chase the game start having Bon date, these guys try to get them in an end lean into just playing the game. Instead of actually getting hurt being emotional and having an actual deep relationship- and we can't even just gloss over that- your first entanglement with an athlete was like a red Sox player who had just wanna Superbowl like a red Sox. Where that I just want to see your password, can you taught alarm
I like the FUCK athletes and she's the one that's with the brain, surgeon, okay, okay, bottom line bottom line, you haven't been exposed for the pot on this enough series. You that's the funniest fight. You mean you've ever said Barnes like a man like he won a super ball from the Red Sox. Honestly, I've never heard of it. He is a fucking athlete up in his bed, Firstly, what you're saying think about my love. You Edward so well, maybe warp your perception of dating moving forward, complete boxes you up box. The winning nigh Superbowl took me so far I was like. I thought you were small player you're also on the patriot, always say no you're right. He, the whole Reds heart. Player thing was the crazy not fully
ever seen it no, and my relationship was the craziest thing. I unintentionally met this guy in a bar. It just happened like I was there with my friend I will never forget. I was at Western Johnny's bar shout out people in Boston, I'm in the basement of Western Johnny's, there's Bruins players there well what's happening. How do you like you like? It's fine, my hovel acres, you I'd, do you like? then ab- I don't know you could just tell. Like you can just follow up. I got it you're right and there he was, and he walked up to me and ever since I can And ever since then it was like whoa, and so I got in. I love how you all see the word entanglement we're in this entanglement jaded Smith, shout out. I changed my fucking life. He was the biggest fuck boy. He had just won a world
Series that year writer, I didn't give a fuck about baseball my dad and raised me. Why should I didn't either? I remember it was actually pretty funny an anecdote. I was sitting It was my sophomore year or my freshman, my sophomore year door, and I called my parents like sophomore year, I'm like only guide mom. It's like the craziest thing, like there's a riots in Boston right now, because it's so wild, it's so cool, going to like school in a city and my mom was like Alex the Red Sox just won the World Series: it's not a right, it's a, fucking parade, my God, oh my god, because at the time I only give a talk about hockey, because my dad and then finally I was like, open the world very, very narrow minded totally narrow minded. I didn't know that there were the world series, and so I appropriate we thought it was super also that I'm ok, no, but when I look back nobody answers when I look back on this man. This is the whole thing
going to Boston and being in college and boss in my life was forever change. Like my friends, I went to pen stay there, not going through the bars and there's the Patriots, the Bruins, the Red Sox and whatever, to owed the Celtics, I never thought I would ask you all guys. Can you value so when I got to Boston immediately my sophomore year, I am fully dating a red Sox player and I'm out of my fucking. I met this man he's thirteen years older than me and was the biggest Spock boy on the planet, and I said we need to realise like this is so fine like this is again not that I'm saying I'm like a mental cycle like I was in college I want to pull me we're doing some really cool shit. I was pretty jealous, like from two lane. Lay it was poorer. Lengthening pictures like sidelines like add the rags, obviously only going to like the locker room after our eyes had a sick. Frat party and that's a thing you think, I'm that this is not me. I don't want to come.
Like I'm bragging, I'm genuinely saying I think any college girl that got dumped. I wouldn't, as you and I feel, like. Oh my gosh Ngos, Julia. I got to bring all my friends we go to the games like it was a cool lifestyle and I think I kind of kind of it was so random that happen to you. I was at a bar at the right time. He came up to me. It was like when it was the first professional aptly I'd ever met in my life for in a romantic way and it birth, the call her daddy mindset, one thousand percent. This man was the epitome of making fuck you money, driving his back and asked in more n, I'm in his penthouse. After my fucking last class of the day before I go to practice, like I was in shock and all I knew was I don't want to lose this and that birth. The mindset of I need to go. My fucking game up and I do whatever it takes to keep this by whatever it takes. Not kind of was, if, if it, if it makes any sense now like it, was intoxicating, an exhausting and an heartbreaking
I am so proud to say: I'm I'm will be vulnerable up enough to say I was walked all over I was treated like share. I was so fucking out of my leg and this man was The epitome of the play boy. He opened truly my eyes to some of the most psychotic intends games that were possible to be played, in a relationship and I think have I'm not be my first experience so young in college fucking with this. Do that was way ahead of me in terms of like dating and girls. In all this shit, I, after Thy spun, the pain and the manipulation that I was at the hands of that? I was at the end of this guy and I slipped what he had put on me to every athlete. I then encountered after that, and it was working really well
or why it was great. I was like. I know I was hard when I was with this dude, but my God, thank you cause it's like healing. Put me through a fucking tree in course, of time, delay, manipulation. Bouquet. I went online. I went through whatever the Red Sox are like doing that, and I came out not of not really alive, Then I started meeting younger guys cause again. This guy was thirteen years older than me, and then I started meeting younger athletes like oh, you took the big leaks to the minor league, no sweet. We never fuck with the minor people aren't like to write about it, but then I met like the big league. Major league. The mage leaves dude, but then I met a slim shady, who was in his twenty He had been in the Fucking M l B, for how many years is so then oh, this is working. This is working but there and then but then
I was doing this with many athletes and I don't mean sodding after them, finding them in no, you had an app no or I had a secret app. I would follow the offices around Boston and track them and buzz them. I was like idea, I was doing this. I had success and I was like data around they were like all over bossin could have put in What's in the water there, but then my life fucking took a screeching halt. Tor number three walk through that, door and put you in your place in sat you the buck down, turn my whole fucking life upside down, yeah, because I've never publicly said is. I've never said this on the podcast door. Number three is a professional athletes,
the people might know nerve. Hoboken fear I out their early knows everything. Every athlete I've ever met hooked up with dated has been exactly kind of what I thought they were going to be And then, when I met door number three mind higher life was like, like I was like what while the body hold on what are they introduce feelings here and yet it was like door number three a he did all the preliminary like classics and like all get your flight I'll fly you here and you're going to the hotel will meet and and on top of that he was way more than that. It was so different and it freaked me out because it opened a door that I had never gender or explored hands. Why is called door number three? It was like a whole different dimension and I think this whole emotion, like vulnerability, intimacy, yeah died of you that I had not explored or experienced.
And I dont know if I was even interested in it- I don't think you are, and I added value in a I wasn't but like it was shocking at first and turn you into the bus here of putting you on the spire. What's it throwing up your bussing upper spot? I don't know using up your spot down and blowing up your time, blowing up your spot right now, yeah. So This is round one with door number three good round. One would do a number three end. I fucked him over and left him for. Slim shady, tell me more gimmicks explained to me a little more detail. Ah, oh eight like it makes me
so fucking side this story, I met him. I Junior year of College, everything was going great with door number three. I was kind of having a panic attack being like this guy's too good Oda anew older than me solid, wanting to move a little faster than you not even pressuring, moving faster, just like emotionally being way more advanced and deep and just being out there with his emotions. Being honest, what, if concept being honest and open, I had met slim shady brought before door number three. We had a quick little stand and ended cause. He like lied about some shit, and I was I came down with you met door number three. We were like five six months into this relationship and now its senior year of college and slim shady comes back into my life. I was feeling stressed about door number three. He had told me he loved me. He was
everything I could have imagined and slim shady came back into the picture, and this sounds so fucked up, but I'm going to say and then we'll unpack it. When slim shady came back, I ran right back to him and I left door number three and I told her your number three, I'm not ready for a relationship, and a month later he had to see in the tabloids and on the internet that I was fully in a relationship with someone in in the same exact profession. Is him very publicly, very publicly I chose to leave and run to slim shady, because.
You were running was, he was surface level. He was a liar. He was a cheater, he was in New York. I was about to graduate college door number three wasn't in New York. I wanted to move to New York. Slim shady was gonna, be in New York. It was convenient, it was perfect, it was a social setting. I immediately could jump right into. It was easy convenient, but also it was exactly what I was a freaked out by nor doorknob. Three slim shady didn't offer me the comfort in the security that door number three did. It was all surface and I bolted right to it, and now I'm on fucking this one, because I can't blame the show for this one. This was prior to the show, with both these men died at this wow. You called about their yeah yeah. I knew you were to go there and I had this data. Words are no yeah. I did I basically left or number three four slim shady and, and I was just me at the time like about was Alex Cooper. I saw intimacy, turn right around and,
I don't love that it really in hindsight now, when I look back that thing where you have such a hard time talking about it, because I know how much I hurt such a good person to then leave and go to such a toxic person and door number three saw. That too is a. What are you doing like what hot like after everything like what are you what is going on and I had not the inside I have now. I had no idea why it was running. I was just freaked the out and ran ran finally running, and I still feel like that. What I did to him him having to see that
publicly myth by like it was like throwing it was theirs wherever you can take that back, you haven't, you can forget that, and I definitely think that, like tainted, unlike fucked up our relationship moving forward for, we are forever like it was something that we couldn't really come back from cause. I knew prior like later on. He explained to me when we did have a conversation like when you did come back into my life. I'll will agree how I've fully broke his heart and how much I fucked him up, and that was that one of the hardest things I think, as I can't I'm innocent your explained some shady and that didn't hurt as much as if we were both fuck fucking idiot
us also each other this with some without just like good ass person to me- and I was just too young to see like how I should have Hale about so much better soon. Now, slim shady, when I got to new york- and I was dating Slim Shady- a got pretty fucking ugly on both sides. It was like it was interesting because I felt for the first time in my life, aside from the Red Sox player the rather earlier I was out of my leg. I wasn't even in a league than I was. It was my first I, but where I met slim shady, I had met my match with slim, shady d d, attached, not looking for feelings on emotional match and we had in the beginning the best time, and you were there. The whole thing was so fun for us. We basically like had
frequent flyer miles like at all the clubs in New York. That's why we're so fucking good at raving. That is why we did a goddamn babies re exactly. We were at the club, twenty four seven raving. Unlike that relationship I felt was such like public party release, do not I mean it was also a get out for me. I was well fucking, a new work. I was having this crazy insane commute working really hard, having trouble my relationship at the time. This is back in twenty seventeen. So all you are workers in my damn thing. I didn't give it a hard everyone had like Lauren liked it I've been trying to do this, it twenty seventeen she's having a year. I was trying to google anecdote for yourselves clear, namely I e learning area, but We were having the time of our lives. We were parting, it was fun, but when you're playing with fire and the relationship is essentially built on nothing other than loving the look of each
there we loved walking into a room together some shading, I loved it, everything all your this little it couple together. We love how we felt walking into a room together, we didn't like how we felt being alone in a room together. That's terrifying doesn't deep shit that took me a really long time like I felt awful when I went through therapy figuring out like I liked him in it. I liked being with him in a group setting I did. Like being in alone room with him. That's some dark fuckin shit and the break up and the blow up. There was even darker, that's where the book, because that is. I would take us nineteen hours to unpack what happened in that situation, but, like I said, I think, when you're playing with fire and the relationship is built on nothing you're going to get burned and we both got burned both of us so public. His agents were involved. Your family was about his family was about Twitter was involved. It was
it was so lethal at that point that he, like. I at that point was obsessed with winning a prize that I didn't even want. I was like I wanted to beat him at his own game like who can be really became. You watch it who can be the bigger piece of shit to each other yeah he tweeted or break up treated my break up. He did not see my break up his agent tweeted. Break up member, I told all because he doesn't have the password to his own account cause as another story. His agent went tweeted hour break up, and I remember in that moment they dragged my fucking name through them. And in that moment I remember feeling like I had no platform at the time. I couldn't speak out against this person and this agent at this agency, who I need to send him flowers now, because I wouldn't be where I am today. Had I not gone through this relationship, but, like this agent took advantage of his clients, platform goes on tweets our break up to make it,
efficient. We haven't even fully broken up yet his agent goes ahead, makes it official- and I remember in that moment, honestly- not that I started colored idea of like vengeance then by it, but I'm I'm gonna lie. It set a fuckin fire under my ass seeing a man with power and money be able to do something like that, and I had no place form to speak out on no one's gonna, believe the fucking little professional athletes girlfriend oh yeah, like it's, probably the exact, like he's, probably the one in the right, and I remember little did that motherfucker now I was about to rise from the fucking ashes and start a show called call her daddy, and I was going to be able to speak my fucking mind about what happened, not even about happened just like talk about my own fucking life in how by oil platform- and I remember do already, I know exactly what we had around to some Chadian. I got sorted back together for a quick, little spurt will grow there in a second and his age. In whatever
king vindicating feeling when his agent. He told me that his agent said please. You do not get back involved with this girl, and if you do, we cannot get in any like public issues. We are because her fans scare me daddy king, daddy gave what I've heard that I was like Bach right there. Body gang is button those are my children literally. If you come for this fucking family, we will eat you alive and I remember something up on the internet, I think, like the New York Post thought we were dating again and his agent was gonna. Try from his account like denying it, and I was like I just one be very clear, if you, who deny that we're seeing each other again. I will also have to make a public statement, and that is when he told his agent o shall make a public statement if you tweet, for my account- and in that moment he said fuck now we're just gonna- go silent radio silence on this one cause. I do not want to get anywhere war with her fuckin fans,
I said- welcome to the daddy game. Everyday me you day, all of Us Raby and now is like a pretty good but it was also, bring you down a little bit and you're getting a little trendline rush from your. I just love daddy game because they're so aggressive and it's like, I love it like that's who we are like we're, like don't fuck with us, so I love you guys. It ended so fucking bad levelling out friend and like knowing, which everything happened then like it, was really hard knowing like what place your end than what you're going through that time. So what made you go back around round because at this point it's three years later and I had no idea why the fuck we are putting our boots back honour strapping. Our help is marching back into battle and I was ready to follow you, but honestly I did no, why I remain You're calling you be like hey Lair, autism, new sweetie, nor I go guy I'm like so Slim Slims bound
Slim Jim, is called me into the picture, and I think I'm going to give this another girl. And you were just the most supportive friend like kind of like why the fuck are we doing this. At least I think God I knew your therapy was involved this guy as you're like ok, and that is a huge part. I'm about to explain to you because I remember being like. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm such a different person we're going back into battle. So after we had both and each other after we had this crazy, tumultuous ending of a relationship three years later. Why did I decide to go back through therapy? I ve realized there's two reasons: gimme your Gimme, a too wrong response too wrong response. I talked to her like I'm like grading an essay like. Let me break it down for you, let's see what I can get on this task. Okay, the two points are number one.
When I started call her daddy. I realized a theme and it was that I started to kind of run back to all my old things. I was going back to all the men that I was comfortable with it. I was familiar with because I didn't I never really talked about this here ago. I I didn't like meeting men for this first time as the call daddy girl was. It was like an expectation thing like a sexual thing. It was yes and no, I think it was just a strange as it sounds like I'm yeah. I think the expectations like I'm showing up in there like staring at me, like I'm, going to get the Gluck luck tonight like amber. My fellow I was just going to say they but little spur of like awful it's. You had the first one within like an hour of being with this guy? He starts work, vomiting and he goes well. My friend said: if I have to do one thing tonight after Fucker.
I, like you, sir, I haven't finished. My first bog could tonic. I someone like recently embarking on first states, leg, Shaw Well, I don't know what I would say then how jarring? If someone looked- and I just remember being like YO like- Y know it and then he got works all then you men up the guy who was They will actually I'm engaged, but I wanted to meet up to see your worth, leaving my what the onset of six six years for disgusting hike in tat moment as you can imagine Daddy gang. It was it was jarring and instances like that continue to occur that it made me feel like I just kind of want to go back to the guys that I was in relationships with before. For the show and understandably yeah and and this change as gotten more comfortable with like my though change lifestyle in the show and everything. Now it's gotten way easier for me to fully embrace that, but in the very big
and in category I was like a little Bambi on steel. Like me, when I drink alcohol in you- yes, just like you are just like the video on the internet, without falling into the glade like it was pretty crazy ends, number one. I think I think going back to him was comfort and familiarity, even though it was toxic like I knew we knew each other. He knew me and, and that was that and then too I think closure, like a sense of hope. Maybe that, like around two, like things, will be different this time I did not even hope. I think like when there's something about when you have such a crazy toxic relationship ended. The way did with us. We kind of both anyone have the final say it was like age and lead closure. Earlier. Absolutely no, we didn't read, there was no closure and I think a lot of times you go back to it like that's what it is and I went back and it as complicated as it is. It was intense. Our relationship was very intense and I was a different person, and so I wanted to go back,
see- I have my own show now. I now have mile money my own platform, like maybe now, coming in his like more equals yeah, where it was, he had the status, he had the money right, and so I think, I mean maybe I just thought like- maybe I'll go back into it now there were equals. We can just focus on like. Is there a real connection here? Did we really maybe love each other through all the psychotic drama, but we couldn't see it before
of how toxic had gotten how many people got involved in our relationship. Maybe now we know there's not going to be other people involved like agents at all. That shit like no one can manhandled me now. No one can pay me off with the Czech like now, if I may, on human, your your own human and we tried to keep it private and see what we can do with it, and I think that was the best thing we did. We went into it fully, keeping our entire relationship private and then it was kind of sad. What did you realize? I realized that it's kind of a cliche I realize I had fully grown. I had gotten into therapy. I had started to make waves of like why in the way, I'm in kind of like I don't want this anymore, I don't wanna be toxic and I realized, through a few months like he hadn't change at all. He was the exact same person that I'd do.
Did three years prior and that for me again working therapy. I didn't even blame him. My needs have just changed. I remember that for the second time it was once you had that, like realisation, it was so easy for you to walk right yeah. I will never forget. I was sitting on my back porch with my mom. He like made up some light like why we couldn't hang out, and I would like kind of laughed a little more like, oh, my god so classic like and I used to be so addicted and then I would come up with a way to manipulate. It then go see him Bobo and I was like I'm out. I finally started to prioritize my wants in my needs, and he was so far from that
Yeah big games got exhausting the disingenuous relationship, the lies the compulsive lying. I was like. Oh, my god, I know he's lying right now and I used to be so into it like, oh and guess what bitch you're gonna see me doing, blah blah blah. I was like, oh, my god bye, I really think you haven't said anything ending he just I never ever rounded. I never responded. He came up with his whole lie. He sent me this really long tax and I've never answered. I didn't you know my river seats on like nothing, free, and he knows he knows me so well now these go fuck she just by, and he called me in that I just never answered. Hunting is very clear that the slim shady chapter is officially clothes. And you have grown up and you ve moved on and that's not what you're looking for in a partner in a relationship anymore, and you are sunny to open up to this emotional intimate side of you. So
now that you're ready for this. Why no door number three, I know, he's definitely a fan favorite and it broke my heart because I saw so many people like holy shit. I thought she was going to add up with door number three door number three This is what I'll say about my relationship with door number three. He will always have such a special place in my heart, because.
I was so in love with him. He was so in love with me and it was the most genuine relationship I'd ever had in my life at that point six years, and he was there that man was there for me through so much fucking shit in my life, you saw a lot of it in the three a one year with like the birth of call, her downright whole process. When, when the show started there was so much that was happening behind the scenes that, like I, was severely depressed like a rack, and he was there for me every single nine while trying to maintain his unclear and-
I think in that specific moment I'm getting chills because I don't want to go into it, cause we're not child. We're not talking are shut on this podcast. The point is during that call her daddy three one days. That was the first time I really rise like this. Man loves me more than anything he is putting me before himself right now: lazy, selfless, love, that's exact words. Yes, that is a perfect to describe it. He was fully putting his own career second, to helping me figure out
what the fuck I was going to do with my mental like to pull you through this dark time. Yes, and I think when I saw that it was like he got me through so much and I think it was sad cuz once he realized, like I had told my mom about what was going on, I finally got into therapy. He kinda was like I love you so much and I'm so happy I got. I was able to help you, but, like Alex, I love you like. I got to go focus on my shit. I got to go, get my career and order. Like I love you, you know I'm always here for you but like I got to go and so for a while we kind of ended, and then we started talking again towards the end of quarantine and.
Then I met Mr Sexism Man and then I think within, like a few months after meeting Mr Sexy Zoo man, you knew that you had to completely cut things off with your number three. I can you talk like a little bit about that conversation, it wise what are the hardest conversations I've ever had to have damaging. This ban has been in my life for six years and in every single relationship I've ever had. He's always kind of still, but in the relationship, because I always looked at him, I'm like oh, it's him like. Even when I was dating slim shady. I still was kind of talking the door number three, and we had this bond that it was him of quota. It doesn't count like our. I can out cause you still he's like my best friend before a lover sometimes, and so I kept talking to him when I met MR succeeds. You man, MR sexism, and swept me off my fucking fee.
And as the relationship progressed, I realized I fully can see myself falling in love with this man. I can't do this to him. I dont want to start this relationship with MR sexy man how I've started every other relationship, which is keeping door number three in the picture. It's not fair to him and its offer. To me if I want to clear chance of actually going into this fully giving my all fully being honest, genuine being present in the moment, I have to cut door number three off And I know a lot of people that are found favour is door number three. I know a lot of you are like, but why not him not taken me a while to realise a? Why not him, and I think it's so crazy, because I was talking to me about it before I recorded this end.
There was something with us that we kept. I don't even know how to explain other than we kept hitting this like ceiling like it. I don't know that will make sense to you guys, and I know it doesn't have to make sense, guys fully, but basically it was like every time I was ready than he wasn't ready in then, when I was ready for them when he I wasn't ready, and then we kept doing this dance, like will always being others lives but relationship wise. We kept each being like it's not the right time and it kept not being the right time until I realized, like I, don't think, there's ever gonna be a right time, and then that was that feeling was even high in them. In it that I met MR sex. You man, I knew it was the right time.
And that was amazing, but also hard, because I think that kind of gave me a lot of perspective and opened my eyes to my relationship with door number three like oh fuck. Why has it never been the right time when I met MR sexy zoom in? I woke up for a minute and was like, I think I was holding on to the memory of what door number three and I had when I was in college, And I think your mom has made a very, very beautiful point. Only what door number three will mean to you going forward and your life? Oh, my god. My mom. I think she's help me so much rub my head around will my mama was always such a big of soup, like kind she always says like there's, not just we're, not in love once like you're. Not there is not just the one person like that that just that's not realistic to just have one, and so I think what she said to me to make me feel better is like door. Number three will always be the standard to which I judge all other relationships. He is such a solid person.
And the way he loved me, that is the standard of how I want to feel and also I want to treat this. Does the person I'm interrelationships same moving forward and I think, but unfortunately, with door number three like I think, looking back upon the relationship and relations is in general. You replay your unmet needs yeah, like really looking at this relationship you weren't meeting Oliver, your nose and you immediately felt that way when he met MR sexism in dude. I didn't even know emotionally fully what I was working in. What way. You were capable of going yeah like door number three star Did that journey for me, but Mr Sex, you man, fucking catapulted literally not only our boat, yet not elevated, catapulted it and why it was like wholly fucking shit and he was on a different. He is on a different level than I
had? No denying like wall he's even set the bar me and my future relationship wow I want all of and now yeah yeah. I know that I joke that, like I'm, like all, take em I'll, take it. If you don't want em like he hears us a special he's a razor rare breed he is, and that is where I've come through therapy to realise door. Number three was amazing. And I will never regret any thing, but what I do know is, I wouldn't be able to accept. Mr sexier man had I not met or number three. I think overall, the evolution of you in the evolution of your relationships and how you got here is just so interesting and shows so much growth, and I dont think you should judge or anyone to judge the person that you were two three five years ago in and every relationship that you ve had has led you to be able to be here,
and accept this relationship. I appreciate you saying that at some deep shit I definitely when working on that and therapy will I not while I felt like a piece of shit coming out of that sum, shady relationship I was like- am I a surface level badge like what am I doing like? Am I toxic like what's wrong with me and my therapist like? Had you not gone through that you wouldn't have seen door number three through four who he was then, if you had not gone in and done what you did with door number three and really tried and really put yourself out there and finally went back again. I went back to both of these men over six years. Like five fucking times learned about both of them because they were the complete opposite and finally really realised through both of those relationships. What I want and the minute I met MR sexy, you man, all
struggle all of the hurt all of the drama, the toxic. All of it really just got me to be like grow and be able to sit here and be like and recognize and see. Mr sexy man feel like everything he's worth. I would have run away from that man just like. I did door number three like six years ago, but I'm not running now fully embracing it and I think everyone listening Daddy Gang weather. You see yourself as an Alex or alarm in the why I'm taking from all this in a whole, give you a little bit of therapy here. If you dont go through all of this shit, you can't actual eyes what you want. What you're doing some people's journeys may be two or three relationship. Like me, I went through quite a few assholes, but you have to have some type of journey, so you can have some type of comparisons. You can have some type of compass of like where the fuck you want a shit go just perspective. Is it literally is ignoring how? How would you have known what you want? Had you not ended that relationship? You had no comparison
I dated multiple people to realise that none of them were exactly what I needed to commit to a relationship. That's how I figured out. Oh mister, sexy zoom in here he is Lauren you did the opposite. I made a year I committed, and I stayed in a relationship for years and tried to work through all these things within the relationship for four years before. While he way, and now I'm doing the introspective work on myself. Basically like you can cut yeah, you can come out at either way. You can get into relationship, you can do whatever it is, but the point is, you have to be open to self introspection and that what we ve kind of both men do paying your now getting on a new journey. Here. Look at how to me right now. I am but like we'll see because, like Alex Cooper relationship, this is gonna, be a fucking journey but we're here and I'm fucking excited and I'm so happy. I got to open up to you guys, I feel like we just went on a journey on this couch. Right here. My best friend and I feel like I know you better after this episode.
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Ask me who your questions asked, make all your questions, and so you I'll have you who that he can focus its questions of the mob back away by a black baby. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I had to fucking do actually I'm not bucking. Sorry, I just bless your fucking years. If you guys watch my blog, I artist in this past week, where I was giving a little joking singing in the people, told me what they wanted to hear and it's no longer believe our galaxy, and it's no longer see me on. You do the people wanted album, and so I had to take the opportunity to show you my strength showing my fuckin skilled and surely these cords and these buck and throw I can suck deck, but I can also function belt out. A mother fucking do tat again we're looking back. Let's go high, Alex like you, I chose to be toxic to see her for
Some back story. I have been talking to this guy. I met at a bar exclusively for three months. Now I had is weird failing that I should download tender to find out if he was using it. To my surprise, I found to him on tender. He told me that has run uses his tender to joke around with girls. This was an obvious lie by I let it go because he wasn't technically my boyfriend about two weeks. The girl he drunkenly asked if I think, he's a good boyfriend to me to which I replied. I didn't know he was my boyfriend like the whole way your plane is so far as his grave he got very upset and started. Calling me his girlfriend. After that he has treated me. Really well these past three months and comes to all my family holidays. This way If you like, we were much more serious. I again downloaded tender to see if he was still swiping. He was this caused me to download hinge an bumble of core and, of course,
I found him on those acts as well. How should I have talking to him about this. Is it best just drop him entirely or try to work through it? Ok, from experience. I have actually had a guy similar to a situation like this. Do this to me and I think, if before You start dating and he's doing this shit and he's lying to you and then he pressures you a bit like when you're my girlfriend. Now that I've a guy literally. Do that to me he's going to continue to do this through a relationship and he's just being selfish and wants to lock you down but wants to keep his other side life going so If I was you, if you want to fuck with him, I think you should either one match with him What are you doing here when you see his picture are? I would literally monitor them and slide in and we like high What are you doing tonight joining now? Where do you proxy or even like FARC, and then, if you
Wayne himself, like we, I dont, know why are you freaking out, I'm only up to? Obviously it is not just you I found you want hindered too were both on. I thought that we brilliant unopened, Malaysia by donors and why you're acting weird totally fine and act like so chill about illegal goods by and then literally rewire brain and have an open relationship. You wanna like keep him in your life and he's got a good DEC. Or you could go a little bit more Patty and when you're hanging out next time just be on the couch, unlike he'll, obviously sea or phone, and just swiping, sort, swiping compliment by all, start messaging dude anything What are you doing be like? Why I owe you mean, pay attention to the tv show he's. I know your honor dating up and like we. Why? What happened I don't understand. Why needs like? Why are you on bumble and you're gonna be like because I am And so are you what the you are you acting all weird, but this is the
as I've got an older and I wouldn't say tat I wouldn't say healthy, but this is my advice specifically for this club dealt with so many times in this kind of situations you can keep doing that and you can keep making him be like no I'll delete it right. Now I'm going to delete my tinder, but you better delete your bumble at the end of the day, he's gonna keep being on those dating ops, every single time he realizes? Oh, my god, she's also playing the game like okay, fine, fine, fine, I'm getting off the dating app, no he's just doing it to quickly get you back into his control, so you get off the dating app and then he's going to go back on fucking tinder bumble. This is, this is the type of toxic shit with a dude that I would just either compare and leave him or be fully aware. Air of what's happening, and you need to also you need to reprogram your brain that you're in an open relationship and you should to start matching with people and hang out with other people.
Hey Father love, you and the podcast. So recently Ivan listen, you're podcast, and you mentioned how you don't sleep or fuck guys until around the sixth date, so I'm a freshman incur in Boston O shout out and, like dates, aren't really a thing with college boys and parties are scars with co. Bed. I met a couple guys and fuck them on night one. How do I hold out like make them interested, not fuck them a sob, so I'm not easy to get into the first? I'm they don't just get what they want and then leave. I know that obvious answers just like just literally don't fuck them. I don't understand how that that hard, but I get what you're saying like in social settings in college, especially I mean I can't even imagining covert right now, Daddy's, but like the something about the college culture that girl feel like they need to if you're alone, in a room- and you start hooking up with a guy you're war, I guess like I- would have sex with him. I should
I guess I should have sex with him number one. If you want to fuck fuck by if Europe feeling like down like I really want to start playing the game harder and, like I want use holding out sacks as a tool all in my dating game. Could that was what I was doing. It's not like. I was holding out her eggs. I've set it in a vast, really religious reasons. I having the power of holding out sex and using it to thought, manipulate man. It was just more like a allowed me to control the situation tenfold like the guy was at my mercy basically and like I was the one calling the shots I think my advice would just be have them over and hang out and flirt with them, but do not fuck them. It's like. You have to get the mentality going into it. If you don't fuck them it's not like he's not coming back. If anything, it's make him come back more, it's not like he
but what he wanted. He didn't get what he wanted, but yet you're being flirty and your be its funding of your fucking bitch ended up I can then make our many go. Try my chances to some other bit, you're being flirty. She's chest make out with him. Let him fucking finger, you get a goddamn blow job. If you want to fuck, you knock socks off unlike the third day, but and every time he goes to have sex with or heat. If, then, when he tries have sex just be leg, just do little giggle cute, like kind of push away like now. Like I don't know you like that, yeah and them go back and for the make out and just keep it fun and just Blagden. I don't think so, it's not yet, and then he. Is going to want it like fucking candy, like oh fuck and then he's gonna leave there. This is the thing I think a lot of girls like fuck. If I don't fuck him, then he is going go, find another batch Oki. Seven he's gonna, go, find it grown he's, gonna, fuck, her and then he's gonna have already fuck
and then you're still gonna be the girl that hasn't fucked. Yet that flirt with him and he's like engaging with him DHA is the fucking hottest. That, like the funniest stage, our member in college, loving it and I got off on a too much but, like that's the funniest part, when you haven't fuck them for yet, and there so obsessive junior personality in your flirting, and you really don't be a fool: tease, it's coming, it's not like you're, never gonna, fuck him, but you home, the keys to the fucking kingdom. Ok, you're pussy for little bit make that shit make him we, because Like I said, then you emotionally start to have to connect a little bit and then it how much sweeter. When then you do fuck and then he said she'll be like Old Buckeye back with this girl, as opposed to, if you fuck the first night, totally fine, but there is an as much of a build up emotionally Swarthmore, just physical, which again, if that's what you're actually fine, but I liked having a little bit of an emotional tie and these guys being emotionally invested like fuck. I, like you,
this guy to go back to his randomly holy fuck. I want to fuck her, like she soap hot, like we, we were hooking up and, like It was grabbing my sure, but like a she just like she didn't fuck me. I just remember pretend I'm staring out you in the corner of the room and if you fuck him on the first night, if you dont want to why, with the pressure Saleh he's pressuring you you're putting them your mentally putting the pressure, herself go into that night and don't do it can save your vagina humbled by that I used always do keep your fucking pants on key in your fuckin pants in that way? You want back him and remember as hard as it is in the moment. Belong game is so much fucking more worth it the minute you don't fuck him. You will he will leave and you literally be in the best fucking mood like down. I just play that so right we made out, he thinks I'm fucking hot. It was great hang. I kicked him now and now this little bitch is gonna, be coming back for more boom.
Oh hi, hi daddy. This isn't really a question of more of a crazy story, so Last year I had this boyfriend and we broke up quite amicably. We didn't want to be together anymore. And it took me a really long time to get there, because I had to make sure if I had any feelings for him anymore was. I sure I wanted to end it, but I was so flash four hundred and twenty. A year later, and I am told by a mutual friend that his dad died now I having spoken to him since the break up, but I decided to reach out and tell him how sorry I was about his dad's passing. We had a short conversation made a few jokes and it was over not a big deal right. Apparently it has new girlfriend. It was my best friend who is also sort of acquaintances, with my ex boyfriend also reach to him when he when we found out about his dad's death. Later he called her and was like I'm going to change your name in my phone. I know it. Talk, but I want you to.
I want to keep you in my phone for emergencies. If you ever need me, I'm changing your number, because my girlfriend is crazy and husband screaming at me Oh naturally, my best ran called me and told me, but in addition to the new girl being crazy, about my best friend messaging him. Apparently, while we were, all home for the holidays. The girlfriend got suspicious of my axe being with me. Keep in mind. I have absolutely no interest in him why so ever anymore, and this girl drove by my house on several occasions to check and see if he was their first of all. I don't even know how she knows where I live and second idle, no. Why she's like this? She all so when and bought Dear P, her it's a hunting thing, the south, I don't even know and we're going to put it on my car, but by then and I was gone and instead she put it on some other girls car, this old tracking.
Here and that's very dangerous, because it could honestly cause the girl to hit dear while driving, They are in a long distance relationship and I dont know why he's with that crazy bitch, but on the bright side this just means he probably appreciated me way. Or I know men love the crazy Alex, but sometimes there's too much crazy, and I think this is one of those times PS. If I find out this crazy old drives pass my house again, while my family, there have been a fuck, my ex boyfriend Despite her, I will always out crazy who crazy love. You daddy, have a great responsibility today, your day, oh, Have you two of such an amazing days? We are here where's my initial thoughts- and maybe this is gonna piss you off, but I dont think it well other than that dear thing, that's fucking bad share. This bitch isn't crazy, she's in secure. Screaming at him for
answering his ex girlfriend and the Ex girlfriends friend in sending condolences regarding the death of his father she's in secure like there's a huge differ, I think that sometimes is what people forget it's like, insecurity and crazy or to fucking different things. If this bitch was actually just, crazy and so fucking competent if sheep, gone DOW, that you guys we're potentially hanging out while you guys were home for the holidays and she's long distance. She I've gone with her best friend to hang out that hurt was I and she would have had her boss run posters up that story, just kind of like casually like showing the Little Party a k, a her on the couch with her acts and posted on her story, so that Herbert a friend then Caesar and can't call her out, because what he's hanging out with you. She can't go hang out with her ex boyfriend. He's hang out with his ex girlfriend. You don't owe me like that's the crazy
crazy is being so good at, manipulating that you don't even have to say anything, you just move so that the person that you're in the relationship with all of a sudden is reacting because you're moving so calculated this call being like you're so talk about a line for talking you're acting fuck. You will but there's no about. Isn't it in secure as bitch, and no, men, fuckin hate that girl the more that you bitch cheer dude, because your and secure that send any rather it saying with eyes of duties, but bitching, not because I want a bar and I'm talking, to a guy. That's like poking up with my friend and he's like yeah still europe you disgusting by. If he's crazy, then he'll just go talk to other girl like there's a huge
the prince, but I think, listen dear, should is politicking bought shit. That is crazy and also just really inappropriate. Lee scary like why does she want people to get hit by a beer and dialect Botz? That's the crazy, but but like great story and and sorry your deal I thought oh, this is all. I love this one. Ok, high Father Cooper. I started this new year newly single and I plan on dallying. My way through it has been so much fun, working on high roster after being in a stagnant relationship for a few years several of these men- and I am talking to live far away. Not that I would have to fly to see them. I was one what kind of pajamas do usually where, when first meeting a guy that you ve been talking to, and what should I do about the fact that I am a soft seven with make up and a hard four in the morning. Without any do do your full skin care.
Routine at night or do leave a little mascara conceal our and lip gloss on when you go to bed also, do you have any tricks for flying? I e smelling looking and dressing like you do just lie for nine hours and economy and when you're staying with these men do to your phone. Getting ready routine with make up blow dry style, etc, you're so resilient and an inspiration with what you ve managed to accomplish and bound back from. I love, I'm loving, the single father era. Thank you. Oh my guide, daddy game. Ok, this is my favorite fucking question. Let me get cozy and compete like an really deep dive, because for a majority of my life. I feel like this is Ben. What I have really really come to conquer Here's my first bitter advice, the pajama situation. I you We will bring like a little cute t sure, and then I wear a thong too bad. Even if you haven't
this guy yeah. I remember the first night that I ever met door number three. I he flew me out. I got to the hotel room. We had ever fact? We'd never met, and I just was. I might. I remember, like I think I made some type of Q common like do you mind if I sleep with my parents are something like q and money and he was like knowing I sleep, naked numbers like oh look go, so just put on like a cute little song and then a little t, shirt or if you don't have a t shirt, then the neck or like the next night, then usually like you'll, just take one of their t, shirts or if you do fuck, then just put your thing back on and then ask him if you can borrow one of his t shirts, but I wouldn't go I personally, maybe I'm bit more of like a tomboy like I personally, don't usually pull out like a cute little matching set. I wish I did sometimes. I also sometimes think it's hotter, if I'm just wearing a t, shirt like fuzzy socks in the song, then next
you're next question is: why are you doing with the home make up situation going to bed? Okay, so in college I went through a spur of time where my skin, I was breaking the fuck out, and I'm hooking up with these guys that are flying me, two different states and I'm saying in a hotel room with them, and I was super insecurity, buckling, I'm breaking out like a fuckin pimple, I can't go Wash my face and be like clean, clear, like let's go to bed and like put my fucking, cream. Under my eyes, I fuck no he's gonna, see like my Red break out like that up bucking q. I just showed up here looking like a fucking head and then I'm gonna take Rawdon big wow. What a sad too. So what I usually would do is one if I was breaking out with a guy usually which it so annoying cousin and making your skin worse. But I would do to one of two things. I would either one just kind of lightly go into the bathroom and take my make up off and then lightly put a little conceal or on those place,
then go to bed without or if I was able to like the lights are off we're going to bed and black OSHA draw to wash my face. Then I run it about them, so the lights are off he's in bad. You can't see shit wash your face, get into bed with him and then I would always keep a little make up in the bathroom somewhere. So then, in the morning you can get up before he's like staring you in the face and you can quickly go put like a little bit of Conseil or on your break out of your breaking out. However, when I wasn't breaking out, my skin was good. I would usually just completely wash my face. I would just like to make a wife take all of my face: make up off cause hatch. It looks fucking rotten, morning. Let's be honest: if you sleep all night how bucking night, with it all of a sudden enabling a couple tigers, greek marks on this item three days like bitch, stop like bids, not bucking. Keel
so what I would do if good skin is, I would take a make up, wipe wipe all my face make up off, but then I would keep like eyebrows, maybe like don't fully take off all the eyebrow pencil and then, if you have lashes on your good. But if you dont have lashes, then just do mascara smoothly Sierra eyebrows and then just like chopsticks. And usually either You put a little make a bag in the bathroom or, if its likes, if you're like so awkward cause you're make a bag is like huge, literally put your little concealer or or powder bronze, or whatever the fuck you're gonna, quickly put a little bit of on put a who here she comes put it in a sock. Ok, I know it sounds crazy, but put it in a sock. Put it next to your site, the bad and then when you get up in the morning quickly and pick up, the saw can walk into the bathroom at both your fucking face on bitch, ok, bye,
here we go sorry. This is like a long answer. I hope girls don't hate them. I've. No girls like this matter, gonna hate this so that I want to I usually Wolbert lightly: do a loose braid in my hair before I go to bed, so don't wake up and like fucking psychotic, where I'm like. How do I put a brush to this? for the flight. Usually, when I'm flying I well, you wear really comfortable underwear like boy short, no fucking, thong, obviously, and then you gotta, let that Badge breathe Van I were swept pants. The minute I landed. I get to the airport I'll go into the bathroom change put on my thong put on my leggings. Do so. Deodorant, etc, and then here's the last part of your answer sorry. This is long winded, but I hope I'm helping any girls You need to shower and you're staying in a hotel room with a guy for the weekend try to wash my hair right before I get on to this. I get there and so that way I can almost last to get him out of the weekend.
With my hair done and I dont have to wash. That way, you go in the shower. You wash your body and when, I was breaking out really behind here you go. I would keep the shot Or running, get out of the shower and start lightly doing my face may cut off Piquet matter. Stop and of girls are like yours. So ridiculous shut the fuck up. Ok, I didn't have nice in my whole life and, like I sympathise with girls, have break out like that. You literally makes you so insecure and it was such an insecurity mine for so long and I never wanted a guy to see me without just a little bit of conceal our or foundation on it makes the biggest difference so anyways. I would quickly a light layer of foundation. On my face turned the shower off, put my hair down with like no mascara, so kind of just like looks like you ve no make upon black. He wouldn't Bucca notice that I hope
and the door- and I say how pleased we are and you're dislike, highly goods up and down, an azure. Both getting ready, you make a comment like Alma got any to put some make up on Alex so bad, and then you have. We done your fuckin beaten faith and you just have to what we have to put onto mascara lip gloss boom. Your fucking done it so sad were girls have to go through it literally fucking psychotic. The thing that also was nice for me was like when I was fucking when I was hooking up with these athlete they would leave in the morning. So like I they laughed. They were back in a few hours from practice or a game. I got shall I let it all out- I'm expiating my fucking pimples, I'm fucking, putting my self tat around like I am living by the time he gets back, I smell beautiful, but then I would go on vacation with these dude I was so used to every single day like clockwork them, leaving the buck and hotel room and having a little spot moment to be ugly, take off my maker
like really linen, and then they would then we will go on vacation together and I'm like we you're, not when a practice s you'll have a game how the FUCK Elizabeth like bully shower, unlike do my thing and then as I got older and just like more secure with myself, and honestly. My skin cleared up and I got more secure, yeah secure, I guess would be the word and just like self confident like at some point, even if I do have a pimple like now, I'm just like. Oh my god, I have a pimple and I just say it out loud, and I know you don't have to do that, but it helps me I don't know it helps me just like feel like I'm acknowledging that I know you're probably staring out there's, and so am I right he's going to be with us he's the homey he's gonna be here for a couple bucks in days get comfortable and toots, don't really fuckin care. You know mean, and we just over thinkers. Girls are wired that way so now, unfortunately, Skin is better. So I definitely don't have to worry about that as much. But girls have no shame.
And don't let any one fucking tell you otherwise, I quite when girls, like, oh, my god, like use up with a full face of make upon shut the fuck up doing every one fuckin do who gives a shit if it makes you feel more competent to wear a lot of me. Do it? I do have to say, though, even if you're breaking out tried and not go so ham on the foundation. P thus the powder go into one or the other, but when you do both do hate a cake face, even if you're breaking out pick one or the other. That's like my pro tip that I learned like with breaking out okay. Sorry that was so long, but I hope that was helpful to any girls at are like flying to see a dude okay. Well I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but I want my axe back hello, single father. I know you're, probably shaking your, had reading the first line of this question. But let me explain: please explain sweetheart! No, I understand
my axe. I broke up after being together for about five years now I dont know if the pandemic is really fucked up his head or what, but we were always the super chill couple Virtual couple never had any real crazy issues. Super India, then on our own. Had our own lives and ran sex life was like. I was like fine wine better with age. I swear. I miss it, but one day he comes home. Sets me down and dumps my ass after five years. His reasons changed daily from him wanting to grow on its own. To thinking, there's some. Better out. Therefore, him aid, the grasses greener. We don't really talk anymore and after months and having literally every one and their mother tell me. Oh, he made the biggest mistake and you'll, come back running, nothing honestly. Every time we do talk or see each other, he seems so over me, I'm like
What the fuck am I doing something wrong. Are my first answer: hidden pigs? Not thirty enough. I know we can't be just friends because fuck that, but it's been a while, since we broke up I've dated other man but Ben dedicated my work and really came out of this break up and even but version of myself and actually enjoy being alone months ago. I would have told you. I never wanted him back, because I too thought there were some a better out there for me, but each passing day I find myself wanting to reconnect with him just to see if there's anything I'll still bear. I know you ve reconnect with eggs in the past, so shit help a girl, because I'm really confuse things daddy, ok,. There's a hot well I guess my initial reaction is like. I could help you with regard to like getting the Ex back topic, but not to break your heart here and sir bubble, but in a weird way. I have to say it sadly sounds like he is over. You
And I know that actually probably hurts to here, and that is the worst thing to hear. But. I think it sounds like he is at that point. Where heat the fact that he mentioned multiple things in the break up of light, you always want to work on myself and and the fact that he mentioned the things as you know, maybe there's something better out there. If a guy says that to you, it's almost like to me. That sounds like he's, really letting you down either The end like he fully had his mind, made up any fully realise he's not in love with you. If it he acknowledged that he thinks he can do better. That does not mean it's true baby girl. That does not mean it's fucking true, but I think you need to hear that It sounds like you're, not really listening to wonder. Since he gave you post break up- and and to its sound.
Like you're, not really listening to the fact that we have your saying every time you see him it's as if nothing, he feels nothing he's happy. He looks like he's moved on, on and in a sad way. I almost urdu too, like kind of maybe unit to embrace and do the same. If I can, Have you any advice? I think you need to stop putting your emotions. First, he's made a clear: he doesn't want you back and is happy Post break up five years of a relationship for him to end and now he's living his best life. That really means that man is fuckin over and who knows maybe one day, he'll have an epiphany too, but for the time being, you should spend your time trying to figure out how to convince him to see the light and want to get back together. He is clearly not these clearly seeing the light in a very different region, all the way on the other fuck inside and fucking other riches, and you need to stop we. In your time again. If it's meant to be, it will be and, like maybe he'll, come to you but maybe you need to start trying to take on a page out of his book gas, the date
haven't been good, yes, you haven't been having success with other guys, don't let that make you all of a sudden be like but now I want my axe back, so oh daddy gang. This episode is officially the coming to an end finally Who is a crazy one? I'm happy! I got all of that off my chest. I hope you guys enjoyed that one eye no idea what the next chapter is going to hold. Usually I like to be in control things, and usually I like to know what all this is, how we gonna play this. I don't know how you gonna play this: I'm going into this like I've, never gone into anything healthy and trying to make something work and be genuine an authentic and not when I'm also than to try to do on the show. If shit, I'm goin fuckin right I'll, keep you updated if it's gone buck and gray, keep you updated and specifically, more importantly, next week, it's fucking Valentine's day is coming up. So absolutely I will be keeping you updated of what I decide to do.
For my first time ever as girlfriend on Valentine's day is bet. You know, the car daddy motherfuckers regard space it up. Let's fucking go so Daddy gang. I hope you enjoy that episode, I'm so excited for the content that is to come. I love you. I thank you so much for listening to my story. You know the mother fucker, drilled, Daddy gang. I will see you fuckers next Wednesday
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